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@@ -71,11 +71,11 @@
 default: vm_build_preliminaries the_vm
         @echo All done.
 # This is an explicit dependency for the sake of parallel makes.
-vm_build_preliminaries:  checks $(Cached_plat) $(AD_Files_If_Required) jvmti_stuff trace_stuff sa_stuff
+vm_build_preliminaries:  checks $(Cached_plat) $(AD_Files_If_Required) jvmti_stuff jfr_stuff sa_stuff
         @# We need a null action here, so implicit rules don't get consulted.
 $(Cached_plat): $(Plat_File)
         $(CDG) cp $(Plat_File) $(Cached_plat)

@@ -85,13 +85,13 @@
 # generate JVMTI files from the spec
 jvmti_stuff: $(Cached_plat) $(adjust-mflags)
         @$(MAKE) -f jvmti.make $(MFLAGS-adjusted)
-# generate trace files 
-trace_stuff: jvmti_stuff $(Cached_plat) $(adjust-mflags)
-        @$(MAKE) -f trace.make $(MFLAGS-adjusted)
+# generate JFR files
+jfr_stuff:  $(Cached_plat) $(adjust-mflags)
+        @$(MAKE) -f jfr.make $(MFLAGS-adjusted)
 # generate SA jar files and native header
         @$(MAKE) -f sa.make $(MFLAGS-adjusted)
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