LABEL HISTORY REPORT: jdk17-fix-request

Report generated: Tue Nov 28 12:10:42 CET 2023

Date Added Added By Bug Synopsis
2023-11-28 Kimura Yukihiro JDK-8318410 jdk/java/lang/instrument/BootClassPath/ fails on Japanese Windows
2023-02-02 Victor Rudometov JDK-8290836 Improve test coverage for XPath functions: String Functions
2022-09-15 Jie Fu JDK-8293774 Improve TraceOptoParse to dump the bytecode name
2021-11-15 Yi Yang JDK-8268425 Show decimal nid of OSThread instead of hex format one
2021-08-16 David Holmes JDK-8272472 StackGuardPages test doesn't build with glibc 2.34
2021-08-05 Mark Reinhold JDK-8270872 Final nroff manpage update for JDK 17
2021-08-04 Markus Grönlund JDK-8271588 JFR Recorder Thread crashed with SIGSEGV in write_klass
2021-08-02 Erik Österlund JDK-8271064 ZGC several jvm08 perf regressions after JDK-8268372
2021-07-29 Roland Westrelin JDK-8271272 C2: assert(!had_error) failed: bad dominance
2021-07-28 Kim Barrett JDK-8271352 Extend jcc erratum mitigation to additional processors
2021-07-27 Patricio Chilano Mateo JDK-8271251 JavaThread::java_suspend() fails with "fatal error: Illegal threadstate encountered: 6"
2021-07-23 Alexander Zuev JDK-8269984 [macos] JTabbedPane title looks like disabled
2021-07-23 Hannes Wallnoefer JDK-8270866 NPE in DocTreePath.getTreePath()
2021-07-22 Kevin Rushforth JDK-8271155 Wrong path separator in env variable
2021-07-21 Markus Grönlund JDK-8270491 SEGV at read_string_field(oopDesc*, char const*, JavaThread*)+0x54
2021-07-21 Tobias Hartmann JDK-8270461 ZGC: Invalid oop passed to ZBarrierSetRuntime::load_barrier_on_oop_array
2021-07-21 Patricio Chilano Mateo JDK-8270085 Suspend during block transition may deadlock if lock held
2021-07-21 Jesper Wilhelmsson JDK-8270993 Missing forward declaration of ZeroFrame
2021-07-20 Jorn Vernee JDK-8269240 java/foreign/stackwalk/ test failed with concurrent GC
2021-07-20 Jim Laskey JDK-8269150 UnicodeReader not translating \u005c\\u005d to \\]
2021-07-16 Yi Yang JDK-8270307 C2: assert(false) failed: bad AD file after JDK-8267687
2021-07-16 Roland Westrelin JDK-8269752 C2: assert(false) failed: Bad graph detected in build_loop_late