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@@ -222,11 +222,17 @@
    char*  _mapped_base_address;          // Actual base address where archive is mapped.
    bool   _allow_archiving_with_java_agent; // setting of the AllowArchivingWithJavaAgent option
    bool   _use_optimized_module_handling;// No module-relation VM options were specified, so we can skip
                                          // some expensive operations.
+   bool   _has_preloaded_classes;        // Does the CDS archive have preloaded classes?
    bool   _has_full_module_graph;        // Does this CDS archive contain the full archived module graph?
+   bool   _has_archived_invokedynamic;   // Does the archive have preresolved invokedynamic CP entries?
+   bool   _has_archived_packages;
+   int    _gc_kind;                      // Universe::heap()->kind();
+   char   _gc_name[32];                  // Universe::heap()->name();
+   size_t _ptrmap_size_in_bits;          // Size of pointer relocation bitmap
    size_t _heap_roots_offset;            // Offset of the HeapShared::roots() object, from the bottom
                                          // of the archived heap objects, in bytes.
    size_t _heap_oopmap_start_pos;        // The first bit in the oopmap corresponds to this position in the heap.
    size_t _heap_ptrmap_start_pos;        // The first bit in the ptrmap corresponds to this position in the heap.
    size_t _rw_ptrmap_start_pos;          // The first bit in the ptrmap corresponds to this position in the rw region

@@ -266,10 +272,14 @@
    const char* jvm_ident()                  const { return _jvm_ident; }
    char* requested_base_address()           const { return _requested_base_address; }
    char* mapped_base_address()              const { return _mapped_base_address; }
    bool has_platform_or_app_classes()       const { return _has_platform_or_app_classes; }
    bool has_non_jar_in_classpath()          const { return _has_non_jar_in_classpath; }
+   bool has_preloaded_classes()             const { return _has_preloaded_classes; }
+   int gc_kind()                            const { return _gc_kind; }
+   const char* gc_name()                    const { return _gc_name; }
+   size_t ptrmap_size_in_bits()             const { return _ptrmap_size_in_bits; }
    bool compressed_oops()                   const { return _compressed_oops; }
    bool compressed_class_pointers()         const { return _compressed_class_ptrs; }
    size_t heap_roots_offset()               const { return _heap_roots_offset; }
    size_t heap_oopmap_start_pos()           const { return _heap_oopmap_start_pos; }
    size_t heap_ptrmap_start_pos()           const { return _heap_ptrmap_start_pos; }

@@ -444,11 +454,12 @@
    void  open_for_write();
    void  write_header();
    void  write_region(int region, char* base, size_t size,
                       bool read_only, bool allow_exec);
    size_t remove_bitmap_leading_zeros(CHeapBitMap* map);
-   char* write_bitmap_region(CHeapBitMap* rw_ptrmap, CHeapBitMap* ro_ptrmap, ArchiveHeapInfo* heap_info,
+   char* write_bitmap_region(CHeapBitMap* rw_ptrmap, CHeapBitMap* ro_ptrmap,
+                             CHeapBitMap* cc_ptrmap, ArchiveHeapInfo* heap_info,
                              size_t &size_in_bytes);
    size_t write_heap_region(ArchiveHeapInfo* heap_info);
    void  write_bytes(const void* buffer, size_t count);
    void  write_bytes_aligned(const void* buffer, size_t count);
    size_t  read_bytes(void* buffer, size_t count);

@@ -460,10 +471,11 @@
    void  patch_heap_embedded_pointers() NOT_CDS_JAVA_HEAP_RETURN;
    bool  has_heap_region()  NOT_CDS_JAVA_HEAP_RETURN_(false);
    MemRegion get_heap_region_requested_range() NOT_CDS_JAVA_HEAP_RETURN_(MemRegion());
    bool  read_region(int i, char* base, size_t size, bool do_commit);
    char* map_bitmap_region();
+   bool map_cached_code_region(ReservedSpace rs);
    void  unmap_region(int i);
    void  close();
    bool  is_open() { return _file_open; }
    ReservedSpace reserve_shared_memory();

@@ -480,10 +492,11 @@
    static int add_shared_classpaths(int i, const char* which, ClassPathEntry *cpe, TRAPS);
    static void check_nonempty_dir_in_shared_path_table();
    bool check_module_paths();
    bool validate_shared_path_table();
    void validate_non_existent_class_paths();
+   bool validate_leyden_config();
    static void set_shared_path_table(FileMapInfo* info) {
      _shared_path_table = info->header()->shared_path_table();
    static void update_jar_manifest(ClassPathEntry *cpe, SharedClassPathEntry* ent, TRAPS);
    static int num_non_existent_class_paths();

@@ -562,11 +575,11 @@
    bool  load_heap_region() NOT_CDS_JAVA_HEAP_RETURN_(false);
    bool  map_heap_region() NOT_CDS_JAVA_HEAP_RETURN_(false);
    void  init_heap_region_relocation();
    MapArchiveResult map_region(int i, intx addr_delta, char* mapped_base_address, ReservedSpace rs);
    bool  relocate_pointers_in_core_regions(intx addr_delta);
+   void  relocate_pointers_in_cached_code_region();
    static MemRegion _mapped_heap_memregion;
    address heap_region_dumptime_address() NOT_CDS_JAVA_HEAP_RETURN_(nullptr);
    address heap_region_requested_address() NOT_CDS_JAVA_HEAP_RETURN_(nullptr);
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