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@@ -142,10 +142,11 @@
    static void add_heap(CodeHeap* heap);
    static const GrowableArray<CodeHeap*>* heaps() { return _heaps; }
    static const GrowableArray<CodeHeap*>* nmethod_heaps() { return _nmethod_heaps; }
+   static void* map_cached_code();
    // Allocation/administration
    static CodeBlob* allocate(uint size, CodeBlobType code_blob_type, bool handle_alloc_failure = true, CodeBlobType orig_code_blob_type = CodeBlobType::All); // allocates a new CodeBlob
    static void commit(CodeBlob* cb);                        // called when the allocated CodeBlob has been filled
    static void free(CodeBlob* cb);                          // frees a CodeBlob
    static void free_unused_tail(CodeBlob* cb, size_t used); // frees the unused tail of a CodeBlob (only used by TemplateInterpreter::initialize())

@@ -216,19 +217,22 @@
    static void purge_exception_caches();
    // Printing/debugging
    static void print();                           // prints summary
    static void print_internals();
+   static void print_nmethods_on(outputStream* st);
    static void print_memory_overhead();
    static void verify();                          // verifies the code cache
    static void print_trace(const char* event, CodeBlob* cb, uint size = 0) PRODUCT_RETURN;
    static void print_summary(outputStream* st, bool detailed = true); // Prints a summary of the code cache usage
    static void log_state(outputStream* st);
    LINUX_ONLY(static void write_perf_map(const char* filename = nullptr);)
    static const char* get_code_heap_name(CodeBlobType code_blob_type)  { return (heap_available(code_blob_type) ? get_code_heap(code_blob_type)->name() : "Unused"); }
    static void report_codemem_full(CodeBlobType code_blob_type, bool print);
+   static void print_nmethod_statistics_on(outputStream* st);
    // Dcmd (Diagnostic commands)
    static void print_codelist(outputStream* st);
    static void print_layout(outputStream* st);
    // The full limits of the codeCache
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