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@@ -485,10 +485,16 @@
                                           address critical_entry);
   // Block before entering a JNI critical method
   static void block_for_jni_critical(JavaThread* thread);
+  // Pin/Unpin object
+  static oopDesc* pin_object(JavaThread* thread, oopDesc* obj);
+  static void unpin_object(JavaThread* thread, oopDesc* obj);
   // A compiled caller has just called the interpreter, but compiled code
   // exists.  Patch the caller so he no longer calls into the interpreter.
   static void fixup_callers_callsite(Method* moop, address ret_pc);
   static bool should_fixup_call_destination(address destination, address entry_point, address caller_pc, Method* moop, CodeBlob* cb);
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