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Issue Description
JDK-8260244 JEP 405: Record Patterns (Preview)
Enhance the Java programming language with record patterns to deconstruct record values. Record patterns and type patterns can be nested to enable a powerful, declarative, and composable form of data navigation and processing. This is a preview language feature.
JDK-8276797 JEP 422: Linux/RISC-V Port
Port the JDK to Linux/RISC-V.
JDK-8282048 JEP 424: Foreign Function & Memory API (Preview)
Introduce an API by which Java programs can interoperate with code and data outside of the Java runtime. By efficiently invoking foreign functions (i.e., code outside the JVM), and by safely accessing foreign memory (i.e., memory not managed by the JVM), the API enables Java programs to call native libraries and process native data without the brittleness and danger of JNI. This is a preview API.
JDK-8277131 JEP 425: Virtual Threads (Preview)
Introduce virtual threads to the Java Platform. Virtual threads are lightweight threads that dramatically reduce the effort of writing, maintaining, and observing high-throughput concurrent applications. This is a preview API.
JDK-8280173 JEP 426: Vector API (Fourth Incubator)
Introduce an API to express vector computations that reliably compile at runtime to optimal vector instructions on supported CPU architectures, thus achieving performance superior to equivalent scalar computations.
JDK-8282272 JEP 427: Pattern Matching for switch (Third Preview)
Enhance the Java programming language with pattern matching for switch expressions and statements. Extending pattern matching to switch allows an expression to be tested against a number of patterns, each with a specific action, so that complex data-oriented queries can be expressed concisely and safely. This is a preview language feature.
JDK-8277129 JEP 428: Structured Concurrency (Incubator)
Simplify multithreaded programming by introducing an API for structured concurrency. Structured concurrency treats multiple tasks running in different threads as a single unit of work, thereby streamlining error handling and cancellation, improving reliability, and enhancing observability. This is an incubating API.



Issue Description

Indy String Concat Changes Order of Operations

String concatenation has been changed to evaluate each argument and eagerly convert it to a string, in left-to-right order. This fixes a bug in the invokedynamic-based string concatentation strategies introduced in JEP 280.

For example, the following now prints "foofoobar", not "foobarfoobar":

` StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder("foo"); System.err.println("" + builder + builder.append("bar")); `


Lambda Deserialization Fails for Object Method References on Interfaces

Deserialization of serialized method references to Object methods, which was using an interface as the type on which the method is invoked, can now be deserialized again. Note the classfiles need to be recompiled to allow the deserialization.


Issue Description

JShell Highlights Deprecated Elements, Variables, and Keywords

JShell now marks deprecated elements and highlights variables and keywords in the console.


Issue Description

MD5 and SHA-1 Are Disabled by Default for HTTP Digest Authentication

The MD5 and SHA-1 message digest algorithms have been disabled by default for HTTP Digest authentication. MD5 and SHA-1 are considered insecure and are deprecated generally. Accordingly, they have both been disabled by default for some usages of HTTP Digest authentication with They can re-enabled on an opt-in basis by setting a new system property. More information can be found in Networking Properties.


HTTPS Channel Binding Support for Java GSS/Kerberos

Support has been added for TLS channel binding tokens for Negotiate/Kerberos authentication over HTTPS through

Channel binding tokens are increasingly required as an enhanced form of security. They work by communicating from a client to a server the client's understanding of the binding between connection security, as represented by a TLS server cert, and higher level authentication credentials, such as a username and password. The server can then detect if the client has been fooled by a MITM and shutdown the session or connection.

The feature is controlled through a new system property jdk.https.negotiate.cbt which is described fully in Networking Properties.


Improved HTTP Proxy Detection on Windows

When multiple Windows proxy configuration options are available, proxy selector now attempts all options in sequence until a proxy is selected or all options have been tried. Previously, only the first option was tried. For example, if automatic proxy detection was enabled, manual proxy setup was never used.


Make HttpURLConnection Default Keep Alive Timeout Configurable

Two system properties have been added which control the keep alive behavior of HttpURLConnection in the case where the server does not specify a keep alive time. Two properties are defined for controlling connections to servers and proxies separately. They are http.keepAlive.time.server and http.keepAlive.time.proxy respectively. More information about them can be found in Networking Properties.


Issue Description

jstatd No Longer Requires a SecurityManager

jstatd no longer requires a Security Manager and policy file. Running with to set a policy has no effect.

Internally to jstatd, an ObjectInputFilter is used to allow only essential classes to be deserialized over the RMI connection.


Issue Description

Support for CLDR Version 41

Locale data based on Unicode Consortium's CLDR has been upgraded to version 41. For the detailed locale data changes, please refer to the Unicode Consortium's CLDR release notes.


Deprecation of Locale Class Constructors

New Locale.of() factory methods replace deprecated Locale constructors. The factory methods are efficient and reuse existing Locale instances. Locales are also provided by Locale.forLanguageTag() and Locale.Builder.


Issue Description

Support Unicode 14.0

This release upgrades Unicode support to 14.0, which includes the following:

The java.lang.Character class supports Unicode Character Database of 14.0 level, which adds 838 characters, for a total of 144,697 characters. These additions include 5 new scripts, for a total of 159 scripts, as well as 37 new emoji characters. The java.text.Bidi and java.text.Normalizer classes support 14.0 level of Unicode Standard Annexes, #9 and #15, respectively. The java.util.regex package supports Extended Grapheme Clusters based on 14.0 level of Unicode Standard Annex #29 For more detail about Unicode 14.0, refer to the Unicode Consortium's release note.


System Property for Java SE Specification Maintenance Version

The java.specification.maintenance.version system property is defined to indicate the maintenance release number of the Java SE specification being implemented by the JDK. If the implemented specification has not undergone a maintenance release, the value of system property is not set.


Double.toString(double) and Float.toString(float) may Return Slightly Different Results

The specification of these methods is now tighter than in earlier releases and the new implementation fully adheres to it.

As a consequence, some returned strings are now shorter than when using earlier releases, and for inputs at the extremes of the subnormal ranges near zero, might look differently. However, the number of cases where there's a difference in output is quite small compared to the sheer number of possible double and float inputs.

One example is Double.toString(2e23), which now returns "2.0E23", whereas in earlier releases it returns "1.9999999999999998E23". Another example, in the double subnormal range, is Double.toString(1e-323) which now returns "9.9E-324", as mandated by the new specification.


Incorrect Handling of Quoted Arguments in ProcessBuilder

ProcessBuilder on Windows is restored to its previous functionality to address a regression caused by JDK-8250568. Previously, an argument to ProcessBuilder that started with a double-quote and ended with a backslash followed by a double-quote was passed as a command incorrectly and may have caused the command to fail. For example the argument "C:\\Program Files\", would be seen as a command with extra double-quotes. This update restores the long standing behavior that does not treat the backslash before the final double-quote specially.


New System Properties for `System.out` and `System.err`

Two new system properties, stdout.encoding and stderr.encoding, have been added. The value of these system properties is the encoding used by the standard output and standard error streams (System.out and System.err).

The default values of these system properties depend on the platform. The values take on the value of the native.encoding property when the platform does not provide streams for the console. The properties can be overridden on the launcher's command line option (with -D) to set them to UTF-8 where required.


User's Home Directory set to $HOME if Invalid

On Linux and macOS, the system property user.home is set to the home directory provided by the operating system. If the directory name provided is empty or only a single character, the value of the environment variable HOME is used instead.

The directory name and the value of $HOME are usually the same and valid. The fallback to $HOME is unusual and unlikely to occur except in environments such as systemd on Linux or when running in a container such as Docker.


Issue Description

Metal Is now the Default Java 2D Rendering Pipeline on macOS

Previously JDK desktop applications using Swing and Java2D (tm) would render using OpenGL on macOS. As of this release of JDK, they now are rendered using Apple's new Metal accelerated graphics API. This has been available since JDK 17 (JEP 382), but was not automatically enabled. Now it is enabled by default. Applications will not need to take any action, as they will automatically benefit from faster graphics with lower power consumption, and the use of a more modern stable graphics API which will be able to work better on current and future Apple Mac systems. Any user who would prefer to continue to use OpenGL whilst it is still supported can disable rendering with Metal by starting their application with either "java -Dsun.java2d.metal=false" or "java -Dsun.java2d.opengl=true" and it will run with OpenGL as it used to in JDK 17.


Issue Description

-Xss may be Rounded up to a Multiple of the System Page Size

The actual java thread stack size may differ from the value specified by -Xss command line option; it may be rounded up to a multiple of the system page size when required by the operating system.


Issue Description

Automatic Generation of the CDS Archive

The JVM option -XX:+AutoCreateSharedArchive can be used to automatically create or update a CDS archive for an application. For example:

java -XX:+AutoCreateSharedArchive -XX:SharedArchiveFile=app.jsa -cp app.jar App

The specified archive will be written if it does not exist, or if it was generated by a different version of the JDK.


CPU Shares Ignored When Computing Active Processor Count

Previous JDK releases used an incorrect interpretation of the Linux cgroups parameter "cpu.shares". This might cause the JVM to use fewer CPUs than available, leading to an under utilization of CPU resources when the JVM is used inside a container.

Starting from this JDK release, by default, the JVM no longer considers "cpu.shares" when deciding the number of threads to be used by the various thread pools. The -XX:+UseContainerCpuShares command-line option can be used to revert to the previous behavior. This option is deprecated and may be removed in a future JDK release.


JNI GetVersion Returns JNI_VERSION_19

The Java Native Interface function GetVersion has been changed in this release to return JNI_VERSION_19 (value 0x00130000).


Issue Description

New Methods to Create Preallocated HashMaps and HashSets

New static factory methods have been introduced to allow creation of HashMap and related instances that are preallocated to accommodate an expected number of mappings or elements. After using the HashMap.newHashMap method, the requested number of mappings can be added to the newly created HashMap without it being resized. There are similar new static factory methods for LinkedHashMap, WeakHashMap, HashSet, and LinkedHashSet. The complete set of new methods is:

  • HashMap.newHashMap
  • LinkedHashMap.newLinkedHashMap
  • WeakHashMap.newWeakHashMap
  • HashSet.newHashSet
  • LinkedHashSet.newLinkedHashSet

The int-argument constructors for these classes set the "capacity" (internal table size) which is not the same as the number of elements that can be accommodated. The capacity is related to the number of elements by a simple but error-prone calculation. For this reason, programs should use these new static factory methods in preference to the int-argument constructors.


New Methods to Create Preallocated HashMaps and HashSets

New static factory methods have been introduced to allow creation of HashMap and related instances that are preallocated to accommodate an expected number of mappings or elements. After using the HashMap.newHashMap method, the requested number of mappings can be added to the newly created HashMap without it being resized. There are similar new static factory methods for LinkedHashMap, WeakHashMap, HashSet, and LinkedHashSet. The complete set of new methods is:

  • HashMap.newHashMap
  • LinkedHashMap.newLinkedHashMap
  • WeakHashMap.newWeakHashMap
  • HashSet.newHashSet
  • LinkedHashSet.newLinkedHashSet

The int-argument constructors for these classes set the "capacity" (internal table size) which is not the same as the number of elements that can be accommodated. The capacity is related to the number of elements by a simple but error-prone calculation. For this reason, programs should use these new static factory methods in preference to the int-argument constructors.


Issue Description

Break up SEQUENCE in X509Certificate::getSubjectAlternativeNames and X509Certificate::getIssuerAlternativeNames in otherName

The JDK implementation of X509Certificate::getSubjectAlternativeNames and X509Certificate::getIssuerAlternativeNames has been enhanced to additionally return the type-id and value fields of an otherName. The value field is returned as a String if it is encoded as a character string or otherwise as a byte array, which is helpful as it avoids having to parse the ASN.1 DER encoded form of the name.


PSSParameterSpec(int) Constructor and DEFAULT Static Constant Are Deprecated

It is recommended to construct PSSParameterSpec explicitly with all desired values instead of using the DEFAULT static constant or the single argument constructor which takes the salt length. Both use the default values in the initial version of the PKCS#1 standard and some of these values are no longer recommended due to advances in cryptanalysis.


RC2 and ARCFOUR Algorithms Added to Security Property

The RC2 and ARCFOUR (RC4) algorithms have been added to the "" security property in the configuration file. The keytool tool issues warnings when a weak RC2 or ARCFOUR algorithm is used for its commands associated with secret key entries in the keystore.


DES, DESede and MD5 Algorithms Added to Security Property

The DES, DESede and MD5 algorithms have been added to the "" security property in the configuration file. The keytool tool issues warnings when a weak DES or DESede algorithm is used for its commands associated with secret key entries in the keystore.


getParameters of ECDSA Signature Objects Always Return null

In order to be compliant to RFC 5758 Section 3.2, the Signature::getParameters method on an ECDSA signature object from the SunEC security provider will always return null, even if an earlier setParameter method has been called on this object.


Issue Description

Make Annotation toString Output for enum Constants Usable for Source Input

The exact toString format for annotations is not specified; however, the toString output is intended to be usable for source input. The toString output of enum constants was changed to two ways so that it would be usable as source input: * The name of the constant is used (rather than the output is its toString method) * For the name of the enum class, its canonical name rather than its binary name is used.


Issue Description

Additional Date-Time Formats

Additional date/time formats are now introduced in java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter/DateTimeFormatterBuilder classes. In prior releases, only 4 predefined styles, i.e., FormatStyle.FULL/LONG/MEDIUM/SHORT are available. Now the users can specify their own flexible style with this new DateTimeFormatter.ofLocalizedPattern(String requestedTemplate) method. For example, ` DateTimeFormatter.ofLocalizedPattern("yMMM") produces a formatter, which can format a date in a localized manner, such as "Feb 2022" in theUSlocale, while "2022年2月" in the Japanese locale. Supporting methodDateTimeFormatterBuilder.appendLocalized(String requestedTemplate)`is also provided.


Support for IsoFields in JapaneseDate/MinguoDate/ThaiBuddhistDate

Three chronologies in java.time.chrono package, namely JapaneseChronology, MinguoChronology, and ThaiBuddhistChronology now support ISO-based fields, such as IsoFields.QUARTER_OF_YEAR. These chronologies implement the new method, isIsoBased() which has been added in the java.time.chrono.Chronology interface. The boolean returned from this method indicates if the implementing chronology is ISO chronology based, which means it has the same year/month structure as IsoChronology.

Here is an example: ` will return the correct quarter-of-year value, which used to be throwing anUnsupportedTemporalTypeException` with prior JDK releases.


java.time.DateTimeFormatter: Wrong Definition of Symbol F

The definition and its implementation of the pattern symbol F in java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter/Builder has been modified. It was tied with ChronoField.ALIGNED_DAY_OF_WEEK_IN_MONTH field, which did not agree with java.text.SimpleDateFormat and Unicode Consortium's LDML. With this release, it represents ChronoField.ALIGNED_WEEK_OF_MONTH field. For example, the number 2 means "the 2nd Wednesday in July."


Issue Description

Deserialization Filter and Filter Factory Property Error Reporting Were Under Specified

Invalid values of the command line and the security properties of jdk.serialFilterand jdk.serialFilterFactory are reported by throwing java.lang.IllegalStateException on the first use. The property values are checked when constructing or when calling the methods of including getSerialFilter() and getSerialFilterFactory(). The IllegalStateException indicates that the serial filter or serial filter factory is invalid and cannot be used; deserialization is disabled. Previously, the exception thrown was ExceptionInInitializerError.


Issue Description

Add a -providerPath Option to jarsigner

A new option -providerPath has been added to jarsigner. One can use this option to specify the class path of an alternate keystore implementation. It can be used together with the -providerClass option.


Issue Description

Allow per-user and System Wide Configuration of a jpackaged app

jpackaged applications support both system-wide and per-user configuration.

jpackage application launcher will look up the corresponding .cfg file not only in the application installation directory (the system-wide installation location) but also in user-specific locations. User-specific directories for .cfg file look up are:

Linux ` ~/.local/${PACKAGE_NAME} ~/.${PACKAGE_NAME} macOS `` ~/Library/Application Support/${PACKAGE_NAME} ` Windows %LocalAppData%\%PACKAGE_NAME% %AppData%\%PACKAGE_NAME% `` where ${PACKAGE_NAME} and %PACKAGE_NAME% refer to jpackaged application name.


Issue Description

ForkJoinPool and ThreadPoolExecutor do not use Thread::start to Start Worker Threads

java.util.concurrent.ForkJoinPool and java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor have changed in this release to not start worker threads with the Thread.start method. This may impact code that constructs a ForkJoinPool or ThreadPoolExecutor with a thread factory that creates worker Threads that override the no-arg start method. The overridden start method will not be invoked when worker threads are started. The change in behavior does not impact code that overrides the ForkJoinWorkerThread.onStart() method. The onStart() method will continue to be invoked by fork join worker threads when they start. A future release will re-examine the issue of thread factories creating threads that override the start method.

JVM TI Changes to Support Virtual Threads

The JVM Tool Interface (JVM TI) has been updated in this release to support virtual threads. Maintainers of agents that use JVM TI are strongly recommended to read JEP 425 and the JVM TI 19.0 specification. The following is a summary of the JVM TI support for virtual threads:

  • Most JVM TI functions that are called with a jthread (i.e., a JNI reference to a Thread object) can be called with a reference to a virtual thread. The functions that are not supported on virtual threads are PopFrame, ForceEarlyReturn, StopThread, AgentStartFunction and GetThreadCpuTime. The SetLocal* functions support setting local variables in the top-most frame of virtual threads that are suspended at a breakpoint or single step event but are allowed to fail with JVMTI_ERROR_OPAQUE_FRAME in other scenarios.

  • All JVM TI events, with the exception of those posted during early VM startup or during heap iteration, can have event callbacks invoked in the context of a virtual thread.

  • The GetAllThreads and GetAllStackTraces functions are specified to return all platform threads rather than all threads.

  • New functions SuspendAllVirtualThreads and ResumeAllVirtualThreads are added to support bulk suspend and resume of virtual threads. New events VirtualThreadStart and VirtualThreadEnd are added to support tracking of virtual threads. A new capability, can_support_virtual_threads is used to enable the use of the new functions and events.

Existing JVM TI agents will mostly work as before, but may encounter errors if they invoke functions that are not supported on virtual threads. These will arise when an agent that is unaware of virtual threads is used with an application that uses virtual threads. The change to GetAllThreads to return an array containing only the platform threads may be an issue for some agents. Existing agents that enable the ThreadStart and ThreadEnd events for all threads may encounter performance issues until they are upgraded to have finer control of these events.

Source and Binary Incompatible Changes to java.lang.Thread

The are a few source and binary incompatible changes that may impact code that extends java.lang.Thread.

  • Thread defines several new methods in this release. If code in an existing source file extends Thread and a method in the subclass conflicts with any of the new Thread methods then the file will not compile without change.

  • Thread.Builder is added as a nested interface. If code in an existing source file extends Thread, imports a class named Builder, and code in the subclass references "Builder" as a simple name, then the file will not compile without change.

  • Thread.isVirtual(), Thread.threadId() and Thread.join(Duration) are added as final methods. If there is existing compiled code that extends Thread and the subclass declares a method with the same name, parameters, and return type as any of these methods then IncompatibleClassChangeError will be thrown at run-time if the subclass is loaded.

For further details, see the JEP 425, section java.lang.Thread.

java.lang.ThreadGroup Is degraded

Legacy java.lang.ThreadGroup has been degraded in this release. It is no longer possible to explicitly destroy a thread group. In its place, ThreadGroup is changed to no longer keep a strong reference to subgroups. A thread group is thus eligible to be GC'ed when there are no live threads in the group and nothing else is keeping the thread group alive.

The behavior of several methods, deprecated for removal in prior releases, are changed as follows:

  • The destroy method does nothing.

  • The isDestroyed method returns false.

  • The setDaemon and isDaemon methods set/get a daemon status that is not used for anything.

  • The suspend, resume, and stop methods throw UnsupportedOperationException.

For further details, see the JEP 425, section java.lang.ThreadGroup.

Thread Context ClassLoader Changed to be a Special Inheritable thread-local

The thread context ClassLoader is specified in this release to be a special inheritable thread-local. This change should be transparent to existing code with the exception of code that uses the 5-arg Thread constructor (added in Java 9) to create a Thread that does not inherit the initial values of inheritable thread-locals from the constructing thread. With this release, invoking the 5-arg Thread constructor with the parameter inheritInheritableThreadLocals set to false will create a Thread that does not inherit the initial value of the context ClassLoader from the constructing thread. The Thread.setContextClassLoader method may be used to change the context ClassLoader of the new thread if needed.

For further details, see the JEP 425, section Thread-local variables.


Issue Description

C2 Compilation Errors Unpredictably Crashes JVM

Fixes a regression in the C2 JIT compiler which caused the Java Runtime to crash unpredictably.


Support for PAC-RET Protection on Linux/AArch64

Support for PAC-RET protection on the Linux/AArch64 platform has been introduced.

When enabled, OpenJDK will use hardware features from the ARMv8.3 Pointer Authentication Code (PAC) extension to protect against Return Orientated Programming (ROP) attacks. For more information on the PAC extension see "Providing protection for complex software" or the "Pointer authentication in AArch64 state" section in the Arm ARM.

To take advantage of this feature, first OpenJDK must be built with the configuration flag --enable-branch-protection using GCC 9.1.0+ or LLVM 10+ . Then, the runtime flag -XX:UseBranchProtection=standard will enable PAC-RET protection if the system supports it and the java binary was compiled with branch-protection enabled; otherwise the flag is silently ignored. Alternatively, -XX:UseBranchProtection=pac-ret will also enable PAC-RET protection, but in this case if the system does not support it or the java binary was not compiled with branch-protection enabled, then a warning will be printed.


Issue Description

(D)TLS Signature Schemes

New Java SE APIs, and, have been added to allow applications to customize the signature schemes used in individual TLS or DTLS connections.

Note that the underlying provider may define the default signature schemes for each TLS or DTLS connection. Applications may also use the existing "jdk.tls.client.SignatureSchemes" and/or "jdk.tls.server.SignatureSchemes" system properties to customize the provider-specific default signature schemes. If not null, the signature schemes passed to the setSignatureSchemes() method will override the default signature schemes for the specified TLS or DTLS connections.

Note that a provider may not have been updated to support the new APIs and in that case may ignore the signature schemes that are set. The JDK SunJSSE provider supports this method. It is recommended that 3rd party providers add support for these methods when they add support for JDK 19 or later releases.


Change in SSLEngine.closeInbound() Behavior

The SunJSSE close notification checks for SSLEngine to have been made less strict to conform to changes in the Transport Layer Security (TLS) RFCs. See also JDK-8253368.

Specifically, if an application tries to close its SSLEngine inbound side using SSLEngine.closeInbound() without having received a close notification message from its peer, the SSLEngine will no longer:

  1. trigger the transmission of a TLS fatal-level alert to the peer, and
  2. invalidate the current TLS session.

The new behavior will still consider this condition an error and will throw a local But a fatal-level alert will no longer be generated to be sent to the peer, and the underlying session will remain valid.

In addition, the internal transport context for the SSLEngine will also now be closed. This may result in a different SSLEngineResult.HandshakeStatus value on the SSLEngine. Any outstanding outbound data must still be obtained (SSLEngine.wrap()) and sent in order to gracefully close the connection.


TLS Cipher Suites Using 3DES Removed From the Default Enabled List

The following TLS cipher suites that use the obsolete 3DES algorithm have been removed from the default list of enabled cipher suites:


Note that cipher suites using 3DES are already disabled by default in the jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms security property. You may use these suites at your own risk by removing 3DESEDECBC from the jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms security property and re-enabling the suites via the setEnabledCipherSuites() method of the SSLSocket, SSLServerSocket or SSLEngine classes. Alternatively, if an application is using the HttpsURLConnection class, the https.cipherSuites system property can be used to re-enable the suites.


Remove Finalizer Implementation in SSLSocketImpl

The finalizer implementation in SSLSocket has been removed, with the underlying native resource releases now done by the Socket implementation. With this update, the TLS close_notify messages will no longer be emitted if SSLSocket is not explicitly closed.

Not closing Sockets properly is an error condition that should be avoided. Applications should always close sockets and not rely on garbage collection.


Fully Support Endpoint Identification Algorithm in RFC 6125

The JDK SunJSSE provider implementation has been enhanced to be fully compliant with RFC 6125. Prior to this release, the implementation was compliant except for one case, which has now been addressed: the implementation will not attempt to match wildcard domains in TLS certificates where the wildcard character comprises a label other than the left-most label.

If necessary, applications can workaround this restriction by implementing their own HostnameVerifier or TrustManager.


Issue Description

New Options for ktab to Provide Non-Default Salt

Two new options are added to the ktab command when adding new keytab entries. When ktab -a username password -s altsalt is called, altsalt is used instead of the default salt. When ktab -a username password -f is called, the tool will contact the KDC to fetch the actual salt used.


Windows KeyStore Updated to Include Access to the Local Machine Location

The Windows KeyStore support in the SunMSCAPI provider has been expanded to include access to the local machine location. The new keystore types are:


The following keystore types were also added, allowing developers to make it clear they map to the current user:

  • "Windows-MY-CURRENTUSER" (same as "Windows-MY")
  • "Windows-ROOT-CURRENTUSER" (same as "Windows-ROOT")


Use Larger Default key Sizes if not Explicitly Specified

JDK providers use provider-specific default values if the caller does not specify a key size when using a KeyPairGenerator or KeyGenerator object to generate a key pair or secret key. With this enhancement, the default key sizes for various crypto algorithms have been increased as follows: - RSA, RSASSA-PSS, DH: from 2048 to 3072 - EC: from 256 to 384 - AES: from 128 to 256 (if permitted by crypto policy), falls back to 128 otherwise.

In addition, the jarsigner tool will now use SHA-384 instead of SHA-256 as the default digest algorithm. The default signature algorithm for the jarsigner tool has also been adjusted accordingly. SHA-384 is used instead of SHA-256 except for longer key sizes whose security strength matches SHA-512. Note that for DSA keys, jarsigner will continue using SHA256withDSA as the default signature algorithm. This ensures maximum interoperability with older JDK releases. For more details, please refer to the keytool and jarsigner documentation.


OAEPParameterSpec.DEFAULT Static Constant Is Deprecated

It is recommended to construct OAEPParameterSpec explicitly with desired values instead of using the DEFAULT static constant. The DEFAULT static constant uses the default values in the initial version of the PKCS#1 standard and some of these values are no longer recommended due to advances in cryptanalysis.


Issue Description

FileChannel.transferFrom May Transfer Fewer Bytes Than Expected

The performance of FileChannel.transferFrom() has been improved significantly on Linux kernel version 4.5 and later for the case where the method is used to transfer bytes from one FileChannel to another. This change adds to the preexisting set of scenarios in which the number of bytes actually transferred might be less than the number requested to be transferred. That is to say, the value returned by transferFrom() can be less than the value of the count parameter: a “short transfer.” This is permitted by the specification, but might impact broken code that ignores the returned count and assumes it is always equal to count.


FileChannel.lock/tryLock Changed to Treat Size 0 to Mean the Locked Region Goes to end of File

The method java.nio.channels.FileChannel.lock(long position, long size, boolean shared) has been changed such that a size value of zero means to lock all bytes from the specified starting position to the end of the file, regardless of whether the file is subsequently extended or truncated.


Files.copy Copies POSIX Attributes to Target on Foreign File System

The method java.nio.file.Files.copy(Path,Path) has been changed to copy POSIX file attributes from the source file to the destination file when the two files are associated with different file system providers, for example copying a file from the default file system to a zip file system. Both the source and target file systems must support the POSIX file attribute view. The POSIX attributes copied are constrained to the file access permissions; owner and group owner of the file are not copied.


Issue Description

Regex \b Character Class now Matches ASCII Characters Only by Default

The \b metacharacter now matches ASCII word characters by default in the same way that the \w metacharacter does. For \b to match Unicode characters, the UNICODECHARACTERCLASS must be set in the same way that it would need to be set for \w to match Unicode characters.


Issue Description

Toolchain Upgrade to Visual Studio 2022

As part of ongoing maintenance, the JDK for Windows is built using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 toolchain starting with this release.

If you have issues with a Java application and if you have native or JNI libraries that are compiled with a different release of the compiler, then you must consider compatibility issues between the runtimes. Specifically, your environment is supported only if you follow the Microsoft guidelines when dealing with multiple runtimes. More information can be found in “C++ binary compatibility between Visual Studio versions”.


Issue Description

JavaDoc Search Enhancements

API documentation generated by JavaDoc now provides a standalone search page and the search syntax has been enhanced to allow for multiple search terms.


Issue Description

New System Property to Disable Windows Alternate Data Stream Support in

The Windows implementation of allows access to NTFS Alternate Data Streams (ADS) by default. Such streams have a structure like “filename:streamname”. A system property has been added to control this behavior. To disable ADS support in, the system property should be set to false (case ignored). Stricter path checking however prevents the use of special devices such as NUL:


The Mark and Reset Methods of InputStream and FilterInputStream Are no Longer Synchronized

The synchronized keyword is removed from the mark and reset methods of and This keyword serves no purpose as the other methods in these classes do not synchronize.


Issue Description

Removal of Diagnostic Flag GCParallelVerificationEnabled

The diagnostic flag GCParallelVerificationEnabled has been removed.

There are no known advantages of disabling parallel heap verification, so this flag has never been used except with its default value. This default value enabled multi-threaded verification for a very long time with no issues. Single-threaded heap verification would even be much slower than verification already is.



Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8286435 JDK-8284316 caused validate-source to fail in Tier1
P3 JDK-8288528 broken links in java.desktop
P3 JDK-8275843 Random crashes while the UI code is executed
P4 JDK-8284166 [macos] Replace deprecated alternateSelectedControlColor with selectedContentBackgroundColor
P4 JDK-8285361 has an incorrect copyright header
P4 JDK-8285867 Convert applet manual tests to Frame and automate
P4 JDK-8283712 Create a manual test framework class
P4 JDK-8284898 Enhance PassFailJFrame
P4 JDK-8284535 Fix test that is failing with Parse Exception
P4 JDK-8276819 javax/print/PrintServiceLookup/ fails to free
P4 JDK-8279894 javax/swing/JInternalFrame/8020708/ timeouts on Windows 11
P4 JDK-8281338 NSAccessibilityPressAction action for tree node and NSAccessibilityShowMenuAcgtion action not working
P4 JDK-8283437 Refactor imageio classes javadoc to use @throws instead of @exception
P4 JDK-8287050 Remove JCK task definitions from client-atr
P4 JDK-8283803 Remove jtreg tag manual=yesno for java/awt/print/PrinterJob/ and fix test
P4 JDK-8284993 Replace System.exit call in swing tests with RuntimeException
P4 JDK-8284189 Replace usages of 'a the' in java.desktop
P4 JDK-8284316 Support accessibility for non SwingSet tests
P5 JDK-8284775 Simplify String.substring(_, length()) calls
P5 JDK-8274893 Update java.desktop classes to use try-with-resources


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8282713 Invalid copyright notice in new test added by JDK-8275715
P2 JDK-8278937 JCK test for java_awt/geom/Line2D.Float fails after 8277868
P2 JDK-8285308 Win: Japanese logical fonts are drawn with wrong size
P3 JDK-8283457 [macos] libpng build failures with Xcode13.3
P3 JDK-8240756 [macos] SwingSet2:TableDemo:Printed Japanese characters were garbled
P3 JDK-8287600 AA Ovals not rendered under metal
P3 JDK-8261650 Add a comment with details for MTLVC_MAX_INDEX
P3 JDK-8289697 buffer overflow in MTLVertexCache.m: MTLVertexCache_AddGlyphQuad
P3 JDK-8264666 Change implementation of safeAdd/safeMult in the LCMSImageLayout class
P3 JDK-8282577 ICC_Profile.setData(int, byte[]) invalidates the profile
P3 JDK-8266160 javax/swing/JRadioButton/8041561/ fails on Apple M1 with Metal
P3 JDK-8278367 JNI critical region violation in CTextPipe.m:363
P3 JDK-8285399 JNI exception pending in awt_GraphicsEnv.c:1432
P3 JDK-8283217 Leak FcObjectSet in getFontConfigLocations() in fontpath.c
P3 JDK-8284378 Make Metal the default Java 2D rendering pipeline for macOS
P3 JDK-8284093 Memory leak: X11SD_DisposeXImage should also free obdata
P3 JDK-8176501 Method Shape.getBounds2D() incorrectly includes Bezier control points in bounding box
P3 JDK-8285686 Update FreeType to 2.12.0
P4 JDK-8280964 [Linux aarch64] : drawImage dithers TYPE_BYTE_INDEXED images incorrectly
P4 JDK-8278232 [macos] Wrong chars emitted when entering certain char-sequence of Indic language
P4 JDK-8283701 Add final or sealed modifier to appropriate java.awt.color ICC_Profile API classes
P4 JDK-8283703 Add sealed modifier to java.awt.geom.Path2D
P4 JDK-8283704 Add sealed modifier to java.awt.MultipleGradientPaint
P4 JDK-8278050 Armenian text isn't rendered on macOS if text layout is performed
P4 JDK-8283794 CCE in XRTextRenderer.drawGlyphList and XRMaskFill.MaskFill
P4 JDK-8284965 closed test sun/java2d/OpenGL/ is unstable
P4 JDK-8279882 closed/test/jdk/sun/java2d/SunGraphics2D/ fails on Ubuntu 21.10
P4 JDK-8275715 D3D pipeline processes multiple PaintEvent at initial drawing
P4 JDK-8284699 Include all image types to the J2DBench.ColorConvertOpTests
P4 JDK-8279878 java/awt/font/JNICheck/ test fails on Ubuntu 21.10
P4 JDK-8285397 JNI exception pending in CUPSfuncs.c:250
P4 JDK-8287609 macOS: SIGSEGV at [CoreFoundation] CFArrayGetCount / sun.font.CFont.getTableBytesNative
P4 JDK-8280048 Missing comma in copyright header
P4 JDK-8282628 Potential memory leak in sun.font.FontConfigManager.getFontConfig()
P4 JDK-8181571 printing to CUPS fails on mac sandbox app
P4 JDK-8275345 RasterFormatException when drawing a tiled image made of non-writable rasters
P4 JDK-8283608 Refactor 2d, beans classes javadoc to use @throws instead of @exception
P4 JDK-4884570 StreamPrintService.isAttributeValueSupported does not work properly for SheetCollate
P4 JDK-8284680 sun.font.FontConfigManager.getFontConfig() leaks charset
P4 JDK-8275303 sun/java2d/pipe/ fails with D3D basic render driver
P4 JDK-8287824 The MTPerLineTransformValidation tests has a typo in the @run tag
P4 JDK-8281419 The source data for the color conversion can be discarded
P4 JDK-8278549 UNIX sun/font coding misses SUSE distro detection on recent distro SUSE 15
P4 JDK-8284449 valgrind still complains memory leak in java.sun.font.FontConfigManager.getFontConfig()


Priority Bug Summary
P5 JDK-8287761 Make the logging of J2DBench stable


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8282270 java/awt/Robot Screen Capture tests fail after 8280861
P3 JDK-8144030 [macosx] test java/awt/Frame/ShapeNotSetSometimes/ fails (again)
P3 JDK-8280468 Crashes in getConfigColormap, getConfigVisualId, XVisualIDFromVisual on Linux
P3 JDK-8274751 Drag And Drop hangs on Windows
P3 JDK-8286481 Exception printed to stdout on Windows when storing transparent image in clipboard
P3 JDK-8273355 Flickering on tooltip appearance IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2.1
P3 JDK-8288854 getLocalGraphicsEnvironment() on for multi-screen setups throws exception NPE
P3 JDK-8274939 Incorrect size of the pixel storage is used by the robot on macOS
P3 JDK-8273506 java Robot API did the 'm' keypress and caused /awt/event/KeyEvent/KeyCharTest/KeyCharTest.html is timing out on macOS 12
P3 JDK-8284023 java.sun.awt.X11GraphicsDevice.getDoubleBufferVisuals() leaks XdbeScreenVisualInfo
P3 JDK-8030121 java/awt/dnd/MissingDragExitEventTest/ fails
P3 JDK-8225777 java/awt/Mixing/ fails on Ubuntu
P3 JDK-8284033 Leak XVisualInfo in getAllConfigs in awt_GraphicsEnv.c
P3 JDK-8286159 Memory leak in getAllConfigs of awt_GraphicsEnv.c:585
P3 JDK-8193543 Regression automated test '/open/test/jdk/java/awt/TrayIcon/SystemTrayInstance/' fails
P3 JDK-8255439 System Tray icons get corrupted when Windows scaling changes
P3 JDK-8023814 Test java/awt/im/memoryleak/ fails
P3 JDK-8284288 Use SVG images for FocusSpec.html and Modality.html
P4 JDK-8286447 [Linux] AWT should start in Headless mode if headful AWT library not installed
P4 JDK-8273573 [macos12] fails on macOS 12
P4 JDK-8281555 [macos] Get rid of deprecated Style Masks constants
P4 JDK-8278908 [macOS] Unexpected text normalization on pasting from clipboard
P4 JDK-8028998 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] java/awt/dnd/DropTargetEnterExitTest/ failed
P4 JDK-8283700 Add final or sealed modifier to appropriate java.awt API classes
P4 JDK-8281440 AWT: Conversion from string literal loses const qualifier
P4 JDK-8222323 fails with "RuntimeException: Failed to unset alwaysOnTop"
P4 JDK-8277816 Client tests fail on macos-Aarch64 host
P4 JDK-8202790 DnD test does not clean up
P4 JDK-6447537 EnqueueWithDialogTest & TestFocusFreeze fail
P4 JDK-6626492 Event time in future part 2, now on X
P4 JDK-8129778 Few awt test fail for Solaris 11 with RuntimeException
P4 JDK-8286348 incorrect use of `@serial`
P4 JDK-8284613 invalid use of @serial tag
P4 JDK-8198622 java/awt/Focus/TypeAhead/ fails on mac
P4 JDK-8282863 java/awt/FullScreen/FullscreenWindowProps/ fails on Windows 10 with HiDPI screen
P4 JDK-8286093 java/awt/geom/Path2D/ failed with "RuntimeException: 2D bounds too small"
P4 JDK-8196367 java/awt/List/SingleModeDeselect/ times out
P4 JDK-8282374 Java_sun_awt_X11_XlibWrapper_XSynchronize is wrong and unused
P4 JDK-8198666 Many java/awt/Modal/OnTop/ test fails on mac
P4 JDK-8284956 Potential leak awtImageData/color_data when initializes X11GraphicsEnvironment
P4 JDK-8280956 Re-examine copyright headers on files in src/java.desktop/macosx/native/libawt_lwawt/awt/a11y
P4 JDK-8286872 Refactor add/modify notification icon (TrayIcon)
P4 JDK-8282602 Refactor awt classes javadoc to use @throws instead of @exception
P4 JDK-6829250 Reg test: java/awt/Toolkit/ScreenInsetsTest/ fails in Windows
P4 JDK-8286663 Resolve IDE warnings in WTrayIconPeer and SystemTray
P4 JDK-8280861 Robot color picker broken on Linux with scaling above 100%
P4 JDK-8249592 Robot.mouseMove moves cursor to incorrect location when display scale varies and Java runs in DPI Unaware mode
P4 JDK-8280193 summary javadoc for java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment#preferProportionalFonts broken
P4 JDK-8225122 Test fails when Windows desktop is scaled.
P4 JDK-8285094 Test java/awt/Frame/InvisibleOwner/ failing on Linux
P4 JDK-8213531 Test javax/swing/border/ fails
P5 JDK-8287148 Avoid redundant HashMap.containsKey calls in ExtendedKeyCodes.getExtendedKeyCodeForChar
P5 JDK-8279337 The MToolkit is still referenced in a few places


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8282422 JTable.print() failed with UnsupportedCharsetException on AIX ko_KR locale


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8280132 Incorrect comparator com.sun.beans.introspect.MethodInfo.MethodOrder


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8287826 javax/accessibility/4702233/ fails to compile
P3 JDK-8283387 [macos] a11y : Screen magnifier does not show selected Tab
P3 JDK-8283383 [macos] a11y : Screen magnifier shows extra characters (0) at the end JButton accessibility name
P3 JDK-8279586 [macos] custom JCheckBox and JRadioBox with custom icon set: focus is still displayed after unchecking
P3 JDK-8283215 [macos] Screen Magnifier: Getting java.awt.IllegalComponentStateException when menu item is selected
P3 JDK-8284690 [macos] VoiceOver : Getting java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid location on Editable JComboBox
P3 JDK-8286266 [macos] VoiceOver : Moving JTable column to be the first column JVM crashes
P3 JDK-8279588 [macos] VoiceOver did not read all messages in the OptionPane dialog
P3 JDK-8284014 Menu items with submenus in JPopupMenu are not spoken on macOS
P3 JDK-8287740 NSAccessibilityShowMenuAction not working for text editors
P3 JDK-8277922 Unable to click JCheckBox in JTable through Java Access Bridge
P3 JDK-8279587 Windows combobox: JAWS didn't read the selection content after using the 'space' key to make selection
P4 JDK-8281523 Accessibility: Conversion from string literal loses const qualifier
P4 JDK-8282771 Create test case for JDK-8262981
P4 JDK-8281284 Write JSlider accessibility test


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8274735 javax.imageio.IIOException: Unsupported Image Type while processing a valid JPEG image
P4 JDK-7131823 bug in GIFImageReader
P4 JDK-8287102 ImageReaderSpi.canDecodeInput() for standard plugins should return false if a stream is too short


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8269091 javax/sound/sampled/Clip/ failed with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Array index out of range: -4
P4 JDK-8279673 doesn't work due to NullPointerException when creating DataPusher
P4 JDK-8286787 Expand use of @inheritDoc in AudioInputStream
P4 JDK-8283705 Make javax.sound.midi.Track a final class


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8224977 [macos] On AquaLookAndFeel, Iconified JInternalFrame does not restore when Control + F5 is used.
P3 JDK-8015854 [macosx] JButton's HTML ImageView adding unwanted padding
P3 JDK-8254759 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] javax/swing/JInternalFrame/4202966/IntFrameCoord.html fails
P3 JDK-8277463 JFileChooser with Metal L&F doesn't show non-canonical UNC path in - Look in
P3 JDK-8236907 JTable added to nested panels does not paint last visible row
P3 JDK-6429812 NPE after calling JTable.updateUI() when using a header renderer + XP L&F
P3 JDK-8257810 Only First page are printed in JTable.scrollRectToVisible
P3 JDK-8194946 Regression automated Test 'javax/swing/JFileChooser/6738668/' fails
P3 JDK-8277369 Strange behavior of JMenuBar with RIGHT_TO_LEFT orientation, arrow keys behaves opposite traversing through keyboard
P3 JDK-8042380 Test javax/swing/JFileChooser/4524490/ fails with InvocationTargetException
P3 JDK-8042381 Test javax/swing/JRootPane/4670486/ fails with Action has not been received
P4 JDK-8282716 [macos] Enable javax/swing/JScrollPane/ on macos
P4 JDK-8284888 [macos] javax/swing/JInternalFrame/8146321/ failed with "NimbusLookAndFeel] : ERROR: icon and imageIcon not same."
P4 JDK-8286786 [macos] javax/swing/JInternalFrame/8146321/ still fails
P4 JDK-8065099 [macos] javax/swing/PopupFactory/6276087/ fails: no background shine through
P4 JDK-8016524 [macosx] Bottom line is not visible for JTableHeader
P4 JDK-7124282 [macosx] Can't see table cell highlighter when the highlight border is the same color as the cell.
P4 JDK-7132796 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JComboBox/4517214/ fails on MacOS
P4 JDK-8139173 [macosx] JInternalFrame shadow is not properly drawn
P4 JDK-8251177 [macosx] The text "big" is truncated in JTabbedPane
P4 JDK-8024624 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] CTRL+RIGHT(LEFT) doesn't move selection on next cell in JTable on Aqua L&F
P4 JDK-7124216 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] JMenuItem has wrong alignment on Aqua L&F
P4 JDK-8233477 [Win LAF]The tooltip doesn't display correctly in Win LAF
P4 JDK-8283706 Add final or sealed modifier to appropriate javax.swing API classes
P4 JDK-8264743 Add forRemoval for deprecated classes and method in javax/swing/plaf/basic
P4 JDK-8280047 Broken link to Swing Connection document from javax.swing package docs
P4 JDK-8279861 Clarify 'rect' parameters and description of paintTabBorder method in BasicTabbedPaneUI
P4 JDK-8280820 Clean up bug8033699 and tests: regtesthelpers aren't used
P4 JDK-8278254 Cleanup doclint warnings in java.desktop module
P4 JDK-8281738 Create a regression test for checking the 'Space' key activation of focused Button
P4 JDK-8281745 Create a regression test for JDK-4514331
P4 JDK-8281296 Create a regression test for JDK-4515999
P4 JDK-8282343 Create a regression test for JDK-4518432
P4 JDK-8282234 Create a regression test for JDK-4532513
P4 JDK-8282402 Create a regression test for JDK-4666101
P4 JDK-8281535 Create a regression test for JDK-4670051
P4 JDK-8280913 Create a regression test for JRootPane.setDefaultButton() method
P4 JDK-8283507 Create a regression test for RFE 4287690
P4 JDK-8282789 Create a regression test for the JTree usecase of JDK-4618767
P4 JDK-8285698 Create a test to check the focus stealing of JPopupMenu from JComboBox
P4 JDK-8283623 Create an automated regression test for JDK-4525475
P4 JDK-8284294 Create an automated regression test for RFE 4138746
P4 JDK-8283493 Create an automated regression test for RFE 4231298
P4 JDK-8283624 Create an automated regression test for RFE-4390885
P4 JDK-8286620 Create regression test for verifying setMargin() of JRadioButton
P4 JDK-6218162 DefaultTableColumnModel.getColumn() method should mention ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
P4 JDK-8282150 Drop redundant
elements from tables in java.desktop HTML files
P4 JDK-8260328 Drop redundant CSS properties from java.desktop HTML files
P4 JDK-8279795 Fix typo in BasicFileChooserUI: Constucts -> Constructs
P4 JDK-8279794 Fix typos in BasicScrollBarUI: Laysouts a vertical scroll bar
P4 JDK-8281033 Improve ImageCheckboxTest to test all available LaF
P4 JDK-8054449 Incompatible type in example code in TreePath
P4 JDK-6496103 isFileHidingEnabled return false by default
P4 JDK-8279798 Javadoc for BasicTabbedPaneUI is inconsistent
P4 JDK-8047749 javadoc for getPathBounds() in TreeUI and BasicTreeUI is incorrect
P4 JDK-8283642 JavaDoc of JFileChooser() need to be updated for default directory in Windows
P4 JDK-8196465 javax/swing/JComboBox/8182031/ fails on Linux
P4 JDK-8278827 javax/swing/JTabbedPane/6355537/ testcase failed on macos 11 aarch64 for MotifLookAndFeel
P4 JDK-8282772 JButton text set as HTML content has unwanted padding
P4 JDK-8190264 JScrollBar ignores its border when using macOS Mac OS X Aqua look and feel
P4 JDK-6462028 MaskFormatter API documentation refers to getDisplayValue
P4 JDK-6911375 mouseWheel has no effect without vertical scrollbar
P4 JDK-8285962 NimbusDefaults has a typo in a L&F property
P4 JDK-8037965 NullPointerException in TextLayout.getBaselineFromGraphic() for JTextComponents
P4 JDK-7017094 ParsedSynthStyle: parameter name "direction" should be changed to "tabIndex"
P4 JDK-8166050 partialArray is not created in javax.swing.text.html.parser.NPrintWriter.println(...) method
P4 JDK-8282473 Refactor swing classes javadoc to use @throws instead of @exception
P4 JDK-8236987 Remove call to System.out.println from ImageIcon.loadImage
P4 JDK-8225013 sanity/client/SwingSet/src/ fails on Linux
P4 JDK-6465404 some problems in CellEditor related API docs
P4 JDK-8266247 Swing test sometimes fails on macOS 11 ARM
P4 JDK-8266246 Swing test sometimes fails on macOS 11 ARM
P4 JDK-8286846 test/jdk/javax/swing/plaf/aqua/ fails on mac aarch64
P4 JDK-8037573 Typo in DefaultTreeModel docs: askAllowsChildren instead of asksAllowsChildren
P4 JDK-8283621 Write a regression test for CCC4400728
P4 JDK-8282860 Write a regression test for JDK-4164779
P4 JDK-8282936 Write a regression test for JDK-4615365
P4 JDK-8280948 Write a regression test for JDK-4659800
P4 JDK-8282937 Write a regression test for JDK-4820080
P4 JDK-8284521 Write an automated regression test for RFE 4371575


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8287867 Bad merge of jdk/test/lib/util/ causing test compilation error
P2 JDK-8287745 jni/nullCaller/ fails with "exitValue = 1"
P3 JDK-8287663 Add a regression test for JDK-8287073
P3 JDK-8284992 Fix misleading Vector API doc for LSHR operator
P3 JDK-8285485 Fix typos in corelibs
P3 JDK-8284893 Fix typos in java.base
P3 JDK-8286715 Generalize MemorySegment::ofBuffer
P3 JDK-8282191 Implementation of Foreign Function & Memory API (Preview)
P3 JDK-8284199 Implementation of Structured Concurrency (Incubator)
P3 JDK-8284161 Implementation of Virtual Threads (Preview)
P3 JDK-8277131 JEP 425: Virtual Threads (Preview)
P3 JDK-8286669 Replace MethodHandle specialization with ASM in mainline
P3 JDK-8282508 Updating ASM to 9.2 for JDK 19
P3 JDK-8284361 Updating ASM to 9.3 for JDK 19
P4 JDK-8278028 [test-library] Warnings cleanup of the test library
P4 JDK-8281294 [vectorapi] FIRST_NONZERO reduction operation throws IllegalArgumentExcept on zero vectors
P4 JDK-8286029 Add classpath exemption to globals_vectorApiSupport_***
P4 JDK-8286378 Address possibly lossy conversions in java.base
P4 JDK-8286390 Address possibly lossy conversions in jdk.incubator.foreign moved to java.base
P4 JDK-8290460 Alpine: disable some panama tests that rely on std::thread
P4 JDK-8286756 Cleanup foreign API benchmarks
P4 JDK-8285890 Fix some @param tags
P4 JDK-8284922 Fix some doc-comment issues on methods with package access in JDK API
P4 JDK-8286705 GCC 12 reports use-after-free potential bugs
P4 JDK-8286694 Incorrect argument processing in java launcher
P4 JDK-8282048 JEP 424: Foreign Function & Memory API (Preview)
P4 JDK-8280173 JEP 426: Vector API (Fourth Incubator)
P4 JDK-8277129 JEP 428: Structured Concurrency (Incubator)
P4 JDK-8283480 Make AbstractStringBuilder sealed
P4 JDK-8287073 NPE from CgroupV2Subsystem.getInstance()
P4 JDK-8287363 null pointer should use NULL instead of 0
P4 JDK-8282143 Objects.requireNonNull should be ForceInline
P4 JDK-8259034 PANAMA: MemorySegment#mapFile should alternatively take FileChannel instead of Path
P4 JDK-8280174 Possible NPE in Thread.dispatchUncaughtException
P4 JDK-8287171 Refactor null caller tests to a single directory
P4 JDK-8273146 Start of release updates for JDK 19
P4 JDK-8288840 StructureViolationException should not link to fork method
P4 JDK-8283059 Uninitialized warning in check_code.c with GCC 11.2
P4 JDK-8277015 Use blessed modifier order in Panama code
P4 JDK-8277868 Use instead of surrogate code
P4 JDK-8280492 Use cross-module syntax for cross-module links
P4 JDK-8282978 Wrong parameter passed to GetStringXXXChars in various places
P4 JDK-8280157 wrong texts Falied in a couple of tests
P5 JDK-8284567 Collapse identical catch branches in java.base
P5 JDK-8283426 Fix 'exeption' typo
P5 JDK-8281057 Fix doc references to overriding in JLS
P5 JDK-8279918 Fix various doc typos
P5 JDK-8280010 Remove double buffering of InputStream for Properties.load
P5 JDK-8277535 Remove redundant Stream.distinct()/sorted() steps
P5 JDK-8274811 Remove superfluous use of boxing in java.base
P5 JDK-8274809 Update java.base classes to use try-with-resources
P5 JDK-8280035 Use Class.isInstance instead of Class.isAssignableFrom where applicable


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8285445 cannot open file "NUL:"
P3 JDK-8278044 ObjectInputStream methods invoking the OIF.CFG.getSerialFilterFactory() silent about error cases.
P4 JDK-8282696 Add constructors taking a cause to InvalidObjectException and InvalidClassException
P4 JDK-8286783 Expand use of @inheritDoc in InputStream and OutputStream subclasses
P4 JDK-8281082 Improve javadoc references to JOSS
P4 JDK-8285523 Improve test java/io/FileOutputStream/
P4 JDK-8287003 InputStreamReader::read() can return zero despite writing a char in the buffer
P4 JDK-5087440 bulk read(...) end-of-stream return value descriptions ambiguous
P4 JDK-8254574 PrintWriter handling of InterruptedIOException should be removed
P4 JDK-8284930 Re-examine FilterInputStream mark/reset
P4 JDK-8285745 Re-examine PushbackInputStream mark/reset
P4 JDK-8286200 SequenceInputStream::read(b, off, 0) returns -1 at EOF
P4 JDK-8286604 Update InputStream and OutputStream to use @implSpec
P4 JDK-8283715 Update ObjectStreamClass to be final
P5 JDK-8058924 FileReader(String) documentation is insufficient
P5 JDK-8281728 Redundant null check in


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8278087 Deserialization filter and filter factory property error reporting under specified
P3 JDK-8278065 Refactor subclassAudits to use ClassValue
P4 JDK-8280642 ObjectInputStream.readObject should throw InvalidClassException instead of IllegalAccessError
P4 JDK-8277072 ObjectStreamClass caches keep ClassLoaders alive
P4 JDK-8280041 Retry loop issues in


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8286191 misc tests fail due to JDK-8285987
P2 JDK-8279833 Loop optimization issue in String.encodeUTF8_UTF16
P3 JDK-8281335 Allow a library already loaded via System::loadLibrary to be loaded as a raw library
P3 JDK-8280744 Allow SuppressWarnings to be used in all declaration contexts
P3 JDK-8287982 Concurrent implicit attach from native threads crashes VM
P3 JDK-4511638 Double.toString(double) sometimes produces incorrect results
P3 JDK-8288589 Files.readString ignores encoding errors for UTF-16
P3 JDK-8287541 Files.writeString fails to throw IOException for charset "windows-1252"
P3 JDK-8282008 Incorrect handling of quoted arguments in ProcessBuilder
P3 JDK-8282219 jdk/java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ fails on AIX
P3 JDK-8288414 Long::compress/expand samples are not correct
P3 JDK-8286287 Reading file as UTF-16 causes Error which "shouldn't happen"
P3 JDK-8285517 System.getenv() returns unexpected value if environment variable has non ASCII character
P3 JDK-8268081 Update Unicode Data Files to 14.0.0
P4 JDK-8289569 [test] java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ fails on Alpine/musl
P4 JDK-8285477 Add a PRECISION public static field to j.l.Float and j.l.Double
P4 JDK-8284856 Add a test case for checking UnicodeScript entity numbers
P4 JDK-8284874 Add comment to ProcessHandle/OnExitTest to describe zombie problem
P4 JDK-8283124 Add constant for tau to Math and StrictMath
P4 JDK-8285977 Add links to IEEE 754 specification
P4 JDK-8284165 Add pid to process reaper thread name
P4 JDK-8285497 Add system property for Java SE specification maintenance version
P4 JDK-8287496 Alternative virtual thread implementation that maps to OS thread
P4 JDK-8283075 Bad IllegalArgumentException message for out of range rank from ClassDesc.arrayType(int)
P4 JDK-8283465 Character.UnicodeBlock.NUM_ENTITIES is out of date
P4 JDK-8278953 Clarify Class.getDeclaredConstructor specification
P4 JDK-8285690 CloneableReference subtest should not throw CloneNotSupportedException
P4 JDK-8283892 Compress and expand bits
P4 JDK-8282047 Enhance StringDecode/Encode microbenchmarks
P4 JDK-8285987 executing shell scripts without #! fails on Alpine linux
P4 JDK-8273346 Expand library mappings to IEEE 754 operations
P4 JDK-8285614 Fix typo in java.lang.Float
P4 JDK-8283230 Improve @jls usage in ElementType
P4 JDK-8283234 Improve @jls usage in java.base
P4 JDK-8283274 Improve @jvms usage in java.base
P4 JDK-8276700 Improve java.lang.ref.Cleaner javadocs
P4 JDK-8289930 Improve Thread description of inherited AccessControlContext
P4 JDK-8279954 java/lang/StringBuffer(StringBuilder)/ intermittently fails
P4 JDK-8289079 java/lang/Thread/jni/AttachCurrentThread/ failed with "RuntimeException: Test failed"
P4 JDK-8287729 Loom: Check alternative implementation on x86_32
P4 JDK-8270476 Make floating-point test infrastructure more lambda and method reference friendly
P4 JDK-8279488 ProcessBuilder inherits contextClassLoader when spawning a process reaper thread
P4 JDK-8280124 Reduce branches decoding latin-1 chars from UTF-8 encoded bytes
P4 JDK-8287810 Reduce runtime of java.lang microbenchmarks
P4 JDK-8279917 Refactor subclassAudits in Thread to use ClassValue
P4 JDK-8285001 Simplify StringLatin1.regionMatches
P4 JDK-8287384 Speed up jdk.test.lib.util.ForceGC
P4 JDK-8282429 StringBuilder/StringBuffer.toString() skip compressing for UTF16 strings
P4 JDK-8283620 System.out does not use the encoding/charset specified in the Javadoc
P4 JDK-8286760 Update citation of "Effective Java" second edition to third edition
P4 JDK-8287838 Update Float and Double to use snippets
P4 JDK-8283415 Update java.lang.ref to use sealed classes
P4 JDK-8282701 Use Class.getInterfaces(false) where possible to reduce allocation pressure
P4 JDK-8283143 Use minimal-length literals to initialize PI and E constants
P4 JDK-8286810 Use public [Double|Float].PRECISION fields in jdk.internal.math.[Double|Float]Consts
P4 JDK-8287353 Use snippet tag instead of pre tag in Javadoc of InterruptedException
P4 JDK-8278831 Use table lookup for the last two bytes in Integer.getChars
P4 JDK-8280357 user.home = "?" when running with systemd DynamicUser=true
P5 JDK-8280531 Remove unused DeferredCloseInputStream
P5 JDK-8282019 Unused static fields DEGREES_TO_RADIANS, RADIANS_TO_DEGREES in StrictMath


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8287195 AArch64: Client VM build failure after JDK-8283689
P2 JDK-8290455 jck test api/java_lang/foreign/VaList/Empty.html fails on some platforms
P2 JDK-8288534 Out of bound errors for memory segment access mentions wrong values
P3 JDK-8287244 Add bound check in indexed memory access var handle
P3 JDK-8289148 j.l.foreign.VaList::nextVarg call could throw IndexOutOfBoundsException or even crash the VM
P3 JDK-8289156 j.l.foreign.VaList::skip call could throw java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Out of bound access on segment
P3 JDK-8291006 java/foreign/TestUnsupportedPlatform fails after JDK-8290455
P3 JDK-8288068 Javadoc contains spurious reference to CLinker
P3 JDK-8290071 Javadoc for MemorySegment/MemoryAddress getter/setters contains some typos
P3 JDK-8287430 MemorySessionImpl::addOrCleanupIfFail does not rethrow exceptions
P3 JDK-8289558 Need spec clarification of j.l.foreign.*Layout
P3 JDK-8287809 Revisit implementation of memory session
P3 JDK-8289228 SegmentAllocator::allocateArray null handling is too lax
P3 JDK-8289601 SegmentAllocator::allocateUtf8String(String str) should be clarified for strings containing \0
P3 JDK-8288850 SegmentAllocator:allocate() can return null some cases
P3 JDK-8288761 SegmentAllocator:allocate(long bytesSize) not throwing IAEx when bytesSize < 0
P3 JDK-8289188 SegmentAllocator:allocateArray(*) default behavior mismatch to spec
P3 JDK-8289365 SegmentAllocator:allocateArray(MemoryLayout, count) does not throw IAEx when count is -1
P3 JDK-8289570 SegmentAllocator:allocateUtf8String(String str) default behavior mismatch to spec
P3 JDK-8289333 Specification of method j.l.foreign.VaList::skip deserves clarification
P3 JDK-8290524 Typo in javadoc of MemorySegment/MemoryAddress
P3 JDK-8287206 Use WrongThreadException for confinement errors
P4 JDK-8289223 Canonicalize header ids in foreign API javadocs
P4 JDK-8287158 Explicitly reject unsupported call shapes on macos-aarch64 in mainline
P4 JDK-8287748 Fix issues in java.lang.foreign package javadoc
P4 JDK-8286825 Linker naming cleanup


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8288425 Footprint regression due MH creation when initializing StringConcatFactory
P3 JDK-8287671 Adjust ForceGC to invoke System::gc fewer times for negative case
P3 JDK-8287522 StringConcatFactory: Add in prependers and mixers in batches
P4 JDK-8287685 [BACKOUT] JDK-8287384 Speed up jdk.test.lib.util.ForceGC
P4 JDK-8282776 Bad NullPointerException message when invoking an interface MethodHandle on a null receiver
P4 JDK-8283237 CallSite should be a sealed class
P4 JDK-8287292 Improve TransformKey to pack more kinds of transforms efficiently
P4 JDK-8284579 Improve VarHandle checks for interpreter
P4 JDK-8280377 MethodHandleProxies does not correctly invoke default methods with varags
P4 JDK-8281003 MethodHandles::lookup throws NPE if caller is null
P4 JDK-8281168 Micro-optimize VarForm.getMemberName for interpreter
P4 JDK-8284880 Re-examine sun.invoke.util.Wrapper hash tables
P4 JDK-8287442 Reduce list to array conversions in java.lang.invoke.MethodHandles
P4 JDK-8287785 Reduce runtime of java.lang.invoke microbenchmarks
P4 JDK-8286298 Remove unused methods in sun.invoke.util.VerifyType
P4 JDK-8286615 Small refactor to SerializedLambda
P4 JDK-8287013 StringConcatFactory: remove short and byte mixers/prependers
P4 JDK-8285633 Take better advantage of generic MethodType cache
P4 JDK-8285007 Use correct lookup mode for MethodHandleStatics.UNSAFE
P5 JDK-8284103 AsVarargsCollector::asCollectorCache incorrectly marked @Stable


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8282444 Module finder incorrectly assumes default file system path-separator character
P4 JDK-8281006 Module::getResourceAsStream should check if the resource is open unconditionally when caller is null
P4 JDK-8291512 Snippetize modules API examples


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8282608 RawNativeLibraryImpl can't be passed to NativeLibraries::findEntry0
P3 JDK-8281000 ClassLoader::registerAsParallelCapable throws NPE if caller is null
P3 JDK-8283060 RawNativeLibraries should allow multiple clients to load/unload the same library
P4 JDK-8281001 Class::forName(String) defaults to system class loader if the caller is null
P4 JDK-8283287 ClassLoader.c cleanups
P4 JDK-8283225 ClassLoader.c produces incorrect OutOfMemory Exception when length is 0 (aix)
P4 JDK-8282515 More clean up on NativeLibraries just for JNI library use


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8221642 AccessibleObject::setAccessible throws NPE when invoked by JNI code with no java frame on stack
P3 JDK-8285401 Proxy class initializer should use 3-arg `Class.forName` to avoid unnecessary class initialization
P4 JDK-8281462 Annotation toString output for enum not reusable for source input
P4 JDK-8268250 Class.arrayType() for a 255-d array throws undocumented IllegalArgumentException
P4 JDK-8281671 Class.getCanonicalName spec should explicitly cover array classes
P4 JDK-8261404 Class.getReflectionFactory() is not thread-safe
P4 JDK-8177155 Examine @CS methods when called from attached thread with no caller
P4 JDK-8287064 Modernize ProxyGenerator.PrimitiveTypeInfo
P4 JDK-8177107 Reduce memory footprint of java.lang.reflect.Constructor/Method
P4 JDK-8287798 Reduce runtime of java.lang.reflect/runtime microbenchmarks
P4 JDK-8280594 Refactor annotation invocation handler handling to use Objects.toIdentityString
P4 JDK-8279242 Reflection newInstance() error message when constructor has no access modifiers could use improvement
P4 JDK-8213905 reflection not working for type annotations applied to exception types in the inner class constructor
P4 JDK-8261407 ReflectionFactory.checkInitted() is not thread-safe
P4 JDK-8286858 Remove dead code in sun.reflect.misc.MethodUtil
P4 JDK-8283416 Update java.lang.invoke.MethodHandle to use sealed classes
P4 JDK-8283470 Update java.lang.invoke.VarHandle to use sealed classes
P4 JDK-8278461 Use Executable.getSharedParameterTypes() instead of Executable.getParameterTypes() in trusted code
P5 JDK-8283846 Remove unused jdk.internal.reflect.SignatureIterator


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8277175 Add a parallel multiply method to BigInteger
P4 JDK-8213045 Add BigDecimal.TWO
P4 JDK-8286363 BigInteger.parallelMultiply missing @since 19
P4 JDK-8281259 MutableBigInteger subtraction could be simplified
P4 JDK-8287903 Reduce runtime of java.math microbenchmarks
P4 JDK-8233760 Result of BigDecimal.toString throws overflow exception on new BigDecimal(str)
P5 JDK-8282188 Unused static field MathContext.DEFAULT_DIGITS


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8282017 sun/net/www/protocol/https/HttpsURLConnection/ fails with "SocketException: Unexpected end of file from server"
P3 JDK-8288983 broken link in
P3 JDK-8280161 com/sun/net/httpserver/simpleserver/jwebserver/ fails with SSLException
P3 JDK-8281561 Disable http DIGEST mechanism with MD5 and SHA-1 by default
P3 JDK-8282293 Domain value for system property jdk.https.negotiate.cbt should be case-insensitive
P3 JDK-8277969 HttpClient SelectorManager shuts down when custom Executor rejects a task
P3 JDK-8279842 HTTPS Channel Binding support for Java GSS/Kerberos
P3 JDK-8282536 should be a sealed class
P3 JDK-8285671 java/nio/channels/etc/ and java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ are failing
P3 JDK-8284585 PushPromiseContinuation test fails intermittently in timeout
P3 JDK-8279329 Remove hardcoded IPv4 available policy on Windows
P4 JDK-8275640 (win) issues with IPv6-only environments
P4 JDK-8262442 (windows) Use all proxy configuration sources when
P4 JDK-8209137 Add ability to bind to specific local address to HTTP client
P4 JDK-8282686 Add constructors taking a cause to SocketException
P4 JDK-8285646 Add test that checks IP_DONTFRAGMENT is a supported option
P4 JDK-8286386 Address possibly lossy conversions in
P4 JDK-8287104 AddressChangeListener thread inherits CCL and can cause memory leak for webapp-servers
P4 JDK-8282506 Clean up remaining references to TwoStacksPlain*SocketImpl
P4 JDK-8287318 ConcurrentModificationException in$Dispatcher
P4 JDK-8278961 Enable debug logging in java/net/DatagramSocket/
P4 JDK-8286194 ExecutorShutdown test fails intermittently
P4 JDK-8283544 HttpClient GET method adds Content-Length: 0 header
P4 JDK-8263031 HttpClient throws Exception if it receives a Push Promise that is too large
P4 JDK-8163921 HttpURLConnection default Accept header is malformed according to HTTP/1.1 RFC
P4 JDK-8281223 Improve the API documentation of HttpRequest.Builder::build to state that the default implementation provided by the JDK returns immutable objects.
P4 JDK-8286873 Improve websocket test execution time
P4 JDK-8254786 java/net/httpclient/ failing intermittently
P4 JDK-8284892 java/net/httpclient/http2/ fails intermittently
P4 JDK-8278398 jwebserver: Add test to confirm maximum request time
P4 JDK-8280868 creates and discards too many clients
P4 JDK-8278067 Make HttpURLConnection default keep alive timeout configurable
P4 JDK-8280414 Memory leak in DefaultProxySelector
P4 JDK-8276166 Remove dead code from MimeTable and MimeEntry
P4 JDK-8282354 Remove dependancy of TestHttpServer, HttpTransaction, HttpCallback from open/test/jdk/ tests
P4 JDK-8282917 Remove InetAddressImplFactory from InetAddress
P4 JDK-8277983 Remove unused fields from
P4 JDK-8282617 doesn't use a lock while dealing with "inCache" field
P4 JDK-8284890 Support for Do not fragment IP socket options
P4 JDK-8281305 Test com/sun/net/httpserver/simpleserver/ fails on Windows 11
P4 JDK-8280965 Tests com/sun/net/httpserver/simpleserver fail with FileSystemException on Windows 11
P4 JDK-8286293 Tests ShortResponseBody and ShortResponseBodyWithRetry should use less resources
P4 JDK-8284353 Update java/net and sun/net/www tests to eliminate dependency on
P4 JDK-8278312 Update SimpleSSLContext keystore to use SANs for localhost IP addresses
P5 JDK-8287390 Cleanup Map usage in AuthenticationInfo.requestAuthentication
P5 JDK-8278263 Remove redundant synchronized from URLStreamHandler.openConnection methods
P5 JDK-8277120 Use Optional.isEmpty instead of !Optional.isPresent in
P5 JDK-8277412 Use String.isBlank to simplify code in


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8280903 javadoc build fails after JDK-4774868
P2 JDK-8286689 (se) Adjusting to select timeout after EINTR messed up after JDK-8286378
P3 JDK-8285515 (dc) DatagramChannel.disconnect fails with "Invalid argument" on macOS 12.4
P3 JDK-8286637 (fc) Memory mapped regions bigger than 2GB do not work correctly on Windows
P3 JDK-8287097 (fs) Files::copy requires an undocumented permission when copying from the default file system to a non-default file system
P3 JDK-8280366 (fs) Restore Files.createTempFile javadoc
P3 JDK-8282296 (se) creates a Pipe implementation that uses Unix domain sockets (win)
P3 JDK-8286594 (zipfs) Mention paths with dot elements in ZipException and cleanups
P3 JDK-8287162 (zipfs) Performance regression related to support for POSIX file permissions
P3 JDK-8286540 Build failure caused by missing DefaultPollerProvider implementation on AIX
P3 JDK-8287154 java/nio/channels/FileChannel/ does not compile
P3 JDK-8290095 java/nio/channels/FileChannel/largeMemory/ timed out
P3 JDK-8278469 Test java/nio/channels/FileChannel/ times out
P4 JDK-8280241 (aio) AsynchronousSocketChannel init fails in IPv6 only Windows env
P4 JDK-8282130 (bf) Remove unused ARRAY_BASE_OFFSET, ARRAY_INDEX_SCALE from read-only Heap Buffers
P4 JDK-5041655 (ch) FileLock: negative param and overflow issues
P4 JDK-8279339 (ch) Input/Output streams returned by Channels factory methods don't support concurrent read/write ops
P4 JDK-8279946 (ch) java.nio.channels.FileChannel tryLock and write methods are missing @throws NonWritableChannelException
P4 JDK-4774868 (fc spec) Unclear spec for FileChannel.force
P4 JDK-8286709 (fc) FileChannel/FileChannelImpl cleanup
P4 JDK-8288080 (fc) FileChannel::map for MemorySegments should state it always throws UOE
P4 JDK-8286734 (fc) FileChannelImpl#map() cleanup after merge of Foreign Function & Memory API
P4 JDK-8286671 (fc) Modify to accept a FileDescriptor parameter
P4 JDK-8274113 (fc) Tune FileChannel.transferFrom()
P4 JDK-8274112 (fc) Tune FileChannel.transferTo()
P4 JDK-8279990 (fs) Awkward verbiage in description of Files.createTempFile(Path,String,String,FileAttribute)
P4 JDK-8285956 (fs) Excessive default poll interval in PollingWatchService
P4 JDK-8267820 (fs) Files.copy should attempt to copy POSIX attributes when target file in custom file system
P4 JDK-8287237 (fs) Files.probeContentType returns null if filename contains hash mark on Linux
P4 JDK-8288836 (fs) Files.writeString spec for IOException has "specified charset" when no charset is provided
P4 JDK-4750574 (se spec) Selector spec should clarify calculation of select return value
P4 JDK-8283756 (zipfs) ZipFSOutputStreamTest.testOutputStream should only check inflated bytes
P4 JDK-8286677 [BACKOUT] (fc) Tune FileChannel.transferFrom()
P4 JDK-8286763 [REDO] (fc) Tune FileChannel.transferFrom()
P4 JDK-8290252 Add to java/nio/channels/FileChannel and move tests out of largeMemory sub-dir
P4 JDK-8272477 Additional cleanup of test/jdk/java/nio/file/spi/
P4 JDK-8280944 Enable Unix domain sockets in Windows Selector notification mechanism
P4 JDK-8287263 java/nio/channels/FileChannel/ times out on Windows
P4 JDK-8289526 java/nio/channels/FileChannel/ times out
P4 JDK-8280896 java/nio/file/Files/probeContentType/ fails on Windows 11
P4 JDK-8279536 jdk/nio/zipfs/ timed out
P4 JDK-8283417 Update java.nio buffers to use sealed classes
P5 JDK-8287602 (fs) Avoid redundant HashMap.containsKey call in MimeTypesFileTypeDetector.putIfAbsent
P5 JDK-8287889 (fs) Files.copy description of REPLACE_EXISTING is hard to read
P5 JDK-8280881 (fs) UnixNativeDispatcher.close0 may throw UnixException
P5 JDK-8284275 Remove unused sun.nio.fs.Reflect


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8283325 US_ASCII decoder relies on String.decodeASCII being exhaustive
P4 JDK-8286399 Address possibly lossy conversions in JDK Build Tools
P4 JDK-8285370 Fix typo in jdk.charsets
P5 JDK-8286366 (cs) Charset.put can use putIfAbsent instead of containsKey+put


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8286114 [test] show real exception in bomb call in sun/rmi/runtime/Log/checkLogging/
P4 JDK-8286393 Address possibly lossy conversions in java.rmi


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8283889 Fix Typo in open/src/java.sql/share/classes/java/sql/
P5 JDK-8266974 duplicate property key in java.sql.rowset resource bundle


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8282929 Localized monetary symbols are not reflected in `toLocalizedPattern` return value
P4 JDK-8281317 CompactNumberFormat displays 4-digit values when rounding to a new range


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8283350 (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022a
P3 JDK-8282131 java.time.ZoneId should be a sealed abstract class
P3 JDK-8278434 timeouts in test java/time/test/java/time/format/
P4 JDK-8176706 Additional Date-Time Formats
P4 JDK-8283681 Improve ZonedDateTime offset handling
P4 JDK-8282081 java.time.DateTimeFormatter: wrong definition of symbol F
P4 JDK-8286163 micro-optimize Instant.plusSeconds
P4 JDK-8283996 Reduce cost of year and month calculations
P4 JDK-8283782 Redundant verification of year in LocalDate::ofEpochDay
P4 JDK-8279185 Support for IsoFields in JapaneseDate/MinguoDate/ThaiBuddhistDate
P4 JDK-8283774 TestZoneOffset::test_immutable should ignore ZoneOffset::rules
P4 JDK-8283842 TestZoneTextPrinterParser.test_roundTripAtOverlap fails: DateTimeParseException
P4 JDK-8282190 Typo in javadoc of java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter#getDecimalStyle
P5 JDK-8284702 Add @since for java.time.LocalDate.EPOCH
P5 JDK-8283781 Avoid allocating unused lastRulesCaches
P5 JDK-8285947 Avoid redundant HashMap.containsKey calls in ZoneName
P5 JDK-8280470 Confusing instanceof check in HijrahChronology.range


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8284771 java/util/zip/ failed with "AssertionError: Expected IOException to be thrown, but nothing was thrown"
P2 JDK-8288173 JDK-8202449 fix causes conformance test failure : api/java_util/Random/RandomGenerator/NextFloat.html
P2 JDK-8288596 Random:from() adapter does not delegate to supplied generator in all cases
P2 JDK-8280950 RandomGenerator:NextDouble() default behavior non conformant after JDK-8280550 fix
P2 JDK-8281183 RandomGenerator:NextDouble() default behavior partially fixed by JDK-8280950
P3 JDK-8282625 Formatter caches Locale/DecimalFormatSymbols poorly
P3 JDK-8202449 overflow handling in Random.doubles
P3 JDK-8283349 Robustness improvements to java/util/prefs/AddNodeChangeListener.jar
P4 JDK-8286654 Add an optional description accessor on ToolProvider interface
P4 JDK-8285676 Add missing @param tags for type parameters on classes and interfaces
P4 JDK-8280168 Add Objects.toIdentityString
P4 JDK-8284866 Add test to JDK-8273056
P4 JDK-8274683 Code example provided by RandomGeneratorFactory does not compile
P4 JDK-8285658 Fix two typos in the spec of j.u.random.RandomGenerator
P4 JDK-8283411 InflaterInputStream holds on to a temporary byte array of 512 bytes
P4 JDK-8283083 java.util.random L128X256MixRandom constructor fails to use byte[] seed
P4 JDK-8274517 java/util/DoubleStreamSums/ fails with expected [true] but found [false]
P4 JDK-8273370 Preferences.exportSubtree() generates invalid XML if value contains control char
P4 JDK-8282551 Properly initialize L32X64MixRandom state
P4 JDK-8282023 PropertiesStoreTest and StoreReproducibilityTest jtreg failures due to en_CA locale
P4 JDK-8279598 provide adapter from RandomGenerator to Random
P4 JDK-8283084 RandomGenerator nextDouble(double, double) is documented incorrectly
P4 JDK-8282144 RandomSupport.convertSeedBytesToLongs sign extension overwrites previous bytes
P4 JDK-8278642 Refactor java.util.Formatter
P4 JDK-8287860 Revise usage of volatile in j.u.Locale
P4 JDK-8280550 SplittableRandom#nextDouble(double,double) can return result >= bound
P4 JDK-8278587 StringTokenizer(String, String, boolean) documentation bug
P4 JDK-8280459 Suspicious integer division in Hashtable.readHashtable
P4 JDK-8285440 Typo in Collections.addAll method javadoc
P4 JDK-8287440 Typo in of java.util.random
P4 JDK-8283668 Update IllegalFormatException to use sealed classes
P4 JDK-8282662 Use List.of() factory method to reduce memory consumption
P5 JDK-8285285 Avoid redundant allocations in WindowsPreferences


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8286294 ForkJoinPool.commonPool().close() spins
P4 JDK-8277090 jsr166 refresh for jdk19
P4 JDK-8284036 Make ConcurrentHashMap.CollectionView a sealed hierarchy
P4 JDK-8283683 Make ThreadLocalRandom a final class


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8288769 Revert unintentional change to deflate.c
P3 JDK-8288527 broken link in java.base/java/util/zip/package-summary.html
P4 JDK-8281962 Avoid unnecessary native calls in InflaterInputStream
P4 JDK-8286582 Build fails on macos aarch64 when using --with-zlib=bundled
P4 JDK-8286623 Bundle zlib by default with JDK on macos aarch64
P4 JDK-8278794 Infinite loop in DeflaterOutputStream.finish()
P4 JDK-8280409 JarFile::getInputStream can fail with NPE accessing ze.getName()
P4 JDK-8286559 Re-examine synchronization of mark and reset methods on InflaterInputStream
P4 JDK-8280404 Unexpected exception thrown when CEN file entry comment length is not valid
P4 JDK-8272746 ZipFile can't open big file (NegativeArraySizeException)
P5 JDK-8287285 Avoid redundant HashMap.containsKey call in


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8283049 Fix non-singleton LoggerFinder error message: s/on/one
P4 JDK-8283719 java/util/logging/ failing intermittently


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8281560 Matcher.hitEnd returns unexpected results in presence of CANON_EQ flag.
P4 JDK-8276686 Malformed Javadoc inline tags in JDK source in /java/util/regex/
P4 JDK-8276694 Pattern trailing unescaped backslash causes internal error
P4 JDK-8264160 Regex \b is not consistent with \w without UNICODE_CHARACTER_CLASS
P4 JDK-8280403 RegEx: String.split can fail with NPE in Pattern.CharPredicate::match
P4 JDK-8281315 Unicode, (?i) flag and backreference throwing IndexOutOfBounds Exception


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8280915 Better parallelization for AbstractSpliterator and IteratorSpliterator when size is unknown


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8285386 java/util/HashMap/ fails in tier7 after JDK-8186958
P3 JDK-8289779 Map::replaceAll javadoc has redundant @throws clauses
P4 JDK-8282572 EnumSet should be a sealed class
P4 JDK-8281631 HashMap copy constructor and putAll can over-allocate table
P4 JDK-8285295 Need better testing for IdentityHashMap
P4 JDK-8186958 Need method to create pre-sized HashMap
P4 JDK-8284780 Need methods to create pre-sized HashSet and LinkedHashSet
P4 JDK-8282120 optimal capacity tests and test library need to be cleaned up
P4 JDK-8289872 wrong wording in @param doc for HashMap.newHashMap et. al.


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8283324 CLDRConverter run time increased by 3x
P3 JDK-8283277 ISO 4217 Amendment 171 Update
P3 JDK-8289549 ISO 4217 Amendment 172 Update
P3 JDK-8272352 Java launcher can not parse Chinese character when system locale is set to UTF-8
P3 JDK-8282227 Locale information for nb is not working properly
P3 JDK-8280902 ResourceBundle::getBundle may throw NPE when invoked by JNI code with no caller frame
P3 JDK-8265315 Update CLDR to version 41.0
P4 JDK-8282819 Deprecate Locale class constructors
P4 JDK-8286154 Fix 3rd party notices in test files
P4 JDK-8282897 Fix call parameter to GetStringChars() in HostLocaleProviderAdapter_md.c
P4 JDK-8280474 Garbage value passed to getLocaleInfoWrapper in HostLocaleProviderAdapter_md
P4 JDK-8276302 Locale.filterTags methods ignore actual weight when matching "*" (as if it is 1)
P4 JDK-8282887 Potential memory leak in sun.util.locale.provider.HostLocaleProviderAdapterImpl.getNumberPattern() on Windows
P4 JDK-8287896 fail on msys2
P4 JDK-8289252 Recommend Locale.of() method instead of the constructor
P4 JDK-8283698 Refactor Locale constructors used in src/test
P4 JDK-8287340 Refactor old code using StringTokenizer in locale related code
P4 JDK-8285844 TimeZone.getTimeZone(ZoneOffset) does not work for all ZoneOffsets and returns GMT unexpected
P4 JDK-8287902 UnreadableRB case in MissingResourceCauseTest is not working reliably on Windows
P4 JDK-8267038 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2022-03-02
P4 JDK-8283897 Update ICU4J to version 70.1
P4 JDK-8287187 Utilize HashMap.newHashMap() in CLDRConverter
P5 JDK-8287181 Avoid redundant HashMap.containsKey calls in InternalLocaleBuilder.setExtension
P5 JDK-8287053 Avoid redundant HashMap.containsKey calls in ZoneInfoFile.getZoneInfo0


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8287967 Update golden test files after JDK-8287886


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8284928 Add links from SourceVersion to specific JLS versions
P4 JDK-8285688 Add links to JEPs and JSRs to SourceVersion
P4 JDK-8277511 Add SourceVersion.RELEASE_19
P4 JDK-8282411 Add useful predicates to ElementKind
P4 JDK-8282311 Fix a typo in javax.lang.model.type.NullType
P4 JDK-8287886 Further terminology updates to match JLS
P4 JDK-8283730 Improve discussion of modeling of packages and modules
P4 JDK-8283594 Improve docs of ElementScanner classes
P4 JDK-8286617 Improve parameter names in javax.lang.model utility visitors
P4 JDK-8282464 Remove author tags from java.compiler
P4 JDK-8282462 Remove unnecessary use of @SuppressWarnings("preview")
P4 JDK-8284923 Update description of SourceVersion.RELEASE_18
P4 JDK-8289399 Update SourceVersion to use snippets
P4 JDK-8284966 Update SourceVersion.RELEASE_19 description for language changes


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8272996 JNDI DNS provider fails to resolve SRV entries when IPV6 stack is enabled
P3 JDK-8277795 LDAP connection timeout not honoured under contention
P4 JDK-8278892 java.naming module description is missing @uses tags to document the services that it uses
P4 JDK-8287672 jtreg test com/sun/jndi/ldap/ fails intermittently in nightly run
P4 JDK-8283772 Make sealed
P4 JDK-8275535 Retrying a failed authentication on multiple LDAP servers can lead to users blocked
P4 JDK-8287766 Unnecessary Vector usage in LdapClient
P5 JDK-8287544 Replace uses of StringBuffer with StringBuilder in java.naming
P5 JDK-8287497 Use String.contains() instead of String.indexOf() in java.naming


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8285366 Fix typos in serviceability
P3 JDK-8288289 Preview APIs in jdk.jdi,, and jdk.jfr should be reflective preview APIs
P4 JDK-8287894 Use fixed timestamp as an alternative of __DATE__ macro in jdk.jdi to make Windows build reproducible


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8282691 add jdb "-R" option for passing any argument to the launched debuggee process
P3 JDK-8281615 Deadlock caused by jdwp agent
P3 JDK-8282852 Debug agent asserts in classTrack_addPreparedClass()
P3 JDK-8287847 Fatal Error when suspending virtual thread after it has terminated
P3 JDK-8269542 JDWP: EnableCollection support is no longer spec compliant after JDK-8255987
P3 JDK-8276990 Memory leak in invoker.c fillInvokeRequest() during JDI operations
P3 JDK-8284094 Memory leak in invoker_completeInvokeRequest()
P4 JDK-8284043 com/sun/jdi/ failing with com.sun.jdi.ObjectCollectedException
P4 JDK-8268370 Fix "Oracle VM" references in JPDA documentation, and other misc improvements
P4 JDK-8231491 JDI tc02x004 failed again due to wrong # of breakpoints
P4 JDK-8282641 Make jdb "threadgroup" command with no args reset the current threadgroup back to the default
P4 JDK-8282076 Merge some debug agent changes from the loom repo
P4 JDK-8176567 nsk/jdi/ReferenceType/instances/instances002: TestFailure: Unexpected size of referenceType.instances(nsk.share.jdi.TestInterfaceImplementer1): 11, expected: 10
P4 JDK-8286983 rename jdb -trackvthreads and debug agent enumeratevthreads options and clarify "Preview Feature" nature of these options
P4 JDK-8279669 test/jdk/com/sun/jdi/ uses wrong condition
P4 JDK-8285032 vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/EventSet/suspendPolicy/suspendpolicy008/ fails with "eventSet.suspendPolicy() != policyExpected"
P5 JDK-8273904 debug agent ArrayTypeImp::newInstance() fails to send reply packet if there is an error
P5 JDK-8258071 Fix for JDK-8255987 can be subverted with ObjectReference.EnableCollection
P5 JDK-8283717 vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/ThreadStartEvent/thread/thread001 failed due to SocketTimeoutException


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8290562 ThreadMXBean.getThread{Cpu,User}Time fails with -XX:-VMContinuations
P3 JDK-8283092 JMX subclass permission check redundant with strong encapsulation
P4 JDK-8283903 GetContainerCpuLoad does not return the correct result in share mode
P4 JDK-8287103 java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/ fails with Xcomp
P4 JDK-8283254 Remove redundant class jdk/internal/agent/spi/AgentProvider
P4 JDK-8287200 Test java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/ timed out after JDK-8287103
P5 JDK-8076089 Cleanup: Inline & remove


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8206187 javax/management/remote/mandatory/connection/ fails with Port already in use
P5 JDK-8284673 Collapse identical catch branches in


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8287008 Improve tests for thread dumps in JSON format
P3 JDK-8272317 jstatd has dependency on Security Manager which needs to be removed
P4 JDK-8284330 jcmd may not be able to find processes in the container
P4 JDK-8281049 man page update for jstatd Security Manager dependency removal
P4 JDK-8286441 Remove mode parameter from jdk.internal.perf.Perf.attach()
P4 JDK-8286560 Remove user parameter from jdk.internal.perf.Perf.attach()
P4 JDK-8278123 serviceability/dcmd/vm/ failing with java.lang.AssertionError: Should have a hidden class
P4 JDK-8244765 Undo exclusiveAccess.dirs changes for JDK-8220295 and see if there are still any testing issues


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8284209 Replace remaining usages of 'a the' in source code


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8291414 Fix the incorrect wording about delayed provider selection in the PKCS11 documentation
P3 JDK-8292294 Update default DSA keysize in How to Implement a Provider guide
P3 JDK-8283476 Update the provider default keysizes in the "JDK Providers Documentation"
P4 JDK-8273214 Close the open edits of JMX doc
P4 JDK-8286141 Doc change For JDK-6782021 (The KeyStore row of the SunMSCAPI provider needs to be updated)
P4 JDK-8293665 Document the jdk.https.negotiate.cbt property
P4 JDK-8289602 Update public-facing documentation to describe the behavior of ISO10126Padding
P4 JDK-8286380 Update Troubleshooting Guide/Diagnostic Tools NMT categories for JDK18


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8287883 Incorrect documentation for OutOfMemoryError: Requested array size exceeds VM limit
P4 JDK-8280543 Update the "java" and "jcmd" tool specification for CDS


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8238373 Punctuation should be same in jlink help usage on Japanese language


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8283806 [BACKOUT] JDK 19 L10n resource files update - msgdrop 10
P2 JDK-8290889 JDK 19 RDP2 L10n resource files update - msgdrop 10
P3 JDK-8283805 [REDO] JDK 19 L10n resource files update - msgdrop 10
P3 JDK-8280400 JDK 19 L10n resource files update - msgdrop 10
P4 JDK-8283870 jdeprscan --help causes an exception when the locale is ja, zh_CN or de


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8282661 [BACKOUT] replace endless recursion with RuntimeException in void ck(double x, double y)
P1 JDK-8292260 [BACKOUT] JDK-8279219: [REDO] C2 crash when allocating array of size too large
P1 JDK-8285945 [BACKOUT] JDK-8285802 AArch64: Consistently handle offsets in MacroAssembler as 64-bit quantities
P1 JDK-8287194 build failure on riscv after JDK-8286825
P1 JDK-8284921 tier1 test failures after JDK-8284909
P2 JDK-8278871 [JVMCI] assert((uint)reason < 2* _trap_hist_limit) failed: oob
P2 JDK-8287091 aarch64 : guarantee(val < (1ULL << nbits)) failed: Field too big for insn
P2 JDK-8286596 AArch64: -XX:UseBranchProtection=pac-ret crashes after JDK-8284161
P2 JDK-8288445 AArch64: C2 compilation fails with guarantee(!true || (true && (shift != 0))) failed: impossible encoding
P2 JDK-8288023 AArch64: disable PAC-RET when preview is enabled
P2 JDK-8289127 Apache Lucene triggers: DEBUG MESSAGE: duplicated predicate failed which is impossible
P2 JDK-8282025 assert(ctrl != __null) failed: control out is assumed to be unique after JDK-8281732
P2 JDK-8287980 Build is broken due to SuperWordMaxVectorSize when C2 is disabled after JDK-8287697
P2 JDK-8287700 C2 Crash running eclipse benchmark from Dacapo
P2 JDK-8288683 C2: And node gets wrong type due to not adding it back to the worklist in CCP
P2 JDK-8287432 C2: assert(tn->in(0) != __null) failed: must have live top node
P2 JDK-8286638 C2: CmpU needs to do more precise over/underflow analysis
P2 JDK-8288564 C2: LShiftLNode::Ideal produces wrong result after JDK-8278114
P2 JDK-8288360 CI: ciInstanceKlass::implementor() is not consistent for well-known classes
P2 JDK-8281222 ciTypeFlow::profiled_count fails "assert(0 <= i && i < _len) failed: illegal index"
P2 JDK-8282355 compiler/arguments/ failed "guarantee(sect->end() <= tend) failed: sanity"
P2 JDK-8281936 compiler/arguments/ fails on AVX512 machines
P2 JDK-8287491 compiler/jvmci/errors/ fails new assert: assert((uint)t < T_CONFLICT + 1) failed: invalid type #
P2 JDK-8276799 Implementation of JEP 422: Linux/RISC-V Port
P2 JDK-8282555 Missing memory edge when spilling MoveF2I, MoveD2L etc
P3 JDK-8245268 -Xcomp is missing from java launcher documentation
P3 JDK-8287493 32-bit Windows build failure in codeBlob.cpp after JDK-8283689
P3 JDK-8279225 [arm32] C1 longs comparison operation destroys argument registers
P3 JDK-8279300 [arm32] SIGILL when running GetObjectSizeIntrinsicsTest
P3 JDK-8286182 [BACKOUT] x86: Handle integral division overflow during parsing
P3 JDK-8279437 [JVMCI] exception in HotSpotJVMCIRuntime.translate can exit the VM
P3 JDK-8279412 [JVMCI] failed speculations list must outlive any nmethod that refers to it
P3 JDK-8281266 [JVMCI] MetaUtil.toInternalName() doesn't handle hidden classes correctly
P3 JDK-8287738 [PPC64] jdk/incubator/vector/*VectorTests failing
P3 JDK-8279219 [REDO] C2 crash when allocating array of size too large
P3 JDK-8285923 [REDO] JDK-8285802 AArch64: Consistently handle offsets in MacroAssembler as 64-bit quantities
P3 JDK-8278757 [s390] Implement AES Counter Mode Intrinsic
P3 JDK-8278302 [s390] Implement fast-path for ASCII-compatible CharsetEncoders
P3 JDK-8285733 [s390] Vector Instruction Emitters for element-wise access are broken
P3 JDK-8282392 [zero] Build broken on AArch64
P3 JDK-8282764 AArch64: compiler/vectorapi/reshape/ failed with incorrect result
P3 JDK-8285802 AArch64: Consistently handle offsets in MacroAssembler as 64-bit quantities
P3 JDK-8288397 AArch64: Fix register issues in SVE backend match rules
P3 JDK-8287567 AArch64: Implement post-call NOPs
P3 JDK-8282528 AArch64: Incorrect replicate2L_zero rule
P3 JDK-8280842 Access violation in ciTypeFlow::profiled_count
P3 JDK-8272735 Add missing SubL node transformations
P3 JDK-8289044 ARM32: missing LIR_Assembler::cmove metadata type support
P3 JDK-8281811 assert(_base == Tuple) failed: Not a Tuple after JDK-8280799
P3 JDK-8284944 assert(cnt++ < 40) failed: infinite cycle in loop optimization
P3 JDK-8281544 assert(VM_Version::supports_avx512bw()) failed for Tests jdk/incubator/vector/
P3 JDK-8256368 Avoid repeated upcalls into Java to re-resolve MH/VH linkers/invokers
P3 JDK-8283189 Bad copyright header in
P3 JDK-8282874 Bad performance on gather/scatter API caused by different IntSpecies of indexMap
P3 JDK-8258603 c1 IR::verify is expensive
P3 JDK-8275337 C1: assert(false) failed: live_in set of first block must be empty
P3 JDK-8287223 C1: Inlining attempt through MH::invokeBasic() with null receiver
P3 JDK-8288781 C1: LIR_OpVisitState::maxNumberOfOperands too small
P3 JDK-8288303 C1: Miscompilation due to broken Class.getModifiers intrinsic
P3 JDK-8282194 C1: Missing side effects of dynamic constant linkage
P3 JDK-8280003 C1: Reconsider uses of logical_and immediates in LIRGenerator::do_getObjectSize
P3 JDK-8280696 C2 compilation hits assert(is_dominator(c, n_ctrl)) failed
P3 JDK-8287851 C2 crash: assert(t->meet(t0) == t) failed: Not monotonic
P3 JDK-8286625 C2 fails with assert(!n->is_Store() && !n->is_LoadStore()) failed: no node with a side effect
P3 JDK-8286125 C2: "bad AD file" with PopulateIndex on x86_64
P3 JDK-8286177 C2: "failed: non-reduction loop contains reduction nodes" assert failure
P3 JDK-8281322 C2: always construct strip mined loop initially (even if strip mining is disabled)
P3 JDK-8289954 C2: Assert failed in PhaseCFG::verify() after JDK-8183390
P3 JDK-8280600 C2: assert(!had_error) failed: bad dominance
P3 JDK-8283451 C2: assert(_base == Long) failed: Not a Long
P3 JDK-8282590 C2: assert(addp->is_AddP() && addp->outcnt() > 0) failed: Don't process dead nodes
P3 JDK-8273139 C2: assert(f <= 1 && f >= 0) failed: Incorrect frequency
P3 JDK-8282592 C2: assert(false) failed: graph should be schedulable
P3 JDK-8286451 C2: assert(nb == 1) failed: only when the head is not shared
P3 JDK-8287517 C2: assert(vlen_in_bytes == 64) failed: 2
P3 JDK-8288112 C2: Error: ShouldNotReachHere() in Type::typerr()
P3 JDK-8270090 C2: LCM may prioritize CheckCastPP nodes over projections
P3 JDK-8285820 C2: LCM prioritizes locally dependent CreateEx nodes over projections after 8270090
P3 JDK-8280320 C2: Loop opts are missing during OSR compilation
P3 JDK-8279622 C2: miscompilation of map pattern as a vector reduction
P3 JDK-8283466 C2: missing skeleton predicates in peeled loop
P3 JDK-8283441 C2: segmentation fault in ciMethodBlocks::make_block_at(int)
P3 JDK-8283890 Changes in CFG file format break C1Visualizer
P3 JDK-8286063 check compiler queue after calling AbstractCompiler::on_empty_queue
P3 JDK-8279822 CI: Constant pool entries in error state are not supported
P3 JDK-8280473 CI: Support unresolved JVM_CONSTANT_Dynamic constant pool entries
P3 JDK-8287169 compiler/arguments/ fails on x86_32 after JDK-8287052
P3 JDK-8284681 compiler/c2/aarch64/ fails with "RuntimeException: for CodeHeap < 250MB the far jump is expected to be encoded with a single branch instruction"
P3 JDK-8286339 compiler/c2/irTests/ fails if Enum/String methods are not inlined
P3 JDK-8279573 compiler/codecache/ fails with "RuntimeException: the value of full_count is wrong."
P3 JDK-8272094 compiler/codecache/ crashes with "failed to allocate space for trampoline"
P3 JDK-8288000 compiler/loopopts/ fails with release VMs
P3 JDK-8280867 Cpuid1Ecx feature parsing is incorrect for AMD CPUs
P3 JDK-8284635 Crashes after 8282221: assert(ctrl == kit.control()) failed: Control flow was added although the intrinsic bailed out
P3 JDK-8283494 Factor out calculation of actual number of XMM registers
P3 JDK-8283408 Fix a C2 crash when filling arrays with unsafe
P3 JDK-8183390 Fix and re-enable post loop vectorization
P3 JDK-8281539 IGV: schedule approximation computes immediate dominators wrongly
P3 JDK-8285558 IGV: scheduling crashes on control-unreachable CFG nodes
P3 JDK-8273666 Improve IdealGraphVisualizer tool
P3 JDK-8286013 Incorrect test configurations for compiler/stable/
P3 JDK-8284883 JVM crash: guarantee(sect->end() <= sect->limit()) failed: sanity on AVX512
P3 JDK-8283641 Large value for CompileThresholdScaling causes assert
P3 JDK-8288078 linux-aarch64-optimized build fails in Tier5 after JDK-8287567
P3 JDK-8287396 LIR_Opr::vreg_number() and data() can return negative number
P3 JDK-8279888 Local variable independently used by multiple loops can interfere with loop optimizations
P3 JDK-8280901 MethodHandle::linkToNative stub is missing w/ -Xint
P3 JDK-8282312 Minor corrections to evbroadcasti32x4 intrinsic on x86
P3 JDK-8283306 re-resolving indirect call to non-entrant nmethod can crash
P3 JDK-8288467 remove memory_operand assert for spilled instructions
P3 JDK-8285378 Remove unnecessary nop for C1 exception and deopt handler
P3 JDK-8285885 Replay compilation fails with assert(is_valid()) failed: check invoke
P3 JDK-8287418 riscv: Fix correctness issue of MacroAssembler::movptr
P3 JDK-8287970 riscv: jdk/incubator/vector/*VectorTests failing
P3 JDK-8284863 riscv: missing side effect for result in instruct vcount_positives
P3 JDK-8284937 riscv: should not allocate special register for temp
P3 JDK-8281829 runtime/CommandLine/OptionsValidation/ fails after JDK-8281467
P3 JDK-8265360 several compiler/whitebox tests fail with "private compiler.whitebox.SimpleTestCaseHelper(int) must be compiled"
P3 JDK-8281822 Test failures on non-DTrace builds due to incomplete DTrace* flags handling
P3 JDK-8236136 tests which use CompilationMode shouldn't be run w/ TieredStopAtLevel
P3 JDK-8286967 Unproblemlist compiler/c2/irTests/ and add additional test for JDK-8286638
P3 JDK-8284358 Unreachable loop is not removed from C2 IR, leading to a broken graph
P3 JDK-8289069 Very slow C1 arraycopy jcstress tests after JDK-8279886
P3 JDK-8286376 Wrong condition for using non-immediate oops on AArch64
P3 JDK-8282231 x86-32: runtime call to SharedRuntime::ldiv corrupts registers
P3 JDK-8280526 x86_32 Math.sqrt performance regression with -XX:UseSSE={0,1}
P3 JDK-8280799 С2: assert(false) failed: cyclic dependency prevents range check elimination
P4 JDK-8287035 [BACKOUT] PPC64: Handle integral division overflow during parsing
P4 JDK-8286940 [IR Framework] Allow IR tests to build and use Whitebox without -DSkipWhiteBoxInstall=true
P4 JDK-8281122 [IR Framework] Cleanup IR matching code in preparation for JDK-8280378
P4 JDK-8284115 [IR Framework] Compilation is not found due to rare safepoint while dumping PrintIdeal/PrintOptoAssembly
P4 JDK-8283839 [JVMCI] add support for querying indy bootstrap method target and arguments
P4 JDK-8282044 [JVMCI] Export _sha3_implCompress, _md5_implCompress and aarch64::_has_negatives stubs to JVMCI compiler.
P4 JDK-8284909 [JVMCI] remove remnants of AOT support
P4 JDK-8281712 [REDO] AArch64: Implement string_compare intrinsic in SVE
P4 JDK-8282665 [REDO] replace endless recursion with RuntimeException in void ck(double x, double y)
P4 JDK-8281079 [s390] Unify Address Operand Encoding in Instruction Emitters
P4 JDK-8282142 [TestCase] compiler/inlining/ will fail when --with-jvm-features=-compiler1
P4 JDK-8282162 [vector] Optimize integral vector negation API
P4 JDK-8278173 [vectorapi] Add x64 intrinsics for unsigned (zero extended) casts
P4 JDK-8279282 [vectorapi] Matcher::supports_vector_comparison_unsigned is not needed on x86
P4 JDK-8286279 [vectorapi] Only check index of masked lanes if offset is out of array boundary for masked store
P4 JDK-8283667 [vectorapi] Vectorization for masked load with IOOBE with predicate feature
P4 JDK-8285048 [x86] Add backend support for VectorMask.compress operation
P4 JDK-8285033 [x86] Add C2 mid-end and back-end implementation for bit REVERSE and REVERSE_BYTES operation
P4 JDK-8287139 aarch64 intrinsic for unsignedMultiplyHigh
P4 JDK-8283435 AArch64: [vectorapi] Optimize SVE lane/withLane operations for 64/128-bit vector sizes
P4 JDK-8282431 AArch64: Add optimized rules for masked vector multiply-add/sub for SVE
P4 JDK-8282541 AArch64: Auto-vectorize Math.round API
P4 JDK-8284563 AArch64: bitperm feature detection for SVE2 on Linux
P4 JDK-8286058 AArch64: clarify types of calls
P4 JDK-8286056 AArch64: clarify uses of MacroAssembler::far_call/MacroAssembler::far_jump
P4 JDK-8280511 AArch64: Combine shift and negate to a single instruction
P4 JDK-8265263 AArch64: Combine vneg with right shift count
P4 JDK-8279560 AArch64: generate_compare_long_string_same_encoding and LARGE_LOOP_PREFETCH alignment
P4 JDK-8277619 AArch64: Incorrect parameter type in Advanced SIMD Copy assembler functions
P4 JDK-8281803 AArch64: Optimize masked vector NOT/AND_NOT for SVE
P4 JDK-8282926 AArch64: Optimize out WHILELO with PTRUE
P4 JDK-8282966 AArch64: Optimize VectorMask.toLong with SVE2
P4 JDK-8284125 AArch64: Remove partial masked operations for SVE
P4 JDK-8283626 AArch64: Set relocInfo::offset_unit to 4
P4 JDK-8282347 AARCH64: Untaken branch in has_negatives stub
P4 JDK-8282049 AArch64: Use ZR for integer zero immediate volatile stores
P4 JDK-8280510 AArch64: Vectorize operations with loop induction variable
P4 JDK-8281375 Accelerate bitCount operation for AVX2 and AVX512 target.
P4 JDK-8282711 Accelerate Math.signum function for AVX and AVX512 target.
P4 JDK-8281732 add assert for non-NULL assumption for return of unique_ctrl_out
P4 JDK-8281505 Add CompileCommand PrintIdealPhase
P4 JDK-8286990 Add compiler name to warning messages in Compiler Directive
P4 JDK-8281548 Add escape analysis tracing flag
P4 JDK-8282024 add EscapeAnalysis statistics under PrintOptoStatistics
P4 JDK-8282467 add extra diagnostics for JDK-8268184
P4 JDK-8283094 Add Ideal transformation: x + (con - y) -> (x - y) + con
P4 JDK-8281210 Add manpage changes for PAC-RET protection on Linux/AArch64
P4 JDK-8285050 Add new crosslane compress/expand APIs
P4 JDK-8285037 Add new vector operation to reverse bytes of a vector lane.
P4 JDK-8285049 Add new VectorMask.compress API
P4 JDK-8283692 Add PrintIdealPhase that includes block scheduling
P4 JDK-8281117 Add regression test for JDK-8280587
P4 JDK-8283541 Add Statical counters and some comments in PhaseStringOpts
P4 JDK-8286190 Add test to verify constant folding for Enum fields
P4 JDK-8262721 Add Tests to verify single iteration loops are properly optimized
P4 JDK-8278868 Add x86 vectorization support for Long.bitCount()
P4 JDK-8278525 Additional -Wnonnull errors happen with GCC 11
P4 JDK-8281467 Allow larger OptoLoopAlignment and CodeEntryAlignment
P4 JDK-8271008 appcds/*/ tests time out because of excessive GC (CodeCache GC Threshold) in loom
P4 JDK-8277055 Assert "missing inlining msg" with -XX:+PrintIntrinsics
P4 JDK-8279258 Auto-vectorization enhancement for two-dimensional array operations
P4 JDK-8279508 Auto-vectorize Math.round API
P4 JDK-8284584 Avoid duplicate node_idx_t definitions
P4 JDK-8279533 Bad indentation and missing curly braces in BlockBegin::set_end
P4 JDK-8282573 replace endless recursion with RuntimeException in void ck(double x, double y)
P4 JDK-8278104 C1 should support the compiler directive 'BreakAtExecute'
P4 JDK-8282218 C1: Missing side effects of dynamic class loading during constant linkage
P4 JDK-8283787 C1: Remove unused ArrayStoreExceptionStub::_info
P4 JDK-8279886 C1: Turn off SelectivePhiFunctions in presence of irreducible loops
P4 JDK-8285301 C2: assert(!requires_atomic_access) failed: can't ensure atomicity
P4 JDK-8284848 C2: Compiler blackhole arguments should be treated as globally escaping
P4 JDK-8279535 C2: Dead code in PhaseIdealLoop::create_loop_nest after JDK-8276116
P4 JDK-8285369 C2: emit reduction flag value in node and loop dumps
P4 JDK-8275201 C2: hide klass() accessor from TypeOopPtr and typeKlassPtr subclasses
P4 JDK-8278228 C2: Improve identical back-to-back if elimination
P4 JDK-8280123 C2: Infinite loop in CMoveINode::Ideal during IGVN
P4 JDK-8276455 C2: iterative EA
P4 JDK-8283187 C2: loop candidate for superword not always unrolled fully if superword fails
P4 JDK-8285793 C2: optimization of mask checks in counted loops fail in the presence of cast nodes
P4 JDK-8278784 C2: Refactor PhaseIdealLoop::remix_address_expressions() so it operates on longs
P4 JDK-8263075 C2: simplify anti-dependence check in PhaseCFG::implicit_null_check()
P4 JDK-8252496 C2: Useless code in MergeMemNode::Ideal
P4 JDK-8230382 Clean up ConvI2L, CastII and CastLL::Ideal methods
P4 JDK-8285851 Cleanup C2AtomicParseAccess::needs_pinning()
P4 JDK-8284433 Cleanup Disassembler::find_prev_instr() on all platforms
P4 JDK-8280026 Cleanup of IGV printing
P4 JDK-8278949 Cleanups for 8277850
P4 JDK-8284620 CodeBuffer may leak _overflow_arena
P4 JDK-8284458 CodeHeapState::aggregate() leaks blob_name
P4 JDK-8277056 Combining several C2 Print* flags asserts in xmlStream::pop_tag
P4 JDK-8287052 comparing double to max_intx gives unexpected results
P4 JDK-8258814 Compilation logging crashes for thread suspension / debugging tests
P4 JDK-8282172 CompileBroker::log_metaspace_failure is called from non-Java/compiler threads
P4 JDK-8285394 Compiler blackholes can be eliminated due to stale ciMethod::intrinsic_id()
P4 JDK-8283229 compiler/arguments/ fails with release VMs
P4 JDK-8286263 compiler/c1/ failed with "RuntimeException: testCurrentTimeMillis failed with -3"
P4 JDK-8283353 compiler/c2/cr6865031/ and compiler/runtime/ fails on x86_32
P4 JDK-8280089 compiler/c2/irTests/ fails on some arches
P4 JDK-8276711 compiler/codecache/cli tests failing when SegmentedCodeCache used with -Xint
P4 JDK-8285976 compiler/exceptions/ can't pass with -XX:+DeoptimizeALot
P4 JDK-8268033 compiler/intrinsics/bmi/verifycode/ fails with "fatal error: Not compilable at tier 3: CodeBuffer overflow"
P4 JDK-8285266 compiler/intrinsics/sha/cli/ fails after JDK-8284563
P4 JDK-8279317 compiler/jvmci/compilerToVM/ assumes immutable code
P4 JDK-8278623 compiler/vectorapi/reshape/ after JDK-8259610
P4 JDK-8278584 compiler/vectorapi/ failed with "Error: ShouldNotReachHere()"
P4 JDK-8279900 compiler/vectorization/ fails due to vpopcntdq is not supported
P4 JDK-8283789 CompilerPhaseTypeHelper::to_bitmask should operate on uint64_t
P4 JDK-8284760 Correct type/array element offset in LibraryCallKit::get_state_from_digest_object()
P4 JDK-8273115 CountedLoopEndNode::stride_con crash in debug build with -XX:+TraceLoopOpts
P4 JDK-8271055 Crash during deoptimization with "assert(bb->is_reachable()) failed: getting result from unreachable basicblock" with -XX:+VerifyStack
P4 JDK-8283422 Create a new test for JDK-8254790
P4 JDK-8287840 Dead copy region node blocks IfNode's fold-compares
P4 JDK-8075816 Deprecate AliasLevel flag since it is broken
P4 JDK-8282182 Document algorithm used to encode aarch64 logical immediate operands.
P4 JDK-8279676 Dubious YMM register clearing in x86_64 arraycopy stubs
P4 JDK-8280457 Duplicate implementation of dprecision_rounding and dstore_rounding
P4 JDK-8280007 Enable Neoverse N1 optimizations for Arm Neoverse V1 & N2
P4 JDK-8273322 Enhance macro logic optimization for masked logic operations.
P4 JDK-8005885 enhance PrintCodeCache to print more data
P4 JDK-8279607 Existing optimization "~x+1" -> "-x" can be generalized to "~x+c" -> "(c-1)-x".
P4 JDK-8284564 Extend VectorAPI validation tests for SHIFTs and ROTATE operations with constant shift values.
P4 JDK-8278423 ExtendedDTraceProbes should be deprecated
P4 JDK-8278532 Fix some typos in compiler comments
P4 JDK-8278296 Generalize long range check transformation
P4 JDK-8283807 Handle CompileThreshold the same as other thresholds when scaled with -XX:CompileThresholdScaling
P4 JDK-8279568 IGV: Add bci and line number property for OSR compilations
P4 JDK-8282547 IGV: add control-flow graph view
P4 JDK-8279570 IGV: Add source/destination property for load and store nodes with an associated field
P4 JDK-8283930 IGV: add toggle button to show/hide empty blocks in CFG view
P4 JDK-8280568 IGV: Phi inputs and pinned nodes are not scheduled correctly
P4 JDK-8287438 IGV: scheduling crashes on non-block-start Region with multiple predecessors
P4 JDK-8283684 IGV: speed up filter application
P4 JDK-8282043 IGV: speed up schedule approximation
P4 JDK-8279068 IGV: Update to work with JDK 16 and 17
P4 JDK-8274243 Implement fast-path for ASCII-compatible CharsetEncoders on aarch64
P4 JDK-8277204 Implement PAC-RET branch protection on Linux/AArch64
P4 JDK-8283694 Improve bit manipulation and boolean to integer conversion operations on x86_64
P4 JDK-8280976 Incorrect encoding of avx512 vpsraq instruction with mask and constant shift.
P4 JDK-8284960 Integration of JEP 426: Vector API (Fourth Incubator)
P4 JDK-8277997 Intrinsic creation for VectorMask.fromLong API
P4 JDK-8283894 Intrinsify compress and expand bits on x86
P4 JDK-8281043 Intrinsify recursive ObjectMonitor locking for PPC64
P4 JDK-8272791 java -XX:BlockZeroingLowLimit=1 crashes after 8270947
P4 JDK-8271078 jdk/incubator/vector/ failed a subtest
P4 JDK-8283008 KRegister documentation out of date
P4 JDK-8287697 Limit auto vectorization to 32-byte vector on Cascade Lake
P4 JDK-8286636 MacroAssembler::post_call_nop should have InstructionMark
P4 JDK-8283298 Make CodeCacheSegmentSize a product flag
P4 JDK-8283456 Make CompiledICHolder::live_count/live_not_claimed_count debug only
P4 JDK-8286870 Memory leak with RepeatCompilation
P4 JDK-8278114 New addnode ideal optimization: converting "x + x" into "x << 1"
P4 JDK-8283396 Null pointer dereference in loopnode.cpp:2851
P4 JDK-8277748 Obsolete the MinInliningThreshold flag in JDK 19
P4 JDK-8276673 Optimize abs operations in C2 compiler
P4 JDK-8282432 Optimize masked "test" Vector API with predicate feature
P4 JDK-8281429 PhiNode::Value() is too conservative for tripcount of CountedLoop
P4 JDK-8285040 PPC64 intrinsics for divideUnsigned and remainderUnsigned methods in java.lang.Integer and java.lang.Long
P4 JDK-8285390 PPC64: Handle integral division overflow during parsing
P4 JDK-8253860 PPC: Relocation::pd_set_data_value conflates compressed oops and klasses
P4 JDK-8282208 Reduce MachNode size
P4 JDK-8281722 Removal of PrintIdealLevel
P4 JDK-8280686 Remove Compile::print_method_impl
P4 JDK-8282893 Remove MacroAssembler::push/pop_callee_saved_registers
P4 JDK-8278534 Remove some unnecessary code in MethodLiveness::init_basic_blocks
P4 JDK-8278533 Remove some unused methods in c1_Instruction and c1_ValueMap
P4 JDK-8279947 Remove two redundant gvn.transform calls in Parse::do_one_bytecode()
P4 JDK-8287425 Remove unnecessary register push for MacroAssembler::check_klass_subtype_slow_path
P4 JDK-8278471 Remove unreached rules in AddNode::IdealIL
P4 JDK-8283447 Remove unused LIR_Assembler::_bs
P4 JDK-8281522 Rename ADLC classes which have the same name as hotspot variants
P4 JDK-8280872 Reorder code cache segments to improve code density
P4 JDK-8281146 Replace StringCoding.hasNegatives with countPositives
P4 JDK-8283865 riscv: Break down -XX:+UseRVB into seperate options for each bitmanip extension
P4 JDK-8285437 riscv: Fix MachNode size mismatch for MacroAssembler::verify_oops*
P4 JDK-8283737 riscv: MacroAssembler::stop() should emit fixed-length instruction sequence
P4 JDK-8285699 riscv: Provide information when hitting a HaltNode
P4 JDK-8283937 riscv: RVC: Fix c_beqz to c_bnez
P4 JDK-8286847 Rotate vectors don't support byte or short
P4 JDK-8278036 Saving rscratch1 is optional in MacroAssembler::verify_heapbase
P4 JDK-8285980 Several tests in compiler/c2/irTests miss @requires vm.compiler2.enabled
P4 JDK-8285435 Show file and line in MacroAssembler::verify_oop for AArch64 and RISC-V platforms (Port from x86)
P4 JDK-8278518 String(byte[], int, int, Charset) constructor and String.translateEscapes() miss bounds check elimination
P4 JDK-8272493 Suboptimal code generation around Preconditions.checkIndex intrinsic with AVX2
P4 JDK-8278947 Support for array constants in constant table
P4 JDK-8286972 Support the new loop induction variable related PopulateIndex IR node on x86
P4 JDK-8284981 Support the vectorization of some counting-down loops in SLP
P4 JDK-8284980 Test vmTestbase/nsk/stress/except/ times out with -Xcomp -XX:+DeoptimizeALot
P4 JDK-8284369 TestFailedAllocationBadGraph fails with -XX:TieredStopAtLevel < 4
P4 JDK-8285965 does not check for "" correctly
P4 JDK-8282085 The REGISTER_DEFINITION macro is useless after JDK-8269122
P4 JDK-8282715 typo compileony in test
P4 JDK-8276563 Undefined Behaviour in class Assembler
P4 JDK-8284198 Undo JDK-8261137: Optimization of Box nodes in uncommon_trap
P4 JDK-8280076 Unify IGV and IR printing
P4 JDK-8278909 Unproblemlist AdaptiveBlocking001
P4 JDK-8283997 Unused argument in GraphKit::builtin_throw
P4 JDK-8282204 Use lea instructions for arithmetic operations on x86_64
P4 JDK-8267265 Use new IR Test Framework to create tests for C2 Ideal transformations
P4 JDK-8251505 Use of types in compiler shared code should be consistent.
P4 JDK-8242440 use separate, destroyable JavaVM instances per libgraal compiler thread
P4 JDK-8279956 Useless method Scheduling::ComputeLocalLatenciesForward()
P4 JDK-8283307 Vectorize unsigned shift right on signed subword types
P4 JDK-8259610 VectorReshapeTests are not effective due to failing to intrinsify "VectorSupport.convert"
P4 JDK-8284813 x86 Code cleanup related to move instructions.
P4 JDK-8282221 x86 intrinsics for divideUnsigned and remainderUnsigned methods in java.lang.Integer and java.lang.Long
P4 JDK-8285868 x86 intrinsics for floating point method isInfinite
P4 JDK-8279668 x86: AVX2 versions of vpxor should be asserted
P4 JDK-8282414 x86: Enhance the assembler to generate more compact instructions
P4 JDK-8284742 x86: Handle integral division overflow during parsing
P4 JDK-8288040 x86: Loom: Improve cont/monitor-count helper methods
P4 JDK-8285973 x86_64: Improve fp comparison and cmove for eq/ne
P5 JDK-8284951 Compile::flatten_alias_type asserts with "indeterminate pointers come only from unsafe ops"
P5 JDK-8277627 Fix copyright years in some jvmci files
P5 JDK-8287288 Fix some typos in C1
P5 JDK-8280274 Guard printing code of Compile::print_method in PRODUCT
P5 JDK-8282480 IGV: Use description instead of enum name for phases
P5 JDK-8279485 Incorrect copyright year in compiler/lib/ir_framework/ after JDK-8278114
P5 JDK-8286179 Node::find(int) should not traverse from new to old nodes
P5 JDK-8282878 Removed _JavaThread from PhaseTraceTime
P5 JDK-8287552 riscv: Fix comment typo in li64
P5 JDK-8285303 riscv: Incorrect register mask in call_native_base
P5 JDK-8285711 riscv: RVC: Support disassembler show-bytes option
P5 JDK-8278329 some TraceDeoptimization code not included in PRODUCT build
P5 JDK-8282045 When loop strip mining fails, safepoints are removed from loop anyway


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8283555 G1: Concurrent mark accesses uninitialized BOT of closed archive regions
P2 JDK-8291496 Allocating card table before heap causes underflow asserts in CardTable::addr_for()
P2 JDK-8284190 disable G1RegionToSpaceMapper.largeStressAdjacent_vm on windows
P2 JDK-8279241 G1 Full GC does not always slide memory to bottom addresses
P2 JDK-8285979 G1: G1SegmentedArraySegment::header_size() is incorrect since JDK-8283368
P2 JDK-8286285 G1: Rank issues with ParGCRareEvent_lock and Threads_lock
P2 JDK-8283935 Parallel: Crash during pretouch after large pages allocation failure
P2 JDK-8290867 Race freeing remembered set segments
P2 JDK-8283899 Revert 8284190 after fix of 8281297
P2 JDK-8280885 Shenandoah: Some tests failed with "EA: missing allocation reference path"
P2 JDK-8281297 TestStressG1Humongous fails with guarantee(is_range_uncommitted)
P3 JDK-8289093 BlockLocationPrinter fails to decode addresses with G1
P3 JDK-8286729 G1: Calculation to fit in optional region in remaining pause time wrong
P3 JDK-8286943 G1: With virtualized remembered sets, maximum number of cards configured is wrong
P3 JDK-8288754 GCC 12 fails to build zReferenceProcessor.cpp
P3 JDK-8279294 NonblockingQueue::try_pop may improperly indicate queue is empty
P3 JDK-8281637 Remove unused VerifyOption_G1UseNextMarking
P3 JDK-8281748 runtime/logging/ failed "assert(addr != __null) failed: invariant"
P3 JDK-8290250 Shenandoah: disable Loom for iu mode
P3 JDK-8279540 Shenandoah: Should only clear CLD::_claim_strong mark for strong CLD iterations
P3 JDK-8278917 Use Prev Bitmap for recording evac failed objects
P4 JDK-8280028 [BACKOUT] Parallel: More precise boundary in ObjectStartArray::object_starts_in_range
P4 JDK-8282089 [BACKOUT] Parallel: Refactor PSCardTable::scavenge_contents_parallel
P4 JDK-8287433 [PPC64] g1_write_barrier_pre needs extension for Loom
P4 JDK-8280030 [REDO] Parallel: More precise boundary in ObjectStartArray::object_starts_in_range
P4 JDK-8282094 [REDO] Parallel: Refactor PSCardTable::scavenge_contents_parallel
P4 JDK-8287686 Add assertion to ensure that disarm value offset < 128
P4 JDK-8284435 Add dedicated filler objects for known dead Java heap areas
P4 JDK-8278351 Add function to retrieve worker_id from any context
P4 JDK-8283327 Add methods to save/restore registers when calling into the VM from C1/interpreter barrier code
P4 JDK-8280450 Add task queue printing to STW Full GCs
P4 JDK-8278598 AlignmentReserve is repeatedly reinitialized
P4 JDK-8281379 Assign package declarations to all jtreg test cases under gc
P4 JDK-8283188 Build time regression caused by JDK-8278917
P4 JDK-8280830 Change NonblockingQueue::try_pop variable named "result"
P4 JDK-8287157 Clean up G1Policy::next_gc_should_be_mixed()
P4 JDK-8279534 Consolidate and remove oopDesc::klass_gap methods
P4 JDK-8278568 Consolidate filler objects
P4 JDK-8279063 Consolidate push and push_if_necessary in PreservedMarks
P4 JDK-8281553 Ensure we only require liveness from mach-nodes with barriers
P4 JDK-8286782 Exclude vmTestbase/gc/gctests/WeakReference/weak006/
P4 JDK-8283186 Explicitly pass a third temp register to MacroAssembler::store_heap_oop
P4 JDK-8280397 Factor out task queue statistics printing
P4 JDK-8278475 G1 dirty card refinement by Java threads may get unnecessarily paused
P4 JDK-8282620 G1/Parallel: Constify is_in_young() predicates
P4 JDK-8280958 G1/Parallel: Unify marking code structure
P4 JDK-8280029 G1: "Overflow during reference processing, can not continue" on x86_32
P4 JDK-8279008 G1: Calculate BOT threshold on-the-fly during Object Copy phase
P4 JDK-8286704 G1: Call offset_of directly in subclasses of G1CardSetContainer
P4 JDK-8278891 G1: Call reset in G1RegionMarkStatsCache constructor
P4 JDK-8286189 G1: Change "wasted" memory to "unused" memory in reporting
P4 JDK-8286467 G1: Collection set pruning adds one region too many
P4 JDK-8284995 G1: Do not mark through Closed Archive regions during concurrent mark
P4 JDK-8282619 G1: Fix indentation in G1CollectedHeap::mark_evac_failure_object
P4 JDK-8282615 G1: Fix some includes
P4 JDK-8280070 G1: Fix template parameters in G1SegmentedArraySegment
P4 JDK-8280396 G1: Full gc mark stack draining should prefer to make work available to other threads
P4 JDK-8286115 G1: G1RemSetArrayOfCardsEntriesBase off-by-one error
P4 JDK-8283566 G1: Improve G1BarrierSet::enqueue performance
P4 JDK-8278482 G1: Improve HeapRegion::block_is_obj
P4 JDK-8287024 G1: Improve the API boundary between HeapRegionRemSet and G1CardSet
P4 JDK-8289729 G1: Incorrect verification logic in G1ConcurrentMark::clear_next_bitmap
P4 JDK-8278396 G1: Initialize the BOT threshold to be region bottom
P4 JDK-8278282 G1: Log basic statistics for evacuation failure
P4 JDK-8282484 G1: Predicted old time in log always zero
P4 JDK-8286893 G1: Recent card set coarsening statistics wrong
P4 JDK-8283365 G1: Remove duplicate assertions in HeapRegion::oops_on_memregion_seq_iterate_careful
P4 JDK-8280458 G1: Remove G1BlockOffsetTablePart::_next_offset_threshold
P4 JDK-8280719 G1: Remove outdated comment in RemoveSelfForwardPtrObjClosure::apply
P4 JDK-8281114 G1: Remove PreservedMarks::init_forwarded_mark
P4 JDK-8283790 G1: Remove redundant card/heap-address transition
P4 JDK-8282096 G1: Remove redundant checks in G1CardSet::free_mem_object
P4 JDK-8278548 G1: Remove unnecessary check in forward_to_block_containing_addr
P4 JDK-8280374 G1: Remove unnecessary prev bitmap mark
P4 JDK-8279703 G1: Remove unused force_not_compacted local in G1CalculatePointersClosure::do_heap_region
P4 JDK-8278421 G1: Remove unused HeapRegion::verify
P4 JDK-8281042 G1: Remove unused init_threshold in G1FullGCCompactionPoint
P4 JDK-8286291 G1: Remove unused segment allocator printouts
P4 JDK-8282072 G1: Rename CardSetPtr to CardSetContainerPtr
P4 JDK-8281120 G1: Rename G1BlockOffsetTablePart::alloc_block to update_for_block
P4 JDK-8280932 G1: Rename HeapRegionRemSet::_code_roots accessors
P4 JDK-8278146 G1: Rework VM_G1Concurrent VMOp to clearly identify it as pause
P4 JDK-8279910 G1: Simplify HeapRegionRemSet::add_reference
P4 JDK-8286297 G1: Simplify parallel and serial verification code paths
P4 JDK-8283332 G1: Stricter assertion in G1BlockOffsetTablePart::forward_to_block_containing_addr
P4 JDK-8280375 G1: Tighten mem region limit in G1RebuildRemSetHeapRegionClosure
P4 JDK-8278207 G1: Tighten verification in G1ResetSkipCompactingClosure
P4 JDK-8287089 G1CollectedHeap::is_in_cset() can be const methods
P4 JDK-8280438 Improve BufferNode::Allocator::release to avoid walking pending list
P4 JDK-8276549 Improve documentation about ContainerPtr encoding
P4 JDK-8280828 Improve invariants in NonblockingQueue::append
P4 JDK-8278581 Improve reference processing statistics log output
P4 JDK-8274238 Inconsistent type for young_list_target_length()
P4 JDK-8286462 Incorrect copyright year for src/java.base/share/classes/jdk/internal/vm/
P4 JDK-8277807 Increase default initial concurrent refinement threshold
P4 JDK-8287138 Make VerifyOption an enum class
P4 JDK-8285710 Miscalculation of G1CardSetAllocator unused memory size
P4 JDK-8280437 Move G1BufferNodeList to gc/shared
P4 JDK-8281626 NonblockingQueue should use nullptr
P4 JDK-8278756 Parallel: Drop PSOldGen::_reserved
P4 JDK-8280705 Parallel: Full gc mark stack draining should prefer to make work available to other threads
P4 JDK-8282307 Parallel: Incorrect discovery mode in PCReferenceProcessor
P4 JDK-8279699 Parallel: More precise boundary in ObjectStartArray::object_starts_in_range
P4 JDK-8283097 Parallel: Move filler object logic inside PSPromotionLAB::unallocate_object
P4 JDK-8283558 Parallel: Pass PSIsAliveClosure to ReferenceProcessor constructor
P4 JDK-8280783 Parallel: Refactor PSCardTable::scavenge_contents_parallel
P4 JDK-8278893 Parallel: Remove GCWorkerDelayMillis
P4 JDK-8278763 Parallel: Remove grows_up/grows_down in PSVirtualSpace
P4 JDK-8282727 Parallel: Remove PSPromotionManager::_totally_drain
P4 JDK-8278601 Parallel: Remove redundant code in ObjectStartArray::initialize
P4 JDK-8280146 Parallel: Remove time log tag
P4 JDK-8283791 Parallel: Remove unnecessary condition in PSKeepAliveClosure
P4 JDK-8282381 Parallel: Remove unnecessary PCReferenceProcessor
P4 JDK-8279523 Parallel: Remove unnecessary PSScavenge::_to_space_top_before_gc
P4 JDK-8280024 Parallel: Remove unnecessary region resizing methods in PSCardTable
P4 JDK-8278761 Parallel: Remove unused PSOldPromotionLAB constructor
P4 JDK-8279510 Parallel: Remove unused PSScavenge::_consecutive_skipped_scavenges
P4 JDK-8279060 Parallel: Remove unused PSVirtualSpace constructors
P4 JDK-8280804 Parallel: Remove unused variables in PSPromotionManager::drain_stacks_depth
P4 JDK-8278842 Parallel: Remove unused VerifyObjectStartArrayClosure::_old_gen
P4 JDK-8280384 Parallel: Remove VMThread specific ParCompactionManager
P4 JDK-8280870 Parallel: Simplify CLD roots claim in Full GC cycle
P4 JDK-8279700 Parallel: Simplify ScavengeRootsTask constructor API
P4 JDK-8283513 Parallel: Skip the card marking in PSRootsClosure
P4 JDK-8279856 Parallel: Use PreservedMarks to record promotion-failed objects
P4 JDK-8278826 Print error if Shenandoah flags are empty (instead of crashing)
P4 JDK-8239927 Product variable PrefetchFieldsAhead is unused and should be removed
P4 JDK-8267834 Refactor G1CardSetAllocator and BufferNode::Allocator to use a common base class
P4 JDK-8286304 Removal of diagnostic flag GCParallelVerificationEnabled
P4 JDK-8279386 Remove duplicate RefProcPhaseTimeTracker
P4 JDK-8287150 Remove HeapRegion::block_start_const declaration without definition
P4 JDK-8280018 Remove obsolete VM_GenCollectFullConcurrent
P4 JDK-8287558 Remove remset coarsening stats during g1 remset summary printing
P4 JDK-8278956 Remove unimplemented PLAB::allocate_aligned
P4 JDK-8284572 Remove unneeded null check in ReferenceProcessor::discover_reference
P4 JDK-8286628 Remove unused BufferNode::Allocator::flush_free_list
P4 JDK-8282348 Remove unused CardTable::dirty_card_iterate
P4 JDK-8280000 Remove unused CardTable::find_covering_region_containing
P4 JDK-8286387 Remove unused FreeListAllocator::reduce_free_list
P4 JDK-8280496 Remove unused G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::pretouch_internal
P4 JDK-8281585 Remove unused imports under test/lib and jtreg/gc
P4 JDK-8287151 Remove unused parameter in G1CollectedHeap::mark_evac_failure_object
P4 JDK-8282299 Remove unused PartialArrayScanTask default constructor
P4 JDK-8278885 Remove Windows ARM64 int8_t workaround in G1
P4 JDK-8283607 Rename KlassID to KlassKind
P4 JDK-8268387 Rename maximum compaction to maximal compaction in G1
P4 JDK-8285951 Replace Algorithms.eatMemory(...) with WB.fullGC() in vmTestbase_vm_gc_ref tests
P4 JDK-8280139 Report more detailed statistics about task stealing in task queue stats
P4 JDK-8280001 Serial: Add documentation to heap memory layout
P4 JDK-8284653 Serial: Inline GenCollectedHeap::collect_locked
P4 JDK-8281879 Serial: Merge CardGeneration into TenuredGeneration
P4 JDK-8281035 Serial: Move RemoveForwardedPointerClosure to local scope
P4 JDK-8280079 Serial: Remove empty Generation::prepare_for_verify
P4 JDK-8286303 Serial: Remove reference to ParGCRareEvent_lock
P4 JDK-8280136 Serial: Remove unnecessary use of ExpandHeap_lock
P4 JDK-8282728 Serial: Remove unused BlockOffsetArray::Action
P4 JDK-8284581 Serial: Remove unused GenCollectedHeap::collect_locked
P4 JDK-8279522 Serial: Remove unused Generation::clear_remembered_set
P4 JDK-8278551 Shenandoah: Adopt WorkerThread::worker_id() to replace Shenandoah specific implementation
P4 JDK-8287734 Shenandoah: Consolidate marking closures
P4 JDK-8286829 Shenandoah: fix Shenandoah Loom support
P4 JDK-8286814 Shenandoah: test failed with Loom
P4 JDK-8279168 Shenandoah: Remove unused always_true in ShenandoahRootAdjuster::roots_do()
P4 JDK-8278767 Shenandoah: Remove unused ShenandoahRootScanner
P4 JDK-8286681 ShenandoahControlThread::request_gc misses the case of GCCause::_codecache_GC_threshold
P4 JDK-8280917 Simplify G1ConcurrentRefineThread activation
P4 JDK-8287704 Small logging clarification about shrunk bytes after heap shrinkage
P4 JDK-8288052 Small logging clarification during failed heap shrinkage
P4 JDK-8286737 Test vmTestbase/gc/gctests/WeakReference/weak006/ fails: Last soft reference has not been cleared
P4 JDK-8280832 Update usage docs for NonblockingQueue
P4 JDK-8283574 Use Klass::_id for type checks in the C++ code
P4 JDK-8271195 Use largest available large page size smaller than LargePageSizeInBytes when available
P4 JDK-8280761 UseCompressedOops should be set after limit_heap_by_allocatable_memory
P4 JDK-8287153 Whitespace typos in HeapRegion class
P4 JDK-8287249 Zero: Missing BarrierSetNMethod::arm() method
P5 JDK-8189669 Deduplicate VerifyOption documentation
P5 JDK-8282763 G1: G1CardSetContainer remove intrusive-list details.
P5 JDK-8282621 G1: G1SegmentedArray remove unnecessary template parameter
P5 JDK-8283368 G1: Remove G1SegmentedArraySegment MEMFLAGS template parameter


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8283378 JFR: Checkpoint classes not renamed properly
P2 JDK-8288482 JFR: Cannot resolve method
P2 JDK-8287800 JFR: Incorrect error message when starting recording with missing .jfc file
P2 JDK-8286480 Remove the c1 getEventWriter() intrinsic to simplify post-Loom integration platform-porting efforts
P3 JDK-8268398 15% increase in JFR footprint in Noop-Base
P3 JDK-8290004 [PPC64] JfrGetCallTrace: assert(_pc != nullptr) failed: must have PC
P3 JDK-8280844 Epoch shift synchronization point for Compiler threads is inadequate
P3 JDK-8289183 jdk.jfr.consumer.RecordedThread.getId references Thread::getId, should be Thread::threadId
P3 JDK-8276333 jdk/jfr/event/oldobject/ failed "assert(!contains(edge->reference())) failed: invariant"
P3 JDK-8291524 jdk/jfr/event/runtime/ Value not equal to 2, field='hiddenClassCount', value='0'
P3 JDK-8279785 JFR: 'jfr configure' should show default values
P3 JDK-8286706 JFR: 'jfr scrub' should overwrite output
P3 JDK-8286740 JFR: Active Setting event emitted incorrectly
P3 JDK-8286688 JFR: Active Setting events should have the same timestamp
P3 JDK-8287165 JFR: Add logging to jdk/jfr/api/consumer/recordingstream/
P3 JDK-8285513 JFR: Add more static support for event classes
P3 JDK-8288741 JFR: Change package name of snippet files
P3 JDK-8282153 JFR: Check for recording waste
P3 JDK-8286668 JFR: Cleanup
P3 JDK-8287463 JFR: Disable on Windows
P3 JDK-8288663 JFR: Disabling the JfrThreadSampler commits only a partially disabled state
P3 JDK-8282947 JFR: Dump on shutdown live-locks in some conditions
P3 JDK-8279643 JFR: Explain why path is sometimes missing from FileRead and FileWrite events
P3 JDK-8284549 JFR: FieldTable leaks FieldInfoTable member
P3 JDK-8281622 JFR: Improve documentation of jdk.jfr.Relational
P3 JDK-8281536 JFR: Improve jdk.jfr.ContentType documentation
P3 JDK-8280055 JFR: Improve ObjectContext implementation
P3 JDK-8279825 JFR: JFCModel shouldn't need FilePermission to read predefined .jfc files
P3 JDK-8287799 JFR: Less noisy platform threads with jfr print
P3 JDK-8279821 JFR: Log warnings properly when loading a misconfigured .jfc file
P3 JDK-8283520 JFR: Memory leak in dcmd_arena
P3 JDK-8281948 JFR: Parser skips too many bytes for fractional types
P3 JDK-8287113 JFR: Periodic task thread uses period for method sampling events
P3 JDK-8286541 JFR: RecordingFile.write is missing "since 19"
P3 JDK-8282420 JFR: Remove event handlers
P3 JDK-8285872 JFR: Remove finalize() methods
P3 JDK-8286015 JFR: Remove
P3 JDK-8279646 JFR: Remove recursive call in jdk.jfr.internal.Control
P3 JDK-8286515 JFR: Remove SimpleStringIdPool class
P3 JDK-8279642 JFR: Remove unnecessary creation of Duration and Instant objects
P3 JDK-8271232 JFR: Scrub recording data
P3 JDK-8279797 JFR: Show .jfc options in JFR.start help
P3 JDK-8279613 JFR: Snippify Javadoc
P3 JDK-8280058 JFR: StreamUtils::getJfrRepository(Process) should print stdout and stderr
P3 JDK-8280189 JFR: TestPrintXML should print mismatching XML
P3 JDK-8289692 JFR: Thread checkpoint no longer enforce mutual exclusion post Loom integration
P3 JDK-8279647 JFR: Unclosed directory stream
P3 JDK-8281739 JFR: Use message with Objects.requireNonNull
P3 JDK-8284532 Memory leak in BitSet::BitMapFragmentTable in JFR leak profiler
P3 JDK-8288846 misc tests fail "assert(ms < 1000) failed: Un-interruptable sleep, short time use only"
P3 JDK-8286925 Move JSON parser used in JFR tests to test library
P3 JDK-8283202 Potential off-read when checking JFR's status in awaitFinished
P4 JDK-8203290 [AIX] Check functionality of JDK-8199712 (Flight Recorder)
P4 JDK-8286392 Address possibly lossy conversions in jdk.jfr
P4 JDK-8286396 Address possibly lossy conversions in
P4 JDK-8284725 Fix include guard in jfrbitset.hpp
P4 JDK-8284686 Interval of < 1 ms disables ExecutionSample events
P4 JDK-8266410 jdk/jfr/javaagent/ failed with "Mismatch in TestEvent count"
P4 JDK-8281638 jfr/event/allocation tests fail with release VMs after JDK-8281318 due to lack of -XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions
P4 JDK-8286647 JFR: Build failure when C1 or C2 is disabled after JDK-8282420
P4 JDK-8285008 JFR: jdk/jfr/jmx/streaming/ failed with "Exception: Expected repository to be empty"
P4 JDK-8287811 JFR: jfr configure error message should not print stack trace
P4 JDK-8279682 JFR: Remove dead code
P4 JDK-8283289 JFR: Rename CheckPoint
P4 JDK-8287484 JFR: Seal RecordedObject
P4 JDK-8228990 JFR: expects 2+ Network interfaces on Linux but finding 1
P4 JDK-8278262 JFR: TestPrintXML can't handle missing timestamps
P4 JDK-8279645 JFR: The cacheEventType in Dispatcher is never assigned
P4 JDK-8280684 JfrRecorderService failes with guarantee(num_written > 0) when no space left on device.
P5 JDK-8259774 Deprecate -XX:FlightRecorderOptions:samplethreads
P5 JDK-8282811 Typo in IAE details message of `RecordedObject.getValueDescriptor`


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8284687 validate-source failure after JDK-8283710
P2 JDK-8283587 [BACKOUT] Invalid generic signature for redefined classes
P2 JDK-8288703 GetThreadState returns 0 for virtual thread that has terminated
P2 JDK-8289619 JVMTI failed with RuntimeException: Test FAILED: Unexpected thread state
P2 JDK-8288949 serviceability/jvmti/vthread/ContStackDepthTest/ failing
P3 JDK-8283597 [REDO] Invalid generic signature for redefined classes
P3 JDK-8289439 Clarify relationship between ThreadStart/ThreadEnd and can_support_virtual_threads capability
P3 JDK-8289709 fatal error: stuck in JvmtiVTMSTransitionDisabler::disable_VTMS_transitions
P3 JDK-8287362 FieldAccessWatch testcase failed on AIX platform
P3 JDK-8282241 Invalid generic signature for redefined classes
P3 JDK-8288324 Loom: Uninitialized JvmtiEnvs in VM_Virtual* ops
P3 JDK-8240908 RetransformClass does not know about MethodParameters attribute
P3 JDK-8278053 serviceability/jvmti/vthread/ContStackDepthTest/ failing in loom repo with Xcomp
P3 JDK-8286580 serviceability/jvmti/vthread/GetSetLocalTest failed with assert: Not supported for heap frames
P3 JDK-8288214 serviceability/jvmti/vthread/VThreadNotifyFramePopTest/ test failed
P3 JDK-8289278 Suspend/ResumeAllVirtualThreads need both can_suspend and can_support_virtual_threads
P3 JDK-8281243 Test java/lang/instrument/ is failing
P3 JDK-8286960 Test serviceability/jvmti/vthread/SuspendResume2 crashed: missing ThreadsListHandle in calling context
P3 JDK-8286103 VThreadMonitorTest fails "assert(!current->cont_fastpath() || (current->cont_fastpath_thread_state() && !interpreted_native_or_deoptimized_on_stack(current))) failed"
P4 JDK-8285739 disable EscapeBarrier deopt for virtual threads
P4 JDK-8287877 Exclude vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/AttachOnDemand/attach022/ until JDK-8277573 is fixed
P4 JDK-8287726 Fix JVMTI tests with "requires vm.continuations" after JDK-8287496
P4 JDK-8282170 JVMTI SetBreakpoint metaspace allocation test
P4 JDK-8283710 JVMTI: Use BitSet for object marking
P4 JDK-8286490 JvmtiEventControllerPrivate::set_event_callbacks CLEARING_MASK computation is incorrect
P4 JDK-8282314 nsk/jvmti/SuspendThread/suspendthrd003 may leak memory
P4 JDK-8283651 nsk/jvmti/SuspendThread/suspendthrd003 may leak native memory
P4 JDK-8280914 serviceability/jvmti/HeapMonitor/MyPackage/ failing in loom repo
P4 JDK-8225093 Special property jdk.boot.class.path.append should not default to empty string
P4 JDK-8284027 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/GetAllThreads/allthr001/ is failing
P4 JDK-8279358 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/scenarios/jni_interception/JI03/ji03t003/ fails with usage tracker
P4 JDK-8283001 windows-x86-cmp-baseline fails in some jvmti native libs


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8276797 JEP 422: Linux/RISC-V Port
P4 JDK-8286002 Add support for intel syntax to capstone hsdis
P4 JDK-8272691 Fix HotSpot style guide terminology for "non-local variables"
P4 JDK-8280182 HotSpot Style Guide has stale link to chromium style guide
P4 JDK-8263134 HotSpot Style Guide should disallow inheriting constructors
P4 JDK-8252577 HotSpot Style Guide should link to One-True-Brace-Style description
P4 JDK-8257589 HotSpot Style Guide should link to rfc7282
P4 JDK-8282668 HotSpot Style Guide should permit unrestricted unions
P4 JDK-8280916 Simplify HotSpot Style Guide editorial changes
P4 JDK-8280503 Use allStatic.hpp instead of allocation.hpp where possible
P5 JDK-8282657 Code cleanup: removing double semicolons at the end of lines
P5 JDK-8284191 Replace usages of 'a the' in hotspot and java.base


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8286360 ARM32: Fix crashes after JDK-8284161 (Virtual Threads)
P1 JDK-8286551 JDK-8286460 causes tests to fail to compile in Tier2
P2 JDK-8280476 [macOS] : hotspot arm64 bug exposed by latest clang
P2 JDK-8288497 add support for JavaThread::is_oop_safe()
P2 JDK-8279009 CDS crashes when the source of an InstanceKlass is NULL
P2 JDK-8286459 compile error with VS2017 in continuationFreezeThaw.cpp
P2 JDK-8287233 Crash in Continuation.enterSpecial: stop: tried to execute native method as non-native
P2 JDK-8288139 JavaThread touches oop after GC barrier is detached
P2 JDK-8282593 JDK-8281472 breaks 32-bit builds and gtests
P2 JDK-8280843 macos-Aarch64 SEGV in frame::sender_for_compiled_frame after JDK-8277948
P2 JDK-8278638 Remove FLAG_IS_CMDLINE(UseSharedSpaces)
P2 JDK-8282690 runtime/CommandLine/ fails after JDK-8281181
P2 JDK-8285832 runtime/Thread/ failed "assert(k->is_initialized()) failed: need to increase java_thread_min_stack_allowed calculation"
P2 JDK-8288128 S390X: Fix crashes after JDK-8284161 (Virtual Threads)
P2 JDK-8279970 two AppCDS tests fail after JDK-8261455
P2 JDK-8286830 ~HandshakeState should not touch oops
P3 JDK-8287869 -XX:+AutoCreateSharedArchive doesn't work when JDK build is switched
P3 JDK-8288105 [PPC64] Problems with -XX:+VerifyStack
P3 JDK-8286176 Add JNI_VERSION_19 to jni.h and JNI spec
P3 JDK-8288532 additional review changes for JDK-8286830
P3 JDK-8281678 appcds/dynamicArchive/ fails after JDK-8279997
P3 JDK-8284181 ArgumentsTest.set_numeric_flag_double_vm fails on some locales
P3 JDK-8279545 Buffer overrun in reverse_words of sharedRuntime_x86_64.cpp:3517
P3 JDK-8289799 Build warning in methodData.cpp memset zero-length parameter
P3 JDK-8275731 CDS archived enums objects are recreated at runtime
P3 JDK-8285518 CDS assert: visibility cannot change between dump time and runtime
P3 JDK-8290417 CDS cannot archive lamda proxy with useImplMethodHandle
P3 JDK-8278602 CDS dynamic dump may access unloaded classes
P3 JDK-8253495 CDS generates non-deterministic output
P3 JDK-8287101 CDS should check for file truncation for all regions
P3 JDK-8287107 CgroupSubsystemFactory.setCgroupV2Path asserts with freezer controller
P3 JDK-8279997 check_for_dynamic_dump should not exit vm
P3 JDK-8287854 Dangling reference in ClassVerifier::verify_class
P3 JDK-8281274 deal with ActiveProcessorCount in os::Linux::print_container_info
P3 JDK-8281181 Do not use CPU Shares to compute active processor count
P3 JDK-8283469 Don't use memset to initialize members in FileMapInfo and fix memory leak
P3 JDK-8284274 Error reporting crashes because missing ResourceMarks
P3 JDK-8288101 False build warning-as-error with GCC 9 after JDK-8214976
P3 JDK-8287741 Fix of JDK-8287107 (unused cgv1 freezer controller) was incomplete
P3 JDK-8284903 Fix typos in hotspot
P3 JDK-8277345 investigate if specific failed tests are causing Mach5 task timeouts
P3 JDK-8279949 JavaThread::_free_handle_block leaks native memory
P3 JDK-8213445 jcmd VM.symboltable and VM.stringtable -verbose output contains no shared symbols or strings
P3 JDK-8283199 Linux os::cpu_microcode_revision() stalls cold startup
P3 JDK-8287901 Loom: Failures with -XX:+VerifyStack
P3 JDK-8287044 Loom: Incorrect StackChunk::pc accessors
P3 JDK-8267341 macos attempt_reserve_memory_at(arg1, arg2, true) failure
P3 JDK-8289477 Memory corruption with CPU_ALLOC, CPU_FREE on muslc
P3 JDK-8283379 Memory leak in FileHeaderHelper
P3 JDK-8289091 move oop safety check from SharedRuntime::get_java_tid() to JavaThread::threadObj()
P3 JDK-8283337 Posix signal handler modification warning triggering incorrectly
P3 JDK-8286446 PPC64: fix crashes after JDK-8284161 (virtual threads preview)
P3 JDK-8284754 print more interesting env variables in hs_err and
P3 JDK-8287735 Provide separate event category for dll operations
P3 JDK-8268573 Remove expired flags in JDK 19
P3 JDK-8286367 riscv: riscv port is broken after JDK-8284161
P3 JDK-8278753 Runtime crashes with access violation during JNI_CreateJavaVM call
P3 JDK-8284303 runtime/Thread/ timed out
P3 JDK-8286978 SIGBUS in libz during CDS initialization
P3 JDK-8282295 SymbolPropertyEntry::set_method_type fails with assert
P3 JDK-8282952 Thread::exit should be immune to Thread.stop
P3 JDK-8286891 thread_local causes undefined symbol error with XL C
P3 JDK-8281275 Upgrading from 8 to 11 no longer accepts '/' as filepath separator in gc paths
P3 JDK-8238161 use os::fopen in HS code where possible
P3 JDK-8281675 VMDeprecatedOptions test fails after JDK-8278423
P3 JDK-8286476 x86_32: Fix crashes with non-preview mode after JDK-8284161 (Virtual Threads)
P3 JDK-8278020 ~13% variation in Renaissance-Scrabble
P4 JDK-8280767 -XX:ArchiveClassesAtExit does not archive BoundMethodHandle$Species classes
P4 JDK-8280353 -XX:ArchiveClassesAtExit should print warning if base archive failed to load
P4 JDK-8286346 3-parameter version of AllocateHeap should not ignore AllocFailType
P4 JDK-8283352 [CDS] fails on x86_32
P4 JDK-8278381 [GCC 11] Address::make_raw() does not initialize rspec
P4 JDK-8286198 [linux] Fix process-memory information
P4 JDK-8284758 [linux] improve print_container_info
P4 JDK-8280593 [PPC64, S390] redundant allocation of MacroAssembler in StubGenerator ctor
P4 JDK-8281061 [s390] JFR runs into assertions while validating interpreter frames
P4 JDK-8283497 [windows] print TMP and TEMP in hs_err and
P4 JDK-8281469 aarch64: Improve interpreter stack banging
P4 JDK-8277948 AArch64: Print the correct native stack if -XX:+PreserveFramePointer when crash
P4 JDK-8248404 AArch64: Remove uses of long and unsigned long
P4 JDK-8282240 Add _name field to Method for NOT_PRODUCT only
P4 JDK-8286088 add comment to InstallAsyncExceptionHandshake destructor
P4 JDK-8275775 Add jcmd VM.classes to print details of all classes
P4 JDK-8284331 Add sanity check for signal handler modification warning.
P4 JDK-8287398 Allow concurrent execution of hotspot docker tests
P4 JDK-8282469 Allow considered use of C++ thread_local in Hotspot
P4 JDK-8280583 Always build NMT
P4 JDK-8285914 AppCDS crash when using shared archive with old class file
P4 JDK-8285279 ArgumentsTest.set_numeric_flag_double_vm fails on some locales (again)
P4 JDK-8285595 Assert frame anchor doesn't change in safepoints/handshakes
P4 JDK-8286066 assert(k != __null) failed: klass not loaded caused by FillerObject_klass
P4 JDK-8267517 async logging for stdout and stderr
P4 JDK-8261455 Automatically generate the CDS archive if necessary
P4 JDK-8286371 Avoid use of deprecated str[n]icmp
P4 JDK-8288082 Build failure due to __clang_major__ is not defined after JDK-8214976
P4 JDK-8288048 Build failure with GCC 6 after JDK-8286562
P4 JDK-8278384 Bytecodes::result_type() for arraylength returns T_VOID instead of T_INT
P4 JDK-8279675 CDS cannot handle non-existent JAR file in bootclassapth
P4 JDK-8284336 CDS test fails due to archived Reference object
P4 JDK-8282828 CDS uncompressed oops archive is not deterministic
P4 JDK-8286277 CDS VerifyError when calling clone() on object array
P4 JDK-8284950 CgroupV1 detection code should consider memory.swappiness
P4 JDK-8279936 Change shared code to use os:: system API's
P4 JDK-8280817 Clean up and unify empty VM operations
P4 JDK-8286660 codestrings gtest fails on AArch64: "udf" in padding
P4 JDK-8283249 fails on ppc with 'Narrow klass shift: 0' missing
P4 JDK-8218857 Confusing overloads for os::open
P4 JDK-8278951 containers/cgroup/ fails on Ubuntu 21.10
P4 JDK-8287512 continuationEntry.hpp has incomplete definitions
P4 JDK-8282224 Correct TIG::bang_stack_shadow_pages comments
P4 JDK-8281771 Crash in java_lang_invoke_MethodType::print_signature
P4 JDK-8279018 CRC calculation in CDS should not include _version and _head_size
P4 JDK-8287872 Disable concurrent execution of hotspot docker tests
P4 JDK-8287352 DockerTestUtils::execute shows incorrect elapsed time
P4 JDK-8278585 Drop unused code from OSThread
P4 JDK-8277100 Dynamic dump can inadvertently overwrite default CDS archive
P4 JDK-8284273 Early crashes in os::print_context on AArch64
P4 JDK-8286180 Enable construction of LogStreamImpl from LogMessageImpl
P4 JDK-8280289 Enhance debug pp() command with NMT info
P4 JDK-8277216 Examine InstanceKlass::_misc_flags for concurrency issues
P4 JDK-8279526 Exceptions::count_out_of_memory_exceptions miscounts class metaspace OOMEs
P4 JDK-8282685 fileToEncodedURL_[name|signature] symbols are unused
P4 JDK-8287661 Fix and improve BitMap::print_on(outputStream*)
P4 JDK-8281015 Further simplify NMT backend
P4 JDK-8286562 GCC 12 reports some compiler warnings
P4 JDK-8287205 generate_cont_thaw generates dead code after jump to exception handler
P4 JDK-8286424 GetVersionEx is deprecated
P4 JDK-8287830 gtest fails to compile after JDK-8287661
P4 JDK-8280940 gtest os.release_multi_mappings_vm is racy
P4 JDK-8283670 gtest os.release_multi_mappings_vm is still racy
P4 JDK-8282345 handle latest VS2022 in abstract_vm_version
P4 JDK-8282721 HotSpot Style Guide should allow considered use of C++ thread_local
P4 JDK-8278241 Implement JVM SpinPause on linux-aarch64
P4 JDK-8283326 Implement SafeFetch statically
P4 JDK-8278410 Improve argument processing around UseHeavyMonitors
P4 JDK-8283222 improve diagnosability of runtime/8176717/ timeouts
P4 JDK-8072070 Improve interpreter stack banging
P4 JDK-8284533 Improve InterpreterCodelet data footprint
P4 JDK-8279189 Inaccurate comment about class VMThread
P4 JDK-8283474 Include detailed heap object info in CDS map file
P4 JDK-8280059 Incorrect glibc version is used in a comment in os_linux.cpp
P4 JDK-8278793 Interpreter(x64) intrinsify Thread.currentThread()
P4 JDK-8283784 java_lang_String::as_platform_dependent_str stores to oop in native state
P4 JDK-8277101 jcmd VM.cds dynamic_dump should not regenerate holder classes
P4 JDK-8279022 should check file time stamp for test result
P4 JDK-8283562 JDK-8282306 breaks gtests on zero
P4 JDK-8286331 jni_GetStringUTFChars() uses wrong heap allocator
P4 JDK-8276241 JVM does not flag constant class entries ending in '/'
P4 JDK-8281472 JVM options processing silently truncates large illegal options values
P4 JDK-8207025 JvmtiEnv::SetSystemProperty() does not handle OOM
P4 JDK-8271406 Kitchensink failed with "assert(early->flag() == current->flag()) failed: Should be the same"
P4 JDK-8283725 Launching java with "-Xlog:gc*=trace,safepoint*=trace,class*=trace" crashes the JVM
P4 JDK-8281460 Let ObjectMonitor have its own NMT category
P4 JDK-8275318 loaded_classes_do may see ArrayKlass before InstanceKlass is loaded
P4 JDK-8276202 LogFileOutput.invalid_file_vm asserts when being executed from a read only working directory
P4 JDK-8285712 LogMessageBuffer doesn't check vsnprintf return value
P4 JDK-8287071 Loom: Cleanup x86_64 gen_continuation_enter
P4 JDK-8286897 Loom: Cleanup x86_64 StubGenerator
P4 JDK-8286944 Loom: Common ContinuationEntry cookie handling
P4 JDK-8288051 Loom: Extend the compilation warning workaround in stack chunk copy
P4 JDK-8287637 Loom: Mismatched VirtualThread::state accessor
P4 JDK-8286808 Loom: Simplify generate_cont_thaw by passing thaw_kind directly
P4 JDK-8142362 Lots of code duplication in Copy class
P4 JDK-8284816 Make markWord::has_monitor() more robust
P4 JDK-8282360 Merge POSIX implementations of ThreadCritical
P4 JDK-8281195 Mistakenly used logging causes significant overhead in interpreter
P4 JDK-8223077 module path support for dynamic CDS archive
P4 JDK-8284297 Move FILE_AND_LINE to a platform independent header
P4 JDK-8281023 NMT integration into pp debug command does not work
P4 JDK-8280391 NMT: Correct NMT tag on CollectedHeap
P4 JDK-8279969 NULL return from map_bitmap_region() needs to be checked
P4 JDK-8278236 Obsolete CDS flag DynamicDumpSharedSpaces
P4 JDK-8278234 Obsolete CDS flag RequireSharedSpaces
P4 JDK-8278237 Obsolete CDS flag UseSharedSpaces
P4 JDK-8277481 Obsolete seldom used CDS flags
P4 JDK-8270929 Obsolete the FilterSpuriousWakeups flag in JDK 19
P4 JDK-8284178 os::commit_memory() should assert the given range
P4 JDK-8282306 os::is_first_C_frame(frame*) crashes on invalid link access
P4 JDK-8280941 os::print_memory_mappings() prints segment preceeding the inclusion range
P4 JDK-8227369 pd_disjoint_words_atomic() needs to be atomic
P4 JDK-8272807 Permit use of memory concurrent with pretouch
P4 JDK-8255577 Possible issues with SR_initialize
P4 JDK-8284726 Print active locale settings in hs_err reports and in
P4 JDK-8277531 Print actual default stacksize on Windows thread logging
P4 JDK-8282881 Print exception message in VM crash with -XX:AbortVMOnException
P4 JDK-8183227 read/write APIs in class os shall return ssize_t
P4 JDK-8282773 Refactor parsing of integer VM options
P4 JDK-8284578 Relax InterpreterCodelet stub alignment
P4 JDK-8286092 Remove dead windows stack code
P4 JDK-8277822 Remove debug-only heap overrun checks in os::malloc and friends
P4 JDK-8286556 Remove EagerInitialization develop option
P4 JDK-8279500 Remove FileMapHeader::_heap_obj_roots
P4 JDK-8280823 Remove NULL check in DumpTimeClassInfo::is_excluded
P4 JDK-8280178 Remove os:: API's that just call system API's
P4 JDK-8281971 Remove unimplemented InstanceRefKlass::do_next
P4 JDK-8285934 Remove unimplemented MemTracker::init_tracking_level
P4 JDK-8282040 Remove unnecessary check made obsolete by JDK-8261941
P4 JDK-8286117 Remove unnecessary indirection and unused code in UL
P4 JDK-8281450 Remove unnecessary operator new and delete from ObjectMonitor
P4 JDK-8280019 Remove unused code from metaspace
P4 JDK-8281543 Remove unused code/headerfile dtraceAttacher.hpp
P4 JDK-8279374 Remove unused JNIHandles::weak_oops_do
P4 JDK-8285307 remove unused os::available
P4 JDK-8285439 remove unused os::fsync
P4 JDK-8283788 Remove unused VM_DeoptimizeAll::_dependee
P4 JDK-8281400 Remove unused wcslen() function
P4 JDK-8278791 Rename ClassLoaderData::holder_phantom
P4 JDK-8284116 Rename serializePropertiesToByteArray_signature
P4 JDK-8281314 Rename Stack{Red,Yellow,Reserved,Shadow}Pages multipliers
P4 JDK-8282382 Report glibc malloc tunables in error reports
P4 JDK-8285507 revert fix for JDK-8282704 now that JDK-8282952 is fixed
P4 JDK-8202579 Revisit VM_Version and VM_Version_ext for overlap and consolidation
P4 JDK-8284068 riscv: should call Atomic::release_store in JavaThread::set_thread_state
P4 JDK-8214733 runtime/8176717/ timed out
P4 JDK-8281186 runtime/cds/appcds/ fails
P4 JDK-8278131 runtime/cds/appcds/dynamicArchive/* tests failing in loom repo
P4 JDK-8284889 runtime/cds/appcds/loaderConstraints/ timed out
P4 JDK-8280499 runtime/cds/appcds/ fails on platforms without AppCDS custom class loaders support
P4 JDK-8287764 runtime/cds/serviceability/ReplaceCriticalClasses failed on localized Windows
P4 JDK-8282607 runtime/ErrorHandling/ failed with "RuntimeException: 0 < 2"
P4 JDK-8262400 runtime/exceptionMsgs/AbstractMethodError/ fails in test_ame5_compiled_vtable_stub with wrapper
P4 JDK-8285828 runtime/execstack/ fails with zipped debug symbols
P4 JDK-8282704 runtime/Thread/ may leak memory
P4 JDK-8283467 runtime/Thread/ needs updating
P4 JDK-8284632 runtime/Thread/ possibly leaking memory again
P4 JDK-8261768 SelfDestructTimer should accept seconds
P4 JDK-8282200 ShouldNotReachHere() reached by AsyncGetCallTrace after JDK-8280422
P4 JDK-8283056 show abstract machine code in hs-err for all VM crashes
P4 JDK-8283013 Simplify Arguments::parse_argument()
P4 JDK-8284180 Some files missing newlines
P4 JDK-8278125 Some preallocated OOMEs are missing stack trace
P4 JDK-8286312 Stop mixing signed and unsigned types in bit operations
P4 JDK-8274788 Support archived heap objects in ParallelGC
P4 JDK-8276789 Support C++ lambda in ResourceHashtable::iterate
P4 JDK-8255495 Support CDS Archived Heap for uncompressed oops
P4 JDK-8287437 Temporarily disable Continuations::enabled() for platforms which don't have an implementation, yet
P4 JDK-8285675 Temporary fix for arm32 SafeFetch
P4 JDK-8284319 Test runtime/cds/appcds/ fails in repo-loom
P4 JDK-8280422 thread_from_jni_environment can never return NULL
P4 JDK-8273143 Transition to _thread_in_vm when handling a polling page exception
P4 JDK-8284642 Unexpected behavior of -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=0
P4 JDK-8286869 unify os::dir_is_empty across posix platforms
P4 JDK-8285362 unify os::pause platform coding
P4 JDK-8283689 Update the foreign linker VM implementation
P4 JDK-8273853 Update the Java manpage for automatic CDS archive updating
P4 JDK-8283044 Use asynchronous handshakes to deliver asynchronous exceptions
P4 JDK-8282883 Use JVM_LEAF to avoid ThreadStateTransition for some simple JVM entries
P4 JDK-8279124 VM does not handle SIGQUIT during initialization
P4 JDK-8280784 VM_Cleanup unnecessarily processes all thread oops
P4 JDK-8214976 Warn about uses of functions replaced for portability
P4 JDK-8286771 workaround implemented for JDK-8282607 is incomplete
P4 JDK-8283257 x86: Clean up invocation/branch counter updates code
P4 JDK-8281812 x86: Use short jumps in TemplateTable::condy_helper
P4 JDK-8281815 x86: Use short jumps in TIG::generate_slow_signature_handler
P4 JDK-8281744 x86: Use short jumps in TIG::set_vtos_entry_points
P4 JDK-8285342 Zero build failure with clang due to values not handled in switch
P4 JDK-8284752 Zero does not build on Mac OS X due to missing os::current_thread_enable_wx implementation
P5 JDK-8284732 FFI_GO_CLOSURES macro not defined but required for zero build on Mac OS X
P5 JDK-8282523 Fix 'hierachy' typo
P5 JDK-8284853 Fix various 'expected' typo


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8283849 AsyncGetCallTrace may crash JVM on guarantee
P3 JDK-8267796 vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/scenarios/hotswap/HS201/hs201t002/ fails with NoClassDefFoundError
P4 JDK-8282477 [x86, aarch64] vmassert(_last_Java_pc == NULL, "already walkable"); fails with async profiler
P4 JDK-8285794 AsyncGetCallTrace might acquire a lock via JavaThread::thread_from_jni_environment
P4 JDK-8272777 Clean up remaining AccessController warnings in test library
P4 JDK-8280004 DCmdArgument::parse_value() should handle NULL input
P4 JDK-8284556 Ensure reachability of classes in runtime/whitebox/ and serviceability/dcmd/vm/
P4 JDK-8280002 jmap -histo may leak stream
P4 JDK-8281268 Resolve duplication of test ClassTransformer class
P4 JDK-8285921 serviceability/dcmd/jvmti/AttachFailed/ fails on Alpine
P4 JDK-8281267 VM HeapDumper dumps array classes several times
P5 JDK-8283603 Remove redundant qualifier in Windows specific Attach Operation
P5 JDK-8276982 VM.class_hierarchy jcmd help output and man page text needs clarifications/improvements


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8286711 AArch64: serviceability agent tests fail with PAC enabled
P3 JDK-8280601 test is triggering codecache related asserts
P3 JDK-8240987 Implement lost clhsdb javascript commands by using java instead
P3 JDK-8270199 Most SA tests are skipped on macosx-aarch64 because all executables are signed
P3 JDK-8280553 resourcehogs/serviceability/sa/ can fail if GC occurs
P3 JDK-8280770 serviceability/sa/ sometimes fails with 'Thread "SteadyStateThread"' missing from stdout/stderr
P4 JDK-8279194 Add Annotated Memory Viewer feature to SA's HSDB
P4 JDK-8250801 Add clhsdb "threadcontext" command
P4 JDK-8269838 BasicTypeDataBase.findDynamicTypeForAddress(addr, basetype) can be simplified
P4 JDK-8244669 convert clhsdb "mem" command from javascript to java
P4 JDK-8244670 convert clhsdb "whatis" command from javascript to java
P4 JDK-8283728 jdk.hotspot.agent: Wrong location for
P4 JDK-8278597 Remove outdated comments regarding RMISecurityManager in
P4 JDK-8280554 resourcehogs/serviceability/sa/ can fail if GC is triggered
P4 JDK-8283179 SA tests fail with "ERROR: catch_mach_exception_raise: Message doesn't denote a Unix soft signal."
P4 JDK-8281614 serviceability/sa/ fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: 'In code in NMethod for jdk/test/lib/apps/LingeredApp.steadyState' missing from stdout/stderr
P4 JDK-8279662 serviceability/sa/ can fail due to unexpected GC
P4 JDK-8281853 serviceability/sa/ failed with NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "sun.jvm.hotspot.gc.shared.GenCollectedHeap.getGen(int)" because "this.heap" is null
P4 JDK-8280555 serviceability/sa/ is failing due to ObjectMonitor referencing a null Object
P5 JDK-8283799 Collapse identical catch branches in jdk.hotspot.agent
P5 JDK-8278643 CoreUtils.getCoreFileLocation() should print out the size of the core file found
P5 JDK-8279024 Remove javascript references from clhsdb.html
P5 JDK-8279119 src/jdk.hotspot.agent/doc/index.html file contains references to scripts that no longer exist
P5 JDK-8287695 Use String.contains() instead of String.indexOf() in jdk.hotspot.agent


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8283695 [AIX] Build failure due to name conflict in test_arguments.cpp
P3 JDK-8284550 test failure_handler is not properly invoking jhsdb jstack, resulting in failure to produce a stack when a test times out
P4 JDK-8279547 [vectorapi] Enable vector cast tests after JDK-8278948
P4 JDK-8286438 Add jhsdb jstack processing without --mixed in efh
P4 JDK-8287880 Add MacOS 13 sanity testing in HS ATR task definitions
P4 JDK-8281245 Disable MemAccess until 8279949 is fixed
P4 JDK-8278964 KafkaStressTest and CassandraStressTest failed with "exit code 134"
P4 JDK-8279067 failed with several "No aspect with given name"
P4 JDK-8286956 Loom: Define test groups for development/porting use


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8282532 Allow explicitly setting build platform alongside --openjdk-target
P4 JDK-8286744 failure_handler: dmesg command on macos fails to collect data due to permission issues
P4 JDK-8285915 failure_handler: gather the contents of /etc/hosts file
P4 JDK-8279134 Fix Amazon copyright in various files
P4 JDK-8283907 Fix Huawei copyright in various files
P4 JDK-8283723 Update Visual Studio 2022 to version 17.1.0 for Oracle builds on Windows


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8287378 GHA: Update cygwin to fix issues in langtools tests on Windows
P2 JDK-8279636 Update JCov version to 3.0.12
P3 JDK-8188073 Add Capstone as backend for hsdis
P3 JDK-8246033 bin/print_config.js script uses nashorn jjs tool
P3 JDK-8287254 Clean up Xcode sysroot logic
P3 JDK-8279223 Define version in .jcheck/conf
P3 JDK-8284891 Fix typos in build system files
P3 JDK-8287724 Fix various issues with msys2
P3 JDK-8287366 Improve test failure reporting in GHA
P3 JDK-8209784 Include hsdis in the JDK
P3 JDK-8278275 Initial nroff manpage generation for JDK 19
P3 JDK-8283901 Introduce "make doctor" to diagnose build environment problems
P3 JDK-8285093 Introduce UTIL_ARG_WITH
P3 JDK-8282948 JDK-8274980 missed correct handling of MACOSX_BUNDLE_BUILD_VERSION
P3 JDK-8285755 JDK-8285093 changed the default for --with-output-sync
P3 JDK-8257733 Move module-specific data from make to respective module
P3 JDK-8284588 Remove GensrcCommonLangtools.gmk
P3 JDK-8284999 Remove remaining files in src/samples
P4 JDK-8284170 Add "make doctor" to the make help
P4 JDK-8282507 Add a separate license file for hsdis
P4 JDK-8279315 Add Git support to script
P4 JDK-8253757 Add LLVM-based backend for hsdis
P4 JDK-8287155 Additional make typos
P4 JDK-8285728 Alpine Linux build fails with busybox tar
P4 JDK-8279834 Alpine Linux fails to build when --with-source-date enabled
P4 JDK-8282769 BSD date cannot handle all ISO 8601 formats
P4 JDK-8284437 Building from different users/workspace is not always deterministic
P4 JDK-8277517 Bump minimum boot jdk to JDK 18
P4 JDK-8283575 Check for GNU time fails for version >1.7
P4 JDK-8244593 Clean up GNM/NM after JEP 381
P4 JDK-8284539 Configure --with-source-date=version fails on MacOS
P4 JDK-8204541 Correctly support AIX xlC 16.1 symbol visibility flags
P4 JDK-8279877 Document IDEA IDE setup in docs/
P4 JDK-8280534 Enable compile-time doclint reference checking
P4 JDK-8278766 Enable OpenJDK build support for reproducible jars and jmods using --date
P4 JDK-8281525 Enable Zc:strictStrings flag in Visual Studio build
P4 JDK-8283320 Error message for Windows libraries always points to --with-msvcr-dll no matter the actual file name
P4 JDK-8285630 Fix a configure error in RISC-V cross build
P4 JDK-8282902 Fix bad merge of JDK-8282136
P4 JDK-8283260 gcc is not supported on mac
P4 JDK-8287202 GHA: Add macOS aarch64 to the list of default platforms for workflow_dispatch event
P4 JDK-8282225 GHA: Allow one concurrent run per PR only
P4 JDK-8284507 GHA: Only check test results if testing was not skipped
P4 JDK-8287336 GHA: Workflows break on patch versions
P4 JDK-8283017 GHA: Workflows break with update release versions
P4 JDK-8279644 hsdis may not work when it was built with --with-binutils=system
P4 JDK-8283519 Hsdis with capstone should annotate output
P4 JDK-8274980 Improve adhoc build version strings
P4 JDK-8282567 Improve source-date handling in build system
P4 JDK-8284389 Improve stability of GHA Pre-submit testing by caching cygwin installer
P4 JDK-8284720 IntelliJ: JIRA integration
P4 JDK-8286429 jpackageapplauncher build fails intermittently in Tier[45]
P4 JDK-8283315 jrt-fs.jar not always deterministically built
P4 JDK-8283323 libharfbuzz optimization level results in extreme build times
P4 JDK-8286601 Mac Aarch: Excessive warnings to be ignored for build jdk
P4 JDK-8286430 make test TEST="gtest:" exits with error when it shouldn't
P4 JDK-8258240 make vscode-project on Windows generates jdk.code-workspace file with unescaped '\' in paths
P4 JDK-8279182 MakeZipReproducible ZipEntry timestamps not localized to UTC
P4 JDK-8282700 Properly handle several --without options during configure
P4 JDK-8279958 Provide configure hints for Alpine/apk package managers
P4 JDK-8285919 Remove debug printout from JDK-8285093
P4 JDK-8287174 Remove deprecated configure arguments
P4 JDK-8284661 Reproducible assembly builds without relative linking
P4 JDK-8284949 riscv: Add Zero support for the 32-bit RISC-V architecture
P4 JDK-8282770 Set source date in jib profiles from buildId
P4 JDK-8286105 SourceRevision.gmk should respect GIT variable
P4 JDK-8285730 unify _WIN32_WINNT settings
P4 JDK-8283062 Uninitialized warnings in libgtest with GCC 11.2
P4 JDK-8277515 Update --release 18 symbol information for JDK 18 build 29
P4 JDK-8279397 Update --release 18 symbol information for JDK 18 build 32
P4 JDK-8280863 Update build README to reflect that MSYS2 is supported
P4 JDK-8279505 Update documentation for RETRY_COUNT and REPEAT_COUNT
P4 JDK-8283057 Update GCC to version 11.2.0 for Oracle builds on Linux
P4 JDK-8282086 Update jib profile to not set build to 0
P4 JDK-8280032 Update jib-profiles.js to use JMH 1.34 devkit
P4 JDK-8279445 Update JMH devkit to 1.34
P4 JDK-8283999 Update JMH devkit to 1.35
P4 JDK-8284622 Update versions of some Github Actions used in JDK workflow
P4 JDK-8279884 Use better file for cygwin source permission check
P4 JDK-8278954 Using clang together with devkit on linux doesn't work for building
P4 JDK-8252769 Warn in configure if git config autocrlf has invalid value
P4 JDK-8281262 Windows builds in different directories are not fully reproducible
P4 JDK-8286262 Windows: Cleanup deprecation warning suppression


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8280416 Backout JDK-8280415 from jdk/jdk
P2 JDK-8282544 CLONE - Backout JDK-8280415 from jdk/jdk
P2 JDK-8291757 Remove EA from JDK 19 version string starting with Initial RC promotion B35 on August 11, 2022


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8281517 Improve the error message shown when a user tries to install the aarch64 bundle on an intel mac


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8285452 Add a new test library API to replace a file content using


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8286401 Address possibly lossy conversions in Microbenchmarks


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8278274 Update nroff pages in JDK 19 before RC


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8285380 Fix typos in security
P3 JDK-8279800 isAssignableFrom checks in AlgorithmParametersSpi.engineGetParameterSpec appear to be backwards
P3 JDK-8282538 PKCS11 tests fail on CentOS Stream 9
P3 JDK-8280546 Remove hard-coded loopback address
P4 JDK-8279385 [test] Adjust sun/security/pkcs12/ after 8278344
P4 JDK-8286388 Address possibly lossy conversions in java.smartcardio
P4 JDK-8282158 ECParameters InvalidParameterSpecException messages missed ECKeySizeParameterSpec
P4 JDK-8283525* URLs return 404
P4 JDK-8284688 Minor cleanup could be done in
P4 JDK-8285504 Minor cleanup could be done in
P4 JDK-8282534 Remove redundant null check in ChaCha20Cipher.engineInit
P4 JDK-8278344 sun/security/pkcs12/ test fails because of different openssl output
P4 JDK-8284105 Update security libraries to use sealed classes
P5 JDK-8284415 Collapse identical catch branches in security libs
P5 JDK-8283800 Simplify String.indexOf/lastIndexOf calls


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8285696 AlgorithmConstraints:permits not throwing IllegalArgumentException when 'alg' is null
P2 JDK-8283665 Two Jarsigner tests needs to be updated with JDK-8267319
P2 JDK-8282832 Update file path for HostnameMatcher/cert5.crt in test sun/security/util/Pem/
P3 JDK-8277488 Add expiry exception for Digicert (geotrustglobalca) expiring in May 2022
P3 JDK-8286090 Add RC2/RC4 to
P3 JDK-8285431 Assertion in NativeGSSContext constructor
P3 JDK-8280890 Cannot use '-Djava.system.class.loader' with class loader in signed JAR
P3 JDK-8285516 clearPassword should be called in a finally try block
P3 JDK-8278851 Correct signer logic for jars signed with multiple digest algorithms
P3 JDK-8254935 Deprecate the PSSParameterSpec(int) constructor
P3 JDK-8286423 Destroy password protection in the example code in KeyStore
P3 JDK-8287109 failed with CertificateExpiredException
P3 JDK-8279801 EC KeyFactory and KeyPairGenerator do not have aliases for OID format
P3 JDK-8277474 jarsigner does not check if algorithm parameters are disabled
P3 JDK-8286069 keytool prints out wrong key algorithm for -importpass command
P3 JDK-8285683 Missing @ since 11 in fields
P3 JDK-8282884 Provide OID aliases for MD2, MD5, and OAEP
P3 JDK-8253176 Signature.getParameters should specify that it can throw UnsupportedOperationException
P3 JDK-8255266 Update Public Suffix List to 3c213aa
P3 JDK-8286045 Use ForceGC for cleaner test cases
P4 JDK-8255552 Add DES/3DES/MD5 to
P4 JDK-8286422 Add OIDs for RC2 and Blowfish
P4 JDK-8286428 AlgorithmId should understand PBES2
P4 JDK-8284194 Allow empty subject fields in keytool
P4 JDK-8277976 Break up SEQUENCE in X509Certificate::getSubjectAlternativeNames and X509Certificate::getIssuerAlternativeNames in otherName
P4 JDK-8225433 Clarify behavior of PKIXParameters.setRevocationEnabled when PKIXRevocationChecker is used
P4 JDK-8283691 Classes in still reference deprecated classes in spec
P4 JDK-8284090 com/sun/security/auth/module/ fails to compile
P4 JDK-8285827 Describe the keystore.pkcs12.legacy system property in the file
P4 JDK-8275251 Document the new -version option in keytool and jarsigner
P4 JDK-8265765 DomainKeyStore may stop enumerating aliases if a constituting KeyStore is empty
P4 JDK-8285493 ECC calculation error
P4 JDK-8286908 ECDSA signature should not return parameters
P4 JDK-8285743 Ensure each IntegerPolynomial object is only created once
P4 JDK-8279066 entries.remove(entry) is useless in PKCS12KeyStore
P4 JDK-6776681 Invalid encoding of an OtherName in X509Certificate.getAlternativeNames()
P4 JDK-8273236 keytool does not accurately warn about algorithms that are disabled but have additional constraints
P4 JDK-8284112 Minor cleanup could be done in javax.crypto
P4 JDK-8286024 PKCS12 keystore shows "DES/CBC" as the algorithm of a DES SecretKeyEntry
P4 JDK-8285404 RSA signature verification should reject non-DER OCTET STRING
P4 JDK-8275914 SHA3: changing java implementation to help C2 create high-performance code
P4 JDK-8279043 Some Security Exception Messages Miss Spaces
P4 JDK-6725221 Standardize obtaining boolean properties with defaults
P5 JDK-8280970 Cleanup dead code in
P5 JDK-8279796 Fix typo: Constucts -> Constructs
P5 JDK-8274679 Remove unnecessary conversion to String in security code in java.base
P5 JDK-8275918 Remove unused local variables in java.base security code


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8283022 com/sun/crypto/provider/Cipher/AEAD/ failing with -Xcomp after 8273297
P2 JDK-8285389 EdDSA trimming zeros
P3 JDK-8280703 CipherCore.doFinal(...) causes potentially massive byte[] allocations during decryption
P3 JDK-8209038 Clarify the javadoc of Cipher.getParameters()
P3 JDK-8281628 KeyAgreement : generateSecret intermittently not resetting
P3 JDK-8267319 Use Larger Default Key Sizes and Algorithms Based on CNSA 1.0
P4 JDK-8284553 Deprecate the DEFAULT static field of OAEPParameterSpec
P4 JDK-6782021 It is not possible to read local computer certificates with the SunMSCAPI provider
P4 JDK-8279064 New options for ktab to provide non-default salt
P4 JDK-8283727 P11KeyGenerator has import statement with two semicolons after JDK-8267319
P4 JDK-8002277 Refactor two PBE classes to simplify maintenance


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8284855 Update needed to Cleaners added to jdk.crypto.cryptoki
P3 JDK-8284935 Improve debug in
P3 JDK-8284933 Improve debug in jdk.crypto.cryptoki
P3 JDK-8284490 Remove finalizer method in
P3 JDK-8284368 Remove finalizer method in jdk.crypto.cryptoki
P3 JDK-8209398 sun/security/pkcs11/KeyStore/ failed with "PKCS11Exception: CKR_ATTRIBUTE_SENSITIVE"
P4 JDK-8282077 PKCS11 provider C_sign() impl should handle CKR_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL error


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8274524 SSLSocket.close() hangs if it is called during the ssl handshake
P3 JDK-8280494 (D)TLS signature schemes
P3 JDK-8280949 Correct the references for the Java Security Standard Algorithm Names specification
P3 JDK-8280363 Minor correction of ALPN specification in SSLParameters
P3 JDK-8282316 Operation before String case conversion
P3 JDK-8282309 Operation before upper case conversion
P3 JDK-8277307 Pre shared key sent under both session_ticket and pre_shared_key extensions
P3 JDK-8212136 Remove finalizer implementation in SSLSocketImpl
P3 JDK-8283577 SSLEngine.unwrap on read-only input ByteBuffer
P3 JDK-8282600 SSLSocketImpl should not use user_canceled workaround when not necessary
P3 JDK-8273553 also has similar error of JDK-8253368
P3 JDK-7192189 Support endpoint identification algorithm in RFC 6125
P3 JDK-8282511 Use fixed certificate validation date in SSLExampleCert template
P4 JDK-8282932 a space is needed for the unsupported protocol exception message in ProtocolVersion
P4 JDK-8282723 Add constructors taking a cause to JSSE exceptions
P4 JDK-8284694 Avoid evaluating SSLAlgorithmConstraints twice
P4 JDK-8286433 Cache certificates decoded from TLS session tickets
P4 JDK-8284641 Doc errors in
P4 JDK-8282529 Fix API Note in javadoc for
P4 JDK-8281289 Improve with List.copyOf
P4 JDK-8277881 Missing SessionID in TLS1.3 resumption in compatibility mode
P4 JDK-8163327 Remove 3DES from the default enabled cipher suites list
P4 JDK-8282320 Remove case conversion for debugging log in SSLCipher
P4 JDK-8281298 Revise the creation of unmodifiable list
P4 JDK-8284796 misses a line feed in the message format pattern
P4 JDK-8065422 Trailing dot in hostname causes TLS handshake to fail with SNI disabled
P4 JDK-8278560 X509KeyManagerImpl::getAliases might return a good key with others
P5 JDK-8280122 SupportedGroupsExtension should output "named groups" rather than "versions"


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8284910 Buffer clean in PasswordCallback
P3 JDK-8285785 CheckCleanerBound test fails with PasswordCallback object is not released


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8286211 Update PCSC-Lite for SUSE Linux to 1.9.5


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8287246 DSAKeyValue should check for missing params instead of relying on KeyFactory provider
P4 JDK-8278186 throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when calling substring method


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8282166 JDK-8282158 changed ECParameters' package by accident
P3 JDK-8281175 Add a -providerPath option to jarsigner
P3 JDK-8281717 Cover logout method for several LoginModule
P3 JDK-8282279 Interpret case-insensitive string locale independently
P3 JDK-8281234 The -protected option is not always checked in keytool and jarsigner
P4 JDK-8285398 Cache the results of constraint checks
P4 JDK-8286773 cleanup @returns in classes
P4 JDK-8282220 contentType should not be a PKCS7's member
P4 JDK-8282633 jarsigner output does not explain why an EC key is disabled if its curve has been disabled
P4 JDK-8234128 jarsigner will not show not-signed-by-alias warning if an intermediate cert is in this keystore
P4 JDK-8279903 Redundant modulo operation in ECDHKeyAgreement
P4 JDK-8281567 Remove @throws IOException from X509CRLImpl::getExtension docs


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8279520 SPNEGO has not passed channel binding info into the underlying mechanism
P4 JDK-8280401 [sspi] gss_accept_sec_context leaves output_token uninitialized
P5 JDK-8282632 Cleanup unnecessary calls to Throwable.initCause() in
P5 JDK-8283711 Remove redundant 'new String' calls after concatenation


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8286969 Add a new test library API to execute kinit in
P4 JDK-8284291 sun/security/krb5/auto/ fails intermittently on Windows 11
P4 JDK-8285678 Typo in ktab man page


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8260244 JEP 405: Record Patterns (Preview)
P3 JDK-8282272 JEP 427: Pattern Matching for switch (Third Preview)
P3 JDK-8282273 JLS changes for Pattern Matching for switch (Third Preview)
P3 JDK-8262888 JLS changes for Record Patterns
P4 JDK-8287673 Incorrect semantics of switch with null labels
P4 JDK-8289583 14.11.1: Typo in grammar for guarded pattern
P4 JDK-8286427 3.8: Clarify that Identifier is not a ReservedKeyword
P4 JDK-8282916 6.3: Clarify that a nested declaration's scope includes component list of enclosing record class
P4 JDK-8284011 6.6.1: Clarify that a private member class can be used in a permits clause and as a record component
P4 JDK-8282913 8.10.1: Clarify scope of record components
P4 JDK-8284797 Clarify inheritance of multiple override-equivalent signatures
P4 JDK-8282330 9.6.2: Clarify that an annotation interface element with a default value is not a default method
P5 JDK-8283144 4.2.3: Improve wording w.r.t. positive and negative zero


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8277516 4.1: Allow v63.0 class files for Java SE 19
P4 JDK-8287047 4.4.2: Relax checking of some constant pool entries that name a class/interface


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8287753 [spelling] close well-established compounds
P4 JDK-8281634 jdeps: java.lang.InternalError: Missing message: err.invalid.filters
P4 JDK-8286573 Remove the unnecessary method Attr#attribTopLevel and its usage
P4 JDK-8267690 Revisit (Doc)Tree search implemented by throwing an exception
P4 JDK-8287895 Some langtools tests fail on msys2
P4 JDK-8281217 Source file launch with security manager enabled fails
P4 JDK-8283606 Tests may fail with zh locale on MacOS
P5 JDK-8274898 Cleanup usages of StringBuffer in jdk tools modules


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8281470 tools/jar/ fails with "Should have failed creating jar file"
P4 JDK-8279453 Disable tools/jar/ on 32-bit platforms
P4 JDK-8276766 Enable jar and jmod to produce deterministic timestamped content
P4 JDK-8281104 jar --create should create missing parent directories
P4 JDK-8278764 jar and jmod man pages need the new --date documenting from CSR JDK-8277755
P4 JDK-8282446 JAR file validation fails


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8283713 [BACKOUT] Unexpected TypeElement in ANALYZE TaskEvent
P2 JDK-8282080 Lambda deserialization fails for Object method references on interfaces
P2 JDK-8289196 Pattern domination not working properly for record patterns
P2 JDK-8279244 test accompaning fix for JDK-8205187 is failing in Windows
P2 JDK-8281674 tools/javac/annotations/typeAnnotations/classfile/ fails with AssertionError
P2 JDK-8284220 TypeMirror#toString omits enclosing class names after JDK-8281238
P3 JDK-8289894 A NullPointerException thrown from guard expression
P3 JDK-8288536 broken link in specs/index.html
P3 JDK-8285756 clean up use of bad arguments for `@clean` in langtools tests
P3 JDK-8262889 Compiler implementation for Record Patterns
P3 JDK-8278834 Error "Cannot read field "sym" because "this.lvar[od]" is null" when compiling
P3 JDK-8284894 Fix typos in langtools
P3 JDK-8286797 Guards of constant value false are not permitted
P3 JDK-8280067 Incorrect code generated for unary - on char operand
P3 JDK-8277634 Incorrect method name in invokedynamic
P3 JDK-8286855 javac error on invalid jar should only print filename
P3 JDK-8286444 javac errors after JDK-8251329 are not helpful enough to find root cause
P3 JDK-8287808 javac generates illegal class file for pattern matching switch with records
P3 JDK-8211004 javac is complaining about non-denotable types and refusing to generate the class file
P3 JDK-8205187 javac/javadoc should not crash if no java.lang; crash message obsolete
P3 JDK-8271079 JavaFileObject#toUri and multi-release jars
P3 JDK-8288533 Missing @param tags in com.sun.source classes
P3 JDK-8280825 Modules that "provide" ToolProvider should document the name that can be used
P3 JDK-8286796 Only guards of boolean type and value true should be considered to be unguarded
P3 JDK-8283714 REDO - Unexpected TypeElement in ANALYZE TaskEvent
P3 JDK-8287236 Reorganize AST related to pattern matching for switch
P3 JDK-8280866 SuppressWarnings does not work properly in package-info and module-info
P3 JDK-8155701 The compiler fails with an AssertionError: typeSig ERROR
P3 JDK-8281238 TYPE_USE annotations not printed in correct position in toString output
P3 JDK-8283661 Unexpected TypeElement in ANALYZE TaskEvent
P3 JDK-8288120 VerifyError with JEP 405 pattern match
P4 JDK-8284994 -Xdoclint:all returns warning for records, even when documented properly
P4 JDK-8277513 Add source 19 and target 19 to javac
P4 JDK-8286391 Address possibly lossy conversions in jdk.compiler
P4 JDK-8282056 Clean up
P4 JDK-8178701 Compile error with switch statement on protected enum defined in parent inner class
P4 JDK-8282274 Compiler implementation for Pattern Matching for switch (Third Preview)
P4 JDK-8280826 Document set of strings javac recognizes for SuppressWarnings
P4 JDK-8276836 Error in javac caused by switch expression without result expressions: Internal error: stack sim error
P4 JDK-8283543 indentation error at
P4 JDK-8273914 Indy string concat changes order of operations
P4 JDK-8284283 javac crashes when several transitive supertypes are missing
P4 JDK-8282823 javac should constrain more uses of preview APIs
P4 JDK-8284167 Make internal javac exceptions stackless
P4 JDK-8286057 Make javac error on a generic enum friendlier
P4 JDK-8284308 mismatch between key and content in compiler error message
P4 JDK-8285611 Retrofit (Doc)Pretty with
P4 JDK-8282149 Some -Xlint keys are missing in javac man page
P4 JDK-8281705 SourceLauncherTest.testSystemProperty isn't being run
P4 JDK-8281100 Spurious "variable might not have been initialized" with sealed class switch
P4 JDK-8279290 symbol not found error, implicit lambdas and diamond constructor invocations
P4 JDK-8285610 TreeInfo.pathFor and its uses appear to be dead code
P4 JDK-8281507 Two javac tests have bad jtreg `@clean` tags
P4 JDK-8279528 Unused TypeEnter.diag after JDK-8205187
P4 JDK-8278825 Unused variable for diagnostic in Resolve
P4 JDK-8282943 Unused weird key in
P5 JDK-8283801 Cleanup confusing String.toString calls
P5 JDK-8282574 Cleanup unnecessary calls to Throwable.initCause() in jdk.compiler
P5 JDK-8036019 Insufficient alternatives listed in some errors produced by the parser
P5 JDK-8275242 Remove redundant stream() call before forEach in jdk.compiler


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8288692 jdk/javadoc/doclet/testTagMisuse/ fails after JDK-8288545
P2 JDK-8290625 Test jdk/javadoc/tool/ after manpage update
P2 JDK-8287338 tools/javac/api/snippets/ failing tier1 on all platforms
P3 JDK-8283041 [javadoc] Crashes using {@return} with @param
P3 JDK-8288524 Allow @systemProperty to appear in overview documentation
P3 JDK-8281969 Bad result for the snippet @link tag if substring/regex consists of whitespace
P3 JDK-8275784 Bogus warning generated for record with compact constructor
P3 JDK-8288058 Broken links on constant-values page
P3 JDK-8278795 Create test library and tests for langtools snippets
P3 JDK-8288531 Empty spans in mobile navigation markup
P3 JDK-8268422 Find a better way to select releases in "New API" page
P3 JDK-8268831 Improve javadoc tool handling of streams.
P3 JDK-8283648 Improve the snippet "file not found" message.
P3 JDK-8067757 Incorrect HTML generation for copied javadoc with multiple @throws tags
P3 JDK-8277300 Issues with javadoc support for preview features
P3 JDK-8288545 Missing space in error message
P3 JDK-8288671 Problematic fix for font boosting
P3 JDK-8284037 Snippet-files subdirectory not automatically detected when in unnamed package
P3 JDK-8281007 Test jdk/javadoc/doclet/checkStylesheetClasses/ fails after JDK-8280738
P3 JDK-8234682 The order of @param in the generated docs should match the method signature
P3 JDK-8282214 Upgrade JQuery to version 3.6.0
P3 JDK-8284367 Upgrade JQuery UI to 1.13.1 from 1.12.1
P3 JDK-8287379 Using @inheritDoc in an inapplicable context shouldn't crash javadoc
P3 JDK-6509045 {@inheritDoc} only copies one instance of the specified exception
P4 JDK-8287100 [spec] Clean up terminology regarding doc comment descriptions.
P4 JDK-8287161 [spec] Improve @throws and @exception
P4 JDK-8288141 Add an anchor to each option on javadoc man page
P4 JDK-8280402 Add new convenience forms to HtmlTree
P4 JDK-8248863 Add search landing page to API documentation
P4 JDK-8282559 Allow multiple search terms in javadoc search
P4 JDK-8284697 Avoid parsing the doc comment of an element that is not documented
P4 JDK-8284039 Clarify --source-path and // @start tag usage in programmer guide, JEP and spec
P4 JDK-8283864 Clean up DocFinder and friends
P4 JDK-8287333 Clean up ParamTaglet and ThrowsTaglet
P4 JDK-8287099 Clean up terminology regarding doc comment descriptions.
P4 JDK-8281376 Consider polymorphic methods when looking for overrides
P4 JDK-8287674 CSS improvements for summary lists
P4 JDK-8285496 DocLint does not check for missing `@param` tags for type parameters on classes and interfaces
P4 JDK-8280488 doclint reference checks withstand warning suppression
P4 JDK-8281445 Document the default value for the override-methods option
P4 JDK-8268978 Document the javadoc software stack
P4 JDK-8282483 Ensure that Utils.getAllInterfaces returns unique instances
P4 JDK-8268335 Find better way to exclude empty HTML elements
P4 JDK-8284387 Fix formatting of doc comments in jdk.javadoc
P4 JDK-8279115 Fix internal doc comment errors.
P4 JDK-8284299 Handle inheritDoc misuse more gracefully
P4 JDK-8272853 improve `JavadocTester.runTests`
P4 JDK-8287524 Improve checkboxes to select releases on deprecated API page
P4 JDK-8283269 Improve definition and use of jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.toolkit.Content
P4 JDK-8285470 Improve handling of @inheritDoc
P4 JDK-8252717 Integrate/merge legacy standard doclet diagnostics and doclint
P4 JDK-8285939 javadoc java.lang.Record should not have "Direct Known Subclasses:" section
P4 JDK-8286832 JavaDoc pages call browser history API too often
P4 JDK-8272984 javadoc support for reproducible builds
P4 JDK-8268866 Javascript when used in an iframe cannot display search results
P4 JDK-8279513 jdk/javadoc/doclet/testDocletExample/ fails after 8278795
P4 JDK-8280835 jdk/javadoc/tool/ depends on source hierarchy
P4 JDK-8282756 Make ElementKind checks more specific
P4 JDK-8280738 Minor cleanup for HtmlStyle
P4 JDK-8284446 Miscellaneous doc-comment fixes in jdk.javadoc
P4 JDK-8280393 Promote use of HtmlTree factory methods
P4 JDK-8277420 Provide a way to copy the hyperlink to a doc element to the clipboard
P4 JDK-8276892 Provide a way to emulate exceptional situations in FileManager when using JavadocTester
P4 JDK-8273083 Reconcile specification and implementation of link parsing
P4 JDK-8284908 Refine diagnostic positions for DCErroneous
P4 JDK-8280713 Related to comment inheritance jdk.javadoc cleanup and refactoring
P4 JDK-8285821 Remove circularity from the @throws and @exception definitions
P4 JDK-8286153 Remove redundant casts and other cleanup
P4 JDK-8284362 Remove the "unsupported API" warning from jdk.javadoc
P4 JDK-8285869 Selective cleanup in doclint Checker class
P4 JDK-8287337 SnippetUtils should throw exceptions if snippets not found
P4 JDK-8284030 Standard Doclet should not attempt to link to primitive types
P4 JDK-8287606 standardize spelling of subtype and supertype etc in comments
P4 JDK-8286338 suppress warnings about bad @author tags when author info is not generated.
P4 JDK-8282582 Unused methods in Utils
P4 JDK-8288145 Update man page for JDK-8281445
P4 JDK-8287118 Use monospace font for annotation default values
P4 JDK-8282452 Use of Preview API in preview methods should not trigger preview warning for the enclosing class
P4 JDK-8284026 Use unmodifiable collections where practical
P5 JDK-8286887 Remove logging from search.js


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8195589 failed after JDK-8189997


Priority Bug Summary
P5 JDK-8284071 Collapse identical catch branches in jdk.console


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8240903 Add test to check that jmod hashes are reproducible
P3 JDK-8287121 Fix typo in jlink's description resource key lookup
P3 JDK-8247407 tools/jlink/plugins/ test failing
P4 JDK-8279921 Dump the .class file in jlink debug mode for any failure during transform() of a plugin
P4 JDK-8282060 RemoteRuntimeImageTest is not actually testing on JDK 8


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8285736 JDK-8236128 causes validate-source failures
P2 JDK-8289030 [macos] app image signature invalid when creating DMG or PKG
P3 JDK-8284675 "jpackage.exe" creates application launcher without Windows Application Manfiest
P3 JDK-8286850 [macos] Add support for signing user provided app image
P3 JDK-8285616 [macos] Incorrect path for launcher-as-service.txt in .cfg file
P3 JDK-8287125 [macos] Multiple jpackage tests fail/timeout on same host
P3 JDK-8236128 Allow jpackage create installers for services
P3 JDK-8250950 Allow per-user and system wide configuration of a jpackaged app
P3 JDK-8282007 Assorted enhancements to jpackage testing framework
P3 JDK-8285146 Document jpackage resource dir feature
P3 JDK-8279370 jdk.jpackage/share/native/applauncher/JvmLauncher.cpp fails to build with GCC 6.3.0
P3 JDK-8287401 jpackage tests failing on Windows due to powershell issue
P3 JDK-8284067 jpackage'd launcher reports non-zero exit codes with error prompt
P3 JDK-8287971 Throw exception for missing values in .jpackage.xml
P4 JDK-8286122 [macos]: App bundle cannot upload to Mac App Store due to info.plist embedded in java exe
P4 JDK-8277493 [REDO] Quarantined jpackage apps are labeled as "damaged"
P4 JDK-8288166 Add an anchor to each option on jpackage man page
P4 JDK-8279995 jpackage --add-launcher option should allow overriding description
P4 JDK-8282351 jpackage does not work if class file has `$$` in the name on windows
P4 JDK-8282407 Missing ')' in
P4 JDK-8281682 Redundant .ico files in Windows app-image cause unnecessary bloat
P4 JDK-8284444 Sting typo


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8284146 Disable jdk/jshell/ on macosx-aarch64
P3 JDK-8287897 Augment src/jdk.internal.le/share/legal/ with information on 4th party dependencies
P3 JDK-8286206 Missing cases for RECORD
P4 JDK-8286398 Address possibly lossy conversions in jdk.internal.le
P4 JDK-8274148 can jshell show deprecated classes, methods and fields as strikethrough text?
P4 JDK-8278039 Code completion not woking after some statements such as "if" or "while"
P4 JDK-8286895 InternalError: Exception during analyze
P4 JDK-8287732 jdk/jshell/ fails on x86_32 after JDK-8287496
P4 JDK-8282160 JShell circularly-required classes cannot be defined
P4 JDK-8276684 Malformed Javadoc inline tags in JDK source /jdk/internal/jshell/tool/


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8233269 Improve handling of JAVA_ARGS
P3 JDK-8286571 java source launcher from a minimal jdk image containing jdk.compiler fails with --enable-preview option
P4 JDK-8236569 -Xss not multiple of 4K does not work for the main thread on macOS
P4 JDK-8262004 Classpath separator: Man page says semicolon; should be colon on Linux


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8279876 Clean up: isAssignableFrom usages in xpath and jdk internal classes
P4 JDK-8253569 javax.xml.catalog.Catalog.matchURI() implementation should reset state variables
P4 JDK-8284213 Replace usages of 'a the' in xml
P4 JDK-8276050 XMLInputFactoryImpl.getProperty() returns null
P5 JDK-8285097 Duplicate XML keys in and


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8280373 Update Xalan serializer / SystemIDResolver to align with JDK-8270492


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8288529 broken link in java.xml
P4 JDK-8283994 Make Xerces DatatypeException stackless


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8289486 Improve XSLT XPath operators count efficiency
P3 JDK-8284548 Invalid XPath expression causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
P3 JDK-8290207 Missing notice in
P3 JDK-8144117 XML Schema: wrong error for facet with
P4 JDK-8284400 Improve XPath exception handling
P4 JDK-8285081 Improve XPath operators count accuracy
P4 JDK-8290209 missing additional text
P4 JDK-8282583 Update BCEL md to include the copyright notice
P4 JDK-8282071 Update java.xml module-info
P4 JDK-8282280 Update Xerces2 Java to Version 2.12.2


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8287076 Document.normalizeDocument() produces different results