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@@ -1177,11 +1177,12 @@
    size_t tlab_capacity(Thread* ignored) const;
    size_t tlab_used(Thread* ignored) const;
    size_t max_tlab_size() const;
    size_t unsafe_max_tlab_alloc(Thread* ignored) const;
-   inline bool is_in_young(const oop obj);
+   inline bool is_in_young(const oop obj) const;
+   virtual inline bool requires_barriers(oop obj) const;
    // Returns "true" iff the given word_size is "very large".
    static bool is_humongous(size_t word_size) {
      // Note this has to be strictly greater-than as the TLABs
      // are capped at the humongous threshold and we want to
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