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Priority Bug Summary
P5 JDK-8284672 Collapse identical catch branches in java.desktop


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8288332 Tier1 validate-source fails after 8279614
P3 JDK-8279614 The left line of the TitledBorder is not painted on 150 scale factor
P4 JDK-8265586 [windows] last button is not shown in AWT Frame with BorderLayout and MenuBar set.
P4 JDK-8289238 Refactoring changes to PassFailJFrame Test Framework
P5 JDK-8288993 Make AwtFramePackTest generic by removing @requires tag


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8012675 javax.swing.JEditorPane is unclear on the handling of unsupported HTML script tags
P4 JDK-8284619 javax/swing/JTable/8236907/ failed with "Test Case Failed!!, Last Row not Visible!!!"
P4 JDK-8288707 javax/swing/JToolBar/4529206/ setFloating does not work correctly
P4 JDK-8287743 javax/swing/text/CSSBorder/6796710/ failed


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288594 Address possibly lossy conversions in java.base FloatToDecimal
P4 JDK-8284858 Start of release updates for JDK 20


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288021 Add hard test cases to jdk.internal.math.DoubleToDecimalChecker
P5 JDK-8289078 Make STARTTIME_ANY and STARTTIME_PROCESS_UNKNOWN fields static in ProcessHandleImpl
P5 JDK-8288628 Unnecessary Hashtable usage in ConditionalSpecialCasing


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8288425 Footprint regression due MH creation when initializing StringConcatFactory
P4 JDK-8288011 StringConcatFactory: Split application of stringifiers


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8287917 System.loadLibrary does not work on Big Sur if JDK is built with macOS SDK 10.15 and earlier


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8266670 Better modeling of access flags in core reflection
P4 JDK-8288573 Make Executable.getParameterCount() actually abstract
P4 JDK-8284942 Proxy building can just iterate superinterfaces once
P4 JDK-8288227 Refactor annotation implementation to use pattern matching for instanceof


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8286171 HttpClient/2 : Expect:100-Continue blocks indefinitely when response is not 100
P4 JDK-8288746 HttpClient resources could be reclaimed more eagerly
P4 JDK-8289291 HttpServer sets incorrect value for "max" parameter in Keep-Alive header value
P4 JDK-8276798 HttpURLConnection sends invalid HTTP request
P4 JDK-8286962 java/net/httpclient/ failed once with ConnectException
P4 JDK-8287904 Reduce runtime of microbenchmarks
P5 JDK-8288330 Avoid redundant ConcurrentHashMap.get call in Http2ClientImpl.deleteConnection
P5 JDK-8288468 Avoid redundant HashMap.get call in NegotiateAuthentication.firstToken
P5 JDK-8285521 Minor improvements in


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288515 (ch) Unnecessary use of Math.addExact() in java.nio.channels.FileLock.overlaps()
P4 JDK-8288080 (fc) FileChannel::map for MemorySegments should state it always throws UOE
P4 JDK-8288687 (fc) Unix version ofFileChannelImpl.transferTo0() should should return IOS_UNSUPPORTED if not Linux, macOS, nor AIX
P4 JDK-6980847 (fs) Files.copy needs to be "tuned"
P4 JDK-8286160 (fs) Files.exists returns unexpected results with C:\pagefile.sys because it's not readable
P4 JDK-8289095 (fs) UnixCopyFile build error on linux-x86
P4 JDK-8289073 (fs) UnsatisfiedLinkError for sun.nio.fs.UnixCopyFile.bufferedCopy0()
P4 JDK-8287580 (se) CancelledKeyException during channel registration
P4 JDK-8287905 Reduce runtime of java.nio microbenchmarks
P5 JDK-8285519 Change usages of TimeUnit.convert to TimeUnit.toXXX


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288667 Reduce runtime of java.text microbenchmarks


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288673 Reduce runtime of java.time microbenchmarks


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8288173 JDK-8202449 fix causes conformance test failure : api/java_util/Random/RandomGenerator/NextFloat.html


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8282036 Change java/util/zip/ZipFile/ to stop HttpServer cleanly in case of exceptions
P5 JDK-8287696 Avoid redundant Hashtable.containsKey call in JarVerifier.doneWithMeta


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8284640 CollectorImpl class could be a record class


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8288979 Improve CLDRConverter run time
P4 JDK-8288378 [BACKOUT] DST not applying properly with zone id offset set with TZ env variable
P4 JDK-8285838 DST not applying properly with zone id offset set with TZ env variable
P4 JDK-8287902 UnreadableRB case in MissingResourceCauseTest is not working reliably on Windows


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8286034 Add SourceVersion.RELEASE_20


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288207 Enhance MalformedURLException in Uri.parseCompat
P4 JDK-8287672 jtreg test com/sun/jndi/ldap/ fails intermittently in nightly run
P4 JDK-8288895 LdapContext doesn't honor set referrals limit


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288599 com/sun/management/OperatingSystemMXBean/ Expected total swap size ... but getTotalSwapSpaceSize returned ...


Priority Bug Summary
P5 JDK-8287924 Avoid redundant HashMap.containsKey call in EnvHelp.mapToHashtable


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288724 Prevent NullPointerException in serviceability/tmtools/jstack/ if jstack process fails


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288740 Change incorrect documentation for sjavac flag


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8287868 Localized names update in COMPAT locale provider


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288181 AArch64: clean up out-of-date comments
P4 JDK-8287926 AArch64: intrinsics for divideUnsigned and remainderUnsigned methods in java.lang.Integer and java.lang.Long
P4 JDK-8288094 cleanup old _MSC_VER handling


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8289421 No-PCH build for Minimal VM was broken by JDK-8287001
P3 JDK-8288781 C1: LIR_OpVisitState::maxNumberOfOperands too small
P4 JDK-8289094 [JVMCI] reduce JNI overhead and other VM rounds trips in JVMCI
P4 JDK-8287984 AArch64: [vector] Make all bits set vector sharable for match rules
P4 JDK-8287028 AArch64: [vectorapi] Backend implementation of VectorMask.fromLong with SVE2
P4 JDK-8288478 AArch64: Clean up whitespace in assembler_aarch64.hpp
P4 JDK-8287349 AArch64: Merge LDR instructions to improve C1 OSR performance
P4 JDK-8288300 AArch64: Remove the assertion in fmovs/fmovd(FloatRegister, FloatRegister)
P4 JDK-8287835 Add support for additional float/double to integral conversion for x86
P4 JDK-8287001 Add warning message when fail to load hsdis libraries
P4 JDK-8283775 better dump: VM support for graph querying in debugger with BFS traversal and node filtering
P4 JDK-8286197 C2: Optimize MemorySegment shape in int loop
P4 JDK-8288281 compiler/vectorapi/ failed with "IRViolationException: There were one or multiple IR rule failures."
P4 JDK-8288669 compiler/vectorapi/ still fails with "IRViolationException: There were one or multiple IR rule failures."
P4 JDK-8289071 Compute allocation sizes of stubs and nmethods outside of lock protection
P4 JDK-8287525 Extend IR annotation with new options to test specific target feature.
P4 JDK-8287801 Fix test-bugs related to stress flags
P4 JDK-8288750 IGV: Improve Shortcuts
P4 JDK-8263384 IGV: Outline should highlight the Graph that has focus
P4 JDK-8283612 IGV: remove Graal module
P4 JDK-8287094 IGV: show node input numbers in edge tooltips
P4 JDK-8288480 IGV: toolbar action is not applied to the focused graph
P4 JDK-8288421 IGV: warn user about all unreachable nodes
P4 JDK-8287373 remove unnecessary paddings in generated code
P4 JDK-8283091 Support type conversion between different data sizes in SLP
P4 JDK-8286104 use aggressive liveness for unstable_if traps
P4 JDK-8287647 VM debug support: find node by pattern in name or dump
P4 JDK-8283726 x86_64 intrinsics for compareUnsigned method in Integer and Long


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8280454 G1: ClassLoaderData verification keeps CLDs live that causes problems with VerifyDuringGC during Remark
P4 JDK-8289138 G1: Remove redundant is-marking-active checks in C1 barrier
P4 JDK-8285364 Remove REF_ enum for java.lang.ref.Reference
P4 JDK-8287771 Remove useless G1 After GC summary refinement and sampling thread times
P4 JDK-8288203 runtime/ClassUnload/ fails with release VMs
P4 JDK-8287227 Shenandoah: A couple of virtual thread tests failed with iu mode even without Loom enabled.
P4 JDK-8287818 Shenandoah: adapt nmethod arming from Loom
P4 JDK-8284404 Too aggressive sweeping with Loom


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8288663 JFR: Disabling the JfrThreadSampler commits only a partially disabled state
P3 JDK-8288982 JFR: Log event streaming actions
P3 JDK-8288685 JFR: Use static methods for Active Recording and Active Setting events
P5 JDK-8280235 Deprecated flag FlightRecorder missing from VMDeprecatedOptions test


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8289098 clean up ported serviceability/jvmti tests


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288005 HotSpot build with disabled PCH fails for Windows AArch64


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8289129 [BACKOUT] JDK-8287281 adjust guarantee in Handshake::execute for the case of target thread being current
P3 JDK-8287007 [cgroups] Consistently use stringStream throughout parsing code
P3 JDK-8287281 adjust guarantee in Handshake::execute for the case of target thread being current
P3 JDK-8284997 arm32 build crashes since JDK-8283326
P3 JDK-8279047 Remove expired flags in JDK 20
P4 JDK-8288648 (jni spec) Description of 3rd parameter to AttachCurrentThread is confusing
P4 JDK-8288719 [arm32] SafeFetch32 thumb interleaving causes random crashes
P4 JDK-8284849 Add deoptimization to unified logging
P4 JDK-8288651 CDS test should not use literal string as ClassLoader name
P4 JDK-8288064 Class initialization locking
P4 JDK-8288976 classfile parser 'wrong name' error message has the names the wrong way around
P4 JDK-8289006 Cleanup from thread.hpp split
P4 JDK-8288601 Consolidate static/dynamic archive tables
P4 JDK-8287011 Improve container information
P4 JDK-8288003 log events for os::dll_unload
P4 JDK-8288926 make runtime/logging/ more reliable
P4 JDK-8289477 Memory corruption with CPU_ALLOC, CPU_FREE on muslc
P4 JDK-8288623 Move Continuation classes out of javaClasses.hpp
P4 JDK-8288537 Move Devirtualizer out of hotspot/share/memory/iterator.hpp
P4 JDK-8289182 NMT: MemTracker::baseline should return void
P4 JDK-8271252 os::reserve_memory should not use mtOther as default NMT flag
P4 JDK-8288935 Remove excessive includes introduced in loom
P4 JDK-8288443 Simplify vmClasses::resolve_all()
P4 JDK-8288752 Split thread implementation files
P4 JDK-8288134 Super class names don't have envelopes
P4 JDK-8289147 unify os::infinite_sleep on posix platforms
P4 JDK-8288556 VM crashes if it gets sent SIGUSR2 from outside
P4 JDK-8288282 Zero-release build is broken after JDK-8279047 due to UseHeavyMonitors is read-only


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8286397 Address possibly lossy conversions in jdk.hotspot.agent
P5 JDK-8289126 Cleanup unnecessary null comparison before instanceof check in jdk.hotspot.agent
P5 JDK-8135292 Remove duplicate code in in SA


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8287124 failed


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288114 Update JIRA link in vcs.xml


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8288238 Add missing file jdk.incubator.concurrent-J.sym.txt
P2 JDK-8287906 Rewrite of GitHub Actions (GHA) sanity tests
P3 JDK-8288396 Always create reproducible builds
P4 JDK-8288399 MacOS debug symbol files not always deterministic in reproducible builds
P4 JDK-8288195 Prepare build system for GHA changes
P4 JDK-8288499 Restore cancel-in-progress in GHA
P4 JDK-8286038 Update --release 19 symbol information for JDK 19 build 26
P4 JDK-8288609 Update --release 19 symbol information for JDK 19 build 28


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288495 [test] Make OutputAnalyzer exception more informative
P5 JDK-8288140 Avoid redundant Hashtable.get call in Signal.handle


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8286395 Address possibly lossy conversions in
P4 JDK-8286389 Address possibly lossy conversions in
P4 JDK-8285263 Minor cleanup could be done in


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8288270 Tier1 build failures after JDK-8287178
P3 JDK-8224768 Test fails
P3 JDK-8288132 Update test artifacts in QuoVadis CA interop tests
P3 JDK-8288616 Updating Java Security Standard Algorithm Names
P4 JDK-8289401 Add dump output to
P4 JDK-8271838 interop test fails
P4 JDK-8287178 IntegerModuloP::multiplicativeInverse returns 0 for 0
P4 JDK-8286259 Password cleanup after KeyStore.PasswordProtection in P11KeyStore
P4 JDK-8220732 setSeed(long) java api doc is missing warning about provided seed quality
P5 JDK-8288329 Avoid redundant TreeMap.containsKey call in


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8286779 javax.crypto.CryptoPolicyParser#isConsistent always returns 'true'


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288985 P11TlsKeyMaterialGenerator should work with ChaCha20-Poly1305


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288209 SSL debug message wrong about unsupported authentication scheme
P5 JDK-8267860 Off-by-one bug when searching arrays in AlpnGreaseTest


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8287760 --do-not-resolve-by-default gets overwritten if --warn-if-resolved flags is used


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8286035 Add source 20 and target 20 to javac
P4 JDK-8288130 compiler error with AP and explicit record accessor


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8286101 Support formatting in @value tag
P4 JDK-8288994 Incorrect @since tags for @value update in JDK-8286101


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8288961 jpackage: test MSI installation fix
P4 JDK-8288013 jpackage: test utility Windows registry enhancement


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8233269 Improve handling of JAVA_ARGS