LABEL HISTORY REPORT: jdk11u-critical-request

Report generated: Sat Feb 24 17:29:02 CET 2024

Date Added Added By Bug Synopsis
2023-11-30 Andrew Lu JDK-8319187 Add three eMudhra emSign roots
2023-09-14 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8312555 Ideographic characters aren't stretched by AffineTransform.scale(2, 1)
2023-09-06 Martin Doerr JDK-8299658 C1 compilation crashes in LinearScan::resolve_exception_edge
2023-09-04 Christoph Langer JDK-8315529 [11u] Exclude some failing Z-GC tests
2023-09-02 Martin Doerr JDK-8314960 Add Certigna Root CA - 2
2023-08-30 Volker Simonis JDK-8315135 Memory leak in the native implementation of Pack200.Unpacker.unpack()
2023-08-22 Volker Simonis JDK-8313765 Invalid CEN header (invalid zip64 extra data field size)
2023-08-21 Ben Taylor JDK-8314678 Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-
2023-06-12 Christoph Langer JDK-8303465 KeyStore of type KeychainStore, provider Apple does not show all trusted certificates
2023-06-12 Christoph Langer JDK-8309476 [11u] tools/jmod/hashes/ fails intermittently
2023-06-09 Adam Farley JDK-8304291 [AIX] Broken build after JDK-8301998
2023-03-21 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8304389 [11u] Crash on Windows in C2 compiled code after 8248238 and 8218431
2022-12-22 Severin Gehwolf JDK-8280890 Cannot use '-Djava.system.class.loader' with class loader in signed JAR
2022-12-14 Aleksei Voitylov JDK-8298737 8296772 backport to jdk11u caused build error on sparc
2022-12-13 Andrew Hughes JDK-8297804 (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022g
2022-12-07 Christoph Langer JDK-8258005 JDK build fails with incorrect fixpath script
2022-09-21 Andrew Hughes JDK-8292579 (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022c
2022-09-16 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8275887 jarsigner prints invalid digest/signature algorithm warnings if keysize is weak/disabled
2022-09-16 David Alvarez JDK-8028265 Add legacy tz tests to OpenJDK
2022-08-12 Severin Gehwolf JDK-8292260 [BACKOUT] JDK-8279219: [REDO] C2 crash when allocating array of size too large
2022-08-12 Severin Gehwolf JDK-8292255 Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-
2022-06-10 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8285515 (dc) DatagramChannel.disconnect fails with "Invalid argument" on macOS 12.4
2022-06-08 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8287109 failed with CertificateExpiredException
2022-06-04 Christoph Langer JDK-8286855 javac error on invalid jar should only print filename
2022-06-03 Andrew Hughes JDK-8278346 java/nio/file/Files/probeContentType/ fails on Linux SLES15 machine
2022-06-02 Christoph Langer JDK-8287739 [11u] ProblemList sun/security/ssl/SSLSessionImpl/
2022-06-02 Christoph Langer JDK-8287378 GHA: Update cygwin to fix issues in langtools tests on Windows
2022-06-02 Christoph Langer JDK-8286594 (zipfs) Mention paths with dot elements in ZipException and cleanups
2022-06-02 Christoph Langer JDK-8240132 ProblemList com/sun/jdi/
2022-06-01 Andrew Hughes JDK-8274171 java/nio/file/Files/probeContentType/ failed on "Content type" mismatches
2022-06-01 Christoph Langer JDK-8286444 javac errors after JDK-8251329 are not helpful enough to find root cause
2022-03-28 Christoph Langer JDK-8283778 11u GHA: Fix GCC 9 ubuntu package names
2022-03-28 Christoph Langer JDK-8283018 11u GHA: Update GCC 9 minor versions
2022-03-22 Matthias Baesken JDK-8275082 Update XML Security for Java to 2.3.0
2022-03-17 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8282761 XPathFactoryImpl remove setProperty and getProperty methods
2022-03-17 Martin Doerr JDK-8283270 [11u] broken JRT_ENTRY_NO_ASYNC after Backport of JDK-8253795
2022-03-08 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8275703 System.loadLibrary fails on Big Sur for libraries hidden from filesystem
2022-03-04 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8277795 LDAP connection timeout not honoured under contention
2022-03-04 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8276141 XPathFactory set/getProperty method
2022-02-07 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8218546 Unable to connect to using
2022-02-07 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8280786 Build failure on Solaris after 8262392
2021-12-22 Andrew Leonard JDK-8210205 build fails on AIX in hotspot cpp tests (for example getstacktr001.cpp)
2021-12-08 Martin Doerr JDK-8277529 SIGSEGV in C2 CompilerThread Node::rematerialize() compiling Packet::readUnsignedTrint
2021-12-06 Martin Doerr JDK-8251329 (zipfs) Files.walkFileTree walks infinitely if zip has dir named "." inside
2021-12-02 Martin Doerr JDK-8276774 Cookie stored in CookieHandler not sent if user headers contain cookie
2021-09-24 Christoph Langer JDK-8269850 Most JDK releases report macOS version 12 as 10.16 instead of 12.0
2021-09-17 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8273939 Backport of 8248414 to JDK11 breaks MacroAssembler::adrp
2021-06-24 Christoph Langer JDK-8268678 test fails as Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 is retired
2021-03-24 Christoph Langer JDK-8263069 Exclude some failing tests from security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator
2021-03-14 Martin Doerr JDK-8261209 isStandalone property: remove dependency on pretty-print
2021-03-03 Martin Doerr JDK-8253409 Double-rounding possibility in float fma
2021-03-03 Martin Doerr JDK-8249867 XML declaration is not followed by a newline
2020-12-21 Severin Gehwolf JDK-8225072 Add LuxTrust certificate that is expiring in March 2021 to list of allowed but expired certs
2020-12-21 Severin Gehwolf JDK-8258630 Add expiry exception for QuoVadis root certificate
2020-12-10 Christoph Langer JDK-8255050 Add pkcs11/KeyStore/ to Problem list
2020-12-10 Christoph Langer JDK-8215583 Exclude runtime/handshake/
2020-12-04 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8257641 Shenandoah: Query is_at_shenandoah_safepoint() from control thread should return false
2020-12-04 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8257701 Shenandoah: objArrayKlass metadata is not marked with chunked arrays
2020-12-04 Ichiroh Takiguchi JDK-8257242 [macOS] Java app crashes while switching input methods
2020-12-02 Martin Balao JDK-8257545 SunJSSE FIPS regression in key exchange after JDK-8171279 11u backport
2020-11-02 Martin Doerr JDK-8250861 Crash in MinINode::Ideal(PhaseGVN*, bool)
2020-09-29 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8253813 Backout JDK-8244287 from 11u: it causes several crashes
2020-09-23 David Alvarez JDK-8250787 Provider.put no longer registering aliases in FIPS env
2020-09-22 Jaroslav Bachorík JDK-8244287 JFR: Methods samples have line number 0
2020-09-21 Christoph Langer JDK-8253283 [11u] Test build/translations/ failing after JDK-8252258
2020-09-16 Volker Simonis JDK-8253134 JMM_VERSION should remain at 0x20020000 (JDK 10) in JDK 11
2020-09-08 Andrew Hughes JDK-8252258 [11u] JDK-8242154 changes the default vendor
2020-09-05 Christoph Langer JDK-8252804 [test] Fix '' test after downport of 8234011
2020-09-02 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8062947 Fix exception message to correctly represent LDAP connection failure
2020-06-17 Matthias Baesken JDK-8246613 Choose the default SecureRandom algo based on registration ordering
2020-06-17 Matthias Baesken JDK-8246031 SSLSocket.getSession() doesn't close connection for timeout/ interrupts
2020-06-04 Matthias Baesken JDK-8225069 Remove Comodo root certificate that is expiring in May 2020
2020-06-03 Matthias Baesken JDK-8214440 ldap over a TLS connection negotiate failed with " hostname of the server '' does not match the hostname in the server's certificate"
2020-05-29 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8242541 Small charset issues (ISO8859-16, x-eucJP-Open, x-IBM834 and x-IBM949C)
2020-05-27 Matthias Baesken JDK-8242141 New System Properties to configure the TLS signature schemes
2020-03-20 Martin Doerr JDK-8223727 com/sun/jndi/ldap/privconn/ failed due to hang in LdapRequest.getReplyBer
2020-03-20 Andrew Haley JDK-8241296 Segfault in JNIHandleBlock::oops_do()
2020-03-13 Christoph Langer JDK-8235563 [TESTBUG] appcds/ does not handle archive mapping failure
2020-03-12 Matthias Baesken JDK-8234723 javax/net/ssl/TLS tests support TLSv1.3
2020-03-12 Matthias Baesken JDK-8231810 javax/net/ssl/templates/ fails intermittently with "java.lang.Exception: Unexpected EOF"
2020-03-10 Christoph Langer JDK-8234724 javax/net/ssl/templates/ supports TLSv1.3
2020-03-10 Christoph Langer JDK-8232880 Update test documentation with additional settings for client UI tooltip tests
2020-03-09 Martin Doerr JDK-8239856 [ntintel] asserts about copying unaligned array element
2020-03-09 Matthias Baesken JDK-8240724 [test] jdk11 downport of 8224475 misses binary file test/jdk/javax/swing/JTextPane/arrow.png
2020-03-09 Christoph Langer JDK-8233649 Update ProblemList.txt to exclude failing headful tests on macos
2020-03-03 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8225130 Add exception for expiring Comodo roots to VerifyCACerts test
2020-03-02 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8238438 SuperWord::co_locate_pack picks memory state of first instead of last load
2020-02-28 Matthias Baesken JDK-8234824 java/nio/channels/SocketChannel/ fails on Windows 10
2020-02-28 Matthias Baesken JDK-8230926 [macosx] Two apostrophes are entered instead of one with "U.S. International - PC" layout
2020-02-28 Matthias Baesken JDK-8224475 JTextPane does not show images in HTML rendering
2020-02-28 Matthias Baesken JDK-8229888 (zipfs) Updating an existing zip file does not preserve original permissions
2020-02-28 Matthias Baesken JDK-8230597 Update GIFlib library to the 5.2.1
2020-02-28 Matthias Baesken JDK-4949105 Access Bridge lacks html tags parsing
2020-02-27 Severin Gehwolf JDK-8223260 NamingManager should cache InitialContextFactory
2020-02-27 Matthias Baesken JDK-8234769 Duplicate attribution in
2020-02-27 Matthias Baesken JDK-8233548 Update JCUP to v0.11b
2020-02-27 Matthias Baesken JDK-8232433 [macos 10.15] java/awt/Window/LocationAtScreenCorner/ may fail
2020-02-27 Matthias Baesken JDK-8232200 [macos 10.15] Windows in fullscreen tests jumps around the screen
2020-02-27 Matthias Baesken JDK-8227324 Upgrade to freetype 2.10.1
2019-12-17 René Schünemann JDK-8235687 Contents/MacOS/libjli.dylib cannot be a symlink
2019-12-16 René Schünemann JDK-8235585 Enable macOS codesigning for all libraries and executables
2019-12-12 Matthias Baesken JDK-8234625 hs test serviceability/sa/ fails on macOS 10.15
2019-12-12 Matthias Baesken JDK-8235403 Further cleanup to test serviceability/sa/
2019-12-09 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8233954 UnsatisfiedLinkError or NoSuchAlgorithmException after removing sunec.dll
2019-12-06 Martin Doerr JDK-8234906 [TESTBUG] TestDivZeroCheckControl fails for client VMs due to Unrecognized VM option LoopUnrollLimit
2019-12-05 Christoph Langer JDK-8233223 Add Amazon Root CA certificates
2019-11-29 Severin Gehwolf JDK-8235142 JDK-8193255 backport broke bootstrap with JDK 10
2019-11-28 Martin Doerr JDK-8234645 ARM32: C1: PatchingStub for field access: not enough bytes
2019-10-08 Christoph Langer JDK-8219914 Change the environment variable for Java Access Bridge logging to have a directory
2019-10-01 Laurent Bourgès JDK-8231693 Backout "8230728: Thin stroked shapes are not rendered if affine transform has flip bit" from jdk11u
2019-09-23 Christoph Langer JDK-8230085 (fs) FileStore::isReadOnly is always true on macOS Catalina
2019-09-18 Christoph Langer JDK-8230850 Test sun/tools/jcmd/ fails intermittently
2019-09-18 Christoph Langer JDK-8229773 Resolve permissions for code source URLs lazily
2019-09-18 Christoph Langer JDK-8228469 (tz) Upgrade Timezone Data to tzdata2019b
2019-09-18 Christoph Langer JDK-8212970 TZ database in "vanguard" format support
2019-09-13 Christoph Langer JDK-8222154 upgrade gtest to 1.8.1
2019-09-13 Christoph Langer JDK-8228337 problemList failing/ignored manual tests in security-libs
2019-09-05 Christoph Langer JDK-8229887 (zipfs) zip file corruption when replacing an existing STORED entry
2019-09-04 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8225425 java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: net.dll: Can't find dependent libraries
2019-09-04 Christoph Langer JDK-8219013 Update Apache Santuario (XML Signature) to version 2.1.3
2019-09-03 Andrew Haley JDK-8221407 Windows 32bit build error in libsunmscapi/security.cpp
2019-09-03 Christoph Langer JDK-8213406 (fs) More than one instance of built-in FileSystem observed in heap
2019-09-03 Christoph Langer JDK-8225390 ProblemList sun/security/pkcs11/sslecc/ due to JDK-8161536
2019-09-03 Christoph Langer JDK-8204203 Many pkcs11 tests failed in Provider initialization, after compiler on Windows changed
2019-08-28 Christoph Langer JDK-8224589 Improve startup behavior of SecurityProperties
2019-06-27 Christoph Langer JDK-8226876 Assertion in sun/util/locale/provider/CalendarDataUtility on Windows after JDK-8218960
2019-06-27 Christoph Langer JDK-8226880 Backport of JDK-8208698 (Improved ECC Implementation) should not bring parts of JDK-8205476 (KeyAgreement#generateSecret is not reset for ECDH based algorithm)
2019-06-25 Christoph Langer JDK-8218811 replace open by os::open in hotspot coding
2019-06-25 Christoph Langer JDK-8225402 events logging in deoptimization.cpp should go to deopt-log
2019-06-17 Andrew Haley JDK-8225716 G1 GC: Undefined behaviour in G1BlockOffsetTablePart::block_at_or_preceding
2019-06-08 Christoph Langer JDK-8222913 Add Jib support for VERSION_EXTRA*
2019-05-31 Christoph Langer JDK-8220293 Deadlock in JFR string pool
2019-05-29 Christoph Langer JDK-8202651 Test fails
2019-05-29 Christoph Langer JDK-8208698 Improved ECC Implementation
2019-05-29 Christoph Langer JDK-8210837 Add libXrandr-devel to the Linux devkits
2019-05-29 Christoph Langer JDK-8212562 To remove lib/security from test/jdk/TEST.groups
2019-05-29 Christoph Langer JDK-8224727 Problem list test security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/
2019-05-28 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8202414 Unsafe write after primitive array creation may result in array length change
2019-04-09 Christoph Langer JDK-8208656 Move java/util/Calendar/CalendarTestScripts tests into OpenJDK
2019-04-09 Christoph Langer JDK-8219890 Calendar.getDisplayName() returns empty string for new Japanese Era on some locales
2019-04-03 Christoph Langer JDK-8210633 Cannot parse JapaneseDate string with DateTimeFormatterBuilder Mapped-values
2019-04-02 Andrew Haley JDK-8205432 Replace the placeholder Japanese era name
2019-04-01 Christoph Langer JDK-8221769 Revert JDK-8221767 mistakenly pushed to jdk11u 11.0.3
2019-03-26 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8211100 HotSpot C1 issue with comparing long numbers on x86 32-bit
2019-03-22 Andrew Haley JDK-8172695 (scanner) java/util/Scanner/ fails
2019-03-15 Christoph Langer JDK-8211698 Crash in C2 compiled code during execution of double array heavy processing code