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Issue Description

`TypeMirror` Changed to Provide Annotations for Types Loaded from Bytecode

The implementation of TypeMirror now provides access to annotations for types loaded from bytecode. Previously type annotations were not associated with types loaded from bytecode.

Annotation processors can access type annotations for elements using AnnotationMirror#getAnnotationMirrors, and the annotations will be included in the output of AnnotationMirror#toString.

Any programs that relied on annotations being omitted for elements loaded from the classpath should be updated to handle type annotations.


Issue Description

`TCP_KEEPxxxx` Extended Socket Options Are Now Supported on the Windows Platform

The TCP_KEEPIDLE and TCP_KEEPINTERVAL are supported on Windows platforms starting from Windows 10 version 1709 and onwards. TCP_KEEPCOUNT is supported starting from Windows 10 version 1703 and onwards.


Issue Description

ZGC: Reintroduced Support for Non-Default ObjectAlignmentInBytes

The JDK 21 issue that could potentially lead to JVM crashes or incorrect execution when running the JVM with -XX:+UseZGC and non-default value of -XX:ObjectAlignmentInBytes has been resolved, and it is possible again to use this combination of JVM options.


Issue Description

`BasicFileAttributes.creationTime` Returns Birth Time on Linux

On Linux (kernel version 4.11 or newer, glibc version 2.28 or newer), BasicFileAttributes.creationTime now returns the creation or birth time of the file through the stx_btime element of struct statx. In previous JDK releases, the last modified time was returned. If the birth time is supported by the platform but not by the file system, then the epoch 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z is returned.


Issue Description

NMT: Make Peak Values Available in Release Builds

NMT reports will now show peak values for all categories. Peak values contain the highest value for committed memory in a given NMT category over the lifetime of the JVM process.

If the committed memory for an NMT category is currently at peak, NMT prints "at peak"; otherwise, it prints the peak value.

For example: ` - Compiler (reserved=230KB, committed=230KB) (malloc=34KB #64) (peak=49KB #71) (arena=196KB #4) (peak=6126KB #16) `

This shows Compiler arena memory peaked at a bit more than 6MB, whereas it now hovers around 200 KB.


Hotspot `hs_err` Files Now Print the Lock Stack

A section containing the thread local lock stack has been added to hs_err report files. It only gets printed when the new lightweight locking mode is enabled (-XX:LockingMode=2).

An example is given here with details about the locked objects omitted: ` Lock stack of current Java thread (top to bottom): LockStack[1]: nsk.share.jdi.EventHandler ... LockStack[0]: java.util.Collections$SynchronizedRandomAccessList ... It lists objects which are lightweight locked, throughsynchronized` methods or statements, by the Java thread which is being analyzed. The object which has been locked most recently is printed first. Objects which are not lightweight locked are not displayed in this section.

Print LockStack in hs_err files

We have seen bugs related to the new locking which is used by default since JDK-8315880. It would be helpful to see the LockStack of a crashing JavaThread in hs_err files.


Add User Facing Warning If THPs Are Enabled but Cannot Be Used

On Linux, if the JVM is started with +UseTransparentHugePages but the system does not support Transparent Huge Pages, a warning will now be printed to stdout:

UseTransparentHugePages disabled; transparent huge pages are not supported by the operating system.


Issue Description

Added ISRG Root X2 CA Certificate from Let's Encrypt

The following root certificate has been added to the cacerts truststore: ` + Let's Encrypt + letsencryptisrgx2 DN: CN=ISRG Root X2, O=Internet Security Research Group, C=US `


Added Four Root Certificates from DigiCert, Inc.

The following root certificates have been added to the cacerts truststore: ``` + DigiCert, Inc. + digicertcseccrootg5 DN: CN=DigiCert CS ECC P384 Root G5, O="DigiCert, Inc.", C=US

  • DigiCert, Inc.

  • digicertcsrsarootg5 DN: CN=DigiCert CS RSA4096 Root G5, O="DigiCert, Inc.", C=US

  • DigiCert, Inc.

  • digicerttlseccrootg5 DN: CN=DigiCert TLS ECC P384 Root G5, O="DigiCert, Inc.", C=US

  • DigiCert, Inc.

  • digicerttlsrsarootg5 DN: CN=DigiCert TLS RSA4096 Root G5, O="DigiCert, Inc.", C=US ```


Added Telia Root CA v2 Certificate

The following root certificate has been added to the cacerts truststore: ` + Telia Root CA v2 + teliarootcav2 DN: CN=Telia Root CA v2, O=Telia Finland Oyj, C=FI `


Added Three Root Certificates from eMudhra Technologies Limited

The following root certificates have been added to the cacerts truststore: ``` + eMudhra Technologies Limited + emsignrootcag1 DN: CN=emSign Root CA - G1, O=eMudhra Technologies Limited, OU=emSign PKI, C=IN

  • eMudhra Technologies Limited

  • emsigneccrootcag3 DN: CN=emSign ECC Root CA - G3, O=eMudhra Technologies Limited, OU=emSign PKI, C=IN

  • eMudhra Technologies Limited

  • emsignrootcag2 DN: CN=emSign Root CA - G2, O=eMudhra Technologies Limited, OU=emSign PKI, C=IN ```



Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8312612 Handle WideCharToMultiByte return values
P4 JDK-8294156 Allow PassFailJFrame.Builder to create test UI
P4 JDK-8294158 HTML formatting for PassFailJFrame instructions
P4 JDK-8312592 New parentheses warnings after HarfBuzz 7.2.0 update
P4 JDK-8316017 Refactor timeout handler in PassFailJFrame


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8318951 Additional negative value check in JPEG decoding
P3 JDK-8316741 BasicStroke.createStrokedShape miter-limits failing on small shapes
P3 JDK-8312191 ColorConvertOp.filter for the default destination is too slow
P3 JDK-8313643 Update HarfBuzz to 8.2.2
P4 JDK-8319268 Build failure with GCC8.3.1 after 8313643
P4 JDK-8316710 Exclude java/awt/font/Rotate/
P4 JDK-8317706 Exclude java/awt/Graphics2D/DrawString/ on linux
P4 JDK-8316206 Test fails for Baekmuk font


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8313164 src/java.desktop/windows/native/libawt/windows/awt_Robot.cpp GetRGBPixels adjust releasing of resources
P3 JDK-8316030 Update Libpng to 1.6.40
P4 JDK-8318955 Add ReleaseIntArrayElements in Java_sun_awt_X11_XlibWrapper_SetBitmapShape XlbWrapper.c to early return
P4 JDK-8313252 Java_sun_awt_windows_ThemeReader_paintBackground release resources in early returns


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8301846 Invalid TargetDataLine after screen lock when using JFileChooser or COM library


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8311585 Add JRadioButtonMenuItem to
P4 JDK-8294535 Add screen capture functionality to PassFailJFrame
P4 JDK-8314246 javax/swing/JToolBar/4529206/ fails intermittently on Linux
P4 JDK-8315606 Open source few swing text/html tests
P4 JDK-8316003 Update to HTML instructions
P4 JDK-8316025 Use testUI() method of PassFailJFrame.Builder in


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8319922 fails to link in JDK 21
P4 JDK-8317959 Check return values of malloc in native java.base coding
P4 JDK-8319195 Move most tier 1 vector API regression tests to tier 3


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8314120 Add tests for FileDescriptor.sync
P4 JDK-8316156 ByteArrayInputStream.transferTo causes MaxDirectMemorySize overflow
P4 JDK-8319958 test/jdk/java/io/File/libGetXSpace.c does not compile on Windows 32-bit
P4 JDK-8315960 test/jdk/java/io/File/ leaves test files behind


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8310982 jdk/internal/util/ fails after JDK-8308452 failed with Method isARM()
P2 JDK-8316879 RegionMatches1Tests fails if CompactStrings are disabled after JDK-8302163
P3 JDK-8309545 Thread.interrupted from virtual thread needlessly resets interrupt status
P4 JDK-8318415 Adjust describing comment of os_getChildren after 8315026
P4 JDK-8308452 Extend internal Architecture enum with byte order and address size
P4 JDK-8314094 java/lang/ProcessHandle/ fails on Windows when run as user with Administrator privileges
P4 JDK-8315213 java/lang/ProcessHandle/ test enhance output of children
P4 JDK-8317834 java/lang/Thread/ timed out
P4 JDK-8315026 ProcessHandle implementation listing processes on AIX should use getprocs64
P4 JDK-8319120 Unbound ScopedValue.get() throws the wrong exception
P4 JDK-8314759 VirtualThread.parkNanos timeout adjustment when pinned should be replaced


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8311630 [s390] Implementation of Foreign Function & Memory API (Preview)
P4 JDK-8314330 java/foreign tests should respect vm flags when start new processes


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8267509 Improve IllegalAccessException message to include the cause of the exception


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8319436 Proxy.newProxyInstance throws NPE if loader is null and interface not visible from class loader


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8316031 SSLFlowDelegate should not log from synchronized block
P3 JDK-8317736 Stream::handleReset locks twice
P4 JDK-8308593 Add KEEPALIVE Extended Socket Options Support for Windows
P4 JDK-8301457 Code in is uncommented even after JDK-8236852 was fixed
P4 JDK-8316399 Exclude java/net/MulticastSocket/ on AIX
P4 JDK-8317803 Exclude java/net/Socket/asyncClose/ on AIX
P4 JDK-8316387 Exclude more failing multicast tests on AIX after JDK-8315651
P4 JDK-8312433 HttpClient request fails due to connection being considered idle and closed
P4 JDK-8316113 Infinite permission checking loop in java/net/spi/InetAddressResolverProvider/RuntimePermissionTest
P4 JDK-8315651 Stop hiding AIX specific multicast socket errors via NetworkConfiguration (aix)


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8316337 (bf) Concurrency issue in DirectByteBuffer.Deallocator
P3 JDK-8312166 (dc) DatagramChannel's socket adaptor does not release carrier thread when blocking in receive
P3 JDK-8316304 (fs) Add support for BasicFileAttributes.creationTime() for Linux
P3 JDK-8313873 java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ fails on AIX due to small default RCVBUF size and different IPv6 Header interpretation
P4 JDK-8313368 (fc) FileChannel.size returns 0 on block special files
P4 JDK-8038244 (fs) Check return value of malloc in Java_sun_nio_fs_AixNativeDispatcher_getmntctl()
P4 JDK-8317839 Exclude java/nio/channels/Channels/ on AIX
P4 JDK-8317603 Improve exception messages thrown by native methods (win)
P4 JDK-8309778 java/nio/file/Files/ fails when using second test directory


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8314883 Java_java_util_prefs_FileSystemPreferences_lockFile0 write result errno in missing case
P4 JDK-8315751 RandomTestBsi1999 fails often with timeouts on Linux ppc64le
P4 JDK-8316540 StoreReproducibilityTest fails on some locales


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8300663 java/util/concurrent/SynchronousQueue/ failed with "Error: fair=true i=0 j=1"
P3 JDK-8267502 JDK-8246677 caused 16x performance regression in SynchronousQueue
P4 JDK-8301341 LinkedTransferQueue does not respect timeout for poll()
P4 JDK-8315683 Parallelize java/util/concurrent/tck/


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8314263 Signed jars triggering Logger finder recursion and StackOverflowError
P3 JDK-8315696 test failed
P4 JDK-8316087 Test is still failing


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8318736 com/sun/jdi/ failed with "transport error 202: bind failed: Address already in use"
P4 JDK-8318957 Enhance agentlib:jdwp help output by info about allow option
P4 JDK-8232839 JDI failed due to "FAILED: Did not get expected IllegalThreadStateException on a StepRequest.enable()"
P4 JDK-8317920 JDWP-agent sends broken exception event with onthrow option


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8315706 com/sun/tools/attach/warnings/ real fix for failure on AIX
P4 JDK-8315702 jcmd Thread.dump_to_file slow with millions of virtual threads
P4 JDK-8314476 failed with "java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException: no such object in table"


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8305977 Incomplete JSSE docs for FFDHE


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8322985 [BACKOUT] 8318562: Computational test more than 2x slower when AVX instructions are used
P2 JDK-8313756 [BACKOUT] 8308682: Enhance AES performance
P2 JDK-8313760 [REDO] Enhance AES performance
P2 JDK-8316880 AArch64: "stop: Header is not fast-locked" with -XX:-UseLSE since JDK-8315880
P2 JDK-8317507 C2 compilation fails with "Exceeded _node_regs array"
P2 JDK-8318889 C2: add bailout after assert Bad graph detected in build_loop_late
P2 JDK-8316396 Endless loop in C2 compilation triggered by AddNode::IdealIL
P3 JDK-8315082 [REDO] Generational ZGC: Tests crash with assert(index == 0 || is_power_of_2(index))
P3 JDK-8312440 assert(cast != nullptr) failed: must have added a cast to pin the node
P3 JDK-8316659 assert(LockingMode != LM_LIGHTWEIGHT || flag == CCR0) failed: bad condition register
P3 JDK-8301489 C1: ShortLoopOptimizer might lift instructions before their inputs
P3 JDK-8314191 C2 compilation fails with "bad AD file"
P3 JDK-8316719 C2 compilation still fails with "bad AD file"
P3 JDK-8316679 C2 SuperWord: wrong result, load should not be moved before store if not comparable
P3 JDK-8315920 C2: "control input must dominate current control" assert failure
P3 JDK-8315377 C2: assert(u->find_out_with(Op_AddP) == nullptr) failed: more than 2 chained AddP nodes?
P3 JDK-8315088 C2: assert(wq.size() - before == EMPTY_LOOP_SIZE) failed: expect the EMPTY_LOOP_SIZE nodes of this body if empty
P3 JDK-8316414 C2: large byte array clone triggers "failed: malformed control flow" assertion failure on linux-x86
P3 JDK-8303737 C2: Load can bypass subtype check that enforces it's from the right object type
P3 JDK-8316130 Incorrect control in LibraryCallKit::inline_native_notify_jvmti_funcs
P3 JDK-8308103 Massive (up to ~30x) increase in C2 compilation time since JDK 17
P3 JDK-8314580 PhaseIdealLoop::transform_long_range_checks fails with assert "was tested before"
P3 JDK-8317257 RISC-V: llvm build broken
P3 JDK-8320209 VectorMaskGen clobbers rflags on x86_64
P4 JDK-8317581 [s390x] Multiple test failure with LockingMode=2
P4 JDK-8316935 [s390x] Use consistent naming for lightweight locking in MacroAssembler
P4 JDK-8318078 ADLC: pass ASSERT and PRODUCT flags
P4 JDK-8316178 Better diagnostic header for CodeBlobs
P4 JDK-8316514 Better diagnostic header for VtableStub
P4 JDK-8315554 C1: Replace "cmp reg, 0" with "test reg, reg" on x86
P4 JDK-8311813 C1: Uninitialized PhiResolver::_loop field
P4 JDK-8315545 C1: x86 cmove can use short branches
P4 JDK-8317987 C2 recompilations cause high memory footprint
P4 JDK-8318183 C2: VM may crash after hitting node limit
P4 JDK-8318981 compiler/compilercontrol/ fails intermittent with 'disallowed by CompileCommand' missing from stdout/stderr
P4 JDK-8316411 compiler/compilercontrol/ fails intermittent with force inline by CompileCommand missing
P4 JDK-8318562 Computational test more than 2x slower when AVX instructions are used
P4 JDK-8316181 Move the fast locking implementation out of the .ad files
P4 JDK-8320363 ppc64 TypeEntries::type_unknown logic looks wrong, missed optimization opportunity
P4 JDK-8295555 Primitive wrapper caches could be `@Stable`
P4 JDK-8320280 RISC-V: Avoid passing t0 as temp register to MacroAssembler::lightweight_lock/unlock
P4 JDK-8316743 RISC-V: Change UseVectorizedMismatchIntrinsic option result to warning
P4 JDK-8316933 RISC-V: compiler/vectorapi/ fails when using RVV
P4 JDK-8313322 RISC-V: implement MD5 intrinsic
P4 JDK-8319184 RISC-V: improve MD5 intrinsic
P4 JDK-8315612 RISC-V: intrinsic for unsignedMultiplyHigh
P4 JDK-8319525 RISC-V: Rename * files to * under riscv/gc
P4 JDK-8318953 RISC-V: Small refactoring for MacroAssembler::test_bit
P4 JDK-8313779 RISC-V: use andn / orn in the MD5 instrinsic
P4 JDK-8315931 RISC-V: xxxMaxVectorTestsSmokeTest fails when using RVV
P4 JDK-8309974 some JVMCI tests fail when VM options include -XX:+EnableJVMCI
P4 JDK-8316179 Use consistent naming for lightweight locking in MacroAssembler
P5 JDK-8315549 CITime misreports code/total nmethod sizes


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8319700 [AArch64] C2 compilation fails with "Field too big for insn"
P2 JDK-8310239 Add missing cross modifying fence in nmethod entry barriers
P3 JDK-8316929 Shenandoah: Shenandoah degenerated GC and full GC need to cleanup old OopMapCache entries
P3 JDK-8299614 Shenandoah: STW mark should keep nmethod/oops referenced from stack chunk alive
P4 JDK-8316418 containers/docker/ get OOM killed with Parallel GC
P4 JDK-8315774 Enable parallelism in vmTestbase/gc/g1/unloading tests
P4 JDK-8311514 Incorrect regex in
P4 JDK-8314551 More generic way to handshake GC threads with monitor deflation
P4 JDK-8315936 Parallelize gc/stress/ test
P4 JDK-8315766 Parallelize gc/stress/ test
P4 JDK-8315692 Parallelize gc/stress/ test
P4 JDK-8314935 Shenandoah: Unable to throw OOME on back-to-back Full GCs
P5 JDK-8316906 Clarify TLABWasteTargetPercent flag


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8310512 Cleanup indentation in jfc files
P4 JDK-8316400 Exclude jdk/jfr/event/runtime/ on AIX


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8313656 assert(!JvmtiExport::can_support_virtual_threads()) with -XX:-DoJVMTIVirtualThreadTransitions
P4 JDK-8319961 JvmtiEnvBase doesn't zero _ext_event_callbacks
P4 JDK-8312174 missing JVMTI events from vthreads parked during JVMTI attach
P4 JDK-8309663 test fails "assert(check_alignment(result)) failed: address not aligned: 0x00000008baadbabe"


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8317335 Build on windows fails after 8316645
P2 JDK-8316468 os::write incorrectly handles partial write
P2 JDK-8315206 RISC-V: hwprobe query is_set return wrong value
P2 JDK-8316746 Top of lock-stack does not match the unlocked object
P3 JDK-8309209 C2 failed "assert(_stack_guard_state == stack_guard_reserved_disabled) failed: inconsistent state"
P3 JDK-8316436 ContinuationWrapper uses unhandled nullptr oop
P3 JDK-8318895 Deoptimization results in incorrect lightweight locking stack
P3 JDK-8319104 GtestWrapper crashes with SIGILL in AsyncLogTest::test_asynclog_raw on AIX opt
P3 JDK-8317262 LockStack::contains(oop) fails "assert(t->is_Java_thread()) failed: incorrect cast to JavaThread"
P3 JDK-8306561 Possible out of bounds access in print_pointer_information
P3 JDK-8315195 RISC-V: Update hwprobe query for new extensions
P3 JDK-8319828 runtime/NMT/ may fail if mixing interpreted and compiled native invocations
P4 JDK-8311261 [AIX] fails due to java.lang.RuntimeException: Did not find expected NMT output
P4 JDK-8219652 [aix] Tests failing with JNI attach problems.
P4 JDK-8312078 [PPC] Failing on AIX
P4 JDK-8316585 [REDO] runtime/InvocationTests spend a lot of time on dependency verification
P4 JDK-8308479 [s390x] Implement alternative fast-locking scheme
P4 JDK-8313781 Add regression tests for large page logging and user-facing error messages
P4 JDK-8316958 Add test for unstructured locking
P4 JDK-8313782 Add user-facing warning if THPs are enabled but cannot be used
P4 JDK-8318525 Atomic gtest should run as TEST_VM to access VM capabilities
P4 JDK-8318591 avoid leaks in loadlib_aix.cpp reload_table()
P4 JDK-8318089 Class space not marked as such with NMT when CDS is off
P4 JDK-8317294 Classloading throws exceptions over already pending exceptions
P4 JDK-8316967 Correct the scope of vmtimer in UnregisteredClasses::load_class
P4 JDK-8317711 Exclude gtest/ on AIX
P4 JDK-8319542 Fix boundaries of region to be tested with os::is_readable_range
P4 JDK-8317790 Fix Bug entry for exclusion of runtime/jni/terminatedThread/ on AIX
P4 JDK-8318474 Fix memory reporter for thread_count
P4 JDK-8316581 Improve performance of Symbol::print_value_on()
P4 JDK-8317692 jcmd GC.heap_dump performance regression after JDK-8292818
P4 JDK-8317772 NMT: Make peak values available in release builds
P4 JDK-8315362 NMT: summary diff reports threads count incorrectly
P4 JDK-8316735 Print LockStack in hs_err files
P4 JDK-8318587 refresh libraries cache on AIX in print_vm_info
P4 JDK-8316859 RISC-V: Disable detection of V through HWCAP
P4 JDK-8316645 RISC-V: Remove dependency on libatomic by adding cmpxchg 1b
P4 JDK-8316566 RISC-V: Zero extended narrow oop passed to Atomic::cmpxchg
P4 JDK-8312434 SPECjvm2008/xml.transform with CDS fails with "can't seal package nu.xom"
P4 JDK-8313616 support loading library members on AIX in os::dll_load
P4 JDK-8316060 test/hotspot/jtreg/runtime/reflect/ may fail if heap is huge
P4 JDK-8315869 UseHeavyMonitors not used
P4 JDK-8310596 Utilize existing method frame::interpreter_frame_monitor_size_in_bytes()
P5 JDK-8318528 Rename TestUnstructuredLocking test


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8321067 Unlock experimental options in
P4 JDK-8315437 Enable parallelism in vmTestbase/nsk/monitoring/stress/classload tests
P4 JDK-8316142 Enable parallelism in vmTestbase/nsk/monitoring/stress/lowmem tests
P4 JDK-8315442 Enable parallelism in vmTestbase/nsk/monitoring/stress/thread tests
P4 JDK-8316778 test hprof lib: invalid array element type from JavaValueArray.elementSize


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8315770 serviceability/sa/ should run with -XX:-VerifyDependencies
P4 JDK-8316401 sun/tools/jhsdb/ failed with "InternalError: We should have found a thread that owns the anonymous lock"


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8315937 Enable parallelism in vmTestbase/nsk/stress/numeric tests
P4 JDK-8315415 OutputAnalyzer.shouldMatchByLine() fails in some cases
P4 JDK-8314242 Update applications/scimark/ to accept VM flags


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8286757 adlc tries to build with /pathmap but without /experimental:deterministic
P3 JDK-8315499 build using devkit on Linux ppc64le RHEL puts path to devkit into libsplashscreen
P3 JDK-8317807 JAVA_FLAGS removed from jtreg running in JDK-8317039
P3 JDK-8318669 Target OS detection in 'test-prebuilt' makefile target is incorrect when running on MSYS2
P3 JDK-8313167 Update to use jtreg 7.3
P3 JDK-8314495 Update to use jtreg 7.3.1
P4 JDK-8312466 /bin/nm usage in AIX makes needs -X64 flag
P4 JDK-8315062 [GHA] get-bootjdk action should return the abolute path
P4 JDK-8315863 [GHA] Update checkout action to use v4
P4 JDK-8311938 Add default cups include location for configure on AIX
P4 JDK-8317510 Change Windows debug symbol files naming to avoid losing info when an executable and a library share the same name
P4 JDK-8317039 Enable specifying the JDK used to run jtreg
P4 JDK-8316461 Fix: make test outputs TEST SUCCESS after unsuccessful exit
P4 JDK-8320053 GHA: Cross-compile gtest code
P4 JDK-8318961 increase javacserver connection timeout values and max retry attempts
P4 JDK-8316648 jrt-fs.jar classes not reproducible between standard and bootcycle builds
P4 JDK-8316894 make test TEST="jtreg:test/jdk/..." fails on AIX
P4 JDK-8318540 make test cannot run .jasm tests directly
P4 JDK-8313244 NM flags handling in configure process
P4 JDK-8312467 relax the builddir check in make/autoconf/basic.m4
P4 JDK-8315688 Update jdk21u fix version to 21.0.2
P4 JDK-8317601 Windows build on WSL broken after JDK-8317340
P4 JDK-8317340 Windows builds are not reproducible if MS VS compiler install path differs
P5 JDK-8317327 Remove JT_JAVA dead code in jib-profiles.js


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8318240 [AIX] test failure
P4 JDK-8316341 sun/security/pkcs11/ needs adjustment on Linux ppc64le Ubuntu 22


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8318759 Add four DigiCert root certificates
P2 JDK-8317374 Add Let's Encrypt ISRG Root X2
P2 JDK-8317373 Add Telia Root CA v2
P2 JDK-8319187 Add three eMudhra emSign roots
P3 JDK-8308592 Framework for CA interoperability testing
P3 JDK-8313206 PKCS11 tests silently skip execution
P3 JDK-8313575 Refactor PKCS11Test tests
P3 JDK-8320597 RSA signature verification fails on signed data that does not encode params correctly
P3 JDK-8268916 Tests for AffirmTrust roots
P4 JDK-8312126 NullPointerException in CertStore.getCRLs after 8297955
P4 JDK-8309305 sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/ fails with jtreg test timeout


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8314045 ArithmeticException in GaloisCounterMode
P3 JDK-8313742 ZipFile.getManifestName fails during jar verification for Spring Boot
P4 JDK-8315684 Parallelize sun/security/util/math/


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8161536 sun/security/pkcs11/sslecc/ fails with ProviderException


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8317967 Enhance test/jdk/javax/net/ssl/TLSCommon/ to handle default cases
P4 JDK-8295068 SSLEngine throws NPE parsing CertificateRequests
P4 JDK-8316671 sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/ test fails intermittent with Read timed out


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8316415 Parallelize sun/security/rsa/ subtests


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8315214 Do not run sun/tools/jhsdb tests concurrently


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8315644 increase timeout of sun/security/tools/jarsigner/


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8320001 javac crashes while adding type annotations to the return type of a constructor
P3 JDK-8322883 [BACKOUT] 8225377: type annotations are not visible to javac plugins across compilation boundaries
P3 JDK-8315452 Erroneous AST missing modifiers for partial input
P3 JDK-8318144 Match on enum constants with body compiles but fails with MatchException
P3 JDK-8225377 type annotations are not visible to javac plugins across compilation boundaries
P4 JDK-8317336 Assertion error thrown during 'this' escape analysis
P4 JDK-8317818 Combinatorial explosion during 'this' escape analysis
P4 JDK-8314632 Intra-case dominance check fails in the presence of a guard
P4 JDK-8314226 Series of colon-style fallthrough switch cases with guards compiled incorrectly
P4 JDK-8315735 VerifyError when switch statement used with synchronized block


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8319339 Internal error on spurious markup in a hybrid snippet


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8311591 Add SystemModulesPlugin test case that splits module descriptors with new local variables defined by DedupSetBuilder
P3 JDK-8315383 jlink SystemModulesPlugin incorrectly parses the options
P4 JDK-8315578 PPC builds are broken after JDK-8304913
P4 JDK-8315942 Sort platform enums and definitions after JDK-8304913 follow-ups
P4 JDK-8315579 SPARC64 builds are broken after JDK-8304913


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8301247 JPackage app-image exe launches multiple exe's in JDK 17+
P4 JDK-8314121 test tools/jpackage/share/ fails on RHEL8
P4 JDK-8311631 When multiple users run tools/jpackage/share/, Permission denied for writing /var/tmp/*.files


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8313792 Verify 4th party information in src/jdk.internal.le/share/legal/
P4 JDK-8319532 jshell - Non-sealed declarations sometimes break a snippet evaluation