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@@ -516,14 +516,10 @@
   // that support such things.  This calls shutdown() and then aborts.
   static void abort(bool dump_core, void *siginfo, const void *context);
   static void abort(bool dump_core = true);
   // Die immediately, no exit hook, no abort hook, no cleanup.
-  // Dump a core file, if possible, for debugging. os::abort() is the
-  // preferred means to abort the VM on error. os::die() should only
-  // be called if something has gone badly wrong. CreateCoredumpOnCrash
-  // is intentionally not honored by this function.
   static void die();
   // File i/o operations
   static const int default_file_open_flags();
   static int open(const char *path, int oflag, int mode);
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