LABEL HISTORY REPORT: jdk15u-fix-request

Report generated: Wed Aug 18 13:56:24 CEST 2021

2021-08-10 Alexey Bakhtin JDK-8254631 Better support ALPN byte wire values in SunJSSE
2021-08-03 Sergey Nazarkin JDK-8267625 AARCH64: typo in LIR_Assembler::emit_profile_type
2021-07-30 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8268775 Password is being converted to String in AccessibleJPasswordField
2021-07-30 Sergey Nazarkin JDK-8265231 (fc) ReadDirect and WriteDirect tests fail after fix for JDK-8264821
2021-07-30 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8258753 StartTlsResponse.close() hangs due to synchronization issues
2021-07-29 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8258373 Update the text handling in the JPasswordField
2021-07-29 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8254967 spins on TLS session close
2021-07-28 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8257620 Do not use objc_msgSend_stret to get macOS version
2021-07-27 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8261109 [macOS] Remove disabled warning for JNF in make/autoconf/flags-cflags.m4
2021-07-27 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8253899 Make IsClassUnloadingEnabled signature match specification
2021-07-20 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8267652 c2 loop unrolling by 8 results in reading memory past array
2021-07-12 Alexey Bakhtin JDK-8268965 TCP Connection Reset when connecting simple socket to SSL server
2021-07-09 William Kemper JDK-8268635 Corrupt oop in ClassLoaderData
2021-06-17 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8225081 Remove Telia Company CA certificate expiring in April 2021
2021-06-17 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8256421 Add 2 HARICA roots to cacerts truststore
2021-06-17 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8259312 fails as soneraclass2ca cert will expire in 90 days
2021-06-17 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8225072 Add LuxTrust certificate that is expiring in March 2021 to list of allowed but expired certs
2021-06-07 Ekaterina Vergizova JDK-8258414 OldObjectSample events too expensive
2021-06-04 Ekaterina Vergizova JDK-8257621 JFR StringPool misses cached items across consecutive recordings
2021-06-03 Ekaterina Vergizova JDK-8255992 JFR EventWriter does not use first string from StringPool with id 0
2021-06-02 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8253299 Manifest bytes are read twice when verifying a signed JAR
2021-05-26 Sergey Nazarkin JDK-8263361 Incorrect arraycopy stub selected by C2 for SATB collectors
2021-05-25 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8252883 AccessDeniedException caused by delayed file deletion on Windows
2021-05-21 Olga Mikhaltcova JDK-8251456 [TESTBUG] compiler/vectorization/ failed OutOfMemoryError
2021-05-20 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8267235 [macos_aarch64] InterpreterRuntime::throw_pending_exception messing up LR results in crash
2021-05-20 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8261395 C1 crash "cannot make java calls from the native compiler"
2021-05-19 Dmitry Cherepanov JDK-8244154 Update SunPKCS11 provider with PKCS11 v3.0 header files
2021-05-19 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8262829 Native crash in Win32PrintServiceLookup.getAllPrinterNames()
2021-05-18 Ekaterina Vergizova JDK-8261022 Fix incorrect result of Math.abs() with char type
2021-05-18 Ekaterina Vergizova JDK-8256809 Annotation processing causes NPE during flow analysis
2021-05-17 Ekaterina Vergizova JDK-8251257 NMT: jcmd VM.native_memory scale=1 crashes target VM
2021-05-17 Ekaterina Vergizova JDK-8255908 ExceptionInInitializerError due to UncheckedIOException while initializing cgroupv1 subsystem
2021-05-17 Olga Mikhaltcova JDK-8249608 Vector register used by C2 compiled method corrupted at safepoint
2021-05-13 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8249215 JFrame::setVisible crashed with -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 on Japanese Windows.
2021-05-13 Ekaterina Vergizova JDK-8257746 Regression introduced with JDK-8250984 - memory might be null in some machines
2021-05-13 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8247432 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2020-09-29
2021-05-12 Sergey Nazarkin JDK-8264821 DirectIOTest fails on a system with large block size
2021-05-12 Ekaterina Vergizova JDK-8250984 Memory Docker tests fail on some Linux kernels w/o cgroupv1 swap limit capabilities
2021-05-11 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8255880 UI of Swing components is not redrawn after their internal state changed
2021-05-11 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8241248 NullPointerException in
2021-05-11 Ekaterina Vergizova JDK-8253476 fails on some Linux kernels w/o swap limit capabilities
2021-05-07 Ekaterina Vergizova JDK-8244500 jtreg test error in test/hotspot/jtreg/containers/docker/
2021-05-07 Ekaterina Vergizova JDK-8250627 Use -XX:+/-UseContainerSupport for enabling/disabling Java container metrics
2021-05-06 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8260349 Cannot programmatically retrieve Metaspace max set via JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS
2021-05-05 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8244088 [Regression] Switch of Gnome theme ends up in deadlocked UI
2021-05-04 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8264786 [macOS] All Swing/AWT apps cause Allow Notifications prompt to appear when app is launched
2021-04-28 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8255845 Memory leak in imageFile.cpp
2021-04-28 Dmitry Cherepanov JDK-8260380 Upgrade to LittleCMS 2.12
2021-04-26 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8256633 Fix product build on Windows+Arm64
2021-04-26 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8257633 Missing -mmacosx-version-min=X flag when linking libjvm
2021-04-26 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8257547 Handle multiple prereqs on the same line in deps files
2021-04-26 Dmitry Cherepanov JDK-8261170 Upgrade to FreeType 2.10.4
2021-04-26 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8256751 Incremental rebuild with precompiled header fails when touching a header file
2021-04-26 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8256810 Incremental rebuild broken on Macosx
2021-04-25 Olga Mikhaltcova JDK-8257242 [macOS] Java app crashes while switching input methods
2021-04-25 Olga Mikhaltcova JDK-8248532 Every time I change keyboard language at my MacBook, Java crashes
2021-04-20 Ekaterina Vergizova JDK-8252090 JFR: StreamWriterHost::write_unbuffered() stucks in an infinite loop OpenJDK (build 13.0.1+9)
2021-04-20 Olga Mikhaltcova JDK-8263846 Bad JNI lookup getFocusOwner in accessibility code on Mac OS X
2021-04-20 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8247753 UIManager.getSytemLookAndFeelClassName() returns wrong value on Fedora 32
2021-04-16 Olga Mikhaltcova JDK-8261198 [macOS] Incorrect JNI parameters in number conversion in A11Y code
2021-04-16 Olga Mikhaltcova JDK-8259585 [macOS] Bad JNI lookup error : Accessible actions do not work on macOS
2021-04-15 Olga Mikhaltcova JDK-8259232 Bad JNI lookup during printing
2021-04-14 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8262110 DST starts from incorrect time in 2038
2021-04-12 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8259319 Illegal package access when SunPKCS11 requires SunJCE's classes
2021-04-12 Olga Mikhaltcova JDK-8257414 Drag n Drop target area is wrong on high DPI systems
2021-04-09 Olga Mikhaltcova JDK-8248552 C2 crashes with SIGFPE due to division by zero
2021-04-07 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8264823 Update building.html document for Git in jdk15u
2021-04-07 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8251549 Update docs on building for Git
2021-04-06 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8255086 Update the root locale display names
2021-04-06 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8262446 DragAndDrop hangs on Windows
2021-04-05 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8261231 Windows IME was disabled after DnD operation
2021-04-02 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8257988 Remove JNF dependency from libsaproc/MacosxDebuggerLocal.m
2021-04-02 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8260616 Removing remaining JNF dependencies in the java.desktop module
2021-04-02 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8259869 [macOS] Remove desktop module dependencies on JNF Reference APIs
2021-04-02 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8259651 [macOS] Replace JNF_COCOA_ENTER/EXIT macros
2021-04-02 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8259343 [macOS] Update JNI error handling in Cocoa code.
2021-04-02 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8257853 Remove dependencies on JNF's JNI utility functions in AWT and 2D code
2021-04-02 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8240487 Cleanup whitespace in .cc, .hh, .m, and .mm files
2021-04-02 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8257860 [macOS]: Remove JNF dependency from libosxkrb5/SCDynamicStoreConfig.m
2021-04-02 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8257858 [macOS]: Remove JNF dependency from libosxsecurity/KeystoreImpl.m
2021-04-02 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8256501 libTestMainKeyWindow fails to build with Xcode 12.2
2021-04-01 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8257707 Fix incorrect format string in Http1HeaderParser
2021-03-31 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-7146776 Deadlock between URLStreamHandler.getHostAddress and file.Handler.openconnection
2021-03-30 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8261397 try catch Method failing to work when dividing an integer by 0
2021-03-11 David Alvarez JDK-8256682 JDK-8202343 is incomplete
2021-03-11 David Alvarez JDK-8202343 Disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1
2021-03-05 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8252497 Incorrect numeric currency code for ROL
2021-03-04 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8261912 Code IfNode::fold_compares_helper more defensively
2021-03-04 Dmitry Cherepanov JDK-8245400 Upgrade to LittleCMS 2.11
2021-03-03 Dmitry Cherepanov JDK-8247867 Upgrade to freetype 2.10.2
2021-03-03 Dmitry Cherepanov JDK-8260356 (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2021a
2021-03-03 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8247676 vcruntime140_1.dll is not needed on 32-bit Windows
2021-03-03 Dmitry Cherepanov JDK-8259048 (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020f
2021-03-03 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8261310 PPC64 Zero build fails with 'VMError::controlled_crash(int)::FunctionDescriptor functionDescriptor' has incomplete type and cannot be defined
2021-02-25 Yuri Nesterenko JDK-8243559 Remove root certificates with 1024-bit keys
2021-01-25 David Alvarez JDK-8260308 Update LogCompilation junit to 4.13.1
2021-01-22 Claes Redestad JDK-8260010 UTF8ZipCoder not thread-safe since JDK-8243469
2020-12-21 Jaroslav BachorĂ­k JDK-8258396 SIGILL in jdk.jfr.internal.PlatformRecorder.rotateDisk()
2020-12-04 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8257641 Shenandoah: Query is_at_shenandoah_safepoint() from control thread should return false
2020-12-04 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8257701 Shenandoah: objArrayKlass metadata is not marked with chunked arrays
2020-11-30 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8253960 Memory leak in Java_java_lang_ClassLoader_defineClass0()
2020-11-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8257181 s390x builds are very noisy with gc-sections messages
2020-11-25 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8256618 Zero: Linux x86_32 build still fails
2020-11-19 Christoph Langer JDK-8256427 Test com/sun/jndi/dns/ConfigTests/ does not work on AIX
2020-11-18 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8256051 nmethod_entry_barrier stub miscalculates xmm spill size on x86_32
2020-11-14 Patric Hedlin JDK-8248411 AArch64: Insufficient error handling when CodeBuffer is exhausted
2020-11-14 Patric Hedlin JDK-8249781 AArch64: AOT compiled code crashes if C2 allocates r27
2020-11-12 Rajan Halade JDK-8254081 java/security/cert/PolicyNode/ fails due to an expired certificate
2020-11-12 Rajan Halade JDK-8239105 Add exception for expiring Digicert root certificates to VerifyCACerts test
2020-11-11 Tobias Hartmann JDK-8253756 C2 CompilerThread0 crash in Node::add_req(Node*)
2020-11-05 Christoph Langer JDK-8253375 OSX build fails with Xcode 12.0 (12A7209)
2020-11-05 Christoph Langer JDK-8253791 Issue with useAppleColor check in CSystemColors.m
2020-11-05 Kiran Sidhartha Ravikumar JDK-8255226 (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020d
2020-11-04 Christoph Langer JDK-8255603 Memory/Performance regression after JDK-8210985
2020-10-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8251397 NPE on ClassValue.ClassValueMap.cacheArray
2020-10-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8254319 Shenandoah: Interpreter native-LRB needs to activate during HAS_FORWARDED
2020-10-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8254320 Shenandoah: C2 native LRB should activate for non-cset objects
2020-10-26 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8197981 Missing return statement in __sync_val_compare_and_swap_8
2020-10-23 Severin Gehwolf JDK-8254854 [cgroups v1] Metric limits not properly detected on some join controller combinations
2020-10-23 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8255067 Restore Copyright line in file modified by 8253191
2020-10-23 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8255065 Zero: accessor_entry misses the IRIW case
2020-10-23 Kiran Sidhartha Ravikumar JDK-8254982 (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020c
2020-10-22 Sandhya Viswanathan JDK-8254790 SIGSEGV in string_indexof_char and stringL_indexof_char intrinsics
2020-10-21 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8253191 C2: Masked byte comparisons with large masks produce wrong result on x86
2020-10-21 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8253566 clazz.isAssignableFrom will return false for interface implementors
2020-10-14 Kiran Sidhartha Ravikumar JDK-8254177 (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020b
2020-10-13 Vladimir Kozlov JDK-8247251 Assert '(_pcs_length == 0 || last_pc()->pc_offset() < pc_offset) failed: must specify a new, larger pc offset' failure
2020-10-12 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8254166 Zero: return-type warning in zeroInterpreter_zero.cpp
2020-10-12 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8254144 Non-x86 Zero builds fail with return-type warning in os_linux_zero.cpp
2020-10-12 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8254560 Shenandoah: Concurrent Strong Roots logging is incorrect
2020-10-12 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8253226 Shenandoah: remove unimplemented ShenandoahStrDedupQueue::verify
2020-10-12 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8253224 Shenandoah: ShenandoahStrDedupQueue destructor calls virtual num_queues()
2020-10-12 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8253222 Shenandoah: unused AlwaysTrueClosure after JDK-8246591
2020-10-12 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8253778 ShenandoahSafepoint::is_at_shenandoah_safepoint should not access VMThread state from other threads
2020-10-07 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8253284 Zero OrderAccess barrier mappings are incorrect
2020-10-01 Severin Gehwolf JDK-8253727 [cgroups v2] Memory and swap limits reported incorrectly
2020-10-01 Severin Gehwolf JDK-8253714 [cgroups v2] Soft memory limit incorrectly using memory.high
2020-09-30 Vladimir Kozlov JDK-8249165 Remove unneeded nops introduced by 8234160 changes
2020-09-28 Alexey Bakhtin JDK-8248865 Document JNDI/LDAP timeout properties
2020-09-24 Alex Kasko JDK-8249183 JVM crash in "AwtFrame::WmSize" method
2020-09-24 Alex Kasko JDK-8252470 java/awt/dnd/DisposeFrameOnDragCrash/ fails on Windows
2020-09-24 Alex Kasko JDK-8232114 JVM crashed at imjpapi.dll in native code
2020-09-24 Stefan Karlsson JDK-8252368 Undo JDK-8245002: Windows GDI functions don't support NUMA interleaving
2020-09-24 Stefan Karlsson JDK-8252367 Undo JDK-8245000: Windows GDI functions don't support large pages
2020-09-21 Jagjot Singh JDK-8249217 Unexpected StackOverflowError in "process reaper" thread still happens
2020-09-16 Severin Gehwolf JDK-8252359 HotSpot Not Identifying it is Running in a Container
2020-09-15 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8249192 MonitorInfo stores raw oops across safepoints
2020-09-10 Jaroslav BachorĂ­k JDK-8252754 Hash code calculation of JfrStackTrace is inconsistent
2020-09-09 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8251118 BiasedLocking::preserve_marks should not have a HandleMark
2020-09-09 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8251458 Parse::do_lookupswitch fails with "assert(_cnt >= 0) failed"
2020-09-09 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8252120 compiler/oracle/ misspells "occured"
2020-09-08 Shivangi Gupta JDK-8249176 jdk jtreg test security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ fails
2020-09-07 Praveen Singhal JDK-8248194 Need better support for running SA tests on core files
2020-09-07 Praveen Singhal JDK-8236042 [TESTBUG] serviceability/sa/ fails with -Xcomp -XX:TieredStopAtLevel=1
2020-09-07 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8252660 Shenandoah: support manageable SoftMaxHeapSize option
2020-09-07 Praveen Mohan JDK-8247529 Crash in runtime/cds/appcds/dynamicArchive/ with Graal
2020-09-01 Roland Westrelin JDK-8252292 8240795 may cause anti-dependence to be missed
2020-08-25 Ravi Reddy JDK-8250665 Wrong translation for the month of May in ar_JO, ar_LB and ar_SY
2020-08-22 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8250876 Fix issues with cross-compile on macos
2020-08-22 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8248495 [macos] zerovm is broken due to libffi headers location
2020-08-22 Vladimir Kempik JDK-8243470 [macos] bring back O2 opt level for unsafe.cpp
2020-08-20 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8251910 Shenandoah: Handshake threads between weak-roots and reset phases
2020-08-20 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8251359 Shenandoah: filter null oops before calling enqueue/SATB barrier
2020-08-20 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8250612 jvmciCompilerToVM.cpp declares jio_printf with "void" return type, should be "int"
2020-08-19 Abdul Kolarkunnu JDK-8251859 sun/security/validator/ fails with "RuntimeException: Received unexpected exception"
2020-08-18 Vladimir Kozlov JDK-8249749 modify a primitive array through a stream and a for cycle causes jre crash
2020-08-17 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8248467 C2: compiler/intrinsics/object/TestClone fails with -XX:+VerifyGraphEdges
2020-08-17 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8250844 Make sure {type,obj}ArrayOopDesc accessors check the bounds
2020-08-17 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8251451 Shenandoah: Remark ObjectSynchronizer roots with I-U
2020-08-17 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8241065 Shenandoah: remove leftover code after JDK-8231086
2020-08-11 Praveen Mohan JDK-8248745 Add jarsigner and keytool tests for restricted algorithms
2020-08-11 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8241574 Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahAssertToSpaceClosure
2020-08-11 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8241007 Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahCriticalControlThreadPriority support
2020-08-10 Prajwal Kumaraswamy JDK-8250582 Revert Principal Name type to NT-UNKNOWN when requesting TGS Kerberos tickets
2020-08-07 Marcus Hirt JDK-8250928 JFR: Improve hash algorithm for stack traces
2020-08-05 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8247736 Shenandoah: assert(_nm->is_alive()) failed: only alive nmethods here
2020-08-05 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8249801 Shenandoah: Clear soft-refs on requested GC cycle
2020-08-03 Rajan Halade JDK-8243320 Add SSL root certificates to Oracle Root CA program
2020-07-31 Vladimir Kozlov JDK-8250548 libgraal can deadlock in -Xcomp mode
2020-07-30 Zhengyu Gu JDK-8250841 Shenandoah: need to reset/finish dead counters for StringTable/ResolvedMethodTable during STW root processing
2020-07-29 Rajan Halade JDK-8243321 Add Entrust root CA - G4 to Oracle Root CA program
2020-07-28 Vladimir Kozlov JDK-8248987 AOT's seems to eagerly fail-fast on Windows.
2020-07-28 Vladimir Kozlov JDK-8249672 Include microcode revision in features_string on x86
2020-07-28 Vaibhav Choudhary JDK-8248667 Need support for building native libraries located in the test/lib directory
2020-07-28 Vaibhav Choudhary JDK-8247741 Test test/hotspot/jtreg/runtime/7162488/ fails when -XX:+IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions is set
2020-07-28 Vaibhav Choudhary JDK-8248596 [TESTBUG] compiler/loopopts/ times out with Graal enabled
2020-07-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8249230 Shenandoah: assertion failure with -XX:-ResizeTLAB
2020-07-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8247845 Shenandoah: refactor TLAB/GCLAB retirement code
2020-07-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8249649 Shenandoah: provide per-cycle pacing stats
2020-07-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8249953 Shenandoah: gc/shenandoah/mxbeans tests should account for corner cases
2020-07-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8248632 Shenandoah: build fails without both JVMTI and JFR
2020-07-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8248634 Shenandoah: incorrect include in shenandoahInitLogger.cpp
2020-07-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8248652 Shenandoah: SATB buffer handling may assume no forwarded objects
2020-07-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8247860 Shenandoah: add update watermark line in rich assert failure message
2020-07-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8247757 Shenandoah: split heavy tests by heuristics to improve parallelism
2020-07-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8247754 Shenandoah: mxbeans tests can be shorter
2020-07-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8247751 Shenandoah: options tests should run with smaller heaps
2020-07-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8247593 Shenandoah: should not block pacing reporters
2020-07-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8247367 Shenandoah: pacer should wait on lock instead of exponential backoff
2020-07-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8248041 Shenandoah: pre-Full GC root updates may miss some roots