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@@ -154,10 +154,15 @@
    <Event name="ContinuationThawSlow" experimental="true" category="Java Virtual Machine, Runtime" label="Continuation Thaw Slow" thread="true" stackTrace="false" startTime="false">
      <Field type="ulong" name="id" label="Continuation ID" />
+   <Event name="VirtualThreadPinned" category="Java Virtual Machine, Runtime" label="Virtual Thread Pinned" thread="true" stackTrace="true" startTime="false">
+     <Field type="string" name="pinnedReason" label="Pinned Reason" />
+     <Field type="Thread" name="carrierThread" label="Carrier Thread" />
+   </Event>
    <Event name="ReservedStackActivation" category="Java Virtual Machine, Runtime" label="Reserved Stack Activation"
      description="Activation of Reserved Stack Area caused by stack overflow with ReservedStackAccess annotated method in call stack" thread="true" stackTrace="true"
      <Field type="Method" name="method" label="Java Method" />
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