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@@ -121,11 +121,11 @@
    virtual bool is_gc_specific_loop_opts_pass(LoopOptsMode mode) const { return mode == LoopOptsShenandoahExpand || mode == LoopOptsShenandoahPostExpand; }
    // Support for macro expanded GC barriers
    virtual void register_potential_barrier_node(Node* node) const;
    virtual void unregister_potential_barrier_node(Node* node) const;
-   virtual void eliminate_gc_barrier(PhaseMacroExpand* macro, Node* node) const;
+   virtual void eliminate_gc_barrier(PhaseIterGVN* igvn, Node* node) const;
    virtual void enqueue_useful_gc_barrier(PhaseIterGVN* igvn, Node* node) const;
    virtual void eliminate_useless_gc_barriers(Unique_Node_List &useful, Compile* C) const;
    // Allow barrier sets to have shared state that is preserved across a compilation unit.
    // This could for example comprise macro nodes to be expanded during macro expansion.
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