LABEL HISTORY REPORT: jdk17u-critical-request

Report generated: Sat Jul 02 01:41:08 CEST 2022

Date Added Added By Bug Synopsis
2022-06-10 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8285515 (dc) DatagramChannel.disconnect fails with "Invalid argument" on macOS 12.4
2022-06-08 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8287109 failed with CertificateExpiredException
2022-06-04 Christoph Langer JDK-8286855 javac error on invalid jar should only print filename
2022-06-01 Christoph Langer JDK-8287378 GHA: Update cygwin to fix issues in langtools tests on Windows
2022-06-01 Christoph Langer JDK-8287162 (zipfs) Performance regression related to support for POSIX file permissions
2022-06-01 Christoph Langer JDK-8286594 (zipfs) Mention paths with dot elements in ZipException and cleanups
2022-06-01 Christoph Langer JDK-8286444 javac errors after JDK-8251329 are not helpful enough to find root cause
2022-03-17 Goetz Lindenmaier JDK-8282761 XPathFactoryImpl remove setProperty and getProperty methods