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@@ -5,11 +5,11 @@
 CLDR data files are interpreted according to the LDML specification (http://unicode.org/reports/tr35/)
 For terms of use, see http://www.unicode.org/copyright.html
-    <version number="$Revision: 14742 $"/>
+    <version number="$Revision: 13421 $"/>
         <key name="tz" description="Time zone key" alias="timezone">
             <type name="adalv" description="Andorra" alias="Europe/Andorra"/>
             <type name="aedxb" description="Dubai, United Arab Emirates" alias="Asia/Dubai"/>
             <type name="afkbl" description="Kabul, Afghanistan" alias="Asia/Kabul"/>

@@ -238,11 +238,10 @@
             <type name="kygec" description="Cayman Islands" alias="America/Cayman"/>
             <type name="kzaau" description="Aqtau, Kazakhstan" alias="Asia/Aqtau"/>
             <type name="kzakx" description="Aqtobe, Kazakhstan" alias="Asia/Aqtobe"/>
             <type name="kzala" description="Almaty, Kazakhstan" alias="Asia/Almaty"/>
             <type name="kzguw" description="Atyrau (Guryev), Kazakhstan" alias="Asia/Atyrau" since="31"/>
-            <type name="kzksn" description="Qostanay (Kostanay), Kazakhstan" alias="Asia/Qostanay" since="35"/>
             <type name="kzkzo" description="Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan" alias="Asia/Qyzylorda"/>
             <type name="kzura" description="Oral, Kazakhstan" alias="Asia/Oral"/>
             <type name="lavte" description="Vientiane, Laos" alias="Asia/Vientiane"/>
             <type name="lbbey" description="Beirut, Lebanon" alias="Asia/Beirut"/>
             <type name="lccas" description="Saint Lucia" alias="America/St_Lucia"/>

@@ -443,11 +442,11 @@
             <type name="utce08" description="8 hours ahead of UTC" alias="Etc/GMT-8"/>
             <type name="utce09" description="9 hours ahead of UTC" alias="Etc/GMT-9"/>
             <type name="utce10" description="10 hours ahead of UTC" alias="Etc/GMT-10"/>
             <type name="utce11" description="11 hours ahead of UTC" alias="Etc/GMT-11"/>
             <type name="utce12" description="12 hours ahead of UTC" alias="Etc/GMT-12"/>
-            <type name="utce13" description="13 hours ahead of UTC" alias="Etc/GMT-13"/>
+            <type name="utce13" description="13hours ahead of UTC" alias="Etc/GMT-13"/>
             <type name="utce14" description="14 hours ahead of UTC" alias="Etc/GMT-14"/>
             <type name="utcw01" description="1 hour behind UTC" alias="Etc/GMT+1"/>
             <type name="utcw02" description="2 hours behind UTC" alias="Etc/GMT+2"/>
             <type name="utcw03" description="3 hours behind UTC" alias="Etc/GMT+3"/>
             <type name="utcw04" description="4 hours behind UTC" alias="Etc/GMT+4"/>
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