This report shows the bird-eye view of parity between OpenJDK and Oracle JDK.

Report generated: Thu Jul 18 03:21:16 CEST 2024


This is where Oracle JDK is ahead of OpenJDK.

No relevant backports are detected in OpenJDK.

This misses the future backporting work.

[...] marks the interest tags.

(*) marks the existing pull request.

(*) marks the backporting work in progress.

21 issues in total


21 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8317112 Add screenshot for Frame/
21.0.5-oracle RFR (*) JDK-8333542 Breakpoint in parallel code does not work
21.0.5-oracle A JDK-8317738 CodeCacheFullCountTest failed with "VirtualMachineError: Out of space in CodeCache for method handle intrinsic"
21.0.5-oracle RFR JDK-8291809 Convert compiler/c2/cr7200264/ to IR verification test
21.0.5-oracle RFR JDK-8319673 Few security tests ignore VM flags
21.0.5-oracle At RFR JDK-8315422 getSoTimeout() would be in try block in SSLSocketImpl
21.0.5-oracle A JDK-8309067 gtest/ fails again in stderrOutput_vm
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8330278 Have SSLSocketTemplate.doClientSide use loopback address
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8299813 java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ fails with jtreg test timeout due to lost datagram
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8240343 JDI stopListening/stoplis001 "FAILED: listening is successfully stopped without starting listening"
21.0.5-oracle A JDK-8322971 KEM.getInstance() should check if a 3rd-party security provider is signed
21.0.5-oracle A JDK-8315965 Open source various AWT applet tests
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8320673 PageFormat/ has no Pass/Fail buttons; multiple instructions
21.0.5-oracle RFR (*) JDK-8327424 ProblemList serviceability/sa/ on all platforms with ZGC
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8310683 Refactor StandardCharset/ to use JUnit
21.0.5-oracle RFR (*) JDK-8328273 sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/ failed with java.rmi.server.ExportException: Port already in use
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8335134 Test com/sun/jdi/ timeout
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8330702 Update failure handler to don't generate Error message if cores actions are empty
21.0.5-oracle RFR (*) JDK-8334418 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2024-06-14
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8332113 Update nsk.share.Log to be always verbose
21.0.5-oracle A JDK-8325037 x86: enable and fix hotspot/jtreg/compiler/vectorization/


These are the issues that were ruled as either not affecting OpenJDK, or otherwise rejected by maintainers.

6 issues in total


1 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
21.0.3 JDK-8311198 jcstress shouldn't be executed concurrently


5 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
21.0.4 JDK-8326373 Increase task timeout for tier8 apps testing.
21.0.4 JDK-8331872 jsse.enableFFDHE system property typo in JSSE Reference Guide
21.0.4 JDK-8312459 Problem list java/awt/GraphicsDevice/DisplayModes/ for macOS
21.0.4 JDK-8318038 ProblemList runtime/CompressedOops/ on two platforms
21.0.4 JDK-8318825 runThese failed with "unable to create native thread: possibly out of memory or process/resource limits reached"


This is where OpenJDK is ahead of Oracle JDK.

No relevant backports are detected in Oracle JDK yet.

This misses the ongoing backporting work.

308 issues in total


103 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
21.0.3 JDK-8316446 4 sun/management/jdp tests ignore VM flags
21.0.3 JDK-8316447 8 sun/management/jmxremote tests ignore VM flags
21.0.3 JDK-8329838 [21u] Remove designator DEFAULT_PROMOTED_VERSION_PRE=ea for release 21.0.3
21.0.3 JDK-8324753 [AIX] adjust os_posix after JDK-8318696
21.0.3 JDK-8320830 [AIX] Dont mix os::dll_load() with direct dlclose() calls
21.0.3 JDK-8320890 [AIX] Find a better way to mimic dl handle equality
21.0.3 JDK-8324637 [aix] Implement support for reporting swap space in
21.0.3 JDK-8325470 [AIX] use fclose after fopen in read_psinfo
21.0.3 JDK-8320807 [PPC64][ZGC] C1 generates wrong code for atomics
21.0.3 JDK-8315406 [REDO] serviceability/jdwp/ ignores VM flags
21.0.3 JDK-8309109 AArch64: [TESTBUG] compiler/intrinsics/sha/cli/ fails on Neoverse N2 and V1
21.0.3 JDK-8313816 Accessing jmethodID might lead to spurious crashes
21.0.3 JDK-8321374 Add a configure option to explicitly set CompanyName property in VersionInfo resource for Windows exe/dll
21.0.3 JDK-8315230 Add a new subsection for `TOOLING` script in the JShell Guide
21.0.3 JDK-8313638 Add test for dump of resolved references
21.0.3 JDK-8320300 Adjust hs_err output in malloc/mmap error cases
21.0.3 JDK-8323637 Capture hotspot replay files in GHA
21.0.3 JDK-6928542 Chinese characters in RTF are not decoded
21.0.3 JDK-8325254 CKA_TOKEN private and secret keys are not necessarily sensitive
21.0.3 JDK-8322772 Clean up code after JDK-8322417
21.0.3 JDK-8317804 com/sun/jdi/ fails on Alpine 3.17 / 3.18
21.0.3 JDK-8319382 com/sun/jdi/ shows failures on AIX if prefixLen of mask is larger than 32 in IPv6 case
21.0.3 JDK-8319213 reads both stdout and stderr of JdkUtils
21.0.3 JDK-8321131 Console read line with zero out should zero out underlying buffer in JLine
21.0.3 JDK-8321409 Console read line with zero out should zero out underlying buffer in JLine (redux)
21.0.3 JDK-8322417 Console read line with zero out should zero out when throwing exception
21.0.3 JDK-8325876 crashes in docker container tests on Linuxppc64le Power8 machines
21.0.3 JDK-8323515 Create test alias "all" for all test roots
21.0.3 JDK-8323671 DevKit build gcc libraries contain full paths to source location
21.0.3 JDK-8324347 Enable "maybe-uninitialized" warning for FreeType 2.13.1
21.0.3 JDK-8313082 Enable CreateCoredumpOnCrash for testing in makefiles
21.0.3 JDK-8316229 Enhance class initialization logging
21.0.3 JDK-8320898 exclude compiler/vectorapi/reshape/ on ppc64(le) platforms
21.0.3 JDK-8316961 Fallback implementations for 64-bit Atomic::{add,xchg} on 32-bit platforms
21.0.3 JDK-8318737 Fallback linker passes bad JNI handle
21.0.3 JDK-8323008 filter out harmful -std* flags added by autoconf from CXX
21.0.3 JDK-8323331 fix typo hpage_pdm_size
21.0.3 JDK-8317188 G1: Make TestG1ConcRefinementThreads use createTestJvm
21.0.3 JDK-8317042 G1: Make TestG1ConcMarkStepDurationMillis use createTestJvm
21.0.3 JDK-8317218 G1: Make TestG1HeapRegionSize use createTestJvm
21.0.3 JDK-8316410 GC: Make TestCompressedClassFlags use createTestJvm
21.0.3 JDK-8316973 GC: Make TestDisableDefaultGC use createTestJvm
21.0.3 JDK-8314629 Generational ZGC: Clearing All SoftReferences log line lacks GCId
21.0.3 JDK-8322957 Generational ZGC: Relocation selection must join the STS
21.0.3 JDK-8314990 Generational ZGC: Strong OopStorage stats reported as weak roots
21.0.3 JDK-8316319 Generational ZGC: The SoftMaxHeapSize might be wrong when CDS decreases the MaxHeapSize
21.0.3 JDK-8322255 Generational ZGC: ZPageSizeMedium should be set before MaxTenuringThreshold
21.0.3 JDK-8325194 GHA: Add macOS M1 testing
21.0.3 JDK-8324937 GHA: Avoid multiple test suites per job
21.0.3 JDK-8318039 GHA: Bump macOS and Xcode versions
21.0.3 JDK-8324659 GHA: Generic jtreg errors are not reported
21.0.3 JDK-8325444 GHA: JDK-8325194 causes a regression
21.0.3 JDK-8320921 GHA: Parallelize hotspot_compiler test jobs
21.0.3 JDK-8320168 handle setsocktopt return values
21.0.3 JDK-8314610 hotspot can't compile with the latest of gtest because of
21.0.3 JDK-8311893 Interactive component with ARIA role 'tabpanel' does not have a programmatically associated name
21.0.3 JDK-8323717 Introduce test keyword for tests that need external dependencies
21.0.3 JDK-8324647 Invalid test group of lib-test after JDK-8323515
21.0.3 JDK-8323664 java/awt/font/JNICheck/ still fails with JNI warning on some Windows configurations
21.0.3 JDK-8315891 java/foreign/ failed with "error occurred while instantiating class TestLinker: null"
21.0.3 JDK-8315680 java/lang/ref/ should run with -Xbatch
21.0.3 JDK-8318410 jdk/java/lang/instrument/BootClassPath/ fails on Japanese Windows
21.0.3 JDK-8322142 JFR: Periodic tasks aren't orphaned between recordings
21.0.3 JDK-8323667 Library debug files contain non-reproducible full gcc include paths
21.0.3 JDK-8325496 Make TrimNativeHeapInterval a product switch
21.0.3 JDK-8314320 Mark runtime/CommandLine/ tests as flagless
21.0.3 JDK-8209595 timed out
21.0.3 JDK-8319897 Move StackWatermark handling out of LockStack::contains
21.0.3 JDK-8315042 NPE in PKCS7.parseOldSignedData
21.0.3 JDK-8322098 os::Linux::print_system_memory_info enhance the THP output with /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/hpage_pmd_size
21.0.3 JDK-8315988 Parallel: Make TestAggressiveHeap use createTestJvm
21.0.3 JDK-8009550 PlatformPCSC should load versioned so
21.0.3 JDK-8322418 Problem list gc/ subtests for 8298781
21.0.3 JDK-8320383 refresh libraries cache on AIX in VMError::report
21.0.3 JDK-8326000 Remove obsolete comments for class
21.0.3 JDK-8321269 Require platforms to define DEFAULT_CACHE_LINE_SIZE
21.0.3 JDK-8322583 RISC-V: Enable fast class initialization checks
21.0.3 JDK-8318157 RISC-V: implement ensureMaterializedForStackWalk intrinsic
21.0.3 JDK-8318158 RISC-V: implement roundD/roundF intrinsics
21.0.3 JDK-8324280 RISC-V: Incorrect implementation in VM_Version::parse_satp_mode
21.0.3 JDK-8322790 RISC-V: Tune costs for shuffles with no conversion
21.0.3 JDK-8310919 runtime/ErrorHandling/ times out due to core dumps taking a long time on OSX
21.0.3 JDK-8323964 runtime/Thread/ fails intermittently on AIX
21.0.3 JDK-8320888 Shenandoah: Enable ShenandoahVerifyOptoBarriers in debug builds
21.0.3 JDK-8323021 Shenandoah: Encountered reference count always attributed to first worker thread
21.0.3 JDK-8323086 Shenandoah: Heap could be corrupted by oom during evacuation
21.0.3 JDK-8321120 Shenandoah: Remove ShenandoahElasticTLAB flag
21.0.3 JDK-8321122 Shenandoah: Remove ShenandoahLoopOptsAfterExpansion flag
21.0.3 JDK-8320907 Shenandoah: Remove ShenandoahSelfFixing flag
21.0.3 JDK-8321410 Shenandoah: Remove ShenandoahSuspendibleWorkers flag
21.0.3 JDK-8320877 Shenandoah: Remove ShenandoahUnloadClassesFrequency support
21.0.3 JDK-8317535 Shenandoah: Remove unused code
21.0.3 JDK-8323428 Shenandoah: Unused memory in regions compacted during a full GC should be mangled
21.0.3 JDK-8313670 Simplify shared lib name handling code in some tests
21.0.3 JDK-8307408 Some jdk/sun/tools/jhsdb tests don't pass test JVM args to the debuggee JVM
21.0.3 JDK-8313854 Some tests in serviceability area fail on localized Windows platform
21.0.3 JDK-8322512 StringBuffer.repeat does not work correctly after toString() was called
21.0.3 JDK-8321972 test runtime/Unsafe/ timeout on linux-riscv64 platform
21.0.3 JDK-8301310 The SendRawSysexMessage test may cause a JVM crash
21.0.3 JDK-8320582 Zero: Misplaced CX8 enablement flag
21.0.3 JDK-8319777 Zero: Support 8-byte cmpxchg
21.0.3 JDK-8320052 Zero: Use __atomic built-ins for atomic RMW operations
21.0.3 JDK-8319883 Zero: Use atomic built-ins for 64-bit accesses


124 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
21.0.4 JDK-8325028 (ch) Pipe channels should lazily set socket to non-blocking mode on first use by virtual thread
21.0.4 JDK-8331331 :tier1 target explanation in doc/ is incorrect
21.0.4 JDK-8335960 [21u] Remove designator DEFAULT_PROMOTED_VERSION_PRE=ea for release 21.0.4
21.0.4 JDK-8329850 [AIX] Allow loading of different members of same shared library archive
21.0.4 JDK-8328776 [AIX] remove checked_vmgetinfo, use vmgetinfo directly
21.0.4 JDK-8320113 [macos14] : fails intermittently on macOS 14
21.0.4 JDK-8320061 [nmt] Multiple issues with peak accounting
21.0.4 JDK-8325326 [PPC64] Don't relocate in case of allocation failure
21.0.4 JDK-8326101 [PPC64] Need to bailout cleanly if creation of stubs fails when code cache is out of space
21.0.4 JDK-8326201 [S390] Need to bailout cleanly if creation of stubs fails when code cache is out of space
21.0.4 JDK-8329545 [s390x] Fix garbage value being passed in Argument Register
21.0.4 JDK-8310513 [s390x] Intrinsify recursive ObjectMonitor locking
21.0.4 JDK-8312014 [s390x] Failure
21.0.4 JDK-8330011 [s390x] update block-comments to make code consistent
21.0.4 JDK-8326496 [test] checkHsErrFileContent support printing hserr in error case
21.0.4 JDK-8321163 [test] OutputAnalyzer.getExitValue() unnecessarily logs even when process has already completed
21.0.4 JDK-8324123 aarch64: fix prfm literal encoding in assembler
21.0.4 JDK-8323519 Add applications/ctw/modules to Hotspot tiered testing
21.0.4 JDK-8328709 AIX os::get_summary_cpu_info support Power 10
21.0.4 JDK-8320005 Allow loading of shared objects with .a extension on AIX
21.0.4 JDK-8313394 Array Elements in OldObjectSample event has the incorrect description
21.0.4 JDK-8331298 avoid alignment checks in UBSAN enabled build
21.0.4 JDK-8324646 Avoid Class.forName in SecureRandom constructor
21.0.4 JDK-8324648 Avoid NoSuchMethodError when instantiating NativePRNG
21.0.4 JDK-8330615 avoid signed integer overflows in zip_util.c readCen / hashN
21.0.4 JDK-8185862 AWT Assertion Failure in ::GetDIBits(hBMDC, hBM, 0, 1, 0, gpBitmapInfo, 0) 'awt_Win32GraphicsDevice.cpp', at line 185
21.0.4 JDK-8329213 Better validation for option
21.0.4 JDK-8329961 Buffer overflow in os::Linux::kernel_version
21.0.4 JDK-8324243 Compilation failures in java.desktop module with gcc 14
21.0.4 JDK-8330275 Crash in XMark::follow_array
21.0.4 JDK-8331113 support configurable maven repo mirror
21.0.4 JDK-8327468 Do not restart close if errno is EINTR [macOS/linux]
21.0.4 JDK-8295111 dpkg appears to have problems resolving symbolically linked native libraries
21.0.4 JDK-8328166 Epsilon: 'EpsilonHeap::allocate_work' misuses the parameter 'size' as size in bytes
21.0.4 JDK-8328168 Epsilon: Premature OOM when allocating object larger than uncommitted heap size
21.0.4 JDK-8331352 error: template-id not allowed for constructor/destructor in C++20
21.0.4 JDK-8328638 Fallback option for POST-only OCSP requests
21.0.4 JDK-8318455 Fix the compiler/sharedstubs/ and
21.0.4 JDK-8329840 Fix ZPhysicalMemorySegment::_end type
21.0.4 JDK-8325213 Flags introduced by configure script are not passed to ADLC build
21.0.4 JDK-8320331 G1 Full GC Heap verification relies on metadata not reset before verification
21.0.4 JDK-8329570 G1: Excessive is_obj_dead_cond calls in verification
21.0.4 JDK-8320525 G1: G1UpdateRemSetTrackingBeforeRebuild::distribute_marked_bytes accesses partially unloaded klass
21.0.4 JDK-8314573 G1: Heap resizing at Remark does not take existing eden regions into account
21.0.4 JDK-8328705 GHA: Cross-compilation jobs do not require build JDK
21.0.4 JDK-8328948 GHA: Restoring sysroot from cache skips the build after JDK-8326960
21.0.4 JDK-8326960 GHA: RISC-V sysroot cannot be debootstrapped due to ongoing Debian t64 transition
21.0.4 JDK-8324723 GHA: Upgrade some actions to avoid deprecated Node 16
21.0.4 JDK-8328592 hprof tests fail with -XX:-CompactStrings
21.0.4 JDK-8329605 hs errfile generic events - move memory protections and nmethod flushes to separate sections
21.0.4 JDK-8329663 hs_err file event log entry for thread adding/removing should print current thread
21.0.4 JDK-8330464 hserr generic events - add entry for the before_exit calls
21.0.4 JDK-8310228 Improve error reporting for uncaught native exceptions on Windows
21.0.4 JDK-8318986 Improve GenericWaitBarrier performance
21.0.4 JDK-8320924 Improve heap dump performance by optimizing archived object checks
21.0.4 JDK-8319650 Improve heap dump performance with class metadata caching
21.0.4 JDK-8325621 Improve jspawnhelper version checks
21.0.4 JDK-8325579 Inconsistent behavior in com.sun.jndi.ldap.Connection::createSocket
21.0.4 JDK-8320365 IPPPrintService.getAttributes() causes blanket re-initialisation
21.0.4 JDK-8323170 j2dbench is using outdated javac source/target to be able to build by itself
21.0.4 JDK-8325024 java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/OCSP/ incorrect comment information
21.0.4 JDK-8316228 jcmd tests are broken by 8314828
21.0.4 JDK-8313710 jcmd: typo in the documentation of JFR.start and JFR.dump
21.0.4 JDK-8325255 jdk.internal.util.ReferencedKeySet::add using wrong test
21.0.4 JDK-8305931 jdk/jfr/jcmd/ failed with "Expected chains but found none"
21.0.4 JDK-8327799 JFR view: the "Park Until" field of jdk.ThreadPark is invalid if the parking method is not absolute
21.0.4 JDK-8326521 JFR: CompilerPhase event test fails on windows 32 bit
21.0.4 JDK-8326529 JFR: Test for CompilerCompile events fails due to time out
21.0.4 JDK-8311823 JFR: Uninitialized EventEmitter::_thread_id field
21.0.4 JDK-8329862 libjli GetApplicationHome cleanups and enhance jli tracing
21.0.4 JDK-8332253 Linux arm32 build fails after 8292591
21.0.4 JDK-8326685 Linux builds not reproducible if two builds configured in different build folders
21.0.4 JDK-8330524 Linux ppc64le compile warning with clang in os_linux_ppc.cpp
21.0.4 JDK-8334441 Mark tests in jdk_security_infra group as manual
21.0.4 JDK-8310913 Move ReferencedKeyMap to jdk.internal so it may be shared
21.0.4 JDK-8310355 Move the stub test from initialize_final_stubs() to test/hotspot/gtest
21.0.4 JDK-8327971 Multiple ASAN errors reported for metaspace
21.0.4 JDK-8293850 need a largest_committed metric for each category of NMT's output
21.0.4 JDK-8320370 NMT: Change MallocMemorySnapshot to simplify code.
21.0.4 JDK-8331942 On Linux aarch64, CDS archives should be using 64K alignment by default
21.0.4 JDK-8327059 os::Linux::print_proc_sys_info add swappiness information
21.0.4 JDK-7001133 OutOfMemoryError by CustomMediaSizeName implementation
21.0.4 JDK-8329223 Parallel: Parallel GC resizes heap even if -Xms = -Xmx
21.0.4 JDK-8328744 Parallel: Parallel GC throws OOM before heap is fully expanded
21.0.4 JDK-8319713 Parallel: Remove PSAdaptiveSizePolicy::should_full_GC
21.0.4 JDK-8319376 ParallelGC: Forwarded objects found during heap inspection
21.0.4 JDK-8331466 Problemlist serviceability/dcmd/gc/ on generic-all
21.0.4 JDK-8321718 ProcessTools.executeProcess calls waitFor before logging
21.0.4 JDK-8319876 Reduce memory consumption of VM_ThreadDump::doit
21.0.4 JDK-8328604 remove on_aix() function
21.0.4 JDK-8328997 Remove unnecessary template parameter lists in GrowableArray
21.0.4 JDK-8315652 RISC-V: Features string uses wrong separator for jtreg
21.0.4 JDK-8329823 RISC-V: Need to sync CPU features with related JVM flags
21.0.4 JDK-8330156 RISC-V: Range check auipc + signed 12 imm instruction
21.0.4 JDK-8316186 RISC-V: Remove PlatformCmpxchg<4>
21.0.4 JDK-8330094 RISC-V: Save and restore FRM in the call stub
21.0.4 JDK-8326936 RISC-V: Shenandoah GC crashes due to incorrect atomic memory operations
21.0.4 JDK-8330242 RISC-V: Simplify and remove CORRECT_COMPILER_ATOMIC_SUPPORT in atomic_linux_riscv.hpp
21.0.4 JDK-8321075 RISC-V: UseSystemMemoryBarrier lacking proper OS support
21.0.4 JDK-8325862 set -XX:+ErrorFileToStderr when executing java in containers for some container related jtreg tests
21.0.4 JDK-8322503 Shenandoah: Clarify gc state usage
21.0.4 JDK-8321815 Shenandoah: gc state should be synchronized to java threads only once per safepoint
21.0.4 JDK-8325372 Shenandoah: SIGSEGV crash in unnecessary_acquire due to LoadStore split through phi
21.0.4 JDK-8311964 Some jtreg tests failing on x86 with error 'unrecognized VM options' (C2 flags)
21.0.4 JDK-8326140 src/jdk.accessibility/windows/native/libjavaaccessbridge/AccessBridgeJavaEntryPoints.cpp ReleaseStringChars might be missing in early returns
21.0.4 JDK-8294985 SSLEngine throws IAE during parsing of X500Principal
21.0.4 JDK-8325743 test/jdk/java/nio/channels/unixdomain/ enhance user name output in error case
21.0.4 JDK-8309890 waits for the wrong condition
21.0.4 JDK-8326446 The User and System of jdk.CPULoad on Apple M1 are inaccurate
21.0.4 JDK-8329109 Threads::print_on() tries to print CPU time for terminated GC threads
21.0.4 JDK-8331167 UBSan enabled build fails in adlc on macOS
21.0.4 JDK-8308144 Uncontrolled memory consumption in SSLFlowDelegate.Reader
21.0.4 JDK-8328589 unify os::breakpoint among posix platforms
21.0.4 JDK-8331031 unify os::dont_yield and os::naked_yield across Posix platforms
21.0.4 JDK-8322962 Upcall stub might go undetected when freezing frames
21.0.4 JDK-8313702 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2023-08-02
21.0.4 JDK-8318322 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2023-10-16
21.0.4 JDK-8327631 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2024-03-07
21.0.4 JDK-8318962 Update ProcessTools javadoc with suggestions in 8315097
21.0.4 JDK-8324834 Use _LARGE_FILES on AIX
21.0.4 JDK-8330815 Use pattern matching for instanceof in KeepAliveCache
21.0.4 JDK-8320707 Virtual thread test updates
21.0.4 JDK-8318757 VM_ThreadDump asserts in interleaved ObjectMonitor::deflate_monitor calls
21.0.4 JDK-8327988 When running ASAN, disable dangerous NMT test


81 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
21.0.5 JDK-8323801 tag doesn't strikethrough the text
21.0.5 JDK-8211847 [aix] java/lang/ProcessHandle/ fails: "reported cputime less than expected"
21.0.5 JDK-8211854 [aix] java/net/ServerSocket/ fails: read times out
21.0.5 JDK-8327990 [macosx-aarch64] Various tests fail with -XX:+AssertWXAtThreadSync
21.0.5 JDK-8307352 AARCH64: Improve itable_stub
21.0.5 JDK-8323122 AArch64: Increase itable stub size estimate
21.0.5 JDK-8323584 AArch64: Unnecessary ResourceMark in NativeCall::set_destination_mt_safe
21.0.5 JDK-8323552 AbstractMemorySegmentImpl#mismatch returns -1 when comparing distinct areas of the same instance of MemorySegment
21.0.5 JDK-8330849 Add test to verify memory usage with recursive locking
21.0.5 JDK-8319818 Address GCC 13.2.0 warnings (stringop-overflow and dangling-pointer)
21.0.5 JDK-8329103 assert(!thread->in_asgct()) failed during multi-mode profiling
21.0.5 JDK-8320379 C2: Sort spilling/unspilling sequence for better ld/st merging into ldp/stp on AArch64
21.0.5 JDK-8315505 CompileTask timestamp printed can overflow
21.0.5 JDK-8332935 Crash: assert(*lastPtr != 0) failed: Mismatched JNINativeInterface tables, check for new entries
21.0.5 JDK-8331164 download jars fail when url needed to be redirected
21.0.5 JDK-8333353 Delete extra empty line in
21.0.5 JDK-8333477 Delete extra empty spaces in Makefiles
21.0.5 JDK-8320212 Disable GCC stringop-overflow warning for affected files
21.0.5 JDK-8326717 Disable stringop-overflow in shenandoahLock.cpp
21.0.5 JDK-8311666 Disabled tests in test/jdk/sun/java2d/marlin
21.0.5 JDK-8321025 Enable Neoverse N1 optimizations for Neoverse V2
21.0.5 JDK-8324755 Enable parallelism in vmTestbase/gc/gctests/LargeObjects tests
21.0.5 JDK-8318605 Enable parallelism in vmTestbase/nsk/stress/stack tests
21.0.5 JDK-8319197 Exclude hb-subset and hb-style from compilation
21.0.5 JDK-8329665 fatal error: memory leak: allocating without ResourceMark
21.0.5 JDK-8309685 Fix -Wconversion warnings in assembler and register code
21.0.5 JDK-8310906 Fix -Wconversion warnings in runtime, oops and some code header files.
21.0.5 JDK-8335536 Fix assertion failure in IdealGraphPrinter when append is true
21.0.5 JDK-8325469 Freeze/Thaw code can crash in the presence of OSR frames
21.0.5 JDK-8170817 G1: Returning MinTLABSize from unsafe_max_tlab_alloc causes TLAB flapping
21.0.5 JDK-8325218 gc/parallel/ fails
21.0.5 JDK-8332499 Gtest codestrings.validate_vm fail on linux x64 when hsdis is present
21.0.5 JDK-8330027 Identity hashes of archived objects must be based on a reproducible random seed
21.0.5 JDK-8333093 Incorrect comment in zAddress_aarch64.cpp
21.0.5 JDK-8314515 java/util/concurrent/SynchronousQueue/ failed with "Error: fair=false i=8 j=0"
21.0.5 JDK-8322330 OOMEs with Parallel GC and ZGC
21.0.5 JDK-8325616 JFR ZGC Allocation Stall events should record stack traces
21.0.5 JDK-8331931 JFR: Avoid loading regex classes during startup
21.0.5 JDK-8321220 JFR: RecordedClass reports incorrect modifiers
21.0.5 JDK-8332490 JMH OOM
21.0.5 JDK-8313983 jmod create --target-platform should replace existing ModuleTarget attribute
21.0.5 JDK-8331714 Make OopMapCache installation lock-free
21.0.5 JDK-8317360 Missing null checks in JfrCheckpointManager and JfrStringPool initialization routines
21.0.5 JDK-8332431 NullPointerException in JTable of SwingSet2
21.0.5 JDK-8333462 Performance regression of new DecimalFormat() when compare to jdk11
21.0.5 JDK-8315923 pretouch_memory by atomic-add-0 fragments huge pages unexpectedly
21.0.5 JDK-8333724 Problem list security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/
21.0.5 JDK-8317446 ProblemList gc/arguments/ on macosx-aarch64 in Xcomp
21.0.5 JDK-8317449 ProblemList serviceability/jvmti/stress/StackTrace/NotSuspended/ on several platforms
21.0.5 JDK-8317240 Promptly free OopMapEntry after fail to insert the entry to OopMapCache
21.0.5 JDK-8323782 Race: Thread::interrupt vs. AbstractInterruptibleChannel.begin
21.0.5 JDK-8329134 Reconsider TLAB zapping
21.0.5 JDK-8332174 Remove 2 (unpaired) RLO Unicode characters in ff_Adlm.xml
21.0.5 JDK-8335775 Remove extraneous 's' in comment of rawmonitor.cpp test file
21.0.5 JDK-8331573 Rename CollectedHeap::is_gc_active to be explicitly about STW GCs
21.0.5 JDK-8329995 Restricted access to `/proc` can cause JFR initialization to crash
21.0.5 JDK-8325763 Revert properties: vm.opt.x.*
21.0.5 JDK-8333652 RISC-V: compiler/vectorapi/ fails when using RVV
21.0.5 JDK-8324781 runtime/Thread/ failed with Expected a higher ratio between stack committed and reserved
21.0.5 JDK-8328075 Shenandoah: Avoid forwarding when objects don't move in full-GC
21.0.5 JDK-8333716 Shenandoah: Check for disarmed method before taking the nmethod lock
21.0.5 JDK-8325587 Shenandoah: ShenandoahLock should allow blocking in VM
21.0.5 JDK-8329088 Stack chunk thawing races with concurrent GC stack iteration
21.0.5 JDK-8294148 Support JSplitPane for instructions and test UI
21.0.5 JDK-8334600 TEST java/net/MulticastSocket/ fails on linux-aarch64
21.0.5 JDK-8316328 Test jdk/jfr/event/oldobject/ times out for some heap sizes
21.0.5 JDK-8332675 test/hotspot/jtreg/gc/testlibrary/ compileClass javadoc does not match after 8321812
21.0.5 JDK-8334332 fails if run by root
21.0.5 JDK-8332904 ubsan ppc64le: c1_LIRGenerator_ppc.cpp:581:21: runtime error: signed integer overflow: 9223372036854775807 + 1 cannot be represented in type 'long int'
21.0.5 JDK-8331789 ubsan: deoptimization.cpp:403:29: runtime error: load of value 208, which is not a valid value for type 'bool'
21.0.5 JDK-8332473 ubsan: growableArray.hpp:290:10: runtime error: null pointer passed as argument 1, which is declared to never be null
21.0.5 JDK-8332825 ubsan: guardedMemory.cpp:35:11: runtime error: null pointer passed as argument 2, which is declared to never be null
21.0.5 JDK-8332720 ubsan: instanceKlass.cpp:3550:76: runtime error: member call on null pointer of type 'struct Array'
21.0.5 JDK-8332589 ubsan: unix/native/libjava/ProcessImpl_md.c:562:5: runtime error: null pointer passed as argument 2, which is declared to never be null
21.0.5 JDK-8332894 ubsan: vmError.cpp:2090:26: runtime error: division by zero
21.0.5 JDK-8331421 ubsan: vmreg.cpp checking error member call on misaligned address
21.0.5 JDK-8331626 unsafe.cpp:162:38: runtime error in index_oop_from_field_offset_long - applying non-zero offset 4563897424 to null pointer
21.0.5 JDK-8319406 x86: Shorter movptr(reg, imm) for 32-bit immediates
21.0.5 JDK-8315031 YoungPLABSize and OldPLABSize not aligned by ObjectAlignmentInBytes
21.0.5 JDK-8331771 ZGC: Remove OopMapCacheAlloc_lock ordering workaround
21.0.5 JDK-8330576 ZYoungCompactionLimit should have range check


This is where OpenJDK used to be ahead, and then Oracle JDK caught up in future releases.

89 issues.

Version 1 Version 2 Bug Synopsis
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8314838 3 compiler tests ignore vm flags
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316464 3 sun/tools tests ignore VM flags
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8314837 5 compiled/codecache tests ignore VM flags
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8317771 [macos14] Expand/collapse a JTree using keyboard freezes the application in macOS 14 Sonoma
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8320681 [macos] Test tools/jpackage/macosx/ timed out on macOS
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8309697 [TESTBUG] Remove "@requires vm.flagless" from jtreg vectorization tests
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8323640 [TESTBUG]testMemoryFailCount in jdk/internal/platform/docker/ always fail because OOM killed
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8324858 [vectorapi] Bounds checking issues when accessing memory segments
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8324874 AArch64: crypto pmull based CRC32/CRC32C intrinsics clobber V8-V15 registers
21.0.3 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8316309 AArch64: VMError::print_native_stack() crashes on Java native method frame
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328194 Add a test to check default rendering engine
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8321107 Add more test cases for JDK-8319372
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8327391 Add SipHash attribution file
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8320309 AIX: pthreads created by foreign test library don't work as expected
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8320303 Allow PassFailJFrame to accept single window creator
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8264899 C1: -XX:AbortVMOnException does not work if all methods in the call stack are compiled with C1 and there are no exception handlers
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328938 C2 SuperWord: disable vectorization for large stride and scale
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328822 C2: "negative trip count?" assert failure in profile predicate code
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8325672 C2: allocate PhaseIdealLoop::_loop_or_ctrl from C->comp_arena()
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8323154 C2: assert(cmp != nullptr && cmp->Opcode() == Op_Cmp(bt)) failed: no exit test
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8323101 C2: assert(n->in(0) == nullptr) failed: divisions with zero check should already have bailed out earlier in split-if
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8325095 C2: bailout message broken: ResourceArea allocated string used after free
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8329163 C2: possible overflow in PhaseIdealLoop::extract_long_range_checks()
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8311588 C2: RepeatCompilation compiler directive does not choose stress seed randomly
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316132 CDSProtectionDomain::get_shared_protection_domain should check for exception
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8324514 ClassLoaderData::print_on should print address of class loader
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8318468 compiler/tiered/ fails with -XX:CompileThreshold=100 -XX:TieredStopAtLevel=1
21.0.3 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8318082 ConcurrentModificationException from IndexWriter
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8314220 Configurable InlineCacheBuffer size
21.0.3 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8320798 Console read line with zero out should zero out underlying buffer
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8318696 Do not use LFS64 symbols on Linux
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8317144 Exclude sun/security/pkcs11/sslecc/ on Linux ppc64le
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8318964 Fix build failures caused by 8315097
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8319153 Fix: Class is a raw type in ProcessTools
21.0.3 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8317316 G1: Make TestG1PercentageOptions use createTestJvm
21.0.3 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8317317 G1: Make TestG1RemSetFlags use createTestJvm
21.0.3 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8317358 G1: Make TestMaxNewSize use createTestJvm
21.0.3 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8317343 GC: Make TestHeapFreeRatio use createTestJvm
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8317228 GC: Make TestXXXHeapSizeFlags use createTestJvm
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8322279 Generational ZGC: Use ZFragmentationLimit and ZYoungCompactionLimit as percentage instead of multiples
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8321619 Generational ZGC: ZColorStoreGoodOopClosure is only valid for young objects
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8314835 gtest wrappers should be marked as flagless
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8280056 gtest/ failed "os.release_one_mapping_multi_commits_vm"
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328703 Illegal accesses in Java_jdk_internal_org_jline_terminal_impl_jna_linux_CLibraryImpl_ioctl0
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8320715 Improve the tests of test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/intrinsics/float16
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8322282 Incorrect LoaderConstraintTable::add_entry after JDK-8298468
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8324050 Issue store-store barrier after re-materializing objects during deoptimization
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8314164 java/net/HttpURLConnection/ fails intermittently in timeout
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8321151 JDK-8294427 breaks Windows L&F on all older Windows versions
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8309871 jdk/jfr/api/consumer/recordingstream/ timed out
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8325567 jspawnhelper without args fails with segfault
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316445 Mark com/sun/management/HotSpotDiagnosticMXBean/ as vm.flagless
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8304839 Move TestScaffold.main() to the separate class DebugeeWrapper
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319314 NMT detail report slow or hangs for large number of mappings
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8319437 NMT should show library names in call stacks
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8314831 NMT tests ignore vm flags
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8326974 ODR violation in macroAssembler_aarch64.cpp
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315726 Open source several AWT applet tests
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315602 Open source swing security manager test
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8310031 Parallel: Implement better work distribution for large object arrays in old gen
21.0.3 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8317347 Parallel: Make TestInitialTenuringThreshold use createTestJvm
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8318603 Parallelize sun/java2d/marlin/
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8312218 Print additional debug information when hitting assert(in_hash)
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8322783 prioritize /etc/os-release over /etc/SuSE-release in hs_err/info output
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8330523 Reduce runtime and improve efficiency of KeepAliveTest
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8310923 Refactor Currency tests to use JUnit
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319137 release _object in ObjectMonitor dtor to avoid races
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8312916 Remove remaining usages of -Xdebug from test/hotspot/jtreg
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315097 Rename createJavaProcessBuilder
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8303773 Replace "main.wrapper" with "test.thread.factory" property in test code
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8314830 runtime/ErrorHandling/ tests ignore external VM flags
21.0.3 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8319633 runtime/posixSig/ intermittent timeouts on UNIX
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8314829 serviceability/sa/jmap-hprof/ ignores vm flags
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316562 serviceability/sa/jmap-hprof/ times out after JDK-8314829
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319569 Several java/util tests should be updated to accept VM flags
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8324121 SIGFPE in PhaseIdealLoop::extract_long_range_checks
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8320206 Some intrinsics/stubs missing vzeroupper on x86_64
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316462 sun/jvmstat/monitor/MonitoredVm/ ignores VM flags
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8323635 Test gc/g1/ fails with -XX:TieredStopAtLevel=3
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8312194 test/hotspot/jtreg/applications/ctw/modules/ cannot handle empty modules
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8299023 and are failing intermittently
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8319338 tools/jpackage/share/ fails with -XX:+UseZGC
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319548 Unexpected internal name for Filler array klass causes error in VisualVM
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8323065 Unneccesary CodeBlob lookup in CompiledIC::internal_set_ic_destination
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8314333 Update com/sun/jdi/ to use ProcessTools.createTestJvm(..)
21.0.4 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8321812 Update GC tests to use execute[Limited]TestJava
21.0.3 21.0.5-oracle JDK-8305962 update jcstress to 0.16
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8324598 use mem_unit when working with sysinfo memory and swap related information
21.0.3 21.0.4-oracle JDK-8325074 ZGC fails assert(index == 0 || is_power_of_2(index)) failed: Incorrect load shift: 11


This is where Oracle JDK used to be ahead, and then OpenJDK caught up in future releases.

6 issues.

Version 1 Version 2 Bug Synopsis
21.0.3-oracle 21.0.5 JDK-8299058 AssertionError in when connection is idle 21.0.5 JDK-8331885 C2: meet between unloaded and speculative types is not symmetric 21.0.5 JDK-8322726 C2: Unloaded signature class kills argument value
21.0.3-oracle 21.0.4 JDK-8320343 Generate GIF images for AbstractButton/5049549/
21.0.4-oracle 21.0.5 JDK-8320945 problemlist tests failing on latest Windows 11 update
21.0.4-oracle 21.0.5 JDK-8326106 Write and clear stack trace table outside of safepoint


This is where OpenJDK made the first backport in the release, and then Oracle JDK followed.

No difference in the final release detected.

46 issues.

Version Bug Synopsis
21.0.3 JDK-8322725 (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2023d
21.0.3 JDK-8325150 (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2024a
21.0.3 JDK-8314513 [IR Framework] Some internal IR Framework tests are failing after JDK-8310308 on PPC and Cascade Lake
21.0.4 JDK-8327036 [macosx-aarch64] SIGBUS in MarkActivationClosure::do_code_blob reached from Unsafe_CopySwapMemory0
21.0.4 JDK-8328524 [x86] failure on linux-x86: Could not reserve enough space for 2097152KB object heap
21.0.4 JDK-8324824 AArch64: Detect Ampere-1B core and update default options for Ampere CPUs
21.0.5 JDK-8287325 AArch64: fix virtual threads with -XX:UseBranchProtection=pac-ret
21.0.5 JDK-8334421 assert(!oldbox->is_unbalanced()) failed: this should not be called for unbalanced region
21.0.4 JDK-8320275 assert(_chunk->bitmap().at(index)) failed: Bit not set at index
21.0.3 JDK-8309203 C2: remove copy-by-value of GrowableArray for InterfaceSet
21.0.4 JDK-8315373 Change VirtualThread to unmount after freezing, re-mount before thawing
21.0.3 JDK-8320145 Compiler should accept final variable in Record Pattern
21.0.5 JDK-8331746 Create a test to verify that the cmm id is not ignored
21.0.4 JDK-8325613 CTW: Stale method cleanup requires GC after Sweeper removal
21.0.3 JDK-8321599 Data loss in AVX3 Base64 decoding
21.0.5 JDK-8325754 Dead AbstractQueuedSynchronizer$ConditionNodes survive minor garbage collections
21.0.4 JDK-8325432 enhance assert message "relocation addr must be in this section"
21.0.4 JDK-8328825 Google CAInterop test failures
21.0.4 JDK-8328165 improve assert(idx < _maxlrg) failed: oob
21.0.3 JDK-8310308 IR Framework: check for type and size of vector nodes
21.0.4 JDK-8323595 is_aligned(p, alignof(OopT))) assertion fails in Jetty without compressed OOPs
21.0.4 JDK-8323296 java/lang/Thread/virtual/stress/ timed out
21.0.4 JDK-8316924 java/lang/Thread/virtual/stress/ times out
21.0.3 JDK-8317300 javac erroneously allows "final" in front of a record pattern
21.0.5 JDK-8310072 JComboBox/DisabledComboBoxFontTestAuto: Enabled and disabled ComboBox does not match in these LAFs: GTK+
21.0.3 JDK-8323659 LinkedTransferQueue add and put methods call overridable offer
21.0.5 JDK-8320602 Lock contention in SchemaDVFactory.getInstance()
21.0.3 JDK-8322040 Missing array bounds check in ClassReader.parameter
21.0.5 JDK-8333099 Missing check for is_LoadVector in StoreNode::Identity
21.0.3 JDK-8314578 Non-verifiable code is emitted when two guards declare pattern variables in colon-switch
21.0.4 JDK-8312777 notifyJvmtiMount before notifyJvmtiUnmount
21.0.3 JDK-8305971 NPE in JavacProcessingEnvironment for missing enum constructor body
21.0.4 JDK-8324817 Parallel GC does not pre-touch all heap pages when AlwaysPreTouch enabled and large page disabled
21.0.3 JDK-8311581 Remove obsolete code and comments in
21.0.4 JDK-8322846 Running with -Djdk.tracePinnedThreads set can hang
21.0.3 JDK-8320937 support latest VS2022 MSC_VER in abstract_vm_version.cpp
21.0.3 JDK-8325096 Test java/security/cert/CertPathBuilder/akiExt/ is failing
21.0.4 JDK-8316563 test tools/jpackage/linux/ fails on CentOS Linux release 8.5.2111 and Fedora 27
21.0.4 JDK-8323002 test/jdk/java/lang/Thread/virtual/stress/ times out on macosx-x64
21.0.3 JDK-8322159 ThisEscapeAnalyzer crashes for erroneous code
21.0.4 JDK-8322818 Thread::getStackTrace can fail with InternalError if virtual thread is timed-parked when pinned
21.0.4 JDK-8312498 Thread::getState and JVM TI GetThreadState should return TIMED_WAITING virtual thread is timed parked
21.0.4 JDK-8326351 Update the Zlib version in open/src/java.base/share/legal/ to 1.3.1
21.0.4 JDK-8321270 Virtual Thread.yield consumes parking permit
21.0.4 JDK-8328066 WhiteBoxResizeTest failure on linux-x86: Could not reserve enough space for 2097152KB object heap
21.0.3 JDK-8321582 yield .class not parsed correctly.


This is where Oracle JDK made the first backport in the release, and then OpenJDK followed.

No difference in the final release detected.

386 issues.

Version Bug Synopsis
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8318580 "javax/swing/MultiMonitor/ failing with Error. Can't find library: /open/test/jdk/java/awt/regtesthelpers" after JDK-8316053
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8320129 "top" command during jtreg failure handler does not display CPU usage on OSX
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8325382 (fc) FileChannel.transferTo throws IOException when position equals size
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8332248 (fc) java/nio/channels/FileChannel/ failed with RuntimeException
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8313674 (fc) java/nio/channels/FileChannel/ should test for more block devices
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8327096 (fc) java/nio/channels/FileChannel/ fails on partition incapable of creating large files
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315485 (fs) Move java/nio/file/Path/ tests into java/nio/file/Path/
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8315241 (fs) Move toRealPath tests in java/nio/file/Path/ to separate JUnit 5 test
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8334297 (so) java/nio/channels/SocketChannel/ should not depend on SecurityManager
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8301183 (zipfs) jdk/jdk/nio/zipfs/ failing with ZipException:R0 on OL9
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8303972 (zipfs) Make test/jdk/jdk/nio/zipfs/ independent of the zip command line
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316460 4 javax/management tests ignore VM flags
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316451 6 java/lang/instrument/PremainClass tests ignore VM flags
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8310844 [AArch64] C1 compilation fails because monitor offset in OSR buffer is too large for immediate
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8318479 [jmh] the test security.CacheBench failed for multiple threads run
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8317287 [macos14] Child VM: abnormal termination
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8315986 [macos14] javax/swing/JMenuItem/4654927/ component must be showing on the screen to determine its location
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8328988 [macos14] Problem list which fails due to macOS bug described in JDK-8322653
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8324733 [macos14] Problem list tests which fail due to macOS bug described in JDK-8322653
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8318854 [macos14] Running any AWT app prints Secure coding warning
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8322239 [macos] a11y : java.lang.NullPointerException is thrown when focus is moved on the JTabbedPane
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8260633 [macos] java/awt/dnd/MouseEventAfterStartDragTest/MouseEventAfterStartDragTest.html test failed
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8324238 [macOS] java/awt/Frame/ShapeNotSetSometimes/ fails with the shape has not been applied msg
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8317288 [macos] java/awt/Window/Grab/ Press on the outside area didn't cause ungrab
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8241550 [macOS] SSLSocketImpl/ failed due to "BindException: Address already in use"
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8324577 [REDO] - [IMPROVE] OPEN_MAX is no longer the max limit on macOS >= 10.6 for RLIMIT_NOFILE
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8321176 [Screencast] make a second attempt on screencast failure
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8310238 [test bug] javax/swing/JTableHeader/6889007/ fails
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8280988 [XWayland] Click on title to request focus test failures
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8331011 [XWayland] TokenStorage fails under Security Manager
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8280990 [XWayland] XTest emulated mouse click does not bring window to front
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8313697 [XWayland][Screencast] consequent getPixelColor calls are slow
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8310334 [XWayland][Screencast] screen capture error message in debug
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8309621 [XWayland][Screencast] screen capture failure with sun.java2d.uiScale other than 1
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319676 A couple of jdk/modules/incubator/ tests ignore VM flags
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8323670 A few client tests intermittently throw ConcurrentModificationException
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8325972 Add -x to bash for building with LOG=debug
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8281658 Add a security category to the java -XshowSettings option
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8159927 Add a test to verify JMOD files created in the images do not have debug symbols
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8317007 Add bulk removal of dead nmethods during class unloading
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8321408 Add Certainly roots R1 and E1
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316138 Add GlobalSign 2 TLS root certificates
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8322321 Add man page doc for -XX:+VerifySharedSpaces
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8324998 Add test cases for String.regionMatches comparing Turkic dotted/dotless I with uppercase latin I
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8327137 Add test for ConcurrentModificationException in BasicDirectoryModel
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8331142 Add test for number of loader threads in BasicDirectoryModel
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8051959 Add thread and timestamp options to system property
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8311663 Additional refactoring of Locale tests to JUnit
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8330611 AES-CTR vector intrinsic may read out of bounds (x86_64, AVX-512)
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328110 Allow simultaneous use of PassFailJFrame with split UI and additional windows
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8326006 Allow TEST_VM_FLAGLESS to set flagless mode
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8324174 assert(m->is_entered(current)) failed: invariant
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8320515 assert(monitor->object_peek() != nullptr) failed: Owned monitors should not have a dead object
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8327840 Automate javax/swing/border/
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8319773 Avoid inflating monitors when installing hash codes for LM_LIGHTWEIGHT
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8320655 awt screencast robot spin and sync issues with native libpipewire api
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8187759 Background not refreshed when painting over a transparent JFrame
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8238169 BasicDirectoryModel getDirectories and can deadlock
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8331999 BasicDirectoryModel/ frequently fails on Windows in CI
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8318971 Better Error Handling for Jar Tool When Processing Non-existent Files
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8261433 Better pkcs11 performance for libpkcs11:C_EncryptInit/libpkcs11:C_DecryptInit
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8077371 Binary files in JAXP test should be removed
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8322996 BoxLockNode creation fails with assert(reg < CHUNK_SIZE) failed: sanity
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8330748 ByteArrayOutputStream.writeTo(OutputStream) pins carrier
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8319793 C2 compilation fails with "Bad graph detected in build_loop_late" after JDK-8279888
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8319372 C2 compilation fails with "Bad immediate dominator info"
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8323972 C2 compilation fails with assert(!x->as_Loop()->is_loop_nest_inner_loop()) failed: loop was transformed
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8308660 C2 compilation hits 'node must be dead' assert
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8316756 C2 EA fails with "missing memory path" when encountering unsafe_arraycopy stub call
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8327423 C2 remove_main_post_loops: check if main-loop belongs to pre-loop, not just assert
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8332905 C2 SuperWord: bad AD file, with RotateRightV and first operand not a pack
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8330819 C2 SuperWord: bad dominance after pre-loop limit adjustment with base that has CastLL after pre-loop
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8323577 C2 SuperWord: remove AlignVector restrictions on IR tests added in JDK-8305055
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8313720 C2 SuperWord: wrong result with -XX:+UseVectorCmov -XX:+UseCMoveUnconditionally
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8316594 C2 SuperWord: wrong result with hand unrolled loops
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8323274 C2: array load may float above range check
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8316361 C2: assert(!failure) failed: Missed optimization opportunity in PhaseIterGVN with -XX:VerifyIterativeGVN=10
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8325494 C2: Broken graph after not skipping CastII node anymore for Assertion Predicates after JDK-8309902
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8333366 C2: CmpU3Nodes are not pushed back to worklist in PhaseCCP leading to non-fixpoint assertion failure
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8328702 C2: Crash during parsing because sub type check is not folded
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8331575 C2: crash when ConvL2I is split thru phi at LongCountedLoop
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8323682 C2: guard check is not generated in Arrays.copyOfRange intrinsic when allocation is eliminated by EA
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8321542 C2: Missing ChaCha20 stub for x86_32 leads to crashes
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8321278 C2: Partial peeling fails with assert "last_peel <- first_not_peeled"
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8332920 C2: Partial Peeling is wrongly applied for CmpU with negative limit
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8324969 C2: prevent elimination of unbalanced coarsened locking regions
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8322743 C2: prevent lock region elimination in OSR compilation
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8332959 C2: ZGC fails with 'Incorrect load shift' when invoking Object.clone() reflectively on an array
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8318613 ChoiceFormat patterns are not well tested
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8332885 Clarify failure_handler self-tests
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8330814 Cleanups for KeepAliveCache tests
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8315721 fails transiently on libgraal
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8307778 com/sun/jdi/cds tests fail with jtreg's Virtual test thread factory
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8322062 com/sun/jdi/ does not performs negative testing with prefix length
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8309757 com/sun/jdi/ fails with virtual test thread factory
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8309752 com/sun/jdi/ fails with virtual test thread factory due to OpaqueFrameException
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8325137 com/sun/management/ThreadMXBean/ can fail in Xcomp with out of expected range
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8322858 compiler/c2/aarch64/ fails on AArch64 due to unexpected PrintAssembly output
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8324236 compiler/ciReplay/ failed with RuntimeException: should only dump inline information for ... expected true, was false
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8317831 compiler/codecache/ fails on OL 8.8 with unexpected memory string
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8315576 compiler/codecache/ fails after JDK-8314837
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8316392 compiler/interpreter/ failed with SIGBUS in PcDescContainer::find_pc_desc_internal
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8315969 compiler/rangechecks/ make flagless
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8316661 CompilerThread leaks CodeBlob memory when dynamically stopping compiler thread in non-product
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8222884 times out intermittently
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8324933 ConcurrentHashTable::statistics_calculate synchronization is expensive
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8310731 Configure a for the HTTP/1.1 test servers in java/net/httpclient tests
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328238 Convert few closed manual applet tests to main
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328158 Convert java/awt/Choice/NonFocusablePopupMenuTest to automatic main test
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328115 Convert java/awt/font/TextLayout/TestJustification.html applet test to main
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328011 Convert java/awt/Frame/GetBoundsResizeTest/ applet test to main
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8327787 Convert javax/swing/border/ applet test to main
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8308453 Convert JKS test keystores in test/jdk/javax/net/ssl/etc to PKCS12
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8321974 Crash in ciKlass::is_subtype_of because TypeAryPtr::_klass is not initialized
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8326638 Crash in PhaseIdealLoop::remix_address_expressions due to unexpected Region instead of Loop
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8312229 Crash involving yield, switch and anonymous classes
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315559 Delay TempSymbol cleanup to avoid symbol table churn
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328218 Delete test java/awt/Window/FindOwner/FindOwner.html
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8313229 should be modified to use TLS versions TLSv1, TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8311986 Disable runtime/os/ for ShenandoahGC
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8331863 DUIterator_Fast used before it is constructed
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8327998 Enable java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ on Mac
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316608 Enable parallelism in vmTestbase/gc/vector tests
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8318607 Enable parallelism in vmTestbase/nsk/stress/jni tests
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8318608 Enable parallelism in vmTestbase/nsk/stress/threads tests
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8318727 Enable parallelism in vmTestbase/vm/gc/concurrent tests
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8322008 Exclude some CDS tests from running with -Xshare:off
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319574 Exec/process tests should be marked as flagless
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8327180 Failed: java/io/ObjectStreamClass/
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8332898 failure_handler: log directory of commands
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319578 Few java/lang/instrument ignore and accept test.vm.opts only
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319647 Few java/lang/System/LoggerFinder/modules tests ignore vm flags
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8314832 Few runtime/os tests ignore vm flags
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8315034 File.mkdirs() occasionally fails to create folders on Windows shared folder
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8166352 FilePane.createDetailsView() removes JTable TAB, SHIFT-TAB functionality
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8320943 Files/probeContentType/ fails on latest Windows 11 - content type mismatch
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8325908 Finish removal of IntlTest and CollatorTest
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8318983 Fix comment typo in
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8314824 Fix serviceability/jvmti/8036666/ to use vm flags
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8319668 Fixup of jar filename typo in
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328896 Fontmetrics for large Fonts has zero width
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8326948 Force English locale for timeout formatting
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315605 G1: Add number of nmethods in code roots scanning statistics
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315503 G1: Code root scan causes long GC pauses due to imbalanced iteration
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8318720 G1: Memory leak in G1CodeRootSet after JDK-8315503
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8283223 gc/stringdedup/ failed with "RuntimeException: String verification failed"
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8316001 GC: Make TestArrayAllocatorMallocLimit use createTestJvm
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8305825 getBounds API returns wrong value resulting in multiple Regression Test Failures on Ubuntu 23.04
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8323994 gtest runner repeats test name for every single gtest assertion
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8333270 HandlersOnComplexResetUpdate and HandlersOnComplexUpdate tests fail with "Unexpected reference" if timeoutFactor is less than 1/3
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8321713 Harmonize executeTestJvm with create[Limited]TestJavaProcessBuilder
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8328555 hidpi problems for test java/awt/Dialog/DialogAnotherThread/
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8325620 HTMLReader uses ConvertAction instead of specified CharacterAction for , ,
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8306040 HttpResponseInputStream.available() returns 1 on empty stream
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8318599 HttpURLConnection cache issues leading to crashes in JGSS w/ native GSS introduced by 8303809
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8318071 IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions flag still causes failure in ArchiveHeapTestClass
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316669 ImmutableOopMapSet destructor not called
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319955 Improve dependencies removal during class unloading
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8317635 Improve GetClassFields test to verify correctness of field order
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316959 Improve InlineCacheBuffer pending queue management
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8318154 Improve stability of test
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8321215 Incorrect x86 instruction encoding for VSIB addressing mode
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8318490 Increase timeout for JDK tests that are close to the limit when run with libgraal
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8317809 Insertion of free code blobs into code cache can be very slow during class unloading
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8332524 Instead of printing "TLSv1.3," it is showing "TLS13"
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328785 IOException: Symbol not found: C_GetInterface for PKCS11 interface prior to V3.0
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8306922 IR verification fails because IR dump is chopped up
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8321480 ISO 4217 Amendment 176 Update
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8334653 ISO 4217 Amendment 177 Update
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8326129 Java Record Pattern Match leads to infinite loop
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328560 java/awt/event/MouseEvent/ClickDuringKeypress/ imports Applet
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8280392 java/awt/Focus/NonFocusableWindowTest/ failed with "RuntimeException: Test failed."
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8266242 java/awt/GraphicsDevice/ failing on macOS 11 ARM
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8274122 java/io/File/createTempFile/ fails in Windows 11
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319648 java/lang/SecurityManager tests ignore vm flags
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8333804 java/net/httpclient/ threw an exception with 0 failures
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8327989 java/net/httpclient/ should not use "localhost" in URIs
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8223696 java/net/httpclient/ failed with didn't finish within the time-out
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8311792 java/net/httpclient/ fails intermittently with AssertionError: Found some outstanding operations
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8309302 java/net/Socket/ fails with AssertionError on test temporal post condition
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8310807 java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ timed out
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319757 java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ failed: wrong exception thrown
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8310629 java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/OCSP/ fails with RuntimeException Server not ready
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8269428 java/util/concurrent/ConcurrentHashMap/ timed out
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8318809 java/util/concurrent/ConcurrentLinkedQueue/ shows intermittent failures on linux ppc64le and aarch64
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8278527 java/util/concurrent/tck/ fails nanoTime test
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8320714 java/util/Locale/ and java/util/ResourceBundle/modules/visibility/ timeout after passing
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8327486 java/util/Properties/ fails "Text 'xxx' could not be parsed at index 20" after 8174269
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8321164 javac with annotation processor throws AssertionError: Filling jrt:/... during JarFileObject[/...]
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8314975 JavadocTester should set source path if not specified
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8327136 javax/management/remote/mandatory/notif/ fails on libgraal
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8327007 javax/swing/JSpinner/8008657/ fails
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8318590 JButton ignores margin when painting HTML text
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8326643 JDK server does not send a dummy change_cipher_spec record after HelloRetryRequest message
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8325083 jdk/incubator/vector/ crashes in Assembler::vex_prefix_and_encode
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8311881 jdk/javax/swing/ProgressMonitor/ does not show the ProgressMonitorInputStream all the time
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8319456 jdk/jfr/event/gc/collection/TestGCCauseWith[Serial|Parallel].java : GC cause 'GCLocker Initiated GC' not in the valid causes
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8312140 jdk/jshell tests failed with JDI socket timeouts
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8314614 jdk/jshell/ failed with "InternalError: Failed remote listen"
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8331605 jdk/test/lib/ test failure
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8324668 JDWP process management needs more efficient file descriptor handling
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328953 throws ChangedCharSetException
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8323243 JNI invocation of an abstract instance method corrupts the stack
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8318689 jtreg is confused when folder name is the same as the test name
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8313899 JVMCI exception Translation can fail in TranslatedException.
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8311081 fail on localized Windows platform
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8294699 Launcher causes lingering busy cursor
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8330133 crashes on some pkcs#11 v3.0 libraries
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8331495 Limit BasicDirectoryModel/ to Windows only
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8317440 Lock rank checking fails when code root set is modified with the Servicelock held after JDK-8315503
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8312383 Log X509ExtendedKeyManager implementation class name in TLS/SSL connection
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8293069 Make -XX:+Verbose less verbose
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8288989 Make tests not depend on the source code
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8320608 Many jtreg printing tests are missing the @printer keyword
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8314828 Mark 3 jcmd command-line options test as vm.flagless
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8332154 Memory leak in SynchronousQueue
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8304292 Memory leak related to ClassLoader::update_class_path_entry_list
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8322766 Micro bench SSLHandshake should use default algorithms
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8334333 fails if run by root
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8312136 Modify runtime/ErrorHandling/ to split dwarf and decoder testing
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315071 Modify, to use new PassFailJFrame's builder pattern usage
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319048 Monitor deflation unlink phase prolongs time to safepoint
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8317350 Move code cache purging out of CodeCache::UnloadingScope
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8309763 Move tests in test/jdk/sun/misc/URLClassPath directory to test/jdk/jdk/internal/loader
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8320570 NegativeArraySizeException decoding >1G UTF8 bytes with non-ascii characters
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8326591 New test fails on Windows when --with-external-symbols-in-bundles=public is used
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8329126 No native wrappers generated anymore with -XX:-TieredCompilation after JDK-8251462
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328269 should be marked as headful
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8331077 nroff man page update for jar tool
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8296631 NSS tests failing on OL9 linux-aarch64 hosts
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8320692 Null icon returned for .exe without custom icon
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316053 Open some swing tests 3
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8316306 Open source and convert manual Swing test
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8316389 Open source few AWT applet tests
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8315594 Open source few headless Swing misc tests
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8315600 Open source few more headless Swing misc tests
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315609 Open source few more swing text/html tests
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315677 Open source few swing JFileChooser and other tests
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315741 Open source few swing JFormattedTextField and JPopupMenu tests
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8316106 Open source few swing JInternalFrame and JMenuBar tests
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8315761 Open source few swing JList and JMenuBar tests
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315663 Open source misc awt tests
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8316240 Open source several add/remove MenuBar manual tests
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8316211 Open source several manual applet tests
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315889 Open source several Swing HTMLDocument related tests
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315834 Open source several Swing JSpinner related tests
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8315804 Open source several Swing JTabbedPane JTextArea JTextField tests
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8316104 Open source several Swing SplitPane and RadioButton related tests
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8315731 Open source several Swing Text related tests
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315824 Open source several Swing Text/HTML related tests
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315898 Open source swing JMenu tests
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8315611 Open source swing text/html and tree test
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8312111 open/test/jdk/java/awt/Robot/ModifierRobotKey/ fails on ubuntu 23.04
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8316285 Opensource JButton manual tests
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316164 Opensource JMenuBar manual test
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316154 Opensource JTextArea manual tests
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316242 Opensource SwingGraphics manual test
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8322477 order of subclasses in the permits clause can differ between compilations
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8327261 Parsing test for Double/Float succeeds w/o testing all bad cases
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8312428 PKCS11 tests fail with NSS 3.91
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8319103 Popups that request focus are not shown on Linux with Wayland
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8326891 Prefer RPATH over RUNPATH for $ORIGIN rpaths in internal JDK binaries
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8320675 PrinterJob/ hangs
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8323685 PrintSystemDictionaryAtExit has mutex rank assert
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8327040 Problemlist test failing in macos14
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8334592 ProblemList serviceability/jvmti/stress/StackTrace/NotSuspended/ in jdk21 on all platforms
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8325179 Race in BasicDirectoryModel.validateFileCache
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8324983 Race in CompileBroker::possibly_add_compiler_threads
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8310201 Reduce verbose locale output in -XshowSettings launcher option
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8317631 Refactor ChoiceFormat tests to use JUnit
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8210410 Refactor java.util.Currency:i18n shell tests to plain java tests
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8310234 Refactor Locale tests to use JUnit
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8310818 Refactor more Locale tests to use JUnit
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8317372 Refactor some NumberFormat tests to use JUnit
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316559 Refactor some util/Calendar tests to JUnit
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8309142 Refactor test/langtools/tools/javac/versions/
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8303525 Refactor/cleanup open/test/jdk/javax/rmi/ssl/
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8317235 Remove Access API use in nmethod class
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315998 Remove dead ClassLoaderDataGraphKlassIteratorStatic
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316670 Remove effectively unused nmethodBucket::_count
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8312320 Remove javax/rmi/ssl/ from ProblemList
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319896 Remove monitor deflation from final audit
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8313507 Remove pkcs11/Cipher/ from ProblemList
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316696 Remove the testing base classes: IntlTest and CollatorTest
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8316002 Remove unnecessary seen_dead_loader in ClassLoaderDataGraph::do_unloading
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8331798 Remove unused arg of checkErgonomics() in
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328234 Remove unused nativeUtils files
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8318585 Rename CodeCache::UnloadingScope to UnlinkingScope
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8327474 Review use of in jdk tests
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8320712 Rewrite BadFactoryTest in pure Java
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8321276 runtime/cds/appcds/dynamicArchive/ failed with "'17 2: jdk/test/lib/apps ' missing from stdout/stderr"
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8325437 Safepoint polling in monitor deflation can cause massive logs
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8317299 safepoint scalarization doesn't keep track of the depth of the JVM state
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319672 Several classloader tests ignore VM flags
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319651 Several network tests ignore vm flags when start java process
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8307193 Several Swing jtreg tests use class.forName on L&F classes
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8261837 SIGSEGV in ciVirtualCallTypeData::translate_from
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8314225 SIGSEGV in JavaThread::is_lock_owned
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8316693 Simplify at-requires checkDockerSupport()
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8320349 Simplify by using single-window testUI
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8319136 Skip pkcs11 tests on linux-aarch64
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8310108 Skip ReplaceCriticalClassesForSubgraphs when EnableJVMCI is specified
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8331063 Some HttpClient tests don't report leaks
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8327401 Some jtreg tests fail on Wayland without any tracking bug
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8322920 Some ProcessTools.execute* functions are declared to throw Throwable
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8321182 SourceExample.SOURCE_14 comment should refer to 'switch expressions' instead of 'text blocks'
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8317677 Specialize Vtablestubs::entry_for() for VtableBlob
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8304020 Speed up test/jdk/java/util/zip/ZipFile/ and clarify its purpose
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8303891 Speed up Zip64SizeTest using a small ZIP64 file
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8329013 StackOverflowError when starting Apache Tomcat with signed jar
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8319879 Stress mode to randomize incremental inlining decision
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8323276 fails on AIX
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328697 SubMenuShowTest and SwallowKeyEvents tests stabilization
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8326661 sun/java2d/cmm/ColorConvertOp/ assumes profiles were generated by LCMS
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8321925 sun/security/mscapi/ fails with "Alias <246810> does not exist"
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8295343 sun/security/pkcs11 tests fail on Linux RHEL 8.6 and newer
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8319128 sun/security/pkcs11 tests fail on OL 7.9 aarch64
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8325384 sun/security/ssl/SSLSessionImpl/ failing intermittently when main thread is a virtual thread
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8314283 Support for NSS tests on aarch64 platforms
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8305645 System Tray icons get corrupted when Windows primary monitor changes
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8325203 System.exit(0) kills the launched 3rd party application
21.0.5-oracle JDK-6967482 TAB-key does not work in JTables after selecting details-view in JFileChooser
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8329258 TailCall should not use frame pointer register for jump target
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8322750 Test "api/java_awt/interactive/SystemTrayTests.html" failed because A blue ball icon is added outside of the system tray
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328561 test java/awt/Robot/ManualInstructions/ isn't used
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8311992 Test java/lang/Thread/virtual/JfrEvents::testVirtualThreadPinned failed
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8311989 Test java/lang/Thread/virtual/ timed out
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8299487 Test java/net/httpclient/whitebox/ timed out
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8263256 Test java/net/Inet6Address/serialize/ fails due to dynamic reconfigurations of network interface during test
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8327650 Test java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ timed out
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8328037 Test java/util/Formatter/ has unnecessary high heap requirement after JDK-8326718
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8326718 Test java/util/Formatter/ should timeout on large inputs before fix in JDK-8299677
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8329559 Test javax/swing/JFrame/ failed because The End and Start buttons are not placed correctly and Tab focus does not move as expected
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8328540 test javax/swing/JSplitPane/4885629/ fails on windows hidpi
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319677 Test jdk/internal/misc/VM/ should be marked as flagless
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8317522 Test logic for BODY_CF in is wrong
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8332936 Test vmTestbase/metaspace/gc/watermark_70_80/ fails with no GC's recorded
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8317307 test/jdk/com/sun/jndi/ldap/ fails with ConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8313621 test/jdk/jdk/internal/math/FloatingDecimal/TestFloatingDecimal should use RandomFactory
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8310631 test/jdk/sun/nio/cs/ is spuriously passing
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8310070 Test: javax/net/ssl/DTLS/ timed out
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8326824 Test: remove redundant test in compiler/vectorapi/reshape/utils/
21.0.5-oracle JDK-7022325 TEST_BUG: test/java/util/zip/ZipFile/ leaks files if it fails
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8321933 spawns two processes
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8319938 fails with "getSelectedFiles returned empty array"
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328647 fails with C1-only and -Xcomp
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319265 fails on windows-x64 "Unable to load b.jar"
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8317965 fails with "Unable to load native library.: expected true, was false"
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8312416 Tests in Locale should have more descriptive names
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8331518 Tests should not use the "Classpath" exception form of the legal header
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8311279 failed with different IGVN traces for the same seed
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8314612 fails with -XX:MaxVectorSize=32 and -XX:+AlignVector
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8326734 text-decoration applied to lost when mixed with or
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8320079 The test has no control buttons
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8301686 TLS 1.3 handshake fails if server_name doesn't match resuming session
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8303959 tools/jpackage/share/ fails with java.lang.AssertionError missing files
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8259866 two java.util tests failed with "IOException: There is not enough space on the disk"
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8333398 Uncomment the commented test in test/jdk/java/util/jar/JarFile/mrjar/
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8328812 Update and move siphash license
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8316028 Update FreeType to 2.13.2
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8328999 Update GIFlib to 5.2.2
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8332424 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2024-05-16
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319567 Update java/lang/invoke tests to support vm flags
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319568 Update java/lang/reflect/exeCallerAccessTest/ to accept vm flags
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8319571 Update jni/nullCaller/ to accept flags or mark as flagless
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8321489 Update LCMS to 2.16
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8329004 Update Libpng to 1.6.43
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8328957 Update to not use hardcoded path
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8329510 Update ProblemList for JFileChooser/8194044/
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8320208 Update Public Suffix List to b5bf572
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8323210 Update the usage of cmsFLAGS_COPY_ALPHA
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8319124 Update XML Security for Java to 3.0.3
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8315117 Update Zlib Data Compression Library to Version 1.3
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8324632 Update Zlib Data Compression Library to Version 1.3.1
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8330063 Upgrade jQuery to 3.7.1
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8313612 Use JUnit in lib-test/jdk tests
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8320342 Use PassFailJFrame for
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8315024 Vector API FP reduction tests should not test for exact equality
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8325520 Vector loads and stores with indices and masks incorrectly compiled
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8307788 vmTestbase/gc/gctests/LargeObjects/large003/ timed out
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8317600 VtableStubs::stub_containing() table load not ordered wrt to stores
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8169475 fails by timeout
21.0.5-oracle JDK-8305072 Win32ShellFolder2.compareTo is inconsistent
21.0.3-oracle JDK-8316947 Write a test to check textArea triggers MouseEntered/MouseExited events properly
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8318109 Writing JFR records while a CHT has taken its lock asserts in rank checking
21.0.4-oracle JDK-8288936 Wrong lock ordering writing G1HeapRegionTypeChange JFR event


This is where the difference in time within the release was not identified reliably.

No difference in the final release detected.

0 issues.

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