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@@ -87,10 +87,11 @@
  // This class represents a stream of code and associated relocations.
  // There are a few in each CodeBuffer.
  // They are filled concurrently, and concatenated at the end.
  class CodeSection {
    friend class CodeBuffer;
+   friend class SCCReader;
    typedef int csize_t;  // code size type; would be size_t except for history
    address     _start;           // first byte of contents (instructions)

@@ -281,11 +282,11 @@
    // Return true if there was an expansion.
    bool maybe_expand_to_ensure_remaining(csize_t amount);
  #ifndef PRODUCT
    void decode();
-   void print(const char* name);
+   void print_on(outputStream* st, const char* name);
  #endif //PRODUCT
  #ifndef PRODUCT

@@ -384,10 +385,11 @@
  // addresses in a sibling section.
  class CodeBuffer: public StackObj DEBUG_ONLY(COMMA private Scrubber) {
    friend class CodeSection;
    friend class StubCodeGenerator;
+   friend class SCCReader;
    // CodeBuffers must be allocated on the stack except for a single
    // special case during expansion which is handled internally.  This
    // is done to guarantee proper cleanup of resources.

@@ -739,11 +741,11 @@
  #ifndef PRODUCT
    // Printing / Decoding
    // decodes from decode_begin() to code_end() and sets decode_begin to end
    void    decode();
-   void    print();
+   void    print_on(outputStream* st);
    // Directly disassemble code buffer.
    void    decode(address start, address end);
    // The following header contains architecture-specific implementations
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