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@@ -132,13 +132,12 @@
    // Get Java threads that are waiting to enter or re-enter the specified monitor.
    // Java threads that are executing mounted virtual threads are not included.
    static GrowableArray<JavaThread*>* get_pending_threads(ThreadsList * t_list,
                                                           int count, address monitor);
-   // Get owning Java thread from the monitor's owner field.
-   static JavaThread *owning_thread_from_monitor_owner(ThreadsList * t_list,
-                                                       address owner);
+   // Get owning Java thread from the basicLock address.
+   static JavaThread *owning_thread_from_stacklock(ThreadsList * t_list, address basicLock);
    static JavaThread* owning_thread_from_object(ThreadsList* t_list, oop obj);
    static JavaThread* owning_thread_from_monitor(ThreadsList* t_list, ObjectMonitor* owner);
    // Number of threads on the active threads list
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