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*** 353,10 ***
--- 353,22 ---
    virtual MetaWord* satisfy_failed_metadata_allocation(ClassLoaderData* loader_data,
                                                         size_t size,
                                                         Metaspace::MetadataType mdtype);
+   // Continuation support
+   virtual void collect_for_codecache();
+   // Return true, if accesses to the object would require barriers.
+   // This is used by continuations to copy chunks of a thread stack into StackChunk object or out of a StackChunk
+   // object back into the thread stack. These chunks may contain references to objects. It is crucial that
+   // the GC does not attempt to traverse the object while we modify it, because its structure (oopmap) is changed
+   // when stack chunks are stored into it.
+   // StackChunk objects may be reused, the GC must not assume that a StackChunk object is always a freshly
+   // allocated object.
+   virtual bool requires_barriers(oop obj) const = 0;
    // Returns "true" iff there is a stop-world GC in progress.  (I assume
    // that it should answer "false" for the concurrent part of a concurrent
    // collector -- dld).
    bool is_gc_active() const { return _is_gc_active; }
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