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@@ -40,17 +40,15 @@
  // Metaspace allocations have to be aligned such that 64-bit values are aligned
  //  correctly. We currently don't hold members with a larger alignment requirement
  //  than 64-bit inside MetaData, so 8-byte alignment is enough.
- // Klass* structures need to be aligned to KlassAlignmentInBytes, but since that is
- // 64-bit, we don't need special handling for allocating Klass*.
+ // Klass* structures need to be aligned to Klass* alignment,
  // On 64-bit platforms, we align to word size; on 32-bit, we align to two words.
  static const size_t AllocationAlignmentByteSize = 8;
- STATIC_ASSERT(AllocationAlignmentByteSize == (size_t)KlassAlignmentInBytes);
  static const size_t AllocationAlignmentWordSize = AllocationAlignmentByteSize / BytesPerWord;
  // Returns the raw word size allocated for a given net allocation. This only matters on 32-bit, where
  // allocations have to be 64-bit aligned too and therefore must be 2-word-aligned.
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