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JDK-8211873 Release Note: LDAPS Communication Failure
JDK-8211691 LDAPS communication failure with jdk 1.8.0_181
JDK-8211690 Oracle JDK builds for "11.0.1" should indicate they are "LTS"
JDK-8211067 TLSv.1.3 interop problems with OpenSSL 1.1.1 when used on the client side with mutual auth
JDK-8211066 NPE in SupportedGroupsExtension
JDK-8210715 Release Note: Added Additional TeliaSonera Root Certificate
JDK-8210595 Add additional TeliaSonera root certificate
JDK-8210521 The Japanese message of FileNotFoundException garbled.
JDK-8210105 Release Note: Disabled All DES TLS Cipher Suites
JDK-8210078 API docs should be updated to refer to javase11
JDK-8210077 SSLEngine negotiation fail exception behavior changed from fail-fast to fail-lazy
JDK-8210076 AArch64: Float registers incorrectly restored in JNI call
JDK-8210075 CompilerThread releasing code buffer in destructor is unsafe
JDK-8210074 [s390x] Interpreter doesn't call result handler after native calls
JDK-8210073 Disable avx512 by default
JDK-8209734 HttpClient response without content-length does not return body
JDK-8209733 Two security tests failed after JDK-8164639 due to dependency was missed
JDK-8209732 Configure PKCS11 tests to use user-supplied NSS libraries
JDK-8209731 C2: Lucene crashes on AVX512 instruction
JDK-8209729 Add Google Trust Services GlobalSign root certificates
JDK-8209728 [a11y] [macos] Unable to navigate between Radiobuttons in Radio group using keyboard.
JDK-8209727 VerifyCACerts.java failed with "At least one cacert test failed"
JDK-8209726 TimeoutHandler generates huge core files
JDK-8209725 [Graal] gc/TestNUMAPageSize.java fail with OOM in -Xcomp
JDK-8209724 Cannot input text into JOptionPane Text Input Dialog
JDK-8209711 Remove the temporary tls13VN field
JDK-8209710 TLS 1.3 half-close and synchronization issues
JDK-8209708 New TLS 1.3 standard names
JDK-8209659 Disable all DES cipher suites
JDK-8209300 Differentiate response and connect timeouts in HTTP Client API
JDK-8209298 [TESTBUG] runtime/RedefineTests/RedefineRunningMethods.java needs a longer timeout
JDK-8209297 [TESTBUG] AArch64: sun/security/pkcs11/Secmod/TestNssDbSqlite.java fails in aarch64 platforms
JDK-8209296 Missing NULL check and resource leak in NetworkPerformanceInterface::NetworkPerformance::network_utilization
JDK-8209295 JDK 11 L10n resource file update - msg drop 20
JDK-8209294 Update java.se module summary to reflect removal of java.se.ee module
JDK-8209293 [TESTBUG] Add a regression test for JDK-8026328
JDK-8209292 Tighten up jdk.includeInExceptions security property
JDK-8209291 [TESTBUG] hotspot/test/compiler/whitebox/IsMethodCompilableTest.java test fails with -XX:CompileThreshold=1
JDK-8209290 ProblemList tests that fail due to 'Error attaching to process: Can't create thread_db agent!' in jdk-11+25 testing
JDK-8209289 New Test to verify concurrent behavior of TLS.
JDK-8209288 C1 compilation hangs in ComputeLinearScanOrder::compute_dominator
JDK-8209287 [Testbug] compiler/linkage/LinkageErrors.java fails if run twice
JDK-8209286 NMT is not enabled on Windows 2016/10
JDK-8209285 Colors with alpha are painted incorrectly on Linux
JDK-8209284 Upgrade libpng to 1.6.35
JDK-8209283 Fix potential memory leak in harfbuzz shaping.
JDK-8209282 arm32 vm crash: C1 arm32 platform functions parameters type mismatch
JDK-8209281 ProblemList compiler/cpuflags/TestAESIntrinsicsOnSupportedConfig.java
JDK-8209280 ProblemList more tests that fail due to 'Error attaching to process: Can't create thread_db agent!'
JDK-8209279 fix typo in ReservedStack tests' @requires
JDK-8209278 java.lang.ClassFormatError: Extra bytes at the end of class file test" possibly violation of JVMS 4.7.1
JDK-8209277 serviceability/jvmti/HeapMonitor/MyPackage/HeapMonitorGCCMSTest.java fails intermittently on Linux-X64
JDK-8209276 [Graal] serviceability/jvmti/GetModulesInfo/JvmtiGetAllModulesTest.java fails with Graal in Xcomp mode
JDK-8209275 ProblemList compiler/jvmci/compilerToVM/GetFlagValueTest.java
JDK-8209274 (str) improve specification of String::lines
JDK-8209273 Fix 'frames()' in ThreadReferenceImpl.c to prevent quadratic runtime behavior
JDK-8209272 java/util/TimeZone/Bug8149452.java failed on de_DE and ja_JP locale.
JDK-8209271 [Test Error] sun/security/pkcs11 tests fail if NSS libs not found
JDK-8209270 Still unable to use custom SSLEngine with default TrustManagerFactory after JDK-8207029
JDK-8209269 ProblemList com/sun/jdi/BasicJDWPConnectionTest.java
JDK-8209267 ProblemList tests that fail due to 'Error attaching to process: Can't create thread_db agent!'
JDK-8209266 SSLSocket#setEnabledCipherSuites is accepting empty string
JDK-8209265 ProblemList compiler/graalunit/JttThreadsTest.java
JDK-8209264 Update build documentation to reflect compiler upgrades at Oracle
JDK-8209263 Generalize the jdk.net.includeInExceptions security property
JDK-8209262 Quarantine vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/RedefineClasses/StressRedefineWithoutBytecodeCorruption/TestDescription.java
JDK-8209261 [PPC64] Implement JFR profiling.
JDK-8209260 Non-negative WINDOW_UPDATE increments may leave the stream window size negative
JDK-8209259 The initial value of SETTINGS_MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS should have no limit
JDK-8209258 Problem list java/nio/channels/Selector/RacyDeregister.java
JDK-8209257 Signature#getParameters for RSASSA-PSS throws ProviderException when not initialized
JDK-8209256 [Graal] SelfChangedCDS.java fails with "guarantee(disp == (intptr_t)(jint)disp) failed: must be 32-bit offset"
JDK-8209255 ProblemList serviceability/sa/ClhsdbCDSCore.java
JDK-8209254 JImageListTest.java failed in Windows
JDK-8209253 UseNUMA memory interleaving vs membind
JDK-8209252 C1 still does eden allocations when TLAB is enabled
JDK-8209251 Problem-list 3 sctp tests
JDK-8209249 RMI activation tests fail with InvalidClassException
JDK-8209248 compiler/graalunit/PhasesCommonTest.java fails with java.lang.Error: TESTBUG: no tests found for prefix org.graalvm.compiler.phases.common.test
JDK-8209247 [AOT] jaotc w/ '--ignore-errors' should ignore illegal class files
JDK-8209246 Java does not set the default format locale correctly on mac10.13
JDK-8209244 [aix] disable jfr in build and tests
JDK-8209243 [testbug] Adapt tests for Aix.
JDK-8209236 update bug ids mentioned in tests
JDK-8209233 Remove cacerts.internal from Oracle JDK
JDK-8209231 SSL Handshake failures are reported with more generic SSLException
JDK-8209228 Make man pages optional
JDK-8209085 JDK 11 L10n resource file update - msg drop 10
JDK-8208058 [Graal] org.graalvm.compiler.debug.test.DebugContextTest fails with java.util.ServiceConfigurationError
JDK-8208057 java/nio/channels/Selector/SelectWithConsumer.java testCancel() fails intermittently
JDK-8208056 HeapMonitorStatIntervalTest.java fails with ZGC
JDK-8208055 java/nio/channels/Selector/SelectWithConsumer.java testInterruptDuringSelect() fails intermittently
JDK-8208054 Epsilon GC to support object pinning
JDK-8208053 Fix translation filtering to also support zh_HK and zh_TW
JDK-8208052 [AOT] we should check that VM uses the same GC as one used for AOT library generation.
JDK-8208051 ARM32: ShouldNotReachHere assertion on Test8168712 jtreg test
JDK-8208050 [TESTBUG] docker jtreg tests fail on systems without cpuset.effective_cpus / cpuset.effective_mems
JDK-8208049 Problem list serviceability/jvmti/HeapMonitor/MyPackage/HeapMonitorStatRateTest.java
JDK-8208048 Problem list several rmi tests
JDK-8208046 Split compiler/graalunit/JttReflectFTest.java
JDK-8208045 jtreg: Fix failing TestRTMAbortRatio on PPC64
JDK-8208044 jtreg: Fix failing TestRTMSpinLoopCount on PPC64
JDK-8208043 PPC64: RTM: Fix counter for aborts on nested transactions
JDK-8208042 PPC64: RTM: Fix abort on native calls
JDK-8208041 PPC64: RTM: Don't retry lock on abort if abort was intentional
JDK-8208040 compiler/graalunit/JttLangMTest.java timeout
JDK-8208039 Misleading "COMPILE SKIPPED: invalid non-klass dependency" compile log
JDK-8208038 PBES2 AlgorithmId encoding error in PKCS12 KeyStore
JDK-8208036 serviceability/jvmti/HeapMonitor/MyPackage/HeapMonitorStatRateTest.java failed with Error. Parse Exception: Can't find source file: HeapMonitorStatIntervalTest.java
JDK-8208035 error occurred during error reporting (printing register info)
JDK-8208034 Update the JVMTI Spec for Heap Sampling
JDK-8208033 serviceability/jvmti/HeapMonitor/MyPackage/HeapMonitorStatRateTest.java fails with Rate average over 10% for rate 8192 -> 69.0, 1280.0
JDK-8208032 serviceability/jvmti/HeapMonitor/MyPackage/HeapMonitorStatArrayCorrectnessTest.java fails with Should not have any events stored yet.
JDK-8208031 [Graal] JDI and JDWP tests that consume all memory should be filtered out to not run with Graal
JDK-8208030 Check session context for TLS 1.3 session resumption
JDK-8208029 AARCH64: C2-only VM does not build
JDK-8208028 AArch64: Trampoline generation code reads from uninitialized memory
JDK-8208027 KeyStore#getInstance(File, LoadStoreParameter) does not load the keystore
JDK-8207644 Race with ConcurrentHashTable deleting items on insert with cleanup thread
JDK-8207643 Bad HTML in {@link} in HttpResponse.BodySubscribers.ofPublisher
JDK-8207642 JDK 11 javadoc generates bad code example
JDK-8207641 [Graal] runtime/ReservedStack/ReservedStackTest.java triggers: assert(thread->deopt_mark() == __null) failed: no stack overflow from deopt blob/uncommon trap
JDK-8207640 (fs) Extended attributes assumed to be enabled on ext3 (lnx)
JDK-8207639 CodeHeap State Analytics must digest new method state
JDK-8207638 Compilation succeeds without checking readability when --add-exports used
JDK-8207637 JDK9 javax.lang.model.util.Elements#getTypeElement regressed 1000x in performance.
JDK-8207636 aarch64 jtreg: assert in TestOptionsWithRanges.jtr
JDK-8207635 Minor improvements of jdk C-coding
JDK-8207634 The help-doc.html generated by the doclet is incomplete
JDK-8207633 Cleanup compiler tests for Client VM
JDK-8207632 Add T-Systems, GlobalSign and Starfield services root certificates
JDK-8207631 ManagementFactory.getPlatformMXBeans(BufferPoolMXBean.class) throws NPE
JDK-8207629 XDH TCK issues
JDK-8207628 Serializing non-zero byte as zero to ByteBuffer
JDK-8207627 Unable to use custom SSLEngine with default TrustManagerFactory after updating to JDK 11 b21
JDK-8207626 Multiple VM variants build fail.
JDK-8207625 [test] runtime/ElfDecoder/TestElfDirectRead.java requires longer timeout on ppc64
JDK-8207624 [test] prevent timeouts in serviceability/tmtools/jstat/{GcTest02,GcCauseTest02}.java
JDK-8207623 AArch64: Fix CompareAndSwapOp when useLSE is enabled in Graal
JDK-8207622 2 Null pointer dereference defect groups in LIRGenerator
JDK-8207621 Minor improvements of compiler code.
JDK-8207620 Add trace info to java/nio/channels/Selector/RegisterDuringSelect.java
JDK-8207619 RegisterDuringSelect.java fails with java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.nio.channels.ClosedSelectorException
JDK-8207618 Problem list java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/AllThreadIds.java
JDK-8207617 Problem list javax/sound/sampled/Clip/AutoCloseTimeCheck.java
JDK-8207616 [Graal] serviceability/jvmti/HeapMonitor/MyPackage/HeapMonitor tests fail
JDK-8207615 compiler/profiling/TestTypeProfiling.java fails when JVMCI build disabled
JDK-8207614 Placeholder for Japanese new era should be two characters
JDK-8207613 Lookup.accessClass fails for an array type in the same package when assertions are enabled
JDK-8207612 Minor improvements of runtime code.
JDK-8207611 *.obj.log files get truncated causing unreliable incremental builds on Windows
JDK-8207610 Unable to build Client VM
JDK-8207609 Aspect ratio is not maintained when Image is scaled in JEditorPane
JDK-8207608 The frame could be resized by dragging a corner of the frame with the mouse
JDK-8207607 serviceability/sa/TestUniverse.java#id0 crashes with EpsilonGC and AOT
JDK-8207606 sun/security/pkcs12/EmptyPassword.java fails with Sequence tag error
JDK-8207605 DateTimeFormatter throws parsing a valid string depending on the locale
JDK-8207604 [Graal] serviceability/jvmti/HeapMonitor/MyPackage/HeapMonitorGCCMSTest.java fails
JDK-8207603 minimal vm build fail: missing #include
JDK-8207602 Remove sun/security/krb5/auto/UnboundSSL.java from ProblemList.txt
JDK-8207601 forkjoin/FJExceptionTableLeak.java fails "AssertionError: failed to satisfy condition"
JDK-8207600 s390: add missing info to vm_version_ext_s390
JDK-8207598 Client jtreg ProblemList cleanup
JDK-8207597 javax/net/ssl/SSLSession/TestEnabledProtocols.java failed with Connection reset
JDK-8207596 Building jvm with AOT but without JVMCI should fail at configure time
JDK-8207595 Add missing license header to zHash.inline.hpp
JDK-8207594 [Graal] org.graalvm.compiler.hotspot.test.GraalOSRTest to ProblemList-graal.txt
JDK-8207593 HeapRegion.apply_to_marked_objects_other_vm_test fails with assert(!hr->is_free() || hr->is_empty()) failed: Free region 0 is not empty for set Free list #
JDK-8207592 Deadlock in Kitchensink when trying to print compile queues causing timeout
JDK-8207591 Wrong assert in phase_enum_2_phase_string() in referenceProcessorPhaseTimes.cpp
JDK-8207590 C2 Crash in Node::in(unsigned int) const+0x14
JDK-8207589 Test runtime/Thread/ThreadPriorities.java crashes with SEGV in pthread_getcpuclockid
JDK-8207588 java/lang/Class/GetPackageBootLoaderChildLayer.java fails with Graal
JDK-8207587 Address missing block coverage for ChaCha20 and Poly1305 algorithms
JDK-8207586 pthread_getcpuclockid is expected to return 0 code
JDK-8207585 Missing some legal notices in docs bundle
JDK-8207583 The help-doc.html generated by the doclet is outdated
JDK-8207582 UseSubwordForMaxVector causes performance regression
JDK-8207581 fix legal notice in hotspot tests
JDK-8207580 [solaris sparc] jck tests api/javax_print/PrintService failing
JDK-8207579 Broken link in jdk.jsobject
JDK-8207578 Deprecate for removal com.sun.awt.SecurityWarning
JDK-8207577 PPC64: add missing info to vm_version_ext_ppc
JDK-8207576 Broken links in java.desktop javadoc
JDK-8207575 [s390] Prevent restoring incorrect bcp and locals in interpreter and avoid incorrect size of partialSubtypeCheckNode in C2
JDK-8207574 AArch64: incorrect code generation for StoreCM
JDK-8207573 Humongous continues remembered set does not match humongous start region one after Remark
JDK-8207572 java.util.MissingResourceException: sun.security.util.AuthResources when trying to use com.sun.security.auth.module.UnixLoginModule
JDK-8207571 [testbug] New Nestmates JDI test times out with Xcomp on sparc
JDK-8207570 eventThreadGroup was null in TestJavaBlockedEvent.java
JDK-8207569 Generating an anonymous class with Filer#createClassFile causes an NPE in JavacProcessingEnvironment
JDK-8207568 Incorrect setting of MetaspaceSize and NewSizeThreadIncrease when using JVMCI compiler
JDK-8207567 ProblemList update of bug ID for SwingFontMetricsTest
JDK-8207566 Upgrade HarfBuzz to 1.8.2
JDK-8207565 Add JImageListTest.java to ProblemList.txt
JDK-8207564 sun/nio/cs/TestIBMBugs.java no longer compiles
JDK-8207563 compiler/whitebox/DeoptimizeFramesTest.java to ProblemList-graal.txt
JDK-8207562 missing ResourceMark in AOTCompiledMethod::metadata_do, AOTCompiledMethod::clear_inline_caches , CompiledMethod::clear_ic_stubs , CompiledMethod::cleanup_inline_caches_impl
JDK-8207561 JImageExtractTest.java & JImageListTest.java failed in Windows.
JDK-8207560 & is displayed in some Swing docs
JDK-8207559 Codepage mappings for IBM-943 and Big5 (aix)
JDK-8207558 possible hang in sun.awt.shell.Win32ShellFolder2$KnownFolderDefinition::
JDK-8207557 java -XshowSettings fails if memory.limit_in_bytes overflows LONG.max
JDK-8207556 SSLSessionImpl.getLocalPrincipal() throws NPE
JDK-8207554 Enable TLS1.3 by default in Http Client
JDK-8207553 dbgsysSocketClose - do not restart close if errno is EINTR [linux]
JDK-8207552 fix compiler/intrinsics/sha/cli/TestUseSHAOptionOnSupportedCPU.java jtreg test on linux s390x
JDK-8207551 C2 compilation fails with "assert(store->find_edge(load) != -1) failed: missing precedence edge"
JDK-8207550 tools/jimage/JImageExtractTest.java, fails intermittently at testExtract (macos)
JDK-8207549 ZGC: Preferred tmpfs mount point not found on Debian
JDK-8207548 ZGC: Premature OOME due to failure to expand backing file
JDK-8207546 Unable to complete emergency dump during safepoint
JDK-8207545 MallocSiteTable::initialize() doesn't take function descriptors into account
JDK-8207544 ZGC: Incorrect license header in gtests
JDK-8207543 Short week days, NaN value and timezone name are inconsistent between CLDR and Java in zh_CN, zh_TW locales.
JDK-8207542 [TESTBUG]: jdk/internal/platform/docker/TestDockerMemoryMetrics.java fails depending on kernel config
JDK-8207541 jck test fails with C2: vm/jvmti/FollowReferences/fref001/fref00113/fref00113.html
JDK-8207540 docs-reference build fails due to extlink.spec.version property not set
JDK-8207531 Drop JVM-MANAGEMENT-MIB.mib from Java SE
JDK-8207530 Several jib profiles missing autoconf dependency
JDK-8207528 [REDO] 8202561 clean up TEST.groups
JDK-8207527 Backout JDK-8202561
JDK-8207526 clean up TEST.groups file
JDK-8206693 Deprecate pack200 specification
JDK-8206692 Digital signatures of executables and shared libraries missing for OpenJDK builds
JDK-8206686 javax/net/ssl/compatibility/Compatibility.java failed to access port log file
JDK-8206685 modules/AnnotationProcessing.java failed testGenerateSingleModule
JDK-8206684 SIGSEGV on write to NativeCallStack::EMPTY_STACK
JDK-8206683 assert(opcode == Op_RangeCheck) failed: no other if variant here
JDK-8206682 SafepointSynchronize with TLH: StoreStore barriers should be moved out of the loop
JDK-8206681 Missing remembered set entry in j.l.ref.references after JDK-8203028
JDK-8206680 compiler/graalunit/HotspotTest.java fails in CheckGraalIntrinsics
JDK-8206679 KeyFactory#getKeySpec and translateKey throws NullPointerException with Invalid key
JDK-8206678 Ellipsis in "Classical" label in SwingSet2 demo with Windows L&F at Hidpi
JDK-8206677 [Graal] org.graalvm.compiler.debug.test.CSVUtilTest fails on Windows due to improper line separator used
JDK-8206676 [Graal] org.graalvm.compiler.debug.test.VersionsTest fails with InvalidPathException on windows
JDK-8206675 failed to get JDK properties for JVM w/o JVMCI
JDK-8206674 LoadNode::find_previous_arraycopy fails with "broken allocation" assert
JDK-8206673 C1 temporary code buffers are not removed with -XX:+UseDynamicNumberOfCompilerThreads
JDK-8206672 8205207 broke builds
JDK-8206671 [Graal] vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/AttachOnDemand/attach024/TestDescription.java fails with Graal
JDK-8206670 Update src/java.base/share/legal/public_suffix.md to match the actual file version
JDK-8206669 Port Graal unit tests under jtreg
JDK-8206668 [jittester] Replace all 'path1 +"/" + path2' with Paths::get
JDK-8206667 Build failed on Windows
JDK-8206666 hotspot/jtreg/vmTestbase/nsk/jdb/exclude/exclude001/exclude001.java fails with Prompt is not received during 300200 milliseconds.
JDK-8206665 Include PID in the JFR jcmd hint
JDK-8206664 [BACKOUT] errant changeset for JDK-8137164
JDK-8206663 Fix usage of “OpenJDK” in build and test instructions
JDK-8206662 Resolve disabled warnings for libunpack
JDK-8206661 Remove tools/javac/options/release/ReleaseOptionUnsupported.java from problem list
JDK-8206660 Refactor heap allocation to separate concerns
JDK-8206658 JFR events for network utilization
JDK-8206657 Add deprecation annotation to Nashorn APIs and warning to nashorn, jjs
JDK-8206656 JDK-8205906 broke the build on Mac
JDK-8206655 [TEST_BUG] vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/Allocate/alloc001/TestDescription.java fails with exit code 98
JDK-8206654 ZGC: Fix typos and incorrect indentations
JDK-8206653 AArch64: Add test to validate volatile load, store and CAS code generation
JDK-8206652 jdk.jfr.jcmd.TestJcmdDumpLimited fails due to erronous processing of -XX:FlightRecorderOptions
JDK-8206651 Print correct and more information about secondary errors.
JDK-8206650 ZGC: Verification applies load barriers before verification
JDK-8206649 Do not restart close if errno is EINTR
JDK-8206648 Inconsistent source code model
JDK-8206647 Incorrect javac -h output with annotation processing and missing classes
JDK-8206646 Remove unused ThreadLocalAllocBuffer::undo_allocate()
JDK-8206645 [test] Fix jdk/tools/launcher/RunpathTest to handle both, RPATH and RUNPATH
JDK-8206644 assert(UseCompressedClassPointers) failed in universe.hpp
JDK-8206643 jcmd VM.classloaders should fold similar loaders
JDK-8206642 parallel/TestPrintGCDetailsVerbose.java fails assertion
JDK-8206641 sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/*.sh tests fail with error : revokeall.exe: Permission denied
JDK-8206640 Base64 encoding algorithm using AVX512 instructions
JDK-8206639 Windows Java_sun_tools_attach_VirtualMachineImpl_enqueue() method should include exitCode in exception message
JDK-8206638 Update Graal
JDK-8206637 Jittester: investigate bytecode generation hangs during bytecode tests generation
JDK-8206636 javadoc search on "java.se" shows "java.se" the last one among other modules
JDK-8206635 clean up hotspot ProblemList
JDK-8206634 Build failure on macosx after JDK-8189429
JDK-8206633 Remove hotspot tests for javafx.* modules
JDK-8206632 Support invokeSpecialIFC in GenerateJLIClassesPlugin
JDK-8206631 JFR start failure after AppCDS archive created with JFR StartFlightRecording
JDK-8206630 Re-enable shebang tests in test/jdk/tools/launchers/SourceMode.java
JDK-8206629 java/util/Arrays/TimSortStackSize2.java fails with OOM
JDK-8206628 Revert unintended changes to make/gensrc/Gensrc-jdk.hotspot.agent.gmk
JDK-8206627 Build fails with system headers after 8204572
JDK-8206626 InetAddress has wrong declaration for readObjectNoData
JDK-8206625 ZGC: Remove unused ZAllocationFlags::java_thread()
JDK-8206624 ZGC: Remove TLAB allocations in relocation path
JDK-8206623 getBestCursorSize and XFree86 4.1.0
JDK-8206622 Wrong rendering of variation sequences
JDK-8206621 Windows remote printer changes do not reflect in lookupPrintServices()
JDK-8206620 right ALT key hotkeys no longer work in Swing components
JDK-8206619 Remove exclusion range for phonetic chars in windows fontconfig.properties
JDK-8206618 Part of java.awt.Desktop.browse(URI) spec is outdated after support of applets was removed
JDK-8206617 Delete "standard instructions" machinery in the open automated tests
JDK-8206616 JSpinner may change the font after became visible
JDK-8206615 Unification of iterations over arrays
JDK-8206614 Convert or remove all AWT applet demos
JDK-8206613 Move StylePad demo to the open repository
JDK-8206612 Clean-up problem list for JDK-8202933 and JDK-8202934
JDK-8206611 Typo in fix for 8205119 breaks Solaris demo build
JDK-8206610 SwingApplet demo should be removed
JDK-8206609 Upgrade HarfBuzz to 1.8.1
JDK-8206608 Several FileDialog Modality Tests fail on Linux due to X errors
JDK-8206607 Update Graal for JEP 181 - Nest-based access control
JDK-8206606 Compiler.sunflow hangs after JDK-8192992
JDK-8206605 System error message is decoded as invalid encoding in Windows.
JDK-8206604 (fs) Files read/writeString should throw CharacterCodingException instead of IOException with an IllegalArgumentException as cause
JDK-8206603 assert(_owner_offset != 0) failed in javaClasses.cpp
JDK-8206602 SA: MacOSX: Replace the deprecated PT_ATTACH with PT_ATTACHEXC
JDK-8206601 Make some JDK system properties read only
JDK-8206600 Print more information about class loaders in IllegalAccessErrors
JDK-8206599 Crash in ConcurrentHashTable do_bulk_delete_locked_for
JDK-8206598 [PPC64] Fix PPC64 part of 8010319 and TLH without UseSIGTRAP on AIX
JDK-8206597 Develop new Test to verify different key types for supported TLS protocols.
JDK-8206596 ZGC: Log metaspace used/capacity/committed/reserved
JDK-8206595 Move detailed metaspace logging from debug to trace
JDK-8206594 bad (no) wrapping for modifier and type column
JDK-8206593 unmodifiable List iterator() implementations should not be ListIterators
JDK-8206592 Problem list RmiRegistrySslTest.java and RmiSslBootstrapTest.sh
JDK-8206589 Problem list serviceability/jvmti/HeapMonitor/MyPackage/HeapMonitorStatRateTest.java
JDK-8206588 [JVMCI] Expose all GC selection flags
JDK-8206587 Remove IN_CONCURRENT_ROOT Access decorator
JDK-8206586 Problem list serviceability/jvmti/HeapMonitor/MyPackage/HeapMonitorStatArrayCorrectnessTest.java
JDK-8206585 Remove OopIterateClosure::idempotent
JDK-8206584 Use oop_iterate instead of oop_iterate_no_header
JDK-8206583 Problem list serviceability/jvmti/HeapMonitor/MyPackage/HeapMonitorGCCMSTest.java
JDK-8206582 fix for 8205195 breaks secondary error handling
JDK-8206580 FileChannel/CleanerTest.java fails due to expected FD count
JDK-8206579 assert(c->Opcode() == Op_SafePoint) failed: broken outer loop
JDK-8206578 Make java/nio/channels/Selector/RacyDeregister.java noisier and flush after prints
JDK-8206577 [Graal] compiler/jvmci/compilerToVM/DisassembleCodeBlobTest.java fails with can't be enqueued for compilation on level 4
JDK-8206576 Branch-free output conversion for X25519 and X448
JDK-8206575 [testbug] TestJmapCore failing without SA: introduce @requires vm.hasSAandCanAttach
JDK-8206573 Remove HTTP Client tests erroneously problem listed by the TLS 1.3 integration
JDK-8206572 Switch to Mozilla Public Suffix List in Hostname Checking
JDK-8206571 Make names of Young GCs more uniform in logs
JDK-8206570 windows : potential memleaks in getAdapter(s) in NetworkInterface_winXP.c
JDK-8206569 Print additional information in thread dump (times, allocated bytes etc.)
JDK-8206568 (fc) Files.readAllBytes fails with ClosedByInterruptException when interrupt status set
JDK-8206567 Replace use of Class::getPackage with Class::getPackageName
JDK-8206566 Replace hardcoded spec version value in build.tools.ExtLink taglet
JDK-8206565 Make clang stack flags independent of OS
JDK-8206564 sun/security/tools/jarsigner/AltProvider.java failed on de-DE locale
JDK-8206563 sun/security/tools/jarsigner/warnings/NoTimestampTest.java test fails on ar_SA locale.
JDK-8206562 Java Keystore fails to load PKCS12/PFX certificates created in WindowsServer2016
JDK-8206561 CommonSeeder test needs a white-box testing mechanism to replace the default entropy source
JDK-8206560 jdeprscan issues annotation processor warning regarding RELEASE_10
JDK-8206559 Delegating Iterator implementations that don't delegate forEachRemaining()
JDK-8206558 Broken link on the page api/java.rmi/java/rmi/server/UnicastRemoteObject.html
JDK-8206557 sun/security/pkcs11/Secmod/TestNssDbSqlite.java failed with "NSS initialization failed" on NSS 3.34.1
JDK-8206556 Include stack.inline.hpp in markSweep.inline.hpp
JDK-8206555 Method references to VarHandle accessors
JDK-8206554 Reader:nullReader() spec does not match the behavior
JDK-8206553 [testbug][aix] Various test adaption to aix pecularities.
JDK-8206552 TLS 1.3 Implementation
JDK-8206551 AARCH64: optimize FPU loads and stores in C1_Runtime1_aarch64.cpp
JDK-8206550 NestMates tests failing in CI jdk11-jdk.931
JDK-8206549 Remove NativeMonitorSpinLimit, NativeMonitorFlags and NativeMonitorTimeout experimental flags
JDK-8206548 Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2018-06
JDK-8206547 Execution error in Java's Timsort
JDK-8206546 value of 'sizeCtl' in ConcurrentHashMap varies with the constructor called
JDK-8206545 Add class loader names to relevant VM messages
JDK-8206544 Show error 'Port already in use' in HashedPasswordFileTest.java
JDK-8206543 assert(_name_and_id != 0LL) failed: encountered a class loader null name and id
JDK-8206542 AARCH64: StringLatin1 inflate intrinsic doesn't use prefetch instruction
JDK-8206541 AARCH64: optimize String indexOf intrinsic
JDK-8206540 AARCH64: optimize string compare intrinsic
JDK-8206539 AARCH64: enable math intrinsics usage in interpreter and C1
JDK-8206538 AARCH64: create intrinsic for sin and cos
JDK-8206537 AARCH64: create intrinsic for Math.log
JDK-8206536 Automatic oop closure devirtualization
JDK-8206535 javac --release=8 "cannot find symbol" for NashornException.getEcmaError()
JDK-8206534 Class.getPackage() fails with InternalError if class is defined to the boot class loader but module is not in the boot layer
JDK-8206533 GSSCredential.getRemainingLifetime() returns negative value for TTL > 24 days.
JDK-8206532 ZGC: Decouple JFR type registration
JDK-8206531 Unnecessary memory barriers in G1ParScanThreadState::copy_to_survivor_space
JDK-8206530 Update the .md files for 3rd party software Unicode 10.0, ICU 60.2, and CLDR v33
JDK-8206529 [Graal] compiler/codecache/stress/UnexpectedDeoptimizationTest.java crashed with SIGSEGV
JDK-8206528 Limit amount of data for JFR.dump
JDK-8206526 Incorrect constraint for unextended_sp in frame:safe_for_sender
JDK-8206525 test/hotspot/jtreg/vmTestbase/nsk/jdb/trace/trace001/trace001.java fails with Debuggee did not exit after 15 commands
JDK-8206524 fix a number of typos in the JVMTI spec
JDK-8206523 API to create a SelectableChannel to a FileDescriptor
JDK-8206522 Re-examine policy for the default set of modules when compiling or running code on the class path
JDK-8206521 Update JVMTI doc references to object allocation tracking
JDK-8206519 Add JEP-181 support to the Zero interpreter
JDK-8206518 Implementation of JEP 181: Nest-Based Access Control
JDK-8206517 more Linux clang compile failures
JDK-8206516 Never default to using libc++ on Linux
JDK-8206515 Add Brainpool ECC support (RFC 5639)
JDK-8206514 [TESTBUG] SHA tests assumes that x86 does not have SHA intrinsics
JDK-8206513 [Graal] Compilation fails during nmethod printing with "assert(bci == 0 || 0 <= bci && bci < code_size()) failed: illegal bci"
JDK-8206512 Rename Access API flag decorators
JDK-8206511 test/jdk/java/io/FileOutputStream/UnreferencedFOSClosesFd.java fails with "raw fd count wrong"
JDK-8206510 Improve the Array Comparison when there is mismatch at first element.
JDK-8206509 Method reference identity is broken by serialization
JDK-8206508 AARCH64: optimize StringUTF16 compress intrinsic
JDK-8206507 Add configurable option for enhanced socket IOException messages
JDK-8206506 Explicitly reclaim cached thread-local direct buffers at thread exit
JDK-8206505 NestedThreadsListHandleInErrorHandlingTest fails because hs_err doesn't contain _nested_thread_list_max
JDK-8206504 AARCH64: wrong zr encoding for ccmp instruction
JDK-8206503 AArch64: fix failures in jtreg ArraysEqCmpTest
JDK-8206502 Add RSASSA-PSS Signature support to SunMSCAPI
JDK-8206501 StringPoolBuffer access covered by exclusive access invariant, remove (problematic) cas operations
JDK-8206500 AArch64: fix CAS not embedded in normal graph error.
JDK-8206499 [Testbug] tools/javac/processing/model/completionfailure/NoAbortForBadClassFile.java - AccessDeniedException
JDK-8206498 windows: fix checking of CloseHandle return code in Java_java_io_FileCleanable_cleanupClose0
JDK-8206497 jQuery UI, jQuery-migrate, and jQuery license file to be updated to the revision present.
JDK-8206496 [TESTBUG] Exclude runtime/ReservedStack/ReservedStackTest.java from being run with DeoptimizeALot option
JDK-8206494 Obsolete support for commercial features
JDK-8206493 update ProblemList-graal
JDK-8206492 create regression test for 8062950
JDK-8206491 Avoid hard-coding --source value in SourceLauncherTest.java
JDK-8206490 tools/javac/modules/AnnotationProcessing.java failed
JDK-8206489 Decouple type registration from framework lifecycle
JDK-8206488 Change to Xcode 9.4 for building on Macosx at Oracle
JDK-8206487 (fs) Reduce allocation for file system methods that are invoked with no open options
JDK-8206486 Inconsistent behavior of --validate-modules when combined with -m and other options
JDK-8206485 AES CBC decryption algorithm using AVX512 instructions
JDK-8206484 List.copyOf() fails to copy sublists
JDK-8206483 Add default method A[] Collection.toArray(IntFunction generator)
JDK-8206482 Deprecate UnlinkSymbolsALot debugging option
JDK-8205904 Warning about using VS2017 should be removed
JDK-8205903 32 bit build broken
JDK-8205902 Assertion failure when rehashing stringtable
JDK-8205901 No compilation error thrown when no valid parameterization exists for functional interface type
JDK-8205900 G1 Old Gen MemoryPool CollectionUsage.used values don't reflect mixed GC results
JDK-8205899 Standardize on ClassLoaderData::loader_name() throughout the VM to obtain a class loader's name
JDK-8205898 Improve some IncompatibleClassChangeError messages.
JDK-8205897 [REDO] Induction variable of over-unrolled loop conflicts with range checks
JDK-8205896 Remove TestBiasedLockRevocationEvents from ProblemList.txt
JDK-8205895 JFR unit test of thread CPU load should be enabled
JDK-8205894 Fail immediately if an unavailable GC is selected
JDK-8205893 Refactor TemplateTable::_new to use MacroAssembler helpers for tlab and eden
JDK-8205891 TLH: Semaphore may not be destroy until signal have returned.
JDK-8205890 Fix '--disable-cds' and disable CDS on AIX by default
JDK-8205889 Make parallel reference processing default for G1
JDK-8205888 C2: consider all paths in loop body for loop predication
JDK-8205887 ZGC: Keeps finalizable marked PhantomReference referents strongly alive
JDK-8205886 Split ScanClosure and ScanClosureWithParBarrier
JDK-8205885 Refactor annotation array value parsing to reduce duplication
JDK-8205884 Turn off logging in jQuery-migrate
JDK-8205883 Tests which start VM using JNI start failing after compile upgrade to VC 2017
JDK-8205882 JFR enabled ARM32 build assertion failure
JDK-8205881 JVMTI jtreg tests build warnings on 32-bit platforms
JDK-8205880 Could not find "lsof" on test machine
JDK-8205879 ProblemList applications/ctw/modules/java_desktop_2.java
JDK-8205877 Javadoc IllegalArgumentException: HTML special chars in constant value
JDK-8205876 -locale option issues
JDK-8205875 Improve the performance of BitSet traversal
JDK-8205874 Update Graal
JDK-8205873 ConcurrentHashTable: Fix parallel processing
JDK-8205871 AIX: build errors in hotspot after 8203641: Refactor String Deduplication into shared
JDK-8205870 Dynamically parallelize reference processing work
JDK-8205869 Refactor reference processing for improved parallelism
JDK-8205868 Resolve disabled warnings for libjimage
JDK-8205867 Deprecate pack200 and unpack200 tools
JDK-8205866 (se) select(Consumer action) as alternative to selected-key set
JDK-8205865 Improve message of ArrayStoreException.
JDK-8205864 Minor cleanups for the diagnostic framework
JDK-8205863 Change Access nomenclature: root to native
JDK-8205862 jdeps --system $java.home fails with IAE
JDK-8205861 (fs) Improve some print diagnostics in java/nio/file/Files/CopyAndMove.java
JDK-8205860 (bf) Add Buffer mismatch()
JDK-8205859 Remove non-existent modules from test/jdk/jdk/modules/etc/UpgradeableModules.java
JDK-8205858 Remove unused qualified exports in java.base
JDK-8205857 Platform specific include files in jdk image in wrong sub directory
JDK-8205856 javac performance regression in 11+11
JDK-8205855 (ann) Class.getAnnotation() throws an ArrayStoreException when the annotation class not present
JDK-8205854 Add build support for filtering translations
JDK-8205853 There should be some verification that EnableJVMCI is disabled if a GC not supporting JVMCI is selected
JDK-8205852 C2: assert(init_offset >= 0) failed: positive offset from object start
JDK-8205851 [AOT] make jdk.aot module upgradeable
JDK-8205850 Remove references to "jdk 9" in build system
JDK-8205849 ZGC: Incorrect use of RootAccess in ZHeapIterator
JDK-8205848 ZGC: Remove incorrect comment in ZHeap::object_iterate()
JDK-8205847 ZGC: Worker threads boost mode not always enabled when is should be
JDK-8205846 ZGC: SoftReferences not always cleared before throwing OOME
JDK-8205845 ZGC: Apply workaround for buggy sem_post() in glibc < 2.21
JDK-8205844 [testbug] Fix pattern matching in jstat tests.
JDK-8205843 Add missing files for 8203394"
JDK-8205842 Implementation of JEP 331: Low-Overhead Heap Profiling
JDK-8205841 Extend MDO to allow more reasons to be recorded per bci
JDK-8205840 Update CLDR to version V33
JDK-8205839 javadoc should be updated to use jQuery 3.3.1
JDK-8205838 Refactor String Deduplication into shared
JDK-8205837 [Graal] Add rest of compiler/stable tests into ProblemList-graal.txt
JDK-8205836 VM.{metaspace|classloaders|classhierarchy...} jcmd should show invocation targets for Generated{Method|Constructor}AccessorImpl classes
JDK-8205835 Replaced selected link tags with linkplain in java.lang.Class
JDK-8205834 ModuleEntry::is_non_jdk_module() determination for what is a jdk module is incorrect
JDK-8205833 javac accepts an illegal name as a receiver parameter name
JDK-8205832 Predicate::not should explicitly mention "NullPointerException - if target is null"
JDK-8205831 jdeprscan will need updates to deal with the removal of the Java EE modules
JDK-8205830 Create API to list supported values for javac --release option
JDK-8205829 Humongous continues region remembered set states do not match the one from the corresponding humongous start region
JDK-8205828 Regression in logic for handling inference stuck constraints
JDK-8205827 runtime/8176717/TestInheritFD.java fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: could not match: VM RESULT => RETAINS FD
JDK-8205826 PrepareFailureLogs should be done after sequential make targets
JDK-8205825 [BACKOUT] Induction variable of over-unrolled loop conflicts with range checks
JDK-8205823 Remove unused chars following '\0'
JDK-8205822 [Graal] Disable Epsilon GC tests from running with Graal
JDK-8205821 Induction variable of over-unrolled loop conflicts with range checks
JDK-8205820 Cleanup management of the java.vm.info System property
JDK-8205819 StringTable: Calculates wrong number of uncleaned items.
JDK-8205818 Remove java/util/Map/InPlaceOpsCollisions.java from ProblemList
JDK-8205817 (fs) Add some print diagnostics to java/nio/file/Files/CopyAndMove.java
JDK-8205816 (fs) Add methods to Files for reading/writing a string from/to a file
JDK-8205815 [Graal] JDI tests fail with: JDITestRuntimeException : ** event IS NOT a breakpoint **
JDK-8205814 [aix] TOC overflow in libjvm.so (release build)
JDK-8205813 clean up remaining native parts after JDK-8187631
JDK-8205812 Container Metrics
JDK-8205811 [TESTBUG] Test /runtime/containers/cgroup/PlainRead.java fails
JDK-8205810 Create bootcycle jib profiles
JDK-8205809 Methods in java.time's TCKZoneRules OpenJDK test miss @Test annotation
JDK-8205808 Make C1 leal patchable on SPARC
JDK-8205807 Javac AssertionError: typeSig ERROR on usage of @Generated
JDK-8205806 Linux-sparc fails to build after JDK-8199712 (Flight Recorder)
JDK-8205805 Abstraction for TLAB dummy object
JDK-8205804 Object equals abstraction for BarrierSetAssembler
JDK-8205802 [TESTBUG] Instability in JFR test TestThreadCpuTimeEvent
JDK-8205801 Modularize allocations in assembler
JDK-8205800 Add a test case to automatically check the updated LSR data
JDK-8205798 VM crashes with "assert(Universe::heap()->is_in_reserved(start + words - 1)) failed: not in heap"
JDK-8205797 jtreg: Fix failing RTM test TestUseRTMXendForLockBusy
JDK-8205796 clean up hotspot ProblemList
JDK-8205794 Unboxing in return from lambda miscompiled to throw ClassCastException
JDK-8205793 System property java.vm.vendor value includes quotation marks
JDK-8205792 [TESTBUG] runtime/SharedArchiveFile/BootAppendTests.java should handle mapping failure
JDK-8205791 [windows, vs<2017] C4800 after 8203197
JDK-8205790 Unsafe publication of java.util.Properties.map
JDK-8205789 Zero s390 31 bit size_t type conflicts in shared code
JDK-8205788 Issue more comprehensive warnings for use of "var" in earlier source versions
JDK-8205787 ZGC: VerifyBeforeIteration not yet supported
JDK-8205786 ZGC: LeakProfiler not yet supported
JDK-8205785 javadoc generates references to enum constructors, which are not documented
JDK-8205784 [testbug] Fix pattern matching in jstatd tests.
JDK-8205783 runtime/exceptionMsgs/ArrayStoreException/ArrayStoreExceptionTest.java failed with "assert(k->is_objArray_klass()) failed: cast to ObjArrayKlass"
JDK-8205782 hs102t002 should be put on the problem list
JDK-8205780 os::stat() on Posix platform does not need to copy input path
JDK-8205779 enabling ObjectSynchronizer::quick_enter() on ARM64 causes hangs
JDK-8205778 TraceMemoryManagerStats changes in JDK-8195115 broke ZGC
JDK-8205777 Add support for launching multiple startup recordings
JDK-8205776 Create test for SwingSet GridBagLayoutDemo
JDK-8205775 Fonts with embedded bitmaps are not always rotated
JDK-8205774 Wrong caret position in multiline text components on Windows with a screen resolution higher than 100%
JDK-8205773 Provide public, unsupported JDK API for JavaFX/Swing interop
JDK-8205772 Shift or Capslock not working in Textfield after accented keystrokes
JDK-8205771 [macosx] Remove javax/swing/plaf/nimbus/8057791/bug8057791.java from the ProblemList.txt
JDK-8205770 [macos] Appkit thread slows when any Window Manager active
JDK-8205769 Fix compilation error in harfbuzz 1.7.6 for Solaris Developer Studio 12.6
JDK-8205768 SwingWorker.get throws CancellationException
JDK-8205767 Fix compilation optimization errors with new Solaris toolchain
JDK-8205766 Fix xchip warnings with new Solaris toolchain
JDK-8205765 AARCH64: Clean up duplicate uzp1 & uzp2 instruction definition
JDK-8205764 DateTimeFormatterBuilder Mapped-values do not work for JapaneseDate
JDK-8205763 MethodHandleHelper.linkToStatic should drop MH arg
JDK-8205762 AARCH64: optimize FPU load and stores in macroAssembler
JDK-8205761 AARCH64: register post-index addressing mode is not supported directly
JDK-8205758 Quarantine serviceability/sa/TestInstanceKlassSize* tests for CDS enabled mode
JDK-8205755 HTTP Client refresh
JDK-8205747 Remove of sun.applet.AppletAudioClip
JDK-8205743 Update xmldsig implementation to Apache Santuario 2.1.1
JDK-8205734 [TESTBUG] Port heapdump tests into java
JDK-8205728 Restore Symantec root verisignclass2g2ca
JDK-8205310 NMT thread stack tracking causes crashes on AIX
JDK-8205309 Use XMM/YMM for objects initialization
JDK-8205308 AssertionError in DeferredAttr with parenthesized method reference
JDK-8205307 Remove IN_ARCHIVE_ROOT from Access API
JDK-8205306 (spec) Document java.{vm.}?specification.version system properties' relation to $FEATURE
JDK-8205305 remove Thread.destroy() and Thread.stop(Throwable)
JDK-8205304 Add GoDaddy root certificates
JDK-8205303 Disassembly does not display code strings in stubs
JDK-8205302 JNI exception pending in initializeEncoding of jni_util.c
JDK-8205301 NMT: Linux os::committed_in_range() does not break out outer loop when contiguous region is found
JDK-8205300 Implementation: JEP 333: ZGC: A Scalable Low-Latency Garbage Collector (Experimental)
JDK-8205299 Upgrade linker used in AOT tests to be same version as build toolchain
JDK-8205298 Implementation: JEP 318: Epsilon, A No-Op Garbage Collector
JDK-8205297 fix for 8196993 has broken the build on linux
JDK-8205296 BarrierSet::make_* should be static
JDK-8205295 [Aarch64] SIGSEGVs caused by C1 because of improper register usage
JDK-8205294 Inconsistent lambda parameter span
JDK-8205293 [AArch64] Assertion failure in BarrierSetAssembler::load_at
JDK-8205292 Count linkage errors and print in Exceptions::print_exception_counts_on_error
JDK-8205291 Add additional statistics to CodeCache::print_summary
JDK-8205290 Resolve disabled warnings for libunpack
JDK-8205289 Simplify OopStorage::AllocateList block entry access
JDK-8205288 Add new test to check for package versioning information in OpenJDK
JDK-8205287 Change bundle format on Windows to zip
JDK-8205286 Problematic ByteBuffer handling in CipherSpi.bufferCrypt method
JDK-8205285 Add failed compiler/stable tests into ProblemList-graal.txt
JDK-8205284 Invalid SunNativeProvider.INSTANCE initialization
JDK-8205283 Parsing for LOG=report=none is broken when combined with other keywords
JDK-8205282 [AIX] Build of libjli_static broken after change 8204572 (SetupJdkLibrary)
JDK-8205281 UseAppCDS obsolete message is confusing
JDK-8205280 add more thread-related system settings info to hs_error file on Linux
JDK-8205279 C2: assert(mode == ControlAroundStripMined && use == sfpt) failed: missed a node
JDK-8205278 [aix] fix thread stack allocation, too big stack sizes not recognized
JDK-8205277 The parallel GC reference processing task executor enqueues a wrong number of tasks into the queue
JDK-8205276 ParallelGC parallel reference processing does not set MT degree in reference processor
JDK-8205275 ARM32 build crashes on long JavaThread offsets
JDK-8205274 test/jdk/tools/launchers/SourceMode.java fails with long shebang line
JDK-8205273 Test failures after "Launch Single-File Source-Code Programs"
JDK-8205272 Primitive heap access for interpreter BarrierSetAssembler/aarch64
JDK-8205270 MonospacedGlyphWidthTest.java failed again
JDK-8205269 java.awt.desktop.*Event classes could not be instantiated if Desktop feature is not supported
JDK-8205268 Remove jre images and bundles
JDK-8205267 Remove proprietary JPEG code from javax.imageio
JDK-8205266 Define API to support specifying ownership of print dialogs
JDK-8205265 backout fix for 8203796 which was pushed under another ID
JDK-8205264 windows : handle potential C++ exception in GDIRenderer
JDK-8205262 Robot.mouseMove uses scaling factor of main display on unscaled second display
JDK-8205261 AWT Robot mouseMove fails on Windows 10 1709 with HiDPI
JDK-8205260 [macos] Nonsensical self == [super init] in CFileDialog.m
JDK-8205259 Remove the appletviewer classes
JDK-8205257 Japanese new era implementation
JDK-8205256 Add TimeUnit#convert(Duration)
JDK-8205255 serviceability/sa/ClhsdbSymbol.java and ClhsdbInspect.java failed when running in CDS mode
JDK-8205254 Formatter and String.format ignore the width with the percent modifier (%5%)
JDK-8205253 Rename Object#wait parameter name from "timeout" to "timeoutMillis"
JDK-8205252 java.time cleanup
JDK-8205251 Add devkit for linux-arm32
JDK-8205250 SetupJdkLibrary should setup SRC and -I flags automatically
JDK-8205249 Fix for 8198285 breaks slowdebug builds
JDK-8205248 Resolve disabled warnings for libjli
JDK-8205247 Compiler confused by parenthesized "this" in final fields assignments
JDK-8205246 jdeps generates illegal dot file containing ranksep=0,600000
JDK-8205245 (fs) java/nio/file/Files/CopyAndMove.java does not set isUnix = true on macOS
JDK-8205244 assert(is_Loop()) failed: invalid node class
JDK-8205243 improve error messages in matchJavaTZ [windows]
JDK-8205242 Bitwise AND on byte value sometimes produces wrong result
JDK-8205241 Add check to limit number of capture groups
JDK-8205240 Matching the end of a string followed by an empty greedy regex and a word boundary fails
JDK-8205239 [ppc] Assembler::add_const_optimized incorrect for some inputs
JDK-8205238 [aix][testbug] signal tests fail because vm can not start in primordial thread.
JDK-8205237 JVM_GetClassSigners: wrap signers oop in an objArrayHandle for subsequent safepoint.
JDK-8205236 ProblemList failing launcher tests
JDK-8205235 JDWP/JDI VM information string is incorrect
JDK-8205234 [GRAAL] Exclude CMS GC testing from runs with Graal
JDK-8205233 jittester generator doesn't kill processes on timeout
JDK-8205232 Launch Single-File Source-Code Programs
JDK-8205231 AIX version of jsig.c was not removed in JDK-8200298
JDK-8205230 API clarification: versioned jar entry verification in multi-release jar file
JDK-8205229 Have instanceRefKlass use HeapAccess when loading the referent
JDK-8205228 IncompatibleClassChangeError thrown at sites linked to default interface methods
JDK-8205227 JFR TLAB tracing broken after 8202776
JDK-8205226 Files.move throws DirectoryNotEmptyException when moving directory across file system
JDK-8205225 Fixup inferred decorators in the interpreter
JDK-8205224 Make it possible to process StringTable outside safepoint
JDK-8205223 Broken links on page docs/api/java.sql.rowset/javax/sql/rowset/package-summary.html
JDK-8205222 Add jcmd "VM.classloaders" command to print out class loader hierarchy, details
JDK-8205221 G1: ReferenceProcessor doesn't handle mark stack overflow
JDK-8205220 Mismatch in rebuild policy and collection set chooser causes remembered sets to be kept errorneously
JDK-8205219 Remove the G1RSBarrierRegionFilter develop flag
JDK-8205218 (se) SelectionKey.interestOps variants to atomically update interest ops
JDK-8205217 Phase timings not updated correctly after JDK-6672778
JDK-8205216 [Testbug] vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/TypeComponent/isSynthetic/issynthetic002/TestDescription.java fails with nestmates
JDK-8205214 Add redirect for overview-summary.html
JDK-8205213 Fix for JDK-8200530 triggered regression: fails to handle the case that \r\n is at the 8192 boundary
JDK-8205212 Safepoint sync time did not increase
JDK-8204821 Test fails after 8202670 Graal update
JDK-8204820 "+=" applied to String operands can provoke side effects
JDK-8204819 Make OrderAccess functions available to hpp rather than inline.hpp files
JDK-8204818 Upgrade JOpt Simple to 5.0.4
JDK-8204817 AArch64: Remove C2 address reshaping code
JDK-8204816 Not possible to read data from socket after write detects connection reset
JDK-8204815 Upgrading JDK with latest available LSR data from IANA.
JDK-8204814 [s390]: no precompiled headers build broken
JDK-8204813 ISO 4217 Amendment #167 Update
JDK-8204812 ISO 4217 Amendment #166 Update
JDK-8204811 ISO 4217 Amendment #165 Update
JDK-8204810 modules not listed in overview/index page
JDK-8204809 the javadoc tool generates pages with a low constrast
JDK-8204808 compiler/uncommontrap/TestDeoptOOM.java failed w/ fatal error: ExceptionMark constructor expects no pending exceptions
JDK-8204807 Primitive heap access for interpreter BarrierSetAssembler/x86
JDK-8204806 java/util/zip/ZipFile/TestCleaner.java failed with "cleaner failed to clean zipfile"
JDK-8204805 Split nmethod unloading from inline cache cleaning
JDK-8204804 javadoc tests fail after JDK-8203780
JDK-8204803 Modularize GC allocations in runtime
JDK-8204802 '\r' is not supported as "newline" in java.util.jar.Manifest.
JDK-8204801 AArch64: AOT runtime does not need a workaround for far calls
JDK-8204800 Use out of scope in getMacOSXLocale of java_props_macosx.c:120
JDK-8204799 Clean up incorrectly included .inline.hpp files from jvmciJavaClasses.hpp
JDK-8204798 Lower the minimum number of heap memory pools in MemoryTest.java
JDK-8204797 Increase small heap sizes in tests to accommodate ZGC
JDK-8204796 Filter out tests requiring compressed oops when CompressedOops is disabled
JDK-8204795 Filter out tests requiring class unloading when ClassUnloading is disabled
JDK-8204794 Also detect concurrent GCs in MetaspaceBaseGC.java
JDK-8204793 TestG1HeapRegion needs @requires vm.gc.G1
JDK-8204792 BiasedLockingTest needs -XX:+UseBiasedLocking
JDK-8204791 JDK-8201487 disabled too much queue balancing
JDK-8204790 Repeating annotations refering to to-be-generated classes don't work.
JDK-8204789 Hotspot build broken on linux-sparc after 8202377
JDK-8204788 enhancement of cmpxchg and copy_to_survivor for ppc64
JDK-8204787 PPC64: Fix missing includes after 8204195
JDK-8204786 assert(worker_i < _length) failed: Worker 15 is greater than max: 11 at ReferenceProcessorPhaseTimes
JDK-8204785 [TESTBUG] TestPrintReferences.java fails if multiple concurrent mark happens
JDK-8204784 javadoc should be updated to use jquery 1.12.4 and jszip v3.1.5
JDK-8204783 Mark test serviceability/dcmd/compiler/CompilerQueueTest.java as intermittent and exclude it from tier1
JDK-8204782 Expand JVMTI callback notion of "internal threads"
JDK-8204780 jdk/jfr/api/recording/event/TestEventTime.java intermittently times out
JDK-8204779 More consistent Access API for arraycopy
JDK-8204778 Remove "-add-modules" hint from error message
JDK-8204777 [BACKOUT] - JVMFlag::printError missing ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF
JDK-8204776 NotifyFramePop request is not cleared if JVMTI_EVENT_FRAME_POP is disabled
JDK-8204775 javac exception when referencing private inner class with same name as normal class with dollar_1
JDK-8204774 JVMFlag::printError missing ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF
JDK-8204773 [TESTBUG] Remove appcds/jigsaw/limitmods/LimitModsTests.java
JDK-8204772 Clean up macroAssembler.inline.hpp and other inline.hpp files included in .hpp files
JDK-8204771 Circular nested dynamic constant test needed to confirm JVMS resolution behavior
JDK-8204770 SIGSEGV calling Class.forName(String,Boolean,ClassLoader) with mocked loader
JDK-8204769 Zero: bootcycle-images build fails on x86_64
JDK-8204768 [testbug] fix DisassembleCodeBlobTest
JDK-8204767 Move G1 runtime calls used by generated code to G1BarrierSetRuntime
JDK-8204766 javac crash when checking imports and a broken class is present
JDK-8204765 JFR thread sampling is missing fixes from JDK-8194552
JDK-8204764 OOM-only logging in Metaspace
JDK-8204763 jtreg: Fix RTM abort provoker for various tests after "8149159: Clean up Unsafe"
JDK-8204762 javadoc generates broken links to deprecated items when -nodeprecated is used
JDK-8204761 jtreg: Fix failing RTM test RTMSpinLoopCount
JDK-8204760 docs/api/jdk.javadoc/com/sun/javadoc/package-summary.html contain low contrast text.
JDK-8204759 Test development for ChaCha20 and Poly1305 algorithms
JDK-8204758 [TESTBUG] Open source VM testbase compiler tests
JDK-8204756 Problem list pkcs11 tests on windows
JDK-8204755 Release session if initialization of SunPKCS11 Signature fails
JDK-8204754 libjavajpeg: Fix compile warning in jchuff.c
JDK-8204753 avoid printing uninitialized pointer in java.desktop/windows/native/libawt/java2d/windows/GDIWindowSurfaceData.cpp
JDK-8204751 Accessibility issues in java.desktop
JDK-8204750 Address compilation warnings in libawt with VS2017
JDK-8204748 Desktop API cannot be used without permission to read "os.version"
JDK-8204747 Missing platform and bug information for MouseModifiersInKeyEvent test
JDK-8204746 Update harfbuzz.md
JDK-8204745 Upgrade harfbuzz to the latest version (1.7.6)
JDK-8204744 Introspector does not see overridden generic setter method
JDK-8204743 Support AIX Input Method Editor (IME) for AWT Input Method Framework (IMF)
JDK-8204742 javax.sound tests should not set java.home system property
JDK-8204740 [freetype] text rotated on 180 degrees is too narrow
JDK-8204738 Open source tests for "java.awt.geom"
JDK-8204737 [macosx] Component.getLocation() gives inconsistent coordinate for a component at (0,0)
JDK-8204736 PNGMetadata Background color initialization from standard metadata is incomplete
JDK-8204735 [macos] AWT windows have incorrect main/key window behaviors
JDK-8204734 java.util.regex.Matcher method doc points to incorrect links
JDK-8204733 PPC64: Fix jtreg RTM tests after "8203305: Improve TM detection for enabling RTM on Linux / POWER9"
JDK-8204732 Upgrade JLine to 2.14.6
JDK-8204731 Lazily create MethodHandleImpl$AsVarargsCollector.asCollectorCache
JDK-8204730 JFR TestBiasedLockRevocationEvents should ignore events unrelated to the test
JDK-8204729 SIGSEGV in java -XX:
JDK-8204728 Remove several Symantec Root CAs
JDK-8204727 jcmd started by "root" must be allowed to access all VM processes
JDK-8204726 [BACKOUT] OopStorage should use GlobalCounter
JDK-8204725 [TESTBUG] runtime/logging/DefaultMethodsTest.java failed when running in CDS mode
JDK-8204724 Update Graal
JDK-8204723 segfaults from jvmti_AddToBootstrapClassLoaderSearch
JDK-8204722 MethodHandles.insertArguments doesn't specify IllegalArgumentException on index mismatch
JDK-8204721 [TESTBUG] runtime/LoadClass/TestResize.java needs to print output when it fails
JDK-8204720 loader constraint message for fields specifies incorrect referring class
JDK-8204719 java/nio/channels/Selector/SelectAndClose: add some prints and @intermittent tag
JDK-8204718 ChaCha20 Cipher Implementation
JDK-8204717 C++ Interpreter code left over in MethodData
JDK-8204716 assert(current_query_index < process_query_set->size) failed: invariant
JDK-8204715 Add @requires feature to check flag values for the running JVM
JDK-8204714 Update description of "Cyrillic Supplementary" block name in Character.UnicodeBlock class.
JDK-8204713 [TESTBUG] Open source vm testbase JDWP tests
JDK-8204712 [TESTBUG] Open source VM testbase AOD tests
JDK-8204711 JDK-8203945 broke nashorn
JDK-8204710 Jvmti test fails to build with VS2017
JDK-8204709 Cleanup nashorn build
JDK-8204708 Move UnpackSecurity.gmk to closed
JDK-8204707 Configure broken on MIPS when uname returns mipsel or mips64el
JDK-8204706 Predicate::not - provide an easier way to negate a predicate
JDK-8204705 VM.metaspace jcmd should optionally show loaded classes for loaders
JDK-8204704 Deprecate stream-based GSSContext methods
JDK-8204703 Compilation fails with "assert(!(is_cti(prev) && is_cti(insn))) failed: CTI-CTI not allowed" on SPARC
JDK-8204667 Resources not freed on exception
JDK-8204443 Invoke LambdaMetafactory::altMetafactory exactly from the BootstrapMethodInvoker
JDK-8204442 Print erroneous size in NegativeArraySizeException
JDK-8204441 Add support for per Socket configuration of TCP keepalive
JDK-8204440 jcmd: VM.metaspace: print loader name for anonymous CLDs.
JDK-8204439 Small cleanups in java.lang.ref
JDK-8204438 OopStorage should use GlobalCounter
JDK-8204437 whitebox failure with -Xcheck:jni
JDK-8204436 BasicParState::default_estimated_thread_count(false) can return 0 in gtest
JDK-8204435 Move vm_weak processing from SystemDictionary to WeakProcessor
JDK-8204434 [JVMCI] UseJVMCICompiler should imply EnableJVMCI
JDK-8204433 Windows devkit has wrong dlls in 32 bit tools dir
JDK-8204432 jcmd should output command list if no command is given
JDK-8204431 Javadoc should not generate frames by default
JDK-8204430 Fix build failures from JDK-8133564
JDK-8204429 Target interface added as marker interface in calls to altMetafactory
JDK-8204428 Problem list test/langtools/tools/javac/importscope/T8193717.java
JDK-8204427 Runtime - 2nd followup to Validate JVM Command-Line Flag Arguments
JDK-8204426 ConcurrentLocksDump::dump_at_safepoint() should not allocate array in resource area
JDK-8204425 Import resolution performance regression in JDK 9
JDK-8204424 Metaspace cleanup: Remove unused MemRegion in VirtualSpaceNode
JDK-8204423 cycle detection depends on ordering of requires directives
JDK-8204422 Incorrect cmpxchg usage in MetaspaceGC::inc_capacity_until_GC
JDK-8204421 (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2018e
JDK-8204420 G1 footprint regressions in jdk11+10
JDK-8204419 Monitor::try_lock() should not call check_prelock_state()
JDK-8204418 Optimize (masked) byte memory comparisons on x86
JDK-8204417 type.getKind() for var is None instead of Error
JDK-8204416 Simplify reference processing in light of JDK-8175797
JDK-8204415 [Graal] Update ProblemList-graal.txt files
JDK-8204414 Check for both EAGAIN and EWOULDBLOCK error codes
JDK-8204413 cacerts/VerifyCACerts.java fails with java.lang.Exception: At least one cacert test failed
JDK-8204412 Change default compiler on Windows to VS2017
JDK-8204411 add test for randomized iteration order of unmodifiable Set and Map
JDK-8204410 ObjectInputStream filterCheck method throws NullPointerException
JDK-8204409 java/lang/invoke/SpecialInterfaceCall fails with SIGILL on aarch64
JDK-8204408 AtomicAppend tests fail on macOS 10.13 ("High Sierra")
JDK-8204407 Add failure code to threaddb exception messages
JDK-8204406 testing.md not updated for repository layout change
JDK-8204405 Makefile fixes after Flight Recorder
JDK-8204404 tag added wrongly in Docs.gmk
JDK-8204403 add tests failed because of 8203809 to the ProblemList-graal
JDK-8204402 add tests failed because of 8203174 to the ProblemList-graal
JDK-8204401 Over-unrolled loop with negative stride is partially removed
JDK-8204399 [TESTBUG] Open source VM testbase JVMTI tests
JDK-8204398 Remove SECOM root (secomevrootca1)
JDK-8204397 Add some instrumentation to jdk/java/nio/channels/Selector/RacyDeregister.java
JDK-8204396 Fix of redefining a method that removes 1 or more lambda expressions failed to commit test cases
JDK-8204394 assert in ClassLoader::update_module_path_entry_list() could have incorrect message
JDK-8204393 javadoc does not (over)write stylesheet.css
JDK-8204392 java/net/URL/OpenStream.java fails intermittently
JDK-8204390 Remove error generation from TransTypes
JDK-8204389 NPE in jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.toolkit.util.Utils.getLineNumber
JDK-8204388 C2: assert(found_sfpt) failed: no node in loop that's not input to safepoint
JDK-8204387 NullPointerException on generic methods
JDK-8204386 ProblemList test/jdk/java/util/Map/InPlaceOpsCollisions.java
JDK-8204385 Add JDK 11 major version to javax/net/ssl/compatibility/JdkRelease.java
JDK-8204384 GSS: Uninitialized cb->initiator_address when using channel binding with native kerberos
JDK-8204383 [TESTBUG] Open source VM testbase default methods tests
JDK-8204382 AArch64: fix overflow in immediate cmp/cmn instruction
JDK-8204381 Fix minor issues with taglets
JDK-8204380 Bump Jib format version to 1.2
JDK-8204379 Rename EFS in java.util.zip internals to something meaningful
JDK-8204378 String.split non-positive term incorrect use
JDK-8204043 Enhance os::print_memory_info on Windows
JDK-8204042 Test8007294.java failed: attempted to spill a non-spillable item
JDK-8204041 Add back missing full buffer notification
JDK-8204040 StringTable::dump lacks a load barrier
JDK-8204039 Add a safepoint-aware Semaphore - part 2
JDK-8204038 MITSHM define guarding missing
JDK-8204037 Migrate Unicode character tests to JDK Repo.
JDK-8204036 Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2018-05
JDK-8204035 Optimize ArrayList subList replaceAll
JDK-8204034 test/jdk/java/io/File/WinSpecialFiles.java on windows with VS2017
JDK-8204033 Remove recording=x from jcmd JFR.check output
JDK-8204032 Better test cleanup for jdk/jfr/api/consumer/TestRecordingFile.java
JDK-8204031 Test applications/jcstress/other/Test.java#id1108 fails on Sparc
JDK-8204030 [TESTBUG] Open source VM testbase metaspace tests
JDK-8204029 JFR sampler thread does not record stack info
JDK-8204028 Resolve disabled warnings for libzip
JDK-8204027 [TESTBUG] Open source vm testbase JDB tests
JDK-8204026 Intermittent crash in ClassLoadingService::compute_class_size()
JDK-8204025 thrown type variables should be roots in the minimum inference graph
JDK-8204024 Replace InstanceKlass::allocate_instance_handle with JavaCalls::construct_new_instance
JDK-8204023 Zero: Disable jfr feature by default
JDK-8204022 String::lines
JDK-8204021 Incomplete classpath causes NPE in TransTypes
JDK-8204020 javac should fail early when emitting illegal signature attributes
JDK-8204019 TestFloatsOnStackDeopt.java throws java.lang.LinkageError: loader attempted duplicate class definition for java.lang.invoke.BoundMethodHandle$Species_LLL
JDK-8204018 Improve java implementation of Integer/Long.numberOfLeadingZeros
JDK-8204017 ProblemList compiler/runtime/TestFloatsOnStackDeopt.java
JDK-8204016 Rename OopStorage inner collection classes
JDK-8204015 -XX:+ExecuteInternalVMTests asserts with "assert(cd.valid() == true) failed: failed on a valid DirectivesParser string"
JDK-8204014 C1 emits incorrect code due to integer overflow in _tableswitch keys
JDK-8204013 MetaspaceShared::check_shared_class_loader_type is not used during archive creation
JDK-8204012 Fix broken links to Specification in "specs" directory
JDK-8204011 Add support for RSASSA-PSS Signature algorithm
JDK-8204010 NotifyCount is not initialized
JDK-8204009 JFC schema condition should not have defaults
JDK-8204008 Faster rounding up to nearest power of two
JDK-8204007 skip type inference for non functional interface components of intersection types
JDK-8204006 Cleanup the usage of os::file_name_strcmp() in SharedPathsMiscInfo::check()
JDK-8204005 AppCDS performs overly restrictive path matching check
JDK-8204004 Typo in ICUBinary.java: s/Magin/Magic/
JDK-8204002 Print complete set of flags in the hs_err file
JDK-8204000 -XX:StartFlightRecording=dumponexit=true,disk=false doesn't work
JDK-8203999 Split up metaspace.cpp
JDK-8203998 Add a safepoint-aware Semaphore
JDK-8203997 Add oopDesc::field_offset()
JDK-8203996 Test serviceability/tmtools/jstat/GcTest01.java fails: Number of concurrent GC events is 1, but CGCT is 0
JDK-8203995 Update com/sun/jdi/JdbMethodExitTest.sh to pass valid URL[]
JDK-8203994 Minimal, Zero builds fail after JDK-8202377 (Modularize C2 barriers)
JDK-8203993 Kerberos sequence number issues
JDK-8203992 Initialization race in com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.xpath.regex.Token.getRange() on Token.categories
JDK-8203991 JdbExprTest.sh fails in JDK10-hs nightly due to "Name unknown: java.lang.Long.MAX_VALUE "
JDK-8203990 Possible to receive signal before signal semaphore created
JDK-8203989 8199370 broke build on linux-ppc64le (w/ GCC 4.8.5.)
JDK-8203988 [Graal] org.graalvm.compiler.core.test.GraphResetDebugTest fails with java.util.ServiceConfigurationError
JDK-8203987 Errors targeting functional interface intersection types
JDK-8203986 Modularize C2 GC barriers
JDK-8203985 Add missing decorators in calls to to arraycopy_prologue/epilogue
JDK-8203984 Introduce os::processor_id() for Linux and Solaris
JDK-8203983 Much nearly duplicated code for sun.misc.Signal support
JDK-8203982 Fix issue with "8199852: Print more information about class loaders in LinkageErrors."
JDK-8203981 String::isBlank
JDK-8203980 Zero fails to build after JDK-8199712 (Flight Recorder)
JDK-8203979 Test test/langtools/tools/javac/options/release/ReleaseOptionCurrent.java writes into the source directory
JDK-8203978 AARCH64: sporadic jtreg test fail
JDK-8203977 Kerberos keytabs with holes in certain places are parsed incorrectly
JDK-8203976 compiler/stable/TestStableShort.java is broken
JDK-8203975 [TESTBUG] open source VM testbase stress tests
JDK-8203974 [TESTBUG] Open source vm testbase GC tests
JDK-8203973 Generate pages to list all classes and all packages in javadoc output
JDK-8203972 [TESTBUG] restore current version check in runtime/appcds/MultiReleaseJars.java
JDK-8203971 IdealLoopTree::split_outer_loop leaves phi-nodes with only one input
JDK-8203970 Add missing try_resolve_jobject_in_native calls
JDK-8203969 JFR: Inconsistent signature of jfr_add_string_constant
JDK-8203968 Create a MacroAssembler::access_load/store_at wrapper for S390 and PPC
JDK-8203967 PPC64: Improve TM detection for enabling RTM on Linux / POWER9
JDK-8203966 PPC64 and s390 fail to build after JDK-8199712 (Flight Recorder)
JDK-8203965 Low latency hashtable for read-mostly scenarios
JDK-8203964 Incorrect tmp register passed to MacroAssembler::load_mirror()
JDK-8203963 [TESTBUG] Open source VM testbase MLVM tests
JDK-8203602 jtreg failed to clean up files after some tests
JDK-8203597 Links to javadoc should be corrected in Jar file spec.
JDK-8203592 Put nsk/jvmti/ThreadStart/threadstart003 on the ProblemList
JDK-8203586 [TESTBUG] Open source VM testbase system dictionary tests
JDK-8203585 C1 does backedge profiling incorrectly
JDK-8203584 SystemDictionaryShared::initialize() should be renamed to be more meaningful
JDK-8203583 java/awt/GraphicsDevice/DisplayModes/CompareToXrandrTest.java fails
JDK-8203582 Cleanup discrepancies in ProblemList for java_awt jtreg tests
JDK-8203581 Open source Java2Demo
JDK-8203580 MonospacedGlyphWidthTest.java may fail on Solaris
JDK-8203579 com/apple/laf/ScreenMenu/ScreenMenuMemoryLeakTest.java fails
JDK-8203578 Problem List some tests that leave windows open on the desktop
JDK-8203577 Let custom makefile override jmod intput dir locations
JDK-8203576 Hide unused exports in libzip
JDK-8203575 java/awt/Dialog/SiblingChildOrder/SiblingChildOrderTest.java fails
JDK-8203574 Create test for SwingSet2 main window
JDK-8203573 java/awt/font/GlyphVector/TestLayoutFlags.java is missing null check
JDK-8203572 Jemmy JInternalFrameOperator: Dependency with orders of Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons
JDK-8203571 Dashed BasicStroke randomly painted incorrectly, may freeze application
JDK-8203570 java/awt/font/GlyphVector/TestLayoutFlags.java fails with OpenJDK
JDK-8203569 Jemmy JInternalFrameOperator: Add wait for close(), activate(), resize() and move() operations
JDK-8203568 Updates on windows failures in the problem list
JDK-8203567 ImageLib is broken in 32 bit Windows
JDK-8203566 jar --describe-module prints service provider class names in lower case
JDK-8203565 jvm.cfg generation incorrect
JDK-8203564 vm_version Abstract_VM_Version::internal_vm_info_string() returns same string for different incremental builds
JDK-8203563 (coll) Examine overriding inherited methods in ArrayList and ArrayList.SubList
JDK-8203562 AIX: symbol visibility flags not support on xlc 12.1
JDK-8203561 Signed integer overflow in ImageStrings::hash_code (libjimage.so)
JDK-8203560 Minimal VM fails to build after JDK-8199712 (Flight Recorder)
JDK-8203559 32-bit build failures after JDK-8199712 (Flight Recorder)
JDK-8203558 AArch64/PPC64 build failures after JDK-8199712 (Flight Recorder)
JDK-8203557 gc/arguments/TestAggressiveHeap.java fails intermittently
JDK-8203556 Introduce ATTRIBUTE_ALIGNED macro
JDK-8203555 Metaspace::_capacity_until_GC should be size_t
JDK-8203554 Add ability to validate links in JavadocTester
JDK-8203553 Non-PCH build failed after JDK-8199712 (Flight Recorder)
JDK-8203552 javadoc handles non-ASCII characters incorrectly.
JDK-8203551 runtime/LoadClass/test-classes/Hello.java has wrong legal notice
JDK-8203550 NPE thrown by Transformer when XMLStreamReader reports no xml attribute type
JDK-8203549 Flight Recorder
JDK-8203548 [TESTBUG] open source vm testbase heapdump tests
JDK-8203547 PrintMetaspaceDcmd fails: 'Non-Class:' missing from stdout/stderr
JDK-8203546 Create a MacroAssembler::access_load/store_at wrapper for AArch64
JDK-8203545 (so) Closing a socket channel registered with Selector and with SO_LINGER set to 0 does not reset connection
JDK-8203543 failure_handler: list open files for macOS
JDK-8203542 [SA] HotSpotTypeDataBase.readVMLongConstants truncates values to int
JDK-8203541 Use obj+offset in interpreter array access
JDK-8203540 Add a check of opening stream for not-existing UNC url
JDK-8203539 AArch64: Port AOT
JDK-8203538 Add support for x86 testptr/testq with register and address
JDK-8203537 Add C1 lea patching support for x86
JDK-8203536 Add support for undoing last TLAB allocation
JDK-8203535 Illegal countedLoops transformation
JDK-8203534 Update idom to get correct dom depth calculation
JDK-8203533 String::strip, String::stripLeading, String::stripTrailing
JDK-8203532 G1 support for java.lang.ref.Reference precleaning
JDK-8203531 Implement CollectedHeap::get_safepoint_workers() for G1
JDK-8203530 Remove hyphens from "out-of-bounds".
JDK-8203529 Print array length in ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
JDK-8203528 SA: clhsdb 'where -a' throws Assertion Failure with illegal code 236 when CDS is used
JDK-8203527 [JAXP] Performance enhancements and cleanups in com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.dtd.XMLDTDValidator
JDK-8203526 Reflection API is causing caller classes to leak
JDK-8203525 Update FXLauncherTest as part of removing JavaFX from JDK
JDK-8203524 Split test/jdk/:tier1 to enable better parallel execution
JDK-8203523 AARCH64: wrong encoding for SIMD instructions zip, trn, uzp
JDK-8203522 ARM64 - Build failure after JDK-8193260
JDK-8203521 broken error message for subclass of interface with private method
JDK-8203519 Backout JDK-8202683
JDK-8203518 obsolete the "InlineNotify" flag option
JDK-8203517 move FilterUSRTest.java to openJDK
JDK-8203516 Remove trailing LF from perf log
JDK-8203515 Crash during large AppCDS dump
JDK-8203514 Non-empty directory in module path is not handled properly at CDS/AppCDS dump time
JDK-8203513 JDK-8202683 broke macosx build
JDK-8203512 Unhandled oop in JavaThread::collect_counters
JDK-8203511 jtreg :hotspot_misc group shouldn't include vmTestbase tests
JDK-8203510 Minimal VM should build cleanly on 64-bit platforms
JDK-8203509 Add .git to .hgignore
JDK-8203508 OpenJDK fails to start in Windows 7 and 8.1 after upgrading compiler to VC 2017
JDK-8203507 langtools ant build fails
JDK-8203261 Remove EnqueueTask related code from ReferenceProcessor after JDK-8202017
JDK-8203260 JFR tests fails: Could not find leak with class
JDK-8203259 ARM32 - Minimal Dynamic Constant support
JDK-8203258 Merge tiered compilation policies
JDK-8203257 Enforce group for attach listener file
JDK-8203256 Metaspace: simplify SpaceManager lists
JDK-8203255 java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/ThreadCounts.java fails

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