Supporting (OpenJDK) maintenance, development, and testing

WARNING: These artifacts are not well-tested, not virus-checked, may contain horrible bugs that could lead to data corruption, engulfing machines in flames, selling your firstborns at eBay, etc. etc. etc. everything that applies for binaries^W code^W anything downloaded from the Internet. Be cautious. If in doubt, build from source yourself, and/or run on staging environment that is not painful to restore.

Unnumbered versions are the current development heads, and usually provide better functionality and performance. The builds are for Linux, unless stated otherwise. Builds are rotated daily/weekly to capture the latest changes in the relevant projects. Some builds trigger on commit.

Some configurations are built, but their binaries are not published to conserve disk space and network bandwidth. Enquire me personally if the binary for the particular arch/config is needed.


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jcstress-tests-all-2018-10-14.jar 59M2018-Oct-14 10:11
jcstress-tests-all-2018-10-15.jar 59M2018-Oct-15 10:13
jcstress-tests-all-2018-10-16.jar 59M2018-Oct-16 10:10
jcstress-tests-all-2018-10-17.jar 59M2018-Oct-17 10:10
jcstress-tests-all-2018-10-18.jar 59M2018-Oct-18 10:10