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@@ -301,11 +301,10 @@
   static bool is_dominator_unc(CallStaticJavaNode* dom_unc, CallStaticJavaNode* unc);
   ProjNode* range_check_trap_proj(int& flip, Node*& l, Node*& r);
   Node* Ideal_common(PhaseGVN *phase, bool can_reshape);
-  Node* dominated_by(Node* prev_dom, PhaseIterGVN* igvn);
   Node* search_identical(int dist);
   // Degrees of branch prediction probability by order of magnitude:

@@ -389,10 +388,11 @@
   virtual const Type* Value(PhaseGVN* phase) const;
   virtual int required_outcnt() const { return 2; }
   virtual const RegMask &out_RegMask() const;
   Node* fold_compares(PhaseIterGVN* phase);
   static Node* up_one_dom(Node* curr, bool linear_only = false);
+  Node* dominated_by(Node* prev_dom, PhaseIterGVN* igvn);
   // Takes the type of val and filters it through the test represented
   // by if_proj and returns a more refined type if one is produced.
   // Returns NULL is it couldn't improve the type.
   static const TypeInt* filtered_int_type(PhaseGVN* phase, Node* val, Node* if_proj);
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