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Issue Description
JDK-8046091 JEP 101: Generalized Target-Type Inference
Smoothly expand the scope of method type-inference to support (i) inference in method context and (ii) inference in chained calls.
JDK-8046093 JEP 103: Parallel Array Sorting
Add additional utility methods to java.util.Arrays that use the JSR 166 Fork/Join parallelism common pool to provide sorting of arrays in parallel.
JDK-8046094 JEP 104: Type Annotations
Extend the set of annotatable locations in the syntax of the Java programming language to include names which indicate the use of a type as well as (per Java SE 5.0) the declaration of a type.
JDK-8046095 JEP 105: DocTree API
Extend the Compiler Tree API to provide structured access to the content of javadoc comments.
JDK-8046096 JEP 106: Add Javadoc to
Extend the API to provide access to javadoc.
JDK-8046097 JEP 107: Bulk Data Operations for Collections
Add functionality to the Java Collections Framework for bulk operations upon data. This is commonly referenced as "filter/map/reduce for Java." The bulk data operations include both serial (on the calling thread) and parallel (using many threads) versions of the operations. Operations upon data are generally expressed as lambda functions.
JDK-8046099 JEP 109: Enhance Core Libraries with Lambda
Enhance the Java core library APIs using the new lambda language feature to improve the usability and convenience of the library.
JDK-8046102 JEP 112: Charset Implementation Improvements
Improve the maintainability and performance of the standard and extended charset implementations.
JDK-8046103 JEP 113: MS-SFU Kerberos 5 Extensions
Add the MS-SFU extensions to the JDK's Kerberos 5 implementation.
JDK-8046104 JEP 114: TLS Server Name Indication (SNI) Extension
Add support for the TLS Server Name Indication (SNI) Extension to allow more flexible secure virtual hosting and virtual-machine infrastructure based on SSL/TLS protocols.
JDK-8046105 JEP 115: AEAD CipherSuites
Support the AEAD/GCM cipher suites defined by SP-800-380D, RFC 5116, RFC 5246, RFC 5288, RFC 5289 and RFC 5430.
JDK-8046107 JEP 117: Remove the Annotation-Processing Tool (apt)
Remove the apt tool, associated API, and documentation from the JDK.
JDK-8046108 JEP 118: Access to Parameter Names at Runtime
Provide a mechanism to easily and reliably retrieve the parameter names of methods and constructors at runtime via core reflection.
JDK-8046109 JEP 119: javax.lang.model Implementation Backed by Core Reflection
Provide an implementation of the javax.lang.model.* API backed by core reflection rather than by javac. In other words, provide an alternate API to access and process the reflective information about loaded classes provided by core reflection.
JDK-8046110 JEP 120: Repeating Annotations
Change the Java programming language to allow multiple application of annotations with the same type to a single program element.
JDK-8046111 JEP 121: Stronger Algorithms for Password-Based Encryption
Provide stronger Password-Based-Encryption (PBE) algorithm implementations in the SunJCE provider.
JDK-8046112 JEP 122: Remove the Permanent Generation
Remove the permanent generation from the Hotspot JVM and thus the need to tune the size of the permanent generation.
JDK-8046113 JEP 123: Configurable Secure Random-Number Generation
Enhance the API for secure random-number generation so that it can be configured to operate within specified quality and responsiveness constraints.
JDK-8046114 JEP 124: Enhance the Certificate Revocation-Checking API
Improve the certificate revocation-checking API to support best-effort checking, end-entity certificate checking, and mechanism-specific options and parameters.
JDK-8046116 JEP 126: Lambda Expressions & Virtual Extension Methods
Add lambda expressions (closures) and supporting features, including method references, enhanced type inference, and virtual extension methods, to the Java programming language and platform.
JDK-8046117 JEP 127: Improve Locale Data Packaging and Adopt Unicode CLDR Data
Create a tool to convert LDML (Locale Data Markup Language) files into a format usable directly by the runtime library, define a way to package the results into modules, and then use these to incorporate the de-facto standard locale data published by the Unicode Consortium's CLDR project into the JDK.
JDK-8046118 JEP 128: Unicode BCP 47 Locale Matching
Define APIs so that applications that use BCP 47 language tags (see RFC 5646) can match them to a user's language preferences in a way that conforms to RFC 4647.
JDK-8046119 JEP 129: NSA Suite B Cryptographic Algorithms
Provide implementations of the cryptographic algorithms required by NSA Suite B.
JDK-8046120 JEP 130: SHA-224 Message Digests
Implement the SHA-224 message-digest algorithm and related algorithms.
JDK-8046121 JEP 131: PKCS#11 Crypto Provider for 64-bit Windows
Include the SunPKCS11 provider in the JDK for 64-bit Windows.
JDK-8046123 JEP 133: Unicode 6.2
Extend existing platform APIs to support version 6.2 of the Unicode Standard.
JDK-8046125 JEP 135: Base64 Encoding & Decoding
Define a standard API for Base64 encoding and decoding.
JDK-8046126 JEP 136: Enhanced Verification Errors
Provide additional contextual information about bytecode-verification errors to ease diagnosis of bytecode or stackmap deficiencies in the field.
JDK-8046128 JEP 138: Autoconf-Based Build System
Introduce autoconf (./configure-style) build setup, refactor the Makefiles to remove recursion, and leverage JEP 139: Enhance javac to Improve Build Speed.
JDK-8046129 JEP 139: Enhance javac to Improve Build Speed
Reduce the time required to build the JDK and enable incremental builds by modifying the Java compiler to run on all available cores in a single persistent process, track package and class dependences between builds, automatically generate header files for native methods, and clean up class and header files that are no longer needed.
JDK-8046130 JEP 140: Limited doPrivileged
Enable code to assert a subset of its privileges without otherwise preventing the full access-control stack walk to check for other permissions.
JDK-8046132 JEP 142: Reduce Cache Contention on Specified Fields
Define a way to specify that one or more fields in an object are likely to be highly contended across processor cores so that the VM can arrange for them not to share cache lines with other fields, or other objects, that are likely to be independently accessed.
JDK-8046137 JEP 147: Reduce Class Metadata Footprint
Reduce HotSpot's class metadata memory footprint in order to improve performance on small devices.
JDK-8046138 JEP 148: Small VM
Support the creation of a small VM that is no larger than 3MB.
JDK-8046139 JEP 149: Reduce Core-Library Memory Usage
Reduce the dynamic memory used by core-library classes without adversely impacting performance.
JDK-8046140 JEP 150: Date & Time API
Define a new date, time, and calendar API for the Java SE platform.
JDK-8046143 JEP 153: Launch JavaFX Applications
Enhance the java command-line launcher to launch JavaFX applications.
JDK-8046145 JEP 155: Concurrency Updates
Scalable updatable variables, cache-oriented enhancements to the ConcurrentHashMap API, ForkJoinPool improvements, and additional Lock and Future classes.
JDK-8046150 JEP 160: Lambda-Form Representation for Method Handles
Improve the implementation of method handles by replacing assembly language paths with an optimizable intermediate representation and then refactoring the implementation so that more work is done in portable Java code than is hardwired into the JVM.
JDK-8046151 JEP 161: Compact Profiles
Define a few subset Profiles of the Java SE Platform Specification so that applications that do not require the entire Platform can be deployed and run on small devices.
JDK-8046152 JEP 162: Prepare for Modularization
Undertake changes to smooth the eventual transition to modules in a future release, provide new tools to help developers prepare for the modular platform, and deprecate certain APIs that are a significant impediment to modularization.
JDK-8046154 JEP 164: Leverage CPU Instructions for AES Cryptography
Improve the out-of-box AES Crypto performance by using x86 AES instructions when available, and by avoiding unnecessary re-expansion of the AES key.
JDK-8046156 JEP 166: Overhaul JKS-JCEKS-PKCS12 Keystores
Facilitate migrating data from JKS and JCEKS keystores by adding equivalent support to the PKCS#12 keystore. Enhance the KeyStore API to support new features such as entry metadata and logical views spanning several keystores. Enable the strong crypto algorithms introduced in JEP-121 to be used to protect keystore entries.
JDK-8046158 JEP 168: Network Discovery of Manageable Java Processes
Define a lightweight network protocol for discovering running and manageable Java processes within a network subnet.
JDK-8046160 JEP 170: JDBC 4.2
Minor enhancements to JDBC to improve usability and portability
JDK-8046161 JEP 171: Fence Intrinsics
Add three memory-ordering intrinsics to the sun.misc.Unsafe class.
JDK-8046162 JEP 172: DocLint
Provide a means to detect errors in Javadoc comments early in the development cycle and in a way that is easily linked back to the source code.
JDK-8046163 JEP 173: Retire Some Rarely-Used GC Combinations
Remove three rarely-used combinations of garbage collectors in order to reduce ongoing development, maintenance, and testing costs.
JDK-8046164 JEP 174: Nashorn JavaScript Engine
Design and implement a new lightweight, high-performance implementation of JavaScript, and integrate it into the JDK. The new engine will be made available to Java applications via the existing javax.script API, and also more generally via a new command-line tool.
JDK-8046166 JEP 176: Mechanical Checking of Caller-Sensitive Methods
Improve the security of the JDK's method-handle implementation by replacing the existing hand-maintained list of caller-sensitive methods with a mechanism that accurately identifies such methods and allows their callers to be discovered reliably.
JDK-8046167 JEP 177: Optimize java.text.DecimalFormat.format
Optimize java.text.DecimalFormat.format by taking advantage of numerical properties of integer and floating-point arithmetic to accelerate cases with two or three digits after the decimal point.
JDK-8046168 JEP 178: Statically-Linked JNI Libraries
Enhance the JNI specification to support statically linked native libraries.
JDK-8046169 JEP 179: Document JDK API Support and Stability
There is a long-standing shortcoming in the JDK in terms of clearly specifying the support and stability usage contract for com.sun.* types and other types shipped with the JDK that are outside of the Java SE specification. These contracts and potential evolution policies should be clearly captured both in the source code of the types and in the resulting class files. This information can be modeled with JDK-specific annotation types.
JDK-8046170 JEP 180: Handle Frequent HashMap Collisions with Balanced Trees
Improve the performance of java.util.HashMap under high hash-collision conditions by using balanced trees rather than linked lists to store map entries. Implement the same improvement in the LinkedHashMap class.
JDK-8046174 JEP 184: HTTP URL Permissions
Define a new type of network permission which grants access in terms of URLs rather than low-level IP addresses.
JDK-8046175 JEP 185: Restrict Fetching of External XML Resources
Enhance the JAXP APIs to add the ability to restrict the set of network protocols that may be used to fetch external resources.



Issue Description

Add support for the SHA224withDSA and SHA256withDSA signature algorithms and DSA keys with sizes up to 2048 bits

Support has been added for the SHA224withDSA and SHA256withDSA signature algorithms and for DSA keys with sizes up to 2048 bits. Previously, only DSA keys with sizes up to 1024 bits were supported.


Issue Description

Weak Encryption Disabled by Default

The DES-related Kerberos 5 encryption types are not supported by default. These encryption types can be enabled by adding allow_weak_crypto=true in the krb5.conf file, but DES-related encryption types are considered highly insecure and should be avoided.


Issue Description

Add TLS v1.1 and v1.2 to the client list of default-enabled protocols

TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.1 are now enabled by default on the TLS client end-points. This is similar behavior to what already happens in JDK 8 releases.

See details from crypto roadmap for more details.


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8046169 JEP 179: Document JDK API Support and Stability
P4 JDK-8046128 JEP 138: Autoconf-Based Build System
P4 JDK-8046150 JEP 160: Lambda-Form Representation for Method Handles
P4 JDK-8046151 JEP 161: Compact Profiles
P4 JDK-8046152 JEP 162: Prepare for Modularization
P4 JDK-8046154 JEP 164: Leverage CPU Instructions for AES Cryptography
P4 JDK-8046166 JEP 176: Mechanical Checking of Caller-Sensitive Methods


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8015425 [macosx] A follow-up for the fix 8010721
P3 JDK-8013736 [launcher] cleanup code for correctness
P3 JDK-8017334 [macosx] jxBrowser demo locks up in 7u25
P3 JDK-8005250 Downgrade normative references to ${java.home}/lib folder from Java client code.
P3 JDK-8015375 Edits to text components hang for clipboard access
P3 JDK-8012004 JInternalFrame not being finalized after closing
P3 JDK-8014227 JLightweightFrame needs another synchronization policy
P3 JDK-8006406 lightweight embedding in other Java UI toolkits
P3 JDK-8014863 Line break calculations in Java 7 are incorrect.
P3 JDK-8022746 List of spelling errors in API doc
P3 JDK-7154889 Non-zero padding is still not allowed in the tableswitch/lookupswitch instructions
P3 JDK-8007295 Reduce number of warnings in awt classes
P3 JDK-8005492 Reduce number of warnings in sun/awt/* classes
P3 JDK-8010375 sun.swing.JLightweightFrame should be implemented for XToolkit
P4 JDK-8029264 [doclint] more doclint and tidy cleanup
P4 JDK-8024413 Add tests for issues JDK-8002077 and JDK-7199708
P4 JDK-8027350 Annotate the accessibility types in com.sun.* with jdk.Exported(true/false)
P4 JDK-8003327 build-infra: "/bin/sh: : cannot execute" on solaris
P4 JDK-8014291 Errors in new tests for JAXP 1.5
P4 JDK-8022185 Fix Raw and unchecked warnings in classes belonging to java.awt.datatransfer
P4 JDK-8022184 Fix static , Raw warnings in classes belonging to java.awt
P4 JDK-8004518 In-place methods on Map
P4 JDK-8009158 Incomplete fix for 7178079
P4 JDK-8027696 Incorrect copyright header in the tests
P4 JDK-8013272 JDK Netbeans projects should use ASCII encoding for sources
P4 JDK-8046143 JEP 153: Launch JavaFX Applications
P4 JDK-8004316 Printing an image using AUTOSENSE fails to print
P4 JDK-8025169 Recent Java Accessibility Bridge push didn't delete some files
P4 JDK-8005325 The script should use TESTVMOPTS
P4 JDK-8028995 Write regression test for JDK-8016356


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8004859 Graphics.getClipBounds/getClip return difference nonequivalent bounds, depending from transform.
P1 JDK-8014883 java.awt.container.add(component comp object constraints) doesn't work as expected on some linux platforms
P1 JDK-7183251 Netbeans editor renders text wrong on JDK 7u6 build 17
P2 JDK-7124347 [macosx] "java.lang.InternalError: not implemented yet" on call Graphics2D.drawRenderedImage
P2 JDK-8022241 [macosx] [PIT] lookupPrintServices() returns one too long array
P2 JDK-8023045 [macosx] PrinterIOException when printing a JComponent
P2 JDK-7124536 [macosx] PrintServiceLookup.lookupDefaultPrintService() return null
P2 JDK-7187834 [macosx] Usage of private API in macosx 2d implementation causes Apple Store rejection
P2 JDK-7181438 [OGL] Incorrect alpha used, during blit from SW to the texture.
P2 JDK-7083621 Add fontconfig file for OEL6 and rename RH/O EL 5 file so that it is picked up for all 5.x updates
P2 JDK-7180359 Assertion in awt_Win32GraphicsDevice.cpp when running specjbb in jprt
P2 JDK-8026780 Crash on PPC and PPC v2 for Java_awt test suit
P2 JDK-7159041 Fix for 7152519 causing build breakage.
P2 JDK-8025837 Fix for 8007386 contained unrelated partial changes
P2 JDK-8021835 Fix for 8016343 will not compile on Windows.
P2 JDK-8026702 Fix for 8025429 breaks jdk build on windows
P2 JDK-8026951 Fix for 8025988 breaks jdk build on windows
P2 JDK-7050826 Hebrew characters are not rendered on OEL 5.6
P2 JDK-7153339 InternalError when drawLine with Xor and Antialiasing
P2 JDK-7092764 java.awt.font.TransformAttribute.equals(null) throws NPE
P2 JDK-7150134 JCK api/java_awt/Graphics/index.html#DrawLine fails with OOM for jdk8 with XRender pipeline
P2 JDK-8019692 JDK build CC_OPT_HIGHEST setting isn't valid for Sun C++ compiler
P2 JDK-8008535 JDK7 Printing : CJK and Latin Text in a string overlap.
P2 JDK-8029628 Many graphic artifacts
P2 JDK-8015730 PIT: On Linux, OGL=true and fbobject=false leads to deadlock or infinite loop
P2 JDK-8009199 Printed text become garbage on Mac OSX
P2 JDK-8029204 Printing a GlyphVector on Windows ignores position of first glyph
P2 JDK-8019201 Regression: java.awt.image.ConvolveOp throws java.awt.image.ImagingOpException
P2 JDK-8000486 REGRESSION: Three java2d tests fail since jdk8b58 on Windows 7 with NullPointerException
P2 JDK-4673406 RFE: Java Printing: Provide a way to display win32 printer driver's dialog
P2 JDK-2219098 some sun/java2d and sun/awt tests failed with InvalidPipeException
P2 JDK-6887286 StackOverflowError at sun.awt.image.ImageWatched$WeakLink.isWatcher
P2 JDK-8028584 cannot be cast to
P2 JDK-8028205 sun/java2d/cmm/ProfileOp/ fails
P2 JDK-8028206 sun/java2d/cmm/ProfileOp/ fails
P2 JDK-7049339 Sun2D: Batik: Printing: java.awt.image.RasterFormatException: (x + width) is outside raster
P2 JDK-7104147 the fix for cr6887286 was not appropriate for backporting
P2 JDK-7027300 Unsynchronized HashMap access causes endless loop
P2 JDK-7053526 Upgrade JDK 8 to use Little CMS 2.4
P2 JDK-7150594 VM crash in JCK api/java_awt/Image/ConvolveOp/ tests for 64 bit jdk8 on linux.
P2 JDK-8025940 Windows build fails after the fix for 8025280
P2 JDK-7179526 xrender : closed/sun/java2d/volatileImage/ failed since jdk8b36
P2 JDK-8028722 XRender: Drawing strings with exactly 254 glyphs causes hangs
P3 JDK-6957799 3 tests failed with compilation error
P3 JDK-7124245 [lcms] ColorConvertOp to color space CS_GRAY apparently converts orange to 244,244,0
P3 JDK-8005530 [lcms] Improve performance of ColorConverOp for default destinations
P3 JDK-8025988 [macosx] Attribute settings don't work for JobAttributes range
P3 JDK-8025990 [macosx] Attribute settings don't work for JobAttributes setOrientationRequested, setMedia
P3 JDK-8025447 [macosx] closed/sun/java2d/SunGraphics2D/ failed
P3 JDK-7145771 [macosx] CreateFont/ test fails because of cached results of getAllFonts()
P3 JDK-7168550 [macosx] duplicate OGL context state changes related to vertex cache
P3 JDK-8013569 [macosx] JLabel preferred size incorrect on retina displays with non-default font size
P3 JDK-8016343 [macosx] Print job goes to default printer regardless of chosen printer
P3 JDK-7158366 [macosx] Print-to-file dialog doesn't have an entry field for a name
P3 JDK-8017469 [macosx] Printing problem using ja and zh_CN locales
P3 JDK-7158350 [macosx] Strange results of SwingUIText printing
P3 JDK-8015556 [macosx] surrogate pairs do not render properly (show up as boxes or incorrect glyphs)
P3 JDK-7190349 [macosx] Text (Label) is incorrectly drawn with a rotated g2d
P3 JDK-2222471 [macosx] Unable to draw images to fullscreen
P3 JDK-2229666 [macosx]Can't print-out the defined fonts for PrintFont_2D and AntialiasTableTest.
P3 JDK-7178646 [macosx]Cannot get the printer name correctly when using Java7.
P3 JDK-8009436 [TEST_BUG] javax/print/attribute/ fails on linux with Connection timed out
P3 JDK-8022536 closed/javax/print/ fails
P3 JDK-7188093 closed/sun/java2d/pipe/ fails
P3 JDK-8023577 closed/sun/java2d/SunGraphics2D/ failed on linux
P3 JDK-8024511 Crash during color profile destruction
P3 JDK-8000936 Enable Java2D D3D pipeline on newer Intel chipsets : Intel HD and later
P3 JDK-7077423 Enable Xrender by default
P3 JDK-8020190 Fatal: Bug in native code: jfieldID class must match object
P3 JDK-2225136 FontConfiguration should not use thread contextClassLoader
P3 JDK-8020457 Fontmatrix for Type1 fonts is not used correctly
P3 JDK-8027541 Fully transparent jframe becomes black.
P3 JDK-7131153 GetDC called way too many times - causes bad performance.
P3 JDK-8004821 Graphics2D.drawPolygon() fails with IllegalPathStateException
P3 JDK-7064516 fails to load an image
P3 JDK-7043421 java/awt/font/Threads/ test crashes jvm for openjdk7 (b141) on windows only
P3 JDK-7088287 libpng need to be updated.
P3 JDK-8015334 Memory leak when kerning is used on Windows
P3 JDK-8017146 Memory Leak while drawing an AttributedString
P3 JDK-7183458 Metrics of space character in algorithmically emboldened font have changed in JDK 7.
P3 JDK-8005402 Need to provide benchmarks for color management
P3 JDK-8020208 NullPointerException at sun.print.Win32PrintService.getMediaPrintables(Win32Prin
P3 JDK-7051394 NullPointerException when running regression tests LoadProfileTest by using openjdk-7-b144
P3 JDK-7013850 Please change the mnemonic assignment system to avoid translation issue
P3 JDK-8013810 PrintServiceLookup.lookupPrintServices() does not return consistent result
P3 JDK-8013440 REGRESSION: closed/sun/java2d/cmm/ fails since 8b87
P3 JDK-8023590 REGRESSION: large count of graphics artifacts with Java 8 on Windows 8 on Intel HD card.
P3 JDK-7080144 shell tests need to be updated to work with cygwin.
P3 JDK-7043064 sun/java2d/cmm/ tests failed against RI b141 & b138-nightly
P3 JDK-8023483 sun/java2d/DirectX/TransformedPaintTest/ failed with jdk8 on linux platforms
P3 JDK-8023097 t2k.dll crash in T2KFontScaler.getGlyphMetricsNative with NaN rotation
P3 JDK-7065447 TEST: closed/sun/awt/image/JPEGImageDecoder/ failure
P3 JDK-7190940 TEST_BUG: closed/sun/java2d/loops/DitheredSolidFill.html fails to compile
P3 JDK-8015606 Text is not rendered correctly if destination buffer is custom
P3 JDK-8008022 Upgrade Direct X SDK used to build JDK
P3 JDK-8011622 Use lcms as the default color management module in jdk8
P3 JDK-8023098 XRender : AlphaComposite test results are incorrect.
P3 JDK-8024895 xrender MaskImage cache isn't accounting for change in alpha
P3 JDK-8027169 Xrender: Cleaner version of the fix for 7159455 Nimbus scrollbar glitch
P3 JDK-8024261 xrender: improve performance of small fillRect operations
P4 JDK-7044285 64 bit VM crashes in Java_sun_java2d_loops_MaskFill_MaskFill
P4 JDK-8025218 [javadoc] some errors in java/awt classes.
P4 JDK-8025085 [javadoc] some errors in javax/swing
P4 JDK-8005930 [lcms] ColorConvertOp: Alpha channel is not transferred from source to destination.
P4 JDK-8015622 [macosx]Unable to print out the defined page for 2D_PrintingTiger/JTablePrintPageRangesTest.
P4 JDK-8024767 [TEST] need test to cover JDK-7189452
P4 JDK-8020051 [TEST_BUG] Testcase for 8004859 has a typo.
P4 JDK-7070155 A small refactoring patch for the abstract RenderingEngine
P4 JDK-7171223 Building ExtensionSubtables.cpp should use -fno-strict-aliasing
P4 JDK-8017109 Cleanup overrides warning in src/solaris/classes/sun/print/
P4 JDK-8017580 Crash in font loading code on Linux (due to use of reflection)
P4 JDK-7152519 Dependency on non-POSIX header file causes portability problem
P4 JDK-7141914 Draw glyph cause JVM crash
P4 JDK-8022447 Fix doclint warnings in java.awt.image
P4 JDK-8022175 Fix doclint warnings in javax.print
P4 JDK-7117199 Fix javac warnings in src/share/classes/java/awt/font
P4 JDK-7117194 Fix javac warnings in src/share/classes/sun/java2d
P4 JDK-7143612 improve backwards compatibility of OSIS post-CR6887286
P4 JDK-8012629 java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError exception throw by getAllFonts() on MacOSX
P4 JDK-6604109 javax.print.PrintServiceLookup.lookupPrintServices fails SOMETIMES for Cups
P4 JDK-7159136 JDK 7 font manager refactoring left JNI header generation and inclusion out of sync
P4 JDK-7105461 Large JTables are not rendered correctly with sun.java2d.xrender=True
P4 JDK-8000176 Need automated test for checking scale quality
P4 JDK-7159455 Nimbus scrollbar rendering glitch with xrender enabled on i945GM
P4 JDK-7068471 NPE in sun.font.FontConfigManager.getFontConfigFont() when is not installed
P4 JDK-8006110 pageDialog is showing the swing dialog with DialogTypeSelection.NATIVE
P4 JDK-7151427 Potential memory leak in error handling code in X11SurfaceData.c
P4 JDK-7169766 remove duplicate code in agridint.h
P4 JDK-8011693 Remove redundant fontconfig files
P4 JDK-6870661 Setting a custom PrintService on a PrinterJob leads to a PrinterException
P4 JDK-6536411 test/closed/sun/awt/color/ failed due CMS refactoring
P4 JDK-8021583 test/javax/print/autosense/ throwing NPE
P4 JDK-6997116 The case automatically failed due to java.lang.ClassCastException.
P4 JDK-7044394 TrueTypeFont inner class DirectoryEntry should be static
P4 JDK-7105640 Unix printing does not check the result of exec'd lpr/lp command
P4 JDK-8016485 Windows native print dialog does not reflect default printer settings
P4 JDK-7189452 XRender pipeline does ignore source-surface offset for text rendering
P5 JDK-8025235 [javadoc] fix some errors in 2D
P5 JDK-7164282 check for NULL return from malloc is testing wrong variable name.
P5 JDK-7113017 Use POSIX compliant include file headers in sun/awt/medialib/mlib_types.h


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8020060 MoleculeViewerTest demo doesn't work due to SecurityPermissions
P3 JDK-8022296 [de] ColorChooser demo - extra mnemonic keys are displayed
P3 JDK-7024963 Notepad demo: remove non-translatable resources from file
P3 JDK-7024965 Stylepad demo: remove non-translatable resources from file
P4 JDK-6980353 Java2Demo throw exception on linux
P4 JDK-7040053 jdk7 TransparentRuler should be ready to launch using browser or java webstart
P4 JDK-7074853 TransparentRuler demos Readme should mention the correct jar file name


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8025588 [macosx] Frozen AppKit thread in 7u40
P1 JDK-7175566 [macosx] Glich in fix for CR7124247 caused MacOS crash during PIT testing
P1 JDK-8033642 [macosx] no "os.version" read permission due missing doPrivileged() blocks
P1 JDK-8024987 Copy/paste regression since JDK8 b86
P1 JDK-8026262 NPE in SystemFlavorMap.getAllNativesForType - regression in jdk8 b110 by fix of #JDK-8024987
P1 JDK-2227266 The printout doesn't match image on screen.
P2 JDK-7057770 (spec)Scrollbar spec should specify that unit increment & decrement functionality may not be presen
P2 JDK-7059886 6 JCK manual awt/Desktop tests fail with GTKLookAndFeel - GTK intialization issue
P2 JDK-8001472 [linux-sparc] api/java_awt/Window/indexTGF_* tests fail because expected colors aren't equal
P2 JDK-8025652 [macos] build failed
P2 JDK-8020371 [macosx] applets with Drag and Drop fail with IllegalArgumentException
P2 JDK-8024072 [macosx] AWT need a plugin compatible InputMethod
P2 JDK-8000629 [macosx] Blurry rendering with Java 7 on Retina display
P2 JDK-8000435 [macosx] Button painting error under Java 7 on Mac
P2 JDK-7194902 [macosx] closed/java/awt/Button/DoubleActionEventTest/DoubleActionEventTest failed since jdk8b49
P2 JDK-8028512 [macosx] Crash in full screen api if incorrect display mode is used
P2 JDK-7148289 [macosx] Deadlock in sun.lwawt.macosx.CWrapper$NSScreen.visibleFrame
P2 JDK-8009012 [macosx] DisplayChangedListener is not implemented in LWWindowPeer/CGraphicsEnvironment
P2 JDK-8027025 [macosx] getLocationOnScreen returns 0 if parent invisible
P2 JDK-8010721 [macosx] In JDK7 the menu bar disappears when a Dialog is shown
P2 JDK-8020298 [macosx] Incorrect merge in the lwawt code.
P2 JDK-8020038 [macosx] Incorrect usage of invokeLater() and likes in callbacks called via JNI from AppKit thread
P2 JDK-7152186 [macosx] java.awt.HeadlessException when running AWT apps
P2 JDK-8028485 [macosx] java/awt/Mouse/EnterExitEvents/ fails
P2 JDK-8009301 [macosx] JDK crash in AppkitThread
P2 JDK-8003169 [macosx] JVM crash after disconnecting from projector
P2 JDK-7168851 [macosx] Netbeans crashes in CImage.nativeCreateNSImageFromArray
P2 JDK-7154778 [macosx] NSView-based implementation of sun.awt.EmbeddedFrame
P2 JDK-7198229 [macosx] Painting during resizing of the frame should be more smooth
P2 JDK-7166437 [macosx] Support for Window.Type.UTILITY on the Mac
P2 JDK-2226982 [macosx] Test api/java_awt/GraphicsDevice/indexTGF.html#SetDisplayMode fails on Mac OS X 10.7
P2 JDK-7170657 [macosx] There seems to be no keyboard/mouse action to select non-contiguous items in List
P2 JDK-8010009 [macosx] Unable type into online word games on MacOSX
P2 JDK-8020688 broken links in documentation at
P2 JDK-8008691 Build failure (NEWBUILD=false) on Mac
P2 JDK-7146237 closed/java/awt/Focus/SetFocusTraversalKeysTest/SetFocusTraversalTest.html failed since 1.8.0b19
P2 JDK-7166296 closed/java/awt/Frame/DisabledParentOfToplevel/DisabledParentOfToplevel.html failed since 1.8.0b36
P2 JDK-7110590 DnDMerlinQLTestsuite_DnDJTextArea test fails with an java.awt.dnd.InvalidDnDOperationException
P2 JDK-7079260 InputContext leaks memory
P2 JDK-8005932 Java 7 on mac os x only provides text clipboard formats
P2 JDK-8029565 java.awt.dnd.InvalidDnDOperationException: data translation failed on file drop
P2 JDK-7115400 jdk 8 awt-gate build fails in headless toolkit on solaris.
P2 JDK-8025143 Jira's Attach Screenshot has "AWT-EventQueue-2" java.lang.NullPointerException, locks console, applet fails
P2 JDK-8025775 JNI warnings in TryXShmAttach
P2 JDK-8003273 Missing testcase for 7171812
P2 JDK-7171776 one more setGlobalCurrentFocusCycleRoot call requires doPrivileged
P2 JDK-7108598 Pogo Table Games freeze with JDK 7
P2 JDK-8001463 Regression : Deadlock between AWT-XAWT thread and AWT-EventQueue-0 Thread when screen resolution changes
P2 JDK-8035771 Regression: AWT GUI's no longer respond to clicks
P2 JDK-8035775 Regression: NoClassDefEoundError exception throws
P2 JDK-8011123 serialVersionUID of java.awt.dnd.InvalidDnDOperationException changed in JDK8-b82
P2 JDK-7170427 setGlobalCurrentFocusCycleRoot unexpectedly throws SecurityException
P2 JDK-7029903 Splash screen is not shown in 64-bit Linux with 16-bit color depth
P2 JDK-7168151 Stylepad demo is broken
P2 JDK-7198318 should be removed
P2 JDK-8029263 The user's default browser can not launch after we click the button, and there is an IOException shown in the log text (
P2 JDK-7079254 Toolkit eventListener leaks memory
P2 JDK-7072645 Toolkit.addPropertyChangeListener(name, pcl) throws NPE for null name
P2 JDK-8003965 Toolkit.beep() documentation is ambiguous
P2 JDK-7081594 Windows owned by an always-on-top window DO NOT automatically become always-on-top
P2 JDK-8028271 Wrong alt processing during switching between windows.
P3 JDK-7027045 (doc) java/awt/ has several typos in javadoc
P3 JDK-2222765 [macosx] "0123456789" is selected in the TextField.
P3 JDK-7175704 [macosx] "8" PIT: NPE in GetDisplayMode fullscreen test
P3 JDK-7124310 [macosx] "opposite" seems always null in focus events
P3 JDK-7124265 [macosx] (Native?) deadlock in DnD over Modal dialog
P3 JDK-7129133 [macosx] Accelerators are displayed as Meta instead of the Command symbol
P3 JDK-8019236 [macosx] Add javadoc to the handleWindowFocusEvent in CEmbeddedFrame
P3 JDK-7124326 [macosx] An issue similar to autoshutdown one in two AppContexts situation.
P3 JDK-8019265 [macosx] apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar regression comparing with jdk6
P3 JDK-8022555 [macosx] AppleScriptEngine.jar MUST call java.awt.Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit() lazily
P3 JDK-8027479 [macosx] Appletviewer is broken after 8014718
P3 JDK-8015303 [macosx] Application launched via custom URL Scheme does not receive URL
P3 JDK-8011686 [macosx] AWT accidentally disables the NSApplicationDelegate of SWT, causing loss of OS X integration functionality
P3 JDK-7161437 [macosx] awt.FileDialog doesn't respond appropriately for mac when selecting folders
P3 JDK-8024600 [macosx] code prevents use of -Xlint:auxiliaryclass,empty in jdk build
P3 JDK-8012026 [macosx] Component.getMousePosition() does not work in an applet on MacOS
P3 JDK-2228324 [macosx] Crash in JVM when exiting an FX app run with j2d pipeline
P3 JDK-8006941 [macosx] Deadlock in drag and drop
P3 JDK-8025673 [macosx] Disable X11 AWT toolkit
P3 JDK-7159381 [macosx] Dock Icon defaults to Generic Java Application
P3 JDK-7149062 [macosx] dock menu don't show available frames
P3 JDK-7160623 [macosx] Editable TextArea/TextField are blocking GUI applications from exit
P3 JDK-8005465 [macosx] Evaluate if checking for the -XstartOnFirstThread is still needed in awt.m
P3 JDK-8025503 [macosx] FileDialog allows file selection with apple.awt.fileDialogForDirectories = true
P3 JDK-7160293 [macosx] FileDialog appears on secondary display
P3 JDK-7124253 [macosx] Flavor change notification not coming
P3 JDK-7124375 [macosx] Focus isn't transfered as expected between components
P3 JDK-8026356 [macosx] Found one Java-level deadlock:"AWT-EventQueue-0" && main
P3 JDK-7124247 [macosx] Implement GraphicsDevice.setDisplayMode()
P3 JDK-8013553 [macosx] java.awt.FileDialog removes file extensions
P3 JDK-7172187 [macosx] JAWT native CALayer not positioned over Canvas
P3 JDK-8020210 [macosx] JVM crashes in CWrapper$NSWindow.screen(long)
P3 JDK-8013581 [macosx] Key Bindings break with awt GraphicsEnvironment setFullScreenWindow
P3 JDK-7179050 [macosx] Make LWAWT be able to run on AppKit thread
P3 JDK-8026143 [macosx] Maximized state could be inconsistent between peer and frame
P3 JDK-7124376 [macosx] Modal dialog lost focus
P3 JDK-7154062 [macosx] Mouse cursor isn't updated in applets
P3 JDK-7124551 [macosx] Once added, Menu shortcut cannot be removed
P3 JDK-7175707 [macosx] PIT: 8 b43 Not running on AppKit thread issue again
P3 JDK-8005997 [macosx] Printer Dialog opens an additional title bar
P3 JDK-8027912 [macosx] Provide means to force the headful mode on OS X when running via ssh
P3 JDK-7124210 [macosx] Replacing text in a TextField does generate an extra TextEvent
P3 JDK-8025438 [macosx] right JNFCall* method should be used in JDK-8008728 fix
P3 JDK-7124244 [macosx] Shaped windows support
P3 JDK-7157015 [macosx] Situation when KeyEventDispatcher doesn't work on AWT but does on Swing.
P3 JDK-7124239 [macosx] sun.awt.SunToolkit.InfiniteLoop exception in realSync called from SwingTestHelper
P3 JDK-7124513 [macosx] Support NSTexturedBackgroundWindowMask/different titlebar styles to create unified toolbar
P3 JDK-8024779 [macosx] SwingNode crashes on exit
P3 JDK-8009911 [macosx] SWT app freeze when going full screen using Java 7 on Mac
P3 JDK-7160627 [macosx] TextArea has wrong initial size
P3 JDK-2228061 [macosx] There are no enter or exit events reported against 8b39 for MouseEventsDuringDrag.
P3 JDK-2222136 [macosx] TransparentRuler demo can not run due to lacking of perpixel transparency support
P3 JDK-8007156 [macosx] Wrong events in processKeyBinding of JTable Submit Date:
P3 JDK-8025145 [macosx]: java does not recognize tiff image on clipboard
P3 JDK-8024170 [SwingNode] Implement cursor change
P3 JDK-6934218 A crash in AWT DnD tests
P3 JDK-8022657 Add FunctionalInterface annotation to awt interfaces
P3 JDK-8016356 Any swing frame resizes ugly.
P3 JDK-7171412 awt Choice doesn't fire ItemStateChange when selecting item after select() call
P3 JDK-7043815 AWT-XAWT - AWT-EventQueue-0 deadlock.
P3 JDK-8027151 AWT_DnD/Basic_DnD/Automated/DnDMerlinQL/MultipleJVM failing on windows machine
P3 JDK-8026476 Choice does not get mouse events if it does not have enough place for popup menu
P3 JDK-7173464 Clipboard.getAvailableDataFlavors: Comparison method violates contract
P3 JDK-7068060 closed/java/awt/MenuBar/MenuBarSetFont/ failed on windows
P3 JDK-2222373 closed/java/awt/Toolkit/Headless/WrappedToolkitTest/ failed since 7u4b11
P3 JDK-7188071 closed/java/awt/TrayIcon/TrayIconSecurity/GrantedTrayIconTest fails
P3 JDK-6996291 command line selection of MToolkit by -Dawt.toolkit=sun.awt.motif.MToolkit fails from jdk7 b21 on
P3 JDK-8015339 Correct a wording in javadoc of java.awt.ContainerOrderFocusTraversalPolicy
P3 JDK-7073337 Crash after playing Java game on Pogo
P3 JDK-7196866 CTW fails on all Solaris platforms
P3 JDK-2220226 DesktopOpenTests:When enter the file path and click the open button,it crash
P3 JDK-7092551 Double-click in TextField sets caret to the beginning
P3 JDK-8027913 drop target notifications are sent out of order during DnD
P3 JDK-8008660 Failure in 2D Queue Flusher thread on Mac
P3 JDK-8000425 FileDialog documentation should be enhanced
P3 JDK-8021943 FileDialog getFile returns corrupted string after previous setFile
P3 JDK-8027992 FileInputStream and BufferedInputStream should be closed in sun.applet.*
P3 JDK-8023474 First mousepress doesn't start editing in JTree
P3 JDK-7002846 Fix for 6989505 may be incomplete
P3 JDK-8025409 Fix javadoc comments errors and warning reported by doclint report
P3 JDK-8024485 For 5-1 step: if input something into the 'File:' and 'Dir:', the dir output isn't empty in the output window after showing and canceling the file dialog
P3 JDK-7071248 IME composition window does not disappear when file dialog is closed : Japanese WinXP
P3 JDK-7199196 Incremental transfer is broken because of a typo
P3 JDK-7045370 Java Statically Determines Display Size on Linux platforms
P3 JDK-7186834 java.awt.Choice.getSelectedIndex() returns invalid value
P3 JDK-8020851 java.awt.event.WindowEvent spec should state that WINDOW_CLOSED event may not be delivered under certain circumstances
P3 JDK-8015455 java/awt/dnd/DisposeFrameOnDragCrash/ hangs on windows
P3 JDK-8022247 java/awt/EventDispatchThread/LoopRobustness/LoopRobustness throws NPE
P3 JDK-7039616 java/awt/Window/TranslucentJAppletTest/ should be updated
P3 JDK-8005629 javac warnings compiling java.awt.EventDispatchThread and sun.awt.X11.XIconWindow
P3 JDK-6596915 JCK-runtime-6a/tests/api/java_awt/Component/index.html tesPaintAll fails
P3 JDK-7078460 JDialog is shown as separate icon on the taskbar
P3 JDK-8013189 JMenuItems draw behind TextArea
P3 JDK-7170716 JVM crash when opening an AWT app from a registered file.
P3 JDK-8027628 JWindow jumps to (0, 0) after mouse clicked
P3 JDK-8019282 keyRelesed is reached even though key was NOT released
P3 JDK-8019623 Lack of synchronization in AppContext.getAppContext()
P3 JDK-7172722 Latest jdk7u from OSX broke universal build
P3 JDK-7116993 Misc warnings in java.applet
P3 JDK-7155378 Need utils api/field which determines the dead key
P3 JDK-7190587 Open source and jtreg'ify JAWT regression test
P3 JDK-7194469 Pressing the Enter key results in an alert tone beep when focus is TextField
P3 JDK-7092283 Property Window.locationByPlatform is not cleared by calling setVisible(false)
P3 JDK-8013424 Regression: java.awt.datatransfer.FlavorListeners not notified on Linux/Java 7
P3 JDK-7081012 REGRESSION:Component.transferFocusBackward invokes clearGlobalFocusOwner()
P3 JDK-7110002 Rename xawt/ and headless/ so they can be colocated with libawt
P3 JDK-8013773 requestFocusInWindow to a disabled component prevents window of getting focused
P3 JDK-8028283 Revert JavaDoc changes pushed for JDK-7068423
P3 JDK-8023994 Right click on the icon added to the system tray for the first time, java.lang.IllegalArgumentException thrown.
P3 JDK-7097771 setEnabled does not work for components in disabled containers.
P3 JDK-4717864 setFont() does not update Fonts of Menus already on screen
P3 JDK-7068423 Spec for java.awt.GraphicsDevice.getFullScreenWindow() needs clarification
P3 JDK-7081584 Specification for Window.isAlwaysOnTopSupported needs to be clarified
P3 JDK-7122796 SunToolkit constructor should create the EventQueue for the Main AppContext
P3 JDK-8015477 Support single threaded AWT/FX mode.
P3 JDK-2210285 Tabbing between textfield do not work properly when ALT+TAB
P3 JDK-8016563 Test closed/java/awt/dnd/ImageTransferTest/ImageTransferTest.html fails
P3 JDK-8015589 Test java/awt/Window/Grab/ fails on MacOSX
P3 JDK-8013437 Test sun/awt/datatransfer/ fails to compile since 8b86
P3 JDK-7187811 TEST_BUG: closed/java/awt/FontClass/TransformAttribute/FontTransformAttributeTest fails
P3 JDK-7161759 TEST_BUG: java/awt/Frame/WindowDragTest/ fails to compile, should be modified
P3 JDK-8006634 Unify LWCToolkit.invokeAndWait() and sun.awt.datatransfer.ToolkitThreadBlockedHandler
P3 JDK-8025603 Unused methods in the awt text peers should be removed
P3 JDK-7130140 using horizontal scroll button on mouse causes a message to be printed on stdout
P3 JDK-7197619 Using modifiers for the dead key detection on Windows
P3 JDK-7160604 Using non-opaque windows - popups are initially not painted correctly
P3 JDK-8025585 Win: Popups in JFXPanel do not receive MouseWheel events
P3 JDK-7075105 WIN: Provide a way to format HTML on drop
P4 JDK-8025114 [cleanup] Eliminate doclint errors in java.awt.dnd package javadoc
P4 JDK-8025824 [cleanup] Fix tidy errors and warnings in preformatted HTML files related to 2d/awt/swing
P4 JDK-8002308 [macosx] 7198229 should be applied to the user action only
P4 JDK-8013841 [macosx] Animations not disabled for CALayers used via JAWT
P4 JDK-8005255 [macosx] Cleanup warnings in sun.lwawt
P4 JDK-7147055 [macosx] Cursors are changing over a blocked window; also blinking
P4 JDK-7199180 [macosx] Dead keys handling for input methods
P4 JDK-8005405 [macosx] Drag and Drop: wrong animation when dropped outside any drop target.
P4 JDK-7196547 [macosx] Implement dead key detection for KeyEvent
P4 JDK-7176644 [macosx] Missing NSAutoreleasePool in CGLGraphicsConfig.m OGLGC_DestroyOGLGraphicsConfig
P4 JDK-7109977 [macosx] test fails on Mac trying to click in the reserved corner
P4 JDK-8029010 [macosx] Need test for JDK-7124513
P4 JDK-8029382 [macosx] Need test for JDK-7161437
P4 JDK-7125471 [macosx] NofocusListDblClickTest should wait between doublr clicks
P4 JDK-7124213 [macosx] pack() does ignore size of a component; doesn't on the other platforms.
P4 JDK-8027972 [macosx] Provide a regression test for JDK-8007006
P4 JDK-7124520 [macosx] re:6373505 Toolkit.getScreenResolution() != GraphicsConfiguration.getNormalizingTransform()
P4 JDK-7142091 [macosx] RFE: Refactoring of peer initialization/disposing
P4 JDK-7124338 [macosx] Selection lost if a selected item removed from a java.awt.List
P4 JDK-7124339 [macosx] setIconImage is not endlessly tolerant to the broken image-arguments
P4 JDK-2222110 [macosx] the Frame showed incomplete.
P4 JDK-8023576 [TEST BUG] Compilation fails for java/awt/Choice/ChoiceMouseWheelTest/
P4 JDK-8024122 [TEST] need test to cover JDK-7146572
P4 JDK-8025649 [TEST] need test to cover JDK-8000423
P4 JDK-8029024 [TEST_BUG ] java/awt/Modal/ModalDialogOrderingTest/ fails
P4 JDK-8028284 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] closed/sun/awt/image/ImagingLib/ fails
P4 JDK-8015588 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Test java/awt/MenuBar/MenuBarSetFont/ fails on MacOSX
P4 JDK-8025440 [TEST_BUG] com/sun/awt/SecurityWarning/ failed since jdk8b108
P4 JDK-8011186 [TEST_BUG] java/awt/Focus/OverrideRedirectWindowActivationTest/ failed on windows 8
P4 JDK-7020060 [TEST_BUG] java/awt/FullScreen/TranslucentWindow/ failed
P4 JDK-8011230 [TEST_BUG] java/awt/Toolkit/BadDisplayTest/ failed on solaris
P4 JDK-8028362 [TEST_BUG] The content of the panel doesn't change when using scrollbars
P4 JDK-8028484 [TEST_BUG][macosx] closed/java/awt/MouseInfo/JContainerMousePositionTest fails
P4 JDK-7152982 [TEST_BUG][macosx] Extremely unstable mouse modifiers test
P4 JDK-7124391 [TEST_BUG][macosx] MouseEvents are not dispatched when the mouse cursor leaves the component
P4 JDK-8029251 [TEST_BUG][macosx] Use safari browser, the ouput contain information that DataFlavor.allHtmlFlavor is not present in the system clipboard
P4 JDK-8024839 [Unified Swing/Fx threading] don't schedule an event dispatching from the event dispatch thread
P4 JDK-8012586 [x11] Modal dialogs for fullscreen window may show behind its owner
P4 JDK-7103610 _NET_WM_PID and WM_CLIENT_MACHINE are not set
P4 JDK-8004344 A crash in ToolkitErrorHandler() in XlibWrapper.c
P4 JDK-8021815 Add regression test for JDK-8007267
P4 JDK-8013849 Awt assert on Hashtable.cpp:124
P4 JDK-8028019 AWT Doclint warning/error cleanup
P4 JDK-7043963 AWT workaround missing for Mutter.
P4 JDK-4414599 awt.MenuBar setFont() works incorrectly
P4 JDK-7050935 closed/java/awt/Choice/WheelEventsConsumed/WheelEventsConsumed.html fails on win32
P4 JDK-7193214 Consider simplifying CPlatformWindow.setResizable()
P4 JDK-6551589 ContainerListener Documentation may be incorrect
P4 JDK-7121761 creation of java.awt.DataFlavour fails for turkish locale
P4 JDK-8000423 Diacritic is not applyed to a base letter on Linux
P4 JDK-7081670 Disposing an AppContext can lead to a spinning EventDispatchThread
P4 JDK-7146572 enableInputMethod(false) does not work in the TextArea and TextField on the linux platform
P4 JDK-7170655 Frame size does not follow font size change with XToolkit
P4 JDK-7130662 GTK file dialog crashes with a NPE
P4 JDK-7132194 GtkFileDialog does not point to the correct file(s) is Recent Files are used.
P4 JDK-8000626 Implement dead key detection for KeyEvent on Linux
P4 JDK-7149068 java/awt/Window/Grab/ failed
P4 JDK-7054669 javadoc warnings from java.awt.Toolkit
P4 JDK-8010297 Missing isLoggable() checks in logging code
P4 JDK-8026021 more fix of javadoc errors and warnings reported by doclint, see the description
P4 JDK-7072120 No mac os x support in several regression tests
P4 JDK-7080700 numAppContexts is accessed in non-threadsafe way in sun.awt.AppContext
P4 JDK-7174233 Openjdk is missing some key maps on the Japanese keyboards.
P4 JDK-8015976 OpenJDK part of bug JDK-8015812 [TEST_BUG] Tests have conflicting test descriptions
P4 JDK-8015500 Prevent sending multiple WINDOW_CLOSED events for already disposed windows
P4 JDK-7117011 Reduce number of warnings in sun/awt/windows and sun/awt/datatransfer
P4 JDK-7170996 Regression : Cannot use IME on JComboBox Japanese(7026055) II
P4 JDK-7199783 Setting cursor on DragSourceContext does not work on OSX
P4 JDK-7186109 Simplify lock machinery for PostEventQueue & EventQueue
P4 JDK-6353378 Some of the menus and Menubar are messed up when changing the menubar font at runtime
P4 JDK-6230360 Spelling mistake in documentation for AWT: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7
P4 JDK-7104625 sun.awt.X11.XEvent is creating 600 MB of char[] for no good reason
P4 JDK-7198596 test/closed/java/awt/EventQueue/ should be removed
P4 JDK-8013426 TEST_BUG: java/awt/datatransfer/HTMLDataFlavors/ fails with "RuntimeException: The data should be available" on Linux
P4 JDK-8014726 TEST_BUG: java/awt/WMSpecificTests/Metacity/ should be modified
P4 JDK-7193169 The code example in javadoc of misses 'implements' keyword
P4 JDK-8024381 The test for 8020210 does not have @bug tag
P4 JDK-7117334 Warnings cleanup day: reduce number of javac warnings in the java.awt package
P4 JDK-7117008 Warnings cleanup day: reduce number of javac warnings in the sun.awt package
P4 JDK-8025225 Window.setAlwaysOnTop documentation should be updated
P4 JDK-7043679 Wrong class name is used in Java_sun_awt_windows_WPrinterJob_initIDs
P4 JDK-8003898 X11 toolkit can be chosen as the default toolkit.
P4 JDK-8024863 X11: Support GNOME Shell as mutter
P4 JDK-7105529 XAWT: Optimize getFieldsAsString() methods generated by WrapperGenerator
P5 JDK-8025236 [javadoc] fix some errors in AWT
P5 JDK-7107957 AWT: Native code should include fcntl.h and unistd.h rather than sys/fcntl.h and sys/unistd.h
P5 JDK-7144475 fix some warnings in java.awt, javax.print.attribute.standard, and sun.beans.infos
P5 JDK-6642728 Use reflection to access ScrollPane's private method from within sun.awt package


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-7006052 awt_InputMethod.c cleanup is needed
P3 JDK-8019469 Composition string displays twice using Chinese/Japanese IM on Mac OSX.
P4 JDK-7201151 Fix Contribution : Java cannot get Windows's IME name correctly
P4 JDK-7117465 Warning cleanup for IMF classes


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-7087429 Constructor of java.beans.PropertyChangeEvent should declare thrown NPE for null source
P2 JDK-7064279 Introspector.getBeanInfo() should release some resources in timely manner
P2 JDK-7080613 java.beans.DefaultPersistenceDelegate.instantiate(..) doesn't throw NPE
P2 JDK-7087876 java/beans/PropertyDescriptor.html#createPropertyEditor() throws RE if editor cannot be created
P2 JDK-7195106 REGRESSION : There is no way to get Icon inf, once Softreference is released
P3 JDK-8005065 [findbugs] reference to mutable array in JavaBeans
P3 JDK-2227702 [TEST] closed/java/beans/security/ - compilation failed
P3 JDK-8028054 com.sun.beans.finder.MethodFinder has unsynchronized access to a static Map
P3 JDK-7169395 Exception throws due to the changes in JDK 7 object tranversal and break backward compatibility
P3 JDK-7189571 Five9 Supervisor Console Get stuck.
P3 JDK-7122138 IAE thrown because Introspector ignores synthetic methods
P3 JDK-4683761 Incomplete Introspection on nonpublic classes lead to IllegalAccessExceptions
P3 JDK-7192955 Introspector overide PropertyDescriptor for generic type field defined in super class
P3 JDK-8013416 Java Bean Persistence with XMLEncoder
P3 JDK-8012716 java.beans.EventHandler.create method should check if the given listenerInterface is a public interface
P3 JDK-7189112 java.beans.Introspector misses write methods
P3 JDK-8016545 java.beans.XMLEncoder.writeObject output is wrong
P3 JDK-7116954 Misc warnings in java.beans/java.beans.context
P3 JDK-7148143 PropertyChangeSupport.addPropertyChangeListener can throw ClassCastException
P3 JDK-7122740 PropertyDescriptor Performance Slow
P3 JDK-7187618 PropertyDescriptor Performance Slow (continue)
P3 JDK-7110521 Regression test failed: Introspector/
P3 JDK-7193977 REGRESSION:Java 7's JavaBeans persistence ignoring the "transient" flag on properties
P3 JDK-7186794 Setter not found. PropertyDescriptor(PropertyDescriptor,PropertyDescriptor)
P3 JDK-8005138 test/java/beans/Introspector/ fails
P3 JDK-8023310 Thread contention in the method Beans.IsDesignTime()
P3 JDK-8027648 Type of overridden property is resolved incorrectly
P3 JDK-7092744 XMLEncoder fails to encode and breaks backward compatibility
P3 JDK-8013557 XMLEncoder in 1.7 can't encode objects initialized in no argument constructor
P4 JDK-4650871 Classes in sunw.* should be removed from workspace and rt.jar
P4 JDK-8022406 Fix doclint issues in java.beans
P4 JDK-8023536 Some regression tests have a wrong header
P4 JDK-8027066 XMLDecoder in java 7 cannot properly deserialize object arrays
P5 JDK-7121905 grammatically incorrect apostrophe in BeanInfo javadoc


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8029045 Regression - Unsatisfied Link Error when the Java Access Bridge is started
P2 JDK-8010249 Access Bridge is not working as expected on Win 64
P2 JDK-7179482 Component.accessibleContext and JComponent.accessibleContext refactoring
P2 JDK-6995891 JAWS will occasionally stop speaking focused objects as user TABs -> problem with message queue
P2 JDK-8025160 Recent Java Accessibility Bridge push has make failures
P2 JDK-6719241 Review use of Event Dispatch Thread for AB (and general JAccess) calls - are we always using it?
P2 JDK-7161747 TEST_BUG: closed/javax/accessibility/5022501/ test fails testJColorChooser: name1
P3 JDK-8015097 Accesibility doesn't work on Java 1.7 U 17
P3 JDK-8009168 syntax issue
P3 JDK-8022966 Java Access Bridge no longer usable with screen magnifiers
P3 JDK-8002367 Need PDB files for AccessBridge builds going forward.
P4 JDK-8022453 Fix doclint issues in javax.accessibility


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-7166379 leaks file handlers
P3 JDK-8023565 JPG causes javax.imageio.IIOException: ICC APP2 encoutered without prior JFIF!
P3 JDK-8022632 Reading a PNG file fails because of WBMPImageReaderSpi.canDecodeInput()
P3 JDK-7078379 shell tests need to be updated to work with cygwin.
P4 JDK-8022455 Fix doclint warnings in javax.imageio
P4 JDK-4892259 GIF ImageReader does not call passComplete in IIOReadUpdateListener
P4 JDK-4649812 GIFImageReader handles transparency incorrectly
P4 JDK-7186799 Regression tests for ImageIO metadata fail on second run
P5 JDK-5082749 GIF stream metadata specification of aspect ratio is incorrect


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-7180376 Sound Test test031 fails with JVM crash on Sles 11x64 on JDK 8
P3 JDK-7116946 JSSecurityManager should use java.util.ServiceLoader to lookup service providers
P4 JDK-7058662 AiffFileReader throws java.lang.ArithmeticException: division by zero when frame size is zero
P4 JDK-8022174 Fix doclint warnings in javax.sound
P4 JDK-8023042 Inaccuracy in documentation in a sound area
P4 JDK-7058852 javax/sound/sampled/FileWriter/ failing intermittently
P4 JDK-7188095 TEST_BUG: 4 javax/sound manual tests should be modified to run with jtreg
P4 JDK-7058666 Unexpected exception in AU parser code.
P4 JDK-7058672 Unexpected exceptions and freezes in WAV parser code


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8030118 Document listeners fired outside document lock
P1 JDK-8032063 javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalFileChooserUI$FilterComboBoxModel extends non-standard API
P2 JDK-7016396 (spec) JCK test mentioned in 6735293 is still failing
P2 JDK-8024165 [macosx] getTabBounds returns null for JTabbedPane since jdk8b103
P2 JDK-8022401 [macosx] javax/swing/text/JTextComponent/5074573/ fails
P2 JDK-7184945 [macosx] NPE in AquaComboBoxUI since jdk7u6b17, jdk8b47
P2 JDK-2225090 [macosx] Test api/javax_swing/JPopupMenu/descriptions.html#setgetXXX doesn't take Mac main menu
P2 JDK-2224397 [macosx] When click the show optionpane button,it display partly of dialog and hung until timeout
P2 JDK-7080281 AbtsractButton.checkVerticalKey()/checkHorizontalKey() methods do not specify returned value
P2 JDK-7146377 closed/javax/swing/DataTransfer/4876520/ failed since b08 in jdk 8
P2 JDK-8019975 closed/javax/swing/JFileChooser/4966171/ throws javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicFileChooserUI$AcceptAllFileFilter
P2 JDK-7166322 closed/javax/swing/text/html/HTMLEditorKit/4242228/ failed since 1.8.0b36
P2 JDK-7146146 Deadlock between subclass of AbstractDocument and UndoManager
P2 JDK-7030332 Default borders in tables looks incorrect JEditorPane
P2 JDK-8002114 fix failed for JDK-7160951: [macosx] ActionListener called twice for JMenuItem using ScreenMenuBar
P2 JDK-7167780 Hang javasoft.sqe.tests.api.javax.swing.Timer.Ctor2Tests
P2 JDK-7100004 javax.swing.JTable.setAutoCreateRowSorter(boolean autoCreateRowSorter) should mention default value
P2 JDK-7099251 javax.swing.text.html.HTMLDocument.insertAfterStart(null, something) throws NPE
P2 JDK-7163696 JCK Swing interactive test JScrollBarTest0013 fails with Nimbus and GTK L&Fs
P2 JDK-7057769 JScrollBar spec should specify that unit increment & decrement functionality may not be present
P2 JDK-7156658 JTextComponent.setFocusAccelerator() spec does not state that focus accelerator is L&F dependent
P2 JDK-6877495 JTextField and JTextArea does not support supplementary characters
P2 JDK-7080203 JTree.getSelectionPaths() now returns empty array instead of null
P2 JDK-7149090 Nimbus:BorderFactory.createTitledBorder() the DEFAULT position of a title is not the same as the TOP
P2 JDK-7130701 No appropriate CCC request for changes introduced by 7116950
P2 JDK-7168144 No appropriate CCC request for changes introduced by 7154030
P2 JDK-7109991 SwingUtilities.isXMouseButton behaves unexpectedly starting from JDK8 b08
P2 JDK-7123957 Switch of Gnome theme ends up deadlocked in GTKEngine.native_switch_theme (regression in Java 7)
P2 JDK-7072167 The "root" field in BufferStrategyPaintManager leaks memory
P2 JDK-7019963 The goto parent directory button doesn’t operate in JFileChooser
P2 JDK-7123767 Wrong tooltip location in Multi-Monitor configurations
P3 JDK-8027157 [JLightweightFrame] needs explicit expose for JWindow
P3 JDK-8007219 [macosx] Frame size reverts meaning of maximized attribute if frame size close to display
P3 JDK-8008366 [macosx] ActionListener called twice for JMenuItem using ScreenMenuBar
P3 JDK-7109962 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JList/6462008/ fails on MacOS
P3 JDK-7105040 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JPopupMenu/4966112/ deadlocks on MacOS
P3 JDK-7105890 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JScrollBar/4708809/ deadlocks on MacOS
P3 JDK-7110440 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JScrollBar/4865918/ fails on Aqua L&F
P3 JDK-7110815 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JSplitPane/4885629/ unstable on MacOS
P3 JDK-7112925 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JTabbedPane/4624207/ fails on MacOS
P3 JDK-7112931 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JTabbedPane/6416920/ fails on MacOS
P3 JDK-7121765 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JTextArea/4697612/ fails on MacOS on Aqua L&F
P3 JDK-7116634 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JTree/6263446/ fails on MacOS
P3 JDK-7122149 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/UITest/ fails on MacOS
P3 JDK-8007267 [macosx] is not working
P3 JDK-8013468 [macosx] Cursor does not update properly when in fullscreen mode on Mac
P3 JDK-8007155 [macosx] Disabled panel takes mouse input in JLayeredPane
P3 JDK-7197320 [macosx] Full Screen option missing when Window.documentModified
P3 JDK-8004866 [macosx] HiDPI support in Aqua L&F
P3 JDK-8025126 [macosx] Invalid calls to setValueAt() within JTable in Java 7 on Mac OS X
P3 JDK-7124330 [macosx] javax.swing.JComboBox throws unexpected ClassCastException
P3 JDK-7124328 [macosx] javax.swing.JDesktopPane.getAllFramesInLayer returns unexpected value
P3 JDK-7161766 [macosx] javax/swing/JPopupMenu/6694823/ failed on Mac OS X
P3 JDK-8024407 [macosx] javax/swing/JScrollBar/7163696/ failed intermittently on macos
P3 JDK-8024329 [macosx] JRadioButtonMenuItem behaves like a checkbox when using the ScreenMenuBar
P3 JDK-8020209 [macosx] Mac OS X key event confusion for " COMMAND PLUS "
P3 JDK-7158928 [macosx] NLS: Please change the mnemonic assignment system
P3 JDK-8024864 [macosx] Problems with rendering of controls
P3 JDK-8022997 [macosx] Remaining duplicated key events
P3 JDK-8015601 [macosx] Test javax/swing/JInternalFrame/ fails on MacOS X
P3 JDK-7109085 [macosx] Test use hotkeys not intended for Mac
P3 JDK-7163828 [macosx] White-on-yellow "Got Milk?" tooltip in SwingSet2 is empty.
P3 JDK-8005941 [TEST_BUG] test closed/javax/swing/JTree/4314199/ should be removed from closed jdk
P3 JDK-7117595 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Win32GraphicsEnvironment if display is removed
P3 JDK-8015336 BasicComboBoxEditor throws NullPointerException
P3 JDK-7195179 ClassCastException for null values in JComboBox
P3 JDK-6968363 ClassCastException while entering HINDI characters with CustomDocument
P3 JDK-8000801 closed/javax/accessibility/4864610/ failed on windows 7
P3 JDK-7076791 closed/javax/swing/JColorChooser/ failed on windows
P3 JDK-7161768 closed/javax/swing/Popup/ fails (timeout)
P3 JDK-8013555 Dragging edge of JFrame to screen top does not resize content properly.
P3 JDK-7155298 Editable TextArea/TextField are blocking GUI applications from exit
P3 JDK-7199708 FileChooser crashs when opening large folder
P3 JDK-8022190 Fix varargs lint warnings in the JDK
P3 JDK-8024395 Improve fix for line break calculations
P3 JDK-7083457 Incomplete specification for javax/swing/text/DefaultCaret.html#setVisible(boolean)
P3 JDK-7165112 Incomprehensible garbage in doc for RootPaneContainer
P3 JDK-6955919 Intermittent ClassCastException in bug4492274 test
P3 JDK-7172597 java.awt.KeyboardFocusManager.clearFocusOwner() missed javadoc tag @since 1.8
P3 JDK-8015853 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when running SwingSet2 demo
P3 JDK-7035495 javax.swing.ImageIcon spec should be clarified
P3 JDK-7077293 javax/swing/JComponent/4337267/ failed on windows 2003
P3 JDK-7071775 javax/swing/JFileChooser/6396844/ failed on winxp
P3 JDK-7046430 javax/swing/JPopupMenu/6580930/ failed
P3 JDK-7120869 javax/swing/JScrollBar/4708809/ fails on Windows
P3 JDK-8016534 javax/swing/text/View/8014863/ failed
P3 JDK-7082443 JComboBox not backward compatible (with Java 6)
P3 JDK-8027442 JDK compilation fails on MacOS
P3 JDK-8021379 JFileChooser Create New Folder button enabled in write proteced directory
P3 JDK-8021253 JFileChooser does not react on pressing enter since java 7
P3 JDK-8020927 JLightweightFrame API should export layout properties change notifications
P3 JDK-8022512 JLightweightFrame: the content pane should be transparent
P3 JDK-8016551 JMenuItem in WindowsLookAndFeel can't paint default icons
P3 JDK-7138665 JOptionPane.getValue() unexpected change between JRE 1.6 and JRE 1.7
P3 JDK-7141573 JProgressBar resize exception, if setStringPainted in Windows LAF
P3 JDK-6943780 JTabbedPane throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException sometimes
P3 JDK-7147075 JTextField doesn't get focus or loses focus forever
P3 JDK-8023966 JViewPort.BLIT_SCROLL_MODE does not work in JLightweightFrame
P3 JDK-8013563 Memory leak in JFrame on Linux
P3 JDK-8013611 Modal dialog fails to obtain keyboard focus
P3 JDK-7024235 Nimbus L&F: wrong "packing" of a frame containing tabbed pane
P3 JDK-7190543 Nimbus LaF: regression: JSplitPane is not opaque -- or should it?
P3 JDK-7190597 Nimbus: regtest for 4235420 fails
P3 JDK-8020708 NLS: mnemonics missing in SwingSet2/JInternalFrame demo
P3 JDK-7169226 NLS: Please change the mnemonic assignment system for windows and motif properties
P3 JDK-7093156 NLS: Please change the mnemonic assignment system to avoid translation issue (Swing files)
P3 JDK-8013442 No file filter selected in file type combo box when using JFileChooser
P3 JDK-8015926 NPE when using SynthTreeUI's expandPath()
P3 JDK-8013370 Null pointer exception when adding more than 9 accelators to a JMenuBar
P3 JDK-6505523 NullPointerException in BasicTreeUI when a node is removed by expansion listener
P3 JDK-8016553 NullPointerException javax.swing.text.BoxView and javax.swing.text.CompositeView
P3 JDK-6995769 occasion NPE thrown from SwingUtilities.computeIntersection()
P3 JDK-8002077 Possible mnemonic issue on JFileChooser Save button on nimbus L&F
P3 JDK-7116950 Reduce number of warnings in swing
P3 JDK-6817933 Setting the background of an HTML Widget changes the native Windows JFileChooser
P3 JDK-7072328 Sun URL in the MetalLookAndFeel.getLayoutStyle() specification should be replaced with Oracle one
P3 JDK-7184273 Swing applications can't get focus on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
P3 JDK-8023392 Swing text components printed with spaces between chars
P3 JDK-7158712 Synth Property "ComboBox.popupInsets" is ignored
P3 JDK-8016746 Test javax/swing/JTable/7068740/ fails
P3 JDK-6888634 test/closed/javax/swing/Popup/ fails
P3 JDK-7160653 test/javax/swing/plaf/synth/7158712/ failed on Ubuntu
P3 JDK-8009881 TEST_BUG: javax/swing/JTree/8004298/ should be modified
P3 JDK-7022041 TitleBorder Null Pointer Exception
P3 JDK-8013571 TreeModelEvent doesn't accept " null " for root as Javadoc specifies.
P3 JDK-7169111 Unreadable menu bar with Ambiance theme in GTK L&F
P3 JDK-8022398 Use one FilterComboBoxModel for all L&Fs
P3 JDK-7156657 Version 7 doesn't support translucent popup menus against a translucent window
P3 JDK-4909150 WindowsTreeUI can cause NullPointerException occasionally
P4 JDK-8025117 [cleanup] Eliminate doclint errors in javax/swing/text classes
P4 JDK-8025230 [cleanup] some more javadoc formatting fixes for swing
P4 JDK-8025249 [javadoc] fix some javadoc errors in javax/swing
P4 JDK-8025070 [javadoc] fix some javadoc errors in javax/swing/plaf/synth
P4 JDK-7147408 [macosx] Add autodelay to fix a regression test
P4 JDK-2221401 [macosx] Aqua L&F in SwingSet2 demo.
P4 JDK-2226378 [macosx] failed automatically with java.lang.NullPointerException for Nimbus LaF.
P4 JDK-7132383 [macosx] should be adapted for Mac
P4 JDK-2225535 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JCheckBox/4449413/ check the checkbox again,it auto fail
P4 JDK-7133146 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JInternalFrame/4193219/IconCoord fails on MacOS
P4 JDK-7112854 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JPopupMenu/ unstable on MacOS
P4 JDK-7133532 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JScrollBar/bug4202954/ fails on MacOS
P4 JDK-7133545 [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JSplitPane/4514858/ fails on MacOS
P4 JDK-8007006 [macosx] Closing subwindow loses main window menus.
P4 JDK-8000969 [macosx] Directories are not deselected when JFileChooser has FILES_ONLY selection mode
P4 JDK-7132385 [macosx] IconifyTest of RepaintManager could use some delay
P4 JDK-8003901 [macosx] Need test for JDK-8002114
P4 JDK-7124525 [macosx] No animation on certain Swing components in Aqua LaF
P4 JDK-7163482 [macosx] Regtest closed/javax/swing/JTree/4908142/ intermittent failure
P4 JDK-7124209 [macosx] SpringLayout issue. BASELINE is not in the range: [NORTH, SOUTH]
P4 JDK-7124534 [macosx] Submenu title overlaps with Submenu indicator in JPopupMenu
P4 JDK-7113337 [macosx] Swing closed test tries to click in the area reserved for resize by Mac OS X
P4 JDK-7104594 [macosx] Test closed/javax/swing/JFrame/4962534/bug4962534 expects Metal L&F by default
P4 JDK-7124242 [macosx] Test doesn't work because of the frame round corners in the LaF
P4 JDK-7107585 [macosx] Test incorrect calculate position of object on frame
P4 JDK-7109617 [macosx] Test was writed for Metal L&F but not set it.
P4 JDK-7124314 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Aqua LAF: JTree doesn't select element by keyboards left and right keys
P4 JDK-7133154 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] closed/javax/swing/JInternalFrame/4251301/ fails on MacOS
P4 JDK-7124320 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] JComboBox doesn't change selection on mouse over
P4 JDK-7124232 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] JSplitPane has wrong divider location
P4 JDK-7153702 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Synchronization problem in test javax/swing/JPopupMenu/6827786/
P4 JDK-8015597 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Test closed/javax/swing/JMenuBar/4750590/ fails since JDK 8 b75 on MacOSX
P4 JDK-8015600 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Test closed/javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicMenuUI/4983388/ fails since JDK 8 b75 on MacOSX
P4 JDK-8015599 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Test closed/javax/swing/Popup/ fails since JDK 8 b75 on MacOSX
P4 JDK-7153758 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] test closed/javax/swing/text/html/FormView/6222200/ fail
P4 JDK-7105030 [TEST_BUG] [macosx] The tests never finishes
P4 JDK-8012461 [TEST_BUG] closed/javax/swing/plaf/synth/SynthButtonUI/6276188/ doesn't release mouse button
P4 JDK-6866747 [TEST_BUG] J2SE_Swing_Reg:can not see any HSB tab
P4 JDK-6757986 [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/JInternalFrame/5066752/ needs correction
P4 JDK-8012466 [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/JInternalFrame/ doesn't release mouse button
P4 JDK-8004294 [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/JSpinner/4973721/ failed on win2003
P4 JDK-8012468 [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/PopupFactory/6276087/ doesn't release mouse button
P4 JDK-7075563 Broken link in "javax.swing.SwingWorker"
P4 JDK-7155887 ComboBox does not display focus outline in GTK L&F
P4 JDK-7142955 DefaultTreeCellRenderer doesn't honor 'Tree.rendererFillBackground' LAF property
P4 JDK-7049024 DnD fails with JTextArea and JTextField
P4 JDK-8025840 Fix all the doclint warnings about trademark
P4 JDK-8022990 Fix dep_ann lint warnings in swing code
P4 JDK-7089914 Focus on image icons are not visible in javaws cache with high contrast mode
P4 JDK-8000326 Focus unable to traverse in the menubar
P4 JDK-8025707 Frogot to add a file to fix for JDK-8012461
P4 JDK-7027139 getFirstIndex() does not return the first index that has changed
P4 JDK-6800513 GTK-LaF renders menus incompletely
P4 JDK-7068740 If you wrap a JTable in a JLayer you can't use the page up and page down cmds
P4 JDK-7181403 Invalid MouseEvent conversion with SwingUtilities.convertMouseEvent
P4 JDK-7154030 java.awt.Component.hide() does not repaint parent component
P4 JDK-4631925 JColor Chooser is not fully accessible
P4 JDK-7194184 JColorChooser swatch cannot accessed from keyboard
P4 JDK-7107099 JScrollBar does not show up even if there are enough lebgth of textstring in textField
P4 JDK-8005019 JTable passes row index instead of length when inserts selection interval
P4 JDK-7188612 JTable's AccessibleJTable throws IllegalComponentStateException instead of null
P4 JDK-7090007 Missing style.css in nimbus/doc-files/properties.html
P4 JDK-7171806 Missing test for bug ID 6800513 fix
P4 JDK-8001808 NEED_TEST Create a test for 8000327
P4 JDK-8001876 NEED_TEST Create regtest for 8000283
P4 JDK-7174970 NLS: [ccjk] Extra mnemonic keys at standard filechooserdialog (open and save) in metal L&F
P4 JDK-7158926 NLS: Please change the mnemonic assignment system in swing demos
P4 JDK-8003830 NullPointerException in BasicTreeUI.Actions when getPathBounds returns null
P4 JDK-5038931 Please stop using MnemonicIndex in .properties file
P4 JDK-7024118 possible hardcoded mnemonic for JFileChooser metal and motif l&f
P4 JDK-7055065 Regression : JDK 7 : NullPointerException when sorting JTable with empty cell
P4 JDK-6624077 Regression test fails: closed/javax/swing/ToolTipManager/6256140/
P4 JDK-6624200 Regression test fails: test/closed/javax/swing/JMenuItem/4654927/
P4 JDK-7088744 SwingUtilities.isMiddleMouseButton does not work with ALT/Meta keys
P4 JDK-7010561 Tab text position with Synth based LaF is different to Java 5/6
P4 JDK-7109126 Test looks like L&F set incorrectly.
P4 JDK-7184908 TEST_BUG: [macosx] closed/com/sun/java/swing/plaf/gtk/4928019/ fails
P4 JDK-4310381 Text in multi-row/col JTabbedPane tabs can be truncated/clipped
P4 JDK-7032018 The file list in JFileChooser does not have an accessible name
P4 JDK-7151823 The test incorrectly recognizing OS
P4 JDK-8026491 Typos in string literals
P4 JDK-7169544 Typos in the SwingSet2 demo properties
P4 JDK-7129742 Unable to view focus in Non-Editable TextArea
P4 JDK-8016833 Underlines and strikethrough not rendering correctly
P4 JDK-6938583 Unexpected NullPointerException by InputContext.endComposition()
P4 JDK-7031941 Use generificated JComboBox and JList in core libraries
P4 JDK-6436314 Vector could be created with appropriate size in DefaultComboBoxModel
P4 JDK-7032436 When running with the Nimbus look and feel, the JFileChooser does not display mnemonics
P5 JDK-8025234 [javadoc] fix some errors in javax.swing.**
P5 JDK-8010782 clean up source files containing carriage return characters


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8032056 Create demo to illustrate new practices of the default methods usage
P2 JDK-8013415 Changes for JDK-8005523 requires updates to refs.allowed
P2 JDK-8004502 Compact Profiles contents
P3 JDK-8003256 (profiles) Add support for profile identification
P3 JDK-8027351 (ref) Private finalize method invoked in preference to protected superclass method
P3 JDK-8008662 Add @jdk.Exported to JDK-specific/exported APIs
P3 JDK-8023351 Add TEST.groups in preparation to simplify rules in jdk/test/Makefile
P3 JDK-8004931 add/removePropertyChangeListener should not exist in subset Profiles of Java SE
P3 JDK-7132204 Default testset in JPRT should not run all tests
P3 JDK-8024704 Improve API documentation of ClassLoader and ServiceLoader with respect to enumeration of resources.
P3 JDK-8026982 javadoc errors in core libs
P3 JDK-7194897 JSR 292: Cannot create more than 16 instances of an anonymous class
P3 JDK-8016217 More javadoc warnings
P3 JDK-8004874 Reduce dependency on java.beans to only add/removePropertyChangeListener
P3 JDK-8027176 Remove redundant jdk/lambda/vm/
P3 JDK-8028234 Remove unused methods in sun.misc.JavaAWTAccess
P3 JDK-8016747 Replace deprecated PlatformLogger isLoggable(int) with isLoggable(Level)
P3 JDK-8005978 shell tests need to use the $COMPILEJDK for javac, jar and other tools
P4 JDK-8008509 6588413 changed JNIEXPORT visibility for GCC on HSX, jdk's jni_md.h needs similar change
P4 JDK-8005966 Add missing Unsafe entry points for addAndGet() family
P4 JDK-8014966 Add the proper Javadoc to @Contended
P4 JDK-8008808 Allowed dependencies added by JDK-8008481 no longer required
P4 JDK-8000269 Cleanup javadoc warnings
P4 JDK-8003890 corelibs test scripts should pass TESTVMOPTS
P4 JDK-8022454 Fix various serialization and deprecation warning in java.util, and
P4 JDK-8008167 IdentityHashMap.[keySet|values|entrySet].toArray speed-up
P4 JDK-8021883 j.u.Random/ test needs more robust timeout duration
P4 JDK-8013413 javadoc warnings
P4 JDK-8027567 JDK 8 build failure: the correct version of GNU make is being rejected
P4 JDK-8046093 JEP 103: Parallel Array Sorting
P4 JDK-8046097 JEP 107: Bulk Data Operations for Collections
P4 JDK-8046099 JEP 109: Enhance Core Libraries with Lambda
P4 JDK-8046102 JEP 112: Charset Implementation Improvements
P4 JDK-8046109 JEP 119: javax.lang.model Implementation Backed by Core Reflection
P4 JDK-8046123 JEP 133: Unicode 6.2
P4 JDK-8046125 JEP 135: Base64 Encoding & Decoding
P4 JDK-8046139 JEP 149: Reduce Core-Library Memory Usage
P4 JDK-8046140 JEP 150: Date & Time API
P4 JDK-8046145 JEP 155: Concurrency Updates
P4 JDK-8046160 JEP 170: JDBC 4.2
P4 JDK-8046167 JEP 177: Optimize java.text.DecimalFormat.format
P4 JDK-8046168 JEP 178: Statically-Linked JNI Libraries
P4 JDK-8046170 JEP 180: Handle Frequent HashMap Collisions with Balanced Trees
P4 JDK-7116404 Miscellaneous warnings (java.rmi.**, serialization, some core classes)
P4 JDK-8016020 Remove JVM_SetProtectionDomain in Hotspot
P4 JDK-8008113 Remove jvm_version_info->is_kernel_jvm field
P4 JDK-8016019 Remove setProtectionDomain0 and JVM_SetProtectionDomain in JDK
P4 JDK-8014834 shell tests don't begin with #!/bin/sh
P4 JDK-7173494 some jdk tests are not run in test/Makefile
P4 JDK-8011934 sun.misc.PerfCounter calls Perf.createLong with incorrect parameters
P4 JDK-8004928 TEST_BUG: Reduce dependence of CoreLib tests from the AWT subsystem.
P4 JDK-7152866 Tests not run because they are missing the @run tag
P4 JDK-8004966 Umbrella: Lambda serialization
P5 JDK-7100054 (porting) Native code should include fcntl.h and unistd.h rather than sys/fcntl.h and sys/unistd.h
P5 JDK-8015470 Remove redundant calls of toString() on String objects


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-6931128 (spec) File attribute tests fail when run as root.
P2 JDK-8025128 File.createTempFile fails if prefix is absolute path
P2 JDK-8017212 File.createTempFile requires unnecessary "read" permission
P2 JDK-7082769 FileInputStream/FileOutputStream/RandomAccessFile allow file descriptor be closed when still in use
P3 JDK-6831947 (file) deleteOnExit throws unspecified IllegalStateException and/or runs concurrently with mutators
P3 JDK-6341345 (spec) Console.reader() should make it clear that the reader requires line termination
P3 JDK-7129312 BufferedInputStream calculates negative array size with large streams and mark
P3 JDK-8029483 BufferedReader.lines() javadoc typo should be fixed
P3 JDK-8003992 File and other classes in do not handle embedded nulls properly
P3 JDK-7130915 File.equals does not give expected results when path contains Non-English characters on Mac OS X
P3 JDK-8011136 FileInputStream.available and skip inconsistencies
P3 JDK-8020426 Fix doclint accessibility issues in
P3 JDK-8020083 Fix doclint issues in
P3 JDK-8020091 Fix HTML doclint issues in
P3 JDK-7105952 Improve finalisation for FileInputStream/FileOutputStream/RandomAccessFile
P3 JDK-8020463 Input argument array wrapping in loadWithNewGlobal is wrong
P3 JDK-8022204 Intermittent test failures in java/io/File
P3 JDK-8011950 enters infinite loop when passed invalid data
P3 JDK-8029434 Spliterator of Stream returned by BufferedReader.lines() should have NONNULL characteristic
P3 JDK-8022178 System.console() throws IOE on some Windows
P3 JDK-7073308 TEST_BUG: closed/java/io/Console/ fails with cygwin
P4 JDK-7015589 (spec) BufferedWriter.close leaves stream open if close of underlying Writer fails
P4 JDK-7116890 additional warnings fixes for
P4 JDK-8003258 BufferedReader.lines()
P4 JDK-7193710 ByteArrayOutputStream Javadoc contains unclosed element
P4 JDK-6325169 File.createTempFile() throws IOException "Access is denied"
P4 JDK-4858457 File.getCanonicalPath() throws IOException when invoked with "nul" (win)
P4 JDK-7038105 File.isHidden() should return true for pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys
P4 JDK-7146152 File.path should be final
P4 JDK-8010837 FileInputStream.available() Throw IOException When Encountering Negative Available Values
P4 JDK-4239752 FileSystem should be a platform-specific class to avoid native code
P4 JDK-8016063 getFinalAttributes should use FindClose
P4 JDK-8023765 Improve testcase and reduce its test load
P4 JDK-8028631 Improve the test coverage to the pathname handling on unix-like platforms
P4 JDK-7160013 java/io/File/ fails
P4 JDK-8027612 java/io/File/ fails intermittently in the clean-up stage
P4 JDK-8011105 Locale Issue in the Native Function GetLastErrorString()
P4 JDK-8021977 Opening a file using can throw IOException on Windows
P4 JDK-7082231 Put a @since 1.7 on System.lineSeparator
P4 JDK-8001334 Remove use of JVM_* functions from code
P4 JDK-7186817 Remove Windows 95/98/ME Support
P4 JDK-8023430 Replace File.mkdirs with Files.createDirectories to get failure details
P4 JDK-7030624 size_t usages in src/windows/native/java/io/io_util_md.c need to be re-visited
P4 JDK-6982749 TEST BUG: closed/java/io/Console/ requires /bin/expr
P4 JDK-7030573 test/java/io/FileInputStream/ fails when there is insufficient disk space
P4 JDK-6962637 TEST_BUG: java/io/File/ may fail in busy system
P4 JDK-7076644 TEST_BUG: test/java/io/File/ fails with cygwin
P4 JDK-8007609 WinNTFileSystem_md.c should correctly check value returned from realloc
P4 JDK-8023203 Wrap native method into a Java helper method
P5 JDK-8024458 DataInput.readDouble refers to "readlong" instead of "readLong"


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8028041 Serialized Form description of j.l.String is not consistent with the implementation
P3 JDK-7112267 clean up fix for 7110700
P3 JDK-8028027 serialver should emit declaration with the 'private' modifier
P3 JDK-6647361 use Unsafe.put*Volatile methods to set final fields during default deserialization
P4 JDK-7156963 Incorrect copyright header in java/io/SerialCallbackContext
P4 JDK-8005555 TEST_BUG: java/io/Serializable/accessConstants/ can probably be removed
P5 JDK-6910472 Typo in : "refered"


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8024521 (process) Async close issues with Process InputStream
P2 JDK-8023130 (process) ProcessBuilder#inheritIO does not work on Windows
P2 JDK-8012453 (process) Runtime.exec(String) fails if command contains spaces [win]
P2 JDK-8016046 (process) Strict validation of input should be security manager case only [win]
P2 JDK-5049299 (process) Use posix_spawn, not fork, on S10 to avoid swap exhaustion
P2 JDK-7199674 (props) user.home property does not return an accessible location in sandboxed environment [macosx]
P2 JDK-4268317 (ref) Reference.isEnqueued() can return true when instance not enqueued
P2 JDK-8023997 j.l.String.join(java.lang.CharSequence, java.lang.Iterable) sample doesn't compile and is incorrect
P2 JDK-8010325 Remove hash32() method and hash32 int field from java.lang.String
P2 JDK-7191777 test/java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ failing intermittently due to additions for 4244896
P2 JDK-7174723 TEST_BUG: java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ failing [win]
P2 JDK-7087932 VirtualMachineError has badly formed copyright header
P2 JDK-7082727 VirtualMachineError should declare its serialVersionUID
P3 JDK-6556996 (ann spec) SuppressWarnings strings should be documented
P3 JDK-7122142 (ann) Race condition between isAnnotationPresent and getAnnotations
P3 JDK-8005232 (JEP-149) Class Instance size reduction
P3 JDK-8016579 (process) IOException thrown by ProcessBuilder.start() method is incorrectly encoded
P3 JDK-8023717 (process) ProcessBuilder should catch SecurityException rather than AccessControlException
P3 JDK-4244896 (process) Provide Process.waitFor(timeout), Process.destroyForcibly() and Process.isAlive()
P3 JDK-8015965 (process) Typo in name of property to allow ambiguous commands
P3 JDK-7178922 (props) re-visit how is determined on Mac
P3 JDK-8003228 (props) sun.jnu.encoding should be set to UTF-8 [macosx]
P3 JDK-7170169 (props) System.getProperty("") should return "Windows 8" when run on Windows 8
P3 JDK-8028069 (ref) Finalizer.c not deleted in the changeset for JDK-8027351
P3 JDK-8016018 (str) Error in description of the method indexOf in the class StringBuffer
P3 JDK-5015163 (str) String merge/join that is the inverse of String.split()
P3 JDK-8014814 (str) StringBuffer "null" is not appended
P3 JDK-8010182 (thread) Thread safety of Thread get/setName()
P3 JDK-8022721 [TEST_BUG] throws java.lang.IllegalStateException: unexpected condition
P3 JDK-7151008 Add library support for repeating annotations in java.lang.annotation
P3 JDK-7154390 Add support for repeating annotations in j.l.r.AnnotatedElement
P3 JDK-8001598 Augment ElementType enum for JSR 308
P3 JDK-6990687 Character.isJava/UnicodeIdentifierStart/Part() should be stable over Unicode versions
P3 JDK-8027413 Clarify javadoc for j.l.a.Target and j.l.a.ElementType
P3 JDK-8016236 Class.getGenericInterfaces performance improvement
P3 JDK-6322074 Converting integers to string as if unsigned
P3 JDK-8008981 Deprecate SecurityManager checkTopLevelWindow, checkSystemClipboardAccess, checkAwtEventQueueAccess
P3 JDK-8001225 Disable jdk regression test java/lang/System/ until jdk's classfile version code is updated
P3 JDK-8022109 Evaluate adding incrementExact, decrementExact, negateExact to java.lang.Math
P3 JDK-6562388 Files compiled by make/java/java should be compiled with -Xlint:serial -Werror
P3 JDK-8017550 Fix doclint issues in java.lang and subpackages
P3 JDK-8021429 Fix lint warnings in java.lang.ref
P3 JDK-8022206 Intermittent test failures in java/lang/ProcessBuilder/
P3 JDK-8022208 Intermittent test failures in java/lang/Thread/
P3 JDK-8029525 java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ fails intermittently
P3 JDK-8011930 Long.parseLong(String, int) has inaccurate limit on radix for using 'L'
P3 JDK-6470700 Math.random() / Math.initRNG() uses "double checked locking"
P3 JDK-8010430 Math.round has surprising behavior for odd values of ulp 1
P3 JDK-7032154 Performance tuning of sun.misc.FloatingDecimal/FormattedFloatingDecimal
P3 JDK-8008279 Remove
P3 JDK-8005832 Remove java.lang.annotation.{ContainedBy, ContainerFor} annotation types
P3 JDK-7123649 Remove public modifier from Math.powerOfTwoF
P3 JDK-8025799 Restore sun.reflect.Reflection.getCallerClass(int) until a replacement API is provided
P3 JDK-8022658 Revisit FunctionalInterface on some core libs types
P3 JDK-8008793 SecurityManager.checkXXX behavior not specified for methods that check AWTPermission and AWT not present
P3 JDK-8005713 Simplify library support for repeating annotations in java.lang.annotation
P3 JDK-8005712 Simplify support for repeating annotations in j.l.r.AnnotatedElement
P3 JDK-8020037 String.toLowerCase incorrectly increases length, if string contains \u0130 char
P3 JDK-8020191 System.getProperty( " " ) returns " Windows NT (unknown) " on Windows 8.1
P3 JDK-7123972 test/java/lang/annotation/loaderLeak/ fails intermittently
P3 JDK-8006039 test/tools/launcher/ fails on Mac w/ LANG=C, LC_ALL=C
P3 JDK-8024660 TEST_BUG: java/lang/ProcessBuilder/* leaving hotspot.log open in fastdebug builds
P3 JDK-8005962 TEST_BUG: java/util/Properties/MacJNUEncoding can fail in certain environments
P3 JDK-8022176 Weaken contract of java.lang.AutoCloseable
P4 JDK-7158930 (ann) library support for repeating annotations is not built when compiling the JDK
P4 JDK-7147084 (process) appA hangs when read output stream of appB which starts appC that runs forever
P4 JDK-8006193 (process) Clean-up java.lang.ProcessImpl.finalize, does not need to be public
P4 JDK-6703075 (process) java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ fails with fastdebug
P4 JDK-8007454 (process) SetHandleInformation parameters DWORD (not BOOLEAN)
P4 JDK-7173645 (props) System.getProperty("") should return "Windows Server 2012" for Windows Server 2012
P4 JDK-4243978 (ref) Race condition in Reference.enqueue()
P4 JDK-8028757 (spec str) CharSequence.subSequence improperly requires a "new" CharSequence be returned
P4 JDK-7100996 (spec str) IndexOutOfBoundsException when using a StringBuffer from multiple threads
P4 JDK-7174936 (spec str) several String methods claim to always create new String
P4 JDK-4722265 (spec str) StringBuffer.ensureCapacity() should mention that capacity is mutable
P4 JDK-6206780 (str) Forwarding append methods in String{Buffer,Builder} are inconsist
P4 JDK-8005118 (str) Javadoc styles are inconsistent
P4 JDK-6914123 (str) Missing synchronization in java.lang.String#contentEquals(CharSequence)
P4 JDK-8010849 (str) Optimize StringBuilder.append(null)
P4 JDK-8014477 (str) Race condition in String.contentEquals when comparing with StringBuffer
P4 JDK-5035850 (str) String.CASE_INSENSITIVE_ORDER should override readResolve()
P4 JDK-6553074 (str) String{Buffer,Builder}.indexOf(Str, int) contains unnecessary allocation
P4 JDK-8005926 (thread) Merge ThreadLocalRandom state into java.lang.Thread
P4 JDK-7021010 (thread) TEST_BUG java/lang/Thread/ fails intermittently
P4 JDK-7088952 Add "BYTES" constant to primitive wrapper classes
P4 JDK-7088913 Add compatible static hashCode(primitive) to primitive wrapper classes
P4 JDK-7080020 Add conventional constructors to InternalError and VirtualMachineError
P4 JDK-8005297 Add FunctionalInterface support to the platform
P4 JDK-8005298 Add FunctionalInterface type to the core libraries
P4 JDK-8000405 add java.lang.annotation.Native
P4 JDK-7092404 Add Math.nextDown and Double.isFinite
P4 JDK-8001612 Add point lambdafictions to JDK libraries
P4 JDK-8004201 add reducers to basic types
P4 JDK-8003246 add Supplier to ThreadLocal
P4 JDK-7128931 Bad HTML escaping in java.lang.Throwable javadoc
P4 JDK-6268216 Boolean.getBoolean() throws SecurityException
P4 JDK-8000406 change files using @GenerateNativeHeader to use @Native
P4 JDK-8015522 CharSequence.codePoints can be faster
P4 JDK-8006895 Clarify that FunctionalInferface is only informative
P4 JDK-8007398 Code sharing for Long.toHexString() toOctalString() and toBinaryString()
P4 JDK-6964528 Double.toHexString(double d) String manipulation with + in an append of StringBuilder
P4 JDK-7192954 Fix Float.parseFloat to round correctly and preserve monotonicity.
P4 JDK-8027062 Fix lint and doclint issues in java.lang.{ClassLoader, ClassValue, SecurityManager}
P4 JDK-8006764 FunctionalInterface missing from rt.jar (old build)
P4 JDK-7189533 GetJavaProperties should free temporary memory if subsequent allocations fails
P4 JDK-8012044 Give more information about self-suppression from Throwable.addSuppressed
P4 JDK-8010316 Improve handling of char sequences containing surrogates
P4 JDK-4504839 Java libraries should provide support for unsigned integer arithmetic
P4 JDK-7021922 java.lang.annotation.IncompleteAnnotationException throws NPE when type is null
P4 JDK-8014233 java.lang.Thread should have @Contended on TLR fields
P4 JDK-8014296 java/lang/Math/ should not compare pointers
P4 JDK-6776144 java/lang/ThreadGroup/ fails with Thread group is not destroyed ,fastdebug LINUX
P4 JDK-7112008 Javadoc for j.l.Object.finalize() vs JLS 12.6 Finalization of Class Instances
P4 JDK-8006503 JVM_PrintStackTrace is not used in JDK
P4 JDK-6253144 Long narrowing conversion should describe the algorithm used and implied "risks"
P4 JDK-8023943 Method description fix for String.toLower/UpperCase() methods
P4 JDK-7062430 Minor inconsistency in ulp descriptions
P4 JDK-7117612 Miscellaneous warnings in java.lang
P4 JDK-7091682 Move sun.misc.FpUtils code into java.lang.Math
P4 JDK-7149320 Move sun.misc.VM.booted() to end of System.initializeSystemClass()
P4 JDK-7165102 Only run assertion on Integer autoboxing cache size once
P4 JDK-8066965 Overriding toString in java.math.BigDecimal may cause java.lang.NumberFormatExce
P4 JDK-6844255 Potential stack corruption in GetJavaProperties
P4 JDK-8011373 Property java.runtime.profile should be removed (left-over code)
P4 JDK-8013528 Provide SharedSecrets access to String(char[], boolean) constructor
P4 JDK-8000817 Reinstate accidentally removed sleep() from ProcessBuilder/
P4 JDK-7075098 Remove unused fdlibm files
P4 JDK-7188442 rename java.lang.annotation.ContainerAnnotation to ContainedBy
P4 JDK-8019979 Replace CheckPackageAccess test with better one from closed repo
P4 JDK-8005623 Retrofit FunctionalInterface annotations to core platform interfaces
P4 JDK-8014933 setProtectionDomain0 in java/lang/Class should be removed in JDK and JVM
P4 JDK-8006044 Simplify support for repeating annotations
P4 JDK-4215269 Some Integer.toHexString(int) results cannot be decoded back to an int
P4 JDK-7160725 Strange or obsolete @see tags in some exception java.lang javadoc
P4 JDK-7128441 StrictMath performance improvement not shared with Math
P4 JDK-6708398 Support integer overflow
P4 JDK-7070436 Support Unicode 6.1.0 in JDK 8
P4 JDK-7198195 Support Unicode 6.2.0
P4 JDK-7056815 test/java/lang/ClassLoader/deadlock/ times out intermittently on busy machines
P4 JDK-7089131 test/java/lang/invoke/ does not compile
P4 JDK-8004177 test/java/lang/Thread/ doesn't clean-up
P4 JDK-8017068 TEST_BUG closed/java/lang/SecurityManager/ needs to be updated to add oracle.jrockit.jfr
P4 JDK-7036542 TEST_BUG: add cygwin support for closed/java/lang/Package/
P4 JDK-7036526 TEST_BUG: add cygwin support to tests in test/closed/java/lang/ClassLoader
P4 JDK-7152183 TEST_BUG: java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ failing intermittently [sol]
P4 JDK-8028094 TEST_BUG: java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ leaves "sleep 6666" processes behind
P4 JDK-6771058 TEST_BUG: java/lang/ref/ may fail with -server -Xcomp
P4 JDK-7181748 TEST_BUG: java/lang/ThreadGroup/ test fails intermittently
P4 JDK-8004066 TEST_BUG: test/java/lang/Math/ assumes ArithmeticException message
P4 JDK-7088500 there is no @since tag on SafeVarargs
P4 JDK-6282196 There should be Math.mod(number, modulo) methods
P4 JDK-8020810 Typo in javadoc for Class.toGenericString()
P4 JDK-7132338 Use @code friendly idiom for '\' in javadoc
P4 JDK-7039391 Use Math.ulp in FloatingDecimal
P4 JDK-6519127 Vista: user.home property not set correctly
P4 JDK-7038914 VM could throw uncaught OOME in ReferenceHandler thread
P5 JDK-7133301 (process) UNIXProcess_md.c should include sys/wait.h rather than wait.h
P5 JDK-4247235 (spec str) StringBuffer.insert(int, char[]) specification is inconsistent
P5 JDK-7170938 (str) incorrect wording in doc for String.subSequence
P5 JDK-8019862 Fix doclint errors in java.lang.*
P5 JDK-4900206 Include worst-case rounding tests for Math library functions
P5 JDK-7171474 Incorrect @see tags in java.lang.NumberFormatException javadoc
P5 JDK-4850225 Integer.getInteger() : Bad reference to getProperty?
P5 JDK-4154042 java.lang.FloatingDecimal could be eliminated
P5 JDK-7199500 Minor typo in header
P5 JDK-7103957 NegativeArraySizeException while initializing class IntegerCache
P5 JDK-7193463 Terminator.setup should ignore IAE when registering signal handlers
P5 JDK-6860309 TEST_BUG: Insufficient sleep time in java/lang/Runtime/exec/


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8031502 JSR292: IncompatibleClassChangeError in LambdaForm for CharSequence.toString() method handle type converter
P2 JDK-7194612 api/java_lang/invoke/MethodHandles/Lookup/index.html#ExceptionsTests[findVirtualNSME] fails w/ -esa
P2 JDK-8024805 b99 introduced java.lang.invoke.LambdaMetafactory.FLAG_BRIDGES public filed which needs proper CCC approval
P2 JDK-8011591 BootstrapMethodError when capturing constructor ref to local classes
P2 JDK-8027823 catchException combinator fails with 9 argument target
P2 JDK-8000806 Implement runtime lambda metafactory
P2 JDK-8026502 java/lang/invoke/ fails on all platforms
P2 JDK-8021186 jdk/lambda/vm/ fails
P2 JDK-8006817 Lambda metafactory bridge method analyzer fails LambdaTranslationCompoundSamTest
P2 JDK-8015402 Lambda metafactory should not attempt to generate bridge methods
P2 JDK-8016761 Lambda metafactory: incorrect type conversion of constructor method handle
P2 JDK-8012028 Metafactory-generated lambda classes should be final
P2 JDK-8008687 MethodHandle code: allow static and invokespecial calls to interface methods
P2 JDK-8021050 MethodHandleInfo throws exception when method handle is to a method with @CallerSensitive
P2 JDK-8003851 MethodHandleNatives dependency on java.sql.DriverManager
P2 JDK-8019184 MethodHandles.catchException() fails when methods have 8 args + varargs
P2 JDK-8020010 Move lambda bridge creation from metafactory and VM to compiler
P2 JDK-8010828 No appropriate CCC request for changes introduced by 8004970
P2 JDK-8010433 Remove lambda metafactory work-around to JDK-8005119
P2 JDK-8008770 SerializedLambda incorrect class loader for lambda deserializing class
P2 JDK-8016281 The SAM method should be passed to the metafactory as a MethodType not a MethodHandle
P3 JDK-8024138 (Spec clarification) Lambda Metafactory spec should state DMH constraint on implMethod
P3 JDK-8021109 Add serialVersionUID to
P3 JDK-8017044 anti-delta fix for 8015402
P3 JDK-8024637 Avoid of usage ASM.Type from InnerClassLambdaMetafactory; lambda linkage performance improvement
P3 JDK-8024635 Caching MethodType's descriptor string improves lambda linkage performance
P3 JDK-8019646 Clarify javadoc contract of LambdaMetafactory methods
P3 JDK-8024633 Early class initialization from LambdaMetafactory improves lambda linkage performance
P3 JDK-8003869 Eliminate java.lang.invoke.InnerClassLambdaMetafactory dependency on java.util.logging
P3 JDK-7077803 java.lang.InternalError in java.lang.invoke.MethodHandleNatives.init
P3 JDK-8026362 java/lang/invoke/lambda/ failed on windows, jtreg report Fail to org.testng.SkipException
P3 JDK-8024438 JSR 292 API specification maintenance for JDK 8
P3 JDK-8024599 JSR 292 direct method handles need to respect initialization rules for static members
P3 JDK-8024761 JSR 292 improve performance of generic invocation
P3 JDK-8005345 JSR 292: JDK performance tweaks
P3 JDK-7082631 JSR 292: need profiling support in GWTs
P3 JDK-7194662 JSR 292: PermuteArgsTest times out in nightly test runs
P3 JDK-7190416 JSR 292: typo in InvokerBytecodeGenerator.getConstantPoolSize
P3 JDK-8016839 JSR292: AME instead of IAE when calling a method
P3 JDK-8022595 JSR292: deadlock during class loading of MethodHandles, MethodHandleImpl & MethodHandleNatives
P3 JDK-8024616 JSR292: lazily initialize core NamedFunctions used for bootstrapping
P3 JDK-8027318 Lambda Metafactory: generate serialization-hostile read/writeObject methods for non-serializable lambdas
P3 JDK-8008365 LambdaMetafactory javadoc warnings
P3 JDK-8008688 Make MethodHandleInfo public
P3 JDK-8023524 Mechanism to dump generated lambda classes / log lambda code generation
P3 JDK-8001110 method handles should have a collectArguments transform, generalizing asCollector
P3 JDK-7127687 MethodType leaks memory due to interning
P3 JDK-7117167 Misc warnings in java.lang.invoke and sun.invoke.*
P3 JDK-8025233 Move sun.invoke.Stable into java.lang.invoke package
P3 JDK-7191102 nightly failures after JSR 292 lazy method handle update (round 3)
P3 JDK-8008356 Test java/lang/invoke/lambda/ failing
P3 JDK-8024015 Test.groups move jdk/lambda tests into jdk_lang group
P3 JDK-8019225 typo in LambdaMetafactory.altMetaFactory
P3 JDK-8015808 Typo in MethodHandle javadoc
P3 JDK-8024649 Umbrella: Lambda linkage performance
P3 JDK-8027232 Update j.l.invoke code generating class files to use ASM enhancements for invocation of non-abstract methods on ifaces
P4 JDK-8004970 Alternate lambda metafactory
P4 JDK-8001108 an attempt to use "" as a method name should elicit NoSuchMethodException
P4 JDK-8001109 arity mismatch on a call to spreader method handle should elicit IllegalArgumentException
P4 JDK-7153157 ClassValue.get does not return if computeValue calls remove
P4 JDK-8022749 Convert junit tests to testng in test/java/lang/invoke
P4 JDK-8001105 findVirtual of Object[].clone produces internal error
P4 JDK-8019357 Fix doclint warnings in java.lang.invoke
P4 JDK-8022554 Fix Warnings in sun.invoke.anon Package
P4 JDK-8001885 JSR 292 classes should use
P4 JDK-8019417 JSR 292 javadoc should clarify method handle arity limits
P4 JDK-6984705 JSR 292 method handle creation should not go through JNI
P4 JDK-7058630 JSR 292 method handle proxy violates contract for Object methods
P4 JDK-8023984 Lambda metafactory: startup performance improvement for using a static factory ref instead of ctor ref
P4 JDK-8026183 minor documentation problems in java.lang.invoke
P4 JDK-8009102 Several docs warnings in Project Lambda APIs
P4 JDK-8000989 smaller code changes to make future JSR 292 backports easier
P4 JDK-8006000 TEST_BUG: java/lang/invoke/lambda/ fails intermittently
P5 JDK-7128512 Javadoc typo in java.lang.invoke.MethodHandle


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8010668 builtin JNI libraries should not be unloaded


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8027681 Lambda serialization fails once reflection proxy generation kicks in
P2 JDK-7080038 (ann) Serializable types in sun.reflect.annotation do not declare serialVersionUIDs
P2 JDK-7073296 (reflect) Generalization of Constructor and Method lead to problems with StandardMBean.invoke
P2 JDK-8004699 Add type annotation storage to Constructor, Field and Method
P2 JDK-8034187 Adding java.lang.reflect.MalformedParametersException to public API should be CCC approved
P2 JDK-8007073 Implement Core Reflection for Type Annotations on parameters
P2 JDK-8024915 j.l.r.Executable.getAnnotatedReceiverType() should return null for static methods
P2 JDK-8021398 j.l.r.Parameter.getAnnotatedType().getType() for not annotated use of type returns null
P2 JDK-8023278 Reflection API methods do not throw AnnotationFormatError in case of malformed Runtime[In]VisibleTypeAnnotations attribute
P2 JDK-8004110 Remove debug code form sun/reflect/annotation/
P2 JDK-8004912 Repeating annotations - getAnnotationsByType(Class) is not working as expected for few inheritance scenarios
P2 JDK-8007072 Update Core Reflection for Type Annotations to match latest spec
P3 JDK-7184826 (reflect) Add support for Project Lambda concepts in core reflection
P3 JDK-8029117 (reflect) clarify javadoc for getMethod(...) and getMethods()
P3 JDK-7044282 (reflect) Class.forName and Array.newInstance are inconsistent regarding multidimensional arrays
P3 JDK-8009411 (reflect) Class.getMethods should not include static methods from interfaces
P3 JDK-6476261 (reflect) GenericSignatureFormatError When signature includes nested inner classes
P3 JDK-8028055 (reflect) invoking Method/Constructor in anonymous classes breaks with -Dsun.reflect.noInflation=true
P3 JDK-6832374 (reflect) malformed signature can cause parser to go into infinite loop
P3 JDK-8006062 Add @Repeatable to repeating annotations regression tests in JDK reop
P3 JDK-8023471 Add compatibility note to AnnotatedElement
P3 JDK-8004729 Add java.lang.reflect.Parameter and related changes for parameter reflection
P3 JDK-8016285 Add java.lang.reflect.Parameter.isNamePresent()
P3 JDK-8005042 Add Method.isDefault to core reflection
P3 JDK-6298888 Add toGenericString to j.l.Class and getTypeName to j.l.reflect.Type
P3 JDK-8027170 Annotations declared on super-super-class should be overridden by super-class.
P3 JDK-8004919 AnnotationSupport uses possibly half-constructed AnnotationType instances
P3 JDK-8010679 Clarify "present" and annotation ordering in Core Reflection for Annotations
P3 JDK-8005294 Consider default methods for additions to AnnotatedElement
P3 JDK-8009719 core reflection should get type annotation data from the VM lazily
P3 JDK-8028076 Correct raw type lint warnings in core reflection implementation classes
P3 JDK-8004698 Implement Core Reflection for Type Annotations
P3 JDK-8026011 j.l.r.MalformedParametersException introduces doclint warnings
P3 JDK-8011940 java.lang.Class.getAnnotations() always enters synchronized method
P3 JDK-8004979 java.lang.reflect.Modifier.toString should include "default"
P3 JDK-8015780 java/lang/reflect/Method/ failing
P3 JDK-8007808 Missing method: Executable.getAnnotatedReturnType()
P3 JDK-8011590 More tests for core reflection modeling of default methods
P3 JDK-8009381 Reduce space ovehead in core reflection introduced with type annotations
P3 JDK-8027796 Refactor Core Reflection for Type Annotations
P3 JDK-8010427 Refine Method.isDefault implementation
P3 JDK-8026213 Reflection support for private interface methods
P3 JDK-8007278 Rename j.l.r.AnnotatedElement.getAnnotations(Class) to getAnnotationsByType(Class)
P3 JDK-8019420 Repeatable non-inheritable annotation types are mishandled by Core Reflection
P3 JDK-8006345 Report Synthesized Parameters in java.lang.reflect.Parameter API
P3 JDK-8027803 test/sun/reflect/AnonymousNewInstance/ fails in agentvm mode
P3 JDK-8016725 TEST_BUG: java/lang/reflect/Method/ failing intermittently
P3 JDK-8007405 Update java.lang.reflect API to replace SYNTHESIZED with MANDATED
P3 JDK-8007113 Upgrade AnnotatedElement.isAnnotionPresent to be a default method
P4 JDK-7185456 (ann) Optimize Annotation handling in java/sun.reflect.* code for small number of annotationsC
P4 JDK-4487672 (proxy) Proxy constructor should check for null argument
P4 JDK-7123493 (proxy) Proxy.getProxyClass doesn't scale under high load
P4 JDK-7055295 (reflect) add conventional constructor to GenericSignatureFormatError
P4 JDK-5047859 (reflect) Class.getField can't find String[].length
P4 JDK-4987375 (reflect) Class.get{Declared}Method{s} does not return clone() for array types
P4 JDK-6380161 (reflect) Exception from newInstance() not chained to cause.
P4 JDK-7086192 (reflect) Have TypeVariable extend AnnotatedElement
P4 JDK-7149626 (reflect) Improve javadoc of java.lang.reflect.Executable
P4 JDK-7007535 (reflect) Please generalize Constructor and Method
P4 JDK-8028021 @since 1.8 missing for certain methods in java.lang.reflect.Method in generated api docs
P4 JDK-8014249 Add Modifer.parameterModifiers()
P4 JDK-8014836 Have GenericDeclaration extend AnnotatedElement
P4 JDK-8014357 Minor refactorings to sun.reflect.generics.reflectiveObjects.*
P4 JDK-8008312 Re-enable MethodParameter tests in JDK
P4 JDK-8007115 Refactor regression tests for java.lang.reflect.Parameter
P4 JDK-8009267 Restore isAnnotationPresent methods in public AnnotatedElement implementations
P4 JDK-8014365 Restore Objects.requireNonNull(T, Supplier)
P4 JDK-8013541 Revise javadoc for Executable.getAnnotatedReturnType()
P4 JDK-8026884 test for fix of JDK-8021398 does not have @bug tag
P4 JDK-8005097 Tie isSynthetic javadoc to the JLS
P4 JDK-8004141 UnsafeStaticFieldAccessorImpl#base should be final
P4 JDK-6962494 Update documentation on Executable.getParameterAnnotations()
P5 JDK-8012937 Correct errors in javadoc comments
P5 JDK-6992705 Include modifiers in Class.toGenericString()


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8016117 Add the missing new sun.misc.FDBigInteger class
P2 JDK-8029514 java/math/BigInteger/ failing since thresholds adjusted in 8022181
P2 JDK-7086710 java/util/Formatter/ failing after 7082971
P3 JDK-8022094 BigDecimal/CompareToTests and BigInteger/CompareToTests are incorrect
P3 JDK-8022180 BigInteger Burnikel-Ziegler quotient and remainder calculation assumes quotient parameter is zero
P3 JDK-8029501 BigInteger division algorithm selection heuristic is incorrect
P3 JDK-7189139 BigInteger's staticRandom field can be a source of bottlenecks.
P3 JDK-8020641 Clean up some code style in recent BigInteger contributions
P3 JDK-8026832 Clean up straggling doclint warnings in java.math
P3 JDK-8014319 Faster division of large integers
P3 JDK-4837946 Faster multiplication and exponentiation of large integers
P3 JDK-6378503 In java.math.BigDecimal, division by one returns zero
P3 JDK-6910473 java.math.BigInteger.bitLength() may return negative "int" on large numbers
P3 JDK-7082971 More performance tuning of BigDecimal and other java.math classes
P3 JDK-8022181 Tune algorithm crossover thresholds in BigInteger
P4 JDK-6480539 BigDecimal.stripTrailingZeros() has no effect on zero itself ("0.0")
P4 JDK-6989067 BigInteger's array copiers should be converted to System.arraycopy()
P4 JDK-7131192 BigInteger.doubleValue() is depressingly slow
P4 JDK-8021203 BigInteger.doubleValue/floatValue returns 0.0 instead of Infinity
P4 JDK-4646474 BigInteger.pow() algorithm slow in 1.4.0
P4 JDK-8021204 Constructor BigInteger(String val, int radix) doesn't detect overflow
P4 JDK-6838776 Defer initialization of static fields in java.math.BigInteger
P4 JDK-4641897 Faster string conversion of large integers
P4 JDK-8017540 Improve multi-threaded contention behavior of BigInteger.toString() radix conversion cache
P4 JDK-8022780 Incorrect BigInteger division because of MutableBigInteger.bitLength() overflow
P4 JDK-6471906 java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException in tenToThe
P4 JDK-6879143 java.math.BigInteger misses the xxxValueExact methods
P4 JDK-8027625 test/java/math/BigInteger/ needs @run tag to specify heap size


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-7099488 TwoStacksPlainSocketImpl should invoke super.create(stream), typo in fix for 7098719
P2 JDK-8009251 Add proxy handling and keep-alive fixes to jsse
P2 JDK-7188517 Check on '$' character is missing in the HttpCookie class constructor
P2 JDK-8024952 ClassCastException in PlainSocketImpl.accept() when using custom socketImpl
P2 JDK-7125055 ContentHandler.getContent API changed in error
P2 JDK-7129083 CookieManager does not store cookies if url is read before setting cookie manager
P2 JDK-7188755 Crash due to missing synchronization on gconf_client in DefaultProxySelector.c
P2 JDK-7095980 Ensure HttpURLConnection (and supporting APIs) don't expose HttpOnly cookies
P2 JDK-8014719 HttpClient/ failing with IAE HttpURLPermission.parseURI (and spec changes to HttpURLPermission)
P2 JDK-8007315 HttpURLConnection.filterHeaderField method returns null where empty string is expected
P2 JDK-7128648 HttpURLConnection.getHeaderFields should return an unmodifiable Map
P2 JDK-8020842 IDN do not throw IAE when hostname ends with a trailing dot
P2 JDK-8023881 IDN.USE_STD3_ASCII_RULES option is too strict to use Unicode in IDN.toASCII
P2 JDK-8007373 Inet6Address serialization incompatibility
P2 JDK-8028074 InetAddress.getByName fails with UHE "invalid IPv6 address" if host name starts with a-f
P2 JDK-8026245 InetAddress.getLocalHost crash if IPv6 disabled (macosx)
P2 JDK-7180557 InetAddress.getLocalHost throws UnknownHostException on java7u5 on OSX
P2 JDK-7166687 InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName() returns FQDN
P2 JDK-8000525 api does not support 2-digit year format
P2 JDK-7179567 JCK8 tests: api/java_net/URLClassLoader/index.html#Ctor3 failed with NPE
P2 JDK-7199862 Make sure that a connection is still alive when retrieved from KeepAliveCache in certain cases
P2 JDK-6594296 NetworkInterface.getHardwareAddress returns zero length byte array
P2 JDK-8027570 NullPointerException in URLPermission.hashCode()
P2 JDK-7199219 Proxy-Connection headers set incorrectly when a HttpClient is retrieved from the Keep Alive Cache
P2 JDK-8006395 Race in async socket close on Linux
P2 JDK-8029127 Redirected POST request throws IllegalStateException on HttpURLConnection.getInputStream
P2 JDK-7148758 Resolve merge issue which caused testcase failure
P2 JDK-7181793 Socket getOutputStream create streams that cannot be GC'ed until Socket is closed
P2 JDK-8003833 Spurious NPE from Socket.getIn/OutputStream
P2 JDK-8014723 sun/misc/URLClassPath/ failing
P2 JDK-8029354 URLPermission. throws llegalArgumentException: Invalid characters in hostname
P2 JDK-7176784 Windows authentication not working on some computers
P3 JDK-8027059 (sctp) fatal warnings overly restrictive with gcc 4.8.1
P3 JDK-7041778 (sctp) Move SCTP implementation out of and into its own package
P3 JDK-7076487 (sctp) SCTP API classes do not exist in JDK for Mac
P3 JDK-7098719 and Socket constructor does not work correctly with System.gc()
P3 JDK-7073491 does not work correctly with system.gc()
P3 JDK-8023090 Additional debug info for java/net/NetworkInterface/
P3 JDK-8022344 Additional debug info for test/java/net/NetworkInterface/
P3 JDK-7169142 CookieHandler does not work with localhost
P3 JDK-7051862 CookiePolicy spec conflicts with CookiePolicy.ACCEPT_ORIGINAL_SERVER
P3 JDK-6458027 Disabling IPv6 on a specific network interface causes problems
P3 JDK-8024508 Fix doclint issues in com.sun.nio.sctp
P3 JDK-8020318 Fix doclint issues in
P3 JDK-8010371 getaddrinfo can fail with EAI_SYSTEM/EAGAIN, causes UnknownHostException to be thrown
P3 JDK-7107883 getNetworkPrefixLength() does not return correct prefix length
P3 JDK-8013140 Heap corruption with NetworkInterface.getByInetAddress() and long i/f name
P3 JDK-8010505 HTTP DIGEST implementation incorrectly quotes header values, fails auth
P3 JDK-8005406 HTTP server implementation should use Base64 API
P3 JDK-8009650 HttpClient available() check throws SocketException when connection has been closed
P3 JDK-8015799 HttpURLConnection.getHeaderFields() throws IllegalArgumentException: Empty cookie header string
P3 JDK-8026806 Incomplete test of getaddrinfo() return value could lead to incorrect exception for Windows Inet 6
P3 JDK-8012625 Incorrect handling of HTTP/1.1 " Expect: 100-continue " in HttpURLConnection
P3 JDK-8004675 Inet6Address.getHostAddress should use string scope identifier where available
P3 JDK-8027961 Inet[4|6]Address native initializing code should check field/MethodID values
P3 JDK-8022661 InetAddress.writeObject() performs flush() on object output stream
P3 JDK-8022212 Intermittent test failures in java/net
P3 JDK-8022213 Intermittent test failures in java/net/URLClassLoader
P3 JDK-8008223 java/net/BindException/ fails rarely
P3 JDK-8014783 java/net/HttpURLPermission/ leaves files open
P3 JDK-8024675 java/net/NetworkInterface/ fails on Windows
P3 JDK-8012244 java/net/Socket/asyncClose/ fails intermittently on Windows
P3 JDK-8004925 java/net/Socks/ failing on all platforms
P3 JDK-7095949 java/net/URLConnection/ and Redirect307Test fail intermittently
P3 JDK-8021833 javadoc cleanup in
P3 JDK-7122887 JDK ignores Gnome3 proxy settings
P3 JDK-8005638 Less secure Authentication schemes should work when more secure schemes are not available
P3 JDK-7068416 Lightweight HTTP Server should support TCP_NODELAY
P3 JDK-8022584 Memory leak in NetworkInterface methods ex. isUP(), isLoopback()
P3 JDK-8021421 More doclint fixes in
P3 JDK-8014499 MulticastSocket should enable IP_MULTICAST_ALL (lnx)
P3 JDK-8015421 NegativeArraySizeException occurs in ChunkedOutputStream() with Integer.MAX_VALUE
P3 JDK-8026880 NetworkInterface native initializing code should check fieldID values
P3 JDK-8021372 NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces() returns duplicate hardware address
P3 JDK-8021820 Number of opened files used in select() is limited to 1024 [macosx]
P3 JDK-8011234 Performance regression with ftp protocol when uploading in image mode
P3 JDK-8011719 Properties.loadFromXML fails with a chunked HTTP connection
P3 JDK-8000941 Remove ftp from the required list of protocol handlers
P3 JDK-8022126 Remove throws SocketException from DatagramPacket constructors accepting SocketAddress
P3 JDK-6670868 StackOverFlow with authenticated Proxy tunnels
P3 JDK-8010282 should be thread-safe
P3 JDK-8028060 test/java/net/URLPermission/nstest/ failing (win)
P3 JDK-8027221 test/java/net/URLPermission/nstest/ failing intermittently, output insufficient
P3 JDK-8005556 TEST_BUG: java/net/Socks/ is missing @run tag
P3 JDK-8027687 The constructors of URLPermission class do not behave as described in javadoc
P3 JDK-8007322 untangle ftp protocol from general networking URL tests
P3 JDK-7041800 URI.equals may incorrectly return true with escaped octets
P3 JDK-6445180 URLClassLoader does not describe the behavior of several methods with respect to null arguments
P3 JDK-7183373 URLClassloader.close() does not close JAR files whose resources have been loaded via getResource()
P3 JDK-8025734 Use literal IP address where possible in SocketPermission generated by HttpURLPermission
P3 JDK-8024601 Windows networking code prevents use of -Xlint:auxiliaryclass in jdk build
P4 JDK-7076523 [TEST_BUG]: test/java/net/NetworkInterface/ can fail with NPE
P4 JDK-6370908 Add support for HTTP_CONNECT proxy in Socket class
P4 JDK-7045655 An empty InMemoryCookieStore should not return true for removeAll
P4 JDK-7120665 Change Java SE spec so that external networking not required
P4 JDK-7191275 Cleanup OS specific blocks in PlainDatagramSocketImpl.c to support more unix-like platforms
P4 JDK-7198205 CloseTest fails on mac
P4 JDK-7058832 com/sun/net/httpserver/bugs/ failing intermittently
P4 JDK-6953455 CookieStore.add() cannot handle null URI parameter, contrary to the API specification
P4 JDK-7084560 Crash in net.dll
P4 JDK-7084030 DatagramSocket.getLocalAddress inconsistent on XP/2003 when IPv6 enabled and socket is connected
P4 JDK-7035556 warning: unreachable catch clause
P4 JDK-7091369 DatagramSocket/ failing on 8 and 7u2
P4 JDK-8010464 Evolve java networking same origin policy
P4 JDK-8008804 file descriptor leak in src/windows/native/java/net/DualStackPlainSocketImpl.c
P4 JDK-8022478 Fix Warnings In Package
P4 JDK-7171591 getDefaultScopeID() in src/solaris/native/java/net/net_util_md.c should return a value
P4 JDK-8006153 HTTP protocol handler authenication should use Base64 API
P4 JDK-8006568 HTTP protocol handler NLTM Authentication should use Base64 API
P4 JDK-7023713 HttpCookie.domainMatches("hostname.local", "hostname") should return true
P4 JDK-7110484 HttpServer.stop() not closing selector
P4 JDK-7025238 HttpURLConnection does not handle URLs with an empty path component.
P4 JDK-7157360 HttpURLConnection: HTTP method DELETE doesn't support output
P4 JDK-6328537 Improve javadocs for Socket class by adding references to SocketOptions
P4 JDK-7112670 Inet4AddressImpl should use getaddrinfo/getnameinfo ( modernization/cleanup )
P4 JDK-7114558 Inet4AddressImpl should use memset (rather than bzero) and NI_MAXHOST (rather than MAXHOSTNAMELEN).
P4 JDK-7163874 InetAddress.isReachable should support pinging
P4 JDK-7118907 InetAddress.isReachable() should return false if sendto fails with EHOSTUNREACH
P4 JDK-8004863 Infinite Loop in KeepAliveStream
P4 JDK-7158636 InterfaceAddress.getBroadcast() returns invalid broadcast address on WLAN
P4 JDK-8025211 Intermittent test failure: java/net/DatagramSocket/
P4 JDK-7115150 code cleanup, style, formatting, typos
P4 JDK-7107020 calls itself
P4 JDK-7171415 not consistent for some URIs
P4 JDK-8017779 java/net/Authenticator/ fails
P4 JDK-7086879 java/net/InetAddress/ hangs on Linux when IPv6 enabled
P4 JDK-8006560 java/net/ipv6tests/ fails intermittently
P4 JDK-8022963 java/net/NetworkInterface/ fails equality for Windows Teredo Interface
P4 JDK-8046174 JEP 184: HTTP URL Permissions
P4 JDK-5001942 Missings SOCKS support for direct connections
P4 JDK-7193523 Multicast socket behavior have to be consistent across UNIX-like platforms.
P4 JDK-7150552 network test hangs [macosx]
P4 JDK-7090158 Networking Libraries don't build with javac -Werror
P4 JDK-7190254 NetworkInterface getFlags implementation should support full integer bit range for flags value
P4 JDK-6512101 NetworkInterface#getDisplayName() method returns wrong encoding for Japanese OS
P4 JDK-7078386 NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces() may return corrupted results on linux
P4 JDK-7017962 Obsolete link is used in URL class level spec
P4 JDK-8005306 Redundant cast warning in
P4 JDK-7193520 Removed references to Linux kernel version 2.2
P4 JDK-6354758 rename old test HttpServer classes
P4 JDK-8014254 Selector in HttpServer introduces a 1000 ms delay when using KeepAlive
P4 JDK-7014860 Socket.getInputStream().available() not clear for case that connection is shutdown for reading
P4 JDK-7021280 SocketPermission should accept wildcards
P4 JDK-7123415 Some cases of network interface indexes being read incorrectly
P4 JDK-7078355 sun/net/www/protocol/file/ leaves garbage on some linux systems
P4 JDK-8019182 test/closed/java/net/URLClassLoader/ fails intermittently on Windows
P4 JDK-8004180 test/closed/sun/net/ftp/ doesn't clean-up
P4 JDK-7036666 test/com/sun/net/httpserver/ fails intermittently
P4 JDK-7084032 test/java/net/Inet6Address/ fails on Windows XP/2003 if IPv6 enabled
P4 JDK-7081476 test/java/net/InetSocketAddress/ failing intermittently
P4 JDK-7152796 TEST_BUG: java/net/Socks/ does not terminate
P4 JDK-7162385 TEST_BUG: sun/net/www/protocol/jar/ failing again
P4 JDK-7152856 TEST_BUG: sun/net/www/protocol/jar/ failing on Windows
P4 JDK-8000206 Uninitialized variable in PlainDatagramSocketImpl.c
P4 JDK-7181353 Update error message to distinguish native OOM and java OOM in net
P4 JDK-8004963 URLConnection, downgrade normative reference to ${java.home}/lib/
P4 JDK-7088747 Use multicatch in Socket constructor
P4 JDK-7085981 XXSocket types depend on impl finalizer to close if constructor throws exception
P5 JDK-7025938 Add bitmap mime type to
P5 JDK-7145043 warning - @code("httpServerProvider") is an unknown tag
P5 JDK-6978200 ServerSocket.toString include "port=0" in the returned String
P5 JDK-4880778 URL final class has protected methods


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8026876 (fs) Build issue with src/solaris/classes/sun/nio/fs/
P2 JDK-7096436 (sc) SocketChannel.connect fails on Windows 8 when channel configured non-blocking
P2 JDK-8024883 (se) SelectableChannel.register throws NPE if fd >= 64k (lnx)
P2 JDK-7173515 (se) fails with OOME on Solaris when unlimited file descriptors
P2 JDK-8015728 (zipfs) demo/zipfs/ failing
P3 JDK-8028208 (aio) Assertion in clearPendingIoMap when closing at around time file lock is acquired immediately (win)
P3 JDK-7176485 (bf) Allow temporary buffer cache to grow to IOV_MAX
P3 JDK-7199551 (bf) CharBuffer.append(CharSequence) throws BufferOverflowException for read-only buffer
P3 JDK-7168505 (bf) MappedByteBuffer.load does not load buffer's content into memory
P3 JDK-6720349 (ch) Channels tests depending on hosts inside Sun
P3 JDK-8024833 (fc) does not handle async close/interrupt correctly
P3 JDK-8012019 (fc) Thread.interrupt triggers hang in FileChannelImpl.pread (win)
P3 JDK-8006884 (fs) Add Files.list, lines and find
P3 JDK-8011647 (fs) Add java.time.Instant methods to java.nio.file.attribute.FileTime
P3 JDK-8011536 (fs) BasicFileAttributes.creationTime() should return birth time (mac)
P3 JDK-7114611 (fs) DirectoryStream fails with SIGBUS on some embedded platforms, dirent alignment
P3 JDK-8011128 (fs) Files.createDirectory fails if the resoved path is exactly 248 characters long
P3 JDK-7190897 (fs) Files.isWritable method returns false when the path is writable (win)
P3 JDK-8019526 (fs) Files.lines, etc without Charset parameter
P3 JDK-7142921 (fs) Files.probeContentType reports a MIME type of "text/plain" on Ubuntu 11.04
P3 JDK-8024788 (fs) Files.readAllBytes uses FileChannel which may not be supported by all providers
P3 JDK-8028270 (fs) Files.readSymbolicLink calls AccessController directly so security manager can't grant the permission
P3 JDK-7050570 (fs) FileSystemProvider fails to initializes if run with file.encoding set to Cp037
P3 JDK-8023139 (fs) java/nio/file/WatchService/ failing intermittently (win8)
P3 JDK-7127235 (fs) NPE in Files.walkFileTree if cached attributes are GC'ed
P3 JDK-8005566 (fs) test/java/nio/file/Files/ failing (sol)
P3 JDK-8014394 (fs) WatchService failing when watching \\server\$d
P3 JDK-7184932 (sc) Replace use of temporary selectors in socket adapters with poll
P3 JDK-7074436 (sc) SocketChannel can do short gathering writes when channel configured blocking (win)
P3 JDK-7176630 (sc) SocketChannel.write does not write more than 128k when channel configured blocking [win]
P3 JDK-7132889 (se) AbstractSelectableChannel.register and configureBlocking not safe from asynchronous close
P3 JDK-7118373 (se) Potential leak file descriptor when deregistrating at around the same time as an async close
P3 JDK-7191587 (se) SelectionKey.interestOps does not defer changing the interest set to the next select [macosx]
P3 JDK-7172826 (se) Selector based on the Solaris event port mechanism
P3 JDK-6346658 (se) Selector briefly spins when asynchronously closing a registered channel [win]
P3 JDK-8009751 (se) Selector spin when select, close and interestOps(0) invoked at same time (lnx)
P3 JDK-7169050 (se) slow on Solaris due to insertion of POLLREMOVE and 0 events
P3 JDK-7143744 (se) Stabilize KQueue SelectorProvider and make default on MacOSX
P3 JDK-7012868 (zipfs) file times of entry in zipfs should always be the same regardless of TimeZone.
P3 JDK-7012856 (zipfs) Newly created entry in zip file system should set all file times non-null values.
P3 JDK-8002390 (zipfs) Problems moving files between zip file systems
P3 JDK-8019380 doclint warnings in java.nio, java.nio.file.**, java.nio.channels.**
P3 JDK-8020971 Fix doclint issues in java.nio.*
P3 JDK-8013647 JPRT unable to clean-up after tests that leave file trees with loops
P3 JDK-8022594 Potential deadlock in of
P3 JDK-8015762 TEST_BUG: java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ failing intermittently [win]
P3 JDK-8014855 TEST_BUG: java/nio/file/Files/ fails when sym links not supported
P4 JDK-7189886 (aio) Add test coverage for AsynchronousChannelGroup.withThreadPool
P4 JDK-7165762 (aio) Default thread pool should be configured so that threads terminated after a timeout period
P4 JDK-7117717 (aio) Tests failing due to implementation bug 7052549
P4 JDK-8014854 (bf) CharBuffer.chars too slow with default implementation
P4 JDK-7190219 (bf) CharBuffer.put(String,int,int) modifies position even if BufferOverflowException thrown
P4 JDK-7081796 (ch) rawtype warning in
P4 JDK-7197637 (ch)* cause providers for other platforms to be included in rt.jar
P4 JDK-7116200 (cs) test/java/nio/charset/coders/ fails with "Address already in use"
P4 JDK-8014377 (dc) DatagramChannel should set IP_MULTICAST_ALL=0 (lnx)
P4 JDK-7161881 (dc) DatagramChannel.bind(null) fails if IPv4 socket and running with preferIPv6Addresses=true
P4 JDK-7132924 (dc) DatagramChannel.disconnect throws SocketException with IPv4 socket and IPv6 enabled [macosx]
P4 JDK-6633549 (dc) Include-mode filtering of IPv6 sources does not block datagrams on Linux
P4 JDK-7060243 (dc) Multicasting tests fail on Windows XP if IPv6 is enabled
P4 JDK-7146506 (fc) Add EACCES check to the return of fcntl native method
P4 JDK-8002180 (fc) does not throw NPE if MapMode specified as null
P4 JDK-8000330 (fc) FileChannel.truncate issues when given size > file size
P4 JDK-7076310 (file) AclEntry.Builder setFlags throws IllegalArgumentException if set argument is empty
P4 JDK-7065902 (file) test/java/nio/file/Files/ fails on Solaris 11 when run as root
P4 JDK-6939260 (fs) BasicFileAttributes.lastModifiedTime() should return last modified time with higher precision
P4 JDK-8012930 (fs) Eliminate recursion from FileTreeWalker
P4 JDK-7168172 (fs) Files.isReadable slow on Windows
P4 JDK-7099208 (fs) Files.newBufferedReader has typo in javadoc
P4 JDK-7087549 (fs) Files.newInputStream throws UOE for custom provider options
P4 JDK-7144997 (fs) Files.probeContentType returns null on Solaris 64-bit
P4 JDK-8014928 (fs) Files.readAllBytes() copies content to new array when content completely read
P4 JDK-8020669 (fs) Files.readAllBytes() does not read any data when Files.size() is 0
P4 JDK-7060790 (fs) FileSystem.newWatchService error message confusing when maximum inotify descriptors reached
P4 JDK-8008810 (fs) Handle leak in the [WindowsSecurity.enablePrivilege] method.
P4 JDK-7091935 (fs) Polling based WatchService not used on Linux
P4 JDK-7103889 (fs) Reduce String concatenation when iterating over directory
P4 JDK-8026859 (fs) test/java/nio/file/Files/ fails to compile intermittently
P4 JDK-7068856 (fs) Typo in Files.isSameFile() javadoc
P4 JDK-7162262 (fs) Typo in java.nio.file.Path class description
P4 JDK-8001565 (fs) Typo Path.endsWith(String) javadoc
P4 JDK-7129029 (fs) Unix file system provider should be buildable on platforms that don't support O_NOFOLLOW
P4 JDK-7191556 (fs) UnixNativeDispatcher.getextmntent should be moved into platform specific code
P4 JDK-7194370 (fs) WatchService fails if volume S/N is 0 [win]
P4 JDK-6429204 (se) Concurrent Selector.register and SelectionKey.interestOps can ignore interestOps
P4 JDK-7166048 (se) EPollArrayWrapper.c no longer needs to define epoll data structures
P4 JDK-8002306 (se) fails if invoked with thread interrupt status set [win]
P4 JDK-7115586 (so) Suppress creation of SocketImpl in SocketAdaptor's constructor
P4 JDK-7156873 (zipfs) FileSystems.newFileSystem(uri, env) fails for uri with escaped octets
P4 JDK-7157656 (zipfs) SeekableByteChannel to entry in zip file always reports its position as 0
P4 JDK-8004789 (zipfs) zip provider doesn't work correctly with file systems providers rather than the default
P4 JDK-7057935 com/sun/nio/sctp tests should be moved out of jdk_nio and into their own target, jdk_sctp
P4 JDK-8020948 Fix doclint issues in misc files
P4 JDK-8003895 java/nio/channels/AsynchronousChannelGroup/ failing again [win64]
P4 JDK-8028628 java/nio/channels/FileChannel/ failed once in the same binary run
P4 JDK-8016370 javadoc warnings, unexpected

P4 JDK-6237353 Remove package from j2se binary
P4 JDK-7036530 TEST_BUG: add cygwin support to closed/java/nio/channels/spi/SelectorProvider/
P4 JDK-7036519 TEST_BUG: add cygwin support to test/demo/zipfs/
P4 JDK-7036518 TEST_BUG: add cygwin support to test/java/nio/charset/coders/
P4 JDK-8004181 TEST_BUG: closed/java/nio/channels/ doesn't clean-up
P4 JDK-8003285 TEST_BUG: java/nio/channels/AsynchronousChannelGroup/ fails again [mac]
P4 JDK-8003253 TEST_BUG: java/nio/channels/AsynchronousChannelGroup/ hang intermittently [win]
P4 JDK-6965150 TEST_BUG: java/nio/channels/AsynchronousSocketChannel/ takes too long
P4 JDK-7185340 TEST_BUG: java/nio/channels/AsynchronousSocketChannel/ failing intermittently [win]
P4 JDK-8006645 TEST_BUG: java/nio/file/Files/ failing intermittently (sol)
P4 JDK-7033824 TEST_BUG: java/nio/file/Files/ fails intermittently
P4 JDK-7144086 TEST_BUG: java/nio/file/WatchService/ failing intermittently
P4 JDK-7142847 TEST_BUG: java/nio/file/WatchService/ has incorrect @run tag, runs Basic
P4 JDK-7057854 TEST_BUG: test/closed/java/nio/Buffer/ needs to be dialed down
P4 JDK-7012365 TEST_BUG: test/java/nio/charset/spi/ can be run with Cygwin
P4 JDK-8028049 Tidy warnings cleanup for packages java.nio/
P4 JDK-8025983 Typo in Javadoc of Files.isRegularFile()
P5 JDK-7152948 (dc) DatagramDispatcher.c should memset msghdr to make it portable to other platforms
P5 JDK-7115070 (fs) lookupPrincipalByName/lookupPrincipalByGroupName should treat ESRCH as not found.
P5 JDK-7179305 (fs) Method name sun.nio.fs.UnixPath.getPathForExecptionMessage is misspelled
P5 JDK-8025698 (fs) Typo in exception thrown by encode() in
P5 JDK-7133806 (fs) Typo in Files.newByteChannel javadoc


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8008386 (cs) Unmappable leading should be decoded to replacement.
P2 JDK-8006799 Optimize sun.nio.cs.ISO_8859_1$Encode.encodeArrayLoop() (jdk part of 6896617)
P2 JDK-4153167 separate between ANSI and OEM code pages on Windows
P3 JDK-8001750 CharsetDecoder.replacement should not be changeable except via replaceWith method
P3 JDK-8015271 Conversion table for EUC-KR is incorrect
P3 JDK-8012326 Deadlock occurs when Charset.availableCharsets() is called by several threads at the same time
P3 JDK-8021609 Fix doclint issues in java.nio.charset
P3 JDK-6653797 Reimplement JDK charset repository charsets.jar
P3 JDK-7096080 UTF8 update and new CESU-8 charset
P4 JDK-6400460 Hard-coded '\ufffd' should use symbolic REPLACE_CHAR instead
P4 JDK-7082883 Incorrect UTF8 conversion for sequence fc 80 80 8f bf bf
P4 JDK-6183404 Many eudc characters are incorrectly mapped in MS936 and GBK converter
P4 JDK-7183053 Optimize DoubleByte charset for String.getBytes()/new String(byte[])
P4 JDK-7186829 test/sun/nio/cs/OLD/ failed in jdk8 TL nightly build
P4 JDK-6795537 UTF_8$Decoder returns wrong results


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8020854 change RMI javadocs to specify that remote objects are exported to the wildcard address
P3 JDK-8023447 change specification to allow RMI activation to be optional
P3 JDK-7187876 ClassCastException in TCPTransport.executeAcceptLoop
P3 JDK-7104209 Cleanup and remove librmi (native library)
P3 JDK-8023862 deprecate HTTP proxying from RMI
P3 JDK-8026427 deprecate obsolete APIs from java.rmi
P3 JDK-8023863 deprecate support for statically-generated stubs from RMI (JRMP)
P3 JDK-7159130 java/rmi/transport/pinClientSocketFactory/ test fails
P3 JDK-7144861 RMI activation tests are too slow
P3 JDK-8027536 rmic: add deprecation warning message when generating JRMP static stubs/skeletons
P3 JDK-8029347 sun/rmi/runtime/Log/checkLogging/ fails in nightly intermittently
P3 JDK-7184946 TEST_BUG: Compilation failed: com/sun/jndi/rmi/registry/RegistryContext/ContextWithNullProperties
P3 JDK-7184943 TEST_BUG: Compilation failed: com/sun/jndi/rmi/registry/RegistryContext/
P3 JDK-8028638 TEST_BUG: java/rmi/activation/Activatable/checkRegisterInLog/ fails
P3 JDK-7132247 TEST_BUG: java/rmi/registry/readTest/ failing with Cygwin
P3 JDK-7142596 TEST_BUG: many RMI tests fail because of port conflicts
P3 JDK-7194032 TEST_BUG: update tests for upcoming changes for jtreg
P3 JDK-7076394 Update RMI documentation to clarify that remote objects are exported to the wildcard address
P4 JDK-8019224 add exception chaining to RMI CGIHandler
P4 JDK-8028583 Add helper methods to test libraries
P4 JDK-7151348 Build breaks due to warning clean up in sun.rmi.*(7146763)
P4 JDK-8016698 Cleanup overrides warning in sun/tools/
P4 JDK-8019223 Fix doclint warnings in java.rmi.server
P4 JDK-8022445 fix RMISocketFactory example to avoid using localhost
P4 JDK-7152007 Fix warnings in sun/rmi/rmic
P4 JDK-8022440 suppress deprecation warnings in sun.rmi
P4 JDK-8004748 TEST_BUG: clean up @build tags in RMI tests
P4 JDK-8005646 TEST_BUG: java/rmi/activation/ActivationSystem/unregisterGroup/UnregisterGroup leaves process running
P4 JDK-7190106 TEST_BUG: java/rmi/reliability/benchmark fails intermittently because of use of fixed port
P4 JDK-8005290 TEST_BUG: remove -showversion from RMI test library subprocess mechanism
P4 JDK-8016728 TEST_BUG: test/java/rmi/transport/closeServerSocket/ failing intermittently with "Address already in use"
P4 JDK-7146763 Warnings cleanup in the sun.rmi and related packages
P5 JDK-4449028 (spec) exportObject() javadoc should specify behavior for null socket factories
P5 JDK-7161282 Move test/sun/tools/classpath/ to a more appropriate location
P5 JDK-6610897 New constructor in builds a path using File.separator instead of File.pathS


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-7197395 Add @Deprecated to all deprecated methods to eliminate compiler warnings in JDBC
P3 JDK-8009732 DriverManager.deregisterDriver should have a permission check
P3 JDK-7172551 DriverManager.getCallerClassLoader should not be in libjava
P3 JDK-8013803 Incorrect conflict count reported by CachedRowsetWriter.writeData()
P3 JDK-4880212 java.sql.Date varies if serialized in one time zone and deserialized in another
P3 JDK-8000687 Typo in javadoc
P3 JDK-8019286 Typo in method " next " of class " ResultSet "
P4 JDK-8010416 Add a Driver.deregisterDriver method for JDBC 4.2
P4 JDK-8005080 Add JDBC 4.2 support
P4 JDK-8011620 Add JDBC netbeans project to jdk/make/netbeans
P4 JDK-8006505 Additional updates to support JSR 310 in JDBC
P4 JDK-8029417 Address some JDBC 4.2 javadoc feedback
P4 JDK-4409800 Cannot access SQL TimeZone information (re-open #4107152)
P4 JDK-8026812 clean up for new doclint issues for

tags in java.sql and javax.sql

P4 JDK-7116445 Clean up JDBC compile time warnings
P4 JDK-7193683 Cleanup Warning in java.sql, javax.sql, com.sun.rowset packages
P4 JDK-8006642 fix javadoc warning due to {@link Integer.MAX_VALUE}
P4 JDK-8022753 java.sql.SQLXML.setResult() erroneous sample code
P4 JDK-7097386 javax.sql.rowset.Predicate documentation wrong algorithm example
P4 JDK-7110111 Minor Java SE javadoc & constructor cleanup
P4 JDK-8016101 Minor Javadoc issue for SerialStruct and SerialRef
P4 JDK-8008716 registrOutParameter should be registerOutParameter in CallableStatement javadocs
P4 JDK-8007707 starting wls with medrec with jdk8b75 gives exceptions
P4 JDK-8000763 use XXX.valueOf methods instead of constructors
P5 JDK-8015340 Documentation error in java.sql.PreparedStatement#setObject since 1.6 not 1.5


Priority Bug Summary
P5 JDK-7176225 Remove JDBC-ODBC Bridge


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-7042148 closed/java/awt/font/TextLayout/ failed
P2 JDK-7200119 Collator.getAvailableLocales() doesn't return Locale.US
P2 JDK-7200341 DateFormatSymbols.hashCode() throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in some circumstances
P2 JDK-7130335 Problem with timezone in a SimpleDateFormat
P2 JDK-8000529 Regression : SimpleDateFormat incorrectly parses dates formatted with Z and z pattern letters
P3 JDK-7079560 [Fmt-Da] Context dependent month names support in SimpleDateFormat
P3 JDK-7056126 DateFormatSymbols documentation has incorrect description about DateFormat
P3 JDK-7050528 Improve performance of java.text.DecimalFormat.format() call stack
P3 JDK-8013903 Japanese calendar field names are not displayed with -Djava.locale.providers=HOST on Windows
P3 JDK-8013086 NPE thrown by SimpleDateFormat with TimeZoneNameProvider supplied
P3 JDK-6336885 RFE: Locale Data Deployment Enhancements
P3 JDK-7177315 SimpleDateFormat parses wrong 2-digit year if input contains spaces
P3 JDK-8000983 Support narrow display names for calendar fields
P4 JDK-7131459 [Fmt-De] DecimalFormat produces wrong format() results when close to a tie
P4 JDK-7104012 AIOOBE from RuleBasedBreakIterator.lookupState for some suppl. chars
P4 JDK-7196799 CLDR adapter can not be invoked when region code is specified in Locale
P4 JDK-8021108 Clean up doclint warnings and errors in java.text package
P4 JDK-7117230 clean up warnings in java.text.**
P4 JDK-7198834 HOST Adapter: one extra empty space in the end of the pattern string
P4 JDK-7051769 java.text.Bidi.toString() output is wrong
P4 JDK-7090046 Lots of invalid link in java.text.BreakIterator comments
P4 JDK-7116914 Miscellaneous warnings (sun.text)
P4 JDK-7163865 Performance improvement for DateFormatSymbols.getZoneIndex(String)
P4 JDK-7073852 Support multiple scripts for digits and decimal symbols per locale
P4 JDK-7196316 Wrong rounding mode in DecimalFormat after deserialization
P5 JDK-6560972 [Col] CollationRules should avoid new String(String)


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8031103 java.time.Duration has wrong Javadoc Comments in toDays() and toHours()
P2 JDK-8029551 Add value-type notice to java.time classes
P2 JDK-8013876 api/java_time/tck/java/time/format/index.html#TCKDateTimeFormatter has testcase that fails sometimes
P2 JDK-8020280 ChronoLocalDate generics difficult to use
P2 JDK-8029909 Clarify equals/hashcode behavior for java.time types
P2 JDK-8024618 Issues with French locale on compact1,2: expected: but was:
P2 JDK-8024164 JSR310 serialization should be described in details
P3 JDK-8013386 (tz) Support tzdata2013c
P3 JDK-8020054 (tz) Support tzdata2013d
P3 JDK-8025255 (tz) Support tzdata2013g
P3 JDK-8027370 (tz) Support tzdata2013h
P3 JDK-8023762 Add ChronoPeriod interface and bind period to Chronology
P3 JDK-8024807 Add getChronlogy() to CLDT/CZDT
P3 JDK-8025718 Better error messages for parsing
P3 JDK-8024834 Better return type for TemporalField resolve
P3 JDK-8007392 CCC request to Update the OpenJDK Threeten Project in SE 8
P3 JDK-8025719 Change Chronology to be an interface
P3 JDK-8015113 ChronoField.getName method redundant with
P3 JDK-8020418 Cleanup of -Xlint warnings in java.time
P3 JDK-8024686 Cleanup of java.time serialization source
P3 JDK-8012123 is missing from makefiles/profile-includes.txt
P3 JDK-8015011 HijrahChronology.resolveDate should check year min/max
P3 JDK-8016215 HijrahDate.with(DAY_OF_YEAR) sets wrong date
P3 JDK-8024835 Improve method implementations that accept temporal interface parameters
P3 JDK-8019185 Inconsistency between JapaneseEra start dates and java.util.JapaneseImperialDate
P3 JDK-8024076 Incorrect 2 -> 4 year parsing and resolution in DateTimeFormatter
P3 JDK-8015986 Incorrect Localization of HijrahChronology
P3 JDK-8024999 Instant.Parse typo in example
P3 JDK-8008254 j.u.JavatimeTest failed at TL b78 pit testing
P3 JDK-8017105 JapaneseDate.get(DAY_OF_YEAR) values vs range are inconsistent
P3 JDK-8014939 does not return same value with compareTo()
P3 JDK-8026854 java.time.temporal.TemporalQueries doesn't compile after javac modification to lambda flow analysis
P3 JDK-8024612 java/time/tck/java/time/format/ failed
P3 JDK-8026516 javadoc errors in java.time
P3 JDK-8025828 Late binding of Chronology to appendValueReduced
P3 JDK-8024427 Missing java.time.chrono serialization tests
P3 JDK-8019512 No Support for JapaneseChronology before Meiji 6
P3 JDK-8016326 Normalizing UTC time-zone to offset Z causes problems
P3 JDK-8015293 OffsetDateTime.INSTANT_COMPARATOR should be timeLineOrder()
P3 JDK-8023764 Optimize Period addition
P3 JDK-8024896 Refactor java.time serialization tests into separate subpackage
P3 JDK-8008161 Regression: j.u.TimeZone.getAvailableIDs(rawOffset) returns non-sorted list
P3 JDK-8025971 Remove java.time.ZoneId.OLD_SHORT_IDS
P3 JDK-8026842 Remove Time-Zone IDs HST/EST/MST
P3 JDK-8023763 Rename ChronoDateImpl
P3 JDK-8016002 Rename periodUntil() to until()
P3 JDK-8007572 Replace existing jdk timezone data at /lib/zi with JSR310's tzdb.jar for j.util.TimeZone
P3 JDK-8025720 Separate temporal interface layer
P3 JDK-8026197 Slow reading tzdb.dat if the JRE is on a high-latency, remote file system
P3 JDK-8013901 TCKJapaneseChronology Tests failing for JapaneseChronology.dateYearDay
P3 JDK-8025722 TemporalAdjusters and TemporalQueries
P3 JDK-8016623 test/java/time/format/ failing
P3 JDK-8021767 test/java/time/tck/java/time/format/ failing
P3 JDK-8012638 test/java/time/test/java/util/TestFormatter fails in UTC TZ
P3 JDK-8016898 Tests for Hijrah umAlQura data
P3 JDK-8008348 The leftover jdk/make/tools/javazic causes build problems with hs25-b19 control job,
P3 JDK-8007520 Update date/time classes in j.util and j.sql packages to interoperate with new JSR310 date/time classes
P3 JDK-8014813 Update Hijrah Calendar Data
P3 JDK-8023556 Update javadoc for start of Meiji era
P4 JDK-8019535 Fix doclint warnings in java.time.format
P4 JDK-8028092 Lint cleanup of java.time.format
P4 JDK-8009648 Tests fail in -agentvm -concurrency mode


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8033590 java.util.Comparator::thenComparing has unnecessary type restriction
P1 JDK-8012343 Objects.requireNonNull(Object,Supplier) breaks genstubs build
P2 JDK-7165118 (prefs) AbstractPreferences.remove(null) does not throw NPE
P2 JDK-7198073 (prefs) user prefs not saved [macosx]
P2 JDK-8025067 Arrays.parallelPrefix may fail to throw NPE for null op
P2 JDK-8006315 Base64.Decoder decoding methods are not consistent in treating non-padded data
P2 JDK-8006295 Base64.Decoder.wrap( returns InputStream which throws unspecified IOException on attempt to decode invalid Base64 byte stream
P2 JDK-8007799 Base64.getEncoder(0, byte[]) returns an encoder that unexpectedly inserts line separators
P2 JDK-8008925 Base64.getMimeDecoder().decode() does not ignore padding chars
P2 JDK-8007379 Base64.getMimeDecoder().decode() throws IAE for a non-base64 character after padding
P2 JDK-8007298 Base64.getMimeDecoder().decode() throws IAE for a single non-base64 character
P2 JDK-8014217 Base64.getXDecoder().wrap(...).read() doesn't throw exception for an incorrect number of padding chars in the final unit
P2 JDK-8023155 Ensure functional consistency across Random, ThreadLocalRandom, SplittableRandom
P2 JDK-8020292 j.u.SplittableRandom
P2 JDK-8000273 java.util.Locale.getDisplayVariant(Locale l) isn't transferred to the custom service provider
P2 JDK-8011944 Sort fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
P2 JDK-8011010 Spec j.u.f.Predicate doesn't specify NPEs thrown by the SE8's Reference Implementation
P2 JDK-8019840 Spec update for java.util.function
P2 JDK-8020977 StringJoiner merges with itself not as expected
P2 JDK-8003981 Support Parallel Array Sorting - JEP 103
P2 JDK-7199249 TEST_BUG : Add /othervm to @run main with -D definitions
P2 JDK-8028397 Undo the lenient MIME BASE64 decoder support change (JDK-8025003) and remove de/encode(buf, buf) methods
P3 JDK-8006090 (fmt) java/util/Formatter/ asserts if run with -esa
P3 JDK-7160242 (prefs) Preferences.remove(null) does not throw NPE [macosx]
P3 JDK-8005280 (props) Improve test coverage for small XML parser
P3 JDK-8005248 (props) Integrate small footprint parser into Properties
P3 JDK-8005281 (props) loadFromXML/storeToXML with small parser is not thread safe
P3 JDK-8004371 (props) Properties.loadFromXML needs small footprint XML parser as fallback when JAXP is not present
P3 JDK-8016344 (props) Properties.storeToXML behaviour has changed from JDK 6 to 7
P3 JDK-8000354 (props) Properties.storeToXML/loadFromXML need to allow for alternative implementations
P3 JDK-7197642 (sl) ServiceLoader.load(null) doesn't throw NPE
P3 JDK-7172553 A utility class that forms the basis of a String.join() operation
P3 JDK-8012647 Add Arrays.parallelPrefix (prefix sum, scan, cumulative sum)
P3 JDK-8011800 Add java.util.Objects.requireNonNull(T, Supplier)
P3 JDK-8017231 Add StringJoiner.merge
P3 JDK-8004015 Additional Functional Interface instance and static methods
P3 JDK-8014076 Arrays parallel and serial sorting improvements
P3 JDK-8025003 Base64 should be less strict with padding
P3 JDK-8020061 Clarify reporting characteristics between splits
P3 JDK-8020539 Clean up doclint problems in java.util package, part 2
P3 JDK-8024874 Copy-paste typo in the spec for j.u.Comparator.thenComparing(Function, Comparator)
P3 JDK-8024354 Explicitly permit DoubleStream.sum()/average() implementations to use higher precision summation
P3 JDK-8028229 Fix more raw types lint warning in core libraries
P3 JDK-8004088 hg push for bug# 4235519 failed to push all files
P3 JDK-8001634 Initial set of functional interface types
P3 JDK-8013150 Iterator.remove and forEachRemaining relationship not specified
P3 JDK-8022807 j.u.SplittableRandom does not (always) generate identical sequences of values for the same seed if parallel stream is consumed
P3 JDK-8026330 java.util.Base64 urlEncoder should omit padding
P3 JDK-8017141 java.util/stream Spliterators from sequential sources should not catch OOME
P3 JDK-8016448 java/util/BitSet/ no longer compiles, missed by 8015895
P3 JDK-4235519 Make sun.misc.BASE64{De,En}coder classes public
P3 JDK-7173919 Minor optimizations of hashing method
P3 JDK-7116997 Misc warnings in java.util.PropertyPermission
P3 JDK-8025610 Optional.of should document throws NPE
P3 JDK-8001642 Optional class
P3 JDK-8022412 Remove warnings in java.util root (excluding HashMap)
P3 JDK-8023528 Rename Comparator combinators to disambiguate overloading methods
P3 JDK-7090178 Rename java.util.XMLUtils to another package to avoid split package
P3 JDK-8014133 Spliterator.OfPrimitive
P3 JDK-8024405 Spliterators.spliterator should support CONCURRENT characteristic
P3 JDK-8025136 SplittableRandom enchancements
P3 JDK-8014383 StringJoiner example in class description not in sync with streams API
P3 JDK-7198988 TEST_BUG re-order paramaters for @run
P3 JDK-7051516 ThreadLocalRandom seed is never initialized so all instances generate the same sequence
P4 JDK-6355704 (fmt) %f formatting of BigDecimals is incorrect
P4 JDK-5035569 (fmt) assertion error in Formatter for BigDecimal and %a
P4 JDK-5063500 (fmt) Formatter spec says "char" is not an integral type
P4 JDK-6178739 (fmt) Formatter.format("%0.4f\n", 56789.456789) generates MissingFormatWidthException
P4 JDK-6469160 (fmt) general (%g) formatting of zero (0.0) with precision 0 or 1 throws ArrayOutOfBoundsException
P4 JDK-5063455 (fmt) MissingFormatArgumentException.getFormatSpecifier() incorrect return value
P4 JDK-7126305 (fmt) Wrong Unicode value specified for format conversion character 'd'
P4 JDK-7164636 (prefs) Cleanup src/macosx/classes/java/util/prefs
P4 JDK-7197662 (prefs) test/java/util/prefs/ fails by timeout or by "couldn't get file lock"
P4 JDK-8003518 (prefs) Tests in jdk/test/java/util/prefs should not be run concurrently
P4 JDK-7186311 (props) "Unicode" is misspelled as "Uniocde" in JavaDoc and error message
P4 JDK-8000685 (props) Properties.storeToXML/loadFromXML should only require UTF-8 and UTF-16 to be supported
P4 JDK-7198496 (sl) ServiceLoader.load(Class, null) behavior differs from spec
P4 JDK-8004685 add java.util.function to CORE_PKGS.gmk in root repo
P4 JDK-8013712 Add Objects.nonNull and Objects.isNull
P4 JDK-8028816 Add value-type notice to Optional* classes
P4 JDK-8004561 Additional functional interfaces for primitives
P4 JDK-8012650 Arrays streams methods
P4 JDK-8011199 Backout CR#7143928
P4 JDK-8006530 Base64.getMimeDecoder().decode() throws exception for non-base64 character after padding =
P4 JDK-7117249 clean up warnings in java.util.jar, .logging, .prefs
P4 JDK-7193406 Clean-up JDK Build Warnings in java.util,
P4 JDK-8009736 Comparator API cleanup
P4 JDK-8001667 Comparator combinators and extension methods
P4 JDK-8014677 Correct docs warning for Objects.requireNonNull(T, Supplier)
P4 JDK-8005051 default methods for Iterator
P4 JDK-8019466 Fix doclint issues in java.util.function
P4 JDK-8019304 Fix doclint issues in java.util.prefs
P4 JDK-8020294 Fix doclint issues in java.util.Spliterator
P4 JDK-8019529 Fix doclint warnings in java.util.spi
P4 JDK-8010096 Initial java.util.Spliterator putback
P4 JDK-8022898 java/util/Spliterator/ fails in HashableIntSpliteratorWithNull data provider
P4 JDK-6776147 java/util/Timer/ fails in fastdebug with Exception: We failed silently on Solaris
P4 JDK-7150569 JDK regression test tools/launcher/ failing [macosx]
P4 JDK-8014732 Minor spec issue: java.util.Spliterator.getExactSizeIfKnown
P4 JDK-8008434 Misc javadoc warning fixes in DateTimeFormatterBuilder and TimeZone
P4 JDK-8016139 PrimitiveIterator.forEachRemaining
P4 JDK-8023395 Remove sun.misc.Sort and sun.misc.Compare
P4 JDK-8015792 Rename Spliterators.iteratorFromSpliterator to Spliterators.iterator
P4 JDK-7160714 Strange or obsolete @see tags in some exception java.util javadoc
P4 JDK-8012645 Stream methods on BitSet, Random, ThreadLocalRandom, ZipFile
P4 JDK-8029489 StringJoiner spec for setEmptyValue() and length() is malformatted
P4 JDK-8023215 test/java/util/Comparator/ not running (failing but reported as passing)
P4 JDK-8004921 Trivial javadoc warnings in Base64
P4 JDK-4748706 typos in java.util.Observable documentation
P4 JDK-7071826 UUID.randomUUID() race condition
P4 JDK-7157893 Warnings Cleanup in java.util.*
P5 JDK-6476168 (fmt) Inconsistency formatting subnormal doubles with hexadecimal conversion
P5 JDK-8027287 (fmt) incorrect example in Formatter javadoc
P5 JDK-7184287 (prefs) BackingStoreException when calling flush on root node[macosx]
P5 JDK-7176907 additional warnings cleanup in java.util, java.util.regexp,
P5 JDK-8020409 Clean up doclint problems in java.util package, part 1
P5 JDK-8019857 Fix doclint errors in java.util.Format*
P5 JDK-6731620 TEST_BUG: java/util/Timer/ is too optimistic about the execution time of System.out.printf
P5 JDK-6818464 TEST_BUG: java/util/Timer/ failing intermittently
P5 JDK-7114125 TEST_BUG: java/util/Timer/ should use volatile cross thread variable declaration


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8005696 Add CompletableFuture
P2 JDK-8005311 Add Scalable Updatable Variables, DoubleAccumulator, DoubleAdder, LongAccumulator, LongAdder
P2 JDK-8028564 Concurrent calls to CHM.put can fail to add the key/value to the map
P2 JDK-8009962 Iterator never end when dealing with LinkedBlockingQueue/LinkedBlockingDeque
P2 JDK-8006007 j.u.c.atomic classes should use intrinsic getAndXXX provided by 7023898
P2 JDK-7107516 LinkedBlockingQueue/Deque.drainTo(Collection,int) returns 'maxElements' if its value is negative
P2 JDK-7161229 PriorityBlockingQueue keeps hard reference to last removed element
P2 JDK-8023234 StampedLock serializes readers on writer unlock
P2 JDK-8005704 Update ConcurrentHashMap to v8
P3 JDK-8029141 Add @FunctionalInterface annotation to Callable interface
P3 JDK-8024103 AtomicLongArray getAndAccumulate/accumulateAndGet have int type for new value arg
P3 JDK-8011799 CompletableFuture/ fails intermittently
P3 JDK-8023104 ConcurrentHashMap typo
P3 JDK-8022318 Document Spliterator characteristics and binding policy of java util concurrent collection impls
P3 JDK-8020976 Ensure consistent insertion for ConcurrentHashMap
P3 JDK-8022087 Fix doclint issues in j.u.Deque & Queue
P3 JDK-8021417 Fix doclint issues in java.util.concurrent
P3 JDK-8028300 Fix raw type lint warnings in java.util.concurrent
P3 JDK-8023103 FJ parallelism zero
P3 JDK-8008378 FJP.commonPool creation within PrivilegedAction, support parallelism 0, add awaitQuiescence
P3 JDK-8004138 ForkJoinTask leaks exceptions
P3 JDK-8026344 j.u.c.a *Adder and *Accumulator extend a package private class that is Serializable
P3 JDK-8020291 j.u.c.CompletionStage
P3 JDK-8011427 java.util.concurrent collection Spliterator implementations
P3 JDK-8020537 java/util/concurrent/forkjoin/
P3 JDK-7011859 java/util/concurrent/Semaphore/ failing
P3 JDK-8022724 lint warnings in j.u.concurrent packages
P3 JDK-8029164 Race condition in CompletableFuture.thenCompose with asynchronous task
P3 JDK-7132378 Race in FutureTask if used with explicit set and get ( not Runnable )
P3 JDK-8024837 Rename java/util/concurrent/ConcurrentHashMap/ to
P3 JDK-8022326 Spliterator for values of j.u.c.ConcurrentSkipListMap does not report ORDERED
P3 JDK-8019370 Sync j.u.c Fork/Join from 166 to tl
P3 JDK-8019377 Sync j.u.c locks and atomic from 166 to tl
P3 JDK-8019484 Sync j.u.c.ConcurrentHashMap from 166 to tl
P3 JDK-8019481 Sync misc j.u.c classes from 166 to tl
P3 JDK-6957683 TEST_BUG: test/java/util/concurrent/ThreadPoolExecutor/ failing
P3 JDK-8024253 ThreadLocal random can use SecureRandom for the initial seed
P3 JDK-8006409 ThreadLocalRandom should drop padding fields from its serialized form
P4 JDK-7123424 (coll) CopyOnWriteArrayList/CopyOnWriteArraySet don't throw NPE for removeAll(null)/retainAll(null)
P4 JDK-8015963 Add at since tags to new ConcurrentHashMap methods
P4 JDK-8005709 Add at since tags to new FJP getCommonPoolParallelism and commonPool
P4 JDK-8002356 Add ForkJoin common pool and CountedCompleter
P4 JDK-8001666 Add lambda-compatible atomics and accumulators to the ActomicXXX classes
P4 JDK-8005697 Add StampedLock
P4 JDK-7103570 AtomicIntegerFieldUpdater does not work when SecurityManager is installed
P4 JDK-8012237 CompletableFuture/ still fails intermittently
P4 JDK-8025198 Intermittent test failure: java/util/concurrent/ThreadPoolExecutor/
P4 JDK-6963841 java/util/concurrent/Phaser/ fails intermittently
P4 JDK-8001575 Minor/sync/cleanup j.u.c with Dougs CVS - Oct 2012
P4 JDK-8015439 Minor/sync/cleanup of ConcurrentHashMap
P4 JDK-8011215 optimization of CopyOnWriteArrayList.addIfAbsent()
P4 JDK-8017739 ReentrantReadWriteLock is confused by the Threads with reused IDs
P4 JDK-7091003 ScheduledExecutorService never executes Runnable with corePoolSize of zero
P4 JDK-7057320 test/java/util/concurrent/Executors/ failing intermittently
P4 JDK-7058828 test/java/util/concurrent/Phaser/ fails intermittently
P4 JDK-7092140 Test: java/util/concurrent/locks/Lock/ fails on SE-E due to -XX:-UsePerfData
P4 JDK-7016411 TEST: fails on slow systems
P4 JDK-7118066 Warnings in java.util.concurrent package
P4 JDK-7117360 Warnings in java.util.concurrent.atomic package
P5 JDK-6736316 TEST_BUG: Timeout value in java/util/concurrent/locks/Lock/ is insufficient


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8003549 (pack200) assertion errors when processing lambda class files with IMethods
P2 JDK-8000362 (pack200) Deprecate Packer/Unpacker addPropertyChangeLister and removePropertyChangeListener methods
P2 JDK-8007297 [pack200] allow opcodes with InterfaceMethodRefs
P2 JDK-8007902 [unpack200] incorrect BootstrapMethods attribute
P2 JDK-8015666 test/tools/pack200/ failing
P3 JDK-7050936 (pack200) Support version 52.0 class files
P3 JDK-8008290 (profiles) Startup regression due to additional checking of JAR file manifests
P3 JDK-8003255 (profiles) Update JAR file specification to support profiles
P3 JDK-8013155 [pack200] improve performance of pack200
P3 JDK-8001163 [pack200] should support attributes introduced by JSR-308
P3 JDK-8007519 [unpack200] produces bad class files when producing BootstrapMethods attribute
P3 JDK-8024338 Constant fields introduced by JDK-4759491 fix in b94 are exposed as public fields in public API
P3 JDK-8020687 Deflater.setLevel does not work as expected
P3 JDK-7021870 GzipInputStream closes underlying stream during reading
P3 JDK-6901992 InvalidJarIndexException due to bug in sun.misc.JarIndex.merge()
P3 JDK-8025342 NLS: unsupported translation format in jar/pack/
P3 JDK-7168401 pack200 does not produce a compatible pack file for JDK7 classes if indy is not present
P3 JDK-6981776 Pack200 must support -target 7 bytecodes
P3 JDK-8005252 pack200 should support MethodParameters
P3 JDK-8008262 pack200 should support MethodParameters - part 2
P3 JDK-7109837 Provide a mechanism for computing an Adler32 checksum for the contents of a ByteBuffer
P3 JDK-8022921 Remove experimental Profile attribute
P3 JDK-7094995 test/java/util/zip/ZipFile/ causes continuous GC in agentvm mode
P3 JDK-7154662 {CRC32,Adler32}.update(byte[] b, int off, int len): undocumented ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
P4 JDK-7166955 (pack200) JNI_GetCreatedJavaVMs needs additional checking
P4 JDK-7190750 (pack200) the java unpacker produces non spec. compliant classfile with lambda classfiles
P4 JDK-8006850 [pack200] disable pack200 tests until JSR-308 is implemented
P4 JDK-8015813 add test/tools/pack200/ to ProblemsList
P4 JDK-8007680 CLONE - closed/test/java/util/zip/ZipFile/ failing intermittently
P4 JDK-8006762 closed/test/java/util/zip/ZipFile/ failing intermittently
P4 JDK-8019467 Fix doclint issues in java.util.jar.Pack200
P4 JDK-8019228 Fix doclint issues in
P4 JDK-8021408 Fix misc doclint issues in java.util and
P4 JDK-8022959 Fix new doclint issues in
P4 JDK-8028589 Instrument tools/jar/ to make it easier to diagnose failures
P4 JDK-8005466 JAR file entry hash table uses too much memory (zip_util.c)
P4 JDK-7143629 JDK jar/zip code should use unsigned library support
P4 JDK-4759491 method ZipEntry.setTime(long) works incorrectly
P4 JDK-7188852 Move implementation of De/Inflater.getBytesRead/Writtten() to java from native
P4 JDK-7192792 Pack200 tests should be more tolerant when using network resources
P4 JDK-6303183 Support NTFS and Unix-style timestamps for entries in Zip files
P4 JDK-8006773 test/java/util/zip/ZipFile/ failing intermittently
P4 JDK-7098755 test/sun/misc/JarIndex/metaInfFilenames/ should use supported compiler interface
P4 JDK-7036524 TEST_BUG: add cygwin support to test/closed/sun/misc/JarIndex/*.sh
P4 JDK-7195933 There is incorrect link to "Info-ZIP Application Note 970311" in doc page of Package
P4 JDK-8007905 To add a system property to create zip file without using ZIP64 end table when entry count > 64k
P4 JDK-7110151 To use underlying platform's zlib library for Java zlib support
P4 JDK-7110149 Update the JDK8 bundled zlib library to the latest version 1.2.5
P5 JDK-7199614 (pack200) remove unused file
P5 JDK-7143230 fix warnings in java.util.jar,, zipfs demo, etc.


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8030850 Setting .level=FINEST in logging configuration file doesn't work
P2 JDK-8010939 Deadlock in LogManager
P2 JDK-7192274 Deprecate LogManager addPropertyChangeListener and removePropertyChangeListener methods
P2 JDK-8013839 Enhance Logger API for handling of resource bundles
P2 JDK-8007611 logging behavior in applet changed
P2 JDK-8017174 NPE when using Logger.getAnonymousLogger or LogManager.getLogManager().getLogger
P2 JDK-8007393 Possible race condition after JDK-6664509
P2 JDK-8028185 XMLFormatter.format emits incorrect year
P3 JDK-8019853 Break logging and AWT circular dependency
P3 JDK-8023168 Cleanup LogManager class initialization and LogManager/LoggerContext relationship
P3 JDK-8011380 FX dependency on PlatformLogger broken by 8010309
P3 JDK-8010309 Improve PlatformLogger.isLoggable performance by direct mapping from an integer to Level
P3 JDK-6823527 java.util.logging.Handler has thread safety issues
P3 JDK-8026027 Level.parse should return the custom Level instance instead of the mirrored Level
P3 JDK-8005899 Logger.getLogger(name, null) should not allow to reset a non-null resource bundle
P3 JDK-8026404 Logging in Applet can trigger ACE: access denied ("java.lang.RuntimePermission" "modifyThreadGroup")
P3 JDK-8012005 LogManager needs test to ensure stack trace is not being done to find bundle
P3 JDK-8003949 LogManager, downgrade normative reference to ${java.home}/lib/
P3 JDK-8024525 Make Logger log methods call isLoggable()
P3 JDK-7192275 Minimize LogManager dependencies on java.beans
P3 JDK-8011638 Remove deprecated methods in sun.util.logging.PlatformLogger
P3 JDK-8026499 Root Logger level can be reset unexpectedly
P3 JDK-8029281 Synchronization issues in Logger and LogManager
P3 JDK-8003596 TEST_BUG: java/util/logging/ failing [win]
P3 JDK-8025140 TEST_BUG: java/util/logging/Logger/getGlobal tests fail due to timeout
P4 JDK-7163898 add isLoggable() check to doLog()
P4 JDK-8029559 Add traces in closed/java/util/logging/ to help troubleshooting
P4 JDK-8003380 Compiler warnings in logging test code
P4 JDK-8019315 Fix doclint issues in java.util.logging
P4 JDK-7045594 fix for 6977677 introduced a ResourceBundle race
P4 JDK-6244047 impossible to specify directories to logging FileHandler unless they exist
P4 JDK-7159567 inconsistent configuration for MemoryHandler
P4 JDK-8021003 java/util/logging/Logger/getGlobal/ fails intermittently
P4 JDK-7048308 LoggingDeadlock3 test timeout is too small
P4 JDK-8014045 test/java/lang/management/PlatformLoggingMXBean/ failing intermittently
P4 JDK-8019945 test/java/util/logging/ failing intermittently
P4 JDK-4819681 Typo in
P5 JDK-7184195 java.util.logging.Logger.getGlobal().info() doesn't log without configuration
P5 JDK-8026952 Test java/util/logging/LogManager/RootLogger/setLevel/ has wrong @bug id


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8028321 Fix for String.split() empty input sequence/JDK-6559590 triggers regression.
P3 JDK-8023647 " abc1c " .matches( " (\\w)+1\\1 " )) returns false
P3 JDK-8020095 Fix doclint warnings in java.util.regex
P3 JDK-8024341 j.u.regex.Pattern.splitAsStream() doesn't correspond to split() method if using an example from the spec
P3 JDK-8013252 Regex Matcher .start and .end should be accessible by group name
P3 JDK-8007395 StringIndexOutofBoundsException in Match.find() when input String contains surrogate UTF-16 characters
P4 JDK-7066490 @since 1.7 tag is missing for
P4 JDK-8023587 Fix lone remaining doclint issue in java.util.regex
P4 JDK-6559590 Pattern.compile(".*").split("") returns incorrect result
P4 JDK-8027645 Pattern.split() with positive lookahead
P4 JDK-8012646 Pattern.splitAsStream
P4 JDK-8016846 Pattern.splitAsStream tests required
P4 JDK-7189363 Regex Pattern compilation buggy for special sequences
P4 JDK-6990617 Regular expression doesn't match if unicode character next to a digit.
P4 JDK-7067045 replaceAll("\u20ac", "$"); causses java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsExceptio
P4 JDK-7014640 To add a metachar \R for line ending and character classes for vertical/horizontal ws \v \V \h \H


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8031187 DoubleStream.count is incorrect for a stream containing > Integer.MAX_VALUE elements
P1 JDK-8030212 Several tests got "NaN" value instead of "Infinity" or "-Infinity"
P1 JDK-8032190 Specifications of stream flatMap methods should require mapped streams to be closed
P2 JDK-8025002 "".codePoints().sorted().iterator().hasNext() causes NegativeArraySizeException
P2 JDK-8017329 8b92-lambda regression: TreeSet("a", "b").stream().substream(1).parallel().iterator() is empty
P2 JDK-8026009 Changes for 8025968 break all stream tests
P2 JDK-8022237 j.u.s.BaseStream.onClose() has an issue in implementation or requires spec clarification
P2 JDK-8012356 java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError is thrown at runtime
P2 JDK-8023150 java/util/stream tests no longer compiling following JDK-8019401
P2 JDK-8020146 JCK issues for
P2 JDK-8010159 Method Comparator.thenComparing((Comparator)null) doesn't throw specified NPE
P2 JDK-8020016 Numerous splitereator impls do not throw NPE for null Consumers
P2 JDK-8015008 Primitive iterator over empty sequence, null consumer: forEachRemaining methods do not throw NPE
P2 JDK-8011916 Spec update for
P2 JDK-8015686 toInt(Long)SummaryStatistics toString() throws IllegalFormatConversionException
P2 JDK-8020009 TreeMap.entrySet().spliterator() reports SORTED + null comparator but the elements are not Comparable
P2 JDK-8017447 Unmodifiable map entry becomes modifiable if taken from a stream of map entries
P3 JDK-8010948 Add conversion functional interfaces
P3 JDK-8010953 Add primitive summary statistics utils
P3 JDK-8029696 Broken doc links to package-summary.html#NonInterference in
P3 JDK-8019401 Collectors.collectingAndThen
P3 JDK-8019395 Consolidate StreamSupport.{stream,parallelStream} into a single method
P3 JDK-8024178 Difference in Stream.collect(Collector) methods located in jdk8 and jdk8-lambda repos
P3 JDK-8027316 Distinct operation on an unordered stream should not be a barrier
P3 JDK-8027712 DistinctOpTest fails for unordered test
P3 JDK-8024179 Document limitations and performance characteristics of stream sources and operations
P3 JDK-8006572 DoubleStream.sum() & DoubleSummaryStats implementations that reduce numerical errors
P3 JDK-8015318 Extend Collector with 'finish' operation
P3 JDK-8020040 Improve and generalize the F/J tasks to handle right or left-balanced trees
P3 JDK-8025968 Integrate test improvements made in lambda repo
P3 JDK-8014731 class has default constructor generated
P3 JDK-8028516 Java doc error in Int/Long/Double/Stream.peek
P3 JDK-8015736 needs CCC approval
P3 JDK-8025909 Lambda Library Spec Updates
P3 JDK-8019551 Make BaseStream public
P3 JDK-8020062 Nest StreamBuilder interfaces inside relevant Stream interfaces
P3 JDK-8012987 Optimizations for Stream.limit/substream
P3 JDK-8029944 Primitive Stream reduce method documentation pseudo code misidentifies apply method
P3 JDK-8015320 Pull spliterator() up from Collection to Iterable
P3 JDK-8012664 Regression tests for
P3 JDK-8025910 rename substream(long) -> skip and substream(long,long) -> slice
P3 JDK-8012986 Right-bias range spliterators for large ranges
P3 JDK-8024825 Some fixes are missing from spec update
P3 JDK-8021863 Stream.concat incorrectly calculates unsized state
P3 JDK-8015315 Stream.concat methods
P3 JDK-8017513 Support for closeable streams
P3 JDK-8014833 System property name for Tripwire
P3 JDK-8025535 Unsafe typecast in
P4 JDK-8016251 Balanced spliterator for SpinedBuffer
P4 JDK-8012665 CharSequence.chars, CharSequence.codePoints
P4 JDK-8008682 Core stream API classes
P4 JDK-8016324 filter/flatMap pipeline sinks should pass size information to downstream sink
P4 JDK-8023681 Fix raw type warning caused by Sink
P4 JDK-8022446 Fix serial warnings in
P4 JDK-8022476 fix some rawtypes and unchecked warnings in
P4 JDK-8011920 Implementation classes for
P4 JDK-8008670 Initial putback -- internal API classes
P4 JDK-8015895 Int/LongStream.range/rangeClosed
P4 JDK-8011917
P4 JDK-8011918
P4 JDK-8025567 Mark relevant public stream tests as serialization hostile
P4 JDK-8014393 Minor typo in the spec for
P4 JDK-8015492 Remove DoubleStream.range methods
P4 JDK-8015790 Remove duplicate spliterator tests
P4 JDK-8015798 Rename IntStream.longs/doubles and LongStream.doubles to asXxxStream
P4 JDK-8022572 Same exception instances thrown from handlers are not listed as suppressed
P4 JDK-8016455 Sync stream tests from lambda to tl
P4 JDK-8025525 Unsafe typecast in
P4 JDK-8025538 Unsafe typecast in
P4 JDK-8025534 Unsafe typecast in
P4 JDK-8025533 Unsafe typecast in
P4 JDK-8016308 Updates to
P4 JDK-8014316 Use Method Refs in


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8031133 AbstractMap should specify its default implementation using @implSpec
P2 JDK-7178058 (alt-rt) JCK api/java_util/TreeMap/index.html#PutTests failing
P2 JDK-8024688 b106-lambda: j.u.Map.merge doesn't work as specified if contains key:null pair
P2 JDK-8012542 and Collection.parallelStream
P2 JDK-7173432 Fix issue with null key at resize of HashMap
P2 JDK-8005698 Handle Frequent HashMap Collisions with Balanced Trees
P2 JDK-8030016 HashMap.computeIfAbsent generates spurious access event
P2 JDK-8025173 HashMap.put() replacing an existing key can trigger a resize()
P2 JDK-8008785 IdentityHashMap.values().toArray(V[]) broken by JDK-8008167
P2 JDK-8023463 Improvements to HashMap/LinkedHashMap use of bins/buckets and trees (red/black)
P2 JDK-8023339 j.u.Arrays.asList().removeIf() is "lazy" in throwing UOE
P2 JDK-8023340 j.u.Collections.emptyList() is inconsistent in not supporting the "set" operation via set(..) and replaceAll(..)
P2 JDK-8024331 j.u.Map.computeIfPresent() default/nondefault implementations don't throw NPE if the remappingFunction is null and the key is absent
P2 JDK-8029795 LinkedHashMap fails to update access order correctly
P2 JDK-8029055 Map.merge must refuse null values
P2 JDK-8024826 Remove alt-rt.jar, used by +AggressiveOpts
P2 JDK-8024408 Specifications for Collection/List/Set/SortedSet.spliterator() need to document if all the (subclass) instances are required to return SIZED spliterators
P2 JDK-8013334 Spliterator behavior for LinkedList contradicts the spec of Spliterator.trySplit() method
P3 JDK-7123229 (coll) EnumMap.containsValue(null) returns true
P3 JDK-7144488 (coll) Infinite recursion for some equals tests in Collections
P3 JDK-8011200 (coll) Optimize empty ArrayList and HashMap
P3 JDK-7143928 (coll) Optimize for Empty HashMaps
P3 JDK-8010122 Add defaults for ConcurrentMap operations to Map
P3 JDK-8023306 Add replace() implementations to TreeMap
P3 JDK-8021591 Additional NPE checks
P3 JDK-8022797 Clarify spliterator characteristics for collections containing no elements
P3 JDK-8023367 Collections.emptyList().sort((Comparator)null) throws NPE
P3 JDK-8014824 Document Spliterator characteristics and binding policy of java util collection impls
P3 JDK-8013649 HashMap spliterator tryAdvance() encounters remaining elements after forEachRemaining()
P3 JDK-8000955 Hashtable.Entry.hashCode() no longer conforms to Map.Entry.hashCode()
P3 JDK-8026768 java.util.Map.Entry comparingBy methods missing @since 1.8
P3 JDK-8023795 java/lang/reflect/Generics/ needs update for api changes
P3 JDK-8025426 java/util/Map/ fails in nightlies
P3 JDK-8017088 Map/HashMap.compute() incorrect with key mapping to null value
P3 JDK-8016252 More defensive HashSet.readObject
P3 JDK-8015317 Optional.filter, map, and flatMap
P3 JDK-8024009 Remove system property
P3 JDK-8024014 TEST.groups separate jdk_collections jdk_concurrent and jdk_streams out of jdk_util
P3 JDK-8024709 TreeMap.DescendingKeyIterator 'remove' confuses iterator position
P3 JDK-8020156 TreeMap.values().spliterator() does not report ORDERED
P3 JDK-8023275 Wrapping collections should override default methods
P4 JDK-7006877 (alt-rt coll) TreeMap set view of mappings doesn't support setValue
P4 JDK-7121314 (coll) Behavior mismatch between AbstractCollection.toArray(T[] ) and its spec
P4 JDK-5029031 (coll) Collections.checkedQueue(Queue,Class) is missing
P4 JDK-7192942 (coll) Inefficient calculation of power of two in HashMap
P4 JDK-4802647 (coll) NullPointerException not thrown by AbstractCollection.retainAll/removeAll
P4 JDK-4533691 (coll) Please add Collections.EMPTY_SORTED_SET
P4 JDK-7129185 (coll) Please add Collections.emptyNavigableSet()
P4 JDK-8001647 default methods for Collections - forEach, removeIf, replaceAll, sort
P4 JDK-7175464 entrySetView field is never updated in NavigableSubMap
P4 JDK-7164256 EnumMap clone doesn't clear the entrySet keeping a reference to the original Map
P4 JDK-7057785 hashCode() on list containing itself causes stackoverflow
P4 JDK-8019381 HashMap.isEmpty is non-final, potential issues for get/remove
P4 JDK-8016446 HashMap/IdentityHashMap should implement forEach(BiConsumer action)
P4 JDK-8011426 java.util collection Spliterator implementations
P4 JDK-7166055 Javadoc for WeakHashMap contains misleading advice
P4 JDK-8012913 LinkedHashMap key/value/entry spliterators should report ORDERED
P4 JDK-8016432 Map implementations should override Map.replaceAll
P4 JDK-8024182 test/java/util/Arrays/ fails to compile due to recent compiler changes
P4 JDK-7189926 TEST_BUG: java/util/Map/ may need to have its timeout increased
P4 JDK-8021601 Unit test for PriorityQueue(Comparator)
P5 JDK-6799426 (coll) Add a constructor PriorityQueue(Comparator)


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-7167359 (tz) SEGV on solaris if TZ variable not set
P2 JDK-7126465 closed/java/util/TimeZone/ failing
P2 JDK-7133138 Improve io performance around timezone lookups
P2 JDK-8055253 test/java/util/Currency/ modifies the test JDK
P3 JDK-6902861 (cal) GregorianCalendar roll WEEK_OF_YEAR is broken for January 1 2010
P3 JDK-7151414 (cal) Support calendar type identification
P3 JDK-4814565 (rb) add method to get basename from a ResourceBundle
P3 JDK-6251788 (rb) PropertyResourceBundle doesn't document exceptions
P3 JDK-6380549 (rb) ResourceBundle.Control global binding support
P3 JDK-7092679 (tz) Java getting wrong timezone/DST info on Solaris 11
P3 JDK-7158483 (tz) Support tzdata2012c
P3 JDK-8002225 (tz) Support tzdata2012i
P3 JDK-7111903 (tz) Windows-only: tzmappings needs update for KB2570791
P3 JDK-8024236 Add timezone displayname file for L10N
P3 JDK-8011194 Apps launched via double-clicked .jars have file.encoding value of US-ASCII on Mac OS X
P3 JDK-7091601 Arabic Locale: can not set type of digit in application level
P3 JDK-8007038 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on calling localizedDateTime().print() with JapaneseChrono
P3 JDK-8008576 Calendar mismatch using Host LocaleProviderAdapter
P3 JDK-7092447 Clarify the default locale used in each locale sensitive operation
P3 JDK-8028716 closed/java//util/Date/ does not restore default TimeZone
P3 JDK-8023206 closed/java/util/TimeZone/ failed for zh_CN locale.
P3 JDK-8001562 Collator.getAvailableLocales() doesn't return all locales for which localized instances are available
P3 JDK-8022666 java.util.Calendar.set(int,int,int,int,int,int) documentation typo
P3 JDK-8011946 java.util.Currency javadoc has broken link to
P3 JDK-7064270 java/text/Format/DateFormat/ fails on OEL5.6 hi_IN.UTF-8
P3 JDK-6863624 java/util/Currency/ writable check is incorrect
P3 JDK-8015960 java/util/Locale/ failing again on Windows
P3 JDK-8013233 java/util/Locale/ fails
P3 JDK-8001046 java/util/PluggableLocale/ failing
P3 JDK-8000615 JRE adapter: timezone name of en_US is changed when extension directory is added
P3 JDK-7199750 Loading sequence of service provider is changed
P3 JDK-7073906 Locale.getDefault() returns wrong Locale for Java SE 7
P3 JDK-7079486 Locale.getDisplayScript() (no args) does not honor default DISPLAY locale
P3 JDK-8001231 Move locale data out of rt.jar (except the US locale)
P3 JDK-8000997 Multiple locale sensitive services cannot be loaded
P3 JDK-8003846 Override mechanism for currency data should not require creating in java.home
P3 JDK-8028771 regression test java/util/Locale/ failed
P3 JDK-7180362 RFE: Implement date cutover functionality for file
P3 JDK-7083668 Sample code in ListResourceBundle is still not correct
P3 JDK-8000986 Split java.util.spi.CalendarDataProvider into week parameters and field names portions
P3 JDK-8024332 sun/util/resources/en split between rt.jar and localedata.jar
P3 JDK-7069824 Support for BCP47 locale matching
P3 JDK-7172177 test/java/util/TimeZone/ failing on all platforms
P3 JDK-7027061 Testcase failure: java/util/Locale/ - java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
P3 JDK-8024141 Unexpected timezone display name
P3 JDK-8025703 Update LSR datafile for BCP 47
P3 JDK-8027848 ZoneInfoFile doesn't honor future GMT offset changes
P4 JDK-4808233 "Locale" not thread-safe
P4 JDK-7171372 (cal) locale's default Calendar should be created if unknown calendar is specified
P4 JDK-7017458 (cal) Multithreaded deserialization of Calendar leads to ClassCastException
P4 JDK-4745761 (cal) RFE: Support builder for constructing Calendar
P4 JDK-7056139 (cal) SPI support for locale-dependent Calendar parameters
P4 JDK-6609431 (rb) ResourceBundle.getString() returns incorrect value
P4 JDK-7094176 (tz) Incorrect TimeZone display name when DST not applicable / disabled
P4 JDK-7090843 (tz) Support tzdata2011j
P4 JDK-7122054 (tz) Windows-only: tzmappings needs update for KB2633952
P4 JDK-8028044 [TEST_BUG] Calendar shell tests do not pass TESTVMOPTS
P4 JDK-6899850 [TEST_BUG] DateRegression fails with "Date hashCode misbehaves"
P4 JDK-8006509 Add more calendar symbol names from CLDR
P4 JDK-8004489 Add support for Minguo and Hijrah calendars to CalendarNameProvider SPI
P4 JDK-8001205 Calendar.getDisplayName(...): Returns null when provider is SPI but there is no SPI implementation
P4 JDK-7162007 Clean up i18n related caches
P4 JDK-7146792 closed/java/util/TimeZone/ failing on Windows
P4 JDK-7103405 Correct display names for Pacific/Apia timezone
P4 JDK-7197187 Currency.isPastCutoverDate should be made more robust
P4 JDK-8005471 DateFormat: Time zone info is not localized when adapter is CLDR
P4 JDK-6337471 desktop/system locale preferences support
P4 JDK-8015880 GenerateBreakIteratorData build warning
P4 JDK-7171324 getAvailableLocales() of locale sensitive services should return the actual availability of locales
P4 JDK-8010666 Implement Currency/LocaleNameProvider in Windows Host LocaleProviderAdapter
P4 JDK-6984762 Invalid close of file descriptor '-1' in findZoneinfoFile
P4 JDK-8046117 JEP 127: Improve Locale Data Packaging and Adopt Unicode CLDR Data
P4 JDK-8046118 JEP 128: Unicode BCP 47 Locale Matching
P4 JDK-7145454 JVM wide monitor lock in Currency.getInstance(String)
P4 JDK-7168528 LocaleServiceProvider needs to be aware of Locale extensions
P4 JDK-7058206 Provide CalendarData SPI for week params and display field value names
P4 JDK-8017477 Remove TimeZone.DisplayNames, no longer used
P4 JDK-7156459 Remove unnecessary get() from Currency.getInstance()
P4 JDK-8027930 ResourceBundle test failures in fr locale
P4 JDK-8004240 Return value from getAdapterPrefence() can be modified
P4 JDK-7056472 Speed up test/java/util/ResourceBundle/Control/
P4 JDK-7022407 Spinning CPU in LocaleObjectCache.get()
P4 JDK-7090844 Support a timezone whose offset is changed more than once in the future
P4 JDK-8003267 Support generic time zone names in TimeZoneNameProvider (SPI)
P4 JDK-8028734 test/java/util/Locale/ changes does not restore the default TimeZone
P4 JDK-7012364 test/java/util/Locale/ fails on Cygwin
P4 JDK-8008277 tests at test/closed/java/util/TimeZone[Calendar] may not reset the default tz after setting.
P4 JDK-8028368 There is no description whether or not java.util.ResourceBundle is thread-safe
P4 JDK-8005561 typo in Calendar
P4 JDK-8017468 typo in javadoc: " ResourceBunlde "
P4 JDK-7117469 Warning cleanup for j.u.Currency and j.u.Locale related classes
P4 JDK-7117487 Warnings Cleanup: some i18n classes in java.util and sun.util
P4 JDK-8009638 Wrong comment for PL in LocaleISOData, 1989 forward Poland is Republic of Poland


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8025087 Annotation processing api returns default modifier for interface static method
P2 JDK-8025118 Annotation processing api returns default modifier for interface without default methods
P3 JDK-7162089 Add support for repeating annotations to javax.annotation.processing
P3 JDK-6499673 Assertion check for TypeVariable.getUpperBound() fails
P4 JDK-8026838 Fix new doclint issues in javax.annotation.processing
P4 JDK-6876891 JSR 308 type annotations not visible when processing java source files starting b70
P4 JDK-6449184 Provide JavacProcessingEnvironment.getWriter
P4 JDK-6575445 Update annotation processor to only use java.util.ServiceLoader


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8004730 Add language model support for parameter reflection
P3 JDK-7025784 Add SourceVersion.RELEASE_8
P3 JDK-8010680 Clarify "present" and annotation ordering in javax.lang.model for Annotations
P3 JDK-8010364 Clarify javax.lang.model API for Type Annotations
P3 JDK-8030080 Correct misstatement in JSR 269 MR (in javax.lang.model)
P3 JDK-8013909 Fix doclint issues in javax.lang.model
P3 JDK-8016779 Fix doclint warnings in javax.lang.model
P3 JDK-8027730 Fix release-8 type visitors to support intersection types
P3 JDK-8007803 Implement javax.lang.model API for Type Annotations
P3 JDK-7184414 Lambda support in javax.lang.model
P3 JDK-6557966 Multiple upper bounds of the TypeVariable
P3 JDK-8005046 Provide checking for a default method in javax.lang.model
P3 JDK-8004133 Provide javax.lang.model.* implementation backed by core reflection
P3 JDK-7025809 Provided new utility visitors supporting SourceVersion.RELEASE_8
P3 JDK-8007279 Rename javax.l.model.element.Element.getAnnotations(Class) to getAnnotationsByType(Class)
P3 JDK-7193719 Support repeating annotations in javax.lang.model
P4 JDK-8011052 Add DEFAULT to javax.lang.model.Modifier
P4 JDK-8019308 Add descriptions of Java SE 7 and 8 language changes to SourceVersion
P4 JDK-8006264 Add explanation of why default methods cannot be used in JDK 8 javax.lang.model
P4 JDK-8006344 Broken javadoc link in javax.lang.model.element.Element
P4 JDK-7130768 Clarify behavior of Element.getEnclosingElements in subtypes
P4 JDK-8026017 Make history of AnnotatedConstruct methods in jx.l.m.e.Element clearer
P4 JDK-8007574 Provide isFunctionalInterface in javax.lang.model
P4 JDK-8008425 Remove interim new javax.lang.model API for type-annotations


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8003263 redundant cast build failure after 8003120
P3 JDK-7155051 DNS provider may return incorrect results
P4 JDK-6961765 Double byte characters corrupted in DN for LDAP referrals
P4 JDK-8019407 Fix doclint issues in javax.naming.*
P4 JDK-8026840 Fix new doclint issues in javax.naming
P4 JDK-8000487 Java JNDI connection library on ldap conn is not honoring configured timeout
P4 JDK-7059542 JNDI name operations should be locale independent
P4 JDK-8003120 ResourceManager.getApplicationResources() does not close InputStreams
P4 JDK-7056489 test/com/sun/jndi/ldap/ hangs or times out
P5 JDK-7185576 Need to consider the connection timeout at test/com/sun/jndi/ldap/


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8012975 Remove Rhino from JDK 8
P3 JDK-7116957 javax.script.ScriptEngineManager should use java.util.ServiceLoader to lookup service providers
P3 JDK-8011976 Nashorn fails to instantiate Ant API Java classes when used from inside Ant build script
P3 JDK-8021773 print function as defined by jrunscript's init.js script is incompatible with nashorn's definition
P3 JDK-7056034 two files from closed/javax/script should be modified
P4 JDK-8019320 Fix doclint issues in javax.script
P4 JDK-8029478 Fix more doclint issues in javax.script
P4 JDK-7187144 JavaDoc for ScriptEngineFactory.getProgram() contains an error
P4 JDK-8009115 jtreg tests under jdk/test/javax/script should use nashorn as script engine
P4 JDK-7149785 Minor corrections to ScriptEngineManager javadoc


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8003679 No appropriate CCC request for changes introduced by JDK-8002212
P2 JDK-7192302 Remove Rowset dependency on java.beans
P3 JDK-7077451 SerialLob/Clob have the wrong checks for setBinary/Ascii/CharacterStream
P3 JDK-7053029 Some RowSet methods throw SQLFeatureNotSupportedException which isn't specified
P4 JDK-8006139 Add missing SqlInput/OutputImpl methods
P4 JDK-8002212 Add read/writeObject, equals, hashCode and clone to SerialXXX classes
P4 JDK-8001536 Add read/writeObject, equals/hashCode and clone to SerialClob/Blob
P4 JDK-7133815 Address 2 other types of findbugs errors in RowSets
P4 JDK-8004374 CachedRowSet.writeData reports wrong number of conflicts
P4 JDK-7171917 CachedRowSetImpl.populate does not handle map properly
P4 JDK-7145913 CachedRowSetSwriter.insertNewRow() throws SQLException
P4 JDK-8028149 clean up javac -Xlint warnings in com.sun.rowset
P4 JDK-7166598 FilteredRowSetImpl can result in Invalid Cursor Position
P4 JDK-8004357 Implement various methods in SerialBlob/Clob/Array and specify Thread Safety
P4 JDK-8004337 java/sql tests aren't run in test/Makefile
P4 JDK-7132879 Need to address the following findbug errors in WebRowSetXmlWriter
P4 JDK-8000712 Remove unused fields from SyncFactory
P4 JDK-5088649 SerialBlob, SerialClob, etc. SQL type objects not fully serializable
P4 JDK-8019488 switch on literals result in NoSuchMethodError or VerifyError
P4 JDK-8011393 Typo in SerialException in SerialClob.truncate
P4 JDK-8056015 Wrong code in sample implementation of the Predicate interface
P4 JDK-7171918 XmlReaderContentHandler.endElement does not handle a Delete Tag properly


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8027020 [regression] java.lang.VerifyError: Bad type on operand stack
P1 JDK-8020508 Enforce reflection access restrictions on Object.bindProperties
P1 JDK-8021246 Fix regression for 8021189
P1 JDK-8024180 Incorrect handling of expression and parent scope in 'with' statements
P1 JDK-8027532 nashorn should only use jdk8 apis in the compact1 profile
P1 JDK-8007060 Primitive wrap filter throws ClassCastException in test262parallel
P2 JDK-8007460 "var" assignment to a parameter in a varargs method causes compilation error
P2 JDK-8015911 $EXEC does not handle large outputs
P2 JDK-8011578 -Dnashorn.unstable.relink.threshold=1 causes tests to fail.
P2 JDK-8012698 [nashorn] tests fail to run with agentvm or samevm
P2 JDK-8008914 Add nashorn to the tl build
P2 JDK-8011544 Allow subclassing Java classes from script without creating instances
P2 JDK-8019585 Another bytecode problem with typeof chains
P2 JDK-8025213 Assignment marks variable as defined too early
P2 JDK-8017082 Bad type on operand stack
P2 JDK-8005777 Bug in the FacetIntrospector of dynalink - non-public class should search super
P2 JDK-8017046 Cannot assign undefined to a function argument if the function uses arguments object
P2 JDK-8010710 Code generation problem with slots/scope
P2 JDK-8010924 Dealing with undefined property gets you a fatal stack
P2 JDK-8023228 Debugger information gather is too slow.
P2 JDK-8029173 Debugger support doesn't handle ConsString
P2 JDK-8009143 Eliminate Dynalink dependency on java.beans
P2 JDK-8013874 Function argument's prototype seem cached and wrongly reused
P2 JDK-8028020 Function parameter as last expression in comma in return value causes bad type calculation
P2 JDK-8012305 Function.bind can't be called on prototype function inside constructor
P2 JDK-8025689 fx:base.js classes not loading
P2 JDK-8010701 Immutable IR - part 2
P2 JDK-8023630 Implement Java.super() as the preferred way to call super methods
P2 JDK-8021244 Inconsistent stackmap with splitter threshold set very low
P2 JDK-8023368 Instance __proto__ property should exist and be writable.
P2 JDK-8008085 Integrate Dynalink source code into Nashorn codebase
P2 JDK-8006676 Integrate Nashorn into new build system
P2 JDK-8023373 Java adapters don't have facility to call super methods
P2 JDK-8006168 Java.extend() should support implementation of more than one type
P2 JDK-8009150 JDK-8009146 was incomplete
P2 JDK-8006557 JDK8/Lambda build clashes on Map.replace()
P2 JDK-8011893 JS Object builtin prototype is not thread safe
P2 JDK-8012593 JSAdapter overrides impacts strongly construction time
P2 JDK-8026309 latest runsunspider.js tests contains several bugs
P2 JDK-8028434 Line numbers for while node entry labels are wrong in Nashorn
P2 JDK-8016453 loadWithNewGlobal does not allow apply operation.
P2 JDK-8007062 Lower should be separated into at least Attr and Lower
P2 JDK-8011023 Math.round is not EcmaScript 5 compliant
P2 JDK-8026292 Megamorphic setter fails with boolean value
P2 JDK-8006529 Methods always get callee - it should be conditional
P2 JDK-8028210 Missing conversions on array index expression
P2 JDK-8026113 Nashorn arrays should automatically convert to Java arrays
P2 JDK-8013369 nashorn build failure with jdk8 b84
P2 JDK-8010731 Nashorn exposes internal symbols such as __callee__, __scope__ to scripts
P2 JDK-8024397 Nashorn FX Libraries need to be finalized.
P2 JDK-8015910 Nashorn JavaFX includes are out of sync with JavaFX repo
P2 JDK-8013912 Nashorn needs to reuse temporary symbols
P2 JDK-8020354 Object literal property initialization is not done in source order
P2 JDK-8009553 Object.create(Array.prototype) doesn't respect reset length
P2 JDK-8024476 Octane regression on Richards
P2 JDK-8010709 org on the top level doesn't resolve
P2 JDK-8011362 Overloaded method resolution foiled by nulls
P2 JDK-8024644 PluggableJSObject.iteratingJSObjectTest fails with jdk8-tl build
P2 JDK-8015796 Race condition in RuntimeCallsites
P2 JDK-8012460 RegExp regression
P2 JDK-8021164 REGRESSION: test262 failures after JDK-8021122
P2 JDK-8009379 Remove $ from generated class names.
P2 JDK-8014823 Reprise - Smoke test fail: Windows JDK-8008554.js - access denied ("" "//C/aurora/sandbox/nashorn~source/test/script/basic/NASHORN-99.js" "read")
P2 JDK-8020718 RETURN symbol has wrong type in split functions
P2 JDK-8026498 Revert: latest runsunspider.js tests contains several bugs
P2 JDK-8020719 Run tests with reduced splitter threshold
P2 JDK-8024174 Setting __proto__ property in Object literal should be supported
P2 JDK-8024120 Setting __proto__ to null removes the __proto__ property
P2 JDK-8012694 Smoke test fail: Windows JDK-8008554.js - access denied ("" "//C/aurora/sandbox/nashorn~source/test/script/basic/NASHORN-99.js" "read")
P2 JDK-8019252 Some new wrong bytecode generations
P2 JDK-8025965 Specialized functions with same weight replace each other in TreeSet
P2 JDK-8025197 String replace method fails with regexp /$/gi
P2 JDK-8010706 System variables -> nashorn parameters
P2 JDK-8029612 the typeErrorThrower field in ScriptFunctionImpl cannot be static and common to all Globals
P2 JDK-8027447 The wrong string buffer is specified for stderr in $EXEC.
P2 JDK-8014646 Update the Java interop documentation in the Java Scripting Programmer's Guide
P2 JDK-8017084 Use spill properties for large object literals
P2 JDK-8029780 v9 octane benchmarks don't work with our test harness
P2 JDK-8029467 Widening of booleans causes bad results
P2 JDK-8022831 Write a test to verify fx library entities as valid
P2 JDK-8019249 Wrong bytecode generation
P2 JDK-8015892 Wrong bytecode generation for if/else
P2 JDK-8016667 Wrong bytecode generation when testing/setting
P3 JDK-8026162 "this" in SAM adapter functions is wrong
P3 JDK-8026317 $ in the function name results in wrong function being invoked
P3 JDK-8025090 'while' statement with 'test' using var before being declared in body results in VerifyError
P3 JDK-8021294 --verify-code option results in AnalyzerException
P3 JDK-8023550 -d= fails for any dir but . in Nashorn
P3 JDK-8021571 @fork tests should use VM options passed from
P3 JDK-8015356 [].concat([,]).hasOwnProperty("0") should evaluate to false
P3 JDK-8026263 [NASHORN] Test test/script/basic/JDK-8025488.js fails in nightly builds
P3 JDK-8020380 __noSuchProperty__ defined in mozilla_compat.js script should be non-enumerable
P3 JDK-8006191 `cmd` -> exec("cmd") in script mode
P3 JDK-8011718 A function can't be bound twice
P3 JDK-8005976 AccessSpecializer should be moved out of CodeGen and integrate with Lowering
P3 JDK-8026367 Add a sync keyword to mozilla_compat
P3 JDK-8008199 Add support for Lazy code generation
P3 JDK-8014647 Allow class-based overrides to be initialized with a ScriptFunction
P3 JDK-8023560 Arbitrary javax.script.Bindings objects as ENGINE_SCOPE objects are not handled as expected.
P3 JDK-8026397 Array and List conversion, round 2
P3 JDK-8011704 Array compatibility issues from nashorn-dev alias
P3 JDK-8026858 Array length does not handle defined properties correctly
P3 JDK-8023026 Array.prototype iterator functions like forEach, reduce should work for Java arrays, lists
P3 JDK-8027016 Array.prototype.indexOf should return -1 when array is of length zero
P3 JDK-8026805 Array.prototype.length doesn't work as expected
P3 JDK-8025589 Array.prototype.shift should only copy defined elements in generic mode
P3 JDK-8025520 Array.prototype.slice should only copy defined elements
P3 JDK-8026125"java.util.HashMap")) throws ClassCastException: jdk.internal.dynalink.beans.StaticClass cannot be cast to jdk.nashorn.internal.runtime.ScriptObject
P3 JDK-8026701 Array.prototype.splice is slow on dense arrays
P3 JDK-8005848 assigning to global toString variable affects Object.prototype.toString
P3 JDK-8027015 AutoCloseable no longer implements @FunctionalInterface
P3 JDK-8009141 Avoid netscape.javascript.JSObject in nashorn code
P3 JDK-8014219 base.js in Octane benchmarks has way too much deviation
P3 JDK-8020132 Big object literal with numerical keys exceeds method size
P3 JDK-8023017 BinaryNode.getWidestOperationType reports "Object" for SUB instead of "Number"
P3 JDK-8020355 bind on built-in constructors don't use bound argument values
P3 JDK-8015959 Can't call foreign constructor
P3 JDK-8026167 Class cache/reuse of 'eval' scripts results in ClassCastException in some cases.
P3 JDK-8013878 ClassCastException in Regex
P3 JDK-8020356 ClassCastException Undefined->Scope on spiltter class generated for a large switch statement
P3 JDK-8027828 ClassCastException when converting return value of a Java method to boolean
P3 JDK-8020223 ClassCastException: String can not be casted to ScriptFunction
P3 JDK-8021361 ClassCastException:.ScriptObjectMirror -> ScriptObject when getInterface called on object from different ScriptContext
P3 JDK-8017768 ClassNotFoundException if the parameter in Java.type() is an enum.
P3 JDK-8008370 coffee script compiler doesn't work with Nashorn
P3 JDK-8021130 Comments need to be tokens
P3 JDK-8023154 compileAllTests fails with: 2 tests failed to compile
P3 JDK-8026008 Constant folding removes var statement
P3 JDK-8026323 Constructors allocating too many fields
P3 JDK-8007273 Creation of ScriptFunctions can be refactored
P3 JDK-8019985 Date.parse("2000-01-01T00:00:00.Z") should return NaN
P3 JDK-8010697 DeletedArrayFilter seems to leak memory
P3 JDK-8006337 Discarded arguments must still be evaluated for side effects
P3 JDK-8020283 Don't use exceptions for widening of ArrayData
P3 JDK-8013919 Duplicate symbol when defining function in finally block
P3 JDK-8026161 Early conversion from double to int causes method selection ambiguity
P3 JDK-8019963 empty char range in regex
P3 JDK-8023631 engine.js init script should be loaded into every global instance created by engines
P3 JDK-8022903 Enhance for-in and for-each for Lists and Maps
P3 JDK-8019365 Error stack format
P3 JDK-8025488 Error.captureStackTrace should not format error stack
P3 JDK-8027562 eval should load second and subsequent arguments for side effect
P3 JDK-8026692 eval() throws NullPointerException with --compile-only
P3 JDK-8027042 Evaluation order for binary operators can be improved
P3 JDK-8010660 Exception in Nashorn when building JavaFX samples
P3 JDK-8005958 Exception in self invoking anonymous function
P3 JDK-8017585 Exclude two failing tests from Nashorn CC run
P3 JDK-8010147 Expected files missing for nashorn lazy/eager jit tests
P3 JDK-8014426 Finally block cut the stack of a thrown exception
P3 JDK-8012919 findMegaMorphicSetMethod should not cast result type.
P3 JDK-8026042 FoldConstants need to guard against ArrayLiteralNode
P3 JDK-8024972 for (LeftHandSideExpression in Expression) crashes the compiler
P3 JDK-8009868 For loop with "true" as condition results in AssertionError in codegen
P3 JDK-8026955 for-in should convert primitive values to object
P3 JDK-8026048 Function constructor should convert arguments to String before performing any syntax checks
P3 JDK-8027700 function redeclaration checks missing for declaration binding instantiation
P3 JDK-8026112 Function("with(x ? 1e81 : (x2.constructor = 0.1)){}") throws AssertionError: double is not compatible with object
P3 JDK-8006755 Functions inside with statements dont get correct scope
P3 JDK-8026039 future strict names are allowed as function name and argument name of a strict function
P3 JDK-8024539 FX Libraries update missing file
P3 JDK-8026264 Getter, setter function name mangling issues
P3 JDK-8026693 getType() called on DISCARD node
P3 JDK-8026248 importClass has to be a varargs function
P3 JDK-8005440 Improve .hgignore filtering for Nashorn repo
P3 JDK-8006584 improve variable handling in NashfornScriptEngine
P3 JDK-8019947 inherited property invalidation does not work with two globals in same context
P3 JDK-8005364 initial hg tags for nashorn repo
P3 JDK-8020596 Initialization of white space strings in scanner should be done with \u strings
P3 JDK-8020357 Int32Array(Math.pow(2,31)-1).length throws java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException
P3 JDK-8008210 Introduce CompilerExceptions as the preferred way of exiting the Compiler on erroneous state
P3 JDK-8006984 introducing local into a function inside with statement confuses its scope
P3 JDK-8011555 Invalid class name in with block with JavaImporter causes MH type mismatch
P3 JDK-8006950 Investigate Array initialization overhead
P3 JDK-8021252 invokeMethod throws NoSuchMethodException when script object is from different script context
P3 JDK-8026137 Issues with Binary Evaluation Order
P3 JDK-8008198 java.lang.AssertionError: Invalid break target class
P3 JDK-8024847 should accept mirror and external JSObjects as array-like objects as well
P3 JDK-8005983 JavaAdapterFactory generated proxy classes should take extra constructor arguments at the end
P3 JDK-8010199 javax.script.Invocable implementation for nashorn does not return null when matching functions are missing
P3 JDK-8016531 jconsole-plugin script demo does not work with nashorn
P3 JDK-8024619 JDBC java.sql.DriverManager is not usable from JS script
P3 JDK-8013794 JDK-8006220 caused an octane performance regression.
P3 JDK-8027128 jdk.nashorn.api.scripting.JSObject should be an interface
P3 JDK-8012251 jjs should support -fx option
P3 JDK-8023210 jjs tools should support a mode where it will load few command line scripts and then entering into interactive shell
P3 JDK-8011630 JSON parsing performance issue
P3 JDK-8013444 JSON.parse does not invoke "reviver" callback as per spec.
P3 JDK-8025149 JSON.stringify does not handle 'space' argument as per the spec.
P3 JDK-8009140 jtreg tests under sun/tools/jrunscript should use nashorn engine
P3 JDK-8009718 Lazy execution architecture iteration 2
P3 JDK-8019226 line number not generated for first statement if it is on the same function declaration line
P3 JDK-8025629 load function should support a way to load scripts from classpath
P3 JDK-8008554 load is broken for URLs that aren't files.
P3 JDK-8013796 load("fx:base.js") should not be in fx:bootstrap.js
P3 JDK-8015814 loadWithNewGlobal needs to wrap createGlobal in AccessController.doPrivileged
P3 JDK-8015945 loadWithNewGlobal return value has to be properly wrapped
P3 JDK-8005788 Loggers and system properties corresponding to loggers are inconsistent, some streams are erroneously closed when logging
P3 JDK-8008207 Make constants array and source fields private
P3 JDK-8023454 Make sure developer readme is up to date before release
P3 JDK-8022524 Memory leaks in nashorn sources and tests found by jhat analysis
P3 JDK-8005403 Migrate Nashorn sources to openjdk
P3 JDK-8023551 Mirror functions can not be invoked using invokeMethod, invokeFunction
P3 JDK-8011700 More compatibility issues reported by André Bargull on nashorn-dev
P3 JDK-8006222 Move slot from SpillProperty to Property
P3 JDK-8013913 Move Source field to FunctionNode instead of having it live in every node
P3 JDK-8022483 Nashorn compatibility issues in jhat's OQL feature
P3 JDK-8020035 nashorn jdk buildfile BuildNashorn.gmk still renamed jdk.nashorn.internal.objects package
P3 JDK-8006527 nashorn jsr223 engine does not work in sandbox
P3 JDK-8007666 nashorn missing from
P3 JDK-8008814 Nashorn shouldn't accept FunctionDeclaration as a Statement
P3 JDK-8026871 NASHORN TEST: Enable possibility to test Nashorn use of JavaFX canvas.
P3 JDK-8012673 Nashorn's package name vs class name inferring logic is wrong
P3 JDK-8005835 NASHORN-668 output fails to compare with the corresponding .EXPECTED file
P3 JDK-8019398 nashorn-dev spec corner, review bugs
P3 JDK-8016550 has the wrong default
P3 JDK-8028161 nashorn: src/jdk/nashorn/api/scripting/
P3 JDK-8022731 NativeArguments has wrong implementation of isMapped()
P3 JDK-8022062 NativeArguments improvements
P3 JDK-8015741 Need a global.load function that starts with a new global scope.
P3 JDK-8013447 Need Node.setSymbol to be copy on write and take function snapshots are parsetime that unmodified can be saved and recompiled later
P3 JDK-8008575 Need to allow make code coverage on nashorn project
P3 JDK-8015969 Needs to enforce and document that global "context" and "engine" can't be modified when running via jsr223
P3 JDK-8023531 new RegExp('').toString() should return '/(?:)/'
P3 JDK-8012191 noSuchProperty can't cope with vararg functions
P3 JDK-8021122 Not all callables are handled for toString and other function valued properties
P3 JDK-8026250 NPE at jdk.nashorn.internal.runtime.DebugLogger.levelAbove(
P3 JDK-8025080 Object literal getter, setter function with number format property name results in ClassFormatError
P3 JDK-8023780 Object.bindProperties with bean binding fails when underlying object has a @CS method
P3 JDK-8011629 Object.defineProperty performance issue
P3 JDK-8022598 Object.getPrototypeOf should return null for host objects rather than throwing TypeError
P3 JDK-8023784 Object.prototype.toString should contain the class name for all instances
P3 JDK-8013208 Octane performance regression
P3 JDK-8015459 Octane test run fails on Turkish locale
P3 JDK-8005703 Offsets miscalculated for blocks
P3 JDK-8027301 Optimizations for Function.prototype.apply
P3 JDK-8025325 parseFloat does not handle '.' in exponent part
P3 JDK-8025312 parseInt should convert 'radix' argument to ToInt32 even if empty string is parsed
P3 JDK-8019473 Parser issues related to functions and blocks
P3 JDK-8006424 Passing null or undefined to adapter class constructors results in NPE or ClassCastException
P3 JDK-8025515 Performance issues with Source.getLine()
P3 JDK-8022614 Please exclude test test/script/trusted/JDK-8020809.js from Nashorn code coverage run
P3 JDK-8021792 print function defined in engine.js does not handle multiple arguments
P3 JDK-8006517 PropertyHashMap.Element.equals() compares to Property
P3 JDK-8011095 PropertyHashMap.rehash() does not grow enough
P3 JDK-8011540 PropertyMap histories should not begin with empty map
P3 JDK-8005940 provide ant targets to get and update external test scripts
P3 JDK-8014827 readLine should accept a prompt as an argument.
P3 JDK-8005801 Refactor findSetMethod
P3 JDK-8024615 Refactor ScriptObjectMirror and JSObject to support external JSObject implementations
P3 JDK-8005843 refSymbol lookup of catch variable causes NullPointerException in Lower
P3 JDK-8024512 Regex /[^\[]/ doesn't match
P3 JDK-8016681 regex capture behaves differently than on V8
P3 JDK-8025486 RegExp constructor arguments are not evaluated in right order
P3 JDK-8025434 RegExp lastIndex can exceed int range
P3 JDK-8023650 Regexp m flag does not recognize CRNL or CR
P3 JDK-8011219 Regression with recent PropertyMap history changes
P3 JDK-8021364 Remove -package option
P3 JDK-8006304 Remove pre-population of maps for constructor produced maps
P3 JDK-8013925 Remove symbol fields from nodes that don't need them
P3 JDK-8010804 Review long and integer usage conventions
P3 JDK-8005971 runsunspider needs to check results when the external repo conforms to our third party licensing
P3 JDK-8016618 script mirror object access should be improved
P3 JDK-8008305 ScriptEngine.eval should offer the ability to provide a codebase
P3 JDK-8013295 fails with compilation error when running under jtreg
P3 JDK-8027150 ScriptObjectListAdapter won't work as expected
P3 JDK-8020015 shared PropertyMaps should not be used without duplication
P3 JDK-8007796 Shebang $ARG not set up properly
P3 JDK-8007794 Shebang stdin not handled properly by jjs
P3 JDK-8013360 Should be using JavaFX 8 classes for -fx support
P3 JDK-8023721 Simplify eval in DebuggerSupport
P3 JDK-8006220 Simplify PropertyMaps
P3 JDK-8026302 source representation of getter and setter methods is wrong
P3 JDK-8011086 Specification fails (outside test262)
P3 JDK-8020325 static property does not work on accessible, public classes
P3 JDK-8010703 Stop overriding equals and hashCode in ir nodes and Symbol
P3 JDK-8013419 Streamline handling of with and eval
P3 JDK-8019987 String trimRight and trimLeft could be defined
P3 JDK-8027024 String.prototype.charAt and charCodeAt do not evaluate 'self' and 'pos' arguments in right order
P3 JDK-8027753 Support ScriptObject to JSObject, ScriptObjectMirror, Map, Bindings auto-conversion as well as explicit wrap, unwrap
P3 JDK-8026033 Switch should load expression even when there are no cases in it
P3 JDK-8008166 test failures on windows
P3 JDK-8015855 test/script/basic/JDK-8012164.js fails on Windows
P3 JDK-8028573 test/script/basic/JDK-8028434.js fails in nightly smoke testrun
P3 JDK-8015727 Thread safe print function
P3 JDK-8020946 TokenType#toString returned null
P3 JDK-8026016 too many relinks dominate avatar.js http benchmark
P3 JDK-8025147 Trailing comma is not allowed in JSONArray and JSONObject
P3 JDK-8008392 Transport tycoon generates a structure class with too many fields
P3 JDK-8025048 true as case label results in ClassCastException
P3 JDK-8021321 Two runsunspider tests fail after updating sunspider to 1.0
P3 JDK-8019783 typeof does not work properly for java methods and foreign objects
P3 JDK-8025111 undefined or null 'with' expression in empty with block should throw TypeError
P3 JDK-8007067 Unpublicize unnecessary public methods in the codegen and ir package
P3 JDK-8023250 Update JavaScript code in JDK for changes in iteration over Java arrays
P3 JDK-8008915 URLReader constructor should allow specifying encoding
P3 JDK-8024973 Using a different ScriptContext with a CompiledScript results in ScriptException
P3 JDK-8024693 Various minor issues with JSONWriter used by script parser API
P3 JDK-8024846 VerifyError on valid code - arguments initialized as a local var confuses codegenerator
P3 JDK-8024255 When a keyword is used as object property name, the property can not be deleted
P3 JDK-8016235 Wrong bytecode generation in try/catch block
P3 JDK-8020437 Wrong handling of line numbers with multiline string literals
P3 JDK-8019791 ~ is a unary operator
P4 JDK-8011543 "".split(undefined,{valueOf:function(){throw 2}}) does not throw exception
P4 JDK-8015349 "abc".lastIndexOf("a",-1) should evaluate to 0 and not -1
P4 JDK-8015352 "i".toUpperCase() => currently returns "İ", but should be "I" (with Turkish locale)
P4 JDK-8019983 (function(){ switch(1){ case 0: case '': default:return} return 1 })() returns 0 instead of undefined
P4 JDK-8023453 --log:attr doesn't unindent identNodes
P4 JDK-8020125 --print-lower-parse misses eval
P4 JDK-8011960 [2,1].sort(null) should throw TypeError
P4 JDK-8015357 a = []; a[0x7fffffff]=1; a.sort()[0] should evaluate to 1 instead of undefined
P4 JDK-8013203 A collection of smaller speedups to compilation pipeline
P4 JDK-8005979 A lot of tests are named "runTest" in reports
P4 JDK-8014785 Ability to extend global instance by binding properties of another object
P4 JDK-8006093 Add a makefile target to run all tests (test, test262, perf tests)
P4 JDK-8008448 Add coverage test for
P4 JDK-8007286 Add JavaAdapter and importPackage to compatibility script
P4 JDK-8013871 Add mem usage instrumentation to Nashorn
P4 JDK-8008291 Add more tests for better coverage of objects, scripting and parser packages
P4 JDK-8015636 Add more typed arrays code coverage tests
P4 JDK-8019814 Add regression test for passing cases
P4 JDK-8007452 add scripting programmers doc changes for nashorn
P4 JDK-8007619 Add support for deprecated properties of RegExp constructor
P4 JDK-8007643 Add testing for quit and exit
P4 JDK-8008298 Add tests to cover specialized versions of Math functions.
P4 JDK-8014559 allgetterssetters.js is not touching setters in jcov
P4 JDK-8015267 Allow conversion of JS arrays to Java List/Deque
P4 JDK-8011980 Allow NUL character in character class
P4 JDK-8009229 ant makefile default target should be "test"
P4 JDK-8005987 ant octane tries to run non-benchmark scripts
P4 JDK-8014909 ant test compilation error with
P4 JDK-8007094 Apply version to nashorn.jar manifest
P4 JDK-8020358 Array(0xfffffff) throws OutOfMemoryError
P4 JDK-8006766 Array-like access to characters of a string is slow
P4 JDK-8015355 Array.prototype functions don't honour non-writable length and / or index properties
P4 JDK-8011365 Array.prototype.join and Array.prototype.toString do not throw TypeError on null, undefined
P4 JDK-8012240{length: -1, get 0(){throw 0}}, function(){}).length does not throw error
P4 JDK-8015350 Array.prototype.reduceRight issue with large length and index
P4 JDK-8011357 Array.prototype.slice and Array.prototype.splice should not call user defined valueOf of start, end arguments more than once
P4 JDK-8011552 Arrays with missing elements are not properly sorted
P4 JDK-8019157 Avoid calling ScriptObject.setProto() if possible
P4 JDK-8006678 Avoid too many Context.getGlobal() calls
P4 JDK-8016226 Back out test without 3rd party license approval
P4 JDK-8019821 Boolean Cannot Be Cast To Integer
P4 JDK-8019811 Boolean to bitwise coercion error
P4 JDK-8008215 break in catch clause causes java.lang.VerifyError: Inconsistent stackmap
P4 JDK-8019809 Break return statement can create erroneous bytecode
P4 JDK-8011749 Bugs with empty character class handling
P4 JDK-8019580 Build Script Change for Nashorn promotion testing
P4 JDK-8007215 Can't generate code to invoke functions with many arguments
P4 JDK-8014797 Change Java.toJavaArray() and Java.toJavaScriptArray() to and Java.from()
P4 JDK-8022587 ClassCache is not optimal and leaks Source instances
P4 JDK-8006857 ClassCastException when interface implementing function uses arguments object
P4 JDK-8006408 Clean up and specialize NativeString
P4 JDK-8012522 Clean up LexicalContexts
P4 JDK-8008206 Codegen throws ClassCastException for BinaryNode in switch case expression
P4 JDK-8015674 CodeGenerator.initSymbols mutates a list
P4 JDK-8019508 Comma handling in object literal parsing is wrong
P4 JDK-8011974 Comparator function returning negative and positive Infinity does not work as expected with Array.prototype.sort
P4 JDK-8027031 Complete merging of loads and converts
P4 JDK-8006195 Constructor property map always contains conditionally assigned properties
P4 JDK-8011233 Create a Nashorn shell for JavaFX
P4 JDK-8008197 Cross script engine function calls do not work as expected
P4 JDK-8011382 Data prototype methods and constructor do not call user defined toISOString, valueOf methods per spec.
P4 JDK-8025163 Date methods should not return -0
P4 JDK-8015353 Date.parse illegal string parsing issues
P4 JDK-8012462 Date.prototype.toJSON does not handle non-Date 'this' as per the spec.
P4 JDK-8013325 Defining a function named "arguments" should set DEFINES_ARGUMENTS in its parent, not itself
P4 JDK-8024130 Do we need to force slots for temporaries in self-assign?
P4 JDK-8005789 Document -Dnashorn.unstable.relink.threshold in DEVELOPER_README
P4 JDK-8019822 Duplicate name and signature in finally block
P4 JDK-8010652 Eliminate non-child references in Block/FunctionNode, and make few node types immutable
P4 JDK-8009146 Eliminate some dead code in preparation for immutable AST
P4 JDK-8007774 Enable code cache again
P4 JDK-8008789 Enable java access and nashorn runtime tests for jtreg
P4 JDK-8010991 Enable test/javax/script/ again
P4 JDK-8027236 Ensure ConsString isn't visible to Java
P4 JDK-8006575 Error in codegen for element access on primitive value
P4 JDK-8012164 Error.stack needs trimming
P4 JDK-8017950 error.stack should be a string rather than an array
P4 JDK-8014512 Exclude testing and infrastructure packages from code coverage
P4 JDK-8014648 Exclude testing and infrastructure packages from code coverage, round two
P4 JDK-8015684 FieldObjectCreator.putField ignores getValueType()
P4 JDK-8006562 findOwnMH in nashorn "objects" package should be cleaned up
P4 JDK-8015278 Fix accidental checkin of build.xml with JDK-8015267
P4 JDK-8009263 Fix all javadoc errors in nashorn code
P4 JDK-8008231 Fix build system to accommodate integration of dynalink.
P4 JDK-8008371 Fix Dynalink compiler warnings
P4 JDK-8008420 Fix Nashorn forest to build with NEWBUILD=false
P4 JDK-8006943 Fix order of function method arguments to be (callee, thisObject)
P4 JDK-8007002 For control flow reasons, we should let the various error throwing functions return the error to be thrown rather than throwing it
P4 JDK-8019805 for each (init; test; modify) is invalid
P4 JDK-8015447 Full runs of ant octane, ant octane-rhino and ant octane-v8 don't work
P4 JDK-8007900 Function binding is inefficient
P4 JDK-8015345 Function("}),print('test'),({") should throw SyntaxError
P4 JDK-8012457 Function.prototype.apply should accept any array-like argument for function arguments
P4 JDK-8005782 get rid of javadoc errors, warnings in nashorn build
P4 JDK-8012184 Get time spent in CodeGenerator down
P4 JDK-8006525 Give StaticClass objects their own linker
P4 JDK-8014953 Have NativeJavaPackage constructor that throws a ClassNotFoundException
P4 JDK-8007522 IllegalStateException thrown from function
P4 JDK-8006069 Implement quick compile time integer range analysis
P4 JDK-8013533 Improve code coverage for types and logging
P4 JDK-8008387 Improve code coverage tests for JSObjectLinker and NashornBottomLinker
P4 JDK-8006412 Improve toString method of ScriptObjectMirror class
P4 JDK-8012359 Increase code coverage in Joni
P4 JDK-8006028 Integrate Joni regexp engine with Nashorn
P4 JDK-8013864 Integrate LineNumberNodes with Location
P4 JDK-8006983 Introduce a command line option to switch off syntactic extensions of nashorn
P4 JDK-8011210 Investigate the cause of the findValue callsite miss in gbemu.js
P4 JDK-8005842 IR node @Reference is treated as @Ignore by the ASTWriter
P4 JDK-8019476 Issues found by jsfunfuzz
P4 JDK-8013337 Issues with Date.prototype's get, set functions
P4 JDK-8011705 Issues with JSON functions from nashorn-dev alias
P4 JDK-8007132 Java objects returned from constructor functions are lost
P4 JDK-8007140 Java.extend crashes when attempting to extend java.lang.Object
P4 JDK-8015830 Javascript mapping of ScriptEngine bindings does not expose keys.
P4 JDK-8017448 JDK-8010732.js.EXPECTED truncated
P4 JDK-8046164 JEP 174: Nashorn JavaScript Engine
P4 JDK-8007545 jjs input evalinput need to be NOT_ENUMERABLE
P4 JDK-8015346 JSON parsing issues with escaped strings, octal, decimal numbers
P4 JDK-8015354 JSON.parse should not use [[Put]] but use [[DefineOwnProperty]] instead
P4 JDK-8008238 Labeled break in finally causes stack overflow in Node copy
P4 JDK-8010720 Linkage problem with java.lang.String.length()
P4 JDK-8020224 LinkageError: attempted duplicate class definition when --loader-per-compiler=false
P4 JDK-8016239 loadWithNewGlobal should support user supplied arguments from the caller
P4 JDK-8010136 Make jrunscript's init.js to work on nashorn
P4 JDK-8008093 Make RegExp engine pluggable
P4 JDK-8027037 Make ScriptObjectMirror conversions work for any JSObject
P4 JDK-8008729 Make sure that we can run basic jsr223 tests using jtreg
P4 JDK-8006852 Move tests from JIRA for prepopulated map failures
P4 JDK-8009021 nasgen tool should be run on boot jdk rather than currently being built jdk
P4 JDK-8008774 nashorn missing from dependencies after merge with tl
P4 JDK-8009230 Nashorn rejects extended RegExp syntax accepted by all major JS engines
P4 JDK-8006181 nashorn script engine does not run jrunscript's initialization script
P4 JDK-8006736 nashorn script engine should support the usage multiple global objects with same engine instance
P4 JDK-8015351 Nashorn shell does not start with Turkish locale
P4 JDK-8027708 NASHORN TEST: Create Nashorn test that draws image step-by-step using JavaFX canvas.
P4 JDK-8014492 NashornLinker was made package private
P4 JDK-8012291 NativeArray is inconsistent in using long for length and index in some places and int for the same in other places
P4 JDK-8012931 NativeDate.safeToString() throws RangeError for invalid date
P4 JDK-8009982 needsCallee problem with lazy compilation
P4 JDK-8008757 NEWBUILD=true has separate launcher code for jjs
P4 JDK-8015693 NodeLiteralNode class is only used for null values
P4 JDK-8010819 Nodevisitor.enterXXXNode should return boolean
P4 JDK-8019553 NPE on illegal l-value for increment and decrement
P4 JDK-8019819 Nullpointer exception in codegen
P4 JDK-8019482 Number("0x0.0p0") should evaluate to NaN
P4 JDK-8016522 Numeric literal must not be followed by IdentifierStart
P4 JDK-8020324 Object.bindProperties(target, source) does not work when source object is a java bean
P4 JDK-8011274 Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(function(){"use strict"},"caller").get.hasOwnProperty("prototype") should be false
P4 JDK-8011209 Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(function(){"use strict"},"caller").get.length is not 0
P4 JDK-8011237 Object.isExtensible(Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(function(){"use strict"},"caller").get) should be false
P4 JDK-8019478"a")) === "[object Array]" should be true
P4 JDK-8015955 ObjectNode.elements should be stronger typed
P4 JDK-8006559 Octane:pdfjs leaks memory, runs slower iteration to iteration
P4 JDK-8015347 Parsing issue with decodeURIComponent
P4 JDK-8016518 Parsing of octal string escapes is broken
P4 JDK-8011065 Problems when script implements an interface with variadic methods
P4 JDK-8015379 PropertyMap.addProperty() is slow
P4 JDK-8006082 Provide option to run octane benchmarks in separate processes
P4 JDK-8007091 Provide private API to pass application class loader for nashorn script engine
P4 JDK-8006635 Reduce access levels as much as possible
P4 JDK-8006293 Reduce ScriptObject.findCallMethodMethod
P4 JDK-8011714 Regexp decimal escape handling still not correct
P4 JDK-8013873 Regexp regression for escaped dash in character class
P4 JDK-8010805 RegExp undefined behavior for print(/a(b*)?c/.exec("ac")[1])
P4 JDK-8015348 RegExp("[") results in StackOverflowError
P4 JDK-8011394 RegExp.prototype.test() does not call valueOf on lastIndex property as per the spec.
P4 JDK-8009240 RegExpScanner code is inefficient and too complex
P4 JDK-8007109 Regression: String(ConsString) does not flatten argument to String
P4 JDK-8014639 Remove debug flag from test runs
P4 JDK-8007629 Remove extraneous quit from shell.js
P4 JDK-8013914 Remove line number nodes and move the line number into statements
P4 JDK-8005846 Remove Mangler in favor of Dynalink's NameCodec
P4 JDK-8008775 Remove non-ascii from jdk/THIRD_PARTY_README
P4 JDK-8006677 Remove unused FunctionNode flags
P4 JDK-8010145 removed workaround "init.js" in nashorn repo
P4 JDK-8010995 Rename erroneous unit test with wrong bug id
P4 JDK-8014225 Rerun only failed tests with "test262parallel"
P4 JDK-8008776 Revise BuildNashorn.gmk for changes in new build system
P4 JDK-8008648 Scope and callee problems with lazy jitting
P4 JDK-8022773 ScriptEngineTest.printManyTest fails
P4 JDK-8008947 ScriptEnvironment ctor should be public
P4 JDK-8014519 scriptpad sample does not work with nashorn
P4 JDK-8008731 Separate configuration environment (options, error/output writer etc.) from Context
P4 JDK-8015961 Several small code-gardening fixes
P4 JDK-8019175 Simplify ScriptObject.modifyOwnProperty
P4 JDK-8014329 Slim down the label stack structure in CodeGenerator
P4 JDK-8008103 Source object should maintain URL of the script source as a private field
P4 JDK-8012442 Spec issues wrt few more built-in objects such as Date, Array, Function and RegExp
P4 JDK-8008458 Strict functions dont share property map
P4 JDK-8016542 String.prototype.replace called with function argument should not replace $ patterns
P4 JDK-8007627 Support @Getter annotation on constructor
P4 JDK-8014781 support Error.captureStackTrace
P4 JDK-8011885 Switch to Joni as default Regexp engine
P4 JDK-8020124 switch((Math.pow ? x = 1.2e3 : 3)) { default: return; }
P4 JDK-8013729 SwitchPoint invalidation not working over prototype chain
P4 JDK-8008193 test262 tests should be run with security manager enabled
P4 JDK-8008756 THIRD_PARTY_README contains Unicode
P4 JDK-8006570 this-value for non-strict functions should be converted to object
P4 JDK-8012334 ToUint32, ToInt32, and ToUint16 don't conform to spec
P4 JDK-8008446 Tweaks to make all NEWBUILD=false round 2
P4 JDK-8008447 Tweaks to make all NEWBUILD=false round 3
P4 JDK-8008721 Tweaks to make all NEWBUILD=false round 4
P4 JDK-8015673 Type for ":e" is wrong
P4 JDK-8006738 Type inference for addition is wrong
P4 JDK-8014735 Typed Array, BYTES_PER_ELEMENT should be a class property
P4 JDK-8012083 Unary ADD and array literal always produces NaN
P4 JDK-8008239 Unpublicize as much as possible of the codegen package
P4 JDK-8013167 Vararg constructor not found
P4 JDK-8013131 Various compatibility issues in String.prototype.split()
P4 JDK-8007523 VerifyError on script that uses regular expression literals with ternary operator
P4 JDK-8019629 void operator should always evaluate to undefined
P4 JDK-8011421 When using Object.defineProperty on arrays, PropertyDescriptor's property accessors are invoked multiple times
P4 JDK-8011063 With older ant, we get the error "The type doesn't support nested text data ("${run.te...jvmargs}")."
P4 JDK-8011756 Wrong characters supported in RegExp \c escape
P5 JDK-8005666 Add webrev to .hgignore
P5 JDK-8008351 Avoid using String.replace(String, String) in codegen
P5 JDK-8022676 Confusing error message checking instanceof non-class
P5 JDK-8007455 Extraneous $(ECHO) in make/Makefile
P5 JDK-8016528 Hex code from escape() should be padded
P5 JDK-8005665 JavaDoc should only display public interfaces
P5 JDK-8007718 Make static RegExp properties fully compatible to other engines
P5 JDK-8011884 Regexp literals are compiled twice
P5 JDK-8008096 TokenStream buffer should grow exponentially
P5 JDK-8005663 Update copyright year to 2013
P5 JDK-8007956 Wrong or obsolete system properties in docs/DEVELOPER_README


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-8002101 Additional files - multi-core compilation of the jdk is prevented by auxiliary classes hidden inside java source files.
P4 JDK-8046158 JEP 168: Network Discovery of Manageable Java Processes
P4 JDK-8016576 Overrides warnings in jdi and jconsole
P4 JDK-2227990 Some colon in the diff for this test


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8024985 com/sun/jdi/ failed since jdk8b107
P3 JDK-8027705 com/sun/jdi/ fails when a background thread is generating events.
P3 JDK-8021897 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION on debugging String.contentEquals()
P3 JDK-7105883 JDWP: agent crash if there exists a ThreadGroup with null name
P3 JDK-8009397 test/com/sun/jdi/ ERROR: transport library missing onLoad entry: private_dt_socket
P4 JDK-8007420 add test for 6805864 to com/sun/jdi, add test for 7182152 to java/lang/instrument
P4 JDK-8005120 Compiler warnings in socket transport native code
P4 JDK-8006637 Failure to filter out native frame events on Solaris
P4 JDK-7117053 Fix build warnings in com/sun/tools/jdi/*
P4 JDK-4447344 JDI spec: several pending JDI step requests are allowed per one thread
P4 JDK-8009558 linked_md.c::dll_build_name can get stuck in an infinite loop
P4 JDK-6402201 needs better synchronization
P4 JDK-7141544 TEST_BUG: com/sun/jdi/ fails
P4 JDK-8004131 TEST_BUG: move jdi tests out of core testset
P5 JDK-7173036 test/com/sun/jdi/ does not run as expected


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-7121600 Instrumentation.redefineClasses() leaks class bytes
P3 JDK-8006565 java.lang.instrument specification should make it clear that -javaagent is optional
P3 JDK-7079093 TEST_BUG: java/lang/instrument/ fails with cygwin
P4 JDK-8006506 Add test for redefining methods in backtraces to java/lang/instrument tests
P4 JDK-7124706 enable test when fix for 8013063 is promoted
P4 JDK-8019527 Fix doclint warnings in java.lang.instruement
P4 JDK-8007935 java/lang/instrument/ should use $COMPILEJAVA for javac


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8003671 [findbugs] may expose internal representation by returning AgentConfigurationError.params
P2 JDK-8013861 IPv6: JMXConnectorServer.getConnectionIDs() return IDs contradicting to address grammar
P2 JDK-7132199 sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/ failing on all platforms
P3 JDK-8019826 [Test bug] Test com/sun/management/HotSpotDiagnosticMXBean/ fails with NPE
P3 JDK-7144825 closed/sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/ needs to work with Cygwin
P3 JDK-8025985 should not be public
P3 JDK-7120365 fails due to ConcurrentModificationException
P3 JDK-8019500 Exclude and to enable integration
P3 JDK-7198162 exclude test MemoryMXBean/
P3 JDK-8024071 In ManagementAgent.start it should be possible to set the parameter.
P3 JDK-6980985 java/lang/management/MemoryMXBean/ResetPeakMemoryUsage is not robust when getMax() returns -1
P3 JDK-8015440 java/lang/management/MemoryMXBean/ fails with RuntimeException
P3 JDK-7158614 failing intermittently
P3 JDK-6238114 Link/Details for Demonstration Code "MemoryMonitor" is missed out on page $jdk1.6.0/demo/management/
P3 JDK-8028099 Many com/sun/management/OperatingSystemMXBean tests failing with CCE (win)
P3 JDK-7198676 NPG: exclude MemoryMXBean tests which assume a perm gen
P3 JDK-8010734 NPG: The test needs to be updated to support metaspace
P3 JDK-7195557 NPG: Unexpected number of memory pools
P3 JDK-7164191 properties.putAll API may fail with ConcurrentModifcationException on multi-thread scenario
P3 JDK-7193302 Remove @ConstructorProperties annotation from
P3 JDK-6523160 RuntimeMXBean.getUptime() returns negative values
P3 JDK-7149181 sun/management/jmxremote/startstop/ failing on all platforms
P3 JDK-7181907 TEST_BUG: j/l/management/MemoryMXBean/ResetPeakMemoryUsage fails with NegativeArraySizeException
P4 JDK-7068328 BufferPoolMXBean and PlatformLoggingMXBean getObjectName may return null
P4 JDK-8003476 Cleanup warnings in com.sun.jmx.snmp code
P4 JDK-7090289 Eliminate static dependency from usage tracker on
P4 JDK-8020308 Fix doclint issues in
P4 JDK-7067691 java/lang/management/PlatformLoggingMXBean/ failing intermittently
P4 JDK-7198849 Make javax/management/remote/mandatory/notif/ less timing sensitive
P4 JDK-7120974 ManagementPermission "control" needs clarification
P4 JDK-7173044 Memory monitor demo hangs the system if MemoryUsage obj returns -1 .
P4 JDK-6853676 OperatingSystemMXBean.TotalPhysicalMemorySize has incorrect value
P4 JDK-7073626 and fail under Cygwin
P4 JDK-7152798 TEST_BUG: sun/management/HotspotClassLoadingMBean/ does not compile
P4 JDK-7194597 Typeo in
P4 JDK-7117570 Warnings in sun.mangement.* and its subpackages


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-6738690 [Evt Srv] Server deadlocked after a client addListener call
P2 JDK-8022303 [nightly][regression] closed/javax/management/remote/mandatory/ fails
P2 JDK-8023954 MBean*Info.equals: throw NPE
P2 JDK-6783290 MBeanInfo/MBeanFeatureInfo has inconsistent readObject/writeObject
P2 JDK-6566891 RMIConnector: map value referencing map key in WeakHashMap prevents map entry to be removed
P3 JDK-8005472 com/sun/jmx/remote/NotificationMarshalVersions/ failed on windows
P3 JDK-6752584 Deadlock in new JMX FetchingEventRelay
P3 JDK-6431704 Deadlock in RMIConnector.close
P3 JDK-7198070 Eliminate static dependency from JMX to java.beans.ConstructorProperties
P3 JDK-6809322 does not fire all notifications
P3 JDK-7009998 JMX synchronization during connection restart is faulty
P3 JDK-8001048 JSR-160: Allow IIOP transport to be optional
P3 JDK-8006524 JSR-3: Allows java.beans to be optional
P3 JDK-8023669 MBean*Info.hashCode : NPE
P3 JDK-8023529 OpenMBeanInfoSupport.equals/hashCode throw NPE
P3 JDK-6937053 RMI unmarshalling errors in ClientNotifForwarder cause silent failure
P3 JDK-6976971 TEST: javax/management/remote/mandatory/ should be re-integrated
P3 JDK-8012980 Update JSR-160 specification (PDF file) to match javadoc update for 8001048
P3 JDK-8012981 Update JSR-3 specification (PDF file) to match javadoc update for 8006524
P4 JDK-8016592 Clean-up Javac Overrides Warnings In javax/management/
P4 JDK-7170447 intermittent failure
P4 JDK-8028014 JMX Doclint warning/error cleanup
P4 JDK-6770624 JMXServiceURL like service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/iiop:// drives to a NPE
P4 JDK-8005309 Missed tests for 6783290,6937053,7009998
P4 JDK-8005791 Remove java.beans.* imports from com.sun.jmx.mbeanserver.Introspector
P4 JDK-8015627 test/com/sun/jmx/remote/NotificationMarshalVersions/ fails in agentvm mode
P4 JDK-7056447 test/java/lang/management/ManagementFactory/ fails in agentvm
P4 JDK-8004666 TEST_BUG: test/closed/javax/management/remote/mandatory/security/ 93 fails


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8023786 (jdk) setjmp/longjmp changes the process signal mask on OS X
P2 JDK-7168110 Misleading jstack error message
P3 JDK-7150256 Add back Diagnostic Command JMX API
P3 JDK-8007142 Add utility classes for writing better multiprocess tests in jtreg
P3 JDK-8008089 Delete OS dependent check in JdkFinder.getExecutable()
P3 JDK-7175775 Disable SA options in jinfo/ test until SA updated for new hash and String count/offset
P3 JDK-8025502 Exclude tests due to JDK-8025427
P3 JDK-8003632 HPROF class file version java.lang.RuntimeException errors
P3 JDK-8007536 Incorrect copyright header in JDP files
P3 JDK-7154113 jcmd, jps and jstat tests failing when there are unknown Java processes on the system
P3 JDK-8019384 jps and jcmd tests fail when there is a process started with a .war file
P3 JDK-7154114 jstat tests failing on non-english locales
P3 JDK-6433591 JVM crashes unlinking /tmp/hsperfdata_root after effective user id changes
P3 JDK-6988099 jvmti demos missing Publisher (COMPANY resource) in dll and exe files on windows
P3 JDK-8005116 NPG: Rename -permstat option for jmap in jdk8 to -clstats
P3 JDK-8002048 Protocol for discovery of manageable Java processes on a network
P3 JDK-8009427 Re-enable tests that were disable to ease complicated push
P3 JDK-6200248 SA: NullPointerException in jstack
P3 JDK-7144833 sun/tools/jcmd/ failing intermittently
P3 JDK-8009384 Temporarily disable jstat tests to ease complicated push
P3 JDK-8028239 test/sun/jvmstat/monitor/MonitoredVm/ with CNF
P3 JDK-8008095 TEST_BUG: JDK-8002048 one more testcase failure on Solaris
P3 JDK-8007786 TEST_BUG: JDK-8002048 testcase doesn't work on Solaris
P3 JDK-8007277 TEST_BUG: JDK-8002048 testcase fails to compile
P3 JDK-6963102 Testcase failures sun/tools/jstatd/ and sun/tools/jstatd/
P3 JDK-7194035 update tests for upcoming changes for jtreg
P4 JDK-6461635 [TEST_BUG] test fails intermittently.
P4 JDK-8016221 A unit test should not use a fix port to run a jmx connector
P4 JDK-7165722 Invalid path in README.txt of MemoryMonitor demo
P4 JDK-8001621 Update awk scripts that check output from jps/jcmd
P5 JDK-7154822 forward port fix for Bug 13645891 to JDK8 jcmd (1024 byte file size limit issue)


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8013161 [REGRESSION] In security warning dialog for ext jnlp in mixed code scenarios, The "Run" button became "Install" since 7u25-b06.
P1 JDK-8031465 Applet fails to load images and audio clips.
P1 JDK-8005961 broken build - new file missing in puhs of 8004505
P1 JDK-8007106 unsigned security dialog shows up late
P2 JDK-8003125 *REGRESSION* Runtime parameters can't be set from control panel
P2 JDK-8017518 [REGERSSION] Some jnlp applets with indirectly deployed jars does not work since 7u40
P2 JDK-8014622 [REGRESSION] Embeded Object tag does not work on FF/GC/Safari since 7u25-b06 due to fix of JDK-8011957.
P2 JDK-8022014 applet performance degrades due to ocsp calls
P2 JDK-8009048 blacklisted.cert file can't be updated
P2 JDK-8004075 D1 dialog does not show on launching of unsigned javaws fx-app when security level is set to High
P2 JDK-8004897 deploy repository building: ant fails during arm build
P2 JDK-8002334 Disable/Enable Java in JCP and then click Apply/OK causes two pop-ups.
P2 JDK-8021822 DRS initialization is still not working after JDK-8021590 - "Cannot verify rule set jar"
P2 JDK-8028579 Fix unit tests building
P2 JDK-8007121 InstallCommands.getInstallStatus should be public
P2 JDK-8015924 Local Security Policy: implement jar certificate verification and data file extraction.
P2 JDK-8015718 Local Security Policy: Implement JRE selection.
P2 JDK-8008404 Multiple same unsigned applets loaded simultaneously will cause multiple sec warning dialogs.
P2 JDK-8003191 Need to be able to launch 'About Java' from command line
P2 JDK-8006724 new SSV3 dialog AWT implementation needs to be moved into instance of DialogTemplate
P2 JDK-8003180 The infomration in popup is incorrect when we launch javaws application when Java is disabled at user level.
P2 JDK-8009682 There's no new sandboxed security warning dialog when an applet try to open a page who contains a new applet from a different host.
P2 JDK-8019207 When policy.jar defined, OCSP/CRL validation still occurs even we disable OCSP/CRL from JCP with 7u40#508
P2 JDK-8020098 WireFrameTest demo doesn't work with security exceptions
P3 JDK-8014626 "Error: click for details" failed to appear in applet area under some scenarios
P3 JDK-8017450 "Failure to contact revocation server" should not block a whitelisted app
P3 JDK-8003535 (Mac) "Don't ask again..." doesn't work for Native dialog A
P3 JDK-8012605 baseline/blacklist files do not get downloaded under some circumstances for javaws app.
P3 JDK-8010018 Copyright year in Info.plist needs to the changed two 2013
P3 JDK-8015897 deploy changes needed to compile with Visual Studio 2012
P3 JDK-8012677 Deploy Junit test issue in javaws/preloader
P3 JDK-8016826 dynamic baseline and blacklist can't be updated from second change of remote file
P3 JDK-8020950 Inconsistent location is used for local security policy between jnlp applet and non-jnlp applets
P3 JDK-8004323 Java Control Panel Changes
P3 JDK-8003514 Java control panel does not refect the java enable status via installer command line args
P3 JDK-8005458 Java is disabled when install Java on command line with args to Enable Java on a previously Java Disabled system
P3 JDK-8009908 Location of the blocked local application is not listed in the dialog
P3 JDK-8004325 Makefile Changes
P3 JDK-8005586 refactor TrustDecider to segregate signature validation from trust granting
P3 JDK-8004324 Registry Deploy Changes
P3 JDK-8004321 Remove Deprecated Features
P3 JDK-8009475 Self signed apps are not blocked when "Allow user to grant permissions to singed content" is unchecked
P3 JDK-8017517 Signed non-jnlp applets still show security dialogs with run permission granted from local security policy file
P3 JDK-8009846 String for always accept does not match meaning of always in signed sandbox security dialog.
P3 JDK-8012988 Unsigned app/applets should show red warning text, too at MEDIUM level.
P3 JDK-8005952 user defined blacklist will be overridden by dynamic blacklist
P3 JDK-8015758 Valid CA-Signed Sandbox dialog's title should be "Security Information" instead of "Security Warning".
P3 JDK-8027245 Version=SECURE-1.7 in DRS grants run permission to apps run with (insecure) 1.8
P3 JDK-8003666 With Disable Java setting, 7u6 JCP is used when we install 7u10 firstly and then install 7u6
P4 JDK-8008344 add expiration date as simple constant string for release engineering
P4 JDK-8029053 failed
P4 JDK-8028685 failures
P4 JDK-8028747 FAILED
P4 JDK-8028754 com.sun.javaws.PreloaderTest failure due to security setting
P4 JDK-8022404 Fix doclint issues in java.applet
P4 JDK-8001210 forward port of 6606110
P4 JDK-8017164 Invalid URL to GetJava web page could be formed in deployJava.js in some cases
P4 JDK-8005030 Mac Native DEPLOY_STRNCPY comment
P4 JDK-8069559 Update ldap related cases to use our own ldap server - deployment_int_ws


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8003248 7u10: DT does not detect FX in IE
P1 JDK-7179643 Changes to control panel cause it to not show anymore
P1 JDK-7198818 Deploy build broken on windows
P1 JDK-7176861 Fix build breakage
P1 JDK-7115366 Fix for 7103815 breaks build on unix
P1 JDK-7116488 fix for 7116138 broke build
P1 JDK-7184568 Mac JDK: Deployment jars/libs are missing in the JDK installation folder
P1 JDK-7092290 Opening Internet Explorer 8 blocked by UAC dialog for ssvagent.exe
P1 JDK-7196071 Plugin Fails to build with GCC 4.7 + on Linux ARM... missing #include in gcc compiler
P2 JDK-7159764 (Mac) Improve implementation of self-update/Sparkle support
P2 JDK-7146827 (Mac) Make FX cobundle optional
P2 JDK-7163943 (mac) Plugin bundle needs an icon!
P2 JDK-7135921 (Mac) Workaround AWT lockup
P2 JDK-7193966 [macosx] [regresison from Apple's Java 6] non-ascii chars can not be read or displayed, causing files to not load, files not found
P2 JDK-7171668 [macosx] NLS: .strings files do not have UTF-16 BOM
P2 JDK-7132981 add InstallHints support to RegisterDeploy
P2 JDK-7147699 Add state callbacks and versin to DTLiteObject
P2 JDK-7154661 applets are crashing on linux (nightly build)
P2 JDK-7184208 build broken on linux and windows
P2 JDK-7128926 Build failure: common code explicitly depends on mac specific class
P2 JDK-7116333 Cannot display dialogs using 1.4.2 or 1.5.0 jres.
P2 JDK-2217758 cannot run unsigned app from cache with 1.5.0_07
P2 JDK-6809570 Certificate prompt totally lock up when a webstart apps connect via SSL
P2 JDK-2214682 Chrome: DT eventually stops to detect JavaFX
P2 JDK-7162373 debug build fail on windows in JavaVM.c due to use of C++ keyword
P2 JDK-2214672 Default progress dialog stays there while launching jnlp applications under some scenarios
P2 JDK-7147897 Deploy build broken on solaris
P2 JDK-7161615 Deploy build fails on windows i586 due to missing include
P2 JDK-7159866 Deploy build is broken
P2 JDK-7129929 deploy forest unbuildable for macosx-amd64
P2 JDK-7113279 deploy jdk8 nightly build failed compiling MockPlugin and AppInfoTest
P2 JDK-7161065 deploy windows build is broken
P2 JDK-8028629 deployJava.getBrowser() is broken and js.UserAgentTest fails because it always returns 'MSIE'
P2 JDK-7162628 deployJava.js getJava URL will break April27-30 - change url
P2 JDK-8026474 deployJava.js versioncheck doesn't work in IE11
P2 JDK-7183365 Deployment cache incompatible issue
P2 JDK-7172940 deployment toolkit changes to detect FX runtime from co-bundle
P2 JDK-7119192 detect and remove bogus 1.7.x deployment keys
P2 JDK-7145172 Disable dynamic baseline code in deployment in 7u4
P2 JDK-7163304 DT installLatestJRE does not work on Firefox/Chrome with old dt plugin dll (7u1 or before)
P2 JDK-7142007 DT no-codebase launch file corrupted
P2 JDK-7182038 DT: embedded JNLP option does not work JavaFX/webstart
P2 JDK-7141458 dtjava.launch for webstart application does not work
P2 JDK-7180020 Fail to detect JRE home
P2 JDK-7144777 Few issues in DT plugin API: enableJavaFX
P2 JDK-7128344 fix build failure caused by 7088204
P2 JDK-7094779 Fix junit tests for SSV and LaunchSelection
P2 JDK-7112638 HashMap cannot regonize a NULL _bstr_t as key
P2 JDK-7112643 infrastructure for 7094594 without turning on by default.
P2 JDK-7168385 isAutoInstallEnabled in DT javascript is too restrictive
P2 JDK-7148304 Java control panel: switch to old plugin check box is not working
P2 JDK-7165311 jigsaw: deploy.runtime module miss deploy.dll
P2 JDK-7180998 jnlp applet-desc jre relaunch does not work for java web start
P2 JDK-8007528 Jre 1.6.0_34 or higher can not read proxy.pac normally
P2 JDK-7098160 Launch from cache (background update check) => expect 0 network request on critical path
P2 JDK-8013022 Low memory dialog popped up with DT flow
P2 JDK-8019550 LSP id is not created correctly for non-jnlp applets with codebase-lookup main class
P2 JDK-8020544 LSP id/checksum feature does not work as per its spec as far as main/other jars/classes is concerned.
P2 JDK-7178934 Mac build failed compiling Unix-specific test
P2 JDK-7143700 Need onLoad callback in DT plugin
P2 JDK-7096047 need to workaround 7096028
P2 JDK-7130840 not re-challenged when mis-enter the credentials if you select "Save this password in your passowrd"
P2 JDK-7164284 re-enable dynamic security baselines in deployment
P2 JDK-6800780 Redundant fetches of jars causing severe startup time problems
P2 JDK-7178458 Register Deploy: Deployment Toolkit not work correctly for FireFox
P2 JDK-7176772 registerdeploy should not always create debug log files
P2 JDK-7192990 regression: deployJava.js detects aol browser incorrectly as Netscape
P2 JDK-7183263 Regression: crossdomain.xml with dtd doesn't work
P2 JDK-7156673 REGRESSION: General->Network Settings button does NOT work in JCP.
P2 JDK-7160385 REGRESSION: Jre DeployJava issue with Jre 1.7.0
P2 JDK-7168664 Remove referance to from deployment codebase. (where possible)
P2 JDK-7112298 remove security baseline sanity check
P2 JDK-7118750 restore RemoveAllStaticVersionRedirectKeys from installer code to registerDeploy
P2 JDK-7180589 revert return code of installJRE for DT plugin on mozilla
P2 JDK-7129962 Revisit fix for 7082747
P2 JDK-7099889 second copy of SingleInstanceService application does not exit after attaching to main app
P2 JDK-2214617 SSV2 - need to implement 7u2 subset of enhanced ssv requirements
P2 JDK-7197783 Stop building JavaAppletPlugin.dmg in the deploy build
P2 JDK-7189731 UnregisterDeploy needs to wait for jqs.exe to be deleted
P2 JDK-7168965 update deploy update version for javafx co-bundle
P2 JDK-7172935 update DT auto-install logic to handle JavaFX co-bundle
P2 JDK-7172937 update plugin/webstart auto-install logic to handle JavaFX co-bundle
P2 JDK-6982308 Update security dialog designs to make the messaging clear
P2 JDK-7165642 update unix and mac side of DTLite launchAPP as per 7132539
P2 JDK-7178591 use HKLM/Software for registering handler for JNLP file extension
P2 JDK-2214631 Use Yellow Warning Triangle on Self-signed security dialog - Usability Study Results
P2 JDK-7160770 variable name mismatch for minMatch in deployJava.js
P2 JDK-8007740 webstart https offline mode failure
P2 JDK-7159879 Windows build fail to generate JNI headers
P2 JDK-7146060 WinRegistryWrapperTest crash jvm on win7
P2 JDK-7176166 WinXP: 500 unit tests are failing due to being unable to load deploy.dll
P2 JDK-2214693 With fx runtime installed some traditional applets using object/embed tag crashes
P2 JDK-7144684 wrong buffer size passed to RegSetValueEx
P3 JDK-7169813 (mac) Add date and time of last update check to the JCP Update panel
P3 JDK-7146521 (Mac) Add experimental support for JavaFX Runtime cobundle
P3 JDK-7143574 (Mac) Ensure we initiate AU once per launch
P3 JDK-7147032 (Mac) Increase dmg size for experiments plugin bundle
P3 JDK-7130722 (mac) Java console UI needs updating on Mac OS X
P3 JDK-7130718 (mac) Java control panel UI on Mac needs refreshing
P3 JDK-7193889 1.7.0_06 update causes random "trust level" SecurityExceptions in checkResource
P3 JDK-7167054 [mac] About Box has no Close button
P3 JDK-7178272 [Mac] Java Control Panel should open to the Update tab if an update is detected.
P3 JDK-7133386 [macosx] Java App launcher should not change the working directory at launch
P3 JDK-8000460 [macosx] Java Update version in Control Panel has bad numbering
P3 JDK-7187331 [macosx] Software Update dialog in Java auto update is not localized
P3 JDK-7179600 Attempting to print from an unsigned applet causes multiple print access Security Dialogs to appear
P3 JDK-7194693 Background update should not happen when policy='prompt-update' and user decline the prompt
P3 JDK-7123397 Blacklist jar file should be removed from cache directory
P3 JDK-6589636 Browser: Shortcut creation & JNLP/mime missing in ControlPanel
P3 JDK-2214702 Build changes for Mac platfrom
P3 JDK-7154774 Build error occurs in JDK7u3 src archive on WinXP
P3 JDK-7118346 Cache.markResourceIncomplete causes AccessControlException
P3 JDK-7191454 CacheEntry.getJarFile might get dead-lock with CacheJarFile.close()
P3 JDK-7097119 CacheUpgadteTest fails on UNIX platforms
P3 JDK-7182660 Can't save file using FileSaveService when running FX applet
P3 JDK-7135549 Can't switch to old plugin if Java FX is installed even if it is disabled
P3 JDK-7188813 Complete implementation for passing vm and app args in the DT plugin for IE
P3 JDK-7088185 Convert DT libs to Unicode
P3 JDK-7157587 Convert String.contains() to String.indexOf() to run on JDKs earlier than 1.5
P3 JDK-7195947 deploy code should use GlobalMemoryStatusEx instead of GlobalMemoryStatus
P3 JDK-7141494 deploy.dll has JCP uninstall issue
P3 JDK-7170192 deployJava getBrowser is not returning correct information on all browsers
P3 JDK-7111793 deployJava.js installs 1.6 when asked for 1.7 on clean machine
P3 JDK-7092651 Deployment Toolkit plugin should be able to handle bundles without hardcode versions
P3 JDK-7160395 DT need to be changed to only depend on
P3 JDK-7147631 DT: Add support for passing arguments to launchApp() as one javascript structure
P3 JDK-2214696 DT: FF crashes upon user cancels install and reloads the page (usually happens after a few reloads)
P3 JDK-7141410 DT: need way to validate setup
P3 JDK-7187169 DTLite plugin is not usable in Linux/Chrome
P3 JDK-7176900 DTLite.launchJNLP return different values on error
P3 JDK-7088182 Early applet error or user declining to grant permissions should not stop applet
P3 JDK-2220649 File a bug to track 7118750 which failed in pit verification with jre8 128 bundle
P3 JDK-7146338 FileChooser used by FileSaveService/FileOpenService should use UIFactory interface
P3 JDK-8022526 Fix compilation of JUnit tests
P3 JDK-7151698 Fix deploy build in jigsaw workspace
P3 JDK-7128400 Fix javadoc warning in the deploy build
P3 JDK-7152068 For 32 bit jre in 64 bit machine, fxreg.exe looks into system32 for npDeployJava1.dll
P3 JDK-7181941 FX app thread cannot be used to show the mixed code security dialog
P3 JDK-7099311 Fx packager generated HTML with embedded JNLP could not be customized for different jnlp_href value
P3 JDK-7164969 heartbeat should handle waking-up after system suspend
P3 JDK-7159803 ignore ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND return code when setting HKCU entries
P3 JDK-7163312 Improve cache implementation code for cleanner access interface
P3 JDK-7023178 improve desktop integration on UNIX using specs
P3 JDK-7159762 Improve robustness of deploy build
P3 JDK-7112950 Improve the blacklist exception message and make exception handling more consistent
P3 JDK-7078738 investigate multiple applets on the same page using DT to install JRE or FX
P3 JDK-6446646 Java Control Panel : need a overall way to choose default java version
P3 JDK-7180286 Java Control Panel Sections on the General tab are mis-ordered
P3 JDK-7101718 Java Plug-in Warning: Broken "Download Java..."link
P3 JDK-7123051 Java Quick Starter Service comes from the older JRE in the system
P3 JDK-7132478 Java Update Button at the ControlPanel does nothing on German Windows XP
P3 JDK-7141175 Java Update message- typo with incorrect use of apostrophe
P3 JDK-7182865 javaws -? crashes on SLES 11 64 bit with contents of $HOME/.java attached
P3 JDK-7096467 JCP "Insecure JRE versions": Default option is not checked
P3 JDK-2221047 JDK7u4 builds failed for all platforms at Step 2 of build process for 1/24/2012
P3 JDK-7154754 Jigsaw: build deploy modules
P3 JDK-7155050 jigsaw: do not need jcontrol symlink
P3 JDK-7119603 Launch JNLP file not updated when user cache directory path specified with lower-case drive letter
P3 JDK-2214669 License agreement window does not show when using applet on firefox
P3 JDK-7177883 Make Java.preferencePane easier to localize
P3 JDK-7199011 mismerge on lost strings from 7028418
P3 JDK-7145932 Move SystemUtils.getMethod() to a private method
P3 JDK-7178267 Native Mixed Code Warning Dialog strings should be modified for ease of understanding
P3 JDK-7185410 need checkRunningJVMToolkitSatisfying in junit test
P3 JDK-7148914 Need to be able to detect true cobundle from mimetype
P3 JDK-7116860 New self-signed multi-step dialog interaction
P3 JDK-7153477 Nighlty: javaws -uinstall (with caching disabled) shows two error dialogs.
P3 JDK-7133475 Nightly: Unexpected failures due to corrupted cache enteries
P3 JDK-7096628 NLS: please rename _zh.rc files to zh_CN.rc
P3 JDK-7181040 Passing named parameters to webstart is not possible
P3 JDK-7132539 Passing parameters to webstar app through DT does not work
P3 JDK-7173575 Plugin2Host.showDocument throws AccessControlException agaisnt default browser
P3 JDK-7153446 Redirect browser VM debug log to browser console
P3 JDK-7145764 Refactor NPAPI plugin implementation
P3 JDK-7148852 Regdeploy: FX 2.1 + 7u4 on Vista x64 - Java CPL is loaded from 7u4 bin, not from FX runtime bin
P3 JDK-7148913 RegDeploy: NPAPI DT plugin does not have mimetype infor in the registry
P3 JDK-7182307 regdeploy: remove ssv disabled registry entries
P3 JDK-7107796 Registry keys left after FX runtime removal
P3 JDK-7158473 regression in getMnemonic for show/hid options in SecurityDialog
P3 JDK-7188283 Relaunch should not repeat update checks for eager resources
P3 JDK-7141930 Remaining 6u31 java plugin and java webstart are not being registered at all
P3 JDK-7148734 remove HKCU CLSID entry: {8AD9C840-044E-11D1-B3E9-00805F499D93}
P3 JDK-7128412 Remove jbroker from the build
P3 JDK-7148308 remove old vs new plugin option in 64-bit windows java control panel
P3 JDK-7181300 SecurityManagerHelper.printDialog need to save checkbox status
P3 JDK-2214709 Some wired string appears in file
P3 JDK-2214739 splash is missing for javaws app after installing fx
P3 JDK-7114614 SSV2: Incorrect JRE is used for non-jnlp multi applets after reload
P3 JDK-7140845 Support JavaFX detection on Linux
P3 JDK-2214713 The application can not detect the proxy setting of IE9
P3 JDK-7196901 Three problems with new https dialog.
P3 JDK-7190348 Trace files are deleted not by oldest timestamp first
P3 JDK-7119269 Tune URLUtils
P3 JDK-7115111 Typos in SSV2 dialogs
P3 JDK-7104915 UAC dialog pops up upon first invoke of IE after installing fx
P3 JDK-7130053 Unit tests usage of DefaultConfig needs adjustments
P3 JDK-8020153 Unsigned jar in jnlp applet extension is blocked when local security policy file grants run permission
P3 JDK-7166191 Update icon for Mac plugin
P3 JDK-7170837 Update info part must be added to deploy version info on Linux/Mac.
P3 JDK-2214667 Update urls to download Javafx from internal sites from DT
P3 JDK-7116583 Use javac from build tree to compile htmlconverter
P3 JDK-7152028 Warning dialog for unsigned applet printer access no longer has checkbox
P3 JDK-7197892 Webstart failed to run with applet-desc and with no-caching
P3 JDK-7153298 webstart start 2 background update threads resulted in double downloads of same jars
P3 JDK-7154369 When caching disable, using webstart to launch JNLP with applet-desc causes NPE
P4 JDK-7121261 (Mac) Improve unit test robustness
P4 JDK-7169119 (mac/linux) Oracle logo in about box does not have enough whitespace below it
P4 JDK-7183576 [macosx] Text truncation in Update tab of Java Control Panel in some non-English locales
P4 JDK-7153497 AboutDialog launched from Java Control Panel should have a consistent jre version number
P4 JDK-7187438 Add debug target to deploy makefile
P4 JDK-2214735 Add mac port to deploy
P4 JDK-6206637 Application and Java Control Panel integration into Microsoft Management Console
P4 JDK-2214777 Chrome: applet is not able to read parmas pass using DT function runApplet
P4 JDK-7166649 Cleanup windows version of util_md.cpp
P4 JDK-7185828 Create unit test for CR 7183263, crossdomain.xml with dtd doesn't work
P4 JDK-7189903 deploy version info of co-bundle on Linux/Mac is wrong
P4 JDK-7140869 deployment.user.* system properties contain $USER_HOME
P4 JDK-8025908 - testUpperCase failed for viewer.measure.units.kb
P4 JDK-7186811 DT: jvm.home property is undefined for IE
P4 JDK-7192121 Enable native mixed code dialogs by default
P4 JDK-7124780 Further unit test robustness changes
P4 JDK-7028005 hard coded output message for java console command "dump classloader list".
P4 JDK-7183279 HKCU CLSID {8AD9C840-044E-11D1-B3E9-00805F499D93} is not removed
P4 JDK-7125711 Interminent failures of PluginMessagesTest
P4 JDK-8026013 - testAlgorithmAlignment_DSA,RSA,EC failed due to unequal digestAlgorithm
P4 JDK-7102297 Java old release warning window in 7u2 doesn't match design prototypes on Linux.
P4 JDK-7183262 JNLPFile "(Default)" value not set
P4 JDK-7124834 JNLPSignerResourceHelperTest is not robust
P4 JDK-6565960 JWS fails to detect ".ins" type of auto-proxy config if different ext being used
P4 JDK-7190207 Native mixed code dialog always blocks execution - JavaFX & XP only
P4 JDK-7162633 need macos and chrome detection in deployJava.js
P4 JDK-8026064 - testCmdLineQuoting failed due to incorrect input
P4 JDK-7107023 sun.plugin.comPackager.printProperties set variable in if ()
P4 JDK-7177276 The list of applications may be shown incorrectly on viewer startup
P4 JDK-2214774 Un-expected license file in \sample\jnlp\webpad\war\app\jlfgr__V1.0.jar
P4 JDK-7125405 Unit test failures on linux
P4 JDK-8029300 Unit Test: TrustDeciderTest throws exception
P4 JDK-7114931 versionString don't need to delete if it's not get allocated
P4 JDK-8001313 windows native api for deployment properties
P5 JDK-6591304 User not made aware of security problem


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8125196 Can not load javafx applets using 7u10 builds
P2 JDK-8095916 Bundled OS X apps can't be signed with codesign for OS X app store
P2 JDK-8095184 Firefox, Chrome: installed java is not recoginized when loading Javafx applet via DT flow
P2 JDK-8119927 fx:cssbin task fails with a co-bundled JavaFX runtime
P2 JDK-8126979 Linux: JVM crashes when trying to save a file using FileSaveService
P2 JDK-8125402 Macos bundle execution fails
P2 JDK-8010270 Native dialog A is not shown when current JRE is below the security baseline while running applets
P2 JDK-8003190 Native dialog A is shown up twice when run fx application with dt from browser
P2 JDK-8102614 Need to move jfxrt.jar from lib/ to lib/ext/
P2 JDK-8020873 No blocked dialog for Fx apps when requested jre is not installed
P2 JDK-8092577 Webstart: deadlock when downloading application
P3 JDK-8093835 Extension/Filetype filter in FileSaveService not working (JavaFX 2.2 b7)
P3 JDK-8003362 FX application(dt/javaws) which requests old jre exits silently when set security slider to LOW
P3 JDK-8115372 fx:signjar does not sign jars, which don't contain a MANIFEST.MF
P3 JDK-8120622 HTML splash screen is misaligned if is used in html page
P3 JDK-8120165 If deployment cache is cleared before loading fx applet, liveconnect doesn't work
P3 JDK-8126435 Mac: Ensemble Cursor Sample does not work when run as applet
P3 JDK-8126449 Native bundle - wrong main jar, wrong executable class
P3 JDK-8116197 No error dialog shows upon Exception in start method of Application in web start mode, which prevents application exit
P3 JDK-8125287 NPE on second run of Java Web Start Application
P3 JDK-8123278 Regression: NPE when creating Swing-Components from JavaFX-Application
P3 JDK-8117991 Remove obsolete javafx.policy file
P3 JDK-8116864 socksProxyhost settings are ignored by JavaFX 2.2
P4 JDK-8123388 A bug in dtjava.js jreInstallerURL function
P4 JDK-8117822 dtjava.js fails on windows 8/IE10 and reports version issue
P4 JDK-8126972 dtjava.validate against 2.0 return different results on different browsers with fx 2.2.0 installed
P4 JDK-8125959 FileSaveService.saveFileDialog needs some update
P4 JDK-8116567 If javafxpackager is built on 10.8 the apps it generates won't work on 10.7
P4 JDK-8124874 JavaFX sandbox security warning dialog should not set the default focus on "Do not show this again for this app"
P4 JDK-8119762 Mac: Unable to specify filetype extension using FileSaveService
P4 JDK-8006061 New security dialog shown up twice when run FX application from CMD
P4 JDK-8124879 packager generates invalid Info.plist on Mac
P4 JDK-8104056 Prepare deploy code in JavaFX for open sourcing
P4 JDK-8104158 Remove legacy installer targets from deploy's build.xml
P4 JDK-8125236 Strange warning message when overwriting a file using FileSaveService


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8122667 Backout Multiple package types - cause issue with SceneBuilder
P1 JDK-8122354 Backout Service Loader change - cause issue with SceneBuilder
P1 JDK-8117109 FXMLLoader throws " java.lang.InternalError: CallerSensitive annotation expected at frame 1 "
P1 JDK-8124386 javafxpackager's createbss task doesn't work at all
P1 JDK-8123893 javafxpackager.exe fails to run on Windows 7
P2 JDK-8092751 [Packager] Disturbing Alert Dialog at installation of Linux DEB package
P2 JDK-8097323 [packager] javafxpackager loads AWT unconditionally
P2 JDK-8123105 Fix problems with passing jvmuserargs to packaged application
P2 JDK-8116267 javafxpackager deploy task: -callbacks option is not working
P2 JDK-8125666 Native Packages - 64 bit bundles on Linux are broken
P2 JDK-8101825 Native packaging: ability to bundle non-javafx application
P2 JDK-8124069 Need a macro in the config files to expand to the app bundle directory
P2 JDK-8101876 Packager: Provide ability to select JRE to bundle
P2 JDK-8125821 The Windows launcher generated by the packager fails when called with no parameter
P2 JDK-8124098 Windows build fails if Java dir has spaces
P3 JDK-8102461 Add to the launcher generated by the packager support for handling VM parameters
P3 JDK-8118938 Ant task fx:deploy expectes all JARs to have a MANIFEST.MF and fails with NPE if at least one doesn't
P3 JDK-8117509 Ant task FXJar changes the manifest attribute names to lowercase
P3 JDK-8103751 Clarify license for JavaFX launcher and fallback classes
P3 JDK-8125514 Generated extension jnlp is malformed if it refers to more than one jar
P3 JDK-8120076 Gradle: error in buildJavaFXPackager task in specifying enabled property
P3 JDK-8125579 javafxpackager does not find drop-in resources on Mac/Linux
P3 JDK-8124124 javafxpackager signjar task: output is incorrect in case of wrong args
P3 JDK-8126164 Linux build failure on Ubuntu 12.04
P3 JDK-8124430 Linux DEB installer does not specify Installed-Size
P3 JDK-8118988 Linux: Exception in PackagerLib when moving file from /tmp
P3 JDK-8126532 Native Bundle unable to open https connections
P3 JDK-8118598 Native bundles:on validity check for WiX bundler
P3 JDK-8102592 Native packaging: native launcher should pass command line parameters to the app
P3 JDK-8125839 Window ico files causes packaging errors
P4 JDK-8102544 add ant task for defining codebase in jnlp
P4 JDK-8101773 Add option to packer to add launcher class to existing jar
P4 JDK-8118853 Application name not showing up after package
P4 JDK-8124790 Fix for 27210 Cause build failure on win 64 build machine
P4 JDK-8126783 javafxpackager -help: mistake in documenting -native option
P4 JDK-8119198 Mac: App crashes after packaging with JDK 1.7.0_13 (1.7.0_10 works)
P4 JDK-8114873 MSI and EXE installers provide inconsistent installs
P4 JDK-8118223 One can no longer use packager of FX 8 (since b75) with a Java 7 due to [Java Runtime does not include Contents/Home/jre/lib/ext/jfxrt.jar]
P4 JDK-8123284 Winlauncher.cpp failing to compile with Gradle
P4 JDK-8118410 WPTG_TBT:Sun Storage:CONCAT:Q&A:224353: split sentences


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8030828 [ Deploy Peer of JDK-8030813 ] Signed applet fails to load when CRLs are stored in an LDAP directory
P1 JDK-8000916 An "Expired JRE" warning dialog shows up for even latest JRE8 nightly bits when accessing applet page.
P1 JDK-8005967 broken build - new abstract method in Plugin2Manager not implemented in TestPlugin2Manager
P1 JDK-7145895 broken build by imcomplete commit for CR 7143700
P1 JDK-7121902 Build breakage after fix for 7118661
P1 JDK-8031821 Entrust tests(signed/trusted) are failing to connect back to server using jdk8-b123
P1 JDK-7129294 Finish event delivery on Mac when EmbeddedFrame implementation is ready
P1 JDK-8007050 JDK8 nightly: Unsigned applet/applications are blocked by dialog with wierd message "Eggs are not supposed to green"
P1 JDK-7154248 Nightly (Linux): Firefox fails to laod any applet using latest nightly build
P1 JDK-7175762 Nightly: Applets using applet tag are blocked with old Java requested warning dialog
P1 JDK-8032197 REGRESSION:Java Bean test fail in the latest JDK 8 b123
P1 JDK-7114486 Removing jre 6ux makes IE to use the old 7u2 plug-in by default
P2 JDK-7179391 "getprintjob" hangs in old plugin
P2 JDK-7118661 (Mac) Implement cross-process event delivery of Cocoa events
P2 JDK-7168058 (mac) Update icons in the plugin for Mac
P2 JDK-2214678 7-client-nightly : Applet fails to load by throwing ClassNotFoundException
P2 JDK-7164629 [Mac] Additional refactoring needed for JavaFx (event delivery)
P2 JDK-8013948 [macosx] Unable type into online word games on MacOSX on Safari
P2 JDK-2207521 [plugin2] showDocument() open browser window behind of applet in Firefox 3.6.xx
P2 JDK-7148803 access violation in axbridge.dll since JRE 7
P2 JDK-7169332 add deploy and javafx version mime type to npjp2
P2 JDK-8021582 Apple rejects deployed application as it's using non-public API
P2 JDK-8006458 Applet does not load and browser sometimes crashes with 6u32 or 7
P2 JDK-8026944 Applet failed on Ubuntu with exception when trying to add TextField
P2 JDK-2219407 applet using object tag with mime type only does not work on IE
P2 JDK-8016849 Applets don't get loaded and the Firefox crashes under Mac OS X
P2 JDK-8000343 cached pack.gz file gets downloaded again with exception thrown out.
P2 JDK-7156244 change in PluginWindowFactory.createWindow cause problem with FX 2.0.3 runtime
P2 JDK-2214633 Chrome: getWidth and getHeight are returning "0" inside an applet
P2 JDK-7038890 CookieHandler.getDefault().get() with "javascript:" URI hangs or otherwise works incorrectly
P2 JDK-8025189 Dialog with no contents is shown when application is blocked
P2 JDK-7143984 expose webstart launch API in plugin dlls
P2 JDK-8029723 fix build problem due to 8027178 forward port from 7u51
P2 JDK-8021604 Follow up of: JDK-8021132 - NPE initializing DSR with multiple applets in a VM
P2 JDK-8008402 fromURL info is missing from secure/https dialog in non-jnlp applet
P2 JDK-2219203 IE related jp2ssv, ssv DLLs loading from non-existed jre 8 location
P2 JDK-8009061 Inconsistent behavior with mixed code scenario - signed sandbox extension is given all-permissioins
P2 JDK-8009713 Inconsistent behavior with mixed code scenario - signed sandbox extension is given all-permissioins - follow up on 8008480
P2 JDK-8027569 Issues requiring Permissions manifest attributes in all jars
P2 JDK-7144402 Java plugin does not use auto proxy script on windows with firefox
P2 JDK-2219403 Java plugin for Chrome doesn't work after Java FX installations history
P2 JDK-8022875 Java returning a broken state scriptable object with LiveConnect
P2 JDK-7155054 javaws.exe and javacpl.cpl remain under /system32 after uninstalling 7u4, fx 2.1
P2 JDK-7198132 Key released events not arriving on JavaFX
P2 JDK-2214637 LiveConnect call from JavaFX application thread can cause deadlock
P2 JDK-7153362 LiveConnect direct calls fail against Firefox 10 for 7u4 - b13, 14 & b15
P2 JDK-7117007 Mimetype application/x-java-applet;version=1.7 is missed
P2 JDK-7131454 Mimetype application/x-java-applet;version=1.8 mistakenly added for jdk 7u4
P2 JDK-8005892 missing fix for 8005410 (mozllia reg key issues)
P2 JDK-8021825 Missing Reload option when user cancels security prompt for signed all permissions applet
P2 JDK-2214676 Nightly: Browser/VM crash with latest 7-client bundles
P2 JDK-7168054 plugin fail to start with jre6
P2 JDK-7160083 Refactor Window, WindowFactory and PluginWindowFactory for Fx on Mac
P2 JDK-7173832 refix 7170987 properly, covering all cases
P2 JDK-8016347 REGRESSION: After running "regedit EULA.reg", the applet can't load.
P2 JDK-7149572 REGRESSION: Applet with code in section will not start
P2 JDK-7156918 REGRESSION: applicatoin hangs with 7u4 b09 while trying to establish the connection through java
P2 JDK-7133019 REGRESSION:7u4 b07 Applets wont load with Chrome
P2 JDK-7130014 REGRESSION:Firefox crashes if an applet calls URL.openStream during applet stop method
P2 JDK-8028085 Regression:Unsigned apps from unsigned jar (not raw class file) without manifest attribute is blocked at Medium in jre8 b115
P2 JDK-2214630 Remote policy scenarios are not working properly
P2 JDK-7157578 revisit IE LiveConnect performance fix to address applet hang issue found by Citigroup
P2 JDK-2214639 Sometimes Chrome needs to be moved or resized to show FX applcation stage contents
P2 JDK-7133724 SSV2: Applet fails to pick up latest JRE installed on the machine
P2 JDK-7147659 static version clsid used for treatas key should not be hard coded in ssv
P3 JDK-8020648 "Java Update Needed" cached decision doesn't work for DT applet
P3 JDK-7185466 -ea in version string should not cause unnessary relaunch
P3 JDK-8009123 [Windows] "Enable Java" feature doesn't consider UAC settings for Standard User
P3 JDK-7122330 add include stddef for use of offsetof macro
P3 JDK-6968196 Applet can not be loaded when refreshing page after clearing deployment cache
P3 JDK-7123202 Applet.isActive() broken in Web Start shipped with 7u2
P3 JDK-7195873 cached applet jar files lead to incorrect requests from web server
P3 JDK-7174250 Calling JSObject.getMember(null) in an applet crashes the plugin and the browser
P3 JDK-7167130 Characters covered together from the security window for cte test since 8b34
P3 JDK-7111062 clean up use of old mozilla header for cookie/proxy service
P3 JDK-8013092 Copyright year still shows 2012. Fix # 8003707 is missing now
P3 JDK-7105641 DeployClassLoader failed to findResource due to SecurityException
P3 JDK-8010781 Deployment system property- has wrong value
P3 JDK-7111738 Don't ask for user's permission to download JavaFX JNLP installer
P3 JDK-8024822 Fixed JUNIT config test
P3 JDK-7130866 IE manage add-on display string for ssv.dll is missing
P3 JDK-7179509 IE/Java Plugin freezes by dynamically creating an applet since Java 7 update 4
P3 JDK-7148729 inspect and remove HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Java VM/EnableJavaConsole if possible
P3 JDK-7166122 Internet Browsers Do Not Recognize Java 7u4 Plugin
P3 JDK-7184444 Java 7 does not properly handle integrated authenticating proxy servers
P3 JDK-7168821 java applet does not start sometimes when it is dynamically inject into the web page
P3 JDK-8001422 Java Control Panel layout issues
P3 JDK-7145442 Java hangs on "Request Authentication" dialog if script uses applet object
P3 JDK-8023939 Java Out of Date - Expiration dialog appears before running every app
P3 JDK-6916408 Java startup becomes slow due to temporary files
P3 JDK-7194301 java.lang.IllegalStateException: zip file closed
P3 JDK-2214708 JDK bundles are wrong
P3 JDK-2214738 JSObject.eval and with null cause browser to crash.
P3 JDK-8010789 does not display the version
P3 JDK-8005140 missing security level description in jcp
P3 JDK-8009842 Missing ZeroMemory after CreateProcess fix (wsdetect.dll fails)
P3 JDK-7133677 MozillaPlugins registries left after dirty install scenario
P3 JDK-2214727 Multi JRE : Applets requesting 142 jre fails to load and hang the browser
P3 JDK-7146486 Nighlty(Unix): Random failures where applets fail to load by throwing
P3 JDK-7122060 Not the latest jp2ssv.dll on the system loaded after uninstalling 6u31
P3 JDK-8002299 NPE when launch fx jnlp aplication which requests an old jre from command line with jre8
P3 JDK-7175110 NullPointerException in plugin error detail
P3 JDK-8003651 on some linux machine, firefox can't load page with applet
P3 JDK-8017249 Plug-in does not report version
P3 JDK-7040632 Plugin2 blocks FireFox when loading applet
P3 JDK-6796260 proxy.pac file fails to be evaluated when JScript alert() function is used
P3 JDK-8020988 Reduce number of steps after clicking Update button
P3 JDK-7158073 Regression : Incorrect handling of parameters to jnlp_href applets
P3 JDK-7173640 REGRESSION: Pogo 'Risk" grame can not load with 7u6
P3 JDK-8016005 Remote debugging for applets in a browser is no longer working
P3 JDK-7160148 remove use of jinstall cab files from plugin demos (htmlconverter)
P3 JDK-8016027 Sandbox app that signed with a trusted ca expired cert is blocked at very high level with wrong info
P3 JDK-8007497 Sandbox warning dialog message for insecure version missing text
P3 JDK-8003203 Sandbox warning dialog truncates info
P3 JDK-8003136 Sandbox warning dialog visual issues
P3 JDK-8013068 Security Warning dialogs should use "Location" instead of "From"
P3 JDK-8005125 Signed jnlp applets and fx apps show security dialog with no element in jnlp file
P3 JDK-7176850 ssvagent.exe - ordinal 345 could not be located in comctl32.dll
P3 JDK-8016225 The behavior after System.exit() is different between JRE 1.7_21 and JRE 1.7_17
P3 JDK-8009792 The Publisher of Signer CA showed in Sandbox Security Dialog is not correct.
P3 JDK-8020546 Tighter checking of elementes and attributes in ruleset.xml
P3 JDK-7178936 UAC dialog for ssvagent pops up unexpectedly
P3 JDK-8011813 Under very high security setting, error dialog for self-signed allperms applet is obscure
P3 JDK-8003124 unwanted dialog when loading "signed" old style applet
P3 JDK-8017557 Value of entry is still "plugin permitted" in "Usage Tracker" trace although the applet is blocked
P3 JDK-8020787 Version=SECURE-1.7 in policy file grants run permission to apps run with insecured JRE when the only secure jre is disabled from JCP
P3 JDK-7123060 Wrong ssv.dll loaded
P4 JDK-7166866 (TM) should be going away in license windows in EULA scenario
P4 JDK-8016028 A different debug message should show up when the status of cert could not be determined
P4 JDK-6997229 AppletContext.showDocument inconsitent behavior for "javascript:" protocol
P4 JDK-7178177 Debug spewage when applets startup
P4 JDK-8011045 empty directory c:\windows\sun\java\deployment\lib\trusted cause plugin fail to launch applet jvm
P4 JDK-7178508 EULA dialog - TM removed from the title, but not from the text
P4 JDK-7028922 Extraneous log message in console when closing browser window containing applet
P4 JDK-7028418 hardcoded messages in plug-in trace file.
P4 JDK-7169557 Java Plug-in ignores runtime parameters
P4 JDK-8003560 layout problem in security tab on Java Control Panel
P4 JDK-8004370 Local applet sandbox warning dialog text differs from the spec
P4 JDK-8004964 Mac Java Runtime copyright information should follow the suggested template
P4 JDK-8016290 Mac:The text in the native dialog is still "insecure" not the "out of date"
P4 JDK-7096913 Race condition could cause applet status callback not invoked
P4 JDK-7155395 Refactor base plugin implementation to not use conditional compilation


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-7100315 (Mac) Plugin implementation build support
P1 JDK-7168812 -Xdock:name/icon incorrectly set on non-Mac platforms
P1 JDK-7184171 Fix build breakage from 7171710
P1 JDK-8016912 java web start fails to launch in mac 10.7.x with jre 8 build 91 onwards
P1 JDK-7177094 Regression: App fails w/ "application requesting unrestricted access",cache failure in 6u33 and 7u5
P2 JDK-7125939 (MAC) Need workaround for NPN_PluginThreadAsyncCall in WebKit
P2 JDK-7158157 [macosx] Can't find native libraries with .jnilib in Web Start apps
P2 JDK-7166309 App name and icon not used in Web Start apps
P2 JDK-7115184 Calling webstart classloader getResource() causes security exception when resource has redirect URL
P2 JDK-7197035 clicking cancel on webstart applet-desc signed security dialog should exit right the way
P2 JDK-7182524 Desktop and menu shortcuts aren't created by request since 7u6 b16 for jnlp apps on Solaris.
P2 JDK-8025479 DRS: Local rules with server/port will be considered as invalid with jre8
P2 JDK-8025696 Geobegra app failed to load with java 8
P2 JDK-7099086 Java Web Start 10.1.* is considerably slower than Web Start 1.4.2, using getresource() repeatedly
P2 JDK-8005876 javaws crash launching old JRE.
P2 JDK-2215649 javaws launcher ignore JNLP attribute applet-desc@documentbase
P2 JDK-7137291 javaws.exe should preload correct msvcr dll before loading splashscreen.dll
P2 JDK-7141274 NullPointer exception is thrown on load bugster.jnlp's with different titles since 7u4b05
P2 JDK-8000819 putback of 8000250 broke the build of existing automated test.
P2 JDK-8028264 Regression - Application code fails to open .pack.gz files
P2 JDK-7151950 REGRESSION:Webstart in 7u4 b13 not downloading new content
P2 JDK-7118421 RFE: JNLPClassLoader to use hashmap instead of ArrayList
P2 JDK-7179630 SingleInstance Service broken
P2 JDK-7102387 splash not working for java web start application
P2 JDK-7109702 Update NPAPI headers to latest version
P2 JDK-7166603 Web Start launcher throws ClassCastException exception
P2 JDK-7198393 webstart applet-desc launch does not show progress dialog
P3 JDK-8007317 "No JRE version found in launch file for this system" error when apps request a version not installed
P3 JDK-6921869 "showDocument" of javax.jnlp.BasicService throws NPE
P3 JDK-7196036 (mac): javaws -import -silent -shortcut doesn't create desktop shortcut on Mac
P3 JDK-7149564 (macosx) Applets fail to load when looking for mrj.version
P3 JDK-7168633 (macosx) Short-cut Icon Blurry
P3 JDK-8023938 64-bit javaws.exe left behind in system32
P3 JDK-7168441 [macosx] Permission to run prompted twice
P3 JDK-7111452 A .jnlp file specifying several, large, elements cannot be launched
P3 JDK-7171011 Bad use of the 'Expires' HTTP field by WebStart is messing with chached files
P3 JDK-8028423 Blocked dialog doesn't show up when the jar of ESL jnlp comes from another domain that is NOT in ESL
P3 JDK-7129311 Cached gzipped JNLP file should be detected and refreshed by internal usage
P3 JDK-7179764 cautionshield.icns file installed on Windows in 7u6 b14
P3 JDK-2214764 ClassCastException at launching Fx applet with no-name arguments.
P3 JDK-8014624 Custom progress bar disappears since 7u25b03
P3 JDK-7169000 enable unicode support for javaws
P3 JDK-7130236 Error dialogs were shown only briefly
P3 JDK-7173702 FileSaveService.saveFileDialog needs some update
P3 JDK-6546288 GNOME: Menu shortcuts and Associations are not getting created on gnome > 2.8
P3 JDK-6758888 importing an application or extension should also import lazy resources.
P3 JDK-8003598 Incorrect javaws error messages on Linux
P3 JDK-8002172 Incorrect javaws errror dialogs displayed under disable-java state
P3 JDK-2215068 IntegrationService.hasAssociation() cannot return correct value when checking multiple association
P3 JDK-7166382 Java Console dump thread stack displays null in 64 bit javaws on windows
P3 JDK-6921881 Java Web Start Applications cannot start from folders containing non-ASCII chara
P3 JDK-8005680 Java web start displays the wrong error message
P3 JDK-7159080 JavaWS doesn't create trace files on the default location if log directory wasn't created before
P3 JDK-8003184 javaws remains in system32 after uninstalling jre with deployment.webjava.enabled=false
P3 JDK-7191616 javaws.exe crashes when starting jnlp file
P3 JDK-7186032 javax.jnlp.FileSaveService have Open Dialog appearance.
P3 JDK-7186518 JNLP issue in JRE 7u5 Sub Menu Item link not working
P3 JDK-7086260 jnlp file association not made by jre installer after uninstalling 1.7
P3 JDK-7185831 JNLP JRE auto-install should not offer to install JRE that is already installed in local system
P3 JDK-7099726 jnlp-*.zip file name should use lowercase in the date string
P3 JDK-8019547 JnlpxArgsTest test doesn't compile after change for 8013735
P3 JDK-7194221 large webstart application using CDN and expired certificate does not start anymore
P3 JDK-2219532 Launch Java Webstart application failed when using 64 bit JRE with EULA=1
P3 JDK-6967414 Loading class randomly throws java.lang.SecurityException.
P3 JDK-8019232 LSP: the "run" rule for version 1.7/SECURE-1.7 don't apply to jre7u40
P3 JDK-7186827 menu shortcuts aren't created by request since 7u6 b16 for jnlp apps on Solaris(JDS).
P3 JDK-8020548 Native expired dialog shows up for expired/old jre when Deployment Rule Set file with "run" per is installed
P3 JDK-7195953 No application argument are passed.
P3 JDK-7191889 NPE during relaunch of webstart applet-desc
P3 JDK-7161138 preparation for javaws unicode conversion
P3 JDK-7164725 preparation for javaws unicode conversion (part 2)
P3 JDK-6957028 Random SHA1 digest errors when using Java Web Start with JarDiff
P3 JDK-8003633 Remove code from native javaws launcher to write the users file.
P3 JDK-7116127 Shortcut points to non existant image after update of jnlp file and image
P3 JDK-2219412 some downloadService2 cases in javaws failed with jre8 nightly build
P3 JDK-8004922 Some new added VM options from JDK-6953324 don't work fine
P3 JDK-7197780 Strange warning message when overwriting a file using FileSaveService
P3 JDK-8017776 Swing Event Thread does not use JNLP class loader
P3 JDK-7052587 TCK-jnlp api/javax_jnlp/DownloadService/index.html#misc test fails (2)
P3 JDK-7151379 The error dialog's look and feel is not os-specific when importing app with invalid codebase
P3 JDK-2218744 the error message is not clear for that the jars in a jnlp are signed by different certs
P3 JDK-8003123 Unexpected javaws - system error of MSVCR100.dll missing
P3 JDK-7186274 unnecessary jvm re-launch when launching fx webstart application via DT html page
P3 JDK-7194879 Web Start fails to find native library jar when offline
P3 JDK-8006065 Webstart process does not exit on cancel of security dialog when console is showing
P3 JDK-8016513 Webstart throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException using property and Java-VM-args
P4 JDK-7170008 (macosx) javaws usage instructions are double-spaced
P4 JDK-7160619 enhance the list of secure jnlp properties to support useLegacyMergeSort
P4 JDK-6534670 fastdedbug javaws.jar has no debug info
P4 JDK-8007100 FileOpenServiceImplTest test fails
P4 JDK-6985681 Repeated reguests for a file that is not in the correct location, when using JNLP
P4 JDK-6685591 Undersynchronization/Busy-Waiting in LaunchDownload
P4 JDK-7051949 Units of measure not localized in the Webstart Cache Viewer
P4 JDK-7151748 url used for finding resource is not correct when importing a jnlp whose jar file has ".." in href
P4 JDK-7113830 Webstart icon is not scaled with bicubic filtering
P4 JDK-8067172 Xcode javaws Project to Debug Native Code
P5 JDK-6748806 WebStart should cooperate with Vista UAC


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8026921 Allow launch of JavaFX apps similar to Java apps
P1 JDK-8026923 Integrate JavaFX into the JRE and JDK
P1 JDK-8026920 Method Parameter Reflection
P1 JDK-8026926 Update JDBC to 4.2
P3 JDK-8037798 broken link from JAVA EMBEDDED -Get Started home page
P3 JDK-8037792 broken links in
P3 JDK-8030947 jcmd.1 Japanese man page is corrupted after the build
P4 JDK-8035363 Typo "aand" in security overview page


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8028728 Remove note about requiring revocation checking to be disabled when using PKIXRevocationChecker
P2 JDK-8020835 Need to document that Windows XP 64-bit is not supported by FX
P2 JDK-8033901 Remove reference to VM Options OTN page
P2 JDK-8028654 Restrict the use of certificates with RSA keys less than 1024 bits
P3 JDK-7152439 ###@###.### is likely going away, still references in platform docs.
P3 JDK-8010438 A document deccribing what krb5.conf settings we support
P3 JDK-8028745 Broken docs link from JFR guide to jcmd
P3 JDK-8020768 Deployment guide should emphasize best practice deploy mechanisms for signed apps
P3 JDK-8010126 MaxFDLimit is relevant in Linux too
P3 JDK-4498004 Need to document option at a more visible place
P3 JDK-8026830 SASL API documentation error
P3 JDK-8132661 SunJSSE in FIPS mode disallows TLS_ECDH_anon_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA despite docs
P4 JDK-4850877 AES description update in JCE reference guide
P4 JDK-7102758 Cipher padding names in Oracle Providers doc use all upper case, not consistent with Std. Algs doc
P4 JDK-6614006 Docs: javaws -shortcut -uninstall removes shortcut as well as association
P4 JDK-4925609 Enhance JCE "HowToImplementAProvider" for double signing when deploy with applet
P4 JDK-5060059 import a CSR reply is not generating prompts as keytool docs say.
P4 JDK-7067389 Improperly tagged elements in Java SE developer guide source results in clobbered DOCTYPE
P4 JDK-6459206 Incomplete documentation of os-specific font directory locations
P4 JDK-7066128 index.html of Java SE developer guides require look-and-feel changes
P4 JDK-4891937 JCE docs need to be updated for new algorithms in SunJCE provider
P4 JDK-7085573 JNLP File Syntax page support icon formats list is wrong
P4 JDK-6447788 Misleading code in JSSE SSLEngine guide
P4 JDK-7133668 Remove Sample Master Security Properties file section of JAAS Reference Guide
P4 JDK-2216866 update documentation for jinfo, jmap, and jstack command line tools on Windows


Priority Bug Summary
P4 JDK-6701692 DestroyJavaVM specification needs clarification
P4 JDK-6453675 Request for documentation of -XX:+PrintTenuringDistribution output


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8125920 JavaFX 8 EA API are not browsable online
P2 JDK-8096209 Linux: Document media dependency on GLIB 2.28 in system requirements
P2 JDK-8094984 Online JavaFX 8 Javadoc hangs Firefox
P3 JDK-8097395 HelloDragAndDrop: "Drag me" create a copy of itself
P3 JDK-8093815 TwoButtons sample throws exception
P3 JDK-8125862 Update copyright year in docs, readme files in FX 8 to 2013
P4 JDK-8103988 FXMLLoader documentation has mistakes
P4 JDK-8125380 HTMLEditor Sample: Menu doesn't fit to window
P4 JDK-8092891 JavaFX BlendMode.SRC_ATOP effect does not work on Mac?
P4 JDK-8119228 javafxpackager man pages: mistake in documenting -native option
P4 JDK-8120000 ProgressSample truncated at the bottom
P4 JDK-8124195 Remove builders from the sample code in the JavaFX for Swing developers tutorial
P4 JDK-8119838 Remove builders from the sample code in the Text tutorial
P4 JDK-8094290 Remove builders from the Tranformations demo application
P4 JDK-8093817 Remove builders from the Tree animation sample in Transitions and Animation tutorial
P4 JDK-8116497 Separator sample doesn't look well with latest Lombard bits
P4 JDK-8119258 SliderSample: labels for sliders gone
P4 JDK-8097348 Text "Sign in button pressed" will be shown when clicking the "Sign In" button


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8026922 Access Bridge in JDK/JRE
P2 JDK-8031469 SOP changes needs to be documented for jdk8
P3 JDK-8025687 [doc] document that Solaris 32-bit is no more.
P3 JDK-8034899 Add AES flag information to documentation
P3 JDK-8030869 Class.getMethods returns methods that are not members of the class
P3 JDK-8030867 Class.getMethods() returns default methods that are not members of the class
P3 JDK-8030870 ElementType.TYPE_USE should be a logical superset of ElementType.TYPE and ANNOTATION_TYPE
P3 JDK-8029695 Math.pow regression with power of 2 values
P3 JDK-8030872 Preserve type annotations through a class redefine
P4 JDK-8040801 AES intrinsics not used or AES-NI not detected on i5-650 32 bit
P4 JDK-8031653 Document known Solaris ucrypto issue and its workaround


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8026505 [doc] remove man pages for javaws for solaris
P3 JDK-7199147 description of interned String in doc. of jmap -permstat needs changes
P3 JDK-8023877 javac -Xpkginfo command's documentation is sparse
P3 JDK-8026030 jdeps man page and other relevant docs need update per the jdeps tool enhancements
P3 JDK-8027242 Need to update man pages and documentation with new jar command line option description
P3 JDK-8025261 The synopsis of the jcmd man page says "java" instead of "jcmd"
P3 JDK-7131617 update is needed for
P3 JDK-8026020 update rmic tool page to reflect deprecation of static stub generation
P4 JDK-8011851 "man javadoc" contains out of date reference
P4 JDK-8011852 "man javadoc": typo
P4 JDK-8026343 Enhance java tool page regarding launching JavaFX applications
P4 JDK-7007806 javadoc behavior does not match javadoc docs
P4 JDK-8025941 keytool docs change due to 8008296
P4 JDK-8011855 man javadoc: need to escape entities
P4 JDK-8011857 man javadoc: typo
P4 JDK-8011869 New jarsigner.html changes for JDK-8009636
P4 JDK-8011001 new keytool.html changes for jDK-8010125
P4 JDK-8026342 Reorganize options in java tools documemtation page
P4 JDK-8010507 The option -permstat for jmap has been renamed to -clstats
P4 JDK-8025973 tooldoc for policytool
P4 JDK-8026340 Update tools pages general information to address misuse of "java launcher"


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8028070 Fix errors in lambda documentation in tutorial
P3 JDK-8029072 Tutorial uses TemporalAdjuster in place of TemporalAdjusters
P4 JDK-6992617 2d - advanced - Bug in ShapeMover code sample
P4 JDK-6985570 accessibility - is more content needed
P4 JDK-6985542 essential - environment - Incomplete PATH variable desc
P4 JDK-6985572 essential - regex - supported metacharacters
P4 JDK-6985538 getStarted - Error in main method description
P4 JDK-6992618 i18n - network - toIRIString method does not exist
P4 JDK-6992616 java - data - Substring method desc needs to be clarified
P4 JDK-6985557 java - nuts and bolts - Break statement example
P4 JDK-6985556 java - nuts and bolts - Java basics typo
P4 JDK-6985563 networking - error in socet bind example
P4 JDK-6992619 rmi - Referenced zip file is missing
P4 JDK-6985541 uiswing - components - error in the showMessageDialog example
P4 JDK-6992620 uiswing - layout - Error in SpringLayout page


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8010280 jvm.cfg needs to be generated based on the VMs being built


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8025739 Java crash when starts application regardless of which profile you use
P4 JDK-8021935 nsk/jvmti/unit/ForceEarlyReturn/earlyretfp fails on both JDKonARM(hf) and Embedded JDK(hf) -server(s)


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8005545 Add System property to identify ARCH specific details such as ARM hard-float binaries
P3 JDK-7198815 Add the minimal VM as "known" in jvm.cfg
P3 JDK-8013395 StringBuffer.toString performance regression impacting embedded benchmarks


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-6755060 does not compare correctly for the Thai locale
P3 JDK-7194468 CurrencyFormat test needs to be modifed due to 7189611
P3 JDK-8013836 getFirstDayOfWeek reports wrong day for pt-BR locale
P3 JDK-7195759 ISO 4217 Amendment 154
P3 JDK-8011977 ISO 4217 Amendment Number 155
P3 JDK-8021121 ISO 4217 Amendment Number 156
P3 JDK-7090826 Newly added codes need to be localized into pt_BR in LocaleNames.
P3 JDK-8029207 There should be a space before % sign in Swedish locale
P3 JDK-7066203 Update currency data to the latest ISO 4217 standard
P3 JDK-8025051 Update resource files for TimeZone display names
P4 JDK-7114053 [sq] Inproper tanslation for iso lanugage of Albanian
P4 JDK-7129382 change minor unit of VND to 0
P4 JDK-7085757 Currency Data: ISO 4217 Amendment 152
P4 JDK-7171028 dots are missed in the datetime for Slovanian
P4 JDK-7003124 In Bulgarian Locale DateFormat is wrong
P4 JDK-7101495 In Latvia first day of week is Monday
P4 JDK-7074882 Locale data needs correction (Month names for Maltese language)
P4 JDK-7077119 remove past transition dates from file
P4 JDK-7040556 SimpleDateFormat.format Portuguese Month should not be capitalized
P4 JDK-7028073 The currency symbol for Peru is wrong
P4 JDK-7189611 Venezuela current Currency should be Bs.F.


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8014435 [de] mnemonic conflict in SwingSet2/FileChooser demo for GTK Style feel&look
P3 JDK-8008647 [es] minor cosmetic issues in translated java command line outputs
P3 JDK-8026108 [it, ja, zh_CN] wrong translation in jar example.
P3 JDK-8026109 [ja] overtranslation of jarsigner in command line output.
P3 JDK-8008437 [sv] over-translation in java command line outputs
P3 JDK-7186666 [zh_CN,ko,ja]Dot displays \x2022 in File In Use dialog.
P3 JDK-7196360 check-in jdk.tbom and jdkclosed.tbom file to closedjdk repo
P3 JDK-8029239 jdk8 l10n resource file translation update - localenames
P3 JDK-8010521 jdk8 l10n resource file translation update 2
P3 JDK-8015657 jdk8 l10n resource file translation update 3
P3 JDK-8016824 jdk8 l10n resource file translation update 3 - jaxp
P3 JDK-8025215 jdk8 l10n resource file translation update 4
P3 JDK-8028803 jdk8 l10n resource file translation update 5 - jaxp repo
P3 JDK-7157855 jvisualvm.1 not included in binaries
P3 JDK-8025974 l10n for policytool
P3 JDK-8026570 NLS: jdk8 man page update
P3 JDK-6192407 s10_70, ko, s1/dvd, minor misspelling under "Select Software Localizations" window
P3 JDK-8026772 test/sun/util/resources/TimeZone/ failing
P4 JDK-8025521 [de] mnemonic conflict in FileChooser for GTK Style feel&look
P4 JDK-8016053 [de] mnemonic conflict in SwingSet2/FileChooser demo for Motif look and feel
P4 JDK-8015873 [de] mnemonic conflicts in Print dialog of JTable demo
P4 JDK-8014433 [es,fr,it,sv] mnemonic placed on the same letter in Java Control Panel
P4 JDK-8011965 [ko] JRE online installer: Inproper text in red (as link) on download dialog
P4 JDK-8025646 [pt_BR] overtranslation of option in java command line output
P4 JDK-8019917 [sv, es] Duplicate mnemonic key in JCP Security tab.
P4 JDK-8030694 [sv] Invalide character is used for mnemonic on JCP
P4 JDK-8026115 [zh_CN] inproper translation in output of jarsigner command
P4 JDK-6607048 clear extra l10n resource files in demo
P4 JDK-8027244 Need to translate new error message and usage information for jar tool
P4 JDK-4609153 Provide locale data for Indic locales
P4 JDK-5104387 Support for gl_ES locale (galician language)
P5 JDK-8008957 [de,fr,it,es,sv] JCP layout issue - paragraph 'Temporary Internet Files' slightly moved to the right
P5 JDK-6931564 Incorrect display name of Locale for south africa


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8032207 C2: assert(VerifyOops || MachNode::size(ra_) <= (3+1)*4) failed: bad fixed size
P1 JDK-8032566 Crash in JIT when running Scala compiler (and compiling Scala std lib)
P1 JDK-8000135 NPG: assert(ret == true) failed: relocInfo must exist at this address
P2 JDK-8009511 C2: "assert(tp->base() != Type::AnyPtr) failed: not a bare pointer" at machnode.cpp:376
P2 JDK-8027077 C2: stack overflow in compiler thread because of recursive inlining of lambda form methods
P2 JDK-8009460 C2compiler crash in machnode::in_regmask(unsigned int)
P2 JDK-8001092 compiler/6912517 crashes on 64bit sparc with compressed oops off
P2 JDK-2225106 Crash on OSX in Enumerator.nextElement() with compressed oops
P2 JDK-7009641 Don't use CodeCache for allocations if it is already full
P2 JDK-2224590 JDeveloper crashes on 64-bit Windows
P2 JDK-8015035 JSR 292: Two jck/runtime tests crash on java.lang.invoke.MethodHandle.invokeExact
P2 JDK-8011828 JVM crash when run lambda testng tests
P2 JDK-8026495 JVM Crashes when started with -XX:+DTraceMethodProbes on x86_64
P2 JDK-8000121 NPG: Some JSR 292 tests crash in Windows exception handler
P2 JDK-2212447 SEGV IN C2 WITH 6U25
P2 JDK-8029366 ShouldNotReachHere error when creating an array with component type of void
P2 JDK-2215442 Up to 15% regression on JDK 7 b136 vs b135 on specjvm2008.crypto.rsa on x64
P2 JDK-8017762 VM crashes with assert(n->outcnt() != 0 || C->top() == n || n->is_Proj()) failed: No dead instructions after post-alloc
P3 JDK-2225823 19 JCK compiler tests fail with C2 error: memNode.cpp:812 - ShouldNotReachHere
P3 JDK-8006324 [TEST_BUG] sun/invoke/util/ should be modified
P3 JDK-7184394 add intrinsics to use AES instructions
P3 JDK-2212465 Array can dynamically change size when assigned to an object field
P3 JDK-8011832 assert failure in c1_LinearScan.cpp: "asumption: non-Constant instructions have only virtual operands"
P3 JDK-2229144 assert(_offset >= 1) failed: illegal call to offset()
P3 JDK-2217946 assert(_pc == *pc_addr) failed may be too strong
P3 JDK-2215497 assert(machtmp->outcnt() == 1) failed: expected for a MachTemp
P3 JDK-8013668 assert(nbits == 32 || (-(1 << nbits-1) <= x && x < ( 1 << nbits-1))) failed: value out of range
P3 JDK-2227088 assert(tboth->klass_is_exact()) failed: klass should be exact
P3 JDK-8021898 Broken JIT compiler optimization for loop unswitching
P3 JDK-8017761 Compilation issue with adlc using latest SunStudio compilers
P3 JDK-2217915 crash with jittester on sparc
P3 JDK-2219989 ctw/.../org_apache_avalon_composition_util_StringHelper crashes the VM
P3 JDK-2219988 ctw/jarfiles/GUI3rdParty_jar/ob_mask_DateField crashes VM
P3 JDK-2225117 exp() and pow() should use the x87 ISA on x86
P3 JDK-2226430 Failed new vector regression tests
P3 JDK-2227091 Failed test java/lang/Math/
P3 JDK-2226439 jruby/bench.bench_timeout crashes with JVM internal error
P3 JDK-7030453 JSR 292 ClassValue.get method is too slow
P3 JDK-6983728 JSR 292 code for limited argument counts is unused and should be deleted
P3 JDK-2216389 JSR292: assert(magic_number_2() == MAGIC_NUMBER_2) failed
P3 JDK-8000396 NPG: distance is too big for short branches in test_invocation_counter_for_mdp()
P3 JDK-8000110 NPG: JSR 292 test fails because missing fix for 7188911
P3 JDK-2221481 nsk/stress/stack/b4525850 crash VM
P3 JDK-8014447 Object.hashCode intrinsic breaks inline caches
P3 JDK-2221502 SIGILL on linux amd64 in gc/ArrayJuggle/Juggle29
P3 JDK-2219990 Some CTW test crash with SIGSEGV
P3 JDK-8007185 test/java/util/AbstractSequentialList/ fails: assert(rtype == ctype) failed: mismatched return types
P3 JDK-8011838 "Failed: init recursive calls: 5498. After deopt 5494".
P3 JDK-8015033 "Failed: init recursive calls: 7224. After deopt 58824"
P3 JDK-7195597 ThreadStateTest gets different results with -Xcomp
P3 JDK-8002016 tools/javac/Diagnostics/6769027/ crashes in PSPromotionManager::copy_to_survivor_space
P3 JDK-8014586 Zero builds are broken after 8010862
P4 JDK-8004330 Add missing Unsafe entry points for addAndGet() family
P4 JDK-8022832 Add WB APIs for OSR compilation
P4 JDK-2220001 assert(proj != NULL) failed: must be found
P4 JDK-2217917 assertion failure with -XX:+PrintNativeNMethods
P4 JDK-7092905 C2: Keep track of the number of dead nodes
P4 JDK-8009512 compiler/6852078/ timeouts
P4 JDK-8008055 compiler/8004741/ fails intermediately
P4 JDK-8025656 compiler/8013496/ fails on assert
P4 JDK-2212544 Disassembler needs to be smarter about finding hsdis after 1.7 launcher changes
P4 JDK-6934604 enable parts of EliminateAutoBox by default
P4 JDK-2221253 G1 C2 CTW: assert(p2x->outcnt() == 2) failed: expects 2 users: Xor and URShift nodes
P4 JDK-8000592 Improve adlc usability
P4 JDK-8228405 Incorrect format strings in PhaseIdealLoop::rc_predicate
P4 JDK-7087570 java.lang.invoke.MemberName information wrong for method handles created with findConstructor
P4 JDK-2217933 JDK8 b10 hotspot: src/share/vm/ci/ciMethodHandle.cpp Error: Use "." or "->" ....
P4 JDK-8004318 JEP-171: Support Unsafe fences intrinsics
P4 JDK-7058651 JSR 292 unit tests need a refresh
P4 JDK-8000383 JSR 292: java/lang/invoke/ fails on solaris-sparc
P4 JDK-8022456 LogCompilation tool does not work with C1 output again
P4 JDK-8016404 fails 'can not access a member of class Test8015436 with modifiers "public static"'
P4 JDK-2213991 TEST_BUG: compiler/5091921/ fails on LOW MEM SYSTEMS
P4 JDK-8008532 TEST_BUG: compiler/7009359/ sometimes times out
P4 JDK-2217925 UseRDPCForConstantTableBase doesn't work after shorten branches changes


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8011306 assert(max_heap >= InitialHeapSize) in arguments.cpp
P2 JDK-8008523 G1: assert(!hr->isHumongous() || mr.start() == hr->bottom()) failed: the start of HeapRegion and MemRegion should be consistent for humongous regions
P2 JDK-2220599 G1: assert((s == klass->oop_size(this)) || (Universe::heap()->is_gc_active() && ((is_typeArray()...
P2 JDK-8000111 NPG: assert(used + free == capacity) failed: Accounting is wrong
P2 JDK-8000107 NPG: CMS reserved() doesn't match _rs.base().
P2 JDK-8000112 NPG: Some issues with compressed oops
P2 JDK-8000117 NPG: Unable to allocate bit map for parallel garbage collection for the requested heap size
P2 JDK-8010356 SIGSEGV on Solaris sparc with -XX:+UseNUMA
P2 JDK-8010358 VM crashes when running with large -Xms and not specifying ObjectAlignmentInBytes
P3 JDK-2217961 assert(size_in_words <= (julong)max_jint) failed: no overflow
P3 JDK-8024483 assertion failure: (!mirror_alive || loader_alive) failed:
P3 JDK-2212478 CMS: assert(n> q) failed: Looping at: ... blockOffsetTable.cpp:557
P3 JDK-8009499 fix failed for JDK-8002415 White box testing API for HotSpot
P3 JDK-8020177 G1 tests fail with native OOME on Solaris x86 after HeapBaseMinAddress has been increased
P3 JDK-2216141 G1: assert(!_g1->is_obj_dead(obj)): We should not be preserving dead objs: g1CollectedHeap.cpp:3835
P3 JDK-8008066 G1: assert(!is_null(v)) failed: narrow oop value can never be zero
P3 JDK-2218992 G1: assert(_g1->mark_in_progress()) failed: shouldn't be here otherwise
P3 JDK-8000132 G1: assert(_unused == 0) failed: Inconsistency in PLAB stats
P3 JDK-2216151 G1: assert(da ? referent->is_oop() : referent->is_oop_or_null()) failed: referenceProcessor.cpp:1054
P3 JDK-2216152 G1: assert(interval >= 0) failed: Sanity check, referencePolicy.cpp: 76
P3 JDK-8015044 G1: crashes with assert assert(prev_committed_card_num == _committed_max_card_num) failed
P3 JDK-2220609 G1: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid threshold: 9223372036854775807 > max (1073741824)
P3 JDK-8006477 G1: Kitchensink failures after marking stack changes
P3 JDK-8008522 G1: large number of evacuation failures may lead to large c heap memory usage
P3 JDK-8017751 G1: VM often crashes on solaris with a lot of memory
P3 JDK-2215437 GC changes to support use of discovered field for pending references
P3 JDK-2223002 HeapWord*ParallelScavengeHeap::failed_mem_allocate(unsigned long,bool)+0x97
P3 JDK-7112912 Message "Error occurred during initialization of VM" on boxes with lots of RAM
P3 JDK-8010895 NPG: Metaspace occupies more memory than specified by -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize option
P3 JDK-8000381 NPG: optimized VM build is broken
P3 JDK-6964458 Reimplement class meta-data storage to use native memory
P4 JDK-8015548 CMS: "Conservation Principle" assert failed
P4 JDK-8024954 CMS: CMSClassUnloadingMaxInterval is not implemented correctly
P4 JDK-2212441 CMS: eob == _limit || fc->isFree() failed: Only a free chunk should allow us to cross over the limit
P4 JDK-8017754 Format issue with -XX:+PrintAdaptiveSizePolicy on JDK8
P4 JDK-2222413 G1: Crash in vm bootstrap when running with -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:-UsePerfData
P4 JDK-8008065 G1: Kitchensink fails with ParallelGCThreads=0
P4 JDK-2224883 G1: Minor cleanups to the G1 logging
P4 JDK-2229456 G1: Remove the serial code for PrintGCDetails and make it a special case of the parallel code
P4 JDK-8011825 gc/metaspace/ fails with "exit code 1"
P4 JDK-8014169 gc/ java.lang.RuntimeException: '[Verifying' missing from stdout/stderr: [Error: Could not find or load main class]
P4 JDK-2223895 Introduce an extra logging level for G1 logging
P4 JDK-8046112 JEP 122: Remove the Permanent Generation
P4 JDK-8046132 JEP 142: Reduce Cache Contention on Specified Fields
P4 JDK-8046163 JEP 173: Retire Some Rarely-Used GC Combinations
P4 JDK-6467473 oop_oop_iterate() skips JNIid's
P4 JDK-6976528 PS: assert(!limit_exceeded || softrefs_clear) failed: Should have been cleared
P4 JDK-2216710 TEST_BUG: BubbleUpRef does not always detect failures
P4 JDK-7198334 UseNUMA modifies system parameters on non-NUMA system


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-2225114 api.jfr.JavaAPITest crashes VM with SIGBUS on sparcv9
P2 JDK-2221978 JFR: Parser error for maxchunksize slows down JFR considerably
P2 JDK-2223881 Kitchensink crashes with JFR & JCMD enabled
P2 JDK-7196511 REGRESSION: Two tests of closed/com/oracle/jfr/api/JavaAPITest failed to compile
P3 JDK-8025935 Add help message to JFR configuration files
P3 JDK-8014276 closed/com/oracle/jfr/api/RecordingTest/ fails
P3 JDK-8016222 Enable all Exceptions disables errors Errors
P3 JDK-8014064 Event recording/recording_setting has erroneous metadata
P3 JDK-8013870 Events available but not in any jfc file
P3 JDK-8024642 jfr code prevents use of -Xlint:try in jdk build
P3 JDK-2224290 JFR: Echeneis api/jfr/JavaAPITest fails to compile after class refactoring
P3 JDK-2225104 JFR: make native APIs aware of deactivated JFR state
P3 JDK-2223343 JFR: nightlies and echeneis tests still failing
P3 JDK-7175802 Missing jdk_jfr in top-level make file
P3 JDK-8019559 NPE in on Linux-ia32
P3 JDK-8021931 Null method in JFR stack trace
P3 JDK-8013941 Remove JFR TestGCEventExplicit and TestGCEventImplict
P3 JDK-2222404 TraceEvent & TraceComplexEvent should use ft_elapsed counter.
P4 JDK-7156000 Change makefile to reflect refactoring classes
P4 JDK-2223887 JFR Unittests fail with -XComp
P4 JDK-2229145 Remove JFR tests from hotspot code base
P4 JDK-2223889 Test for MissionControlMXBean fails to compile


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-2221496 nsk/jdi/ReferenceType/instances/instances004 fails with JFR: assert(ServiceUtil::visible_oop(obj))
P2 JDK-8014135 The JVMTI specification does not conform to recent changes in JNI specification
P3 JDK-6843375 Debuggee VM crashes performing mark-sweep-compact
P3 JDK-8008034 JSR 292: the mlvm redefineClassInBootstrap test crashes in ConstantPool::compare_entry_to
P3 JDK-8014581 JvmtiClassFileReconstituter does not create BootstrapMethod attributes
P3 JDK-8005056 NPG: Crash after redefining java.lang.Object
P3 JDK-7194607 fails after JSR-292 merge
P4 JDK-2227804 Test runtime/6294277/ runs wrong JVM


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8013682 'assert(nbits == 32 || (-(1 << nbits-1) <= x && x < ( 1 << nbits-1))) failed: value out of range' in interpreter initialization
P1 JDK-8031120 nsk/jvmti/RedefineClasses/StressRedefine failed invalid method ordering length on Solaris
P2 JDK-8014150 BigApps fails due to 'fatal error: Illegal threadstate encountered: 6'
P2 JDK-8005716 Enhance JNI specification to allow support of static JNI libraries in Embedded JREs
P2 JDK-2221493 HS SIGFPE crashes in several tl nightly tests
P2 JDK-2222736 Improper commandlines for -XX:+-UnlockCommercialFeatures require proper warning/error messages
P2 JDK-8005513 Improve GC option handling
P2 JDK-8005502 jcmd VM.native_memory baseline=false crashes VM
P2 JDK-8007888 JDK changes to fix - Default method cause java.lang.VerifyError: Illegal use of nonvirtual function call
P2 JDK-2227086 JVM new hashing code breaks SA in product mode
P2 JDK-8014579 NMT: Kitchensink crashes with assert(next_region == NULL || !next_region->is_committed_region()) failed: Sanity check
P2 JDK-8000124 NPG: assert with NMT code in Thread destructor
P2 JDK-8003861 NPG: possible performance issue exposed by closed/runtime/6559877/
P2 JDK-8010340 nsk/regression/b4222717 fails with empty stack trace
P2 JDK-2226425 runtime/7158800/ fails in SymbolTable::rehash_table
P2 JDK-8006491 SIGSEGV in methodOopDesc::fast_exception_handler_bci_for(KlassHandle,int,Thread*)+0x3e9
P2 JDK-8011302 test/vm/verifier/ failing with hs25.0-b20
P2 JDK-2220606 Unlocking of commercial features must not be reversable at runtime within the same JVM session
P3 JDK-7198329 Add $(sort) to object files used in links makes binarties more consistent
P3 JDK-2219958 Add a fast unordered timestamp capability to Hotspot on x86/x64
P3 JDK-7003837 Add Java Options and their default values to Java Documentation
P3 JDK-7133260 AllocationProfiler uses space in metadata and doesn't seem to do anything useful
P3 JDK-2227811 Compilation warning after: 7172967: Eliminate the constMethod's _method backpointer to the methodOop
P3 JDK-2221473 First JSDT provider creation fails
P3 JDK-8014578 guarantee(VerifyBeforeGC || VerifyDuringGC || VerifyBeforeExit || VerifyAfterGC) failed: too expensive
P3 JDK-7200776 Implement default methods in interfaces
P3 JDK-8000617 It should be possible to allocate memory without the VM dying on failure.
P3 JDK-8013663 java/lang/invoke/6987555/ crashes with assert(mcs != NULL) failed: MethodCounters cannot be NULL
P3 JDK-7200297 jdwp and hprof code do not handle multiple sun.boot.library.path elements correctly
P3 JDK-8019756 JVM hangs verifying system dictionary
P3 JDK-8022259 MakeClasslist tool is buggy and its README is out of date.
P3 JDK-2221484 nightly failure after 7141200: tty is sometimes null during shutdown of main thread
P3 JDK-8010865 NPG: Klass::restore_unshareable_info() triggers assert(k->java_mirror() == NULL)
P3 JDK-6900441 PlatformEvent.park(millis) on Linux could still be affected by changes to the time-of-day clock
P3 JDK-8001080 runtime/7196045/ fails with No class provided for `main'
P3 JDK-7054345 Support version 52.0 class file in HotSpot
P3 JDK-8017750 "Failed: init recursive calls: 24. After deopt 25"
P3 JDK-2227820 TEST: runtime/7020373/ fails on 64-bit platforms
P3 JDK-7188233 UseVMInterruptibleIO flag deprecate for JDK8
P4 JDK-2225304 "JVM Information" event incorrect: the Operating System Version attribute value is weird on Ubuntu
P4 JDK-2225116 [TEST] closed/runtime/6373938/ failed
P4 JDK-2219006 Add JFR XX switches FlightRecorderOptions, StartFlightRecording and LogCommercialFeatures
P4 JDK-2219001 Commercial features in Hotspot should be gated by a switch
P4 JDK-8000622 Forgot to hg add and check in test for JDK-7170638
P4 JDK-8046126 JEP 136: Enhanced Verification Errors
P4 JDK-8046137 JEP 147: Reduce Class Metadata Footprint
P4 JDK-8046138 JEP 148: Small VM
P4 JDK-8046161 JEP 171: Fence Intrinsics
P4 JDK-2219210 Make all commercial switches manageable
P4 JDK-8006280 Need to reorder metadata structures to reduce size (64-bit)
P4 JDK-8013657 nsk/regression/b6653214 fails "assert(snapshot != NULL) failed: Worker should not be started"
P4 JDK-7188594 Print statistic collected by NMT with VM flag
P4 JDK-8011817 is failing on most configs after fix for 8010667
P4 JDK-8020646 The hs_err file gets wrong name
P4 JDK-8016903 Thread::_handle_area initial size too big


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8028128 Add a type safe alternative for working with counter based data
P3 JDK-8008536 Add HotSpot support for printing class loader statistics for JMap
P3 JDK-8022972 Assert in ThreadTimesClosure::do_thread() due to use of naked oop instead of handle
P3 JDK-2221550 JFR DCMD: JFR initialization to throw j.l.runtimeExceptions on all failure exits
P3 JDK-2220951 JFR DCMD: start_flightrecording dcmd should report back id of started recording instead of No result
P3 JDK-2221257 JFR: Register JFR default event types for JVM and Metaproducer
P3 JDK-8004840 Jstack seems to output unnecessary information in 7u9
P3 JDK-8008541 Remove old code in HotSpot that supported the jmap -permstat functionality
P3 JDK-8011888 sa.js: TypeError: [object JSAdapter] has no such function "__has__"
P3 JDK-7140868 TEST_BUG: jcmd tests need to use -XX:+UsePerfData
P3 JDK-8002118 WindbgDebuggerLocal should not try to load 64-bit debug libraries for 32-bit JVM
P4 JDK-2222732 All tests using the attach API fail with "well-known file is not secure" on Mac OS X
P4 JDK-2221489 JFR Diagnostic commands needs to initialize flight recorder on demand
P4 JDK-8004007 test/sun/tools/jinfo/ fails on when runSA is set to true


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-2221495 java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/
P3 JDK-2220952 Re-checkin the JFR Echeneis tests to enable nightly / local testing of JFR features
P3 JDK-8016376 runtime/memory/ fails due to 'assert(bytes % os::vm_allocation_granularity() == 0) failed: reserve block size'
P3 JDK-8011295 some runtime/CommandLine/ tests fail on 32-bit platforms
P3 JDK-2227801 TEST: runtime/7020373/ fails because there is no test/runtime/7020373/testcase.jar
P4 JDK-7140852 Add test for 7022100
P4 JDK-2225299 Add test to check that humongous object allocation path also checks the heap occupancy
P4 JDK-8020181 Embedded Builds fail management test because of requirement for UsePerfData being enabled
P4 JDK-8024678 Java source files in hotspot/test/testlibrary should not use @author tag in JavaDoc
P4 JDK-8016384 runtime/contended/ fails with OutOfMemory
P4 JDK-8010875 Some of WB tests on compiler fails
P4 JDK-8015497 Take new fixes from hotspot/test/testlibrary to jdk/test/lib/testlibrary


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8005442 sets DATE_WHEN_GENERATED to empty string on Solaris version 11 or later
P1 JDK-8003161 Cannot build jdk8/build using the new build system after latest merge.
P1 JDK-8014923 RE path name change for lambda build removed jdk8; put it back.
P4 JDK-8028478 Re-visit JPRT testsets to make it easier to run subsets of the tests


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8017210 $JAVA_HOME/release file in b94 contains a printf command
P1 JDK-8004491 Build breakage on Linux due to 8004188
P1 JDK-7122235 Build succeeds even if JDK source file fails to compile
P1 JDK-8006797 build-infra JPRT builds need JPRT_ARCHIVE_INSTALL_BUNDLE in common/makefiles/Jprt.gmk
P1 JDK-8006100 build-infra: Bundle up the correct images in jprt
P1 JDK-8007082 build-infra: Create configure param to point to debug image.
P1 JDK-8005654 build-infra: Create
P1 JDK-8005178 build-infra: Dependency on libfdlibm on mac is broken
P1 JDK-8002026 build-infra: deploy repository building
P1 JDK-8006831 build-infra: Don't require --with-gcc29-compiler-kit for linux_x64
P1 JDK-8003300 build-infra: fails on solaris when objcopy is not found
P1 JDK-8006962 build-infra: bundles are missing
P1 JDK-8005548 build-infra: Fix docs target on windows
P1 JDK-8005355 build-infra: Java security signing (need a top-level make target).
P1 JDK-8005549 build-infra: Merge NewMakefile.gmk and common/makefiles/Makefile
P1 JDK-8002028 build-infra: need no-hotspot partial build
P1 JDK-8005532 build-infra: Set ANT_HOME to avoid rpm installed ant to interfere with deploy repo
P1 JDK-8005635 build-infra: Support building install in jprt
P1 JDK-8005692 build-infra: Target "all" should do the right thing
P1 JDK-8005575 build-infra: Three JCK tests fails on Solaris with new RE Autoconf-Based build
P1 JDK-8004229 build-infra: Umbrella for switch of default "make" to new makefiles
P1 JDK-8001875 build-infra: We must be able to force static linking of stdc++
P1 JDK-2226424 ENV: Nightly fails during jdk copiyng for solaris platforms after FDS unzipping
P1 JDK-8009529 Fix for 8006988 missed closed configure changes
P1 JDK-8011350 can fail if sh is not bash
P1 JDK-8035191 Java FX Thirdpartyreadme file needs to be included in Embeddedbundles that include Java FX
P1 JDK-7067724 jdk 8 TL nightly: windows-i586 and windows-adm64 builds failure
P1 JDK-8008349 JDK8 tl nightly (new build system), macosx-x86_64 build should not contain file that starts with ._
P1 JDK-8024815 jdk8-build nightly builds are failing on windows with configure: error: unrecognized options: --with-dxsdk
P1 JDK-8026966 Most native libs broken on mac in jdk8/build
P1 JDK-8017480 Move copying of jfr files to closed makefile
P1 JDK-7168520 No jdk8 TL Nightly linux builds due to broken link in b39-2012-05-13_231
P1 JDK-8008977 profiles build broken by Nashorn build changes
P1 JDK-8030781 System.setProperties(null) drops all system properties (RELEASE not set)
P1 JDK-8027068 Update to NewMakefile.gmk check of MAKE_VERSION broke jdk8-build nightly builds on windows, saying 3.82.90 is too low
P1 JDK-8009019 Updates to required for 8008914
P1 JDK-8032632 Wrong version for the first jdk8 fcs build
P2 JDK-8026500 [infra] remove extraneous docs in solaris images
P2 JDK-8005879 Add -DMAC_OS_X_VERSION_MAX_ALLOWED=1070 to builds on Mac
P2 JDK-8014762 Add JMC configure option mapping to Jprt.gmk
P2 JDK-7190137 Add support for JVM_VARIANT minimal1
P2 JDK-7069993 Adjust make/ file for jdk8
P2 JDK-8028102 All test targets, jdk/test/Makefile, fail on Windows
P2 JDK-8027755 Anti-delta incorrect push for 8025198
P2 JDK-7178241 Basic script for JDK source code legal headers conformance verification
P2 JDK-8014500 bootcycle-images fails after upgrade to JAXP 1.5
P2 JDK-8027298 broken link in jdk8b113 macosx binaries
P2 JDK-7074397 Build infrastructure changes (makefile re-write)
P2 JDK-8001941 build-infra: --disable-precompiled-headers does not seem to work
P2 JDK-8003819 build-infra: backslashes at end of LIB and INCLUDE in spec.gmk
P2 JDK-8003693 build-infra: bridgeBuild should allow for partial build (no hotspot)
P2 JDK-8002183 build-infra: Builds-infra builds fail on mac after integ of jdk8-b62
P2 JDK-8001541 build-infra: Cannot build on Solaris using softlinks
P2 JDK-8003177 build-infra: Compare reports diff in LocaleDataMetaInfo.class
P2 JDK-8006074 build-infra: Configure fails to find SetEnv.Cmd in microsoft sdk
P2 JDK-8003317 build-infra: Configure fails when current dir is part of a symlink
P2 JDK-8002184 build-infra: Contents of tools.jar differ since JDK-7194449
P2 JDK-8001887 build-infra: Correct mapfiles in build-infra area
P2 JDK-8007275 build-infra: Create final-images target
P2 JDK-8003528 build-infra: Diffs in libjava and hotspot libs on solaris.
P2 JDK-8003844 build-infra: docs target isn't working properly
P2 JDK-8006325 build-infra: Don't try to build deploy or install if they aren't there
P2 JDK-8003414 build-infra: fails on on windows
P2 JDK-8001942 build-infra: General permission problems on Windows/cygwin
P2 JDK-8003960 build-infra: Jarsigner launcher has wrong classname
P2 JDK-8001965 build-infra: Large compare diffs between new and old on mac
P2 JDK-8001753 build-infra: mismatch with full debug symbol control for hotspot
P2 JDK-8004712 build-infra: Move user guide from web pages to repository
P2 JDK-8008073 build-infra: Need --with-dxsdk option? And awt/sound -I option additions?
P2 JDK-8002221 build-infra: spelling error in xcode mac project file
P2 JDK-8006296 build-infra: Unsigned sunmscapi.jar is missing manifest.
P2 JDK-8002220 build-infra: update for mac, solaris 11 issues
P2 JDK-8003482 build-infra: Use correct manifest in security jars
P2 JDK-7153261 diff time stamp for lambda in aurora
P2 JDK-7152425 Fix copyright notices on 12 files in jaxws
P2 JDK-8011342 Fix for JDK-8011178 does not work on solaris-sparc/solaris-i586
P2 JDK-8014461 genstubs creates default native methods
P2 JDK-8024522 java.time packages missing from
P2 JDK-8007348 javadoc list of java.time packages is out of date
P2 JDK-8029314 JDK 8 / OEL 5.x: Java Plug-in needs
P2 JDK-8016520 jdk native build does not fail on compilation error on windows
P2 JDK-8023075 JDK-5049299 has broken old make in jdk8
P2 JDK-8011812 JDK-8011278 breaks the old build
P2 JDK-7051135 jdk8 build shows "1.7.0-ea" as java version
P2 JDK-8017222 jdk8 configure should fail the build if Client.jar cannot be found and either SIGN_FLAG or MAC_SIGN_FLAG is set
P2 JDK-7191703 jprt cannot build jdk on MacOSX.
P2 JDK-8026888 Licensee build failure due to wrong libs being called
P2 JDK-8008451 Make mac builds on 10.8 work on 10.7
P2 JDK-8008978 nashorn-rules.gmk missing
P2 JDK-8023460 OPENJDK build fails due to missing jfr.jar
P2 JDK-7129529 Parallelize JLE source bundle generation
P2 JDK-7069870 Parts of the JDK erroneously rely on generic array initializers with diamond
P2 JDK-7113019 Please add nightly build for lambda
P2 JDK-8034273 Remove empty doc dir and jre/man dir from all emb binaries
P2 JDK-6983966 remove lzma and upx from repository JDK8
P2 JDK-7117110 Remove target 1.5 from jaxp and jaxws repo builds for mac
P2 JDK-7039383 Request RE to generate diff between source bundles for new build and previous build for sanity check
P2 JDK-8025612 rt.jar still has old specification value in the manifest
P2 JDK-8009029 SunEC provider classes ending up in rt.jar after Nashorn build changes
P2 JDK-8009393 Supply correct AR to install build from InstallWrapper.gmk
P2 JDK-2226436 symlinks are wrong, which caused jdk8-promote-2 to fail (client/64/64 directories in debuginfo zips)
P2 JDK-7048009 Update .jcheck/conf files for JDK 8
P2 JDK-7123056 Update compiler used in Mac 10.7 to clang
P2 JDK-8025686 Update jdk repo netbeans projects to support NetBeans 7.4 for Java 8 support
P2 JDK-8000992 Update new build-infra makefiles
P2 JDK-8011348 use of which in common/autoconf/ is not portable
P3 JDK-8006828 "SKIP_BOOT_CYCLE=false" must work in new building infrastructure
P3 JDK-8007097 (profiles) Build needs test to ensure that profile definitions are updated
P3 JDK-8026864 --disable-macosx-runtime-support is broken (and should be deprecated)
P3 JDK-8014231 --with-alsa configuration options don't add include or lib directories to proper flags
P3 JDK-7171653 32-bit cross-compile on 64-bit build host generates 64-bit data for awt/X11 leading to crash
P3 JDK-8021430 64 bit JDK build fails on windows 7 due to missing corba source files
P3 JDK-8026528 [build] configure does not recognize newer make in cygwin
P3 JDK-7170969 Add @GenerateNativeHeader to classes whose fields need to be exported for JNI
P3 JDK-7130909 Add a more general mechanism for customizing the build logic
P3 JDK-8004265 Add build support for Compact Profiles
P3 JDK-8010267 Add clean-test target to root repo and add cleaning of tests to clean target
P3 JDK-7196361 add hotspot/make/closed to
P3 JDK-8013185 Add to CORE_PKGS.gmk in root repo
P3 JDK-7181501 Add some GenerateNativeHeader annotations and misc Mac adjustments to makefiles
P3 JDK-8008632 Additional JavaDoc tags @apiNote, @implSpec and @implNote
P3 JDK-7119829 Adjust default jprt testing configuration
P3 JDK-7184406 Adjust get_source/hgforest script to allow for trailing // characters
P3 JDK-7197771 Adjust jdk sources to avoid use of implementation defined value of __FILE__
P3 JDK-7170079 Adjustments to build-infra makefiles
P3 JDK-7153266 Adjustments to corba strip property utility (neutral to builds)
P3 JDK-7174861 all/OPT jdk build on Solaris with FDS enabled sets wrong options
P3 JDK-8002040 Allow Full Debug Symbols when cross-compiling (JDK part)
P3 JDK-8019229 Build Configuration Fail in Windows Platform
P3 JDK-7192804 Build should not install jvisualvm man page for OpenJDK
P3 JDK-8010185 build should support --with-override-nashorn
P3 JDK-8005858 build-infra: Add missed comparison of and friends to
P3 JDK-8001925 build-infra: Add useful help messages if freetype is not found on Windows
P3 JDK-8001891 build-infra: Adding X_CFLAGS and X_LIBS to lwawt and sizer compilations
P3 JDK-8001931 build-infra: Apply consistent formatting/indentation to new build-infra files
P3 JDK-8004803 build-infra: Cannot use icedtea as boot for closed build.
P3 JDK-8001900 build-infra: Check for removing linker options "-z origin" for embedded is broken
P3 JDK-8001922 build-infra: Check freetype correctness with AC_CHECK_LIB on all platforms
P3 JDK-8005694 build-infra: Cleanup of misc changes in build-infra
P3 JDK-8008707 build-infra: Closed (deploy) can't be built using environment from SDK SetEnv.cmd
P3 JDK-8006988 build-infra: Configure fails if 'cl' is in path on linux
P3 JDK-8001898 build-infra: correct exclusion lists for mac jar builds
P3 JDK-8004045 build-infra: Error 12 from zip when updating
P3 JDK-8001901 build-infra: Fix "misbehaving" which command on Solaris
P3 JDK-8001933 build-infra: Group Gensrc stuff in separate directory
P3 JDK-8005655 build-infra: Import if available
P3 JDK-8006651 build-infra: Import.gmk needs to add support for the minimal VM
P3 JDK-8005540 build-infra: Improve incremental build speed on windows by caching find results
P3 JDK-8007524 build-infra: Incremental build of tools.jar broken
P3 JDK-8004490 build-infra: mac: hotspot is always built in product, regardless of --with-debug-level setting
P3 JDK-8005850 build-infra: Make --enable-openjdk-only really disable custom
P3 JDK-8001895 build-infra: Make JDK_BUILD_NUMBER and MILESTONE customizable
P3 JDK-8006658 build-infra: Make MILESTONE behave the same as JDK_BUILD_NUMBER
P3 JDK-8007093 build-infra: Make should fail if spec is older than configure files
P3 JDK-8003274 build-infra: Makefile changes needed for sjavac
P3 JDK-8001897 build-infra: misc adjustments to configure script
P3 JDK-8001912 build-infra: More precise and correct detection of msvcr*.dll
P3 JDK-8004281 build-infra: Move all jar creation to images target and put jars in images/lib
P3 JDK-8001913 build-infra: Need to check the architecture of the msvcr*.dll file
P3 JDK-7182054 build-infra: Print more approriate name of what is being built
P3 JDK-8003945 build-infra: problems finding compiler when using --with-dev-kit
P3 JDK-8005855 build-infra: Remove -R flag from X_LIBS
P3 JDK-8006583 build-infra: Remove /javax/swing/ from
P3 JDK-8001892 build-infra: Remove SPEC from deploy makefiles, minimize impacts
P3 JDK-8005856 build-infra: Remove special handling of base module classes header generation
P3 JDK-8001896 build-infra: UNLIMITED_CRYPTO changes
P3 JDK-8006288 build-infra: Use solaris nm and not gnm on solaris
P3 JDK-8001906 build-infra: warning: [path] bad path element on Solaris
P3 JDK-8029515 Building multiple configurations fails after removal of old build system
P3 JDK-8026398 Can't load jdk.Exported, ClassNotFoundException
P3 JDK-7159320 change default ZIP_DEBUGINFO_FILES back to '1' after fix for 7133529 is available
P3 JDK-7168208 Change use of @ in one sed command involving paths to different character
P3 JDK-7167593 Changed to allow for getting full oracle jdk repo forest
P3 JDK-8027300 configure should use LIBS instead of LDFLAGS when testing freetype
P3 JDK-7074926 create Solaris Studio IDE (Netbeans) project for hotspot sources
P3 JDK-8014404 Debug flag not added to jdk native compile when --enable-debug is set
P3 JDK-7152336 Enable builds on Windows with MinGW/MSYS
P3 JDK-7116322 enhance javac make rule with a little bit of instrumentation
P3 JDK-7195481 FDS: debuginfo file for is missed
P3 JDK-7157296 FDS: ENABLE_FULL_DEBUG_SYMBOLS flag should only affect OPT builds
P3 JDK-7136506 FDS: rework jdk repo Full Debug Symbols support
P3 JDK-7167976 Fix broken script
P3 JDK-7128320 Fix freetype sanity check to make it more generic
P3 JDK-7180594 Fix GenStubs in langtools for build-infra builds
P3 JDK-7167594 Fix install makefiles for Solaris 10u10 builds
P3 JDK-7165312 Fix jaxp source movement for new build-infra
P3 JDK-8025741 Fix jdk/make/docs/Makefile to point to correct docs URL for JDK 8.
P3 JDK-7071275 Fix jdk7 references in README files, remove Forest Extension mentions
P3 JDK-8014514 Fix jvm args for sjavac
P3 JDK-8014508 Fix log levels in make
P3 JDK-7165277 Fix missing execute permission issue running
P3 JDK-7160976 Fix missing file in new build infrastructure: Defs-utils.gmk
P3 JDK-7170091 Fix missing wait between repo cloning in
P3 JDK-7198325 Fix more $(sort) issues on lnk commands in makefiles, making binaries more consistent
P3 JDK-7175966 Fix windows build issues for build-infra project
P3 JDK-8013480 Fix zero build on arm
P3 JDK-8025796 could trigger unbuffered output from hg without complicated machinations
P3 JDK-8023433 Improve make help
P3 JDK-8005090 Include com.sun.source.doctree in Tree API docs
P3 JDK-7071908 Install: Full Debug Symbols
P3 JDK-7194421 java.lang.AssertionError: No error in ASCII mode - testcase tools/javac/api/6437999/
P3 JDK-6604025 javazic tool needs latest sun/util/calendar files
P3 JDK-2219852 jaxp not generating drop_included in 7u-dev builds
P3 JDK-8009280 JCE jurisdiction policy files not copied into jdk/lib/security
P3 JDK-8010785 JDK 8 build on Linux fails with new build mechanism
P3 JDK-8027406 JDK demos are missing source files
P3 JDK-8011347 JDK-8009824 has broken webrev with some ksh versions
P3 JDK-8023769 JDK-8016850 broke the old build
P3 JDK-7090237 JDK8 jdk/test/Makefile uses JTREG version 4.0 by default
P3 JDK-8001012 jdk8 SKIP_BUILD_CYCLE=false build fails with BUILD_JAXWS=false
P3 JDK-7117162 jdk8/jaxws/Makefile default DROPS_DIR should set to jdk8-drops
P3 JDK-2220600 JFR closed code doesn't support bsd/osx
P3 JDK-8017570 jfr.jar should not be in compact3 (for now)
P3 JDK-7101933 langtools jtreg tests do not work with jprt on windows
P3 JDK-8025869 make docs doesn't regenerate docs correctly after changing API doc comments in jaxp sources
P3 JDK-8025921 Make LOG=debug output more readable
P3 JDK-7172012 Make test-in-build an option (Queens)
P3 JDK-8006808 mapfile use check in jdk/make/common/shared/Defs-solaris.gmk is throwing 'egrep: syntax error'
P3 JDK-8026144 Missing mkdir in Images.gmk
P3 JDK-8000403 Missing tag for jdk 8 build b58
P3 JDK-8024665 Move open changes for JDK-8020411 to closed source
P3 JDK-8013489 New build system does not run codesign on SA-related launchers on OS X
P3 JDK-8000251 new hotspot build - hs25-b04
P3 JDK-8016572 Pass CONCURRENCY=$(JOBS) to test/Makefile
P3 JDK-7176691 prtconf: devinfo facility not available in corba building
P3 JDK-8016780 README-builds.html misses crucial requirement on bootstrap JDK
P3 JDK-7172014 Remove empty and unused javah include files
P3 JDK-7181508 Remove GenerateNativeHeader on awt java file
P3 JDK-8023491 Remove target names from root repo test/Makefile and defer to sub-repo makefiles
P3 JDK-8027566 Remove the old build system
P3 JDK-8012566 Replace find, rm, printf and similar with their proper variables
P3 JDK-6604021 RMIC is defaulting to BOOT jdk version, needs to be rmic.jar
P3 JDK-8026974 solaris build missing java-rmi.cgi
P3 JDK-7078053 Solaris JDK build: C compiler writing tmp files into the "make" tree
P3 JDK-7180608 Sort the order of object files when building shared libraries
P3 JDK-7110396 Sound code fails to build with gcc 4.6 on multiarch Linux systems
P3 JDK-8025715 Split CompileNativeLibraries.gmk
P3 JDK-7150324 Stop using drop bundles in jaxp
P3 JDK-7150322 Stop using drop source bundles in jaxws
P3 JDK-8015377 Support using compiler devkits on Linux
P3 JDK-7160895 tools/launcher/ attempts to launch .debuginfo
P3 JDK-8000461 Top level build doesn't pass OPENJDK=true through to the hotspot build
P3 JDK-8024603 Turn on javac lint checking for auxiliaryclass, empty, and try in jdk build
P3 JDK-8024643 Turn on javac lint checking in building the jdk repo
P3 JDK-8024467 Update autoconf-config.guess to autoconf 2.69
P3 JDK-7054333 Update JDK build to use -source 8 and -target 8
P3 JDK-7052122 Update JDK_MINOR_VERSION for JDK 8
P3 JDK-7181504 Update of latest build-infra Makefiles
P3 JDK-7182051 Update of latest build-infra Makefiles (missing files)
P3 JDK-8024201 Update webrev.ksh bug urls to point to OpenJDK bug database
P3 JDK-8001191 use -source 8 -target 8 when compiling the JDK
P3 JDK-8027836 Webrev script breaks for files that has been moved from a directory which now is also removed
P4 JDK-8009426 "profiles" target fails due to nashorn if "images" is not built first
P4 JDK-8007387 "sed: RE error: illegal byte sequence" when building images on Mac
P4 JDK-8024155 'make CONF= ' does not work
P4 JDK-7188013 (build-infra) dist-clean deletes current directory
P4 JDK-7096063 /META-INF/mimetypes.default missing in jre/lib/resources.jar
P4 JDK-8005096 A few source files are in not in the proper package directory.
P4 JDK-8027117 adapt JDK-7165611 to new build-infra whitespace/indent policy
P4 JDK-8013271 Add MacOS sources to J2SE Netbeans project.
P4 JDK-8014269 Add missing .PHONY targets to Main.gmk
P4 JDK-8024320 Add s390(x) detection to platform.m4
P4 JDK-8003357 Add support for jtreg -concurrency to langtools/test/Makefile.
P4 JDK-8011814 Add testng.jar to Netbeans projects test compile classpath
P4 JDK-6625113 Add the normalize and rmkw perl script to the openjdk repository or openjdk site?
P4 JDK-7074264 Add unit test sources to J2SE Netbeans Project
P4 JDK-8010030 Allow configure to detect if EC implementation is present
P4 JDK-7143162 Allow disabling of jdk demos and samples build
P4 JDK-8011278 Allow using a system-installed giflib
P4 JDK-6981754 ALT_OUTPUTDIR should not cause build failures due to trailing /
P4 JDK-7193601 Build breakage with the fix to 6336885 (build-infra build)
P4 JDK-7153072 build fails for 32 bit JDK on 64 bit OS
P4 JDK-8010385 build with LOG=trace broken on mac
P4 JDK-8007129 build-infra Add configure --with-jtreg option for location of JTREG
P4 JDK-8001908 build-infra: --with-java-path should be named --with-java-devtools
P4 JDK-8008294 build-infra: Build-infra closed fails on solaris 11.1
P4 JDK-8002365 build-infra: Build-infra fails on solaris 11.1 on sparc.
P4 JDK-8008944 build-infra: clean up typos
P4 JDK-8008295 build-infra: Cleanup in Import.gmk
P4 JDK-8006663 build-infra: Compare two arbitrary zip/jar files with
P4 JDK-8009988 build-infra: Fix configure output for zip debuginfo check
P4 JDK-8004151 build-infra: Generating X11 wrapper offset file is not cross compilable
P4 JDK-8004145 build-infra: cannot be interrupted safely.
P4 JDK-8003162 build-infra: Improve suggestions for missing packages on linux
P4 JDK-8006579 build-infra: In jvm.cfg, alias -server to -client when no server jvm is built.
P4 JDK-8004352 build-infra: Limit JOBS on large machines
P4 JDK-8004104 build-infra: Minor cleanup
P4 JDK-8003477 build-infra: Remove explicit source file listings for libs when possible
P4 JDK-8006656 build-infra: Set -fsigned-char for executables too
P4 JDK-8006661 build-infra: Use LC_ALL=C instead of LANG=C in
P4 JDK-8010465 Can't enable sjavac when building in jprt.
P4 JDK-8017047 Can't use --with-java-devtools and --with-devkit at the same time
P4 JDK-8019582 Can't use --with-java-devtools and --with-devkit at the same time, missed closed part
P4 JDK-7061195 Clean up makefiles for JDK 8
P4 JDK-8023311 Clean up profile-includes.txt
P4 JDK-8024620 config.log does not end up in corresponding configuration
P4 JDK-8024051 Configure doesn't fail when deploy or install dependencies are missing
P4 JDK-8010277 Configure doesn't fail when Xrender.h is missing
P4 JDK-8016213 Convert j2se project to use top-level make targets
P4 JDK-6967024 Corba makefile should use absolute paths for unix utilities
P4 JDK-7068617 Core libraries don't build with javac -Xlint:all -Werror
P4 JDK-8023480 Create a jvm.cfg for zero on 32 bit architectures
P4 JDK-8024842 Define langtools/Makefile ABS_TEST_OUTPUT_DIR using TEST_OUTPUT_DIR
P4 JDK-7151595 Don't copy DB demos when NO_DEMOS specified
P4 JDK-8024849 Don't remove upper case letters from username when setting USER_RELEASE_SUFFIX
P4 JDK-7058708 Eliminate JDK build tools build warnings
P4 JDK-7060849 Eliminate pack200 build warnings
P4 JDK-7122061 enable -Werror in javac build steps that emit no warnings
P4 JDK-8011366 Enable debug info on all libraries for OpenJDK builds
P4 JDK-8009315 F# on PATH breaks Cygwin tools (mkdir, echo, mktemp ...)
P4 JDK-8023216 Feedback on README-builds.html
P4 JDK-7155585 Fix ifeq errors in makefiles [macosx]
P4 JDK-8015641 genstubs needs to cope with static interface methods
P4 JDK-8024200 fails to detect Python correctly if space after shebang
P4 JDK-8011178 fails to detect Python correctly on MacOS
P4 JDK-8010908 Images target failes when configured with --disable-zip-debug-info
P4 JDK-8015510 Improve JTReg location detection and provide location to test/Makefile
P4 JDK-8008424 Isolate PROFILE make variable from incidental setting in the environment
P4 JDK-7072523 java.math should be built with javac -Xlint:all -Werror
P4 JDK-7071907 JDK: Full Debug Symbols
P4 JDK-7072353 JNDI libraries do not build with javac -Xlint:all -Werror
P4 JDK-7150392 Linux build breaks with GCC 4.7 due to unrecognized option
P4 JDK-8023957 Lock down version of autoconf
P4 JDK-8016303 make CONF= isn't working
P4 JDK-8023156 make dist-clean should remove javacservers directory
P4 JDK-8009429 Miscellaneous profiles cleanup
P4 JDK-8026232 Move libnpt from profile compact1 to compact3
P4 JDK-8016605 New files don't appear in
P4 JDK-7068616 NIO libraries do not build with javac -Xlint:all,-deprecation -Werror
P4 JDK-7063027 Nonexistent path src/closed/windows/classes is included in the javac sourcepath.
P4 JDK-8015087 Provide debugging information for programs
P4 JDK-8007625 race with nested repos in /common/bin/
P4 JDK-7077389 Reflection classes do not build with javac -Xlint:all -Werror
P4 JDK-8011372 Remove -p from cp in IdleCompilation.gmk
P4 JDK-8025595 Remove alt-rt.jar, used by +AggressiveOpts (jdk)
P4 JDK-8010268 Remove dependency on clean from prep target in jdk/test/Makefile
P4 JDK-8021588 Remove explicit othervm execution from jdk/test/Makefile
P4 JDK-7199410 Remove files that were omitted from 7130909 changeset
P4 JDK-8012661 remove langtools Makefile-classic
P4 JDK-8011187 Remove obsolete/unused targets from jdk/test/Makefile
P4 JDK-8016024 Remove solaris path from FillCacheFind
P4 JDK-8021309 replace test/Makefile jdk_* targets with jtreg groups
P4 JDK-8009428 Revert changes to $ substitution performed as part of nashorn integration
P4 JDK-8009162 root repo "make test" target doesn't run against image
P4 JDK-7064075 Security libraries don't build with javac -Xlint:all,-deprecation -Werror
P4 JDK-8014819 set max size for jtreg testvms
P4 JDK-8006872 Stop creating four jars with identical content in the new build system.
P4 JDK-8011388 Support building zero and zeroshark with the new build
P4 JDK-8011687 Support correct dependencies from header files on windows and solaris
P4 JDK-8012564 The SOURCE value in release file of JDK 8 doesn't contain valid changesets for some OS since b74
P4 JDK-8019219 typo in makefiles/CompileNativeLibraries.gmk
P4 JDK-7061190 Update boot JDK version for JDK 8
P4 JDK-7154130 Update build readme to include OS X Lion instructions
P4 JDK-8001764 should support VS2012
P4 JDK-8025920 webrev.ksh does not provide any details about changes in zip files
P4 JDK-8009824 webrev.ksh generated jdk.patch files do not handle renames, copies, and shouldn't be applied
P4 JDK-8004726 webrev.ksh still generating monaco URL instead of JIRA
P4 JDK-8026062 webrev.ksh: fix bug title web scraping, remove teamware, sac, "open bug", -l and wxfile support
P5 JDK-8006594 Add jdk_core target to jdk/test/Makefile
P5 JDK-8006709 Add minimal support of MacOSX platform for NetBeans Projects
P5 JDK-8001460 build-infra: Linker warnings on macosx
P5 JDK-8013920 Configure sets JOBS to 0 if memory is too low.
P5 JDK-8006595 Use jdk/test/Makefile targets in preference to local definitions
P5 JDK-8008629 webrev.ksh needs to quote bug title it gets back from scraping


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8003505 Invoke "About Java" dialog directly for 'About Java' shortcut using the "About" switch.
P2 JDK-7002611 NLS: avoid message concatenation in .rc files
P3 JDK-8005614 Change DS build to call updated combo_build target
P3 JDK-8020589 FilesInUse.EXE should clean up FIUCancel registry key
P3 JDK-8028384 more newmsi consolidation work, removal of duplicate UE/files, fix msdos box issues
P3 JDK-8027940 need to fix several issues with the msi-redesign installer.exe project
P3 JDK-8027251 need to push localization changes for the 30day/med-high changes
P3 JDK-8007020 offer the ability to turn off patching without the need to rebuild
P3 JDK-8010911 Staging build should be improved


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-2216376 AU files in JDK 7 are signed by Sun.
P2 JDK-8025528 build broken from 8025262
P3 JDK-8027186 iftw not catching/pinging AU install return code properly
P3 JDK-8020952 msi redesign has issues and needs some general improvements
P3 JDK-8004070 Skip "Update Available" dialog for UAC Refactor in JDK8.
P4 JDK-8005303 Fail to download map.xml file from https server with invalid certificate authority error
P4 JDK-8025795 need to determine if au msi/cab really need to be signed


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8006846 [install] pack200 fails with assertion error
P1 JDK-7162937 JDK installer does not build after changeset for 6831192
P1 JDK-7160433 Resolve build issues on Linux and Solaris platforms
P2 JDK-2223302 7u-osx install unbuildable for macosx - no visualvm
P2 JDK-8000536 [Mac] JavaFX missing from install (JDK and private JRE)
P2 JDK-7122072 Apply to JDK8 - 7100941: Debug information in Linux tar.gz bundles
P2 JDK-2226411 CheckBox is missing for restart of IE browser
P2 JDK-7045912 Country Lookup Database may be out of date
P2 JDK-7184019 drop installer.dll in the jre bin dir, so it's up-to-date during uninstall after PnP
P2 JDK-7128696 DS build scripts broken after Samba changes
P2 JDK-6994556 ds/nightly scripts should be more generic and under src control in the install repo
P2 JDK-6995068 fastdebug builds don't generate populated jdk*debug*tar bundles
P2 JDK-7129869 installer.dll needs to preload msvcr100.dll before loading deploy.dll
P2 JDK-7200147 IPS in JDK8
P2 JDK-7130872 javaws.exe not getting properly copied to the system dir
P2 JDK-7168021 JDK build broken with push for 7167515 - wrapper.jdk/Makefile: missing separator
P2 JDK-2219334 jdk7u2-dev does not build
P2 JDK-8004717 jdk8: Need the ds build script change for the 64-bit windows dummy bundles
P2 JDK-7132147 jre8 b20 IE plugin not registered, can not play applet.
P2 JDK-8004017 linux installs .so files without proper permissions
P2 JDK-2216367 Linux RPM packages should follow Oracle Policy on install/remove options
P2 JDK-2223300 mac install relies on subdir that may not be there
P2 JDK-7177043 merge of vcxproj files adds garbage chars and breaks build
P2 JDK-7086516 Need to add "Java" items to Windows Start Menu
P2 JDK-7165261 Need to fix the Makefile problem for the real javafx cobundle
P2 JDK-8003171 Need to move jfxrt.jar from lib/ to lib/ext/
P2 JDK-6806009 New and Flexible text for each installer dialog.
P2 JDK-7177266 NLS: Please make proto_au-descriptor_en.xml a complete XML file
P2 JDK-7186328 Progress bar on ProgressSetupDialog doesn't reflect installation process enough
P2 JDK-8011345 Reduce the Number of Steps to Get to Download the Installer in Uninstall Applet
P2 JDK-7124145 regdeploy.exe is crashing on occasion
P2 JDK-7180195 Remove FX1.0 AU code from the AU product
P2 JDK-7187913 revert change for 7178553 for DS PIT until 7186066 can be fixed
P2 JDK-2216378 Separate demos from the bundles on Windows, Solaris and Linux
P2 JDK-2230181 Service tag should be disabled for Linux RPM and Solaris SVR4 packages
P2 JDK-8010959 Single Binary function does not work when running SVR4 package of JRE on Solaris.
P2 JDK-2218281 stop building offline-s
P2 JDK-8011153 UE Enhancements Needed in the uninstall applet and the applet load page
P2 JDK-8007805 Uninstall applet cannot remove JRE under Windows 7 because of lack of permissions
P2 JDK-8011151 Uninstall Applet Progress Bar Does Not Reflect Uninstall Status
P2 JDK-8007810 Uninstall applet under Windows XP hangs for a long time while uninstallation
P3 JDK-8009726 [install] reinstate installer to compress jars
P3 JDK-2222707 [MacOSX] - Installer UI Issues
P3 JDK-2226318 [macosx] AU dialog display is broken and perpetually searching
P3 JDK-7189488 [macosx] Bring JDK8 upto speed with jdk7u repo
P3 JDK-8006953 [macosx] Unmount dmgs left behind from previous builds
P3 JDK-8024549 Add JavaFX samples to JDK demos bundle
P3 JDK-7084433 Advert screen is not displayed properly on Japanese locale
P3 JDK-7159086 au2.0 project should be a sub-tree in the install repo
P3 JDK-8008143 Automate the generation of rtfd files at build time
P3 JDK-7175252 BITS code should be removed from online installer
P3 JDK-8022794 Can't update JDK 8 on Windows 7 64-bit
P3 JDK-7179136 Change Rebase makefile to display verbose output and skip *deployJava1.dll instead of *deploytk.dll
P3 JDK-7162809 Change vendor to Oracle in the Solaris SVR4 packages
P3 JDK-7157199 cleanup/modernize installer.dll: phase 2
P3 JDK-7163690 cleanup/modernize installers: phase 3
P3 JDK-8007409 Cmdline processing needs to be streamlined
P3 JDK-5076531 completely remove installshield dependency altogether, use wix instead
P3 JDK-2222709 Defs-macos.gmk required for the promoted builds
P3 JDK-7119543 DS Build: Automate staging JavaFX for JRE Cobundle
P3 JDK-7165375 DS Hudson build: change tar to ignore uid/gid
P3 JDK-7171251 DS Hudson builds do not have disk space for unique output directory per user
P3 JDK-8004791 Font displays incorrectly in JDK8 b64 installation.
P3 JDK-8023279 footprint regression in b75 due to jfxrt.jar
P3 JDK-8029878 footprint regression in b75 due to jfxrt.jar - reopened
P3 JDK-7150665 general cleanup of installer.dll needed
P3 JDK-8020828 Incorrect jdk function call is used in jre installer
P3 JDK-8012038 init installed by jdk v1.7.0_17 rpm on linux is broken; correction included
P3 JDK-7200140 Install repo for JDK8 has SUNWj7* directories
P3 JDK-8009153 Introduce class for string handling (to use instead TCHAR buffers)
P3 JDK-8007261 jfxrt.jar should be pack200 compressed
P3 JDK-7195788 jre installer for MacOS - first character "J" for Java is dropped in Japanese "welcome" message
P3 JDK-7166327 JRE uninstall does not recover jarfile reg entry on 64bit systems
P3 JDK-8029247 Layout problem on JRE installation "Welcome" dialog in es, fr, and it
P3 JDK-2223876 mac install subdir should be consistent with all other platforms
P3 JDK-8012481 Mac Installer should invoke verify page in the background
P3 JDK-7126701 need DS builds to have the option of building the deploy repo
P3 JDK-8004171 Need i18n for Java shortcut items on Start Menu
P3 JDK-7119130 need some more changes/cleanup after 7088173
P3 JDK-7188419 Need to add wxl files for the jre/jdk installer localization of wix conversion
P3 JDK-7008117 need to build installer wrappers with devenv.exe/project files like installer.dll
P3 JDK-7167513 need to fix the type/sanity of wix3.5 install
P3 JDK-7173558 need to reduce warnings in installer build
P3 JDK-8011791 need to reorganize installer.dll project for a few reasons
P3 JDK-8021575 need to turn MSI redesign off
P3 JDK-7199981 Need to update the ds windows build scripts for the post combo installer build
P3 JDK-8025262 new64jre/new64jdk wrappers should be removed, build 32-bit AU during windows-amd64 builds instead
P3 JDK-7177044 NLS: Relocate untranslatable resources from translatable rc files
P3 JDK-7133333 no longer a need for InstallJavaControlPanel in installer.dll
P3 JDK-6894776 online installers should download au2.0 msi file, not have it bundled in the wrapper.exe
P3 JDK-7045888 OpenOffice files and installer panes displaying OO need to be removed
P3 JDK-6898519 Port iftw download refactor work to jucheck.exe
P3 JDK-7170539 Production HIP should allow for same JRE releases, different Sponsor releases
P3 JDK-8027293 push for 8027251 was missing common_en.rc file
P3 JDK-2226226 RegDeploy: Plugin and JavaWS keys left after PIP
P3 JDK-6831192 running installer wrappers 2 times creates bad UE
P3 JDK-8023658 Starting with Beta 8_b101 installation of both 32 & 64 bit versions are difficult
P3 JDK-8017263 Text overlaps on the java installer dialog
P3 JDK-7155060 typo of DWORD to LWORD broke build during check in of 7150665
P3 JDK-7161807 UAC: JDK/JRE Program name - 7 or 7.0 and (TM)
P3 JDK-7160771 upgrade AU Wix from Wix 2.0 to Wix 3.5
P3 JDK-8014248 upgrading build to *newer* build shouldn't prompt a reinstall dialog
P3 JDK-7155405 Vendor in rpm packages is still Sun Microsystems
P3 JDK-8022096 we need better wrapper organization/consolidation to allow new and old msi's to easily coexist
P3 JDK-7150233 we should stop building the IE auto-download cab installer
P4 JDK-6533394 64 bit JDK is installed on non 64 bit Solaris9 without warning messages and don't work.
P4 JDK-6760421 6u10 not list as different update in Software Management Panel after installing on top 6u11
P4 JDK-8007325 [macosx] Clean build fails in auxiliary-tools-clobber target
P4 JDK-8000202 AU Version should closely match JDK version
P4 JDK-6708996 Cancel during update from beta display Another version installed, use Add/Remove Programs
P4 JDK-8004722 cut DS build time by 30% by offering English-only build
P4 JDK-7166202 FilesInUse fiu.exe needs to be built from source instead of checked in
P4 JDK-6646600 Group Policy Assigned JRE 1.6.0_03 uninstalls itself when sysprep.exe is run
P4 JDK-8007713 Incomplete Java VisualVM installation
P4 JDK-6664205 Installing 6u10 JDK/JRE on a hard drive with low disk space causes msiexec.exe to stall on Windows
P4 JDK-7192698 Integrate the GTest framework into our install repo and get it working with our Makefiles/compil
P4 JDK-6661021 MSI ICE45 validation warnings during JRE and JDK builds
P4 JDK-6590110 need to support JRE install on AUDIT mode
P4 JDK-7034136 Remove all FX ping data from Autoupdate service for Windows and Autoupdate downloads
P4 JDK-8008457 The IsPlatformWindowsNT() function should be removed
P4 JDK-8008954 Turn off packing for DS builds when built with ALT_OUTPUTDIR
P4 JDK-8011926 Typo in New Uninstall Applet UE Load Page
P4 JDK-7146842 When you install Java 7u3. Dell voice's buttons stop working.
P5 JDK-5076522 all references to j2re/j2sdk should be changed in code and makefiles
P5 JDK-8004255 bin\ssv_patch.dll not removed if don't close setup complete dialog before running uninstall
P5 JDK-6195386 Installation Complete Screen Headings are different for both JRE and JDK install/uninstall


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8102302 Stop building standalone installers for FX 8


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-7078024 Update JDK service tag for JDK 8


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8019246 Java Uninstall Tool loads and runs but fails to return result after 30+ minutes.
P2 JDK-8024556 Remove the link to Report bugs here and shorten the instruction text
P2 JDK-8007807 Uninstall applet should notify user that uninstallation will be completed after restart
P3 JDK-8027978 Streamline experience when launching uninstall applet after verify applet


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8096563 8.0-graphics-scrum-h278: disabled accessibility feature triggers dependency on uiautomationcore.dll
P4 JDK-8104064 Create the first native obejcts for JavaFX a11y on Mac
P4 JDK-8102640 Identify and Implement Accessiblity Slider patterns for UIAutomation


Priority Bug Summary
P3 JDK-8115024 Animation. Cycles are not equivalent in SequentialTransition
P3 JDK-8123079 Timeline prevents objects that are animated to be gc'ed
P4 JDK-8124302 Animation methods accept illegal Duration values that are not expected in the Animation code.
P4 JDK-8123565 AnimationTimer constructor has empty javadoc description
P4 JDK-8125706 Direct rate changes should be avoided in children of Sequentail an Parallel Transitions
P4 JDK-8125800 Ensemble: Pause Transition hangs
P4 JDK-8100930 Evaluate TODOs in code, either removing or filing issues as appropriate
P4 JDK-8117518 Fix Tangent interpolator units
P4 JDK-8124853 Nested ParallelTransitions interpolate method do a jump when executed more than once.
P4 JDK-8125557 Parallel / Sequential Transition are wrong when children rates are not 1.0
P4 JDK-8126131 ParallelTransition/SequentialTransition: Change of rate during the animation play not working
P4 JDK-8096830 Regression: Misbehavior of TranslateTransition within SequentialTransition
P4 JDK-8125333 Sequential/Parallel Transitions - negative rates in children don't work
P4 JDK-8127137 Tangent interpolator not applicable.
P4 JDK-8116678 Teleportation of animated object during TranslateTransition
P4 JDK-8115148 Timeline doesn't work with some durations in Java7u21 (works in Java8b92)
P4 JDK-8102270 Use only nanosecond timer in AbstractMasterTimer


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8102633 Separate javafx.embed.swt from jfxrt.jar
P3 JDK-8100937 Allow application to catch exceptions thrown by FX application thread with an UncaughtExceptionHandler
P3 JDK-8123994 Application.getParameters.getRaw returns an empty list as soon as the file path it should convey contains non latin characters
P3 JDK-8102211 Change FX startup such that the Application is initialized and constructed in the FX application thread
P3 JDK-8102035 Change launcher to always call the main method for standalone JavaFX applications
P3 JDK-8101853 Enhance JavaFX launcher to allow Java launcher to directly launch JavaFX application jars
P3 JDK-8124005 Exception thrown on launching SwingInterop app
P3 JDK-8102329 Finish implementing changes to JavaFX launcher implementation
P3 JDK-8118456 Fix LauncherImpl to allow passing jar files without JavaFX-* manifest attributes
P3 JDK-8115722 Mac: Remove workaround for RT-19600
P3 JDK-8103076 Mechanism to identify application
P3 JDK-8118106 Not able to use Task and Service from the init method of Application
P3 JDK-8123206 Unable to run JavaFX NetBeans project using JDK 8-b93
P4 JDK-8123307 Application and Application.Parameters constructors have empty javadoc description
P4 JDK-8115963 Document that applications should avoid flooding FX with Platform.runLater calls
P4 JDK-8127854 Document that Platform.runLater must not be called before FX is initialized
P4 JDK-8103506 Enable use of preloader on iOS and Desktop
P4 JDK-8116722 Generated ClassLoader does not see java extension libraries
P4 JDK-8127007 library path in sdk rt/lib/i386 does not apply to embedded arm
P4 JDK-8124831 NPE in PlatformUtil.getRTDir() if PlaformUtil.class cannot be located
P4 JDK-8102645 Provide API to discover embedded device capabilities
P4 JDK-8119105 Still cannot rely on Thread.setDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler() to work with JavaFX App Thread.


Priority Bug Summary
P2 JDK-8124701 TransformChangedEvent TRANSFORM_CHANGED event type has the wrong name
P3 JDK-8124985 8.0-graphics-scrum-h276: 33% regression in NodeMemory.TableColumn-rendering-on benchmark
P3 JDK-8118741 8.0-graphics-scrum-h99: up to 30% regression in Guimark2.Bitmap
P3 JDK-8102411 Add missing FXCollections methods for ObservableSet
P3 JDK-8123313 Interpolators don't implement equals
P3 JDK-8117457 javafx-beans not being tested
P3 JDK-8120501 ListChangeListener.Change#next() javadoc is confusing
P3 JDK-8103388 Make ObservableArrays to grow as ObservableLists
P3 JDK-8124722 ObservableLists has wrong order of notification types
P3 JDK-8124387 ObservableMap does not support null values in Maps
P3 JDK-8098279 Reintroduce SortedList/FilteredList and TransformationList
P3 JDK-8122188 SortedList broken when adding new elements to underlying list
P3 JDK-8102554 Split ObservableList implementations into RandomAcess and Sequential
P4 JDK-8102506 "Primitive"Property to ObjectProperty
P4 JDK-8101983 Add @FunctionalInterface to EventHandler, Callback
P4 JDK-8118888 Add an method PlatformImpl.isContextual2DNavigation
P4 JDK-8100957 Add emptyObservableSet and emptyObservableMap in FXCollections
P4 JDK-8102700 Add isEmpty() and length() methods to StringExpression
P4 JDK-8123362 AIOOBE on SortedList based on FilteredList with duplicate entries
P4 JDK-8126681 Binding to an ObservableValue that resolves to null generates an NPE
P4 JDK-8118793 BooleanBinding and BooleadExpression constructors are mentioned in javadoc with empty description
P4 JDK-8124830 BooleanExpression created by methods and(), or(). are not cleaned
P4 JDK-8124783 Cover FXCollections methods with unit tests
P4 JDK-8101061 Default conversion from ObservableObjectValue to ObservableIntegerValue etc.
P4 JDK-8120730 Event classes should have serialVersionUID
P4 JDK-8102141 Implement synchronized ObservableMap and synchronized ObservableSet
P4 JDK-8102135 Improve exception messages for illegal Change usage
P4 JDK-8103045 Improve performance of SortedList over FilteredList when FilteredList predicate changes
P4 JDK-8122998 InvalidationListener not being always properly removed upon .removeListener()
P4 JDK-8124299 InvalidationListener operates with Observable only but refers to ObservableValue in its javadoc
P4 JDK-8124672 ListProperty stops firing events after adding a second ChangeListener
P4 JDK-8120138 ListProperty.equals(list) fails while list.equals(listProperty) succeeds
P4 JDK-8116724 Map/Set null values/keys not handled correctly by listeners
P4 JDK-8123365 Memory leak due to remaining strong references caused by property binding
P4 JDK-8102221 Need private API to allow discovery of installed listeners on properties for testing
P4 JDK-8123936 NPE in hashCode method of SimpleSetProperty
P4 JDK-8102229 ObjectExpression does not have asString() method
P4 JDK-8101739 ObservableListBase
P4 JDK-8119403 ObservableListBase#nextReplace accepts ArrayList instead of a List
P4 JDK-8120326 ObservableMap wrappers should fire changes that return the wrapper on getMap()
P4 JDK-8091444 Optimize initialization of UnmodifiableObservableSet listener as described in RT-30975
P4 JDK-8102305 Provide a better exception for improper use of ListChangeListener
P4 JDK-8124970 Provide a way to override DPI detected for display
P4 JDK-8102000 Provide debugging and/or error condition feedback mechanism in high-level binding routines
P4 JDK-8126388 SimpleListProperty incorrectly reuses ListChangeListener.Change object for different listeners
P4 JDK-8117342 Subclassing SimpleObjectProperty results in many listeners causing eventual high CPU use
P4 JDK-8124426 Support permutation changes after add/remove changes in ObservableListBase
P4 JDK-8101233 Support standard Java Beans in SelectBinding
P4 JDK-8126079 Two issues/bugs with FXCollections.observableList and extractor
P4 JDK-8103504 Unsorted mode in the SortedList
P4 JDK-8103888 Update bidirectional binding javadoc
P4 JDK-8102407 updateProgress should be more generous with illegal values
P4 JDK-8125188 valueAt() methods should accept ObservableNumberValue for the index
P4 JDK-8102823 would be nice if the impl had a toString() method that just called Arrays.toString()
P5 JDK-8120507 BindingsListTest.testBooleanValueAt_Variable_NegativeIndex has null index not negative
P5 JDK-8117705 Embedded JavaFX can't find
P5 JDK-8096857 FilteredList: broken change notification
P5 JDK-8093278 FitleredList: incorrect initial state with batch and reject-all matcher
P5 JDK-8101520 ListChangeListener$Change.toString() is not implemented
P5 JDK-8123461 Some and javafx.beans.binding classes have empty javadoc
P5 JDK-8093683 SortedList: throws on removeAll
P5 JDK-8095354 SortedList: throws on set


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8095108 javadoc build failure after fix for RT-32004
P1 JDK-8123538 jfx8.0 b97 windows, java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError is thrown.
P1 JDK-8092686 jfxswt.jar is missing from in JDK 8-b115
P2 JDK-8123526 Apps using WebView don't work with default build settings
P2 JDK-8095680 ARM packaging missing 3 shared libs
P2 JDK-8095427 Build failure in closed test due to JDK-8014719
P2 JDK-8117240 Build failure in rt/deploy on Windows with VS2010 Express
P2 JDK-8093603 Change javadoc copyright link to point to JDK 8 license
P2 JDK-8125775 Don't use Visual Studio project to build rt/deploy
P2 JDK-8096587 Gradle: USE_DEPEND doesn't apply on tests
P2 JDK-8104530 In accordance with current build stricture the arm-ti-03.tgz need to be extended by XML and XSLT libraries, binaries, and includes.
P2 JDK-8122986 incorrect javafx runtime version starting with b97
P2 JDK-8092701 javadoc copyright footers are missing after the switch to gradle
P2 JDK-8123780 JDK-8015656 causes gradle build breakage
P2 JDK-8116234 Need to bump FX 8.0 build number to b53 to match JDK 8
P2 JDK-8095106 REGRESSION: Media javadoc is missing
P2 JDK-8097812 Switch FX8 production builds to use JDK 8
P2 JDK-8095344 System tests do not use the built jfxrt.jar
P2 JDK-8096265 Update copyright year in docs, readme files to 2014
P2 JDK-8093163 Update JavaFX DLL Files to include appropriate meta data
P3 JDK-8103036 [doc] cssref.html copyright is incorrect
P3 JDK-8116303 API docs for media classes are missing
P3 JDK-8123846 apps from rt/apps/experiments are copied to artifacts in wrong dir
P3 JDK-8123689 Cleanup top-level openjfx repo for FX 8
P3 JDK-8116780 dev-build scripts need to clean all repos
P3 JDK-8122844 Fix javafx build on OSx 10.9 using Xcode 4.6
P3 JDK-8119589 Fix URL for JavaFX API docs "license terms" link
P3 JDK-8117221 Generate javafx-ext-meta-index in cobundle exports to fix startup regression
P3 JDK-8116434 Gradle build fails with BINARY_STUB
P3 JDK-8118484 Gradle build script must read version and milestone info from
P3 JDK-8115936 Gradle build should check the version of JDK, not the java runtime used to run gradle itself
P3 JDK-8123054 Gradle build system doesn't do partial build if native code is changed
P3 JDK-8102882 Gradle: build in debug mode by default
P3 JDK-8103069 Gradle: build should fail with meaningful error message if Java version is below minimum
P3 JDK-8116472 Gradle: closed build should fail if jfxrt.jar is present in the JDK
P3 JDK-8118461 Gradle: command line override sometimes ignored for boolean properties
P3 JDK-8103074 Gradle: web module should unconditionally build java class files
P3 JDK-8120250 Implement full-test in gradle
P3 JDK-8122885 IOS: build failure due to incorrect classpath for javah
P3 JDK-8115570 jfxrt.jar should be indexed
P3 JDK-8102971 Linux nightly tests are not being run
P3 JDK-8124944 Mac build should use JAVA_HOME not /usr/libexec/java_home
P3 JDK-8123894 Need option to disable robot-based visual tests
P3 JDK-8117486 Need option to disable system tests that use AWT
P3 JDK-8123668 Need to remove compile and runtime dependency on BINARY_STUB
P3 JDK-8119994 Need to wire up rt/tests to the test task
P3 JDK-8122494 Switch to gradle 1.8 for production builds of FX 8
P3 JDK-8116083 Update copyright year in header of modified source code files to 2013
P3 JDK-8102380 Write Script to auto-generate the new repository layout
P4 JDK-8102606 Add new "standard" platform to support cross builds in the standard JFX build on husdon.
P4 JDK-8102802 Document Raspberry Pi setup on OpenJFX wiki
P4 JDK-8123890 Duplicate Jar entries in jfxrt.jar
P4 JDK-8123887 Enable excluded tests in gradle build
P4 JDK-8115559 Gradle build doesn't produce .a files for iOS, only dylib
P4 JDK-8123287 Gradle uses wrong value for JAVA_HOME if not set
P4 JDK-8103573 IDEA project files should be moved from idea into .idea
P4 JDK-8103381 Integrate JCov into Gradle build
P4 JDK-8115678 JavaFX preview on Raspberry Pi requires -Djavafx.platform=eglfb to be set
P4 JDK-8103346 Re-enable x86 development builds with EGL
P4 JDK-8103601 Remove IDEA and Eclipse project generation from gradle build
P4 JDK-8102801 Script for setting up crosslibs for armv6hf OpenJFX build
P4 JDK-8115524 x86egl build broken
P5 JDK-8103345 GTK port of Glass not built for embedded Linux targets
P5 JDK-8103186 Parameterize FXDir in generator.gradle


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8094803 [Touch, Lens] Scrolling is only possible using scroll bars
P2 JDK-8096802 -fx-font-family and -fx-font-weight can't effect Chinese font
P2 JDK-8124219 8.0-controls-scrum-361: up to 40% performance regression in Controls benchmarks
P2 JDK-8124839 8.0-controls-scrum-378: Textarea benchmarks are broken
P2 JDK-8124175 8.0-controls-scrum-438: benchmarks Controls.ListView-Keyboard and Controls.TableViewView-Keyboard fail with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
P2 JDK-8118785 8.0-controls-scrum-569: 42% performance regression in Controls.ListView-Keyboard
P2 JDK-8123528 8.0-controls-scrum-620: fonts are not found
P2 JDK-8096239 8.0-controls-scrum-624: 84% footprint regression in TableColumn
P2 JDK-8114973 8.0-controls-scrum-h113: memory usage has been increased in several times
P2 JDK-8125851 8.0-graphics-scrum-h458: more than 50% regression in Controls.TextField benchmark
P2 JDK-8123996 [ColorPicker] support modena
P2 JDK-8125025 [Label] Ellipsis is not working
P2 JDK-8125241 [ListView] scrollBar is useless, when huge amount of content is added
P2 JDK-8124249 [TreeTableView] Changes in editable cell are not commited.
P2 JDK-8125286 [TreeView] Editing is broken in 8.0
P2 JDK-8119697 [VirtualFlow] ScrollBar thumb always appears to be minimum size (and not based on the visibleAmount)
P2 JDK-8123094 Apps with ProgressBar don't exit any more because of Regression on RT-32327
P2 JDK-8123343 Binary css causes app built with jdk7 to not run under jdk8b92 and not load css under java7u21
P2 JDK-8092549 Cannot get the style map on a rendered node
P2 JDK-8116315 Cannot style Labeled's text fill with CSS
P2 JDK-8124044 CheckMenuItem / RadioMenuItem state doesn't always toggle as expected
P2 JDK-8115197 ColorPicker Save and Use buttons result in Black
P2 JDK-8101787 Consider making available the CSS Styleable* classes as public API
P2 JDK-8102675 Controls should be hardcoded to their default skin in case -fx-skin is not specified in CSS
P2 JDK-8100124 Create API for determining the layout direction of a component
P2 JDK-8103743 Create UI Controls documentation
P2 JDK-8100125 Create visual design spec for right to left components.
P2 JDK-8123589 CSS - User Agent precedence issue
P2 JDK-8114936 CSS Region border radius doesn't match the spec
P2 JDK-8094125 CSS: font-face don't work in jnlp
P2 JDK-8102128 Disable TableView Column reordering
P2 JDK-8126220 Fix Node_cssStyleMap_Test test testStyleMapTracksChanges
P2 JDK-8125641 GridPane.layoutChildren() hangs when wrapText is true
P2 JDK-8117160 Gtk: ColorPicker custom color dlg doesn't open on Ubuntu
P2 JDK-8125604 HTML Editor, in ja and ko locales, can't open "Font Size" menu.
P2 JDK-8115093 HTMLEditor: warnings logged from CSS code
P2 JDK-8118385 IllegalArgumentException in HelloHTMLEditor
P2 JDK-8116752 Infinite loop in computing layout
P2 JDK-8123641 Input method composing text is not highlighted
P2 JDK-8126726 Investigate (and improve) ListView / TreeView / TableView performance
P2 JDK-8123037 javafx.scene.control.TableView: column headers shoud appear
P2 JDK-8115642 Label in GridPane with wrap=true in column span of 2 is broken
P2 JDK-8124448 Left / Right key navigation for Menu dropdowns don't work.
P2 JDK-8118897 ListView is not updated when we change item in items list.
P2 JDK-8092883 Memory Leaks in controls, css
P2 JDK-8119487 Menu : esc doesn't close submenus
P2 JDK-8092468 Move SkinBase into public API
P2 JDK-8123270 Multiline text is rendered outside of control bounds
P2 JDK-8102642 New modern theme for JavaFX (Modena)
P2 JDK-8124209 No header CSS applied if TreeTableView and TableView used in same app
P2 JDK-8102424 Node Orientation - API issue: Is isAutomaticallyMirrored() named properly?
P2 JDK-8115454 NPE at com.sun.javafx.css.StyleManager.findMatchingStyles(
P2 JDK-8123104 NPE in Ensemble8 Alpha Media Player
P2 JDK-8116270 NPE when Drag&Drop MenuBar
P2 JDK-8102354 Promote impl_getStyleable to public API
P2 JDK-8119132 Redesign Control#getCssMetaData() & impl_getControlStyleableProperties()
P2 JDK-8098111 Reduce frequency of Cells updating items
P2 JDK-8101902 Reduce node count in Controls by allowing a Skin to manipulate the Control's children and layout directly
P2 JDK-8113529 Region: styled thick border is rendered wrong
P2 JDK-8120899 Regression : many controls cannot be resized
P2 JDK-8119915 Regression : size issue with many controls
P2 JDK-8123063 Regression : Tab travsersal issue with Accordion
P2 JDK-8116224 Regression : Tab travsersal issue with ScrollPane
P2 JDK-8119882 REGRESSION: [PieChart] Severe problems in PieChart rendering
P2 JDK-8124528 Regression: Control Skin CSS properties are broken
P2 JDK-8115009 Regression: issue with ComboBox focusedProperty
P2 JDK-8092564 Regression: no way to get non-applied CSS information
P2 JDK-8125406 REGRESSION: TextArea don't resize on parent size
P2 JDK-8096726 Regression: TextFieldTableCell in TableView doesn't save edited values in b118
P2 JDK-8092469 Remove use of impl_* methods that are related to custom control development
P2 JDK-8115076 rendering issue when scrolling TableView.
P2 JDK-8122076 RTL orientation: MenuButton RTL text exceeds the bound if prefered width is small.
P2 JDK-8120237 Scrolling mousewheel quickly with virtualised controls can result in incorrect layout of cells
P2 JDK-8124888 Stack overflow when hovering mouse over editable ComboBox
P2 JDK-8123806 StackOverflowError in Modena
P2 JDK-8125326 Sub TableColumn resize issue with CONSTRAINED_RESIZE_POLICY
P2 JDK-8102233 Support bi-directional text in controls
P2 JDK-8102434 Support complex characters in controls
P2 JDK-8123821 TableView column resize problem
P2 JDK-8124922 TableView.TableViewSelectionModel changes in Lombard are not back compatible with previous versions
P2 JDK-8117378 TableView: replaced columns disappear
P2 JDK-8115176 TabPaneSkin needs to initialize its clip
P2 JDK-8094367 test_rt31479 FAILED with ConcurrentModificationException
P2 JDK-8124864 TextArea initially appears empty when switching Tabs
P2 JDK-8125658 Truncated text in hyperlinks and buttons
P2 JDK-8123985 Two ways of setting defaultUserAgentStylesheet from command line and neither work correctly
P2 JDK-8115566 Variable row heights in TableView may occassionally collapse to default height
P3 JDK-8115724 3.0-controls-scrum-58: 100% regression in NodeMemory.TreeItem and 96% in Controls.TreeView-Expand
P3 JDK-8126256 3.0-controls-scrum-60: Controls.ListView-Keyboard and Controls.TableView-Keyboard benchmarks are broken
P3 JDK-8126057 3.0-controls-scrum-70: memory leak in TreeView
P3 JDK-8116805 8.0-b73: Creating and removing TreeView with static TreeItems leaks memory
P3 JDK-8124535 8.0-controls-scrum-404: Controls.TableView-Sort benchmark is broken
P3 JDK-8124181 8.0-controls-scrum-411: up to 50% of max memory usage increase in Controls.TableView-XmasTree
P3 JDK-8120034 8.0-controls-scrum-418: up to 30% performance regression in Controls benchmarks
P3 JDK-8119682 8.0-controls-scrum-684: up to 60% performance regression in Controls.Popup benchmarks
P3 JDK-8123282 8.0-controls-scrum-702: Controls.TableView-Sort performance benchmark fails with ClassCastException
P3 JDK-8123121 8.0-controls-scrum-740: up to 40% footprint regression in NodeMemory.TableColumn benchmark
P3 JDK-8123109 8.0-controls-scrum-744: up to 99% performance regression in Controls.ComboBox benchmark
P3 JDK-8117571 8.0-controls-scrum-849: up to 40% performance regression in Controls.ListView and Controls.TreeView benchmarks
P3 JDK-8125731 8.0-controls-scrum-h138: up to 27% footprint increase
P3 JDK-8125559 8.0-controls-scrum-h51: -23% performance regression in Controls.TreeView-Expand.adhoc-items1000-wide benchmark
P3 JDK-8125234 8.0-controls-scrum-h51: Controls.CheckBox and Controls.RadioButton benchmarks are broken
P3 JDK-8120280 8.0-graphics-scrum-h471: TableView-Keyboard fails with NullPointerException
P3 JDK-8119466 @font-face doesn't support relative URLs
P3 JDK-8116440 [Accordion] has bad looking gradient of TitledPane in sw rendering.
P3 JDK-8118001 [BarChart] autoranging lead to the chart's incorrect appearance
P3 JDK-8126934 [BarChart] is broken, when additional category is added
P3 JDK-8119234 [Button] default and cancel accelerator removing is implemented incorrectly in behavior set to false
P3 JDK-8125235 [Charts] : Charts calculate height incorrectly
P3 JDK-8117641 [CheckBox, RadioButton] Layout regression (was: Text Overrun incorrect work in CheckBox and RadioButton)
P3 JDK-8125490 [ColorPicker] When you set color by choosing its RGB components it gets incorrect value.
P3 JDK-8116801 [ComboBox] unnecessary scroll bar in dropdown
P3 JDK-8122594 [Control, Text] arrow up / arrow down is wrong on TextArea
P3 JDK-8122756 [Controls, Menus] Gtk: JAVAFX default menu items are difficult to click
P3 JDK-8122072 [Controls, Text] Scrollbar not adjust after delete
P3 JDK-8125207 [CSS] : When you create a constructor BorderImage with an argument repeatY of null, repeat value for the border image in the y direction is working wrong
P3 JDK-8123627 [DatePicker] Fix issues in Caspian CSS
P3 JDK-8119778 [DatePicker] Fix issues in Modena CSS
P3 JDK-8125088 [DOC] : Class SkinBase needs to be documented
P3 JDK-8115909 [Focus] if traverse focus in focus change listener, scene will have two focused controls
P3 JDK-8115030 [HTMLEditor] colour buttons are rendered incorrectly
P3 JDK-8103288 [ListView, TreeView, TableView, TreeTableView] Implement fixed cell height support
P3 JDK-8123734 [ListView] page up/down navigation doesn't work, when items are large
P3 JDK-8118009 [ListView] selected state of the first item after HOME press is not shown
P3 JDK-8123619 [Menu Separator] Separator is wrong color
P3 JDK-8120443 [MenuButton, SplitMenuButton] minWidth is too large
P3 JDK-8115147 [Mnemonics] setLabelFor(null) doesn't remove label binding to the button
P3 JDK-8123438 [Modena.jar] java.lang.NullPointerException to select colors
P3 JDK-8125695 [Pagination] left and right arrows disappeared
P3 JDK-8124764 [PieChart] if you remove all data, and add new, legend will not be shown
P3 JDK-8115802 [PieChart] is not redrawn, when value in data is changed, if chart is not animated.
P3 JDK-8116005 [Regression] Cells data disappears when using cell factory
P3 JDK-8126583 [ScrollBar] NPE in mouse event processing.
P3 JDK-8125587 [ScrollBar] ScrollBar does not handle OnScrolling.
P3 JDK-8120860 [ScrollEvent] ScrollEvent is not bubbling in extreme positions
P3 JDK-8125766 [SplitMenuButton] SplitMenuButton have gap.
P3 JDK-8115252 [StackedBarChart] is wrongly animated
P3 JDK-8124597 [TableView, TreeTableView, TreeView, ListView] Loses anchor position in multiple selection
P3 JDK-8124132 [TableView, TreeView, TreeTableView] no way to clear the selection once one is made
P3 JDK-8115562 [TableView,TreeTableView] incorrect selection on shift+down
P3 JDK-8125824 [TableView] [TreeTableView] When multiple cells are selected in horizontal direction, control doesn't scroll to tle last selected item.
P3 JDK-8126800 [TableView] cell factory is not applied immediately.
P3 JDK-8116201 [TableView] ChoiceBoxTableCell causes exception
P3 JDK-8116368 [TableView] custom skin replacements fails, when columns or data is added.
P3 JDK-8117464 [TableView] Focus in editing cell.
P3 JDK-8124905 [TableView] Rendering is broken when new observable list is set by setItems().
P3 JDK-8125784 [TextArea] Text moved up and left in 8.0
P3 JDK-8125600 [TextArea]Border change in jfx 8.0
P3 JDK-8117310 [TextField] Input Method window placed wrong when text scrolls
P3 JDK-8119527 [TextField] Mouse click makes the caret disappear.
P3 JDK-8116975 [TextField] Mouse selection goes away when another JavaFX window is clicked
P3 JDK-8125134 [TextField] Rendering of content has changed.
P3 JDK-8125906 [TextField] Text input starts from wrong position.
P3 JDK-8116620 [TreeTableVeiw] Tree item is not expanded by single mouse click.
P3 JDK-8125255 [TreeTableView, TreeView] When showRoot is set to false text in the child items is not aligned correctly.
P3 JDK-8117927 [TreeTableView] Column reordering leads to hidden rows / disclosure arrows
P3 JDK-8119138 [TreeTableView] Disclosure nodes do not appear / disappear when children are added / removed from a TreeItem
P3 JDK-8124609 [TreeTableView] Double click throws exception
P3 JDK-8125873 [TreeTableView] Exception is thrown column is resized
P3 JDK-8124158 [TreeTableView] Focus is lost during selection with SHIFT + UP/DOWN
P3 JDK-8124217 [TreeTableView] graphic property of TreeItem is not displayed properly
P3 JDK-8119094 [TreeTableView] on edit start is fired many times.
P3 JDK-8117949 [TreeTableView] scrolling instead of tree item expansion
P3 JDK-8125595 [TreeTableView] Sort node is not applied immediately when it is set
P3 JDK-8124547 [TreeTableView] Support clicking to right of rightmost TreeTableCell to select a row.
P3 JDK-8116091 [TreeTableView] tree structure (arrows) are not hiden, when column is too narrow.
P3 JDK-8119280 [TreeTableView] TreeTableColumn onEditCommit handler not called
P3 JDK-8117147 [TreeTableView] Weird selection issue with root TreeItem
P3 JDK-8125162 [TreeView, TreeTableView] can lose arrows while scrolling
P3 JDK-8115220 [TreeView, TreeTableView] expand/collapse arrows have a mind of their own
P3 JDK-8124052 [TreeView, TreeTableView] expanding/collapsing doesn't work when resetting the root of the TreeView.
P3 JDK-8115640 [TreeView, TreeTableView] incorrect size of bar in ScrollBar
P3 JDK-8120092 [TreeView, TreeTableView] selection can be expanded on collapsing
P3 JDK-8118844 [TreeView, TreeTableView] Should support clickCounts greater than 2 (by expanding / collapsing branches when clickCount % 2 == 0)
P3 JDK-8119637 [Virtualised Controls] Clicking a row twice should not send selection change events the second time
P3 JDK-8125583 Accordion : changed background in content TItledPane
P3 JDK-8122934 Accordion doesn't move collapsed TitledPanes properly
P3 JDK-8123578 Accordion renders a gap between panes
P3 JDK-8123937 Accordion: Background of content is visible after close the pane
P3 JDK-8102210 Add API to JavaFX to allow for setting preferred user agent stylesheet
P3 JDK-8101940 Add cell style or cell alignment into TableColumn.
P3 JDK-8102549 Add convenience API for getting snapped insets to Region and SkinBase
P3 JDK-8102057 Add CSS support for the directionality pseudo-class :dir()
P3 JDK-8102944 Add proper support for fixed cell height in VirtualFlow-based controls
P3 JDK-8102051 Add public API to get pseudo-class state to javafx.css.Styleable
P3 JDK-8100126 Add RTL support to Button / Hyperlink
P3 JDK-8100131 Add RTL support to CheckBox
P3 JDK-8100132 Add RTL support to ColorPicker
P3 JDK-8100133 Add RTL support to ComboBox / ComboBoxBase
P3 JDK-8100130 Add RTL support to Label / Labeled
P3 JDK-8100127 Add RTL support to ListView / ListCell
P3 JDK-8100134 Add RTL support to Menu / MenuItem / RadioMenuItem / CheckMenuItem / ContextMenu / MenuBar
P3 JDK-8100135 Add RTL support to MenuButton / SplitMenuButton
P3 JDK-8100136 Add RTL support to Pagination
P3 JDK-8100146 Add RTL support to ProgressIndicator and ProgressBar
P3 JDK-8100137 Add RTL support to Scrollbar / ScrollPane
P3 JDK-8100138 Add RTL support to Slider
P3 JDK-8100139 Add RTL support to SplitPane
P3 JDK-8100128 Add RTL support to TableView / TableRow / TableCell
P3 JDK-8100140 Add RTL support to TabPane / Tab
P3 JDK-8100141 Add RTL support to TextField / TextArea / PasswordField
P3 JDK-8100145 Add RTL support to TitledPane
P3 JDK-8100144 Add RTL support to ToolBar
P3 JDK-8100143 Add RTL support to Tooltip
P3 JDK-8100142 Add RTL support to TreeView / TreeItem / CheckBoxTreeItem
P3 JDK-8114920 Add system property override for default system font size on Embedded
P3 JDK-8102622 Allow for configurable treeColumn property on TreeTableView
P3 JDK-8103503 Allow VirtualContainerBase and derived classes to use a pre-existing instance of a subclass of VirtualFlow
P3 JDK-8125077 Animated TitledPane does not synch animation with its content
P3 JDK-8115206 application freeze on focusing combobox
P3 JDK-8116727 AreaChart doesn't always draw symbols
P3 JDK-8125357 ArrayOutOfBoundsException in DataApp
P3 JDK-8102238 Avoid processing CSS for VirtualFlow cells that are CSS clean
P3 JDK-8118371 Axis: setTickLabelRotation does not work
P3 JDK-8124488 b83 High CPU load
P3 JDK-8127742 Bar Chart Freezes Application with Long XYChart.Series Name
P3 JDK-8125812 BarChart does not show all data
P3 JDK-8124111 BarChart ignores category and data order
P3 JDK-8117533 BeagleBoard: FXML-LoginDemo: login button overlapped with virtual keyboard
P3 JDK-8123187 Bogus Y-value in MouseEvent
P3 JDK-8125202 BorderPane ignores the managed property of it's children
P3 JDK-8118969 Bug in LineChart animation
P3 JDK-8125450 Button : button border render not correctly
P3 JDK-8118806 button changes it's size on mouse hover
P3 JDK-8125919 Calling setItems() multiple time creates massive memory leak in ChoiceBox
P3 JDK-8115856 Can't Reorder Columns in Table
P3 JDK-8125967 Can't replace the data in a barchart
P3 JDK-8115128 Cell selection in TreeTableView doesn't render properly on column with disclosure nodes
P3 JDK-8117117 change listener on ListView is called one extra time
P3 JDK-8124861 Changing TreeColumn property on TreeTableView at runtime does not update visuals until a manual refresh occurs
P3 JDK-8124957 Charts with MODENA use solid color instead of transparent.
P3 JDK-8125736 Checkbox and RadioButton: style -fx-alignment doesn't work with invocation setPrefSize
P3 JDK-8115492 CheckBox cell factory renders check boxes in empty cells
P3 JDK-8122970 CheckBoxTableCell unexpected behavior when TableView is sorted (items indexes change)
P3 JDK-8120095 CheckBoxTreeItem requires two clicks to select
P3 JDK-8124891 ChoiceBox keeps selected item when the underlying collection is replaced.
P3 JDK-8124023 ChoiceBox, Menus popup content rendering issue
P3 JDK-8125553 ChoiceBox: data modification issue
P3 JDK-8128542 ChoiceBox: different drop down window positions
P3 JDK-8124018 ChoiceBoxTableCell ChoiceBox does not use TableCell's StringConverter
P3 JDK-8118195 clearSelection on ComboBox disallows making the same selection
P3 JDK-8116465 Color picker has not documented methods and fields
P3 JDK-8117911 ColorPicker - opening the Custom Color dialog fails if the control's value is set to null
P3 JDK-8125657 ColorPicker Custom Color dialog opens mostly off screen
P3 JDK-8096766 com.sun.javafx.charts.Legend fails to layout properly for small layout areas
P3 JDK-8125106 Combo box display bug on reselect after clearSelection
P3 JDK-8124964 ComboBox and ChoiceBox failed to update the displayed text after calling setItems from Platform.runLater
P3 JDK-8126553 ComboBox do not show initial text value
P3 JDK-8123876 Combobox popup doesn't close after selecting an item
P3 JDK-8118272 ComboBox sized and positioned incorrectly on first showing
P3 JDK-8124141 ComboBox styles are inconsistent depending on how the selected element is set
P3 JDK-8102181 ComboBox with dynamic item list : issue with the "Empty" label
P3 JDK-8101797 ComboBox, empty content is not handled
P3 JDK-8125754 ComboBoxTableCell startEdit method should set converter when ComboBox is created
P3 JDK-8122045 Comparator in TreeTableView has wrong generic type
P3 JDK-8115002 Compile Modena embedded / touch CSS files to bss
P3 JDK-8128396 ContextMenu from Menu outside DOM structure, No access to ContextMenu object created for Menu
P3 JDK-8124878 Control didn't respect Node's setManaged flag
P3 JDK-8120252 Controls are leaking through focus owner mechanism
P3 JDK-8124568 Controls enable touch mode on wrong flag
P3 JDK-8124122 crash with CSS for ProgressBar
P3 JDK-8115799 css -fx-font-weight does not accept all documented values
P3 JDK-8119031 CSS : Style "-fx-font-weight" and "-fx-font-style" don't work when set style "-fx-font"
P3 JDK-8116169 CSS : style -fx-shape with -fx-scale-shape shifted and not fill background
P3 JDK-8099740 CSS add support for CSS3 @font-face
P3 JDK-8101919 CSS creates new objects for complex values which trigger redundant processing including rendering
P3 JDK-8123237 CSS prints 'Could not resolve' errors for custom controls
P3 JDK-8120208 CSS setting style -fx-background-fills throws ClassCastException
P3 JDK-8117023 CSS setting style -fx-stroke-borders throws ClassCastException
P3 JDK-8123465 CSS: After adding in another thread, DatePicker doesn't have normal size
P3 JDK-8123822 CSS: If set padding on ColorPicker, padding increases after mouse move.
P3 JDK-8122802 CSS: need to remove non-existent styles from css ref
P3 JDK-8123652 CSS: NPE with using font-face
P3 JDK-8124740 CSS: style "-fx-font" of parent node replaces style "-fx-font-family" of children node
P3 JDK-8126015 CSS: the path to the stylesheet encoded in the binary css file is incorrect
P3 JDK-8102563 CSS: Treat style class as a bit mask in Selector for better performance on selector matching.
P3 JDK-8117289 CSS: update cssref for 8.0
P3 JDK-8120081 CSSParser dies on image-pattern and repeating-image-pattern with -ea flag
P3 JDK-8123347 CSSParserTest unit test fails
P3 JDK-8095603 cssref contains incorrect and insufficient information about url
P3 JDK-8123539 ctrl+shift+down is looping in all virtualised controls
P3 JDK-8117430 ctrl/cmd+backspace in text field appends 'space'
P3 JDK-8119126 Custom CSS makes PasswordField show plain text
P3 JDK-8124560 CustomColorDialog becomes crazy when resized to smaller size on Mac
P3 JDK-8117843 CustomColorDialog Save button not always saves the color
P3 JDK-8124120 CustomMenuItem: setHideOnClick(false) does not work for normal Menus
P3 JDK-8124663 DatePicker doesn't allow to type date when using non-ISO chronology
P3 JDK-8118350 DatePicker doesn't receive focus after opening
P3 JDK-8123460 DatePicker: Japanese Chrono, can't set date before Meiji 6.
P3 JDK-8120167 DatePicker: space is inserted into the textfield when pressing space to close the popup.
P3 JDK-8118771 DatePicker: When set style "-fx-border" width increased steadily if scene with focus
P3 JDK-8125254 Default button works on Mac runtime, not on Windows, when same button is assigned default & cancel.
P3 JDK-8118182 Different default 'focus traversable' value for controls betwee css ref and getCssMetaData
P3 JDK-8124545 Different default 'font' value for lableleds between css ref and getCssMetaData
P3 JDK-8123131 Different default -fx-background-* value between css ref and getCssMetaData.
P3 JDK-8115555 Different default -fx-border-* value between css ref and getCssMetaData.
P3 JDK-8124492 Different default -fx-stroke-dash-array value between css ref and getCssMetaData.
P3 JDK-8124348 Different default value for style "-fx-padding" between cssref and getCssMetaData
P3 JDK-8125562 Disabled buttons should not fire.
P3 JDK-8126693 Disabled Controls can still be activated by Mnemonic
P3 JDK-8123092 Display will be deformed in Windows7 and WindowsXP
P3 JDK-8125887 Editable ComboBox hide trailing characters
P3 JDK-8126188 Editable ListView consume key events although focus has been given to another TextField
P3 JDK-8123482 Editing is broken in list view and tree view
P3 JDK-8125114 EGLFB: The JavaFX CSS font-size, font-family and font-weight styles don't apply
P3 JDK-8118163 Embedded regression : New 2D traversal should work for all embedded, not just twoLevel
P3 JDK-8123383 Empty column header, when hiding a column.
P3 JDK-8124825 Ensemble tree arrow disappears
P3 JDK-8122966 Ensemble8: Service NPE on refresh button click
P3 JDK-8118781 Exception on stage security and menu is not opened.
P3 JDK-8123691 Exceptions expanding TreeCells cells
P3 JDK-8124707 Fix controls heights to be consistent
P3 JDK-8120552 Fix handling of HitInfo
P3 JDK-8123204 Fix visual issues that appears in high contrast themes
P3 JDK-8127247 Focus couldn't be received or traversed.
P3 JDK-8117759 focus traversal cycle breaks in accordion with first TitledPane.setFocusTraversable(false)
P3 JDK-8123130 Font is not applied to charts axis with caspian theme
P3 JDK-8123530 Font Size on TitledPane can change size on hover or click
P3 JDK-8116373 For any component in ToolBar: onMouseClicked handler no longer triggers after it was clicked in popup state when ToolBar's width is minimized
P3 JDK-8127677 fx2.2-h17-b01: Adding new column to TableView results in creating new N columns instead of 1
P3 JDK-8124093 fx8.0-b86: CSS code for modena css rules with multiple selectors is not optimized
P3 JDK-8101954 Generify VirtualFlow to reduce need to typecast
P3 JDK-8115309 HelloComboBox ComboBox jumps in size on mouse hover
P3 JDK-8117887 HelloHTMLEditor drop down arrow does nothing
P3 JDK-8125829 HelloTreeView "Editing" TreeView not editable
P3 JDK-8122624 HTMLEditor font size popup is incorrectly sized
P3 JDK-8102316 Images which are loaded by CSS (e.g. -fx-background-image) should be cached and not loaded in memory every time it is used.
P3 JDK-8123288 Implement styling for 2-level UI Controls
P3 JDK-8102427 Implement TableColumn occlusion
P3 JDK-8102297 Improve caspian.css to use child selectors where possible, rather than require css engine to perform needless busy-work
P3 JDK-8101897 Improve ellipses performance
P3 JDK-8115619 Improve performance for text calculations in skin.Utils
P3 JDK-8101816 Improve StyleManager lookup by refactoring to tie a StyleManager directly to a Scene instead of in a lookup map
P3 JDK-8102372 Improve StyleManager lookup by using hash tables to find potential Styles that match a Node
P3 JDK-8119415 Incorrect CSS states are sometimes selected
P3 JDK-8118823 Incorrect height can be calculated for variable height table cells
P3 JDK-8123390 Incorrect Javadoc for TitledPane
P3 JDK-8119788 Incorrect work ctrl+backspace and ctrl+delete in TextArea
P3 JDK-8119008 Indeterminate progress bar causes memory leak
P3 JDK-8122994 Indeterminate ProgressIndicator's spin property ignored for first play()
P3 JDK-8124415 Indeterminate ProgressIndicators appear to spin anti-clockwise.
P3 JDK-8117203 Index out of bounds in CSS processor
P3 JDK-8124772 IndexOutOfBoundsException when dynamic setting TitledPane.setMnemonicParsing(false).
P3 JDK-8123114 inline style for -fx-font doesn't work
P3 JDK-8116132 Input method composing panel position lags behind caret position
P3 JDK-8126077 Input Method: rendering issues when composing text is wrapped.
P3 JDK-8124087 Inset util methods on Region and SkinBase have to use doubles not int
P3 JDK-8101375 insets should be a real property on Region
P3 JDK-8123472 isSelected in TableViewSelectionModel is called too many times
P3 JDK-8125018 It's impossible to add new value at the beginning of the BarChart after
P3 JDK-8122968 javafx.scene.control.TableView: TableCell.cancelEdit should not be called twice on cancelling editing
P3 JDK-8123867 Key traversal does not enter into an opened ScrollPane
P3 JDK-8123637 Label misbehaves when TextAlignment is set to JUSTIFY
P3 JDK-8123095 Label width is often off by one. Bounds calculation results in poor right alignment.
P3 JDK-8117637 Label: setLabelFor() does not work dynamically
P3 JDK-8127912 Layout pass of TreeView can result in unneccessary recreation of TreeCells
P3 JDK-8118968 Layout results in Label clipping after mouseover
P3 JDK-8123102 Legend is rendered outside of chart bounds
P3 JDK-8124694 ListChangeListener on MultipleSelectionModel selectedItems does not always report correct item added.
P3 JDK-8115935 ListChangeListenter for multiple selection TreeView gets excessive calls and misleading information
P3 JDK-8123209 ListView and possibly TableView and TreeView call Cell.updateItem() when the item hasn't changed.
P3 JDK-8116452 ListView scroll bar thumb resizes wildly
P3 JDK-8101926 Make internal KeyBinding class consistent with key events and simplify cross-platform controls behavior code
P3 JDK-8115944 Memory Leak in (Context)Menu
P3 JDK-8117458 Memory leak in CSS: ScrollPane is held strongly even after removal from scene graph
P3 JDK-8128885 Memory leak in ListView: listeners are not removed
P3 JDK-8118555 Memory leak in TreeTableView
P3 JDK-8120215 Menu display issues
P3 JDK-8116441 Menu mnemonics don't work in submenus
P3 JDK-8120808 Menu: setOnAction is not fired
P3 JDK-8123992 MenuBar : Two focus on the MenuBar
P3 JDK-8117406 MenuBar sample seems to be leaking through F10 accelerator
P3 JDK-8126344 MenuBar: focused state is not displayed
P3 JDK-8124804 MenuButton graphic is not visible
P3 JDK-8117273 MenuButton text should be left aligned
P3 JDK-8124572 MenuButton: PopupSide(Side.TOP, Side.LEFT) works incorrectly
P3 JDK-8124762 Merge embedded.css and embedded-qvga.css into caspian.css
P3 JDK-8117674 Mnemonic-parsing with special characters
P3 JDK-8124941 Modena doesn't center text in buttons like Caspian does.
P3 JDK-8124153 Modena: Selected ToggleButtons don't show hover or pressed states
P3 JDK-8124860 Modena: Tab focus is messed up on Windows
P3 JDK-8123248 MouseExited events can be correctly generated without mouse move
P3 JDK-8120025 Need a switch that would enable high contrast theme
P3 JDK-8117159 Need to remove spurious print statements left in from recent controls or CSS changes
P3 JDK-8102169 Node Orientation - API issue: Should effective orientation be a property?
P3 JDK-8124753 Node.pseudoClassStateChanged need to be public
P3 JDK-8116029 Node_effectiveOrientation_Css_Test fails on some systems
P3 JDK-8115651 NPE in charts when data is modified
P3 JDK-8119705 NPE in Ensemble 8 app when scrolling main screen with mouse wheel
P3 JDK-8119279 NPE in skin.Utils.computeXOffset
P3 JDK-8118506 NPE in TextFieldSkin of PasswordField
P3 JDK-8123184 NPE in VirtualFlow.fitCells
P3 JDK-8116272 NPE on Label.setMnemonicParsing(false)
P3 JDK-8117436 NPE when clicking in a TextField with a null text
P3 JDK-8123741 NPE when removing item from detached Menu
P3 JDK-8118416 Null used in TableCellBehavior
P3 JDK-8126176 On Mac OS X call to GlassViewEventHandler.getInputMethodCandidatePos() provides strange coordinates
P3 JDK-8119532 onEdit<> events are never fired in tree table
P3 JDK-8102374 Optimize Region by using immutable State, caching on CSS level
P3 JDK-8123309 Pagination doesn't render arrows
P3 JDK-8124918 Pagination misses previous and next buttons
P3 JDK-8127961 Pannable ScrollPane behaves badly when content changes during panning
P3 JDK-8116339 Password Field: ctrl + delete/backspace deletes the whole word
P3 JDK-8124428 Password fields are not resized by the parent HBox
P3 JDK-8125681 Performance of scrolling TreeView tail is much more slowly when scrolling TreeView head
P3 JDK-8124777 PieChart throws IAE when its elements are sorted
P3 JDK-8125349 PieChart.Data's changed name is not reflected in the Legend or Pie Label
P3 JDK-8127305 PopupControl not styled by Parent's stylesheet rules nor inlined inherited declarations
P3 JDK-8103793 Prepare for Custom Control JavaOne talk
P3 JDK-8123277 Pressing CTRL+PAGE_UP/PAGE_DOWN multiple times does not move focus correctly
P3 JDK-8120335 Problems Multiple-Selecting Rows in TableView
P3 JDK-8117569 ProgressBar cell factory renders progress bars in empty cells
P3 JDK-8115233 ProgressBar cells are rendered after collapsing root
P3 JDK-8124471 ProgressBar keeps animating when in ScrollPane and scrolled out of view
P3 JDK-8117005 ProgressIndicator progress is not updating
P3 JDK-8127615 PromptText alignment is always left, even with the center-aligned text field.
P3 JDK-8115546 Public extensions of TreeCell do not render their item's graphic attribute
P3 JDK-8119672 Radio button and check button frames disappear in HelloModality
P3 JDK-8123731 RadioButton#setFont() doesn't adjust graphics size
P3 JDK-8124793 Reduce the amount of setVisible calls in VirtualFlow
P3 JDK-8116207 Reduce toggling managed on nodes in VirtualFlow
P3 JDK-8118003 Region doesn't play nice with mouse bounds picking in certain circumstances
P3 JDK-8123638 Regression : NPE when showing popup with TextArea content
P3 JDK-8122342 Regression : Tab traversal issue with ScrollPane
P3 JDK-8124445 REGRESSION: Bar Chart empty space on axis
P3 JDK-8124573 REGRESSION: ComboBoxes are much wider by default
P3 JDK-8120137 Regression: HelloTooltip tooltip is shown in plain text.
P3 JDK-8116260 Regression: many css warnings with ChoiceBox
P3 JDK-8115772 Regression: Popup in a popup behaves unexpectedly
P3 JDK-8115394 REGRESSION: Region rounded corners wrong when radius*2 > height or width
P3 JDK-8124911 Regression: ToolBar -fx-alignment and -fx-spacing no longer work
P3 JDK-8125816 REGRESSION: TreeView in Ensemble doesn't update properly on data change
P3 JDK-8127435 Removal of hovered style class, does not update styling
P3 JDK-8124216 Remove convenience API from SkinBase
P3 JDK-8102272 Remove javafx-logging and replace with direct use of java.util.logging
P3 JDK-8117879 Remove property handling code from SkinBase (and move to BehaviorSkinBase)
P3 JDK-8115547 Rename impl_ treeItemCount property in TreeView and TreeTableView
P3 JDK-8124493 Replace ComboBox.emptyText with ListView.placeholder and ComboBox.placeholder API
P3 JDK-8122507 Resetting ComboBox items makes the buttonCell display the invalid last selected item
P3 JDK-8118949 Right click in DateChooser selects a date
P3 JDK-8125684 RT-23769 introduces possiblepossibility of NPEs being thrown
P3 JDK-8125934 RTL orientation, ColorPicker palette position issue.
P3 JDK-8123067 Sample pages are leaking through popup context menus
P3 JDK-8117094 Scroll bar doesn't appear when increasing tree table column min width
P3 JDK-8123358 Scroll bar thumb doesn't work on touch interface
P3 JDK-8123392 ScrollBar is not visible when TextArea is focused
P3 JDK-8119336 ScrollPane changes binded value
P3 JDK-8123882 ScrollPane css documentation doesn't show Region properties
P3 JDK-8123498 ScrollPane: Content does not scroll using keyboard
P3 JDK-8116904 Selection bar in ListView not always displayed for a selected item
P3 JDK-8126876 SelectionModel.getSelectedItem() API does not work correctly in case when multiple selection is enabled and Shift key is down
P3 JDK-8118854 Separator in ColorPicker ColorPalette is broken under Caspian.
P3 JDK-8124264 Set correct system font size on Embedded
P3 JDK-8125409 setCancelButton throws NPE
P3 JDK-8119911 Setting placeHolder on ComboBox causes visual artifact
P3 JDK-8123328 Some Controls classes have empty javadoc.
P3 JDK-8116081 Some Table Cells are blank when column is made visible.
P3 JDK-8117875 Sorting a table column leaves the selection model inconsistent with the display in the UI
P3 JDK-8118826 SortType enum is missing from TableColumn
P3 JDK-8124850 Split pane doesn't change its rendering after items has changed order.
P3 JDK-8116204 SplitPane doesn't clip its content
P3 JDK-8115040 StackedAreaChart. NPE when data is modified
P3 JDK-8114956 StackedBarChart (-Minus,+Plus)Y-Axis values bar corrupted.
P3 JDK-8093150 StackOverflowError and complete application freeze due to CSS
P3 JDK-8123939 Style -fx-wrap-text worked only when set minWidth to control
P3 JDK-8123903 Styles for 2-Level UI Controls are not loaded with -Dcom.sun.javafx.twoLevelFocus=true
P3 JDK-8125080 styles set with node.setStyle() are not inherit
P3 JDK-8092470 Support and document skinning from a component developer perspective
P3 JDK-8099289 Support component orientation in common UI controls
P3 JDK-8102393 Support fixed cell length in VirtualFlow
P3 JDK-8102492 Support setting min/pref/max sizes via css
P3 JDK-8118572 Table-column is not described in css-ref
P3 JDK-8115354 TableCell disappears when TableColumn is hidden and then reshown in some TableRows
P3 JDK-8126434 TableColumn style class and styling issues
P3 JDK-8123569 TableHeaders behave badly when horizontal scrollbar is visible
P3 JDK-8115269 TableRow "item" property is being updated out of order
P3 JDK-8115175 TableView : resize column broken
P3 JDK-8093986 TableView columns are auto-resized back to pref size when columns are hidden / shown using column control button
P3 JDK-8126253 TableView does not respect CONSTRAINED_RESIZE_POLICY where columns are reordered
P3 JDK-8123692 TableView editing should be documented better
P3 JDK-8123142 TableView makes multiple selection drags difficult
P3 JDK-8122325 TableView selection sometimes gives null items in change events
P3 JDK-8122682 TableView shows blank rows when resized
P3 JDK-8122807 TableView with hidden/invisible columns: resizing of columns gets confused
P3 JDK-8125927 TableView.scrollTo is horrible slow
P3 JDK-8119687 TableView.scrollTo() always scrolls to the end of the table
P3 JDK-8102565 TableView: Displaying hierarchical groups and data
P3 JDK-8127162 TableView: hover mark blinking
P3 JDK-8123818 TableView: javadoc for fixedCellSize is ambiguous
P3 JDK-8097775 TableView: Support returning to unsorted state
P3 JDK-8124473 TabPane is not rendered until setPrefSize is called
P3 JDK-8120037 TabPane min size seems to be set to pref size of the content rather than min size of the content
P3 JDK-8123501 TabPane: After set style "-fx-tab-min-width" focus render is incorrectly
P3 JDK-8118471 TabPane: Missing Pop-up button
P3 JDK-8117700 TextArea - Pressing ENTER/RETURN does not move cursor to new line
P3 JDK-8127284 TextArea font size doesn't match to system and Web View font size
P3 JDK-8120052 TextArea/TextField, caret issue for Thai characters.
P3 JDK-8101047 TextArea: performance issue
P3 JDK-8123181 TextField should not shrink vertically by default
P3 JDK-8120039 TextField/TextArea, need to type "Backspace" key twice to delete the last character of the composing text.
P3 JDK-8120789 The mnemonic underline is broken with Modena, but works with Caspian.
P3 JDK-8123403 Threading issues with ProgressBar / ProgressIndicator after fix for RT-27791
P3 JDK-8116341 Toolbar : Gap lost between the buttons on toolbar
P3 JDK-8115536 TreeTableView alignment is not correct
P3 JDK-8124403 TreeTableView column resizing is very slow
P3 JDK-8115489 TreeTableView does not correctly render focus
P3 JDK-8118178 TreeTableView doesn't update properly when showRoot is toggled
P3 JDK-8119603 TreeTableView focus model returns wrong focused index
P3 JDK-8123581 TreeTableView has duplicate editing API
P3 JDK-8123597 TreeTableView has trouble with columns specifying pref/min/max widths
P3 JDK-8120857 TreeTableView scrollToColumn accepts TableColumn type of argument
P3 JDK-8098191 TreeView creates new cells every time root is changed
P3 JDK-8124615 TreeView gets onEditCancel event when changes are commited
P3 JDK-8120302 TreeView is not visible in SplitPane
P3 JDK-8125840 TreeView item focus shifts to wrong item on expand and collapse, protential fix provided
P3 JDK-8125112 TreeView item selection shifts to wrong item on expand and collapse, protential fix provided
P3 JDK-8118042 TreeView selection issues
P3 JDK-8119264 TreeView.getSelectionModel().getSelectedItems() sends 2 events when changing selection
P3 JDK-8125795 Triple click selection problem with TextArea text
P3 JDK-8124669 Unable to add/remove MenuItems in (Context)Menu after it is shown (Regression!)
P3 JDK-8123456 Unable to select last word
P3 JDK-8123789 Unanble to collapse/expand tree item by mouse click
P3 JDK-8123804 Uncaught exception in static initializer for Control prevents creation of all controls
P3 JDK-8123792 Unit test failure in Node_cssStyleMap_Test :: testStyleMapTracksChanges
P3 JDK-8123340 Unit test failures in controls *test_rt21375_scenario*
P3 JDK-8120232 UNIT-TEST: test_rt29930 failures in Controls unit tests
P3 JDK-8116529 updateItem is not called at startup on virtualised controls, leading to invalid graphical states
P3 JDK-8120354 updateItem method of TableCell never gets called in JDK 1.8 on a column with Image data
P3 JDK-8116056 Upgrade to use PlatformLogger.Level instead of primitive int type
P3 JDK-8119889 url in CSS resolves to a relative path
P3 JDK-8103522 Use modifiable BitSet in change listeners in CSS code
P3 JDK-8102334 Using protected createXxx method to create child controls so that subclass can override the createXxx method to provide their own implementations
P3 JDK-8117070 VBox Popup width is computed wrong in JavaFX 8.0.0-b83
P3 JDK-8119066 Weird scrolling of customized ListView using mouse wheel
P3 JDK-8124468 When child is more css dirty than parent that gets lost
P3 JDK-8124727 XYChart produces OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
P3 JDK-8126954 XYCharts draw values incorrectly when zero is not within yAxis bounds
P4 JDK-8126401 -fx-ellipsis-string dosn't apply after setStyle
P4 JDK-8117431 -fx-indent badly applied in TreeTableView
P4 JDK-8117316 8.0-graphics-scrum-h99: up to -24% performance regression in Controls.ListView and Controls.TableView
P4 JDK-8124035 [Button] concurrent modification is possible to create, when use default button property
P4 JDK-8124765 [Cell] Experiment with collapsing listeners (where possible) to reduce memory costs of cells
P4 JDK-8115086 [ChoiceBox] Data is doubled after sorting is applied.
P4 JDK-8118982 [ChoiceBox] Right-click opens both popup and context menu.
P4 JDK-8119869 [ColorPicker] hue color choice is not propagated to gradient rectangle.
P4 JDK-8115316 [ColorPicker] it is possible for no any pill to be selected.
P4 JDK-8126070 [ColorPicker] opacity doesn't affect with web-color setting.
P4 JDK-8125678 [ColorPicker] rgb mode tab, has problems with rendering.
P4 JDK-8115448 [ColorPicker] setValue(Color value) partially reflects changes
P4 JDK-8124327 [ComboBox] remove mention of emptyText property from javadoc, because it was removed
P4 JDK-8125598 [ComboBox] Right-click opens both popup and context menu.
P4 JDK-8120561 [CSS] font size changing via custom pseudo state is not unapplied
P4 JDK-8123417 [DatePicker] Date from previous/next month is not selected upon click
P4 JDK-8103223 [DatePicker] Define list of countries that use week numbers
P4 JDK-8124064 [DatePicker] Display of Islamic month names in HijrahChronology don't match displayed ISO month
P4 JDK-8120470 [DatePicker] Focus does not move to the calendar
P4 JDK-8103080 [DatePicker] Handle incompatible change of method name in DateTimeFormatter.
P4 JDK-8103338 [DatePicker] Update UI to spec
P4 JDK-8119734 [Documentation] Need to clarify behavior on deselection of items for single-selection mode.
P4 JDK-8123740 [HTMLEditor] Font family button cell factory has updateItem called for all fonts
P4 JDK-8118879 [HTMLEditor] Font size is lost on enter key press
P4 JDK-8115445 [ListView, TableView, TreeView, TreeTableView] Focus resides on wrong cell after ctrl + shift + pgUp
P4 JDK-8118846 [ListView, TreeView, TableView, TreeTableView] selectionModel selectedItem returns wrong item.
P4 JDK-8124039 [ListView, TreeView] does not honor min height of cells
P4 JDK-8127380 [ListView] ctrl+pageup/pagedown don't work for more then 1 page.
P4 JDK-8127762 [ListView] CTRL-SHIFT-SPACE does not work in multi-selection mode
P4 JDK-8127405 [ListView] pageUp and pageDown doesn't work
P4 JDK-8127341 [ListView] SHIFT-SPACE does not work in multi-selection mode on Mac
P4 JDK-8123409 [ListView][TableView][TreeView] : SHIFT + SPACE problem when in edit mode with TextFieldCell factory
P4 JDK-8125713 [MenuItem] graphic cannot be removed.
P4 JDK-8119596 [PieChart] adding new data lead to incorrect style classes updating.
P4 JDK-8116238 [ScrollBar] Right-click moves the knob.
P4 JDK-8119932 [Slider] Knob is rendered outside of control
P4 JDK-8128176 [Slider] label formatter is not applicable.
P4 JDK-8116250 [SplitMenuButton] Arrow button rendering has changed.
P4 JDK-8116478 [SplitMenuButton] Right-click on the drop-down arrow opens popup and context menu simultaneously.
P4 JDK-8127095 [StackedBarChart] when data is removed, stack doesn't move down.
P4 JDK-8125602 [Tab] Unable to set tooltip for tab more than once.
P4 JDK-8125017 [TableColumn] newly set comparator is not applied immidiately
P4 JDK-8124932 [TableView, ListView] Shift + Down behavior. Mac OS.
P4 JDK-8125830 [TableView, TreeTableView] After sort node becomes invisible the header text remaines shifted.
P4 JDK-8124506 [TableView, TreeTableView] Column 'sortable' prop when disabled allows to sort column.
P4 JDK-8120471 [TableView, TreeTableView] Ctrl + PgUp moves focus to a partially visible cell
P4 JDK-8124703 [TableView, TreeTableView] incorrect amount of dots when sorted state is marked
P4 JDK-8124979 [TableView, TreeTableView] pageUp/pageDown and ctrl+pageDown/pageUp navigates to the partly visible line.
P4 JDK-8116745 [TableView, TreeTableView] progress bar in progressBarCell don't resize on column width
P4 JDK-8124641 [TableView, TreeTableView] When column 'sortable' is set to false the sort node doesn't disappear.
P4 JDK-8117229 [TableView] Cannot select row by clicking in empty column to right of all TableCell instances
P4 JDK-8120827 [TableView] custom skin implementation applying causes null pointer
P4 JDK-8119298 [TableView] resizing of nonresizable column can be done with autosizing.
P4 JDK-8116306 [TabPane] Disabled / Disable states are inconsistent
P4 JDK-8118423 [TabPane] sorting tabs has no effect
P4 JDK-8115263 [Text] TextAlignment center ceased to work
P4 JDK-8125527 [TitledPane, Accordion] graphicTextGap doesn't affect
P4 JDK-8125037 [TitledPane] mnemonics are not shown on alt.
P4 JDK-8125763 [TitledPane] Right-click on the drop-down arrow opens/collapses control and opens context menu simultaneously.
P4 JDK-8120327 [TOYS] Remove #image-border-insets style from LabelBorders.css pending resolution of RT-29616
P4 JDK-8124835 [TreeTableView, TableView] Shift + PgUp, Shift + PgDown don't work.
P4 JDK-8118884 [TreeTableView] autosizing for the first column is applied incorrectly: root arrows are not taken into account.
P4 JDK-8124510 [TreeTableView] Changing treeItems hierarchy at runtime does not get refreshed property if the parent treeItem is expanded.
P4 JDK-8116973 [TreeTableView] ctrl+shift+home don't update focus
P4 JDK-8125541 [TreeTableView] ctrl+shift+up/down don't make scrolling.
P4 JDK-8116266 [TreeTableView] Double click on editable collapses the row.
P4 JDK-8120427 [TreeTableView] double shift+click can collapse tree item.
P4 JDK-8124563 [TreeTableView] Graphic property is rendered badly
P4 JDK-8124194 [TreeTableView] Scroll bar appears while there is enough space for rendering content.
P4 JDK-8125903 [TreeTableView] scrollbar and header is badly aligned
P4 JDK-8115306 [TreeTableView] scrollBar's bar size doesn't correspond to the size of visible data.
P4 JDK-8116839 [TreeTableView] When all columns are removed, they will be rendered.
P4 JDK-8118040 [TreeTableView] When graphics is set to tree item the whole tree table row disappears
P4 JDK-8124109 [TreeVew] setShowRoot() doesn't work.
P4 JDK-8124119 [TreeView, TreeTableView] Disclosure nodes should animate when branches are expanded / collapsed
P4 JDK-8116644 [TreeView, TreeTableView] Errant permutation events when selected row is expanded
P4 JDK-8124599 [TreeView] Alignment after sorting is incorrect.
P4 JDK-8116910 [TreeView] ctrl shift down doesn't make visible area to follow the selection.
P4 JDK-8125792 [TreeView] focus and anchor are set incorrectly on collapsing of item.
P4 JDK-8118464 [TreeView] focus don't jump up in some cases of nodes collapsing.
P4 JDK-8124127 [TreeView] graphics is not rendered immediately when prebuilt cell factory is used.
P4 JDK-8124651 [TreeView] graphics is not rendered immediately.
P4 JDK-8116847 [TreeView] Rendering has changed.
P4 JDK-8119009 [TreeView] setGraphic is not rendered immidiately
P4 JDK-8123085 [VirtualFlow] multiple selection mode : ctrl+shift+space clears selection
P4 JDK-8122651 A line in Modena css isn't doing anything
P4 JDK-8114320 Accordion control doesn't size to scene correctly
P4 JDK-8116279 Accordion doesn't know its actual height after rolling out.
P4 JDK-8101464 Add a TextField.setFont method
P4 JDK-8103439 Add an impl_ fixed property to TableColumnBase
P4 JDK-8101864 Add createSymbols Property to AreaChart / StackedAreaChart
P4 JDK-8102382 Add DatePicker control
P4 JDK-8100129 Add RTL support to Accordion
P4 JDK-8100149 Add RTL support to HTMLEditor
P4 JDK-8125832 Add SimpleStyleable*Property variant
P4 JDK-8102458 Add system property to set default user agent stylesheet
P4 JDK-8120799 addEventHandler not working for ActionEvent in TextFields
P4 JDK-8125663 Adding a RadioMenuItem to a ToggleGroup leads to IAE
P4 JDK-8119807 Adding a tree item to a treeview changes selected tree item
P4 JDK-8116693 Allow ComboBox subclasses to disable autohide when the ListView popup is clicked
P4 JDK-8102440 Allow subclass to create the RootHeader in TableHeaderRow by exposing the tableSkin
P4 JDK-8101909 Animate the movement of the Slider thumb when the user clicks on the Slider track
P4 JDK-8090426 API / Functional Spec
P4 JDK-8124965 Applying a style to Labeled fontProperty can set off infinite loop
P4 JDK-8127786 AreaChart, LineChart: Weird Delete Series animation
P4 JDK-8125582 Assertion Error creating TableColumnHeader
P4 JDK-8113125 bar charts don't plot the bars when the numeric axis has a non zero minimum value
P4 JDK-8125896 BarChart replaces the style classes for existing bar nodes.
P4 JDK-8115821 BarChart: Stall bar is created when data with the same category is added
P4 JDK-8119018 BarChart: When negative data item is added, animation starts from some positive value
P4 JDK-8123765 Behaviors should remove listeners when Skin is disposed
P4 JDK-8124532 BubbleChart performance worse with Modena
P4 JDK-8118381 BubbleChart: ClassCastException when created with CategoryAxis
P4 JDK-8116444 BUG ChoiceBox Java 8 b75
P4 JDK-8124490 Button size changes on hover in Modena after changing font size via Font menu.
P4 JDK-8116137 calling TreeView.getSelectionModel().select(null) shows strange behaviour
P4 JDK-8120570 Calling XYChart.setPadding prevents chart's legend from resizing correctly.
P4 JDK-8120816 Calls to setContextMenu() in TextField and TextArea result in double menus shown
P4 JDK-8123070 Can't change ComboBox value in change listener
P4 JDK-8126778 cannot make Horizontal StackedBarChart
P4 JDK-8118508 Cant style tooltip black tooltip with white text is shown
P4 JDK-8125971 CategoryAxis - getValueForDisplay(double) checks wrong boundaries
P4 JDK-8124826 Cell with null initial value cannot be edited because the empty property is true
P4 JDK-8125209 Charts - duplicate children added when sorting the chart data
P4 JDK-8123264 CheckBox cell factory in tree view unselects every cell
P4 JDK-8115376 CheckBoxTreeItem doesn't have unit tests
P4 JDK-8123377 CheckBoxTreeTableCell javadoc has broken formatting
P4 JDK-8127829 CheckMenuItem & RadioMenuItem: accelerator doesn't toggle selection
P4 JDK-8116248 CheckMenuItem & RadioMenuItem: mnemonic key doesn't toggle selection
P4 JDK-8123836 ChoiceBox and ComboBox popup menu appear shifted vertically (by ~5px)
P4 JDK-8127395 ChoiceBox javadoc describes non-existing functionality (option regarding null values)
P4 JDK-8125203 ChoiceBox with no items throws an exception when added to a live scene
P4 JDK-8115459 ChoiceBox: if the second item is selected by default, "IndexOutOfBoundsException" is reported.
P4 JDK-8123812 Class name mismatch in javafx.scene.control.Cell javadoc example
P4 JDK-8125282 ClassCastException in BubbleChart if x-axis is a CategoryAxis
P4 JDK-8119206 ClassCastException while showing ContextMenu
P4 JDK-8101990 Clean up controls compilation warnings
P4 JDK-8104245 Clean up jira issues
P4 JDK-8103075 Cleanup control code
P4 JDK-8123234 Clearing the selection in TableView doesn't call ChangeListener on SelectionModel selectedItemProperty
P4 JDK-8117103 Color of enabled hyperlinks and regular text is same
P4 JDK-8115659 Column grouping: dragging a column that is groupped makes invisible columns visible
P4 JDK-8102489 ComboBox : need a setter to change the default label in case of empty item list
P4 JDK-8117619 ComboBox : the value is selected on click
P4 JDK-8124287 ComboBox : value is changed on click
P4 JDK-8124983 ComboBox accepts setItems(null) but later throws NPE when layout() is called.
P4 JDK-8127169 ComboBox doesn't show tooltip over its TextField
P4 JDK-8123799 Combobox is rendered outside of container
P4 JDK-8116178 ComboBox with thick bottom border is drawn incorrectly
P4 JDK-8121986 ComboBox#buttonCells pseudostate always holds "empty"
P4 JDK-8102670 ComboBoxListViewSkin has ineffective event filter
P4 JDK-8115042 ComboBoxTest.ensureImpl_getPseudoClassStateReturnsValidValue() fails
P4 JDK-8116944 Context menus in TreeViews
P4 JDK-8119995 Contextmenu of TextField not working in TableView
P4 JDK-8118782 Control duplicates CSS properties once its styleableProperties is invalidated
P4 JDK-8103217 Control#contextMenuHandler could be made static
P4 JDK-8123404 Create Modena visual regression test suite
P4 JDK-8101023 Creating an image icon only button should be able to specify the padding of the button via the api and not just through using CSS.
P4 JDK-8125416 CSS : shadow not visible on ProgressBar, TItledPane,TabPane
P4 JDK-8102232 CSS does not support multiselectors
P4 JDK-8117908 CSS should check image loading result
P4 JDK-8122881 CSS: "dotted" border render incorrectly when used custom font
P4 JDK-8126930 CSS: Absolute paths in url("...") without a scheme should be relative to the classpath.
P4 JDK-8116039 CSS: Avoid creating ObservableList for declarations and selectors in Rule
P4 JDK-8123334 CSS: Different default value styles -fx-hbar-policy and -fx-vbar-policy for ScrollPane
P4 JDK-8125535 CSS: FX handling of font attribute different than HTML
P4 JDK-8123489 CSS: Need unit test for resetting initial value on pseud-class state change or style-class change
P4 JDK-8124233 CSS: node style map unexpected content
P4 JDK-8120155 CSS: refactor calculated value cache to avoid multiple hashtable gets and un-necessary value calculations
P4 JDK-8123415 CSS: Table header render is incorrectly when set style "-fx-border-*" from Platform.runLater
P4 JDK-8115435 CSS:Different default 'alignment' value for labeleds between css ref and getCssMetaData
P4 JDK-8123878 CSS:In the Region some styles is missing
P4 JDK-8117656 CSS:SplitMenuButton will be documented in cssref, that it extends all styles from MenuButton
P4 JDK-8120219 CSSStyleHelper is inflating many (all?) styleable properties
P4 JDK-8123297 Ctrl+shift+up/down should map to up/down in virtualised controls when in single selection mode
P4 JDK-8115790 Ctrl-A to select all in a TableView does not fire the ChangeListener for selectionModel().selectedItem
P4 JDK-8116219 Custom color picker dialog title with ellipsis
P4 JDK-8102061 CustomColorDialog code cleanup
P4 JDK-8124208 CustomColorDialog does not limit access to its internal structure for the classes in its package
P4 JDK-8116183 CustomColorDialog doesn't support resizing
P4 JDK-8124395 CustomColorDialog has no units shown
P4 JDK-8124157 CustomColorDialog has not default and no cancel button
P4 JDK-8124325 CustomColorDialog hue gradient is diagonal
P4 JDK-8118189 CustomColorDialog incorrectly shows color saturation vs. brightness rectangle for transparent colors
P4 JDK-8124427 CustomColorDialog is not scaling with the font size
P4 JDK-8118211 CustomColorDialog: problems with mouse
P4 JDK-8116364 DatePicker doesn't allow to omit leading zero
P4 JDK-8123587 DatePicker test fails
P4 JDK-8123621 DatePicker: "<" and ">" buttons for previous/next year are missing.
P4 JDK-8102953 DatePicker: Add shortcuts for switching months directly when the calendar is open
P4 JDK-8103091 DatePicker: Add shortcuts for switching years directly when the calendar is open
P4 JDK-8102789 Define API for DatePicker
P4 JDK-8102790 Define UI for DatePicker
P4 JDK-8123800 Different default -fx-border-image-width value between css ref and getCssMetaData.
P4 JDK-8115158 Different default -fx-cell-size value between css ref and getCssMetaData.
P4 JDK-8124688 Different ListView '-fx-orientation' value between css ref and getCssMetaData.
P4 JDK-8116418 Different Shape '-fx-fill' value between css ref and getCssMetaData.
P4 JDK-8116800 Do CSS-Files really have to have a suffix of .css
P4 JDK-8123201 Docs : Missing description in ScrollBar API - in constructor
P4 JDK-8123108 Docu: CheckBoxTableCell page doesn't display some CSS styles
P4 JDK-8115604 Drag doesn't start from Date Picker text field
P4 JDK-8120610 EditingCellProperty is not set to null
P4 JDK-8114908 Effect set via CSS is sticky
P4 JDK-8125866 EGLFB: Occasional NullPointerException from ScrollBar when using touchscreen
P4 JDK-8125860 Empty menu causes other menus not to show
P4 JDK-8116455 Ensemble Custom Candle Stick Chart: seriesPath gets added but not removed
P4 JDK-8118601 Ensemble gets undefined behavior after CSS warnings
P4 JDK-8098428 Extend test to cover multiple font and color combinations
P4 JDK-8114935 Extra TableCells created when scrolling with MouseWheel
P4 JDK-8123783 F2 cause editing to cancel in TreeView
P4 JDK-8123508 Failing junit com.sun.javafx.css.FontTypeTest.test_RT_25355_weightFirstInheritedShorthand
P4 JDK-8124197 Fix CSS for CustomColorDialog
P4 JDK-8124779 Fix missing type arguments for generics in CSS public API
P4 JDK-8119153 Fix root cause for the "units do not match" console output
P4 JDK-8123594 Fixed cell height doesn't affect immidiately for virtual flow controls.
P4 JDK-8115894 Focus is moved on last item when pressing CTRL+A
P4 JDK-8115366 Focus is not moved back on anchor
P4 JDK-8124475 Font scaling double applied when specified in a stylesheet attached to the scene.
P4 JDK-8122708 FX 8 Tree/TableCell.setAlignment(..) doesn't change the default state.
P4 JDK-8125356 FXML-LoginDemo text field doesn't show characters
P4 JDK-8125475 generics-related compilation failure in using jdk 8
P4 JDK-8092471 Get approval for CSS Styleable* public API
P4 JDK-8125451 getStyleClass().add("style") causes CSS to update before the control is part of the scene
P4 JDK-8124606 GridPane layout of ListViews broken in Lombard
P4 JDK-8124799 Having two data sets with overlapping categories causes wrong order on Bar Chart's X-Axis
P4 JDK-8125245 hbox.setStyle("-fx-base: red;") should affect children but does not
P4 JDK-8117157 HelloToolbar buttons are too close
P4 JDK-8119076 HelloTreeView: Editable TreeView doesn't response to double-click
P4 JDK-8115395 highcontrast.css uses old gradient syntax
P4 JDK-8124059 HTMLEditor, bold format doesn't work fine for initial text.
P4 JDK-8116167 htmlText property of HTMLEditor doesn't have its initial value right after instance is created
P4 JDK-8116046 Hyperlink border is not dashed
P4 JDK-8098427 Implement image comparison mechanics for Modena
P4 JDK-8125798 in cssref style -fx-size is described in TableView, but need in TableColumnHeader
P4 JDK-8115514 in TreeTableView wrong items are selected when the parent item is collapsed
P4 JDK-8124330 Incorrect default value for control Axis in cssref
P4 JDK-8123613 Incorrect ellipsis on different options of max and pref size
P4 JDK-8102571 Indeterminate progressbar uses too much CPU (even when invisible)
P4 JDK-8120699 IndexOutOfBoundsException from StyleMap getCascadingStyles
P4 JDK-8119992 Infitine loop on comboBox (so it seems) even though there is no loop build there
P4 JDK-8097999 Internationalization of JavaFX-Components
P4 JDK-8103459 Introduce smarter pile in VirtualFlow to reduce amount of managed / visible / css state changes
P4 JDK-8120328 Issue on fixed cell height implementation
P4 JDK-8103366 Label : resolve LabelSkinBase use of managed/unmanged
P4 JDK-8103157 Label : resolve LabelSkinBase's use of clips for text
P4 JDK-8116403 Labeled Controls like CheckBox minSize calculation is wrong
P4 JDK-8102214 Lazily load collections in CSS StyleCache / StyleCacheEntry class
P4 JDK-8123150 lazy deserialization of css declarations
P4 JDK-8123798 LineChart plots obsolete series data
P4 JDK-8118367 Linechart series colours are not unique when series are removed then added
P4 JDK-8114423 LineChart: Resetting the data inside a Linechart series results in a NullPointerException
P4 JDK-8123898 ListView doesn't unselect correct items when Shift + left mouse btn is used
P4 JDK-8124276 ListView PlaceHolder is removed only after second item is added to item list
P4 JDK-8124928 ListView renders 'null' inconsistently.
P4 JDK-8115423 ListView selectionModel selectedItems list returns incorrect size
P4 JDK-8120351 ListView.getSelectionModel().getSelectedItems() ObservableList: no remove notification
P4 JDK-8124549 ListView/TableView in VBox breaks layout.
P4 JDK-8106193 Locale specific runtime errors (Turkish)
P4 JDK-8102507 Make Modena Theme Default
P4 JDK-8102946 Make some VirtualFlow method protected
P4 JDK-8103430 Make VirtualFlow derivable
P4 JDK-8119566 Memory Leak when click in rows of TableView
P4 JDK-8125066 Menu blinks when cursor is moved from menu to menuBar.
P4 JDK-8117891 Menu Items should not be selected when the mouse-up event occurs when the mouse has moved
P4 JDK-8125524 Menu javadoc has strange entry for showing property
P4 JDK-8118552 MenuBar : F10 selection can get out of sync if menus are selected via a mouse hover
P4 JDK-8124101 MenuItemContainer.computePrefHeight gets IndexOutOfBonds and gives an empty window
P4 JDK-8123031 Missing documentation in controls
P4 JDK-8124747 Mnemonics : mnemonic display in popup doesn't follow the scene display.
P4 JDK-8124784 Modena breaks dropshadows in certain circumstances
P4 JDK-8124380 Modena dosn't use LCD text on Windows
P4 JDK-8124454 Modena style: disabled label does not look disabled.
P4 JDK-8124369 Modena uses effects which hurt performance on embedded
P4 JDK-8117108 MODENA: can't make tree/table cell factories change color based on background when setGraphic(...) is used
P4 JDK-8092845 Modena: remove hover style from tree and table
P4 JDK-8115172 Modena: Style List, Tree, Table & TreeTable state for cell focus
P4 JDK-8124634 Modena: Table and TreeTable are not refined
P4 JDK-8118145 Modena: Table Sort Icons are wrong
P4 JDK-8124644 Modena: Table, Tree, TreeTable remove hover state, selected and non selected
P4 JDK-8116821 Modena: TreeView selected row text color is wrong
P4 JDK-8120010 Move a Property into the CSS on TableColumnHeader
P4 JDK-8122671 Multiple properties in Controls override set() instead of invalidated()
P4 JDK-8119193 MultipleSelectionModel selectedIndices reports incorrect addedSize on list change events.
P4 JDK-8126442 Negative height or width should be forbidden
P4 JDK-8115989 Nested SplitPanes look different on 8.0 when compared to 2.2
P4 JDK-8103600 NestedTableColumnHeader : Make Label / setHeadersNeedUpdate() protected
P4 JDK-8124858 Node impl_getStyleMap and impl_setStyleMap throw NPE
P4 JDK-8125028 Node Orientation - Search Box in Ensemble is clipped badly and tying is strange
P4 JDK-8117614 Node Style, Id and Styleclass methods javadoc should contain link to JavaFX CSS Reference
P4 JDK-8117422 Node.getStyleClass should have javadoc
P4 JDK-8117721 NPE in HTMLEditorSkin updateToolbarState
P4 JDK-8124574 NPE in Style Manager
P4 JDK-8120493 NPE in StyleManager.removeFromCacheMap
P4 JDK-8124411 NPE in TreeCellSkin when TreeCell disclosureNode is set to null
P4 JDK-8120667 NPE running JFXControls Menus - while opening submenus (with graphics only).
P4 JDK-8125791 NPE when setting Button.setDefault(true)
P4 JDK-8125078 NullPointer in menuButton on menuItem accelerator key handler
P4 JDK-8124112 NullPointerException from StyleManager
P4 JDK-8117707 NullPointerException in CSS style class
P4 JDK-8100555 onSort event for TableColumn
P4 JDK-8124056 Opening/Closing Animation of TitledPane in nested Accordions with some Controls not working as expected
P4 JDK-8102054 Optimise SkinBase property change handling
P4 JDK-8124623 Optimize impl of snappedTopInset() methods in Region
P4 JDK-8119785 Pagination controls buttons are not centered and missing the navigation arrows
P4 JDK-8120631 Pane css style refresh do that contained elements reset their styles.
P4 JDK-8117391 PieChart legend resize issue
P4 JDK-8126273 PieChart updateLegend called even when Chart's legendVisible is set to false.
P4 JDK-8125931 PieLabelVisible doesnot works
P4 JDK-8119124 PopupControl.CSSBridge not properly documented
P4 JDK-8116558 Possible memory leak due to use of static WeakHashMap in the TableCellBehavior
P4 JDK-8124355 Prebuilt cells in javafx.scene.control.cell are lacking unit tests
P4 JDK-8124277 Pressing ESCAPE in an editing cell in TableView caused the TableView losing focus
P4 JDK-8102404 Private controls Weak* classes should clean up in more situations
P4 JDK-8118282 Progressbar, ProgressIndicator not working
P4 JDK-8117537 ProgressIndicator : possible null timeline if clipped, and then set invisible.
P4 JDK-8124011 ProgressIndicator ignores padding and has no way to scale done tick mark
P4 JDK-8116781 ProgressIndicator is not properly styleable from CSS
P4 JDK-8101827 Promote impl_processCSS to public API
P4 JDK-8098256 RadioMenuItem should have parameterless default constructor
P4 JDK-8102392 Remove cell spanning API
P4 JDK-8102215 Remove dialogs preview API
P4 JDK-8101716 Remove jfxCssLexer.g and jfxCssParser.g
P4 JDK-8124953 Remove needless method calls in Cell
P4 JDK-8115556 Remove TreeView / TreeTableView disclosure node animation to enable easier padding from CSS
P4 JDK-8117811 Removing a PieChart Data item during animation (add) causes NPE
P4 JDK-8125491 Removing from a node's styleClass does not remove styles
P4 JDK-8120779 Removing from listview with custom cell factory results in rendering problem
P4 JDK-8127311 Reroute tests affected by RT-19311 to use API provided by core libs
P4 JDK-8123497 Resizable pointer, while there is no resizable component.
P4 JDK-8123180 Rightmost TableView Header still displays Graphic, even when hidden
P4 JDK-8095335 RTL orientation, resizing TableView column width got opposite result.
P4 JDK-8120090 ScatterChart adding series bug
P4 JDK-8117121 Scene graph elements are not garbage collected (Memory Leak)
P4 JDK-8124012 ScrollBar arrows are rendering with unexpected antialising
P4 JDK-8114375 ScrollBar emitting requestLayout() up hierarchy every time it's value changes
P4 JDK-8122963 ScrollPane - remove DOS line endings....
P4 JDK-8119743 ScrollPane : ScrollBar thumbs not resized after content group resize.
P4 JDK-8102126 ScrollPane should allow to scroll node into view (+Generalize scrollTo using event system)
P4 JDK-8125642 setStyle(null) and setStyle("") does not undo a previous setStyle() call
P4 JDK-8112913 Setting font to TextBox & PasswordBox don't take effect.
P4 JDK-8116701 Setting MenuBar as Scene root triggers NPE
P4 JDK-8122907 Shift+PgUp doesn't move focus to the beginning of the list
P4 JDK-8123546 Showing a NumberAxis throws a NullPointerException unless a Side is set
P4 JDK-8102613 SimpleStyleableProperty API issues
P4 JDK-8114958 Slider Track start and end are not snapped to pixel positions
P4 JDK-8102661 Sliders do not allow you to drag from track
P4 JDK-8124923 Sometime TextField still looks disabled when it is changed to enabled.
P4 JDK-8123483 Sorting large tables is a lot slower if your data model does not have property accessors
P4 JDK-8118023 Space does not select tree item
P4 JDK-8114208 SplitMenuButton: right internal inset is too large
P4 JDK-8126044 StackedAreaChart ClassCastException on CategoryAxis
P4 JDK-8115743 StackedBarChart does not work with autoranging category axis
P4 JDK-8126509 StackOverflow in update javafx2.2b18 to b19
P4 JDK-8118031 Style classes set on table columns are ignored
P4 JDK-8100580 Support object oriented approach to styling UI components
P4 JDK-8101984 Support user-defined pseudoclasses
P4 JDK-8125156 Syntax error in highcontrast.css
P4 JDK-8115122 Tab is visually not disabled, when setting disable(true) at creation time
P4 JDK-8124594 Tab widths constantly change
P4 JDK-8125822 TableCell, missing type parameter in API Doc
P4 JDK-8118792 TableCells display Spurious Values when Scrolling with Mousewheel
P4 JDK-8118394 TableColumn sorting not working for columns of boolean data with column grouping
P4 JDK-8103241 TableColumnBase contains strange @since tags
P4 JDK-8124328 TableColumnBase.DEFAULT_COMPARATOR can lead to CCE
P4 JDK-8117120 TableColumnHeader class size is likely excessive
P4 JDK-8102843 TableHeaderRow : make some methods protected
P4 JDK-8103022 TableRowSkinBase : Make CheckState protected
P4 JDK-8124338 TableView Edit and Scroll to below row gives old page values
P4 JDK-8124738 TableView header overlaps TableView Border
P4 JDK-8118918 TableView is not updated until scene receives mouse event
P4 JDK-8124077 TableView memory leak
P4 JDK-8117693 TableView styles missing css lookup values
P4 JDK-8119598 TableView, TreeTableView : getSelectedCells contains incorrect info.
P4 JDK-8122993 TableView, TreeTableView moves focus to the wrong item in selection
P4 JDK-8123241 TableView.getCssMetaData missing style "-fx-size"
P4 JDK-8102406 TableView.scrollTo(TableColumn)
P4 JDK-8102370 TableView.TableViewSelectionModel.getSelectedCells() returns List of raw TablePositions
P4 JDK-8127843 TableView/ListView: keyboard page scrolling issue
P4 JDK-8115476 TableView: horizontal scrollbar and additional right table column header when CONSTRAINED_RESIZE_POLICY is used
P4 JDK-8102666 TableView: Improved sorting support
P4 JDK-8101757 TableView: make sort() (or similar) methods public
P4 JDK-8114201 TableView: Shift-Home and Shift-End do not work as expected
P4 JDK-8118542 TableViewKeyInputTest fails on Hudson with OOM on Windows platform
P4 JDK-8118660 TableViewKeyInputTest tests fails in Linux
P4 JDK-8102348 TableViewSelectionModel.getSelectedIndices() returns duplicates when cell selection enabled
P4 JDK-8103383 TableViewSkinBase : make "scrollHorizontally" protected
P4 JDK-8102497 TabPane - Allow disabling of tab open/close animation
P4 JDK-8102603 TabPane - Visual Focus indicator when focus in Tab Area
P4 JDK-8124204 TabPane setTabMaxWidth hides close button
P4 JDK-8117135 TabPane with floating styleclass, content overdraws rounded corners
P4 JDK-8101945 TabPane/Tab should allow veto its closing
P4 JDK-8119739 TabPane: style -fx-tab-max-height and -fx-tab-min-height don't repaint tabpane
P4 JDK-8120435 test_rt32383_pageUp/pageDown fail
P4 JDK-8119668 TextArea/TextField, Bidi support, issue with caret position when pressing Home and End keys
P4 JDK-8112471 TextBox doesn't define a text cursor
P4 JDK-8112657 TextBox: text selection color is invisible
P4 JDK-8123291 TextField / TextArea frequently requests relayouts (due to caret blinking)
P4 JDK-8120460 TextField, bidi text drifts when caret moves to bidi boundary.
P4 JDK-8117644 TextField, unable to set CSS style.
P4 JDK-8119769 TextField/TextArea, caret movement problem for mixed text.
P4 JDK-8124745 TextFieldTreeCell builds a TextField over the graphic part of the TreeCell
P4 JDK-8123626 TextInputControl pseudo class state "readonly" is being set for editable fields
P4 JDK-8101252 TextInputControl: css "-fx-columns" doesn't work
P4 JDK-8101830 Textured paints via css
P4 JDK-8120650 The promptText for non-editable ComboBox should be gray color
P4 JDK-8124210 tickLabelFill property is not bound to tick Labels
P4 JDK-8128909 Tooltip Javadoc is confusing about allowed content
P4 JDK-8117558 Tooltip layout issue in RTL orientation.
P4 JDK-8118024 TreeItem graphics is not cleared
P4 JDK-8102450 TreeTableView and TreeTableCell freak IntelliJ out (generics)
P4 JDK-8125610 TreeTableView: Cmd+Arrow creates anchor, even though it should not (Mac Only)
P4 JDK-8125174 TreeTableView: SHIFT+SPACE does not create continuous multi-selection (Mac Only)
P4 JDK-8120762 TreeView and ListView custom cells disappear and change sizes
P4 JDK-8123421 TreeView nodes with custom graphic are cut-off
P4 JDK-8123014 TreeView on Mac does not use cmd+ctrl+space for toggling selection
P4 JDK-8118889 Trigger 2D traversal based on PlatformImpl.isContextual2DNavigation()
P4 JDK-8125462 typo in cssref "-fx-page-information-visible:" - excess colon
P4 JDK-8116318 Um-al-qura calendar is not initialized properly when opened for the first time
P4 JDK-8122691 Unable to reset and reuse ColorPicker
P4 JDK-8102216 Update constructors to panes (including ScrollPane) to take content
P4 JDK-8119931 Update key input unit tests for list/tree/treetable/table to work properly using Mac OS keyboard shortcuts
P4 JDK-8102601 Virtual Keyboard Dismiss Key
P4 JDK-8103193 VirtualFlow - Change "getIndex()" by a protected method
P4 JDK-8102819 VirtualFlow : GetAvailableCell protected
P4 JDK-8125063 VirtualFlow has unnecessary calls to addAllToPile()
P4 JDK-8115107 VirtualFlow.setCreateCell should be made public
P4 JDK-8123566 Weird selection appearance in table view
P4 JDK-8118746 When progress bar factory is applied, empty rows are filled with progress bars in indeterminate state.
P4 JDK-8123195 When using -fx-prompt-text-fill: darkblue; on TextField promt Text does not dissaapears on focus
P4 JDK-8127427 XYChart: Delete Data Item has strange animation
P5 JDK-8115425 [DatePicker] Exception when Hijrah-umalqura chronology is used, and old data is set, breaks control
P5 JDK-8120867 [Documentation] Need to clarify the spec on shift-end / shift-home when in single-cell selection mode
P5 JDK-8100644 Add a TreeTable
P5 JDK-8103550 Cleanup BehaviorBase by passing key bindings in the constructor
P5 JDK-8123722 Cursor.cursor does not accept cursor names with hyphens
P5 JDK-8123555 DatePicker: one column separater is a bit thicker when setting showWeekNumbers.
P5 JDK-8118518 Different FlowPane default '-fx-column-halignment' value between css ref and getCssMetaData.
P5 JDK-8116235 Different Hyperlink '-fx-cursor' value between css ref and getCssMetaData.
P5 JDK-8128552 MenuButton: drop-down window does not collapse on second keyboard click
P5 JDK-8102195 Optimize usage of redundant method calls in layout classes
P5 JDK-8101229 Some css selectors in caspian.css will turn the CSS processing on for all the parents
P5 JDK-8125005 Tab.hasProperties() returns true when getProperties().size() == 0
P5 JDK-8115544 TreeTable ctrl-pgUp doesn't follow the spec


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8118216 3DViewer gets fatal exception in FXMLLoader on startup
P1 JDK-8115181 Build fails to compile FXML unit tests after fix for RT-32859
P2 JDK-8095975 fx:script not loading file defined in the source attribute in JDK8
P2 JDK-8119033 NullPointerException in FXML-LoginDemo
P3 JDK-8121962 [FXML] b118 FXMLLoader rejects some FXML texts that was accepted before
P3 JDK-8103607 Add support for loading classes with annotated constructors
P3 JDK-8103588 FXML contains treatAsPrivate stuff that is not prefixed by impl_
P3 JDK-8102681 FXML support for 3D meshes, lights, and materials
P3 JDK-8119847 ImageCursor class needs a builder so that it can be encoded in FXML
P3 JDK-8117191 JavaFX applications with FXML fail while running on browser
P3 JDK-8124851 No version checking when loading FXML file
P3 JDK-8125230 Re-enable FXML tests after broken tests are fixed
P3 JDK-8100755 Support collection events in FXML
P3 JDK-8117896 The FXMLLoader should detect fx:include cycle and throw an exception when cycles are detected.
P4 JDK-8116059 ClassNotFoundException in coercion process in BeanAdapter with fully-qualified classname in FXML in deployed application
P4 JDK-8125649 CSS not loaded when relative path used on FXML
P4 JDK-8118795 Exception in FXMLLoader with null location will result in NPE
P4 JDK-8126645 Failure to create an element using Builders is not propagated
P4 JDK-8126049 fx:id value replacing for objects created by builder
P4 JDK-8124915 FXML DataBinding not working correctly
P4 JDK-8103447 FXML error reporting
P4 JDK-8126958 FXML expression binding updates only once
P4 JDK-8123729 FXML loader: bad exception returned in case of incorrect URL
P4 JDK-8103989 FXML reference is outdated
P4 JDK-8125519 FXML: default root id is null
P4 JDK-8125026 FXML: Default root instantiation
P4 JDK-8115764 FXML: Support static fields as values
P4 JDK-8119985 FXMLLoader doesn't support prefixed values in list or array properties
P4 JDK-8118940 FXMLLoader fails with NPE when included fxml has a controler and parent hasn't
P4 JDK-8103965 FXMLLoader has many undocumented fields
P4 JDK-8119422 FXMLLoader javadoc has typo in ">" symbols
P4 JDK-8125057 FXMLLoader: IllegalAccessException when Initializable not implemented and initialize() is present but not public
P4 JDK-8102919 Generify FXMLLoader.load instance methods
P4 JDK-8103765 Impact of Builders removal on FXML
P4 JDK-8101959 Improve documentation for FXMLLoader controller factory
P4 JDK-8101875 In FXML, Allow event handlers to come from the namespace
P4 JDK-8123700 JavaFXImageBuilder does not remember backgroundLoading
P4 JDK-8123522 not possible to call functions defined in javascript from fxml anymore
P4 JDK-8123145 NPE when calling FXMLLoader.load() in a background thread
P4 JDK-8119362 NullPointerException when using fx:include
P4 JDK-8102707 Property handlers should take 3 parameters instead of Event
P4 JDK-8117119 The FXML specification should make it clear that all URI paths should be encoded


Priority Bug Summary
P1 JDK-8119960 Cannot load prism_es2 or javafx_iio libraries
P1 JDK-8124601 decora-d3d classes not included in jfxrt.jar
P1 JDK-8119317 Exeception throws on any JavaFX program on the Windows (d3d) platform
P1 JDK-8119766 Fix for RT-24566 causes infinite loop in SW pipeline
P1 JDK-8123314 Fix for RT-32250 causes multiple regressions in rendering
P1 JDK-8120480 fx8.0-b96: NullPointerException in fillLCDAlphaMask in sw pipeline
P1 JDK-8123519 SW rendering is broken following fix for RT-30204
P2 JDK-8118547 3D Surface performance benchmark fails with "java.lang.RuntimeException: NGTriangleMesh: buildGeometry failed"
P2 JDK-8123802 3D: Window can't restore after screen lock
P2 JDK-8094868 8.0-b107: performance logger is broken
P2 JDK-8124108 8.0-b85: more than 50% performance regression in Controls benchmarks in SW pipeline caused by LCD text changes
P2 JDK-8122961 8.0-b97: up to 100% performance regression in Text based benchmarks in SW pipeline
P2 JDK-8123756 8.0-graphics-scrum-1194: 20% performance regression in Bitmap benchmarks in SW pipeline
P2 JDK-8119319 8.0-graphics-scrum-1216: fullspeed mode seems to be broken
P2 JDK-8123970 8.0-h96-b68: 68% regression in SpiralText in hw pipeline caused by enabling DirectX 9Ex
P2 JDK-8123784 [ Ensemble] NPE in Inner Shadow Effect
P2 JDK-8115000 [D3D] Bad assumption in D3D clip leads to rendering errors
P2 JDK-8096900 [FX3D] 3D does not working with Windows 2008 R2
P2 JDK-8123029 [FX3D] Light: light crashes.
P2 JDK-8125153 [ImageView] Crash in SW pipeline
P2 JDK-8125300 [Label] Wrap doesn't work.
P2 JDK-8100148 Add RTL support to Text node
P2 JDK-8123929 All JavaFX apps stop rendering when coming out of screen lock
P2 JDK-8100622 Allow QuantumRenderer thread and FX Application thread to run in parallel
P2 JDK-8102413 Allow to change line-to-line spacing
P2 JDK-8123134 An exception is thrown when running FXMLExample sample
P2 JDK-8093993 Camera regression on devices that lack non-power-of-2 texture support
P2 JDK-8095753 Canvas clipping code leaves a texture locked
P2 JDK-8101365 Complex text with BiDi support
P2 JDK-8095122 Composite glyphs broken [again]
P2 JDK-8122141 Crash in ICU after sync
P2 JDK-8094561 Crash on MacOS 10.9 in Java_com_sun_t2k_T2KFontFile_getGlyphBoundingBoxNative
P2 JDK-8124692 D3D: MeshViewer can exit unexpectedly when toggling between low and high resolutions mesh.
P2 JDK-8125048 DataApp rendering issue
P2 JDK-8124600 Disable Direct3D9Ex due to performance issues and functional bugs
P2 JDK-8120123 Disable failing PhongMaterialTest
P2 JDK-8096124 EGL fails on Rasp Pi after 3D support was added
P2 JDK-8125350 EGLFB: Crash when changing windows quickly in HelloMenu application
P2 JDK-8097956 Fix TriangleMesh API to support a range of vertex format in the future
P2 JDK-8118004 FX 8 3D: AmbientLight isn't implemented
P2 JDK-8124343 FX 8 3D: TestViewer crashes on the d3d pipe
P2 JDK-8096679 FX3D doesn't work with DirectX debug runtime
P2 JDK-8096438 helloworld.HelloJFXPanel hangs on MacOSX
P2 JDK-8092791 If any code in the rendering pass gets an exception, textures may not be unlocked correctly
P2 JDK-8097829 Implement Occlusion Culling
P2 JDK-8098087 Implement Region image based caching
P2 JDK-8116807 Implement specular lighting as specified for the PhongMaterial
P2 JDK-8097785 Investigate String Measurement in FX (cache results, call less, ...)
P2 JDK-8098074 iOS apps no longer running after fix for RT-32409
P2 JDK-8094491 J2D failure when region caching is enabled
P2 JDK-8093699 javafx.print.Paper.Units does not need to be public
P2 JDK-8094007 Linux: Crash when scrolling a ScrollPane
P2 JDK-8126311 Mac OS regression : Menu.disable property may be ignored
P2 JDK-8100566 Multi-line, multi-style, rich text support
P2 JDK-8124288 Need to revert unintended change in RT-28215 to
P2 JDK-8096004 NGCanvas fails to unlock temporary texture while processing non-SrcOver blend modes
P2 JDK-8115242 node's x pivot used for mirror translation is wrong
P2 JDK-8115413 NPE from NGRegion in Ensemble8
P2 JDK-8115774 NPE in AbstractPainter when running Swing interop applicaitons
P2 JDK-8123247 NPE when rendering NGRegion when returning from screen lock
P2 JDK-8098052 Open Source decora-compiler
P2 JDK-8100886 Open-source graphics code
P2 JDK-8115735 OpenJFX build must not attempt to build decora-sse on Linux
P2 JDK-8097926 Pisces Renderer shows huge performance win when coded in C
P2 JDK-8094046 Poor DisplacementMap effect performance on Mac
P2 JDK-8101369 Printing
P2 JDK-8095848 Printing: PrinterJob.createPrinterJob() hangs on mac
P2 JDK-8094524 Printing: printing of a canvas doesn't start
P2 JDK-8125323 Region caching fails for some common CSS styles due to image edge conditions
P2 JDK-8117454 Region's background drawing bad
P2 JDK-8093915 Regions go down a very slow rendering path when width / height are not pixel aligned and image cache is used
P2 JDK-8116344 Rendering Arabic with centain fonts causes JVM crash.
P2 JDK-8123020 Resizing a Window causes the size of objects to jitter
P2 JDK-8127874 SceneBuilder is out of sync with the native OS window size while resizing.
P2 JDK-8123433 Scrolling an image causes NPE
P2 JDK-8118115 Setting prism.dirtyopts=false breaks ViewPainter
P2 JDK-8123624 Severe rendering artifacts when animating on software pipeline
P2 JDK-8094036 slice removal optimizations in the Graphics 9-slicing methods are overly optimistic
P2 JDK-8123698 Some websites are rendered poorly
P2 JDK-8119538 Sphere nodes are not always rendered
P2 JDK-8098094 Super Shader
P2 JDK-8098116 Support glyph rasterisation to sub-pixel precision
P2 JDK-8116585 SW pipeline: NPE in text rendering
P2 JDK-8125547 SW pipeline: TableView/ListView rendered incorrectly
P2 JDK-8125744 SW Pipeline: UnsupportedOperationException in SwingInterOp
P2 JDK-8125395 SW Pipeline: UnsupportedOperationException: getNativeDestHandle in HelloAccordion
P2 JDK-8115661 Text renders RTL text backwards sometimes.
P2 JDK-8125511 Text unit test failure after adding RTL support
P2 JDK-8096940 The text of Button and Label with Chinese character are not rendered
P2 JDK-8124754 Webview crashes when loading web page with malformed gif file
P2 JDK-8123315 Win: Debug build fails
P2 JDK-8123185 Window Display all black and can't restore
P3 JDK-8115461 "Fatal error in JRE" due to creating a new instance of a 3D object(in my tested cases box and it's subclass, face)
P3 JDK-8102959 3D API: Change anti-aliasing support from a boolean to a new enum in Scene and SubScene constructors
P3 JDK-8102239 3D attributes
P3 JDK-8100611 3D coordinates conversion methods are needed
P3 JDK-8120885 3D Data validation
P3 JDK-8099182 3D Event distribution code should use new sharable methods for casting rays
P3 JDK-8100766 3D geometry support
P3 JDK-8124202 3D Lights are broken
P3 JDK-8100980 3D rendering quality issues
P3 JDK-8122982 3D scene antialising not working
P3 JDK-8122445 3D: dirty regions ignore all animations but one
P3 JDK-8115382 8.0-b105: up to 15% performance regression in Image rendering in SW pipeline
P3 JDK-8125430 8.0-controls-scrum-h44: up to 35% regression in Controls.TableView and Controls.Buttons benchmarks
P3 JDK-8124151 8.0-graphics-scrum-1149: native memory leak introduced by RT-30286
P3 JDK-8120382 8.0-graphics-scrum-1836: 70% performance regression in Controls.TableView-XmasTree
P3 JDK-8122168 8.0-graphics-scrum-1879: up to 30% performance regression in Image rendering in SW pipeline
P3 JDK-8117918 8.0-graphics-scrum-h1423: Memory leak in PhongMaterial
P3 JDK-8125525 8.0-graphics-scrum-h242: 48% (16.70 fps) performance regression in GUIMark2.Bitmap on MacOS
P3 JDK-8115245 8.0-graphics-scrum-h449: RT-25055 caused up to 80% regression in Charts.Bubble benchmark
P3 JDK-8119133 8.0-graphics-scrum-h82: Controls.TableView-XmasTree and DirtyArea performance regressions caused by RT-23725 fix.
P3 JDK-8116992 8.0-h26-b56: Controls.TableView-XmasTree benchmark crashes with SIGSEGV on MacOS in sw pipeline
P3 JDK-8118992 8.0-h38-b58: up to 30% performance regression in Image rendering in sw pipeline
P3 JDK-8115331 9-Slice stretched areas are wrong in SW
P3 JDK-8116984 [Calculator] Different rendering for sw and d3d pipeline.
P3 JDK-8120023 [CSS] : Missing part border with style -fx-border-style:dotted
P3 JDK-8117792 [D3D] fix for RT-33390 is incorrect
P3 JDK-8120450 [FX3D] Light: Green light does not work.
P3 JDK-8123559 [FX3D] PhongMaterial: SpecularColor and SpecularPower properties changes does not take any effect after first change.
P3 JDK-8124713 [FX3D] Rotate and resize Problem.
P3 JDK-8125310 [FX3D] Shape3D is not in centre.
P3 JDK-8119241 [FX3D] Strange rendering of shapes when mouse hover on control.
P3 JDK-8118187 [FX3D] SubScene: different SubScenes have dependence in width and height props.
P3 JDK-8124736 [FX3D]AmbientLight: AmbientLight is not working in amd64.
P3 JDK-8120369 [Graphics, Text] Alignment not work in win7
P3 JDK-8122248 [JFX 8 3D] BaseMesh throws NPE in case of dead face(s)
P3 JDK-8122536 [Quantum] JavaFX does not paint correctly when a window opens while the screen is locked
P3 JDK-8117100 [SplitMenuButton] : Border with style -fx-image-border-repeat:round and custom font is incorrect
P3 JDK-8119761 [Text] Caret shape is in wrong location when at end of RTL text.
P3 JDK-8123395 [WebNode] is rendered with no symbols shown
P3 JDK-8124773 A new Scene accumulates all PointLight's from previous Scene's
P3 JDK-8102167 Add ability to render 9-slice directly in Prism graphics
P3 JDK-8098895 Add Back-face Culling support to JavaFX
P3 JDK-8101175 Add native font rasterization for Mac
P3 JDK-8103599 Add support for imx6
P3 JDK-8103669 Add support for imx6 - change platform detection logic to work on freescale hard-float OS
P3 JDK-8103668 Add support for imx6 - modify gradle files to fetch armv6-vfp-04.tgz
P3 JDK-8123294 Adding a Button to 3D scene breaks lights calculations in D3D pipeline
P3 JDK-8097805 Allow trusted apps to disable the fullscreen overlay warning and disable the "Exit on ESC" behavior
P3 JDK-8103403 Android: Add native text rendering suport
P3 JDK-8118353 Animation or scrolling causes bad flickering on j2d pipeline with multithreading enabled
P3 JDK-8102448 Animation performance may be very unstable on Mac
P3 JDK-8120130 Arabic Text not Rendering correctly
P3 JDK-8124166 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException for Polygon and Polyline on Canvas with number of points greater than 256
P3 JDK-8122122 Assertion in QuantumClipboard.releaseCurrentDragboard()
P3 JDK-8125875 Background-size: cover doesn't work on Beagleboard and Mac
P3 JDK-8123757 Bad analysis in NGGroup#computeRenderRoot results in Nodes being rendered that need not be
P3 JDK-8115216 Bad check in setCullBits incorrectly assumes a region is within the dirty bounds
P3 JDK-8117746 Bad occlusion culling analysis leads to rendering that should not happen
P3 JDK-8125427 BarChart : half fill grey background in SWPipeline
P3 JDK-8125170 BarChart : left border not render in second half only SWPipeline
P3 JDK-8125148 Beagleboard: DisplacementMap Effect isn't render correctly
P3 JDK-8125338 Beagleboard: DropShadow Effect isn't render correctly
P3 JDK-8120607 BeagleBoard: FXML-LoginDemo: black screen after pressing login button
P3 JDK-8119646 Beagleboard: Perspective Effect isn't render correctly
P3 JDK-8096616 Border image and border stroke rendering order
P3 JDK-8122442 border-image-slice as percentage is relative to the region size instead of image size
P3 JDK-8124959 Box renders with NPE when some of its dimensions is set to 0 and some are not
P3 JDK-8123931 Bug in ES2SwapChain
P3 JDK-8123901 CacheHint.SPEED is not used by CacheFilter
P3 JDK-8119266 Calculation of Text.boundsInLocal value should not require Text transformation
P3 JDK-8115515 Camera's parameters need to be computed on the FX layer
P3 JDK-8125330 Canvas fails when multiple advanced rendering operations are combined
P3 JDK-8117514 Canvas: PGUpdate: Syncing Buffer not MT safe
P3 JDK-8115956 Canvas: setGlobalBlendMode() does not work as expected
P3 JDK-8101885 Change face smoothing group semantic from unique integer (0 - 31) to a 32 bit bit-set (with default value = 1)
P3 JDK-8115056 Changes in large WritableImage don't update ImageView
P3 JDK-8125807 Charts : background render incorrectly in SWPipeline
P3 JDK-8103585 Check for GL_OES_texture_npot extension
P3 JDK-8123562 Class javadoc on javafx.print.Paper is not up to date
P3 JDK-8102978 Cleanup unused properties and methods that were once used for embedded (TV) support
P3 JDK-8102357 Cleanup white-space, copyright headers for javafx-iio, prism-d3d, and prism-es2
P3 JDK-8123509 com.sun.prism.impl.MeshNormal issues many unwanted warnings by default
P3 JDK-8122610 complext text are garbled when using some fonts to render the text.
P3 JDK-8123016 Core dump when forcing es2 pipeline on Linux with Intel GPU
P3 JDK-8119873 Create solution for shared native library access from both glass and prism
P3 JDK-8123245 D3D Lights: Multiple lights are incorrectly applied
P3 JDK-8101752 D3D: Cleanup native prototype of FX 8 3D features
P3 JDK-8123305 D3D: Near clip appears to clip further (away from viewer) than the specified near value
P3 JDK-8123525 D3D: Prism shouldn't set D3DRS_CLIPPING to false
P3 JDK-8124121 D3D: Selfillumination map doesn't seem to render correctly in toys/PickTes3D
P3 JDK-8119040 D3D_DEBUG_INFO is not defined correctly
P3 JDK-8100107 Define external Prism API for font lookup, text measuring, and text drawing.
P3 JDK-8099263 Define internal API for styled text
P3 JDK-8125853 Delayed event delivery
P3 JDK-8117753 Depth testing no longer works on 3D elements on the primaryStage after bringing up a second stage with 2D UI controls
P3 JDK-8117762 DepthTest flag on Graphics is set by Node but never cleared, misbehaving with multiple dirty regions
P3 JDK-8116718 Dirty region optimization (dirtyopts) is not MT-safe
P3 JDK-8117827 Dirty regions don't work with moving camera
P3 JDK-8122785 Document importance of TriangleMesh order of elements
P3 JDK-8095362 Effect implementation needs to be 3D aware
P3 JDK-8103247 EGL: Disable clipping when clearing framebuffer
P3 JDK-8123533 EGL: rendering defect on BouncingBalls sample
P3 JDK-8123039 EGLFB - when running in 16 bit mode on beagleboard cursor is not rendered correctly
P3 JDK-8123580 EGLFB/DFB: major rendering artifacts on BouncingBalls demo
P3 JDK-8116203 EGLFB: MouseEventsSample - graphical artifacts
P3 JDK-8125435 EGLFB: remove bcm_host.h
P3 JDK-8102984 Enable native text by default on Windows
P3 JDK-8102446 Enable the prism-sw pipeline as the software fallback on desktop
P3 JDK-8102941 Enable video underlays on Raspberry Pi
P3 JDK-8119139 Ensemble 8 is all messed up on Retina
P3 JDK-8123603 Ensemble8 left arrow has line artifact
P3 JDK-8124404 Error on call WebView
P3 JDK-8118152 error rendering Arc.setStroke
P3 JDK-8103214 ES2: Minimize round trip GL calls in production code
P3 JDK-8103849 Evaluate Native Text Engines
P3 JDK-8104046 Evaluate Simultaneous Viewing - Proof of Concept report
P3 JDK-8124292 Evaluate the restriction set on Mesh's indexBuffer (see RT-30448)
P3 JDK-8123650 Exception in layout pass locks up Toolkit pulsing.
P3 JDK-8120268 Exception in PlatformImpl.checkIdle with glass thread checks enabled
P3 JDK-8126802 FB: Dynamic loading of Prism es2 and embedded EGL platforms
P3 JDK-8101810 Finish javadoc for FX 8 3D API
P3 JDK-8103861 First draft: API Specification for 3D Features
P3 JDK-8124788 Fix ObservableArray, ObservableIntegerArray and ObservableFloatArray javadocs
P3 JDK-8123448 Fix padding of dirty regions so as to avoid padding unless we're dealing with lcd text
P3 JDK-8124258 Flashing menu shadow
P3 JDK-8115991 Flood of warning messages due to DisplacementMap as seen in toys/Canvastest/Zoomy
P3 JDK-8113204 Full screen overlay warning needs to be MT safe
P3 JDK-8117751 FX 3D PhongMaterial: a writable map doesn't update the texels.
P3 JDK-8118920 FX 3D: Fix native compiler warnings on mismatch or incompatible types
P3 JDK-8102189 FX 8 3D: Change fixedEyePosition in PerspectiveCamera to a more descriptive name
P3 JDK-8102194 FX 8 3D: Change mesh arrays to observable arrays
P3 JDK-8103523 FX 8 3D: Change Mesh's indexBuffer type from unsigned int to unsigned short
P3 JDK-8124491 FX 8 3D: dirtyopts doesn't work for 3D rendering
P3 JDK-8124149 FX 8 3D: ES2 pipe needs to handle user set culling mode
P3 JDK-8119099 FX 8 3D: LOD helper needs to do near and far culling test in the same coordinate system
P3 JDK-8102620 FX 8 3D: Make the use of texture resources in compliance with centralized resource management system.
P3 JDK-8102616 FX 8 3D: Mesh computation code needs major clean up or redo
P3 JDK-8120494 FX 8 3D: Need to handle mirror transformation (flip culling)
P3 JDK-8115483 FX 8 3D: Need to tighten the specification to restrict the value for face smooth group from 0 to 31
P3 JDK-8103114 FX 8 3D: Need to validate Mesh's data size
P3 JDK-8124164 FX 8 3D: No need to do the implicit -1 (in Z) translation for eye position when fixedEyePosition is true
P3 JDK-8102259 FX 8 3D: Port shader work from hlsl to glsl
P3 JDK-8123980 FX 8 3D: Scene doesn't have default lighting that is stated in the specification
P3 JDK-8124612 FX 8 3D: Shape3D should have a default material if it doesn't have a material set to it
P3 JDK-8102076 FX 8 3D: Specify and implement the fallback behavior for 3D features on system that can't support ConditionalFeature.SCENE3D
P3 JDK-8124363 FX 8 3D: The default face smoothing mode of MeshView is wrong
P3 JDK-8125510 FX 8.0 3D: MeshView.setMesh() on update isn't working
P3 JDK-8125319 FX 8.0 3D: Support of D3D 9EX is incompatible with the existing 3D implementation
P3 JDK-8120837 FX 8: Disallow Camera belonging to one scene to be set as the camera of another scene
P3 JDK-8124263 FX 8: The rendering of 3D primitive doesn't take into account of its depthTest property
P3 JDK-8124352 FX crash on linux using launcher
P3 JDK-8124499 FX8 3D TriangleMesh : 'Small' triangle causes exception to be thrown
P3 JDK-8117337 glAlphaFunc not part of GLES
P3 JDK-8124070 Glow with zero level creates artifacts around its node on Linux
P3 JDK-8125952 GraphicsContext.setTextAlign(null) causes exceptions
P3 JDK-8125182 HelloEffects color/pixel goes wrong on SW pipeline Ubuntu
P3 JDK-8115775 HelloMenu on PI, menus take too long to come up
P3 JDK-8124569 HelloSubScene generates lots Vram Pool messages
P3 JDK-8102112 HiDPI support does not load HiDPI assets
P3 JDK-8119414 HTML5 video playing is broken on Linux
P3 JDK-8120300 IllegalArgumentException: too small buffer size.
P3 JDK-8124581 IllegalStateException: Trying to remove a cached items that's not in the cache
P3 JDK-8117215 Image border (-fx-border-image-source) is not rendered properly in software mode
P3 JDK-8125776 ImageDataTest: IllegalArgumentException
P3 JDK-8119555 ImagePattern does not track changes to the image
P3 JDK-8115313 ImagePattern's anchor ignored when shared image used
P3 JDK-8102036 Implement 3D Camera support for FX 8
P3 JDK-8103215 Implement 9-slice region background caching
P3 JDK-8102487 Implement FX 8 3D Feature support on the es2 pipe
P3 JDK-8102901 Implement packing region cache
P3 JDK-8101976 Implement picking support for 3D primitives
P3 JDK-8102615 Implement Predefined 3D Shapes
P3 JDK-8102132 Implement SubScene
P3 JDK-8103575 Improve occlusion culling to include effects
P3 JDK-8123590 IMX6 - FX doesn't run on imx6 post recent "platform layer" changes
P3 JDK-8114609 Incorrect display of JPEG images
P3 JDK-8119717 Incorrect Javadoc for property cullFace of Shape3D class for JavaFX 8
P3 JDK-8122978 Intel 965GM creates awfull screens and unusable