This report shows the bird-eye view of parity between OpenJDK and Oracle JDK.

Report generated: Wed Dec 07 01:48:56 CET 2022


This is where Oracle JDK is ahead of OpenJDK.

No relevant backports are detected in OpenJDK.

This misses the future backporting work.

[...] marks the interest tags.

(*) marks the existing pull request.

(*) marks the backporting work in progress.

680 issues in total


1 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u221 ARa JDK-8218605 Startup Splash Screen of SwingSet2 flashes in smaller coordinates before appearing in the final size


1 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u231 Ra JDK-8148188 Enhance the security libraries to record events of interest


7 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u241 R JDK-8234466 Class loading deadlock involving X509Factory#commitEvent()
8u241 ARa JDK-8143925 enhancing CounterMode.crypt() for AESCrypt.implEncryptBlock()
8u241 R JDK-8171974 Fix for R10 Register clobbering with usage of ExternalAddress
8u241 R JDK-8228613 order is no longer deterministic
8u241 R JDK-8231387 returns random result due to race condition with mutating methods in the same class
8u241 AR JDK-7092821 is synchronized and became scalability bottleneck
8u241 ARa JDK-8146581 Minor corrections to the patch submitted for earlier bug id - 8143925


16 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u251 R RFR JDK-8146215 (fs) java/nio/file/Files/probeContentType/ failed frequently on Solaris-sparc with Unexpected type: text/plain
8u251 R JDK-8172695 (scanner) java/util/Scanner/ fails
8u251 R JDK-8239112 [8u] clean up empty-body warnings in HotSpot
8u251 R JDK-8239919 [8u] enable parentheses-equality warnings in HotSpot
8u251 R JDK-8239223 [8u] enable Wparentheses warnings in HotSpot
8u251 R JDK-8214578 [macos] Problem with backslashes on macOS/JIS keyboard: Java ignores system settings
8u251 R JDK-8214046 [macosx] Undecorated Frame does not Iconify when set to
8u251 R JDK-8196724 Change macosx deployment target to 10.9
8u251 R JDK-8048298 Clang needs to lower optimization level for some files
8u251 R JDK-8138694 Devkit build on Macosx still requires Xcode to be installed
8u251 R JDK-8181154 Fix lint warnings in JAXP repo: deprecation
8u251 R JDK-8055838 Hotspot does not compile with clang 6.0 (OS X Yosemite)
8u251 R JDK-8222122 Provision to disable XML validation in .jfc file in JFR
8u251 JDK-8225688 Release Note: Support for MS Cryptography Next Generation (CNG)
8u251 R JDK-8237820 remove clang version check for optimization bug workaround from 8u
8u251 R JDK-8163121 Update Commons BCEL to Version 6.0


21 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u261 R JDK-8246613 Choose the default SecureRandom algo based on registration ordering
8u261 R JDK-8237474 Default SSLEngine should create in server role
8u261 R JDK-8187667 Disable deprecation warning for readdir_r
8u261 R JDK-8228477 Have calendar revert to default names if no standalone resources exist
8u261 JDK-8199645 javax/net/ssl/SSLSession/ failed with Connection reset
8u261 R JDK-8242294 JSSE Client does not throw SSLException when an alert occurs during handshaking
8u261 R JDK-8215711 Missing key_share extension for (EC)DHE key exchange should alert missing_extension
8u261 JDK-7013776 Multithreaded JSSE application debug information is hard to read
8u261 R JDK-8185576 New handshake implementation
8u261 R JDK-8206178 New TLS 1.3 standard names
8u261 R JDK-8239798 SSLSocket closes socket both socket endpoints on a SocketTimeoutException
8u261 R JDK-8246031 SSLSocket.getSession() doesn't close connection for timeout/ interrupts
8u261 R JDK-8234725 sun/security/ssl/SSLContextImpl tests support TLSv1.3
8u261 R JDK-8205653 test/jdk/sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/ and fail with handshake_failure
8u261 R JDK-8166595 TLS Support for RSASSA-PSS Signature Algorithms
8u261 R JDK-8248505 Unexpected NoSuchAlgorithmException when using secure random impl from BCFIPS provider
8u261 R JDK-8224157 Update Commons BCEL to Version 6.3.1
8u261 R JDK-8238164 Update Xerces2 Java to version 2.12.0
8u261 RS JDK-8242470 Update Xerces2 Java to Version 2.12.1
8u261 RS JDK-8232854 URLClassLoader.close() doesn't close cached JAR file on Windows when load() fails
8u261 R JDK-8177784 Use CounterMode intrinsic for AES/GCM


26 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u271 R JDK-8177560 @headful key can be removed from the tests for JavaSound
8u271 R JDK-8246094 [macos] Sound Recording and playback is not working
8u271 R JDK-8185500 [TESTBUG] Add keywords headful/printer in java/awt and javax tests.
8u271 R JDK-8159690 [TESTBUG] Mark headful tests with @key headful.
8u271 R JDK-8160974 [TESTBUG] Mark more headful tests with @key headful.
8u271 R JDK-8248745 Add jarsigner and keytool tests for restricted algorithms
8u271 R JDK-8246330 Add TLS Tests for Legacy ECDSA curves
8u271 R JDK-8224829 has timing issue
8u271 R JDK-8256685 Behavior change in XML since JDK 8u271
8u271 R (*) JDK-8205111 Develop new Test to verify different key types for supported TLS protocols.
8u271 R JDK-8047765 Generate blacklist.certs in build
8u271 R JDK-8196196 Headful tests should not be run in headless mode
8u271 R JDK-8245151 jarsigner should not raise duplicate warnings on verification
8u271 R JDK-8245005 javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ failed with No enum constant
8u271 R JDK-7109623 javax/sound/sampled/DirectAudio/ failed
8u271 AR JDK-6424123 JVM crashes on failed 'strdup' call.
8u271 R JDK-8153725 Problem list javax/sound/sampled/DirectAudio/ for Linux
8u271 R JDK-8198333 ProblemList should be updated for headless mode
8u271 R JDK-8250787 Provider.put no longer registering aliases in FIPS env
8u271 R JDK-8248348 Regression caused by the update to BCEL 6.0
8u271 R JDK-8243029 Rewrite javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ with a flexible interop test framework
8u271 R JDK-8236464 SO_LINGER option is ignored by SSLSocket in JDK 11
8u271 R JDK-8183286 Some java/awt and javax/swing tests miss headful jtreg keyword
8u271 R JDK-8198406 Test TestAATMorxFont is unstable
8u271 R JDK-8156579 Two JavaBeans tests failed
8u271 Ra JDK-8258373 Update the text handling in the JPasswordField


18 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u281 R JDK-8212903 [TestBug] Tests test/jdk/javax/swing/LookAndFeel/8145547/ and fail on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
8u281 R JDK-8252865 Add -groupname to keytool tooldoc
8u281 R JDK-8255050 Add pkcs11/KeyStore/ to Problem list
8u281 R JDK-8160006 Fix AArch64 after changes made by 8151661
8u281 R JDK-8039426 gcc can target wrong instruction set when building JDK native code
8u281 R JDK-8152432 Implement setting jtreg @requires properties vm.flavor, vm.bits, vm.compMode
8u281 R JDK-8261209 isStandalone property: remove dependency on pretty-print
8u281 R JDK-8185348 Major performance regression in GetMethodDeclaringClass and other JVMTI Method functions
8u281 R JDK-8204126 failed again
8u281 R JDK-8198412 may fail on Solaris
8u281 R JDK-8255365 Problem list failing client manual tests
8u281 R JDK-8140091 remove VMStructs cast_uint64_t workaround for GCC 4.1.1 bug
8u281 R JDK-8261970 reutilization of,produces unexpected result in 8u271
8u281 R JDK-8213400 Support choosing group name in keytool keypair generation
8u281 JDK-8247707 UAC prompt of unknown publisher after upgrading java 8u241
8u281 Ra JDK-8231507 Update Apache Santuario (XML Signature) to version 2.1.4
8u281 R JDK-8253072 XERCES version is displayed incorrect
8u281 R JDK-8249867 XML declaration is not followed by a newline


18 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u291 R JDK-8256187 [TEST_BUG] Automate test
8u291 R JDK-8258884 [TEST_BUG] Convert applet-based test open/test/jdk/javax/swing/JMenuItem/8031573/ to a regular java test
8u291 JDK-8257744 [TESTBUG] Test fails with "The stack size specified is too small, Specify at least 328k" for Aarch64
8u291 R JDK-8244683 A TSA server used by tests
8u291 R JDK-8256888 Client manual test problem list update
8u291 R JDK-8043125 compiler/types/correctness/ assert(layout->tag() == DataLayout::speculative_trap_data_tag) failed: wrong type
8u291 JDK-8252482 disable cbcond instructions on SPARC64
8u291 R JDK-8243290 Improve diagnostic messages for class verification and redefinition failures
8u291 R JDK-8258805 Japanese characters not entered by mouse click on Windows 10
8u291 R JDK-8236469 macOS devkit needs 64-bit SetFile for Catalina
8u291 JDK-8268128 ProviderConfig deadlock in JDK 8u291
8u291 JDK-8260300 Restrict TLS signature schemes in 8u
8u291 R JDK-8257083 Security infra test failures caused by JDK-8202343
8u291 R JDK-8218482 sun/security/krb5/auto/ failed - no KrbException thrown
8u291 R JDK-8246709 sun/security/tools/jarsigner/ compilation failed after JDK-8244683
8u291 R JDK-8198857 Test java/awt/FontClass/NegativeAngleTest/ is unstable
8u291 R JDK-8198339 Test javax/swing/border/ is unstable
8u291 R JDK-8212678 Windows IME related patch


57 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u301 a JDK-7185258 [macOS] Deadlock in SunToolKit.realSync()
8u301 JDK-8239312 [macOS] javax/swing/JFrame/NSTexturedJFrame/
8u301 JDK-8159135 [PIT] javax/swing/JMenuItem/8152981/ always fail
8u301 JDK-7105119 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] In test UIDefaults.toString() must be called with the invokeLater()
8u301 JDK-7195187 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] javax/swing/SwingUtilities/7088744/ failed
8u301 JDK-7124290 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] JComboBox.getSelectedIndex() returns wrong value
8u301 JDK-8264901 [TEST_BUG] Reduce the time ICMColorDataTest runs
8u301 JDK-8081306 [TEST_BUG] remove imports of the internal API from some regression tests
8u301 R JDK-8047878 [TESTBUG] runtime/memory/ and runtime/memory/ time out on Solaris
8u301 JDK-8041924 [TESTBUG] sun/net/www/http/ChunkedOutputStream/ fails on some systems
8u301 JDK-8081478 [TESTBUG] Test javax/swing/plaf/synth/SynthButtonUI/6276188/ fails for OEL 7 only
8u301 JDK-8204938 Add a test case to automatically check the updated LSR data
8u301 JDK-8241797 Add some tests to the problem list
8u301 JDK-8264328 Broken license in javax/swing/JComboBox/8072767/
8u301 S JDK-8216154 C4819 warnings at HotSpot sources on Windows
8u301 JDK-8078279 Closed tests should not use getPeer method
8u301 R JDK-8194959 Correct test tag to move bugid from @test to @bug
8u301 JDK-8178161 Default multicast interface on Mac
8u301 JDK-8205153 Delete "standard instructions" machinery in the open automated tests
8u301 JDK-8263817 java.util.MissingResourceException if add cert with GOST key in cacerts
8u301 JDK-6544871 java/awt/event/KeyEvent/KeyTyped/CtrlASCII.html fails from jdk b09 on windows.
8u301 JDK-8224821 java/awt/Focus/NoAutotransferToDisabledCompTest/ fails linux-x64
8u301 JDK-8225105 java/awt/Focus/ShowFrameCheckForegroundTest/ fails in Windows 10
8u301 JDK-8198335 java/awt/FullScreen/UninitializedDisplayModeChangeTest/ fails in headless mode
8u301 R JDK-8215105 java/awt/Robot/HiDPIScreenCapture/ Wrong Pixel Color
8u301 S JDK-8196019 java/awt/Window/Grab/ fails on Windows
8u301 JDK-8166763 java/rmi/* tests fail intermittently with "Port already in use" in RMID.start()
8u301 JDK-8168975 java/rmi/activation/Activatable tests fail due to "Port already in use" in RMID.restart()
8u301 JDK-8085192 java/rmi/activation/Activatable tests fail intermittently due to "Port already in use"
8u301 JDK-8170704 java/rmi/activation/Activatable/* tests fails intermittently with "output improperly annotated"
8u301 JDK-8194284 java/rmi/activation/Activatable/checkRegisterInLog/ fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: CheckRegisterInLog got exception timeout 6480000ms out of range
8u301 JDK-8225438 javax/net/ssl/TLSCommon/ failed with Read timed out
8u301 JDK-8211787 javax/net/ssl/TLSCommon/ throws Read timed out
8u301 JDK-8196100 javax/swing/text/JTextComponent/5074573/ fails
8u301 JDK-8266293 Key protection using PBEWithMD5AndDES fails with " Salt must be 8 bytes long"
8u301 JDK-8180452 Mark as failing intermittently
8u301 JDK-8194260 Point-to-point interface should be excluded from java/net/ipv6tests/*
8u301 S JDK-8232634 Problem List
8u301 JDK-8240690 Race condition between EDT and BasicDirectoryModel.FilesLoader.run0()
8u301 JDK-8268213 Racecondition at
8u301 JDK-8213110 Remove the use of applets in automatic tests
8u301 JDK-7123987 Request Documentation on JNLP/JNI with in 32-bit and 64-bit windows
8u301 JDK-8267599 Revert the change to the default PKCS12 macAlgorithm and macIterationCount props for 11u/8u/7u
8u301 JDK-8241372 Several test failures due to Connection reset
8u301 JDK-8241336 Some tests failed with NoRouteToHostException on MacOS with special network configuration
8u301 R JDK-8069267 Some properties cannot be set
8u301 JDK-8199072 Test javax/swing/GroupLayout/6613904/ is unstable
8u301 JDK-8197560 test javax/swing/JTree/8003400/ fails
8u301 JDK-7195382 TEST_BUG: java/rmi/activation/CommandEnvironment/ can fail
8u301 R JDK-8234137 The "" test may run external applications
8u301 R JDK-8253269 The CheckCommonColors test should provide more info on failure
8u301 JDK-8235368 Update Commons BCEL to Version 6.4.1
8u301 JDK-8241082 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2020-03-16
8u301 a JDK-8242010 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2020-04-01
8u301 a JDK-8247432 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2020-09-29
8u301 JDK-8153005 Upgrade the default PKCS12 encryption/MAC algorithms
8u301 R JDK-8260380 Upgrade to LittleCMS 2.12


109 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u311 JDK-8267751 (test) jtreg.SkippedException has no serial VersionUID
8u311 JDK-8251377 [macos11] JTabbedPane selected tab text is barely legible
8u311 JDK-8269984 [macos] JTabbedPane title looks like disabled
8u311 JDK-8234386 [macos] NPE was thrown at expanding Choice from maximized frame
8u311 JDK-7124238 [macosx] Font in BasicHTML document is bigger than it should be
8u311 JDK-8015602 [macosx] Test javax/swing/SpringLayout/4726194/ fails on MacOSX
8u311 JDK-8180821 [macosx]com/apple/laf/ScreenMenu/ The menu item should have been GC-ed
8u311 JDK-8136517 [macosx]Test java/awt/Focus/8073453/ fails on MacOSX
8u311 JDK-8163169 [PIT][TEST_BUG] fix to JDK-8161470 doesn't work
8u311 R JDK-8230019 [REDO] compiler/types/correctness/* tests fail with "assert(recv == __null || recv->is_klass()) failed: wrong type"
8u311 Ra JDK-8244088 [Regression] Switch of Gnome theme ends up in deadlocked UI
8u311 JDK-7146533 [TEST BUG] [macosx] skip java/awt/xembed/server/ for Mac OS X
8u311 JDK-8160530 [TEST-BUG] Consistent failure of java/awt/dnd/MissingEventsOnModalDialog/
8u311 JDK-8172509 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Failure of the new test java/awt/Focus/FocusTraversalPolicy/ButtonGroupLayoutTraversal/
8u311 JDK-7087869 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] No mac os x support in test java/awt/Mouse/ExtraMouseClick/ExtraMouseClick
8u311 JDK-7151826 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] The test javax/swing/JPopupMenu/4966112/ not for mac
8u311 JDK-8146076 [TEST_BUG] Fail of sun/java2d/marlin/ with Jigsaw
8u311 JDK-8161470 [TEST_BUG] Failure javax/swing/JRadioButton/FocusTraversal/
8u311 JDK-6857809 [TEST_BUG] java/awt/Component/PrintAllXcheckJNI/ fails in jdk7 b64 pit build
8u311 JDK-8160767 [TEST_BUG] java/awt/Frame/MaximizedToIconified/
8u311 JDK-8047218 [TEST_BUG] java/awt/FullScreen/AltTabCrashTest/ fails with exception
8u311 JDK-8159454 [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/ToolTipManager/7123767/ number of checked graphics configurations should be limited
8u311 JDK-8160070 [TEST_BUG] Menu doesn't look good,and no shortcut key combination
8u311 JDK-8039467 [TEST_BUG] Test java/awt/Choice/UnfocusableToplevel/ lefts keystrokes in a keyboard buffer on Windows
8u311 JDK-8142534 [TEST_BUG] Test javax/swing/JMenu/8072900/ fails for Ubuntu 15.10
8u311 JDK-8142540 [TEST_BUG] Test sun/awt/dnd/8024061/ fails on ubuntu
8u311 JDK-8164469 [TEST_BUG] Unity, java/awt/MouseInfo/
8u311 JDK-8132770 [TEST_BUG][macosx] Test javax/swing/JRadioButton/FocusTraversal/ fails in MacOSX
8u311 JDK-8140237 [TEST_BUG]Test javax/swing/plaf/nimbus/8041642/ fails for OEL 7
8u311 JDK-8131670 [TEST_BUG]Test java/awt/EventQueue/6980209/ fails on Linux
8u311 JDK-8238828 [TESTBUG] [macos] javax/swing/JList/4654916/ times out on macos
8u311 JDK-8238827 [TESTBUG] [macos] javax/swing/JMenuItem/4812431/ times out on macos
8u311 JDK-8238823 [TESTBUG] [macos] javax/swing/JSplitPane/4402098/ fails on macos
8u311 JDK-8167284 [TESTBUG] [PIT] possible regression: javax/swing/JRadioButton/FocusTraversal/
8u311 JDK-8234385 [TESTBUG] java/awt/EventQueue/6980209/ fails in linux nightly
8u311 JDK-8079450 [TESTBUG] javax/swing/plaf/nimbus/8041642/ fails
8u311 JDK-8234802 [TESTBUG] Test Right Mouse Button Drag Gesture Recognition in all the platforms
8u311 JDK-8042098 [TESTBUG] Test sun/java2d/ fails on Windows
8u311 R JDK-8238985 [TESTBUG] The arrow image is blue instead of green
8u311 Sa JDK-8241808 [TESTBUG] The JDK-8039467 bug appeared on macOS
8u311 JDK-8269034 AccessControlException for SunPKCS11 daemon threads
8u311 JDK-8266348 Add "headful" to javax/swing/JRadioButton/FocusTraversal/
8u311 JDK-8268518 Add headful keyword to
8u311 R JDK-8260923 Add more tests for SSLSocket input/output shutdown
8u311 JDK-8266761 AssertionError in
8u311 JDK-8240256 Better resource cleaning for SunPKCS11 Provider
8u311 JDK-8269931 fails on macOS
8u311 JDK-8266949 Check possibility to disable OperationTimedOut on Unix
8u311 JDK-8210335 Clipping problems with complex affine transforms: negative scaling factors or small scaling factors
8u311 JDK-8202878 com/apple/laf/ScreenMenu/ fails
8u311 a JDK-8266248 Compilation failure in PLATFORM_API_MacOSX_MidiUtils.c with Xcode 12.5
8u311 JDK-8202580 Dashed BasicStroke randomly painted incorrectly, may freeze application
8u311 JDK-8196415 Disable SHA-1 Signed JARs
8u311 JDK-8098580 drainRefQueueBounds() puts pressure on pool.size()
8u311 JDK-8259535 ECDSA SignatureValue do not always have the specified length
8u311 JDK-8182577 Exception when Tab key moves focus to a JCheckbox with a custom ButtonModel
8u311 JDK-8154043 Fields not reachable anymore by tab-key, because of new tabbing behaviour of radio button groups.
8u311 JDK-8204167 Filter out tests requiring compressed oops when CompressedOops is disabled
8u311 JDK-8159093 Fix coding conventions in Marlin renderer
8u311 JDK-8144938 Handle properly coordinate overflow in Marlin Renderer
8u311 R JDK-8262862 Harden tests sun/security/x509/URICertStore/ and krb5/canonicalize/
8u311 JDK-8264190 Harden TLS interop tests
8u311 JDK-8159638 Improve array caches and renderer stats in Marlin renderer
8u311 t JDK-8268366 Incorrect calculation of has_fpu_registers in C1 linear scan
8u311 JDK-8268620 InfiniteLoopException test may fail on x86 platforms
8u311 JDK-8198619 java/awt/Focus/FocusTraversalPolicy/ButtonGroupLayoutTraversal/ fails on mac
8u311 JDK-8264824 java/net/Inet6Address/ doesn't close ServerSocket properly
8u311 JDK-8196467 javax/swing/JInternalFrame/ fails
8u311 JDK-8217377 javax/swing/JPopupMenu/6583251/ failed with UnsupportedOperation exception
8u311 JDK-8260690 JConsole User Guide Link from the Help menu is not accessible by keyboard
8u311 JDK-8169954 JFileChooser/8021253: java.lang.RuntimeException: Default button is not pressed
8u311 RFR JDK-8129940 JRadioButton does not honor non-standard FocusTraversalKeys
8u311 JDK-8268678 test fails as Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 is retired
8u311 a JDK-8273358 macOS Monterey does not have the font Times needed by Serif
8u311 JDK-8191814 Marlin rasterizer spends time computing geometry for stroked segments that do not intersect the clip
8u311 JDK-7190572 Nimbus: hard to understand but consistent failure of HTMLEditorKit test
8u311 R JDK-8242882 opening jar file with large manifest might throw NegativeArraySizeException
8u311 JDK-8228711 Path rendered incorrectly when it goes outside the clipping region
8u311 JDK-8221902 PIT: javax/swing/JRadioButton/FocusTraversal/ fails on ubuntu
8u311 JDK-8074870 Really add javax/xml/jaxp/testng/validation to othervm.dirs in TEST.ROOT
8u311 JDK-8180568 Refactor javax/crypto shell tests to plain java tests
8u311 JDK-8196438 Regression automated Test '/test/jdk/java/awt/Window/OverrideRedirectRemoved/' fails
8u311 JDK-8196435 Regression automated Test 'java/awt/Mouse/GetMousePositionTest/' fails
8u311 JDK-8269304 Regression ~5% in spec2005 in b27
8u311 JDK-6734341 REGTEST fails: SelectionAutoscrollTest.html
8u311 JDK-8149896 Removed unnecessary values in FloatConsts and DoubleConsts
8u311 JDK-8234058 runtime/CompressedOops/ fails with 'Narrow klass base: 0x0000000000000000' missing from stdout/stderr
8u311 JDK-8179559 Solaris MulticastSocket issues
8u311 JDK-8177699 Some swing and awt tests are not in TEST.groups
8u311 JDK-8169416 SSLSessionImpl finalize overhead
8u311 R JDK-8214937 sun/security/tools/jarsigner/warnings/ failed due to unexpected expiration date
8u311 JDK-8144806 sun/security/tools/keytool/ fails intermittently at deleting x.jks
8u311 RFR JDK-8065895 Synchronous signals during error reporting may terminate or hang VM process
8u311 JDK-8197808 Test java/awt/Dialog/MakeWindowAlwaysOnTop/ fails on Windows
8u311 JDK-8079253 Test javax/swing/SwingUtilities/TestBadBreak/ fails.Part of this bug is related to frame size bug JDK-8073710.Test case can be fully tested once frame size issue is resolved
8u311 JDK-8200526 Test sun/java2d/marlin/ times out
8u311 JDK-8213694 Test should run in othervm mode
8u311 R JDK-8253682 The is unstable
8u311 JDK-8239827 The test should be changed to be manual
8u311 R JDK-8230728 Thin stroked shapes are not rendered if affine transform has flip bit
8u311 JDK-8201626 Typo in MakeWindowAlwaysOnTop test
8u311 JDK-8255255 Update Apache Santuario (XML Signature) to version 2.2.1
8u311 JDK-8262392 Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 21.0.3
8u311 JDK-8254850 Update terminology in java.awt.GridBagLayout source code comments
8u311 JDK-8265019 Update tests for additional TestNG test permissions
8u311 JDK-8198885 Upgrade Marlin (java2d) to 0.9.1
8u311 JDK-8180055 Upgrade the Marlin renderer in Java2D
8u311 JDK-8147443 Use Common Cleaner in Marlin OffHeapArray
8u311 JDK-8067744 XMM/SSE float register values corrupted by JNI_CreateVM call in JRE 8 (Windows)


76 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u321 JDK-8159034 4 nashorn ant tests fail with latest jdk9-dev build with IncompatibleClassChangeError
8u321 JDK-8208747 [a11y] [macos] In Optionpane Demo, inside ComponentDialog Example, unable to navigate to all items, with VO on
8u321 JDK-8208640 [a11y] [macos] Unable to navigate between Radiobuttons in Radio group using keyboard.
8u321 a JDK-8259585 [macOS] Bad JNI lookup error : Accessible actions do not work on macOS
8u321 JDK-8263490 [macos] Crash occurs on JPasswordField with activated InputMethod
8u321 JDK-8274326 [macos] Ensure initialisation of sun/lwawt/macosx/CAccessibility in JavaComponentAccessibility.m
8u321 JDK-8136999 [macosx] NSException and NPE in a crash test
8u321 JDK-8042713 [macosx] Print dialog does not update attribute set with page range
8u321 JDK-8131673 [TEST_BUG] add @modules to some OS X-specific regtests
8u321 JDK-8159597 [TEST_BUG] closed/javax/swing/JPopupMenu/4760494/ leaves key pressed
8u321 JDK-8080948 [TEST_BUG] Few test cases are failing due to use of getPeer()
8u321 JDK-8172009 [TEST_BUG] increase timeout in java/awt/print/PaintSetEnabledDeadlock/
8u321 JDK-8160766 [TEST_BUG] java/awt/Focus/DisposedWindow
8u321 JDK-7035459 [TEST_BUG] java/awt/Focus/TranserFocusToWindow/ failed
8u321 JDK-8039888 [TEST_BUG] keyboard garbage after javax/swing/plaf/windows/WindowsRootPaneUI/WrongAltProcessing/
8u321 JDK-8068301 [TEST_BUG] Test javax/swing/JColorChooser/ fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with GTKL&F
8u321 JDK-8143021 [TEST_BUG] Test javax/swing/JColorChooser/ fails
8u321 JDK-8068292 [TEST_BUG] Test javax/swing/JLayer/6824395/ fails with
8u321 JDK-8131751 [TEST_BUG] Test javax/swing/plaf/gtk/crash/ fails UnsupportedOperationException
8u321 JDK-8039261 [TEST_BUG]: There is not a minimal security level in Java Preferences and the TestApplet.html is blocked.
8u321 JDK-8167160 [TEST_BUG][PIT] failure of javax/swing/JRadioButton/8033699/
8u321 JDK-8238822 [TESTBUG] [macos] javax/swing/JSplitPane/4621535/ fails on macos
8u321 JDK-8238821 [TESTBUG] [macos] javax/swing/JTabbedPane/4680657/ fails on macos
8u321 JDK-8238819 [TESTBUG] [macos] javax/swing/JTextField/4306756/ fails on macos
8u321 JDK-8238816 [TESTBUG] [macos] javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicTreeUI/6234299/ is failing on macos
8u321 JDK-8238815 [TESTBUG] [macos] javax/swing/text/html/FormView/6222200/ fails on macos
8u321 JDK-8169840 [TESTBUG] DisposeDialogNotActivateOwnerTest: Test clashes with another test with a similar name
8u321 JDK-8234332 [TESTBUG] java/awt/Focus/DisposedWindow/DisposeDialogNotActivateOwnerTest/ fails on linux-x64 nightly
8u321 JDK-8233644 [TESTBUG] JInternalFrame test is failing on macos
8u321 JDK-8233556 [TESTBUG] JPopupMenu tests fail on MacOS
8u321 JDK-8233555 [TESTBUG] JRadioButton tests failing on MacoS
8u321 JDK-8233566 [TESTBUG] KeyboardFocusManager tests failing on MacoS
8u321 JDK-8072770 [TESTBUG] Some Introspector tests fail with a Java heap bigger than 4GB
8u321 JDK-8233562 [TESTBUG] Swing StyledEditorKit test fails on MacOS
8u321 JDK-8233634 [TESTBUG] Swing text test fails on macos
8u321 JDK-8233561 [TESTBUG] Swing text test fails on macos
8u321 JDK-8177386 [TESTBUG] The "Undo" menu item in the context menu is disable
8u321 JDK-8233560 [TESTBUG] ToolTipManager/ is failing on macos
8u321 JDK-8252825 Add automated test for fix done in JDK-8218479
8u321 JDK-8072575 Add missing test for 8065895
8u321 JDK-8273646 Add openssl from path variable also in to Default System Openssl Path in OpensslArtifactFetcher
8u321 JDK-8273924 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown in java.util.JapaneseImperialCalendar.add()
8u321 R JDK-8266182 Automate manual steps listed in the test jdk/sun/security/pkcs12/
8u321 JDK-8249548 backward focus traversal gets stuck in button group
8u321 Ra JDK-8259232 Bad JNI lookup during printing
8u321 a JDK-8263846 Bad JNI lookup getFocusOwner in accessibility code on macOS
8u321 JDK-8217633 Configurable extensions with system properties
8u321 JDK-8279618 Deserializing HashMap throws access denied suppressAccessChecks
8u321 A JDK-8259662 Don't wrap SocketExceptions into SSLExceptions in SSLSocketImpl
8u321 JDK-8275131 Exceptions after a touchpad gesture on macOS
8u321 JDK-8270116 Expand to run in all LaFs, including Aqua on macOS
8u321 JDK-8266404 Fatal error report generated with -XX:+CrashOnOutOfMemoryError should not contain suggestion to submit a bug report
8u321 JDK-8273747 Grant JWS JavaFX apps access to Windows trust store
8u321 JDK-8139247 Improper locking of MethodData::_extra_data_lock
8u321 JDK-8278472 Invalid value set to CANDIDATEFORM structure
8u321 JDK-6849922 java/awt/Choice/ChoiceKeyEventReaction/ChoiceKeyEventReaction.html fails
8u321 JDK-8156002 java/nio/channels/SocketChannel/ Fails in Mesos on OSX
8u321 a JDK-8274056 JavaAccessibilityUtilities leaks JNI objects
8u321 RFR JDK-8186902 jcmd should not be blocked by DisableExplicitGC
8u321 JDK-8143317 jdk/lambda/vm/ fails with IncompatibleClassChangeError
8u321 JDK-8269920 JRadioButton/8033699/ fails on macOS
8u321 JDK-8243543 jtreg test security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ fails
8u321 JDK-8192988 keytool should support -storepasswd for pkcs12 keystores
8u321 R JDK-8259729 Missed JNFInstanceOf -> IsInstanceOf conversion
8u321 a JDK-8274381 missing CAccessibility definitions in JNI code
8u321 JDK-8278186 throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when calling substring method
8u321 JDK-8242526 PIT: javax/swing/JInternalFrame/8020708/ fails in mach5 ubuntu system
8u321 JDK-8270280 security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ OCSP response error
8u321 R JDK-8248899 security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ fails, Certificate has been revoked
8u321 JDK-8057038 Speculative traps not robust when compilation and class unloading are concurrent
8u321 JDK-8272581 sun/security/pkcs11/Provider/ fails after JDK-8266182
8u321 JDK-8262409 sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/SSLSocketImplThrowsWrongExceptions. SSL test failures caused by java failed with "Server reported the wrong exception"
8u321 JDK-8273413 SunJSSE Provider protocol list out of date
8u321 R JDK-8253274 The CycleDMImagetest brokes the system
8u321 JDK-8207059 Update test certificates in test
8u321 JDK-8275082 Update XML Security for Java to 2.3.0


43 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u331 JDK-7119774 [macosx] test ComponentMousePositionTest sometimes fail on Mac
8u331 JDK-8263729 [test] divert spurious output away from stream under test in ProcessBuilder Basic test
8u331 JDK-8075909 [TEST_BUG] The regression-swing case failed as it does not have the 'Open' button when select 'subdir' folder with NimbusLAF
8u331 JDK-8055801 [TEST_BUG] There is no red icon for the frame
8u331 JDK-8204161 [TESTBUG] auto failed with the "Applet thread threw exception: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException" exception
8u331 t JDK-8256037 [TESTBUG] com/sun/jndi/dns/ConfigTests/ fails due to the hard coded threshold is small
8u331 JDK-8081669 aarch64: JTreg TestStable tests failing
8u331 R JDK-8198882 Add 10 JNDI tests to com/sun/jndi/dns/AttributeTests/
8u331 JDK-8210339 Add 10 JNDI tests to com/sun/jndi/dns/FedTests/
8u331 JDK-8208542 Add 4 JNDI tests to com/sun/jndi/dns/ListTests/
8u331 JDK-8208483 Add 5 JNDI tests to com/sun/jndi/dns/FactoryTests/
8u331 JDK-8200151 Add 8 JNDI tests to com/sun/jndi/dns/ConfigTests/
8u331 JDK-8208279 Add 8 JNDI tests to com/sun/jndi/dns/EnvTests/
8u331 JDK-8252194 Add automated test for fix done in JDK-8218469
8u331 JDK-8251254 Add automated test for fix done in JDK-8218472
8u331 JDK-8251252 Add automated testcase for fix done in JDK-8214253
8u331 JDK-8251166 Add automated testcases for changes done in JDK-8214112
8u331 JDK-8195976 Add JNDI test com/sun/jndi/dns/AttributeTests/
8u331 JDK-8196770 Add JNDI test com/sun/jndi/ldap/blits/AddTests/
8u331 RFR JDK-8166140 C1: Possible integer overflow in LIRGenerator::generate_address on several platforms
8u331 JDK-8242614 cleanup duplicated test ldap server in some com/sun/jndi/ldap/ tests
8u331 JDK-8047226 closed/java/awt/Component/GetScreenLocTest/GetScreenLocTest.html clicks on Unity's tool bar
8u331 JDK-8251189 com/sun/jndi/ldap/ failed due to timeout
8u331 R JDK-8202117 com/sun/jndi/ldap/ fails intermittently: Connection reset
8u331 JDK-8161695 compiler/jsr292/ can't be run on client-only platforms
8u331 JDK-8274736 Concurrent read/close of SSLSockets causes SSLSessions to be invalidated unnecessarily
8u331 JDK-8259237 Demo selection changes with left/right arrow key. No need to press space for selection.
8u331 R RFR JDK-8275811 Incorrect instance to dispose
8u331 JDK-8163086 java/awt/Window/TranslucentJAppletTest/ fails
8u331 JDK-8273638 javax/swing/JTable/4235420/ fails in GTK L&F
8u331 JDK-8169953 JComboBox/8057893: ComboBoxEdited event is not fired! on Windows
8u331 JDK-8277795 LDAP connection timeout not honoured under contention
8u331 JDK-8272473 Parsing epoch seconds at a DST transition with a non-UTC parser is wrong
8u331 JDK-8281551 Remove guide-specific copyright pages from JDK 8u documentation
8u331 JDK-8198931 remove java.xml.bind module dependency for com/sun/jndi tests
8u331 a JDK-8275703 System.loadLibrary fails on Big Sur for libraries hidden from filesystem
8u331 JDK-8074883 Tab key should move to focused button in a button group
8u331 JDK-8250772 Test com/sun/jndi/ldap/ fails intermittently with javax.naming.ServiceUnavailableException
8u331 JDK-8272105 fails in 8u
8u331 A JDK-8277922 Unable to click JCheckBox in JTable through Java Access Bridge
8u331 JDK-8282583 Update BCEL md to include the copyright notice
8u331 JDK-8255035 Update Commons BCEL to Version 6.5.0
8u331 JDK-8257497 Update keytool to create AKID from the SKID of the issuing certificate as specified by RFC 5280


7 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u333 JDK-8284694 Avoid evaluating SSLAlgorithmConstraints twice
8u333 JDK-8285398 Cache the results of constraint checks
8u333 JDK-8282293 Domain value for system property jdk.https.negotiate.cbt should be case-insensitive
8u333 a JDK-8279842 HTTPS Channel Binding support for Java GSS/Kerberos
8u333 JDK-8268427 Improve AlgorithmConstraints:checkAlgorithm performance
8u333 A JDK-8270317 Large Allocation in CipherSuite
8u333 a JDK-8279520 SPNEGO has not passed channel binding info into the underlying mechanism


38 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u341 JDK-8285515 (dc) DatagramChannel.disconnect fails with "Invalid argument" on macOS 12.4
8u341 JDK-8288033 (dc) DatagramChannel.disconnect uses disconnectx which is not supported on macOS 10.8.3
8u341 JDK-8280964 [Linux aarch64] : drawImage dithers TYPE_BYTE_INDEXED images incorrectly
8u341 JDK-8272806 [macOS] "Apple AWT Internal Exception" when input method is changed
8u341 JDK-8133713 [macosx] Accessible JTables always reported as empty
8u341 JDK-7124298 [macosx] Nothing heard from VoiceOver when tabbing between a nested tab group and a parent tab group
8u341 JDK-7124293 [macosx] VoiceOver reads percentages rather than the actual values for sliders.
8u341 JDK-7124301 [macosx] When in a tab group if you arrow between tabs there are no VoiceOver announcements.
8u341 JDK-8273634 [TEST_BUG] Improve javax/swing/text/ParagraphView/6364882/
8u341 JDK-8145116 [TEST_BUG] Incorrect binary comparison in java/awt/event/KeyEvent/ExtendedModifiersTest/
8u341 JDK-8239502 [TEST_BUG] Test javax/swing/text/FlowView/6318524/ never fails
8u341 JDK-8277396 [TESTBUG] In, frame is accessed from main thread
8u341 JDK-8180084 A few javac tests fail on Windows when the source and jtreg work dir are not on the same drive
8u341 R JDK-8244602 Add JTREG_REPEAT_COUNT to repeat execution of a test
8u341 JDK-8160543 C1: Crash in java.lang.String.indexOf in some java.sql tests
8u341 JDK-8034098 Configure leaves 'a.out' in root dir.
8u341 JDK-8278851 Correct signer logic for jars signed with multiple digest algorithms
8u341 JDK-8287109 failed with CertificateExpiredException
8u341 t JDK-8274465 Fix javax/swing/text/ParagraphView/6364882/ failures
8u341 JDK-8072439 Further refinement of the fix JDK-8047720 - Xprof hangs on Solaris
8u341 R JDK-8278794 Infinite loop in DeflaterOutputStream.finish()
8u341 JDK-8193682 Infinite loop in ZipOutputStream.close()
8u341 JDK-8265261 java/nio/file/Files/ fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: Copy was not interrupted
8u341 JDK-8197387 jcmd started by "root" must be allowed to access all VM processes
8u341 JDK-8157391 jdeps left JarFile open
8u341 JDK-8173625 JRE 8u121 fails to install with blank dialog box (username with character #)
8u341 JDK-8272908 Missing coverage for certain classes in
8u341 JDK-8221903 PIT: javax/swing/RepaintManager/IconifyTest/ fails on ubuntu18.04
8u341 JDK-8209930 Refactor java/util/zip/ZipFile/ to plain java test
8u341 JDK-6584403 Request to add a CA/CSR certificate cookbook to JSSE Reference Guide
8u341 JDK-8166981 RGBColorConvertTest has wrong @run line
8u341 JDK-8270797 test is not complete
8u341 JDK-8272358 Some tests may fail when executed with other locales than the US
8u341 JDK-8269933 test/jdk/javax/net/ssl/compatibility/JdkInfo incorrect verification of protocol and cipher support
8u341 JDK-8277422 tools/jar/ fails with modified time mismatch
8u341 JDK-8258795 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2021-05-11
8u341 JDK-8183536 Update jdk tests to allow for unique test classes directory
8u341 JDK-8277093 Vector should throw ClassNotFoundException for a missing class of an element


140 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u351 JDK-8283383 [macos] a11y : Screen magnifier shows extra characters (0) at the end JButton accessibility name
8u351 JDK-8275071 [macos] A11y cursor gets stuck when combobox is closed
8u351 JDK-8278609 [macos] accessibility frame is misplaced on a secondary monitor on macOS
8u351 JDK-8261198 [macOS] Incorrect JNI parameters in number conversion in A11Y code
8u351 JDK-8272602 [macOS] not all KEY_PRESSED events sent when control modifier is used
8u351 JDK-8239902 [macos] Remove direct usage of JSlider, JProgressBar classes in CAccessible class
8u351 JDK-8278612 [macos] test/jdk/java/awt/dnd/RemoveDropTargetCrashTest crashes with VoiceOver on macOS
8u351 JDK-8270216 [macOS] Update named used for Java run loop mode
8u351 JDK-8286266 [macos] VoiceOver : Moving JTable column to be the first column JVM crashes
8u351 JDK-8275819 [TableRowAccessibility accessibilityChildren] method is ineffective
8u351 JDK-6854300 [TEST_BUG] java/awt/event/MouseEvent/SpuriousExitEnter/ fails in jdk6u14 & jdk7
8u351 JDK-8079267 [TEST_BUG] Test java/awt/Frame/MiscUndecorated/ fails
8u351 JDK-8163274 [TEST_BUG][macosx] apparent regression: javax/swing/JColorChooser/
8u351 JDK-8223543 [TESTBUG] Regression test java/awt/Graphics2D/DrawString/ has issues
8u351 JDK-8058950 [TESTBUG] There is no F1 dialog when the case loading,so we can't restore it.
8u351 JDK-8252248 __SIGRTMAX is not declared in musl libc
8u351 JDK-8078521 AARCH64: Add AArch64 SA support
8u351 JDK-8253015 Aarch64: Move linux code out from generic CPU feature detection
8u351 JDK-8261071 AArch64: Refactor interpreter native wrappers
8u351 JDK-8248414 AArch64: Remove uses of long and unsigned long ints
8u351 JDK-8211170 AArch64: Warnings in C1 and template interpreter
8u351 JDK-8271071 accessibility of a table on macOS lacks cell navigation
8u351 JDK-6447817 Add additional Service Attributes to Standard Algorithm Names guide
8u351 JDK-8275720 CommonComponentAccessibility.createWithParent isWrapped causes mem leak
8u351 JDK-8275809 crash in [CommonComponentAccessibility getCAccessible:withEnv:]
8u351 JDK-8281738 Create a regression test for checking the 'Space' key activation of focused Button
8u351 JDK-8282548 Create a regression test for JDK-4330998
8u351 JDK-8281745 Create a regression test for JDK-4514331
8u351 JDK-8282777 Create a Regression test for JDK-4515031
8u351 JDK-8282343 Create a regression test for JDK-4518432
8u351 JDK-8282234 Create a regression test for JDK-4532513
8u351 JDK-8281988 Create a regression test for JDK-4618767
8u351 JDK-8282402 Create a regression test for JDK-4666101
8u351 JDK-8281535 Create a regression test for JDK-4670051
8u351 JDK-8282778 Create a regression test for JDK-4699544
8u351 JDK-8282857 Create a regression test for JDK-4702690
8u351 JDK-8282046 Create a regression test for JDK-8000326
8u351 JDK-8282789 Create a regression test for the JTree usecase of JDK-4618767
8u351 JDK-8282933 Create a test for JDK-4529616
8u351 JDK-8283245 Create a test for JDK-4670319
8u351 JDK-8283015 Create a test for JDK-4715496
8u351 JDK-8282640 Create a test for JDK-4740761
8u351 JDK-8283087 Create a test or JDK-4715503
8u351 JDK-8285698 Create a test to check the focus stealing of JPopupMenu from JComboBox
8u351 JDK-8283623 Create an automated regression test for JDK-4525475
8u351 JDK-8284294 Create an automated regression test for RFE 4138746
8u351 JDK-8283493 Create an automated regression test for RFE 4231298
8u351 JDK-8283624 Create an automated regression test for RFE-4390885
8u351 JDK-8284077 Create an automated test for JDK-4170173
8u351 JDK-8285305 Create an automated test for JDK-4495286
8u351 JDK-8285693 Create an automated test for JDK-4702199
8u351 JDK-8264302 Create implementation for Accessibility native peer for Splitpane java role
8u351 JDK-8261352 Create implementation for component peer for all the components who should be ignored in a11y interactions
8u351 JDK-8264305 Create implementation for native accessibility peer for Statusbar java role
8u351 JDK-8256109 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityButton protocol
8u351 JDK-8264291 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityCell protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8261350 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityCheckBox protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8264286 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityColumn protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8264287 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityComboBox protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8264290 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityComponentGroup protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8256108 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityElement protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8256126 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityImage protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8264292 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityList protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8264293 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityMenu protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8264294 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityMenuBar protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8264295 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityMenuItem protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8262031 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityNavigableStaticText protocol
8u351 JDK-8267387 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityOutline protocol
8u351 JDK-8264296 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityPopUpButton protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8264297 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityProgressIndicator protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8261351 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityRadioButton protocol
8u351 JDK-8264298 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityRow protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8264300 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityScrollBar protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8262981 Create implementation for NSAccessibilitySlider protocol
8u351 JDK-8256111 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityStaticText protocol
8u351 JDK-8256110 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityStepper protocol
8u351 JDK-8264303 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityTabGroup protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8267388 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityTable protocol
8u351 JDK-8264304 Create implementation for NSAccessibilityToolbar protocol peer
8u351 JDK-8264299 Create implementation of native accessibility peer for ScrollPane and ScrollBar Java Accessibility roles
8u351 JDK-8267385 Create NSAccessibilityElement implementation for JavaComponentAccessibility
8u351 a JDK-8261075 Create stubRoutines.inline.hpp with SafeFetch implementation
8u351 JDK-8281569 Create tests for Frame.setMinimumSize() method
8u351 JDK-8139348 Deprecate 3DES and RC4 in Kerberos
8u351 JDK-8080907 Develop test for Xerces Update: XML Schema Validation
8u351 JDK-8048337 Examine if macosx/bundle/JavaAppLauncher and can be removed
8u351 JDK-8291414 Fix the incorrect wording about delayed provider selection in the PKCS11 documentation
8u351 JDK-8159694 HiDPI, Unity, java/awt/dnd/DropTargetEnterExitTest/
8u351 JDK-8211962 Implicit narrowing in MacOSX java.desktop jsound
8u351 JDK-8285081 Improve XPath operators count accuracy
8u351 JDK-8289486 Improve XSLT XPath operators count efficiency
8u351 JDK-8263420 Incorrect function name in NSAccessibilityStaticText native peer implementation
8u351 A JDK-8254717 isAssignableFrom checks in KeyFactorySpi.engineGetKeySpec appear to be backwards
8u351 JDK-8252250 isnanf is obsolete
8u351 RFR (*) JDK-8283277 ISO 4217 Amendment 171 Update
8u351 JDK-8289549 ISO 4217 Amendment 172 Update
8u351 JDK-8286772 java/awt/dnd/DropTargetInInternalFrameTest/DropTargetInInternalFrameTest.html times out and fails in Windows
8u351 JDK-8290209 missing additional text
8u351 JDK-8274383 JNI call of getAccessibleSelection on a wrong thread
8u351 JDK-8290774 JSSE Reference Guide update: TLS 1.3 is enabled for the default SSLContext (SSL or TLS) at the client endpoint
8u351 JDK-8287672 jtreg test com/sun/jndi/ldap/ fails intermittently in nightly run
8u351 JDK-8186143 keytool -ext option doesn't accept wildcards for DNS subject alternative names
8u351 JDK-8073182 keytool may generate duplicate extensions
8u351 JDK-8284014 Menu items with submenus in JPopupMenu are not spoken on macOS
8u351 JDK-8277368 Metaspace OOM thrown due to the leak of Nashorn ScriptEngine
8u351 JDK-8290207 Missing notice in
8u351 JDK-8267066 New NSAccessibility peers should return they roles and subroles directly
8u351 JDK-8169468 fails because FS Window didn't receive all resizes!
8u351 JDK-8170876 NPE in JCE engine classes with
8u351 JDK-8281338 NSAccessibilityPressAction action for tree node and NSAccessibilityShowMenuAcgtion action not working
8u351 JDK-8287740 NSAccessibilityShowMenuAction not working for text editors
8u351 JDK-8202014 Possible to receive signal before signal semaphore created
8u351 JDK-8280956 Re-examine copyright headers on files in src/java.desktop/macosx/native/libawt_lwawt/awt/a11y
8u351 JDK-8194126 Regression automated Test '/open/test/jdk/javax/swing/JColorChooser/' fails
8u351 JDK-8203660 Release Note: java.lang.ref.Reference Does Not Support Cloning
8u351 JDK-8176389 Release Note: java.lang.ref.Reference.enqueue method clears the reference object before enqueuing
8u351 JDK-8175078 Release Note: os::set_native_thread_name() cleanups
8u351 JDK-8173071 Release Note: Phantom references are automatically cleared as soft and weak references
8u351 JDK-8288297 Release Note: Upgrade the Default PKCS12 MAC Algorithm
8u351 JDK-8276880 Remove java/lang/RuntimeTests/exec/ExecWithDir as unnecessary
8u351 a JDK-8257148 Remove obsolete code in AWTView.m
8u351 JDK-8245938 Remove unused print_stack(void) method from XToolkit.c
8u351 A JDK-8263404 RsaPrivateKeySpec is always recognized as RSAPrivateCrtKeySpec in RSAKeyFactory.engineGetKeySpec
8u351 G JDK-8292695 SIGQUIT and jcmd attaching mechanism does not work with signal chaining library
8u351 JDK-8274597 Some of the dnd tests time out and fail intermittently
8u351 JDK-4819544 SwingSet2 JTable Demo throws NullPointerException
8u351 JDK-8287917 System.loadLibrary does not work on Big Sur if JDK is built with macOS SDK 10.15 and earlier
8u351 JDK-8273678 TableAccessibility and TableRowAccessibility miss autorelease
8u351 JDK-8225122 Test fails when Windows desktop is scaled.
8u351 JDK-8213820 unknown tag: @returns
8u351 JDK-8286211 Update PCSC-Lite for SUSE Linux to 1.9.5
8u351 JDK-8282280 Update Xerces2 Java to Version 2.12.2
8u351 JDK-8267880 Upgrade the default PKCS12 MAC algorithm
8u351 JDK-8234930 Use MAP_JIT when allocating pages for code cache on macOS
8u351 JDK-8253197 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/StopThread/stopthrd007/ fails with "ERROR: DebuggeeSleepingThread: ThreadDeath lost"
8u351 JDK-8283621 Write a regression test for CCC4400728
8u351 JDK-8282936 Write a regression test for JDK-4615365
8u351 JDK-8280948 Write a regression test for JDK-4659800
8u351 JDK-8282937 Write a regression test for JDK-4820080
8u351 JDK-8284521 Write an automated regression test for RFE 4371575


74 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u361 JDK-8264400 (fs) WindowsFileStore equality depends on how the FileStore was constructed
8u361 JDK-8265100 (fs) WindowsFileStore.hashCode() should read cached hash code once
8u361 R RFR (*) JDK-8237479 8230305 causes slowdebug build failure
8u361 JDK-8168712 [AOT] assert(false) failed: DEBUG MESSAGE: InterpreterMacroAssembler::call_VM_base: last_sp != NULL
8u361 RFR (*) JDK-8253727 [cgroups v2] Memory and swap limits reported incorrectly
8u361 RFR (*) JDK-8253714 [cgroups v2] Soft memory limit incorrectly using memory.high
8u361 JDK-8240756 [macos] SwingSet2:TableDemo:Printed Japanese characters were garbled
8u361 JDK-8286313 [macos] Voice over reads the boolean value as null in the JTable
8u361 JDK-8262903 [macos_aarch64] Thread::current() called on detached thread
8u361 JDK-8025439 [TEST BUG] [macosx] PrintServiceLookup.lookupPrintServices doesn't work properly since jdk8b105
8u361 JDK-8050988 [TEST BUG] Tests use delays instead of synchronization (swing)
8u361 JDK-8279385 [test] Adjust sun/security/pkcs12/ after 8278344
8u361 JDK-8167291 [TEST_BUG] javax/print/attribute/
8u361 JDK-8169879 [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/text/GlyphPainter2/6427244/ - compilation failed
8u361 JDK-8233648 [TESTBUG] failing on macos
8u361 JDK-8233643 [TESTBUG] JMenu test fails on macos
8u361 JDK-8255716 AArch64: Regression: JVM crashes if manually offline a core
8u361 JDK-8293489 Accept CAs with BasicConstraints without pathLenConstraint
8u361 JDK-8274471 Add support for RSASSA-PSS in OCSP Response
8u361 R JDK-8255058 C1: assert(is_virtual()) failed: type check
8u361 JDK-8255776 Change build system for macOS/AArch64
8u361 JDK-8231445 check ZALLOC return values in awt coding
8u361 JDK-6982635 closed/javax/swing/LookAndFeel/FocusedCellRendering/ fails
8u361 JDK-8030204 com/sun/jdi/ Required output "Can\\'t convert 2147483648 to int" not found
8u361 RS JDK-8206179 com/sun/management/OperatingSystemMXBean/ fails with Committed virtual memory size illegal value
8u361 RFR JDK-8278951 containers/cgroup/ fails on Ubuntu 21.10
8u361 JDK-8281296 Create a regression test for JDK-4515999
8u361 JDK-8280913 Create a regression test for JRootPane.setDefaultButton() method
8u361 JDK-8283507 Create a regression test for RFE 4287690
8u361 JDK-8285373 Create an automated test for JDK-4702233
8u361 JDK-8294294 Document jdk.xml.xpathExprGrpLimit, jdk.xml.xpathExprOpLimit, and jdk.xml.xpathTotalOpLimit in the JAXP Security Guide
8u361 JDK-8279066 entries.remove(entry) is useless in PKCS12KeyStore
8u361 JDK-8261336 IGV: enhance default filters
8u361 JDK-8253819 Implement os/cpu for macOS/AArch64
8u361 JDK-8254941 Implement Serviceability Agent for macOS/AArch64
8u361 JDK-8253795 Implementation of JEP 391: macOS/AArch64 Port
8u361 JDK-8257722 Improve "keytool -printcert -jarfile" output
8u361 a JDK-8282008 Incorrect handling of quoted arguments in ProcessBuilder
8u361 JDK-8289559 java/awt/a11y/ test fails with java.lang.NullPointerException
8u361 JDK-8176510 java/awt/font/GlyphVector/ fails with OpenJDK
8u361 JDK-7001973 java/awt/Graphics2D/ fails
8u361 JDK-8249694 java/lang/StringBuffer/ and j/l/StringBuilder/ tests shouldn't be @ignore-d
8u361 JDK-8212096 javax/net/ssl/ServerName/ failed intermittently due to SSLException: Tag mismatch
8u361 JDK-8273578 javax/swing/JMenu/4515762/ fails on macOS 12
8u361 JDK-8215571 jdb does not include jdk.* in the default class filter
8u361 R JDK-8238676 jni crashes on accessing it from process exit hook
8u361 JDK-8273236 keytool does not accurately warn about algorithms that are disabled but have additional constraints
8u361 JDK-8277497 Last column cell in the JTable row is read as empty cell
8u361 R JDK-8284033 Leak XVisualInfo in getAllConfigs in awt_GraphicsEnv.c
8u361 JDK-8278067 Make HttpURLConnection default keep alive timeout configurable
8u361 JDK-8154463 New failure of closed/java/awt/font/Outline/
8u361 JDK-8282276 Problem list failing two Robot Screen Capture tests
8u361 JDK-8280950 RandomGenerator:NextDouble() default behavior non conformant after JDK-8280550 fix
8u361 JDK-8281183 RandomGenerator:NextDouble() default behavior partially fixed by JDK-8280950
8u361 JDK-8283137 Release Note: Incorrect Handling of Quoted Arguments in ProcessBuilder
8u361 JDK-8289297 Release Note: Make HttpURLConnection Default Keep Alive Timeout Configurable
8u361 JDK-8274791 Release Note: Support for RSASSA-PSS in OCSP Response
8u361 JDK-8031482 Some jcmd commands generate output with \n as a line separator instead of \r\n on Windows
8u361 JDK-8275170 Some jtreg sound tests should be marked with sound keyword
8u361 R JDK-8280550 SplittableRandom#nextDouble(double,double) can return result >= bound
8u361 R JDK-8284680 sun.font.FontConfigManager.getFontConfig() leaks charset
8u361 JDK-8273553 also has similar error of JDK-8253368
8u361 JDK-8278344 sun/security/pkcs12/ test fails because of different openssl output
8u361 JDK-8253818 Support macOS Aarch64 ABI for compiled wrappers
8u361 JDK-8253817 Support macOS Aarch64 ABI in Interpreter
8u361 JDK-8253816 Support macOS W^X
8u361 JDK-7188098 TEST_BUG: closed/javax/sound/midi/Synthesizer/Receiver/ fails
8u361 JDK-7179436 TEST_BUG: closed/javax/swing/text/html/HTMLEditorKit/6520730/ fails intermittently
8u361 JDK-8227651 Tests fail with SSLProtocolException: Input record too big
8u361 JDK-4660158 TTY: NumberFormatException while trying to set values by 'set' command
8u361 JDK-8292294 Update default DSA keysize in How to Implement a Provider guide
8u361 JDK-8274296 Update or Problem List tests which may fail with uiScale=2 on macOS
8u361 JDK-8253839 Update tests and JDK code for macOS/Aarch64
8u361 JDK-8212677 X11 default visual support for IM status window on VNC


28 issues

Version Interest RFR BP Bug Synopsis
8u371 JDK-8137101 [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicHTML/4251579/ failure due to timing
8u371 JDK-7077412 [TEST_BUG]closed/java/awt/print/PrinterJob/ failed (timeout error)
8u371 JDK-8270609 [TESTBUG] java/awt/print/Dialog/ does not show instruction
8u371 JDK-8292328 test instruction for show popup on JLabel did not specify shift key
8u371 JDK-8130507 closed/java/awt/font/JNICheck/ test reports some warnings
8u371 JDK-8284633 fails on macos-aarch64
8u371 JDK-8283712 Create a manual test framework class
8u371 JDK-8284898 Enhance PassFailJFrame
8u371 JDK-8285617 Fix java/awt/print/PrinterJob/ImagePrinting/ manual test
8u371 JDK-8284535 Fix test that is failing with Parse Exception
8u371 JDK-8220658 Improve the readability of container information in the error log
8u371 JDK-8289424 include LD_HWCAP in hs_err log output
8u371 JDK-8291763 include virtualization information in hs_err crash log on Solaris
8u371 JDK-8296239 ISO 4217 Amendment 174 Update
8u371 R JDK-8284023 java.sun.awt.X11GraphicsDevice.getDoubleBufferVisuals() leaks XdbeScreenVisualInfo
8u371 t JDK-8264526 javax/swing/text/html/parser/Parser/8078268/ timeout
8u371 JDK-8175000 jexec fails to execute simple helloworld.jar
8u371 JDK-8285399 JNI exception pending in awt_GraphicsEnv.c:1432
8u371 RS JDK-8241900 Loop unswitching may cause dependence on null check to be lost
8u371 JDK-8200468 Port the native GSS-API bridge to Windows
8u371 JDK-8273685 Remove jtreg tag manual=yesno for java/awt/Graphics/ & show test instruction
8u371 JDK-8283803 Remove jtreg tag manual=yesno for java/awt/print/PrinterJob/ and fix test
8u371 JDK-8284884 Replace polling with waiting in javax/swing/text/html/parser/Parser/8078268/
8u371 JDK-8294619 SetupTextFileProcessing() function doesn't escape "&" in replacements
8u371 R JDK-8243670 Unexpected test result caused by C2 MergeMemNode::Ideal
8u371 JDK-8294378 URLPermission constructor exception when using tr locale
8u371 JDK-8297569 URLPermission constructor throws IllegalArgumentException: Invalid characters in hostname after JDK-8294378
8u371 JDK-8295774 Write a test to verify List sends ItemEvent/ActionEvent


These are the issues that were ruled as either not affecting OpenJDK, or otherwise rejected by maintainers.

106 issues in total


4 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
8u212 JDK-8151295 [TESTBUG]runtime/ErrorHandling fails as it can’t find library
8u211 JDK-8215318 Amend the Standard Algorithm Names specification to clarify that names can be defined in later versions
8u212 JDK-8208666 Missing glyphs from custom made font when rendering on Graphics2D
8u212 JDK-8187220 postinstall fails if there is a space in user name


2 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
8u221 JDK-8222812 java usage unit tests are failing
8u222 JDK-8212742 More information link at Java Uninstall tool for MAC point to Windows page instructions


5 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
8u231 JDK-8225786 [8u] hotspot debug information not being built
8u231 JDK-8217581 JDK 8 javadoc man page does not list correct values for -source
8u231 JDK-8185538 JDK 9 is really slow initialising some OTF/CFF fonts.
8u231 JDK-8213488 make JPRT use gcc 7.3 by default for Intel Linux JDK 8 builds
8u231 JDK-8041641 remove 2 arg version of SecurityBaseline.satisfiesBaselineStrictly()


14 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
8u241 JDK-8211205 "Java Logging Overview" mentions non-existent class PrintHandler
8u241 JDK-8227326 Broken link to JNLP specifications in Java Web Start documentation
8u241 JDK-8133949 deploy-test build broken by fix to JDK-6921877
8u241 JDK-8073219 Documentation code uses inexistant method in java.nio.file.FileSystems
8u241 JDK-8060000 Endpoint identification algorithm is not only in TLS 1.2
8u241 JDK-7024585 enhance the list of secure jnlp vm-args for plugin and web start
8u241 JDK-6921877 JCP JNLP Shortcut settings for JDK 9
8u241 JDK-8077316 JRE Installer Options Page should include JDK
8u241 JDK-8207028 JSSE TrustManagerFactory ignores custom value of property
8u241 JDK-8223925 No document covering default property files and system properties of the Preferences API
8u241 JDK-8209672 Oracle JDK 8 equivalent fix for JDK-8188030: AIOOBE in font manager init
8u241 JDK-8171356 providerpath option should be added to all keytool commands which specify provider information's
8u241 JDK-8232679 Typo in the Networking IPv6 User Guide
8u241 JDK-8179348 User friendly warning when Java WebStart Temporary Internet Files is disabled.


14 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
8u251 JDK-8242884 8u241 32 bit SSV Helper causes long load time and page load on IE11
8u251 JDK-8240780 [8u] update to add Xcode 10.1 / macOS 10.13 builds
8u251 JDK-8233022 [test] backout accidental change to
8u251 JDK-8042486 closed/tools/pack200/ fails on linux-32
8u251 JDK-8077113 Configure script do not properly detect cross-compilation gcc
8u251 JDK-8231730 Documentation for Add support for RSASSA-PSS Signature algorithm (Java SE 8)
8u251 JDK-8231729 Documentation JEP 244: TLS Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation Extension (Java SE 8)
8u251 JDK-8227127 Era designator not displayed correctly using the COMPAT provider
8u251 JDK-8199198 Remove unused functions in jdk.crypto.mscapi native code
8u251 JDK-8077317 Silent uninstall is not documented for Java 7
8u251 JDK-8087195 Support building hotspot with devkits on Macosx
8u251 JDK-8087193 Support building with devkits on Macosx
8u251 JDK-8170049 tests under java/rmi/activation/ fail with " access denied ("" "localhost:5281" "listen,resolve")" on windows
8u251 JDK-8186739 wrong split character in the documentation of classpath for cmd line parameter


11 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
8u261 JDK-8252861 Disable TLSv1.3 by default on deploy configurations
8u261 JDK-8252789 Empty client certificate issue during TLS handshake
8u261 JDK-8243337 Java Print Service API User's Guide contains typos and formatting errors
8u261 JDK-8243558 JDK Provider Guide should document that DSA signature generation is now subject to a key strength check
8u261 JDK-8239332 LiveConnect netscape.javascript.JSException: No such property "outerWidthX" on JavaScript object
8u261 JDK-8243584 Malformed HTML in the Serialization section of the JDK 8 developer guides
8u261 JDK-8244951 Missing entitlements for hardened runtime
8u261 JDK-8235183 Remove the "HACK CODE" in comment
8u261 JDK-8170074 Typos on "How Classes are Found" web page on Oracle site
8u261 JDK-8241531 Update copyright page for JDK 8 docs
8u261 JDK-8247866 Update Java Web Start index.html page in JDK 8u documentation


17 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
8u271 JDK-8249683 [macos] Invisible (or hidden) text in the installer window using Mac's Dark mode
8u271 JDK-8025433 [TEST_BUG] closed/javax/swing/Security/6378709/ failed since jdk8b108
8u271 JDK-8156581 Cleanup of ProblemList.txt
8u271 JDK-6966205 closed/sun/awt/font/ failed with compilation error
8u271 JDK-8248160 Delete customised loading from guides
8u271 JDK-8198612 Headful closed tests should not be run in headless mode
8u271 JDK-8248723 In Java Print Service specificaiton, question marks appear in method name, which should be removed.
8u271 JDK-7164945 javax/sound/sampled/Clip/JavaSoundAudioClip/ fails with IOException
8u271 JDK-8198321 javax/swing/JEditorPane/5076514/ fails
8u271 JDK-8249597 JDK 7/8 keytool documentation needs updating
8u271 JDK-8249715 langtools tests are failing in jdk8u-cpu
8u271 JDK-8249717 langtools tests are failing on Windows in jdk8u-cpu
8u271 JDK-6962725 Regtest javax/swing/JFileChooser/6738668/ fails under Linux
8u271 JDK-8048613 Remove unneeded/obsolete -source/-target options in closed client libs tests
8u271 JDK-8047222 Test closed/javax/sound/sampled/Clip/ fails if run with 32-bit java on Windows 64-bit host
8u271 JDK-8190948 The option othervm.dirs in the closed TEST.ROOT should be updated
8u271 JDK-8215443 The use of TransportContext.fatal() leads to bad coding style


4 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
8u281 JDK-8259215 Default Java version is not updated for double click jar execution
8u281 JDK-8255558 InstallGuide: Update documentation of JDK RPM installation steps
8u281 JDK-8253695 JDK 8 Install Guide - 8u RPM Installer Failed to Install on SUSE When Updating Alternatives
8u281 JDK-8249595 Update keytool man page


11 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
8u291 JDK-8028582 [TESTBUG] closed/runtime/4524377/ fails on suse
8u291 JDK-8256635 AArch64 upgrade gcc version from 4.8 to 7.3.0
8u291 JDK-7184381 closed/java/awt/Component/6307563/ fails with NPE
8u291 JDK-8206099 Delete "standard instructions" machinery in the closed automated tests
8u291 JDK-8260190 Incomplete JDK-8259215 fix
8u291 JDK-8207935 java/awt/font/Rotate/ fails to compile
8u291 JDK-8239137 JAWS does not always announce the value of JSliders in JColorChooser
8u291 JDK-8223365 test bug: Intermittent failure of
8u291 JDK-8200381 Typos in javadoc - missing verb "be" and alike
8u291 JDK-8215281 Use String.isEmpty() when applicable in java.base
8u291 JDK-8262040 Use ucrypto_free_context for clean operation in Solaris Ucrypto/pkcs11


6 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
8u301 JDK-8267100 [BACKOUT] JDK-8196415 Disable SHA-1 Signed JARs
8u301 JDK-8236891 Add closed test failures to the ProblemList.txt
8u301 JDK-7054477 closed/javax/swing/BufferStrategyPaintManager/6354265/ failed
8u301 JDK-8007534 java/awt/font/FontNames/ fails intermittently
8u301 JDK-6511207 java/awt/FullScreen/VramExaustionFSTest/ fails
8u301 JDK-8267255 Update Oracle ALPN guide for JDK 8u


7 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
8u311 JDK-8237222 [macos] java/awt/Focus/UnaccessibleChoice/ fails
8u311 JDK-7102679 [macosx] JFrame does not show JTextPane in content pane with the BorderLayout.NORTH constraints
8u311 JDK-7133134 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JFileChooser/4587721/ fails on MacOS
8u311 JDK-8028123 [TEST_BUG] closed/javax/swing/JTree/4654916/ fails
8u311 JDK-8040094 [TEST_BUG] Test closed/javax/swing/Popup/4714193/ fails on Linux x64
8u311 JDK-8272182 Delete directory technotes\guides\logging\.xvpics from JDK 8 documentation
8u311 JDK-8196436 Regression automated Test '/closed/test/jdk/java/awt/Focus/ForwardingFocusToProxyMotifTest/ ' fails


6 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
8u321 JDK-6722236 3 Choice regression testcases are failing from 6u10_b26 build onwards
8u321 JDK-8237252 [macos] java/awt/datatransfer/MimeFormatsTest/MimeFormatsTest.html times out
8u321 JDK-8238817 [macos] javax/swing/JTree/4346229/ is failing on macos
8u321 JDK-8238814 [TESTBUG] [macos] closed test javax/swing/text/html/HTMLDocument/5013529/ fails on macOS
8u321 JDK-8238820 [TESTBUG] [macos] closed/test/jdk/javax/swing/JTable/4416387/ fails on macos
8u321 JDK-8227077 Test java/awt/Modal/ZOrderTest6271792/ fails


4 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
8u331 JDK-8191011 JNDI SQE tests co-location
8u331 JDK-8279340 JSSE config for non-file truststore misplaced
8u331 JDK-8276141 XPathFactory set/getProperty method
8u331 JDK-8282761 XPathFactoryImpl remove setProperty and getProperty methods


1 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
8u351 JDK-8278348 [macos12] javax/swing/JTree/4908142/ fails in macos12


This is where OpenJDK is ahead of Oracle JDK.

No relevant backports are detected in Oracle JDK yet.

This misses the ongoing backporting work.

804 issues in total


40 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u212 JDK-8213151 [AIX] Some class library files are missing the Classpath exception
openjdk8u212 JDK-8219961 [ppc64] Increase code size for interpreter generation.
openjdk8u212 JDK-8195153 [test] runtime/6981737/ shouldn't check 'java.vendor' and 'java.vm.vendor' properties
openjdk8u212 JDK-8077608 [TESTBUG] Enable Hotspot jtreg tests to run in agentvm mode
openjdk8u212 JDK-8220641 [TESTBUG] New test introduced by JDK-8164656 needs same change as JDK-8190690
openjdk8u212 JDK-8076274 [TESTBUG] Remove @ignore from runtime\NMT\
openjdk8u212 JDK-8211231 BarrierSetC1::generate_referent_check() confuses register allocator
openjdk8u212 JDK-8214061 Buffer written into itself
openjdk8u212 JDK-8212110 Build of saproc.dll broken on Windows 32 bit after JDK-8210647
openjdk8u212 JDK-8184309 Buld warnings from GCC 7.1 on Fedora 26
openjdk8u212 JDK-8213419 C2 may hang in MulLNode::Ideal()/MulINode::Ideal() with gcc 8.2.1
openjdk8u212 JDK-8193764 Cannot set COMPANY_NAME when configuring a build
openjdk8u212 JDK-8211926 Catastrophic size_t underflow in BitMap::*_large methods
openjdk8u212 JDK-8189761 COMPANY_NAME, IMPLEMENTOR, BUNDLE_VENDOR, VENDOR, but no configure flag
openjdk8u212 JDK-8132985 Crash in freetypescaler.c due to double free
openjdk8u212 JDK-8059038 Create new launcher for SA tools
openjdk8u212 JDK-8211435 Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-1" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null source
openjdk8u212 JDK-8139803 Fix for 8132985 breaks OpenJDK build on windows.
openjdk8u212 JDK-8214206 Fix for JDK-8213419 is broken on 32-bit
openjdk8u212 JDK-8195115 G1 Old Gen MemoryPool CollectionUsage.used values don't reflect mixed GC results
openjdk8u212 JDK-8028254 gc/arguments/ failed with unexpected initial heap size
openjdk8u212 JDK-8197429 Increased stack guard causes segfaults on x86-32
openjdk8u212 JDK-8211382 ISO2022JP and GB18030 NIO converter issues
openjdk8u212 JDK-8076458 java/util/stream/test/org/openjdk/tests/java/util/stream/ timeout
openjdk8u212 JDK-8210647 libsaproc is being compiled without optimization
openjdk8u212 JDK-8217432 MetaspaceGC::_capacity_until_GC exceeds MaxMetaspaceSize
openjdk8u212 JDK-8208656 Move java/util/Calendar/CalendarTestScripts tests into OpenJDK
openjdk8u212 JDK-8206075 On x86, assert on unbound assembler Labels used as branch targets
openjdk8u212 JDK-8215976 OpenJDK fails to build with GCC 8.2 when the #include inside zip.cpp comes from a non-sysroot path
openjdk8u212 JDK-8185975 PPC64: Fix vsldoi interface according to the ISA
openjdk8u212 JDK-8217520 Remove vm.opt.MaxGCPauseMillis == "null" from
openjdk8u212 JDK-8213992 Rename and make DieOnSafepointTimeout the diagnostic option
openjdk8u212 JDK-8068269 RTM tests that assert on non-zero lock statistics are too strict in RTMTotalCountIncrRate > 1 cases
openjdk8u212 JDK-7127191 SA JSDB does not display native symbols correctly for transported Linux cores
openjdk8u212 JDK-8212178 Soft reference reclamation race in
openjdk8u212 JDK-8200115 System property java.vm.vendor value includes quotation marks
openjdk8u212 JDK-8208480 Test failure: assert(is_bound() || is_unused()) after JDK-8206075 in C1
openjdk8u212 JDK-8214189 test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/intrinsics/mathexact/ fails on Windows x64 when run with -XX:-TieredCompilation
openjdk8u212 JDK-8214059 Undefined behaviour in ADLC
openjdk8u212 JDK-8213154 Update copyright headers of files in src tree that are missing Classpath exception


60 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u222 JDK-8218152 [javac] fails and exits with no error if a bad annotation processor provided
openjdk8u222 JDK-8210416 [linux] Poor StrictMath performance due to non-optimized compilation
openjdk8u222 JDK-8202768 [macos] Appkit thread slows when any Window Manager active
openjdk8u222 JDK-8217597 [TESTBUG] runtime/containers/docker/ fails in docker not supporting --cpus
openjdk8u222 JDK-8210425 [x86] sharedRuntimeTrig/sharedRuntimeTrans compiled without optimization
openjdk8u222 JDK-8210432 Add additional TeliaSonera root certificate
openjdk8u222 JDK-8195774 Add Entrust root certificates
openjdk8u222 JDK-8216577 Add GlobalSign's R6 Root certificate
openjdk8u222 JDK-8196141 Add GoDaddy root certificates
openjdk8u222 JDK-8209506 Add Google Trust Services GlobalSign root certificates
openjdk8u222 JDK-8199779 Add T-Systems, GlobalSign and Starfield services root certificates
openjdk8u222 JDK-8135248 Add utility methods to check indexes and ranges
openjdk8u222 JDK-8157792 After Integrating tzdata2016d the test/sun/util/calendar/zi/ fails for "Asia/Oral" and "Asia/Qyzylorda" Timezones
openjdk8u222 JDK-8213825 assert(false) failed: Non-balanced monitor enter/exit! Likely JNI locking
openjdk8u222 JDK-8223219 Backport of JDK-8199552 to OpenJDK 8 leads to duplicate -fstack-protector flags, overriding --with-extra-cflags
openjdk8u222 JDK-8223555 Cleanups in cacerts tests
openjdk8u222 JDK-8222975 Fix 'release' file to reflect actual repo checkin used to compile JDK
openjdk8u222 JDK-8197546 Fix for 8171000 breaks Solaris + Linux builds
openjdk8u222 JDK-8192854 FONTCONFIG_CFLAGS missing from
openjdk8u222 JDK-8204929 Fonts with embedded bitmaps are not always rotated
openjdk8u222 JDK-8144332 HSDB could not terminate when close button is pushed.
openjdk8u222 JDK-8146458 Improve exception reporting for Objects.checkIndex/checkFromToIndex/checkFromIndexSize
openjdk8u222 JDK-8044289 In ImageIO.write() and null stream is not handled properly.
openjdk8u222 JDK-8193552 ISO 4217 Amendment #165 Update
openjdk8u222 JDK-8202026 ISO 4217 Amendment #166 Update
openjdk8u222 JDK-8204269 ISO 4217 Amendment #167 Update
openjdk8u222 JDK-8208746 ISO 4217 Amendment #168 Update
openjdk8u222 JDK-8059575 JEP-JDK-8043304: Test task: Tiered Compilation level transition tests
openjdk8u222 JDK-8191073 JpegImageReader throws IndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to read image data from tables-only image
openjdk8u222 JDK-8151226 Mark as intermittently failing
openjdk8u222 JDK-8206955 MethodHandleProxies.asInterfaceInstance does not support default methods
openjdk8u222 JDK-8220718 Missing ResourceMark in nmethod::metadata_do
openjdk8u222 JDK-8155794 Move Objects.checkIndex BiFunction accepting methods to an internal package
openjdk8u222 JDK-8189131 Open-source the Oracle JDK Root Certificates
openjdk8u222 JDK-8048782 OpenJDK: PiscesCache : xmax/ymax rounding up can cause RasterFormatException
openjdk8u222 JDK-8190974 Parallel stream execution within a custom ForkJoinPool should obey the parallelism
openjdk8u222 JDK-8154387 Parallel unordered Stream.limit() tries to collect 128 elements even if limit is less
openjdk8u222 JDK-8150013 ParNew: Prune nmethods scavengable list
openjdk8u222 JDK-8222670 pathological case of JIT recompilation and code cache bloat
openjdk8u222 JDK-8166684 PPC64: implement intrinsic code with vector instructions for Unsafe.copyMemory()
openjdk8u222 JDK-8154156 PPC64: improve array copy stubs by using vector instructions
openjdk8u222 JDK-8158232 PPC64: improve byte, int and long array copy stubs by using VSX instructions
openjdk8u222 JDK-8185969 PPC64: Improve VSR support to use up to 64 registers
openjdk8u222 JDK-8224727 Problem list test security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/
openjdk8u222 JDK-8217315 Proper units should print more significant digits
openjdk8u222 JDK-8151539 Remove duplicate AlwaysTrueClosures
openjdk8u222 JDK-8195793 Remove GTE CyberTrust Global Root
openjdk8u222 JDK-8177472 Remove hard-coded IANA Subtag Registry map in
openjdk8u222 JDK-8055705 Rename UnixPrintServiceLookup and Win32PrintServiceLookup as a platform neutral class name
openjdk8u222 JDK-8204923 Restore Symantec root verisignclass2g2ca
openjdk8u222 JDK-8171000 Robot.createScreenCapture() crashes in wayland mode
openjdk8u222 JDK-7100957 SOCKS proxying does not work with IPv6 connections
openjdk8u222 JDK-8075939 Stream.flatMap() causes breaking of short-circuiting of terminal operations
openjdk8u222 JDK-8195478 sun/text/resources/ fails with java.lang.Exception
openjdk8u222 JDK-8182999 SunEC throws ProviderException on invalid curves
openjdk8u222 JDK-8187946 Support ISO 4217 Amendments 163 and 164
openjdk8u222 JDK-8202651 Test fails
openjdk8u222 JDK-8223537 testlibrary_tests/ctw/ fails with Agent timeout frequently
openjdk8u222 JDK-8225580 tzdata2018i integration causes test failures on jdk-13
openjdk8u222 JDK-8142493 Utility methods to check indexes and ranges doesn't specify behavior when function produces null


50 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u232 JDK-8202252 (aio) Closed AsynchronousSocketChannel keeps completion handler alive
openjdk8u232 JDK-8075573 Add jdk_other and jdk_svc to jdk tier 2 test definition
openjdk8u232 JDK-8075544 Add tiered testing definitions to the jdk repo
openjdk8u232 JDK-8075546 Add tiered testing definitions to the langtools repo
openjdk8u232 JDK-8219517 assert(false) failed: infinite loop in PhaseIterGVN::optimize
openjdk8u232 JDK-8068736 Avoid synchronization on Executable/Field.declaredAnnotations
openjdk8u232 JDK-8167646 Better invalid FilePermission
openjdk8u232 JDK-8228888 C2 compilation fails with assert "m has strange control"
openjdk8u232 JDK-8202948 C2: assert(init_offset >= 0) failed: positive offset from object start
openjdk8u232 JDK-8087128 C2: Disallow definition split on MachCopySpill nodes
openjdk8u232 JDK-8230363 C2: Let ConnectionGraph::not_global_escape(Node* n) return false if n is not in the CG
openjdk8u232 JDK-8214002 Cannot use italic font style if the font has embedded bitmap
openjdk8u232 JDK-8216965 crash in freetypeScaler.c CopyBW2Grey8
openjdk8u232 JDK-8223177 Data race on JvmtiEnvBase::_tag_map in double-checked locking
openjdk8u232 JDK-8229020 Failure on CPUs allowing loads reordering: assert(_tasks[t] == 1) failed: What else?
openjdk8u232 JDK-8218201 Failures when vmIntrinsics::_getClass is not inlined
openjdk8u232 JDK-8229169 False failure of GenericTaskQueue::pop_local on architectures with weak memory model
openjdk8u232 JDK-8215130 Fix errors in LittleCMS 2.9 reported by GCC 8
openjdk8u232 JDK-8231463 Fix runtime/RedefineTests/ test in 8u
openjdk8u232 JDK-8141570 Fix Zero interpreter build for --disable-precompiled-headers
openjdk8u232 JDK-8217731 Font rendering and glyph spacing changed from jdk-8 to jdk-11
openjdk8u232 JDK-8218854 FontMetrics.getMaxAdvance may be less than the maximum FontMetrics.charWidth
openjdk8u232 JDK-8057986 freetype code to get glyph outline does not handle initial control point properly
openjdk8u232 JDK-8147611 G1 - Missing memory barrier in start_cset_region_for_worker
openjdk8u232 JDK-8220072 GCC 8.3 reports errors in java.base
openjdk8u232 JDK-8038392 Generating prelink cache breaks JAVA 'jinfo' utility normal behaviour
openjdk8u232 JDK-8211232 GraphKit::make_runtime_call() sometimes attaches wrong memory state to call
openjdk8u232 JDK-8185900 hotspot build failed with gcc version Red Hat 4.4.7-3
openjdk8u232 JDK-8205587 Implicit function declaration in jni_util.c
openjdk8u232 JDK-8073347 javadoc of Formattable messed up by JDK-8019857
openjdk8u232 JDK-6946830 javax.crypto.Cipher.doFinal behavior differs depending on platform
openjdk8u232 JDK-8210761 libjsig is being compiled without optimization
openjdk8u232 JDK-8218280 LineNumberReader throws "Mark invalid" exception if CRLF straddles buffer.
openjdk8u232 JDK-6913047 Long term memory leak when using PKCS11 and JCE exceeds 32 bit process address space
openjdk8u232 JDK-8217896 Make better use of LCPUs when building on AIX
openjdk8u232 JDK-8206173 MallocSiteTable::initialize() doesn't take function descriptors into account
openjdk8u232 JDK-8224580 Matcher can cause oop field/array element to be reloaded
openjdk8u232 JDK-8218558 NMT stack traces in output should show mt component for virtual memory allocations
openjdk8u232 JDK-8202353 os::readdir should use readdir instead of readdir_r
openjdk8u232 JDK-8185979 PPC64: Implement SHA2 intrinsic
openjdk8u232 JDK-8188868 PPC64: Support AES intrinsics on Big Endian
openjdk8u232 JDK-8221304 Problem list java/awt/FontMetrics/
openjdk8u232 JDK-8223227 Rename acquire_tag_map() to tag_map_acquire() in jvmtiEnvBase
openjdk8u232 JDK-8225636 SA can't handle prelinked libraries
openjdk8u232 JDK-8216597 SIGBUS in Java_sun_security_pkcs11_wrapper_PKCS11_getNativeKeyInfo after JDK-6913047
openjdk8u232 JDK-8231887 Test security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ fails because certificate was revoked
openjdk8u232 JDK-8075136 Unnecessary sign extension for byte array access
openjdk8u232 JDK-8220513 Wrapper Key may get deleted when closing sessions in SunPKCS11 crypto provider
openjdk8u232 JDK-8139178 Wrong fontMetrics when printing in Landscape (OpenJDK)
openjdk8u232 JDK-8213561 ZipFile/ timed out in tier1


37 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u242 JDK-8196956 (ch) More channels cleanup
openjdk8u242 JDK-8234591 [11u] Build with old C compiler broken by 8223490
openjdk8u242 JDK-8236983 [TESTBUG] Remove pointless catch block in test/jdk/sun/security/util/DerValue/
openjdk8u242 JDK-8235850 [TESTBUG] Remove test/runtime/RedefineTests/
openjdk8u242 JDK-8230238 Add another regression test for JDK-8134739
openjdk8u242 JDK-8080835 Add blocking bulk read operations to
openjdk8u242 JDK-8139206 Add InputStream readNBytes(int len)
openjdk8u242 JDK-8230813 Add JDK-8010500 to compiler/loopopts/superword/ bug list
openjdk8u242 JDK-8044500 Add kinit options and krb5.conf flags that allow users to obtain renewable tickets and specify ticket lifetimes
openjdk8u242 JDK-8232381 add result NULL-checking to freetypeScaler.c
openjdk8u242 JDK-8231398 Add time tracing for gc log rotation at safepoint cleanup
openjdk8u242 JDK-8132249 Clean up JAB debugging code
openjdk8u242 JDK-8134739 compiler/loopopts/superword/TestVectorizationWithInvariant crashes in loop opts
openjdk8u242 JDK-8231584 Deadlock with ClassLoader.findLibrary and System.loadLibrary call
openjdk8u242 JDK-8236178 Debug build failed after 8236058
openjdk8u242 JDK-8132111 Do not request for addresses for forwarded TGT
openjdk8u242 JDK-8138978 Examine usages of sun.misc.IOUtils
openjdk8u242 JDK-8235909 File.exists throws AccessControlException for invalid paths when a SecurityManager is installed
openjdk8u242 JDK-8031111 fix krb5 caddr
openjdk8u242 JDK-8156028 G1YoungGenSizer _adaptive_size not correct when setting NewSize and MaxNewSize to the same value
openjdk8u242 JDK-8227715 GPLv2 files missing Classpath Exception
openjdk8u242 JDK-8183591 Incorrect behavior when reading DER value with Integer.MAX_VALUE length
openjdk8u242 JDK-8058290 JAAS Krb5LoginModule has suspect ticket-renewal logic, relies on clockskew grace
openjdk8u242 JDK-8067429 java.lang.VerifyError: Inconsistent stackmap frames at branch target
openjdk8u242 JDK-8186831 Kerberos ignores PA-DATA with a non-null s2kparams
openjdk8u242 JDK-8186576 KerberosTicket does not properly handle renewable tickets at the end of their lifetime
openjdk8u242 JDK-8233944 Make KerberosPrincipal.KRB_NT_ENTERPRISE field package private
openjdk8u242 JDK-8231124 Missing closedir call with JDK-8223490
openjdk8u242 JDK-8212071 Need to set the FreeType LCD Filter to reduce fringing.
openjdk8u242 JDK-8073154 NULL-pointer dereferencing in LIR_OpProfileType::print_instr
openjdk8u242 JDK-8193832 Performance of InputStream.readAllBytes() could be improved
openjdk8u242 JDK-8236984 Reserved for 2020-01 CPU
openjdk8u242 JDK-8039438 Some tests depend on internal API sun.misc.IOUtils
openjdk8u242 JDK-8198649 Switch AWT/Swing's default GTK version to 3
openjdk8u242 JDK-8186884 Test native KDC, Java krb5 lib, and native krb5 lib in one test
openjdk8u242 JDK-8037550 Update RFC references in javadoc to RFC 5280
openjdk8u242 JDK-8133951 Zero interpreter asserts in stubRoutines.cpp


51 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u252 JDK-8219597 (bf) Heap buffer state changes could provoke unexpected exceptions
openjdk8u252 JDK-8229872 (fs) Increase buffer size used with getmntent
openjdk8u252 JDK-8150460 (linux|bsd|aix)_close.c: file descriptor table may become large or may not work at all
openjdk8u252 JDK-8216472 (se) Stack overflow during selection operation leads to crash (win)
openjdk8u252 JDK-8034773 (zipfs) newOutputstream uses CREATE_NEW when no options specified
openjdk8u252 JDK-8028480 (zipfs) NoSuchFileException on creating a file in ZipFileSystem with CREATE and WRITE
openjdk8u252 JDK-7143743 (zipfs) Potential memory leak with zip provider
openjdk8u252 JDK-8187078 -XX:+VerifyOops finds numerous problems when running JPRT
openjdk8u252 JDK-8134579 [TESTBUG] Some bmi tests fail if can_access_local_variables is on.
openjdk8u252 JDK-8227397 Add --with-extra-asflags configure option
openjdk8u252 JDK-8079693 Add support for ECDSA P-384 and P-521 curves to XML Signature
openjdk8u252 JDK-8162723 Array index overflow in Base64 utility class
openjdk8u252 JDK-8233023 assert(Opcode() == mem->Opcode() || phase->C->get_alias_index(adr_type()) == Compile::AliasIdxRaw) failed: no mismatched stores, except on raw memory
openjdk8u252 JDK-8236179 C1 register allocation failure with T_ADDRESS
openjdk8u252 JDK-8231430 C2: Memory stomp in max_array_length() for T_ILLEGAL type
openjdk8u252 JDK-8038431 Close InputStream when finished retrieving XML Signature HTTP References
openjdk8u252 JDK-8135318 CMS: wrong max_eden_size for check_gc_overhead_limit
openjdk8u252 JDK-8225392 Comparison builds are failing due to cacerts file
openjdk8u252 JDK-8055283 Expand ResourceHashtable with C_HEAP allocation, removal and some unit tests
openjdk8u252 JDK-8046044 Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in XML Signature Impl
openjdk8u252 JDK-8227662 freetype seeks to index at the end of the font data
openjdk8u252 JDK-8231201 hs_err should print coalesced safepoint operations in Events section
openjdk8u252 JDK-8079140 IgnoreAllErrorHandler should use doPrivileged when it reads system properties
openjdk8u252 JDK-8235904 Infinite loop when rendering huge lines
openjdk8u252 JDK-8143849 Integrate Marlin renderer per JEP 265
openjdk8u252 JDK-8167409 Invalid value passed to critical JNI function
openjdk8u252 JDK-8150432 java/util/Locale/ failed on Win10.
openjdk8u252 JDK-8235142 JDK-8193255 backport broke bootstrap with JDK 10
openjdk8u252 JDK-8235637 jhsdb jmap from OpenJDK 11.0.5 doesn't work if prelink is enabled
openjdk8u252 JDK-8241307 Marlin renderer should not be the default in 8u252
openjdk8u252 JDK-8215756 Memory leaks in the AWT on macOS
openjdk8u252 JDK-8231991 Mouse wheel change focus on awt/swing windows
openjdk8u252 JDK-8219244 NMT: Change ThreadSafepointState's allocation type from mtInternal to mtThread
openjdk8u252 JDK-8240521 Revert backport of 8231584: Deadlock with ClassLoader.findLibrary and System.loadLibrary call
openjdk8u252 JDK-8193255 Root Certificates should be stored in text format and assembled at build time
openjdk8u252 JDK-8047212 runtime/ParallelClassLoading/bootstrap/random/inner-complex assert(ObjectSynchronizer::verify_objmon_isinpool(inf)) failed: monitor is invalid
openjdk8u252 JDK-8241296 Segfault in JNIHandleBlock::oops_do()
openjdk8u252 JDK-8234107 Several AWT modal dialog tests failing on Linux after JDK-8231991
openjdk8u252 JDK-8132130 Some docs cleanup
openjdk8u252 JDK-8234245 sun/security/lib/cacerts/ fails due to wrong checksum
openjdk8u252 JDK-8238502 sunmscapi.dll causing EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
openjdk8u252 JDK-8216354 Syntax error in toolchain_windows.m4
openjdk8u252 JDK-8233404 System property to set the number of PBE iterations in JCEKS keystores
openjdk8u252 JDK-8166976 TestCipherPBECons has wrong @run line
openjdk8u252 JDK-8234288 Turkey Time Zone returns incorrect time zone name
openjdk8u252 JDK-8191227 Unsafe handle resolution in ConstantOopWriteValue::write_on() / print_on() and LIR_Assembler::jobject2reg()
openjdk8u252 JDK-8022263 use same Clang warnings on BSD as on Linux
openjdk8u252 JDK-8144732 VM_HeapDumper hits assert with bad dump_len
openjdk8u252 JDK-8031191 Warning exception when XMLSignature logging is enabled
openjdk8u252 JDK-8236873 Worker has a deadlock bug
openjdk8u252 JDK-8046724 XML Signature ECKeyValue elements cannot be marshalled or unmarshalled


93 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u262 JDK-8209960 -Xlog:jfr* doesn't work with the JFR parser
openjdk8u262 JDK-8216064 -XX:StartFlightRecording:settings= doesn't work properly
openjdk8u262 JDK-8229873 8229401 broke jdk8u-jfr-incubator
openjdk8u262 JDK-8239476 8238589: broke windows build by moving OrderedPair
openjdk8u262 JDK-8248399 [8u262] Build installs jfr binary when JFR is disabled
openjdk8u262 JDK-8248715 [8u262] New JavaTimeSupplementary localisation for 'in' installed in wrong package
openjdk8u262 JDK-8236002 [JFR Backport] CSR for JFR backport suggests not leaving out the package-info
openjdk8u262 JDK-8236074 [JFR Backport] Missed package-info.
openjdk8u262 JDK-8236174 [JFR Backport] Should update javadoc since tags.
openjdk8u262 JDK-8236008 [JFR Backport] Some backup files were accidentally left in the hotspot tree
openjdk8u262 JDK-8216559 [JFR] Native libraries not correctly parsed from /proc/self/maps
openjdk8u262 JDK-8207392 [PPC64] Implement JFR profiling.
openjdk8u262 JDK-8246703 [TESTBUG] Add test for JDK-8233197
openjdk8u262 JDK-8217748 [TESTBUG] Exclude TestSig test case from JFR TestShutdownEvent
openjdk8u262 JDK-8215362 [TESTBUG] JFR GTest JfrTestNetworkUtilization fails
openjdk8u262 JDK-8217744 [TESTBUG] JFR TestShutdownEvent fails on some systems due to process surviving SIGINT
openjdk8u262 JDK-8214925 [TESTBUG] JFR tool fails to execute
openjdk8u262 JDK-8214906 [TESTBUG] jfr/event/sampling/ fails with UnsatisfiedLinkError
openjdk8u262 JDK-8243474 [TESTBUG] removed three tests of 0 bytes
openjdk8u262 JDK-8213914 [TESTBUG] Several JFR VM events are not covered by tests
openjdk8u262 JDK-8213917 [TESTBUG] Shutdown JFR event is not covered by test
openjdk8u262 JDK-8226779 [TESTBUG] Test JFR API from Java agent
openjdk8u262 JDK-8233623 Add classpath exception to copyright in file
openjdk8u262 JDK-8223690 Add JFR BiasedLock Event Support
openjdk8u262 JDK-8223692 Add JFR G1 Heap Summary Event Support
openjdk8u262 JDK-8223691 Add JFR G1 Region Type Change Event Support
openjdk8u262 JDK-8223689 Add JFR Thread Sampling Support
openjdk8u262 JDK-8241902 AIX Build broken after integration of JDK-8223147 (JFR Backport)
openjdk8u262 JDK-8230769 BufImg_SetupICM add ReleasePrimitiveArrayCritical call in early return
openjdk8u262 JDK-8243059 Build fails when --with-vendor-name contains a comma
openjdk8u262 JDK-8211239 Build fails without JFR: empty JFR events signatures mismatch
openjdk8u262 JDK-8244777 ClassLoaderStats VM Op uses constant hash value
openjdk8u262 JDK-8216995 Clean up JFR command line processing
openjdk8u262 JDK-8243539 Copyright info (Year) should be updated for fix of 8241638
openjdk8u262 JDK-8239867 correct over use of INCLUDE_JFR macro
openjdk8u262 JDK-8220293 Deadlock in JFR string pool
openjdk8u262 JDK-8183925 Decouple crash protection from watcher thread
openjdk8u262 JDK-8240375 Disable JFR by default for July 2020 release
openjdk8u262 JDK-8238590 Enable JFR by default during compilation in 8u incubator
openjdk8u262 JDK-8229401 Fix JFR code cache test failures
openjdk8u262 JDK-8238076 Fix OpenJDK 7 Bootstrap Broken by JFR Backport
openjdk8u262 JDK-8199712 Flight Recorder
openjdk8u262 JDK-8207829 FlightRecorderMXBeanImpl is leaking the first classloader which calls it
openjdk8u262 JDK-8215175 Inconsistencies in JFR event metadata
openjdk8u262 JDK-8213015 Inconsistent settings between JFR.configure and -XX:FlightRecorderOptions
openjdk8u262 JDK-8233197 Invert JvmtiExport::post_vm_initialized() and Jfr:on_vm_start() start-up order for correct option parsing
openjdk8u262 JDK-8229899 is racy
openjdk8u262 JDK-8239852 java/util/concurrent tests fail with -XX:+VerifyGraphEdges: assert(!VerifyGraphEdges) failed: verification should have failed
openjdk8u262 JDK-8244548 JDK 8u: sun.misc.Version.jdkUpdateVersion() returns wrong result
openjdk8u262 JDK-8215237 jdk.jfr.Recording javadoc does not compile
openjdk8u262 JDK-8223147 JFR Backport
openjdk8u262 JDK-8229708 JFR backport code does not initialize
openjdk8u262 JDK-8210024 JFR calls virtual is_Java_thread from ~Thread()
openjdk8u262 JDK-8003209 JFR events for network utilization
openjdk8u262 JDK-8203664 JFR start failure after AppCDS archive created with JFR StartFlightRecording
openjdk8u262 JDK-8203921 JFR thread sampling is missing fixes from JDK-8194552
openjdk8u262 JDK-8205516 JFR tool
openjdk8u262 JDK-8214896 JFR Tool left files behind
openjdk8u262 JDK-8202835 jfr/event/os/ fails on missing events
openjdk8u262 JDK-8203346 JFR: Inconsistent signature of jfr_add_string_constant
openjdk8u262 JDK-8196969 JTreg Failure: serviceability/sa/ causes NPE
openjdk8u262 JDK-8240576 JVM crashes after transformation in C2 IdealLoopTree::merge_many_backedges
openjdk8u262 JDK-8244407 JVM crashes after transformation in C2 IdealLoopTree::split_fall_in
openjdk8u262 JDK-8227605 Kitchensink fails "assert((((klass)->trace_id() & (JfrTraceIdEpoch::leakp_in_use_this_epoch_bit())) != 0)) failed: invariant"
openjdk8u262 JDK-8241638 launcher time metrics always report 1 on Linux when _JAVA_LAUNCHER_DEBUG set
openjdk8u262 JDK-8203929 Limit amount of data for JFR.dump
openjdk8u262 JDK-8213421 Line number information for execution samples always 0
openjdk8u262 JDK-8218935 Make jfr strncpy uses GCC 8.x friendly
openjdk8u262 JDK-8241444 Metaspace::_class_vsm not initialized if compressed class pointers are disabled
openjdk8u262 JDK-8239479 minimal1 and zero builds are failing
openjdk8u262 JDK-8041915 Move 8 awt tests to OpenJDK regression tests tree
openjdk8u262 JDK-8238589 Necessary code cleanup in JFR for JDK8u
openjdk8u262 JDK-8242788 Non-PCH build is broken after JDK-8191393
openjdk8u262 JDK-8216486 Possibility of integer overflow in JfrThreadSampler::run()
openjdk8u262 JDK-8215284 Reduce noise induced by periodic task getFileSize()
openjdk8u262 JDK-8195819 Remove recording=x from jcmd JFR.check output
openjdk8u262 JDK-8216578 Remove unused/obsolete method in JFR code
openjdk8u262 JDK-8037866 Replace the Fun class in tests with lambdas
openjdk8u262 JDK-8202578 Revisit location for class unload events
openjdk8u262 JDK-8150986 serviceability/sa/jmap-hprof/ failing because expects HPROF JAVA PROFILE 1.0.1 file format
openjdk8u262 JDK-8227269 Slow class loading when running with JDWP
openjdk8u262 JDK-8227011 Starting a JFR recording in response to JVMTI VMInit and / or Java agent premain corrupts memory
openjdk8u262 JDK-8233880 Support compilers with multi-digit major version numbers
openjdk8u262 JDK-8215771 The jfr tool should pretty print reference chains
openjdk8u262 JDK-8213966 The ZGC JFR events should be marked as experimental
openjdk8u262 JDK-8245167 Top package in method profiling shows "null" in JMC
openjdk8u262 JDK-8165675 Trace event for thread park has incorrect unit for timeout
openjdk8u262 JDK-8214750 Unnecessary

tags in jfr classes

openjdk8u262 JDK-8246223 Windows build fails after JDK-8227269
openjdk8u262 JDK-8239055 Wrong implementation of VMState.hasListener
openjdk8u262 JDK-8212232 Wrong metadata for the configuration of the cutoff for old object sample events
openjdk8u262 JDK-8241750 x86_32 build failure after JDK-8227269
openjdk8u262 JDK-8203287 Zero fails to build after JDK-8199712 (Flight Recorder)


2 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u265 JDK-8250546 Expect changed behaviour reported in JDK-8249846
openjdk8u265 JDK-8249677 Regression in 8u after JDK-8237117: Better ForkJoinPool behavior


56 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u272 JDK-8152077 (cal) Calendar.roll does not always roll the hours during daylight savings changes
openjdk8u272 JDK-8252573 8u: Windows build failed after 8222079 backport
openjdk8u272 JDK-8220674 [TESTBUG] MetricsMemoryTester failcount test in docker container only works with debug JVMs
openjdk8u272 JDK-8252886 [TESTBUG] sun/security/ec/ : Compilation failed
openjdk8u272 JDK-8220313 [TESTBUG] Update base image for Docker testing to OL 7.6
openjdk8u272 JDK-8173300 [TESTBUG]compiler/tiered/ fails with compiler.whitebox.SimpleTestCaseHelper(int) must be compiled
openjdk8u272 JDK-8026236 Add PrimeTest for BigInteger
openjdk8u272 JDK-8216283 Allow shorter method sampling interval than 10 ms
openjdk8u272 JDK-8235325 build failure on Linux after 8235243
openjdk8u272 JDK-8234617 C1: Incorrect result of field load due to missing narrowing conversion
openjdk8u272 JDK-8148754 C2 loop unrolling fails due to unexpected graph shape
openjdk8u272 JDK-8254673 call for JvmtiExport::post_vm_start() was removed by the fix for JDK-8249158
openjdk8u272 JDK-8251117 Cannot check P11Key size in P11Cipher and P11AEADCipher
openjdk8u272 JDK-8226809 Circular reference in printed stack trace is not correctly indented & ambiguous
openjdk8u272 JDK-8248851 CMS: Missing memory fences between free chunk check and klass read
openjdk8u272 JDK-8230711 ConnectionGraph::unique_java_object(Node* N) return NULL if n is not in the CG
openjdk8u272 JDK-8203357 Container Metrics
openjdk8u272 JDK-8237951 CTW: C2 compilation fails with "malformed control flow"
openjdk8u272 JDK-8222079 Don't use memset to initialize fields decode_env constructor in disassembler.cpp
openjdk8u272 JDK-8166148 Fix for JDK-8165936 broke Solaris builds
openjdk8u272 JDK-8233097 Fontmetrics for large Fonts has zero width
openjdk8u272 JDK-8154313 Generated javadoc scattered all over the place
openjdk8u272 JDK-8061616 HotspotDiagnosticMXBean.getVMOption() throws IllegalArgumentException for flags of type double
openjdk8u272 JDK-8031625 javadoc problems referencing inner class constructors
openjdk8u272 JDK-8229378 jdwp library loader in linker_md.c quietly truncates on buffer overflow
openjdk8u272 JDK-8219566 JFR did not collect call stacks when MaxJavaStackTraceDepth is set to zero
openjdk8u272 JDK-8221569 JFR tool produces incorrect output when both --categories and --events are specified
openjdk8u272 JDK-8220555 JFR tool shows potentially misleading message when it cannot access a file
openjdk8u272 JDK-8217647 JFR: recordings on 32-bit systems unreadable
openjdk8u272 JDK-8057003 Large reference arrays cause extremely long synchronization times
openjdk8u272 JDK-8078880 Mark a few more intermittently failing security-libs tests
openjdk8u272 JDK-8078334 Mark regression tests using randomness
openjdk8u272 JDK-8240676 Meet not symmetric failure when running lucene on jdk8
openjdk8u272 JDK-8231213 Migrate SimpleDateFormatConstTest to JDK Repo
openjdk8u272 JDK-8241888 Mirror system property with a security one
openjdk8u272 JDK-8233621 Mismatch in jsse.enableMFLNExtension property name
openjdk8u272 JDK-8238898 Missing hash characters for header on license file
openjdk8u272 JDK-8132206 move into OpenJDK
openjdk8u272 JDK-8211714 Need to update vm_version.cpp to recognise VS2017 minor versions
openjdk8u272 JDK-8177628 Opensource unit/regression tests for ImageIO
openjdk8u272 JDK-8169925 Organize licenses by module in source, JMOD file, and run-time image
openjdk8u272 JDK-8165996 PKCS11 using NSS throws an error regarding secmod.db when NSS uses sqlite
openjdk8u272 JDK-8161973 PKIXRevocationChecker.getSoftFailExceptions() not working
openjdk8u272 JDK-8224217 RecordingInfo should use textual representation of path
openjdk8u272 JDK-8025886 replace [[ and == bash extensions in regtest
openjdk8u272 JDK-8036088 Replace strtok() with its safe equivalent strtok_s() in DefaultProxySelector.c
openjdk8u272 JDK-8254937 Revert JDK-8148854 for 8u272
openjdk8u272 JDK-8219919 RuntimeStub's name lost with PrintFrameConverterAssembly
openjdk8u272 JDK-8167300 Scheduling failures during gcm should be fatal
openjdk8u272 JDK-8075774 Small readability and performance improvements for zipfs
openjdk8u272 JDK-8132745 TEST_BUG: minor cleanup of java/util/Scanner/
openjdk8u272 JDK-8243489 Thread CPU Load event may contain wrong data for CPU time under certain conditions
openjdk8u272 JDK-8211163 UNIX version of Java_java_io_Console_echo does not return a clean boolean
openjdk8u272 JDK-8144539 Update PKCS11 tests to run with security manager
openjdk8u272 JDK-8193234 When using -Xcheck:jni an internally allocated buffer can leak
openjdk8u272 JDK-8184762 ZapStackSegments should use optimized memset


2 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u275 JDK-8250861 Crash in MinINode::Ideal(PhaseGVN*, bool)
openjdk8u275 JDK-8236512 PKCS11 Connection closed after Cipher.doFinal and NoPadding


54 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u282 JDK-8220579 [Containers] out of sync with osContainer_linux.cpp
openjdk8u282 JDK-8234270 [REDO] JDK-8204128 NMT might report incorrect numbers for Compiler area
openjdk8u282 JDK-8231209 [REDO] JDK-8207266 ThreadMXBean::getThreadAllocatedBytes() can be quicker for self thread
openjdk8u282 JDK-8046221 [TEST_BUG] Cleanup datatransfer tests
openjdk8u282 JDK-8064809 [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/JComboBox/4199622/ contains a lot of keyPress and not a single keyRelease
openjdk8u282 JDK-8064575 [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/JEditorPane/6917744/ 100 times press keys and never releases
openjdk8u282 JDK-8064573 [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/text/AbstractDocument/6968363/ is asocial pressing VK_LEFT and not releasing.
openjdk8u282 JDK-8044172 [TEST_BUG] Move regtests for 4523758 and AltPlusNumberKeyCombinationsTest to jdk
openjdk8u282 JDK-8058805 [TEST_BUG]Test java/awt/TrayIcon/SecurityCheck/NoPermissionTest/ fails
openjdk8u282 JDK-8207766 [testbug] Adapt tests for Aix.
openjdk8u282 JDK-8213448 [TESTBUG] enhance jfr/jvm/TestDumpOnCrash
openjdk8u282 JDK-8221342 [TESTBUG] Generate Dockerfile for docker testing
openjdk8u282 JDK-8224502 [TESTBUG] JDK docker test fails with access issues and OOM
openjdk8u282 JDK-8160761 [TESTBUG] Several compiler tests fail with product bits
openjdk8u282 JDK-8221340 [TESTBUG] fails after fix for JDK-8219562
openjdk8u282 JDK-8251365 Build failure on AIX after 8250636
openjdk8u282 JDK-8063102 Change open awt regression tests to avoid sun.awt.SunToolkit.realSync, part 1
openjdk8u282 JDK-8063104 Change open awt regression tests to avoid sun.awt.SunToolkit.realSync, part 2
openjdk8u282 JDK-8063106 Change open swing regression tests to avoid sun.awt.SunToolkit.realSync, part 1
openjdk8u282 JDK-8063107 Change open swing regression tests to avoid sun.awt.SunToolkit.realSync, part 2
openjdk8u282 JDK-8217362 Emergency dump does not work when disk=false is set
openjdk8u282 JDK-8030350 Enable additional compiler warnings for GCC
openjdk8u282 JDK-8074807 Fix some tests unnecessary using internal API
openjdk8u282 JDK-8036122 Fix warning "format not a string literal"
openjdk8u282 JDK-8231968 getCurrentThreadAllocatedBytes default implementation s/b getThreadAllocatedBytes
openjdk8u282 JDK-8252754 Hash code calculation of JfrStackTrace is inconsistent
openjdk8u282 JDK-8212070 Introduce diagnostic flag to abort VM on failed JIT compilation
openjdk8u282 JDK-8250636 iso8601_time returns incorrect offset part on MacOS
openjdk8u282 JDK-8255717 JFR crash in WriteObjectSampleStacktrace with uninitialized klass
openjdk8u282 JDK-8220657 JFR.dump does not work when filename is set
openjdk8u282 JDK-8250928 JFR: Improve hash algorithm for stack traces
openjdk8u282 JDK-8185003 JMX: Add a version of ThreadMXBean.dumpAllThreads with a maxDepth argument
openjdk8u282 JDK-8008657 JSpinner setComponentOrientation doesn't affect on text orientation
openjdk8u282 JDK-8049694 Migrate functional AWT_DesktopProperties/Automated tests to OpenJDK
openjdk8u282 JDK-8197981 Missing return statement in __sync_val_compare_and_swap_8
openjdk8u282 JDK-8057694 move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 10
openjdk8u282 JDK-8039279 Move awt tests to openjdk repository
openjdk8u282 JDK-8048246 Move AWT_DnD/Clipboard/Automated functional tests to OpenJDK
openjdk8u282 JDK-8047180 Move functional tests AWT_Headless/Automated to OpenJDK repository
openjdk8u282 JDK-8043131 Move ShapedAndTranslucentWindows and GC functional AWT tests to regression tree
openjdk8u282 JDK-8055360 Move the rest part of AWT ShapedAndTranslucent tests to OpenJDK
openjdk8u282 JDK-8254144 Non-x86 Zero builds fail with return-type warning in os_linux_zero.cpp
openjdk8u282 JDK-8234339 replace JLI_StrTok in java_md_solinux.c
openjdk8u282 JDK-8215727 Restore JFR thread sampler loop to old / previous behavior
openjdk8u282 JDK-8238448 RSASSA-PSS signature verification fail when using certain odd key sizes
openjdk8u282 JDK-8068275 Some tests failed after JDK-8063104
openjdk8u282 JDK-8156803 Turn StressLCM/StressGCM flags to diagnostic
openjdk8u282 JDK-8179083 Uninitialized notifier in Java Monitor Wait tracing event
openjdk8u282 JDK-8255269 Unsigned overflow in g1Policy.cpp
openjdk8u282 JDK-8152545 Use preprocessor instead of compiling a program to generate native nio constants
openjdk8u282 JDK-8025936 Windows .pdb and .map files does not have proper dependencies setup
openjdk8u282 JDK-8253284 Zero OrderAccess barrier mappings are incorrect
openjdk8u282 JDK-8256618 Zero: Linux x86_32 build still fails
openjdk8u282 JDK-8254166 Zero: return-type warning in zeroInterpreter_zero.cpp


140 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u292 JDK-8214857 "bad trailing membar" assert failure at memnode.cpp:3220
openjdk8u292 JDK-8150204 (fs) Enhance java/nio/file/Files/probeContentType/ debugging output
openjdk8u292 JDK-8211064 [AArch64] Interpreter and c1 don't correctly handle jboolean results in native calls
openjdk8u292 JDK-8254854 [cgroups v1] Metric limits not properly detected on some join controller combinations
openjdk8u292 JDK-8041464 [TEST_BUG] CustomClassLoaderTransferTest does not support OS X
openjdk8u292 JDK-8229284 [TESTBUG] jdk/internal/platform/cgroup/ fails for - memory:getMemoryUsage
openjdk8u292 JDK-8227642 [TESTBUG] Make docker tests podman compatible
openjdk8u292 JDK-8195685 AArch64 cannot build with JDK-8174962
openjdk8u292 JDK-8168888 AArch64 port of JDK-8160591
openjdk8u292 JDK-8215951 AArch64: jtreg test vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/PopFrame/popframe005 segfaults
openjdk8u292 JDK-8237512 AArch64: aarch64TestHook leaks a BufferBlob
openjdk8u292 JDK-8153797 aarch64: Add Arrays.fill stub code
openjdk8u292 JDK-8263008 AARCH64: Add debug info for
openjdk8u292 JDK-8131779 AARCH64: add Montgomery multiply intrinsic
openjdk8u292 JDK-8221658 aarch64: add necessary predicate for ubfx patterns
openjdk8u292 JDK-8221220 AArch64: Add StoreStore membar explicitly for Volatile Writes in TemplateTable
openjdk8u292 JDK-8151775 aarch64: add support for 8.1 LSE atomic operations
openjdk8u292 JDK-8150394 aarch64: add support for 8.1 LSE CAS instructions
openjdk8u292 JDK-8150045 AArch64: arraycopy causes segfaults in SATB during garbage collection
openjdk8u292 JDK-8172881 AArch64: assertion failure: the int pressure is incorrect
openjdk8u292 JDK-8155015 Aarch64: bad assert in spill generation code
openjdk8u292 JDK-8154413 AArch64: Better byte behaviour
openjdk8u292 JDK-8167200 AArch64: Broken stack pointer adjustment in interpreter
openjdk8u292 JDK-8173472 AArch64: C1 comparisons with null only use 32-bit instructions
openjdk8u292 JDK-8217368 AArch64: C2 recursive stack locking optimisation not triggered
openjdk8u292 JDK-8248336 AArch64: C2: offset overflow in BoxLockNode::emit
openjdk8u292 JDK-8155617 aarch64: ClearArray does not use DC ZVA
openjdk8u292 JDK-8171537 aarch64: compiler/c1/ generates guarantee failure in C1
openjdk8u292 JDK-8196136 AArch64: Correct register use in patch for JDK-8195685
openjdk8u292 JDK-8170100 AArch64: Crash in C1-compiled code accessing References
openjdk8u292 JDK-8209835 Aarch64: elide barriers on all volatile operations
openjdk8u292 JDK-8132875 AArch64: Fix error introduced into AArch64 CodeCache by commit for 8130309
openjdk8u292 JDK-8182581 aarch64: fix for crash caused by earlyret of compiled method
openjdk8u292 JDK-8165673 AArch64: Fix JNI floating point argument handling
openjdk8u292 JDK-8161190 AArch64: Fix overflow in immediate cmp instruction
openjdk8u292 JDK-8207838 AArch64: Float registers incorrectly restored in JNI call
openjdk8u292 JDK-8164113 AArch64: follow-up the fix for 8161598
openjdk8u292 JDK-8148948 aarch64: generate_copy_longs calls align() incorrectly
openjdk8u292 JDK-8153172 aarch64: hotspot crashes after the 8.1 LSE patch is merged
openjdk8u292 JDK-8152840 aarch64: improve _unsafe_arraycopy stub routine
openjdk8u292 JDK-8153713 aarch64: improve short array clearing using store pair
openjdk8u292 JDK-8167421 AArch64: in one core system, fatal error: Illegal threadstate encountered
openjdk8u292 JDK-8177661 AArch64: Incorrect C2 patterns cause system register corruption
openjdk8u292 JDK-8206163 AArch64: incorrect code generation for StoreCM
openjdk8u292 JDK-8191129 AARCH64: Invalid value passed to critical JNI function
openjdk8u292 JDK-8224880 AArch64: java/javac error with AllocatePrefetchDistance
openjdk8u292 JDK-8156731 aarch64: java/util/Arrays/ fails due to _generic_arraycopy stub routine
openjdk8u292 JDK-8161072 AArch64: jtreg compiler/uncommontrap/TestDeoptOOM failure
openjdk8u292 JDK-8170188 aarch64: jtreg test compiler/types/ causes JVM crash
openjdk8u292 JDK-8186325 AArch64: jtreg test hotspot/test/gc/g1/TestJNIWeakG1/ SEGV
openjdk8u292 JDK-8171410 aarch64: long multiplyExact shifts by 31 instead of 63
openjdk8u292 JDK-8150038 aarch64: Make use of CBZ and CBNZ when comparing narrow pointer with zero
openjdk8u292 JDK-8152537 aarch64: Make use of CBZ and CBNZ when comparing unsigned values with zero
openjdk8u292 JDK-8149365 aarch64: memory copy does not prefetch on backwards copy
openjdk8u292 JDK-8209414 AArch64: method handle invocation does not respect JVMTI interp_only mode
openjdk8u292 JDK-8219635 aarch64: missing LoadStore barrier in TemplateTable::fast_storefield
openjdk8u292 JDK-8218185 aarch64: missing LoadStore barrier in TemplateTable::putfield_or_static
openjdk8u292 JDK-8248219 aarch64: missing memory barrier in fast_storefield and fast_accessfield
openjdk8u292 JDK-8233839 aarch64: missing memory barrier in NewObjectArrayStub and NewTypeArrayStub
openjdk8u292 JDK-8135018 AARCH64: Missing memory barriers for CMS collector
openjdk8u292 JDK-8247979 aarch64: missing side effect of killing flags for clearArray_reg_reg
openjdk8u292 JDK-8240353 AArch64: missing support for -XX:+ExtendedDTraceProbes in C1
openjdk8u292 JDK-8196221 AArch64: Mistake in committed patch for JDK-8195859
openjdk8u292 JDK-8216350 AArch64: monitor unlock fast path not called
openjdk8u292 JDK-8209413 AArch64: NPE in clhsdb jstack command
openjdk8u292 JDK-8150313 aarch64: optimise array copy using SIMD instructions
openjdk8u292 JDK-8150082 aarch64: optimise small array copy
openjdk8u292 JDK-8159063 aarch64: optimise unaligned array copy long
openjdk8u292 JDK-8151502 aarch64: optimize pd_disjoint_words and pd_conjoint_words
openjdk8u292 JDK-8150229 aarch64: pipeline class for several instructions is not set correctly
openjdk8u292 JDK-8157841 aarch64: prefetch ignores cache line size
openjdk8u292 JDK-8151340 aarch64: prefetch the destination word for write prior to ldxr/stxr loops
openjdk8u292 JDK-8228725 AArch64: Purge method call format support
openjdk8u292 JDK-8149080 AArch64: Recognize disjoint array copy in stub code
openjdk8u292 JDK-8148328 aarch64: redundant lsr instructions in stub code
openjdk8u292 JDK-8155100 AArch64: Relax alignment requirement for byte_map_base
openjdk8u292 JDK-8224828 aarch64: rflags is not correct after safepoint poll
openjdk8u292 JDK-8167595 AArch64: SEGV in stub code cipherBlockChaining_decryptAESCrypt
openjdk8u292 JDK-8158913 aarch64: SEGV running Spark terasort
openjdk8u292 JDK-8148783 aarch64: SEGV running SpecJBB2013
openjdk8u292 JDK-8154537 AArch64: some integer rotate instructions are never emitted
openjdk8u292 JDK-8157906 aarch64: some more integer rotate instructions are never emitted
openjdk8u292 JDK-8163363 AArch64: Stack size in tools/launcher/ needs to be adjusted
openjdk8u292 JDK-8205421 AARCH64: StubCodeMark should be placed after alignment
openjdk8u292 JDK-8154739 AArch64: TemplateTable::fast_xaccess loads in wrong mode
openjdk8u292 JDK-8207345 AArch64: Trampoline generation code reads from uninitialized memory
openjdk8u292 JDK-8149907 aarch64: use load/store pair instructions in call_stub
openjdk8u292 JDK-8155612 Aarch64: vector nodes need to support misaligned offset
openjdk8u292 JDK-8213134 AArch64: vector shift failed with MaxVectorSize=8
openjdk8u292 JDK-8195859 AArch64: vtableStubs gtest fails after 8174962
openjdk8u292 JDK-8246482 Build failures with +JFR -PCH
openjdk8u292 JDK-8258833 Cancel multi-part cipher operations in SunPKCS11 after failures
openjdk8u292 JDK-8260349 Cannot programmatically retrieve Metaspace max set via JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS
openjdk8u292 JDK-8216989 CardTableBarrierSetAssembler::gen_write_ref_array_post_barrier() does not check for zero length on AARCH64
openjdk8u292 JDK-8216987 ciMethodData::load_data() unpacks MDOs with non-atomic copy
openjdk8u292 JDK-8145320 Create unsafe_arraycopy and generic_arraycopy for AArch64
openjdk8u292 JDK-8240827 Downport from "8221882: Use fiber-friendly java.util.concurrent.locks in JSSE"
openjdk8u292 JDK-8155627 Enable SA on AArch64
openjdk8u292 JDK-8209415 Fix JVMTI test failure HS202
openjdk8u292 JDK-8129626 G1: set_in_progress() and clear_started() needs a barrier on non-TSO platforms
openjdk8u292 JDK-8223186 HotSpot compile warnings from GCC 9
openjdk8u292 JDK-8078450 Implement consistent process for quarantine of tests
openjdk8u292 JDK-8219011 Implement MacroAssembler::warn method on AArch64
openjdk8u292 JDK-8041561 Inconsistent opacity behaviour between JCheckBox and JRadioButton
openjdk8u292 JDK-8203481 Incorrect constraint for unextended_sp in frame:safe_for_sender
openjdk8u292 JDK-8035186 j2se_jdk/jdk/test/java/lang/invoke/lambda/ - assertion error
openjdk8u292 JDK-8225805 Java Access Bridge does not close the logger
openjdk8u292 JDK-8203699 java/lang/invoke/SpecialInterfaceCall fails with SIGILL on aarch64
openjdk8u292 JDK-8031126 java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/ fails intermittently
openjdk8u292 JDK-8078024 javac, several incorporation steps are silently failing when an error should be reported
openjdk8u292 JDK-8191915 JCK tests produce incorrect results with C2
openjdk8u292 JDK-8215961 jdk/jfr/event/os/ fails on AArch64
openjdk8u292 JDK-8228434 jdk/net/Sockets/ fails after JDK-8227642
openjdk8u292 JDK-8185934 keytool and jarsigner shows "Signature algorithm: SHA1withECDSA, -1-bit key"
openjdk8u292 JDK-8264171 Missing aarch64 parts of JDK-8236179 (C1 register allocation failure with T_ADDRESS)
openjdk8u292 JDK-8219991 New fix of the deadlock in
openjdk8u292 JDK-8038723 Open up some PrinterJob tests
openjdk8u292 JDK-8228400 Remove built-in AArch64 simulator
openjdk8u292 JDK-8035166 Remove dependency on EC classes from pkcs11 provider
openjdk8u292 JDK-8150652 Remove unused code in AArch64 back end
openjdk8u292 JDK-8239091 Reversed arguments in call to strstr in freetype "debug" code.
openjdk8u292 JDK-8228747 Revert "unused" attribute from test_arraycopy_func
openjdk8u292 JDK-8229123 Revert build fixes for aarch64/zero
openjdk8u292 JDK-8228770 Revert development hsdis changes
openjdk8u292 JDK-8229124 Revert disassembler.cpp changes
openjdk8u292 JDK-8228593 Revert explicit JDK 7 support additions
openjdk8u292 JDK-8228718 Revert incorrect backport of JDK-8129757 to 8-aarch64
openjdk8u292 JDK-8228767 Revert ResourceMark additions
openjdk8u292 JDK-8229145 Revert TemplateTable::bytecode() visibility change
openjdk8u292 JDK-8258396 SIGILL in jdk.jfr.internal.PlatformRecorder.rotateDisk()
openjdk8u292 JDK-7107012 sun.jvm.hostspot.code.CompressedReadStream readDouble() conversion to long mishandled
openjdk8u292 JDK-8080911 sun/security/krb5/auto/ timed out intermittently
openjdk8u292 JDK-8228406 Superfluous change in chaitin.hpp
openjdk8u292 JDK-7112454 TEST_BUG: java/awt/Choice/PopdownGeneratesMouseEvents/PopdownGeneratesMouseEvents.html failed
openjdk8u292 JDK-6896810 TEST_BUG: java/lang/ref/SoftReference/ fails with OOME during System.out.println
openjdk8u292 JDK-8253476 fails on some Linux kernels w/o swap limit capabilities
openjdk8u292 JDK-8155653 not pushed with 8155612
openjdk8u292 JDK-8236500 Windows ucrt.dll should be looked up in versioned WINSDK subdirectory
openjdk8u292 JDK-8078614 WindowsClassicLookAndFeel : MetalComboBoxUI.getbaseLine fails with IllegalArgumentException
openjdk8u292 JDK-8145051 Wrong parameter name in synthetic lambda method leads to verifier error


61 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u302 JDK-8234011 (zipfs) Memory leak in ZipFileSystem.releaseDeflater()
openjdk8u302 JDK-8265238 [8u] [macos] build failure in OpenJDK8u after JDK-8211301 in older xcode
openjdk8u302 JDK-8267545 [8u] Enable Xcode 12 builds on macOS
openjdk8u302 JDK-8247350 [aarch64] assert(false) failed: wrong size of mach node
openjdk8u302 JDK-8267235 [macos_aarch64] InterpreterRuntime::throw_pending_exception messing up LR results in crash
openjdk8u302 JDK-8231949 [PPC64, s390]: Make async profiling more reliable
openjdk8u302 JDK-8209996 [PPC64] Fix JFR profiling.
openjdk8u302 JDK-8166046 [TESTBUG] compiler/stringopts/ fails with OOME
openjdk8u302 JDK-8132709 [TESTBUG] gc/g1/ might fail on embedded
openjdk8u302 JDK-8262726 AArch64: C1 StubAssembler::call_RT can corrupt stack
openjdk8u302 JDK-8231841 AArch64: debug.cpp help() is missing an AArch64 line for pns
openjdk8u302 JDK-8260029 aarch64: fix typo in verify_oop_array
openjdk8u302 JDK-8191955 AArch64: incorrect prefetch distance causes an internal error
openjdk8u302 JDK-8270533 AArch64: size_fits_all_mem_uses should return false if its output is a CAS
openjdk8u302 JDK-8217230 assert(t == t_no_spec) failure in NodeHash::check_no_speculative_types()
openjdk8u302 JDK-8217348 assert(thread->is_Java_thread()) failed: just checking
openjdk8u302 JDK-8260236 better init AnnotationCollector _contended_group
openjdk8u302 JDK-8203196 C1 emits incorrect code due to integer overflow in _tableswitch keys
openjdk8u302 JDK-8134883 C1 hard crash in range check elimination in Nashorn test262parallel
openjdk8u302 JDK-8259619 C1: 3-arg StubAssembler::call_RT stack-use condition is incorrect
openjdk8u302 JDK-8260255 C1: LoopInvariantCodeMotion constructor can leave some fields uninitialized
openjdk8u302 JDK-8033289 clang: clean up unused function warning
openjdk8u302 JDK-8230428 Cleanup dead CastIP node code in formssel.cpp
openjdk8u302 JDK-8264640 CMS ParScanClosure misses a barrier
openjdk8u302 JDK-8205014 com/sun/jndi/ldap/ failed with "Read timed out"
openjdk8u302 JDK-8269388 default build of jdk8 fails on newer GCCs with warnings as errors on format-overflow
openjdk8u302 JDK-8265666 Enable AIX build platform to make external debug symbols
openjdk8u302 JDK-8055754 filemap.cpp does not compile with clang
openjdk8u302 JDK-8250876 Fix issues with cross-compile on macos
openjdk8u302 JDK-8037825 Fix warnings and enable "warnings as errors" in serviceability native libraries
openjdk8u302 JDK-8042891 Format issues embedded in macros for two g1 source files
openjdk8u302 JDK-8064909 got OutOfMemoryError
openjdk8u302 JDK-8183910 gc/arguments/ fails intermittently
openjdk8u302 JDK-8166724 gc/g1/ fails with OOME
openjdk8u302 JDK-8034857 gcc warnings compiling src/solaris/native/sun/management
openjdk8u302 JDK-8034856 gcc warnings compiling src/solaris/native/sun/security/pkcs11
openjdk8u302 JDK-8043264 hsdis library not picked up correctly on expected paths
openjdk8u302 JDK-8214345 infinite recursion while checking super class
openjdk8u302 JDK-8206243 java -XshowSettings fails if memory.limit_in_bytes overflows LONG.max
openjdk8u302 JDK-8202299 Java Keystore fails to load PKCS12/PFX certificates created in WindowsServer2016
openjdk8u302 JDK-8190679 java/util/Arrays/ fails with "Initial heap size set to a larger value than the maximum heap size"
openjdk8u302 JDK-8199265 java/util/Arrays/ fails with OOM
openjdk8u302 JDK-8196092 javax/swing/JComboBox/8032878/ fails
openjdk8u302 JDK-8172188 JDI tests fail due to "permission denied" when creating temp file
openjdk8u302 JDK-8138820 JDK Hotspot build fails with Xcode 7.0.1
openjdk8u302 JDK-8269468 JDK-8269388 breaks the build on older GCCs
openjdk8u302 JDK-8066508 JTReg tests timeout on slow devices when run using JPRT
openjdk8u302 JDK-8268444 keytool -v -list print is incorrect after backport JDK-8141457
openjdk8u302 JDK-8066807 langtools/test/Makefile should use -agentvm not -samevm
openjdk8u302 JDK-8071374 Native disassembler implementation may be not thread-safe
openjdk8u302 JDK-8261355 No data buffering in SunPKCS11 Cipher encryption when the underlying mechanism has no padding
openjdk8u302 JDK-8241649 Optimize Character.toString
openjdk8u302 JDK-8253375 OSX build fails with Xcode 12.0 (12A7209)
openjdk8u302 JDK-8190332 PngReader throws NegativeArraySizeException/OOM error when IHDR width is very large
openjdk8u302 JDK-8257884 Re-enable sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/ as automatic test
openjdk8u302 JDK-8263504 Some OutputMachOpcodes fields are uninitialized
openjdk8u302 JDK-8231631 sun/net/ftp/ fails intermittently with NPE
openjdk8u302 JDK-8032050 TEST_BUG: Clean up for java/rmi/activation/Activatable/shutdownGracefully/
openjdk8u302 JDK-8035001 TEST_BUG: the retry logic in RMID.start() should check that the subprocess hasn't terminated
openjdk8u302 JDK-8266929 Unable to use algorithms from 3p providers
openjdk8u302 JDK-8255734 VM should ignore SIGXFSZ on ppc64, s390 too


22 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u312 JDK-8170467 (reflect) Optimize SignatureParser's use of StringBuilders
openjdk8u312 JDK-8131062 aarch64: add support for GHASH acceleration
openjdk8u312 JDK-8134869 AARCH64: GHASH intrinsic is not optimal
openjdk8u312 JDK-8269594 assert(_handle_mark_nesting > 1) failed: memory leak: allocating handle outside HandleMark
openjdk8u312 JDK-8272643 Backout JDK-8176837 from 8u312
openjdk8u312 JDK-8266206 Build failure after JDK-8264752 with older GCCs
openjdk8u312 JDK-8272124 Cgroup v1 initialization causes NullPointerException when cgroup path contains colon
openjdk8u312 JDK-8080082 configure fails if you create an empty directory and then run configure from it
openjdk8u312 JDK-8220786 Create new switch to redirect error reporting output to stdout or stderr
openjdk8u312 JDK-8231222 fix pkcs11 P11_DEBUG guarded native traces
openjdk8u312 JDK-8241054 half-closed SSLEngine status may cause application dead loop
openjdk8u312 JDK-8130183 InnerClasses: VM permits wrong inner_class_info_index value of zero
openjdk8u312 JDK-8237495 Java MIDI fails with a dereferenced memory error when asked to send a raw 0xF7
openjdk8u312 JDK-8054118 java/net/ipv6tests/ failed intermittently
openjdk8u312 JDK-8262000 jdk/jfr/event/gc/detailed/ failed with "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"
openjdk8u312 JDK-8194246 JVM crashes when calling getStackTrace if stack contains a method that is a member of a very large class
openjdk8u312 JDK-8065215 Print warning summary at end of configure
openjdk8u312 JDK-8264752 SIGFPE crash with option FlightRecorderOptions:threadbuffersize=30M
openjdk8u312 JDK-8269882 stack-use-after-scope in NewObjectA
openjdk8u312 JDK-8079891 Store configure log in $BUILD/configure.log
openjdk8u312 JDK-8206189 sun/security/pkcs12/ fails with Sequence tag error
openjdk8u312 JDK-8157404 Unable to read certain PKCS12 keystores from SequenceInputStream


12 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u322 JDK-8210058 Algorithmic Italic font leans opposite angle in Printing
openjdk8u322 JDK-8236897 Fix the copyright header for pkcs11gcm2.h
openjdk8u322 JDK-8140472 java/net/ipv6tests/ failed intermittently with Address already in use: NET_Bind
openjdk8u322 JDK-8237499 JFR: Include stack trace in the ThreadStart event
openjdk8u322 JDK-8187450 JNI local refs exceeds capacity warning in NetworkInterface::getAll
openjdk8u322 JDK-8182036 Load from initializing arraycopy uses wrong memory state
openjdk8u322 JDK-8239886 Minimal VM build fails after JDK-8237499
openjdk8u322 JDK-8048021 Remove @version tag in jaxp repo
openjdk8u322 JDK-8176837 SunPKCS11 provider needs to check more details on PKCS11 Mechanism
openjdk8u322 JDK-8274467 fails with tzdata2021b
openjdk8u322 JDK-8042199 The build of J2DBench via makefile is broken after the JDK-8005402
openjdk8u322 JDK-8274468 fails with tzdata2021b


13 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u332 JDK-8266749 AArch64: Backtracing broken on PAC enabled systems
openjdk8u332 JDK-8284936 Fix Java 7 bootstrap breakage due to use of
openjdk8u332 JDK-8167014 jdeps: Missing message: warn.skipped.entry
openjdk8u332 JDK-8279077 JFR crashes on Linux ppc due to missing crash protector in signal handler
openjdk8u332 JDK-8227738 jvmti/DataDumpRequest/datadumpreq001 failed due to "exit code is 134"
openjdk8u332 JDK-8227815 Minimal VM: set_state is not a member of AttachListener
openjdk8u332 JDK-8225690 Multiple AttachListener threads can be created
openjdk8u332 JDK-8270290 NTLM authentication fails if HEAD request is used
openjdk8u332 JDK-8033980 Xerces Update: datatype XMLGregorianCalendarImpl and DurationImpl
openjdk8u332 JDK-8035577 Xerces Update: impl/xpath/regex/
openjdk8u332 JDK-8041523 Xerces Update: Serializer improvements from Xalan
openjdk8u332 JDK-8035437 Xerces Update: xml/serialize/DOMSerializerImpl
openjdk8u332 JDK-8037259 Xerces Update: XPointer update


45 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u342 JDK-8190753 (zipfs): Accessing a large entry (> 2^31 bytes) leads to a negative initial size for ByteArrayOutputStream
openjdk8u342 JDK-8284772 8u GHA: Use GCC Major Version Dependencies Only
openjdk8u342 JDK-8287537 8u JDK-8284620 backport broke AArch64 build
openjdk8u342 JDK-8285591 [11] add signum checks in engineVerify
openjdk8u342 JDK-8285727 [11u, 17u] Unify fix for JDK-8284920 with version from head
openjdk8u342 JDK-8230865 [TESTBUG] jdk/jfr/event/io/ fails at-run shell target
openjdk8u342 JDK-8223396 [TESTBUG] several jfr tests do not clean up files created in /tmp
openjdk8u342 JDK-8256127 Add cross-compiled foreign architectures builds to submit workflow
openjdk8u342 JDK-8254282 Add Linux x86_32 builds to submit workflow
openjdk8u342 JDK-8255305 Add Linux x86_32 tier1 to submit workflow
openjdk8u342 JDK-8256414 add optimized build to submit workflow
openjdk8u342 JDK-8221988 add possibility to build with Visual Studio 2019
openjdk8u342 JDK-8253424 Add support for running pre-submit testing using GitHub Actions
openjdk8u342 JDK-8254173 Add Zero, Minimal hotspot targets to submit workflow
openjdk8u342 JDK-8255352 Archive important test outputs in submit workflow
openjdk8u342 JDK-8261107 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in the ICC_Profile.getInstance(InputStream)
openjdk8u342 JDK-8263667 Avoid running GitHub actions on branches named pr/*
openjdk8u342 JDK-8170530 bash configure output contains a typo in a suggested library name
openjdk8u342 JDK-8254175 Build no-pch configuration in debug mode for submit checks
openjdk8u342 JDK-8168926 C2: Bytecode escape analyzer crashes due to stack overflow
openjdk8u342 JDK-8129572 Cleanup usage of getResourceAsStream in jaxp
openjdk8u342 JDK-8284620 CodeBuffer may leak _overflow_arena
openjdk8u342 JDK-8282225 GHA: Allow one concurrent run per PR only
openjdk8u342 JDK-8256277 Github Action build on macOS should define OS and Xcode versions
openjdk8u342 JDK-8256354 Github Action build on Windows should define OS and MSVC versions
openjdk8u342 JDK-8256393 Github Actions build on Linux should define OS and GCC versions
openjdk8u342 JDK-8259924 GitHub actions fail on Linux x86_32 with "Could not configure libc6:i386"
openjdk8u342 JDK-8260460 GitHub actions still fail on Linux x86_32 with "Could not configure libc6:i386"
openjdk8u342 JDK-8256747 GitHub Actions: decouple the hotspot build-only jobs from Linux x64 testing
openjdk8u342 JDK-8285523 Improve test java/io/FileOutputStream/
openjdk8u342 JDK-8132256 jaxp: Investigate removal of com/sun/org/apache/bcel/internal/util/
openjdk8u342 JDK-8170392 JDK-8031567 broke builds from source bundles
openjdk8u342 JDK-8170385 JDK-8031567 broke source bundles
openjdk8u342 JDK-8209771 jdk.test.lib.Utils::runAndCheckException error
openjdk8u342 JDK-8202142 jfr/event/io/TestInstrumentation is unstable
openjdk8u342 JDK-8248876 LoadObject with bad base address created for exec file on linux
openjdk8u342 JDK-8253865 Pre-submit testing using GitHub Actions does not detect failures reliably
openjdk8u342 JDK-8254054 Pre-submit testing using GitHub Actions should not use the deprecated set-env command
openjdk8u342 JDK-8244973 serviceability/attach/ fails "stderr was not empty"
openjdk8u342 JDK-8235211 serviceability/attach/ fails with AttachNotSupportedException: Unable to open socket file
openjdk8u342 JDK-8255373 Submit workflow artifact name is always ""
openjdk8u342 JDK-8255895 Submit workflow artifacts miss hs_errs/replays due to ZIP include mismatch
openjdk8u342 JDK-8257056 Submit workflow should apt-get update to avoid package installation errors
openjdk8u342 JDK-8194154 System property user.dir should not be changed
openjdk8u342 JDK-8279669 test/jdk/com/sun/jdi/ uses wrong condition


2 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u345 JDK-8291568 Bump update version of OpenJDK: 8u345
openjdk8u345 JDK-8290832 It is no longer possible to change "user.dir" in the JDK8


26 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u352 JDK-8288865 [aarch64] LDR instructions must use legitimized addresses
openjdk8u352 JDK-8136354 [TEST_BUG] Test java/awt/image/RescaleOp/ with Bad action for script
openjdk8u352 JDK-8039955 [TESTBUG] jdk/lambda/LambdaTranslationTest1 - java.lang.AssertionError: expected [d:1234.000000] but found [d:1234,000000]
openjdk8u352 JDK-8173339 AArch64: Fix minimum stack size computations
openjdk8u352 JDK-8087283 Add support for the XML Signature here() function to the JDK XPath implementation
openjdk8u352 JDK-8283849 AsyncGetCallTrace may crash JVM on guarantee
openjdk8u352 JDK-8290000 Bump macOS GitHub actions to macOS 11
openjdk8u352 JDK-8150669 C1 intrinsic for Class.isPrimitive
openjdk8u352 JDK-8260589 Crash in JfrTraceIdLoadBarrier::load(_jclass*)
openjdk8u352 JDK-8235385 Crash on aarch64 JDK due to long offset
openjdk8u352 JDK-8139668 Generate README-build.html from markdown
openjdk8u352 JDK-8256722 handle VC++:1927 VS2019 in abstract_vm_version
openjdk8u352 JDK-8049228 Improve multithreaded scalability of InetAddress cache
openjdk8u352 JDK-8280963 Incorrect PrintFlags formatting on Windows
openjdk8u352 JDK-7186258 InetAddress$Cache should replace currentTimeMillis with nanoTime for more precise and accurate
openjdk8u352 JDK-8233019 java.lang.Class.isPrimitive() (C1) returns wrong result if Klass* is aligned to 32bit
openjdk8u352 JDK-8235218 Minimal VM is broken after JDK-8173361
openjdk8u352 JDK-8147862 Null check too late in
openjdk8u352 JDK-8288763 Pack200 extraction failure with invalid size
openjdk8u352 JDK-8183107 PKCS11 regression regarding checkKeySize
openjdk8u352 JDK-8282538 PKCS11 tests fail on CentOS Stream 9
openjdk8u352 JDK-8254178 Remove .hgignore
openjdk8u352 JDK-8254318 Remove .hgtags
openjdk8u352 JDK-8232950 SUNPKCS11 Provider incorrectly check key length for PSS Signatures.
openjdk8u352 JDK-8130895 Test javax/swing/system/6799345/ fails on Solaris11 Sparcv9
openjdk8u352 JDK-8173361 various crashes in JvmtiExport::post_compiled_method_load


23 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u362 JDK-8206456 [TESTBUG] docker jtreg tests fail on systems without cpuset.effective_cpus / cpuset.effective_mems
openjdk8u362 JDK-8221529 [TESTBUG] Docker tests use old/deprecated image on AArch64
openjdk8u362 JDK-8233551 [TESTBUG] fails on MacOS
openjdk8u362 JDK-8224506 [TESTBUG] fails with exitValue = 137
openjdk8u362 JDK-8293461 Add a test for JDK-8290832
openjdk8u362 JDK-8286582 Build fails on macos aarch64 when using --with-zlib=bundled
openjdk8u362 JDK-8271459 C2: Missing NegativeArraySizeException when creating StringBuilder with negative capacity
openjdk8u362 JDK-8054066 com/sun/jdi/ fails with timeout
openjdk8u362 JDK-8269039 Disable SHA-1 Signed JARs
openjdk8u362 JDK-8159720 Failure of C2 compilation with tiered prevents some C1 compilations
openjdk8u362 JDK-8283903 GetContainerCpuLoad does not return the correct result in share mode
openjdk8u362 JDK-8295714 GHA ::set-output is deprecated and will be removed
openjdk8u362 JDK-8273176 handle latest VS2019 in abstract_vm_version
openjdk8u362 JDK-8284389 Improve stability of GHA Pre-submit testing by caching cygwin installer
openjdk8u362 JDK-8288928 Incorrect GPL header in pnglibconf.h (backport of JDK-8185041)
openjdk8u362 JDK-8274563 jfr/event/oldobject/ fails when GC cycles are not happening
openjdk8u362 JDK-8293828 JFR: jfr/event/oldobject/ still fails when GC cycles are not happening
openjdk8u362 JDK-8148005 One byte may be corrupted by get_datetime_string()
openjdk8u362 JDK-8295288 Some vm_flags tests associate with a wrong BugID
openjdk8u362 JDK-8195607 sun/security/pkcs11/Secmod/ failed with "NSS initialization failed" on NSS 3.34.1
openjdk8u362 JDK-8241086 Test runtime/NMT/ is failing on 32bit Windows
openjdk8u362 JDK-8284622 Update versions of some Github Actions used in JDK workflow
openjdk8u362 JDK-8197859 VS2017 Complains about UINTPTR_MAX definition in globalDefinitions_VisCPP.hpp


15 issues

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u372 JDK-8216366 Add rationale to PER_CPU_SHARES define
openjdk8u372 JDK-8241087 Build failure with VS 2019 (16.5.0) due to C2039 and C2873
openjdk8u372 JDK-8230305 Cgroups v2: Container awareness
openjdk8u372 JDK-8229202 Docker reporting causes secondary crashes in error handling
openjdk8u372 JDK-8228585 jdk/internal/platform/cgroup/ - NumberFormatException because of large long values (memory limit_in_bytes)
openjdk8u372 JDK-8232207 Linux os::available_memory re-reads cgroup configuration on every invocation
openjdk8u372 JDK-8295952 Problemlist existing compiler/rtm tests also on x86
openjdk8u372 JDK-8286624 Regression Test fails on OL8.3
openjdk8u372 JDK-8254997 Remove unimplemented OSContainer::read_memory_limit_in_bytes
openjdk8u372 JDK-8275713 TestDockerMemoryMetrics test fails on recent runc
openjdk8u372 JDK-8295322 Tests for JDK-8271459 were not backported to 11u
openjdk8u372 JDK-8247676 vcruntime140_1.dll is not needed on 32-bit Windows
openjdk8u372 JDK-8242468 VS2019 build missing vcruntime140_1.dll
openjdk8u372 JDK-8226236 win32: gc/metaspace/ fails
openjdk8u372 JDK-8296632 Write a test to verify the content change of TextArea sends TextEvent


This is where OpenJDK used to be ahead, and then Oracle JDK caught up in future releases.

144 issues.

Version 1 Version 2 Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u242 8u251 JDK-8029629 (process) Improvements to test/java/lang/ProcessBuilder/
openjdk8u272 8u361 JDK-8238386 (sctp) jdk.sctp/unix/native/libsctp/SctpNet.c "multiple definition" link errors with GCC10
openjdk8u222 8u231 JDK-8224560 (tz) Upgrade Timezone Data to tzdata2019a
openjdk8u232 8u241 JDK-8231098 (tz) Upgrade Timezone Data to tzdata2019c
openjdk8u292 8u361 JDK-7185221 [macosx] Regtest should not throw exception if a suitable display mode found
openjdk8u222 8u251 JDK-8176100 [REDO][REDO] G1 Needs pre barrier on dereference of weak JNI handles
openjdk8u222 8u291 JDK-8205916 [test] Fix jdk/tools/launcher/RunpathTest to handle both, RPATH and RUNPATH
openjdk8u302 8u311 JDK-6990210 [TEST_BUG] EventDispatchThread/HandleExceptionOnEDT/ fails on gnome
openjdk8u282 8u331 JDK-8044157 [TEST_BUG] Improve recently submitted AWT_Mixing tests
openjdk8u282 8u331 JDK-8041592 [TEST_BUG] Move 42 AWT hw/lw mixing tests to jdk
openjdk8u282 8u351 JDK-8053657 [TEST_BUG] move some 5 tests related to undecorated Frame/JFrame to JDK
openjdk8u302 8u311 JDK-8130430 [TEST_BUG] remove unnecessary internal calls from javax/swing/JRadioButton/8075609/
openjdk8u292 8u301 JDK-7131835 [TEST_BUG] Test does not consider that the rounded edges of the window in Mac OS 10.7
openjdk8u212 8u271 JDK-8080932 [TEST_BUG] Test java/awt/BasicStroke/ fails with Bad script error due to improper @run notation
openjdk8u272 8u301 JDK-8039082 [TEST_BUG] Test java/awt/dnd/BadSerializationTest/ fails
openjdk8u302 8u311 JDK-8075071 [TEST_BUG] OOME: Java heap space: MaxHeap shrinked by MaxRAMFraction
openjdk8u282 8u321 JDK-8168292 [TESTBUG] [macosx] Test java/awt/TrayIcon/DragEventSource/ fails on OS X
openjdk8u362 8u371 JDK-8067941 [TESTBUG] Fix tests for OS with 64K page size.
openjdk8u302 8u311 JDK-8047939 [TESTBUG] Rewrite test/runtime/8001071/
openjdk8u212 8u231 JDK-8065749 [TESTBUG]: gc/arguments/ fails at nightly
openjdk8u212 8u222 JDK-8211106 [windows] Update OS detection code to recognize Windows Server 2019
openjdk8u292 8u371 JDK-8179954 AArch64: C1 and C2 volatile accesses are not sequentially consistent
openjdk8u322 8u331 JDK-8183543 Aarch64: C2 compilation often fails with "failed spill-split-recycle sanity check"
openjdk8u292 8u351 JDK-8224851 AArch64: fix warnings and errors with Clang and GCC 8.3
openjdk8u232 8u241 JDK-8204290 Add check to limit number of capture groups
openjdk8u282 8u291 JDK-8239105 Add exception for expiring Digicert root certificates to VerifyCACerts test
openjdk8u282 8u291 JDK-8258630 Add expiry exception for QuoVadis root certificate
openjdk8u282 8u291 JDK-8225072 Add LuxTrust certificate that is expiring in March 2021 to list of allowed but expired certs
openjdk8u282 8u301 JDK-8166583 Add oopDesc::klass_or_null_acquire()
openjdk8u282 8u301 JDK-8165808 Add release barriers when allocating objects with concurrent collection
openjdk8u282 8u301 JDK-8242335 Additional Tests for RSASSA-PSS
openjdk8u262 8u311 JDK-8238555 Allow initialization of SunPKCS11 with NSS when there are external FIPS modules in the NSSDB
openjdk8u272 8u281 JDK-8214862 assert(proj != __null) at compile.cpp:3251
openjdk8u252 8u311 JDK-8144446 Automate the Marlin crash test
openjdk8u272 8u281 JDK-8250755 Better cleanup for jdk/test/javax/imageio/plugins/shared/
openjdk8u352 8u371 JDK-7131823 bug in GIFImageReader
openjdk8u232 8u361 JDK-8217359 C2 compiler triggers SIGSEGV after transformation in ConvI2LNode::Ideal
openjdk8u262 8u281 JDK-8146612 C2: Precedence edges specification violated
openjdk8u232 8u271 JDK-8215265 C2: range check elimination may allow illegal out of bound access
openjdk8u212 8u231 JDK-8219890 Calendar.getDisplayName() returns empty string for new Japanese Era on some locales
openjdk8u272 8u281 JDK-8148854 Class names "SomeClass" and "LSomeClass;" treated by JVM as an equivalent
openjdk8u282 8u301 JDK-8166862 CMS needs klass_or_null_acquire
openjdk8u232 8u241 JDK-8227018 CompletableFuture should not call Runtime.availableProcessors on fast path
openjdk8u242 8u251 JDK-8208715 Conversion of milliseconds to nanoseconds in UNIXProcess contains bug.
openjdk8u232 8u241 JDK-8225101 Crash at sun.awt.X11.XlibWrapper.XkbGetUpdatedMap when change keybord map
openjdk8u252 8u321 JDK-8038631 Create wrapper for awt.Robot with additional functionality
openjdk8u222 8u261 JDK-8179098 Crypto AES/ECB encryption/decryption performance regression (introduced in jdk9b73)
openjdk8u232 8u241 JDK-8225505 ctrl-F1 does not show the tooltip of a menu item (JMenuItems)
openjdk8u212 8u271 JDK-8129822 Define "headful" jtreg keyword
openjdk8u292 8u301 JDK-8166229 Eliminate ParNew's use of klass_or_null()
openjdk8u252 8u261 JDK-8218580 endpoint identification algorithm should be case-insensitive
openjdk8u252 8u301 JDK-8218553 Enhance keystore load debug output
openjdk8u232 8u251 JDK-6996807 FieldReflectorKey hash code computation can be improved
openjdk8u222 8u261 JDK-8064786 Fix debug build after 8062808: Turn on the -Wreturn-type warning
openjdk8u222 8u261 JDK-8225716 G1 GC: Undefined behaviour in G1BlockOffsetTablePart::block_at_or_preceding
openjdk8u292 8u301 JDK-8166607 G1 needs klass_or_null_acquire
openjdk8u302 8u351 JDK-8035287 gcc warnings compiling various libraries files
openjdk8u312 8u321 JDK-8247469 getSystemCpuLoad() returns -1 on linux when some offline cpus are present and cpusets.effective_cpus is not available
openjdk8u242 8u271 JDK-8227381 GSS login fails with PREAUTH_FAILED
openjdk8u302 8u341 JDK-8265462 Handle multiple slots in the NSS Internal Module from SunPKCS11's Secmod
openjdk8u222 8u351 JDK-8151322 Implement os::set_native_thread_name() on Solaris
openjdk8u252 8u311 JDK-8144654 Improve Marlin logging
openjdk8u232 8u241 JDK-8226607 Inconsistent info between and MUSCLE headers
openjdk8u282 8u351 JDK-8252497 Incorrect numeric currency code for ROL
openjdk8u262 8u271 JDK-8236996 Incorrect Roboto font rendering on Windows with subpixel antialiasing
openjdk8u302 8u311 JDK-8156584 Initialization race in
openjdk8u302 8u351 JDK-8035054 JarFacade.c should not include ctype.h
openjdk8u272 8u361 JDK-8238380 java.base/unix/native/libjava/childproc.c "multiple definition" link errors with GCC10
openjdk8u222 8u251 JDK-8214770 java/time/test/java/time/format/ failed in non-english locales.
openjdk8u282 8u331 JDK-8251840 Java_sun_awt_X11_XToolkit_getDefaultScreenData should not be in make/mapfiles/libawt_xawt/mapfile-vers
openjdk8u312 8u321 JDK-8268103 JNI functions incorrectly return a double after JDK-8265836
openjdk8u262 8u311 JDK-8149338 JVM Crash caused by Marlin renderer not handling NaN coordinates
openjdk8u232 8u241 JDK-8226798 JVM crash in klassItable::initialize_itable_for_interface(int, InstanceKlass*, bool, Thread*)
openjdk8u242 8u271 JDK-8227061 test behaves incorrectly when AS-REQ contains a PAData not PA-ENC-TS-ENC
openjdk8u312 8u351 JDK-8270137 Kerberos Credential Retrieval from Cache not Working in Cross-Realm Setup
openjdk8u242 8u271 JDK-8226719 Kerberos login to Windows 2000 failed with "Inappropriate type of checksum in message"
openjdk8u272 8u361 JDK-8238388 libj2gss/NativeFunc.o "multiple definition" link errors with GCC10
openjdk8u282 8u321 JDK-8219562 Line of code in osContainer_linux.cpp#L102 appears unreachable
openjdk8u252 8u311 JDK-8145055 Marlin renderer causes unaligned write accesses
openjdk8u232 8u241 JDK-8204288 Matching the end of a string followed by an empty greedy regex and a word boundary fails
openjdk8u252 8u311 JDK-8144445 Maximum size checking in Marlin ArrayCache utility methods is not optimal
openjdk8u292 8u301 JDK-8211233 MemBarNode::trailing_membar() and MemBarNode::leading_membar() need to handle dying subgraphs better
openjdk8u212 8u222 JDK-8044047 Missing null pointer checks for streams
openjdk8u282 8u341 JDK-8055664 move 14 tests about setLocationRelativeTo to jdk
openjdk8u282 8u321 JDK-8076315 move 4 manual functional swing tests to regression suite
openjdk8u282 8u341 JDK-8044429 move awt automated exclusion tests for AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository
openjdk8u282 8u341 JDK-8043126 move awt automated functional tests from AWT_Events/Lw and AWT_Events/AWT to OpenJDK repository
openjdk8u282 8u341 JDK-8047367 move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 2
openjdk8u282 8u341 JDK-8049617 move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 3
openjdk8u282 8u341 JDK-8050885 move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 4
openjdk8u282 8u341 JDK-8052012 move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 5
openjdk8u282 8u341 JDK-8054143 move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 6
openjdk8u282 8u341 JDK-8054358 move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 7
openjdk8u282 8u341 JDK-8054359 move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 8
openjdk8u282 8u341 JDK-8055836 move awt tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 9
openjdk8u282 8u341 JDK-8052408 Move AWT_BAT functional tests to OpenJDK (3 of 3)
openjdk8u282 8u321 JDK-8044765 Move functional tests AWT_SystemTray/Automated to openjdk repository
openjdk8u282 8u351 JDK-8051440 move tests about maximizing undecorated to OpenJDK
openjdk8u212 8u361 JDK-8200109 NMT: diff_malloc_site assert(early->flags() == current->flags(), "Must be the same memory type")
openjdk8u342 8u351 JDK-8278138 OpenJDK8 fails to start on Windows 8.1 after upgrading compiler to VS2017
openjdk8u312 8u321 JDK-8265836 OperatingSystemImpl.getCpuLoad() returns incorrect CPU load inside a container
openjdk8u312 8u341 JDK-8269851 OperatingSystemMXBean getProcessCpuLoad reports incorrect process cpu usage in containers
openjdk8u232 8u281 JDK-8217785 Padding ParallelTaskTerminator::_offered_termination variable
openjdk8u252 8u311 JDK-8144718 Pisces / Marlin Strokers may generate invalid curves with huge coordinates and round joins
openjdk8u302 8u351 JDK-8129511 PlatformMidi.c:83 uses malloc without malloc header
openjdk8u352 8u361 JDK-8214427 probable bug in logic of ConcurrentHashMap.addCount()
openjdk8u292 8u331 JDK-8230388 Problemlist additional compiler/rtm tests
openjdk8u292 8u331 JDK-8226899 Problemlist compiler/rtm tests
openjdk8u292 8u301 JDK-8257746 Regression introduced with JDK-8250984 - memory might be null in some machines
openjdk8u292 8u301 JDK-6345095 regression test EmptyClipRenderingTest fails
openjdk8u262 8u271 JDK-8225069 Remove Comodo root certificate that is expiring in May 2020
openjdk8u262 8u271 JDK-8225068 Remove DocuSign root certificate that is expiring in May 2020
openjdk8u212 8u271 JDK-8217753 Remove Linux version check from HotSpot builds
openjdk8u252 8u311 JDK-8144526 Remove Marlin logging use of deleted internal API
openjdk8u302 8u351 JDK-8074835 Resolve disabled warnings for libj2gss
openjdk8u302 8u351 JDK-8074836 Resolve disabled warnings for libosxkrb5
openjdk8u222 8u351 JDK-7102541 RFE: os::set_native_thread_name() cleanups
openjdk8u242 8u271 JDK-8227437 S4U2proxy cannot continue because server's TGT cannot be found
openjdk8u222 8u251 JDK-8207760 SAXException: Invalid UTF-16 surrogate detected: d83c ?
openjdk8u262 8u301 JDK-8213734 SAXParser.parse(File, ..) does not close resources when Exception occurs.
openjdk8u262 8u311 JDK-8148886 SEGV in sun.java2d.marlin.Renderer._endRendering
openjdk8u282 8u301 JDK-8166663 Simplify oops_on_card_seq_iterate_careful
openjdk8u282 8u351 JDK-8067441 Some tests fails with error: cannot find symbol getSystemMnemonicKeyCodes()
openjdk8u332 8u341 JDK-8274524 SSLSocket.close() hangs if it is called during the ssl handshake
openjdk8u252 8u301 JDK-8005819 Support cross-realm MSSFU
openjdk8u242 8u271 JDK-8215032 Support Kerberos cross-realm referrals (RFC 6806)
openjdk8u282 8u301 JDK-8031423 Test java/awt/dnd/DisposeFrameOnDragCrash/ fails by Timeout on Windows
openjdk8u282 8u291 JDK-8223108 Test java/awt/EventQueue/ is unstable
openjdk8u302 8u311 JDK-7106851 Test should not use System.exit
openjdk8u302 8u361 JDK-8130308 Too low memory usage in
openjdk8u292 8u301 JDK-8209420 Track membars for volatile accesses so they can be properly optimized
openjdk8u232 8u301 JDK-8213568 Typo in java/awt/GraphicsEnvironment/LoadLock/
openjdk8u212 8u271 JDK-8145096 Undefined behaviour in HotSpot
openjdk8u242 8u251 JDK-8231988 Unexpected test result caused by C2 IdealLoopTree::do_remove_empty_loop
openjdk8u222 8u231 JDK-8202414 Unsafe write after primitive array creation may result in array length change
openjdk8u292 8u301 JDK-8158525 Update a few java/net tests to use the loopback address instead of the host address
openjdk8u272 8u281 JDK-8244151 Update MUSCLE PC/SC-Lite headers to the latest release 1.8.26
openjdk8u222 8u261 JDK-8210985 Update the default SSL session cache size to 20480
openjdk8u252 8u311 JDK-8144630 Use PrivilegedAction to create Thread in Marlin RendererStats
openjdk8u272 8u281 JDK-8209113 Use WeakReference for lastFontStrike for created Fonts
openjdk8u282 8u351 JDK-8130772 Util.hitMnemonics does not work: getSystemMnemonicKeyCodes() returns ALT_MASK rather than VK_ALT
openjdk8u292 8u301 JDK-8261231 Windows IME was disabled after DnD operation
openjdk8u232 8u251 JDK-8152856 Xcode 7.3 -Wshift-negative-value compile failure on Mac OS X
openjdk8u272 8u331 JDK-8239819 XToolkit: Misread of screen information memory


This is where Oracle JDK used to be ahead, and then OpenJDK caught up in future releases.

281 issues.

Version 1 Version 2 Bug Synopsis
8u251 openjdk8u302 JDK-8077364 "if( !this )" construct prevents build on Xcode 6.3
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-8151582 (ch) test java/nio/channels/ failing due to "Connection succeeded"
8u261 openjdk8u322 JDK-8044365 (dc) failing with ENOMEM when joining group (OS X 10.9)
8u241 openjdk8u322 JDK-8231254 (fs) Add test for macOS Catalina changes to protect system software
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-8067796 (process) Process.waitFor(timeout, unit) doesn't throw NPE if timeout is less than, or equal to zero when unit == null
8u311 openjdk8u322 JDK-8274407 (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2021c
8u311 openjdk8u322 JDK-8275766 (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2021e
8u331 openjdk8u342 JDK-8283350 (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022a
8u351 openjdk8u362 JDK-8294357 (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022d
8u271 openjdk8u282 JDK-8254177 (tz) Upgrade Timezone Data to tzdata2020b
8u271 openjdk8u282 JDK-8254982 (tz) Upgrade Timezone Data to tzdata2020c
8u271 openjdk8u282 JDK-8255226 (tz) Upgrade Timezone Data to tzdata2020d
8u281 openjdk8u292 JDK-8259048 (tz) Upgrade Timezone Data to tzdata2020f
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-8030680 292 cleanup from default method code assessment
8u241 openjdk8u272 JDK-8225695 32-bit build failures after JDK-8080462 (Update SunPKCS11 provider with PKCS11 v2.40 support)
8u251 openjdk8u302 JDK-8239400 [8u] clean up delete-non-virtual-dtor warnings in HotSpot
8u251 openjdk8u302 JDK-8239053 [8u] clean up undefined-var-template warnings
8u231 openjdk8u242 JDK-8222496 [8u] Switch on GTK3 as a default GTK L&F in client-libs
8u281 openjdk8u292 JDK-8217338 [Containers] Improve systemd slice memory limit support
8u271 openjdk8u292 JDK-8249251 [dark_mode ubuntu 20.04] The selected menu is not highlighted in GTKLookAndFeel
8u291 openjdk8u322 JDK-8226806 [macOS 10.14] Methods of Java Robot should be called from appropriate thread
8u261 openjdk8u322 JDK-8232226 [macos 10.15] test/jdk/java/awt/color/EqualityTest/ may fail
8u251 openjdk8u322 JDK-8231438 [macOS] Dark mode for the desktop is not supported
8u311 openjdk8u322 JDK-8262731 [macOS] Exception from "Printable.print" is swallowed during "PrinterJob.print"
8u221 openjdk8u242 JDK-8215210 [macos] Hangul text does not shape to the precomposed form on JDK8u
8u271 openjdk8u322 JDK-8220150 [macos] macos10.14 Mojave returns anti-aliased glyphs instead of aliased B&W glyphs
8u261 openjdk8u292 JDK-8211301 [macos] support full window content options
8u351 openjdk8u372 JDK-8284690 [macos] VoiceOver : Getting java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid location on Editable JComboBox
8u221 openjdk8u232 JDK-8146238 [macosx] Java2D Queue Flusher crash on OSX after switching between user accounts
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-8230926 [macosx] Two apostrophes are entered instead of one with "U.S. International - PC" layout
8u271 openjdk8u282 JDK-8166015 [PIT][TEST_BUG] stray character in java/awt/Focus/ModalDialogActivationTest/
8u271 openjdk8u292 JDK-6949753 [TEST BUG]: java/awt/print/PageFormat/ needs update by removing a infinite loop
8u271 openjdk8u362 JDK-7124218 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Space should select cell in the JTable
8u341 openjdk8u362 JDK-8079255 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Test closed/java/awt/Robot/RobotWheelTest/RobotWheelTest fails for Mac only
8u271 openjdk8u322 JDK-8025430 [TEST_BUG] closed/javax/swing/JEditorPane/5076514/ failed since jdk8b108
8u271 openjdk8u322 JDK-8011541 [TEST_BUG] closed/javax/swing/plaf/metal/MetalUtils/ fails NPE since 7u25b03
8u281 openjdk8u332 JDK-8218682 [TEST_BUG] DashOffset fails in mach5
8u212 openjdk8u222 JDK-8221263 [TEST_BUG] RemotePrinterStatusRefresh test is hard to use
8u251 openjdk8u322 JDK-8140329 [TEST_BUG] test failed because image was not generated
8u281 openjdk8u332 JDK-8198411 [TEST_BUG] Two java2d tests are unstable in mach5
8u271 openjdk8u292 JDK-8080953 [TEST_BUG]Test java/awt/FontClass/ fails due to wrongly typed bugid
8u271 openjdk8u322 JDK-8235153 [TESTBUG] [macos 10.15] java/awt/Graphics/DrawImageBG/ fails
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8006205 [TESTBUG] NEED_TEST: please JTREGIFY test/compiler/7177917/
8u212 openjdk8u222 JDK-8055814 [TESTBUG] runtime/NMT/ fails with product builds due to missing UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions
8u301 openjdk8u312 JDK-8027154 [TESTBUG] Test java/awt/Mouse/GetMousePositionTest/ fails
8u271 openjdk8u322 JDK-8196572 [TESTBUG] Test sun/java2d/cmm/ColorConvertOp/ sun/java2d/cmm/ColorConvertOp/ fails
8u212 openjdk8u222 JDK-8212202 [Windows] Exception if no printers are installed.
8u311 openjdk8u352 JDK-8155742 [Windows] robot.keyPress(KeyEvent.VK_ALT_GRAPH) throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException in windows
8u301 openjdk8u312 JDK-8214513 A PKCS12 keystore from Java 8 using custom PBE parameters cannot be read in Java 11
8u281 openjdk8u292 JDK-8221725 AArch64 build failures after JDK-8221408 (Windows 32bit build build errors/warnings in hotspot)
8u291 openjdk8u332 JDK-8247766 AArch64: guarantee(val < (1U << nbits)) failed: Field too big for insn
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-4949105 Access Bridge lacks html tags parsing
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-8226892 ActionListeners on JRadioButtons don't get notified when selection is changed with arrow keys
8u321 openjdk8u332 JDK-8202822 Add .git to .hgignore
8u241 openjdk8u272 JDK-8160768 Add capability to custom resolve host/domain names within the default JNDI LDAP provider
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8194298 Add support for per Socket configuration of TCP keepalive
8u251 openjdk8u272 JDK-8210147 adjust some WSAGetLastError usages in windows network coding
8u231 openjdk8u242 JDK-8216401 Allow "file:" URLs in Class-Path of local JARs
8u241 openjdk8u252 JDK-8200400 Allow Sasl mechanisms to be restricted
8u212 openjdk8u232 JDK-8151066 assert(0 <= i && i < length()) failed: index out of bounds
8u221 openjdk8u232 JDK-8080157 assert(allocates2(pc)) failed: not in CodeBuffer memory
8u301 openjdk8u322 JDK-8177536 Avoid Apple Peer-to-Peer interfaces in networking tests
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8207058 Backport System Property jdk.tls.server.protocols
8u321 openjdk8u362 JDK-8253702 BigSur version number reported as 10.16, should be 11.nn
8u231 openjdk8u242 JDK-8134424 BlockDataInputStream.readUTFBody: size local StringBuffer with the given length
8u333 openjdk8u342 JDK-8285445 cannot open file "NUL:"
8u361 openjdk8u372 JDK-8231111 Cgroups v2: Rework Metrics in java.base so as to recognize unified hierarchy
8u261 openjdk8u282 JDK-8249846 Change of behavior after JDK-8237117: Better ForkJoinPool behavior
8u221 openjdk8u232 JDK-8219914 Change the environment variable for Java Access Bridge logging to have a directory
8u251 openjdk8u302 JDK-8019470 Changes needed to compile JDK 8 on MacOS with clang compiler
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8206929 Check session context for TLS 1.3 session resumption
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8151678 com/sun/jndi/ldap/ failed due to timeout on DeadServerNoTimeoutTest is incorrect
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-7147060 com/sun/org/apache/xml/internal/security/transforms/ doesn't run in agentvm mode
8u291 openjdk8u312 JDK-8042557 compiler/uncommontrap/ fails with: GC triggered before VM initialization completed
8u251 openjdk8u272 JDK-8235687 Contents/MacOS/libjli.dylib cannot be a symlink
8u251 openjdk8u272 JDK-8231779 crash HeapWord*ParallelScavengeHeap::failed_mem_allocate
8u311 openjdk8u332 JDK-8253353 Crash in C2: guarantee(n != NULL) failed: No Node
8u301 openjdk8u322 JDK-6801613 Cross-platform pageDialog and printDialog top margin entry broken
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8225766 Curve in certificate should not affect signature scheme when using TLSv1.3
8u301 openjdk8u342 JDK-8076190 Customizing the generation of a PKCS12 keystore
8u291 openjdk8u312 JDK-7146776 Deadlock between URLStreamHandler.getHostAddress and file.Handler.openconnection
8u212 openjdk8u242 JDK-8194653 Deadlock involving FileSystems.getDefault and System.loadLibrary call
8u251 openjdk8u322 JDK-8066652 Default TimeZone is GMT not local if user.timezone is invalid on Mac OS
8u291 openjdk8u312 JDK-8072767 DefaultCellEditor for comboBox creates ActionEvent with wrong source object
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8219389 Delegated task created by SSLEngine throws BufferUnderflowException
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8215790 Delegated task created by SSLEngine throws java.nio.BufferUnderflowException
8u271 openjdk8u292 JDK-8233228 Disable weak named curves by default in TLS, CertPath, and Signed JAR
8u351 openjdk8u372 JDK-8257620 Do not use objc_msgSend_stret to get macOS version
8u231 openjdk8u252 JDK-8223158 Docked MacBook cannot start any Java Swing applications
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8221270 Duplicated synchronized keywords in SSLSocketImpl
8u341 openjdk8u352 JDK-8245263 Enable TLSv1.3 by default on JDK 8u for Client roles
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8220165 Encryption using GCM results in RuntimeException: input length out of bound
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8243138 Enhance BaseLdapServer to support starttls extended request
8u231 openjdk8u272 JDK-8217878 ENVELOPING XML signature no longer works
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-8141056 Erroneous assignment in HeapRegionSet.cpp
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-4919790 Errors in alert ssl message does not reflect the actual certificate status
8u271 openjdk8u292 JDK-8255908 ExceptionInInitializerError due to UncheckedIOException while initializing cgroupv1 subsystem
8u301 openjdk8u322 JDK-8202788 Explicitly reclaim cached thread-local direct buffers at thread exit
8u261 openjdk8u302 JDK-8228757 Fail fast if the handshake type is unknown
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8215524 Finished message validation failure should be decrypt_error alert
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8062947 Fix exception message to correctly represent LDAP connection failure
8u271 openjdk8u282 JDK-8148983 Fix extra comma in changes for JDK-8148916
8u351 openjdk8u362 JDK-8073464 GC workers do not have thread names
8u221 openjdk8u232 JDK-8130341 GHASH 32bit intrinsics has AEADBadTagException
8u321 openjdk8u332 JDK-8241768 git needs .gitattributes
8u221 openjdk8u232 JDK-8139965 Hang seen when using
8u241 openjdk8u272 JDK-8163251 Hard coded loop limit prevents reading of smart card data greater than 8k
8u212 openjdk8u222 JDK-8218674 HTML Tooltip with "img src=" on component doesn't show
8u311 openjdk8u322 JDK-8190793 Httpserver does not detect truncated request body
8u271 openjdk8u292 JDK-8238579 HttpsURLConnection drops the timeout and hangs forever in read
8u311 openjdk8u322 JDK-8274779 HttpURLConnection: HttpClient and HttpsClient incorrectly check request method when set to POST
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8218889 Improperly use of the Optional API
8u291 openjdk8u302 JDK-8259886 Improve SSL session cache performance and scalability
8u301 openjdk8u312 JDK-8240518 Incorrect JNU_ReleaseStringPlatformChars in Windows Print
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8212738 Incorrectly named signature scheme ecdsa_secp512r1_sha512
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8028518 Increase the priorities of GCM cipher suites
8u311 openjdk8u322 JDK-8190482 InnocuousThread creation should not require the caller to possess enableContextClassLoaderOverride
8u212 openjdk8u232 JDK-8178870 instrumentation.retransformClasses cause coredump
8u271 openjdk8u322 JDK-8148915 Intermittent failures of
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8242498 Invalid "sun.awt.TimedWindowEvent" object leads to JVM crash
8u331 openjdk8u342 JDK-8274658 ISO 4217 Amendment 170 Update
8u251 openjdk8u272 JDK-8238225 Issues reported after replacing symlink at Contents/MacOS/libjli.dylib with binary
8u351 openjdk8u362 JDK-8275887 jarsigner prints invalid digest/signature algorithm warnings if keysize is weak/disabled
8u221 openjdk8u232 JDK-8196681 Java Access Bridge logging and debug flags dynamically controlled
8u321 openjdk8u332 JDK-8141508 java.lang.invoke.LambdaConversionException: Invalid receiver type ...
8u301 openjdk8u312 JDK-6847157 java.lang.NullPointerException: HDC for component at sun.java2d.loops.Blit.Blit
8u281 openjdk8u292 JDK-8252470 java/awt/dnd/DisposeFrameOnDragCrash/ fails on Windows
8u281 openjdk8u292 JDK-8198334 java/awt/FileDialog/8003399/ fails in headless mode
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8200313 java/awt/Gtk/GtkVersionTest/ fails
8u271 openjdk8u302 JDK-8030123 java/beans/Introspector/ fails
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-8230856 Java_java_net_NetworkInterface_getByName0 on unix misses ReleaseStringUTFChars in early return
8u271 openjdk8u292 JDK-8160217 JavaSound should clean up resources better
8u301 openjdk8u322 JDK-8066588 javax/management/remote/mandatory/connection/ fails to compile
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8203687 javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ supports TLS 1.3
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8231810 javax/net/ssl/templates/ fails intermittently with "java.lang.Exception: Unexpected EOF"
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8234724 javax/net/ssl/templates/ supports TLSv1.3
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8234723 javax/net/ssl/TLS tests support TLSv1.3
8u231 openjdk8u272 JDK-8230303 JDB hangs when running monitor command
8u241 openjdk8u272 JDK-8236645 JDK 8u231 introduces a regression with incompatible handling of XML messages
8u231 openjdk8u282 JDK-8205507 jdk/javax/xml/crypto/dsig/ timed out
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8236039 JSSE Client does not accept status_request extension in CertificateRequest messages for TLS 1.3
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-8224475 JTextPane does not show images in HTML rendering
8u261 openjdk8u292 JDK-8249183 JVM crash in "AwtFrame::WmSize" method
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8035493 JVMTI PopFrame capability must instruct compilers not to prune locals
8u271 openjdk8u292 JDK-8141457 keytool default cert fingerprint algorithm should be SHA-256
8u261 openjdk8u275 JDK-8214440 ldap over a TLS connection negotiate failed with " hostname of the server '' does not match the hostname in the server's certificate"
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8217606 LdapContext#reconnect always opens a new connection
8u271 openjdk8u362 JDK-8255559 Leak File Descriptors Because of ResolverLocalFilesystem#engineResolveURI()
8u251 openjdk8u302 JDK-8043646 libosxapp.dylib fails to build on Mac OS 10.9 with clang
8u212 openjdk8u222 JDK-8221412 lookupPrintServices() does not always update the list of Windows remote printers
8u241 openjdk8u322 JDK-8232178 MacVolumesTest failed after upgrade to MacOS Catalina
8u271 openjdk8u282 JDK-8134632 Mark javax/sound/midi/Devices/ as headful
8u271 openjdk8u282 JDK-8148916 Mark as intermittently failing
8u271 openjdk8u292 JDK-8250984 Memory Docker tests fail on some Linux kernels w/o cgroupv1 swap limit capabilities
8u331 openjdk8u342 JDK-8266187 Memory leak in appendBootClassPath()
8u241 openjdk8u272 JDK-8228835 Memory leak in PKCS11 provider when using AES GCM
8u281 openjdk8u332 JDK-8240633 Memory leaks in the implementations of FileChooserUI
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8214321 Misleading code in SSLCipher
8u321 openjdk8u362 JDK-8269850 Most JDK releases report macOS version 12 as 10.16 instead of 12.0
8u311 openjdk8u322 JDK-8041928 MouseEvent.getModifiersEx gives wrong result
8u351 openjdk8u362 JDK-6885993 Named Thread: introduce print() and print_on(outputStream* st) methods
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8193137 Nashorn crashes when given an empty script file.
8u281 openjdk8u312 JDK-8262829 Native crash in Win32PrintServiceLookup.getAllPrinterNames()
8u261 openjdk8u292 JDK-8242141 New System Properties to configure the TLS signature schemes
8u251 openjdk8u282 JDK-8051853 new URI("x/").resolve("..").getSchemeSpecificPart() returns null!
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8210974 No extensions debug log for ClientHello
8u261 openjdk8u292 JDK-8211339 NPE during SSL handshake caused by HostnameChecker
8u301 openjdk8u312 JDK-8004148 NPE in sun.awt.SunToolkit.getWindowDeactivationTime
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8209916 NPE in SupportedGroupsExtension
8u251 openjdk8u272 JDK-8151788 NullPointerException from ntlm.Client.type3
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8213782 NullPointerException in
8u221 openjdk8u242 JDK-8221246 NullPointerException within Win32ShellFolder2
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-8215355 Object monitor deadlock with no threads holding the monitor (using jemalloc 5.1)
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8226575 OperatingSystemMXBean should be made container aware
8u231 openjdk8u242 JDK-8223490 Optimize search algorithm for determining default time zone
8u291 openjdk8u302 JDK-8257999 Parallel GC crash in gc/parallel/ new region is not in covered_region
8u301 openjdk8u312 JDK-8202837 PBES2 AlgorithmId encoding error in PKCS12 KeyStore
8u291 openjdk8u302 JDK-8242565 Policy initialization issues when the denyAfter constraint is enabled
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8213202 Possible race condition in TLS 1.3 session resumption
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8165936 Potential Heap buffer overflow when seaching timezone info files
8u271 openjdk8u292 JDK-8081547 Prepare client libs regression tests for running in a concurrent, headless jtreg environment
8u261 openjdk8u275 JDK-8223940 Private key not supported by chosen signature algorithm
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-8178910 Problemlist sample tests
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8201633 Problems with AES-GCM native acceleration
8u321 openjdk8u332 JDK-8209178 Proxied HttpsURLConnection doesn't send BODY when retrying POST request
8u221 openjdk8u232 JDK-8226543 Reduce GC pressure during message digest calculations in password-based encryption
8u361 openjdk8u372 JDK-6829250 Reg test: java/awt/Toolkit/ScreenInsetsTest/ fails in Windows
8u311 openjdk8u322 JDK-8225082 Remove IdenTrust certificate that is expiring in September 2021
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8206176 Remove the temporary tls13VN field
8u251 openjdk8u272 JDK-8046274 Removing dependency on jakarta-regexp
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8165275 Replace the reflective call to the implUpdate method in HandshakeMessage::digestKey
8u291 openjdk8u322 JDK-8177393 Result of RescaleOp for 4BYTE_ABGR images may be 25% black
8u271 openjdk8u302 JDK-8249278 Revert JDK-8226253 which breaks the spec of AccessibleState.SHOWING for JList
8u271 openjdk8u292 JDK-8250582 Revert Principal Name type to NT-UNKNOWN when requesting TGS Kerberos tickets
8u261 openjdk8u292 JDK-8235263 Revert TLS 1.3 change that wrapped IOExceptions
8u311 openjdk8u322 JDK-8183369 RFC unconformity of HttpURLConnection with proxy
8u311 openjdk8u352 JDK-8194873 right ALT key hotkeys no longer work in Swing components
8u241 openjdk8u262 JDK-8230782 Robot.createScreenCapture() fails if “awt.robot.gtk” is set to false
8u271 openjdk8u302 JDK-8258419 RSA cipher buffer cleanup
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8210989 RSASSA-PSS certificate cannot be selected for client auth on TLSv1.2
8u321 openjdk8u362 JDK-8270344 Session resumption errors
8u291 openjdk8u312 JDK-8248901 Signed immediate support in .../share/assembler.hpp is broken.
8u261 openjdk8u292 JDK-8209333 Socket reset issue for TLS 1.3 socket close
8u301 openjdk8u312 JDK-8238567 SoftMainMixer.processAudioBuffers(): Wrong handling of stoppedMixers
8u241 openjdk8u252 JDK-8041620 Solaris Studio 12.4 C++ 5.13 change in behavior for placing friend declarations within surrounding scope
8u261 openjdk8u292 JDK-8234728 Some security tests should support TLSv1.3
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8207223 SSL Handshake failures are reported with more generic SSLException
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8214129 SSL session resumption/SNI with TLS1.2 causes StackOverflowError
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8145854 SSLContextImpl.statusResponseManager should be generated if required
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8207317 SSLEngine negotiation fail exception behavior changed from fail-fast to fail-lazy
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8206355 SSLSessionImpl.getLocalPrincipal() throws NPE
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8216326 SSLSocket stream close() does not close the associated socket
8u271 openjdk8u302 JDK-8256818 SSLSocket that is never bound or connected leaks socket resources
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8207237 SSLSocket#setEnabledCipherSuites is accepting empty string
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8214339 SSLSocketImpl erroneously wraps SocketException
8u291 openjdk8u302 JDK-8258753 StartTlsResponse.close() hangs due to synchronization issues
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8208166 Still unable to use custom SSLEngine with default TrustManagerFactory after JDK-8207029
8u271 openjdk8u282 JDK-8244225 stringop-overflow warning on strncpy call from compile_the_world_in
8u321 openjdk8u332 JDK-8277224 throws NPE
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8214098 constructor check backwards.
8u271 openjdk8u302 JDK-8257997 sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/ again reports leaks after JDK-8257884
8u271 openjdk8u302 JDK-8257670 sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/ reports leaks
8u261 openjdk8u292 JDK-8234727 sun/security/ssl/X509TrustManagerImpl tests support TLSv1.3
8u241 openjdk8u312 JDK-8229243 SunPKCS11-Solaris provider tests failing on Solaris 11.4
8u271 openjdk8u302 JDK-8206925 Support the certificate_authorities extension
8u261 openjdk8u292 JDK-8235311 Tag mismatch may alert bad_record_mac
8u301 openjdk8u312 JDK-8268965 TCP Connection Reset when connecting simple socket to SSL server
8u291 openjdk8u302 JDK-7059970 Test case: javax/imageio/plugins/png/ is not closing a file
8u251 openjdk8u272 JDK-8060721 Test runtime/SharedArchiveFile/ fails in jdk 9 fcs new platforms/compiler
8u251 openjdk8u272 JDK-8151834 Test times out intermittently
8u301 openjdk8u332 JDK-8205540 test/hotspot/jtreg/vmTestbase/nsk/jdb/trace/trace001/ fails with Debuggee did not exit after 15 commands
8u271 openjdk8u282 JDK-8202076 test/jdk/java/io/File/ on windows with VS2017
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-8216528 test/jdk/java/rmi/transport/runtimeThreadInheritanceLeak/ failing with Xcomp
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-8035633 TEST_BUG: java/net/NetworkInterface/ and some tests failed on windows intermittently
8u231 openjdk8u252 JDK-8056313 TEST_BUG: java/util/Timer/ fails intermittently
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8153430 TESTBUG: jdk regression test javax/management/loading/ reduce default timeout
8u271 openjdk8u322 JDK-8060027 Tests java/beans/XMLEncoder/ and java/beans/XMLEncoder/
8u311 openjdk8u322 JDK-8275849 fails with tzdata2021e
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8209965 The "supported_groups" extension in ServerHellos
8u301 openjdk8u312 JDK-8166673 The new implementation of Robot.waitForIdle() may hang
8u261 openjdk8u292 JDK-8235874 The ordering of Cipher Suites is not maintained provided through “jdk.tls.client.cipherSuites” and “jdk.tls.server.cipherSuites” system property.
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8216045 The size of key_exchange may be wrong on FFDHE
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8211866 TLS 1.3 CertificateRequest message sometimes offers disallowed signature algorithms
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8207009 TLS 1.3 half-close and synchronization issues
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8211806 TLS 1.3 handshake server name indication is missing on a session resume
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8196584 TLS 1.3 Implementation
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8212885 TLS 1.3 resumed session does not retain peer certificate chain
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8210334 TLS 1.3 server fails if ClientHello doesn't have pre_shared_key and psk_key_exchange_modes
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8214688 TLS 1.3 session resumption with hello retry request failed with "illegal_parameter"
8u281 openjdk8u292 JDK-8253368 TLS connection always receives close_notify exception
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8210846 TLSv.1.3 interop problems with OpenSSL 1.1.1 when used on the client side with mutual auth
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8217610 TLSv1.3 fail with ClassException when EC keys are stored in PKCS11
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8221253 TLSv1.3 may generate TLSInnerPlainText longer than 2^14+1 bytes
8u271 openjdk8u292 JDK-8172404 Tools should warn if weak algorithms are used before restricting them
8u311 openjdk8u322 JDK-8261397 try catch Method failing to work when dividing an integer by 0
8u261 openjdk8u282 JDK-8062808 Turn on the -Wreturn-type warning
8u241 openjdk8u252 JDK-8229767 Typo in Sasl.createClient and Sasl.createServer
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8207029 Unable to use custom SSLEngine with default TrustManagerFactory after updating to JDK 11 b21
8u221 openjdk8u232 JDK-8048556 Unnecessary GCLocker-initiated young GCs
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8233954 UnsatisfiedLinkError or NoSuchAlgorithmException after removing sunec.dll
8u261 openjdk8u272 JDK-8223482 Unsupported ciphersuites may be offered by a TLS client
8u231 openjdk8u282 JDK-8229868 Update Apache Santuario TPRM version
8u231 openjdk8u282 JDK-8219013 Update Apache Santuario (XML Signature) to version 2.1.3
8u251 openjdk8u262 JDK-8230597 Update GIFlib library to the 5.2.1
8u251 openjdk8u292 JDK-8225435 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2019-09-16
8u251 openjdk8u282 JDK-8233548 Update JCUP to v0.11b
8u311 openjdk8u362 JDK-8274840 Update OS detection code to recognize Windows 11
8u311 openjdk8u332 JDK-8273229 Update OS detection code to recognize Windows Server 2022
8u321 openjdk8u362 JDK-8071530 Update OS detection code to reflect Windows 10 version change
8u241 openjdk8u272 JDK-8080462 Update SunPKCS11 provider with PKCS11 v2.40 support
8u291 openjdk8u312 JDK-8244154 Update SunPKCS11 provider with PKCS11 v3.0 header files
8u311 openjdk8u322 JDK-8276536 Update TimeZoneNames files to follow the changes made by JDK-8275766
8u231 openjdk8u272 JDK-8177334 Update xmldsig implementation to Apache Santuario 2.1.1
8u221 openjdk8u262 JDK-8210776 Upgrade X Window System 6.8.2 to the latest XWD 1.0.7
8u221 openjdk8u232 JDK-8073108 Use x86 and SPARC CPU instructions for GHASH acceleration
8u212 openjdk8u232 JDK-8155951 VM crash in nsk/jvmti/RedefineClasses/StressRedefine: assert failed: Corrupted constant pool
8u301 openjdk8u312 JDK-8263311 Watch registry changes for remote printers update instead of polling
8u281 openjdk8u292 JDK-8221408 Windows 32bit build build errors/warnings in hotspot
8u212 openjdk8u222 JDK-8153732 Windows remote printer changes do not reflect in lookupPrintServices()
8u251 openjdk8u302 JDK-8200550 Xcode 9.3 produce warning -Wexpansion-to-defined
8u231 openjdk8u272 JDK-8218629 XML Digital Signature throws NAMESPACE_ERR exception on OpenJDK 11, works 8/9/10


This is where OpenJDK made the first backport in the release, and then Oracle JDK followed.

No difference in the final release detected.

19 issues.

Version Bug Synopsis
openjdk8u232 JDK-8230085 (fs) FileStore::isReadOnly is always true on macOS Catalina
openjdk8u292 JDK-8244621 [macos10.15] Garbled FX printing plus CoreText warnings on Catalina when building with Xcode 11
openjdk8u252 JDK-8225128 Add exception for expiring DocuSign root to VerifyCACerts test
openjdk8u222 JDK-8217263 Automate DashOffset test
openjdk8u252 JDK-8181872 C1: possible overflow when strength reducing integer multiply by constant
openjdk8u332 JDK-8284920 Incorrect Token type causes XPath expression to return incorrect results
openjdk8u332 JDK-8284548 Invalid XPath expression causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
openjdk8u212 JDK-8217609 New era placeholder not recognized by java.text.SimpleDateFormat
openjdk8u312 JDK-8241248 NullPointerException in
openjdk8u252 JDK-8237368 Problem with NullPointerException in RMI
openjdk8u222 JDK-8209951 Problematic sparc intrinsic: com.sun.crypto.provider.CipherBlockChaining
openjdk8u222 JDK-8222137 Remove T-Systems root CA certificate
openjdk8u222 JDK-8222136 Remove two Comodo root CA certificates that are expiring
openjdk8u222 JDK-8223499 Remove two DocuSign root certificates that are expiring
openjdk8u212 JDK-8216396 Support new Japanese era and new currency code points in java.lang.Character for Java SE 8
openjdk8u212 JDK-8212941 Support new Japanese era in java.time.chrono.JapaneseEra
openjdk8u212 JDK-8212914 Test javax/imageio/plugins/bmp/ fails
openjdk8u272 JDK-8250627 Use -XX:+/-UseContainerSupport for enabling/disabling Java container metrics
openjdk8u222 JDK-8214109 XToolkit is not correctly displayed color on 16-bit high color setting


This is where Oracle JDK made the first backport in the release, and then OpenJDK followed.

No difference in the final release detected.

281 issues.

Version Bug Synopsis
8u251 JDK-8232003 (fs) Files.write can leak file descriptor in the exception case
8u222 JDK-8176237 (fs) java/nio/file/FileStore/ should conditionally check FileStores
8u221 JDK-8173910 (fs) java/nio/file/FileSystem/ should conditionally check FileStores
8u251 JDK-8171443 (spec) An ALPN callback function may also ignore ALPN
8u351 JDK-8292579 (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022c
8u361 JDK-8295173 (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022e
8u221 JDK-8215982 (tz) Upgrade Timezone Data to tzdata2018i
8u231 JDK-8228469 (tz) Upgrade Timezone Data to tzdata2019b
8u261 JDK-8243541 (tz) Upgrade Timezone Data to tzdata2020a
8u291 JDK-8260356 (tz) Upgrade Timezone Data to tzdata2021a
8u291 JDK-8061777 (zipfs) IllegalArgumentException in ZipCoder.toString when using Shitft_JIS
8u261 JDK-8229888 (zipfs) Updating an existing zip file does not preserve original permissions
8u281 JDK-8069211 (zipfs) ZipFileSystem creates corrupted zip if entry output stream gets closed more than once
8u271 JDK-8048933 -XX:+TraceExceptions output should include the message
8u261 JDK-8176182 4 security tests are not run
8u211 JDK-8076164 [JTextField] When input too long Thai character, cursor's behavior is odd
8u281 JDK-8227006 [linux] Runtime.availableProcessors execution time increased by factor of 100
8u241 JDK-8213119 [macos] java/awt/GraphicsDevice/ fails
8u271 JDK-8244818 [macos] Java2D Queue Flusher crash while moving application window to external monitor
8u261 JDK-8130737 [macosx] AffineTransformOp can't handle child raster with non-zero x-offset
8u211 JDK-8213983 [macosx] Keyboard shortcut “cmd +`” stops working properly if popup window is displayed
8u212 JDK-8133108 [PIT] Container size is wrong in JEditorPane
8u212 JDK-8132136 [PIT] RTL orientation in JEditorPane is broken
8u271 JDK-8145808 [PIT] test java/awt/Graphics2D/MTGraphicsAccessTest/ hangs on Win. 8
8u281 JDK-8160438 [PIT][macosx] [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/plaf/nimbus/8057791/ fails
8u281 JDK-8163161 [PIT][TEST_BUG] increase timeout in javax/swing/plaf/nimbus/8057791/
8u261 JDK-8172559 [PIT][TEST_BUG] Move @test to be 1st annotation in java/awt/image/Raster/
8u241 JDK-8229420 [Redo] jstat reports incorrect values for OU for CMS GC
8u301 JDK-8028618 [TEST BUG] javax/swing/JScrollBar/bug4202954/ fails
8u281 JDK-8022535 [TEST BUG] javax/swing/text/html/parser/ fails
8u271 JDK-8137087 [TEST_BUG] Cygwin failure of java/awt/appletviewer/IOExceptionIfEncodedURLTest/
8u271 JDK-8172012 [TEST_BUG] delays needed in javax/swing/JTree/4633594/
8u361 JDK-8159599 [TEST_BUG] java/awt/Modal/ModalInternalFrameTest/
8u321 JDK-8272342 [TEST_BUG] java/awt/print/PrinterJob/ catches all exceptions
8u301 JDK-8078855 [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/JComboBox/8032878/ fails in WindowsClassicLookAndFeel
8u301 JDK-8134672 [TEST_BUG] Some tests should check isDisplayChangeSupported
8u241 JDK-8195088 [TEST_BUG] StartManagementAgent got unexpected exception
8u361 JDK-8129827 [TEST_BUG] Test java/awt/Robot/RobotWheelTest/ fails
8u301 JDK-8081764 [TEST_BUG] Test javax/swing/plaf/aqua/ fails on Windows, Solaris Sparcv9 and Linux but passes on MacOSX
8u211 JDK-8133731 [TEST_BUG] Unmappable in ASCII character such as Thai should be escaped in the regtests targeted for a regular non-I18n runs
8u222 JDK-8019816 [TEST_BUG][macosx] closed/java/awt/BasicStroke/ not on EDT
8u271 JDK-8191678 [TESTBUG] Add keyword headful in java/awt and javax tests.
8u301 JDK-8151786 [TESTBUG] java/beans/XMLEncoder/ timed out intermittently
8u281 JDK-8221710 [TESTBUG] more configurable parameters for docker testing
8u221 JDK-8222089 [TESTBUG] sun/security/lib/cacerts/ fails due to cert within 90-day expiry window
8u271 JDK-8076151 [TESTBUG] Test java/awt/FontClass/CreateFont/fileaccess/ fails
8u231 JDK-8226964 [Yaru] GTK L&F: There is no difference between menu selected and de-selected
8u261 JDK-8181841 A TSA server returns timestamp with precision higher than milliseconds
8u301 JDK-8252883 AccessDeniedException caused by delayed file deletion on Windows
8u291 JDK-8256421 Add 2 HARICA roots to cacerts truststore
8u211 JDK-8217710 Add 5 currency code points to Java SE 8uX
8u271 JDK-8132376 Add @requires to the client tests with access to internal OS-specific API
8u241 JDK-8233223 Add Amazon Root CA certificates
8u271 JDK-8243321 Add Entrust root CA - G4 to Oracle Root CA program
8u251 JDK-8225130 Add exception for expiring Comodo roots to VerifyCACerts test
8u331 JDK-8277488 Add expiry exception for Digicert (geotrustglobalca) expiring in May 2022
8u311 JDK-8259338 Add expiry exception for identrustdstx3 alias to test
8u351 JDK-8028265 Add legacy tz tests to OpenJDK
8u241 JDK-8232019 Add LuxTrust certificate updates to the existing root program
8u281 JDK-8248214 Add paddings for TaskQueueSuper to reduce false-sharing cache contention
8u251 JDK-8205445 Add RSASSA-PSS Signature support to SunMSCAPI
8u271 JDK-8243320 Add SSL root certificates to Oracle Root CA program
8u251 JDK-8146293 Add support for RSASSA-PSS Signature algorithm
8u221 JDK-8222133 Add temporary exceptions for root certs that are due to expire soon
8u211 JDK-8206120 Add test cases for lenient Japanese era parsing
8u261 JDK-8238842 AIOOBE in GIFImageReader.initializeStringTable
8u222 JDK-8214765 All TrayIcon MessageType icons does not show up with gtk3 option set
8u212 JDK-8216280 Allow later Symantec Policy distrust date for two Apple SubCAs
8u251 JDK-8158978 ALPN not working when values are set directly on a SSLServerSocket
8u251 JDK-8145849 ALPN: getHandshakeApplicationProtocol() always return null
8u321 JDK-8187649 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in java.util.JapaneseImperialCalendar
8u271 JDK-8183341 Better cleanup for javax/imageio/
8u271 JDK-8183349 Better cleanup for jdk/test/javax/imageio/plugins/shared/ and
8u271 JDK-8183351 Better cleanup for jdk/test/javax/imageio/spi/AppletContextTest/
8u281 JDK-8251469 Better cleanup for test/jdk/javax/imageio/
8u291 JDK-8255937 Better cleanup for test/jdk/javax/imageio/stream/
8u241 JDK-8225141 Better handling of classes in error state by fast class initialization checks
8u241 JDK-8133489 Better messaging for PKIX path validation matching
8u341 JDK-8031567 Better model for storing source revision information
8u301 JDK-8254631 Better support ALPN byte wire values in SunJSSE
8u221 JDK-8203228 Branch-free output conversion for X25519 and X448
8u251 JDK-8229022 BufferedReader performance can be improved by using StringBuilder
8u231 JDK-8218721 C1's CEE optimization produces safepoint poll with invalid debug information
8u231 JDK-8219807 C2 crash in IfNode::up_one_dom(Node*, bool)
8u271 JDK-8242556 Cannot load RSASSA-PSS public key with non-null params from byte array
8u212 JDK-8210633 Cannot parse JapaneseDate string with DateTimeFormatterBuilder Mapped-values
8u212 JDK-8218915 Change isJavaIdentifierStart and isJavaIdentifierPart to handle new code points
8u301 JDK-8260484 / fail with jtreg 4.2
8u251 JDK-8033215 clang: node.cpp:284 IDX_INIT macro use uninitialized field _out
8u231 JDK-8151486 Class.forName causes memory leak
8u301 JDK-8241829 Cleanup the code for PrinterJob on windows
8u311 JDK-8254967 spins on TLS session close
8u281 JDK-8043899 compiler/5091921/ fails if specified -Xmx is less than 1600m
8u321 JDK-8049348 compiler/intrinsics/bmi/verifycode tests on lzcnt and tzcnt use incorrect assumption about REXB prefix usage
8u281 JDK-8217766 Container Support doesn't work for some Join Controllers combinations
8u321 JDK-8273826 Correct Manifest file name and NPE checks
8u231 JDK-8206879 Currency decimal marker incorrect for Peru
8u211 JDK-8042131 DateTimeFormatterBuilder Mapped-values do not work for JapaneseDate
8u251 JDK-8236470 Deal with ECDSA using ecdsa-with-SHA2 plus hash algorithm as AlgorithmId
8u231 JDK-8147502 Digest is incorrectly truncated for ECDSA signatures when the bit length of n is less than the field size
8u301 JDK-8178403 DirectAudio in JavaSound may hang and leak
8u291 JDK-8202343 Disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1
8u212 JDK-8207258 Distrust TLS server certificates anchored by Symantec Root CAs
8u341 JDK-8274751 Drag And Drop hangs on Windows
8u301 JDK-8262446 DragAndDrop hangs on Windows
8u301 JDK-8262110 DST starts from incorrect time in 2038
8u221 JDK-8208648 ECC Field Arithmetic Enhancements
8u221 JDK-8181594 Efficient and constant-time modular arithmetic
8u251 JDK-8170282 Enable ALPN parameters to be supplied during the TLS handshake
8u221 JDK-8214252 Expanded & Collapsed nodes of a JTree look the same on GTK3
8u271 JDK-8023697 failed class resolution reports different class name in detail message for the first and subsequent times
8u301 JDK-8177809 File.lastModified() is losing milliseconds (always ends in 000)
8u251 JDK-8068184 Fix for JDK-8032832 caused a deadlock
8u221 JDK-8218020 Fix version number in 3rd party legal file
8u301 JDK-8132148 G1 hs_err region dump legend out of sync with region values
8u321 JDK-8069034 gc/g1/ nightly failure
8u301 JDK-8259271 gc/parallel/ still fails "assert(covered_region.contains(new_memregion)) failed: new region is not in covered_region"
8u231 JDK-8225423 GTK L&F: JSplitPane: There is no divider shown
8u271 JDK-8235243 handle VS2017 15.9 and VS2019 in abstract_vm_version
8u212 JDK-8180904 Hotspot tests running with -agentvm failing due to classpath
8u271 JDK-8240295 hs_err elapsed time in seconds is not accurate enough
8u291 JDK-8167281 IIOMetadataNode bugs in getElementsByTagName and NodeList.item methods
8u221 JDK-8208698 Improved ECC Implementation
8u221 JDK-8213183 InputMethod cannot be used after its restarting
8u221 JDK-8025209 Intermittent test failure java/net/Socket/asyncClose/
8u221 JDK-8209775 ISO 4217 Amendment #169 Update
8u281 JDK-8246648 issue with OperatingSystemImpl getFreeSwapSpaceSize in docker after 8242480
8u212 JDK-8202088 Japanese new era implementation
8u241 JDK-8131778 java disables UseAES flag when using VIS=2 on sparc
8u231 JDK-8225425 java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: net.dll: Can't find dependent libraries
8u301 JDK-8249142 java/awt/FontClass/CreateFont/ is unstable
8u271 JDK-8168517 java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ failed with "java.lang.AssertionError: Some tests failed"
8u221 JDK-8143097 java/net/ipv6tests/ fails intermittently with "checkTime failed: got 1998 expected 4000"
8u311 JDK-8134989 java/net/MulticastSocket/ failed due to unexpected IP address
8u222 JDK-8196775 java/net/Socket/asyncClose/ failed intermittently on Windows with ConnectException: Connection refused
8u222 JDK-8157287 java/nio/file/FileStore/ failed with "java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException : /zones/zoneone/root "
8u221 JDK-8073078 java/nio/file/FileStore/ sensitive to NFS configuration
8u281 JDK-8254081 java/security/cert/PolicyNode/ fails due to an expired certificate
8u212 JDK-8043387 java/time/test/java/util/ failed.
8u311 JDK-8263382 java/util/logging/ failed with "checkLoggers: getLoggerNames() returned unexpected loggers"
8u212 JDK-8148928 java/util/stream/test/**/ timed out intermittently
8u212 JDK-8215364 JavaFX crashes on Ubuntu 18.04 with Wayland while using Swing-FX interop
8u271 JDK-8198004 javax/swing/JFileChooser/6868611/ throws error
8u261 JDK-8226253 JAWS reports wrong number of radio buttons when buttons are hidden
8u281 JDK-8249176 jdk jtreg test security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ fails
8u291 JDK-8256682 JDK-8202343 is incomplete
8u281 JDK-8168682 jdk/test/java/lang/ClassLoader/forNameLeak/ fails with -Xcomp: ClassLoader was never enqueued!
8u251 JDK-8144093 JEP 244/8051498 - TLS Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation Extension
8u261 JDK-8213617 JFR should record the PID of the recorded process
8u251 JDK-8193262 JNI array not released in libsunmscapi convertToLittleEndian
8u231 JDK-8197930 JNI exception pending in initializeEncoding of jni_util.c
8u231 JDK-8170494 JNI exception pending in PlainDatagramSocketImpl.c
8u222 JDK-8218473 JOptionPane display issue with GTKLookAndFeel
8u222 JDK-8218472 JProgressBar display issue with GTKLookAndFeel
8u221 JDK-8218470 JScrollBar display issue with GTKLookAndFeel
8u222 JDK-8218469 JSlider display issue with slider for GTKLookAndFeel
8u222 JDK-8218479 JTextPane display issue with GTKLookAndFeel
8u281 JDK-8232114 JVM crashed at imjpapi.dll in native code
8u241 JDK-8201627 Kerberos sequence number issues
8u251 JDK-8205720 KeyFactory#getKeySpec and translateKey throws NullPointerException with Invalid key
8u241 JDK-8173956 KeyStore regression due to default keystore being changed to PKCS12
8u251 JDK-8215694 keytool cannot generate RSASSA-PSS certificates
8u261 JDK-8238452 Keytool generates wrong expiration date if validity is set to 2050/01/01
8u211 JDK-8164656 krb5 does not retry if TCP connection timeouts
8u291 JDK-8249588 libwindowsaccessbridge issues on 64bit Windows
8u221 JDK-8210153 localized currency symbol of VES
8u221 JDK-8218781 Localized names for Japanese Era Reiwa in COMPAT provider
8u271 JDK-8153583 Make OutputAnalyzer.reportDiagnosticSummary public
8u222 JDK-8151225 Mark as intermittently failing
8u251 JDK-8229345 Memory leak due to vtable stubs not being shared on SPARC
8u331 JDK-8273575 memory leak in appendBootClassPath(), paths must be deallocated
8u281 JDK-8255603 Memory/Performance regression after JDK-8210985
8u261 JDK-8076475 Misuses of strncpy/strncat
8u271 JDK-8064319 Need to enable -XX:+TraceExceptions in release builds
8u301 JDK-8159898 Negative array size in java/beans/Introspector/
8u281 JDK-8242480 Negative value may be returned by getFreeSwapSpaceSize() in the docker
8u261 JDK-8028591 NegativeArraySizeException in
8u251 JDK-8225745 NoSuchAlgorithmException exception for SHA256withECDSA with RSASSA-PSS support
8u291 JDK-8251397 NPE on ClassValue.ClassValueMap.cacheArray
8u321 JDK-8273342 Null pointer dereference in classFileParser.cpp:2817
8u261 JDK-8028431 NullPointerException in DerValue.equals(DerValue)
8u371 JDK-8296957 One more cast in SAFE_SIZE_NEW_ARRAY2
8u271 JDK-8167615 Opensource unit/regression tests for JavaSound
8u231 JDK-8214687 Optimize Collections.nCopies().hashCode() and equals()
8u371 JDK-8296496 Overzealous check in sizecalc.h prevents large memory allocation
8u301 JDK-8260704 ParallelGC: oldgen expansion needs release-store for _end
8u231 JDK-8168417 Pending exceptions in java.base/windows/native/libnio
8u311 JDK-8035424 Performance problem in sun.reflect.generics.parser.SignatureParser
8u212 JDK-8221355 Performance regression after JDK-8155635 backport into 8u
8u251 JDK-8235744 PIT: test/jdk/javax/swing/text/html/ times out in linux-x64
8u211 JDK-8207152 Placeholder for Japanese new era should be two characters
8u271 JDK-8246193 Possible NPE in ENC-PA-REP search in AS-REQ
8u251 JDK-8146792 Predicate moved after partial peel may lead to broken graph
8u211 JDK-8133984 print_compressed_class_space() is only defined in 64-bit VM
8u261 JDK-8178374 Problematic ByteBuffer handling in CipherSpi.bufferCrypt method
8u241 JDK-8195667 ProblemList PKCS11 tests Secmod/ and tls/ due to JDK-8180837
8u261 JDK-8191393 Random crashes during cfree+0x1c
8u231 JDK-8222108 Reduce minRefreshTime for updating remote printer list on Windows
8u251 JDK-8213009 Refactoring existing SunMSCAPI classes
8u212 JDK-8213952 Relax DNSName restriction as per RFC 1123
8u211 JDK-8170681 Remove fontconfig header files from JDK source tree
8u321 JDK-8225083 Remove Google certificate that is expiring in December 2021
8u222 JDK-8156035 Remove intermittent key from sun/security/rsa/
8u212 JDK-8175120 Remove old tests on kdc timeout policy
8u221 JDK-8210886 Remove references in to non-existent files.
8u301 JDK-8243559 Remove root certificates with 1024-bit keys
8u221 JDK-8213213 Remove src/java.desktop/unix/classes/sun/awt/X11/keysym2ucs.h
8u301 JDK-8225081 Remove Telia Company CA certificate expiring in April 2021
8u251 JDK-8230235 Rendering HTML with empty img attribute and documentBaseKey cause Exception
8u212 JDK-8133802 replace some tags (obsolete in html5) in security-libs docs
8u212 JDK-8205432 Replace the placeholder Japanese era name
8u301 JDK-8036095 RMI tests using testlibrary.RMID and testlibrary.JavaVM do not pass through vmoptions
8u222 JDK-8202884 SA: Attach/detach might fail on Linux if debugee application create/destroy threads during attaching
8u271 JDK-8211049 Second parameter of "initialize" method is not used
8u241 JDK-8185898 setRequestProperty(key, null) results in HTTP header without colon in request
8u271 JDK-8226697 Several tests which need the @key headful keyword are missing it.
8u261 JDK-8041626 Shutdown tracing event
8u251 JDK-8206171 Signature#getParameters for RSASSA-PSS throws ProviderException when not initialized
8u251 JDK-8197441 Signature#initSign/initVerify for an invalid private/public key fails with ClassCastException for SunPKCS11 provider
8u251 JDK-8225180 SignedObject with invalid Key not throwing the InvalidKeyException in Windows
8u271 JDK-8156169 Some sound tests rarely hangs because of incorrect synchronization
8u212 JDK-8211398 Square character support for the Japanese new era
8u251 JDK-8175029 StackOverflowError in X509CRL and X509Certificate.verify(PublicKey, Provider)
8u321 JDK-8147051 StaxEntityResolverWrapper should create StaxXMLInputSource with a resolver indicator
8u311 JDK-8161016 Strange behavior of URLConnection with proxy
8u251 JDK-8214096 passes null parameter, so JCE validation fails
8u311 JDK-8196181 sun/java2d/GdiRendering/ fails
8u271 JDK-8192953 sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/*.sh tests fail with error : revokeall.exe: Permission denied
8u241 JDK-8170641 sun/net/www/protocol/https/HttpsURLConnection/ fails with timeout
8u241 JDK-8055351 sun/security/provider/DSA/ failed with interrupted! (timed out?)
8u221 JDK-8137231 sun/security/rsa/ timeout with Agent error: java.lang.Exception
8u241 JDK-8221172 SunEC specific test is not limited to SunEC
8u251 JDK-8223003 SunMSCAPI keys are not cleaned up
8u251 JDK-8223063 Support CNG RSA keys
8u271 JDK-8239385 Support the 'canonicalize' setting (krb5.conf) in the Kerberos client
8u251 JDK-8213010 Supporting keys created with certmgr.exe
8u222 JDK-8203627 Swing applications with JRadioButton and JCheckbox fail to render correctly when using GTK3 and the GTK L&F
8u311 JDK-8086003 Test fails on OSX with java.lang.RuntimeException 'Narrow klass base: 0x0000000000000000, Narrow klass shift: 3' missing
8u301 JDK-8225116 Test intermittently fails
8u221 JDK-8134030 test/serviceability/dcmd/gc/HeapDumpTest fails to verify the dump
8u221 JDK-8030690 TEST_BUG java/nio/Buffer/ fails intermittently
8u241 JDK-8233886 TEST_BUG jdk/java/net/CookieHandler/ hit hardcoded expiration date
8u301 JDK-8034999 TEST_BUG: change rmidRunning to a simple lookup
8u222 JDK-8031666 TEST_BUG: java/net/ipv6tests/ failed because of SocketTimeoutException
8u222 JDK-8031113 TEST_BUG: java/nio/channels/AsynchronousChannelGroup/ fails intermittently
8u221 JDK-8031563 TEST_BUG: java/nio/channels/Selector/ failed once
8u271 JDK-6574989 TEST_BUG: javax/sound/sampled/Clip/ fails sometimes
8u301 JDK-8035000 TEST_BUG: remove ActivationLibrary.DestroyThread and have callers call rmid.destroy() instead
8u221 JDK-8022879 TEST_BUG: sun/nio/cs/ fails intermittently
8u221 JDK-8220349 The fix done for JDK-8214253 have caused issues in JTree behaviour
8u331 JDK-8253147 The javax/swing/JPopupMenu/7154841/ fail on big screens
8u341 JDK-8255239 The timezone of the hs_err_pid log file is corrupted in Japanese locale
8u221 JDK-8214112 The whole text in target JPasswordField image are not selected.
8u221 JDK-8214111 There is no icon in all JOptionPane target image
8u301 JDK-8073446 TimeZone getOffset API does not return a DST offset between years 2038-2137
8u251 JDK-8216039 TLS with BC and RSASSA-PSS breaks ECDHServerKeyExchange
8u212 JDK-8217579 TLS_EMPTY_RENEGOTIATION_INFO_SCSV is disabled after 8211883
8u222 JDK-8214253 Tooltip is transparent rather than having a black background
8u291 JDK-8255880 UI of Swing components is not redrawn after their internal state changed
8u221 JDK-8220495 Update GIFlib library to the 5.1.8
8u221 JDK-8213294 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2018-10-31
8u221 JDK-8040211 Update LSR datafile for BCP 47
8u251 JDK-8232154 Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 19.2.1
8u231 JDK-8218780 Update MUSCLE PCSC-Lite header files
8u331 JDK-8273341 Update Siphash to version 1.0
8u311 JDK-8163326 Update the default enabled cipher suites preference
8u301 JDK-8255086 Update the root locale display names
8u221 JDK-8193830 Update Xalan Java to 2.7.2
8u231 JDK-8222980 Upgrade IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2019-04-03
8u221 JDK-8214935 Upgrade IANA LSR data
8u231 JDK-8217676 Upgrade libpng to 1.6.37
8u281 JDK-8245400 Upgrade to LittleCMS 2.11
8u221 JDK-8191404 Upgrading JDK with latest available LSR data from IANA.
8u241 JDK-8232984 Upgrading Joni License version to 2.1.16
8u231 JDK-8203324 Use out of scope in getMacOSXLocale of java_props_macosx.c:120
8u291 JDK-8259312 fails as soneraclass2ca cert will expire in 90 days
8u251 JDK-8221407 Windows 32bit build error in libsunmscapi/security.cpp
8u212 JDK-8180469 Wrong short form text for supplemental Japanese era
8u231 JDK-8214702 Wrong text position for whitespaced string in printing Swing text
8u281 JDK-8250665 Wrong translation for the month of May in ar_JO, ar_LB and ar_SY
8u221 JDK-8201317 X25519/X448 code improvements


This is where the difference in time within the release was not identified reliably.

No difference in the final release detected.

0 issues.

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