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*** 44,10 ***
--- 44,11 ---
  extern Mutex*   JmethodIdCreation_lock;          // a lock on creating JNI method identifiers
  extern Mutex*   JfieldIdCreation_lock;           // a lock on creating JNI static field identifiers
  extern Monitor* JNICritical_lock;                // a lock used while entering and exiting JNI critical regions, allows GC to sometimes get in
  extern Mutex*   JvmtiThreadState_lock;           // a lock on modification of JVMTI thread data
  extern Monitor* EscapeBarrier_lock;              // a lock to sync reallocating and relocking objects because of JVMTI access
+ extern Monitor* JvmtiVTMT_lock;                  // a lock for Virtual Thread Mount Transition (VTMT) management
  extern Monitor* Heap_lock;                       // a lock on the heap
  extern Mutex*   ExpandHeap_lock;                 // a lock on expanding the heap
  extern Mutex*   AdapterHandlerLibrary_lock;      // a lock on the AdapterHandlerLibrary
  extern Mutex*   SignatureHandlerLibrary_lock;    // a lock on the SignatureHandlerLibrary
  extern Mutex*   VtableStubs_lock;                // a lock on the VtableStubs
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