Supporting (OpenJDK) maintenance, development, and testing

WARNING: These artifacts are not well-tested, not virus-checked, may contain horrible bugs that could lead to data corruption, engulfing machines in flames, selling your firstborns at eBay, etc. etc. etc. everything that applies for binaries^W code^W anything downloaded from the Internet. Be cautious. If in doubt, build from source yourself, and/or run on staging environment that is not painful to restore.

Our motto: " — still more secure than npm install"

openjdk-* builds are usually from the latest revisions of their corresponding repositories, to capture the latest changes in projects. Many builds trigger on commit, some trigger nightly, every build triggers at least weekly. Some builds are verified with internal tests, but most are published as is. The binaries for some configurations are not published to conserve disk space and network bandwith, only their build and configure logs are published. Enquire me personally if the binary for the particular arch/config is needed.

patch-* contain the webrevs against upstream jdk for many projects. these are great to look around the changes done in project, for curiosity, debugging, and general review.


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build-linux-x86_64-fastdebug.log 376K2020-Feb-17 02:16
build-linux-x86_64-release.log 383K2020-Feb-17 02:31
build-linux-x86_64-slowdebug.log 367K2020-Feb-17 02:55
build-linux-x86-fastdebug.log 395K2020-Feb-17 03:24
build-linux-x86-release.log 401K2020-Feb-17 03:47
build-linux-x86-slowdebug.log 386K2020-Feb-17 04:18
build-linux-aarch64-fastdebug.log 376K2020-Feb-17 04:36
build-linux-aarch64-release.log 382K2020-Feb-17 04:56
build-linux-aarch64-slowdebug.log 368K2020-Feb-17 05:14
build-linux-x86_64-zero-fastdebug.log 361K2020-Feb-17 05:34
build-linux-x86_64-zero-release.log 368K2020-Feb-17 05:48
build-linux-x86_64-zero-slowdebug.log 354K2020-Feb-17 05:58
build-linux-arm32-hflt-zero-fastdebug.log 381K2020-Feb-17 06:18
build-linux-arm32-hflt-zero-release.log 387K2020-Feb-17 06:30
build-linux-arm32-hflt-zero-slowdebug.log 373K2020-Feb-17 06:46
build-linux-ppc64le-zero-fastdebug.log 386K2020-Feb-17 07:36
build-linux-ppc64le-zero-release.log 393K2020-Feb-17 07:55
build-linux-ppc64le-zero-slowdebug.log 355K2020-Feb-17 08:13
build-linux-s390x-zero-fastdebug.log 362K2020-Feb-17 08:44
build-linux-s390x-zero-release.log 367K2020-Feb-17 09:05
build-linux-s390x-zero-slowdebug.log 353K2020-Feb-17 09:27
build-linux-x86-minimal-fastdebug.log 363K2020-Feb-17 09:52
build-linux-x86-minimal-release.log 368K2020-Feb-17 10:07
build-windows-x86_64-fastdebug.log 395K2020-Feb-17 10:11
build-linux-x86-minimal-slowdebug.log 354K2020-Feb-17 10:14
build-windows-x86_64-release.log 395K2020-Feb-17 10:57
build-windows-x86_64-slowdebug.log 395K2020-Feb-17 11:42