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@@ -140,16 +140,21 @@
 extern Mutex*   Management_lock;                 // a lock used to serialize JVM management
 extern Monitor* Service_lock;                    // a lock used for service thread operation
 extern Monitor* PeriodicTask_lock;               // protects the periodic task structure
 extern Mutex*   JfrStacktrace_lock;              // used to guard access to the JFR stacktrace table
 extern Monitor* JfrMsg_lock;                     // protects JFR messaging
 extern Mutex*   JfrBuffer_lock;                  // protects JFR buffer operations
 extern Mutex*   JfrStream_lock;                  // protects JFR stream access
 extern Mutex*   JfrThreadGroups_lock;            // protects JFR access to Thread Groups
+extern Mutex*   JfrCounters_lock;                // provides atomic updates of JFR counters
 extern Mutex*   UnsafeJlong_lock;                // provides Unsafe atomic updates to jlongs on platforms that don't support cx8
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