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@@ -66,11 +66,10 @@
   // at the address "start", which may not necessarily be HeapWord-aligned
   inline void write_ref_array(HeapWord* start, size_t count);
   virtual void write_ref_array_work(MemRegion mr) = 0;
   // The ModRef abstraction introduces pre and post barriers
   template <DecoratorSet decorators, typename BarrierSetT>
   class AccessBarrier: public BarrierSet::AccessBarrier<decorators, BarrierSetT> {
     typedef BarrierSet::AccessBarrier<decorators, BarrierSetT> Raw;

@@ -82,14 +81,18 @@
     static oop oop_atomic_cmpxchg_in_heap(oop new_value, T* addr, oop compare_value);
     template <typename T>
     static oop oop_atomic_xchg_in_heap(oop new_value, T* addr);
     template <typename T>
-    static bool oop_arraycopy_in_heap(arrayOop src_obj, size_t src_offset_in_bytes, T* src_raw,
+    static void oop_arraycopy_in_heap(arrayOop src_obj, size_t src_offset_in_bytes, T* src_raw,
                                       arrayOop dst_obj, size_t dst_offset_in_bytes, T* dst_raw,
                                       size_t length);
+  private:
+    // Failing checkcast or check null during copy, still needs barrier
+    template <typename T>
+    static inline void oop_arraycopy_partial_barrier(BarrierSetT *bs, T* dst_raw, T* p);
+  public:
     static void clone_in_heap(oop src, oop dst, size_t size);
     static void oop_store_in_heap_at(oop base, ptrdiff_t offset, oop value) {
       oop_store_in_heap(AccessInternal::oop_field_addr<decorators>(base, offset), value);
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