LABEL HISTORY REPORT: jdk11-fix-request

Report generated: Thu Dec 07 10:07:11 CET 2023

Date Added Added By Bug Synopsis
2018-08-21 Jonathan Gibbons JDK-8209806 API docs should be updated to refer to javase11
2018-08-21 Tobias Hartmann JDK-8209670 CompilerThread releasing code buffer in destructor is unsafe
2018-08-21 Bradford Wetmore JDK-8207317 SSLEngine negotiation fail exception behavior changed from fail-fast to fail-lazy
2018-08-20 Vladimir Kozlov JDK-8209735 Disable avx512 by default
2018-08-17 Volker Simonis JDK-8209637 [s390x] Interpreter doesn't call result handler after native calls
2018-08-16 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8209573 [TESTBUG] gc/epsilon/TestMemoryMXBeans should retry on failure
2018-08-16 Rémi Forax JDK-8207838 AArch64: Float registers incorrectly restored in JNI call
2018-08-15 Rajan Halade JDK-8206176 Remove the temporary tls13VN field
2018-08-14 Vladimir Kozlov JDK-8207746 C2: Lucene crashes on AVX512 instruction
2018-08-14 Michael McMahon JDK-8207966 HttpClient response without content-length does not return body
2018-08-14 Krishna Addepalli JDK-8208640 [a11y] [macos] Unable to navigate between Radiobuttons in Radio group using keyboard.
2018-08-09 Manajit Halder JDK-8208125 Cannot input text into JOptionPane Text Input Dialog
2018-08-09 Rachna Goel JDK-8209047 "Illegal pattern character 'B'" IllegalArgumentException with Burmese locales
2018-08-07 Robin Westberg JDK-8208676 Missing NULL check and resource leak in NetworkPerformanceInterface::NetworkPerformance::network_utilization
2018-08-03 Tobias Hartmann JDK-8207355 C1 compilation hangs in ComputeLinearScanOrder::compute_dominator
2018-08-01 Markus Grönlund JDK-8207139 NMT is not enabled on Windows 2016/10
2018-07-30 Aleksei Voitylov JDK-8207046 arm32 vm crash: C1 arm32 platform functions parameters type mismatch
2018-07-30 Xuelei Fan JDK-8207009 TLS 1.3 half-close and synchronization issues
2018-07-30 Philip Race JDK-8208466 Fix potential memory leak in harfbuzz shaping.
2018-07-30 Philip Race JDK-8208353 Upgrade libpng to 1.6.35
2018-07-27 Philip Race JDK-8204931 Colors with alpha are painted incorrectly on Linux