This report shows who pushed the backports to the given release. This usually shows who did the backporting, testing, and review work.

Report generated: Wed Aug 18 14:08:21 CEST 2021

Distribution by priority

1: P1 9: P2 37: P3 36: P4 1: P5

Distribution by components

84: 49 (58.3%): hotspot 20 (23.8%): hotspot/compiler 11 (13.1%): hotspot/runtime 8 (9.5%): hotspot/jvmti 4 (4.8%): hotspot/jfr 3 (3.6%): hotspot/svc-agent 2 (2.4%): hotspot/gc 1 (1.2%): hotspot 11 (13.1%): core-libs 2 (2.4%): core-libs/jdk.nashorn 2 (2.4%): core-libs/java.time 2 (2.4%): core-libs/java.lang 1 (1.2%): core-libs/java.net 1 (1.2%): core-libs 1 (1.2%): core-libs/javax.naming 1 (1.2%): core-libs/java.util:i18n 1 (1.2%): core-libs/java.nio 7 (8.3%): client-libs 4 (4.8%): client-libs/java.awt 1 (1.2%): client-libs/2d 1 (1.2%): client-libs/javax.swing 1 (1.2%): client-libs/javax.imageio 6 (7.1%): tools 3 (3.6%): tools/jshell 2 (2.4%): tools/javac 1 (1.2%): tools/javap 5 (6.0%): security-libs 4 (4.8%): security-libs/java.security 1 (1.2%): security-libs/javax.net.ssl 4 (4.8%): infrastructure 3 (3.6%): infrastructure/build 1 (1.2%): infrastructure 2 (2.4%): core-svc 2 (2.4%): core-svc/tools

Distribution by affiliation

84: 81 (96.4%): Azul 39 (46.4%): Ekaterina Vergizova 16 (19.0%): Olga Mikhaltcova 14 (16.7%): Yuri Nesterenko 5 (6.0%): Ilarion Nakonechnyy 4 (4.8%): Sergey Nazarkin 1 (1.2%): Alexey Bakhtin 1 (1.2%): Dmitry Cherepanov 1 (1.2%): Vladimir Kempik 2 (2.4%): Independent 2 (2.4%): Attila Szegedi 1 (1.2%): Red Hat 1 (1.2%): Andrew Hughes

Chronological push log:

148 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8263996 Fix build on 13u after JDK-8234779 backport
149 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8263961 Provide idiom for declaring classes noncopyable
149 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8263929 Further update javax/net/ssl/compatibility/Compatibility.java
152 Ilarion Nakonechnyy Azul JDK-8263869 hs_err elapsed time in seconds is not accurate enough
152 Ilarion Nakonechnyy Azul JDK-8263862 C2 compilation fails with "Live Node limit exceeded limit" during ConvI2L::Ideal optimization
152 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8263859 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown for malformed class file
152 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8263858 Double-rounding possibility in float fma
153 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8263792 Fix incorrect result of Math.abs() with char type
153 Sergey Nazarkin Azul JDK-8263780 AArch64: two potential bugs in C1 LIRGenerator::generate_address()
153 Sergey Nazarkin Azul JDK-8263733 AArch64: Implement Base64.encodeBlock accelerator/intrinsic
155 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8263647 Drag n Drop target area is wrong on high DPI systems
156 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8263594 [windows] os::pd_map_memory error detection broken
158 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8263520 (sc) SocketChannel.read/write throws AsynchronousCloseException on closed channel
159 Sergey Nazarkin Azul JDK-8263498 AArch64: C1 StubAssembler::call_RT can corrupt stack
159 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8263494 [macOS] Deadlock in SunToolKit.realSync()
159 Sergey Nazarkin Azul JDK-8263493 C1: 3-arg StubAssembler::call_RT stack-use condition is incorrect
165 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8263098 TestJstatdPort.java failed due to "ExportException: Port already in use:"
165 Attila Szegedi Independent JDK-8263094 jdk/dynalink/TypeConverterFactoryMemoryLeakTest.java failed with "AssertionError: Should have GCd a method handle by now"
166 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8263081 TestUseContainerSupport.java fails on some Linux kernels w/o swap limit capabilities
166 Andrew Hughes Red Hat JDK-8263046 x86 32-bit build fails when -fcf-protection is passed in the compiler flags
166 Dmitry Cherepanov Azul JDK-8263037 (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2021a
166 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8263034 Support compilers with multi-digit major version numbers
167 Attila Szegedi Independent JDK-8263011 Dynalink leaks memory when generating type converters
168 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8262932 Update LogCompilation junit to 4.13.1
169 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8262848 JFR fails with assertion: assert(t->unflushed_size() == 0) failed: invariant
169 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8262847 Regression introduced with JDK-8250984 - memory might be null in some machines
174 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8262369 JFR: Can't handle constant dynamic used by Jacoco agent
174 Yuri Nesterenko Azul JDK-8262078 Remove root certificates with 1024-bit keys
175 Alexey Bakhtin Azul JDK-8262302 LDAP channel binding does not work with StartTLS extension
179 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8262076 Minimal fastdebug build broken after JDK-8245801
179 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8262038 StressRecompilation triggers assert "redundunt OSR recompilation detected. memory leak in CodeCache!"
180 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8262012 Wrong package declarations in jline classes after JDK-8241598
186 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8261664 Upgrade JLine to 3.14.0
186 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8261653 Can't start JVM when java home path includes non-ASCII character
187 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8261641 Upgrade Jline to 3.12.1
187 Yuri Nesterenko Azul JDK-8261639 Add SSL root certificates to Oracle Root CA program
187 Yuri Nesterenko Azul JDK-8261635 Add Entrust root CA - G4 to Oracle Root CA program
187 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8261602 Within native OOM error handling, assertions may hang the process
188 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8261592 WB_GetCodeBlob doesn't have ResourceMark
188 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8261591 graal crashes with Zombie.java test
188 Yuri Nesterenko Azul JDK-8261586 [dark_mode ubuntu 20.04] The selected menu is not highlighted in GTKLookAndFeel
188 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8261517 Sweeper should keep current nmethod alive before yielding for ICStub refills
188 Yuri Nesterenko Azul JDK-8261516 jdk jtreg test security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/GlobalSignR6CA.java fails
190 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8261414 JTreg Failure: serviceability/sa/ClhsdbJstack.java causes NPE
190 Yuri Nesterenko Azul JDK-8261406 (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020f
190 Yuri Nesterenko Azul JDK-8261342 Toolkit#getScreenInsets() returns wrong value on HiDPI screens (Windows)
193 Yuri Nesterenko Azul JDK-8261241 Requested JDialog width is ignored
193 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8261240 GetClassMethods is confused by the presence of default methods in super interfaces
194 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8261222 runtime/CompressedOops/CompressedClassPointers.java fails with 'Narrow klass base: 0x0000000000000000' missing from stdout/stderr
194 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8261214 SEGV in EdgeUtils::field_name_symbol(Edge const&)
195 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8261146 [JVMCI] add mark value to expose CodeOffsets::Frame_Complete
195 Ilarion Nakonechnyy Azul JDK-8261078 LingeredApp doesn't log stdout/stderr if exits with non-zero code
195 Ilarion Nakonechnyy Azul JDK-8261076 vmTestbase/gc/gctests/Steal/steal001/steal001.java fails with OOME
195 Ilarion Nakonechnyy Azul JDK-8261074 C1 emits an empty message when it inlines successfully
197 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8260922 Fix build for windows 32-bit after 8212160 and 8234331.
198 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8260700 enhance os::pd_print_cpu_info on linux
198 Yuri Nesterenko Azul JDK-8260699 JFrame::setVisible crashed with -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 on Japanese Windows.
200 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8260649 Minimal VM slowdebug build failed after JDK-8212160
200 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8260648 Minimal VM is broken after JDK-8212160
201 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8260645 GIF reader throws misleading exception with truncated images
201 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8260642 Improve diagnostic messages for class verification and redefinition failures
201 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8260639 Annotation processing causes NPE during flow analysis
201 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8260638 JVMTI agent crashes with "assert(_value != 0LL) failed: resolving NULL _value"
202 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8260590 change javap reporting on unknown attributes
202 Yuri Nesterenko Azul JDK-8260588 Deadlock between URLStreamHandler.getHostAddress and file.Handler.openconnection
202 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8260521 ExceptionInInitializerError due to UncheckedIOException while initializing cgroupv1 subsystem
203 Yuri Nesterenko Azul JDK-8260503 hsdis does not compile with binutils 2.34+
203 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8260500 Failed to launch JVM because of NullPointerException occured on System.props
203 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8260434 NMT: jcmd VM.native_memory scale=1 crashes target VM
203 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8260423 OopMapSet::all_do does oms.next() twice during iteration
205 Yuri Nesterenko Azul JDK-8260350 Don't use memset to initialize fields decode_env constructor in disassembler.cpp
205 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8260345 Minimal VM is broken after JDK-8231586
207 Olga Mikhaltcova Azul JDK-8260305 enlarge encoding space for OopMapValue offsets
207 Yuri Nesterenko Azul JDK-8260299 UseProfiledLoopPredicate fails with assert(_phase->get_loop(c) == loop) failed: have to be in the same loop
208 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8260002 JvmtiExport::post_class_unload() is broken for non-JavaThread initiators
209 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8260051 SIGILL in jdk.jfr.internal.PlatformRecorder.rotateDisk()
210 Vladimir Kempik Azul JDK-8260050 Missing -mmacosx-version-min=X flag when linking libjvm
210 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8260047 AOT's Linker.java seems to eagerly fail-fast on Windows.
211 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8259974 Minimal VM is broken after JDK-8173361
212 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8259921 SA might fail to attach to process with "Windbg Error: WaitForEvent failed"
212 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8259919 Test runtime/NMT/HugeArenaTracking.java is failing on 32bit Windows
212 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8259918 various crashes in JvmtiExport::post_compiled_method_load
212 Ekaterina Vergizova Azul JDK-8259899 Improve WindbgDebuggerLocal implementation
215 Yuri Nesterenko Azul JDK-8259221 Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-13.0.7

No changesets log

Committer push log

Ilarion Nakonechnyy, Azul

Alexey Bakhtin, Azul

Andrew Hughes, Red Hat

Attila Szegedi, Independent

Dmitry Cherepanov, Azul

Ekaterina Vergizova, Azul

Olga Mikhaltcova, Azul

Sergey Nazarkin, Azul

Vladimir Kempik, Azul

Yuri Nesterenko, Azul