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@@ -335,12 +335,12 @@
    oop retrieve_receiver(RegisterMap *reg_map);
    // Return the monitor owner and BasicLock for compiled synchronized
    // native methods. Used by JVMTI's GetLocalInstance method
    // (via VM_GetReceiver) to retrieve the receiver from a native wrapper frame.
-   BasicLock* get_native_monitor();
-   oop        get_native_receiver();
+   BasicLock* get_native_monitor() const;
+   oop        get_native_receiver() const;
    // Find receiver for an invoke when arguments are just pushed on stack (i.e., callee stack-frame is
    // not setup)
    oop interpreter_callee_receiver(Symbol* signature);

@@ -422,10 +422,12 @@
    oop saved_oop_result(RegisterMap* map) const;
    void set_saved_oop_result(RegisterMap* map, oop obj);
+   static JavaThread** saved_thread_address(const frame& f);
    // For debugging
    const char* print_name() const;
    void describe_pd(FrameValues& values, int frame_no);

@@ -437,11 +439,11 @@
    void interpreter_frame_print_on(outputStream* st) const;
    void print_on_error(outputStream* st, char* buf, int buflen, bool verbose = false) const;
    static void print_C_frame(outputStream* st, char* buf, int buflen, address pc);
    // Add annotated descriptions of memory locations belonging to this frame to values
-   void describe(FrameValues& values, int frame_no, const RegisterMap* reg_map=nullptr);
+   void describe(FrameValues& values, int frame_no, const RegisterMap* reg_map=nullptr, bool top = false);
    // Conversion from a VMReg to physical stack location
    template <typename RegisterMapT>
    address oopmapreg_to_location(VMReg reg, const RegisterMapT* reg_map) const;
    template <typename RegisterMapT>
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