LABEL HISTORY REPORT: google-interest

Report generated: Sat Mar 02 21:07:02 CET 2024

Date Added Added By Bug Synopsis
2023-12-05 Man Cao JDK-8321304 Make hsperf counter sun.threads.total_gc_cpu_time in sync with individual counters
2023-11-11 Man Cao JDK-8319935 Ensure only one JvmtiThreadState is created for one JavaThread associated with attached native thread
2023-11-02 Man Cao JDK-8312174 missing JVMTI events from vthreads parked during JVMTI attach
2023-10-27 Man Cao JDK-8318941 Make G1 update gc_conc_mark hsperf counter more frequently
2023-10-19 Man Cao JDK-8316961 Fallback implementations for 64-bit Atomic::{add,xchg} on 32-bit platforms
2023-10-13 Man Cao JDK-8297247 Add GarbageCollectorMXBean for Remark and Cleanup pause time in G1
2023-09-26 Man Cao CODETOOLS-7902265 Provide a means to exclude all tests define within a test file
2023-09-19 Man Cao JDK-8316468 os::write incorrectly handles partial write
2023-09-08 Man Cao JDK-8308507 G1: GClocker induced GCs can starve threads requiring memory leading to OOME
2023-09-06 Man Cao JDK-8315149 Add hsperf counters for CPU time of internal GC threads
2023-08-11 Man Cao JDK-8314139 TEST_BUG: runtime/os/ could fail on machine with large number of cores
2023-06-16 Man Cao JDK-8310176 JDK 11 G1 crash during full GC with +UseStringDeduplication
2023-06-08 Man Cao JDK-8309688 Data race on$CacheRef.strongReferent
2023-05-26 Man Cao JDK-8153044 Allow a property to control location of tzdb.dat file
2023-03-24 Man Cao JDK-8304845 Update PCSC-Lite for Suse Linux to 1.9.9 and fix incomplete license wording
2023-03-10 Man Cao JDK-8303937 Corrupted heap dumps due to missing retries for os::write()
2022-08-29 Liam Miller-Cushon JDK-8293039 Integer.reverse produces incorrect results
2022-08-20 Man Cao JDK-8292695 SIGQUIT and jcmd attaching mechanism does not work with signal chaining library
2022-07-23 Man Cao JDK-8290900 Build failure with Clang 14+ due to function warning attribute
2022-06-16 Man Cao JDK-8288631 Avoid applying Linux NPTL stack guard workaround for glibc 2.27+
2022-01-25 Liam Miller-Cushon JDK-8280546 Remove hard-coded loopback address
2021-10-27 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8263142 Delete unused entry points in libawt/libawt_xawt/libawt_headless
2021-06-30 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8230674 Heap dumps should exclude dormant CDS archived objects of unloaded classes
2021-06-28 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8268364 jmethod clearing should be done during unloading
2021-06-08 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8268416 Clarify invalid method and field ID in JNI specification
2021-06-02 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8268088 Clarify Method::clear_jmethod_ids() related comments in ClassLoaderData::~ClassLoaderData()
2021-05-31 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8267562 G1: Missing BOT in Open Archive regions causes long pauses
2021-04-30 Man Cao JDK-8245511 G1 adaptive IHOP does not account for reclamation of humongous objects by young GC
2021-02-02 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8260933 runtime/cds/serviceability/ fails without CompactStrings
2021-02-02 Martin Buchholz JDK-8260688 Predictable regex performance
2021-01-20 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8213231 ThreadSnapshot::_threadObj can become stale
2020-12-03 Martin Buchholz JDK-8257673 Build fails without shenandoahgc after JDK-8257563
2020-11-23 Martin Buchholz JDK-8256836 openjdk needs -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks to build with clang 12
2020-11-21 Man Cao JDK-8256816 More than 20X slowdown for ManagementFactory.getGarbageCollectorMXBeans()
2020-09-11 Man Cao JDK-8210708 Use single mark bitmap in G1
2020-07-22 Martin Buchholz CODETOOLS-7902730 Defs.gmk:347:TESTNG_LICENSE := $(call FullPath,$(JUNIT_LICENSE))
2020-06-16 Martin Buchholz JDK-8247706 Unintentional use of new Date(year...) with absolute year
2020-06-16 Martin Buchholz JDK-8247615 Initialize the bytes left for the heap sampler
2020-06-12 Martin Buchholz CODETOOLS-7902698 Collision of zero timestamp as a special value with use in filesystems
2020-06-10 Martin Buchholz JDK-8226704 DateTimeFormatter.parse throws exception after tzdata updates
2020-06-01 Martin Buchholz JDK-8246129 ZIP entries created for DOS epoch include local timezone metadata
2020-06-01 Martin Buchholz JDK-8246206 Thread.getStackTrace has performance linear in the number of threads
2020-05-30 Martin Buchholz JDK-8178374 Problematic ByteBuffer handling in CipherSpi.bufferCrypt method
2020-05-12 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8213574 Deadlock in string table expansion when dumping lots of CDS classes
2020-03-16 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8241071 Generation of classes.jsa with -Xshare:dump is not deterministic
2020-03-05 Man Cao JDK-8240556 Abort concurrent mark after effective eager reclamation of humongous objects
2020-02-19 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8239070 Memory leak when unsuccessfully mapping in archive regions
2019-12-21 Man Cao JDK-8236485 Epoch synchronization protocol for G1 concurrent refinement
2019-12-18 Martin Buchholz JDK-8066560 (fmt) Formatter printf rounding error (double rounding up) for double values close to but below tie
2019-12-14 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8194653 Deadlock involving FileSystems.getDefault and System.loadLibrary call
2019-11-11 Man Cao JDK-8192647 GClocker induced GCs can starve threads requiring memory leading to OOME
2019-10-12 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8213563 appcds/sharedStrings/ fails with 'GC triggered before VM initialization completed' error
2019-10-09 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8231895 Avoid String allocations in JVM_FindLoadedClass
2019-10-08 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8231630 Optimize boot loader with no bootclasspath append entry
2019-09-27 Martin Buchholz JDK-8199944 Add Container MBean to JMX
2019-09-26 Martin Buchholz JDK-8231490 Ugly racy writes to ZipUtils.defaultBuf
2019-09-11 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8214388 CDS dumping fails with java heap fragmentation
2019-09-11 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8213898 CDS dumping of springboot asserts in G1ArchiveAllocator::alloc_new_region
2019-08-26 Ioi Lam JDK-8230168 Use ClasspathStream for FileMapInfo::create_path_array
2019-08-22 Ioi Lam JDK-8230011 Consolidate duplicated classpath parsing code in classLoader.cpp
2019-08-20 Martin Buchholz JDK-8210527 JShell: NullPointerException in jdk.jshell.Eval.translateExceptionStack
2019-08-19 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8229887 (zipfs) zip file corruption when replacing an existing STORED entry
2019-07-25 Martin Buchholz JDK-8212970 TZ database in "vanguard" format support
2019-07-17 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8213713 Minor issues during MetaspaceShared::initialize_runtime_shared_and_meta_spaces
2019-07-08 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8227370 Remove SharedPathsMiscInfo
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8226197 Reduce G1’s CPU cost with simplified write post-barrier and disabling concurrent refinement
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8226731 Remove StoreLoad in G1 post barrier
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8224256 test/jdk/java/security/SecureClassLoader/ hardcodes
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8224248 test/jdk/java/net/InetAddress/ assumes is available
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8224081 SOCKS v4 tests require IPv4
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8224019 test/jdk/java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ assumes IPv4 is always available
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8224018 test/jdk/java/net/ipv6tests/{Tcp,Udp} assume IPv4 is available
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8224014 Don't run test/jdk/java/net/NetworkInterface/ in IPv6 only environment
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8223652 Rename IPSupport.skipIfCurrentConfigurationIsInvalid()
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8220673 Add test library support for determining platform IP support
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8220575 Correctly format test URI's that contain a retrieved IPv6 address
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8220083 Remove hard-coded loopback address in JDK networking tests
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8220499 Update JDK networking tests for IPv6-only environments
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8225498 Thread stack size issue caused by large TLS size
2019-07-05 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8225035 Thread stack size issue caused by large TLS size
2019-07-03 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8227123 Assertion failure when setting SymbolTableSize larger than 2^17 (131,072)
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8210523 runtime/appcds/cacheObject/ crash
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8209647 constantPoolHandle::constantPoolHandle(ConstantPool*) when precompiled header is disabled
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8209826 Undefined reference to os::write after JDK-8209657 (filemap.hpp cleanup)
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8209657 Refactor filemap.hpp to simplify integration with Serviceability Agent
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8209385 CDS runtime classpath checking is too strict when only classes from the system modules are archived
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8208658 Make CDS archived heap regions usable even if compressed oop encoding has changed
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8212205 VM asserts after CDS archive has been unmapped
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8213250 CDS archive creation aborts due to metaspace object allocation failure
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8221918 runtime/SharedArchiveFile/serviceability/ fails: Shared archive not found
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8213275 runtime/SharedArchiveFile/serviceability/ fails with ClassNotFoundException: jdk.internal.vm.PostVMInitHook
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8214086 [TESTBUG] Fix subgraph test cases in
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8214858 Improve module graph archiving
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8213033 Archive remaining primitive box caches
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8212200 assert(on_stack()) failed when shared java.lang.object is redefined by JVMTI agent
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8208061 runtime/LoadClass/ fails with "Load factor too high" when running in CDS mode
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8203382 Rename SystemDictionary::initialize_wk_klass to resolve_wk_klass
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8213439 Run class initialization for boot loader classes with registered subgraph archiving entry field during CDS dump time
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8212995 Place the Integer.IntegerCache and cached Integer objects in the closed archive heap region
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8206009 Move CDS java heap object archiving code to heapShared.hpp and heapShared.cpp
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8210864 Reduce the use of metaspaceShared.hpp
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8209971 crashes in CDS mode with G1UpdateBufferSize=1
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8210388 Use hash table to store archived subgraph_info records
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8210875 Refactor CompactHashtable
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8206309 Tier1 SA tests fail
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8205534 Remove SymbolTable dependency from serviceability agent
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8210289 ArchivedKlassSubGraphInfoRecord is incomplete
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8209389 SIGSEGV in WalkOopAndArchiveClosure::do_oop_work
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8209545 Simplify HeapShared::archive_module_graph_objects
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8206115 Use shared macros for JavaClasses::compute_offsets and MetaspaceShared::serialize_well_known_classes
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8209120 Archive the Integer.IntegerCache
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8207263 Store the Configuration for system modules into CDS archive
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8209003 Consolidate use of empty collections in java.lang.module
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8202035 Archive the set of ModuleDescriptor and ModuleReference objects for observable system modules with unnamed initial module
2019-06-23 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8028686 ReentrantLock calls can hang from lack of stack space
2019-06-22 Jiangli Zhou JDK-8210926 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/scenarios/allocation/AP11/ap11t001/ failed with JVMTI_ERROR_INVALID_CLASS in CDS mode