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Issue Description
JDK-8046179 JEP 189: Shenandoah: A Low-Pause-Time Garbage Collector (Experimental)
Add a new garbage collection (GC) algorithm named Shenandoah which reduces GC pause times by doing evacuation work concurrently with the running Java threads. Pause times with Shenandoah are independent of heap size, meaning you will have the same consistent pause times whether your heap is 200 MB or 200 GB.
JDK-8050952 JEP 230: Microbenchmark Suite
Add a basic suite of microbenchmarks to the JDK source code, and make it easy for developers to run existing microbenchmarks and create new ones.
JDK-8192963 JEP 325: Switch Expressions (Preview)
Extend the switch statement so that it can be used as either a statement or an expression, and that both forms can use either a "traditional" or "simplified" scoping and control flow behavior. These changes will simplify everyday coding, and also prepare the way for the use of pattern matching (JEP 305) in switch. This is a preview language feature in JDK 12.
JDK-8203252 JEP 334: JVM Constants API
Introduce an API to model nominal descriptions of key class-file and run-time artifacts, in particular constants that are loadable from the constant pool.
JDK-8209093 JEP 340: One AArch64 Port, Not Two
Remove all of the sources related to the arm64 port while retaining the 32-bit ARM port and the 64-bit aarch64 port.
JDK-8204247 JEP 341: Default CDS Archives
Enhance the JDK build process to generate a class data-sharing (CDS) archive, using the default class list, on 64-bit platforms.
JDK-8190269 JEP 344: Abortable Mixed Collections for G1
Make G1 mixed collections abortable if they might exceed the pause target.
JDK-8204089 JEP 346: Promptly Return Unused Committed Memory from G1
Enhance the G1 garbage collector to automatically return Java heap memory to the operating system when idle.



Issue Description

Removal of javac Support for 6/1.6 source, target, and release Values

Consistent with the policy outlined in JEP 182: Policy for Retiring javac -source and -target Options, support for the 6/1.6 argument value for javac's -source, -target, and --release flags has been removed.


Issue Description

Changed Properties.loadFromXML to Comply with Specification

The implementation of the java.util.Properties.loadFromXML method has been changed to comply with its specification. Specifically, the underlying XML parser implementation now rejects non-compliant XML documents by throwing an InvalidPropertiesFormatException as specified by the loadFromXML method.

The effect of the change is as follows:

  • Documents created by Properties.storeToXML: No change. Properties.loadFromXML will have no problem reading such files.

  • Documents not created by Properties.storeToXML: Any documents containing DTDs not in the format as specified in Properties.loadFromXML will be rejected. This means the DTD shall be exactly as follows (as generated by the Properties.storeToXML method):

` <!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM ""> `


Issue Description

Changed URLPermission Behavior with Query or Fragments in URL String

The behavior of has changed slightly. It was previously specified to ignore query and fragment components in the supplied URL string. However, this behavior was not implemented and any query or fragment were included in the internal permission URL string. The change here is to implement the behavior as specified. Internal usages of URLPermission in the JDK do not include queries or fragments. So, this will not change. In the unlikely event that user code was creating URLPermission objects explicitly, then the behavior change may be seen and that permission checks which failed erroneously previously, will now pass as expected.


Issue Description

can_pop_frame and can_force_early_return Capabilities are Disabled if JVMCI Compiler is Used

The JVMTI can_pop_frame and can_force_early_return capabilities are disabled if a JVMCI compiler (like Graal) is used. As a result the corresponding functionality (PopFrame and ForceEarlyReturnXXX functions) is not available to JVMTI agents. This issue is tracked by JDK-8218885.


Issue Description

Square Character Support for Japanese New Era

The code point, U+32FF, is reserved by the Unicode Consortium to represent the Japanese square character for the new era that begins from May, 2019. Relevant methods in the Character class return the same properties as the existing Japanese era characters (e.g., U+337E for "Meizi"). For details about the code point, see


Issue Description

POSIX_SPAWN Option on Linux

As an additional way to launch processes on Linux, the jdk.lang.Process.launchMechanism property can be set to POSIX_SPAWN. This option has been available for a long time on other *nix platforms. The default launch mechanism (VFORK) on Linux is unchanged, so this additional option does not affect existing installations.

POSIX_SPAWN mitigates rare pathological cases when spawning child processes, but it has not yet been excessively tested. Prudence is advised when using POSIX_SPAWN in productive installations.


Initial Value of user.timezone System Property Changed

The initial value of the `user.timezonesystem property is undefined unless set using a command line argument, for example, ``-Duser.timezone="America/New_York"``. The first time the default timezone is needed, ifuser.timezoneis undefined or empty the timezone provided by the operating system is used. Previously, the initial value was the empty string. In JDK 12,System.getProperty("user.timezone")` may return null.


Issue Description

JEP 325: Switch Expressions (Preview)

The Java language enhances the switch statement so that it can be used as either a statement or an expression. Using switch as an expression often results in code that is more concise and readable. Both the statement and expression form can use either traditional case ... : labels (with fall through) or simplified case ... -> labels (no fall through). Also, both forms can switch on multiple constants in one case. These enhancements to switch are a preview language feature.


Issue Description

Make -Xshare:auto the default for server VM

We expect CDS to be widely used with the Server VM. However, the current default CDS setting for Server VM is -Xshare:off. This makes it cumbersome to use CDS.

We should change the default to -Xshare:auto, so as long as a CDS archive exists in the JDK, CDS will be automatically used without specifying extra flags.

In JDK 8 and before, RewriteBytecodes was disabled when CDS was enabled. This caused performance degradation in the Server Compiler (aka C2). However this has been fixed in JDK-8074345 since JDK 9, so there's no longer need to disable CDS by default with the Server VM.

The proposed change is to remove this block of code


// Shared spaces work fine with other GCs but causes bytecode rewriting // to be disabled, which hurts interpreter performance and decreases // server performance. When -server is specified, keep the default off // unless it is asked for. Future work: either add bytecode rewriting // at link time, or rewrite bytecodes in non-shared methods. if (isservercompilationmodevm() && !DumpSharedSpaces && !RequireSharedSpaces && (FLAGISDEFAULT(UseSharedSpaces) || !UseSharedSpaces)) { nosharedspaces("COMPILER2 default: -Xshare:auto | off, have to manually setup to on."); }



Command-Line Flag -XX:+ExtensiveErrorReports

The command-line flag -XX:+ExtensiveErrorReports has been added to allow more extensive reporting of information related to a crash as reported in the hs_err<pid>.log file. Disabled by default in product builds, the flag can be turned on in environments where maximal information is desired - even if the resulting logs may be quite large and/or contain information that might be considered sensitive.


HotSpot Windows OS Detection Correctly Identifies Windows Server 2019

Prior to this fix, Windows Server 2019 was recognized as "Windows Server 2016", which produced incorrect values in the system property and the hs_err_pid file.


Obsoleted -XX:+/-MonitorInUseLists

The VM Option -XX:-MonitorInUseLists is obsolete in JDK 12 and ignored. Use of this flag will result in a warning being issued. This option may be removed completely in a future release.


Issue Description

Added Additional TeliaSonera Root Certificate

The following root certificate have been added to the OpenJDK cacerts truststore: + TeliaSonera + teliasonerarootcav1

DN: CN=TeliaSonera Root CA v1, O=TeliaSonera


-groupname Option Added to keytool Key Pair Generation

A new -groupname option has been added to keytool -genkeypair so that a user can specify a named group when generating a key pair. For example, keytool -genkeypair -keyalg EC -groupname secp384r1 will generate an EC key pair by using the secp384r1 curve. Because there might be multiple curves with the same size, using the -groupname option is preferred over the -keysize option.


Customizing PKCS12 keystore Generation

New system and security properties have been added to enable users to customize the generation of PKCS #12 keystores. This includes algorithms and parameters for key protection, certificate protection, and MacData. The detailed explanation and possible values for these properties can be found in the "PKCS12 KeyStore properties" section of the file.

Also, support for the following SHA-2 based HmacPBE algorithms has been added to the SunJCE provider: HmacPBESHA224, HmacPBESHA256, HmacPBESHA384, HmacPBESHA512, HmacPBESHA512/224, HmacPBESHA512/256


Deprecated Default Keytool -keyalg Value

The default -keyalg value for the -genkeypair and -genseckey commands of keytool have been deprecated. If a user has not explicitly specified a value for the -keyalg option a warning will be shown. An additional informational text will also be printed showing the algorithm(s) used by the newly generated entry. In a subsequent JDK release, the default key algorithm values will no longer be supported and the -keyalg option will be required.


disallow and allow Options for System Property

New "disallow" and "allow" token options have been added to the system property. In the JDK implementation, if the Java Virtual Machine starts with the system property set to "disallow", then the System.setSecurityManager method cannot be used to set a security manager and will throw an UnsupportedOperationException. The "disallow" option can improve run-time performance for applications that never set a security manager. For further details on the behavior of these options, see the class description of java.lang.SecurityManager.


Removal of GTE CyberTrust Global Root

The GTE CyberTrust Global Root certificate is expired and has been removed from the cacerts keystore: + alias name "gtecybertrustglobalca [jdk]"

Distinguished Name: CN=GTE CyberTrust Global Root, OU="GTE CyberTrust Solutions, Inc.", O=GTE Corporation, C=US


Added Entrust Root Certificates

The following root certificates have been added to the OpenJDK cacerts truststore: + Entrust + entrustrootcaec1

DN: C=US, O=Entrust, Inc., OU=See, 
       OU=(c) 2012 Entrust, Inc. - for authorized use only,
       CN=Entrust Root Certification Authority - EC1
  • entrust2048ca

    DN:, incorp. by ref. (limits liab.), OU=(c) 1999 Limited, Certification Authority (2048)

  • entrustrootcag2

    DN: C=US, O=Entrust, Inc., OU=See, OU=(c) 2009 Entrust, Inc. - for authorized use only, CN=Entrust Root Certification Authority - G2

  • entrustevca

    DN: C=US, O=Entrust, Inc., is incorporated by reference, OU=(c) 2006 Entrust, Inc., CN=Entrust Root Certification Authority

  • affirmtrustnetworkingca

    DN: C=US, O=AffirmTrust, CN=AffirmTrust Networking

  • affirmtrustpremiumca

    DN: C=US, O=AffirmTrust, CN=AffirmTrust Premium

  • affirmtrustcommercialca

    DN: C=US, O=AffirmTrust, CN=AffirmTrust Commercial

  • affirmtrustpremiumeccca

    DN: C=US, O=AffirmTrust, CN=AffirmTrust Premium ECC


New Java Flight Recorder (JFR) Security Events

Four new JFR events have been added to the security library area. These events are disabled by default and can be enabled via the JFR configuration files or via standard JFR options.

  • jdk.SecurityPropertyModification

  • Records Security.setProperty(String key, String value) method calls

  • jdk.TLSHandshake

  • Records TLS handshake activity. The event fields include:

    • Peer hostname
    • Peer port
    • TLS protocol version negotiated
    • TLS cipher suite negotiated
    • Certificate id of peer client
  • jdk.X509Validation

  • Records details of X.509 certificates negotiated in successful X.509 validation (chain of trust)

  • jdk.X509Certificate

  • Records details of X.509 Certificates. The event fields include:

    • Certificate algorithm
    • Certificate serial number
    • Certificate subject
    • Certificate issuer
    • Key type
    • Key length
    • Certificate id
    • Validity of certificate


Removal of AOL and Swisscom Root Certificates

The following root certificates have been removed from the cacerts truststore: + AOL + aolrootca1

DN: CN=America Online Root Certification Authority 1, O=America Online Inc., C=US
  • aolrootca2

    DN: CN=America Online Root Certification Authority 2, O=America Online Inc., C=US

  • Swisscom

  • swisscomrootca2

    DN: CN=Swisscom Root CA 2, OU=Digital Certificate Services, O=Swisscom, C=ch


Issue Description

Support New Japanese Era in java.time.chrono.JapaneseEra

The JapaneseEra class and its of(int), valueOf(String), and values() methods are clarified to accommodate future Japanese era additions, such as how the singleton instances are defined, what the associated integer era values are, etc.


Issue Description

JEP 335: Deprecate the Nashorn JavaScript Engine

Deprecate the Nashorn JavaScript script engine and APIs, and the jjs tool, with the intent to remove them in a future release (JEP 335).

The Nashorn JavaScript Engine implementation, the APIs and the jjs shell tool have been deprecated and might be removed in a future release. Code that uses classes and interfaces from jdk.nashorn.api.scripting and jdk.nashorn.api.tree packages will get a deprecation warning from javac.

The Nashorn engine (when used by javax.script API or jrunscript tool) as well as jjs shell tool will print a warning message about deprecation. To disable this runtime warning message, users can include the new Nashorn option, --no-deprecation-warning. This might be useful for compatibility scripts that depend on exact output (such as, to avoid the warning breaking their expected exact output).


Issue Description

Support for dns_canonicalize_hostname in krb5.conf

The dns_canonicalize_hostname flag in the krb5.conf configuration file is now supported by the JDK Kerberos implementation. When set to "true", a short hostname in a service principal name will be canonicalized to a fully qualified domain name if available. Otherwise, no canonicalization is performed. The default value is "true". This is also the behavior before JDK 12.


Issue Description

jdeps --print-module-deps Reports Transitive Dependences

jdeps --print-module-deps, --list-deps, and --list-reduce-deps options have been enhanced as follows.

  1. By default, they perform transitive module dependence analysis on libraries on the class path and module path, both directly and indirectly, as required by the given input JAR files or classes. Previously, they only reported the modules required by the given input JAR files or classes. The --no-recursive option can be used to request non-transitive dependence analysis.

  2. By default, they flag any missing dependency, i.e. not found from class path and module path, as an error. The --ignore-missing-deps option can be used to suppress missing dependence errors. Note that a custom image is created with the list of modules output by jdeps when using the --ignore-missing-deps option for a non-modular application. Such an application, running on the custom image, might fail at runtime when missing dependence errors are suppressed.


Issue Description

JEP 334: JVM Constants API

The new package java.lang.invoke.constant introduces an API to model nominal descriptions of class file and run-time artifacts, in particular constants that are loadable from the constant pool. It does so by defining a family of value-based symbolic reference (JVMS 5.1) types, capable of describing each kind of loadable constant. A symbolic reference describes a loadable constant in purely nominal form, separate from class loading or accessibility context. Some classes can act as their own symbolic references (e.g., String); for linkable constants a family of symbolic reference types has been added (ClassDesc, MethodTypeDesc, MethodHandleDesc, and DynamicConstantDesc) that contain the nominal information to describe these constants.


Issue Description

Support for Unicode 11

The JDK 12 release includes support for Unicode 11.0.0. Following the release of JDK 11, which supported Unicode 10.0.0, Unicode 11.0.0 introduced the following new features that are now included in JDK 12: - 684 new characters - 11 new blocks - 7 new scripts.

684 new characters that include important additions for the following: - 66 emoji characters
- Copyleft symbol - Half stars for rating systems - Additional astrological symbols - Xiangqi Chinese chess symbols

7 new scripts : - Hanifi Rohingya - Old Sogdian - Sogdian - Dogra - Gunjala Gondi - Makasar - Medefaidrin

11 new blocks that include 7 blocks for the new scripts listed above and 4 blocks for the following existing scripts: - Georgian Extended - Mayan Numerals - Indic Siyaq Numbers - Chess Symbols


Support for Compact Number Formatting

NumberFormat adds support for formatting a number in its compact form. Compact number formatting refers to the representation of a number in a short or human readable form. For example, in the en_US locale, 1000 can be formatted as "1K" and 1000000 can be formatted as "1M", depending upon the style specified by NumberFormat.Style. The compact number formats are defined by LDML's specification for Compact Number Formats. To obtain an instance, use one of the factory methods given by NumberFormat for compact number formatting. For example:

``` NumberFormat fmt = NumberFormat.getCompactNumberInstance(Locale.US, NumberFormat.Style.SHORT); String result = fmt.format(1000);

``` The example above results in "1K".


Issue Description

LDAPS Communication Failure

Application code using LDAPS with a socket connect timeout that is <= 0 ( the default value ), may encounter an exception when establishing the connection.

The top most frames from Exception stack traces of applications encountering such issues might resemble the following:

` javax.naming.ServiceUnavailableException: <server:port>; socket closed at com.sun.jndi.ldap.Connection.readReply(Unknown Source)<br /> at com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapClient.ldapBind(Unknown Source) ... `


Issue Description

Removal of finalize Method in java.util.ZipFile/Inflator/Deflator

The finalize method in java.util.ZipFile, java.util.Inflator, and java.util.Deflator was deprecated for removal in JDK 9 and its implementation was updated to be a no-op. The finalize method in java.util.ZipFile, java.util.Inflator, and java.util.Deflator has been removed in this release. Subclasses that override finalize in order to perform cleanup should be modified to use alternative cleanup mechanisms and to remove the overriding finalize method.

The removal of the finalize methods will expose Object.finalize to subclasses of ZipFile, Deflater, and Inflater. Compilation errors might occur on the override of finalize due to the change in declared exceptions. Object.finalize is now declared to throw java.lang.Throwable. Previously, only was declared.


Issue Description

ChaCha20 and Poly1305 TLS Cipher Suites

New TLS cipher suites using the ChaCha20-Poly1305 algorithm have been added to JSSE. These cipher suites are enabled by default. The TLSCHACHA20POLY1305SHA256 cipher suite is available for TLS 1.3. The following cipher suites are available for TLS 1.2: - TLSECDHEECDSAWITHCHACHA20POLY1305SHA256 - TLSECDHERSAWITHCHACHA20POLY1305SHA256 - TLSDHERSAWITHCHACHA20POLY1305_SHA256

Refer to the "Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) Reference Guide" for details on these new TLS cipher suites.


Removed TLS v1 and v1.1 from SSLContext Required Algorithms

The requirement that all SE implementations must support TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 has been removed from the API and the Java Security Standard Algorithm Names specification.


supported_groups Extension Should Not be Present in ServerHello Handshake Message

While the supported_groups extension should not be present in ServerHello handshake messages, previous releases have ignored its presence, so that misconfigured servers could continue to function. JDK 11 currently throws an exception if this extension is sent in the ServerHello handshake message.


Disabled TLS anon and NULL Cipher Suites

The TLS anon (anonymous) and NULL cipher suites have been added to the jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms security property and are now disabled by default.


Default SSL Session Cache Size Updated to 20480

The default SSL session cache size has been updated to 20480 in this JDK release


Distrust TLS Server Certificates Anchored by Symantec Root CAs

The JDK will stop trusting TLS Server certificates issued by Symantec, in line with similar plans recently announced by Google, Mozilla, Apple, and Microsoft. The list of affected certificates includes certificates branded as GeoTrust, Thawte, and VeriSign, which were managed by Symantec.

TLS Server certificates issued on or before April 16, 2019 will continue to be trusted until they expire. Certificates issued after that date will be rejected. See the DigiCert support page for information on how to replace your Symantec certificates with a DigiCert certificate (DigiCert took over validation and issuance for all Symantec Website Security SSL/TLS certificates on December 1, 2017).

An exception to this policy is that TLS Server certificates issued through two subordinate Certificate Authorities managed by Apple, and identified below, will continue to be trusted as long as they are issued on or before December 31, 2019.

The restrictions are enforced in the JDK implementation (the SunJSSE Provider) of the Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) API. A TLS session will not be negotiated if the server's certificate chain is anchored by any of the Certificate Authorities in the table below.

An application will receive an Exception with a message indicating the trust anchor is not trusted, ex:

"TLS Server certificate issued after 2019-04-16 and anchored by a distrusted legacy Symantec root CA: CN=GeoTrust Global CA, O=GeoTrust Inc., C=US"

If necessary, and at your own risk, you can work around the restrictions by removing "SYMANTEC_TLS" from the security property in the configuration file.

The restrictions are imposed on the following Symantec Root certificates included in the JDK:

Root Certificates distrusted after 2019-04-16
Distinguished Name SHA-256 Fingerprint
CN=GeoTrust Global CA, O=GeoTrust Inc., C=US


CN=GeoTrust Primary Certification Authority, O=GeoTrust Inc., C=US


CN=GeoTrust Primary Certification Authority - G2, OU=(c) 2007 GeoTrust Inc. - For authorized use only, O=GeoTrust Inc., C=US


CN=GeoTrust Primary Certification Authority - G3, OU=(c) 2008 GeoTrust Inc. - For authorized use only, O=GeoTrust Inc., C=US


CN=GeoTrust Universal CA, O=GeoTrust Inc., C=US


CN=thawte Primary Root CA, OU="(c) 2006 thawte, Inc. - For authorized use only", OU=Certification Services Division, O="thawte, Inc.", C=US


CN=thawte Primary Root CA - G2, OU="(c) 2007 thawte, Inc. - For authorized use only", O="thawte, Inc.", C=US


CN=thawte Primary Root CA - G3, OU="(c) 2008 thawte, Inc. - For authorized use only", OU=Certification Services Division, O="thawte, Inc.", C=US

4B:03:F4:58:07:AD:70:F2:1B:FC:2C:AE:71:C9:FD:E4:60:4C:06:4C:F5:FF:B6:86:BA:E5:DB:AA:D7:FD:D3:4C, CN=Thawte Premium Server CA, OU=Certification Services Division, O=Thawte Consulting cc, L=Cape Town, ST=Western Cape, C=ZA


OU=VeriSign Trust Network, OU="(c) 1998 VeriSign, Inc. - For authorized use only", OU=Class 2 Public Primary Certification Authority - G2, O="VeriSign, Inc.", C=US


OU=Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority, O="VeriSign, Inc.", C=US


OU=VeriSign Trust Network, OU="(c) 1998 VeriSign, Inc. - For authorized use only", OU=Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G2, O="VeriSign, Inc.", C=US


CN=VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G3, OU="(c) 1999 VeriSign, Inc. - For authorized use only", OU=VeriSign Trust Network, O="VeriSign, Inc.", C=US


CN=VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G4, OU="(c) 2007 VeriSign, Inc. - For authorized use only", OU=VeriSign Trust Network, O="VeriSign, Inc.", C=US


CN=VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5, OU="(c) 2006 VeriSign, Inc. - For authorized use only", OU=VeriSign Trust Network, O="VeriSign, Inc.", C=US


CN=VeriSign Universal Root Certification Authority, OU="(c) 2008 VeriSign, Inc. - For authorized use only", OU=VeriSign Trust Network, O="VeriSign, Inc.", C=US


Subordinate Certificates distrusted after 2019-12-31
Distinguished Name SHA-256 Fingerprint
CN=Apple IST CA 2 - G1, OU=Certification Authority, O=Apple Inc., C=US


CN=Apple IST CA 8 - G1, OU=Certification Authority, O=Apple Inc., C=US


If you have a TLS Server certificate issued by one of the CAs above, you should have received a message from DigiCert with information about replacing that certificate, free of charge.

You can also use the keytool utility from the JDK to print out details of the certificate chain, as follows:

keytool -v -list -alias <your_server_alias> -keystore <your_keystore_filename>

If any of the certificates in the chain are issued by one of the root CAs in the table above are listed in the output you will need to update the certificate or contact the organization that manages the server if not yours.


Disabled All DES TLS Cipher Suites

DES-based TLS cipher suites are considered obsolete and should no longer be used. DES-based cipher suites have been deactivated by default in the SunJSSE implementation by adding the "DES" identifier to the jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms security property. These cipher suites can be reactivated by removing "DES" from the jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms security property in the file or by dynamically calling the Security.setProperty() method. In both cases re-enabling DES must be followed by adding DES-based cipher suites to the enabled cipher suite list using the SSLSocket.setEnabledCipherSuites() or SSLEngine.setEnabledCipherSuites() methods.

Note that prior to this change, DES40_CBC (but not all DES) suites were disabled via the jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms security property.


Issue Description

Change to X25519 and X448 Encoded Private Key Format

The encoded format of X25519 and X448 private keys has been corrected to use the standard format described in RFC 8410. This change affects any private key produced from the "X25519", "X448", or "XDH" services in the SunEC provider. The correct format is not compatible with the format used in previous JDK versions. It is recommended that existing incompatible keys in storage be replaced with newly-generated private keys.


Issue Description

Deprecated NSWindowStyleMaskTexturedBackground

After an upgrade of the macOS SDK used to build the JDK, the behavior of the apple.awt.brushMetalLook and textured Swing properties has changed. When these properties are set, the title of the frame is still visible. It is recommended that the apple.awt.transparentTitleBar property be set to true to make the title of the frame invisible again. The apple.awt.fullWindowContent property can also be used.

Please note that Textured window support was implemented by using the NSTexturedBackgroundWindowMask value of NSWindowStyleMask. However, this was deprecated in macOS 10.12 along with NSWindowStyleMaskTexturedBackground, which was deprecated in macOS 10.14.

For additional information, refer to the following documentation: - apple.awt.brushMetalLook: - apple.awt.transparentTitleBar: - apple.awt.fullWindowContent:


Removal of com.sun.awt.SecurityWarning Class

The com.sun.awt.SecurityWarning class was deprecated as forRemoval=true in JDK 11 (JDK-8205588). This class was unused in the JDK and has been removed in this release.


Issue Description

Removal of finalize Methods from FileInputStream and FileOutputStream

The finalize methods of FileInputStream and FileOutputStream were deprecated for removal in JDK 9. They have been removed in this release. Thejava.lang.ref.Cleaner has been implemented since JDK 9 as the primary mechanism to close file descriptors that are no longer reachable from FileInputStream and FileOutputStream. The recommended approach to close files is to explicitly call close or to use try-with-resources.


Disable the File Canonicalization Cache by Default

The file canonicalization cache has long-standing correctness issues; see JDK-7066948. For this reason, the cache is now disabled by default. It can be re-enabled by setting the system property. The cache was removed in JDK 21; see JDK-8309215.


Issue Description

ZGC: Concurrent Class Unloading

The Z Garbage Collector now supports class unloading. By unloading unused classes, data structures related to these classes can be freed, lowering the overall footprint of the application. Class unloading in ZGC happens concurrently, without stopping the execution of Java application threads, and has zero impact on GC pause times. This feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled by using the command line option -XX:-ClassUnloading.


Allocation of Old Generation of Java Heap on Alternate Memory Devices

This experimental feature in G1 and Parallel GC allows them to allocate the old generation of the Java heap on an alternative memory device such as NV-DIMM memory.

Operating systems today expose NV-DIMM memory devices through the file system. Examples are NTFS DAX mode and ext4 DAX mode. Memory-mapped files in these file systems bypass the file cache and provide a direct mapping of virtual memory to the physical memory on the device. The specification of a path to an NV-DIMM file system by using the flag -XX:AllocateOldGenAt=<path> enables this feature. There is no additional flag to enable this feature.

When enabled, young generation objects are placed in DRAM only while old generation objects are always allocated in NV-DIMM. At any given point, the collector guarantees that the total memory committed in DRAM and NV-DIMM memory is always less than the size of the heap as specified by -Xmx.

The current implementation pre-allocates the full Java heap size in the NV-DIMM file system to avoid problems with dynamic generation sizing. Users need to make sure there is enough free space on the NV-DIMM file system.

When enabled, the VM also limits the maximum size of the young generation based on available DRAM, although it is recommended that users set the maximum size of the young generation explicitly.

For example, if the VM is run with -Xmx756g on a system with 32GB DRAM and 1024GB NV-DIMM memory, the collector will limit the young generation size based on following calculation: 1. No -XX:MaxNewSize or -Xmn is specified: the maximum young generation size is set to 80% of available memory (25.6GB). 2. -XX:MaxNewSize or -Xmn is specified: the maximum young generation size is capped at 80% of available memory (25.6GB) regardless of the amount specified. 3. Users can use -XX:MaxRAM to let the VM know how much DRAM is available for use. If specified, maximum young gen size is set to 80% of the value in MaxRAM. 4. Users can specify the percentage of DRAM to use (instead of the default 80%) for young generation with -XX:MaxRAMPercentage.

Enabling logging with the logging option gc+ergo=info will print the maximum young generation size at startup.


Epsilon GC handled checked array stores incorrectly

Epsilon GC may have violated the specification requirements by accepting the type-incompatible store into the array, instead of throwing the ArrayStoreException. This is now handled correctly, both in this release, and associated backports. Users are advised to upgrade as soon as possible.


G1 May Uncommit Memory During Marking Cycle

By default, G1 may now give back Java heap memory to the operating system during any concurrent mark cycle. G1 will respect default Java heap sizing policies at that time.

This change improves memory usage of the Java process if the application does not need all memory.

This behavior may be disabled in accordance with default heap sizing policies by setting minimum Java heap size to maximum Java heap size via the -Xms option.



Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8212213 All tests for splashscreen stopped worked in jdk12b13
P2 JDK-8210776 Upgrade XWD to 1.0.7
P3 JDK-8214002 Cannot use italic font style if the font has embedded bitmap
P3 JDK-8213614 DnD operation change feature does not work with 64bit big endian CPU
P3 JDK-8215364 JavaFX crashes on Ubuntu 18.04 with Wayland while using Swing-FX interop
P3 JDK-8208702 javax/swing/reliability/ may hang on macos
P3 JDK-8208996 X11 icon window color handing bug
P4 JDK-8209123 [Macosx] Maximized frame (frame state set to MAXIMIZED_BOTH using setExtendedState) is resizable on Mac but not on Windows and Ubuntu
P4 JDK-8211693 Convert C-style array declarations in client demos and jdk.accessibility
P4 JDK-8211300 Convert C-style array declarations in JDK client code
P4 JDK-8198624 java/awt/KeyboardFocusmanager/TypeAhead/SubMenuShowTest/SubMenuShowTest.html fails on mac
P4 JDK-8186549 move ExtendedRobot closer to tests
P4 JDK-8208541 non-ASCII characters in hsdis UPL text
P4 JDK-8214470 PIT: javax/swing/JPopupMenu/7154841/ errors out on mac10.13
P4 JDK-8211822 Some tests fail after JDK-8210039
P4 JDK-8197810 Test java/awt/Choice/SelectCurrentItemTest/SelectCurrentItemTest.html fails on Windows


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8212680 (JDK12b14/Solaris-sparc) SplashScreen::getSplashScreen call fails with ULE: " java: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory"
P2 JDK-8212040 Compilation error due to wrong usage of NSPrintJobDispositionValue in mac10.12
P2 JDK-8216965 crash in freetypeScaler.c CopyBW2Grey8
P2 JDK-8218020 Fix version number in 3rd party legal file
P3 JDK-8201818 [macosx] Printing attributes break page size set via "java.awt.print.Book" object
P3 JDK-8214558 bad @run tag in
P3 JDK-8210335 Clipping problems with complex affine transforms: negative scaling factors or small scaling factors
P3 JDK-8210447 Incorrect font rendering under Windows LAF
P3 JDK-7017058 Malayalam glyph substitution is failing for Malayalam with Windows Kartika font.
P3 JDK-8212071 Need to set the FreeType LCD Filter to reduce fringing.
P3 JDK-8211055 Provide print to a file (PDF) feature even when printer was not connected
P3 JDK-8210384 SunLayoutEngine.isAAT() font is expensive on MacOS
P4 JDK-8130264 Change the mechanism by which JDK loads the platform-specific PrinterJob implementation
P4 JDK-8213051 Invalid use of HTML5 in javax.print files
P4 JDK-8212790 Javadoc cleanup of java.awt.color package
P4 JDK-8056217 Remove awt_makecube.cpp
P4 JDK-8212703 Remove sun.java2d.fontpath property from java launcher code
P4 JDK-8210707 Some line shaped characters are not displayed without Anti Aliasing
P4 JDK-8213568 Typo in java/awt/GraphicsEnvironment/LoadLock/
P4 JDK-8209548 Unused and incorrect calls to FT_Get_Char_Index
P4 JDK-8139178 Wrong fontMetrics when printing in Landscape (OpenJDK)


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8215280 Double click on titlebar not working for Frame with extended state set to MAXIMIZED_BOTH
P2 JDK-8213583 Error while opening the JFileChooser when desktop contains shortcuts pointing to deleted files
P2 JDK-8213944 Fix AIX build after the removal of Xrandr.h and add a configure check for it
P2 JDK-8213292 Input freezes after MacOS key-selector (press&hold) usage on macOS Mojave
P2 JDK-8215921 There is no change when select different Foreground and Background by mouse.
P3 JDK-8213817 @return has already been specified (4 occurrences, in AWT and Swing)
P3 JDK-8191178 [macos] Problem with input of yen symbol
P3 JDK-8211301 [macos] support full window content options
P3 JDK-8146310 [macosx] does not initialize screen menu bar
P3 JDK-8213983 [macosx] Keyboard shortcut “cmd +`” stops working properly if popup window is displayed
P3 JDK-8214120 [REDO] Fix sun.awt.nativedebug on X11 platforms
P3 JDK-8014503 AWT Choice implementation should be made consistent across platforms.
P3 JDK-8204142 AWT hang occurs when sequenced events arrive out of sequence in multiple AppContexts.
P3 JDK-8202702 Clearing selection on JTable causes disappearance of a row
P3 JDK-8203406 Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.NullPointerException
P3 JDK-8211435 Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-1" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null source
P3 JDK-8182041 File Chooser Shortcut Panel folders under on JDK 9
P3 JDK-8214007 Fix sun.awt.nativedebug on X11 platforms
P3 JDK-8211992 GraphicsConfiguration.getDevice().getDisplayMode() causes JVM crash on Mac
P3 JDK-8213048 Invalid use of HTML5 in java.awt files
P3 JDK-8130655 OS X: keyboard input in textfield is not possible if the window contained textfield is owned by EmbeddedFrame
P3 JDK-8210880 Remove HPKeysym.h from JDK sources
P3 JDK-8210886 Remove references in to non-existent files.
P3 JDK-8210863 Remove Xrandr include files from JDK sources
P3 JDK-8170937 Swing apps are slow if displaying from a remote source to many local displays
P3 JDK-8210692 The "com.sun.awt.SecurityWarning" class can be dropped
P3 JDK-8207070 Webstart app popup on wrong screen in a one-screen setup changing to multi-monitor
P4 JDK-8039082 [TEST_BUG] Test java/awt/dnd/BadSerializationTest/ fails
P4 JDK-8213532 add missing LocalFree calls after using FormatMessage(A) [windows]
P4 JDK-8209115 adjust libsplashscreen linux ppc64le builds for easier libpng update
P4 JDK-8211317 avoid memory leak in Java_sun_awt_UNIXToolkit_load_1stock_1icon
P4 JDK-8214380 AwtDragSource function LoadCache misses a ReleaseLongArrayElements in special case
P4 JDK-8205537 Drop of sun.applet package
P4 JDK-8210286 Drop of sun.awt.HToolkit class
P4 JDK-8214343 Handle the absence of Xrandr more generically
P4 JDK-8198002 java/awt/Mixing/ debug assert on Windows
P4 JDK-8211833 Javadoc cleanup of java.applet package
P4 JDK-8210306 Missing closing bracket in GridBagLayout gridwidth, gridheight description
P4 JDK-8205479 OS X: requestFocus() does not work properly for embedded frame
P4 JDK-8211218 remove double semicolon in src/java.desktop/macosx/classes/sun/font/
P4 JDK-8213213 Remove src/java.desktop/unix/classes/sun/awt/X11/keysym2ucs.h
P4 JDK-8203263 Remove unnecessary throws clauses from serialization-related methods
P4 JDK-8211810 X11 Time stamp data should be unsigned
P5 JDK-8209340 The code which avoids synthetic accessors has become outdated


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8211393 Memory leak issue on awt_InputMethod.c
P4 JDK-8213183 InputMethod cannot be used after its restarting


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8211147 Incorrect comparator com.sun.beans.introspect.MethodInfo.MethodOrder


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8133713 [macosx] Accessible JTables always reported as empty
P3 JDK-7124293 [macosx] VoiceOver reads percentages rather than the actual values for sliders.
P3 JDK-7124301 [macosx] When in a tab group if you arrow between tabs there are no VoiceOver announcements.
P4 JDK-8061359 [macosx] Checkbox toggles on Space press but does not spoken by Voice Over


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8212116 IIOException "tEXt chunk length is not proper" on opening png file
P3 JDK-8211795 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PNGImageReader after JDK-6788458
P3 JDK-8214817 Bad links in &
P3 JDK-8212865 Broken external link to TIFF6.pdf in ImageIO
P3 JDK-8212875 ftp: links for tiff/TTN2.draft.txt do not respond
P3 JDK-8211422 Reading PNG with corrupt CRC for IEND chunk throws IIOException
P4 JDK-8214876 Add "intermittent" key for imageio/stream/StreamCloserLeak/


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8207150 Clip.isRunning() may return true after Clip.stop() was called
P4 JDK-8211962 Implicit narrowing in MacOSX java.desktop jsound


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8206392 [macosx] Cycling through windows (JFrames) does not work with keyboard shortcut
P2 JDK-8213843 Changing L&F from Nimbus to Window L&F causes NPE in SwingSet2
P2 JDK-8187364 Unable to enter zero width non-joiner (ZWNJ) symbol in Swing text component
P3 JDK-8203281 [Windows] JComboBox change in ui when editor.setBorder() is called
P3 JDK-8192888 AllSwingComponentsBaselineTest fails with NullPointerException for NimbusLookAndFeel
P3 JDK-8211886 Bad/broken link in synthFileFormat.html
P3 JDK-8210739 Calling JSpinner's setFont with null throws NullPointerException
P3 JDK-8209494 Create a test for SwingSet3 InternalFrameDemo
P3 JDK-8209993 Create a test for SwingSet3 ToolTipDemo
P3 JDK-8210910 Create test for FileChooserDemo
P3 JDK-8209499 Create test for SwingSet3 EditorPaneDemo
P3 JDK-8210994 Create test for SwingSet3 FrameDemo
P3 JDK-8213168 Enable different look and feel tests in SwingSet3 demo test FileChooserDemoTest
P3 JDK-8210056 Enable different look and feel tests in SwingSet3 demo test TextFieldDemoTest
P3 JDK-8210055 Enable different look and feel tests in SwingSet3 demo tests
P3 JDK-8210057 Enable different look and feels in SwingSet3 demo test InternalFrameDemoTest
P3 JDK-8211443 Enable different look and feels in SwingSet3 demo test SplitPaneDemoTest
P3 JDK-8210052 Enable testing for all the available look and feels in SwingSet3 demo tests
P3 JDK-8211760 HTMLDocument.wait() thread lock after calling JPanel.pack() at startup
P3 JDK-8208638 Instead of circle rendered in appl window, but ellipse is produced JEditor Pane
P3 JDK-8213049 Invalid HTML5 in javax.swing files
P3 JDK-8204963 javax.swing.border.TitledBorder has a memory leak
P3 JDK-8202013 JEditorPane shows large HTML unordered list bullets
P3 JDK-8201925 JEditorPane unordered list bullets look pixelated
P3 JDK-8211987 Menu bar gets input focus even if Alt-released event is consumed
P3 JDK-8211031 Remove un-needed qualified export to java.desktop from java.base on macos
P3 JDK-8212897 Some improvements in the EditorPaneDemotest
P3 JDK-8209789 Synchronize test/jdk/sanity/client/lib/jemmy with code-tools/jemmy/v2
P3 JDK-8213261 test javax/swing/plaf/nimbus/ fails
P3 JDK-8213934 Text size too small on HiDPI monitors when using Windows L&F
P3 JDK-8205535 Useless (or buggy) call to Math.round on int input
P4 JDK-8208543 [macos] Support for apple.awt.documentModalSheet incomplete.
P4 JDK-6821316 comment in source code of has a self-reference
P4 JDK-8212735 Compilation issue with javax.swing.InputVerifier example in javadoc section
P4 JDK-6994403 Grammatical error in documentation of javax.swing.GroupLayout.ParallelGroup
P4 JDK-8213121 javax/swing/GraphicsConfigNotifier/ fails on mac10.13
P4 JDK-8213116 javax/swing/JComboBox/WindowsComboBoxSize/ fails in Windows
P4 JDK-8198321 javax/swing/JEditorPane/5076514/ fails
P4 JDK-8202656 javax/swing/JEditorPane/8195095/ fails on Windows
P4 JDK-8203904 javax/swing/JSplitPane/4816114/ The divider location is wrong
P4 JDK-8212882 links to tutorial should be updated to use https:
P4 JDK-8214943 PIT: javax/swing/JFrame/NSTexturedJFrame/ errors out in mac
P4 JDK-8198339 Test javax/swing/border/ is unstable
P4 JDK-8209343 Test javax/swing/border/ should be marked as headful
P4 JDK-8199072 Test javax/swing/GroupLayout/6613904/ is unstable
P4 JDK-8198398 Test javax/swing/JColorChooser/ fails in mach5
P4 JDK-8206343 There is a typo in the java documentation of javax.swing.JScrollBar.
P4 JDK-6828982 UIDefaults.getUI swallows original exception


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8207748 Fix for 8202794 breaks tier1 builds
P2 JDK-8213151 [AIX] Some class library files are missing the Classpath exception
P2 JDK-8213043 Add internal Unsafe xxxObject methods as jsr166 is broken
P2 JDK-8211097 aix: fix build after JDK-8210919
P2 JDK-8214552 Resolve clash between 4947890 and 8130264
P2 JDK-8214431 tests failed because can't find jdk.testlibrary.* in test directory or libraries
P3 JDK-8214063 [AIX] Disable symbol visibility flags
P3 JDK-8211122 Reduce the number of internal classes made accessible to jdk.unsupported
P3 JDK-8210766 Remove obsolete qualified export to java.desktop
P3 JDK-8205615 Start of release updates for JDK 12
P3 JDK-8205128 Umbrella: JDK 12 terminal deprecations
P4 JDK-8205610 [TESTLIB] Improve listing of open file descriptors
P4 JDK-8211804 Constant AO_UNUSED_MBZ uses left shift of negative value
P4 JDK-8215309 Convert package.html files to files
P4 JDK-8211149 fix potential memleak in getJavaIDFromLangID after failing SetupI18nProps call [windows]
P4 JDK-8209786 JDK12 fails to build on s390x with gcc 7.3
P4 JDK-8202794 Native Unix code should use readdir rather than readdir_r
P4 JDK-8213913 Redundant HTML in
P4 JDK-8206440 Remove javac -source/-target 6 from jdk regression tests
P4 JDK-8212948 Remove unused jdk.internal.misc.VMNotification interface
P4 JDK-8211071 unpack.cpp fails to compile with statement has no effect [-Werror=unused-value]
P4 JDK-8212001 Verify exported symbols in java.base (libjava)
P4 JDK-8212000 Verify exported symbols in java.base (libnet, libnio/ch)
P5 JDK-8210347 Combine subsequent calls to Set.contains() and Set.add()
P5 JDK-8200381 Typos in javadoc - missing verb "be" and alike


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8210345 The Japanese message of FileNotFoundException garbled.
P3 JDK-8207005 Disable the file canonicalization cache by default
P3 JDK-6516099 InputStream.skipFully(int k) to skip exactly k bytes
P3 JDK-8192939 Remove Finalize methods from FileInputStream and FileOutputStream
P4 JDK-8211859 Avoid initializing AtomicBoolean from RandomAccessFile
P4 JDK-8209837 Avoid initializing ExpiringCache during bootstrap
P4 JDK-8207744 Clean up inconsistent use of opendir/closedir versus opendir64/closedir64
P4 JDK-8207060 Memory leak when malloc fails within WITH_UNICODE_STRING block
P4 JDK-8207750 Native handle leak in
P4 JDK-8204310 Simpler RandomAccessFile.setLength() on Windows
P4 JDK-8211163 UNIX version of Java_java_io_Console_echo does not return a clean boolean
P5 JDK-8207016 Avoid redundant native memory allocation in getFinalPath()


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8211121 Remove sun.reflect.ReflectionFactory::newInstanceForSerialization


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8215489 Remove String::align
P2 JDK-8210841 test/jdk/vm/runtime/ fails with NoClassDefFoundError
P2 JDK-8212694 Using Raw String Literals with align() and Integer.MIN_VALUE causes out of memory error
P3 JDK-5075463 (enum) Serialized Form javadoc for java.lang.Enum is misleading
P3 JDK-8215380 Backout accidental change to String::length
P3 JDK-8211876 Broken links in java.base files (ClassLoader.html#name)
P3 JDK-8211957 Broken links to stylesheet in java.base/doc-files
P3 JDK-8212880 Cannot access ftp: site for fdlibm.tar
P3 JDK-8210031 implementation for JVM Constants API
P3 JDK-8185496 Improve performance of system properties initialization in initPhase1
P3 JDK-8215194 Initial size of UnicodeBlock map is incorrect
P3 JDK-8214794 java.specification.version should be only the major version number
P3 JDK-8171426 java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ failed with Stream closed
P3 JDK-8146090 java/lang/ref/ fails with -XX:+DeoptimizeALot
P3 JDK-8196005 Library support for Raw String Literals
P3 JDK-4947890 Minimize JNI upcalls in system-properties initialization
P3 JDK-8214696 Module class should be filtered by core reflection
P3 JDK-8210721 Replace legacy serial exception field with Throwable::cause
P3 JDK-8200434 String::align, String::indent
P3 JDK-8215493 String::indent inconsistency with blank lines
P3 JDK-8203442 String::transform
P3 JDK-8215112 String::transform spec clarification
P3 JDK-8210004 Thread.sleep(millis, nanos) timeout returns early
P3 JDK-8213820 unknown tag: @returns
P3 JDK-8214567 Use {@systemProperty} for definitions of system properties
P3 JDK-8213920 Use {@systemProperty} tag for properties listed in System.getProperties
P4 JDK-8212828 (process) Provide a way for Runtime.exec to use posix_spawn on linux
P4 JDK-8176425 Add radix indication in NumberFormatException message for Integer.decode
P4 JDK-8208715 Conversion of milliseconds to nanoseconds in UNIXProcess contains bug.
P4 JDK-8207753 Handle to process snapshot is leaked if Process32First() fails
P4 JDK-8215159 Improve initial setup of system Properties
P4 JDK-8212662 javadoc typo in java.lang.ref.Cleaner
P4 JDK-8213017 jspawnhelper: need to handle pipe write failure when sending return code
P4 JDK-8199394 Object.hashCode should not mention anything about memory addresses
P4 JDK-8210787 Object.wait(long, int) throws inappropriate IllegalArgumentException
P4 JDK-8206495 Redundant System.setProperty(null) tests
P4 JDK-8214971 Replace use of string.equals("") with isEmpty()
P4 JDK-8098798 Thread.join(ms) on Linux still affected by changes to the time-of-day clock
P4 JDK-8189717 Too much documentation of ProcessBuilder.start copied to ProcessBuilder.startPipeline
P4 JDK-8213046 Update java.lang.Character javadoc for Japanese New Era character
P4 JDK-8215281 Use String.isEmpty() when applicable in java.base
P4 JDK-8213424 VersionProps duplicate and skipped initialization
P5 JDK-8209171 Simplify Java implementation of Integer/Long.numberOfTrailingZeros()


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8211921 AssertionError in MethodHandles$Lookup.defineClass
P3 JDK-8215300 additional changes to constants API
P3 JDK-8215510 j.l.c.ClassDesc is accepting descriptors not allowed by the spec
P3 JDK-8203252 JEP 334: JVM Constants API
P3 JDK-8213478 Reduce rebinds when applying repeated filters and conversions
P3 JDK-8215648 remove equals and hashCode implementations from j.l.i.VarHandle
P3 JDK-8207146 Rename jdk.internal.misc.Unsafe::xxxObject to xxxReference
P4 JDK-8207816 Align declaration of SerializedLambda.readResolve with serialization conventions
P4 JDK-8209633 Avoid creating WeakEntry wrappers when looking up cached MethodType
P4 JDK-8186452 Common supertype for objects representing classfile entities with descriptor strings
P4 JDK-8213741 Consolidate Object and String Stringifiers
P4 JDK-8206955 MethodHandleProxies.asInterfaceInstance does not support default methods
P4 JDK-8212597 Optimize String concatenation setup when using primitive operands
P4 JDK-8213035 Pack MethodHandleInlineStrategy coder and length into a long
P4 JDK-8212726 Replace some use of drop- and foldArguments with filtering argument combinator in StringConcatFactory
P4 JDK-8181443 Replace usages of jdk.internal.misc.Unsafe with MethodHandles.Lookup.defineClass
P4 JDK-8210366 Typo in MethodHandles.Lookup: must be either be
P5 JDK-8177275 IllegalArgumentException when MH would have too many parameters is not specified for several methods


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8213056 Nested anchor tags in java.lang.module
P4 JDK-8209003 Consolidate use of empty collections in java.lang.module
P4 JDK-8214858 Improve module graph archiving
P4 JDK-8215301 Module-summary page is unreadably wide
P4 JDK-8211825 ModuleLayer.defineModulesWithXXX does not setup delegation when module reads automatic module
P5 JDK-8208998 Typo in, field for ModuleHashes should be moduleHashes


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8215048 Some classloader typos


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8198526 getAnnotatedOwnerType does not handle static nested classes correctly
P3 JDK-8206240 java.lang.Class.newInstance() is causing caller to leak
P3 JDK-8208364 java/lang/reflect/callerCache/ missing module dependencies declaration
P3 JDK-8213444 Missing emphasis for term being defined
P3 JDK-8213299 runtime/appcds/jigsaw/classpathtests/ failed with java.lang.NoSuchMethodException
P4 JDK-6304578 (reflect) toGenericString fails to print bounds of type variables on generic methods
P4 JDK-8058202 AnnotatedType implementations don't override toString(), equals(), hashCode()
P4 JDK-8212081 AnnotatedType.toString implementation don't print annotations on embedded types
P4 JDK-8210496 Improve filtering for classes with security sensitive fields


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8152910 Get performance improvement with Stable annotation


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8218662 Allow 204 responses with Content-Length:0
P1 JDK-8214460 MacosX build is broken because of JDK-8214014
P1 JDK-8218546 Unable to connect to using
P2 JDK-8215292 Back out changes for node- and link- local ipv6 multicast address
P2 JDK-8208391 Differentiate response and connect timeouts in HTTP Client API
P2 JDK-8211146 fix problematic elif-tests after recent gcc warning changes Werror=undef
P2 JDK-8213418 Socket/ServerSocket supportedOptions does not work with custom SocketImpl
P3 JDK-8210147 adjust some WSAGetLastError usages in windows network coding
P3 JDK-8211349 Bad HTML in {@link} for HttpResponse.BodyHandlers.ofPublisher
P3 JDK-8207265 Bad HTML in {@link} in HttpResponse.BodySubscribers.ofPublisher
P3 JDK-8211902 broken link in
P3 JDK-8215008 Clear confusion between URL/URI paths and file system paths
P3 JDK-8207846 Generalize the security property
P3 JDK-8046500 GetIpAddrTable function failed on Pure Ipv6 environment
P3 JDK-8213910 Invalid HTML in
P3 JDK-8203850 HTTP client should allow specifying Origin and Referer headers
P3 JDK-8203672 JNI exception pending in PlainSocketImpl.c
P3 JDK-8207960 Non-negative WINDOW_UPDATE increments may leave the stream window size negative
P3 JDK-8212114 Reconsider the affect on closed streams resulting from 8189366
P3 JDK-8189366 SocketInputStream.available() should check for eof
P3 JDK-8207959 The initial value of SETTINGS_MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS should have no limit
P3 JDK-8213942 URLStreamHandler initialization race
P3 JDK-8213921 Use {@systemProperty} tag for properties listed in "Networking Properties"
P3 JDK-8209994 windows: Java_java_net_NetworkInterface_getAll misses releasing interface-list
P4 JDK-8209454 [error-prone] TypeParameterUnusedInFormals in
P4 JDK-8214445 [test] java/net/URL/HandlerLoop has illegal reflective access
P4 JDK-8211927 Add additional diagnostic information to java/net/BindException/
P4 JDK-8210493 Bind to node- or linklocal ipv6 multicast address fails
P4 JDK-8213210 Change ServerSocket(SocketImpl impl) constructor to protected access
P4 JDK-8211420 returns Content-length header for 204 response code
P4 JDK-8212926 HttpClient does not retrieve files with large sizes over HTTP/1.1
P4 JDK-8210311 IllegalArgumentException in CookieManager - Comparison method violates its general contract
P4 JDK-8211842 IPv6_supported wrongly returns false when unix domain socket is bound to fd 0
P4 JDK-8211437 hangs on 204 reply without Content-length 0
P4 JDK-8213189 Make restricted headers in HTTP Client configurable and remove Date by default
P4 JDK-8211978 Move testlibrary/jdk/testlibrary/ and testkeys to network testlibrary
P4 JDK-8207404 MulticastSocket tests failing on AIX
P4 JDK-8214295 Populate handlers while holding streamHandlerLock
P4 JDK-8194899 Remove unused classes
P4 JDK-8214014 Remove vestiges of gopher: protocol proxy support
P4 JDK-8187522 test/sun/net/ftp/ timed out
P4 JDK-8213616 URLPermission with query or fragment behaves incorrectly
P4 JDK-8213911 Use in and other examples
P4 JDK-8200191 Verify exported symbols in java.base
P5 JDK-8213490 Networking area typos and inconsistencies cleanup


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8202252 (aio) Closed AsynchronousSocketChannel keeps completion handler alive
P3 JDK-8213366 (fs) avoid handle leak in Java_sun_nio_fs_WindowsNativeDispatcher_FindFirstFile0
P3 JDK-8206448 (fs) Extended attributes assumed to be enabled on ext3 (lnx)
P3 JDK-8213406 (fs) More than one instance of built-in FileSystem observed in heap
P3 JDK-8197398 (zipfs) Files.walkFileTree walk indefinitelly while processing JAR file with "/" as a directory inside.
P3 JDK-8210394 (zipfs) jdk/nio/zipfs/ The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process
P3 JDK-8211385 (zipfs) ZipDirectoryStream yields a stream of absolute paths when directory is relative
P3 JDK-8210899 (zipfs) ZipFileSystem.EntryOutputStreamCRC32 mistakenly set the crc32 value into size field
P4 JDK-8212212 (bf) Incorrect path to stream preprocessor source in java.nio Buffer test scripts
P4 JDK-8208362 (bf) Long chains created by direct Buffer::slice
P4 JDK-8210279 (bf) Remove unused package private method java.nio.Buffer.truncate()
P4 JDK-8202285 (fs) Add a method to Files for comparing file contents
P4 JDK-8207145 (fs) Native memory leak in WindowsNativeDispatcher.LookupPrivilegeValue0
P4 JDK-8214078 (fs) SecureDirectoryStream not supported on arm32
P4 JDK-8210341 (fs) Typos in PosixFileAttributeView javadoc
P4 JDK-8207340 (fs) UnixNativeDispatcher close and readdir usages should be fixed
P4 JDK-8186766 (fs) UnixNativeDispatcher::readlink() may truncate overlong paths
P4 JDK-8209152 (so) ServerSocketChannel::supportedOptions includes IP_TOS
P4 JDK-8034802 (zipfs) newFileSystem throws UOE when the zip file is located in a custom file system
P4 JDK-8210817 Minor typo in java.nio.file.attribute package summary
P4 JDK-8193822 Remove unused newDirectByteBuffer and truncate methods from buffer classes
P4 JDK-8210741 Typo in Java API documentation of java.nio.file.Paths


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8212794 IBM-964 is required for AIX default charset
P3 JDK-8213618 IBM970 charset has missing entry and remove unexpected entries
P3 JDK-8211382 ISO2022JP and GB18030 NIO converter issues
P3 JDK-8209576 java.nio.file.Files.writeString writes garbled UTF-16 instead of UTF-8
P4 JDK-8208634 Add x-IBM-1129 charset
P5 JDK-8210285 CharsetDecoder/Encoder's constructor does not reject NaN


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8211068 rmic does not support classes compiled with the option --enable-preview
P3 JDK-8214569 Use {@systemProperty} for definitions of system properties
P4 JDK-8209382 [error-prone] HashtableContains in sun/rmi/server/


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8211295 DriverManager::getConnection fails to find driver if it's called from JDBC RowSet
P4 JDK-8208060 Additional corrections of serial-related declarations


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8177552 Compact Number Formatting support
P3 JDK-8209923 Unicode 11
P4 JDK-8021322 [Fmt-Ch] Implementation of ChoiceFormat math methods should delegate to java.lang.Math methods
P4 JDK-8208560 ChoiceFormat class has unused constants needs cleanup
P4 JDK-8193444 SimpleDateFormat throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when format contains long sequences of unicode characters


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8213085 (tz) Upgrade Timezone Data to tzdata2018g
P2 JDK-8216176 Clarify the singleton description in j.t.c.JapaneseEra class
P2 JDK-8217892 Clarify the support for the new Japanese era in java.time.chrono.JapaneseEra
P2 JDK-8212941 Support new Japanese era in java.time.chrono.JapaneseEra
P3 JDK-8213818 @return has already been specified
P3 JDK-8211952 Broken links in java.time API
P4 JDK-8210633 Cannot parse JapaneseDate string with DateTimeFormatterBuilder Mapped-values
P4 JDK-8166138 DateTimeFormatter.ISO_INSTANT should handle offsets
P4 JDK-8207751 Remove misleading serialVersionUID from JulienFields.Field


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8213325 (props) Properties.loadFromXML does not fully comply with the spec
P3 JDK-8212870 Broken links for
P3 JDK-8212878 host in ftp: link not found
P4 JDK-8207393 ServiceLoader class description improvements


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8215326 Test java/util/concurrent/ConcurrentHashMap/ hangs after j.u.c updates
P3 JDK-8211877 Broken links in java.util.concurrent.atomic
P3 JDK-8212899 java/util/concurrent/tck/ - testMissedSignal_8187947(SubmissionPublisherTest): timed out waiting for CountDownLatch for 40 sec
P3 JDK-8205620 Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2018-07
P3 JDK-8207003 Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2018-09
P3 JDK-8211283 Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2018-11
P3 JDK-8214457 Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2018-12
P3 JDK-8214559 Use {@systemProperty} for definitions of system properties
P4 JDK-8210971 Add exception handling methods to CompletionStage and CompletableFuture
P4 JDK-8214427 probable bug in logic of ConcurrentHashMap.addCount()


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8211860 Avoid reading security properties eagerly on Manifest class initialization
P3 JDK-8216362 Better error message handling when there is an invalid Manifest
P3 JDK-8211880 Broken links in java.util.jar
P3 JDK-8205525 Improve exception messages during manifest parsing of jar archives
P3 JDK-8206389 JarEntry.setCreation/LastAccessTime without setLastModifiedTime causes Invalid CEN header
P3 JDK-8211765 JarFile constructor throws undocumented java.nio.file.InvalidPathException
P3 JDK-8211728 JarFile::versionedStream() does not filter META-INF resources in versioned stream
P3 JDK-8212129 Remove Finalize methods from ZipFile, Inflater and Deflater
P3 JDK-8214744 Unnecessary

tags in

P4 JDK-8206863 A closed JarVerifier.VerifierStream should throw IOException


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8211960 broken links in java.util.logging
P4 JDK-8209456 [error-prone] ShortCircuitBoolean in java.logging
P4 JDK-8209987 Minor cleanup in
P5 JDK-8211093 Default sets log level for


Priority Bug Summary
P5 JDK-8211396 Broken link in javadoc for private java.util.regex.Pattern#normalize()


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8205461 Create Collector which merges results of two other collectors


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8214745 Bad link in coll-reference.html
P3 JDK-8211882 Broken links in serialized-form.html
P4 JDK-7033681 Arrays.asList methods needs better documentation
P4 JDK-8205399 Set node color on pinned HashMap.TreeNode deletion
P5 JDK-8206123 ArrayDeque created with default constructor can only hold 15 elements
P5 JDK-8207314 Unnecessary reallocation when constructing WeakHashMap from a large Map


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8208080 Locale extensions via Service provider is not working for region extensions
P2 JDK-8210153 localized currency symbol of VES
P2 JDK-8210490 TimeZone.getDisplayName given Locale.US doesn't always honor the Locale
P2 JDK-8214935 Upgrade IANA LSR data
P3 JDK-8206120 Add test cases for lenient Japanese era parsing
P3 JDK-8211961 Broken link in java.util.Locale
P3 JDK-8208746 ISO 4217 Amendment #168 Update
P3 JDK-8209775 ISO 4217 Amendment #169 Update
P3 JDK-8206886 Java does not set the default format locale correctly on mac10.13
P3 JDK-8072130 java/lang/instrument/BootClassPath/ fails on Mac OSX
P3 JDK-8214498 java/util/Locale/bcp47u/ wrong locale default
P3 JDK-8211398 Square character support for the Japanese new era
P3 JDK-8209880 tzdb.dat is not reproducibly built
P3 JDK-8213294 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2018-10-31
P3 JDK-8209167 Use CLDR's time zone mappings for Windows
P4 JDK-8210142 java.util.Calendar.clone() doesn't respect sharedZone flag
P4 JDK-8210443 Migrate Locale matching tests to JDK Repo.
P4 JDK-8214170 ResourceBundle.Control.newBundle should throw IllegalAccessException when constructor of the resource bundle is not public.


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8208200 Add missing periods to sentences in RoundEnvironment specs
P4 JDK-8213256 Clarify runtime vs compile time annotations for RoundEnvironment.getElementsAnnotatedWith(Class)


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8216322 Missing since information in deprecation of constructor visitors
P4 JDK-8193292 Add SourceVersion.RELEASE_12
P4 JDK-8173606 Deprecate constructors of 7-era visitors
P4 JDK-8208201 Update SourceVersion.RELEASE_11 docs to mention var for lambda param


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8205330 InitialDirContext ctor sometimes throws NPE if the server has sent a disconnection
P2 JDK-8211107 LDAPS communication failure with jdk 1.8.0_181
P4 JDK-8160768 Add capability to custom resolve host/domain names within the default JNDI LDAP provider
P4 JDK-8211920 Close server socket and cleanups in test/jdk/javax/naming/module/
P4 JDK-8176553 LdapContext follows referrals infinitely ignoring set limit


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8208782 Remove extra type in throws clause of SerialClob.writeObject


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8214795 Add safety check to dynalink inner class lookup
P4 JDK-8214525 Bit rot in Nashorn Ant script
P4 JDK-8210943 Hiding of inner classes not resolved properly


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8210560 [TEST] convert com/sun/jdi redefineClass-related tests
P3 JDK-8209604 [TEST] rewrite com/sun/jdi shell tests to java version - step2
P3 JDK-8210243 [TEST] rewrite com/sun/jdi shell tests to java version - step3
P3 JDK-8210760 [TEST] rewrite com/sun/jdi shell tests to java version - step4
P3 JDK-8199155 Accessibility issues in jdk.jdi
P3 JDK-8195703 'App exited unexpectedly with 2'
P3 JDK-8210118 better jdb test diagnostics when getting "Prompt is not received during ... milliseconds" failures
P3 JDK-8211884 Broken links in JPDA, JDWP specs
P3 JDK-8209517 com/sun/jdi/ fails with timeout
P3 JDK-8210725 com/sun/jdi/ fails with waitForPrompt timed out after 60 seconds
P3 JDK-8213902 com/sun/jdi/ times out
P3 JDK-8193879 Java debugger hangs on method invocation
P3 JDK-8211324 Link to java.lang.ThreadGroup in JDWP spec is broken
P3 JDK-8213916 no copyright in signature.html
P3 JDK-8169718 nsk/jdb/locals/locals002: ERROR: Cannot find boolVar with expected value: false
P3 JDK-8208471 nsk/jdb/unwatch/unwatch002/ fails with "Prompt is not received during 300200 milliseconds"
P3 JDK-8163083 SocketListeningConnector does not allow invocations with port 0
P4 JDK-8206086 [Graal] JDI tests fail with com.sun.jdi.ObjectCollectedException
P4 JDK-8204695 [Graal] vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/ClassPrepareRequest/addSourceNameFilter/addSourceNameFilter002/ fails
P4 JDK-8211292 [TEST] convert com/sun/jdi/ test
P4 JDK-8214061 Buffer written into itself
P4 JDK-8209605 com/sun/jdi/ fails with ZGC
P4 JDK-8210252 com/sun/jdi/ fails with NPE
P4 JDK-8212665 com/sun/jdi/ jj1 (line 57) - unexpected. lastLine=52, minLine=52, maxLine=55
P4 JDK-8067354 com/sun/jdi/ failed
P4 JDK-8203393 com/sun/jdi/ and fail due to timeout
P4 JDK-8199811 com/sun/jdi/ fails intermittently: Remote thread failed for unknown reason
P4 JDK-8214892 Delayed starting of debugging via jcmd
P4 JDK-8210987 Extra newlines on Windows when running nsk jdb tests
P4 JDK-8213052 HTML errors in JPDA spec
P4 JDK-8211736 jdb doesn't print prompt when breakpoint is hit and suspend policy is STOP_EVENT_THREAD
P4 JDK-8212151 jdi/ times out due to "bind failed: Address already in use" on Solaris-X64
P4 JDK-8206007 nsk/jdb/exclude001 test is taking a long time on some builds
P4 JDK-8206330 Revisit com/sun/jdi/
P5 JDK-8212629 [TEST] wrong breakpoint in test/jdk/com/sun/jdi/DeferredStepTest


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8212197 OpenDataException thrown when constructing CompositeData for StackTraceElement
P2 JDK-8212795 ThreadInfoCompositeData.toCompositeData fails to map ThreadInfo to CompositeData


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8211951 Broken links in files
P5 JDK-6254624 Clarify what restrictions a new connector protocol implementation must respect


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8214300 .attach_pid files may remain in the process cwd
P3 JDK-8176828 jtools do not list VM process launched with the debugger option suspend=y
P3 JDK-8209163 SA: Show Object Histogram asserts with ZGC
P4 JDK-8205992 jhsdb cannot attach to Java processes running in Docker containers
P4 JDK-8186548 move jdk.testlibrary.JcmdBase closer to tests
P4 JDK-8210106 sun/tools/jps/ timed out


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8214805 Mark deprecated netscape.javascript.JSObject::getWindow API forRemoval=true


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8066570 Highlight Charset aliases in encoding docs
P4 JDK-8218696 Broken link to AppCDS in JDK 11 documentation
P4 JDK-8218697 Typo in JDK 11 documentation - "the operation system."


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8213579 Document the System Property,
P3 JDK-8208156 Each JCE provider should document the EC curves that they support
P3 JDK-8058585 Update security guides with information about using module URLs in policy files
P4 JDK-8210140 Java 11 migration guide : Provide simple indication to remove Nashorn warning
P4 JDK-8187960 Should document in properties table
P4 JDK-8211381 Update The Kerberos 5 GSS-API Mechanism page in security guide
P4 JDK-8162956 Use keytool -cacerts in security guides


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8212915 Update documentation after -XX:+AggressiveOpts removal


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8215880 Add -groupname to keytool tooldoc
P3 JDK-8217478 Doc changes in Jhsdb page
P3 JDK-8217481 Doc changes in Jinfo page
P3 JDK-8217483 Doc changes in Jstack page
P3 JDK-8217482 Doc changes Jmap in page
P3 JDK-8200467 Document various tools' new --enable-preview option
P3 JDK-8214416 Update jdeps tool reference guide


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8218411 JDK 12 L10n resource file update msg drop 20
P3 JDK-8215994 JDK 12 l10n resource file update - msg drop 10
P4 JDK-8216590 [l10n][ja]Typo in


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8209093 JEP 340: One AArch64 Port, Not Two
P4 JDK-8206183 Possible construct EMPTY_STACK and allocation stack, etc. on first use.


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8217359 C2 compiler triggers SIGSEGV after transformation in ConvI2LNode::Ideal
P1 JDK-8213565 Crash in DependencyContext::remove_dependent_nmethod
P1 JDK-8214556 Crash in DependencyContext::remove_dependent_nmethod still happens
P1 JDK-8214206 Fix for JDK-8213419 is broken on 32-bit
P1 JDK-8219151 Illegal instruction exception on JDK 12 due to incorrect CPU feature bits
P1 JDK-8216050 Superword optimization fails with assert(0 <= i && i < _len) failed: illegal index
P1 JDK-8215354 x86_32 build failures after JDK-8214074 (Ghash optimization using AVX instructions)
P1 JDK-8215353 x86_32 build failures after JDK-8214751 (X86: Support for VNNI Instructions)
P2 JDK-8210284 "assert((av & 0x00000001) == 0) failed: unsupported V8" on Solaris 11.4
P2 JDK-8213259 [AOT] AOTing java.base fails with "java.lang.AssertionError: no fingerprint for Ljdk/internal/event/Event"
P2 JDK-8214401 [AOT] crash in ClassLoaderData::is_alive() with AOTed jdk.base
P2 JDK-8217678 [AOT] jck Math/IncrementExact and Math/DecrementExact tests fail when test classes are AOTed
P2 JDK-8210434 [Graal] 8209301 prevents GitHub Graal from compiling with latest JDK
P2 JDK-8215375 [Graal] jck:vm/jvmti/Exception/excp001/excp00101 fails in Graal as JIT mode and -Xcomp mode
P2 JDK-8209624 [JVMCI] Invalidate nmethods instead of directly unloading them when the InstalledCode is dropped
P2 JDK-8210497 [PPC64] Vector registers not saved across safepoint
P2 JDK-8207247 AArch64: Enable Minimal and Client VM builds
P2 JDK-8215100 AArch64: fix compareTo intrinsic with four-character Latin/Unicode
P2 JDK-8215202 AArch64: jtreg test test/jdk/sun/nio/cs/ fails
P2 JDK-8217467 Access barriers are missing in C2 intrinsic for Base64
P2 JDK-8211212 ARM: -Werror=switch build failure
P2 JDK-8214936 assert(_needs_refill == 0) failed: Forgot to handle a failed IC transition requiring IC stubs
P2 JDK-8213825 assert(false) failed: Non-balanced monitor enter/exit! Likely JNI locking
P2 JDK-8217230 assert(t == t_no_spec) failure in NodeHash::check_no_speculative_types()
P2 JDK-8210963 Build failures after "8210829: Modularize allocations in C2"
P2 JDK-8216135 C2 assert(!had_error) failed: bad dominance
P2 JDK-8209511 C2 asserts with UseSSE < 4 and AVX enabled: "Label was never bound to a location, but it was used as a jmp target'
P2 JDK-8215044 C2 crash in loopTransform.cpp with assert(cl->trip_count() > 0) failed: peeling a fully unrolled loop
P2 JDK-8208275 C2 crash in Node::add_req(Node*)
P2 JDK-8210390 C2 still crashes with "assert(mode == ControlAroundStripMined && use == sfpt) failed: missed a node"
P2 JDK-8215757 C2: PhaseIdealLoop::create_new_if_for_predicate() computes wrong IDOM
P2 JDK-8215265 C2: range check elimination may allow illegal out of bound access
P2 JDK-8216541 CompiledICHolders of VM locked unloaded nmethods are released too late
P2 JDK-8213588 compiler/graalunit/ fails after 8213348 / 8211781 were pushed
P2 JDK-8211698 Crash in C2 compiled code during execution of double array heavy processing code
P2 JDK-8213464 Fix missing include after JDK-8212243
P2 JDK-8213604 Fix missing includes after JDK-8212673
P2 JDK-8209594 guarantee(this->is8bit(imm8)) failed: Short forward jump exceeds 8-bit offset
P2 JDK-8214257 IC cache not clean after cleaning assertion failure
P2 JDK-8132849 Increased stop time in cleanup phase because of single-threaded walk of thread stacks in NMethodSweeper::mark_active_nmethods()
P2 JDK-8213411 JDK-8209189 incorrect for Big Endian (JVM crashes)
P2 JDK-8213348 service providers missing in module descriptor
P2 JDK-8212609 Minimal VM build failure after JDK-8210498 (nmethod entry barriers)
P2 JDK-8211375 Minimal VM build failures after JDK-8211251 (Default mask register for avx512 instructions)
P2 JDK-8215888 Register to register spill may use AVX 512 move instruction on unsupported platform.
P2 JDK-8213486 SIGSEGV in CompiledMethod::cleanup_inline_caches_impl with AOT
P2 JDK-8213596 test failure with Graal when security manager and policy file are used
P2 JDK-8215708 ZGC: Add missing LoadBarrierNode::size_of()
P2 JDK-8215755 ZGC: split_barrier_thru_phi: check number of inputs of phi
P2 JDK-8211451 ~2.5% regression on compression benchmark starting with 12-b11
P3 JDK-8214857 "bad trailing membar" assert failure at memnode.cpp:3220
P3 JDK-8211740 [AOT] -XX:AOTLibrary doesn't accept windows path
P3 JDK-8209574 [AOT] breakpoint events are generated in different threads does not meet expected count when testcase vm/jvmti/Breakpoint/brkp001/brkp00102/brkp00102.html is executed
P3 JDK-8206963 [AOT] bug with multiple class loaders
P3 JDK-8211743 [AOT] crash in ScopeDesc::decode_body() when JVMTI walks AOT frames
P3 JDK-8215313 [AOT] java/lang/String/ fails with AOTed java.base
P3 JDK-8210220 [AOT] jdwp test cases are failing with error # ERROR: TEST FAILED: Cought IOException while receiving event packet: # ERROR: Read timed out
P3 JDK-8206738 [Graal] Compilation fails during nmethod printing with "assert(bci == 0 || 0 <= bci && bci < code_size()) failed: illegal bci"
P3 JDK-8196568 [Graal] fails with "runTestOverflow() did not overflow"
P3 JDK-8216151 [Graal] Module has not been granted
P3 JDK-8215133 AARCH64: disable Math.log intrinsic publishing
P3 JDK-8211320 AArch64: unsafe.compareAndSetByte() and unsafe.compareAndSetShort() c2 intrinsics broken with negative expected value
P3 JDK-8214961 AARCH64: wrong encoding for exclusive and atomic load/stores
P3 JDK-8212779 ADL Parser does not check allocation return values in all cases
P3 JDK-8209544 AES encrypt performance regression in jdk11b11
P3 JDK-8212989 Allow CompiledMethod ExceptionCache have unloaded klasses
P3 JDK-8214512 ARM32: Jtreg test compiler/c2/ fails on ARM
P3 JDK-8210466 ARM: Modularize allocations in assembler
P3 JDK-8209639 assert failure in coalesce.cpp: attempted to spill a non-spillable item
P3 JDK-8210392 assert(Compile::current()->live_nodes() < Compile::current()->max_node_limit()) failed: Live Node limit exceeded limit
P3 JDK-8214862 assert(proj != __null) at compile.cpp:3251
P3 JDK-8214025 assert(t->singleton()) failed: must be a constant when ScavengeRootsInCode < 2
P3 JDK-8211231 BarrierSetC1::generate_referent_check() confuses register allocator
P3 JDK-8209651 better TLS poll for x64 C2
P3 JDK-8209833 C2 compilation fails with "assert(ex_map->jvms()->same_calls_as(_exceptions->jvms())) failed: all collected exceptions must come from the same place"
P3 JDK-8210387 C2 compilation fails with "assert(node->_last_del == _last) failed: must have deleted the edge just produced"
P3 JDK-8209439 C2 library_call can potentially ignore Math.pow intrinsic or use null pointer
P3 JDK-8213419 C2 may hang in MulLNode::Ideal()/MulINode::Ideal() with gcc 8.2.1
P3 JDK-8207965 C2-only debug build fails
P3 JDK-8214344 C2: assert(con.basic_type() != T_ILLEGAL) failed: elembt=byte; loadbt=void; unsigned=0
P3 JDK-8210389 C2: assert(n->outcnt() != 0 || C->top() == n || n->is_Proj()) failed: No dead instructions after post-alloc
P3 JDK-8216427 ciMethodData::load_extra_data() does not always unpack the last entry
P3 JDK-8208277 Code cache heap (-XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize) doesn't work with 1GB LargePages
P3 JDK-8211332 code_size2 (defined in stub_routines_x86.hpp) is too small on new Skylake CPUs
P3 JDK-8210803 Compilation failure in codeBlob.cpp for Windows 32-bit
P3 JDK-8211129 compiler/whitebox/ fails after JDK-8132849
P3 JDK-8212610 Fix handling of memory in PhaseIdealLoop::clone_loop_predicates()
P3 JDK-8211232 GraphKit::make_runtime_call() sometimes attaches wrong memory state to call
P3 JDK-8211929 hotspot/share/opto/parse2.cpp compile error with gcc 7.3.1
P3 JDK-8215500 ICRefillVerifierMark does not set the provided verfier as current
P3 JDK-8215205 javaVFrame much slower than vframeStream
P3 JDK-8215319 jck lang/INTF/intf049/intf04901 fails in Graal as JIT mode with -Xcomp and AOTed Graal
P3 JDK-8208463 jdk.internal.vm.compiler's contains duplicated provides of the same service interface
P3 JDK-8210853 JIT: C2 doesn't skip post barrier for new allocated objects
P3 JDK-8212673 jtreg/applications/runthese/ fails in C2 with "assert(!had_error) failed: bad dominance"
P3 JDK-8205574 Loop predication "assert(f <= 1 && f >= 0) failed Incorrect frequency"
P3 JDK-8211233 MemBarNode::trailing_membar() and MemBarNode::leading_membar() need to handle dying subgraphs better
P3 JDK-8206931 Misleading "COMPILE SKIPPED: invalid non-klass dependency" compile log
P3 JDK-8216549 Mismatched unsafe access to non escaping object fails
P3 JDK-8212603 Need to step over GC barriers in Node::eqv_uncast()
P3 JDK-8215144 PPC64: Wrong assertion "illegal object size"
P3 JDK-8150552 Remove -XX:+AggressiveOpts
P3 JDK-8217043 Shenandoah: SIGSEGV in Type::meet_helper() at barrier expansion time
P3 JDK-8216482 Shenandoah: typo in ShenandoahBarrierSetC2::clone_barrier_at_expansion() causes failed compilations
P3 JDK-8217042 Shenandoah: write barrier on backedge of strip mined loop causes c2 crash at expansion time
P3 JDK-8209950 SIGBUS in CodeHeapState::print_names()
P3 JDK-8216314 SIGILL in CodeHeapState::print_names()
P3 JDK-8211168 Solaris-X64 build fails due to "Error: nreg hides the same name in an outer scope."
P3 JDK-8214189 test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/intrinsics/mathexact/ fails on Windows x64 when run with -XX:-TieredCompilation
P3 JDK-8177899 Tests fail due to code cache exhaustion on machines with many cores
P3 JDK-8211061 Tests fail with assert(VM_Version::supports_sse4_1()) on ThreadRipper CPU
P3 JDK-8215555 TieredCompilation C2 threads can excessively block handshakes
P3 JDK-8210764 Update avx512 implementation
P3 JDK-8210777 Update Graal
P3 JDK-8208183 update HSDIS plugin license to UPL
P3 JDK-8213538 VM crashes when MaxVectorSize is set to 0, 1 or 2
P3 JDK-8211272 x86_32 build failures after JDK-8210764 (Update avx512 implementation)
P4 JDK-8187078 -XX:+VerifyOops finds numerous problems when running JPRT
P4 JDK-8208686 [AOT] JVMTI ResourceExhausted event repeated for same allocation
P4 JDK-8210588 [Graal] 5% regression on fft benchmark starting with 12-b8
P4 JDK-8202533 [Graal] Implement StringUTF16.compress & StringLatin1.inflate
P4 JDK-8213203 [JVMCI] adopt formatting changes from jvmci 8
P4 JDK-8213907 [JVMCI] avoid Class.getDeclared* methods when converting JVMCI objects to reflection objects
P4 JDK-8191339 [JVMCI] BigInteger compiler intrinsics on Graal
P4 JDK-8212934 [JVMCI] do not propagate resolution error in HotSpotResolvedJavaFieldImpl.getType
P4 JDK-8209535 [JVMCI] Do not swallow NoClassDefFoundError when converting JVMCI methods and fields to reflection objects.
P4 JDK-8210066 [JVMCI] iterateFrames uses wrong GrowableArray API for appending
P4 JDK-8209136 [JVMCI] Make sure volatile fields are read as volatile during constant reflection.
P4 JDK-8213347 [JVMCI] remove use of reflection in JVMCI
P4 JDK-8212817 [JVMCI] ResolvedJavaMethod.isInVirtualMethodTable throws InternalError
P4 JDK-8212956 [JVMCI] SpeculationReason should maintain identity
P4 JDK-8211145 [ppc] [s390]: Build fails due to -Werror=switch (introduced with JDK-8211029)
P4 JDK-8213196 [ppc] [s390]: prepare code for gcc7.3.1 warning (int-in-bool-context)
P4 JDK-8210319 [s390]: Use of shift operators not covered by cpp standard
P4 JDK-8198294 AARCH64 - Set flags' optimal defaults for Cavium Thunder X2 CPU
P4 JDK-8209783 AArch64: Combine Multiply and Neg operations in C2
P4 JDK-8209835 Aarch64: elide barriers on all volatile operations
P4 JDK-8210578 AArch64: Invalid encoding for fmlsvs instruction
P4 JDK-8210413 AArch64: Optimize div/rem by constant in C1
P4 JDK-8206895 aarch64: rework error-prone cmp instuction
P4 JDK-8205421 AARCH64: StubCodeMark should be placed after alignment
P4 JDK-8213134 AArch64: vector shift failed with MaxVectorSize=8
P4 JDK-8211170 AArch64: Warnings in C1 and template interpreter
P4 JDK-8215322 add @file support to jaotc
P4 JDK-8210972 Add comment text to C1 patching code
P4 JDK-8214908 add ctw tests for jdk.jfr and modules
P4 JDK-8209691 Allow MemBar on single memory slice
P4 JDK-8213947 ARM32: failed check_simd should set UsePopCountInstruction to false
P4 JDK-8214128 ARM32: wrong stack alignment on Deoptimization::unpack_frames
P4 JDK-8209380 ARM: cleanup maybe-uninitialized and reorder compiler warnings
P4 JDK-8209697 ARM: Explicit barriers for C1/assembler
P4 JDK-8209695 ARM: Explicit barriers for interpreter
P4 JDK-8210465 ARM: Object equals abstraction for BarrierSetAssembler
P4 JDK-8212928 Assertion too strict in compiledVFrame::update_deferred_value on SPARC
P4 JDK-8207343 Automate vtable/itable stub size calculation
P4 JDK-8210215 C2 should optimize trichotomy calculations
P4 JDK-8214362 C2: gc interface entry point for split if
P4 JDK-8214526 Change CodeHeap State Analytics control from UL to Print*
P4 JDK-8212585 Clean up CompiledMethod::oops_reloc_begin()
P4 JDK-8209686 cleanup arguments to PhaseIdealLoop() constructor
P4 JDK-8213086 Compiler thread creation should be bounded by available space in memory and Code Cache
P4 JDK-8210885 Convert left over loads/stores to access api
P4 JDK-8213014 Crash in CompileBroker::make_thread due to OOM
P4 JDK-8211251 Default mask register for avx512 instructions
P4 JDK-8214434 Disabling ZOptimizeLoadBarriers hits assert
P4 JDK-8214376 Don't use memset to initialize array of Bundle in output.cpp
P4 JDK-8213745 Don't use memset to initialize array of RegMask in matcher.cpp
P4 JDK-8209668 Explicit barriers for C1/assembler
P4 JDK-8209667 Explicit barriers for C1/LIR
P4 JDK-8210187 Explicit barriers for C2
P4 JDK-8214557 Filter out VM flags which don't affect AOT code generation
P4 JDK-8209023 fix 2 compiler tests to avoid JDK-8208690
P4 JDK-8214523 Fix nmethod asserts for concurrent nmethod unloading
P4 JDK-8213795 Force explicit null check on patching placeholder offset
P4 JDK-8214172 GC interface entry points for loop opts
P4 JDK-8213371 GC/C2 abstraction and cleanup to handle custom offset for GC memory accesses
P4 JDK-8213746 GC/C2 abstraction for C2 matcher
P4 JDK-8213489 GC/C2 abstraction for Compile::final_graph_reshaping()
P4 JDK-8213615 GC/C2 abstraction for escape analysis
P4 JDK-8214057 GC/C2 abstraction for Node::has_special_unique_user()
P4 JDK-8214055 GC/C2 abstraction for phaseX
P4 JDK-8209825 guarantee(false) failed: wrong number of expression stack elements during deopt
P4 JDK-8213381 Hook to allow GC to inject Node::Ideal() calls
P4 JDK-8191006 hsdis disassembler plugin does not compile with binutils 2.29+
P4 JDK-8209684 Intrinsics that assume some input non null should use GraphKit::must_be_not_null()
P4 JDK-8212070 Introduce diagnostic flag to abort VM on failed JIT compilation
P4 JDK-8208582 Introduce native oop barriers in C1 for OopHandle
P4 JDK-8208601 Introduce native oop barriers in C2 for OopHandle
P4 JDK-8213779 Loop opts anti dependent store detection should ignore uncommon trap calls
P4 JDK-8210355 Minimal and Zero non-PCH builds fail after JDK-8207343 (Automate vtable/itable stub size calculation)
P4 JDK-8215551 Missing case label in nmethod::reloc_string_for()
P4 JDK-8214004 Missing space between compiler thread name and task info in hs_err
P4 JDK-8213479 Missing patterns for 8-bit logical operators with destination in memory
P4 JDK-8210829 Modularize allocations in C2
P4 JDK-8212243 More gc interface tweaks for arraycopy
P4 JDK-8213384 Move G1/C2 barrier verification into G1BarrierSetC2
P4 JDK-8214338 Move IC stub refilling out of IC cache transitions
P4 JDK-8210498 nmethod entry barriers
P4 JDK-8212706 nmethod jvmci_installed_code_name need to be XML escaped
P4 JDK-8210381 Obsolete EmitSync
P4 JDK-8211034 OnStackReplacePercentage option checking has bugs
P4 JDK-8214074 Optimize Ghash using AVX instructions
P4 JDK-8210152 Optimize integer divisible by power-of-2 check
P4 JDK-8214451 PPC64/s390: Clean up unused CRC32 prototype and function
P4 JDK-8214205 PPC64: Add instructions for counting trailing zeros
P4 JDK-8213754 PPC64: Add Intrinsics for isDigit/isLowerCase/isUpperCase/isWhitespace
P4 JDK-8211908 PPC64: Enable SuperWordLoopUnrollAnalysis by default
P4 JDK-8208171 PPC64: Enrich SLP support
P4 JDK-8210320 PPC64: Fix uninitialized variable in C1 LIR assembler code
P4 JDK-8215262 PPC64: FMA Vectorization on PPC64
P4 JDK-8210660 PPC64: Mapping floating point registers to vsx registers in
P4 JDK-8212681 Refactor IC locking to use a fine grained CompiledICLocker
P4 JDK-8214027 Reinstate testB_mem_imm pattern in
P4 JDK-8210752 Remaining explicit barriers for C2
P4 JDK-8210676 Remove some unused Label variables
P4 JDK-8213469 Remove/fix leftovers from JDK-8213384: Move G1/C2 barrier verification into G1BarrierSetC2
P4 JDK-8209186 Rename SimpleThresholdPolicy to TieredThresholdPolicy
P4 JDK-8213473 Replace testB_mem_imm matcher with testUB_mem_imm
P4 JDK-8214773 Replace use of thread unsafe strtok
P4 JDK-8209588 SIGSEGV in MethodArityHistogram() with -XX:+CountCompiledCalls
P4 JDK-8212611 Small collection of simple changes from shenandoah
P4 JDK-8209420 Track membars for volatile accesses so they can be properly optimized
P4 JDK-8210887 Tweak C2 gc api for arraycopy
P4 JDK-8211219 Type inconsistency in LIRGenerator::atomic_cmpxchg(..)
P4 JDK-8214059 Undefined behaviour in ADLC
P4 JDK-8212996 Use AS_NO_KEEPALIVE when accessing dead java.lang.invoke.CallSites during nmethod unloading
P4 JDK-8215206 VtableStubs::find_stub is not appropriately protected by VtableStubs_lock
P4 JDK-8214444 Wrong strncat limits in dfa.cpp
P4 JDK-8214751 X86: Support for VNNI Instructions
P4 JDK-8212616 x86_32 build failures after JDK-8210498 (nmethod entry barriers)
P4 JDK-8210357 Zero builds fail after JDK-8207343 (Automate vtable/itable stub size calculation)
P4 JDK-8214541 ZGC: Refactoring from JDK-8214172 may leave PhaseIterGVN::_delay_transform set
P5 JDK-8214912 LogCompilation: Show the comp level


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8215724 Epsilon: fails; missing arraycopy check
P1 JDK-8208605 Fix for 8199868 breaks tier1 build
P1 JDK-8215005 Missing include of runtime/os.hpp in zError.cpp after JDK-8214944 breaks build without precompiled headers
P2 JDK-8209839 [Backout] Backout JDK-8206467 Refactor G1ParallelCleaningTask into shared
P2 JDK-8212896 AIX build breaks after 8212611
P2 JDK-8215773 applications/kitchensink/ crash with "assert(ZAddress::is_marked(addr)) failed: Should be marked"
P2 JDK-8215898 Build broken on 32-bit after JDK-8211425
P2 JDK-8215897 Build broken on zero after JDK-8211425
P2 JDK-8210164 building Minimal VM fails with error: comparison of unsigned expression < 0 is always false [-Werror=type-limits]
P2 JDK-8210265 Crash in HSpaceCounters::update_used()
P2 JDK-8209193 Fix aarch64-linux compilation after -Wreorder changes
P2 JDK-8210557 G1 next bitmap verification at the end of concurrent mark sometimes fails
P2 JDK-8214315 G1: fatal error: acquiring lock SATB_Q_FL_lock/1 out of order with lock tty_lock/0
P2 JDK-8214118 HeapRegions marked as archive even if CDS mapping fails
P2 JDK-8215149 fails after JDK-8215120
P2 JDK-8214068 ZGC crashes with vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/ReferenceType/instances/instances004/
P2 JDK-8217717 ZGC: Broken oop map in C1 load barrier stub
P2 JDK-8214484 ZGC: Exclude SA tests ClhsdbJhisto and TestHeapDumpFor*
P2 JDK-8212181 ZGC: Fix incorrect root iteration in ZHeapIterator
P2 JDK-8217309 ZGC: Fix ZNMethodTable corruption
P2 JDK-8215754 ZGC: nmethod is not unlinked from Method before rendezvous handshake
P2 JDK-8215487 ZGC: ZRuntimeWorkers incorrectly identify themselves as ZWorkers
P3 JDK-8209357 [PPC64] Fix build which was broken by 8208672 (Enable -Wreorder)
P3 JDK-8209433 [s390] Fix build which was broken by 8208672 (Enable -Wreorder)
P3 JDK-8214125 [test] Fix comparison between pointer and integer in test_ptrQueueBufferAllocator.cpp
P3 JDK-8215889 assert(!_unloading) failed: This oop is not available to unloading class loader data with ZGC
P3 JDK-6735522 Bitmap - force inlining of find_next_one_bit()
P3 JDK-6735527 Bitmap - speed up searches
P3 JDK-8207200 Committed > max memory usage when getting MemoryUsage
P3 JDK-8212005 Epsilon elastic TLAB sizing may cause misalignment
P3 JDK-8207056 Epsilon GC to support object pinning
P3 JDK-8211150 G1 Full GC not purging code root memory and hence causing memory leak
P3 JDK-8213927 G1 ignores AlwaysPreTouch when UseTransparentHugePages is enabled
P3 JDK-8213307 G1 should clean up RMT with ClassUnloadingWithConcurrentMark
P3 JDK-8215548 G1PeriodicGCSystemLoadThreshold needs to be a double
P3 JDK-8211123 GC Metaspace printing after full gc
P3 JDK-8204529 gc/ fail with Agent 7 timed out
P3 JDK-8215491 ICStubInterface::finalize finds zombie nmethod with ZGC concurrent class unloading
P3 JDK-8213890 Implementation of JEP 344: Abortable Mixed Collections for G1
P3 JDK-8190269 JEP 344: Abortable Mixed Collections for G1
P3 JDK-8209495 NMethodSweeper::sweep_code_cache cause severe delays
P3 JDK-8209920 runtime/logging/ fail with OOME with ZGC
P3 JDK-8216490 Spammy periodic GC log message contains random time stamp with periodic gc disabled
P3 JDK-8214377 ZGC: Don't use memset to initialize array of ZForwardingTableEntry
P3 JDK-8216385 ZGC: Fix building without C2
P3 JDK-8215547 ZGC: Fix incorrect match rule for loadBarrierWeakSlowRegNoVec
P4 JDK-8209758 2 classes with same name G1PrintCollectionSetClosure cause crash when logging is enabled
P4 JDK-8215120 32-bit build failures after JDK-8212657 (Promptly Return Unused Committed Memory from G1)
P4 JDK-8209942 [epsilon] range function for EpsilonTLABElasticity causes compiler warning
P4 JDK-8211432 [REDO] Handle JNIGlobalRefLocker.cpp
P4 JDK-8209841 [REDO] Refactor G1ParallelCleaningTask into shared
P4 JDK-8209118 Abstract SATBMarkQueueSet's ThreadLocalData access
P4 JDK-8210158 Accessorize JFR getEventWriter() intrinsics
P4 JDK-8196341 Add JFR events for parallel phases of G1
P4 JDK-8212074 Add method to peek the remaining tasks in task queues
P4 JDK-8210986 Add OopStorage cleanup to ServiceThread
P4 JDK-8202286 Allocation of old generation of Java heap on alternate memory devices
P4 JDK-8211425 Allocation of old generation of java heap on alternate memory devices - G1 GC
P4 JDK-8211424 Allocation of old generation of java heap on alternate memory devices - Parallel GC
P4 JDK-8214231 Allow concurrent cleaning of TypeStackSlotEntries and ReturnTypeEntry
P4 JDK-8210857 Allow retiring TLABs and collecting statistics in parallel
P4 JDK-8214302 Allow safely calling is_unloading() on zombie nmethods
P4 JDK-8214056 Allow the GC to attach context information to CompiledMethod
P4 JDK-8210045 Allow using a subset of worker threads even when UseDynamicNumberOfGCThreads is false
P4 JDK-8204969 Asserts in objArrayKlass.cpp need to use _raw variants of obj_addr_at()
P4 JDK-8211853 Avoid additional duplicate work when a reference in the task queue has already been evacuated
P4 JDK-8212054 Boilerplate to bind oopDesc::equals_raw() to actual raw implementation
P4 JDK-8213373 Bulk MarkBitMap clearing methods
P4 JDK-8211926 Catastrophic size_t underflow in BitMap::*_large methods
P4 JDK-8210724 Change the verbosity threshold of logging for [oopstorage,ref]
P4 JDK-8210879 ClassLoaderStatsClosure does raw oop comparison
P4 JDK-8209062 Clean up G1MonitoringSupport
P4 JDK-8214278 Cleanup process_completed_threshold and related state
P4 JDK-8206457 Code paths from oop_iterate() must use barrier-free access
P4 JDK-8208670 Compiler changes to allow enabling -Wreorder
P4 JDK-8214791 Consistently name gc files containing VM operations
P4 JDK-8209852 Counters in StringCleaningTask should be type of size_t
P4 JDK-8213113 Dead code related to UseAdaptiveSizePolicy in ParNewGeneration
P4 JDK-8210892 Deprecate TLABStats
P4 JDK-8210716 Detailed GC logging request misses some
P4 JDK-8215097 Do not create NonJavaThreads before BarrierSet
P4 JDK-8214272 Don't use memset to initialize arrays of MemoryUsage in memoryManager.cpp
P4 JDK-8208672 Enable -Wreorder in make files for gcc, clang
P4 JDK-8212177 Epsilon alignment adjustments can overflow max TLAB size
P4 JDK-8205523 Explicit barriers for interpreter
P4 JDK-8071913 Filter out entries to free/uncommitted regions during iteration
P4 JDK-8204834 Fix confusing "allocate" naming in OopStorage
P4 JDK-8208246 flags duplications in vmTestbase_vm_g1classunloading tests
P4 JDK-6490394 G1: Allow heap shrinking / memory unmapping after reclaiming regions during Remark
P4 JDK-8213199 GC abstraction for Assembler::needs_explicit_null_check()
P4 JDK-8211955 GC abstraction for LAB reserve
P4 JDK-8211270 GC abstraction to get real object and headers size
P4 JDK-8208669 GC changes to allow enabling -Wreorder
P4 JDK-8212083 Handle remaining gc/lock native code and fix two strings
P4 JDK-8210192 Hsperf counter ParNew::CMS should be ParNew:CMS
P4 JDK-8212657 Implementation of JDK-8204089 Promptly Return Unused Committed Memory from G1
P4 JDK-8214259 Implementation: JEP 189: Shenandoah: A Low-Pause-Time Garbage Collector (Experimental)
P4 JDK-8212753 Improve oopDesc::forward_to_atomic
P4 JDK-8212184 Incorrect oop ref strength used for referents in FinalReference
P4 JDK-8046179 JEP 189: Shenandoah: A Low-Pause-Time Garbage Collector (Experimental)
P4 JDK-8204089 JEP 346: Promptly Return Unused Committed Memory from G1
P4 JDK-8210713 Let CollectedHeap::ensure_parsability() take care of TLAB statistics gathering
P4 JDK-8213755 Let nmethods be is_unloading() outside of safepoints
P4 JDK-8210330 Make CLD claiming allow multiple claim bits
P4 JDK-8209189 Make CompiledMethod::do_unloading more concurrent
P4 JDK-8211269 Make declaration of Allocation protected in MemAllocator
P4 JDK-8180193 Make marking bitmap code available to other GCs
P4 JDK-8211388 Make OtherRegionsTable independent of the region it is for
P4 JDK-8154343 Make SATB related code available to other GCs
P4 JDK-8210753 Make ThreadLocalAllocBuffer::resize() public
P4 JDK-8209345 Merge SATBMarkQueueFilter into SATBMarkQueueSet
P4 JDK-8212698 Minor g1 #include changes and memoryService.hpp copyright date update
P4 JDK-8213224 Move code related to GC threads calculation out of AdaptiveSizePolicy
P4 JDK-8209061 Move G1 serviceability functionality to G1MonitoringSupport
P4 JDK-8159440 Move marking of promoted objects during initial mark into the concurrent phase
P4 JDK-8072498 Multi-thread JNI weak reference processing
P4 JDK-8209843 Optimize oop scan closure closures wrt to reference processing in G1
P4 JDK-8205921 Optimizing best-of-2 work stealing queue selection
P4 JDK-8210492 PLAB object promotion events report object sizes in words
P4 JDK-8204947 Port ShenandoahTaskTerminator to mainline and make it default
P4 JDK-8210236 Prepare ciReceiverTypeData::translate_receiver_data_from for concurrent class unloading
P4 JDK-8206407 Primitive atomic_cmpxchg_in_heap_at() in BarrierSet::Access needs to call non-oop raw method
P4 JDK-8209408 Primitive heap access for interpreter BarrierSetAssembler/arm32
P4 JDK-8209396 PtrQueueSets are statically allocated
P4 JDK-8208498 Put archive regions into a first-class HeapRegionSet
P4 JDK-8210463 Recalculate_used() always sets time taken in G1GCPhaseTimes
P4 JDK-8206467 Refactor G1ParallelCleaningTask into shared
P4 JDK-8209346 Refactor SATBMarkQueue filter configuration
P4 JDK-8208611 Refactor SATBMarkQueue filtering to allow GC-specific filters
P4 JDK-8204970 Remaing object comparisons need to use oopDesc::equals()
P4 JDK-8209698 Remove "Pinned" from HeapRegionTraceType
P4 JDK-8213829 Remove circular dependency between g1CollectedHeap and g1ConcurrentMark
P4 JDK-8212025 Remove collector_present variable from ThreadHeapSampler
P4 JDK-8214144 Remove confusing locking_enqueue_completed_buffer
P4 JDK-8207953 Remove dead code in G1CopyingKeepAliveClosure
P4 JDK-8215043 Remove declaration of parallel_worker_threads
P4 JDK-8213997 Remove G1HRRSUseSparseTable flag
P4 JDK-8209700 Remove HeapRegionSetBase::RegionSetKind for a more flexible approach
P4 JDK-8213996 Remove one of the SparsePRT entry tables
P4 JDK-8209607 Remove stale comment for JNI mutexes
P4 JDK-8206272 Remove stray BarrierSetAssembler call
P4 JDK-8210467 Remove unused G1CollectedHeap::_max_heap_capacity
P4 JDK-8210711 Remove unused offset getters in ThreadLocalAllocBuffer
P4 JDK-8212595 Remove unused size_helper() in oop_oop_iterate* in instanceKlass.inline.hpp
P4 JDK-8214786 Remove unused ThreadLocalAllocBuffer::verify()
P4 JDK-8209801 Rename C1_WRITE_ACCESS and C1_READ_ACCESS decorators to ACCESS_READ and ACCESS_WRITE
P4 JDK-8210119 Rename SubTasksDone::is_task_claimed
P4 JDK-8210710 Rename ThreadLocalAllocBuffer::myThread() to thread()
P4 JDK-8193312 Rename VM_CGC_Operation to VM_G1Concurrent
P4 JDK-8211446 Replace oop_pc_follow_contents with oop_iterate and closure
P4 JDK-8211447 Replace oop_pc_update_pointers with oop_iterate and closure
P4 JDK-8201436 Replace oop_ps_push_contents with oop_iterate and closure
P4 JDK-8208671 Runtime, JFR, Serviceability changes to allow enabling -Wreorder
P4 JDK-8209347 SATBMarkQueue.cpp should not need jvm.h
P4 JDK-8213352 Separate BufferNode allocation from PtrQueueSet
P4 JDK-8156696 Simplify PtrQueueSet initialization
P4 JDK-8215220 Simplify Shenandoah task termination in aborted paths
P4 JDK-8209975 Some GCThreadLocalData not initialized
P4 JDK-8152724 Sum of eden before GC and current survivor capacity may be larger than heap size
P4 JDK-8199868 Support JNI critical functions in object pinning API
P4 JDK-8211718 Supporting multiple concurrent OopStorage iterators
P4 JDK-8200365 of '-XX:TLABWasteTargetPercent=100' fails intermittently
P4 JDK-8212766 failed due to "RuntimeException: PLAB size is smaller than object size."
P4 JDK-8212911 Unify and micro-optimize handling of non-in-collection set references in oop closures
P4 JDK-8213142 Use RAII to set the scanning source in G1ScanEvacuatedObjClosure
P4 JDK-8211279 Verify missing object equals barriers
P4 JDK-8211735 Wrong heap mapper can be selected with UseLargePages on G1
P4 JDK-8213711 Zero build broken after JDK-8213199 (GC abstraction for Assembler::needs_explicit_null_check())
P4 JDK-8212748 ZGC: Add reentrant locking functionality
P4 JDK-8214476 ZGC: Build ZGC by default
P4 JDK-8209894 ZGC: Cap number of GC workers based on heap size
P4 JDK-8209831 ZGC: Clean up ZRelocationSetSelectorGroup::semi_sort()
P4 JDK-8209125 ZGC: Clean up ZServiceabilityCounters
P4 JDK-8209883 ZGC: Compile without C1 broken
P4 JDK-8214897 ZGC: Concurrent Class Unloading
P4 JDK-8210063 ZGC: Enable load barriers for IN_NATIVE runtime barriers
P4 JDK-8209127 ZGC: Improve error message when failing to map memory for mark stacks
P4 JDK-8210064 ZGC: Introduce ZConcurrentRootsIterator for scanning a subset of strong IN_NATIVE roots concurrently
P4 JDK-8210881 ZGC: Introduce ZRootsIteratorClosure
P4 JDK-8207756 ZGC: jstat should show CGC STW phases
P4 JDK-8213623 ZGC: Let heap iteration walk all roots
P4 JDK-8212921 ZGC: Move verification to after resurrection unblocked
P4 JDK-8209376 ZGC: Move ZMarkStackAllocator into a separate file
P4 JDK-8210883 ZGC: Parallel retire/resize/remap of TLABs
P4 JDK-8210884 ZGC: Remove insertion of filler objects
P4 JDK-8210065 ZGC: Remove mode for treating weaks as strong
P4 JDK-8210061 ZGC: Remove STW weak processor mode
P4 JDK-8209375 ZGC: Use dynamic base address for mark stack space
P4 JDK-8209126 ZGC: ZMarkStackAllocator::is_initialized() never called
P4 JDK-8210714 ZGC: ZWeakRootsIterator should no longer call reset/finish_dead_counter()
P5 JDK-8208297 Allow printing of taskqueue stats if compiled in in product builds
P5 JDK-8214202 DirtyCardQueueSet::get_completed_buffer should not clear _process_completed
P5 JDK-8206453 Taskqueue stats should count real steal attempts, not calls to GenericTaskQueueSet::steal
P5 JDK-8212974 Update RS Skipped cards uses wrong enum to register to phase


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8214161 java.lang.IllegalAccessError: class jdk.internal.event.X509CertificateEvent (in module java.base) cannot access class jdk.jfr.internal.handlers.EventHandler (in module jdk.jfr) because module java.base does not read module jdk.jfr
P1 JDK-8214896 JFR Tool left files behind
P1 JDK-8214287 SpecJbb2005StressModule got uncaught exception
P2 JDK-8211239 Build fails without JFR: empty JFR events signatures mismatch
P2 JDK-8213172 CDS and JFR tests fail with assert(JdkJfrEvent::is(klass)) failed: invariant
P2 JDK-8205516 JFR tool
P2 JDK-8213421 Line number information for execution samples always 0
P3 JDK-8209960 -Xlog:jfr* doesn't work with the JFR parser
P3 JDK-8207829 FlightRecorderMXBeanImpl is leaking the first classloader which calls it
P3 JDK-8215175 Inconsistencies in JFR event metadata
P3 JDK-8215237 jdk.jfr.Recording javadoc does not compile
P3 JDK-8213617 JFR should record the PID of the recorded process
P3 JDK-8203629 Produce events in the JDK without a dependency on jdk.jfr
P3 JDK-8215284 Reduce noise induced by periodic task getFileSize()
P3 JDK-8206919 s390: add missing info to vm_version_ext_s390
P3 JDK-8165675 Trace event for thread park has incorrect unit for timeout
P3 JDK-8214750 Unnecessary

tags in jfr classes

P3 JDK-8212232 Wrong metadata for the configuration of the cutoff for old object sample events
P4 JDK-8209996 [PPC64] Fix JFR profiling.
P4 JDK-8211768 [s390] Implement JFR profiling.
P4 JDK-8213015 Inconsistent settings between JFR.configure and -XX:FlightRecorderOptions
P4 JDK-8210024 JFR calls virtual is_Java_thread from ~Thread()
P4 JDK-8212663 Remove conservative at_safepoint assert when JFR writes type sets during class unloading
P4 JDK-8202578 Revisit location for class unload events
P4 JDK-8215046 The ZGC JFR events should be marked as experimental


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8213814 build error in jtreg test jvmti/GetLocalVariable
P2 JDK-8215951 AArch64: jtreg test vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/PopFrame/popframe005 segfaults
P2 JDK-8218025 disable pop_frame and force_early_return caps for Graal
P2 JDK-8212186 JVMTI lacks a few GC barriers/hooks
P3 JDK-8209361 [AOT] Unexpected number of references for JVMTI_HEAP_REFERENCE_CONSTANT_POOL [111-->111]: 0 (expected at least 1)
P3 JDK-8214572 [Graal] nsk/jvmti/unit/ForceEarlyReturn/earlyretbase should not suspend the thread when the top frame executes JVMCI code
P3 JDK-8211909 JDWP Transport Listener: dt_socket thread crash
P3 JDK-8209821 Make JVMTI GetClassLoaderClasses not walk CLDG
P3 JDK-8201603 MonitorContendedEnter failure in nsk/jvmti/scenarios/contention/TC02/tc02t001
P3 JDK-8213525 new unit test GetLocalVariable/LocalVars is not stable
P3 JDK-8208186 SetHeapSamplingInterval handles 1 explicitly
P3 JDK-8080406 VM_GetOrSetLocal doesn't check local slot type against requested type
P3 JDK-8210926 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/scenarios/allocation/AP11/ap11t001/ failed with JVMTI_ERROR_INVALID_CLASS in CDS mode
P4 JDK-8202342 [Graal] fromTonga/nsk/jvmti/unit/FollowReferences/followref003/ fails with "Location mismatch" errors
P4 JDK-8209585 [Graal] vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/scenarios/sampling tests fail with "Too small stack of resumed thread"
P4 JDK-8212939 Add space after if/while/for/switch and parenthesis
P4 JDK-8214502 Add space after/before {} in remaining vmTestbase tests
P4 JDK-8212822 Add space after/before {} in vmTestbase
P4 JDK-8214417 Add space after/before {} in vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/[A-I] tests
P4 JDK-8212754 Build failure: undefined JvmtiSampledObjectAllocEventCollector::object_alloc_is_safe_to_sample
P4 JDK-8210385 Clean up JNI_ENV_ARG and factorize the macros for vmTestbase/jvmti[A-N] tests
P4 JDK-8211950 Deprecate the check if a JVMTI collector is present assertion
P4 JDK-8209415 Fix JVMTI test failure HS202
P4 JDK-8213246 Fix typo in vmTestbase failuire to failure
P4 JDK-8211335 Fix up spaces after ( and before ) in an if statement for vmTestbase/.*cpp
P4 JDK-8214531 test fails with "Statistics should be null to begin with"
P4 JDK-8212931 fails due average calculation
P4 JDK-8210775 JVM TI Spec missing copyright
P4 JDK-8213834 JVMTI ResourceExhausted should not be posted in CompilerThread
P4 JDK-8210235 JvmtiTrace::safe_get_current_thread_name is unsafe in debug builds
P4 JDK-8208352 Merge HeapMonitorTest and HeapMonitorGCTest code
P4 JDK-8214408 Migrate EventsOnOff to using the same allocateAndCheck method
P4 JDK-8214149 Move out assignments when not using NSK*VERIFY macros
P4 JDK-8215160 Normalize spaces for remaining vmTestbase tests
P4 JDK-8215161 Normalize spaces for vmTestbase/[a-j]
P4 JDK-8201513 nsk/jvmti/IterateThroughHeap/filter-* are broken
P4 JDK-8207364 nsk/jvmti/ResourceExhausted/resexhausted003 fails to start
P4 JDK-8211905 Remove multiple casts for EM06 file
P4 JDK-8215034 Remove old HOTSWAP conditionals
P4 JDK-8212148 Remove remaining NSK_CPP_STUBs
P4 JDK-8212771 Remove remaining spaces before/after () for vmTestbase
P4 JDK-8212535 Remove spaces before/after () for vmTestbase/[a-j]*
P4 JDK-8212770 Remove spaces before/after () for vmTestbase/jvmti/[s-u]
P4 JDK-8212884 Remove the assignments in ifs for vmTestbase/[a-s]
P4 JDK-8212082 Remove the NSK_CPP_STUB macros for remaining vmTestbase/jvmti/[sS]*
P4 JDK-8211261 Remove the NSK_CPP_STUB macros from vmTestbase for jvmti/[A-G]*
P4 JDK-8211131 Remove the NSK_CPP_STUB macros from vmTestbase for jvmti/[G-I]*
P4 JDK-8211782 Remove the NSK_CPP_STUB macros from vmTestbase for jvmti/[I-S]*
P4 JDK-8211801 Remove the NSK_CPP_STUB macros from vmTestbase for jvmti/scenarios/[A-E]
P4 JDK-8211899 Remove the NSK_CPP_STUB macros from vmTestbase for jvmti/scenarios/[E-M]
P4 JDK-8211036 Remove the NSK_STUB macros from vmTestbase for non jvmti
P4 JDK-8211980 Remove ThreadHeapSampler enable/disable/enabled methods
P4 JDK-8208303 Track JNI failures and fail tests
P4 JDK-8210486 Unused code in check_nest_attributes function
P4 JDK-8203356 VM Object Allocation Collector can infinite recurse
P4 JDK-8210131 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/scenarios/allocation/AP10/ap10t001/ failed with ObjectFree: GetCurrentThreadCpuTimerInfo returned unexpected error code


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8215374 32-bit build failures after JDK-8181143 (Introduce diagnostic flag to abort VM on too long VM operations)
P1 JDK-8213487 [BACKOUT] 8213414 Fix incorrect copy constructors in hotspot
P1 JDK-8209378 Fix Minimal VM after JDK-8208677 Move inner metaspace cleaning out of class unloading
P2 JDK-8211064 [AArch64] Interpreter and c1 don't correctly handle jboolean results in native calls
P2 JDK-8213211 [BACKOUT] Allow Klass::_subklass and _next_sibling to have unloaded classes
P2 JDK-8213209 [REDO] Allow Klass::_subklass and _next_sibling to have unloaded classes
P2 JDK-8213236 A partial removed/deleted JavaThread cannot transition
P2 JDK-8210461 AArch64: Math.cos intrinsic gives incorrect results
P2 JDK-8211956 AppCDS crashes for some uses with JRuby
P2 JDK-8215195 Bad HTML/Accessibility in jni/functions.html
P2 JDK-8215575 C2 crash: assert(get_instanceKlass()->is_loaded()) failed: must be at least loaded
P2 JDK-8213898 CDS dumping of springboot asserts in G1ArchiveAllocator::alloc_new_region
P2 JDK-8213574 Deadlock in string table expansion when dumping lots of CDS classes
P2 JDK-8211328 Different declaration and definition of ClassLoaderData::classes_do() leads to build failures
P2 JDK-8203466 intermittent crash at jdk.internal.misc.Unsafe::getObjectVolatile (native)
P2 JDK-8213148 JDK build fails because of missing #includes
P2 JDK-8215397 jsig.c missing classpath exception
P2 JDK-8205946 JVM crash after call to ClassLoader::setup_bootstrap_search_path()
P2 JDK-8211065 Private method check in linkResolver is incorrect
P2 JDK-8210523 runtime/appcds/cacheObject/ crash
P2 JDK-8210422 runtime/modules/ModuleStress/ - assertion failed: address not aligned: 0x00000008baadbabe
P2 JDK-8207832 serviceability/sa/ failed with java.lang.Error: Couldn't find core file location in:
P2 JDK-8207924 serviceability/sa/ intermittently fails with assert(get_instanceKlass()->is_loaded()) failed: must be at least loaded
P2 JDK-8205965 SIGSEGV on write to NativeCallStack::EMPTY_STACK
P2 JDK-8213231 ThreadSnapshot::_threadObj can become stale
P2 JDK-8212205 VM asserts after CDS archive has been unmapped
P3 JDK-8211844 [aix] ProcessBuilder: Piping between created processes does not work.
P3 JDK-8207202 [Graal] compiler/graalunit/ fails
P3 JDK-8216376 [PPC64] Possibly unreliable stack frame resizing in template interpreter
P3 JDK-8204294 [REDO] - JVMFlag::printError missing ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF
P3 JDK-8211106 [windows] Update OS detection code to recognize Windows Server 2019
P3 JDK-8215342 [Zero] Build fails after JDK-8200613
P3 JDK-8215879 Aarch64: ReservedStackAccess may leave stack guard in inconsistent state
P3 JDK-8209586 AARCH64: SymbolTable changes throw assert on aarch64
P3 JDK-8207778 Add locking to ModuleEntry and PackageEntry tables
P3 JDK-8210964 add more ld preloading info to hs_error file on Linux
P3 JDK-8213092 Add more runtime locks for concurrent class unloading
P3 JDK-8211326 add OS user related information to hs_err file
P3 JDK-8202201 All oop stores in the x64 interpreter are treated as volatile when using G1
P3 JDK-8212958 Allow Klass::_subklass and _next_sibling to have unloaded classes
P3 JDK-8215395 Allow null oops in Dictionary and JNIHandle verification
P3 JDK-8185145 AppCDS custom loader support on Mac OS X
P3 JDK-8213563 appcds/sharedStrings/ fails with 'GC triggered before VM initialization completed' error
P3 JDK-8202035 Archive the set of ModuleDescriptor and ModuleReference objects for observable system modules with unnamed initial module
P3 JDK-8210289 ArchivedKlassSubGraphInfoRecord is incomplete
P3 JDK-8213845 ARM32: Interpreter doesn't call result handler after native calls
P3 JDK-8212200 assert(on_stack()) failed when shared java.lang.object is redefined by JVMTI agent
P3 JDK-8213250 CDS archive creation aborts due to metaspace object allocation failure
P3 JDK-8214388 CDS dumping fails with java heap fragmentation
P3 JDK-8209385 CDS runtime classpath checking is too strict when only classes from the system modules are archived
P3 JDK-8211394 CHECK_ must be used in the rhs of an assignment statement within a block
P3 JDK-8210559 ClassLoaderData Symbols can leak
P3 JDK-8213751 ClassLoaderDataGraph::cld_do() should sometimes require CLDG_lock
P3 JDK-8211287 fails due to "Unable to map MiscData shared space at required address."
P3 JDK-8209598 Clean up how messages are printed when CDS aborts start-up
P3 JDK-8214275 CondyRepeatFailedResolution asserts "Dynamic constant has no fixed basic type"
P3 JDK-8209647 constantPoolHandle::constantPoolHandle(ConstantPool*) when precompiled header is disabled
P3 JDK-8210592 Convert CDS-mode test sets in tier5 and tier6 to non-CDS-mode tests
P3 JDK-8192864 defmeth tests can hide failures
P3 JDK-8139876 Exclude hanging nsk/stress/stack from execution with deoptimization enabled
P3 JDK-8215583 Exclude runtime/handshake/
P3 JDK-8204591 Expire/remove the UseAppCDS option in JDK 12
P3 JDK-8213414 Fix incorrect copy constructors in hotspot
P3 JDK-8209541 Fix merge problem in SymbolTable::do_check_concurrent_work
P3 JDK-8209387 Follow ups to JDK-8195100 Use a low latency hashtable for SymbolTable
P3 JDK-8209139 globalCounter bootstrap issue
P3 JDK-8213560 gtests might hang
P3 JDK-8202951 Implementation of JEPJDK-8204247: Include default CDS (Class Data Sharing) archive in JDK binary
P3 JDK-8205611 Improve the wording of LinkageErrors to include module and class loader information
P3 JDK-8214827 Incorrect call ClassLoaders.toFileURL("jrt:/java.compiler")
P3 JDK-8202415 Incorrect time logged for monitor deflation
P3 JDK-8210043 Invalid assert(HeapBaseMinAddress > 0) in ReservedHeapSpace::initialize_compressed_heap
P3 JDK-8204247 JEP 341: Default CDS Archives
P3 JDK-8202835 jfr/event/os/ fails on missing events
P3 JDK-8215451 JNI IsSameObject should not keep objects alive
P3 JDK-8215947 JVM crash with -XX:+DumpSharedSpaces
P3 JDK-8209301 JVM rename is_anonymous, host_klass to unsafe specific terminology ahead of Unsafe.defineAnonymousClass deprecation
P3 JDK-8210155 Lock ClassLoaderDataGraph
P3 JDK-8211208 make AllocateHeapAt an unsupported option on AIX
P3 JDK-8216271 Make AllocateOldGenAt an unsupported option on AIX.
P3 JDK-8208658 Make CDS archived heap regions usable even if compressed oop encoding has changed
P3 JDK-8213107 Make ClassLoaderDataGraph iterator skip unloaded CLDs
P3 JDK-8207359 Make SymbolTable increment_refcount disallow zero
P3 JDK-8209844 fails when ResolvedMethod entry is not removed
P3 JDK-8213713 Minor issues during MetaspaceShared::initialize_runtime_shared_and_meta_spaces
P3 JDK-8206009 Move CDS java heap object archiving code to heapShared.hpp and heapShared.cpp
P3 JDK-8208677 Move inner metaspace cleaning out of class unloading
P3 JDK-8202737 Obsolete AllowNonVirtualCalls option
P3 JDK-8188764 Obsolete AssumeMP and then remove all support for non-MP builds
P3 JDK-8198720 Obsolete PrintSafepointStatistics, PrintSafepointStatisticsTimeout and PrintSafepointStatisticsCount options
P3 JDK-8205417 Obsolete UnlinkSymbolsALot debugging option
P3 JDK-8210754 print_location is not reliable enough (printing register info)
P3 JDK-8211821 PrintStringTableStatistics crashes JVM
P3 JDK-8206471 Race with ConcurrentHashTable deleting items on insert with cleanup thread
P3 JDK-8209889 RedefineStress tests crash
P3 JDK-8209657 Refactor filemap.hpp to simplify integration with Serviceability Agent
P3 JDK-8208575 Remove Atomic::add/sub for short
P3 JDK-8198717 Remove compute_optional_offset
P3 JDK-8213137 Remove static initialization of monitor/mutex instances
P3 JDK-8203953 Rename SystemDictionary::load_shared_class(Symbol*, Handle, TRAPS) to load_shared_boot_class()
P3 JDK-8214944 replace strerror by os::strerror
P3 JDK-8213204 ReservedStackTest and ReservedStackTestCompiler tests failed with "This platform should be supported: amd64"
P3 JDK-8209564 runtime/appcds/ timeout on tier6 on sparc
P3 JDK-8208061 runtime/LoadClass/ fails with "Load factor too high" when running in CDS mode
P3 JDK-8210300 runtime/MemberName/ fails with RuntimeException
P3 JDK-8209736 runtime/RedefineTests/ fails with NullPointerException when running in CDS mode
P3 JDK-8213275 runtime/SharedArchiveFile/serviceability/ fails with ClassNotFoundException: jdk.internal.vm.PostVMInitHook
P3 JDK-8212883 Setting a double manageable flag with jcmd/jinfo crashes the JVM
P3 JDK-8209389 SIGSEGV in WalkOopAndArchiveClosure::do_oop_work
P3 JDK-8208172 SIGSEGV when owner of invokedynamic bootstrap method throws an exception - Symbol::increment_refcount()+0x0
P3 JDK-8209545 Simplify HeapShared::archive_module_graph_objects
P3 JDK-8213948 Solaris-X64 build fails with compact hashtable
P3 JDK-8213587 Speed up CDS dump time by using resizable hashtables
P3 JDK-8209645 Split ClassLoaderData and ClassLoaderDataGraph into separate files
P3 JDK-8207263 Store the Configuration for system modules into CDS archive
P3 JDK-8209138 Symbol constructor uses u1 as the element type of its name argument
P3 JDK-8205500 Test plan for JDK-8202035 Archive the set of ModuleDescriptor and ModuleReference objects for observable system modules
P3 JDK-8209971 crashes in CDS mode with G1UpdateBufferSize=1
P3 JDK-8205633 of '-XX:TLABSize=2147483648' fails intermittently
P3 JDK-8212933 Thread-SMR: requesting a VM operation whilst holding a ThreadsListHandle can cause deadlocks
P3 JDK-8212173 Thread._stack_base/_stack_size initialized too late for new threads
P3 JDK-8209826 Undefined reference to os::write after JDK-8209657 (filemap.hpp cleanup)
P3 JDK-8079784 Unexpected IllegalAccessError when trying access InnerClasses attribute
P3 JDK-8210388 Use hash table to store archived subgraph_info records
P3 JDK-8206424 Use locking for cleaning ProtectionDomainTable
P3 JDK-8206423 Use locking for cleaning ResolvedMethodTable
P3 JDK-8206115 Use shared macros for JavaClasses::compute_offsets and MetaspaceShared::serialize_well_known_classes
P3 JDK-8190737 use unicode version of the canonicalize() function to handle long path on windows
P3 JDK-8214972 Uses of klass_holder() except GC need to apply GC barriers
P3 JDK-8214356 Verification of class metadata unloading takes a long time
P3 JDK-8210303 VM_HandshakeAllThreads fails assert with "failed: blocked and not walkable"
P3 JDK-8208697 vmTestbase/metaspace/stressHierarchy/stressHierarchy012/ fails with OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace
P3 JDK-8209447 vmTestbase/vm/mlvm/indy/func/jvmti/mergeCP_none2indy_b/ timed out
P4 JDK-8027434 "-XX:OnOutOfMemoryError" uses fork instead of vfork
P4 JDK-8212913 (Nested)ThreadsListHandleInErrorHandlingTest need to disable ShowRegistersOnAssert
P4 JDK-8210307 8210246 broke NMT jtreg tests
P4 JDK-8210961 [aix] enhance list of environment variables reported in error log file on AIX
P4 JDK-8210314 [aix] NMT does not show "Safepoint" memory type
P4 JDK-8199567 [Nestmates] Cleanup instanceKlass.cpp
P4 JDK-8211387 [Zero] atomic_copy64: Use ldrexd for atomic reads on ARMv7
P4 JDK-8212053 A few more missing object equals barriers
P4 JDK-8211845 A new switch to control verbosity of hs-err files
P4 JDK-8211333 AArch64: Fix another build failure after JDK-8211029
P4 JDK-8214332 Add a build flag for overriding default JNI library search path
P4 JDK-8212220 add code to verify results to metaspace/stressDictionary/
P4 JDK-8212612 Add documentation about Arguments::_exit_hook
P4 JDK-8214782 Add missing access barriers on CLD handle area
P4 JDK-8206022 Add test to check that the JVM accepts class files with version 56
P4 JDK-8201375 Add the AllowArchivingWithJavaAgent diagnostic vm option to allow the use of the -javaagent option during CDS dumping
P4 JDK-8214784 Adjust Dictionary and JNIHandle verification
P4 JDK-8209850 Allow NamedThreads to use GlobalCounter critical sections
P4 JDK-8213033 Archive remaining primitive box caches
P4 JDK-8209120 Archive the Integer.IntegerCache
P4 JDK-8212617 ARM32 build failures after JDK-7041262 (VM_Version should be called instead of Abstract_VM_Version so that overriding works)
P4 JDK-8212682 Avoid holding Compile_lock when blocking for GC in ObjArrayKlass::allocate_objArray_klass()
P4 JDK-8205619 Bump maximum recognized class file version to 56 for JDK 12
P4 JDK-8212992 Change mirror accessor in Klass::verify_on() to use AS_NO_KEEPALIVE
P4 JDK-8205327 Clean up #if INCLUDE_CDS classLoaderExt.cpp and classLoaderExt.hpp
P4 JDK-8209958 Clean up duplicate basic array type statics in Universe
P4 JDK-8209087 Clean up runtime code that compares 'this' to NULL
P4 JDK-8210321 Create NO_KEEPALIVE CLD holder accessor
P4 JDK-8213708 Different #ifdef guards cause incorrect use of Monitor::check_block_state()
P4 JDK-8213826 Disable ARMv6 memory barriers on ARMv5 processors
P4 JDK-6516521 Doc: should document about the primordial thread attaching to the VM.
P4 JDK-8134538 Duplicate implementations of os::lasterror
P4 JDK-8214229 Enable ShowRegistersOnAssert by default
P4 JDK-8192899 EnableThreadSMRStatistics has some hot fields
P4 JDK-8209915 Fix license headers
P4 JDK-8211792 Fix misplaced BarrierSet forward declarations
P4 JDK-8211046 Forced data dependencies serve no purpose on x86
P4 JDK-8204267 Generate comments in -XX:+PrintInterpreter to link to source code
P4 JDK-8212707 GlobalCounter padding is too optimistic
P4 JDK-8212827 GlobalCounter should support nested critical sections
P4 JDK-8211124 HotSpot vm_version.cpp should recognise updated VS2017
P4 JDK-8212023 Implicit narrowing in Solaris/sparc initializer lists
P4 JDK-8215165 Improve -Xlog:class+preview message text
P4 JDK-8214807 Improve handling of very old class files
P4 JDK-8209976 Improve iteration over non-JavaThreads
P4 JDK-8206470 Incorrect use of os::lasterror in ClassListParser
P4 JDK-8213704 increase default timeout for vmTestbase/metaspace/stressDictionary/
P4 JDK-8211176 Initialize ObjectMonitor eagerly
P4 JDK-8211852 inspect stack during error reporting
P4 JDK-8181143 Introduce diagnostic flag to abort VM on too long VM operations
P4 JDK-8210168 JCK test .vm.classfmt.ins.code__002.code__00201m1.code__00201m1 hangs with -noverify
P4 JDK-8209323 JEP-JDK-8209093: SQE Test Plan for One AArch64 Port, Not Two
P4 JDK-8214522 Last runtime locking issues for concurrent class unloading
P4 JDK-8208399 Metadata methods print_(value_)on_maybe_null() compare 'this' to NULL
P4 JDK-8208604 Metadata::print_value_string() compares 'this' to NULL
P4 JDK-8207779 Method::is_valid_method() compares 'this' with NULL
P4 JDK-8213182 Minimal VM build failure after JDK-8212200 (assert when shared java.lang.Object is redefined by JVMTI agent)
P4 JDK-8208635 Minimal VM build is broken after JDK-8199868 (Support JNI critical functions in object pinning API)
P4 JDK-8211241 Missing obj equals in TemplateTable::fast_aldc
P4 JDK-8209911 More blob types in hs_err printout
P4 JDK-8213723 More Monitor/mutex initialization management
P4 JDK-8210861 Move assert to help diagnose rare RedefineStress crash
P4 JDK-8210856 Move InstanceKlass DependencyContext cleaning to SystemDictionary::do_unloading()
P4 JDK-8211714 Need to update vm_version.cpp to recognise VS2017 minor versions
P4 JDK-8214208 Nestmate package validation logging/exception should include classloader information
P4 JDK-8208499 NMT: Missing memory tag for Safepoint polling page
P4 JDK-8210246 NMTUtil::_memory_type_names should be in sync with MemoryType
P4 JDK-8211384 Obsolete -XX:+/-MonitorInUseLists option
P4 JDK-8209856 Obsolete error reporter
P4 JDK-8210513 Obsolete SyncFlags
P4 JDK-8210848 Obsolete SyncKnobs
P4 JDK-8210514 Obsolete SyncVerbose
P4 JDK-8213000 Obsolete the IgnoreUnverifiableClassesDuringDump vm option
P4 JDK-8213436 Obsolete UseMembar
P4 JDK-8206075 On x86, assert on unbound assembler Labels used as branch targets
P4 JDK-8213760 os::obsolete_option is obsolete and should be removed
P4 JDK-8202353 os::readdir should use readdir instead of readdir_r
P4 JDK-8017061 os_bsd.cpp contains code for UseSHM and UseHugeTLBFS
P4 JDK-8212937 Parent class loader may not have a referred ClassLoaderData instance when obtained in Klass::class_in_module_of_loader
P4 JDK-8204505 Performance: jweak references not suitable for robust cache architecture
P4 JDK-8212995 Place the Integer.IntegerCache and cached Integer objects in the closed archive heap region
P4 JDK-8212481 PPC64: Enable POWER9 CPU detection
P4 JDK-8210233 Prepare Klass::is_loader_alive() for concurrent class unloading
P4 JDK-8214707 Prevent GCC 8 from reporting error in ClassLoader::file_name_for_class_name()
P4 JDK-8024368 private methods are allocated vtable indices
P4 JDK-8213346 Re-implement shared dictionary using CompactHashtable
P4 JDK-8210864 Reduce the use of metaspaceShared.hpp
P4 JDK-8210875 Refactor CompactHashtable
P4 JDK-8209738 Remove ClassLoaderDataGraph::*oops_do functions
P4 JDK-8209792 Remove ClassLoaderDataGraph::keep_alive_cld_do
P4 JDK-8213438 Remove ClearResponsibleAtSTW
P4 JDK-8214029 Remove dead code BasicHashtable::bulk_free_entries
P4 JDK-8212774 Remove dead code touching Klass::_lower_dimension
P4 JDK-8211364 Remove expired flags
P4 JDK-8211296 Remove HotSpot deprecation warning suppression for Mac/clang
P4 JDK-8205548 Remove multi-release jar related vm code
P4 JDK-8207689 Remove perfCounter _load_instance_class_failCounter used by deleted flag UnsyncloadClass
P4 JDK-8208519 Remove rehashable hashtable
P4 JDK-8212642 Remove SystemDictionary::InitOption enum
P4 JDK-8211175 Remove temporary clock initialization duplication
P4 JDK-8213767 Remove the -Xconcurrentio flag and associated code
P4 JDK-8208699 remove unneeded imports from runtime tests
P4 JDK-8210470 Remove unused Verifier::verify() Verifier::Mode argument
P4 JDK-8214785 Remove unused WeakHandleType::vm_string
P4 JDK-8207011 Remove uses of the register storage class specifier
P4 JDK-8213992 Rename and make DieOnSafepointTimeout the diagnostic option
P4 JDK-8211403 Rename SafepointMechanism::poll(...)
P4 JDK-8203382 Rename SystemDictionary::initialize_wk_klass to resolve_wk_klass
P4 JDK-8214850 Rename vm_operations.?pp files to vmOperations.?pp files
P4 JDK-8178712 ResourceMark may be missing inside initialize_[vi]table
P4 JDK-8213439 Run class initialization for boot loader classes with registered subgraph archiving entry field during CDS dump time
P4 JDK-8212207 runtime/InternalApi/ crashes with SEGV in pthread_getcpuclockid+0x0
P4 JDK-8214840 runtime/NMT/ timed out
P4 JDK-8214181 safepoint header cleanup
P4 JDK-8212108 SafepointSynchronizer never ending counter (big enough)
P4 JDK-8164683 Solaris: JVM abuses thread preemption control
P4 JDK-8202171 Some oopDesc functions compare this with NULL
P4 JDK-8210889 Some service thread cleanups can be starved
P4 JDK-8208999 Some use of Klass* should be replaced by InstanceKlass*
P4 JDK-8209927 Split appcds/sharedStrings/ into several tests
P4 JDK-8213791 StringTable: Use get and insert
P4 JDK-8213893 StringTable_lock is unused
P4 JDK-8214310 SymbolTable: Use get and insert
P4 JDK-8208480 Test failure: assert(is_bound() || is_unused()) after JDK-8206075 in C1
P4 JDK-8203911 Test runtime/modules/getModuleJNI/GetModule fails with -Xcheck:jni
P4 JDK-8150689 Thread dump report "waiting to re-lock in wait()" shows incorrectly
P4 JDK-8214726 Typo in HeapShared::check_closed_archive_heap_region_object
P4 JDK-8214728 Unnecessary InstanceKlass::cast at few places
P4 JDK-8195100 Use a low latency hashtable for SymbolTable
P4 JDK-8213410 UseCompressedOops requirement check fails fails on 32-bit system
P4 JDK-7041262 VM_Version should be called instead of Abstract_VM_Version so that overriding works
P4 JDK-8213383 Wrap up pthread_cond_wait into a loop to workaround potential spurious wakeups
P4 JDK-8211274 x86_32 build failures after JDK-8211029 (Have a common set of enabled warnings for all native libraries)
P4 JDK-8214787 Zero builds fail with "undefined JavaThread::thread_state()"
P5 JDK-8213592 Misaligned code in globals.hpp after 8211845


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8201652 [TEST] rewrite com/sun/jdi serviceability shell tests to java version
P3 JDK-8209109 [TEST] rewrite com/sun/jdi shell tests to java version - step1
P3 JDK-8209414 AArch64: method handle invocation does not respect JVMTI interp_only mode
P4 JDK-8203928 [Test] Convert non-JDB scaffolding serviceability shell script tests to java
P4 JDK-8209332 [TEST] test/jdk/com/sun/jdi/ is incorrect
P4 JDK-8210035 Fix copyrights for files created for the HeapMonitor work
P4 JDK-8210108 sun/tools/jstatd test build failures after JDK-8210022
P5 JDK-8021335 Missing synchronization when reading counters for live threads and peak thread count


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8210836 Build fails with warn_unused_result in openjdk/src/jdk.hotspot.agent/linux/native/libsaproc/ps_core.c
P3 JDK-8214373 adjust usage of ReleaseLongArrayElements in MacosxDebuggerLocal
P3 JDK-8210948 Doc changes in Jstack, Jmap and similar tools
P3 JDK-8205534 Remove SymbolTable dependency from serviceability agent
P3 JDK-8202884 SA: Attach/detach might fail on Linux if debugee application create/destroy threads during attaching
P3 JDK-8214226 SA: Incorrect BCI and Line Number with jstack if the top frame is in the interpreter
P3 JDK-8200613 SA: jstack throws UnmappedAddressException with a CDS core file
P3 JDK-8204308 SA: serviceability/sa/TestInstanceKlassSize*.java fails when running in CDS mode
P4 JDK-8214499 SA should follow 8150689
P4 JDK-8213323 sa/ and sa/ fail with ZGC
P4 JDK-8208091 SA: jhsdb jstack --mixed throws UnmappedAddressException on i686


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8211291 Backout JDK-8210842 Handle JNIGlobalRefLocker.cpp
P2 JDK-8213337 windows-x64-slowdebug build is broken by 8177708
P3 JDK-8209689 Compiler.isGraalEnabled should not check jvmci.Compiler property
P3 JDK-8208706 compiler/tiered/ fails to compile
P3 JDK-8164546 Convert DirectivesParser_test to GTest
P3 JDK-8077965 Convert internal tests to unit test framework
P3 JDK-8207855 Make applications/jcstress invoke tests in batches
P3 JDK-8075327 Merge jdk and hotspot test libraries
P3 JDK-8208157 requires.VMProps throws NPE for missing properties in "release" file
P3 JDK-8208647 switch jtreg to 4.2b13
P4 JDK-8218197 [failurehandler] parent processes shouldn't be killed till their children are handled
P4 JDK-8213718 [TEST] Wrong classname in vmTestbase/nsk/stress/except/except002 and except003
P4 JDK-8213794 ARM32: disable TypeProfiling, CriticalJNINatives, Serviceablity tests for ARM32
P4 JDK-8209547 Clean up JNI_ENV and JVMTI_ENV macros
P4 JDK-8210700 Clean up JNI_ENV_ARG and factorize the macros for vmTestbase/jvmti/unit tests
P4 JDK-8210593 Clean up JNI_ENV_ARG and factorize the macros for vmTestbase/jvmti[N-R] tests
P4 JDK-8210665 Clean up JNI_ENV_ARG and factorize the macros for vmTestbase/jvmti[R-U] tests
P4 JDK-8210429 Clean up JNI_ENV_ARG for vmTestbase/jvmti/Get[G-Z] tests
P4 JDK-8078541 Create hotspot unit test docs page
P4 JDK-8207791 Fix and re-enable perfmon testing in Kitchensink
P4 JDK-8210726 Fix up a few minor nits forgotten by JDK-8210665
P4 JDK-8210842 Handle JNIGlobalRefLocker.cpp
P4 JDK-8210481 Remove #ifdef cplusplus from vmTestbase
P4 JDK-8213058 remove ExecuteInternalVMTests and VerboseInternalVMTests flags
P4 JDK-8210689 Remove the multi-line old C style for string literals
P4 JDK-8210728 Remove the NSK_STUB macros from vmTestbase
P4 JDK-8209549 remove VMPropsExt from TEST.ROOT
P4 JDK-8209740 typo in test/lib/jtreg/
P4 JDK-8214400 Update hotspot application/jcstress jtreg tests wrappers to use jcstress 0.5
P4 JDK-8208655 use JTreg skipped status in hotspot tests
P4 JDK-8210107 vmTestbase/nsk/stress/network tests fail with Cannot assign requested address (Bind failed)


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8208524 IntelliJ support broken since 2018.2
P4 JDK-8190985 .jcheck/conf files contain 'project=jdk10'
P4 JDK-8213591 running bin/ in Cygwin: generated project cannot be imported


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8213338 Reduce the number of generated make targets
P1 JDK-8213184 Revert change in jib-profiles.js from run-test-prebuilt to test-prebuilt
P2 JDK-8213736 Build fails with LOG=debug on F28 after JDK-8210958
P2 JDK-8210519 build/releaseFile/ failed additional sources found
P2 JDK-8211724 Change mkdir -p to MakeDir macro where possible
P2 JDK-8211130 Change to Oracle Developer Studio 12.6 for building on Solaris at Oracle
P2 JDK-8211837 Creation of the default CDS Archive should depend on ENABLE_CDS
P2 JDK-8215030 Disable shenandoah in Oracle builds
P2 JDK-8211677 Java resource copy and clean should use MakeTargetDir macro
P2 JDK-8209760 merge error: restore ea in make/conf/jib-profiles.js
P2 JDK-8213005 Missing symbols in hs_err files on Windows after JDK-8212028
P2 JDK-8215635 Pandoc check in Docs.gmk does not work on Windows
P2 JDK-8216021 RunTest.gmk might set concurrency level to 1 on Windows
P2 JDK-8212028 Use run-test makefile framework for testing in Oracle's Mach5
P3 JDK-8182733 aarch64 build documentation misleading
P3 JDK-8210837 Add libXrandr-devel to the Linux devkits
P3 JDK-8214720 Add pandoc filter to improve html man page output
P3 JDK-8210723 Better information in configure for invalid Xcode
P3 JDK-8211879 Broken links in API overview
P3 JDK-8210750 Clean up exceptions
P3 JDK-8210729 Clean up macosx static library handling
P3 JDK-8178317 Create man pages using pandoc from markdown sources
P3 JDK-8215356 Disable x86_32 Shenandoah build to avoid hotspot/tier1 failures
P3 JDK-8214741 docs/index.html has no title or copyright
P3 JDK-8167314 Enable the check to detect duplicate provides in in GenModuleInfoSource
P3 JDK-8212587 equals in MakeBase does not handle empty strings correctly
P3 JDK-8211057 Gensrc step CompileProperties generates unstable CompilerProperties output
P3 JDK-8211029 Have a common set of enabled warnings for all native libraries
P3 JDK-8210988 Improved handling of compiler warnings in the build
P3 JDK-8210931 JLI and launchers normalization and cleanup
P3 JDK-8214003 Limit default test jobs based on memory size
P3 JDK-8215304 Make target "docs-jdk-index" has unnecessary dependencies
P3 JDK-8214045 Missing explicit dependencies of build-microbenchmark cause intermittent build failure
P3 JDK-8210920 Native C++ tests are not using CXXFLAGS
P3 JDK-8213102 Oracle Unilinks are [301 Moved Permanently] to
P3 JDK-8215177 pandoc should use
P3 JDK-8215308 pandoc-html-manpage-filter.js does not work for [un]pack200
P3 JDK-8200609 Proper fix for mapfile removal for libjsig
P3 JDK-8210731 PropertiesParser does not produce reproducible output
P3 JDK-8210704 Remove dead build tools hasher and jarreorder
P3 JDK-8210160 Remove deprecated configure arguments
P3 JDK-8210702 Remove dtrace mapfiles
P3 JDK-8210924 Remove PACKAGE_PATH
P3 JDK-8210919 Remove statically linked libjli on Windows
P3 JDK-8213237 Remove test-compile-commands from jib-profiles.js
P3 JDK-8210958 Rename "make run-test" to "make test"
P3 JDK-8180178 Restructure existing man pages according to JEP 299
P3 JDK-8214534 Setting of THIS_FILE in the build is broken
P3 JDK-8209817 stack is executable when building with Clang on Linux
P3 JDK-8210705 Stop exporting all symbols on macosx
P3 JDK-8210949 Stop filtering out -xc99=%none for liblcms
P3 JDK-8210941 Stop filtering out -xregs=no%appl for libsunec
P3 JDK-8210944 Stop replacing -MD with -MT in libwindowsaccessbridge
P3 JDK-8210283 Support git as an SCM alternative in the build
P3 JDK-8213906 Update arm devkits with libXrandr headers
P3 JDK-8215129 Update build documentation with Xrandr
P3 JDK-8218465 Update name and links for JLS and JVMS
P3 JDK-8213339 Update precompiled.hpp with headers based on current frequency
P3 JDK-8212008 Use of TREAT_EXIT_CODE_1_AS_0 hide problems with jtreg Java
P3 JDK-8215400 Warn on usage of trampolines with gcc
P4 JDK-8214075 [BACKOUT] 8214007: Fix sun.awt.nativedebug on X11 platforms
P4 JDK-8210416 [linux] Poor StrictMath performance due to non-optimized compilation
P4 JDK-8210425 [x86] sharedRuntimeTrig/sharedRuntimeTrans compiled without optimization
P4 JDK-8213428 Add a no precompiled header Linux build to builds-tier1 and jdk-submit
P4 JDK-8210459 Add support for generating compile_commands.json
P4 JDK-8165440 Add Zero support for x86_64-linux-gnux32 target
P4 JDK-8211727 Adjust default concurrency settings for running tests on Sparc
P4 JDK-8210960 Allow --with-boot-jdk-jvmargs to work during configure
P4 JDK-8207849 Allow the addition of more number to the Java version string
P4 JDK-8208665 Amend cross-compilation docs with qemu-debootstrap recipe
P4 JDK-8214466 Append assembler flags on ARM targets
P4 JDK-8212110 Build of saproc.dll broken on Windows 32 bit after JDK-8210647
P4 JDK-8213569 Bump minimum boot jdk to JDK 11
P4 JDK-8212201 Classlist build tool should be built for the target JDK version
P4 JDK-8206950 Closed updates for removing javac -source/-target 6
P4 JDK-8214780 Create pandoc package for Windows
P4 JDK-8210008 custom extension for make/SourceRevision.gmk
P4 JDK-8210962 Deprecate jdk-variant
P4 JDK-8211268 Disable unsupported GCs for Zero
P4 JDK-8214311 dtrace gensrc has missing dependencies
P4 JDK-8173263 Enable USDT probes in Oracle JDK in Linux
P4 JDK-8214710 Fix hg log in
P4 JDK-8202941 GenModuleInfoSource build tool does not detect missing semicolons
P4 JDK-8213187 Handle libwindowsaccessbridge need to access MSVCRT functions
P4 JDK-8213698 Improve devkit creation and add support for linux/ppc64/ppc64le/s390x
P4 JDK-8213515 Improve freetype detection on linux/ppc64/ppc64le/s390x
P4 JDK-8205621 Increment JDK version for JDK 12
P4 JDK-8214062 JDK-8167368 Leftover: in build documentation
P4 JDK-8210761 libjsig is being compiled without optimization
P4 JDK-8210647 libsaproc is being compiled without optimization
P4 JDK-8212994 Links to Oracle websites should use https:
P4 JDK-8211037 Load jib jars dynamically from JibArtifactResolver
P4 JDK-8215239 Make deletes images/jdk/bin/java if something goes wrong
P4 JDK-8081858 make dist-clean does not delete all log files
P4 JDK-8207057 No debug info for assembler files
P4 JDK-8212004 Optional compile_commands.json field not compatible with older libclang
P4 JDK-8215131 Pandoc 2.3/build documentation fixes
P4 JDK-8211781 re-building fails after changing Graal sources
P4 JDK-8211350 Remove jprt support
P4 JDK-8208744 remove unneeded -DUSE_MMAP settings for JDK native libs builds
P4 JDK-8212877 Restore JTREG_VERBOSE value for mach5 testing
P4 JDK-8009683 Running regression tests with make
P4 JDK-8059019 sdp.conf.template should be copied on linux too
P4 JDK-8058538 Set default log level in configure
P4 JDK-8161478 Solaris mapfiles are all in the deprecated V1 format
P4 JDK-8207264 solaris-sparcv9-cmp-baseline fails
P4 JDK-8213227 Update jib src excludes to filter webrev and Jtreg directories
P4 JDK-8214718 Update missing copyright year in build system
P4 JDK-8214465 Upgrade arm-sflt minimum architecture to ARMv5TE for assembler
P4 JDK-8210703 vmStructs.cpp compiled with -O0
P5 JDK-6657100 Rename sparcWorks to solstudio in HotSpot


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8213154 Update copyright headers of files in src tree that are missing Classpath exception


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8210591 Verify default CDS archive is included in JDK RE bundle


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8211012 [Linux] JDK 11, warning when uninstall rpm package "warning: %postun(jdk-11-2000:11-ga.x86_64) scriptlet failed, exit status 2


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8210318 script doesn't work on Mac
P4 JDK-8210226 Add support for multiple project folders to


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8213480 update internal ASM version to 7.0
P4 JDK-8210779 8182404 and 8210732 haven't updated copyright years
P4 JDK-8209771 jdk.test.lib.Utils::runAndCheckException error
P4 JDK-8211171 move JarUtils to top-level testlibrary
P4 JDK-8210039 move OSInfo to top level testlibrary
P4 JDK-8211975 move testlibrary/jdk/testlibrary/ to top-level library
P4 JDK-8182404 remove jdk.testlibrary.JDKToolFinder and JDKToolLauncher
P4 JDK-8210022 remove jdk.testlibrary.ProcessThread, TestThread and XRun
P4 JDK-8210112 remove jdk.testlibrary.ProcessTools
P4 JDK-8210732 remove jdk.testlibrary.Utils
P4 JDK-8210894 remove jdk/testlibrary/Asserts


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8050952 JEP 230: Microbenchmark Suite
P4 JDK-8061281 Microbenchmark suite build support, directory layout and sample benchmarks
P4 JDK-8061282 Migrate jmh-jdk-microbenchmarks into the JDK


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8215140 Port missing crypto JMH micros from jmh-jdk-microbenchmarks


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8209304 Deprecate serialVersionUID fields in interfaces
P4 JDK-8206443 Update security libs manual test to cope with removal of javac -source/-target 6
P5 JDK-8210786 Typo s/overriden/overridden/ in several places


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8214513 A PKCS12 keystore from Java 8 using custom PBE parameters cannot be read in Java 11
P2 JDK-8214583 AccessController.getContext may return wrong value after JDK-8212605
P2 JDK-8210432 Add additional TeliaSonera root certificate
P2 JDK-8216280 Allow later Symantec Policy distrust date for two Apple SubCAs
P2 JDK-8207321 Merge error with 8199779
P2 JDK-8191053 Provide a mechanism to make system's security manager immutable
P3 JDK-8195774 Add Entrust root certificates
P3 JDK-8076190 Customizing the generation of a PKCS12 keystore
P3 JDK-8212003 Deprecating the default keytool -keyalg value
P3 JDK-8148188 Enhance the security libraries to record events of interest
P3 JDK-7092821 is synchronized and became scalability bottleneck
P3 JDK-8215694 keytool cannot generate RSASSA-PSS certificates
P3 JDK-8212867 Link to DRBG test vectors is redirected to a broken link
P3 JDK-8212605 Pure-Java implementation of AccessController.doPrivileged
P3 JDK-8203230 Remove cacerts.internal from Oracle JDK
P3 JDK-8195793 Remove GTE CyberTrust Global Root
P3 JDK-8211049 Second parameter of "initialize" method is not used
P3 JDK-6899533 SecureClassLoader and URLClassLoader have unnecessary check for createClassLoader permission
P3 JDK-8214096 passes null parameter, so JCE validation fails
P3 JDK-8213400 Support choosing group name in keytool keypair generation
P3 JDK-8214329 SwingMark SubMenus 9% regression in 12-b19 on Linux client
P3 JDK-8214532 Update RFC 2459 references in javadoc to RFC 5280
P3 JDK-8214100 use of keystore probing results in unnecessary exception thrown
P3 JDK-8214568 Use {@systemProperty} for definitions of system properties
P4 JDK-8210395 Add doc to
P4 JDK-8214179 Add groupname info into keytool -list and -genkeypair output
P4 JDK-8208602 Cannot read PEM X.509 cert if there is whitespace after the header or footer
P4 JDK-8209995 java.base does not need to export to
P4 JDK-8201290 keytool importcert fails with CertificateParsingException if unknown certificate algorithms should be imported
P4 JDK-8211971 Move security/cacerts/ and security/
P4 JDK-8209416 Refactoring GetPropertyAction calls in security libs
P4 JDK-8213952 Relax DNSName restriction as per RFC 1123
P4 JDK-8208675 Remove legacy property
P4 JDK-8209024 Use SuppressWarnings on serialVersionUID fields in interfaces


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8210912 Build error in src/jdk.crypto.cryptoki/share/native/libj2pkcs11/p11_convert.c after JDK-8029661
P2 JDK-8205476 KeyAgreement#generateSecret is not reset for ECDH based algorithm
P3 JDK-8212669 Add note to Cipher javadoc about using full transformation and not relying on defaults
P3 JDK-8207775 Better management of CipherCore buffers
P3 JDK-8208583 Better management of internal KeyStore buffers
P3 JDK-8209862 CipherCore performance improvement
P3 JDK-8179098 Crypto AES/ECB encryption/decryption performance regression (introduced in jdk9b73)
P4 JDK-8209851 Algorithm name is compared via reference identity
P4 JDK-8201355 Avoid native memory allocation in
P4 JDK-8208648 ECC Field Arithmetic Enhancements
P4 JDK-8209129 Further improvements to cipher buffer management
P4 JDK-8208698 Improved ECC Implementation
P4 JDK-8210838 Override javax.crypto.Cipher.toString()
P4 JDK-8213009 Refactoring existing SunMSCAPI classes
P4 JDK-8214262 SunEC native code does not compile with debug on
P4 JDK-8213010 Supporting keys created with certmgr.exe
P4 JDK-8213363 X25519 private key PKCS#8 encoding/decoding is incorrect
P4 JDK-8201317 X25519/X448 code improvements


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8214459 NSS source should be removed


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8140466 ChaCha20 and Poly1305 TLS Cipher Suites
P2 JDK-8209916 NPE in SupportedGroupsExtension
P2 JDK-8214140 Remove TLS v1 and v1.1 from SSLContext required algorithms
P2 JDK-8209333 Socket reset issue for TLS 1.3 socket close
P2 JDK-8214129 SSL session resumption/SNI with TLS1.2 causes StackOverflowError
P2 JDK-8214098 constructor check backwards.
P2 JDK-8216045 The size of key_exchange may be wrong on FFDHE
P2 JDK-8211806 TLS 1.3 handshake server name indication is missing on a session resume
P2 JDK-8210334 TLS 1.3 server fails if ClientHello doesn't have pre_shared_key and psk_key_exchange_modes
P2 JDK-8217579 TLS_EMPTY_RENEGOTIATION_INFO_SCSV is disabled after 8211883
P2 JDK-8210846 TLSv.1.3 interop problems with OpenSSL 1.1.1 when used on the client side with mutual auth
P3 JDK-8212261 Add SSLSession accessors to HttpsURLConnection and SecureCacheResponse
P3 JDK-8208350 Disable all DES cipher suites
P3 JDK-8211883 Disable anon and NULL cipher suites
P3 JDK-8207258 Distrust TLS server certificates anchored by Symantec Root CAs
P3 JDK-8212738 Incorrectly named signature scheme ecdsa_secp512r1_sha512
P3 JDK-8203687 javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ supports TLS 1.3
P3 JDK-8210974 No extensions debug log for ClientHello
P3 JDK-8213782 NullPointerException in
P3 JDK-8213202 Possible race condition in TLS 1.3 session resumption
P3 JDK-8210989 RSASSA-PSS certificate cannot be selected for client auth on TLSv1.2
P3 JDK-8208641 SSLSocket should throw an exception when configuring DTLS
P3 JDK-8214339 SSLSocketImpl erroneously wraps SocketException
P3 JDK-8209362 sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/ failed due to "BindException: Address already in use (Bind failed)"
P3 JDK-8029661 Support TLS v1.2 algorithm in SunPKCS11 provider
P3 JDK-8209965 The "supported_groups" extension in ServerHellos
P3 JDK-8215443 The use of TransportContext.fatal() leads to bad coding style
P3 JDK-8211866 TLS 1.3 CertificateRequest message sometimes offers disallowed signature algorithms
P3 JDK-8212885 TLS 1.3 resumed session does not retain peer certificate chain
P3 JDK-8214688 TLS 1.3 session resumption with hello retry request failed with "illegal_parameter"
P3 JDK-8210985 Update the default SSL session cache size to 20480
P4 JDK-8210632 Add key exchange algorithm to javax/net/ssl/TLSCommon/
P4 JDK-8210918 Add test to exercise server-side client hello processing
P4 JDK-8203614 Java API SSLEngine example code needs correction
P4 JDK-8214321 Misleading code in SSLCipher
P4 JDK-8211339 NPE during SSL handshake caused by HostnameChecker
P4 JDK-8210785 Trivial typo fix in X509ExtendedKeyManager javadoc
P4 JDK-8212752 Typo in SSL log message related to inactive/disabled signature scheme


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-6474858 CardChannel.transmit(CommandAPDU) throws unexpected ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
P3 JDK-8214570 Use {@systemProperty} for definitions of system properties


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8211878 Bad/broken links in docs/api/java.xml.crypto/javax/xml/crypto/dsig/Reference.html
P4 JDK-8210338 Better output for
P4 JDK-8210448 Copy Java XML Digital Signature API Specification into java.xml.crypto javadocs
P4 JDK-8210736 jdk/javax/xml/crypto/dsig/ slow on linux
P4 JDK-8205507 jdk/javax/xml/crypto/dsig/ timed out


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8209546 Make sun/security/tools/keytool/ to support macosx
P4 JDK-8210476 sun/security/mscapi/ fails with Still too slow


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8209829 does not contain the SpnegoUnknownMech class
P3 JDK-8186186 GSSContext.isEstablished() can return true on error state
P4 JDK-8212217 JGSS: Don't dispose() of creds too eagerly
P4 JDK-8212165 JGSS: Fix cut/paste error in NativeUtil.c
P4 JDK-8212216 JGSS: Fix leak in exception cases in getJavaOID()


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8210821 Support dns_canonicalize_hostname in krb5.conf


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8214034 16.1.7: DU/DA in a switch expression
P3 JDK-8214353 16.1.8: DU/DA in a switch expression
P3 JDK-8198986 3.10.7: Raw string literals
P3 JDK-8213180 5.6.3: byte result expression in switch widens to char, but should widen to int
P3 JDK-8192963 JEP 325: Switch Expressions (Preview)
P4 JDK-8205961 6.3: Put more type names in scope for `uses` and `provides` directives
P4 JDK-8214743 7.4.2: Tighten the compilation units in an unnamed package


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8205943 4.1: Allow v56.0 class files for Java SE 12
P4 JDK-8200338 4.1: Restrict the legal values of ClassFile.minor_version
P4 JDK-8215035 Clarify placement of type annotations on nested types
P4 JDK-8210840 6.5: Unwieldy selection for an interface method ref by invokespecial


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8210502 jdeps does not handle properly on analyzing a mixture of MR JARs and non-MR JARs
P3 JDK-8215238 (jdeps) update jdk8_internals.txt per the removal of javafx, corba, EE modules
P3 JDK-8213909 jdeps --print-module-deps should report missing dependences
P3 JDK-8211887 jdeps throws NPE when analyzing that references a non-existent class used to be in JDK
P4 JDK-8211051 jdeps usage of --dot-output doesn't provide valid output for modular jar
P4 JDK-8210833 Specs for Javadoc and Pack200 have incorrect link to Copyright page
P5 JDK-8168869 jdeps: localized messages don't use proper line breaks


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8207395 jar should support UNC-path arguments for the jar -C parameter
P3 JDK-8210454 jar tool does not allow setting the module version without also setting the main class


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8214571 -Xdoclint of array serialField gives "error: array type not allowed here"
P2 JDK-8214031 Assertion error in value break statement with conditional operator in switch expression
P2 JDK-8213908 AssertionError in DeferredAttr at setOverloadKind
P2 JDK-8210483 AssertionError in DeferredAttr at setOverloadKind caused by JDK-8203679
P2 JDK-8210671 fail after Raw String Literals checkin
P2 JDK-8210495 Compiler crashes because of illegal signature in otherwise legal code
P2 JDK-8193561 Cyclic hierarchy causes a NullPointerException when setting DEFAULT flag
P2 JDK-8214529 Exception while using Anonymous class in switch expression
P2 JDK-8203277 preflow visitor used during lambda attribution shouldn't visit class definitions inside the lambda body
P2 JDK-8215681 Remove compiler support for Raw String Literals from JDK 12
P2 JDK-8212982 Rule cases in switch expression accepted even if complete normally
P2 JDK-8214113 Switch expressions may have constant type and may be skipped during write
P2 JDK-8214114 Switch expressions with try-catch statements
P3 JDK-8206325 AssertionError in TypeSymbol.getAnnotationTypeMetadata
P3 JDK-8205418 Assorted improvements to source code model
P3 JDK-8214071 Broken msg.bug diagnostics when using the compiler API
P3 JDK-8209055 c.s.t.javac.code.DeferredCompletionFailureHandler seems to use WeakHashMap incorrectly
P3 JDK-8214026 Canonicalized archive paths appearing in diagnostics
P3 JDK-8207160 ClassReader::adjustMethodParams can potentially return null if the args list is empty
P3 JDK-8210561 Command-line help wrong for javac --module
P3 JDK-8206981 Compiler support for Raw String Literals
P3 JDK-8206986 Compiler support for Switch Expressions (Preview)
P3 JDK-8207405 Compiler Tree API support for Switch Expressions (Preview)
P3 JDK-8211102 Crash with -XDfind=lambda and -source 7
P3 JDK-8210555 create --source --target synonyms for -source -target
P3 JDK-8207954 Data for --release 11
P3 JDK-8210435 don't add local variable spots if they are DCE'ed by the compiler
P3 JDK-8193462 Fix Filer handling of package-info initial elements
P3 JDK-8208184 IllegalArgumentException while invoking code completion on netbeans IDE
P3 JDK-8198945 Invalid RuntimeVisibleTypeAnnotations for annotation on anonymous class type parameter
P3 JDK-8214514 javac @file option gives error caused by Chinese encoding in the path
P3 JDK-8210197 javac can't tell during speculative attribution if a diamond expression is creating an anonymous inner class or not
P3 JDK-8209173 javac fails with completion exception while reporting an error
P3 JDK-8213703 LambdaConversionException: Invalid receiver type not a subtype of implementation type interface
P3 JDK-8210674 Need to add examples for use of javac properties introduced by Raw String Literals
P3 JDK-8193037 package-info annotations are not reported when annotation processing is enabled
P3 JDK-8190886 package-info handling in RoundEnvironment.getElementsAnnotatedWith
P3 JDK-8213103 RoundEnvironment.getElementsAnnotatedWith(Class) crashes with -source 8
P3 JDK-8209963 source file mode for JVM should provide a hook to locate the source file
P3 JDK-8210009 Source Launcher classloader should support getResource and getResourceAsStream
P3 JDK-8211450 UndetVar::dup is not copying the kind field to the duplicated instance
P3 JDK-8208608 Update --module-source-path to allow explicit source paths for specific modules
P3 JDK-8211148 var in implicit lambdas shouldn't be accepted for source < 11
P3 JDK-8209407 VerifyError is thrown for inner class with lambda
P3 JDK-8207320 Wrong type order for intersection lambdas with multiple abstract methods
P4 JDK-8193290 Add source 12 and target 12 to javac
P4 JDK-8209058 Cannot find annotation method 'value()' in type 'Profile+Annotation'
P4 JDK-8183548 Comma-expressions shouldn't use any temporary variable
P4 JDK-8210742 Compound var declaration type is not uniform for all variables
P4 JDK-8206874 Evaluate after dropping -source 6
P4 JDK-8193214 Incorrect annotations.without.processors warnings with JDK 9
P4 JDK-8209064 Make intellij support more robust after changes for 2018.2
P4 JDK-8207055 Make javac -help output for -source and -target more informative
P4 JDK-8209022 Missing checkcast when casting to type parameter bounded by intersection type
P4 JDK-8211138 Missing Flag enum constants
P4 JDK-8205493 uses hard-coded release values
P4 JDK-8214902 Pretty-printing marker annotations add unnecessary parenthesis
P4 JDK-8207248 Reduce incidence of in javac tests
P4 JDK-8206114 Refactor langtools/tools/javac/classfiles/
P4 JDK-8206085 Refactor langtools/tools/javac/versions/
P4 JDK-8206439 Remove javac -source/-target 6 from langtools regression tests
P4 JDK-8028563 Remove javac support for 6/1.6 source and target values
P4 JDK-8207229 Trees.getScope crashes for broken lambda
P4 JDK-8207230 Trees.getScope runs Analyzers
P5 JDK-8206122 Use Queue in place of ArrayList when need to remove first element


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8213956 javadoc crash using {@index} in doc-files file
P2 JDK-8218134 Modify the file to reflect the exact jQuery license content.
P2 JDK-8211127 fails after JDK-8173730
P3 JDK-8208531 -javafx mode should be on by default when JavaFX is available
P3 JDK-8211407 Bad links to non-existent entries on serialized-form page
P3 JDK-8207214 Broken links in JDK API serialized-form page
P3 JDK-8215291 Broken links when generating from project without modules
P3 JDK-8184205 Captions on tabbed tables are squashed together
P3 JDK-8213819 doclint should warn against {@index} inside tag
P3 JDK-8214856 Errors with JSZip in web console after upgrade to 3.1.5
P3 JDK-8186260 Improve javadoc tag specification.
P3 JDK-8190312 javadoc -link doesn't work with http: -> https: URL redirects
P3 JDK-8212233 javadoc fails on jdk12 with "The code being documented uses modules but the packages defined in $URL are in the unnamed module."
P3 JDK-8200432 javadoc fails with ClassCastException on {@link byte[]}
P3 JDK-8211901 javadoc generates broken links on deprecated items page
P3 JDK-8187794 javadoc navigation bar needs cleanup
P3 JDK-8210405 Javadoc search doesn't always consider full input upon Enter
P3 JDK-8209914 javadoc search sometimes generates bad URIs
P3 JDK-8213709 jdk/javadoc/doclet/testValueTag/ missing modules declaration
P3 JDK-8202959 Rearrange the top and bottom navigation bar in the javadoc generated pages
P3 JDK-8203792 Remove "compatibility" features from
P3 JDK-8203791 Remove "compatibility" features from
P3 JDK-8214139 Remove wrapper methods from {Base,Html}Configuration
P3 JDK-8210245 Review URLs in javadoc Tag Specification
P3 JDK-8210683 Search result display order reversed for overloaded entries
P3 JDK-8199192 Some pages generated by javadoc contain accessibility issues
P3 JDK-5076751 System properties documentation needed in javadocs
P3 JDK-8213526 Update javadoc tag specification to include systemProperty taglet
P3 JDK-8213133 Update javadoc tag specification to include value taglet in module documentation
P3 JDK-8214468 Upgrade jQuery UI to 1.12.1 from 1.11.4
P3 JDK-8202462 {@index} may cause duplicate labels
P3 JDK-8210244 {@value} should be permitted in module documentation
P4 JDK-8208484 color contrast issues in a couple of spec files
P4 JDK-8206318 Enhance package documentation for internal javadoc packages
P4 JDK-8213265 fix missing newlines at end of files
P4 JDK-8205593 Javadoc -link makes broken links if module name matches package name
P4 JDK-8208269 Javadoc does not support module-info in a multi-release jar
P4 JDK-8213716 javadoc search not working with Japanese and Chinese locales
P4 JDK-8176453 Javadoc search: there are issues with generics in parameters
P4 JDK-8209052 Low contrast in docs/api/constant-values.html
P4 JDK-8206475 Repeated word in error message
P4 JDK-8210047 some pages contain content outside of landmark region
P4 JDK-8173730 Stop including enhanced for-loop tip for enum values() method


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8210087 Classes in jdk.unsupported not accessible from jconsole plugin


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8215123 Crash in runtime image built with jlink --compress=2
P3 JDK-8215026 Incorrect amount of memory unmapped with ImageFileReader::close()
P4 JDK-8214230 Classes generated by are not reproducable
P4 JDK-8206962 jlink --release-info=del throws NPE if no keys are specified
P4 JDK-8211976 move testlibrary/ closer to tests
P4 JDK-8212137 Remove JrtFileSystem finalize method


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8215438 jshell tool: Ctrl-D causes EOF
P3 JDK-8215244 jdk/jshell/ testHistoryReference failed
P3 JDK-8210596 jshell does not support raw string literals
P3 JDK-8213725 JShell NullPointerException due to class file with unexpected package
P3 JDK-8215243 JShell tests failing intermitently with "Problem cleaning up the following threads:"
P3 JDK-8215099 jshell tool: /help representation of ctrl/meta characters inconsistent
P3 JDK-8210808 jshell tool: only considers the first snippet of the external editor
P3 JDK-8211694 JShell: Redeclared variable should be reset
P3 JDK-8210923 JShell: support for switch expressions
P3 JDK-8214491 Upgrade to JLine 3.9.0
P4 JDK-8209386 [error-prone] StreamResourceLeak in jdk.internal.ed module
P4 JDK-8210959 JShell fails and exits when statement throws an exception whose message contains a '%'.


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8213362 [macOS] Could not find libjava.dylib error when initializing JVM via JNI_CreateJavaVM
P2 JDK-8215000 tools/launcher/ fails on Windows
P3 JDK-8210810 Escaped character at specific position in argument file is not handled properly
P3 JDK-8210839 Improve interaction between source launcher and classpath
P3 JDK-8210274 Source Launcher should work with a security manager
P4 JDK-8212045 Add back the tests that were removed from and
P4 JDK-8210275 Source Launcher should fail if --source is used without a source file


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8212872 Broken link to Namespaces in XML Errata


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8209615 ParseError in XMLEventReader on a valid input
P4 JDK-8204329 Java API doc for needs to be clarified for the exception thrown when hasNext() method returns false
P4 JDK-8212178 Soft reference reclamation race in
P4 JDK-8194680 StartElement#getAttributes and getNamespaces refer to incorrect package
P4 JDK-8210874 Test for JDK-8209615


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8207760 SAXException: Invalid UTF-16 surrogate detected: d83c ?


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8212866 Broken link to
P4 JDK-8209873 Typo in javax.xml.validation.Validator.validate​ documentation


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8177286 AttributeSet: attempt to compare Qname and String
P3 JDK-8213321 Fix legal headers in test/jaxp
P3 JDK-8206164 forgot to "throw" TransformerConfigurationException
P3 JDK-8213300 jaxp/unittest/transform/ fails due to exception in jdk/jdk CI
P4 JDK-8190835 Subtraction with two javax.xml.datatype.Duration gives incorrect result


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8212871 Broken links give 401-Unauthorized
P3 JDK-8212876 ftp: links for character-sets require a login password
P4 JDK-8213117 adoptNode corrupts attribute values


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8213734 SAXParser.parse(File, ..) does not close resources when Exception occurs.