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1 100.0% core-libs/java.net

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1 100.0% Michael McMahon
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1 100.0% Svetlana Steuck

Chronological push log:

UTC Time This Release Push By Original Push By Bug Summary
Name Affiliation Name Affiliation
2014/06/24 10:32 Michael McMahon Oracle Svetlana Steuck Oracle JDK-8047971 jdk.net.Sockets throws InvocationTargetException instead of original runtime exceptions

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JDK-8129260 VM hangs in C2Compiler
JDK-8129259 Refactor strong root processing in order to allow G1 to evolve separately from GenCollectedHeap
JDK-8129258 Refactor the G1GCPhaseTime logging to make it easier to add new phases
JDK-8129257 G1 iterates over JNIHandles two times
JDK-8129256 Remove temporary G1UseParallelRSetUpdating and G1UseParallelRSetScanning flags
JDK-8129255 Clean up G1 remembered set oop iteration
JDK-8112745 Setting IP_TOS on java.net sockets not working on unix
JDK-8093477 Apple Store submission fails after Yosemite Apple Store update
JDK-8093350 Apple Store submission fails after using 8u31
JDK-8085842 LoginContext Subject ignored by jdk8 sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection
JDK-8085841 [macosx] Jtree icon painted over label when scrollbars present in window
JDK-8085840 unnecessary performance degradation caused by fix to JDK-8052111
JDK-8079373 Slow cache performance since JRE 7u06
JDK-8079372 DRS certificate based rule does not match with Java WS Application compressed by pack200
JDK-8078201 press-and-hold input method for accented characters works incorrectly on OS X
JDK-8077162 JRE 8U25 and 8u31 b32 cannot launch Java Web Start with proxy pac but works fine for 7u67
JDK-8077159 Mac OS Incompatibility between JDK 6 and 8 regarding input method handling
JDK-8075251 [macosx] Mac 10.10: Application run with splash screen has focus issues
JDK-8074703 Replace missing APIs from 8u40
JDK-8074129 Socket impls should ignore unsupported proxy types rather than throwing
JDK-8073229 Failed Java web start via IPv6 (Java7u71 or later)
JDK-8073225 [TEST_BUG] Test sun/security/tools/keytool/ListKeychainStore.sh fails on Mac
JDK-8073223 Increment the build value to b02 for hs25.45 in 8u45-b08
JDK-8072780 (tz) Support tzdata2015a
JDK-8072738 Parsing JNLP file should not cause download of extensions.
JDK-8072513 RSA links broken in the Java Cryptography Architecture Standard Algorithm Name Documentation
JDK-8072511 AIX port of "8050807: Better performing performance data handling"
JDK-8072509 Add missing information to AppModel
JDK-8071949 XSL: wrong answer from substring() function
JDK-8071948 XSL: Run-time internal error in 'substring()'
JDK-8071942 JDK 8 schemagen tool does not generate xsd files for enum types
JDK-8071875 Forgot to add a test model to JDK-8068573
JDK-8071874 POJO setter using [] syntax throws an exception
JDK-8071873 REGRESSION: test/script/external/test262/test/suite/ch11/11.2/11.2.3/S11.2.3_A3_T5.js fails with tip
JDK-8071872 Calling a @FunctionalInterface from JS leaks internal objects
JDK-8071870 SHA1WithDSA with key > 1024 bits not working
JDK-8071869 l10n resource file update for JDK-8068491
JDK-8071808 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException while reading krb5.conf
JDK-8071592 Deadlock in awt/logging apparently introduced by 8019623
JDK-8071422 Usage of UseHugeTLBFS, UseLargePagesInMetaspace and huge SurvivorAlignmentInBytes cause crashes in CMBitMapClosure::do_bit
JDK-8071421 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b25
JDK-8069401 [macosx] jdk8, jdk7u60 Regression in Graphics2D drawing of derived Fonts
JDK-8069394 Update the protocol for references of docs.oracle.com to HTTPS in langtools.
JDK-8069393 jdeps needs a different mechanism to recognize javax.jnlp as supported API
JDK-8069388 Update the protocol for references of docs.oracle.com to HTTPS.
JDK-8069386 [TESTBUG] New tests in gc/survivorAlignment/ fails
JDK-8069385 Add tests on alignment of objects copied to survivor space
JDK-8069384 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b24
JDK-8069373 DRS with non-force version run rule can block when it should not.
JDK-8069372 Update references of download.oracle.com to docs.oracle.com in javadoc makefile
JDK-8069371 $jdk/api/javac/tree contains docs for nashorn
JDK-8068792 No 8u-* nightly builds
JDK-8068475 RegisterDeploy ping not working correctly
JDK-8068134 Deprecate the Endorsed-Standards Override Mechanism
JDK-8068133 NPE in ScriptObject.clone() when running with object fields
JDK-8068132 dust.js performance regression caused by primitive field conversion
JDK-8068131 __noSuchMethod__ binds to this-object without proper guard
JDK-8068130 Fuzzing bug: Assertion error related to bytecode slots
JDK-8068129 Fuzzing bug: StackMapTable error: bad offset, ClassFormatError
JDK-8068128 Fuzzing bug: constant folding of ternary operator and IfNode with constant test
JDK-8068127 Fuzzing bug: duplicate integer switch cases
JDK-8068126 BrowserJSObjectLinker does not handle call on JSObjects
JDK-8068125 Fuzzing bug: CodeGenerator load unitialized slot
JDK-8068124 Fuzzing bug: Undefined object type assertion when computing TypeBounds
JDK-8068123 OOM on Window/Solaris in test compile-octane-splitter.js
JDK-8068122 Revert changes to annotation attribute generation
JDK-8068116 jdk8u40 Japanese man page file translation update
JDK-8068115 MHs.explicitCastArguments does incorrect type checks for VarargsCollector
JDK-8068114 LambdaForm caches should support eviction
JDK-8068113 [macosx] "Pinch to zoom" does not work since jdk7
JDK-8068112 Animated GIFs fail to display on a HiDPI display
JDK-8068111 [headless] DataTransferer.getInstance throws ClassCastException in headless mode
JDK-8068110 [TEST_BUG] test/sun/awt/dnd/8024061/bug8024061.java fails
JDK-8068109 LogManager unecessarily calls JavaAWTAccess from within a critical section
JDK-8068108 Broken link in java.awt.event Interface KeyListener
JDK-8068106 [TEST_BUG] sun/net/www/http/HttpClient/StreamingRetry.java failed intermittently
JDK-8068105 [TESTBUG] java/lang/invoke/LFCaching/LFMultiThreadCachingTest.java failed - timeout
JDK-8068104 CTW CRASH: SIGSEGV in ctw/jre/lib/rt_jar/preloading_1 and ctw/jre/lib/rt_jar/sun_awt_X11_ListHelper
JDK-8068103 JFileChooser filter uses .toString() instead of getDescription() for filter text on GTK laf
JDK-8068102 Deprecate the Extension Mechanism
JDK-8068101 [TEST_BUG] javax/management/monitor/CounterMonitorTest.java hangs
JDK-8068100 Remove network-related seed initialization code in ThreadLocal/SplittableRandom
JDK-8068099 closed/javax/swing/JComboBox/4212498/bug4212498.java:Edit the value in the text field and then press the tab key, the number don't increase
JDK-8068097 [TEST_BUG] java/lang/ProcessBuilder/Basic.java failed with: java.lang.AssertionError: Some tests failed
JDK-8068096 [macosx] TwentyThousandTest test failed with OOM
JDK-8068095 Default implementation of DrawImage.renderImageXform() should be improved for d3d/ogl
JDK-8068093 [OGL] Metrics for a method choice copying of texture should be improved
JDK-8068080 not compressing the non-english msi's will speed up the build
JDK-8068074 ppc64: argument and return type profiling, fix problem with popframe
JDK-8068073 [TESTBUG] runtime/CheckEndorsedAndExtDirs/EndorsedExtDirs.java fails with ClassNotFoundException
JDK-8068072 opto/node.hpp:355, assert(i < _max) failed: oob: i=1, _max=1
JDK-8068071 C2's range check smearing allows out of bound array accesses
JDK-8068070 SIGSEGV with +TraceDeoptimization in Deoptimization::print_objects
JDK-8068069 The escape analysis with G1 cause crash assertion src/share/vm/runtime/vframeArray.cpp:94
JDK-8068068 Crash in InstanceKlass::clean_method_data when _method is NULL
JDK-8068067 Array Out Of Bounds Exception causes variable corruption
JDK-8068065 -XX:+PrintSharedArchiveAndExit does not exit the VM when the archive is invalid
JDK-8068064 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b23
JDK-8068063 JavaWS fails with proxy autoconfig due to missing "dnsResolve"
JDK-8068061 jdk.nashorn.api.scripting package javadoc should be included in jdk docs
JDK-8067820 Increment the build value to b07 for hs25.31 in 8u31-b11
JDK-8067627 Nashorn: Tests failed on Windows when in output contains path to script
JDK-8067626 Missing resource type.error.not.an.arraybuffer
JDK-8067625 Function.prototype.bind doesn't work on all callables
JDK-8067624 let & const: remaining issues with lexical scoping
JDK-8067623 Inlining failure of Number.doubleValue() in JSType.toNumeric() causes 15% peak perf regresion on Box2D
JDK-8067622 Nashorn: Some tests fails on windows with AccessControlException
JDK-8067621 Nashorn: RuntimeException when run command from js with -scripting on Cygwin
JDK-8067620 Nashorn: let & const declarations are not shared between scripts
JDK-8067619 Nashorn should just warn on code store instantiation error
JDK-8067618 Test NASHORN-377.js fails on Solaris sparc
JDK-8067617 Compiler Error when obtaining .class property
JDK-8067616 javac Attr crashes with NPE in TypeAnnotationsValidator visitNewClass
JDK-8067615 Invalid BootstrapMethod for constructor/method reference
JDK-8067614 Parameter annotations not updated when synthetic parameters are prepended
JDK-8067613 parameter_index for type annotation not updated after outer.this added
JDK-8067612 Inference chokes on wildcard derived from method reference
JDK-8067611 Missing compile error in Java 8 mode for Interface.super.field access
JDK-8067610 Japanese translation for a warning from javac looks incorrect.
JDK-8067609 VerifyError when running successfully compiled java class
JDK-8067608 Lambda: NPE while obtaining method reference through lambda expression
JDK-8067607 JVM cannot access constructor though ::new reference although can call it directly
JDK-8067606 lambda reference to inner class in base class causes LambdaConversionException
JDK-8067605 javac NPE or VerifyError for code with constructor reference of inner class
JDK-8067604 javac complex method references: revamp and simplify
JDK-8067603 Compiler error when anonymous class uses method with parametrized exception
JDK-8067593 Core reflection should use final fields whenever possible
JDK-8067592 JColorChooser no longer supports drag and drop between two JVM instances
JDK-8067591 Get rid of LambdaForm interpretation
JDK-8067590 Enable full LF sharing by default
JDK-8067589 GWT branch frequencies pollution due to LF sharing
JDK-8067588 Introspector ignores indexed part of the property sometimes
JDK-8067587 Do not prefer indexed properties
JDK-8067586 Remove ExtendedPlatformComponent.java from EXFILES list
JDK-8067585 java/lang/instrument/DaemonThread/TestDaemonThread.java regularly fails due to exceeded timeout
JDK-8067584 Misplaced parentheses in sun.net.www.http.HttpClient break HTTP PUT streaming
JDK-8067583 [macosx] Potential incomplete fix for JDK-8031485
JDK-8067581 Parameter#toString() fails w/ AIOOBE for ctr of inner class w/ generic type
JDK-8067580 AWT fails on generic non-reparenting window managers
JDK-8067579 JInternalFrame title not antialiased in Nimbus LaF
JDK-8067578 Incorrect color conversion, when bicubic interpolation is used
JDK-8067577 Crash in Java2D Queue Flusher, OGLSD_SetScratchSurface
JDK-8067576 [D3D] The fix for JDK-8029253 should be ported to d3d pipeline
JDK-8067575 [OGL] Incorrect clip is used during sw->surface blit in xor mode
JDK-8067574 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] In test, the window does not have time to resize before make a screenshot
JDK-8067573 [macosx] Aqua LaF should use BI.TYPE_INT_ARGB_PRE for a better performance
JDK-8067572 [macosx] Performance problems with Retina display on Mac OS X
JDK-8067571 JFrame in full screen mode leaves empty workspace after close
JDK-8067570 Reference to nonexistant Class in javadoc
JDK-8067569 Dragged and Dropped data is corrupted for two data types
JDK-8067568 sun.management.Flag should loadLibrary()
JDK-8067561 jucheck incorrectly uses cached iftw-au.exe if already present in %TEMP%
JDK-8067550 jdk8u40 l10n resource file translation update 2
JDK-8067547 Resource Management tests should be updated with @requires tag
JDK-8067538 JVM_GetVersionInfo fails to zero structure
JDK-8067537 8u backport for 8065618 is incorrect
JDK-8067536 C2 escape analysis prevents VM from exiting quickly
JDK-8067535 Disable JPRT submissions from the hotspot repo
JDK-8067534 C2 RA incorrectly removes kill projections
JDK-8067533 Missing space in output message from -XX:+CheckEndorsedAndExtDirs
JDK-8067532 compiler/EliminateAutoBox/UnsignedLoads.java fails with client vm
JDK-8067531 opto/node.hpp:355, assert(i < _max) failed: oob: i=1, _max=1
JDK-8067530 C2: Incorrectly compiled char[] array access crashes JVM
JDK-8067528 redefining method used by multiple MethodHandles crashes VM
JDK-8067527 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b22
JDK-8067526 MaxNodeLimit and LiveNodeCountInliningCutoff should be increased
JDK-8067525 SIGSEGV in Metadata::mark_on_stack() while marking metadata in ciEnv
JDK-8067524 C2: EliminateAutoBox regression after 8042786
JDK-8067523 WB_AddToBootstrapClassLoaderSearch calls JvmtiEnv::create_a_jvmti when not in _thread_in_vm state
JDK-8067522 Some CDS optimizations should be disabled if bootclasspath is modified by JVMTI
JDK-8067521 crash while compiling java.lang.ref.Finalizer::runFinalizer
JDK-8067520 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b21
JDK-8067519 AIX: fix adjust-mflags.sh to build with GNU Make 4.0 (adapt 8028407 for AIX)
JDK-8067518 adjust-mflags.sh failed build with GNU Make 4.0 with -I
JDK-8067515 8u40: URL.openConnection fails with exception if "use browser settings" is set and browser itself uses system settings
JDK-8067511 JnlpxArgs NullPointerException
JDK-8067510 jdeps incorrectly reports javax.jnlp as JDK internal APIs
JDK-8067509 Text truncation on exception list dialog of JCP in de
JDK-8067506 Change the order of linux proxy detection
JDK-8067502 Unable to enable the last jre remaining on the system
JDK-8067034 Client certificate authentication issues with TLS 1.2 and browser keystore
JDK-8066371 HeapMetricTest stability fixes
JDK-8066361 (tz) Support tzdata2014j
JDK-8066360 getProcessCpuLoad() stops working in one process when a different process exits
JDK-8066354 PIT : compiler/6329104/Test6329104.sh fails due to execution time variation
JDK-8066345 Increment the build value to b06 for hs25.31 in 8u31-b10
JDK-8066344 Increment the build value to b05 for hs25.31 in 8u31-b08
JDK-8066343 Increment hsx 25.31 build to b04 for 8u31-b08
JDK-8066342 Report allocation context stats at end of cleanup
JDK-8066341 Make it possible to extend the G1CollectorPolicy
JDK-8066340 Add -XX:+CheckEndorsedAndExtDirs flag to JDK 8
JDK-8066339 Fixup headers and definitions for INCLUDE_TRACE
JDK-8066338 Race in G1 card scanning could allow scanning of memory covered by PLABs
JDK-8066337 compiler/whitebox/IsMethodCompilableTest.java fails with 'method() is not compilable after 3 iterations'
JDK-8066336 Change certain errors to warnings in CDS output
JDK-8066334 ConcurrentMarkThread::slt may be invoked before ConcurrentMarkThread::makeSurrogateLockerThread causing intermittent crashes
JDK-8066333 Change 8037816 breaks HS build on PPC64 and CPP-Interpreter platforms
JDK-8066330 cannot debug in synchronizer.o or objectMonitor.o on Solaris X86 debug/jvmg bits
JDK-8066329 wrong stabs data in libjvm.debuginfo on JDK 8 - SPARC
JDK-8066328 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b20
JDK-8066327 [TESTBUG] Allow WhiteBox test to access JVM offsets
JDK-8066326 Bug in locking code when UseOptoBiasInlining is disabled: assert(dmw->is_neutral()) failed: invariant
JDK-8066325 G1: ParallelGCThreads=0 may cause assert(!MetadataOnStackMark::has_buffer_for_thread(Thread::current())) failed: Should be empty
JDK-8066324 CMS: small OldPLABSize and -XX:-ResizePLAB cause assert(ResizePLAB || n_blks == OldPLABSize) failed: Error
JDK-8066323 assert(_count > 0) failed: Negative counter when running runtime/NMT/MallocTrackingVerify.java
JDK-8066322 Update use of GetVersionEx to get correct Windows version in hs_err files
JDK-8066321 [TESTBUG] MallocSiteHashOverflow.java should be enabled for 32-bit platforms
JDK-8066319 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b19
JDK-8066316 Jnlp fails to load with CouldNotLoadArgumentException
JDK-8066315 Add --with-copyright-year option to configure
JDK-8065534 Remove NativeArray link logic fields
JDK-8065533 GlobalConstants produces wrong result with Object.defineProperty
JDK-8065532 Cosmetics: The recompile log produces double lines for some reason
JDK-8065531 push() on frozen array increases its length property
JDK-8065530 Trivial bugfixing and exception reuse in ApplySpecialization
JDK-8065529 Binary logical expressions can have numeric types
JDK-8065528 Deoptimization type information persistence doesn't work - "Failed to calculate version dir name"
JDK-8065527 Logical NOT operator throws NullPointerException for null Boolean return values
JDK-8065526 b36 of 9 introduces regressions over b35 when running lyra
JDK-8065525 java.lang.String methods not available on concatenated strings
JDK-8065524 Different versions of nashorn use same code cache directory
JDK-8065523 emitted socket arg becomes null in avatar.js http tests
JDK-8065522 JDK-8061391 regresses typescript: OOME with too fat SparseArrayData instances
JDK-8065521 Missing ArrayBuffer.isView() Method
JDK-8065520 String.prototype.charCodeAt called with invalid index throws ClassCastException
JDK-8065519 Remove all Joni and test Warnings
JDK-8065517 Some arithmetic operations have unnecessary widening
JDK-8065516 Method reference with generic type creates NPE when compiling
JDK-8065502 [macosx] Incorrect thread access when showing splash screen
JDK-8065501 [macosx] java -splash does not honor @2x hi dpi notation for retina support
JDK-8065499 More thread safety problems in core reflection
JDK-8065498 ownedWindowList access requires synchronization in Window.setAlwaysOnTop() method
JDK-8065497 Swing applications not being displayed properly
JDK-8065496 (coll) IdentityHashMap is resized before exceeding the expected maximum size
JDK-8065495 -Xcheck:jni changes cause many JCK failures in api/javax_crypto tests in SunPKCS11
JDK-8065494 java/lang/ref/EarlyTimeout.java: elapsed time 981 is less than timeout 1000
JDK-8065493 TEST_BUG: java/lang/ref/EarlyTimeout.java fails with a non-adequate message
JDK-8065492 (ref) ReferenceQueue.remove(timeout) may return null even if timeout has not expired
JDK-8065491 SequenceInputStream with lots of empty substreams can cause StackOverflowError
JDK-8065490 (fs) Path.register doesn't throw IllegalArgumentException if multiple OVERFLOW events are specified, part 2
JDK-8065489 (fs) Path.register doesn't throw IllegalArgumentException if multiple OVERFLOW events are specified
JDK-8065488 (fs) Path.register(..) clears interrupt status of thread with no InterruptedException
JDK-8065487 java/util/BitSet/BSMethods.java failed with: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
JDK-8065486 BitSet.toString() can throw IndexOutOfBoundsException
JDK-8065485 PrinterJob NPE when drawing translucent image with null user clip
JDK-8065484 com/sun/jndi/ldap/LdapTimeoutTest.java fails with exit_code == 0
JDK-8065483 [asm] refresh internal ASM version v5.0.3
JDK-8065482 (fc) FileChannel.size() returns 0 for block devices on Linux
JDK-8065480 NPE in sun/lwawt/macosx/CPlatformWindow::toFront after JDK-8060146
JDK-8065479 NPE with explicitCastArguments unboxing null
JDK-8065478 JComboBox actionListener never receives "comboBoxEdited" from getActionCommand
JDK-8065477 [TESTBUG] Embedded: sun/jvmstat/monitor/MonitoredVm/CR6672135.java should be launched with -XX:+UsePerfData
JDK-8065476 jdk.net.Sockets.setOption/getOption does not support IP_TOS
JDK-8065474 XML parser returns corrupt attribute value
JDK-8065473 BCEL still corrupts generic methods if bytecode offsets are modified
JDK-8065472 BCEL corrupts debug data of methods that use generics
JDK-8065470 No checkbox "Enable JAB" after installation of public JRE 8 (only x86 JRE)
JDK-8065461 Make the MacJREInstallerTests scheme shared across project
JDK-8065450 64bit offline isn't compressed
JDK-8065443 TestHumongousShrinkHeap.java can not be run with -XX:+ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent
JDK-8065442 Investigate increased GC remark time after class unloading changes in CRM Fuse
JDK-8065441 SPECjvm2008-MPEG performance regressions on x64 platforms
JDK-8065440 stability issues when being launched as an embedded JVM via JNI
JDK-8065439 Type annotations not retained during class redefine / retransform
JDK-8065438 Make PrintGCApplicationStoppedTime print information about stopping threads
JDK-8065437 Whitebox.deoptimizeMethod() does not deoptimize all OSR versions of method
JDK-8065436 Multiple OSR compilations issued for same bci
JDK-8065435 Add an interface to the JVM's Class/Resource Lookup Index Cache for improving sun.misc.URLClassPath search time
JDK-8065434 [TESTBUG] compiler/whitebox/MakeMethodNotCompilableTest.java fails with "must not be in queue"
JDK-8065433 [TESTBUG] compiler/whitebox/ tests fail : must be osr_compiled (reappeared in nightlies)
JDK-8065432 [TESTBUG] Whitebox tests fail with -XX:CompileThreshold=100
JDK-8065431 compiler/whitebox/ tests fail : must be osr_compiled
JDK-8065430 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b18
JDK-8065428 JavaWS fails with proxy autoconfig due to missing "resolve" permission
JDK-8065427 HTMLStyleElement can't be cast to LinkStyle
JDK-8064269 Update copyright year to 2015 in guides build
JDK-8064268 Incorrect CertPathParameters declaration in JSSE Reference Guide sample code
JDK-8064267 Throwing object with error prototype causes error proto to be caught
JDK-8064266 Nashorn incorrectly binds "this" for constructor created by another function
JDK-8064265 User accessors require boxing and do not support optimistic types
JDK-8064264 [TEST_BUG] [nashorn] regresion test failure with TimeZone
JDK-8064263 Issue with date.setFullYear when time other than midnight
JDK-8064262 String.concat needs to have optimistic builtin versions
JDK-8064261 asm.js idioms result in unnecessarily code emission
JDK-8064260 Type Info Cache flag must must be documented
JDK-8064259 Pessimistic LMUL used where optimistic should be
JDK-8064258 Implement optimistic splitter
JDK-8064257 Make AST serializable
JDK-8064256 ant test262parallel in Nashorn spends a significant amount of time after almost all the tests are run
JDK-8064255 nashorn ant build script should have a sanity target
JDK-8064254 Concatenating an array and converting it to Java gives wrong result
JDK-8064253 Boolean used as optimistic call return type
JDK-8064252 Nashorn: Generated script class name fails --verify-code for names with special chars
JDK-8064251 Immediately invoked function expressions cause lot of deoptimization
JDK-8064250 Compile-time expression evaluator wasn't seeing into ArrayBufferViews
JDK-8064249 Reports for optimistic test run overwrite those for pessimistic run
JDK-8064248 GlobalConstants.findSetMethod calls DynamicLinker.getLinkedCallSiteLocation, which does Throwables
JDK-8064247 Java8 Javascript Nashorn exception: no current Global instance for nashorn
JDK-8064246 Creating symbols for declared functions shouldn't be a special case
JDK-8064245 AssertionError: __noSuchProperty__ placeholder called from NativeJavaImporter
JDK-8064243 NPE restoring cached script with optimistic types disabled
JDK-8064242 Memory leak when executing octane pdfjs with optimistic typing
JDK-8064241 New Nasgen dependencies to Nashorn breaks the JDK 9 build - bootstrapping problem?
JDK-8064240 Octane Raytrace fails when optimistic typing turned off
JDK-8064239 Single class loader is used to load compiled bytecode
JDK-8064238 Significant parser/frontend overhead in recompilation of avatar.js
JDK-8064237 Specialized library functions for optimistic typing
JDK-8064236 Code duplication in split emitter
JDK-8064235 Code duplication in handling of break and continue
JDK-8064234 Unnecessary work in deoptimizing recompilation
JDK-8064233 Indexed or polymorphic set on global affects Object.prototype
JDK-8064232 NullPointerException at jdk.nashorn.internal.codegen.LocalVariableTypesCalculator.symbolIsUsed(LocalVariableTypesCalculator.java:224)
JDK-8064231 Make persistent code store more flexible
JDK-8064230 Overload resolution ambiguity involving ConsString
JDK-8064229 With strict mode, bean property assignment of a non-existent property should result in TypeError
JDK-8064228 ClassCastException: cannot cast jdk.nashorn.internal.scripts.JO*
JDK-8064227 Users should be able to overwrite "context" and "engine" variables
JDK-8064226 Non-serializable fields in serializable classes
JDK-8064225 Single quotes must be escaped in message resource file
JDK-8064224 Global constants get in the way of self-modifying properties
JDK-8064223 UserAccessorProperty guards fail with multiple globals
JDK-8064222 Reduce the RecompilableScriptFunctionData footprint
JDK-8064221 Still, lots of trivial classes are generated by Nashorn compiler
JDK-8064220 Lots of trivial classes are generated by Nashorn compiler
JDK-8064219 jdk/nashorn/internal/scripts/JO* classes are missing from the generated methods dump
JDK-8064218 Make class dumping available outside --compile-only mode
JDK-8064217 Additional arguments to Function.prototype.apply messes up actual arguments passed
JDK-8064215 Instead of not skipping small functions in parser, make lexer avoid them instead
JDK-8064214 Remove "eval id" from eval locations
JDK-8064213 [TEST_BUG] Tests for let&const keywords in Nashorn
JDK-8064212 Skip nested functions on reparse
JDK-8064211 AtomicInteger is treated as primitive number with optimistic compilation
JDK-8064210 [TEST_BUG] ant clean test should not fail if one or more external test suites are missing
JDK-8064209 Implement block scoping in symbol assignment and scope computation
JDK-8064206 Nashorn: all tests failed with AccessControlException
JDK-8064205 jdk.nashorn.internal.codegen.ApplySpecialization$1.leaveIdentNode() should throw stackless Exception
JDK-8064204 Anonymous function statements leak internal function names into global scope
JDK-8064203 jdk.nashorn.internal.codegen.CompilationPhase.setStates() is hot in class installation phase
JDK-8064202 jdk.nashorn.internal.runtime.Source.getContent() does excess Object.clone()
JDK-8064201 Questionable use of parallelStream() in jdk.nashorn.internal.runtime.Context$ContextCodeInstaller.initialize()
JDK-8064200 jdk.nashorn.internal.{codegen.CompilationPhase|runtime.Timing} should use System.nanoTime
JDK-8064199 jdk.nashorn.internal.ir.Node.hashCode() delegates to Object.hashCode() and is hot
JDK-8064198 Questionable String.intern() in jdk.nashorn.internal.ir.IdentNode()
JDK-8064196 iteration fails if index var is not used
JDK-8064195 [TEST_BUG] runExternalJsTest method in test/jdk/nashorn/internal/runtime/ClassFilter.java slows down "ant test"
JDK-8064194 Tests for Nashorn ClassFilter Support
JDK-8064193 [TEST_BUG] Two nashorn tests fail in 8u40 nightly build with ClassNotFoundException
JDK-8064192 JDK-8015969.js is silently failing
JDK-8064191 JSObject and browser JSObject linkers should provide fallback to call underlying Java methods directly
JDK-8064190 Nashorn misses linker for netscape.javascript.JSObject instances
JDK-8064189 Wrong "this" passed to JSObject.eval call
JDK-8064188 Nashorn ClassFilter Support
JDK-8064187 Clean up the bin directory
JDK-8064186 Backport Nashorn optimistic typing to 8u repository
JDK-8064185 [TEST_BUG] test/script/trusted/JDK-8055107.js fails with access control exception
JDK-8064184 Extension directives to turn on callsite profiling, tracing, AST print and other debug features locally
JDK-8064183 Compile-time expression evaluator was missing variables
JDK-8064182 jjs exits interactive mode if exception was thrown when trying to print value of last evaluated expression
JDK-8064181 type info cache may be disabled for test262 and tests explicitly changing that property should use @fork
JDK-8064180 Avoid creation of empty type info files
JDK-8064179 Global.initConstructor and ScriptFunction.getPrototype(Object) can have stricter types
JDK-8064178 test/script/external/test262/test/suite/ch12/12.6/12.6.4/12.6.4-2.js fails with tip
JDK-8064177 Add "nashorn.args.prepend" system property
JDK-8064176 Nashorn: AssertionError when use __DIR__ and ScriptEngine.eval()
JDK-8064175 Auto format caused warning in CompositeTypeBasedGuardingDynamicLinker
JDK-8064174 ScriptObjectMirror causing havoc with Invocation interface
JDK-8064173 jdeps is not PATH on Mac, results in ant clean test failure on Mac
JDK-8064171 Wrong type calculated for ADD operator with undefined operand
JDK-8064170 Test262 tests for ECMAScript 5 now in branch "es5-tests"
JDK-8064169 Separate src and test execution sandbox directories
JDK-8064168 OptimisticTypesPersistence.java should use java.util.Date instead of java.sql.Date
JDK-8064167 javax.script.filename variable should not be enumerable with nashorn engine's ENGINE_SCOPE bindings
JDK-8064166 Global object initialization via javax.script API should be minimal
JDK-8064165 [TEST_BUG] Test hideLocationProperties.js fail on Window due to backslash in path.
JDK-8064164 Explicit constructor overload selection should work with StaticClass as well
JDK-8064161 Minor API convenience functions on "Java" object
JDK-8064160 Reduce time spent in jdk.nashorn.internal.ir.Node.accept/java.lang.Class.cast(Object)
JDK-8064159 JSON.parse('{"0":0, "64":0}') throws ArrayindexOutOfBoundsException
JDK-8064158 String concatenation with optimistic types is slow
JDK-8064157 readFully does not handle ConsString file names
JDK-8064156 Persistent code store is broken after optimistic types merge
JDK-8064155 eval within 'with' statement does not use correct scope if with scope expression has a copy of eval
JDK-8064154 Type info caching accidentally defeated
JDK-8064153 bindings created for declarations in eval code are not mutable
JDK-8064152 (function(x){var o={x:0}; with(o){delete x} return o.x})() evaluates to 0 instead of undefined
JDK-8064151 function f(){ var a=1; with({ get a() { return false } }) return a }; f() throws TypeError with optimistic compilation
JDK-8064150 Add regression tests for passing test cases of JDK-8024971
JDK-8064149 large string size RangeError should be thrown rather than reporting negative length
JDK-8064148 Function("switch((null >> x3)) { default: {var x; break ; }\nthrow x; }")() results in AssertionError in LocalVariableTypesCalculator
JDK-8064147 Assertion in CompiledFunction when running earley-boyer after Merge
JDK-8064146 Function("do with({}) break ; while(0);")() crashes with AssertionError from CompilationPhase.java:437
JDK-8064145 ArrayLiteral mutability caused trouble in optimistic types
JDK-8064144 eval("23", ({})[/x/]) crashes with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with optimistic compilation
JDK-8064143 Add a regression test for the passing test cases from JDK-8042304
JDK-8064142 (function() "hello")() crashes in Lexer with jdk9
JDK-8064141 Deoptimization type information peristence
JDK-8064140 apply on apply is broken
JDK-8064139 Make sure that there is no difference in test exercise behavior between lazy and non lazy
JDK-8064138 Running uncompilable scripts throws NullPointerException
JDK-8064137 Avoid repeated flattening of nested ConsStrings
JDK-8064134 MultiGlobalCompiledScript used to cache method handle and strict mode - not anymore
JDK-8064133 TypeError: Cannot apply "with" to non script object
JDK-8064132 nashorn properties leak memory
JDK-8064131 On-demand compiled top-level program doesn't need :createProgramFunction
JDK-8064130 Unnecessary restOf check in CodeGenerator.undefinedCheck
JDK-8064129 Some tests fail with non-optimistic compilation
JDK-8064127 Constant folding for unary + should produce int for boolean literals
JDK-8064126 Deoptimizing negation produces wrong result for zero
JDK-8064125 Ensure exceptions related to optimistic recompilation are not serializable
JDK-8064124 Get rid of global optimistic flag
JDK-8064123 Make optimistic exception handlers smaller
JDK-8064122 Nashorn : all tests failed with java.security.AccessControlException
JDK-8064119 Make code caching work with optimistic typing and lazy compilation
JDK-8064115 Make equality tests inline better
JDK-8064114 Enable history for empty property maps
JDK-8064113 Octane test harness in Nashorn is missing an argument for print_always
JDK-8064112 Fix yet another corner case of JDK-8041995
JDK-8064111 Type-based optimizations interfere with continuation methods
JDK-8064110 Index selection of overloaded java new constructors
JDK-8064109 Collapse long sequences of NOP in Nashorn bytecode output
JDK-8064108 Fix corner cases of JDK-8041995
JDK-8064107 Nashorn : all tests failed with java.security.AccessControlException
JDK-8064106 Reduce variability at JavaAdapter call sites
JDK-8064105 Use strongly referenced generic invokers
JDK-8064104 Improve performance of Nashorn equality operators
JDK-8064098 Fix RewriteException debug object return value
JDK-8064094 BranchOptimizer produces bad code for NaN FP comparison
JDK-8064088 Access to undefined scoped variables deoptimized too much
JDK-8064087 NPE in unboxInteger
JDK-8064085 OptimisticRecompilationTest fails on staging repo nashorn/jdk9/nashorn due to test framework
JDK-8064084 8037534 breaks richards Octane benchmark
JDK-8064081 Add more test cases to check static types
JDK-8064078 Check that deoptimizing recompilations are correct
JDK-8064077 New tests need to be written for optimistic typing feature
JDK-8064070 Need regression test for bug JDK-8010731
JDK-8064069 Developers should be able to pass nashorn properties and enable/disable JFR from command line
JDK-8064068 Remove nashorn repo "bin" scripts to avoid confusion with JDK bin launcher programs
JDK-8064067 NASHORN TEST: Create tests to test markdown javascript engine work with Nashorn.
JDK-8064065 Tidy up Nashorn codebase for code standards (August 2014)
JDK-8064064 Tidy up Nashorn codebase for code standards
JDK-8064062 StackOverflowError at com.sun.tools.javac.code.Types.lub
JDK-8064061 (ann) Cannot reference field of inner class in an anonymous class
JDK-8064060 javac, the same approach used in fix for JDK-8058708 should be applied to Code.closeAliveRanges
JDK-8064059 NullPointerException when compiling specific code.
JDK-8064058 int[]::clone causes "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Array"
JDK-8064057 java.lang.AssertionError compiling source code
JDK-8064056 Should ignore nested lambda bodies during overload resolution
JDK-8064055 javac, Gen.LVTAssignAnalyzer should be refactored, it shouldn't be a static class
JDK-8064054 Exception in compiler: java.lang.AssertionError: isSubClass T
JDK-8064053 Type inference may be skipped for a complex receiver generic method in a parameter position
JDK-8064052 Wrong, confusing error when non-static varargs referenced in static context
JDK-8064051 Cannot assign a value to final variable in lambda
JDK-8064050 @SuppressWarnings("deprecation") does not work when overriding deprecated method
JDK-8064049 javac, additional test case for JDK-8051402
JDK-8064048 javac, code valid in 7 is not compiling for 8
JDK-8064047 javac, type containment should accept that CAP <= ? extends CAP and CAP <= ? super CAP
JDK-8064046 Crash on faulty reduce/lambda
JDK-8064045 javac, incorrect bug id in tests for JDK-8050386
JDK-8064044 javac, follow-up of fix for JDK-8049305
JDK-8064043 (jdeps) Recommend supported API to replace use of JDK internal API
JDK-8064042 (jdeps) Add filtering capability
JDK-8064040 (jdeps) use @jdk.Exported to determine supported vs JDK internal API
JDK-8064039 javac, wildcards and generic vararg method invocation not accepted
JDK-8064037 Fix timing of varargs access check, per JDK-8016205
JDK-8064036 javac crashes when encountering an unresolvable interface
JDK-8064035 Different results of floating point multiplication for lambda code block
JDK-8064009 Test hidden methods in JFR
JDK-8063990 *** java.lang.instrument ASSERTION FAILED ***: "!errorOutstanding" with message transform method call failed at JPLISAgent.c line: 844
JDK-8063964 Java Access Bridge, regression, NPE, occurs randomly
JDK-8063956 Access Bridge; add definitions for bits 8 and 9 for for new accelerator support
JDK-8063953 Java Access Bridge: F key shortcuts not working if Ctrl, Alt, Shift modifier used
JDK-8063952 Metaspace events are missing from JFC files
JDK-8063944 Accessing Tomcat 8.0.3 via HTTPS doesn't work using TLS 1.2 GCM with ucrypto provider
JDK-8063942 Modifications of server socket channel accept() methods for instrumentation purposes
JDK-8063941 Enable custom CompileJavaClasses.gmk
JDK-8063940 (str) contentEquals checks the String contents twice on mismatch
JDK-8063939 Endless loop in native code of sun.java2d.loops.ScaledBlit
JDK-8063938 (tz) Support tzdata2014i
JDK-8063937 Some javax/management/ fails with JFR
JDK-8063936 add java/rmi/server/Unreferenced/finiteGCLatency/FiniteGCLatency.java to problem list
JDK-8063935 Some of the input validation in the javasound is too strict
JDK-8063933 A switch operator in JFrame.processWindowEvent() should be rewritten
JDK-8063932 Font2DTest demo: unused resource files
JDK-8063931 Unexpected exceptions and timeouts in SF2 parser code
JDK-8063930 Cleanup of sun.awt.X11 package
JDK-8063929 Unexpected exceptions in MID parser code
JDK-8063928 FILL_ARRAYS and ARRAYS are eagely initialized in MethodHandleImpl
JDK-8063927 CertificateFactory.getInstance("X.509").generateCertificates(InputStream) does not throw CertificateException for invalid input
JDK-8063926 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurs when Container with overridden getComponents() is deserialized
JDK-8063925 Wrong NumberFormat.format() HALF_UP rounding when last digit exactly at rounding position greater than 5
JDK-8063923 Check for CRL results in IllegalArgumentException "white space not allowed"
JDK-8063922 [TEST_BUG] Test java/awt/Graphics2D/DrawString/DrawStringCrash.java fails with OutOfMemoryError
JDK-8063921 [TESTBUG] java/lang/invoke/LFCaching/LFSingleThreadCachingTest.java and LFMultiThreadCachingTest.java failed on some platforms due to java.lang.VirtualMachineError
JDK-8063920 [TESTBUG] Reinvokers with arity >253 can't be cached
JDK-8063919 No Russian time zones mapping for Windows
JDK-8063918 Unable to initiate SpNego using a S4U2Proxy GSSCredential (Krb5ProxyCredential)
JDK-8063917 Incorrect radio button behavior
JDK-8063915 ScrollBar doesn't become active when tabs are created more than frame size
JDK-8063914 Rendering / caret errors with HTMLDocument
JDK-8063912 [TESTBUG] fix the @run line of the test: jdk/test/java/awt/Focus/SortingFTP/JDK8048887.java
JDK-8063910 Uninitialised memory in jdk/src/share/native/sun/security/ec/ECC_JNI.cpp
JDK-8063909 [parfait] warnings from b116 for jdk.src.share.native.sun.security.ec: JNI pending exceptions
JDK-8063908 Support default and static interface methods in JDI, JDWP and JDB
JDK-8063907 JDI: ReferenceType.visibleMethods() return wrong visible methods
JDK-8063906 GSSContext.acceptSecContext fails when a supported mech is initiator preferred
JDK-8063905 [TEST_BUG] java/net/InetAddress/IPv4Formats.java failed because hello.foo.bar does exist
JDK-8063904 Compiled LambdaForms should inherit from Object to improve class loading performance
JDK-8063903 java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass uses exceptions in control flow
JDK-8063902 Add @jdk.Exported to com.sun.jarsigner.ContentSigner API
JDK-8063901 Typo in keytool resource file
JDK-8063899 OperationTimedOut exception inside from XToolkit.syncNativeQueue call
JDK-8063898 realSync() doesn't work with Xfce
JDK-8063896 FileHandler may throw NPE if pattern is a simple name and the lock file already exists
JDK-8063895 Debug security logging should print Provider used for each crypto operation
JDK-8063894 Improve ForkJoin thread throttling
JDK-8063892 DateTimeFormatter "MMMMM" returns English value in Japanese locale
JDK-8063891 Reverse removal of applet demos [backout 8015376]
JDK-8063890 Remove jnlp and applet files from the JDK samples
JDK-8063889 JVM hangs at getAgentProperties after attaching to VM with lower IntegrityLevel
JDK-8063888 Mac: JFXPanel deadlocks in jnlp mode
JDK-8063887 JDK demo applets not running with >=7u40 or (JDK 8 and JDK 9)
JDK-8063886 TEST_BUG: Make java/lang/invoke/LFCaching/LFGarbageCollectedTest.java skip arrayElementSetter and arrayElementGetter methods
JDK-8063885 [TEST_BUG] javax/management/monitor/GaugeMonitorDeadlockTest.java fails intermittently
JDK-8063884 [TEST_BUG] More bad characters in BigIntegerTest
JDK-8063883 [TEST_BUG] Bad fonts in BigIntegerTest
JDK-8063882 BigIntegerTest does not exercise Burnikel-Ziegler division
JDK-8063881 BigDecimal is no longer effectively immutable
JDK-8063880 jdk build is broken due to the changeset of JDK-8033370
JDK-8063877 Revert JDK-8054984 from 8u40
JDK-8063876 ByteArrayOutputStream capacity should be maximal array size permitted by VM
JDK-8063875 [TEST_BUG] Ignore java/lang/invoke/LFCaching/LFGarbageCollectedTest until 8057020 is fixed
JDK-8063874 Bit set computation in MHs.findFirstDupOrDrop/findFirstDrop is broken
JDK-8063873 Missing some checks during parameter validation
JDK-8063872 Missing part of 8057656 in 8u40 compared to 9
JDK-8063871 xrender: text drawn after setColor(Color.white) is actually black
JDK-8063869 Transient network problems cause JMX thread to fail silenty
JDK-8063868 java/lang/instrument/RedefineBigClass.sh RetransformBigClass.sh start failing after JDK-8055012
JDK-8063867 [TESTBUG] NMTHelper fails to parse NMT output
JDK-8063866 New tests for LambdaForm Reduction and Caching feature
JDK-8063865 [TEST_BUG] Test library enhancement in lib/testlibrary/jsr292/com/oracle/testlibrary/jsr292/Helper.java
JDK-8063864 SSLv2Hello protocol may be filtered out unexpectedly
JDK-8063863 NetworkInterface.getHardwareAddress can return zero length byte array when run with preferIPv4Stack
JDK-8063862 [headless] JPopupMenu creation in headless mode with JDK9b23 causes NPE
JDK-8063861 Using tables in JTextPane leads to infinite loop in FlowLayout.layoutRow
JDK-8063860 CompileNativeLibraries for custom build
JDK-8063859 Add API to start JMX agent from attach framework
JDK-8063858 Propagate errors from Diagnostic Commands as exceptions in the attach framework
JDK-8063857 Several test failing after update to tzdata2014g
JDK-8063856 (tz) Support tzdata2014g
JDK-8063855 Duplicate closure of file descriptors leads to unexpected and incorrect closure of sockets
JDK-8063854 (reflect) Add sharing of annotations between instances of Executable
JDK-8063853 Improve LambdaForm sharing by using LambdaFormEditor more extensively
JDK-8063852 LambdaFormEditor: ability to derive new LFs from a base LF
JDK-8063851 Improve caching of GuardWithTest combinator
JDK-8063850 Annotate LambdaForm parameters with types
JDK-8063849 Improve MethodType.isCastableTo() & MethodType.isConvertibleTo() checks
JDK-8063848 Extract checks performed during MethodHandle construction into separate methods
JDK-8063847 Intrinsify constants for default values
JDK-8063846 Intrinsify ValueConversions.identity() functions
JDK-8063845 Improve code for pairwise argument conversions and value boxing/unboxing
JDK-8063844 Make LambdaForm intrinsics detection more robust
JDK-8063843 Improve caching of MethodHandle reinvokers
JDK-8063842 Support overriding of isInvokeSpecial flag in WrappedMember
JDK-8063841 Generalize BMH.copyWith API to all method handles
JDK-8063840 Get rid of some package-private methods on arguments in j.l.i.MethodHandle
JDK-8063839 Improve caching of different invokers
JDK-8063838 Small cleanups in java.lang.invoke code
JDK-8063837 Move varargsArray from sun.invoke.util package to java.lang.invoke
JDK-8063836 JSR292: cache and reuse typed array accessors
JDK-8063835 Improvements and cleanups to bytecode assembly for lambda forms
JDK-8063834 Get rid of char-based descriptions 'J' of basic types
JDK-8063833 Fix deprecation and raw lint warnings in java.lang.invoke
JDK-8063832 Fix raw and unchecked warnings java.util.stream
JDK-8063831 Upgrade to LittleCMS 2.6 breaks AIX build
JDK-8063830 [TEST_BUG] sun/tools/jrunscript/jrunscriptTest.sh start failing: Output of jrunscript -l nashorn differ from expected output
JDK-8063829 Fork/Join task ForEachOps.ForEachOrderedTask clarifications and minor improvements
JDK-8063828 api/javax_swing/JScrollPane/indexTGF.html#UpdateUI failed with MotifLookAndFeel on all platform
JDK-8063827 Currency update needed for ISO 4217 Amendment #159
JDK-8063826 JCK8's api/javax_swing/JDesktopPane/descriptions.html#getset failed with GTKLookAndFeel on Linux and Solaris run
JDK-8063825 Improve CompletableFuture resource usage
JDK-8063824 Upgrade JDK to use LittleCMS 2.6
JDK-8063823 [TEST_BUG] java/util/logging/CheckZombieLockTest.java fails with NoSuchFileException
JDK-8063822 Regression on java.util.logging.FileHandler
JDK-8063820 Fourth mouse button (wheel) is treated like second button - isPopupTrigger returns true
JDK-8063818 AIX: Provide a better fontconfig.properties file
JDK-8063815 Update mapfile for libjfr
JDK-8063814 (reflect) Constructor.getAnnotatedReceiverType() returns wrong value
JDK-8063813 [headless] DataTransferer.getInstance throws ClassCastException in headless mode
JDK-8063812 (fs) bad error handling in java.base/unix/native/libnio/fs/UnixNativeDispatcher.c
JDK-8063811 [macosx] Large JTable cell results in a OutOfMemoryException
JDK-8063809 [Testbug] Some tests are being executed and fail under profiles
JDK-8063804 File ccache only recognizes Linux and Solaris defaults
JDK-8063803 Re-enabling CBC_PAD PKCS11 mechanisms for Solaris
JDK-8063802 Consider re-enabling PKCS11 mechanisms previously disabled due to Solaris bug 7050617
JDK-8063801 sun/jvmstat/monitor/MonitoredVm/MonitorVmStartTerminate.java timed out
JDK-8063800 sun/jvmstat/monitor/MonitoredVm/MonitorVmStartTerminate.sh timeout, leaves looping process behind
JDK-8063799 ReplayCacheTestProc test fails with timeout
JDK-8063797 Launcher changes for native memory tracking scalability enhancement
JDK-8063796 Two tests failed with "java.net.SocketException: Bad protocol option" on Windows after 8029607
JDK-8063795 Type of Service (TOS) cannot be set in IPv6 header
JDK-8063793 sun.security.pkcs11.SessionManager is scalability blocker
JDK-8063792 Unexpected mnemonic in JFileChooser
JDK-8063791 Java app receives javax.print.PrintException: Printer is not accepting job.
JDK-8063790 Refactor DigestBase.engineUpdate() method for better code generation by JIT compiler
JDK-8063789 [JLightweightFrame] Support DnD for SwingNode
JDK-8063788 (process) ProcessBuilder leaks native memory
JDK-8063787 SortingFocusTraversalPolicy throws IllegalArgumentException from the sort method
JDK-8063786 (smartcardio) CardTerminal.connect('direct') does not work on MacOSX
JDK-8063784 Unexpected RuntimeExceptions being thrown by SSLEngine
JDK-8063783 Ftp download does not work properly for ftp user without password
JDK-8063782 java/lang/ProcessBuilder/Basic.java fails intermittently: waitFor took too long
JDK-8063781 [macosx] Do not use the base image in the MultiResolutionBufferedImage constructor
JDK-8063780 [macosx] Language specific keys does not work in applets when opened outside the browser
JDK-8063778 NPE from JapaneseEra when a new era is defined in calendar.properties
JDK-8063773 Collections.checkedList(empty list).replaceAll((UnaryOperator)null) doesn't throw NPE after JDK-8047795
JDK-8063772 Read outside array bounds in jdk/src/solaris/native/java/lang/java_props_md.c
JDK-8063771 [macosx] Disable usage of system menu bar if AWT is embedded in FX
JDK-8063770 KeyEvent can not be accepted in quick mouse clicking
JDK-8063769 [macosx] Endless loop in EDT on Mac
JDK-8063768 SynchronizedNavigableSet tailSet uses wrong mutex
JDK-8063766 (process) Runtime.exec() fails in Turkish locale
JDK-8063765 (process) Merge UNIXProcess.java.bsd & UNIXProcess.java.linux
JDK-8063764 [macosx] sigsegv (0Xb) Being Generated When Starting JDev With Voiceover Running
JDK-8063761 awt_Plugin no longer needed
JDK-8063760 DTDBuilder should be run in headless mode
JDK-8063759 [macosx] (awt) setjmp/longjmp changes the process signal mask on OS X
JDK-8063758 X11 dependencies should be removed from Mac OS X build.
JDK-8063755 NTLM authentication fail if user specified a different realm
JDK-8063753 (smartcardio) Invert reset argument in tests in sun/security/smartcardio
JDK-8063752 Reduce possible timing noise in com/sun/jndi/ldap/LdapTimeoutTest.java
JDK-8063751 Improve diagnostic output in com/sun/jndi/ldap/LdapTimeoutTest.java
JDK-8063749 GtkFileDialog strips user inputted filepath
JDK-8063748 (smartcardio) Need a flag to invert the Card.disconnect(reset) argument
JDK-8063747 CustomMediaSizeName class matching to standard media is too loose
JDK-8063746 Default printer media is ignored
JDK-8063745 Test sun/security/pkcs11/Signature/TestDSAKeyLength.java fails intermittently on Solaris 11 in 8u40 nightly
JDK-8063743 [macosx] test java/awt/image/ImageIconHang.java fails with NPE
JDK-8063742 XML Signature performance issue caused by unbuffered signature data
JDK-8063741 PNGMetadata.getAsTree() sets bitDepth to invalid value
JDK-8063740 NPE when changing Windows theme
JDK-8063737 remove invalid test entry from TEST.groups
JDK-8063735 Test test/sun/awt/image/bug8038000.java fails with ClassCastException
JDK-8063733 Collections.checkedList checking bypassed by List.replaceAll
JDK-8063732 CheckedQueue.offer calls wrong method on wrapped queue
JDK-8063731 TEST BUG: NativeErrors.java uses wrong path name in exec
JDK-8063730 Jtreg /jdk/TEST.groups should be changed for profiles
JDK-8063729 Broken links to jarsigner and keytool docs in java.security package summary
JDK-8063725 java/net/URLPermission/nstest/lookup.sh NoClassDefFoundError when run in concurrent mode
JDK-8063724 AWT crashes inside CCombinedSegTable::In called from Java_sun_awt_windows_WDefaultFontCharset_canConvert
JDK-8063723 Sorting columns in JFileChooser fails with AppContext NPE
JDK-8063722 [macosx] javax.swing.PopupFactory issue with null owner
JDK-8063721 Cannot read ccache entry with a realm-less service name
JDK-8063720 JDK KRB5 module throws OutOfMemoryError when CCache is corrupt
JDK-8063716 Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in asm
JDK-8063714 JAXB not preserving formatting for xsd:any Mixed content
JDK-8063713 getTextContent doesn't return string in JAXP
JDK-8063712 NPE seen in XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl.setProperty since 7u40b33
JDK-8063711 FEATURE_SECURE_PROCESSING can not be turned off on a validator through SchemaFactory
JDK-8063710 8u20 l10n resource file translation update 2 - jaxp
JDK-8063709 Improve documentation for org.w3c.dom package
JDK-8063696 Restore Java-Security Dialog truncated
JDK-8063684 too much delay between welcome and progress dialog
JDK-8063679 Integrate new version of Java VisualVM based on VisualVM 1.3.8 into JDK
JDK-8063674 [de] Minor truncation in Uninstall out-of-date versions dialog
JDK-8063665 Image on in-progress dialog is not localized
JDK-8063656 Incomplete letters displayed in Java update Welcome dialog
JDK-8063655 JRE installer accessibility issues
JDK-8063648 VPAT: Mnemonics not set for integrated JRE Uninstall Tool buttons
JDK-8063645 JDK installer "Java Setup" dialog a11y issue
JDK-8063635 Deployment .jar files are missing in JAVA_HOME\lib, when installer calls RegisterDeployEx() from deploy.dll
JDK-8063632 msi uninstaller not localized
JDK-8063631 out-of-date dialogs are not displayed correctly in sv
JDK-8063622 require patching and bsdiff for all install builds
JDK-8063616 VPAT: "Uninstall out-of-date versions" dialogs - JAWS issues
JDK-8063608 RPM internal names must match the standard bundle file name patterns
JDK-8063587 Sort includes and verify copyright for new files
JDK-8063584 Destroy resource context and clean out allocation context
JDK-8063575 G1: verify that the marking bitmaps have no marks for objects over TAMS
JDK-8063574 'assert(klass->is_loader_alive(_is_alive)) failed: must be alive' during VM_CollectForMetadataAllocation
JDK-8063573 8040121 is broken
JDK-8063570 Duplicate definitions in vm/runtime/sharedRuntimeTrans.cpp versus math.h in VS2013
JDK-8063569 Update CLI tests on RTM options to reflect changes from JDK-8054376
JDK-8063568 Move RTM flags from Experimental to Product
JDK-8063567 JVM crashed in Compile::start() during method parsing w/ UseRTMDeopt turned on
JDK-8063566 Add flag to turn off class unloading after G1 concurrent mark
JDK-8063565 TEST.groups references missing test: gc/class_unloading/TestCMSClassUnloadingDisabledHWM.java
JDK-8063564 Metadata Full GCs are not triggered when CMSClassUnloadingEnabled is turned off
JDK-8063563 Minor cleanups after G1 class unloading
JDK-8063562 G1 Class Unloading after completing a concurrent mark cycle
JDK-8063561 Add a version of CompiledIC_at that doesn't create a new RelocIterator
JDK-8063560 G1 HeapRegions can no longer be ContiguousSpaces
JDK-8063559 Linker error when compiling G1SATBCardTableModRefBS after include order changes
JDK-8063558 G1 Does not use the save_marks functionality as intended
JDK-8063557 G1 Block offset table does not need to support generic Space classes
JDK-8063556 G1 HeapRegionDCTOC does not need to inherit ContiguousSpaceDCTOC
JDK-8063555 Consolidate all CompiledIC::CompiledIC implementations and move it to compiledIC.cpp
JDK-8063554 Remove unused _copy_metadata_obj_cl in G1CopyingKeepAliveClosure
JDK-8063553 Clean the ExceptionCache in one pass
JDK-8063552 Make CMS metadata aware closures applicable for other collectors
JDK-8063551 Clean up some virtual fucntions in Space class hierarchy
JDK-8063550 Move object_iterate_careful down from Space to ContigousSpace and CFLSpace
JDK-8063549 Move object_iterate_mem from Space to CMS since it is only ever used by CMS
JDK-8063548 Remove dead oop_iterate MemRegion variants from SharedHeap, Generation and Space classes
JDK-8063547 ConcurrentMark::cleanup leaks BitMaps if VerifyDuringGC is enabled
JDK-8063546 Add missing Klass::oop_is_instanceClassLoader() function
JDK-8063545 Don't use Handle in java_lang_String::print
JDK-8063544 Cleanup ClassLoaderData::is_alive
JDK-8063543 Use CLDClosure instead of CLDToOopClosure in frame::oops_interpreted_do
JDK-8063542 Use process_strong_roots to adjust the StringTable
JDK-8063541 Remove the do_code_roots parameter from process_strong_roots
JDK-8063540 Use BufferingOopClosure for G1 code root scanning
JDK-8063539 Remove the usage of StarTask from BufferingOopClosure
JDK-8063538 Remove the is_scavenging flag to process_strong_roots
JDK-8063537 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b05
JDK-8063536 new WB API :: get/setVMFlag
JDK-8063535 memory leak in jmm_SetVMGlobal
JDK-8063534 VerifyError on backward branch
JDK-8063532 VerifyStack logic in Deoptimization::unpack_frames does not expect to see invoke bc at the top frame during normal deoptimization
JDK-8063531 Regression in verifier for method call from inside of a branch
JDK-8063530 Make UseNUMA enable UseNUMAInterleaving
JDK-8063529 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b04
JDK-8063528 Refactor test framework for dynamic VM options
JDK-8063527 Add a way to verify an extended set of command line options
JDK-8063526 gc/g1/TestGCLogMessages.java fail with "[Evacuation Failure' found"
JDK-8063525 Add hidden field to methods for event based tracing
JDK-8063523 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b03
JDK-8063521 Fix bad field access check in C1 and C2
JDK-8063520 Concurrency problem in PcDesc cache
JDK-8063519 G1 crashes when run with -XX:-G1DeferredRSUpdate
JDK-8063517 Fix visibility of G1ParScanThreadState members
JDK-8063516 Move G1ParScanThreadState into its own files
JDK-8063515 [TESTBUG] gc/g1/TestSummarizeRSetStats* tests launch 32bit jvm with UseCompressedOops
JDK-8063514 Swapped usage of idx_t and bm_word_t types in parMarkBitMap.cpp
JDK-8063513 max_heap_for_compressed_oops() declared with size_t, but defined with uintx
JDK-8063512 Error message in AdaptiveFreeList::verify_stats is wrong
JDK-8063511 G1: Memory usage calculation uses sizeof(this) instead of sizeof(classname)
JDK-8063510 Clean up code and code duplication in re-diryting cards for verification
JDK-8063509 G1: High "Other" time most likely due to card redirtying
JDK-8063508 G1 does not retire allocation buffers after reference processing work
JDK-8063507 Remove HeapRegionRemSet::clear_incoming_entry
JDK-8063506 Use the "next" field to iterate over fine remembered instead of using the hash table
JDK-8063505 Change the in_cset_fast_test functionality to use the G1BiasedArray abstraction
JDK-8063504 G1CodeRootSet::test fails with assert(_num_chunks_handed_out == 0) failed: No elements must have been handed out yet
JDK-8063503 make gc src file exclusion more automatic
JDK-8063502 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b02
JDK-8063499 AIX: Change "8030763: Validate global memory allocation" breaks the HotSpot build
JDK-8063497 Introduce umbrella header prefetch.inline.hpp
JDK-8063496 Introduce umbrella header orderAccess.inline.hpp
JDK-8063494 [TESTBUG] gc/logging/TestGCId.java assumes default PrintGCID value is true
JDK-8063493 Set T family feature bit on Niagara systems
JDK-8063492 Ensure ClassLoaderDataGraph::classes_unloading_do only delivers klasses from CLDs with non-reclaimed class loader oops
JDK-8063491 Cleanup SuspendibleThreadSet
JDK-8063489 Add a GC id as a log decoration similar to PrintGCTimeStamps
JDK-8063488 Update the Hotspot version numbers in Hotspot for JDK 8u40
JDK-8063487 host_klass invariant fails when verifying newly loaded JSR-292 anonymous classes
JDK-8063486 new hotspot build - hs25.20-b21
JDK-8063485 compiler/7200264/TestIntVect.java fails with: Test Failed: AddVI 0 < 4
JDK-8063484 Fix of JDK-8034775 neglects to account for non-JIT VMs
JDK-8063483 [TESTBUG] ciReplay/* tests fail after 8034775
JDK-8063481 Failing to initialize VM when running with negative value for -XX:CICompilerCount
JDK-8063479 CompileQueue::free_all() code is incorrect
JDK-8063478 Excessive number of tests timing out on nightly testing due to fix for 8040798
JDK-8063477 compiler/startup/SmallCodeCacheStartup.java timed out in RT_Baseline
JDK-8063476 assert(_heap_alignment >= _space_alignment) failed: heap_alignment less than space_alignment
JDK-8063475 CTW should not make MH intrinsics not entrant
JDK-8063473 Fix AIX build after the Extend CompileCommand=option change 8055286
JDK-8063472 JDK-8055286 changes are incomplete.
JDK-8063471 Extend CompileCommand=option to handle numeric parameters
JDK-8063470 Develop sanity tests on SPARC's SHA instructions support
JDK-8063469 Develop tests for new command-line options related to SHA intrinsics
JDK-8063468 Move compiler/intrinsics/mathexact/sanity/Verifier to compiler/testlibrary and extend its functionality
JDK-8063467 Unable to build --with-debug-level=optimized on OSX
JDK-8063466 Refactor G1 heap region default sizes
JDK-8063465 Hotspot should use PICL interface to get cacheline size on SPARC
JDK-8063464 Missing MemNode::acquire ordering in some volatile Load nodes
JDK-8063463 PPC64: implement template interpreter for ppc64le
JDK-8063462 Enable G1 FullGC extensions
JDK-8063461 Improve performance of Class.getClassLoader()
JDK-8063460 Attach code should propagate errors in Diagnostic Commands as errors
JDK-8063459 "unexpected yanked node" opto/postaloc.cpp:139
JDK-8063458 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b10
JDK-8063457 add an extension class for argument handling
JDK-8063456 Remove unnecessary inclusion of HS_ALT_MAKE from solaris Makefile
JDK-8063455 typo in export_optimized_jdk
JDK-8063454 add jprt_optimized targets
JDK-8063453 Refactor G1 to allow context specific allocations
JDK-8063452 refactor gc argument processing code slightly
JDK-8063451 gc src file exclusion should exclude alternative sources
JDK-8063450 [TESTBUG] Misplaced @key stress prevents MallocSiteHashOverflow.java and MallocStressTest.java tests from running
JDK-8063449 runtime/NMT/CommandLineEmptyArgument.java fails
JDK-8063448 [TESTBUG] runtime/NMT/VirtualAllocCommitUncommitRecommit.java fails
JDK-8063447 [TESTBUG] runtime/NMT/JcmdDetailDiff.java fails on Windows when there are no debug symbols available
JDK-8063446 runtime/NMT/CommandLineEmptyArgument.java fails
JDK-8063445 [TESTBUG] Enable NMT2 tests after NMT2 is integrated
JDK-8063444 Re-enable warning for incompatible java launcher
JDK-8063443 [TESTBUG] Add missing NMT2 tests
JDK-8063442 add a thread extension class
JDK-8063441 Incomplete renaming of variables containing "hrs" to "hrm" related to HeapRegionSeq
JDK-8063440 Change "8048150: Allow easy configurations for large CDS archives" triggers conversion warning with older GCC
JDK-8063439 Allow easy configurations for large CDS archives
JDK-8063438 Bitmap verification sometimes fails after Full GC aborts concurrent marking
JDK-8063437 Test compiler/classUnloading/methodUnloading/TestMethodUnloading.java does not work with non-default GC
JDK-8063436 G1 does not uncommit within the heap after JDK-8038423
JDK-8063435 CMM Testing: an allocated humongous object at the end of the heap should not prevents shrinking the heap
JDK-8063434 Remove dead code in G1 concurrent marking code
JDK-8063432 Rename HeapRegionSeq to HeapRegionManager
JDK-8063431 Minor class loading clean-up
JDK-8063430 Class Data Sharing clean up and refactoring
JDK-8063428 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b09
JDK-8063427 [TESTBUG] Disable NMTWithCDS.java test as launcher change has yet promoted
JDK-8063426 Deadlock during NMT2 shutdown on Windows
JDK-8063425 NMT2 leaks memory
JDK-8063424 assert at share/vm/services/virtualMemoryTracker.cpp:332 Error: ShouldNotReachHere() when running NMT tests
JDK-8063423 NMT2: emptyStack missing in minimal build
JDK-8063422 nsk/jdi/VirtualMachine/exit/exit002 crash with detail tracking on (NMT2)
JDK-8063421 [TESTBUG] Wrong WhiteBox.java was pushed by JDK-8044140
JDK-8063420 [TESTBUG] Create NMT (Native Memory Tracking) tests for NMT2
JDK-8063419 Scalable Native Memory Tracking development
JDK-8063418 [TESTBUG] Fix for 8055098 does not contain unit test
JDK-8063417 WB API should be extended to provide information about size and age of object.
JDK-8063416 Remove unsused method CollectedHeap::unsafe_max_alloc()
JDK-8063415 Incorrectly merged share/vm/classfile/classFileParser.cpp was pushed to 8u20
JDK-8063414 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b08
JDK-8063413 "klass->is_loader_alive(_is_alive)) failed: must be alive" for anonymous classes
JDK-8063412 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b07
JDK-8063410 Store original value of Min/MaxHeapFreeRatio
JDK-8063409 java/lang/Character/CheckProp test times out
JDK-8063408 Missing include in g1RegionToSpaceMapper.hpp results in unresolved symbol of fastdebug build without precompiled headers
JDK-8063407 Bigapp weblogic+medrec fails to startup after JDK-8038423
JDK-8063406 G1: Decommit memory within the heap
JDK-8063405 Refactor HeapRegionSeq to manage heap region and auxiliary data
JDK-8063404 G1: Clean up usages of heap_region_containing
JDK-8063403 G1: More useful information in a few assert messages
JDK-8063402 gc/g1/TestEagerReclaimHumongousRegions2.java timeout
JDK-8063401 JVM crash with JDK8 (build 1.8.0-b132) with G1 GC
JDK-8063400 Several gc/class_unloading/ tests fail due to missed +UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions flag
JDK-8063399 Segmentation error while running program
JDK-8063398 super() in a try block in a ctor may need to cause VerifyError
JDK-8063397 Make replace_in_map() on parent maps generic
JDK-8063396 CMS: enable time based triggering of concurrent cycles
JDK-8063395 Make jdk8u40 the default jprt release for hs25.40
JDK-8063393 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b06
JDK-8063392 Check JNI ReleaseStringChars / ReleaseStringUTFChars verify_guards test inverted
JDK-8063391 -Xcheck:jni should support checking of GetPrimitiveArrayCritical
JDK-8063388 Add iterators to GrowableArray
JDK-8063387 C2 support for SHA on SPARC
JDK-8063386 Expand functionality of PredictedIntrinsicGenerator
JDK-8063385 Optimize code generated by C2 for Intel's Atom processor
JDK-8063383 G1 asserts at collection exit with -XX:-G1DeferredRSUpdate
JDK-8063382 Eager reclaim leaves marks of marked but reclaimed objects on the next bitmap
JDK-8063381 CMS/G1 GC: add missing Resource and Handle mark
JDK-8063380 Early reclamation of large objects in G1
JDK-8063379 G1 Full GC needs to support the case when the very first region is not available
JDK-8063378 Conservative maximum heap alignment should take vm_allocation_granularity into account
JDK-8063377 Aborting marking just before remark results in useless additional clearing of the next mark bitmap
JDK-8063376 Use of during_initial_mark_pause() in G1CollectorPolicy::record_collection_pause_end() prevents use of seperate object copy time prediction during marking
JDK-8063375 Remove some obsolete code in G1CollectedHeap class
JDK-8063374 VM Crashes in MetaspaceShared::generate_vtable_methods while creating CDS archive with limiting SharedMiscCodeSize
JDK-8063373 CompilerThread seems to occupy all CPU in a very rare situation
JDK-8063371 CDS test failed: assert((size % os::vm_allocation_granularity()) == 0) failed when limiting SharedMiscDataSize
JDK-8063369 SIGBUS in C2 compiled method weblogic.wsee.jaxws.framework.jaxrpc.EnvironmentFactory$SimulatedWsdlDefinitions.
JDK-8063368 [TESTBUG] Detailed Native Memory Tracking (NMT) data is not verified as output at VM exit
JDK-8063365 interface initialization for default methods
JDK-8063364 Wrong ciConstant type for arrays from ConstantPool::_resolved_reference
JDK-8063363 C2: crash while inlining MethodHandle invocation w/ null receiver
JDK-8063362 EA: ConnectionGraph::split_unique_types does incorrect scalar replacement
JDK-8063361 GC cleanup phase can cause G1 skipping a System.gc()
JDK-8063360 Adding new API for unlocking diagnostic argument for SharedArchiveFile
JDK-8063359 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b17
JDK-8063358 Update the Crash Reporting URL in the Java crash log
JDK-8063357 TraceClassLoading expects there to be a (Java) caller when you load a class with the bootstrap class loader
JDK-8063355 Minimal VM build broken after gcId.cpp was added
JDK-8063354 Add sanity test for minimal VM in test/Makefile
JDK-8063353 It should be possible to explicitly disable usage of TZCNT instr w/ -XX:-UseBMI1Instructions
JDK-8063352 SIGSEGV VirtualMemoryTracker::remove_released_region
JDK-8063351 assert(adr_type != NULL) failed: expecting TypeKlassPtr
JDK-8063350 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b16
JDK-8063349 Increment hsx 25.31 build to b03 for 8u31-b06
JDK-8063348 Exclude AIX from VS.NET make/windows/projectcreator.make
JDK-8063347 After JDK-8047976 gc/g1/TestSummarizeRSetStatsThreads fails
JDK-8063345 G1: Change the default values for G1HeapWastePercent and G1MixedGCLiveThresholdPercent
JDK-8063344 Footprint regressions with JDK-8038423
JDK-8063343 Remove dead code in g1BlockOffsetTable
JDK-8063342 CMM Testing: 8u40 Decommit auxiliary data structures
JDK-8063340 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b15
JDK-8063339 TestCMSClassUnloadingEnabledHWM.java fails with '.*CMS Initial Mark.*' missing from stdout/stderr
JDK-8063338 Force young GC to initiate marking cycle when stat update is requested
JDK-8063337 [TESTBUG] Need a test to cover JDK-8054883
JDK-8063336 JVM crashes with "unexpected index type" assert in LIRGenerator::do_UnsafeGetRaw
JDK-8063335 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b14
JDK-8063333 Allocation of more then 1G of memory using Unsafe.allocateMemory is still causing a fatal error on 32bit platforms
JDK-8063332 Recent bugfixes in ppc64 port.
JDK-8063331 Names of rtm_state_change and unstable_if deoptimization reasons were swapped in 8u40
JDK-8063330 Ergonomics for GC thread counts should update the flags
JDK-8063329 Evacuation failure handling in G1 does not evacuate all objects if -XX:-G1DeferredRSUpdate is set
JDK-8063328 G1: Unnecessary NULL check in G1KeepAliveClosure
JDK-8063327 java/lang/instrument/NativeMethodPrefixAgent.java fails due to VirtualMachineError: out of space in CodeCache for method handle intrinsic
JDK-8063325 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b13
JDK-8063323 G1: Code root hashtable updated incorrectly when evacuation failed
JDK-8063322 G1 Code Root Migration performs poorly
JDK-8063321 Refactor Hashtable to allow implementations without rehashing support
JDK-8063320 8058744 needs a test case
JDK-8063319 Crash in C1 OSRed method w/ Unsafe usage
JDK-8063318 hotspot/test/Makefile should use jtreg script from $JT_HOME/bin/jreg (instead of $JT_HOME/win32/bin/jtreg)
JDK-8063317 Tiered compilation performance drop in PIT
JDK-8063316 Backport CDS tests from JDK-9 to jdk8_u40
JDK-8063315 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b12
JDK-8063314 [TESTBUG] Re-enable NMTWithCDS.java test
JDK-8063313 Make heap region region type in G1 HeapRegion explicit
JDK-8063312 assert(which != imm_operand) failed: instruction is not a movq reg, imm64
JDK-8063311 closed/compiler/6595044/Main.java failed with timeout
JDK-8063310 Test gc/class_unloading/TestCMSClassUnloadingDisabledHWM.java was removed, but TEST.groups still refers to it
JDK-8063308 new hotspot build - hs25.40-b11
JDK-8063307 ReplacedNodes dumps it's content to tty
JDK-8063306 LogCompilation: C1: inlining tree is flat (no depth is stored)
JDK-8063305 LogCompilation: annotate make_not_compilable with compilation level
JDK-8063304 Provide descriptive failure reason for compilation tasks removed for the queue
JDK-8063303 Method marked w/ @ForceInline isn't inlined with "executed < MinInliningThreshold times" message
JDK-8063302 JSR 292 support for PopFrame has a fragile coupling with DirectMethodHandle
JDK-8063301 Convert warning("Thread holding lock at safepoint that vm can block on") to fatal(...)
JDK-8063300 Thread holding lock at safepoint that vm can block on: MethodCompileQueue_lock
JDK-8063299 Internal Error: mallocTracker.cpp:146 fatal error: Should not use malloc for big memory block, use virtual memory instead
JDK-8063298 identify GCs initiated to update allocation context stats
JDK-8063297 [TESTBUG] gc/g1/TestHumongousShrinkHeap.java fails due to OOM
JDK-8063296 CMM Testing: 8u40 an allocated humongous object at the end of the heap should not prevents shrinking the heap
JDK-8063295 Test vm/mlvm/meth/stress/compiler/deoptimize. Assert in src/share/vm/classfile/systemDictionary.cpp: MH intrinsic invariant
JDK-8063294 Move _highest_comp_level and _highest_osr_comp_level from MethodData to MethodCounters
JDK-8063293 SA: Constantpool lookup for invokedynamic is not implemented
JDK-8063292 assert(result == NULL || result->is_oop()) failed: must be oop
JDK-8063291 Recursive method that was compiled by C1 is unable to catch StackOverflowError
JDK-8063290 assert(false) failed: only Initialize or AddP expected macro.cpp:943
JDK-8063289 WhiteBox extension support for testing
JDK-8063288 notify an obj when allocation context stats are available
JDK-8063286 methods to copy allocation context statistics
JDK-8063285 collect allocation context statistics at gc pauses
JDK-8063284 [TESTBUG] Test is needed to verify correctness of malloc tracking
JDK-8063283 Tests run TypeProfileLevel=222 crash with guarantee(0) failed: must find derived/base pair
JDK-8063282 compiler/6340864/TestLongVect.java timeout with
JDK-8063280 Add C2 x86 intrinsic for BigInteger::multiplyToLen() method
JDK-8063272 TrustDecider.checkMainJarManifest will fail for fx app with embedded certificate.
JDK-8063271 Applet with legacy_lifecycle=true and jdwp properties destroyed on browseaway
JDK-8063266 Sometimes, codebase property is not written in .lap file in cache before loading app
JDK-8063263 web start short cut icon disappear when launch disconnected
JDK-8063259 JRE Install Error in localized Windows 8.1 after join in AD domain
JDK-8063256 Close icon not highlighted and no name/description readable by screen readers
JDK-8063254 [jcck] extra mnemonics in security dialog.
JDK-8063253 Unexpected SSV warning appears on Linux for FX applet requesting JRE 1.7+
JDK-8063252 javaws help message in Japanese is corrupted
JDK-8063251 [de] Truncation issue in EULA dialog.
JDK-8063250 Debug trace controlled by SystemUtil flag not enabled when JPI_PLUGIN2_DEBUG is set
JDK-8063249 jdk8u40 l10n resource file translation update 1
JDK-8063248 ClientConfig.refreshIfNeeded() doesn't restore properties with "active." prefix.
JDK-8063244 javaws fails to launch app with empty href in jnlp file if Application-Library-Allowable-Codebase is used
JDK-8063240 Java Web Start raises "Unable to create a shortcut for " dialog
JDK-8063239 DRS - cert based run rule doesn't work when running offline
JDK-8063238 "Application Error" dialog will show up after click "OK" on "Application Blocked" dialog
JDK-8063234 Putback if 8055179 missed TrustDeciderDialogTest
JDK-8063233 Applet is blocked when requesting sandbox permission and loading loose resource
JDK-8063232 Security Dialog for unsigned jnlp still different in jnlp Application case.
JDK-8063229 Security Dialogs should display OU/O field for Publisher if CN field is empty
JDK-8063221 Exception occurs when writing many texts to java console
JDK-8063220 [since-tag]: javadoc for corba classes has invalid @since tag
JDK-8063219 Expires value in MSK timezone in HTTP Header of response does not get respected by plugin.
JDK-8063216 Java Control Panel Security Level Radio Buttons do not have name, screen read not able to read the name
JDK-8063214 Existing Java method cannot be called from JavaScript in IE
JDK-8063213 Improve Java Control Panel support for High DPI
JDK-8063212 One More File for JavaFX client authentication dialog is not a JavaFX-based dialog
JDK-8063211 JavaFX client authentication dialog is not a JavaFX-based dialog
JDK-8063209 VPAT: Application Blocked dialog issues
JDK-8063208 The warning message displays the app name and publisher as "UNKNOWN" if cache is disabled
JDK-8063207 Broken exception site list GUI- Unable to add a site to the list
JDK-8063206 Provide API to get all the JNLP artifacts
JDK-8063205 deploy.dll needs to stop copying javaws.exe to the system dir
JDK-8063203 Shortcuts are not created for javaws x64 with JRE 7u55 on Windows OS
JDK-8063202 RFE: Instructions Not Clear For Adding Site To ESL
JDK-8063200 [mac] Too long pipe names: sometimes duplicate names arises when many applets on page
JDK-8063199 MacNPAPIJavaPlugin incorrectly constructed which sometimes causes Applet not to load
JDK-8063198 Java Control Panel doesn't display correctly in high resolution
JDK-8063197 Remove AppInfo.getFutureBlock*** methods
JDK-8063194 Multiple applet jars are reported to Java Usage Tracker incorrectly
JDK-8063193 8u20: FX app fails to connect domain:80 while this domain is allowed in cross domain file
JDK-8063191 [macosx] Fix hard-wired paths to JavaVM.framework
JDK-8063188 Move com.sun.java.browser.dom and com.sun.java.browser.net to deploy
JDK-8063186 [nightly] 8u40 - second security warning in html signed sandbox applet
JDK-8063185 ClassNotFound exception when loading jnlp applet in nested resource tag
JDK-8063182 OutputStreamHook doesn't handle null values
JDK-8063180 Enable hook for custom doc generation
JDK-8063179 Add jtreg jobs to JPRT for Hotspot
JDK-8063176 Alterations to jdk_security3 test target
JDK-8063174 Make jdk8u40 the default release
JDK-8063173 Support SKIP_BOOT_CYCLE=false when invoked from JPRT
JDK-8063171 Add hotspot testset to jprt.properties
JDK-8063169 hgforest: some shells run read in sub-shell and can't use fifo
JDK-8063168 get_source.sh outputs 'integer expression expected' messages
JDK-8063167 Add Mercurial Version check to get_source.sh
JDK-8063166 hgforest: allow local clone of extra repos
JDK-8063165 Better concurrency in hgforest.sh
JDK-8063164 Add sequential operation support to hgforest
JDK-8063163 Some hgforest.sh commands don't receive parameters
JDK-8063162 add "serve" command and --quiet and --verbose options to hgforest
JDK-8063161 Let jprt run configure when building
JDK-8063160 Support invoking Hotspot tests from top level
JDK-8063159 Configure --with-jvm-variants=client,server,x produces default outputdir containing comma
JDK-8063158 Allow for extended set of platform MXBeans
JDK-8061590 Typo in Installer Removal Tool UE, "hightly"
JDK-8061588 CMS: JVM intermittently crashes with "FreeList of size 258 violates Conservation Principle" assert
JDK-8061587 Increment hsx 25.31 build to b02 for 8u31-b05
JDK-8060073 Increment minor version of HSx for 8u45 and initialize the build number
JDK-8059956 JAX-WS handles wrongly xsd:any arguments for Web services
JDK-8033129 32-bit JRE silent install fails on WINDOWS 2008 SERVER 64-bit under System account

Committer push log

Michael McMahon, Oracle

Bug Summary
JDK-8047971 jdk.net.Sockets throws InvocationTargetException instead of original runtime exceptions