OpenJDK JTReg builds

This page contains the JTReg builds for use with OpenJDK tests. It tracks the upstream source repository, with a little build fix. The binaries are rebuilt occasionally, usually when a new version appears. Please ask me directly if you need a specific tag built.

While it is good to use the latest JTReg, as it has reliability and performance fixes, please note that different JDKs may only support a particular version of JTReg, until the test bugfixes are backported.

Known good combinations are:

To use it with OpenJDK build, do this:

$ wget
$ unzip

# Later, in OpenJDK build:
$ sh ./configure --with-jtreg=jtreg/ ...


File Name  ↓ File Size  ↓ Date  ↓ 
567 B2022-Nov-20 02:05
7.9 MiB2022-Nov-20 02:02
7.9 MiB2022-Nov-20 02:01
7.9 MiB2022-Nov-20 02:01
7.9 MiB2022-Nov-20 02:00
8.7 MiB2022-Nov-20 02:00
6.9 MiB2022-Nov-20 02:05
6.9 MiB2022-Nov-20 02:03
6.9 MiB2022-Nov-20 02:04
7.9 MiB2022-Nov-20 02:03