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@@ -43,10 +43,11 @@
    friend class ciInstanceKlass;
    friend class ciSignature;
    friend class ciMethod;
    friend class ciField;
    friend class ciObjArrayKlass;
+   friend class ciFlatArrayKlass;
    const vmSymbolID _sid;
    ciSymbol(Symbol* s, vmSymbolID sid);

@@ -77,10 +78,15 @@
    // Return the i-th utf byte as a char, where i < utf8_length
    char        char_at(int i);
    // Tests if the symbol starts with the given prefix.
    bool starts_with(const char* prefix, int len) const;
+   bool starts_with(char prefix_char) const;
+   // Tests if the symbol ends with the given suffix.
+   bool ends_with(const char* suffix, int len) const;
+   bool ends_with(char suffix_char) const;
    // Determines where the symbol contains the given substring.
    int index_of_at(int i, const char* str, int len) const;
    void print_symbol_on(outputStream* st);
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