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@@ -75,11 +75,10 @@
 class PlaceholderTable;
 class LoaderConstraintTable;
 template <MEMFLAGS F> class HashtableBucket;
 class ResolutionErrorTable;
 class SymbolPropertyTable;
-class Ticks;
 // Certain classes are preloaded, such as java.lang.Object and java.lang.String.
 // They are all "well-known", in the sense that no class loader is allowed
 // to provide a different definition.

@@ -652,13 +651,10 @@
   static Klass* find_shared_class(Symbol* class_name);
   // Setup link to hierarchy
   static void add_to_hierarchy(instanceKlassHandle k, TRAPS);
-  // event based tracing
-  static void post_class_load_event(const Ticks& start_time, instanceKlassHandle k,
-                                    Handle initiating_loader);
   // We pass in the hashtable index so we can calculate it outside of
   // the SystemDictionary_lock.
   // Basic find on loaded classes
   static Klass* find_class(int index, unsigned int hash,
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