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@@ -326,10 +326,11 @@
   static void possibly_parallel_unlink_or_oops_do(BoolObjectClosure* cl, OopClosure* f, int* processed, int* removed);
   static void possibly_parallel_unlink(BoolObjectClosure* cl, int* processed, int* removed) {
     possibly_parallel_unlink_or_oops_do(cl, NULL, processed, removed);
   static void possibly_parallel_oops_do(OopClosure* f);
+  static void possibly_parallel_oops_do_shenandoah(OopClosure* f);
   // Hashing algorithm, used as the hash value used by the
   //     StringTable for bucket selection and comparison (stored in the
   //     HashtableEntry structures).  This is used in the String.intern() method.
   static unsigned int hash_string(const jchar* s, int len);
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