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JDK-8212012 Release Note: LDAPS Communication Failure
JDK-8211685 LDAPS communication failure with jdk 1.8.0_181
JDK-8210552 [macosx] Printing attributes break page size set via "java.awt.print.Book" object
JDK-8209957 Further improvements to cipher buffer management
JDK-8209956 Better management of CipherCore buffers
JDK-8209955 Better management of internal KeyStore buffers
JDK-8208155 Remove exclusion range for phonetic chars in windows fontconfig.properties
JDK-8206286 Images are not scaled correctly in JEditorPane
JDK-8206264 Backout JDK-8152974
JDK-8206263 AWT hang occurrs when sequenced events arrive out of sequence
JDK-8206262 Kerberos krb5 authentication: AuthList's put method leads to performance issue
JDK-8206261 Crash with assert(handler_address == SharedRuntime::compute_compiled_exc_handler(..) failed: Must be the same
JDK-8205444 Release Note: JVM Crash during G1 GC
JDK-8205100 (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2018e
JDK-8205099 ObjectInputStream filterCheck method throws NullPointerException
JDK-8204481 Release Note: Better Stability with Older NUMA Libraries (-XX:+UseNuma)
JDK-8203962 Remove debug print statements from RMI fix
JDK-8203961 JVM crash during gc doing concurrent marking
JDK-8203242 Release Note: Unable to use the JDWP API in JDK 8 to debug JDK >=9
JDK-8203168 javaws.exe failed to launch UTF-8 encoded JNLP file
JDK-8202731 Montgomery multiply intrinsic should use correct name
JDK-8202730 linux-zero does not build without precompiled header
JDK-8202724 webPage.executeCommand("removeFormat", null) removes the style of the body element
JDK-8202723 [TESTBUG] Bad HG merge causes some web tests to be skipped by mistake
JDK-8202456 Touch keyboard is not shown, if text component gets focus from other text component
JDK-8202455 Fix potential crash in BufImg_SetupICM
JDK-8202454 Newlines in JAXB string values of SOAP-requests are escaped to " "
JDK-8202453 JDK installation uninstalls public JRE
JDK-8202219 Long JNLP file is not parsed correctly and ends with javaws path
JDK-8202218 Java Web Start application with file extension association is removed from cache when invoked for the second time from browser
JDK-8202217 Java incorrectly requires "HttpOnly" cookie attribute to be case sensitive
JDK-8202213 (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2018d
JDK-8202211 Security check failure for main jar downlaod with jnlp.versionEnabled and Deployment Rule Set feature
JDK-8202065 jre/bin/javaw.exe is missing from server-jre for windows since 8u171
JDK-8201846 (ch) linux io_util_md: Operation not supported exception after 8168628
JDK-8201845 (fc) SIGBUS when extending file size to map it
JDK-8201613 Touch keyboard does not hide, when a text component looses focus
JDK-8201612 Touch keyboard is shown for a non-focusable text component
JDK-8201398 [linux] Not all libraries in the VM are linked with -z noexecstack
JDK-8201391 Performance drop with Java JDK 1.8.0_162-b32
JDK-8201390 On Windows Swing changes keyboard layout on a window activation
JDK-8201388 EndEntityChecker should not process custom extensions after PKIX validation
JDK-8201387 NMT is not enabled if NMT option is specified after class path specifiers
JDK-8201385 RedefineClasses() tests fail assert(((Metadata*)obj)->is_valid()) failed: obj is valid
JDK-8201384 SIGSEGV in ReceiverTypeData::clean_weak_klass_links
JDK-8201383 Clean up code that saves the previous versions of redefined classes
JDK-8201382 speculative traps break when classes are redefined
JDK-8201342 sun/security/mscapi/SignedObjectChain.java fails on Windows
JDK-8201341 TestFlushableGZIPOutputStream failing with IndexOutOfBoundsException
JDK-8201340 SupportedDSAParamGen.java failed with timeout
JDK-8201339 sun/security/pkcs11/ec/ReadCertificates.java fails intermittently
JDK-8201338 Hotspot crash on Cassandra 3.11.1 startup with libnuma 2.0.3
JDK-8201337 IfNode::range_check_trap_proj() should handle dying subgraph with single if proj
JDK-8201336 Unable to use JDWP API in JDK 8 to debug JDK 9 VM
JDK-8201126 Supported Encodings page for Java SE 8 is out of date
JDK-8201125 Typo in one of the content link of "Location-Independent Access to Resources" doc
JDK-8201123 Links to jaxp.java.net in Java SE docs will be broken when java.net is shut down
JDK-8201122 Update SwingSet2 to use installed L&Fs instead of hard-coded list.
JDK-8201118 Bigger buffer for GetAdaptersAddresses
JDK-8201117 src/share/sample/scripting/scriptpad/src/scripts/memory.sh missing #!
JDK-8201116 Impact on krb5 test cases in the 8u nightly
JDK-8201114 Fix VS10 build after "8187658: Bigger buffer for GetAdaptersAddresses"
JDK-8201112 Touch keyboard is not shown for text components on a screen touch
JDK-8201111 AIX: avoid UnsatisfiedLinkError by providing empty basic implementations of getSystemCpuLoad and getProcessCpuLoad
JDK-8201110 src/jdk.management/share/native/libmanagement_ext/GcInfoBuilder.c doesn't handle JNI exceptions properly
JDK-8201109 [Windows] java.awt.IllegalComponentStateException: component must be showing on the screen to determine its location
JDK-8201108 Improve diagnostics in sun.management.Agent#startAgent()
JDK-8201107 (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2018c
JDK-8201106 Broken certificate number in debug output
JDK-8201105 Add time zone mappings on Windows
JDK-8201100 READING attributes are not available on TSF
JDK-8201098 sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/SSLSocketCloseHang.java failed with "java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out"
JDK-8201097 Test java/awt/image/DrawImage/IncorrectClipXorModeSurface2Surface.java fails with ClassCastException
JDK-8201096 Class name repeated in output of Type.toString()
JDK-8201095 JDK part of JavaFX-Swing dialogs appearing behind main stage
JDK-8201094 8u131 Win 10, issue with wrong position of Sogou IME popup
JDK-8201093 Bad primeCertainty value setting in DSAParameterGenerator
JDK-8201092 Linux: ClassCastException when repainting after display resolution change
JDK-8201091 Need to backout fixes for JDK-8058547, JDK-8055753, JDK-8085903
JDK-8201089 increase java.util.logging.FileHandler MAX_LOCKS limit
JDK-8201088 Shutdown hooks are racing against shutdown sequence, if System.exit()-calling thread is interrupted
JDK-8201084 [macos] Font2DTest demo started failing for Arabic range from JDK 8 u162 b01 on Mac
JDK-8201083 keytool should remember real storetype if it is not provided
JDK-8201080 DecimalFormat percentage format can contain unexpected %
JDK-8201078 Create an alternative fix for JDK-8167102, whose fix was backed out
JDK-8201075 test tck.java.time.zone.TCKZoneRules is broken by tzdata2017c
JDK-8201074 (tz) Support tzdata2017c
JDK-8201073 Change of behavior in the getMessage () method of the SOAPMessageContextImpl class
JDK-8201062 meta-index in 1.8.0_152 does not include jfxrt.jar entries
JDK-8201057 [REDO] 8k class metaspace chunks misallocated from 4k chunk freelist
JDK-8201056 NMT: Memory miscounting in compiler (C2)
JDK-8201055 Implement Diagnostic Commands for heap and finalizerinfo
JDK-8201054 Add dcmd to print all loaded dynamic libraries.
JDK-8201053 NMT detail diff should take memory type into account
JDK-8201052 Zero port of 8174962: Better interface invocations
JDK-8201051 C2 conditonal move optimization might create broken graph
JDK-8201050 [TEST_BUG] CompressedClassSpaceSizeInJmapHeap.java fails if SA not available
JDK-8201049 VirtualSpaceList tracks free space on wrong node
JDK-8201048 Information about loaded dynamic libraries is wrong on MacOSX.
JDK-8201046 Add Diagnostic Command to list all ClassLoaders
JDK-8201043 NMT: Tracking compiler memory usage of thread's resource area
JDK-8201042 Metaspace initialization queries the wrong chunk freelist
JDK-8201041 NMT stack traces in output should show mt component
JDK-8201040 InitialBootClassLoaderMetaspaceSize and CompressedClassSpaceSize should be checked consistent from MaxMetaspaceSize
JDK-8201035 Console log shows that cert is expired (but TSA valid) although no certs in chain is expired.
JDK-8201034 When in is present "progress-class" attribute javaws cannot start
JDK-8200713 When determining the ciphersuite lists there is no debug output for disabled suites.
JDK-8200708 JRE bundled in App-V package will not start Java Web Start applications
JDK-8200636 Intermittent crash when using WebView from JFXPanel application
JDK-6305659 [RE] Java RPM packages should be signed and the public key available for download.

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