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@@ -50,10 +50,12 @@
 extern Mutex*   VMGlobalActive_lock;             // VM Global Handles storage active list lock
 extern Mutex*   VMWeakAlloc_lock;                // VM Weak Handles storage allocate list lock
 extern Mutex*   VMWeakActive_lock;               // VM Weak Handles storage active list lock
 extern Mutex*   ResolvedMethodTableWeakAlloc_lock;  // ResolvedMethodTable weak storage allocate list
 extern Mutex*   ResolvedMethodTableWeakActive_lock; // ResolvedMethodTable weak storage active list
+extern Mutex*   NMethodKeepaliveAlloc_lock;      // Continuation weak storage allocate list
+extern Mutex*   NMethodKeepaliveActive_lock;     // Continuation weak storage active list
 extern Mutex*   JmethodIdCreation_lock;          // a lock on creating JNI method identifiers
 extern Mutex*   JfieldIdCreation_lock;           // a lock on creating JNI static field identifiers
 extern Monitor* JNICritical_lock;                // a lock used while entering and exiting JNI critical regions, allows GC to sometimes get in
 extern Mutex*   JvmtiThreadState_lock;           // a lock on modification of JVMTI thread data
 extern Monitor* Heap_lock;                       // a lock on the heap
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