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Issue Description
JDK-8273943 JEP 430: String Templates (Preview)
Enhance the Java programming language with string templates. String templates complement Java's existing string literals and text blocks by coupling literal text with embedded expressions and template processors to produce specialized results. This is a preview language feature and API.
JDK-8280836 JEP 431: Sequenced Collections
Introduce new interfaces to represent collections with a defined encounter order. Each such collection has a well-defined first element, second element, and so forth, up to the last element. It also provides uniform APIs for accessing its first and last elements, and for processing its elements in reverse order.
JDK-8272979 JEP 439: Generational ZGC
Improve application performance by extending the Z Garbage Collector (ZGC) to maintain separate generations for young and old objects. This will allow ZGC to collect young objects — which tend to die young — more frequently.
JDK-8300541 JEP 440: Record Patterns
Enhance the Java programming language with record patterns to deconstruct record values. Record patterns and type patterns can be nested to enable a powerful, declarative, and composable form of data navigation and processing.
JDK-8300542 JEP 441: Pattern Matching for switch
Enhance the Java programming language with pattern matching for switch expressions and statements. Extending pattern matching to switch allows an expression to be tested against a number of patterns, each with a specific action, so that complex data-oriented queries can be expressed concisely and safely.
JDK-8301625 JEP 442: Foreign Function & Memory API (Third Preview)
Introduce an API by which Java programs can interoperate with code and data outside of the Java runtime. By efficiently invoking foreign functions (i.e., code outside the JVM), and by safely accessing foreign memory (i.e., memory not managed by the JVM), the API enables Java programs to call native libraries and process native data without the brittleness and danger of JNI. This is a preview API.
JDK-8294349 JEP 443: Unnamed Patterns and Variables (Preview)
Enhance the Java language with unnamed patterns, which match a record component without stating the component's name or type, and unnamed variables, which can be initialized but not used. Both are denoted by an underscore character, _. This is a preview language feature.
JDK-8303683 JEP 444: Virtual Threads
Introduce virtual threads to the Java Platform. Virtual threads are lightweight threads that dramatically reduce the effort of writing, maintaining, and observing high-throughput concurrent applications.
JDK-8302326 JEP 445: Unnamed Classes and Instance Main Methods (Preview)
Evolve the Java language so that students can write their first programs without needing to understand language features designed for large programs. Far from using a separate dialect of Java, students can write streamlined declarations for single-class programs and then seamlessly expand their programs to use more advanced features as their skills grow. This is a preview language feature.
JDK-8304357 JEP 446: Scoped Values (Preview)
Introduce scoped values, values that may be safely and efficiently shared to methods without using method parameters. They are preferred to thread-local variables, especially when using large numbers of virtual threads. This is a preview API.
JDK-8305868 JEP 448: Vector API (Sixth Incubator)
Introduce an API to express vector computations that reliably compile at runtime to optimal vector instructions on supported CPU architectures, thus achieving performance superior to equivalent scalar computations.
JDK-8303167 JEP 449: Deprecate the Windows 32-bit x86 Port for Removal
Deprecate the Windows 32-bit x86 port, with the intent to remove it in a future release.
JDK-8306275 JEP 451: Prepare to Disallow the Dynamic Loading of Agents
Issue warnings when agents are loaded dynamically into a running JVM. These warnings aim to prepare users for a future release which disallows the dynamic loading of agents by default in order to improve integrity by default. Serviceability tools that load agents at startup will not cause warnings to be issued in any release.
JDK-8301034 JEP 452: Key Encapsulation Mechanism API
Introduce an API for key encapsulation mechanisms (KEMs), an encryption technique for securing symmetric keys using public key cryptography.
JDK-8306641 JEP 453: Structured Concurrency (Preview)
Simplify concurrent programming by introducing an API for structured concurrency. Structured concurrency treats groups of related tasks running in different threads as a single unit of work, thereby streamlining error handling and cancellation, improving reliability, and enhancing observability. This is a preview API.



Issue Description

Generate "output file clash" Warning when an Output File is Overwritten During Compilation

Prior to JDK 21, the javac compiler was overwriting some output files during compilation. This can occur, for example, on case-insensitive filesystems.

Starting from JDK 21 a new compiler option: -Xlint:output-file-clash has been added to the javac compiler. This new option should provide a way for users experiencing this problem to convert what is currently a runtime error into a compile-time warning (or error with -Werror). This new compiler option enables output file clash detection. The term "output file" covers class files, source files, and native header files.


Emit `synthetic` and `mandated` Flags for Parameters by Default

Prior to JDK 21, the javac compiler did not always mark method parameters as synthetic or mandated when applicable. Starting with JDK 21, the javac compiler emits the MethodParameters attribute in the class file when applicable. This attribute stores information on whether or not parameters are synthetic or mandated. This change applies to all release and target versions supported by javac since all currently supported releases and targets have the MethodParameters attribute defined.

This change is justified by JLS § 13.1, in particular:

A binary representation for a class or interface must also contain all of the following: 


11. A construct emitted by a Java compiler must be marked as synthetic if it does not
    correspond to a construct declared explicitly or implicitly in source code, unless
    the emitted construct is a class initialization method (JVMS §2.9).
12. A construct emitted by a Java compiler must be marked as mandated if it corresponds
    to a formal parameter declared implicitly in source code (§8.8.1, §8.8.9, §8.9.3,


Generate "potentially ambiguous overload" Warning for Inherited Methods

Prior to JDK 21, the javac compiler was omitting some "potentially ambiguous overload" warnings enabled by the -Xlint:overloads option.

If the -Xlint:overloads option is enabled, the compiler warns when the methods in a class create a potential ambiguity for method invocations containing an implicit lambda expression parameter like x -> { ... }. An ambiguity can occur if two or more methods could match such a method call, like when one method takes a Consumer<Integer> parameter where the other takes an IntConsumer. For example, the javac compiler should issue a warning for code such as:

` interface I { void foo(Consumer<Integer> c); void foo(IntConsumer c); } `

Prior to JDK 21, the warning was only issued for a class if one of the methods was declared in the class. The javac compiler now also warns when neither method is declared in the class. That is, both methods are inherited from supertypes. For example, for code like:

``` interface I { void foo(Consumer c); }

interface J {
    void foo(IntConsumer c);

interface K extends I, J {}



New `javac` Warning When Calling Overridable Methods in Constructors

The new lint option, this-escape, has been added to javac to warn about calls to overridable methods in the constructor body which might result in access to a partially constructed object from subclasses.

The new warning can be suppressed using SuppressWarnings("this-escape").


Disallow Extra Semicolons Between "import" Statements

The Java Language Specification does not allow extra semicolons to appear between import statements, yet the compiler was allowing them; JDK-8027682 fixed this.

As a result, a program like this, which previously would have compiled successfully:

import java.util.Map;;;;
import java.util.Set;
class Test { }

will now generate an error: error: extraneous semicolon
import java.util.Map;;;;

For backward compatibility, when compiling source versions prior to 21, a warning is generated instead of an error.


Detection for Output File Clashes

A new compiler lint flag, output-file-clash, enables detection of output file clashes. An output file clash is when the compiler intends to write two different output files, but due to the behavior of the operating system, these files end up being written to the same underlying file.

This usually happens due to case-insensitive file systems. For example, a class like this would cause two class files to be written to the same file, Test$Inner.class:

`java public class Test { class Inner { } class INNER { } } However, this problem can also happen when the file system "normalizes" file names. For example, on macOS, compiling this class will generate such a clash: ``java public class Test { interface Cafe\u0301 { } interface Caf\u00e9 { } } `` The reason is that\u0301is the Unicode character "Combining Acute Accent" which means "add an accent over the previous character". MacOS normalizes the letterefollowed by a\u0301into a Unicode\u00e9, that is,é. However, the Java language treats these the two names,Cafe\u0301andCaf\u00e9`, as distinct.

Compiling the example above on macOS with -Xlint:output-file-clash will now generate a warning like this: ` warning: [output-file-clash] output file written more than once: /home/test/Test$Café.class `


`javac` Message If Implicit Annotation Processors Are Being Used

Annotation processing by javac is enabled by default, including when no annotation processing configuration options are present. Implicit annotation processing by default may be disabled in a future release, possibly as early as JDK 22. To alert javac users of this possibility, in JDK 21 javac prints a note if implicit annotation processing is being used. The text of the note is:

` Annotation processing is enabled because one or more processors were found on the class path. A future release of javac may disable annotation processing unless at least one processor is specified by name (-processor), or a search path is specified (--processor-path, --processor-module-path), or annotation processing is enabled explicitly (-proc:only, -proc:full). Use -Xlint:-options to suppress this message. Use -proc:none to disable annotation processing. `

Good build hygiene includes explicitly configuring annotation processing. To ease the transition to a different default policy in the future, the new-in-JDK-21 -proc:full javac option requests the current default behavior of looking for annotation processors on the class path.


Annotations with No `@Target` Annotation Should Be Applicable to Type Parameter Declarations

Prior to JDK 21, the javac compiler was not allowing annotations with no @Target annotation to be applied to type parameter declarations.

This is a bug in the javac compiler in versions prior to JDK21. JLS specifies that annotations without an @Target annotation are applicable in 'all declaration contexts', which includes type parameter declarations.

Starting from JDK21, the javac compiler will accept code like:

``` import java.lang.annotation.Retention; import java.lang.annotation.RetentionPolicy;

@Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) @interface Anno {}

class C@Anno T {} ```

This change affects compilations targeting -source/--release 14 and higher.


Issue Description

New `StringBuilder` and `StringBuffer` `repeat` Methods

The methods public StringBuilder repeat(int codePoint, int count) and public StringBuilder repeat(CharSequence cs, int count) have been added to java.lang.StringBuilder and java.lang.StringBuffer to simplify the appending of multiple copies of characters or strings. For example, sb.repeat('-', 80) will insert 80 hyphens into the value of the java.lang.StringBuilder sb object.


`java.util.Formatter` May Return Slightly Different Results on `double` and `float`

The implementation of java.util.Formatter for double and float conversions to decimal ('e', 'E', 'f', 'g', 'G') is now aligned with the one in Double.toString(double), which was changed in JDK 19.

As a consequence, in some rare circumstances, the outcomes may slightly differ from the ones in earlier releases.

One example is with double 2e23 and format "%.16e". With this change, the outcome is 2.0000000000000000e+23, while earlier releases produce 1.9999999999999998e+23. Any smaller precision in the format (e.g., "%.15e") on this value will produce outcomes that are equal to each other, though.

Another example is with double 9.9e-324 and format "%.2g". The new outcome is 9.9e-324, but earlier releases generate "1.0e-323".


Issue Description

JDK Tool Access in JShell

The JShell tool for interactive exploration of Java code has been enhanced with a new predefined script, TOOLING. The TOOLING script provides direct access to the JDK's command line tools, such as javac, javadoc, and javap, from within JShell.

Similar to the existing predefined DEFAULT and PRINTING scripts, the TOOLING script can be loaded when JShell starts by running: jshell TOOLING. Alternatively, it can be loaded within a JShell session by using: /open TOOLING. With the TOOLING script loaded, JDK tools can be run by passing a name and arguments to the method run(String name, String... args). The method tools() prints the names of available tools.

The TOOLING script defines convenience methods for the most commonly used tools, such as javac(String... args). Here is an example of running the javap tool that disassembles and prints an overview of a class or interface:

`text jshell> interface Empty {} jshell> javap(Empty.class) `


Issue Description

New Network Interface Names on Windows

Maintainers of applications that do network multicasting or use the API should note that the names that the JDK assigns to network interfaces on Windows have changed in this release. The JDK historically synthesized names for network interfaces on Windows. This has changed to use the names assigned by the Windows operating system. For example, the JDK may have historically assigned a name such as “eth0” for an ethernet interface and “lo” for the loopback. The equivalent names that Windows assigns may be names such as “ethernet32768” and “loopback0".

This change may impact code that does a lookup of network interfaces with the NetworkInterace.getByName(String name) method. It also may also be surprising to code that enumerates all network interfaces with the NetworkInterfaces.networkInterfaces() or NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces() methods as the names of the network interfaces will look different to previous releases. Depending on configuration, it is possible that enumerating all network interfaces will enumerate network interfaces that weren’t previously enumerated because they didn’t have an Internet Protocol address assigned. The display name returned by NetworkInterface::getDisplayName has not changed so this should facilitate the identification of network interfaces when using Windows native tools.


The `` Is Now AutoCloseable

The following methods have been added to the API:

  • void close(): closes the client gracefully, waiting for submitted requests to complete.
  • void shutdown(): initiates a graceful shutdown, then returns immediately without waiting for the client to terminate.
  • void shutdownNow(): initiates an immediate shutdown, trying to interrupt active operations, and returns immediately without waiting for the client to terminate.
  • boolean awaitTermination(Duration duration), waits for the client to terminate, within the given duration; returns true if the client is terminated, false otherwise.
  • boolean isTerminated(): returns true if the client is terminated.

The instances returned by HttpClient.newHttpClient(), and the instances built from HttpClient.newBuilder(), provide a best effort implementation for these methods. They allow the reclamation of resources allocated by the HttpClient early, without waiting for its garbage collection.

Note that an HttpClient instance typically manages its own pools of connections, which it may then reuse when necessary. Connection pools are typically not shared between HttpClient instances. Creating a new client for each operation, though possible, will usually prevent reusing such connections.


Issue Description

JVM TI `ThreadStart` and `ThreadEnd` Events Not Sent for Virtual Threads

Maintainers of JVM Tool Interface (JVM TI) agents should note that JVM TI now specifies that the ThreadStart and ThreadEnd events are not sent for virtual threads. This is different from when virtual threads were a preview feature in Java 19 and Java 20. When the feature was in preview, these events were sent for virtual threads even when the can_support_virtual_threads capability was not enabled. Agents that wish to be notified when virtual threads start or terminate need to add the can_support_virtual_threads capability and enable the VirtualThreadStart and VirtualThreadEnd events.


Issue Description

Warning Printed when an Agent Is Loaded into a Running VM

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) now prints a warning to standard error when a JVM Tool Interface (JVM TI) agent or Java Agent is dynamically loaded into a running JVM. The warning is intended to prepare for a future release that disallows, by default, dynamic loading of agent code into a running JVM.

Agents are programs that run in the JVM process and make use of powerful JVM TI or java.lang.instrument APIs. These APIs are designed to support tooling such as profilers and debuggers. Agents are started via a command line option, for example -agentlib or -javaagent, or they can be started into a running VM using the JDK specific API or the jcmd command. Agents loaded into a running VM will now print a warning. There is no warning for agents that are loaded at startup via command line options.

The HotSpot VM option EnableDynamicAgentLoading controls dynamic loading of agents. This option has existed since JDK 9. The default, since JDK 9, is to allow dynamic loading of agents. Running with -XX:+EnableDynamicAgentLoading on the command line serves as an explicit "opt-in" that allows agent code to be loaded into a running VM and thus suppresses the warning. Running with -XX:-EnableDynamicAgentLoading disallows agent code from being loaded into a running VM and can be used to test possible future behavior.

In addition, the system property jdk.instrument.traceUsage can be used to trace uses of the java.lang.instrument API. Running with -Djdk.instrument.traceUsage or -Djdk.instrument.traceUsage=true causes usages of the API to print a trace message and stack trace. This can be used to identify agents that are dynamically loaded instead of being started on the command line with -javaagent.

More information on this change can be found in JEP 451.


Issue Description

Emit Warning for Removal of `COMPAT` Provider

Users now see a warning message if they specify either COMPAT or JRE locale data with the java.locale.providers system property and call some locale-sensitive operations. COMPAT was provided for migration to the CLDR locale data at the time of JDK 9, where it became the default locale data (JEP 252). JDK 21 retains the legacy locale data of JDK 8 for compatibility, but some of the newer functionalities are not applied. The legacy locale data will be removed in a future release. Users are encouraged to migrate to the CLDR locale data.


Support for CLDR Version 43

Locale data based on the Unicode Consortium's CLDR has been upgraded to version 43. The JDK locale data now employs coverageLevels.txt, including the 'basic' and above level locale data, in addition to the data already existing in prior JDK releases for compatibility. For detailed locale data changes, please refer to the Unicode Consortium's CLDR release notes.


Issue Description

Fixed Indefinite `jspawnhelper` Hangs

Since JDK 13, executing commands in a sub-process uses the so-called POSIX_SPAWN launching mechanism (that is, -Djdk.lang.Process.launchMechanism=POSIX_SPAWN) by default on Linux. In cases where the parent JVM process terminates abnormally before the handshake between the JVM and the newly created jspawnhelper process has completed, jspawnhelper can hang indefinitely in JDK 13 to JDK 20. This issue is fixed in JDK 21. The issue was especially harmful if the parent process had open sockets, because in that case, the forked jspawnhelper process will inherit them and keep all the corresponding ports open, effectively preventing other processes from binding to them.

This misbehavior has been observed with applications which frequently fork child processes in environments with tight memory constraints. In such cases, the OS can kill the JVM in the middle of the forking process leading to the described issue. Restarting the JVM process after such a crash will be impossible if the new process tries to bind to the same ports as the initial application because they will be blocked by the hanging jspawnhelper child process.

The root cause of this issue is jspawnhelper's omission to close its writing end of the pipe, which is used for the handshake with the parent JVM. It was fixed by closing the writing end of the communication pipe before attempting to read data from the parent process. This way, jspawnhelper will reliably read an EOF event from the communication pipe and terminate once the parent process dies prematurely.

A second variant of this issue could happen because the handshaking code in the JDK didn't handle interrupts to write(2) correctly. This could lead to incomplete messages being sent to the jspawnhelper child process. The result is a deadlock between the parent thread and the child process which manifests itself in a jspawnhelper process being blocked while reading from a pipe and the following stack trace in the corresponding parent Java process: ` java.lang.Thread.State: RUNNABLE at java.lang.ProcessImpl.forkAndExec(java.base@17.0.7/Native Method) at java.lang.ProcessImpl.<init>(java.base@17.0.7/ at java.lang.ProcessImpl.start(java.base@17.0.7/ at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(java.base@17.0.7/ at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(java.base@17.0.7/ `


`Runtime.exec` and `ProcessBuilder` Logging of Command Arguments

Processes started by Runtime.exec and ProcessBuilder can be enabled to log the command, arguments, directory, stack trace, and process id. The exposure of this information should be reviewed before implementation. Logging of the information is enabled when the logging level of the System#getLogger(String) named java.lang.ProcessBuilder is System.Logger.Level.DEBUG or Logger.Level.TRACE. When enabled for Level.DEBUG, only the process id, directory, command, and stack trace are logged. When enabled for Level.TRACE, the command arguments are included with the process id, directory, command, and stack trace.


Unicode Emoji Properties

The following six new methods are added to java.lang.Character for obtaining Emoji character properties, which are defined in the Unicode Emoji Technical Standard (UTS #51) : ` - isEmoji(int codePoint) - isEmojiPresentation(int codePoint) - isEmojiModifier(int codePoint) - isEmojiModifierBase(int codePoint) - isEmojiComponent(int codePoint) - isExtendedPictographic(int codePoint) `


`Math.clamp()` and `StrictMath.clamp()` Methods

The methods Math.clamp() and StrictMath.clamp() are added to conveniently clamp the numeric value between the specified minimum and maximum values. Four overloads are provided in both Math and StrictMath classes for int, long, float, and double types. A clamp(long value, int min, int max) overload can also be used to safely narrow a long value to int.


New `String` `indexOf(int,int,int)` and `indexOf(String,int,int)` Methods to Support a Range of Indices

Two new methods indexOf(int ch, int beginIndex, int endIndex) and indexOf(String str, int beginIndex, int endIndex) are added to java.lang.String to support forward searches of character ch, and of String str, respectively, and limited to the specified range of indices.

Besides full control on the search range, they are safer to use than indexOf(int ch, int fromIndex) and indexOf(String str, int fromIndex), respectively, because they throw an exception on illegal search ranges.

Method indexOf(int ch, int beginIndex, int endIndex) is covered by JDK-8302590, and method `indexOf(String str, int beginIndex, int endIndex) is covered by JDK-8303648.


New `String` `indexOf(int,int,int)` and `indexOf(String,int,int)` Methods to Support a Range of Indices

Two new methods indexOf(int ch, int beginIndex, int endIndex) and indexOf(String str, int beginIndex, int endIndex) are added to java.lang.String to support forward searches of character ch, and of String str, respectively, and limited to the specified range of indices.

Besides full control on the search range, they are safer to use than indexOf(int ch, int fromIndex) and indexOf(String str, int fromIndex), respectively, because they throw an exception on illegal search ranges.

Method indexOf(int ch, int beginIndex, int endIndex) is covered by JDK-8302590, and method `indexOf(String str, int beginIndex, int endIndex) is covered by JDK-8303648.


`ThreadGroup.allowThreadSuspension` Is Removed

The method java.lang.ThreadGroup.allowThreadSuspension(boolean) has been removed in this release. The method was used for low memory handling in JDK 1.1 but was never fully specified. It was deprecated and changed to "do nothing" in JDK 1.2 (1998).


`Thread.sleep(millis, nanos)` Is Now Able to Perform Sub-Millisecond Sleeps

The Thread.sleep(millis, nanos) method is now able to perform sub-millisecond sleeps on POSIX platforms. Before this change, a non-zero nanos argument would round up to a full millisecond. While the precision is improved on most POSIX systems, the actual sleep duration is still subject to the precision and accuracy of system facilities.


The `java.lang.Compiler` Class Has Been Removed

The java.lang.Compiler class has been removed. This under-specified API dates from JDK 1.0 and the "Classic VM" used in early JDK releases. Its implementation in the HotSpot VM does nothing but print a warning that it is not supported. The class has been deprecated and marked for removal since JavaSE 9.


Removal of the `java.compiler` System Property

The system property java.compiler has been removed from the list of standard system properties.

Running with this system property set on the command line will now print a warning to say that the system property is obsolete; it has no other effect. In previous releases, running with -Djava.compiler or -Djava.compiler=NONE on the command line selected interpreter only execution mode. If needed, the -Xint option can be used to run in interpreter only mode.


`System.exit()` and `Runtime.exit()` Logging

Calls to java.lang.System.exit() and Runtime.exit() are logged to the logger named java.lang.Runtime with a logging level of System.Logger.DEBUG. When the configuration of the logger allows, the caller can be identified from the stacktrace included in the log.


Issue Description

Support for Password-Based Cryptography in SunPKCS11

The SunPKCS11 security provider now supports Password-Based Cryptography algorithms for Cipher, Mac, and SecretKeyFactory service types. You will find the list of algorithms in JDK-8308719. As a result of this enhancement, SunPKCS11 can now be used for privacy and integrity in PKCS #12 key stores.


SunPKCS11 Provider Now Uses the Same DH Private Exponent Length as Other JDK Providers

When initializing the DH KeyPairGenerator implementation of the SunPKCS11 provider with the keysize argument, it looks up the default DH parameters, including the default private exponent length used by other JDK providers, to initialize the underlying native PKCS11 implementation. If the KeyPairGenerator implementation is initialized with the DHParameterSpec object having a negative private exponent length, this invalid negative value will also be overridden with a default value matching the DH prime size.


Issue Description

Unnamed Classes and Instance Main Methods (Preview)

Unnamed classes and instance main methods enable students to write streamlined declarations for single-class programs and then seamlessly expand their programs later to use more advanced features as their skills grow. Unnamed classes allow the user to provide class content without the full ceremony of the class declaration. The instance main method feature allows the user to drop the formality of public static void main(String[] args) and simply declare void main().


String Templates (Preview)

String templates allow text and expressions to be composed without using the + operator. The result is often a string, but can also be an object of another type. Each string template has a template processor that validates the text and expressions before composing them, achieving greater safety than basic 'string interpolation' features in other languages.


Issue Description

`-XshowSettings:locale` Output Now Includes Tzdata Version

The -XshowSettings launcher option has been enhanced to print the tzdata version configured with the JDK. The tzdata version is displayed as part of the locale showSettings option.

Example output using -X:showSettings:locale: ` ..... Locale settings: default locale = English default display locale = English default format locale = English tzdata version = 2023c ..... `


Issue Description

Support for GB18030-2022

China National Standard body (CESI) has recently published GB18030-2022 which is an updated version of the GB18030 standard and brings GB18030 in sync with Unicode version 11.0. The Charset implementation for this new standard has now replaced the prior 2000 standard. However, this new standard has some incompatible changes from the prior implementation. For those who need to use the old mappings, a new system property jdk.charset.GB18030 is introduced. By setting its value to 2000, the previous JDK releases' mappings for the GB18030 Charset are used which are based on the 2000 standard.


Issue Description

`` Is Removed

The class has been removed. The IIOP transport was removed from the JMX Remote API in Java 9. This class has been deprecated and its constructor changed to throw UnsupportedOperationException since Java 9.


Deprecate JMX Subject Delegation and the `JMXConnector.getMBeanServerConnection(Subject)` Method for Removal

The JMX Subject Delegation feature is deprecated and marked for removal in a future release. This feature is enabled by the method which is deprecated for removal.

If a client application needs to perform operations as, or on behalf of, multiple identities, it will need to make multiple calls to JMXConnectorFactory.connect() and to the getMBeanServerConnection() method on the returned JMXConnector.


Issue Description

The `MetaspaceReclaimPolicy` Flag has Been Obsoleted

The option MetaspaceReclaimPolicy existed to fine-tune the memory reclamation behavior of metaspace after class unloading. In practice, this had limited effect and was rarely used.

The option has therefore been obsoleted. It now produces an obsolete warning and is ignored.


The `JNI_GetCreatedJavaVMs` Method Will Now Only Return a Fully Initialized VM

In prior releases, JNI_GetCreatedJavaVMs: ` jint JNI_GetCreatedJavaVMs(JavaVM **vmBuf, jsize bufLen, jsize *nVMs); could return aJavaVM, via thevmBufarray, that was still in the process of being initialized and may not be ready for use. This has now changed so that it will only return fully initialized VMs. It is important that the programmer checks that the returned number of VMs, innVMs, is greater than zero, before trying to use anyvmBuf` entries.


Obsolete Legacy HotSpot Parallel Class Loading Workaround Option `-XX:+EnableWaitForParallelLoad` Is Removed

Some older, user-defined class loaders would workaround a deadlock issue by releasing the class loader lock during the loading process. To prevent these loaders from encountering a java.lang.LinkageError: attempted duplicate class definition while loading the same class by parallel threads, the HotSpot Virtual Machine introduced a workaround in JDK 6 that serialized the load attempts, causing the subsequent attempts to wait for the first to complete.

The need for class loaders to work this way was removed in JDK 7 when parallel-capable class loaders were introduced, but the workaround remained in the VM. The workaround was deprecated in JDK 20 and the option -XX:+EnableWaitForParallelLoad was introduced for users who relied on this legacy behavior. The default for this option was off.

In JDK 21, the option -XX:+EnableWaitForParallelLoad, and the code to support it, has been removed.

See CSR JDK-8304056 for more details.


Print LockStack in hs_err files

We have seen bugs related to the new locking which is used by default since JDK-8315880. It would be helpful to see the LockStack of a crashing JavaThread in hs_err files.


Issue Description

Sequenced Collections

The Sequenced Collection API introduces several new interfaces into the collections framework, providing enhancements to many existing collections classes. The new API facilitates access to elements at each end of a sequenced collection, and provides the ability to view and iterate such collections in reverse order. See JEP 431 for additional information.

The introduction of new collections interfaces, along with default methods, introduces some compatibility risk, including the possibility of both source and binary incompatibilities. The introduction of default methods in an interface hierarchy may cause conflicts with methods declared on existing classes or interfaces that extend collections interfaces - this could result in either source or binary incompatibilities. The introduction of new interfaces also introduces new types into the system, which can change the results of type inference, leading in turn to source incompatibilities.

For a discussion of potential incompatibilities and possible ways to mitigate them, please see the document JDK 21: Sequenced Collections Incompatibilities.


Issue Description

Added Certigna(Dhimyotis) CA Certificate

The following root certificate has been added to the cacerts truststore: ` + Certigna (Dhimyotis) + certignaca DN: CN=Certigna, O=Dhimyotis, C=FR `


Added 4 GTS Root CA Certificates

The following root certificates have been added to the cacerts truststore: ``` + Google Trust Services LLC + gtsrootcar1 DN: CN=GTS Root R1, O=Google Trust Services LLC, C=US

  • Google Trust Services LLC

  • gtsrootcar2 DN: CN=GTS Root R2, O=Google Trust Services LLC, C=US

  • Google Trust Services LLC

  • gtsrootecccar3 DN: CN=GTS Root R3, O=Google Trust Services LLC, C=US

  • Google Trust Services LLC

  • gtsrootecccar4 DN: CN=GTS Root R4, O=Google Trust Services LLC, C=US ```


`keytool -genseckey` And `-importpass` Commands Warn if Weak PBE Algorithms Are Used

The keytool -genseckey and -importpass commands have been updated to warn users when weak password-based encryption algorithms are specified by the -keyalg option.


Added TWCA Root CA Certificate

The following root certificate has been added to the cacerts truststore: ` + TWCA + twcaglobalrootca DN: CN=TWCA Global Root CA, OU=Root CA, O=TAIWAN-CA, C=TW `


Added Microsoft Corporation's 2 TLS Root CA Certificates

The following root certificates have been added to the cacerts truststore: ``` + Microsoft Corporation + microsoftecc2017 DN: CN=Microsoft ECC Root Certificate Authority 2017, O=Microsoft Corporation, C=US

  • Microsoft Corporation
  • microsoftrsa2017 DN: CN=Microsoft RSA Root Certificate Authority 2017, O=Microsoft Corporation, C=US ```


Removed SECOM Trust System's RootCA1 Root Certificate

The following root certificate from SECOM Trust System has been removed from the cacerts keystore: ``` + alias name "secomscrootca1 [jdk]" Distinguished Name: OU=Security Communication RootCA1, O=SECOM, C=JP



KeyFactory Will Reject EncodedKeySpec With Extra Bytes at the End

If KeyFactory.generatePrivate or KeyFactory.generatePublic is called on a PKCS8EncodedKeySpec or X509EncodedKeySpec object that has extra bytes at the end of its ASN.1 encoding, an InvalidKeySpecException will be thrown. Before this code change, these extra bytes were ignored.


Enhance Contents (Trusted Certificate Entries) of macOS KeychainStore

The macOS KeychainStore implementation now exposes certificates with proper trust in the user domain, admin domain, or both. Before, only the user domain was considered. Furthermore, if there exists a "deny" entry for a particular purpose in a certificate's trust settings in either domain, the certificate will not be part of the macOS KeychainStore.


Enhanced OCSP, Certificate, and CRL Fetch Timeouts

This feature delivers an enhanced syntax for properties related to certificate, CRL, and OCSP connect and read timeouts. The new syntax allows the timeout values to be specified either in seconds or milliseconds. This feature also delivers three new System properties related to connect and read timeouts.

New properties: The existing property will now be paired with the new property. The former property will be used to set timeouts for the transport-layer connection while the latter will be used to manage timeouts for reading the data. The new and properties will be used to control connect and read timeouts, respectively, when following an X.509 certificate's AuthorityInfoAccess extension. For the certificate fetching properties, the property must be set to true in order for fetching to occur and these property timeouts to be enabled.

Enhanced timeout syntax: The new syntax applies to the aforementioned properties, and also to the and properties as well. The allowed syntax is as follows:

  • A decimal integer will be interpreted in seconds and ensures backward compatibility.
  • A decimal integer ending in "s" (case-insensitive, no space) appended to it. This will also be interpreted in seconds.
  • A decimal integer value with "ms" (case-insensitive, no space) appended to it. This will be interpreted as milliseconds. For example, a value of "2500ms" will be a 2.5 second timeout.
  • Negative, non-numeric, or non-decimal (for example, hexadecimal values prepended by "0x") values will be interpreted as illegal and will default to the 15 second timeout.
  • Whether the value is interpreted in seconds or milliseconds, a value of zero will disable the timeout.


Add `final` Keyword to Some Static Methods

Added the final keyword to the static, and methods.

This reverts changes made in JDKs 19 and 20.


Support for HSS/LMS Signature Verification

A new standard signature algorithm named "HSS/LMS" has been introduced. The HSS/LMS algorithm is defined in RFC 8554: Leighton-Micali Hash-Based Signatures and NIST Special Publication 800-208. New KeyFactory and Signature implementations are available for the algorithm. The KeyFactory only operates on public keys and the Signature only covers the verification part.


Issue Description

Error Computing the Amount of Milli- and Microseconds between `java.time.Instants`

The computation of the time between java.time.Instants using ChronoUnit.MILLIS.between(t1, t2), ChronoUnit.MICROS.between(t1, t2), t1.until(t2, MILLIS), or t1.until(t2, MICROS) has been corrected. The implementation computing the number of units between Instants, as of JDK 18, did not propagate carry and borrow between seconds and nanoseconds when computing milliseconds and microseconds.


Issue Description

Changes to JAXP Configuration Files

The following changes have been made with regard to the JAXP configuration files:

  • Added the file to the JDK at $JAVA_HOME/conf/ as the default JAXP configuration file. Property settings in the file reflect the current, built-in defaults for the JDK.

  • Added a new System Property, java.xml.config.file, for specifying the location of a custom configuration file. If it is set and the named file exists, the property settings contained in the file override those in the default JAXP configuration file. For more details, see the Configuration section of the module specification.

  • Deprecated the file that was defined in the StAX API and used by the StAX factories. It had been made redundant after StAX's integration into JAXP since the function has been fully covered by the JAXP configuration file. It is recommended that applications migrate to the JAXP configuration file as the file is deprecated and may no longer be supported in the future.


Issue Description

`ObjectInputStream::readObject()` Should Handle Negative Array Sizes without Throwing `NegativeArraySizeExceptions`

ObjectInputStream::readObject() now throws a StreamCorruptedException instead of a NegativeArraySizeException when reading an array with a negative array size from a corrupted object input stream. Collection classes with a custom readObject() method which previously threw a NegativeArraySizeException when the number of their elements read from the deserialization stream was negative will now throw a StreamCorruptedException instead.


Issue Description

New System Property to Toggle XML Signature Secure Validation Mode

A new system property named has been added. It can be used to enable or disable the XML Signature secure validation mode. The system property should be set to "true" to enable, or "false" to disable. Any other value for the system property is treated as "false". If the system property is set, it supersedes the XMLCryptoContext property value.

Secure validation mode is enabled by default if you are running the code with a SecurityManager, otherwise it is disabled by default.

New System Property to Toggle XML Signature Secure Validation Mode

A new system property named has been added. It can be used to enable or disable the XML Signature secure validation mode. The system property should be set to "true" to enable, or "false" to disable. Any other value for the system property is treated as "false". If the system property is set, it supersedes the XMLCryptoContext property value.

By default, secure validation mode is enabled. Disabling secure validation mode is done at your own risk.


Update XML Security for Java to 3.0.2

The XML Signature implementation has been updated to Santuario 3.0.2. Support for the following EdDSA signatures has been added: ED25519 and ED448. While these new algorithm URIs are not defined in javax.xml.crypto.dsig.SignatureMethod in the JDK Update releases, they may be represented as string literals in order to be functionally equivalent. The JDK supports EdDSA since JDK 15. Releases earlier than that may use 3rd party security providers. One other difference is that the JDK still supports the here() function by default. However, we recommend avoiding the use of the here() function in new signatures and replacing existing signatures that use the here() function. Future versions of the JDK will likely disable, and eventually remove, support for this function, as it cannot be supported using the standard Java XPath API. Users can now disable the here() function by setting the security property jdk.xml.dsig.hereFunctionSupported to "false".

Update XML Security for Java to 3.0.2

The XML Signature implementation has been updated to Santuario 3.0.2. The main, new feature is support for EdDSA. One difference is that the JDK still supports the here() function by default. However, we recommend avoiding the use of the here() function in new signatures and replacing existing signatures that use the here() function. Future versions of the JDK will likely disable, and eventually remove, support for this function, as it cannot be supported using the standard Java XPath API. Users can now disable the here() function by setting the security property jdk.xml.dsig.hereFunctionSupported to "false".


Issue Description

Removal of ContentSigner APIs and `jarsigner -altsigner` and `-altsignerpath` Options

The jarsigner options -altsigner and -altsignerpath have been removed, along with the underlying ContentSigner API in the com.sun.jarsigner package. The mechanism was deprecated in JDK 9 and marked for removal in JDK 15.


Issue Description

Support Unicode Extension for Collation Settings

The BCP 47 Unicode extension for the strength and normalization collation settings are now supported in the java.text.Collator. If the locale passed to the getInstance(Locale) factory method contains ks and/or kk collation settings, the created Collator instance is set to have the strength and the decomposition modes corresponding to the specified strength and normalization settings.


Support Variant Collations

java.text.Collator now supports multiple collations for a locale. The type of collation may be specified with the Unicode collation identifier if the runtime provides an implementation. For example, the Collator instance created with the locale sv-u-co-trad, traditional collation in the Swedish language, may sort strings, treating v and w the same.


Swedish Collation Rules

Swedish collation rules have been modified to reflect the modern sorting for the language. Collation in Swedish now distinguishes 'v' and 'w' as well as sorting alphabetically. For example, {"wb", "va", "vc"} is sorted as {"va", "vc", "wb"} with this change, whereas previously it was sorted as {"va", "wb", "vc"}. In order to specify the old collation, use the co Unicode identifier in the locale. Refer to Support variant collations for more detail.


Issue Description

Remove the JAR Index Feature

The "JAR Index" feature has been dropped from the JAR file specification. JAR Index was a legacy optimization in early JDK releases to allow downloading of JAR files to be postponed when loading applets or other classes over the network. The feature has been disabled since JDK 18, meaning the META-INF/INDEX.LIST entry in a JAR file is ignored at run-time.

The system property, introduced in JDK 18 to re-enable the feature, has been removed. Setting this property no longer has any effect.

As part of the change, the jar tool will now output a warning if the -i or --generate-index options are used.


Issue Description

java.lang.Float.floatToFloat16 and java.lang.Float.float16ToFloat May Return Different NaN Results when Optimized by the JIT Compiler

JDK 20 introduces two new methods which can be used to convert to and from the IEEE 754 binary16 format: java.lang.Float.floatToFloat16 and java.lang.Float.float16ToFloat.

The new methods may return different NaN results when optimized by the JIT compiler. To disable the JIT compiler optimization of these methods, the following command line options can be used:

-XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions -XX:DisableIntrinsic=_floatToFloat16,_float16ToFloat


Issue Description

The Default TLS Diffie-Hellman Group Size Has Been Increased from 1024-bit to 2048-bit

The JDK implementation of TLS 1.2 now uses a default Diffie Hellman keysize of 2048 bits when a TLS_DHE cipher suite is negotiated and either the client or server does not support FFDHE, which can negotiate a stronger keysize. The JDK TLS implementation supports FFDHE and it is enabled by default.

As a workaround, users can revert to the previous size by setting the jdk.tls.ephemeralDHKeySize system property to 1024 (at their own risk).

This change does not affect TLS 1.3 as the minimum DH group size is already 2048 bits.


Issue Description

Allow Key/Nonce Reuse for DECRYPT_MODE ChaCha20 and ChaCha20-Poly1305 Cipher Objects

The SunJCE implementation for Cipher objects using the ChaCha20 and ChaCha20-Poly1305 algorithms will now allow key/nonce reuse when in DECRYPT_MODE. This change aligns these algorithms with the current SunJCE AES-GCM decrypt mode behavior as it pertains to key/nonce reuse. All ENCRYPT_MODE key/nonce reuse prohibitions remain unchanged from their current behavior.


SunJCE Provider Now Supports SHA-512/224 and SHA-512/256 As Digests for the PBES2 Algorithms

The SunJCE provider is enhanced with additional PBES2 Cipher and Mac algorithms, such as those using SHA-512/224 and SHA-512/256 message digests. To be more specific, callers can now use the SunJCE provider for PBEWithHmacSHA512/224AndAES_128, PBEWithHmacSHA512/256AndAES_128, PBEWithHmacSHA512/224AndAES_256, and PBEWithHmacSHA512/256AndAES_256 Ciphers and PBEWithHmacSHA512/224, and PBEWithHmacSHA512/256 Mac.


Issue Description

`com.sun.nio.file.SensitivityWatchEventModifier` Is Deprecated

com.sun.nio.file.SensitivityWatchEventModifier has been deprecated and is marked for removal in a future release. The constants in this enum were used with the polling based WatchService implementation on macOS to set the interval when polling files for changes. The polling based WatchService has been changed to ignore these modifiers when registering files to be watched.


Clarification of the Default Charset Initialization with `file.encoding`

If the system property file.encoding is set on the command line to the name of a charset that is not in the java.base module, then the JDK will ignore it and default to UTF-8. In JDK 17 and older, the JDK would attempt to locate the charset, even though it was never supported or documented to change the value of this system property in these releases. Since JDK 18, it is possible to set the system property on the command line to the value UTF-8 (the default) or COMPAT. Setting it to any other value is not defined.


`FileChannel.transferFrom` Extends File if Called to Transfer Bytes to the File

FileChannel.transferFrom has changed in this release to support transferring bytes from a source channel to a file at a file position that is beyond the file's current size. FileChannel.transferFrom was previously specified to not transfer any bytes when called with a file position greater than the file's current size.


Issue Description

New JFR `View` Command

A new view command has been added to the JFR tool and jcmd. The command can aggregate and display event data in a tabular form without the need to dump a recording file or open JDK Mission Control. There are 70 predefined views, such as hot-methods, gc-pauses, pinned-threads, allocation-by-site, gc, memory-leaks-by-class, and more. A list of available views can be found through using jcmd <pid> JFR.view or jfr view.


Issue Description

Deprecate GTK2 for Removal

Implementation support for AWT/Swing using GTK2 on Linux is now deprecated for removal.

With the announcement of the GTK4 release in December 2020, the GTK 2 toolkit is reaching its end of life. GTK2 support is therefore expected to be removed some time after no JDK supported platform needs it.

GTK3 is the current default and Swing applications which opt-in to using GTK2 on Linux by setting the System Property -Djdk.gtk.version=2 will now see the following warning printed:

WARNING: the GTK 2 library is deprecated and its support will be removed in a future release.


Issue Description

Emoji Related Binary Properties in RegEx

Emoji-related properties introduced in (JDK-8303018) can now be used as binary properties in the java.util.regex.Pattern class. One can match characters that have Emoji-related properties with the new \p{IsXXX} constructs. For example, ` Pattern.compile("\\p{IsEmoji}").matcher("🉐").matches() returnstrue`.


New `splitWithDelimiters()` Methods Added to `String` and `java.util.regex.Pattern`

Unlike the split() methods, these new splitWithDelimiters() methods in java.lang.String and java.util.regex.Pattern return an alternation of strings and matching delimiters, rather than just the strings.


`java.util.regex.MatchResult` Might Throw `StringIndexOutOfBoundsException` on Regex Patterns Containing Lookaheads and Lookbehinds

JDK-8132995 introduced an unintended regression when using instances returned by java.util.regex.Matcher.toMatchResult().

This happens on java.util.regex.Patterns containing lookaheads and lookbehinds that, in turn, contain groups. If these are located outside the match, it results in throwing StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when accessing these groups. See JDK-8312976 for an example.


Issue Description

Support Searching for Section Headings in Generated Documentation

API documentation generated by JavaDoc now supports searching for headings of sections within the documentation.


Issue Description

``'s Canonical Path Cache Is Removed has historically cached canonical paths, and part paths, to help the performance of the File::getCanonicalFile and File::getCanonicalPath when running with a SecurityManager set. The cache had correctness issues in environments with symbolic links and has been disabled by default since JDK 12. The cache has been removed in this release, along with the system properties and Setting these properties no longer has any effect.


`File::listRoots` Changed to Return All Available Drives on Windows

The behavior of the method on Microsoft Windows has changed in this release so that the returned array includes a File object for all available disk drives. This differs from the behavior in JDK 10 to JDK 20, where this method filtered out disk drives that were not accessible or did not have media present. This change avoids performance issues observed in the previous releases and also ensures that the method is consistent with the root directories in the iteration returned by FileSystem.getDefault().getRootDirectories().


Issue Description

Generational ZGC

Applications running with Generational ZGC should enjoy: * Lower risks of allocations stalls, * Lower required heap memory overhead, and * Lower garbage collection CPU overhead.

Enable Generational ZGC with command line options -XX:+UseZGC -XX:+ZGenerational

For further details, see JEP 439.


Removal of G1 Hot Card Cache

The G1 Hot Card Cache has been removed. Performance testing has shown that after improvements to the concurrent refinement control, it does not contribute to performance.

Removal reduces the memory footprint of the G1 garbage collector by around 0.2% of the Java heap size.

The associated configuration options G1ConcRSLogCacheSize and G1ConcRSHotCardLimit have been obsoleted. A warning will be issued at startup about these options if they are used.


Last Resort G1 Full GC Moves Humongous Objects

A full garbage collection (GC) in the Garbage First (G1) collector now moves humongous objects to avoid Out-Of-Memory situations due to a lack of contiguous space in the Java heap when the application allocates humongous objects.

Previously, G1 failed to allocate those humongous objects, reporting an Out-Of-Memory exception in this situation.

This functionality is a last resort measure, causing a second full GC in the same pause after the previous full GC fails to clear out enough contiguous memory for the allocation.



Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8306279 Build failure after JDK-8299592
P3 JDK-8298887 On the latest macOS+XCode the Robot API may report wrong colors
P3 JDK-8307779 Relax the java.awt.Robot specification
P4 JDK-8307569 Build with gcc8 is broken after JDK-8307301
P4 JDK-8301443 Clean broken comments from Windows code
P4 JDK-8306575 Clean up and open source four Dialog related tests
P4 JDK-8306135 Clean up and open source some AWT tests
P4 JDK-8299430 Cleanup: delete unnecessary semicolons in java.desktop module
P4 JDK-8299592 Fix and reenable warnings in java.desktop native code compilation
P4 JDK-8298709 Fix typos in src/java.desktop/ and various test classes of client component
P4 JDK-8309224 Fix xlc17 clang 15 warnings in java.desktop
P4 JDK-8300692 GCC 12 reports some compiler warnings in bundled freetype
P4 JDK-8300488 Incorrect usage of CATCH_BAD_ALLOC as a macro call
P4 JDK-8302838 jabswitch main() should avoid calling exit explicitly
P4 JDK-8306280 Open source several choice AWT tests
P4 JDK-8300405 Screen capture for test, failure case
P4 JDK-8299774 SYNTH_BUTTON_UI_KEY field is unused
P4 JDK-8308240 Update ATR task definitions for JDK 21 for Client
P4 JDK-8304912 Use OperatingSystem enum in java.desktop module
P4 JDK-8305578 X11GraphicsDevice.pGetBounds() is slow in remote X11 sessions


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8304291 [AIX] Broken build after JDK-8301998
P3 JDK-8307603 [AIX] Broken build after JDK-8307301
P3 JDK-8307953 [AIX] C locale's font setting was changed by JEP 400
P3 JDK-8307604 gcc12 based Alpine build broken build after JDK-8307301
P3 JDK-8296920 Regression Test fails on MacOS
P3 JDK-6995195 Static initialization deadlock in sun.java2d.loops.Blit and GraphicsPrimitiveMgr
P3 JDK-8307178 sun/java2d/DirectX/OnScreenRenderingResizeTest/ fails
P3 JDK-8307177 sun/java2d/GdiRendering/ fails
P3 JDK-8306881 Update FreeType to 2.13.0
P3 JDK-8301998 Update HarfBuzz to 7.0.1
P3 JDK-8307301 Update HarfBuzz to 7.2.0
P3 JDK-8303482 Update LCMS to 2.15
P4 JDK-8298974 Add ftcolor.c to imported freetype sources
P4 JDK-8300167 Add validation of the raster's layout before using in native
P4 JDK-8306320 BufferedImage spec needs clarification w.r.t its implementation of the WritableRenderedImage interface
P4 JDK-8299261 Clean up AWT D3D exports
P4 JDK-8307132 Cleanup the code of sun.java2d.cmm.lcms package
P4 JDK-8304350 Font.getStringBounds calculates wrong width for TextAttribute.TRACKING other than 0.0
P4 JDK-8272288 Funky multiresolution image breaks graphics context
P4 JDK-8304295 harfbuzz build fails with GCC 7 after JDK-8301998
P4 JDK-8300725 Improve performance of ColorConvertOp for default destinations with alpha
P4 JDK-8304334 java/awt/color/ICC_ColorSpace/ times out on slow platforms
P4 JDK-8299260 libawt and libfreetype should export only explicitly requested symbols
P4 JDK-8304825 MacOS metal pipeline - window isn't painted if created during display sleep
P4 JDK-8295737 macOS: Print content cut off when width > height with portrait orientation
P4 JDK-4200096 OffScreenImageSource.removeConsumer NullPointerException
P4 JDK-8298240 Replace the usage of ImageLayoutException by the CMMException
P4 JDK-8284825 sun/java2d/DirectX/MultiPaintEventTest/ failed with "RuntimeException: Processed unnecessary paint()."
P4 JDK-8299772 The ColorModel.getRGBdefault() method is not thread-safe
P4 JDK-8299337 The java.awt.image.ColorModel#pData field is unused
P4 JDK-8299255 Unexpected round errors in FreetypeFontScaler
P4 JDK-8299333 Unify exceptions used by all variants of ICC_Profile.getInstance(null)
P4 JDK-8301254 UNIX sun/font coding does not detect SuSE in openSUSE Leap distribution
P5 JDK-8299425 "LCMSImageLayout.isIntPacked" flag can be deleted
P5 JDK-8299199 Avoid redundant split calls in FontConfiguration.initReorderMap implementations
P5 JDK-8300929 Avoid unnecessary array fill after creation in java.awt.image
P5 JDK-8304991 Redundant hyphen in @param results in double-dash in javadocs
P5 JDK-8298447 Unnecessary Vector usage in DocPrintJob implementations
P5 JDK-8300166 Unused array allocation in ProcessPath.doProcessPath
P5 JDK-8299497 Usage of constructors of primitive wrapper classes should be avoided in java.desktop API docs


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-7124527 [macosx] SwingSet2, label is not read by VoiceOver when focus is on textfield for Internalframe and Table demo.
P4 JDK-8304501 Remove orphaned demo netbeans projects


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8308370 Fix build failures related to the java.awt.Robot documentation
P2 JDK-8309703 AIX build fails after JDK-8280982
P2 JDK-8308875 java/awt/Toolkit/GetScreenInsetsCustomGC/ failed with 'Cannot invoke "sun.awt.X11GraphicsDevice.getInsets()" because "device" is null'
P2 JDK-8307799 Newly added java/awt/dnd/ has invalid jtreg `@requires` clause
P2 JDK-8311689 Wrong visible amount in Adjustable of ScrollPane
P3 JDK-8280982 [Wayland] [XWayland] java.awt.Robot taking screenshots
P3 JDK-8280994 [XWayland] Drag and Drop does not work in java -> wayland app direction
P3 JDK-8280993 [XWayland] Popup is not closed on click outside of area controlled by XWayland
P3 JDK-6176679 Application freezes when copying an animated gif image to the system clipboard
P3 JDK-8280031 Deprecate GTK2 for removal
P3 JDK-8297923 java.awt.ScrollPane broken after multiple scroll up/down
P3 JDK-8309756 Occasional crashes with pipewire screen capture on Wayland
P3 JDK-8193547 Regression automated test '/open/test/jdk/java/awt/Toolkit/DesktopProperties/' fails
P3 JDK-8310054 ScrollPane insets are incorrect
P3 JDK-8302849 SurfaceManager might expose partially constructed object
P3 JDK-8305815 Update Libpng to 1.6.39
P3 JDK-8305352 updateIconImages may lead to deadlock after JDK-8276849
P4 JDK-8305712 [MacOS] Deprecated Cocoa-NSEvent names
P4 JDK-8202931 [macos] java/awt/Choice/ChoicePopupLocation/ fails
P4 JDK-8292588 [macos] Multiscreen/MultiScreenLocationTest/ Robot.mouseMove test failed on Screen #0
P4 JDK-8282232 [Win] GetMousePositionWithPopup test fails due to wrong mouse position
P4 JDK-8289077 Add manual tests to open
P4 JDK-8305666 Add system property for fair AWT lock
P4 JDK-8298921 Create a regression test for JDK-8139581
P4 JDK-8301616 Drag & maximize to another monitor places window incorrectly (Windows)
P4 JDK-8283203 Fix typo in SystemTray.getTrayIconSize javadoc
P4 JDK-8304718 GetIntArrayElements should not be passed JNI_FALSE
P4 JDK-8298093 improve cleanup and error handling of awt_parseColorModel in awt_parseImage.c
P4 JDK-8279216 Investigate implementation of premultiplied alpha in the Little-CMS 2.13
P4 JDK-8307135 java/awt/dnd/NotReallySerializableTest/ failed
P4 JDK-8300727 java/awt/List/ListGarbageCollectionTest/ failed with "List wasn't garbage collected"
P4 JDK-8302671 libawt has a memmove decay error
P4 JDK-8304054 Linux: NullPointerException from FontConfiguration.getVersion in case no fonts are installed
P4 JDK-8286581 Make Java process DPI Aware if sun.java2d.dpiaware property is set
P4 JDK-8301756 Missed constructor from 8301659
P4 JDK-8307299 Move more DnD tests to open
P4 JDK-8307297 Move some DnD tests to open
P4 JDK-8306682 Open source a few more AWT Choice tests
P4 JDK-8306634 Open source AWT Event related tests
P4 JDK-8306067 Open source AWT Graphics,GridBagLayout related tests
P4 JDK-8305874 Open source AWT Key, Text Event related tests
P4 JDK-8306409 Open source AWT KeyBoardFocusManger, LightWeightComponent related tests
P4 JDK-8306489 Open source AWT List related tests
P4 JDK-8306652 Open source AWT MenuItem related tests
P4 JDK-8306076 Open source AWT misc tests
P4 JDK-8306850 Open source AWT Modal related tests
P4 JDK-8306133 Open source few AWT Drag & Drop related tests
P4 JDK-8305943 Open source few AWT Focus related tests
P4 JDK-8306060 Open source few AWT Insets related tests
P4 JDK-8306954 Open source five Focus related tests
P4 JDK-8306681 Open source more AWT DnD related tests
P4 JDK-8306466 Open source more AWT Drag & Drop related tests
P4 JDK-8306871 Open source more AWT Drag & Drop tests
P4 JDK-8306484 Open source several AWT Choice jtreg tests
P4 JDK-8305942 Open source several AWT Focus related tests
P4 JDK-8306812 Open source several AWT Miscellaneous tests
P4 JDK-8306072 Open source several AWT MouseInfo related tests
P4 JDK-8306137 Open source several AWT ScrollPane related tests
P4 JDK-8306432 Open source several AWT Text Component related tests
P4 JDK-8306640 Open source several AWT TextArea related tests
P4 JDK-8306683 Open source several clipboard and color AWT tests
P4 JDK-8306566 Open source several clipboard AWT tests
P4 JDK-8306752 Open source several container and component AWT tests
P4 JDK-8306753 Open source several container AWT tests
P4 JDK-8306941 Open source several datatransfer and dnd AWT tests
P4 JDK-8306943 Open source several dnd AWT tests
P4 JDK-8307083 Open source some drag and drop tests 3
P4 JDK-8307128 Open source some drag and drop tests 4
P4 JDK-8307078 Opensource and clean up five more AWT Focus related tests
P4 JDK-8306718 Optimize and opensource some old AWT tests
P4 JDK-8302513 remove sun.awt.util.IdentityLinkedList
P4 JDK-8300117 Replace use of JNI_COMMIT mode with mode 0
P4 JDK-8301567 The test/jdk/java/awt/AppContext/ApplicationThreadsStop/java.policy is unused
P4 JDK-8307079 Update test java/awt/Choice/
P4 JDK-8300279 Use generalized see and link tags in core libs in client libs
P4 JDK-8296934 Write a test to verify whether Undecorated Frame can be iconified or not
P5 JDK-8302268 Prefer ArrayList to LinkedList in XEmbeddedFramePeer


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8308152 PropertyDescriptor should work with overridden generic getter method
P4 JDK-8238170 BeanContextSupport remove and propertyChange can deadlock
P4 JDK-8071693 Introspector ignores default interface methods
P5 JDK-8298449 Unnecessary Vector usage in MetaData.ProxyPersistenceDelegate


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8309733 [macOS, Accessibility] VoiceOver: Incorrect announcements of JRadioButton
P3 JDK-8273986 JEditorPane HTML Demo - Accessibility issues
P4 JDK-8283400 [macos] a11y : Screen magnifier does not reflect JRadioButton value change
P4 JDK-8283404 [macos] a11y : Screen magnifier does not show JMenu name
P4 JDK-7101667 [macosx] Test must wait until window to be visible
P4 JDK-8298457 Instructions in a11y manual tests need to be updated
P4 JDK-8299412 JNI call of getAccessibleActionCount on a wrong thread
P4 JDK-8298643 JNI call of getAccessibleRowWithIndex and getAccessibleColumnWithIndex on a wrong thread
P4 JDK-8298644 JNI call of getCurrentComponent on a wrong thread
P4 JDK-8298645 JNI works with accessibleSelection on a wrong thread
P4 JDK-8303830 update for deprecated sprintf for jdk.accessibility


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8302151 BMPImageReader throws an exception reading BMP images
P4 JDK-8299025 readColorPalette could use staggeredReadByteStream
P4 JDK-8298618 Typo in JPEGImageReader and JPEGImageWriter
P5 JDK-8300731 Avoid unnecessary array fill after creation in PaletteBuilder
P5 JDK-8300235 Use VarHandle access in Image(Input | Output)StreamImpl classes


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8308110 Resolve multiple definition of 'JNI_OnLoad_jsound' linking error
P5 JDK-8300828 Avoid unnecessary array fill after creation in


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8307091 A few client tests intermittently throw ConcurrentModificationException
P3 JDK-6817009 Action.SELECTED_KEY not toggled when using key binding
P3 JDK-8252255 Blurry rendering of SwingNode with HiDPI scaling in JavaFX
P3 JDK-8302173 Button border overlaps with button icon on macOS system LaF
P3 JDK-8309060 Compilation Error in javax/swing/event/
P3 JDK-8300891 Deprecate for removal javax.swing.plaf.synth.SynthLookAndFeel.load(URL url)
P3 JDK-8306838 GetGraphicsTest needs to be headful
P3 JDK-8227257 javax/swing/JFileChooser/4847375/ fails with AssertionError
P3 JDK-8307180 javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicComboPopup/JComboBoxPopupLocation/ fails
P3 JDK-8218474 JComboBox display issue with GTKLookAndFeel
P3 JDK-8307105 JFileChooser InvalidPathException when selecting some system folders on Windows
P3 JDK-8299553 Make comprehensive
P3 JDK-8244400 MenuItem may cache the size and did not update it when the screen DPI is changed
P3 JDK-6513512 MetalLookAndFeel.initClassDefaults does not install an entry for MetalMenuBarUI
P3 JDK-8294680 Refactor scaled border rendering
P3 JDK-8298876 Swing applications do not get repainted coming out of sleep on Windows 10
P4 JDK-8300084 AquaFileChooserUI.getDefaultButton returns null
P4 JDK-8301822 BasicLookAndFeel does not need to check for null after checking for type
P4 JDK-8267582 BasicLookAndFeel should not call getComponentPopupMenu twice to get a popup menu
P4 JDK-6788475 Changing to Nimbus LAF and back doesn't reset look and feel of JTable completely
P4 JDK-4825182 DefaultBoundedRangeModel.setMinimum() changes extent unnecessarily
P4 JDK-6187113 DefaultListSelectionModel.removeIndexInterval(0, Integer.MAX_VALUE) fails
P4 JDK-8302558 Editable JComboBox's popup blocks user from seeing characters in Aqua look and feel
P4 JDK-8068824 Exception thrown in JTableHeader after clicking on popupmenu opened with right-click on header
P4 JDK-4912623 GTK L&F: Folder list of the JFileChooser is allowing multiple selection unlike native
P4 JDK-7154070 in SwingSet2, switching between LaFs it's easy to lose JTable dividers
P4 JDK-8299522 Incorrect size of Approve button in custom JFileChooser
P4 JDK-6245410 javax.swing.text.html.CSS.Attribute: BACKGROUND_POSITION is not w3c spec compliant
P4 JDK-8297454 javax/swing/JComponent/7154030/ failed with "Exception: Failed to show opaque button"
P4 JDK-8293862 javax/swing/JFileChooser/8046391/ failed with 'Cannot invoke "java.awt.Image.getWidth(java.awt.image.ImageObserver)" because "retVal" is null'
P4 JDK-8305780 javax/swing/JTable/7068740/ fails on Ubunutu 20.04
P4 JDK-8305778 javax/swing/JTableHeader/6884066/ Unexpected header's value; index = 4 value = E
P4 JDK-7030853 JDK 7 Serializable Swing classes not compatible with JDK 6
P4 JDK-8300549 JFileChooser Approve button tooltip is null in Aqua L&F in CUSTOM_DIALOG mode
P4 JDK-6753661 JFileChooser font not reset after Look & Feel change
P4 JDK-6257207 JTable.getDefaultEditor throws NullPointerException
P4 JDK-8306119 Many components respond to a mouse event by requesting focus without supplying the MOUSE_EVENT cause
P4 JDK-8294484 MetalBorder's FrameBorder & DialogBorder have border rendering issues when scaled
P4 JDK-8302882 Newly added test javax/swing/JFileChooser/ fails with HeadlessException
P4 JDK-6603771 Nimbus L&F: Ctrl+F7 keybinding for Jinternal Frame throws a NPE.
P4 JDK-7093691 Nimbus LAF: disabled JComboBox using renderer has bad font color
P4 JDK-8081507 Open or Save button in JFileChooser has OK title in GTK LaF
P4 JDK-8306714 Open source few Swing event and AbstractAction tests
P4 JDK-8306755 Open source few Swing JComponent and AbstractButton tests
P4 JDK-8307130 Open source few Swing JMenu tests
P4 JDK-8307381 Open Source JFrame, JIF related Swing Tests
P4 JDK-8306996 Open source Swing MenuItem related tests
P4 JDK-8278583 Open source SwingMark - Swing performance benchmark
P4 JDK-8309095 Remove UTF-8 character from
P4 JDK-4934362 see also refers to self
P4 JDK-8300205 Swing test bug8078268 make latch timeout configurable
P4 JDK-7169951 SwingSet2 throws NullPointerException with Nimbus L&F
P4 JDK-8081474 SwingWorker calls 'done' before the 'doInBackground' is finished
P4 JDK-8299043 test/jdk/javax/swing/AbstractButton/5049549/ fails with java.lang.NullPointerException
P4 JDK-8299044 test/jdk/javax/swing/JComboBox/ fails on non mac
P4 JDK-7175396 The text on label is not painted red for Nimbus LaF.
P4 JDK-8307311 Timeouts on one macOS 12.6.1 host of two Swing JTableHeader tests
P4 JDK-8296661 Typo Found In
P4 JDK-8302495 update for deprecated sprintf for java.desktop
P5 JDK-8303213 Avoid AtomicReference in TextComponentPrintable
P5 JDK-8301828 Avoid unnecessary array fill after creation in javax.swing.text
P5 JDK-8302120 Prefer ArrayList to LinkedList in AggregatePainter
P5 JDK-8301342 Prefer ArrayList to LinkedList in LayoutComparator
P5 JDK-8300168 Typo in AccessibleJTableHeaderEntry javadoc


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8303915 javadoc build failure after JDK-8294959
P2 JDK-8303683 JEP 444: Virtual Threads
P3 JDK-8309727 Assert privileges while reading the jdk.incubator.vector.VECTOR_ACCESS_OOB_CHECK system property
P3 JDK-8308093 Disable language preview features use in JDK
P3 JDK-8303405 fix @returnss typo in ReflectionFactory
P3 JDK-8306647 Implementation of Structured Concurrency (Preview)
P3 JDK-8304919 Implementation of Virtual Threads
P3 JDK-8306641 JEP 453: Structured Concurrency (Preview)
P3 JDK-8306008 Several Vector API tests fail for client VM after JDK-8304450
P3 JDK-8308235 ThreadContainer registry accumulates weak refs
P4 JDK-8305461 [vectorapi] Add VectorMask::xor
P4 JDK-8304450 [vectorapi] Refactor VectorShuffle implementation
P4 JDK-8301190 [vectorapi] The typeChar of LaneType is incorrect when default locale is tr
P4 JDK-8311822 AIX : test/jdk/java/foreign/ fails because of different output - expected [[i4](struct)] but found [[I4](struct)]
P4 JDK-8298380 Clean up redundant array length checks in JDK code base
P4 JDK-8309630 Clean up tests that reference deploy modules
P4 JDK-8294966 Convert jdk.jartool/ to use the ClassFile API to parse JAR entries
P4 JDK-8301767 Convert virtual thread tests to JUnit
P4 JDK-8303350 Fix mistyped {@code}
P4 JDK-8302664 Fix several incorrect usages of Preconditions.checkFromIndexSize
P4 JDK-8311122 Fix typos in java.base
P4 JDK-8299441 Fix typos in some test files under core-libs component
P4 JDK-8309219 Fix xlc17 clang 15 warnings in java.base
P4 JDK-8306572 Implementation of Scoped Values (Preview)
P4 JDK-8294959 java.base java.lang.Module uses ASM to load module-info.class
P4 JDK-8301736 jdk/incubator/concurrent/StructuredTaskScope/ fail with -Xcomp
P4 JDK-8309303 jdk/internal/misc/VM/RuntimeArguments test ignores jdk/internal/vm/options
P4 JDK-8301625 JEP 442: Foreign Function & Memory API (Third Preview)
P4 JDK-8304357 JEP 446: Scoped Values (Preview)
P4 JDK-8305868 JEP 448: Vector API (Sixth Incubator)
P4 JDK-8308748 JNU_GetStringPlatformChars may write to String's internal memory array
P4 JDK-8303072 Memory leak in exeNullCallerTest.cpp
P4 JDK-8303480 Miscellaneous fixes to mostly invisible doc comments
P4 JDK-8303186 Missing Classpath exception from Continuation.c
P4 JDK-8306949 Resolve miscellaneous multiple symbol definition issues when statically linking JDK/VM natives with standard launcher
P4 JDK-8305935 Resolve multiple definition of 'jmm_' when statically linking with JDK native libraries
P4 JDK-8305761 Resolve multiple definition of 'jvm' when statically linking with JDK native libraries
P4 JDK-8296149 Start of release updates for JDK 21
P4 JDK-8308022 update for deprecated sprintf for java.base
P4 JDK-8295859 Update Manual Test Groups
P4 JDK-8302815 Use new Math.clamp method in core libraries
P5 JDK-8297682 Use Collections.emptyIterator where applicable


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8300010 UnsatisfiedLinkError on calling System.console().readPassword() on Windows
P3 JDK-8305646 compile error on Alpine with gcc12 after 8298619 in libGetXSpace.c
P3 JDK-8306431 File.listRoots method description should be re-examined
P3 JDK-8208077 File.listRoots performance degradation
P3 JDK-8305762 FileInputStream and FileOutputStream implSpec should be corrected or removed
P4 JDK-8309216 Cast from jchar* to char* in test java/io/
P4 JDK-8305748 Clarify reentrant behavior of close() in FileInputStream, FileOutputStream, and RandomAccessFile
P4 JDK-8298416 Console should be declared `sealed`
P4 JDK-8300864 Declare some fields in as final
P4 JDK-8297632 InputStream.transferTo() method should specify what the return value should be when the number of bytes transfered is larger than Long.MAX_VALUE
P4 JDK-8299336 InputStream::DEFAULT_BUFFER_SIZE should be 16384
P4 JDK-8298619 java/io/File/ is failing
P4 JDK-8300979 Lazily initialize (byte, char)arr in
P4 JDK-8304745 Lazily initialize byte[] in
P4 JDK-8298971 Move Console implementation into jdk internal package
P4 JDK-8290499 new File(parent, "/") breaks normalization – creates File with slash at the end
P4 JDK-8298639 Perform I/O operations in bulk for RandomAccessFile
P4 JDK-8299576 Reimplement using VarHandle access
P4 JDK-8300977 Retire
P4 JDK-8299600 Use Objects.check*() where appropriate in
P4 JDK-8308016 Use snippets in package
P4 JDK-8300236 Use VarHandle access in Data(Input | Output)Stream classes
P5 JDK-6595142 (spec) ByteArrayInputStream treats bytes, not characters
P5 JDK-8300866 Declare some classes final in
P5 JDK-8300867 Fix document issues in
P5 JDK-8298567 Make field in RandomAccessFile final
P5 JDK-8300868 Reduce visibility in
P5 JDK-8300863 Remove C-style array declarations in


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8306461 ObjectInputStream::readObject() should handle negative array sizes without throwing NegativeArraySizeExceptions
P4 JDK-6441827 Documentation mentions nonexistent NullReferenceException


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8310922 java/lang/Class/forName/ fails after being added by JDK-8310242
P3 JDK-8310265 (process) jspawnhelper should not use argv[0]
P3 JDK-8305206 Add @spec tags in java.base/java.* (part 1)
P3 JDK-8303910 jdk/classfile/ failed 1 of 6754 tests
P3 JDK-8304164 jdk/classfile/ still fails after JDK-8303910
P3 JDK-8307990 jspawnhelper must close its writing side of a pipe before reading from it
P3 JDK-8311645 Memory leak in jspawnhelper spawnChild after JDK-8307990
P3 JDK-8307326 Package become obsolete
P3 JDK-8171407 Port fdlibm to Java, part 2
P3 JDK-8041676 remove the java.compiler system property
P3 JDK-8302496 Runtime.exit incorrectly says it never throws an exception
P3 JDK-8310892 ScopedValue throwing StructureViolationException should be clearer
P3 JDK-8301627 System.exit and Runtime.exit debug logging
P4 JDK-8298993 (process) java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ fails
P4 JDK-8303799 [BACKOUT] JDK-8302801 Remove fdlibm C sources
P4 JDK-8304139 Add and method constants to ConstantDescs
P4 JDK-8301226 Add clamp() methods to java.lang.Math and to StrictMath
P4 JDK-8306729 Add nominal descriptors of modules and packages to Constants API
P4 JDK-8306698 Add overloads to MethodTypeDesc::of
P4 JDK-8302590 Add String.indexOf(int ch, int fromIndex, int toIndex)
P4 JDK-8303648 Add String.indexOf(String str, int beginIndex, int endIndex)
P4 JDK-8301833 Add wide-ranging tests for FDLIBM porting
P4 JDK-8302800 Augment NaN handling tests of FDLIBM methods
P4 JDK-8303033 Build failure with the micro bench mark
P4 JDK-8310242 Clarify the name parameter to Class::forName
P4 JDK-8299088 ClassLoader::defineClass2 throws OOME but JNI exception pending thrown by getUTF
P4 JDK-8304180 Constant Descriptors for MethodHandles::classData and classDataAt
P4 JDK-8304542 Convert use of internal VM::classFileVersion to ClassFileFormatVersion
P4 JDK-8310838 Correct range notations in MethodTypeDesc specification
P4 JDK-8304915 Create jdk.internal.util.Architecture enum and apply
P4 JDK-8299340 CreateProcessW lpCommandLine must be mutable
P4 JDK-8304717 Declaration aliasing between boolean and jboolean is wrong
P4 JDK-8308960 Decouple internal Version and OperatingSystem classes
P4 JDK-8308040 Evaluate new public types in non-public classes
P4 JDK-8302315 Examine cost of clone of primitive arrays compared to arraycopy
P4 JDK-8309702 Exclude java/lang/ScopedValue/ from JTREG_TEST_THREAD_FACTORY=Virtual runs
P4 JDK-8302981 Fix a typo in the doc comment for java.lang.Record.equals
P4 JDK-8306452 Fix Amazon copyright in JDK-8305425 test
P4 JDK-8303930 Fix ConstantUtils.skipOverFieldSignature void case return value
P4 JDK-8303814 getLastErrorString should avoid charset conversions
P4 JDK-8309413 Improve the performance of MethodTypeDesc::descriptorString
P4 JDK-8305092 Improve Thread.sleep(millis, nanos) for sub-millisecond granularity
P4 JDK-8308350 Increase buffer size for jspawnhelper arguments
P4 JDK-8290899 java/lang/String/ test requests too much heap on windows x86
P4 JDK-8305919 java/lang/Thread/virtual/ failed, ThreadInfo.getLockInfo() return null
P4 JDK-8304932 MethodTypeDescImpl can be mutated by argument passed to MethodTypeDesc.of
P4 JDK-8306075 Micro-optimize Enum.hashCode
P4 JDK-8300647 Miscellaneous hashCode improvements in java.base
P4 JDK-8299807 newStringNoRepl should avoid copying arrays for ASCII compatible charsets
P4 JDK-8304928 Optimize ClassDesc.resolveConstantDesc
P4 JDK-8301578 Perform output outside synchronization in Module.class
P4 JDK-8302028 Port fdlibm atan2 to Java
P4 JDK-8301396 Port fdlibm expm1 to Java
P4 JDK-8301444 Port fdlibm hyperbolic transcendental functions to Java
P4 JDK-8304028 Port fdlibm IEEEremainder to Java
P4 JDK-8302026 Port fdlibm inverse trig functions (asin, acos, atan) to Java
P4 JDK-8301202 Port fdlibm log to Java
P4 JDK-8301205 Port fdlibm log10 to Java
P4 JDK-8301392 Port fdlibm log1p to Java
P4 JDK-8302040 Port fdlibm sqrt to Java
P4 JDK-8302027 Port fdlibm trig functions (sin, cos, tan) to Java
P4 JDK-8303798 REDO - Remove fdlibm C sources
P4 JDK-8304423 Refactor
P4 JDK-8308049 Refactor nested class declarations in
P4 JDK-8262994 Refactor String.split to help method inlining
P4 JDK-8302801 Remove fdlibm C sources
P4 JDK-8205129 Remove java.lang.Compiler
P4 JDK-8297295 Remove ThreadGroup.allowThreadSuspension
P4 JDK-8304910 Replace use of system property with OperatingSystem enum in modules
P4 JDK-8306678 Replace use of os.version with an internal Version record
P4 JDK-8303485 Replacing for operating system customization
P4 JDK-8303392 Runtime.exec and ProcessBuilder.start should use System logger
P4 JDK-8295071 Spec Clarification : ClassFileFormatVersion: System property java.class.version | Java class format version number
P4 JDK-8302877 Speed up latin1 case conversions
P4 JDK-8302863 Speed up String::encodeASCII using countPositives
P4 JDK-8302871 Speed up StringLatin1.regionMatchesCI
P4 JDK-8302163 Speed up various String comparison methods with ArraysSupport.mismatch
P4 JDK-8305807 Spurious right brace in ConstantDescs field Javadocs
P4 JDK-8304314 fails after CODETOOLS-7903373
P4 JDK-8304945 StringBuilder and StringBuffer should implement Appendable explicitly
P4 JDK-8303198 System and Runtime.exit() resilience to logging errors
P4 JDK-8304360 Test to ensure ConstantDescs fields work
P4 JDK-8305875 Test TraceVirtualThreadLocals should be run with continuations only
P4 JDK-8310868 Thread.interrupt() method's javadoc has an incorrect {@link}
P4 JDK-8258776 ThreadLocal#initialValue() Javadoc is unaware of ThreadLocal#withInitial()
P4 JDK-8310830 typo in the parameter name in @throws of ClassDesc::ofDescriptor
P4 JDK-8303018 Unicode Emoji Properties
P4 JDK-8282664 Unroll by hand StringUTF16 and StringLatin1 polynomial hash loops
P4 JDK-8299498 Usage of constructors of primitive wrapper classes should be avoided in java.lang API docs
P4 JDK-8306036 Use @apiNote in String.toLowerCase, String.toUpperCase
P4 JDK-8300489 Use ArraysSupport.vectorizedHashCode in j.l.CharacterName
P4 JDK-8284871 Use covariant overrides for the resolveConstantDesc(Lookup) method in sub‑interfaces of java.lang.constant.ConstantDesc
P4 JDK-8304911 Use OperatingSystem enum in some modules


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8308549 Classfile API should fail to generate over-sized Code attribute
P4 JDK-8306842 Classfile API performance improvements
P4 JDK-8308842 Consolidate exceptions thrown from Class-File API
P4 JDK-8308856 jdk.internal.classfile.impl.EntryMap::nextPowerOfTwo math problem
P4 JDK-8304148 Remapping a class with Invokedynamic constant loses static bootstrap arguments


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8303022 "assert(allocates2(pc)) failed: not in CodeBuffer memory" When linking downcall handle
P2 JDK-8303001 Add test for re-entrant upcalls
P2 JDK-8303409 Add Windows AArch64 ABI support to the Foreign Function & Memory API
P2 JDK-8307375 Alignment check on layouts used as sequence element is not correct
P2 JDK-8303524 Check FunctionDescriptor byte order when linking
P2 JDK-8307610 Linker::nativeLinker should not be restricted (mainline)
P2 JDK-8309042 MemorySegment::reinterpret cleanup action is not called for all overloads
P2 JDK-8308761 New test TestHFA needs adaptation for JDK-8308276
P2 JDK-8303002 Reject packed structs from linker
P2 JDK-8313023 Return value corrupted when using CCS + isTrivial (mainline)
P2 JDK-8300784 Specify exactly how padding should be presented to the linker
P3 JDK-8287834 Add SymbolLookup::or method
P3 JDK-8308276 Change layout API to work with bytes, not bits
P3 JDK-8307629 FunctionDescriptor::toMethodType should allow sequence layouts (mainline)
P3 JDK-8303516 HFAs with nested structs/unions/arrays not handled correctly on AArch64
P3 JDK-8304265 Implementation of Foreign Function and Memory API (Third Preview)
P3 JDK-8305201 Improve error message for GroupLayouts that are too large on SysV
P3 JDK-8308281 Java snippets in the FFM API need to be updated
P3 JDK-8308645 Javadoc of FFM API needs to be refreshed
P3 JDK-8305093 Linker cache should not take layout names into account
P3 JDK-8308445 Linker should check that capture state segment is big enough
P3 JDK-8310405 Linker.Option.firstVariadicArg should specify which index values are valid
P3 JDK-8303040 linux PPC64le: Implementation of Foreign Function & Memory API (Preview)
P3 JDK-8307181 MemoryLayout.structLayout uses undocumented strict alignment constraints
P3 JDK-8304803 NPE thrown during downcall classification under Linux/x64
P3 JDK-8299181 PaddingLayout unable to return byteAlignment value
P3 JDK-8303604 Passing by-value structs whose size is not power of 2 doesn't work on all platforms (mainline)
P3 JDK-8308248 Revisit alignment of layout constants on 32-bit platforms
P3 JDK-8303863 RISC-V: fails after JDK-8303604
P3 JDK-8308812 SequenceLayout::withElementCount(long elementCount) doesn't throw IllegalArgumentException - if elementCount < 0 for some cases
P3 JDK-8300491 SymbolLookup::libraryLookup accepts strings with terminators
P3 JDK-8307164 TestSegmentCopy times out (mainline)
P3 JDK-8309398 ValueLayout:: arrayElementVarHandle doesn't throws UnsupportedOperationException - if byteAlignment() > byteSize()
P3 JDK-8310053 VarHandle and slice handle derived from layout are lacking alignment check
P4 JDK-8309937 Add @sealedGraph for some Panama FFM interfaces
P4 JDK-8304888 Add dedicated VMProps for linker and fallback linker
P4 JDK-8301703 java.base jdk.internal.foreign.abi.BindingSpecializer uses ASM to generate classes
P4 JDK-8307961 java/foreign/enablenativeaccess/ fails with ShouldNotReachHere
P4 JDK-8307911 javadoc for MemorySegment::reinterpret has duplicate restricted method paragraph
P4 JDK-8303684 Lift upcall sharing mechanism to AbstractLinker (mainline)
P4 JDK-8308031 Linkers should reject unpromoted variadic parameters
P4 JDK-8311593 Minor doc issue in MemorySegment::copy
P4 JDK-8304283 Modernize the switch statements in jdk.internal.foreign
P4 JDK-8308992 New test TestHFA fails with zero
P4 JDK-8303582 Reduce duplication in jdk/java/foreign tests
P4 JDK-8307411 Test java/foreign/channels/ failed: IllegalStateException: Already closed
P4 JDK-8300201 When storing MemoryAddress.ofLong(0x0000000080000000L), MemorySegment.get is not equal to MemorySegment.set because of the expanded sign
P4 JDK-8307110 zero build broken after JDK-8304265


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8305600 java/lang/invoke/lambda/ fails after JDK-8304846 and JDK-8202110
P2 JDK-8313809 String template fails with java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException if last fragment is UTF16
P3 JDK-8303473 Add implied {@code} in java.lang.invoke.MethodHandles
P3 JDK-8307508 IndirectVarHandle.isAccessModeSupported throws NPE
P3 JDK-8217920 Lookup.defineClass injects a class that can access private members of any class in its own module
P3 JDK-8304846 Provide a shared utility to dump generated classes defined via Lookup API
P3 JDK-8302260 VarHandle.describeConstable() fails to return a nominal descriptor for static public fields
P4 JDK-8288730 Add type parameter to Lookup::accessClass and Lookup::ensureInitialized
P4 JDK-8309819 Clarify API note in Class::getName and MethodType::toMethodDescriptorString
P4 JDK-8310814 Clarify the targetName parameter of Lookup::findClass
P4 JDK-8307944 ClassFileDumper should only load java.nio.file.Path if enabled
P4 JDK-8301460 Clean up LambdaForm to reference BasicType enums directly
P4 JDK-8299505 findVirtual on array classes incorrectly restricts the receiver type
P4 JDK-8299183 Invokers.checkExactType passes parameters to create WMTE in opposite order
P4 JDK-8292914 Lambda proxies have unstable names
P4 JDK-8301721 lookup.findSpecial fails on Object method call from interface
P4 JDK-8300693 Lower the compile threshold and reduce the iterations of warmup loop in VarHandles tests
P4 JDK-8300237 Minor improvements in MethodHandles
P4 JDK-8284363 Redundant imports in BoundMethodHandle
P4 JDK-8298590 Refactor LambdaForm constructors
P4 JDK-8299978 Remove MethodHandleNatives.getMembers
P4 JDK-8294147 Review running times of java.lang.invoke regression tests
P4 JDK-8301704 Shorten the number of GCs in to verify a class loader not being unloaded
P4 JDK-8308239 Tighten up accessibility of nested classes in java.lang.invoke
P4 JDK-8305808 Typo in javadoc of ConstantDescs::BSM_VARHANDLE_STATIC_FIELD
P4 JDK-8297757 VarHandles.getStaticFieldFromBaseAndOffset should get the receiver type from VarHandle


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8300228 ModuleReader.find on exploded module throws if resource name maps to invalid file path
P4 JDK-8298875 A module requiring "java.base" with flags ACC_SYNTHETIC should be rejected
P4 JDK-8294962 Convert java.base/jdk.internal.module package to use the Classfile API to modify and write module-info.class
P4 JDK-8304163 Move jdk.internal.module.ModuleInfoWriter to the test library


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8302791 Add specific ClassLoader object to Proxy IllegalArgumentException message
P4 JDK-8254566 Clarify the spec of ClassLoader::getClassLoadingLock for non-parallel capable loader
P4 JDK-8309241 ClassForNameLeak fails intermittently as the class loader hasn't been unloaded


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8309574 Improve core reflection tests for JEP 445
P4 JDK-8297679 InvocationTargetException field named target is not declared final
P4 JDK-8309532 java/lang/Class/getDeclaredField/FieldSetAccessibleTest should filter modules that depend on JVMCI
P4 JDK-8302822 Method/Field/Constructor/RecordComponent::getGenericInfo() is not thread safe
P4 JDK-8304585 Method::invoke rewraps InvocationTargetException if a caller-sensitive method throws IAE
P4 JDK-8300924 Method::invoke throws wrong exception type when passing wrong number of arguments to method with 4 or more parameters
P4 JDK-8300698 Missing @since tag for ClassFileFormatVersion.RELEASE_21
P4 JDK-8304918 Remove unused decl field from AnnotatedType implementations
P4 JDK-8311115 Type in java.lang.reflect.AccessFlag.METHOD_PARAMETER
P4 JDK-8308913 Update core reflection for JEP 445 (preview)
P4 JDK-8308987 Update java.lang.Class to use javadoc snippets


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8205592 BigDecimal.doubleValue() is depressingly slow
P4 JDK-8305343 BigDecimal.fractionOnly() erroneously returns true for large scale value
P4 JDK-8294137 Review running times of java.math tests


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8299338 AssertionError in ResponseSubscribers$HttpResponseInputStream::onSubscribe
P3 JDK-8299015 Ensure that HttpResponse.BodySubscribers.ofFile writes all bytes
P3 JDK-8308310 HttpClient: Avoid logging or locking from within synchronized blocks
P3 JDK-8304963 HttpServer closes connection after processing HEAD after JDK-7026262
P3 JDK-8305089 Implement missing socket options on AIX
P3 JDK-8309120 java/net/httpclient/ fails intermittently
P3 JDK-8299325 java/net/httpclient/ fails "test CancelRequestTest.testGetSendAsync("https://localhost:46509/https1/x/same/interrupt", true, true)"
P3 JDK-8298931 java/net/httpclient/ fails with AssertionError due to Pending TCP connections: 1
P3 JDK-8307648 java/net/httpclient/ timed out
P3 JDK-8300172 java/net/httpclient/ failed with
P3 JDK-8301787 java/net/httpclient/SpecialHeadersTest failing after JDK-8301306
P3 JDK-8296610 java/net/HttpURLConnection/SetAuthenticator/ failed with "BindException: Address already in use: connect"
P3 JDK-8298589 java/net/ fail with NoClassDefFoundError: sun/nio/ch/sctp/UnsupportedUtil
P3 JDK-8304286 java/net/SocketOption/ failing after JDK-8302659
P3 JDK-8304885 Reuse stale data to improve DNS resolver resiliency
P3 JDK-8278326 Socket close is not thread safe and other cleanup
P3 JDK-8298498 sun/net/www/http/KeepAliveCache/ fails with "Server exception terminating: Socket closed"
P3 JDK-8304989 unnecessary dash in @param gives double-dash in docs
P3 JDK-8298588 WebSockets: HandshakeUrlEncodingTest unnecessarily depends on a response body
P4 JDK-8299827 Add resolved IP address in connection exception for sockets
P4 JDK-8303481 CancelRequestTest assertTrue failing with AssertionError due to java.util.concurrent.CompletionException: EOF reached while reading
P4 JDK-8301463 Code in DatagramSocket still refers to resolved JDK-8237352
P4 JDK-8301462 Convert Permission files to use lambda after JDK-8076596
P4 JDK-8305529 in certain cases returns a List with null element
P4 JDK-8299475 Enhance SocketException by cause where it is missing in net and nio area
P4 JDK-8313256 Exclude failing multicast tests on AIX
P4 JDK-8301964 Expensive fillInStackTrace operation in HttpURLConnection.getLastModified when no last-modified in response
P4 JDK-8301255 Http2Connection may send too many GOAWAY frames
P4 JDK-8308024 HttpClient (HTTP/1.1) sends an extraneous empty chunk if the BodyPublisher supplies an empty buffer
P4 JDK-8305906 HttpClient may use incorrect key when finding pooled HTTP/2 connection for IPv6 address
P4 JDK-8296410 HttpClient throws no statuscode in response for HTTP2
P4 JDK-8293786 HttpClient will not send more than 64 kb of data from the 2nd request in http2
P4 JDK-8301004 httpclient: Add more debug to HttpResponseInputStream
P4 JDK-8308565 HttpClient: Sanitize logging while stopping
P4 JDK-8288109 HttpExchangeImpl.setAttribute does not allow null value after JDK-8266897
P4 JDK-7026262 HttpServer: improve handling of finished HTTP exchanges
P4 JDK-8287134 HttpURLConnection chunked streaming mode doesn't enforce specified size
P4 JDK-8054022 HttpURLConnection timeouts with Expect: 100-Continue and no chunking
P4 JDK-8305847 Improve diagnosability and resilience of HttpClient::close tests
P4 JDK-8309527 Improve test proxy performance
P4 JDK-8303457 Introduce convenience test library APIs for creating test servers for tests in test/jdk/java/net/httpclient
P4 JDK-6914801 IPv6 unavailable if stdin is a socket
P4 JDK-8303965 should reset the stream if response headers contain malformed header fields
P4 JDK-8301701 java/net/DatagramSocket/ should be hardened
P4 JDK-8301306 java/net/httpclient/* fail with -Xcomp
P4 JDK-8301942 java/net/httpclient/ fail with -Xcomp
P4 JDK-8309200 java/net/httpclient/ExecutorShutdown fails intermittently, if connection closed during upgrade
P4 JDK-8307626 java/net/httpclient/FlowAdapter* tests should close the HttpClient instances
P4 JDK-8301243 java/net/httpclient/http2/ intermittent failure
P4 JDK-8299018 java/net/httpclient/ fails with HTTP/1.1 header parser received no bytes
P4 JDK-8262294 java/net/httpclient/ fails with HTTP/1.1 parser received no bytes
P4 JDK-8308545 java/net/httpclient/ fails with "stream 1 cancelled"
P4 JDK-8301169 java/net/httpclient/,, and other httpclient tests failing on windows: Unable to establish loopback connection
P4 JDK-8219083 java/net/MulticastSocket/ failed in same binary run on windows x64
P4 JDK-8299437 Make InetSocketAddressHolder shallowly immutable
P4 JDK-8302659 Modernize Windows native code for NetworkInterface
P4 JDK-8295944 Move the Http2TestServer and related classes into a package of its own
P4 JDK-8305763 Parsing a URI with an underscore goes through a silent exception, negatively impacting performance
P4 JDK-8309340 Provide sctpHandleSocketErrorWithMessage
P4 JDK-8304818 Prune HttpURLConnection cache when corresponding Authenticator is garbage collected
P4 JDK-8302635 Race condition in HttpBodySubscriberWrapper when cancelling request
P4 JDK-8300792 Refactor examples in to use @snippet
P4 JDK-8304174 Remove delays from httpserver tests
P4 JDK-8305858 Resolve multiple definition of 'handleSocketError' when statically linking with JDK native libraries
P4 JDK-8300268 ServerImpl allows too many idle connections when using
P4 JDK-8303682 Simplify HttpClient DebugLogger
P4 JDK-8302732 sun/net/www/http/HttpClient/ still failing intermittently
P4 JDK-8304962 sun/net/www/http/KeepAliveCache/ java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed: Initial Keep Alive Connection is not being reused
P4 JDK-8267140 Support closing the HttpClient by making it auto-closable
P4 JDK-8308336 Test java/net/HttpURLConnection/ failed: Address already in use
P4 JDK-8306940 test/jdk/java/net/httpclient/ should call HttpClient::close
P4 JDK-7065228 To interpret case-insensitive string locale independently
P4 JDK-8300909 Update com/sun/jndi/dns/ manual test instruction
P4 JDK-8308801 update for deprecated sprintf for libnet in java.base
P4 JDK-8308185 Update Http2TestServerConnection to use SSLSocket.startHandshake()
P4 JDK-8309409 Update HttpInputStreamTest and BodyProcessorInputStreamTest to use
P4 JDK-8304927 Update java/net/httpclient/ to check basic auth over HTTP/2
P4 JDK-8305323 Update java/net/httpclient/ to use new HttpTestServer factory methods
P4 JDK-8305095 Update java/net/httpclient/ to use new HttpTestServer factory methods
P4 JDK-8299863 should import org.junit.jupiter.api.Test
P4 JDK-8299499 Usage of constructors of primitive wrapper classes should be avoided in API docs
P4 JDK-8305900 Use loopback IP addresses in security policy files of httpclient tests
P5 JDK-8297822 De-duplicate code in module jdk.sctp
P5 JDK-8297778 Modernize and improve module jdk.sctp
P5 JDK-8303216 Prefer ArrayList to LinkedList in
P5 JDK-8303509 Socket setTrafficClass does not work for IPv4 connections when IPv6 enabled
P5 JDK-8300177 URISyntaxException fields can be final
P5 JDK-8300176 URLEncoder/URLDecoder static fields should be private static final


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8306623 (bf) CharBuffer::allocate throws unexpected exception type with some CharSequences
P2 JDK-8305596 (fc) Two java/nio/channels tests fail after JDK-8303260
P3 JDK-8280113 (dc) DatagramSocket.receive does not always throw when the channel is closed
P3 JDK-7093322 (fs spec) Files.newBufferedWriter should be clear when coding errors are detected
P3 JDK-8298726 (fs) Change PollingWatchService to record last modified time as FileTime rather than milliseconds
P3 JDK-8298478 (fs) Path.of should allow input to include long path prefix
P3 JDK-8308678 (fs) UnixPath::toRealPath needs additional permissions when running with SM (macOS)
P3 JDK-8297292 java/nio/channels/FileChannel/ is too slow
P3 JDK-8300942 JDK-8299684 breaks x86 build
P4 JDK-4842457 (bf spec) Clarify meaning of "(optional operation)"
P4 JDK-8299982 (bf) Buffer.checkIndex(int, int) should use Preconditions.checkIndex(int, int, BiFunction)
P4 JDK-8299187 (bf) should be declared final
P4 JDK-8306959 (bf) CharBuffer.append(CharSequence,int,int) throws BufferOverflowException where IndexOutOfBoundsException expected
P4 JDK-8305442 (bf) Direct and view implementations of CharBuffer.toString(int, int) do not need to catch SIOBE
P4 JDK-8305811 (bf) Improve performance of CharBuffer::append(CharSequence[,int,int])
P4 JDK-8306374 (bf) Improve performance of DirectCharBuffer::append(CharSequence[,int,int])
P4 JDK-8299684 (bf) JNI direct buffer functions with large capacity behave unexpectedly
P4 JDK-8303083 (bf) Remove private DirectByteBuffer(long, int) constructor before JDK 21 GA
P4 JDK-8300587 (bf) Some covariant overrides are missing @since tags
P4 JDK-8303073 (bf) Temporarily reinstate private DirectByteBuffer(long, int) constructor
P4 JDK-8278268 (ch) InputStream returned by Channels.newInputStream should have fast path for FileChannel targets
P4 JDK-8029370 (fc) FileChannel javadoc not clear for cases where position == size
P4 JDK-8303260 (fc) FileChannel::transferFrom should support position > size()
P4 JDK-8304833 (fc) Remove dead code in
P4 JDK-8303175 (fs) Deprecate com.sun.nio.file.SensitivityWatchEventModifier for removal
P4 JDK-8302789 (fs) Files.copy should include unsupported copy option in exception message
P4 JDK-8307976 (fs) Files.createDirectories(dir) returns dir::toAbsolutePath instead of dir
P4 JDK-8307887 (fs) Files.createSymbolicLink throws less specific exception when in developer mode and file already exists
P4 JDK-8303413 (fs) Ignore polling interval sensitivity modifiers in PollingWatchService
P4 JDK-8281149 (fs) java/nio/file/FileStore/ fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: values differ by more than 1GB
P4 JDK-8202110 (fs) Remove FileSystem support for resolving against a default directory (chdir configuration)
P4 JDK-8306770 (fs) Remove obsolete os.version check from sun.nio.fs.BsdFileStore.supportsFileAttributeView
P4 JDK-8305809 (fs) Review obsolete Linux kernel dependency on os.version (Unix kernel 2.6.39)
P4 JDK-8305945 (zipfs) Opening a directory to get input stream produces incorrect exception message
P4 JDK-8305664 [BACKOUT] (fs) Remove FileSystem support for resolving against a default directory (chdir configuration)
P4 JDK-8305993 Add handleSocketErrorWithMessage to extend nio Net.c exception message
P4 JDK-8308300 enhance exceptions in MappedMemoryUtils.c
P4 JDK-8313250 Exclude java/foreign/ on AIX
P4 JDK-8286597 Implement PollerProvider on AIX
P4 JDK-8300916 Re-examine the initialization of JNU Charset in StaticProperty
P4 JDK-8307409 Refactor usage examples to use @snippet in the java.nio packages
P4 JDK-8307425 Socket input stream read burns CPU cycles with back-to-back poll(0) calls
P4 JDK-8300912 Update java/nio/MappedByteBuffer/ to run on x86_64 only
P4 JDK-8299864 ZipFileStore#supportsFileAttributeView(String) doesn't throw NPE
P5 JDK-8299193 (bf) Buffer.capacity should be declared final
P5 JDK-8306483 (ch) Channels.newReader(ReadableByteChannel,Charset) refers to csName
P5 JDK-8298187 (fs) BsdFileAttributeViews::setTimes does not support lastAccessTime on HFS+
P5 JDK-8302979 (fs) Files usage of SUPPORTED_CHARSETS could be simplified
P5 JDK-8304591 (fs) UnixPath.stringValue need not be volatile
P5 JDK-8303024 (fs) WindowsFileSystem.supportedFileAttributeViews can use Set.of
P5 JDK-8305696 (zipfs) Avoid redundant LinkedHashMap.containsKey call ZipFileSystem.makeParentDirs
P5 JDK-8299976 Initialize static fields in Net eagerly


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8305902 (cs) Resolve default Charset only once in StreamEncoder and StreamDecoder
P4 JDK-8272613 CharsetDecoder.decode(ByteBuffer) throws IllegalArgumentException
P4 JDK-8304840 Dangling `CharacterCodingException` in a few javadoc descriptions
P4 JDK-8305746 InitializeEncoding should cache Charset object instead of charset name
P4 JDK-8308046 Move Solaris related charsets from java.base to jdk.charsets module
P4 JDK-8311183 Remove unused mapping test files
P4 JDK-8301119 Support for GB18030-2022
P4 JDK-8302603 Use Set.of in java.nio.charset.Charset


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8301214 Adjust handshakeTimeout value in test after 8189338
P4 JDK-8301737 java/rmi/server/UnicastRemoteObject/serialFilter/ fail with -Xcomp
P4 JDK-8189338 JMX RMI Remote Mbean server connection hangs if the server stops responding during a SSL Handshake
P4 JDK-8298939 Refactor open/test/jdk/javax/rmi/ssl/ to jtreg java test
P4 JDK-8300594 Use generalized see and link tags in UnicastRemoteObject


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8304990 unnecessary dash in @param gives double-dash in docs
P4 JDK-8307088 Allow the jdbc.drivers system property to be searchable


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8305853 java/text/Format/DateFormat/ fails with "Uncaught exception thrown in test method Test4089106"
P3 JDK-8299439 java/text/Format/NumberFormat/ fails for hr_HR
P4 JDK-8039165 [Doc] MessageFormat null locale generates NullPointerException
P4 JDK-6960866 [Fmt-Ch] ChoiceFormat claims impossible and unimplemented functionality
P4 JDK-6282188 [Fmt-Nu]DecimalFormat - javadocs for section "Scientific Notation" and "Special Values" is not clear
P4 JDK-8304993 bad sentence break in DateFormat
P4 JDK-8306927 Collator treats "v" and "w" as the same letter for Swedish language locale.
P4 JDK-8299617 is missing the copyright notice
P4 JDK-8308316 Default decomposition mode in Collator
P4 JDK-8159023 Engineering notation of DecimalFormat does not work as documented
P4 JDK-8306711 Improve diagnosis of `IntlTest` framework
P4 JDK-8300308 java.text.MessageFormat has incorrect doc comment
P4 JDK-8300077 Refactor code examples to use @snippet in java.text.ChoiceFormat
P4 JDK-8300356 Refactor code examples to use @snippet in java.text.CollationElementIterator
P4 JDK-8300586 Refactor code examples to use @snippet in java.text.Collator
P4 JDK-8300307 Refactor code examples to use @snippet in java.text.DateFormat
P4 JDK-8300093 Refactor code examples to use @snippet in java.text.MessageFormat
P4 JDK-8308108 Support Unicode extension for collation settings
P4 JDK-8307547 Support variant collations
P4 JDK-8299500 Usage of constructors of primitive wrapper classes should be avoided in java.text API docs
P4 JDK-8300589 Use @snippet and @linkplain in java.text.CollationKey and java.text.CompactNumberFormat
P4 JDK-8300706 Use @snippet in java.text
P5 JDK-6714245 [Col] Collator - Faster Comparison for identical strings.


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8305202 Fix Copyright Header in ZonedDateTimeFormatterBenchmark
P3 JDK-8305113 (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2023c
P3 JDK-8307466 java.time.Instant calculation bug in until and between methods
P3 JDK-8302983 ZoneRulesProvider.registerProvider() twice will remove provider
P4 JDK-8310033 Clarify return value of Java Time compareTo methods
P4 JDK-8310182 DateTimeFormatter date formats (ISO_LOCAL_DATE) separated with hyphen, not dash
P4 JDK-8281103 Give example for Locale that is English and follows the ISO standards
P4 JDK-8303919 Instant.ofEpochMilli says it can throw an exception that it can't
P4 JDK-8305505 NPE in javazic compiler
P4 JDK-8304976 Optimize DateTimeFormatterBuilder.ZoneTextPrinterParser.getTree()
P4 JDK-8300818 Reduce complexity of padding with DateTimeFormatter
P4 JDK-8303253 Remove unnecessary calls to super() in java.time value based classes
P4 JDK-8308735 Typos in parameter names
P4 JDK-8299571 ZoneRulesProvider.registerProvider() can leave inconsistent state on failure


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8301086 jdk/internal/util/ByteArray/ fails with CompilationError
P3 JDK-8306785 fix deficient spliterators for Sequenced Collections
P3 JDK-8310975 java.util.FormatItemModifier should not be protected
P4 JDK-8302323 Add repeat methods to StringBuilder/StringBuffer
P4 JDK-8299677 Formatter.format might take a long time to format an integer or floating-point
P4 JDK-8308803 Improve java/util/UUID/
P4 JDK-8304836 Make MALLOC_MIN4 macro more robust
P4 JDK-8300038 Make new version of JNU_GetStringPlatformChars which checks for null characters
P4 JDK-8300869 Make use of the Double.toString(double) algorithm in java.util.Formatter
P4 JDK-8301958 Reduce Arrays.copyOf/-Range overheads
P4 JDK-8305157 The java.util.Arrays class should be declared final
P4 JDK-8302214 Typo in javadoc of and Arrays.mismatch
P4 JDK-8300133 Use generalized see and link tags in core libs


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8300098 java/util/concurrent/ConcurrentHashMap/ fails with internal timeout when executed with TieredCompilation1/3
P3 JDK-8298066 java/util/concurrent/locks/Lock/ timed out
P3 JDK-8309853 StructuredTaskScope.join description improvements
P3 JDK-8311867 StructuredTaskScope.shutdown does not interrupt newly started threads
P3 JDK-8301637 ThreadLocalRandom.current().doubles().parallel() contention
P4 JDK-8303742 CompletableFuture.orTimeout leaks if the future completes exceptionally
P4 JDK-8302899 Executors.newSingleThreadExecutor can use Cleaner to shutdown executor
P4 JDK-8297605 improve DelayQueue removal method javadoc
P4 JDK-8304557 java/util/concurrent/CompletableFuture/ times out
P4 JDK-8308038 java/util/concurrent/ThreadPerTaskExecutor/ timed out
P5 JDK-8302360 Atomic*.compareAndExchange Javadoc unclear


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8304013 Add a fast, non-manual alternative to test/jdk/java/util/zip/ZipFile/TestTooManyEntries
P4 JDK-8301873 Avoid string decoding in ZipFile.Source.getEntryPos
P4 JDK-8304014 Convert test/jdk/java/util/zip/ZipFile/ to junit
P4 JDK-8299748 java/util/zip/ failing on s390x
P4 JDK-8307403 java/util/zip/ timed out
P4 JDK-8302819 Remove JAR Index
P4 JDK-8305758 Update the JAR tool man page to indicate -i/--generate-file is deprecated
P4 JDK-8300493 Use ArraysSupport.vectorizedHashCode in
P4 JDK-8303923 ZipOutStream::putEntry should include an apiNote to indicate that the STORED compression method should be used when writing directory entries


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8307535 java.util.logging.Handlers should be more VirtualThread friendly


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8309515 Stale cached data from Matcher.namedGroups() after Matcher.usePattern()
P4 JDK-8300207 Add a pre-check for the number of canonical equivalent permutations in j.u.r.Pattern
P4 JDK-8305486 Add split() variants that keep the delimiters to String and j.u.r.Pattern
P4 JDK-8305107 Emoji related binary properties in RegEx
P4 JDK-8299388 java/util/regex/ fails on Alpine and sometimes Windows
P4 JDK-8309955 Matcher uses @since {@inheritDoc}
P4 JDK-8132995 Matcher$ImmutableMatchResult should be optimized to reduce space usage
P4 JDK-8291598 Matcher.appendReplacement should not create new StringBuilder instances
P4 JDK-8217496 can return null after usePattern
P5 JDK-8305785 Avoid redundant HashMap.containsKey call in java.util.regex


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8133773 clarify specification of Spliterator.tryAdvance
P4 JDK-8151531 Add notes to BaseStream.spliterator/iterator docs regarding them being escape hatches
P4 JDK-8170945 Collectors$Partition should override more Map methods
P4 JDK-8302666 Replace CHM with VarHandle in ForeachOrderedTask
P4 JDK-8272119 Typo in Collectors.summingInt documentation (a -> an)


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8308167 SequencedMap::firstEntry throws NPE when first entry has null key or value
P2 JDK-8300817 The build is broken after JDK-8294693
P3 JDK-8308694 Clarify reversed() default methods' implementation requirements
P3 JDK-8309882 LinkedHashMap adds an errant serializable field
P3 JDK-8307840 SequencedMap view method specification and implementation adjustments
P4 JDK-8294693 Add Collections.shuffle overload that accepts RandomGenerator interface
P4 JDK-8296935 Arrays.asList() can return a List that throws undocumented ArrayStoreException
P4 JDK-8038146 Clarify Map.Entry's connection to the underlying map
P4 JDK-8301120 Cleanup utility classes java.util.Arrays and java.util.Collections
P4 JDK-8297306 Incorrect brackets in Javadoc for a constructor of IteratorSpliterator
P4 JDK-8299444 java.util.Set.copyOf allocates needlessly for empty input collections
P4 JDK-8280836 JEP 431: Sequenced Collections
P4 JDK-8266571 Sequenced Collections
P4 JDK-8303214 Typo in java.util.Collections#synchronizedNavigableMap javadoc
P4 JDK-8269843 typo in LinkedHashMap::removeEldestEntry spec
P4 JDK-8299501 Usage of constructors of primitive wrapper classes should be avoided in java.util API docs


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8298808 Check `script` code on detecting the base locales
P3 JDK-8299194 may fail at future date
P3 JDK-8305400 ISO 4217 Amendment 175 Update
P3 JDK-8303440 The "ZonedDateTime.parse" may not accept the "UTC+XX" zone id
P3 JDK-8296248 Update CLDR to Version 43.0
P4 JDK-4741194 (cal) API: add() and roll() methods throws IllegalArgumentException
P4 JDK-4737887 (cal) API: Calendar methods taking field should document exceptions
P4 JDK-6218123 (cal) API: Spec for GregorianCalendar constructors and Calendar getInstance is inconsistent.
P4 JDK-6453901 (cal) clean up sun.util.calendar classes
P4 JDK-6381945 (cal) Japanese calendar unit test system should avoid multiple static imports
P4 JDK-8305207 Calendar.aggregateStamp(int, int) return value can be simplified
P4 JDK-8177352 Calendar.getDisplayName(s) in non-lenient mode inconsistent, does not match spec
P4 JDK-8225641 Calendar.roll(int field) does not work correctly for WEEK_OF_YEAR
P4 JDK-8171156 Class java.util.LocaleISOData has outdated information for country Code NP
P4 JDK-8306118 CLONE - Utilize `coverageLevels.txt`
P4 JDK-8303472 Display name for region TR
P4 JDK-8304982 Emit warning for removal of `COMPAT` provider
P4 JDK-8306597 Improve string formatting in
P4 JDK-8159337 Introduce a method in Locale class to return the language tags as per RFC 5646 convention
P4 JDK-8303232 java.util.Date.parse(String) and java.util.Date(String) don't declare thrown IllegalArgumentException
P4 JDK-8282319 java.util.Locale method to stream available Locales
P4 JDK-8305111 Locale.lookupTag has typo in parameter
P4 JDK-8299836 Make `user.timezone` system property searchable
P4 JDK-8299292 Missing elements in aliased String array
P4 JDK-8177418 NPE is not apparent for methods in java.util.TimeZone API docs
P4 JDK-8300011 Refactor code examples to use @snippet in java.util.TimeZone
P4 JDK-8299865 Unnecessary NullPointerException catch in java.util.TimeZone#setDefaultZone
P4 JDK-8302512 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2023-02-14
P4 JDK-8304761 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2023-03-22
P4 JDK-8306031 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2023-04-13
P4 JDK-8308021 Update IANA Language Subtag Registry to Version 2023-05-11
P4 JDK-8303853 Update ISO 3166 country codes table
P4 JDK-8303917 Update ISO 639 language codes table
P4 JDK-8306323 Update license files in CLDR v43
P4 JDK-8308018 Update Supported Locales document
P4 JDK-8300794 Use @snippet in java.util:i18n
P4 JDK-8303275 Use {@Return and @linkplain in Locale and related classes
P4 JDK-8303039 Utilize `coverageLevels.txt`
P5 JDK-6241286 (cal) API: Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK definition is wrong
P5 JDK-8303833 java.util.LocaleISOData has wrong comments for 'Norwegian Bokmål' and 'Volapük'


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8310676 add note about unnamed module to Elements.getAllModuleElements
P4 JDK-8296150 Add SourceVersion.RELEASE_21
P4 JDK-8307007 Implementation for javax.lang.model for unnamed variables (Preview)
P4 JDK-8309503 Improve javax.lang.model tests for JEP 445
P4 JDK-8308613 javax.lang.model updates for JEP 445 (preview)
P4 JDK-8309416 Misstatement in semantics of methods in javax.lang.model.ElementFilter
P4 JDK-8300857 State return value for Types.asElement(NoType) explicitly
P4 JDK-8308388 Update description of SourceVersion.RELEASE_21
P4 JDK-8309554 Update descriptions in SourceVersion
P4 JDK-8300595 Use improved @see and @link syntax in javax.lang.model and


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8302845 Replace finalizer usage in JNDI DNS provider with Cleaner
P5 JDK-8301367 Add exception handler method to the BaseLdapServer


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8300321 Use link tags in javax.sql.rowset package-info


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8299563 Fix typos
P4 JDK-8307347 serviceability/sa/ could leave files owned by root on macOS


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8307857 validate-source fails after JDK-8306758
P2 JDK-8301644 com/sun/jdi/ fails after JDK-8300811
P3 JDK-8301798 [BACKOUT] jdb ThreadStartRequest and ThreadDeathRequest should use SUSPEND_NONE instead of SUSPEND_ALL
P3 JDK-8282384 [LOOM] Need test for ThreadReference.interrupt() on a vthread
P3 JDK-8308819 add JDWP and JDI virtual thread support for ThreadReference.ForceEarlyReturn
P3 JDK-8309146 extend JDI StackFrame.setValue() and JDWP StackFrame.setValues minimal support for virtual threads
P3 JDK-8306467 Fix nsk/jdb/kill/kill001 to work with new JVMTI StopThread support for virtual threads.
P3 JDK-8305209 JDWP exit error AGENT_ERROR_INVALID_THREAD(203): missing entry in running thread table
P3 JDK-8298907 nsk JDI tests pass if the debuggee failed to launch
P3 JDK-8305632 Test com/sun/jdi/ fails with OpaqueFrameException
P4 JDK-8282383 [LOOM] 6 nsk JDI and JDB tests sometimes failing with vthread wrapper due to running out of carrier threads
P4 JDK-8285416 [LOOM] Some nsk/jdi tests fail due to needing too many virtual threads
P4 JDK-8282379 [LOOM] vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/ClassType/invokeMethod/invokemethod011 sometimes fails
P4 JDK-8301638 A number of nsk/jdi invokemethod tests should be converted to create virtual threads
P4 JDK-8307559 Add better checking in com/sun/jdi tests for debuggee exiting unexpectedly with an exception
P4 JDK-8308237 add JDWP and JDI virtual thread support for ThreadReference.PopFrames
P4 JDK-8306471 Add virtual threads support to JDWP ThreadReference.Stop and JDI ThreadReference.stop()
P4 JDK-8305608 Change VMConnection to use "test.class.path"instead of "test.classes"
P4 JDK-8287812 Cleanup JDWP agent GetEnv initialization
P4 JDK-8307885 com/sun/jdi/ fails with "Invalid debuggee exitValue: 0"
P4 JDK-8306758 com/sun/jdi/ fails with "Non-zero debuggee exitValue: 143"
P4 JDK-8290200 com/sun/jdi/ fails with "Debuggee appears to be hung"
P4 JDK-8296646 com/sun/jdi/ test failure
P4 JDK-8309396 com/sun/jdi/ fails with virtual threads due to a bug in determining the main thread id
P4 JDK-8309505 com/sun/jdi/ due to finding wrong main thread
P4 JDK-8309506 com/sun/jdi/ fails with virtual test thread factory
P4 JDK-8306705 com/sun/jdi/ fails with NativeMethodException
P4 JDK-8309509 com/sun/jdi/RedefineNestmateAttr/ fails with virtual test thread factory
P4 JDK-8309510 com/sun/jdi/RedefineNestmateAttr/ no longer needs to override startUp() method
P4 JDK-8305937 com/sun/jdi/ fails with -XX:+TieredCompilation
P4 JDK-8309420 com/sun/jdi/ fails with virtual thread wrapper
P4 JDK-8304436 com/sun/jdi/ fails with "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" with ZGC
P4 JDK-8304449 com/sun/jdi/ times out
P4 JDK-8302516 Do some cleanup of nsk/share/jdi/
P4 JDK-8303705 Field sleeper.started should be volatile
P4 JDK-8298692 Fix typos in test/jdk/com/sun/jdi files
P4 JDK-8304685 Fix whitespace parsing in libjdwp
P4 JDK-8304834 Fix wrapper insertion in TestScaffold.parseArgs(String args[])
P4 JDK-8299593 getprotobyname should not be used
P4 JDK-8300811 jdb ThreadStartRequest and ThreadDeathRequest should use SUSPEND_NONE instead of SUSPEND_ALL
P4 JDK-8289765 JDI EventSet/resume/resume008 failed with "ERROR: suspendCounts don't match for : VirtualThread-unparker"
P4 JDK-8308481 JDI TestScaffold does not support passing app arguments to the debuggee
P4 JDK-8308187 jdi/EventSet/resume/resume008 failed with "EventHandler> Unexpected event: ThreadStartEvent in thread resume008-thread0"
P4 JDK-8297638 Memory leak in case of many started-dead threads
P4 JDK-8303071 Memory leaks in libjdwp
P4 JDK-8304543 Modernize debugging jvm args in test/hotspot/jtreg/vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/Argument/value/
P4 JDK-8308232 nsk/jdb tests don't pass -verbose flag to the debuggee
P4 JDK-8303702 Provide ThreadFactory to create platform/virtual threads for com/sun/jdi tests
P4 JDK-8304547 Remove checking of -Djava.compiler in src/jdk.jdi/share/classes/com/sun/tools/jdi/
P4 JDK-8305511 Remove ignore from com/sun/jdi/
P4 JDK-8305607 Remove some unused test parameters in com/sun/jdi tests
P4 JDK-8307362 Remove test com/sun/jdi/
P4 JDK-8308499 Test vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/MethodExitRequest/addClassExclusionFilter/filter001/ failed: VMDisconnectedException
P4 JDK-8307305 Update debugger tests to support JTREG_TEST_THREAD_FACTORY mode
P4 JDK-8307850 update for deprecated sprintf for jdk.jdi
P4 JDK-8303617 update for deprecated sprintf for jdk.jdwp.agent
P4 JDK-8310551 vmTestbase/nsk/jdb/interrupt/interrupt001/ timed out due to missing prompt
P4 JDK-8298514 vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/EventRequestManager/threadDeathRequests/thrdeathreq002/ fails with usage tracker
P4 JDK-8298513 vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/EventSet/suspendPolicy/suspendpolicy009/ fails with usage tracker
P5 JDK-8309329 com/sun/jdi/ fails with virtual threads due to not waiting for threads to exit
P5 JDK-8300810 Get rid of unused JDI removeListener() methods
P5 JDK-8300012 Remove unused JDI VirtualMachineImpl.removeObjectMirror(ObjectReferenceImpl object) method
P5 JDK-8304376 Rename t1/t2 classes in com/sun/jdi/ to avoid class duplication error in IDE
P5 JDK-8309159 Some minor comment and code cleanup in jdk/com/sun/jdi/


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8301377 adjust timeout for JLI subtest again
P4 JDK-8299957 Enhance error logging in instrument coding with additional jplis_assert_msg


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8299858 [Metrics] Swap memory limit reported incorrectly when too large
P3 JDK-8300659 Refactor TestMemoryAwareness to use WhiteBox api for host values
P4 JDK-8299665 /proc/self/stat parsing in libmanagement broken by execname with spaces
P4 JDK-8304074 [JMX] Add an approximation of total bytes allocated on the Java heap by the JVM
P4 JDK-8305502 adjust timeouts in three more M&M tests
P4 JDK-8300119 CgroupMetrics.getTotalMemorySize0() can report invalid results on 32 bit systems
P4 JDK-8303136 MemoryPoolMBean/isCollectionUsageThresholdExceeded/isexceeded005 failed with "isCollectionUsageThresholdExceeded() returned true, while threshold = 1 and used = 0"
P4 JDK-8305622 Remove Permission details from jcmd man page
P4 JDK-8305680 Remove Permissions from jcmd help output
P4 JDK-8303916 inconsistent results
P4 JDK-8303242 ThreadMXBean issues with virtual threads
P4 JDK-8301279 update for deprecated sprintf for management components
P5 JDK-8302858 Polish FlightRecorderMXBeanImpl
P5 JDK-8302856 Typo in FlightRecorderMXBeanImpl


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8305237 CompilerDirectives DCmds permissions correction
P4 JDK-8298966 Deprecate JMX Subject Delegation and the method JMXConnector.getMBeanServerConnection(Subject) for removal.
P4 JDK-8299739 and can fail with java.lang.NullPointerException
P4 JDK-8302069 javax/management/remote/mandatory/notif/ update
P4 JDK-8306806 JMX agent with JDP enabled won't start when PerfData is disabled
P4 JDK-8299234 JMX Repository.query performance
P4 JDK-8302870 More information needed from failures in vmTestbase ThreadUtils.waitThreadState
P4 JDK-8307244 Remove redundant class RMIIIOPServerImpl
P4 JDK-8301132 Test update for deprecated sprintf in Xcode 14
P4 JDK-8304988 unnecessary dash in @param gives double-dash in docs
P4 JDK-8300357 Use generalized see and link tags in
P5 JDK-8303690 Prefer ArrayList to LinkedList in com.sun.jmx.mbeanserver.Introspector
P5 JDK-8298090 Use String.join() instead of manual loop in DescriptorSupport.toString


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8309406 Change jdk.trackAllThreads to default to true
P3 JDK-8309549 com/sun/tools/attach/warnings/ fails on AIX
P3 JDK-8310191 com/sun/tools/attach/warnings/ second failure on AIX
P3 JDK-8303937 Corrupted heap dumps due to missing retries for os::write()
P4 JDK-8241293 time out after 8 minutes
P4 JDK-8307478 Implementation of Prepare to Restrict The Dynamic Loading of Agents
P4 JDK-8307848 update for deprecated sprintf for jdk.attach


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8305118 Add RISC-V related content to
P4 JDK-8308460 Document OCSP, CRL and Certificate fetching timeout properties (JDK-8179502)
P4 JDK-8303130 Document required Accessibility permissions on macOS
P4 JDK-8306408 Fix the format of several tables in
P4 JDK-8307756 Update the JDK Providers Guide with the HSS/LMS algorithm


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8313190 Add new guide for JavaDoc CSS Themes
P3 JDK-8301282 JMX simple and delegation security samples don't work because of missing access control entries
P3 JDK-8313797 Supported algorithms list for SunRsaSign provider is incorrect
P3 JDK-8314585 Update scripts chapter in JShell User's Guide
P4 JDK-8306926 Cipher Suite Preference section of JSSE guide should be updated to use server's cipher suite preference
P4 JDK-8313219 Document system property jdk.jar.maxSignatureFileSize in the security guides
P4 JDK-8309282 GC Tuning Guide: Update documentation about G1 moving humongous objects
P4 JDK-8304109 Improve simple examples in the section "Record Classes"
P4 JDK-8313567 Integrate the Programmer's Guide to Snippet along side the Programmer's Guide to JavaDoc CSS Themes in the JavaDoc Tool doc
P4 JDK-8304327 JMX Guide: Document the deprecation of Subject Delegation
P4 JDK-8308338 Redefine JAXP Configuration File
P4 JDK-8304289 is not documented anywhere
P4 JDK-8303124 Update Internationalization guide for JDK-8301119 - Support for GB18030-2022
P4 JDK-8302577 Update JSSE Guide for JDK-8301700: Increase the default TLS Diffie-Hellman group size from 1024-bit to 2048-bit
P4 JDK-8298817 Update SunJCE provider documentation with new algorithm support


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8308290 Add fontconfig requirement to
P4 JDK-8309287 Add fontconfig requirement to for Debian


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8309632 JDK 21 RDP1 L10n resource files update


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8301448 [BACKOUT] CodeHeap has virtual methods that are not overridden
P1 JDK-8309110 Build failure after JDK-8307795 due to warnings in micro-benchmark
P1 JDK-8308583 SIGSEGV in GraphKit::gen_checkcast
P2 JDK-8307588 [JVMCI] HotSpotConstantPool#lookupBootstrapMethodInvocation broken by JDK-8301995
P2 JDK-8305227 [s390x] build broken after JDK-8231349
P2 JDK-8303147 [s390x] fast & slow debug builds are broken
P2 JDK-8309129 AArch64: guarantee(T != T2S) failed: "incorrect arrangement" after JDK-8307795
P2 JDK-8307572 AArch64: Vector registers are clobbered by some macroassemblers
P2 JDK-8300584 Accelerate AVX-512 CRC32C for small buffers
P2 JDK-8308892 Bad graph detected in build_loop_late after JDK-8305635
P2 JDK-8305509 C1 fails "assert(k != nullptr) failed: illegal use of unloaded klass"
P2 JDK-8302976 C2 Intrinsification of Float.floatToFloat16 and Float.float16ToFloat Yields Different Result than the Interpreter
P2 JDK-8309268 C2: "assert(in_bb(n)) failed: must be" after JDK-8306302
P2 JDK-8309542 compiler/jvmci/ fails with "JVMCI compiler 'graal' specified by jvmci.Compiler not found"
P2 JDK-8310829 guarantee(!HAS_PENDING_EXCEPTION) failed in ExceptionTranslation::doit
P2 JDK-8303154 Investigate and improve instruction cache flushing during compilation
P2 JDK-8305419 JDK-8301995 broke building libgraal
P2 JDK-8304230 LShift ideal transform assertion
P2 JDK-8304362 Occasional SIGBUS in ParGC on aarch64
P2 JDK-8300926 Several startup regressions ~6-70% in 21-b6 all platforms
P2 JDK-8313345 SuperWord fails due to CMove without matching Bool pack
P2 JDK-8313241 Temporarily disable "malformed control flow" assert to reduce noise
P2 JDK-8300638 Tier1 IR Test failure after JDK-8298632 on macosx-x64-debug
P3 JDK-8306326 [BACKOUT] 8277573: VmObjectAlloc is not generated by intrinsics methods which allocate objects
P3 JDK-8310459 [BACKOUT] 8304450: [vectorapi] Refactor VectorShuffle implementation
P3 JDK-8303678 [JVMCI] Add possibility to convert object JavaConstant to jobject.
P3 JDK-8303646 [JVMCI] Add possibility to lookup ResolvedJavaType from jclass.
P3 JDK-8299229 [JVMCI] add support for UseZGC
P3 JDK-8310425 [JVMCI] compiler/runtime/TestConstantDynamic: lookupConstant returned an object of incorrect type: null
P3 JDK-8305066 [JVMCI] guarantee(ik->is_initialized()) failed: java/lang/Long$LongCache must be initialized
P3 JDK-8299570 [JVMCI] Insufficient error handling when CodeBuffer is exhausted
P3 JDK-8305755 [JVMCI] missing barriers in CompilerToVM.readFieldValue for Reference.referent
P3 JDK-8303577 [JVMCI] OOME causes crash while translating exceptions
P3 JDK-8309498 [JVMCI] race in CallSiteTargetValue recording
P3 JDK-8297933 [REDO] Compiler should only use verified interface types for optimization
P3 JDK-8299817 [s390] AES-CTR mode intrinsic fails with multiple short update() calls
P3 JDK-8301697 [s390] Optimized-build is broken
P3 JDK-8304948 [vectorapi] C2 crashes when expanding VectorBox
P3 JDK-8303161 [vectorapi] VectorMask.cast narrow operation returns incorrect value with SVE
P3 JDK-8305524 AArch64: Fix arraycopy issue on SVE caused by matching rule vmask_gen_sub
P3 JDK-8257197 Add additional verification code to PhaseCCP
P3 JDK-8308855 ARM32: TestBooleanVector crashes after 8300257
P3 JDK-8299179 ArrayFill with store on backedge needs to reduce length by 1
P3 JDK-8311023 assert(false) failed: EA: missing memory path
P3 JDK-8302358 Behavior of adler32 changes after JDK-8300208
P3 JDK-8310126 C1: Missing receiver null check in Reference::get intrinsic
P3 JDK-8289748 C2 compiled code crashes with SIGFPE with -XX:+StressLCM and -XX:+StressGCM
P3 JDK-8298824 C2 crash: assert(is_Bool()) failed: invalid node class: ConI
P3 JDK-8305189 C2 failed "assert(_outcnt==1) failed: not unique"
P3 JDK-8307619 C2 failed: Not monotonic (AndI CastII LShiftI) in
P3 JDK-8308084 C2 fix idom bug in PhaseIdealLoop::create_new_if_for_predicate
P3 JDK-8306302 C2 Superword fix: use VectorMaskCmp and VectorBlend instead of CMoveVF/D
P3 JDK-8304042 C2 SuperWord: schedule must remove packs with cyclic dependencies
P3 JDK-8303564 C2: "Bad graph detected in build_loop_late" after a CMove is wrongly split thru phi
P3 JDK-8310299 C2: 8275201 broke constant folding of array store check in some cases
P3 JDK-8297730 C2: Arraycopy intrinsic throws incorrect exception
P3 JDK-8309902 C2: assert(false) failed: Bad graph detected in build_loop_late after JDK-8305189
P3 JDK-8310130 C2: assert(false) failed: scalar_input is neither phi nor a matchin reduction
P3 JDK-8309266 C2: assert(final_con == (jlong)final_int) failed: final value should be integer
P3 JDK-8303511 C2: assert(get_ctrl(n) == cle_out) during unrolling
P3 JDK-8298848 C2: clone all of (CmpP (LoadKlass (AddP down at split if
P3 JDK-8299959 C2: CmpU::Value must filter overflow computation against local sub computation
P3 JDK-8303279 C2: crash in SubTypeCheckNode::sub() at IGVN split if
P3 JDK-8280126 C2: detect and remove dead irreducible loops
P3 JDK-8299259 C2: Div/Mod nodes without zero check could be split through iv phi of loop resulting in SIGFPE
P3 JDK-8303466 C2: failed: malformed control flow. Limit type made precise with MaxL/MinL
P3 JDK-8301491 C2: java.lang.StringUTF16::indexOfChar intrinsic called with negative character argument
P3 JDK-8303513 C2: LoadKlassNode::make fails with 'expecting TypeKlassPtr'
P3 JDK-8296389 C2: PhaseCFG::convert_NeverBranch_to_Goto must handle both orders of successors
P3 JDK-8305324 C2: Wrong execution of vectorizing Interger.reverseBytes
P3 JDK-8305781 compiler/c2/irTests/ failed with "IRViolationException: There were one or multiple IR rule failures."
P3 JDK-8307125 compiler/jvmci/compilerToVM/ hits assert(!Continuation::is_frame_in_continuation(thread(), fr())) failed: No support for deferred values in continuations
P3 JDK-8201516 DebugNonSafepoints generates incorrect information
P3 JDK-8301819 Enable continuations code by default
P3 JDK-8308192 Error in parsing replay file when staticfield is an array of single dimension
P3 JDK-8298568 Fastdebug build fails after JDK-8296389
P3 JDK-8298345 Fix another two C2 IR matching tests for RISC-V
P3 JDK-8298935 fix independence bug in create_pack logic in SuperWord::find_adjacent_refs
P3 JDK-8288204 GVN Crash: assert() failed: correct memory chain
P3 JDK-8295486 Inconsistent constant field values observed during compilation
P3 JDK-8309531 Incorrect result with unwrapped iotaShuffle.
P3 JDK-8302004 InlineTree should consult replay file in release build
P3 JDK-8298720 Insufficient error handling when CodeBuffer is exhausted
P3 JDK-8306581 JVMCI tests failed when run with -XX:TypeProfileLevel=222 after JDK-8303431
P3 JDK-8300069 Left shift of negative value in share/adlc/dict2.cpp
P3 JDK-8299975 Limit underflow protection CMoveINode in PhaseIdealLoop::do_unroll must also protect type from underflow
P3 JDK-8307683 Loop Predication should not hoist range checks with trap on success projection by negating their condition
P3 JDK-8297724 Loop strip mining prevents some empty loops from being eliminated
P3 JDK-8303105 LoopRangeStrideTest fails IR verification on x86
P3 JDK-8302736 Major performance regression in Math.log on aarch64
P3 JDK-8299074 nmethod marked for deoptimization is not deoptimized
P3 JDK-8300002 Performance regression caused by non-inlined hot methods due to post call noop instructions
P3 JDK-8305934 PPC64: Disable VMContinuations on Big Endian
P3 JDK-8306111 PPC64: RT call after thaw with exception requires larger ABI section
P3 JDK-8302831 PPC: compiler/codecache/ fails after JDK-8301819
P3 JDK-8303512 Race condition when computing is_loaded property of TypePtr::InterfaceSet
P3 JDK-8305634 Renaming predicates, simple cleanups, and adding summary about current predicates
P3 JDK-8305635 Replace Parse Predicate IfNode with new ParsePredicateNode and route predicate queries through dedicated classes
P3 JDK-8301313 RISC-V: C2: assert(false) failed: bad AD file due to missing match rule
P3 JDK-8293841 RISC-V: Implementation of Foreign Function & Memory API (Preview)
P3 JDK-8291550 RISC-V: jdk uses misaligned memory access when AvoidUnalignedAccess enabled
P3 JDK-8300079 SIGSEGV in LibraryCallKit::inline_string_copy due to constant NULL src argument
P3 JDK-8296412 Special case infinite loops with unmerged backedges in IdealLoopTree::check_safepts
P3 JDK-8298118 split-if optimization causes empty loop to temporarily have more than one phi
P3 JDK-8296812 sprintf is deprecated in Xcode 14
P3 JDK-8304720 SuperWord::schedule should rebuild C2-graph from SuperWord dependency-graph
P3 JDK-8302595 use-after-free related to GraphKit::clone_map
P3 JDK-8302670 use-after-free related to PhaseIterGVN interaction with Unique_Node_List and Node_Stack
P3 JDK-8296318 use-def assert: special case undetected loops nested in infinite loops
P3 JDK-8303508 Vector.lane() gets wrong value on x86
P4 JDK-8307351 (CmpI/L(AndI/L reg1 reg2)) on x86 can be optimized
P4 JDK-8294194 [AArch64] Create intrinsics compress and expand
P4 JDK-8307104 [AIX] VM crashes with UseRTMLocking on Power10
P4 JDK-8308072 [BACKOUT] update for deprecated sprintf for src/utils
P4 JDK-8299726 [cleanup] Some code cleanup in opto/compile.hpp
P4 JDK-8303351 [IR Framework] Add missing cpu feature avx512bw after JDK-8302681
P4 JDK-8301752 [IR Framework] Add more IR framework examples
P4 JDK-8300273 [IR framework] Handle message instead of bailing out
P4 JDK-8295979 [IR Framework] Improve IR matching warning
P4 JDK-8302681 [IR Framework] Only allow cpuFeatures from a verified list
P4 JDK-8303089 [jittester] Add time limit to IRTree generation
P4 JDK-8309136 [JVMCI] add -XX:+UseGraalJIT flag
P4 JDK-8300590 [JVMCI] BytecodeFrame.equals is broken
P4 JDK-8308151 [JVMCI] capture JVMCI exceptions in hs-err
P4 JDK-8308954 [JVMCI] code installation increments decompile_count for call_site_target_value failures
P4 JDK-8309104 [JVMCI] compiler/unsafe/UnsafeGetStableArrayElement test asserts wrong values with Graal
P4 JDK-8302452 [JVMCI] Export _poly1305_processBlocks, JfrThreadLocal fields to JVMCI compiler.
P4 JDK-8307813 [JVMCI] Export markWord::lock_mask_in_place to JVMCI compilers.
P4 JDK-8309562 [JVMCI] Export symbols used by VirtualThread notifyJvmti intrinsics to JVMCI compilers.
P4 JDK-8302172 [JVMCI] HotSpotResolvedJavaMethodImpl.canBeInlined must respect ForceInline
P4 JDK-8279619 [JVMCI] improve EncodedSpeculationReason
P4 JDK-8303431 [JVMCI] libgraal annotation API
P4 JDK-8303588 [JVMCI] make JVMCI source directories conform with standard layout
P4 JDK-8306992 [JVMCI] mitigate more against JVMCI related OOME causing VM to exit
P4 JDK-8304138 [JVMCI] Test FailedSpeculation existence before appending.
P4 JDK-8308930 [JVMCI] TestUncaughtErrorInCompileMethod times out
P4 JDK-8303357 [JVMCI] thread is _thread_in_vm when committing JFR compilation event
P4 JDK-8308041 [JVMCI] WB_IsGCSupportedByJVMCICompiler must enter correct JVMCI env
P4 JDK-8299375 [PPC64] GetStackTraceSuspendedStressTest tries to deoptimize frame with invalid fp
P4 JDK-8301447 [REDO] CodeHeap has virtual methods that are not overridden
P4 JDK-8308403 [s390x] separate remaining_cargs from z_abi_160
P4 JDK-8302673 [SuperWord] MaxReduction and MinReduction should vectorize for int
P4 JDK-8302652 [SuperWord] Reduction should happen after loop, when possible
P4 JDK-8293198 [vectorapi] Improve the implementation of VectorMask.indexInRange()
P4 JDK-8292289 [vectorapi] Improve the implementation of VectorTestNode
P4 JDK-8307523 [vectorapi] Optimize
P4 JDK-8304676 [vectorapi] x86_32: Crash in Assembler::kmovql(Address, KRegister)
P4 JDK-8301012 [vectorapi]: Intrinsify CompressBitsV/ExpandBitsV and add the AArch64 SVE backend implementation
P4 JDK-8296411 AArch64: Accelerated Poly1305 intrinsics
P4 JDK-8301739 AArch64: Add optimized rules for vector compare with immediate for SVE
P4 JDK-8297753 AArch64: Add optimized rules for vector compare with zero on NEON
P4 JDK-8302906 AArch64: Add SVE backend support for vector unsigned comparison
P4 JDK-8302830 AArch64: Fix the mismatch between cas.m4 and
P4 JDK-8153837 AArch64: Handle special cases for MaxINode & MinINode
P4 JDK-8287925 AArch64: intrinsics for compareUnsigned method in Integer and Long
P4 JDK-8298244 AArch64: Optimize vector implementation of AddReduction for floating point
P4 JDK-8307795 AArch64: Optimize VectorMask.truecount() on Neon
P4 JDK-8296999 AArch64: scalar intrinsics for reverse method in Integer and Long
P4 JDK-8308503 AArch64: SIGILL when running with -XX:UseBranchProtection=pac-ret on hardware without PAC feature
P4 JDK-8300808 Accelerate Base64 on x86 for AVX2
P4 JDK-8299038 Add AArch64 backend support for auto-vectorized FP16 conversions
P4 JDK-8303951 Add asserts before record_method_not_compilable where possible
P4 JDK-8294715 Add IR checks to the reduction vectorization tests
P4 JDK-8302518 Add missing Op_RoundDoubleMode in VectorNode::vector_operands()
P4 JDK-8298913 Add override qualifiers to Relocation classes
P4 JDK-8299608 Add Register + imm32 orq to x86_64 assembler
P4 JDK-8302508 Add timestamp to the output TraceCompilerThreads
P4 JDK-8303415 Add VM_Version::is_intrinsic_supported(id)
P4 JDK-8298952 All nodes should have type(n) == Value(n) after IGVN
P4 JDK-8299323 Allow extended registers for cmpw
P4 JDK-8299327 Allow super late barrier expansion of store barriers in C2
P4 JDK-8305711 Arm: C2 always enters slowpath for monitorexit
P4 JDK-8306331 assert((cnt > 0.0f) && (prob > 0.0f)) failed: Bad frequency assignment in if
P4 JDK-8302167 Avoid allocating register in fast_lock()
P4 JDK-8305056 Avoid unaligned access in emit_intX methods if it's unsupported
P4 JDK-8301874 BarrierSetC2 should assign barrier data to stores
P4 JDK-8295406 C1 crash with -XX:TypeProfileArgsLimit=0 -XX:TypeProfileLevel=222
P4 JDK-8283740 C1: Convert flag TwoOperandLIRForm to a constant on all platforms
P4 JDK-8301093 C2 fails assert(ctrl == kit.control()) failed: Control flow was added although the intrinsic bailed out
P4 JDK-8308746 C2 IR test failures for with SSE2
P4 JDK-8305351 C2 setScopedValueCache intrinsic doesn't use access API
P4 JDK-8260943 C2 SuperWord: Remove dead vectorization optimization added by 8076284
P4 JDK-8308917 C2 SuperWord::output: assert before bailout with CountedLoopReserveKit
P4 JDK-8306933 C2: "assert(false) failed: infinite loop" failure
P4 JDK-8306997 C2: "malformed control flow" assert due to missing safepoint on backedge with a switch
P4 JDK-8301630 C2: 8297933 broke type speculation in some cases
P4 JDK-8305740 C2: add print statements to assert: Can't determine return type.
P4 JDK-8290822 C2: assert in PhaseIdealLoop::do_unroll() is subject to undefined behavior
P4 JDK-8307131 C2: assert(false) failed: malformed control flow
P4 JDK-8306042 C2: failed: Missed optimization opportunity in PhaseCCP (adding LShift->Cast->Add notification)
P4 JDK-8299546 C2: MulLNode::mul_ring() wrongly returns bottom type due to casting errors with large numbers
P4 JDK-8287087 C2: perform SLP reduction analysis on-demand
P4 JDK-8300865 C2: product reduction in ProdRed_Double is not vectorized
P4 JDK-8300113 C2: Single-bit fields with signed type in TypePtr after JDK-8297933
P4 JDK-8299155 C2: SubTypeCheckNode::verify() should not produce dependencies / oop pool entries
P4 JDK-8300258 C2: vectorization fails on simple ByteBuffer loop
P4 JDK-8300257 C2: vectorization fails on some simple Memory Segment loops
P4 JDK-8300256 C2: vectorization is sometimes skipped on loops where it would succeed
P4 JDK-8297582 C2: very slow compilation due to type system verification code
P4 JDK-8305142 Can't bootstrap ctw.jar
P4 JDK-8305222 Change unique_ctrl_out_or_null to unique_ctrl_out in PhaseCFG::convert_NeverBranch_to_Goto
P4 JDK-8301378 CodeHeap has virtual methods that are not overridden
P4 JDK-8308291 compiler/jvmci/meta/ fails with -XX:TieredStopAtLevel=1
P4 JDK-8304681 compiler/sharedstubs/ fails after JDK-8304387
P4 JDK-8305484 Compiler::init_c1_runtime unnecessarily uses an Arena that lives for the lifetime of the process
P4 JDK-8295661 CompileTask::compile_id() should be passed as int
P4 JDK-8304089 Convert TraceDependencies to UL
P4 JDK-8304242 CPUInfoTest fails because "serialize" CPU feature is not known
P4 JDK-8303238 Create generalizations for existing LShift ideal transforms
P4 JDK-8302145 ddepth should be uint in PhaseIdealLoop::register_node()
P4 JDK-8302814 Delete unused CountLoopEnd instruct with CmpX
P4 JDK-8306636 Disable compiler/c2/ with -XX:TieredStopAtLevel=3
P4 JDK-8306444 Don't leak memory in PhaseChaitin::PhaseChaitin
P4 JDK-8305543 Ensure GC barriers for arraycopy on AArch64 use caller saved neon temp registers
P4 JDK-8305356 Fix ignored bad CompileCommands in tests
P4 JDK-8304387 Fix positions of shared static stubs / trampolines
P4 JDK-8307139 Fix signed integer overflow in compiler code, part 1
P4 JDK-8308975 Fix signed integer overflow in compiler code, part 2
P4 JDK-8303804 Fix some errors of If-VectorTest and CMove-VectorTest
P4 JDK-8173709 Fix VerifyLoopOptimizations - step 1 - minimal infrastructure
P4 JDK-8305073 Fix VerifyLoopOptimizations - step 2 - verify idom
P4 JDK-8305995 Footprint regression from JDK-8224957
P4 JDK-8297036 Generalize C2 stub mechanism
P4 JDK-8300247 Harden C1 xchg on AArch64 and PPC
P4 JDK-8309472 IGV: Add dump_igv(custom_name) for improved debugging
P4 JDK-8302644 IGV: Apply filters per graph tab and not globally
P4 JDK-8302335 IGV: Bytecode not showing
P4 JDK-8297031 IGV: Copy extracted nodes and layout for cloned graph
P4 JDK-8305223 IGV: mark osr compiled graphs with [OSR] in the name
P4 JDK-8305644 IGV: Node text not updated when switching from/to CFG view
P4 JDK-8301133 IGV: NPE occurs when creating a diff graph with a graph in a different folder
P4 JDK-8302738 IGV: refine 'Simplify graph' filter
P4 JDK-8303443 IGV: Syntax highlighting and resizing for filter editor
P4 JDK-8302846 IGV: Zoom stuck when zooming out on large graphs
P4 JDK-8309254 Implement fast-path for ASCII-compatible CharsetEncoders on RISC-V
P4 JDK-8303278 Imprecise bottom type of ExtractB/UB
P4 JDK-8302113 Improve CRC32 intrinsic with crypto pmull on AArch64
P4 JDK-8302783 Improve CRC32C intrinsic with crypto pmull on AArch64
P4 JDK-8299158 Improve MD5 intrinsic on AArch64
P4 JDK-8299544 Improve performance of CRC32C intrinsics (non-AVX-512) for small inputs
P4 JDK-8299324 inline_native_setCurrentThread lacks GC barrier for Shenandoah
P4 JDK-8299032 Interface IN_NATIVE oop stores for C2
P4 JDK-8300253 Introduce AArch64 nzcv accessors
P4 JDK-8305055 IR check fails on some aarch64 platforms
P4 JDK-8302203 IR framework should detect non-compilable test methods early
P4 JDK-8295210 IR framework should not whitelist -XX:-UseTLAB
P4 JDK-8301163 jdk/internal/vm/Continuation/ increase COMPILATION_TIMEOUT for Linux ppc64le
P4 JDK-8308906 Make CIPrintCompilerName a diagnostic flag
P4 JDK-8300829 Make CtwRunner available as an independent tool
P4 JDK-8303069 Memory leak in CompilerOracle::parse_from_line
P4 JDK-8291735 methods_do() always run at exit
P4 JDK-8231349 Move intrinsic stubs generation to compiler runtime initialization code
P4 JDK-8302146 Move to tier3
P4 JDK-8302144 Move to tier3
P4 JDK-8300208 Optimize Adler32 stub for AVX-512 targets.
P4 JDK-8301326 Optimize compiler/uncommontrap/ test
P4 JDK-8143900 OptimizeStringConcat has an opaque dependency on Integer.sizeTable field
P4 JDK-8301838 PPC: continuation yield intrinsic: exception check not needed if yield succeeded
P4 JDK-8302158 PPC: test/jdk/jdk/internal/vm/Continuation/ AssertionError: res: false shouldPin: false
P4 JDK-8297801 printnm crashes with invalid address due to null pointer dereference
P4 JDK-8302369 Reduce the stack size of the C1 compiler
P4 JDK-8299162 Refactor shared trampoline emission logic
P4 JDK-8298189 Regression in SPECjvm2008-MonteCarlo for pre-Cascade Lake Intel processors
P4 JDK-8160404 RelocationHolder constructors have bugs
P4 JDK-8304445 Remaining uses of NULL in ciInstanceKlass.cpp
P4 JDK-8280419 Remove dead code related to VerifyThread and verify_thread()
P4 JDK-8301346 Remove dead emit_entry_barrier_stub definition
P4 JDK-8293410 Remove GenerateRangeChecks flag
P4 JDK-8303045 Remove RegionNode::LoopStatus::NeverIrreducibleEntry assert with wrong assumption
P4 JDK-8304301 Remove the global option SuperWordMaxVectorSize
P4 JDK-8308091 Remove unused iRegIHeapbase() matching operand
P4 JDK-8306872 Rename Node_Array::Size()
P4 JDK-8306077 Replace NEW_ARENA_ARRAY with NEW_RESOURCE_ARRAY when applicable in opto
P4 JDK-8299974 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/adlc/
P4 JDK-8300086 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/c1/
P4 JDK-8300240 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/ci/
P4 JDK-8300242 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/code/
P4 JDK-8300243 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/compiler/
P4 JDK-8301068 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/jvmci/
P4 JDK-8301069 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/libadt/
P4 JDK-8301074 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/opto/
P4 JDK-8308657 ReplayInline is not availabe in production build
P4 JDK-8299525 RISC-V: Add backend support for half float conversion intrinsics
P4 JDK-8301743 RISC-V: Add InlineSkippedInstructionsCounter to post-call nops
P4 JDK-8302453 RISC-V: Add support for small width vector operations
P4 JDK-8307609 RISC-V: Added support for Extract, Compress, Expand and other nodes for Vector API
P4 JDK-8301740 RISC-V: Address::uses() should check address mode
P4 JDK-8308726 RISC-V: avoid unnecessary slli in the vectorized arraycopy stubs for bytes
P4 JDK-8301067 RISC-V: better error message when reporting unsupported satp modes
P4 JDK-8301628 RISC-V: c2 fix pipeline class for several instructions
P4 JDK-8301818 RISC-V: Factor out function mvw from MacroAssembler
P4 JDK-8301036 RISC-V: Factor out functions baseOffset & baseOffset32 from MacroAssembler
P4 JDK-8303955 RISC-V: Factor out the tmp parameter from copy_memory and copy_memory_v
P4 JDK-8299168 RISC-V: Fix MachNode size mismatch for MacroAssembler::_verify_oops*
P4 JDK-8306667 RISC-V: Fix storeImmN0 matching rule by using zr register
P4 JDK-8301033 RISC-V: Handle special cases for MinI/MaxI nodes for Zbb
P4 JDK-8299844 RISC-V: Implement _onSpinWait intrinsic
P4 JDK-8307758 RISC-V: Improve bit test code introduced by JDK-8291555
P4 JDK-8300109 RISC-V: Improve code generation for MinI/MaxI nodes
P4 JDK-8309332 RISC-V: Improve PrintOptoAssembly output of vector nodes
P4 JDK-8308915 RISC-V: Improve temporary vector register usage avoiding the use of v0
P4 JDK-8308277 RISC-V: Improve vectorization of Match.sqrt() on floats
P4 JDK-8304293 RISC-V: JDK-8276799 missed atomic intrinsic support for C1
P4 JDK-8298088 RISC-V: Make Address a discriminated union internally
P4 JDK-8309418 RISC-V: Make use of vl1r.v & vfabs.v pseudo-instructions where appropriate
P4 JDK-8303417 RISC-V: Merge vector instructs with similar match rules
P4 JDK-8301153 RISC-V: pipeline class for several instructions is not set correctly
P4 JDK-8309419 RISC-V: Relax register constraint for AddReductionVF & AddReductionVD nodes
P4 JDK-8307651 RISC-V: stringL_indexof_char instruction has wrong format string
P4 JDK-8302908 RISC-V: Support masked vector arithmetic instructions for Vector API
P4 JDK-8306966 RISC-V: Support vector cast node for Vector API
P4 JDK-8308817 RISC-V: Support VectorTest node for Vector API
P4 JDK-8305728 RISC-V: Use bexti instruction to do single-bit testing
P4 JDK-8302289 RISC-V: Use bgez instruction in arraycopy_simple_check when possible
P4 JDK-8308656 RISC-V: vstring_compare doesnt manifest usage of all vector registers
P4 JDK-8305203 Simplify trimming operation in Region::Ideal
P4 JDK-8299970 Speed up compiler/arraycopy/
P4 JDK-8302150 Speed up compiler/codegen/
P4 JDK-8299671 Speed up compiler/intrinsics/string/
P4 JDK-8299962 Speed up compiler/intrinsics/unsafe/ and
P4 JDK-8302149 Speed up compiler/jsr292/methodHandleExceptions/
P4 JDK-8302147 Speed up compiler/jvmci/compilerToVM/
P4 JDK-8299960 Speed up test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/c2/irTests/
P4 JDK-8302152 Speed up tests with infinite loops, sleep less
P4 JDK-8306706 Support out-of-line code generation for MachNodes
P4 JDK-8300040 TypeOopPtr::make_from_klass_common calls itself with args in wrong order
P4 JDK-8300821 UB: Applying non-zero offset to non-null pointer 0xfffffffffffffffe produced null pointer
P4 JDK-8299191 Unnecessarily global friend functions for relocInfo
P4 JDK-8265688 Unused ciMethodType::ptype_at should be removed
P4 JDK-8297791 update _max_classes in node type system
P4 JDK-8307855 update for deprecated sprintf for src/utils
P4 JDK-8304059 Use InstanceKlass in dependencies
P4 JDK-8302594 use-after-free in Node::destruct
P4 JDK-8299061 Using lambda to optimize GraphKit::compute_stack_effects()
P4 JDK-8308458 Windows build failure with disassembler.cpp(792): warning C4267: '=': conversion from 'size_t' to 'int'
P4 JDK-8304258 x86: Improve the code generation of VectorRearrange with int and float
P4 JDK-8305783 x86_64: Optimize AbsI and AbsL
P4 JDK-8302873 ZGC: dump barrier data in C2 Mach nodes
P5 JDK-8298813 [C2] Converting double to float cause a loss of precision and resulting crypto.aes scores fluctuate
P5 JDK-8309474 [IR Framework] Wrong @ForceCompile link in README
P5 JDK-8299721 [Vector API] assert in switch-default of LibraryCallKit::arch_supports_vector_rotate is too weak to catch bugs
P5 JDK-8307147 [x86] Dangling pointer warning for Assembler::_attributes
P5 JDK-8305690 [X86] Do not emit two REX prefixes in Assembler::prefix
P5 JDK-8308672 Add version number in the replay file generated by DumpInline
P5 JDK-8309295 C2: MaxNode::signed_min() returns nullptr for int operands
P5 JDK-8293324 ciField.hpp has two methods to return field's offset
P5 JDK-8292583 Comment for ciArrayKlass::make is wrong
P5 JDK-8301959 Compile command in compiler.loopopts.TestRemoveEmptyCountedLoop does not work
P5 JDK-8306456 Don't leak _worklist's memory in PhaseLive::compute
P5 JDK-8301338 Identical branch conditions in CompileBroker::print_heapinfo
P5 JDK-8294066 IGV: Graph changes when deleting a graph in the same group with smaller index
P5 JDK-8051725 Improve expansion of Conv2B nodes in the middle-end
P5 JDK-8302607 increase timeout for
P5 JDK-8304683 Memory leak in WB_IsMethodCompatible
P5 JDK-8302656 Missing spaces in output of -XX:+CIPrintMethodCodes
P5 JDK-8298736 Revisit usages of log10 in compiler code
P5 JDK-8299847 RISC-V: Improve PrintOptoAssembly output of CMoveI/L nodes
P5 JDK-8298320 Typo in the comment block of catch_inline_exception
P5 JDK-8300823 UB: Compile::_phase_optimize_finished is initialized too late
P5 JDK-8298880 IR test incorrectly use avx3 instead of avx512
P5 JDK-8305787 Wrong debugging information printed with TraceOptoOutput


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8299956 [BACKOUT] 8297487: G1 Remark: no need to keep alive oop constants of nmethods on stack
P1 JDK-8297235 ZGC: assert(regs[i] != regs[j]) failed: Multiple uses of register: rax
P1 JDK-8298376 ZGC: thaws stackChunk with stale oops
P2 JDK-8311548 AArch64: [ZGC] Many tests fail with "assert(allocates2(pc)) failed: not in CodeBuffer memory" on some CPUs
P2 JDK-8310743 assert(reserved_rgn != nullptr) failed: Add committed region, No reserved region found
P2 JDK-8305566 Change StringDedup thread to derive from JavaThread
P2 JDK-8308387 CLD created and unloading list sharing _next node pointer leads to concurrent YC missing CLD roots
P2 JDK-8308043 Deadlock in due to blocking GC while allocating
P2 JDK-8308589 gc/cslocker/ timed out
P2 JDK-8308752 Generational ZGC: Avoid final marking through stack chunks
P2 JDK-8309675 Generational ZGC: compiler/gcbarriers/ fails in nmt_commit
P2 JDK-8310194 Generational ZGC: Lock-order asserts in JVMTI IterateThroughHeap
P2 JDK-8313593 Generational ZGC: NMT assert when the heap fails to expand
P2 JDK-8308009 Generational ZGC: OOM before clearing all SoftReferences
P2 JDK-8309960 ParallelGC young collections very slow in DelayInducer
P2 JDK-8305192 serial GC fails "assert(Universe::on_page_boundary(bottom) && Universe::on_page_boundary(end)) failed: invalid space boundaries"
P2 JDK-8302741 ZGC: Remove Universe::verify calls
P2 JDK-8310015 ZGC: Unbounded asynchronous unmapping can lead to running out of address space
P2 JDK-8308500 ZStatSubPhase::register_start should not call register_gc_phase_start if ZAbort::should_abort()
P3 JDK-8291302 ARM32: nmethod entry barriers support
P3 JDK-8308643 Incorrect value of 'used' jvmstat counter
P3 JDK-8191565 Last-ditch Full GC should also move humongous objects
P3 JDK-8305403 Shenandoah evacuation workers may deadlock
P3 JDK-8306734 Shenandoah: Missing barriers on deoptimization path
P4 JDK-8304880 [PPC64] VerifyOops code in C1 doesn't work with ZGC
P4 JDK-8302462 [REDO] 8297487: G1 Remark: no need to keep alive oop constants of nmethods on stack
P4 JDK-8240774 [REDO] G1DirtyCardQueue destructor has useless flush
P4 JDK-8302368 [ZGC] Client build fails after JDK-8300255
P4 JDK-8307969 [zgc] Missing includes in gc/z/zTracer.cpp
P4 JDK-8300968 Accessorize raw oop load in DeadCounterClosure
P4 JDK-8306321 Add an accessor for the top of a PLAB
P4 JDK-8298725 Add BitMap support for reverse iteration
P4 JDK-8307346 Add missing gc+phases logging for ObjectCount(AfterGC) JFR event collection code
P4 JDK-8307395 Add missing STS to Shenandoah
P4 JDK-8292265 Add old gen used field at G1HeapSummary JFR event
P4 JDK-8307458 Add periodic heap usage JFR events
P4 JDK-8302780 Add support for vectorized arraycopy GC barriers
P4 JDK-8307517 Add VMErrorCallback infrastructure to extend hs_err dumping
P4 JDK-8309297 Adjust ShenandoahHeap print_heap_regions_on
P4 JDK-8303344 After JDK-8302760, G1 heap verification does not exit VM after errors
P4 JDK-8307378 Allow collectors to provide specific values for GC notifications' actions
P4 JDK-8303013 Always do remembered set verification during G1 Full GC
P4 JDK-8299079 Better interface nmethod oop accesses
P4 JDK-8307945 Build of Client VM is broken after JDK-8307058
P4 JDK-8303250 Call ct_max_alignment_constraint using the base class
P4 JDK-8306833 Change CardTable::_covered to static array
P4 JDK-8296374 Check for young region in G1BarrierSet::invalidate instead of card-by-card check
P4 JDK-8299312 Clean up BarrierSetNMethod
P4 JDK-8304716 Clean up G1Policy::calc_max_old_cset_length()
P4 JDK-8301229 Clean up SuspendibleThreadSet::_suspend_all
P4 JDK-8301047 Clean up type unsafe uses of oop from compiler code
P4 JDK-8299879 CollectedHeap hierarchy should use override
P4 JDK-8304711 Combine G1 root region abort and wait into a single method
P4 JDK-8292170 Convert CodeRootSetTable to use ResourceHashtable
P4 JDK-8311189 disable gc/z/
P4 JDK-8306695 Divide by zero in G1Policy::logged_cards_processing_time
P4 JDK-8305716 Enhancements for printing age tables
P4 JDK-8309346 Extend hs_err logging for all VM operations deriving from VM_GC_Operation
P4 JDK-8309210 Extend VM Operations hs_err logging
P4 JDK-8302206 Factor out duplicate G1VerificationClosure
P4 JDK-8307421 Fix comment in g1CollectionSetChooser.hpp after JDK-8306836
P4 JDK-8302880 Fix includes in g1ConcurrentMarkObjArrayProcessor files
P4 JDK-8303334 Further improve liveness/remembered set verification for G1
P4 JDK-8303084 G1 Heap region liveness verification has inverted return value
P4 JDK-8305086 G1 Redirty Cards phase printed twice
P4 JDK-8297487 G1 Remark: no need to keep alive oop constants of nmethods on stack
P4 JDK-8305368 G1 remset chunk claiming may use relaxed memory ordering
P4 JDK-8303244 G1: call CardTable::clear_MemRegion directly
P4 JDK-8306740 G1: Change G1CardSetHashTableScan to lambda
P4 JDK-8305892 G1: Fix G1MMUTracker::when_sec documentation
P4 JDK-8300915 G1: incomplete SATB because nmethod entry barriers don't get armed
P4 JDK-8297611 G1: Merge tlab and per-thread dirty card log flushing
P4 JDK-8297960 G1: Move Root Region Scan Waiting outside collection in logs
P4 JDK-8305233 G1: Refactor G1ClearCardTableTask
P4 JDK-8298652 G1: Refactor G1MarkAndPushClosure
P4 JDK-8305060 G1: Refactor G1ScanHRForRegionClosure::scan_heap_roots
P4 JDK-8306284 G1: Remove assertion in G1ScanHRForRegionClosure::do_claimed_block
P4 JDK-8301344 G1: Remove DirtyCardToOopClosure forward declaration in g1OopClosures.hpp
P4 JDK-8301862 G1: Remove G1PageBasedVirtualSpace::_executable
P4 JDK-8304055 G1: Remove OldGCAllocRegion::release
P4 JDK-8307808 G1: Remove partial object-count report after gc
P4 JDK-8308098 G1: Remove redundant checks in G1ObjectCountIsAliveClosure
P4 JDK-8225409 G1: Remove the Hot Card Cache
P4 JDK-8303067 G1: Remove unimplemented G1FullGCScope::heap_transition
P4 JDK-8301768 G1: Remove unimplemented HeapRegionRemSet::split_card
P4 JDK-8304144 G1: Remove unnecessary is_survivor check in G1ClearCardTableTask
P4 JDK-8299692 G1: Remove unused G1BlockOffsetTable::is_card_boundary
P4 JDK-8309286 G1: Remove unused G1HeapRegionAttr::is_valid_gen
P4 JDK-8302047 G1: Remove unused G1RegionToSpaceMapper::_region_granularity
P4 JDK-8302867 G1: Removing unused variable in G1CardTable::initialize
P4 JDK-8304657 G1: Rename set_state_empty to set_state_untracked
P4 JDK-8300653 G1EvacInfo should use common naming scheme for collection set
P4 JDK-8301222 Generalize check_release_entry in OopStorage
P4 JDK-8306841 Generational ZGC: NMT reports Java heap size larger than max heap size
P4 JDK-8308181 Generational ZGC: Remove CLDG_lock from old gen root scanning
P4 JDK-8308097 Generational ZGC: Update constructor syntax
P4 JDK-8302878 Group cmdline heap size checking together
P4 JDK-8307997 gtest:ZIndexDistributorTest fails on PPC64
P4 JDK-8298482 Implement ParallelGC NUMAStats for Linux
P4 JDK-8307058 Implementation of Generational ZGC
P4 JDK-8302760 Improve liveness/remembered set verification for G1
P4 JDK-8305370 Inconsistent use of for_young_only_phase parameter in G1 predictions
P4 JDK-8299089 Instrument global jni handles with tag to make them distinguishable
P4 JDK-8300255 Introduce interface for GC oop verification in the assembler
P4 JDK-8299072 java_lang_ref_Reference::clear_referent should be GC agnostic
P4 JDK-8272979 JEP 439: Generational ZGC
P4 JDK-8306435 Juggle04/ should be a booleanArr test and not a byteArr one
P4 JDK-8301248 Less side effects in InstanceRefKlass::trace_reference_gc
P4 JDK-8303969 Limit printed failures within an object during G1 heap verification
P4 JDK-8305880 Loom: Avoid putting stale object pointers in oops
P4 JDK-8306749 Make CardTable::invalidate non-virtual
P4 JDK-8307005 Make CardTableBarrierSet::initialize non-virtual
P4 JDK-8301340 Make DirtyCardToOopClosure stack-allocated
P4 JDK-8302125 Make G1 full gc abort the VM after failing VerifyDuringGC verification
P4 JDK-8302312 Make ParGCRareEvent_lock G1 specific
P4 JDK-8303534 Merge CompactibleSpace into ContiguousSpace
P4 JDK-8299953 Merge ContiguousSpaceDCTOC into DirtyCardToOopClosure
P4 JDK-8298264 Merge OffsetTableContigSpace into TenuredSpace
P4 JDK-8305618 Move gcold out of tier1
P4 JDK-8274264 Not all of G1 young collection verification honors the verification type
P4 JDK-8304712 Only pass total number of regions into G1Policy::calc_min_old_cset_length
P4 JDK-8301612 OopLoadProxy constructor should be explicit
P4 JDK-8298471 Parallel: Don't keep alive nmethods in Young GC
P4 JDK-8301149 Parallel: Refactor MutableNUMASpace::update_layout
P4 JDK-8300652 Parallel: Refactor oop marking stack in Full GC
P4 JDK-8300447 Parallel: Refactor PSPromotionManager::drain_stacks_depth
P4 JDK-8300962 Parallel: Remove PSParallelCompact::_total_invocations
P4 JDK-8302661 Parallel: Remove PSVirtualSpace::is_aligned
P4 JDK-8302864 Parallel: Remove PSVirtualSpace::pointer_delta
P4 JDK-8302886 Parallel: Remove unimplemented methods in ParCompactionManager
P4 JDK-8302072 Parallel: Remove unimplemented ParCompactionManager::stack_push
P4 JDK-8302464 Parallel: Remove unreachable code in callers of numa_has_static_binding
P4 JDK-8302121 Parallel: Remove unused arg in PSCardTable::inline_write_ref_field_gc
P4 JDK-8302734 Parallel: Remove unused LGRPSpace::_invalid_region
P4 JDK-8302674 Parallel: Remove unused methods in MutableNUMASpace
P4 JDK-8300958 Parallel: Remove unused MutableNUMASpace::capacity_in_words
P4 JDK-8303824 Parallel: Use more strict card table API
P4 JDK-8307348 Parallelize heap walk for ObjectCount(AfterGC) JFR event collection
P4 JDK-8301116 Parallelize TLAB resizing in G1
P4 JDK-8302122 Parallelize TLAB retirement in prologue in G1
P4 JDK-8304393 Provide method to iterate over regions of humongous object in G1
P4 JDK-8308506 Reduce testing time by removing combinations tested
P4 JDK-8305062 Refactor CardTable::resize_covered_region
P4 JDK-8306541 Refactor collection set candidate handling to prepare for JDK-8140326
P4 JDK-8299030 Refactor ReservedSpace::reserve
P4 JDK-8171221 Remove -XX:+CheckMemoryInitialization
P4 JDK-8304809 Remove develop flag G1ExitOnExpansionFailure
P4 JDK-8304804 Remove develop flag G1VerifyCTCleanup
P4 JDK-8301843 Remove dummy region allocation
P4 JDK-8302709 Remove explicit remembered set verification in G1
P4 JDK-8301217 Remove FilteringClosure
P4 JDK-8307518 Remove G1 workaround in jstat about zero sized generation sizes
P4 JDK-8300769 Remove G1CollectionSet::_inc_bytes_used_before
P4 JDK-8300644 Remove gc/shenandoah/jni/
P4 JDK-8309048 Remove malloc locker test case
P4 JDK-8299971 Remove metaprogramming/conditional.hpp
P4 JDK-8299479 Remove metaprogramming/decay.hpp
P4 JDK-8299399 Remove metaprogramming/isArray.hpp
P4 JDK-8299398 Remove metaprogramming/isConst.hpp
P4 JDK-8299397 Remove metaprogramming/isFloatingPoint.hpp
P4 JDK-8299482 Remove metaprogramming/isIntegral.hpp
P4 JDK-8299402 Remove metaprogramming/isVolatile.hpp
P4 JDK-8299395 Remove metaprogramming/removeCV.hpp
P4 JDK-8299396 Remove metaprogramming/removeExtent.hpp
P4 JDK-8299481 Remove metaprogramming/removePointer.hpp
P4 JDK-8299972 Remove metaprogramming/removeReference.hpp
P4 JDK-8300657 Remove null filtering in CLD oop handle area
P4 JDK-8299845 Remove obsolete comments in DirtyCardToOopClosure::get_actual_top
P4 JDK-8306836 Remove pinned tag for G1 heap regions
P4 JDK-8297639 Remove preventive GCs in G1
P4 JDK-8302975 Remove redundant mark verification during G1 Full GC
P4 JDK-8307100 Remove ReferentBasedDiscovery reference discovery policy
P4 JDK-8300862 Remove some G1 collection set remembered set debugging code
P4 JDK-8298144 Remove Space::new_dcto_cl
P4 JDK-8306733 Remove template parameter of G1DetermineCompactionQueueClosure::free_pinned_region
P4 JDK-8308948 Remove unimplemented ThreadLocalAllocBuffer::reset
P4 JDK-8300124 Remove unnecessary assert in GenCollectedHeap::initialize
P4 JDK-8301465 Remove unnecessary nmethod arming in Full GC of Serial/Parallel
P4 JDK-8302127 Remove unused arg in write_ref_field_post
P4 JDK-8304411 Remove unused CardTable::clear
P4 JDK-8299701 Remove unused GCCause::_wb_conc_mark
P4 JDK-8301446 Remove unused includes of gc/shared/genOopClosures
P4 JDK-8301744 Remove unused includes of genOopClosures.hpp
P4 JDK-8298480 Remove unused KlassRemSet
P4 JDK-8297572 Remove unused PrecisionStyle::Precise
P4 JDK-8303054 Remove unused variables in GCTraceTimeLoggerImpl::log_end
P4 JDK-8298521 Rename members in G1MonitoringSupport
P4 JDK-8306436 Rename PSS*:_n_workers to PSS*:_num_workers
P4 JDK-8306440 Rename PSS:_num_optional_regions to _max_num_optional_regions
P4 JDK-8307804 Reorganize ArrayJuggle test cases
P4 JDK-8308092 Replace NULL with nullptr in gc/x
P4 JDK-8301178 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/gc/epsilon/
P4 JDK-8301223 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/gc/g1/
P4 JDK-8301180 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/gc/parallel/
P4 JDK-8301179 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/gc/serial/
P4 JDK-8301224 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/gc/shared/
P4 JDK-8301225 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/gc/shenandoah/
P4 JDK-8303963 Replace various encodings of UINT/SIZE_MAX in gc code
P4 JDK-8308765 RISC-V: Expand size of stub routines for zgc only
P4 JDK-8307150 RISC-V: Remove remaining StoreLoad barrier with UseCondCardMark for Serial/Parallel GC
P4 JDK-8306738 Select num workers for safepoint ParallelCleanupTask
P4 JDK-8301459 Serial: Merge KeepAliveClosure into FastKeepAliveClosure
P4 JDK-8303362 Serial: Move CardTableRS to serial directory
P4 JDK-8298576 Serial: Move some MarkSweep method definitions to cpp
P4 JDK-8298281 Serial: Refactor MarkAndPushClosure
P4 JDK-8301599 Serial: Refactor nested closures in DefNewGeneration
P4 JDK-8304412 Serial: Refactor old generation cards update after Full GC
P4 JDK-8302068 Serial: Refactor oop closures used in Young GC
P4 JDK-8303467 Serial: Refactor reference processor
P4 JDK-8302868 Serial: Remove CardTableRS::initialize
P4 JDK-8301148 Serial: Remove ContiguousSpace::reset_saved_mark
P4 JDK-8298651 Serial: Remove MarkSweep::follow_klass
P4 JDK-8300540 Serial: Remove obsolete comments in GenMarkSweep
P4 JDK-8300127 Serial: Remove unnecessary from-space iteration in DefNewGeneration::oop_since_save_marks_iterate
P4 JDK-8300125 Serial: Remove unused Generation::reset_saved_marks
P4 JDK-8303081 Serial: Remove unused VM_MarkSweep
P4 JDK-8299853 Serial: Use more concrete type for TenuredGeneration::_the_space
P4 JDK-8303749 Serial: Use more strict card table API
P4 JDK-8300053 Shenandoah: Handle more GCCauses in ShenandoahControlThread::request_gc
P4 JDK-8298138 Shenandoah: HdrSeq asserts "sub-bucket index (512) overflow for value ( 1.00)"
P4 JDK-8309956 Shenandoah: Strengthen the mark word check in string dedup
P4 JDK-8299673 Simplify object pinning interactions with string deduplication
P4 JDK-8308881 Strong CLD oop handle roots are demoted to non-roots concurrently
P4 JDK-8308766 TLAB initialization may cause div by zero
P4 JDK-8306732 TruncatedSeq::predict_next() attempts linear regression with only one data point
P4 JDK-8301988 VerifyLiveClosure::verify_liveness asserts on bad pointers outside heap
P4 JDK-8305663 Wrong iteration order of pause array in g1MMUTracker
P4 JDK-8302977 ZGC: Doesn't support gc/
P5 JDK-8304802 After JDK-8297639 the flag G1UsePreventiveGC needs to be added to the obsoletion table
P5 JDK-8303883 Confusing parameter name in G1UpdateRemSetTrackingBeforeRebuild::distribute_marked_bytes
P5 JDK-8057586 Explicit GC ignored if GCLocker is active
P5 JDK-8306735 G1: G1FullGCScope remove unnecessary member _explicit_gc
P5 JDK-8302215 G1: Last-ditch Full GC should do serial compaction for tail regions in per thread compaction points.
P5 JDK-8304015 G1: Metaspace-induced GCs should not trigger maximal compaction
P5 JDK-8303252 G1: Return early from Full-GC if no regions are selected for compaction.
P5 JDK-8311179 Generational ZGC: gc/z/ failed with OutOfMemoryError
P5 JDK-8306766 Reduce heap size for TestJNICriticalStressTest
P5 JDK-8309265 Serial: Remove the code related to GC overhead limit
P5 JDK-8299075 fails because extra deduplication
P5 JDK-8040793 vmTestbase/nsk/monitoring/stress/lowmem fails on calling isCollectionUsageThresholdExceeded()


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8304033 JFR: Missing thread
P2 JDK-8307526 [JFR] Better handling of tampered JFR repository
P2 JDK-8306282 Build failure linux-arm32-open-cmp-baseline after JDK-8257967
P2 JDK-8307488 Incorrect weight of the first ObjectAllocationSample JFR event
P2 JDK-8308876 JFR: Deserialization of EventTypeInfo uses incorrect attribute names
P2 JDK-8303134 JFR: Missing stack trace during chunk rotation stress
P2 JDK-8298377 JfrVframeStream causes deadlocks in ZGC
P2 JDK-8312293 SIGSEGV in jfr.internal.event.EventWriter.putUncheckedByte after JDK-8312086
P2 JDK-8309862 Unsafe list operations in JfrStringPool
P3 JDK-8307374 Add a JFR event for tracking RSS
P3 JDK-8244289 fatal error: Possible safepoint reached by thread that does not allow it
P3 JDK-8297874 get_dump_directory() in jfrEmergencyDump.cpp should pass correct length to jio_snprintf
P3 JDK-8312574 jdk/jdk/jfr/jvm/ fails with timeout
P3 JDK-8309296 jdk/jfr/event/runtime/ fails due to "missing" dynamic JavaAgent
P3 JDK-8311007 jdk/jfr/tool/ can't find event
P3 JDK-8303208 JFR: 'jfr print' displays incorrect timestamps
P3 JDK-8303077 JFR: Add example usage to jdk.jfr
P3 JDK-8302677 JFR: Cache label and contentType in EventType and ValueDescriptor
P3 JDK-8299031 JFR: Clean up
P3 JDK-8309959 JFR: Display N/A for missing data amount
P3 JDK-8307298 JFR: Ensure jdk.jfr.internal.TypeLibrary is initialized only once
P3 JDK-8257967 JFR: Events for loaded agents
P3 JDK-8307738 JFR: EventStream.openRepository() drops events
P3 JDK-8302883 JFR: Improve periodic events
P3 JDK-8304844 JFR: Missing disk parameter in ActiveRecording event
P3 JDK-8302821 JFR: Periodic task thread spins after recording has stopped
P3 JDK-8303229 JFR: Preserve disk repository after exit
P3 JDK-8311040 JFR: RecordedThread::getOSThreadId() should return -1 if thread is virtual
P3 JDK-8303681 JFR: RemoteRecordingStream::setMaxAge() should accept null
P3 JDK-8308335 JFR: Remove @Experimental from Virtual Threads events
P3 JDK-8311245 JFR: Remove t.printStackTrace() in PeriodicEvents
P3 JDK-8306703 JFR: Summary views
P3 JDK-8303674 JFR: TypeLibrary class not thread safe
P3 JDK-8309928 JFR: View issues
P3 JDK-8297877 Risk for uninitialized memory in case of CHECK macro early return as part of field access
P3 JDK-8294401 Update jfr man page to include recently added features
P3 JDK-8273131 Update the java manpage markdown source for JFR filename expansion
P4 JDK-8288158 Add an anchor to each subcommand option on jfr html page
P4 JDK-8305944 assert(is_aligned(ref, HeapWordSize)) failed: invariant
P4 JDK-8299672 Enhance HeapDump JFR event
P4 JDK-8288783 Error messages are confusing when options conflict in -XX:StartFlightRecording
P4 JDK-8300042 Improve CPU related JFR events descriptions
P4 JDK-8309550 jdk.jfr.internal.Utils::formatDataAmount method should gracefully handle amounts equal to Long.MIN_VALUE
P4 JDK-8308935 lacks test coverage
P4 JDK-8304375 jdk/jfr/api/consumer/filestream/ failed with "Expected at least some events to be out of order! Reuse = false"
P4 JDK-8301380 jdk/jfr/api/consumer/streaming/
P4 JDK-8304835 jdk/jfr/event/oldobject/ fails with "Could not find event with class ... as (leak) object"
P4 JDK-8311536 JFR TestNativeMemoryUsageEvents fails in huge pages configuration
P4 JDK-8298526 JFR: Generate missing filename for time-bound recordings
P4 JDK-8301842 JFR: increase checkpoint event size for stacktrace and string pool
P4 JDK-8303261 JFR: jdk/jfr/api/consumer/streaming/ doesn't retry
P4 JDK-8303135 JFR: Log periodic events using periodic tag
P4 JDK-8303622 JFR: Missing message with Objects.requireNonNull
P4 JDK-8298278 JFR: Turn MEMFLAGS into a type for use with the NativeMemoryUsage events
P4 JDK-8298276 JFR: Update NMT events to make use of common periodic timestamp feature
P4 JDK-8307156 native_thread not protected by TLH
P4 JDK-8305242 Remove non-invariant assert(EventThreadDump::is_enabled())
P4 JDK-8300245 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/jfr/
P4 JDK-8221633 StartFlightRecording: consider moving mention of multiple comma-separated parameters to the front
P4 JDK-8299520 output error messages in case compare fails
P4 JDK-8299125 UnifiedOopRef in JFR leakprofiler should treat thread local oops correctly
P5 JDK-8303249 JFR: Incorrect description of dumponexit


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8309614 [BACKOUT] JDK-8307153 JVMTI GetThreadState on carrier should return STATE_WAITING
P2 JDK-8300051 assert(JvmtiEnvBase::environments_might_exist()) failed: to enter event controller, JVM TI environments must exist
P2 JDK-8300575 JVMTI support when using alternative virtual thread implementation
P2 JDK-8308978 regression with a deadlock involving FollowReferences
P2 JDK-8300913 ZGC: assert(to_addr != 0) failed: Should be forwarded
P3 JDK-8309462 [AIX] vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/RunAgentThread/agentthr001/ crashing due to empty while loop
P3 JDK-8309612 [REDO] JDK-8307153 JVMTI GetThreadState on carrier should return STATE_WAITING
P3 JDK-8307331 Correctly update line maps when class redefine rewrites bytecodes
P3 JDK-8303563 GetCurrentThreadCpuTime and GetThreadCpuTime need further clarification for virtual threads
P3 JDK-8295976 GetThreadListStackTraces returns wrong state for blocked VirtualThread
P3 JDK-8311556 GetThreadLocalStorage not working for vthreads mounted during JVMTI attach
P3 JDK-8302779 fails with "assert(_cb == CodeCache::find_blob(pc())) failed: Must be the same" or SIGSEGV
P3 JDK-8307153 JVMTI GetThreadState on carrier should return STATE_WAITING
P3 JDK-8306843 JVMTI tag map extremely slow after JDK-8292741
P3 JDK-8306278 jvmtiAgentList.cpp:253 assert(offset >= 0) failed: invariant occurs on AIX after JDK-8257967
P3 JDK-8298059 Linked stack watermarks don't support nesting
P3 JDK-8306823 Native memory leak in SharedRuntime::notify_jvmti_unmount/mount.
P3 JDK-8297286 runtime/vthread tests crashing after JDK-8296324
P3 JDK-8303086 SIGSEGV in JavaThread::is_interp_only_mode()
P4 JDK-8300696 [AIX] AttachReturnError fails
P4 JDK-8308400 add ForceEarlyReturn support for virtual threads
P4 JDK-8303908 Add missing check in VTMS_transition_disable_for_all() for suspend mode
P4 JDK-8308000 add PopFrame support for virtual threads
P4 JDK-8306034 add support of virtual threads to JVMTI StopThread
P4 JDK-8306027 Clarify JVMTI heap functions spec about virtual thread stack.
P4 JDK-8292741 Convert JvmtiTagMapTable to ResourceHashtable
P4 JDK-8308814 extend SetLocalXXX minimal support for virtual threads
P4 JDK-8307399 get rid of compatibility ThreadStart/ThreadEnd events for virtual threads
P4 JDK-8304303 implement VirtualThread class notifyJvmti methods as C2 intrinsics
P4 JDK-8307865 Invalid is_in_any_VTMS_transition() check in post_dynamic_code_generated_while_holding_locks
P4 JDK-8299414 JVMTI FollowReferences should support references from VirtualThread stack
P4 JDK-8307365 JvmtiStressModule hit SIGSEGV in JvmtiEventControllerPrivate::recompute_thread_enabled
P4 JDK-8298853 JvmtiVTMSTransitionDisabler should support disabling one virtual thread transitions
P4 JDK-8304448 Kitchensink failed: assert(!thread->is_in_any_VTMS_transition()) failed: class prepare events are not allowed in any VTMS transition
P4 JDK-8302615 make JVMTI thread cpu time functions optional for virtual threads
P4 JDK-8299240 rank of JvmtiVTMSTransition_lock can be safepoint
P4 JDK-8304444 Reappearance of NULL in jvmtiThreadState.cpp
P4 JDK-8298979 Remove duplicated serviceability/jvmti/thread/GetAllThreads/allthr01/
P4 JDK-8306028 separate ThreadStart/ThreadEnd events posting code in JVMTI VTMS transitions
P4 JDK-8307968 serviceability/jvmti/vthread/StopThreadTest/ timed out
P4 JDK-8228604 StackMapFrames are missing from redefined class bytes of retransformed classes
P4 JDK-8305520 fails with release VMs
P4 JDK-8309602 update JVMTI history table for jdk 21
P4 JDK-8277573 VmObjectAlloc is not generated by intrinsics methods which allocate objects
P4 JDK-8306538 Zero variant build failure after JDK-8257967


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8302067 [AIX] AIX build error on os_aix_ppc.cpp
P3 JDK-8303167 JEP 449: Deprecate the Windows 32-bit x86 Port for Removal
P3 JDK-8299022 Linux ppc64le and s390x build issues after JDK-8160404
P4 JDK-8303949 gcc10 warning Linux ppc64le - note: the layout of aggregates containing vectors with 8-byte alignment has changed in GCC 5
P4 JDK-8297912 HotSpot Style Guide should permit alignas (Second Proposal Attempt)
P4 JDK-8302124 HotSpot Style Guide should permit noreturn attribute
P4 JDK-8274400 HotSpot Style Guide should permit use of alignof
P4 JDK-8307446 RISC-V: Improve performance of floating point to integer conversion
P5 JDK-8305112 RISC-V: Typo fix for RVC description


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8303839 [BACKOUT] JDK-8302799 and JDK-8302189
P1 JDK-8302905 arm32 Raspberry Pi OS build broken by JDK-8301494
P1 JDK-8302678 validate_source fails after JDK-8293313
P2 JDK-8300227 [macos_aarch64] assert(cpu_has("hw.optional.arm.FEAT_AES")) failed after JDK-8297092
P2 JDK-8305478 [REDO] disable gtest/ sub-tests failing due to JDK-8305414
P2 JDK-8302777 CDS should not relocate heap if mapping fails
P2 JDK-8301876 Crash in DumpTimeClassInfo::add_verification_constraint
P2 JDK-8305417 disable gtest/ sub-tests failing due to JDK-8305414
P2 JDK-8305414 gtest/ is failing various sub-tests
P2 JDK-8305387 JDK-8301995 breaks arm 32-bit
P2 JDK-8298371 monitors_on_stack extracts unprocessed oops
P2 JDK-8310656 RISC-V: __builtin___clear_cache can fail silently.
P2 JDK-8309637 runtime/handshake/ fails with "has not cleared handshake op" and SIGILL
P2 JDK-8305625 Stress test crashes with SEGV in Deoptimization::deoptimize_frame_internal(JavaThread*, long*, Deoptimization::DeoptReason)
P2 JDK-8309171 Test vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/scenarios/jni_interception/JI05/ji05t001/ fails after JDK-8308341
P2 JDK-8304931 vm/concepts/methods/methods001/methods00101m1/methods00101m1 failures with already pending exception
P3 JDK-8302351 "assert(!JavaThread::current()->is_interp_only_mode() || !nm->method()->is_continuation_enter_intrinsic() || ContinuationEntry::is_interpreted_call(return_pc)) failed: interp_only_mode but not in enterSpecial interpreted entry" in fixup_callers_callsite
P3 JDK-8298321 2 File Leak defect groups in 2 files
P3 JDK-8303549 [AIX] is failing with exit value 1
P3 JDK-8299683 [S390X] Problems with -XX:+VerifyStack
P3 JDK-8307423 [s390x] Represent Registers as values
P3 JDK-8309613 [Windows] hs_err files sometimes miss information about the code containing the error
P3 JDK-8293117 Add atomic bitset functions
P3 JDK-8294402 Add diagnostic logging to VMProps.checkDockerSupport
P3 JDK-8308285 Assert on -Xshare:dump when running with -Xlog:cds=trace
P3 JDK-8306929 Avoid CleanClassLoaderDataMetaspaces safepoints when previous versions are shared
P3 JDK-8302781 CDS archive heap not reproducible after JDK-8296344
P3 JDK-8306476 CDS test asserts when vm_exit is called on VM thread
P3 JDK-8294677 chunklevel::MAX_CHUNK_WORD_SIZE too small for some applications
P3 JDK-8309228 Clarify EXPERIMENTAL flags comment in hotspot/share/runtime/globals.hpp
P3 JDK-8302066 Counter _number_of_nmethods_with_dependencies should be atomic.
P3 JDK-8278965 crash in SymbolTable::do_lookup
P3 JDK-8300266 Detect Virtualization on Linux aarch64
P3 JDK-8298081 DiagnoseSyncOnValueBasedClasses doesn't report useful information for virtual threads
P3 JDK-8301992 Embed SymbolTable CHT node
P3 JDK-8301123 Enable Symbol refcounting underflow checks in PRODUCT
P3 JDK-8301661 Enhance os::pd_print_cpu_info on macOS and Windows
P3 JDK-8300645 Handle julong values in logging of GET_CONTAINER_INFO macros
P3 JDK-8303948 HsErrFileUtils.checkHsErrFileContent() fails to check the last pattern.
P3 JDK-8295951 intermittent cmp_baseline task failures with CDS files
P3 JDK-8295974 jni_FatalError and Xcheck:jni warnings should print the native stack when there are no Java frames
P3 JDK-8308341 JNI_GetCreatedJavaVMs returns a partially initialized JVM
P3 JDK-8309761 Leak class loader constraints
P3 JDK-8303215 Make thread stacks not use huge pages
P3 JDK-8300658 memory_and_swap_limit() reporting wrong values on systems with swapaccount=0
P3 JDK-8307958 Metaspace verification is slow causing extreme class unloading times
P3 JDK-8306825 Monitor deflation might be accidentally disabled by zero intervals
P3 JDK-8303153 Native interpreter frame missing mirror
P3 JDK-8301641 NativeMemoryUsageTotal event uses reserved value for committed field
P3 JDK-8298298 NMT: count deltas are printed with 32-bit signed size
P3 JDK-8311092 Please disable runtime/jni/nativeStack/ on armhf
P3 JDK-8303475 potential null pointer dereference in filemap.cpp
P3 JDK-8288287 Remove expired flags in JDK 21
P3 JDK-8305590 Remove nothrow exception specifications from operator new
P3 JDK-8292818 replace 96-bit representation for field metadata with variable-sized streams
P3 JDK-8292674 ReportJNIFatalError should print all java frames
P3 JDK-8309140 ResourceHashtable failed "assert(~(_allocation_t[0] | allocation_mask) == (uintptr_t)this) failed: lost resource object"
P3 JDK-8292635 Run in jdk tier testing
P3 JDK-8306428 crashed with assert(early->flag() == current->flag() || early->flag() == mtNone)
P3 JDK-8303276 Secondary assertion failure in AdapterHandlerLibrary::contains during crash reporting
P3 JDK-8301570 Test runtime/jni/nativeStack/ needs to detach the native thread
P3 JDK-8299699 Test runtime/cds/appcds/ fails after JDK-8299329
P3 JDK-8292206 fails as getMemoryUsage() is lower than expected
P3 JDK-8303624 The java.lang.Thread.FieldHolder can be null for JNI attaching threads
P3 JDK-8301749 Tracking malloc pooled memory size
P3 JDK-8303841 Update the JNI spec GetVersion function to reflect the change to JNI_VERSION_20
P4 JDK-8306289 32-bit build failures after JDK-8303422
P4 JDK-8305922 [aix,linux] Avoid comparing 'this' to nullptr
P4 JDK-8303082 [AIX] Missing C++ name demangling with XLClang++
P4 JDK-8302043 [AIX] Safefetch fails for bad_addressN and bad_address32
P4 JDK-8300295 [AIX] TestDaemonDestroy fails due to !is_primordial_thread assertion
P4 JDK-8306951 [BACKOUT] JDK-8305252 make_method_handle_intrinsic may call java code under a lock
P4 JDK-8303210 [linux, Windows] Make UseSystemMemoryBarrier available as product flag
P4 JDK-8306507 [linux] Print number of memory mappings in error reports
P4 JDK-8297092 [macos_aarch64] Add support for SHA feature detection
P4 JDK-8262895 [macos_aarch64] runtime/CompressedOops/ fails with 'Narrow klass base: 0x0000000000000000' missing from stdout/stderr
P4 JDK-8308469 [PPC64] Implement alternative fast-locking scheme
P4 JDK-8302907 [PPC64] Use more constexpr in class Register
P4 JDK-8303805 [REDO] JDK-8302189 and JDK-8302799
P4 JDK-8306950 [REDO] JDK-8305252 make_method_handle_intrinsic may call java code under a lock
P4 JDK-8298413 [s390] CPUInfoTest fails due to uppercase feature string
P4 JDK-8306855 [s390x] fix difference in abi sizes
P4 JDK-8302328 [s390x] Simplify asm_assert definition
P4 JDK-8301095 [s390x] fails
P4 JDK-8298472 AArch64: Detect Ampere-1 and Ampere-1A CPUs and set default options
P4 JDK-8294266 Add a way to pre-touch java thread stacks
P4 JDK-8304016 Add BitMap find_last suite of functions
P4 JDK-8304759 Add BitMap iterators
P4 JDK-8308090 Add container tests for on-the-fly resource quota updates
P4 JDK-8299274 Add elements to resolved_references consistently
P4 JDK-8306583 Add JVM crash check in CDSTestUtils.executeAndLog
P4 JDK-8298445 Add LeakSanitizer support in HotSpot
P4 JDK-8304996 Add missing HandleMarks
P4 JDK-8293547 Add relaxed add_and_fetch for macos aarch64 atomics
P4 JDK-8299275 Add some ClassLoaderData verification code
P4 JDK-8287873 Add test for using -XX:+AutoCreateSharedArchive with different JDK versions
P4 JDK-8307295 Add warning to not create new ACC flags
P4 JDK-8307653 Adjust delay time and gc log argument in TestAbortOnVMOperationTimeout
P4 JDK-8303575 adjust Xen handling on Linux aarch64
P4 JDK-8301106 Allow archived Java strings to be moved by GC
P4 JDK-8307106 Allow concurrent GCs to walk CLDG without ClassLoaderDataGraph_lock
P4 JDK-8308910 Allow executeAndLog to accept running process
P4 JDK-8303548 Arguments::get_default_shared_archive_path() should cache the result for future use
P4 JDK-8279993 Assert that a shared class is not loaded more than once
P4 JDK-8299329 Assertion failure with fastdebug build when trying to use CDS without classpath
P4 JDK-8303047 avoid NULL after 8301661
P4 JDK-8307567 Avoid relocating global roots to metaspaceObjs in CDS dump
P4 JDK-8299213 Bad cast in GrowableArrayWithAllocator<>::grow
P4 JDK-8302625 Bad copyright line after JDK-8302385
P4 JDK-8303621 BitMap::iterate should support lambdas and other function objects
P4 JDK-8300981 Build failure on 32-bit platforms after JDK-8281213
P4 JDK-8300463 Build failure on Windows 32 after JDK-8296401
P4 JDK-8300169 Build failure with clang-15
P4 JDK-8301853 C4819 warnings were reported in HotSpot on Windows
P4 JDK-8305757 Call Method::compute_has_loops_flag() when creating CDS archive
P4 JDK-8309170 CDS archive heap is always relocated for larger heap
P4 JDK-8306712 CDS test fails with -XX:+UseStringDeduplication
P4 JDK-8301715 CDS should be disabled in exploded JDK
P4 JDK-8281941 Change CDS warning messages to use Unified Logging
P4 JDK-8307306 Change some ConstantPool::name_ref_at calls to uncached_name_ref_at
P4 JDK-8302218 CHeapBitMap::free frees with incorrect size
P4 JDK-8307935 Class space argument processing can be simplified
P4 JDK-8304069 ClassFileParser has ad-hoc hashtables
P4 JDK-8308073 ClassLoaderExt::append_boot_classpath should handle dynamic archive
P4 JDK-8298468 Clean up class_loader parameters
P4 JDK-8301005 Clean up Copy::conjoint_*_atomic on windows
P4 JDK-8302108 Clean up placeholder supername code
P4 JDK-8306460 Clear JVM_ACC_QUEUED flag on methods when dumping dynamic CDS archive
P4 JDK-8298048 Combine CDS archive heap into a single block
P4 JDK-8304743 Compile_lock and SystemDictionary updates
P4 JDK-8305404 Compile_lock not needed for InstanceKlass::implementor()
P4 JDK-8305405 Compile_lock not needed in Universe::genesis()
P4 JDK-8299387 still fails on ppc with 'Narrow klass shift: 0' missing
P4 JDK-8296401 ConcurrentHashTable::bulk_delete might miss to delete some objects
P4 JDK-8291569 Consider removing JNI checks for signals SIGPIPE and SIGXFSZ
P4 JDK-8307810 Consistently use LockingMode instead of UseHeavyMonitors
P4 JDK-8300783 Consolidate byteswap implementations
P4 JDK-8299424 containers/docker/ fails on SLES12 ppc64le when testing Memory and Swap Limit
P4 JDK-8307196 Dangling pointer warning for MetadataAllocationRequest
P4 JDK-8305320 DbgStrings and AsmRemarks are leaking
P4 JDK-8303151 DCmd framework cleanups
P4 JDK-8303150 DCmd framework unnecessarily creates a DCmd instance on registration
P4 JDK-8298524 Debug function to trace reachability of CDS archived heap objects
P4 JDK-8301050 Detect Xen Virtualization on Linux aarch64
P4 JDK-8302102 Disable ASan for SafeFetch and os::print_hex_dump
P4 JDK-8306654 Disable NMT location_printing_cheap_dead_xx tests again
P4 JDK-8313316 Disable runtime/ErrorHandling/ on ppc64le
P4 JDK-8292059 Do not inline InstanceKlass::allocate_instance()
P4 JDK-8304696 Duplicate class names in dynamicArchive tests can lead to test failure
P4 JDK-8307765 DynamicArchiveHeader contents are missing in CDS mapfile
P4 JDK-8303861 Error handling step timeouts should never be blocked by OnError and others
P4 JDK-8302070 Factor null-check into load_klass() calls
P4 JDK-8306057 False arguments calling dispatch_base for aarch64
P4 JDK-8306304 Fix xlc17 clang warnings in ppc and aix code
P4 JDK-8301549 Fix comment about ClassCircularityError
P4 JDK-8309138 Fix container tests for jdks with symlinked conf dir
P4 JDK-8308396 Fix offset_of conversion warnings in runtime code
P4 JDK-8298636 Fix return value in WB_CountAliveClasses and WB_GetSymbolRefcount
P4 JDK-8301684 Fix test code to not get finalizer deprecation warnings
P4 JDK-8308288 Fix xlc17 clang warnings and build errors in hotspot
P4 JDK-8224980 FLAG_SET_ERGO silently ignores invalid values
P4 JDK-8300197 Freeze/thaw an interpreter frame using a single copy_to_chunk() call
P4 JDK-8305481 gtest is_first_C_frame failing on ARM
P4 JDK-8297302 gtest/ fails AsyncLogTest.stdoutOutput_vm
P4 JDK-8305994 Guarantee eventual async monitor deflation
P4 JDK-8301065 Handle control characters in java_lang_String::print
P4 JDK-8295344 Harden runtime/StackGuardPages/
P4 JDK-8304736 Heap_lock is created twice
P4 JDK-8302117 IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions flag causes failure in ArchiveHeapTestClass
P4 JDK-8291555 Implement alternative fast-locking scheme
P4 JDK-8278411 Implement UseHeavyMonitors consistently, s390 port
P4 JDK-8308088 Improve class check in CollectedHeap::is_oop
P4 JDK-8303418 Improve parameter and variable names in BitMap
P4 JDK-8306059 improve the reliability of and tests
P4 JDK-8306930 Incorrect assert in BitMap::count_one_bits
P4 JDK-8300682 InstanceKlassMiscStatus is a bad name
P4 JDK-8298908 Instrument Metaspace for ASan
P4 JDK-8296469 Instrument VMError::report with reentrant iteration step for register and stack printing
P4 JDK-8301371 Interpreter store barriers on x86_64 don't have disjoint temp registers
P4 JDK-8307521 Introduce check_oop infrastructure to check oops in the oop class
P4 JDK-8305936 JavaThread::create_system_thread_object has unused is_visible argument
P4 JDK-8302812 JDK-8302455 broke ClassLoaderStatsTest on 32-bit
P4 JDK-8304267 JDK-8303415 missed change in Zero Interpreter
P4 JDK-8304147 JVM crash during shutdown when dumping dynamic archive
P4 JDK-8221785 Let possibly_parallel_threads_do cover the same threads as threads_do
P4 JDK-8308407 libjvm library not reproducibly comparable between vendors
P4 JDK-8303973 Library detection in runtime/ErrorHandling/ fails on ppc64le RHEL8.5 for
P4 JDK-8299326 LinkResolver::resolve_field resolved_klass cannot be null
P4 JDK-8229147 Linux os::create_thread() overcounts guardpage size with newer glibc (>=2.27)
P4 JDK-8305819 LogConfigurationTest intermittently fails on AArch64
P4 JDK-8304828 Lots of constant static data not declared static const in cpu/x86
P4 JDK-8306901 Macro offset_of confuses Eclipse CDT
P4 JDK-8302129 Make MetaspaceReclaimPolicy a diagnostic switch
P4 JDK-8305252 make_method_handle_intrinsic may call java code under a lock
P4 JDK-8302189 Mark assertion failures noreturn
P4 JDK-8303183 Memory leak in Arguments::init_shared_archive_paths
P4 JDK-8303181 Memory leak in ClassLoaderExt::setup_app_search_path
P4 JDK-8303070 Memory leak in DCmdArgument::parse_value
P4 JDK-8303068 Memory leak in DwarfFile::LineNumberProgram::run_line_number_program
P4 JDK-8303606 Memory leaks in Arguments::parse_each_vm_init_arg
P4 JDK-8303605 Memory leaks in Metaspace gtests
P4 JDK-8301187 Memory leaks in OopMapCache
P4 JDK-8309543 Micro-optimize x86 assembler UseCondCardMark
P4 JDK-8307315 Missing ResourceMark in CDS and JVMTI code
P4 JDK-8304541 Modules THROW_MSG_ should return nullptr instead of JNI_FALSE
P4 JDK-8255119 Monitor::wait takes signed integer as timeout
P4 JDK-8281715 Move "base CDS archive not loaded" tests to
P4 JDK-8304687 Move add_to_hierarchy
P4 JDK-8306474 Move InstanceKlass read-only flags
P4 JDK-8306123 Move InstanceKlass writeable flags
P4 JDK-8301995 Move invokedynamic resolution information out of ConstantPoolCacheEntry
P4 JDK-8306310 Move is_shared Klass flag
P4 JDK-8306851 Move Method access flags
P4 JDK-8297657 name demangling intermittently fails
P4 JDK-8308655 Narrow types of ConstantPool and ConstMethod returns
P4 JDK-8302810 NMT gtests don't correctly check for marked ranges
P4 JDK-8302811 NMT.random_reallocs_vm fails if NMT is off
P4 JDK-8286876 NMT.test_unaliged_block_address_vm_assert fails if using clang toolchain
P4 JDK-8298293 NMT: os::realloc() should verify that flags do not change between reallocations
P4 JDK-8204550 NMT: RegionIterator does not need to keep _current_size
P4 JDK-8293313 NMT: Rework MallocLimit
P4 JDK-8302491 NoClassDefFoundError omits the original cause of an error
P4 JDK-8301564 Non-C-heap allocated ResourceHashtable keys and values must have trivial destructor
P4 JDK-8298469 Obsolete legacy parallel class loading workaround for non-parallel-capable class loaders
P4 JDK-8305247 On RISC-V generate_fixed_frame() sometimes generate a relativized locals value which is way too large
P4 JDK-8301088 oopDesc::print_on should consistently use a trailing newline
P4 JDK-8269736 Optimize CDS PatchEmbeddedPointers::do_bit()
P4 JDK-8300184 Optimize ResourceHashtableBase::iterate_all using _number_of_entries
P4 JDK-8151413 os::allocation_granularity/page_size and friends return signed values
P4 JDK-8264684 os::get_summary_cpu_info padded with spaces
P4 JDK-8305770 os::Linux::available_memory() should refer MemAvailable in /proc/meminfo
P4 JDK-8301402 os::print_location gets is_global_handle assert
P4 JDK-8303942 os::write should write completely
P4 JDK-8306965 osThread allocation failures should not abort the VM
P4 JDK-8300052 PdhDll::PdhCollectQueryData and PdhLookupPerfNameByIndex will never be NULL
P4 JDK-8302191 Performance degradation for float/double modulo on Linux
P4 JDK-8305670 Performance regression in LockSupport.unpark with lots of idle threads
P4 JDK-8305668 PPC: Non-Top Interpreted frames should be independent of ABI_ELFv2
P4 JDK-8305171 PPC: Should use IMA::load_resolved_indy_entry() in TIG::generate_return_entry_for()
P4 JDK-8298600 Prerequisites for JDK-8296344: Remove dependency on G1 for writing the CDS archive heap
P4 JDK-8306510 Print number of threads and stack sizes in error reports
P4 JDK-8270865 Print process ID with -Xlog:os
P4 JDK-8298126 Print statistics for objects in CDS archive heap
P4 JDK-8301622 compilation gets ThreadDeath deprecation warning
P4 JDK-8298065 Provide more information in message of NoSuchFieldError
P4 JDK-8302798 Refactor -XX:+UseOSErrorReporting for noreturn crash reporting
P4 JDK-8298610 Refactor archiving of ConstantPool::resolved_references()
P4 JDK-8298612 Refactor archiving of java String objects
P4 JDK-8298601 Refactor archiving of java.lang.Module objects
P4 JDK-8302799 Refactor Debugging variable usage for noreturn crash reporting
P4 JDK-8307190 Refactor ref_at methods in Constant Pool
P4 JDK-8298730 Refactor subsystem_file_line_contents and add docs and tests
P4 JDK-8296158 Refactor the verification of CDS region checksum
P4 JDK-8299795 Relativize locals in interpreter frames
P4 JDK-8306687 Relax memory ordering constraints on metaspace atomic counters
P4 JDK-8256302 releasing oopStorage when deflating allows for faster deleting
P4 JDK-8302262 Remove -XX:SuppressErrorAt develop option
P4 JDK-8307067 remove broken EnableThreadSMRExtraValidityChecks option
P4 JDK-8301555 Remove constantPoolCacheKlass friend
P4 JDK-8302820 Remove costs for NMTPreInit when NMT is off
P4 JDK-8301098 Remove dead code FileMapInfo::stop_sharing_and_unmap()
P4 JDK-8301063 Remove dead code from GrowableArray
P4 JDK-8307553 Remove dead code MetaspaceClosure::push_method_entry
P4 JDK-8296344 Remove dependency on G1 for writing the CDS archive heap
P4 JDK-8307959 Remove explicit type casts from SerializeClosure::do_xxx() calls
P4 JDK-8305079 Remove finalize() from compiler/c2/Test719030
P4 JDK-8305081 Remove finalize() from test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/runtime/Test8168712
P4 JDK-8305082 Remove finalize() from test/hotspot/jtreg/runtime/linkResolver/
P4 JDK-8305083 Remove finalize() from test/hotspot/jtreg/vmTestbase/nsk/share/ and /jpda that are used in serviceability/dcmd/framework tests
P4 JDK-8286775 Remove identical per-compiler definitions of unsigned integral jtypes
P4 JDK-8297914 Remove java_lang_Class::process_archived_mirror()
P4 JDK-8298794 Remove JVM_ACC_PROMOTED_FLAGS breaks minimal build
P4 JDK-8300654 Remove JVMFlag::flag_error_str as it is unused
P4 JDK-8293292 Remove MallocMaxTestWords
P4 JDK-8300910 Remove metaprogramming/integralConstant.hpp
P4 JDK-8300264 Remove metaprogramming/isPointer.hpp
P4 JDK-8300260 Remove metaprogramming/isSame.hpp
P4 JDK-8300265 Remove metaprogramming/isSigned.hpp
P4 JDK-8308342 Remove MetaspaceClosure::Ref::keep_after_pushing()
P4 JDK-8306696 Remove MetaspaceReclaimPolicy=aggressive and obsolete MetaspaceReclaimPolicy
P4 JDK-8302385 Remove MetaspaceReclaimPolicy=none
P4 JDK-8303562 Remove obsolete comments in os::pd_attempt_reserve_memory_at
P4 JDK-8301117 Remove old_size param from ResizeableResourceHashtable::resize()
P4 JDK-8300830 Remove redundant assertion in src/hotspot/share/runtime/javaCalls.cpp
P4 JDK-8308236 Remove SystemDictionaryShared::clone_dumptime_tables()
P4 JDK-8305084 Remove the removal warnings for finalize() from test/hotspot/jtreg/serviceability/dcmd/gc/ and
P4 JDK-8307869 Remove unnecessary log statements from arm32 fastlocking code
P4 JDK-8306482 Remove unused Method AccessFlags
P4 JDK-8301164 Remove unused ResourceStack class
P4 JDK-8307571 Remove unused SomeConstants in WatcherThread class
P4 JDK-8301308 Remove version conditionalization for gcc/clang PRAGMA_DIAG_PUSH/POP
P4 JDK-8309111 Removing unused constructor of PerfLongCounter and PerfLongVariable
P4 JDK-8307806 Rename Atomic::fetch_and_add and friends
P4 JDK-8303900 Rename BitMap search functions
P4 JDK-8301171 Rename sanitizers/address.h to sanitizers/address.hpp
P4 JDK-8307236 Rendezvous GC threads under STS for monitor deflation
P4 JDK-8267935 Replace BasicHashtable and Hashtable
P4 JDK-8298241 Replace C-style casts with JavaThread::cast
P4 JDK-8292269 Replace FileMapInfo::fail_continue() with Unified Logging
P4 JDK-8301493 Replace NULL with nullptr in cpu/aarch64
P4 JDK-8301494 Replace NULL with nullptr in cpu/arm
P4 JDK-8301495 Replace NULL with nullptr in cpu/ppc
P4 JDK-8301496 Replace NULL with nullptr in cpu/riscv
P4 JDK-8301497 Replace NULL with nullptr in cpu/s390
P4 JDK-8301498 Replace NULL with nullptr in cpu/x86
P4 JDK-8301499 Replace NULL with nullptr in cpu/zero
P4 JDK-8299837 Replace NULL with nullptr in hotspot code and tests
P4 JDK-8301477 Replace NULL with nullptr in os/aix
P4 JDK-8301478 Replace NULL with nullptr in os/bsd
P4 JDK-8301479 Replace NULL with nullptr in os/linux
P4 JDK-8301480 Replace NULL with nullptr in os/posix
P4 JDK-8301481 Replace NULL with nullptr in os/windows
P4 JDK-8301500 Replace NULL with nullptr in os_cpu/aix_ppc
P4 JDK-8301501 Replace NULL with nullptr in os_cpu/bsd_aarch64
P4 JDK-8301502 Replace NULL with nullptr in os_cpu/bsd_x86
P4 JDK-8301503 Replace NULL with nullptr in os_cpu/bsd_zero
P4 JDK-8301504 Replace NULL with nullptr in os_cpu/linux_aarch64
P4 JDK-8301505 Replace NULL with nullptr in os_cpu/linux_arm
P4 JDK-8301506 Replace NULL with nullptr in os_cpu/linux_ppc
P4 JDK-8301507 Replace NULL with nullptr in os_cpu/linux_riscv
P4 JDK-8301508 Replace NULL with nullptr in os_cpu/linux_s390
P4 JDK-8301509 Replace NULL with nullptr in os_cpu/linux_x86
P4 JDK-8301511 Replace NULL with nullptr in os_cpu/linux_zero
P4 JDK-8301512 Replace NULL with nullptr in os_cpu/windows_aarch64
P4 JDK-8301513 Replace NULL with nullptr in os_cpu/windows_x86
P4 JDK-8300081 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/asm/
P4 JDK-8300087 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/cds/
P4 JDK-8300241 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/classfile/
P4 JDK-8300244 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/interpreter/
P4 JDK-8300222 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/logging
P4 JDK-8301070 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/memory/
P4 JDK-8301072 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/oops/
P4 JDK-8301076 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/prims/
P4 JDK-8300651 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/runtime/
P4 JDK-8301077 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/services/
P4 JDK-8299973 Replace NULL with nullptr in share/utilities/
P4 JDK-8309044 Replace NULL with nullptr, final sweep of hotspot code
P4 JDK-8286781 Replace the deprecated/obsolete gethostbyname and inet_addr calls
P4 JDK-8308764 Reporting errors from create_vm may crash
P4 JDK-8309258 RISC-V: Add riscv_hwprobe syscall
P4 JDK-8305008 RISC-V: Factor out immediate checking functions from assembler_riscv.inline.hpp
P4 JDK-8309405 RISC-V: is_deopt may produce unaligned memory read
P4 JDK-8301852 RISC-V: Optimize class atomic when order is memory_order_relaxed
P4 JDK-8302114 RISC-V: Several foreign jtreg tests fail with debug build after JDK-8301818
P4 JDK-8308997 RISC-V: Sign extend when comparing 32-bit value with zero instead of testing the sign bit
P4 JDK-8298128 runtime/ErrorHandling/ fails to find pattern with slowdebug
P4 JDK-8307783 runtime/reflect/ timed out
P4 JDK-8305416 runtime/Thread/ failed with "Did not find expected NMT output"
P4 JDK-8306459 s390x: Replace NULL to nullptr
P4 JDK-8302795 Shared archive failed on old version class with jsr bytecode
P4 JDK-8298470 Short cut java.lang.Object super class loading
P4 JDK-8274166 Some CDS tests ignore -Dtest.cds.runtime.options
P4 JDK-8308034 Some CDS tests need to use @requires vm.flagless
P4 JDK-8305236 Some LoadLoad barriers in the interpreter are unnecessary after JDK-8220051
P4 JDK-8304723 Statically allocate global mutexes
P4 JDK-8304820 Statically allocate ObjectSynchronizer mutexes
P4 JDK-8303051 Stop saving 5 chunks in each ChunkPool
P4 JDK-8307068 store a JavaThread* in the java.lang.Thread object after the JavaThread* is added to the main ThreadsList
P4 JDK-8306006 fails due to unknown methods on stack
P4 JDK-8307926 Support byte-sized atomic bitset operations
P4 JDK-8299254 Support dealing with standard assert macro
P4 JDK-8306672 support offset in dll_address_to_library_name on AIX
P4 JDK-8305085 Suppress removal warning for finalize() from test/hotspot/jtreg/serviceability/jvmti/RedefineClasses/
P4 JDK-8305080 Suppress the 'removal' warning for finalize() from test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/jvmci/common/testcases that used in compiler/jvmci/compilerToVM/ tests
P4 JDK-8241613 Suspicious calls to MacroAssembler::null_check(Register, offset)
P4 JDK-8305500 SystemDictionary::find_placeholder/find_class declared but not used
P4 JDK-8300526 Test runtime/jni/IsVirtualThread/ should exercise alternative virtual thread implementation
P4 JDK-8299777 Test runtime/NMT/ timed out
P4 JDK-8299494 Test vmTestbase/nsk/stress/except/ failed: ExceptionInInitializerError: target class not found
P4 JDK-8305480 test/hotspot/jtreg/runtime/NMT/ failing on 32 bit arm
P4 JDK-8308891 needs @requires vm.cds
P4 JDK-8286510 Tests under dynamicArchive/methodHandles should check for loading of lambda proxy classes
P4 JDK-8306883 Thread stacksize is reported with wrong units in os::create_thread logging
P4 JDK-8305425 Thread.isAlive0 doesn't need to call into the VM
P4 JDK-8301244 Tidy up compiler specific warnings files
P4 JDK-8302109 Trivial fixes to btree tests
P4 JDK-8307103 Two TestMetaspaceAllocationMT tests fail after JDK-8306696
P4 JDK-8298448 UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer
P4 JDK-8304738 UnregisteredClassesTable_lock never created
P4 JDK-8281213 Unsafe uses of long and size_t in MemReporterBase::diff_in_current_scale
P4 JDK-8303495 Unused path parameter in ClassLoader::add_to_app_classpath_entries(JavaThread* current, char* path, ...)
P4 JDK-8304884 Update Bytecodes data to be mostly compile time constants
P4 JDK-8297887 Update Siphash
P4 JDK-8308594 Use atomic bitset function for PackageEntry::_defined_by_cds_in_class_path
P4 JDK-8307533 Use atomic bitset functions for metadata flags
P4 JDK-8303422 Use common functions to exit the VM for -Xshare:dump and CDS errors
P4 JDK-8304815 Use NMT for more precise hs_err location printing
P4 JDK-8298852 Use of uninitialized memory in MetadataFactory::free_metadata
P4 JDK-8297539 Use PrimitiveConversions::cast for local uses of the int<->float union conversion trick
P4 JDK-8297936 Use reachabilityFence to manage liveness in ClassUnload tests
P4 JDK-8300054 Use static_assert in basic_types_init
P4 JDK-8302455 VM.classloader_stats memory size values are wrong
P4 JDK-8281946 VM.native_memory should report size of shareable memory
P4 JDK-8297977 vmTestbase/nsk/stress/except/ fails with unexpected Exception
P4 JDK-8300317 vmTestbase/nsk/stress/strace/strace* tests fail with "ERROR: wrong lengths of stack traces"
P4 JDK-8288912 vmTestbase/nsk/stress/strace/ fails with Unexpected method name: currentCarrierThread
P4 JDK-8298596 vmTestbase/nsk/sysdict/vm/stress/chain/chain008/ fails with "NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class java.util.concurrent.ThreadLocalRandom"
P4 JDK-8299343 Windows: Invalid thread_native_entry declaration
P4 JDK-8305421 Work around JDK-8305420 in
P4 JDK-8305959 x86: Improve itable_stub
P5 JDK-8302354 InstanceKlass init state/thread should be atomic
P5 JDK-8300267 Remove duplicated setter/getter for do_not_unlock
P5 JDK-8301337 Remove unused os::_polling_page


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8308986 Disable svc tests failing with virtual thread factory
P3 JDK-8304438 jcmd JVMTI.agent_load should obey EnableDynamicAgentLoading
P3 JDK-8306275 JEP 451: Prepare to Disallow the Dynamic Loading of Agents
P3 JDK-8301170 perfMemory_windows.cpp add free_security_attr to early returns
P4 JDK-8307369 Add execution of all svc tests in CI
P4 JDK-8307308 Add serviceability_ttf_virtual group to exclude jvmti tests developed for virtual threads
P4 JDK-8304725 AsyncGetCallTrace can cause SIGBUS on M1
P4 JDK-8302320 AsyncGetCallTrace obtains too few frames in sanity test
P4 JDK-8310380 Handle problems in core-related tests on macOS when codesign tool does not work
P4 JDK-8299518 HotSpotVirtualMachine shared code across different platforms
P4 JDK-8303102 jcmd: ManagementAgent.status truncates the text longer than O_BUFLEN
P4 JDK-8307428 jstat tests doesn't tolerate dash in the O column
P4 JDK-8303169 Remove Windows specific workaround from libdt
P4 JDK-8299470 sun/jvm/hotspot/ handling of negative rmiport args
P4 JDK-8307448 Test RedefineSharedClassJFR fail due to wrong assumption


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8303921 serviceability/sa/ timed out
P4 JDK-8303489 Add a test to verify classes in vmStruct have unique vtables
P4 JDK-8305490 CLHSDB "dumpclass" command produces classes with invalid field descriptors
P4 JDK-8300032 DwarfParser resource leak
P4 JDK-8298073 gc/metaspace/ causes test task timeout on macosx
P4 JDK-8307480 Improve SA "transported core" documentation for windows
P4 JDK-8307955 Prefer to PTRACE_GETREGSET instead of PTRACE_GETREGS in method 'ps_proc.c::process_get_lwp_regs'
P4 JDK-8306858 Remove some remnants of CMS from SA agent
P4 JDK-8300024 Replace use of JNI_COMMIT mode with mode 0
P4 JDK-8301659 Resolve initialization reordering issues on Windows for libawt and libsaproc
P4 JDK-8305771 SA fails to skip overpass methods
P4 JDK-8299657 sun/tools/jhsdb/ fails after 8299470
P4 JDK-8303527 update for deprecated sprintf for jdk.hotspot.agent
P5 JDK-8298343 "Could not confirm if TargetJDK is hardened." warning for SA tests on macosx-aarch64-debug
P5 JDK-8303267 Prefer ArrayList to LinkedList in ConcurrentLocksPrinter


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8303421 [BACKOUT] 8303133: Update ProcessTools.startProcess(...) to exit early if process exit before linePredicate is printed.
P3 JDK-8306946 jdk/test/lib/process/ fails with "wrong number of lines in OutputAnalyzer output"
P4 JDK-8300139 [AIX] Use pthreads to avoid JNI_createVM call from primordial thread
P4 JDK-8303486 [REDO] Update ProcessTools.startProcess(...) to exit early if process exit before linePredicate is printed.
P4 JDK-8303703 Add support of execution tests using virtual thread factory jtreg plugin
P4 JDK-8307370 Add tier1 testing with thread factory in CI
P4 JDK-8301200 Don't scale timeout stress with timeout factor
P4 JDK-8307962 Exclude gc/g1/ fails with virtual test thread factory
P4 JDK-8308223 failure handler missed command
P4 JDK-8302226 failure_handler native.core should wait for coredump to finish
P4 JDK-8308977 gtest:codestrings fails on riscv
P4 JDK-8303822 gtestMain should give more helpful output
P4 JDK-8299635 Hotspot update for deprecated sprintf in Xcode 14
P4 JDK-8310187 Improve Generational ZGC jtreg testing
P4 JDK-8307307 Improve to don't try to run Virtual wrapper for incompatible processes
P4 JDK-8308116 jdk.test.lib.compiler.InMemoryJavaCompiler.compile does not close files
P4 JDK-8303697 ProcessTools doesn't print last line of process output
P4 JDK-8307486 should wait until vthread is completed before checking exceptions
P4 JDK-8309334 ProcessTools.main() does not properly set thread names when using the virtual thread wrapper
P4 JDK-8233725 ProcessTools.startProcess() has output issues when using an OutputAnalyzer at the same time
P4 JDK-8303264 Refactor nsk/stress/strace to extract shared and remove redundant code
P4 JDK-8299378 sprintf is deprecated in Xcode 14
P4 JDK-8304294 Update JRuby test runner to start process in the current directory
P4 JDK-8303133 Update ProcessTools.startProcess(...) to exit early if process exit before linePredicate is printed.
P4 JDK-8282651 ZGC: vmTestbase/gc/ArrayJuggle/ tests fails intermittently with exit code 97


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8295884 Implement IDE support for Eclipse
P4 JDK-8308475 Make the thread dump files generated by jcmd Thread.dump_to_file jtreg failure handler action easily accessible


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8307860 [BACKOUT] JDK-8307194 Add make target for optionally building a complete set of all JDK and hotspot libjvm static libraries
P2 JDK-8299693 Change to Xcode12.4+1.1 devkit for building on macOS at Oracle
P2 JDK-8306543 GHA: MSVC installation is failing
P2 JDK-8299757 Update JCov version to 3.0.14
P3 JDK-8308585 AC_REQUIRE: `PLATFORM_EXTRACT_TARGET_AND_BUILD' was expanded before it was required
P3 JDK-8297851 Add devkit for RISC-V
P3 JDK-8303476 Add the runtime version in the release file of a JDK image
P3 JDK-8300550 BASIC_JVM_LIBS is set for buildjdk even if this is incorrect
P3 JDK-8299789 Compilation of gtest causes build to fail if runtime libraries are in different dirs
P3 JDK-8300120 Configure should support different defaults for CI/dev build environments
P3 JDK-8304171 Fix layout of JCov instrumented bundle on Mac OS
P3 JDK-8306658 GHA: MSVC installation could be optional since it might already be pre-installed
P3 JDK-8290918 Initial nroff manpage generation for JDK 21
P3 JDK-8298047 Remove all non-significant trailing whitespace from properties files
P3 JDK-8307349 Support xlc17 clang toolchain on AIX
P3 JDK-8303355 The Depend plugin does fully recompile when primitive type changes
P3 JDK-8300805 Update autoconf build-aux files with latest from 2022-09-17
P3 JDK-8301267 Update of config.guess broke build on WSL
P3 JDK-8304896 Update to use jtreg 7.2
P3 JDK-8299918 Update Xcode11.3.1-MacOSX10.15 devkit at Oracle
P3 JDK-8304871 Use default visibility for static library builds
P4 JDK-8302155 [AIX] NUM_LCPU is not required variable
P4 JDK-8285850 [AIX] unreachable code in basic_tools.m4 -> BASIC_CHECK_TAR
P4 JDK-8304434 [AIX] Update minimum xlclang version
P4 JDK-8294403 [REDO] make test should report only on executed tests
P4 JDK-8298038 [s390] Configure script detects num_cores +1
P4 JDK-8303010 Add /DEBUG to LDFLAGS for MSVC with ASan
P4 JDK-8300997 Add curl support to
P4 JDK-8304353 Add lib-test tier1 testing in GHA
P4 JDK-8307194 Add make target for optionally building a complete set of all JDK and hotspot libjvm static libraries
P4 JDK-8301753 AppendFile/WriteFile has differences between make 3.81 and 4+
P4 JDK-8300254 ASan build does not correctly propagate ASAN_OPTIONS
P4 JDK-8300592 ASan build does not correctly propagate options to some test launchers
P4 JDK-8308283 Build failure with GCC12 & GCC13
P4 JDK-8307732 build-test-lib is broken
P4 JDK-8303922 build-test-lib target is broken
P4 JDK-8296153 Bump minimum boot jdk to JDK 20
P4 JDK-8300099 Configuration fails to auto-detect build user through $USER in dockers
P4 JDK-8304030 Configure call fails on AIX when using --with-gtest option.
P4 JDK-8305174 disable dtrace for s390x builds
P4 JDK-8302879 doc/ update link to jtreg builds
P4 JDK-8304930 Enable Link Time Optimization as an option for Visual C++
P4 JDK-8146132 Excessive output from make test-image
P4 JDK-8304867 Explicitly disable dtrace for ppc builds
P4 JDK-8302599 Extend ASan support to Microsoft Visual C++
P4 JDK-8303691 Fedora based devkit build should load more packages from archive location
P4 JDK-8308086 GHA: x86_32 host configuration failing with unmet dependencies
P4 JDK-8307573 Implementation of JEP 449: Deprecate the Windows 32-bit x86 Port for Removal
P4 JDK-8301393 Include cdb in the Windows devkit
P4 JDK-8303016 Invalid escapes in grep patterns
P4 JDK-8304134 jib bootstrapper fails to quote filename when checking download filetype
P4 JDK-8304893 Link Time Optimization with gcc can be faster
P4 JDK-8301129 Link to debuginfo files should only be made after stripping
P4 JDK-8308969 make test-prebuilt doesn't return the correct exit code
P4 JDK-8299330 Minor improvements in MSYS2 Workflow handling
P4 JDK-8299146 No copyright statement on
P4 JDK-8303131 pandoc.exe mangles all processed html files
P4 JDK-8310259 Pin msys2/setup-msys2 github action to a specific commit
P4 JDK-8303020 Remove carriage return in pandoc version string
P4 JDK-8301717 Remove obsolete jib profiles
P4 JDK-8298424 Remove redundant FOUND_CORES variable in build-performance.m4
P4 JDK-8309501 Remove workaround in bin/ for non standard JVMCI file layout
P4 JDK-8296478 Rework 8282948 and 8282700 to use the new autoconf UTIL_ARG_WITH
P4 JDK-8307520 set minimum supported CPU architecture to Power8 on AIX
P4 JDK-8300068 UBSan CFLAGS/LDFLAGS not passed when building ADLC
P4 JDK-8298190 Update --release 20 symbol information for JDK 20 build 27
P4 JDK-8300400 Update --release 20 symbol information for JDK 20 build 32
P4 JDK-8309747 Update --release 21 symbol information for JDK 21 build 27
P4 JDK-8301097 Update GHA XCode to 12.5.1
P4 JDK-8309934 Update GitHub Actions to use JDK 17 for building jtreg
P4 JDK-8300806 Update googletest to v1.13.0
P4 JDK-8303412 Update linux_x64-to-linux_aarch64 cross compilation devkit at Oracle
P4 JDK-8289735 UTIL_LOOKUP_PROGS fails on pathes with space
P4 JDK-8306976 UTIL_REQUIRE_SPECIAL warning on grep
P4 JDK-8303760 Visual Studio should use the primary variant in the IDE
P4 JDK-8307063 When cross-compiling with hsdis/binutils, buildjdk creation fails
P5 JDK-8304364 [AIX] Build erroneously determines build disk is non-local when using GNU-utils df on AIX
P5 JDK-8305721 add `make compile-commands` artifacts to .gitignore


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8312985 Remove EA from the JDK 21 version string with first RC promotion on August 10, 2023


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8213059 Java .deb package implementation is incomplete


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8296383 javapath/java.exe strips embedded double quotes from command line arguments


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8304161 Add TypeKind.from to derive from TypeDescriptor.OfField
P4 JDK-8304937 BufferedFieldBuilder.Model missing writeTo(DirectClassBuilder)
P4 JDK-8304031 Classfile API cannot encode Primitive Class as Condy
P4 JDK-8304502 Classfile API class hierarchy makes assumptions when class is not resolved
P4 JDK-8306457 Classfile API components implementations should not be exposed
P4 JDK-8304837 Classfile API throws IOOBE for MethodParameters attribute without parameter names
P4 JDK-8304425 ClassHierarchyResolver from Reflection
P4 JDK-8294982 Implementation of Classfile API


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8301092 Add benchmark for CRC32
P5 JDK-8298809 Clean up vm/compiler/InterfaceCalls JMH


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8303401 Add a Vector API equalsIgnoreCase micro benchmark
P4 JDK-8307483 New micros for j.u.c.LockSupport


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8300937 Update nroff pages in JDK 21 before RC


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8303354 addCertificatesToKeystore in KeystoreImpl.m needs CFRelease call in early potential CHECK_NULL return
P4 JDK-8303576 addIdentitiesToKeystore in KeystoreImpl.m needs CFRelease call in early potential CHECK_NULL return
P4 JDK-8308872 enhance logging and some exception in krb5/
P4 JDK-8298710 Fix typos in test/jdk/sun/security/tools/jarsigner/
P4 JDK-8309225 Fix xlc17 clang 15 warnings in security and servicability
P4 JDK-8290626 keytool manpage contains a special character
P4 JDK-8308465 Reduce memory accesses in AArch64 MD5 intrinsic
P4 JDK-8307555 Reduce memory reads in x86 MD5 intrinsic
P4 JDK-8306033 Resolve multiple definition of 'throwIOException' and friends when statically linking with JDK native libraries
P4 JDK-8305846 Support compilation in Proc test utility


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8304760 Add 2 Microsoft TLS roots
P3 JDK-8245654 Add Certigna Root CA
P3 JDK-8307134 Add GTS root CAs
P3 JDK-8305975 Add TWCA Global Root CA
P3 JDK-8310549 avoid potential leaks in KeystoreImpl.m related to JNU_CHECK_EXCEPTION early returns
P3 JDK-8305310 Calculate PublicKey from PrivateKey
P3 JDK-8282201 Consider removal of expiry check in test
P3 JDK-8180266 Convert sun/security/provider/KeyStore/ to Java Jtreg Test
P3 JDK-8296343 CPVE thrown on missing content-length in OCSP response
P3 JDK-8300399 EdDSA does not verify when there is no message
P3 JDK-8309740 Expand timeout windows for tests in JDK-8179502
P3 JDK-8298127 HSS/LMS Signature Verification
P3 JDK-8299994 java/security/Policy/Root/ fails when home directory is read-only
P3 JDK-8303465 KeyStore of type KeychainStore, provider Apple does not show all trusted certificates
P3 JDK-8156889 fails in some virtualized environments
P3 JDK-8295894 Remove SECOM certificate that is expiring in September 2023
P3 JDK-8302696 Revert API signature changes made in JDK-8285504 and JDK-8285263
P3 JDK-8300939 sun/security/provider/certpath/OCSP/ fails due to network errors
P3 JDK-8292704 sun/security/tools/jarsigner/compatibility/ use wrong key size for EC
P3 JDK-8302182 Update Public Suffix List to 88467c9
P4 JDK-8299746 Accept unknown signatureAlgorithm in PKCS7 SignerInfo
P4 JDK-8300259 Add test coverage for processing of pending block files in signed JARs
P4 JDK-8301788 AlgorithmId should keep lowercase characters from 3rd party providers
P4 JDK-8301793 AlgorithmId should not encode a missing parameters field as NULL unless hardcoded
P4 JDK-8179502 Enhance OCSP, CRL and Certificate Fetch Timeouts
P4 JDK-8300272 Improve readability of the test JarWithOneNonDisabledDigestAlg
P4 JDK-8302623 jarsigner - use BufferedOutputStream to improve performance while creating the signed jar
P4 JDK-8278349 JarSigner javadoc example uses SHA-1
P4 JDK-8300416 clone can result in thread-unsafe clones
P4 JDK-8305169 java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/OCSP/ -- test server didn't start in timely manner
P4 JDK-8286907 keytool should warn about weak PBE algorithms
P4 JDK-8297955 LDAP CertStore should use LdapName and not String for DNs
P4 JDK-8295087 Manual Test to Automated Test Conversion
P4 JDK-8296400 pointCrlIssuers might be null in DistributionPointFetcher::verifyURL
P4 JDK-8294735 RSASSA-PSS RFC link incorrectly formatted
P4 JDK-8309088 security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ fails
P4 JDK-8294527 Some options missing from security docs
P4 JDK-8155191 Specify that SecureRandom.nextBytes(byte[]) throws NullPointerException when byte array is null
P4 JDK-8294526 sun/security/provider/ no longer referenced
P4 JDK-8307794 Test for HSS/LMS Signature Verification
P4 JDK-8308156 misses blank in error output
P4 JDK-8301299 Wrong class spec on
P4 JDK-8308010 X509Key and PKCS8Key allows garbage bytes at the end
P4 JDK-8300140 ZipFile.isSignatureRelated returns true for files in META-INF subdirectories
P5 JDK-8305963 Typo in
P5 JDK-8305794 Unused interface can be removed


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8311902 Concurrency regression in the PBKDF2 key impl of SunJCE provider
P2 JDK-8303607 SunMSCAPI provider leaks memory and keys
P3 JDK-8305091 Change ChaCha20 cipher init behavior to match AES-GCM
P3 JDK-8308711 Develop additional Tests for KEM implementation
P3 JDK-8301034 JEP 452: Key Encapsulation Mechanism API
P3 JDK-8297878 KEM: Implementation
P3 JDK-8297972 Poly1305 Endianness on ByteBuffer not enforced
P3 JDK-8302225 SunJCE Provider doesn't validate key sizes when using 'constrained' transforms for AES/KW and AES/KWP
P4 JDK-8288050 Add support of SHA-512/224 and SHA-512/256 to the PBKDF2 and PBES2 impls in SunJCE provider
P4 JDK-8308118 Avoid multiarray allocations in AESCrypt.makeSessionKey
P4 JDK-8178806 Better exception logging in crypto code
P4 JDK-8298249 Excessive memory allocation in CipherInputStream AEAD decryption
P4 JDK-8298865 Excessive memory allocation in CipherOutputStream AEAD decryption
P4 JDK-8168469 Memory leak in JceSecurity
P4 JDK-8301274 update for deprecated sprintf for security components


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8307185 pkcs11 native libraries make JNI calls into java code while holding GC lock
P2 JDK-8309569 sun/security/pkcs11/Signature/ fails after JDK-8301553
P3 JDK-8297885 misc sun/security/pkcs11 tests timed out
P3 JDK-8301154 SunPKCS11 KeyStore deleteEntry results in dangling PrivateKey entries
P4 JDK-8305336 breaks PKCS#11 configuration with slotListIndex
P4 JDK-8295425 Match the default priv exp length between SunPKCS11 and other JDK providers
P4 JDK-8301553 Support Password-Based Cryptography in SunPKCS11
P4 JDK-8309132 Update PKCS11 guide for the new PBE support
P5 JDK-8297505 Declare fields in some classes as final


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8301189 validate-source fails after JDK-8298873
P3 JDK-8249826 5 javax/net/ssl/SSLEngine tests use @ignore w/o bug-id
P3 JDK-8298381 Improve handling of session tickets for multiple SSLContexts
P3 JDK-8301700 Increase the default TLS Diffie-Hellman group size from 1024-bit to 2048-bit
P3 JDK-8182621 JSSE should reject empty TLS plaintexts
P3 JDK-8297798 Timeout with DTLSOverDatagram test template
P4 JDK-8298867 fails with SSL handshake exception
P4 JDK-8294983 SSLEngine throws ClassCastException during handshake
P4 JDK-8235297 sun/security/ssl/SSLSessionImpl/ fails intermittent
P4 JDK-8298872 Update for changes to TLS implementation
P4 JDK-8298869 Update for changes to TLS implementation
P4 JDK-8298868 Update for changes to TLS implementation
P4 JDK-8298873 Update for changes to TLS implementation
P4 JDK-8306014 Update TLS tests to use SSLContextTemplate or SSLEngineTemplate
P4 JDK-8306015 Update TLS tests to use SSLContextTemplate or SSLEngineTemplate
P4 JDK-8298874 Update for TLS v1.2 and 1.3
P4 JDK-8301381 Verify DTLS 1.0 cannot be negotiated
P4 JDK-8301379 Verify TLS_ECDH_* cipher suites cannot be negotiated


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8304845 Update PCSC-Lite for Suse Linux to 1.9.9 and fix incomplete license wording


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8301260 Add system property to toggle XML Signature secure validation mode
P3 JDK-8305972 Update XML Security for Java to 3.0.2
P4 JDK-8307077 Convert CRLF to LF in java.xml.crypto


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8303410 Remove ContentSigner APIs and jarsigner -altsigner and -altsignerpath options
P4 JDK-8306772 Remove,
P4 JDK-8303928 Update jarsigner man page after JDK-8303410
P4 JDK-8301167 Update VerifySignedJar to actually exercise and test verification


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8303809 Dispose context in SPNEGO NegotiatorImpl
P4 JDK-8303442 Clean up w2k_lsa_auth linker parameters
P4 JDK-8304264 Debug messages always show up for NativeGSS
P4 JDK-8301760 Fix possible leak in SpNegoContext dispose
P4 JDK-8304136 Match allocation and free in sspi.cpp


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8311382 7.3 Missing indentation in grammar for OrdinaryCompilationUnit


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8273943 JEP 430: String Templates (Preview)
P3 JDK-8302326 JEP 445: Unnamed Classes and Instance Main Methods (Preview)
P4 JDK-8312082 12.1.4: Typo in non-normative text explaining candidate main methods
P4 JDK-8306305 4.5.1: Definition of "provably distinct" refers to the "upper bound" of a type variable
P4 JDK-8305701 6.3.2: Incomplete specification of flow scoping
P4 JDK-8309372 Specify resolution of enum names in switches
P4 JDK-8309105 6.7: Clarify that an unnamed top-level class does not have a fully qualified or canonical name
P4 JDK-8288228 8.1.4: Mention Record as a direct superclass type
P4 JDK-8298456 Incorrectly escaped html
P4 JDK-8300541 JEP 440: Record Patterns
P4 JDK-8300542 JEP 441: Pattern Matching for switch
P4 JDK-8294349 JEP 443: Unnamed Patterns and Variables (Preview)
P4 JDK-8300544 JLS Changes for Pattern Matching for switch
P4 JDK-8300546 JLS Changes for Record Patterns
P4 JDK-8285944 JLS Changes for String Templates (Preview)
P4 JDK-8308111 JLS changes for Unnamed Classes and Instance main Methods (Preview)
P4 JDK-8302345 JLS Changes for Unnamed patterns and variables (Preview)
P4 JDK-8309859 Make editorial changes to spec change document for JEPs 440&441
P4 JDK-8311565 Remove spec change docs for JEPs 440 and 441 from the closed repo
P4 JDK-8310200 Update the index page for specs


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8300585 verification rules allow early write to superclass field
P4 JDK-8296152 4.1: Allow v65.0 class files for Java SE 21
P4 JDK-8308113 JVMS Changes for Unnamed Classes and Instance main Methods (Preview)


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8301207 (jdeps) Deprecate jdeps -profile option
P4 JDK-8308544 Fix compilation regression from JDK-8306983 on musl libc
P4 JDK-8250596 Update remaining manpage references from "OS X" to "macOS"


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8299045 tools/doclint/ fails after JDK-8298943
P2 JDK-8310907 Add missing file
P2 JDK-8304443 bootcycle builds fail after JDK-8015831
P2 JDK-8312814 Compiler crash when template processor type is a captured wildcard
P2 JDK-8311038 Incorrect exhaustivity computation
P2 JDK-8309568 javac crashes attempting to -Xprint on a class file of an unnamed class
P2 JDK-8305688 jdk build --with-memory-size=1024 broken by JDK-8305100
P2 JDK-8305672 Surprising definite assignment error after JDK-8043179
P3 JDK-7016187 `javac -h` could generate conflict .h for inner class and class name with '_'
P3 JDK-8305225 A service broken error despite annotation processor generating it if directives listed
P3 JDK-8296010 AssertionError in annotationTargetType
P3 JDK-8301025 ClassCastException in switch with generic record
P3 JDK-8200610 Compiling fails with java.nio.file.ReadOnlyFileSystemException
P3 JDK-8312163 Crash in dominance check when compiling unnamed patterns
P3 JDK-8291154 Create a non static nested class without enclosing class throws VerifyError
P3 JDK-8311825 Duplicate qualified enum constants not detected
P3 JDK-8310133 Effectivelly final condition not enforced in guards for binding variables from the same case
P3 JDK-8302865 Illegal bytecode for break from if with instanceof pattern matching condition
P3 JDK-8285932 Implementation of JEP 430 String Templates (Preview)
P3 JDK-8306112 Implementation of JEP 445: Unnamed Classes and Instance Main Methods (Preview)
P3 JDK-8310861 Improve location reporting for javac serial lint warnings
P3 JDK-8307814 In the case of two methods with Record Patterns, the second one contains a line number from the first method
P3 JDK-8302202 Incorrect desugaring of null-allowed nested patterns
P3 JDK-8312093 Incorrect javadoc comment text
P3 JDK-8309336 Incorrect switch in enum not reported properly
P3 JDK-8296420 javac has long lines in its command-line help
P3 JDK-8304671 javac regression: Compilation with --release 8 fails on underscore in enum identifiers
P3 JDK-8305671 javac rejects semicolons in compilation units with no imports
P3 JDK-8219810 javac throws NullPointerException
P3 JDK-8302514 Misleading error generated when empty class file encountered
P3 JDK-8310314 Misplaced "unnamed classes are a preview feature and are disabled by default" error
P3 JDK-8310061 Note if implicit annotation processing is being used
P3 JDK-8301374 NullPointerException in MemberEnter.checkReceiver
P3 JDK-8309467 Pattern dominance should be adjusted
P3 JDK-8310128 Switch with unnamed patterns erroneously non-exhaustive
P3 JDK-8291966 SwitchBootstrap.typeSwitch could be faster
P3 JDK-8207017 Type annotations on anonymous classes in initializer blocks not written to class file
P3 JDK-8208470 Type annotations on inner type that is an array component
P4 JDK-7167356 (javac) investigate failing tests in JavacParserTest
P4 JDK-8305100 [REDO] Clean up JavadocTokenizer
P4 JDK-8308245 Add -proc:full to describe current default annotation processing policy
P4 JDK-8068925 Add @Override in classes
P4 JDK-8305004 add @spec tags to langtools modules
P4 JDK-8015831 Add lint check for calling overridable methods from a constructor
P4 JDK-8296151 Add source 21 and target 21 to javac
P4 JDK-8304537 Ant-based langtools build fails after JDK-8015831 Add lint check for calling overridable methods from a constructor
P4 JDK-8309134 Augment test/langtools/tools/javac/versions/ for JDK 21 language changes
P4 JDK-8306860 Avoid unnecessary allocation in when list is empty
P4 JDK-8043251 Bogus javac error: required: no arguments, found: no arguments
P4 JDK-8295019 Cannot call a method with a parameter of a local class declared in a lambda
P4 JDK-8303526 Changing "arbitrary" Name.compareTo() ordering breaks the regression suite
P4 JDK-8303755 Clean up around JavacElements.getAllMembers
P4 JDK-8309594 Cleanup naming in JavacParser related to unnamed classes
P4 JDK-8180387 com.sun.source.util.JavacTask should have a protected constructor.
P4 JDK-8301455 comments in TestTypeAnnotations still refer to resolved JDK-8068737
P4 JDK-8305582 Compiler crash when compiling record patterns with var
P4 JDK-8300543 Compiler Implementation for Pattern Matching for switch
P4 JDK-8300545 Compiler Implementation for Record Patterns
P4 JDK-8302344 Compiler Implementation for Unnamed patterns and variables (Preview)
P4 JDK-8308727 Compiler should accept final unnamed variables in try-with-resources
P4 JDK-8308309 Compiler should accept mixed masked and unmasked variables in lambda parameters
P4 JDK-8307482 Compiler should accept var _ in nested patterns in switch case
P4 JDK-8303623 Compiler should disallow non-standard UTF-8 string encodings
P4 JDK-8308312 Compiler should fail when a local variable declaration does not include an Identifier and does not have an initializer
P4 JDK-8221580 Confusing diagnostic for assigning a static final field in a constructor
P4 JDK-8305673 Convert DocCommentParser to use enhanced switch
P4 JDK-8293519 deprecation warnings should be emitted for uses of annotation methods inside other annotations
P4 JDK-8301580 Error recovery does not clear returnResult
P4 JDK-7176515 ExceptionInInitializerError for an enum with multiple switch statements
P4 JDK-8299760 ExceptionInInitializerError for an enum with multiple switch statements, follow-up
P4 JDK-8307123 Fix deprecation warnings in DPrinter
P4 JDK-8311034 Fix typo in javac man page
P4 JDK-8306952 improve generic signature of internal DCInlineTag class
P4 JDK-8307444 java.lang.AssertionError when using unnamed patterns
P4 JDK-8296656 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError exception on running fully legitimate code
P4 JDK-8292275 javac does not emit SYNTHETIC and MANDATED flags for parameters by default
P4 JDK-8026369 javac potentially ambiguous overload warning needs an improved scheme
P4 JDK-8172106 javac throws exception when compiling source file of size 1.5G
P4 JDK-8296322 javac: use methods to manage parser mode flags
P4 JDK-8303539 javadoc typos in Attr
P4 JDK-8043179 Lambda expression can mutate final field
P4 JDK-8287885 Local classes cause ClassLoader error if the type names are similar but not same
P4 JDK-8307563 make most fields final in `JavacTrees`
P4 JDK-8298943 Missing escapes for single quote marks in
P4 JDK-8303881 Mixed, minor cleanup in jdk.compiler
P4 JDK-8303784 no-@Target annotations should be applicable to type parameter declarations
P4 JDK-8309054 Parsing of erroneous patterns succeeds
P4 JDK-8313291 Pattern matching in switch results in VerifyError after successful compilation
P4 JDK-7033677 potential cast error in MemberEnter
P4 JDK-8304883 Record Deconstruction causes bytecode error
P4 JDK-8303078 Reduce allocations when pretty printing JCTree during compilation
P4 JDK-8303882 Refactor some iterators in jdk.compiler
P4 JDK-8304420 Regression ~11% with Javac-Generates on all platforms in b14
P4 JDK-8310067 Restore javac manpage updates
P4 JDK-8277501 Revisit PathFileObject.getCharContent and friends
P4 JDK-8304694 Runtime exception thrown when break stmt is missing
P4 JDK-8163229 several regression tests have a main method that is never executed
P4 JDK-8303820 Simplify type metadata
P4 JDK-8302685 Some javac unit tests aren't reliably closing open files
P4 JDK-8305504 stutter typo in java.compiler files
P4 JDK-8155259 Suspicious buffer allocation in
P4 JDK-8297158 Suspicious collection method call in Types.isSameTypeVisitor
P4 JDK-8184444 The compiler error "variable not initialized in the default constructor" is not apt in case of static final variables
P4 JDK-8144891 ToolBox should use java.nio.file.Path internally, instead of
P4 JDK-8014021 TreeMaker.Params behaves inconsistently when the owning method has the same number of parameters as the number of parameter types requested
P4 JDK-8309093 Underscore with brackets
P4 JDK-8288619 Unexpected parsing for @see
P4 JDK-8307954 Update string template regression tests to be robust on release updates
P4 JDK-8304036 Use CommandLine class from shared module
P4 JDK-8309870 Using -proc:full should be considered requesting explicit annotation processing
P4 JDK-8301858 Verification error when compiling switch with record patterns
P4 JDK-6557145 Warn about calling abstract methods in constructors
P5 JDK-8029301 Confusing error message for array creation method reference
P5 JDK-8027682 javac wrongly accepts semicolons in package and import decls
P5 JDK-8064931 tools/javac/scope/ needs to be updated to add the bug id


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8305098 [Backout] JDK-8303912 Clean up JavadocTokenizer
P3 JDK-8309534 @JEP(number=430, title="String Templates") should use default status
P3 JDK-8301201 Allow \n@ inside inline tags using inlineContent
P3 JDK-8300914 Allow `@` as an escape in documentation comments
P3 JDK-8309595 Allow javadoc to process unnamed classes
P3 JDK-8304878 ConcurrentModificationException in javadoc tool
P3 JDK-8305407 ExternalSpecsWriter should ignore white-space differences in spec titles
P3 JDK-8311264 JavaDoc index comparator is not transitive
P3 JDK-8299718 JavaDoc: Buttons to copy specific documentation URL are not accessible
P3 JDK-8309471 Limit key characters in static index pages
P3 JDK-8299896 Reduce enum values of HtmlLinkInfo.Kind
P3 JDK-8307377 Remove use of `tagName` from TagletWriterImpl.linkSeeReferenceOutput
P3 JDK-8309957 Rename JDK-8309595 test to conform
P3 JDK-8286470 Support searching for sections in class/package javadoc
P3 JDK-8312098 Update man page for javadoc
P4 JDK-8304689 Add hidden option to disable external spec page
P4 JDK-8303123 Add line break opportunity to single type parameters
P4 JDK-8301813 Bad caret position in error message
P4 JDK-8301810 Bug in doctree DocCommentTester.compress
P4 JDK-8304433 cleanup sentence breaker code in DocTreeMaker
P4 JDK-8305591 Cleanup use of `newline` flag in DocCommentParser
P4 JDK-8301618 Compare elements and type mirrors properly
P4 JDK-8292593 Document CSS themes for JavaDoc
P4 JDK-8303540 Eliminate unnecessary reference to javac internal class
P4 JDK-8292157 Incorrect error: "block element not allowed within inline element "
P4 JDK-8302324 Inheritance tree does not show correct type parameters/arguments
P4 JDK-8297437 javadoc cannot link to old docs (with old style anchors)
P4 JDK-8306058 Javadoc reports an error on sealed generic interfaces
P4 JDK-8305710 Line breaks in search tags cause invalid JSON in index file
P4 JDK-8301636 Minor cleanup in CommentHelper and DocPretty
P4 JDK-8305620 Missing `break` in DocCommentParser `inlineWord()`
P4 JDK-8306285 Missing file in search test
P4 JDK-8309150 Need to escape " inside attribute values
P4 JDK-8304146 Refactor VisibleMemberTable (LocalMemberTable)
P4 JDK-8300517 Refactor VisibleMemberTable (method members)
P4 JDK-8286311 remove boilerplate from use of runTests
P4 JDK-8306578 Report error if no label given in @see and {@link} when no default is available
P4 JDK-8307652 sealed class hierarchy graph doesn't distinguish non-sealed classes
P4 JDK-8300204 Sealed-class hierarchy graph missing nodes
P4 JDK-8303895 Simplify and clean up LinkFactory code
P4 JDK-8303349 Simplify link format for generic types in index pages
P4 JDK-8308015 Syntax of "import static" is incorrect in
P4 JDK-8299224 has bad indentation for legal header
P4 JDK-8305094 typo (missing *) in doc comment
P4 JDK-8302161 Upgrade jQuery UI to version 1.13.2
P4 JDK-8305958 Use links instead of buttons for auto-generated header links


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8308347 [s390x] build broken after JDK-8304913
P2 JDK-8308270 ARM32 build broken after JDK-8304913
P2 JDK-8310105 LoongArch64 builds are broken after JDK-8304913
P2 JDK-8310019 MIPS builds are broken after JDK-8304913
P2 JDK-8308246 PPC64le build broken after JDK-8304913
P2 JDK-8305990 Stripping debug info of ASM 9.5 fails
P3 JDK-8302337 JDK crashes if lib/modules contains non-zero byte containing ATTRIBUTE_END
P3 JDK-8304367 jlink --include-locales=* attempts to parse non .class resource files with classfile reader
P4 JDK-8293667 Align jlink's --compress option with jmod's --compress option
P4 JDK-8294972 Convert jdk.jlink internal plugins to use the Classfile API
P4 JDK-8304898 Fix Copyright Headers for JLink Source Files
P4 JDK-8294971 jdk.jlink is using ASM to verify classes
P4 JDK-8304691 Remove jlink --post-process-path option
P4 JDK-8306038 SystemModulesPlugin generates code that doesn't pop when return value not used
P4 JDK-8304913 Use OperatingSystem, Architecture, and Version in jlink
P4 JDK-8302325 Wrong comment in java.base/share/native/libjimage/imageFile.hpp
P5 JDK-8299835 (jrtfs) Unnecessary null check in JrtPath.getAttributes
P5 JDK-8303266 Prefer ArrayList to LinkedList in JImageTask


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8294806 jpackaged-app ignores splash screen from jar file
P4 JDK-8300111 Add rpath for common lib locations for jpackageapplauncher
P4 JDK-8303227 JniObjWithEnv should be NullablePointer compliant
P4 JDK-8298735 Some tools/jpackage/windows/* tests fails with jtreg test timeout
P4 JDK-8299779 Test tools/jpackage/share/jdk/jpackage/tests/ timed out
P4 JDK-8298995 tools/jpackage/share/ failed "AddLauncherTest.test; checks=53"
P4 JDK-8299278 tools/jpackage/share/ failed AddLauncherTest.bug8230933
P4 JDK-8304063 tools/jpackage/share/ fails when checking LD_LIBRARY_PATH
P4 JDK-8304914 Use OperatingSystem, Architecture, and Version in jpackage


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8306983 Do not invoke external programs when switch terminal to raw mode on selected platforms
P3 JDK-8308943 jdk.internal.le build fails on AIX
P3 JDK-8304498 JShell does not switch to raw mode when there is no /bin/test
P3 JDK-8311647 Memory leak in Java_jdk_internal_org_jline_terminal_impl_jna_linux_CLibraryImpl_ttyname_1r
P3 JDK-8297587 Upgrade JLine to 3.22.0
P4 JDK-8296789 -completion in jshell fails to expose synthetic bridge methods
P4 JDK-8305714 Add an extra test for JDK-8292755
P4 JDK-8306560 Add TOOLING.jsh load file
P4 JDK-8294974 Convert jdk.jshell/jdk.jshell.execution.LocalExecutionControl to use the Classfile API to instrument classes
P4 JDK-8299829 In jshell, the output of "0".repeat(49999)+"2" ends with a '0'
P4 JDK-8302837 Kernel32.cpp array memory release invokes undefined behaviour
P4 JDK-8296454 System.console() shouldn't return null in jshell
P4 JDK-8309235 Unnamed Variables (_) can't be used in JShell
P4 JDK-8308988 Update JShell manpage to include TOOLING description


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8308410 broken compilation of test\jdk\tools\launcher\exeJliLaunchTest.c
P3 JDK-8309670 java -help output for --module-path / -p is incomplete
P4 JDK-8308408 Build failure with -Werror=maybe-uninitialized in libjli/java.c with GCC8
P4 JDK-8305950 Have -XshowSettings option display tzdata version
P4 JDK-8307163 JLONG_FORMAT_SPECIFIER should be updated on Windows
P4 JDK-8303669 SelectVersion indexes past the end of the argv array
P5 JDK-8302667 Improve message format when failing to load symbols or libraries


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8299502 Usage of constructors of primitive wrapper classes should be avoided in javax.xml API docs


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8298087 XML Schema Validation reports an required attribute twice via ErrorHandler


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8303530 Redefine JAXP Configuration File
P4 JDK-8301269 Update Commons BCEL to Version 6.7.0