This report shows backports that were approved, but not yet pushed. Some of them are true orphans with original backport requesters never got sponsored.

Report generated: Thu Sep 16 02:02:33 CEST 2021

JDK 17 Bug Synopsis
JDK-8214761 Bug in parallel Kahan summation implementation
JDK-8271215 Fix data races in G1PeriodicGCTask
JDK-8272720 Fix the implementation of loop unrolling heuristic with LoopPercentProfileLimit
JDK-8272866 java.util.random package summary contains incorrect mixing function in table
JDK-8272639 jpackaged applications using microphone on mac
JDK-8272335 runtime/cds/appcds/ doesn't check exit codes
JDK-8272305 several hotspot runtime/modules don't check exit codes
JDK-8272391 Undeleted debug information