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@@ -64,16 +64,18 @@
              .shouldMatch("cds,resolve.*archived klass.* ResolvedConstantsBar app => ResolvedConstantsFoo app")
              // Always resolve reference when a class references a super interface
              .shouldMatch("cds,resolve.*archived klass.* ResolvedConstantsApp app => java/lang/Runnable boot")
+ /** Work around JDK-8336414
              // java/lang/System is in the root loader but ResolvedConstantsApp is loaded by the app loader.
              // Even though System is in the vmClasses list, when ResolvedConstantsApp looks up
              // "java/lang/System" in its ConstantPool, the app loader may not have resolved the System
              // class yet (i.e., there's no initiaited class entry for System in the app loader's dictionary)
              .shouldMatch("cds,resolve.*reverted klass.* ResolvedConstantsApp .*java/lang/System")
+ */
            // Field References ---
              // Always resolve references to fields in the current class or super class(es)
              .shouldMatch("cds,resolve.*archived field.* ResolvedConstantsBar => ResolvedConstantsBar.b:I")
              .shouldMatch("cds,resolve.*archived field.* ResolvedConstantsBar => ResolvedConstantsBar.a:I")

@@ -101,12 +103,15 @@
              // Should resolve references to own non-static method (private or public)
              .shouldMatch("archived method.*: ResolvedConstantsBar ResolvedConstantsBar.doBar:")
              .shouldMatch("archived method.*: ResolvedConstantsApp ResolvedConstantsApp.privateInstanceCall:")
              .shouldMatch("archived method.*: ResolvedConstantsApp ResolvedConstantsApp.publicInstanceCall:")
+ /** premain allows static method pre-resolution
              // Should not resolve references to static method
              .shouldNotMatch(" archived method CP entry.*: ResolvedConstantsApp ResolvedConstantsApp.staticCall:")
+ **/
              // Should resolve references to method in super type
              .shouldMatch(" archived method CP entry.*: ResolvedConstantsBar ResolvedConstantsFoo.doBar:")
              // App class cannot resolve references to methods in boot classes:
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