Report generated: Wed Jun 07 12:44:16 CEST 2023

Date Added Added By Bug Synopsis
2023-05-26 rkennke JDK-8308956 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix some object initialization paths
2023-05-23 rkennke JDK-8308680 [Lilliput/JDK17] Add missing LoadKlassStub skeletons
2023-05-23 rkennke JDK-8308651 [Lilliput/JDK17] Cherry-pick PPC parts of 8297036: Generalize C2 stub mechanism
2023-05-23 rkennke JDK-8297036 Generalize C2 stub mechanism
2023-05-23 rkennke JDK-8308647 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix cross-builds
2023-05-23 rkennke JDK-8308641 [Lilliput/JDK17] Remove wrong assert in klass.hpp
2023-05-19 rkennke JDK-8308423 [Lilliput/JDK17] Cherry-pick GC forwarding
2023-05-19 rkennke JDK-8308411 [Lilliput/JDK17] Cherry-pick: 8283710: JVMTI: Use BitSet for object marking
2023-05-19 shade JDK-8283710 JVMTI: Use BitSet for object marking
2023-05-17 shade JDK-8284760 Correct type/array element offset in LibraryCallKit::get_state_from_digest_object()
2023-05-17 rkennke JDK-8308296 [Lilliput/JDK17] Cherry-pick: 8275415: Prepare Leak Profiler for Lilliput
2023-05-17 shade JDK-8277417 C1 LIR instruction for load-klass
2023-05-17 shade JDK-8275415 Prepare Leak Profiler for Lilliput
2023-05-17 shade JDK-8270794 Avoid loading Klass* twice in TypeArrayKlass::oop_size()
2023-05-16 rkennke JDK-8308172 [Lilliput/JDK17] Revert disabling vzeroupper
2023-05-15 rkennke JDK-8308107 [Lilliput/JDK17] Cherry-pick: 8291555: Implement alternative fast-locking scheme
2023-05-12 rkennke JDK-8308011 [Lilliput/JDK17] Use narrow i-hash only when +UseCompactObjectHeaders
2023-05-12 rkennke JDK-8307991 [Lilliput] Use narrow i-hash only when +UseCompactObjectHeaders
2023-05-12 tschatzl JDK-8307816 Add missing STS to ZGC
2023-05-09 rkennke JDK-8307764 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix JVMTI GetObjectMonitorUsage()
2023-05-09 stuefe JDK-8307737 [Lilliput] Reduce number of loads used for Klass decoding in static code
2023-05-03 rkennke JDK-8307395 Add missing STS to Shenandoah
2023-05-03 rkennke JDK-8307394 [Lilliput] Cleanup GC code
2023-05-03 rkennke JDK-8307392 [Lilliput] Revert deflation of dead object's monitors
2023-05-02 mseledtsov JDK-8307236 Rendezvous GC threads under STS for monitor deflation
2023-04-27 stuefe JDK-8307002 [Lilliput] [Metaspace] Make use of Klass alignment gaps
2023-04-18 lfoltan JDK-8305895 Implementation: JEP 450: Compact Object Headers (Experimental)
2023-04-18 lfoltan JDK-8305903 Deflate monitors of dead objects before they become unreachable
2023-04-17 rkennke JDK-8306122 [Lilliput] Refactor full GC forwarding
2023-03-22 rkennke JDK-8304710 [Lilliput] Use forwarding table for sliding GCs
2023-03-22 rkennke JDK-8304702 [Lilliput/JDK17] Increase size of C2HandleAnonOMOwnerStub on x86
2023-03-17 rkennke JDK-8304410 [Lilliput/JDK17] Remove unneeded code in ContiguousSpace::object_iterate_from()
2023-03-16 rkennke JDK-8304369 [Lilliput] fails on Linux/aarch64
2023-03-16 rkennke JDK-8304341 [Lilliput] Use fixed-size lock-stack
2023-03-16 rkennke JDK-8304331 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix RTM locking
2023-03-16 rkennke JDK-8304329 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix DiagnoseSyncOnValueBasedClasses
2023-03-09 zgu JDK-8303896 [Lilliput/JDK17] JFR crashed during dumping when path-to-gc-roots=true
2023-03-08 stuefe JDK-8303823 [Lilliput] Inline initial LockStack stack
2023-03-08 rkennke JDK-8303816 [Lilliput] Use realloc instead of malloc+copy when growing the lock-stack
2023-03-08 rkennke JDK-8303813 [Lilliput] (AArch64) Use tbz instead of tst and br in load_klass()
2023-03-07 rkennke JDK-8303774 [Lilliput] Introduce an interface for GC forwarding implementations
2023-03-07 rkennke JDK-8303771 [Lilliput/JDK17] Fix interpreter asymmetric fast-locking
2023-03-07 rkennke JDK-8303769 [Lilliput] Fix interpreter asymmetric fast-locking
2023-03-01 rkennke JDK-8303450 [Lilliput/JDK17] Runtime flag to enable Lilliput
2023-02-21 rkennke JDK-8303027 [Lilliput/JDK17] Correctly resolve forwarded objects in G1 heap iteration
2023-02-10 rkennke JDK-8302210 [Lilliput/JDK17] Optimize fix-anon monitor owner path
2023-02-10 rkennke JDK-8302209 [Lilliput] Optimize fix-anon monitor owner path
2023-02-08 lfoltan JDK-8302065 [Lilliput] Cleanups and touch-ups
2023-02-07 mwthomps JDK-8301880 [Lilliput, aarch64] runtime/CompressedOops/UseCompressedOops: assert(!CompressedKlassPointers::is_null(narrow_klass())) failed: narrow klass must not be null: 0x0000000000000001
2022-10-11 mseledtsov JDK-8294953 Deprecate -XX:-UseCompressedClassPointers for removal