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@@ -47,10 +47,18 @@
    bool is_mutator_free(size_t idx) const;
    bool is_collector_free(size_t idx) const;
    HeapWord* try_allocate_in(ShenandoahHeapRegion* region, ShenandoahAllocRequest& req, bool& in_new_region);
+   HeapWord* allocate_with_affiliation(ShenandoahRegionAffiliation affiliation, ShenandoahAllocRequest& req, bool& in_new_region);
+   // While holding the heap lock, allocate memory for a single object which is to be entirely contained
+   // within a single HeapRegion as characterized by req.  The req.size() value is known to be less than or
+   // equal to ShenandoahHeapRegion::humongous_threshold_words().  The caller of allocate_single is responsible
+   // for registering the resulting object and setting the remembered set card values as appropriate.  The
+   // most common case is that we are allocating a PLAB in which case object registering and card dirtying
+   // is managed after the PLAB is divided into individual objects.
    HeapWord* allocate_single(ShenandoahAllocRequest& req, bool& in_new_region);
    HeapWord* allocate_contiguous(ShenandoahAllocRequest& req);
    void flip_to_gc(ShenandoahHeapRegion* r);
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