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@@ -68,10 +68,11 @@
  class BootstrapInfo;
  class ClassFileStream;
  class ClassLoadInfo;
  class Dictionary;
+ class AllFieldStream;
  class PackageEntry;
  class GCTimer;
  class EventClassLoad;
  class Symbol;

@@ -103,11 +104,11 @@
    // Resolve a superclass or superinterface. Called from ClassFileParser,
    // parse_interfaces, resolve_instance_class_or_null, load_shared_class
    // "class_name" is the class whose super class or interface is being resolved.
-   static InstanceKlass* resolve_super_or_fail(Symbol* class_name,
+   static InstanceKlass* resolve_with_circularity_detection_or_fail(Symbol* class_name,
                                                Symbol* super_name,
                                                Handle class_loader,
                                                Handle protection_domain,
                                                bool is_superclass,

@@ -130,10 +131,11 @@
    static oop get_system_class_loader_impl(TRAPS);
    static oop get_platform_class_loader_impl(TRAPS);
    // Resolve either a hidden or normal class from a stream of bytes, based on ClassLoadInfo
    static InstanceKlass* resolve_from_stream(ClassFileStream* st,
                                              Symbol* class_name,
                                              Handle class_loader,
                                              const ClassLoadInfo& cl_info,
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