Report generated: Fri May 17 13:23:39 CEST 2024

Date Added Added By Bug Synopsis
2024-05-17 Roman Kennke JDK-8332455 Improve G1 tasks to not override array lengths
2024-05-03 Fredrik Bredberg JDK-8331661 Simplify is_lock_owned logic and add assert to inflate_impl
2024-05-03 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8330813 Don't call methods from Compressed(Oops|Klass) if the associated mode is inactive
2024-05-03 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8323724 Remove potential re-inflation from FastHashCode under LM_LIGHTWEIGHT
2024-04-25 Roman Kennke JDK-8331098 [Aarch64] Fix crash in Arrays.equals() intrinsic with -CCP
2024-04-24 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8330805 ARM32 build is broken after JDK-8139457
2024-04-22 Roman Kennke JDK-8330849 Add test to verify memory usage with recursive locking
2024-04-19 Thomas Stuefe JDK-8330631 Lilliput: Modify runtime/CompressedOops/CompressedClassPointers for tinycp
2024-04-18 Roman Kennke JDK-8330585 Refactor/rename forwardee handling
2024-04-12 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8329757 Crash with fatal error: DEBUG MESSAGE: Fast Unlock lock on stack
2024-04-05 Roman Kennke JDK-8329726 Use non-short forward jumps in lightweight locking
2024-03-26 Roman Kennke JDK-8329091 [Lilliput/JDK21] Fix tests after LM_LIGHTWEIGHT backports
2024-03-25 Thomas Stuefe JDK-8328886 Lilliput: Build COH archives
2024-03-14 Xiaowei Lu JDK-8328138 Optimize ArrayEquals on AArch64 & fix potential crash
2024-03-05 Roman Kennke JDK-8327361 Update some comments after JDK-8139457
2024-02-27 Roman Kennke JDK-8326823 Lilliput: OMWorld: Separate NMT category
2024-02-27 Axel Boldt-Christmas JDK-8326761 Lilliput: OMWorld: Fix invalid markWord transition
2024-02-27 Axel Boldt-Christmas JDK-8326759 Lilliput: OMCache: Evaluate lookup unrolling and size
2024-02-27 Axel Boldt-Christmas JDK-8326753 Lilliput: OMCache: Use AoS
2024-02-27 Axel Boldt-Christmas JDK-8326752 Lilliput: OMCache: Add cache lookup unrolling
2024-02-27 Axel Boldt-Christmas JDK-8326750 Lilliput: OMWorld Tasks
2024-02-08 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8324881 ObjectSynchronizer::inflate(Thread* current...) is invoked for non-current thread
2024-02-07 Roman Kennke JDK-8325431 Shenandoah: Implement new full-GC that preserves object headers
2024-02-07 Roman Kennke JDK-8325429 G1: Implement new full-GC that preserves object headers
2024-02-01 Thomas Stuefe JDK-8325104 Lilliput: Shrink Classpointers
2024-01-23 Thomas Stuefe JDK-8324523 Lilliput: if +UseCOH, always use the archive's encoding base and shift
2024-01-08 Roman Kennke JDK-8323211 Serial GC: Implement new full GC that preserves object headers
2024-01-08 Roman Kennke JDK-8323192 [Lilliput] Implement new Serial Full GC
2023-11-30 Roman Kennke JDK-8321135 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix repo permissions
2023-11-30 Roman Kennke JDK-8321134 [Lilliput/JDK21] Fix repo permissions
2023-11-27 Roman Kennke JDK-8320761 [Lilliput] Implement compact identity hashcode
2023-11-23 Roman Kennke JDK-8320666 [Lilliput/JDK17] Add arrayOopDesc::base_offset() gtest
2023-11-20 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8319897 Move StackWatermark handling out of LockStack::contains
2023-11-10 Roman Kennke JDK-8319801 Recursive lightweight locking: aarch64 implementation
2023-11-10 Roman Kennke JDK-8319799 Recursive lightweight locking: x86 implementation
2023-11-10 Roman Kennke JDK-8319797 Recursive lightweight locking: Runtime implementation
2023-11-10 Roman Kennke JDK-8319778 Remove unreachable code in ObjectSynchronizer::exit
2023-11-10 Roman Kennke JDK-8319773 Avoid inflating monitors when installing hash codes for LM_LIGHTWEIGHT
2023-11-08 Roman Kennke JDK-8318895 Deoptimization results in incorrect lightweight locking stack
2023-11-08 Roman Kennke JDK-8319724 [Lilliput] ParallelGC: Forwarded objects found during heap inspection
2023-11-06 Roman Kennke JDK-8319524 [Lilliput] Only warn when compact headers are explicitly enabled
2023-11-03 Roman Kennke JDK-8319376 ParallelGC: Forwarded objects found during heap inspection
2023-10-31 Roman Kennke JDK-8319185 [Lilliput] Enable and fix vectorization tests
2023-10-31 Roman Kennke JDK-8319163 [Lilliput/JDK21] Fix arrayOopDesc gtest
2023-10-30 Roman Kennke JDK-8319135 [Lilliput] Fix objArrayOop gtest
2023-10-17 Roman Kennke JDK-8318015 Lock inflation not needed for OSR or Deopt for new locking modes
2023-10-16 Roman Kennke JDK-8318172 [Lilliput/JDK17] Disable Lilliput in TestZGCWithCDS
2023-10-12 Roman Kennke JDK-8318011 [Lilliput] Fix CDS narrowKlass encoding
2023-10-11 Roman Kennke JDK-8317957 [Lilliput/JDK17] Make C2 LoadNKlassCompactHeader more robust
2023-10-11 Roman Kennke JDK-8317954 [Lilliput/JDK21] Make C2 LoadNKlassCompactHeader more robust
2023-10-10 Mikhailo Seledtsov JDK-8314890 Reduce number of loads for Klass decoding in static code
2023-10-10 Roman Kennke JDK-8317812 [Lilliput] Make C2 LoadNKlassCompactHeader more robust
2023-10-05 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8317452 [JVMCI] Export symbols used by lightweight locking to JVMCI compilers.
2023-10-03 Mikhailo Seledtsov JDK-8317262 LockStack::contains(oop) fails "assert(t->is_Java_thread()) failed: incorrect cast to JavaThread"
2023-10-02 Roman Kennke JDK-8317352 [Lilliput] Sync with upstreaming PRs
2023-10-02 Roman Kennke JDK-8317345 [Lilliput] CDS fixes
2023-10-02 Roman Kennke JDK-8316880 AArch64: "stop: Header is not fast-locked" with -XX:-UseLSE since JDK-8315880
2023-10-02 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8316401 sun/tools/jhsdb/ failed with "InternalError: We should have found a thread that owns the anonymous lock"
2023-09-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8316417 ObjectMonitorIterator does not return the most recent monitor and is incorrect if no monitors exists
2023-09-27 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8316735 Print LockStack in hs_err files
2023-09-26 Mikhailo Seledtsov JDK-8316921 Perf regressions up to 14% in b16 many benchmarks all platforms
2023-09-26 Mikhailo Seledtsov JDK-8316958 Add test for unstructured locking
2023-09-22 Lois Foltan JDK-8316746 Top of lock-stack does not match the unlocked object
2023-09-22 Lois Foltan JDK-8316751 IllegalMonitorStateException: current thread is not owner
2023-09-22 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8316659 assert(LockingMode != LM_LIGHTWEIGHT || flag == CCR0) failed: bad condition register
2023-09-21 Roman Kennke JDK-8316687 [Lilliput/JDK21] Various cleanups
2023-09-21 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8315869 UseHeavyMonitors not used
2023-09-19 Roman Kennke JDK-8316526 ciReplay: "tag mismatch: wrong class files?" with -XX:-UseCompressedClassPointers
2023-09-18 Roman Kennke JDK-8316442 [Lilliput/JDK21] Problem-list compiler/ciReplay tests
2023-09-18 Roman Kennke JDK-8316441 [Lilliput/JDK21] Test failures in compiler/ciReplay
2023-09-18 Roman Kennke JDK-8316424 [Lilliput/JDK21] ZGC/CDS-related test fixes
2023-09-15 Roman Kennke JDK-8316367 [Lilliput/JDK21] Provide infrastructure for Lilliput-specific ProblemList
2023-09-15 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8316179 Use consistent naming for lightweight locking in MacroAssembler
2023-09-12 Roman Kennke JDK-8316126 [Lilliput/JDK21] Cherry-pick: 8305895: Implementation: JEP 450: Compact Object Headers (Experimental)
2023-09-12 Roman Kennke JDK-8316108 [Lilliput/JDK21] Cherry-pick: 8305898: Alternative self-forwarding mechanism
2023-09-07 Coleen Phillimore JDK-8315884 New Object to ObjectMonitor mapping
2023-08-25 Roman Kennke JDK-8315047 [Lilliput/JDK21] Some additions to 8139457: Array bases are aligned at HeapWord granularity
2023-08-25 Roman Kennke JDK-8315046 [Lilliput/JDK21] Cherry-pick: 8305896: Alternative full GC forwarding
2023-08-23 Roman Kennke JDK-8314894 [Lilliput/JDK17] Revert changes in zRelocate, prevent ZGC with Lilliput
2023-08-23 Roman Kennke JDK-8314863 [Lilliput] Revert changes in zRelocate, prevent ZGC with Lilliput
2023-08-17 Roman Kennke JDK-8314551 More generic way to handshake GC threads with monitor deflation
2023-08-17 Roman Kennke JDK-8314545 [Lilliput] Fix ZGC related issues
2023-08-17 Roman Kennke JDK-8314485 [Lilliput/JDK21] Cherry-pick: 8139457: Array bases are aligned at HeapWord granularity
2023-08-10 Roman Kennke JDK-8314131 [Lilliput/JDK17] Make loadNKlassCompactHeaders not use a TEMP register
2023-08-10 Roman Kennke JDK-8314130 [Lilliput] Make loadNKlassCompactHeaders not use a TEMP register
2023-07-24 Roman Kennke JDK-8312606 [Lilliput/JDK17] Cherry-pick: 8276333: jdk/jfr/event/oldobject/ failed "assert(!contains(edge->reference())) failed: invariant"
2023-07-17 Roman Kennke JDK-8312171 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix oop array element alignment
2023-07-14 Roman Kennke JDK-8312095 [Lilliput/JDK17] Reinstate use of BiasedLockingCounters
2023-07-13 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-4718400 Many quantities are held as signed that should be unsigned
2023-07-12 Marty Thompson JDK-8280525 Per-metaspace-arena alignment handling
2023-07-11 Mikhailo Seledtsov JDK-8139457 Relax alignment of array elements
2023-07-11 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8311875 [Lilliput] Disallow accessing oop metadata vmStructs with +UCOH
2023-07-11 Lois Foltan JDK-8311866 [Lilliput/JDK17] Disallow accessing oop metadata vmStructs with +UCOH
2023-07-03 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8311249 Remove unused MemAllocator::obj_memory_range
2023-07-03 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8171221 Remove -XX:+CheckMemoryInitialization
2023-06-29 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8270894 Use acquire semantics in ObjectSynchronizer::read_stable_mark()
2023-06-27 Roman Kennke JDK-8310944 [Lilliput/JDK17] Streamline and cleanup GC code
2023-06-26 Roman Kennke JDK-8310888 [Lilliput/JDK17] Revert deflation of dead object's monitors
2023-06-23 Roman Kennke JDK-8310742 [Lilliput/JDK17] Revert JVMCI _metadata field removal
2023-06-23 Roman Kennke JDK-8310733 [Lilliput/JDK17] Enter object_iterate_impl() RESOLVE path only when +UCOH
2023-06-22 Roman Kennke JDK-8310662 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix OptoRuntime::new_array_nozero_C
2023-06-22 Roman Kennke JDK-8310642 [Lilliput/JDK17] Remove unnecessary check in G1ParScanThreadState
2023-06-21 Roman Kennke JDK-8310534 [Lilliput/JDK17] Shenandoah/JVMTI heap-walk crashes
2023-06-19 Roman Kennke JDK-8310322 [Lilliput/JDK17] assert(found_phi || all_in) failed in shenandoahSupport.cpp:1988
2023-06-15 Roman Kennke JDK-8310156 [Lilliput/JDK17] Specialize full-GC loops
2023-06-14 Roman Kennke JDK-8310042 [Lilliput/JDK17] ZGC fixes and cleanups
2023-06-14 Roman Kennke JDK-8310010 [Lilliput] SA: Fix oop array element alignment
2023-05-26 Roman Kennke JDK-8308956 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix some object initialization paths
2023-05-23 Roman Kennke JDK-8308680 [Lilliput/JDK17] Add missing LoadKlassStub skeletons
2023-05-23 Roman Kennke JDK-8308651 [Lilliput/JDK17] Cherry-pick PPC parts of 8297036: Generalize C2 stub mechanism
2023-05-23 Roman Kennke JDK-8297036 Generalize C2 stub mechanism
2023-05-23 Roman Kennke JDK-8308647 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix cross-builds
2023-05-23 Roman Kennke JDK-8308641 [Lilliput/JDK17] Remove wrong assert in klass.hpp
2023-05-19 Roman Kennke JDK-8308423 [Lilliput/JDK17] Cherry-pick GC forwarding
2023-05-19 Roman Kennke JDK-8308411 [Lilliput/JDK17] Cherry-pick: 8283710: JVMTI: Use BitSet for object marking
2023-05-19 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8283710 JVMTI: Use BitSet for object marking
2023-05-17 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8284760 Correct type/array element offset in LibraryCallKit::get_state_from_digest_object()
2023-05-17 Roman Kennke JDK-8308296 [Lilliput/JDK17] Cherry-pick: 8275415: Prepare Leak Profiler for Lilliput
2023-05-17 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8277417 C1 LIR instruction for load-klass
2023-05-17 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8275415 Prepare Leak Profiler for Lilliput
2023-05-17 Aleksey Shipilev JDK-8270794 Avoid loading Klass* twice in TypeArrayKlass::oop_size()
2023-05-16 Roman Kennke JDK-8308172 [Lilliput/JDK17] Revert disabling vzeroupper
2023-05-15 Roman Kennke JDK-8308107 [Lilliput/JDK17] Cherry-pick: 8291555: Implement alternative fast-locking scheme
2023-05-12 Roman Kennke JDK-8308011 [Lilliput/JDK17] Use narrow i-hash only when +UseCompactObjectHeaders
2023-05-12 Roman Kennke JDK-8307991 [Lilliput] Use narrow i-hash only when +UseCompactObjectHeaders
2023-05-12 Thomas Schatzl JDK-8307816 Add missing STS to ZGC
2023-05-09 Roman Kennke JDK-8307764 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix JVMTI GetObjectMonitorUsage()
2023-05-09 Thomas Stuefe JDK-8307737 [Lilliput] Reduce number of loads used for Klass decoding in static code
2023-05-03 Roman Kennke JDK-8307395 Add missing STS to Shenandoah
2023-05-03 Roman Kennke JDK-8307394 [Lilliput] Cleanup GC code
2023-05-03 Roman Kennke JDK-8307392 [Lilliput] Revert deflation of dead object's monitors
2023-05-02 Mikhailo Seledtsov JDK-8307236 Rendezvous GC threads under STS for monitor deflation
2023-04-27 Thomas Stuefe JDK-8307002 [Lilliput] [Metaspace] Make use of Klass alignment gaps
2023-04-18 Lois Foltan JDK-8305895 Implementation: JEP 450: Compact Object Headers (Experimental)
2023-04-18 Lois Foltan JDK-8305903 Deflate monitors of dead objects before they become unreachable
2023-04-17 Roman Kennke JDK-8306122 [Lilliput] Refactor full GC forwarding
2023-03-22 Roman Kennke JDK-8304710 [Lilliput] Use forwarding table for sliding GCs
2023-03-22 Roman Kennke JDK-8304702 [Lilliput/JDK17] Increase size of C2HandleAnonOMOwnerStub on x86
2023-03-17 Roman Kennke JDK-8304410 [Lilliput/JDK17] Remove unneeded code in ContiguousSpace::object_iterate_from()
2023-03-16 Roman Kennke JDK-8304369 [Lilliput] fails on Linux/aarch64
2023-03-16 Roman Kennke JDK-8304341 [Lilliput] Use fixed-size lock-stack
2023-03-16 Roman Kennke JDK-8304331 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix RTM locking
2023-03-16 Roman Kennke JDK-8304329 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix DiagnoseSyncOnValueBasedClasses
2023-03-09 Zhengyu Gu JDK-8303896 [Lilliput/JDK17] JFR crashed during dumping when path-to-gc-roots=true
2023-03-08 Thomas Stuefe JDK-8303823 [Lilliput] Inline initial LockStack stack
2023-03-08 Roman Kennke JDK-8303816 [Lilliput] Use realloc instead of malloc+copy when growing the lock-stack
2023-03-08 Roman Kennke JDK-8303813 [Lilliput] (AArch64) Use tbz instead of tst and br in load_klass()
2023-03-07 Roman Kennke JDK-8303774 [Lilliput] Introduce an interface for GC forwarding implementations
2023-03-07 Roman Kennke JDK-8303771 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix interpreter asymmetric fast-locking
2023-03-07 Roman Kennke JDK-8303769 [Lilliput] Fix interpreter asymmetric fast-locking
2023-03-01 Roman Kennke JDK-8303450 [Lilliput/JDK17] Runtime flag to enable Lilliput
2023-02-21 Roman Kennke JDK-8303027 [Lilliput/JDK17] Correctly resolve forwarded objects in G1 heap iteration
2023-02-10 Roman Kennke JDK-8302210 [Lilliput/JDK17] Optimize fix-anon monitor owner path
2023-02-10 Roman Kennke JDK-8302209 [Lilliput] Optimize fix-anon monitor owner path
2023-02-08 Lois Foltan JDK-8302065 [Lilliput] Cleanups and touch-ups
2023-02-07 Marty Thompson JDK-8301880 [Lilliput, aarch64] runtime/CompressedOops/UseCompressedOops: assert(!CompressedKlassPointers::is_null(narrow_klass())) failed: narrow klass must not be null: 0x0000000000000001
2022-10-11 Mikhailo Seledtsov JDK-8294953 Deprecate -XX:-UseCompressedClassPointers for removal