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@@ -361,13 +361,24 @@
    void load_method_holder_cld(Register rresult, Register rmethod);
    void load_method_holder(Register holder, Register method);
    // oop manipulations
+ #ifdef _LP64
+   void load_nklass_compact(Register dst, Register src);
+ #endif
    void load_klass(Register dst, Register src, Register tmp);
    void store_klass(Register dst, Register src, Register tmp);
+   // Compares the Klass pointer of an object to a given Klass (which might be narrow,
+   // depending on UseCompressedClassPointers).
+   void cmp_klass(Register klass, Register dst, Register tmp);
+   // Compares the Klass pointer of two objects o1 and o2. Result is in the condition flags.
+   // Uses tmp1 and tmp2 as temporary registers.
+   void cmp_klass(Register src, Register dst, Register tmp1, Register tmp2);
    void access_load_at(BasicType type, DecoratorSet decorators, Register dst, Address src,
                        Register tmp1, Register thread_tmp);
    void access_store_at(BasicType type, DecoratorSet decorators, Address dst, Register val,
                         Register tmp1, Register tmp2, Register tmp3);
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