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@@ -34,18 +34,20 @@
   // Entry points in zip.dll for loading zip/jar file entries
  typedef void**(*ZIP_Open_t)(const char* name, char** pmsg);
  typedef void(*ZIP_Close_t)(jzfile* zip);
  typedef jzentry* (*ZIP_FindEntry_t)(jzfile* zip, const char* name, jint* sizeP, jint* nameLen);
  typedef jboolean(*ZIP_ReadEntry_t)(jzfile* zip, jzentry* entry, unsigned char* buf, char* namebuf);
+ typedef void(*ZIP_FreeEntry_t)(jzfile *zip, jzentry *entry);
  typedef jint(*ZIP_CRC32_t)(jint crc, const jbyte* buf, jint len);
  typedef const char* (*ZIP_GZip_InitParams_t)(size_t, size_t*, size_t*, int);
  typedef size_t(*ZIP_GZip_Fully_t)(char*, size_t, char*, size_t, char*, size_t, int, char*, char const**);
  static ZIP_Open_t ZIP_Open = nullptr;
  static ZIP_Close_t ZIP_Close = nullptr;
  static ZIP_FindEntry_t ZIP_FindEntry = nullptr;
  static ZIP_ReadEntry_t ZIP_ReadEntry = nullptr;
+ static ZIP_FreeEntry_t ZIP_FreeEntry = nullptr;
  static ZIP_CRC32_t ZIP_CRC32 = nullptr;
  static ZIP_GZip_InitParams_t ZIP_GZip_InitParams = nullptr;
  static ZIP_GZip_Fully_t ZIP_GZip_Fully = nullptr;
  static void* _zip_handle = nullptr;

@@ -74,10 +76,11 @@
    assert(_zip_handle != nullptr, "invariant");
    ZIP_Open = CAST_TO_FN_PTR(ZIP_Open_t, dll_lookup("ZIP_Open", path, vm_exit_on_failure));
    ZIP_Close = CAST_TO_FN_PTR(ZIP_Close_t, dll_lookup("ZIP_Close", path, vm_exit_on_failure));
    ZIP_FindEntry = CAST_TO_FN_PTR(ZIP_FindEntry_t, dll_lookup("ZIP_FindEntry", path, vm_exit_on_failure));
    ZIP_ReadEntry = CAST_TO_FN_PTR(ZIP_ReadEntry_t, dll_lookup("ZIP_ReadEntry", path, vm_exit_on_failure));
+   ZIP_FreeEntry = CAST_TO_FN_PTR(ZIP_FreeEntry_t, dll_lookup("ZIP_FreeEntry", path, vm_exit_on_failure));
    ZIP_CRC32 = CAST_TO_FN_PTR(ZIP_CRC32_t, dll_lookup("ZIP_CRC32", path, vm_exit_on_failure));
    // The following entry points are most likely optional from a zip library implementation perspective.
    // Hence no vm_exit on a resolution failure. Further refactorings should investigate this,
    // and if possible, streamline setting all entry points consistently.
    ZIP_GZip_InitParams = CAST_TO_FN_PTR(ZIP_GZip_InitParams_t, dll_lookup("ZIP_GZip_InitParams", path, false));

@@ -164,10 +167,16 @@
    assert(ZIP_ReadEntry != nullptr, "invariant");
    return ZIP_ReadEntry(zip, entry, buf, namebuf);
+ void ZipLibrary::free_entry(jzfile* zip, jzentry* entry) {
+   initialize();
+   assert(ZIP_FreeEntry != nullptr, "invariant");
+   ZIP_FreeEntry(zip, entry);
+ }
  jint ZipLibrary::crc32(jint crc, const jbyte* buf, jint len) {
    assert(ZIP_CRC32 != nullptr, "invariant");
    return ZIP_CRC32(crc, buf, len);
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